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I want to run a game with my PCs exploring a space hulk. It will probably be low-level RT or DH, so not too incredi-fatal for the players, although there's no reason there couldn't be a a genestealer lurking, etc.

What sort of things should I put in there for atmosphere, and non-standard encounters? So far I have stuff like chronos going backwards, messages from themselves in the future over the vox, unstable bits of wreckage that might collapse, etc.

TL;DR Have space hulk, what do I put in it?

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One of the DW has everything for this.

Literally everything you need. Except for it being for space marines.

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It's Ark of Lost Souls by the way

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Thanks for that, I will have to look into it. Any ideas until I obtain Ark of Lost Souls?

Trying to think of traps and things that might be found in xenos ships - an Orkbot that activates when the PCs get close, Eldar Spirit Stones that affect the PCs' mood and make them enraged at each other until they smash the stones, maybe a trapped daemon in an artefact pretending to be AI or an Imperial Saint, etc.

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Bump for space hulk ideas. If none are forthcoming, then general 40K pic dump?

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Cannibal mutants seem like a must-have, but there's not much to them beyond being low-level hordes of mooks.

Any ideas on how to represent radiation, maybe make everyone take a Toughness Test or start to lose a wound every hour until treatment is sought?

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Their oxygen tanks inexplicably refilling, but now with the smell of ozone.
Passing secret notes to all the players periodically describing the scene, but have one hallucinate like hell.
The groaning and creaking of the bulkhead almost sounds like words.
This one stretch of hallway is dead silent.
Obligatory inexplicable nosebleed.

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Some good ideas here, has a creepy vibe to it that was just what I was looking for. I particularly like the silence area, where the PCs comm-beads won't work - do they dare take their helmets off to speak?

Maybe finding the same item/object, like a normal las pistol that vanishes when placed in a pocket, etc, but every time they find it again and it has one less shot in it.

Or something to do with cryo-pods, like finding thousands of them but they're all filled with something unusual or are all active but seem to be empty...

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Just trying to remember stuff our GM threw at us in that horror mission...
If the acolytes retrace their steps for whatever reason, have stuff be rearranged. The vent grating that was on the floor? now its back on the wall. The broken autogun? Moved across the room. Where did all these shell casings come from?
Looking at some of the things on the psychic phenomena table is always a decent idea too.
And always remember, what they can't see, what they don't know, what they can't explain, that's far scarier (to the players anyways) than a daemon running around trying to kill them.

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Sounds pretty cool, thanks anon. I like the 'things have been moved' idea.

I'm trying to think of subtle dangers, e.g. radiation or maybe a trap, etc. Maybe some kind of dormant illness they trigger, or a 'spook trap' where the ventilation system on an illegal spook shipment is still cycling the drug through the corridors? That would certainly cause some havoc...

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Any more creepy/atmospheric ideas for a space hulk? You guys are great at this stuff and are really helping me with what sort of things I could put in the game.

Maybe they fight some mutants and afterwards they find that the enemy had the *exact same* piece of wargear as one of the PCs, only it seems to be older - much, much older (if they test the mutant's blood it has some trace DNA of the PC because Warp-time stuff).

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Does anyone have any suitable random encounter tables?

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If they get close to a window to the outside universe have a fish swim past the window.

Does anyone here have a copy of The Staring Lady story? Could be adaptable for this.

Also one of the older human artifacts in the hulk is half of an ancient ship. The back half. It appears to be one of the FTL prototypes.


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If you want to do a truly masterful space hulk setting, please make it lasting. If large imperial ships are the size of cities, and who knows how big xeno vessels can get, now they are all smashed together in a hell of unknown and ancient technology.

perhaps there are xeno races still aboard their respective wrecks, trying only to survive. Genestealers are good too, but they tend to be expected when you say space hulk.

Picture everything as a massive hive city, that has been reduced to a wreck, and is mostly uninhabited, but still filled with the only thing that could be expected, the unknown. It should be very easy to get lost or accidentally activate old systems that should not be turned on in their current condition.

Just avoid doing something like a one entrance one exit maze with some prize at the end.

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