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> Hey brah, can I borrow your PHB?

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You can just change that to
> Hey brah, can I borrow your (insert anything here)?
Fucking disgusting shitheads, they need to wash their hands before handling ANYTHING of mine.

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"Why would you take that? X party member can do it much better than you can. I'm not going to tell you to not take it, but I actually will. Every time I see you. I'm going to remind you that you can't use the mechanic as well. I would never tell you how to build your character."

I love the guy as a brother, but Jesus it's frustrating.

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Dude, why are you putting points in bluff? I can just fuck them with my greatsword!

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>Why would I take a bow, I have a greatsword.
>Why would I take a sword, I have a bow.
>Oh god something is far away/in my face I can't do anything my class is useless.

also same guy
>I'm not getting into a flank with the rogue, that dragon/giant/whatever will kill me.
>Oh god I charged a Tendriculos while everybody else was hanging back and pelting it with arrows/rocks/spells now I'm paralized please somebody run into this terrifying monsters mouth to carry my 300 lb ass out.

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When a person with dirty hands/fingers touches my 50$ book.

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use a coaster you disgusting fucking pig, i don't want my table ruined

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It's actually pretty bad for me, because I tend to DM off of PDFs.

PDFs that I keep on my shiny, beautiful Nexus 7.

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>person just ate food touched with hands
>"hey, wanna play (some card game)?"
>"yeah sure, but wash your hands first"


True story, wish I were making it up

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>Waiting half an hour for our fourth player
>Fourth player arrives on time
>Search campus center for a room
>Find one
>"Hey, Anon, I gotta take a piss"
>20 minutes later....

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>2 minutes to game
>"Hey, Not-Anon, wanna play Magic?"

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I obsessively wash my hands to a fault. My friends can trust their shit with me without worry because they know I'm a huge sperg when it comes to keeping things orderly and clean.

One a friend of mine asked me to handle raw chicken and I did so without cleaning my hands since he already figured I washed my hands at least twice after walking into the door.

My hands are dry all the time. It sucks.

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>My hands are dry all the time. It sucks.

That's because you keep washing them all the time. Buy one of those travel-sized moisturizer bottles.

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Same here, but instead of being dry my hands are sweaty 5 minutes after me washing them, resulting in yet another trip to the bathroom...

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Fuckers that use my toilet and dont fucking flush!

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Fuckers who piss all over the seat and don't have the common fucking decency to clean it up.

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I wash my hands obsessively as well, but I am blessed and my hands only get dry in the winter (like now)

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>if you care about the mechanics, you're not a roleplayer

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Infinite boiling rage.

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Don't you even start this. We've argued about coasters enough

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The fact that /tg/ is bad at mechanics, and that a vast majority believe in >>28470241

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>why aren't we playing (system)
>I wish we were playing (system)
>if we were playing (system) I could make the character I wanted
>there are rules for that in (system)
>we should play (system) instead




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I tend to mostly get this from White Wolf players (who are a problem for various reasons in-and-of themselves). To an extent, I agree with the idea that rules shouldn't completely override the narrative, but there has to be a limit.

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>Friend since middle school: hey anon what are you rolling.
>Me: I dunno man, whatever seems interesting
>Him: well make him the opposite gender of mine so they can be married when the game starts.

Progressively more creepy versions of this happened until I moved away for college and found different friends. Last I heard the guy had become a pre-op. I dont even go home for holidays anymore on the off chance s/he will find out

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Fucking this. If you love that system so much, you can run it yourself.

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>Last I heard the guy had become a pre-op. I dont even go home for holidays anymore on the off chance s/he will find out
>I can't support my friend's life choice because I'm a homophobe
You sound like a cunt.

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Players who only care about the mechanics.

I understand there should be a healthy difference, but when asked to describe your character, if the only thing you have to put up is "He is a human male rogue", you did something wrong.

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Healthy balance, rather.

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You be the source of affection for a creepy fat tranny and tell me how you feel about it.

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>Hey, stop getting along with her, you are a wizard and she is a sorceress, you should hate each other.

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>You can't do X because of your character's disability

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Being trans doesn't give you the right to be a creepy lech, you dumb fuck

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>Warblades are overpowered/weeaboo/Wizards!
No, fuck you. Kill yourself. No, I'm not going to play the Fighter because I played AD&D and BECMI and know that a Fighter is supposed to be much, much better than the half-baked abortions that are the Fighter in 3.X and PF. And if berserker Warblades are weeaboo spellcasters, they're the least magical and least weeaboo spellcasters ever because I'm casting things that have mundane effects based around fighting.

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>Childhood friend keeps on insisting your player characters be opposite gender in a hetrosexual marriage
obviously the issue was the creep factor not gayness

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>implications of transwoman being actually just a gay guy
Nice tolerance m8.

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>People who bring their significant other to the table who has absolutely no interest in RPGs and huffs and whines until they leave an hour in.
>People who refuse to be in a game if the system/setting doesn't cater to their sexual preference/social justice view/whatever-the-fuck
>Weeaboos who can't understand that this isn't a fucking anime
>WoW players
>CoD players
>World of Darkness players
I've seen some shit.

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Care to tell some stories, friend?

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its funny how anti trans the gay community are.
LGBT Alliance my ass, its more like LG v T warzone.

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>People who refuse to be in a game if the system/setting doesn't cater to their sexual preference/social justice view/whatever-the-fuck
Would YOU be comfortable if you were playing at a table and you had to deal with Whizzard-esque bullshit?

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Which is not surprising since transmen and lesbians often start out the same with a liking for women and an androgynous/butch behavior and look but transmen suddenly go all the way and try to assimilate into heterosexual culture by getting their bits cut. At least that's what it looks like from a lesbian's perspective when she loses a lesbian friend to hormones.
Same goes for gay men of course.

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>I sabotage the entire party all the time because I am lawful stupid paladin.
>I police the rest of the team because I am a paladin
>Money is evil, which is why my paladin tithes 90% instead of the normal 10%.
>You should help pay for my paladin's magic items since he tanks for you and you don't really need it
>Huge hissy fit and leave in mid game when I said to him "see, this is why you need money" when we paid a third party to save some lives.
>Now that my lawful stupid paladin died, I am making a chaotic evil rogue. Who steals from the other players.

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I think you misunderstand. If these people can't be happy with a simple binary gender choice. If they can't be a shim or a zer or whatever, they will absolutely refuse to take part and never let you live it down.
Yeah, fuck it, why not? Where do you want me to start? Weeaboos, Trannies, or Big Frank and why I hate WoD?

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To be fair for some reason L and G as a whole don't get along too well either. Nobody is capable of liking anyone

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yea. they threaten each other's worldview of what the appropriate response is.

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Not that guy you replying to but I would like to hear about big frank... well I would like to hear them all but I am most interested in big frank and WoD

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>If these people can't be happy with a simple binary gender choice. If they can't be a shim or a zer or whatever, they will absolutely refuse to take part and never let you live it down.
That's not the same thing as what you said. That's being a retard.

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He was clearly referring to people who like dicks in their butts, not fetishes.

okay, that sounded kind of silly, but you get my point.

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I just hate Rogues in general.

Their characterization, almost exclusively, involves stealing from players or NPCs. As a GM, this gives me quite a headache.

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this reminds of this one story...
evil necromancer is doing a ceremony to bring back the age of darkness.
one party memeber asks about gay marriage, flips out when there isn't one in the kingdom (even though there is zero persecution of homosexuality and people are openly gay).
Ropes party into abandoning quest to stop evil lich so they can instead overthrow the king and institute gay marriage.

Anyone has a snapshot of that tg story?

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Alright, Big Frank it is. Strap in kiddos.
>GM at my FLGS because its what I like to do
>Get asked to run WoD by a skinny goth dude.
>He looks alright and I'd never played it before, so I agree
>Get a brief overview of the system, make a little starting adventure, the usual.
>Gameday, meet the players
>Enter Big Frank
>Call him Big Frank cuz he's faaaaaaaat
>Like, 700 pounds jesus christ how does he walk where the fuck are his arms
>Anyway, Big Frank is a goth too. In fact they all are
>And that means they're all dressed up in black leather, trenchcoats, baggy trip pants
>Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, except it's the middle of summer
>In Arizona
>So the whole place fucking reeks.
>Especially Big Frank, who won't take his goddamn coat off even though the paint's peeling off the walls.
>Whatever, man up and act friendly, roll up some characters
>Everyone rolls up themselves as a Vampire, all are brooding sociopaths who angst about everything a bloo bloo bloo
>Except Big Frank is no longer composed entirely of chins
>No biggie, it's WoD, expected this shit. Start 'em off at a nightclub run by their clan
>They would never leave that damn club

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That is pretty funny.

>> No.28470988

thats it?

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No, but I remember it ends with the lich taking over the world or whatever because the party took too damn long trying to be social justice heroes

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I have one friend who falls really heavily on the RP side of the RP-Power Gamer continuum (to the extent such a thing exists). I play Pathfinder with him a lot and he always makes these characters that are really fun to have at the table but are nearly useless in combat. Usually it's no trouble but every so often he does something ineffective in a high-stakes scenario and I get kinda pissy.

I guess the point of the story is that I'm That Guy.

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>talking about the sealed pool their registering at a PTQ
>talking during a draft, ever
>explaining to your opponents what your cards do without them asking
>attacking without declaring that you're entering combat when I CLEARLY have a tapper
>that one asshole who drafts horribly greedy decks then complains that universe manascrewed him. No, dude, it was you, you're the one who decided 6 Islands, 6 plains, and 5 forests would be fine

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Ehh, the baggy trip pants and trenchcoats scream you don't know what a goth is. But nonetheless that sounds absolutely horrendous.

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>They get a mission to stop some rogue Vampires who are spiking drugs with their blood to get an army of cokehead ghouls
>Big Frank pipes up with a "Oh how droll!" and all his little butt buddies...I dunno, laugh I guess?
>It sounded sarcastic and nobody smiled so I'm not sure if it was a joke or not but fuck it not important
>So they bail on the head of the clan to just hang around at the club
>Just fucking lounging around, angsting about back stories and shit
>For 5 goddamn hours
>Not joking here. Everything I did was immediately shot down
>Leader tells them to get a move on, they ignore him
>Try to have the bartender drop some hints about their mission, they ignore it
>Have one of the fucking gang members in the club actively try and deal drugs to one of the party members and
>All together now, they ignore it.
>So, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing wrong, not sure why they need me here, but I'm fucking bored and desperately want to do anything to avoid another hour of conversations about wicca
>So I do what any good GM does when there's a lull in the action
>Guys with guns burst into the club.

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>/tg/ things that really grind your gears

Flake players.

>> No.28471140

This. Getting a group of adults to show up in the same place at the same time is liking trying to catch smoke with a net.

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>Guys with guns burst into the club.

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One of my main group is a flaker, he sometimes just drops off the face of the earth for 3 months and doesnt answer our calls then just returns like nothing happened. Problem is we all genuinely like playing with him and he's been our friend since high school (when our group came together)

Both of his ferrets died recently and he didnt show up to game 2 weeks in a row because he's "feeling down about it" and we think we're approaching another 3 month stint

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Sorry, typing as I go, bear with me.
Hey, I call 'em like I see 'em. That's what they wore and they called themselves goths. I'm not inclined to argue. Moving on.
>Everyone just fucking looks at me, like I'm a child acting up during the adult's conversation.
>Straight faced, tell them 6 guys with guns just walk in and start ordering everyone down on the ground.
>They try to go back to whatever they were talking about. I'm not having it.
>They nearly jump out of their chairs when they hear a gunshot and a scream
>I love soundboards
>Make it very clear they're not fucking around, and neither am I
>Skinny dude seems into it, Big Frank and the rest are not amused
>Big Frank tells me to "stop being childish, we're trying to play"
>No you fucking aren't goddamnit shitcunt fuck.
>Again, men with guns are ignored in favor for conversations.
>Welp, I guess that's it then. Ask for sheets.
>"Uhm, why?"
>me: "The gang members shoot you in the chest, and you bleed out on the floor. I'm done"
>Walk out, leave the store, vomit in an alley, and go home.
>Later get an apology from skinny dude in the form of beer.
That's not the only incident involving WoD, but it's the start of a long, dark road

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Unwashed know it alls that get angry and loud if someone even makes the slightest rules mistake.

>> No.28471232

And so ends the tale of the worst vampires in history

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"Hey, we are all going to the pub. wanna join us?"
"B-but we agreed to play this rpg this night"
"Yeah, well, we don't feel like playing it today"
"I've been delaying it for months"
"Yo, don't you start getting angry: chill out man. Look, I'll pick you up in an hour"
"O-ok. Fine"

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I shouldn't support killerGMing, but jesus sometimes people have it coming to them.

>> No.28471236

>"We're trying to play"

>> No.28471244

I am amazed you actually lasted 5 hours.
I would have probably got up and left about 30 minutes in.

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Every group of people has a subset of complete idiots, and LGBT has drawn in face-meltingly- hideous numbers of creeps and nutcases over the last few years. Which has, of course, made most reasonable members to bail out, further exacerbating the problem. The whole movement is becoming a giant embarrassment. Well, more of an embarrassment than it already was.

>> No.28471271

>we're trying to play"
what they want is a game called Second Life

>> No.28471298

When I was at college (Left 2011) the LGBT club would come round every class at least once a week and look for evidence of "homophobia", which they classed as anything from outright "I hate fags" to not mentioning gays at all.

Yes, not discussing gays is homophobic.

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I hate when a gm gets it all up in their head that -A- is broken as all hell while -B- -C- and -D- equally broken things is not only perfectly fine but admirable.

An example of this happened in a -wait for it- vampire the masquerade game. Player -A- was playing a Nosferatu who wasn't a huge combatant and just kinda went invisible around combat and occasionally chopped at people with his lawnmower blade sword. Player -B- was playing an assimite who specialized in celerity and acid blood lightsaber katanas who whipped around every combat at the speed of light with his acid lightsaber katana. DM got upset at player -A- for just being invisible so we get into a combat where the opponent has auspex (at least 4 because the Nos was very good at invis), at the time it was ok and made sense but then we get into another 3 combats where EVERYBODY has auspex 4+, even chumps, even clans who don't get it normally, EVERYONE, while acidbloodMCSuperspeed was perfectly respected for his innovative combo.

After this I, a Tremere scholar, decided I was getting pissed and broke the game in the closest way I knew how: by using one power to lower my generation to 2 and another to eat a bunch of tic-tacs that were blood points so I could buff myself to 10s in every physical stat and just kinda broke a vamprie in half. I thought it was stupid and would piss off the GM and I got praised for my creative innovation......it was the worst thing that he could have said.

>> No.28471329

The only reason I did was morbid curiosity. That and skinny dude looked like he actually wanted to play. He was alright, he just associated with some assholes.

>> No.28471357

This poses a question: do they make Franks that aren't big?

Literally every Frank I have ever met has been obese.

>> No.28471358

When I was in high school someone asked our GSA if gayness is contagious.

>> No.28471378


Some people are desperate to be victims.


How did frank react? Also, tell us about the trannies.

>> No.28471462


I did this to my dark heresy group once.

They had to rescue the princess of Hive-London, and were given a carte blache 'credit card' from the Inquisitor to assist with their task.

They spend 8 weeks shopping for equipment.

>> No.28471491

Yes. I know a Frank who is a builder. Very skinny and intelligent man. Also very quiet.

>> No.28471510


Here it is, friend.

>> No.28471513

I know a Frank who is a builder. Almost as fat as I am and considerably less intelligent than the bricks he lays. Also loud as fuck and stinks of vodka, all the fucking time.

>> No.28471548


Every time.

>> No.28471558

Worst bit is when friends decide they don't want to game unless everyone is in attendance due their contrivance on the game story. To a point this is fine, because it can be curbed by having alt characters for when you can't use the main group, but is compounded when someone ELSE decides not to show up.

>> No.28471564

>gay players that constantly make it about themselves and homosex

>> No.28471575

>Players who spend each fight talking about how they plan to purchase upgrades for their characters, and what they'll do

>"Hey bro, it's your turn."
>"hold up, checking something on facebook."

>> No.28471585

It's not as funny though when you think about the fact that the dm god so butt mad about his players not taking the plot bait about boring ass zombies and chose diplomacy instead.

>> No.28471586

hell for that matter players who try to make EVERY tt experience a lesson in whatever pet social issue they have.

>> No.28471588

> 300lb rogue
What the fuck race is he?

>> No.28471595

fucking lol'd
>Always do the main thing before doing anything else.
something I learned early on. Too many campaigns ending like this.

>> No.28471598

Don't know, I left because I sincerely didn't give a fuck any more. And the tranny story isn't nearly as interesting because the game never actually started.
>Get approached to do a CoC game. Cool, set it in the roaring 20s.
>Gameday, let's meet our vic-- I mean players
>Everyone seems okay, holy shit a decent group, this is gonna be fantastic!
>Nope! Last player walks in, I introduce myself.
>"She's" actually very passable, you'd never know if not for two things.
>One, man voice. Eh, no biggie.
>Two, She would not shut the fuck up about being a tranny.
>Not once did she talk about something else besides how great it was and the persecution and how she was spiritually free and blah blah blah
>Get everyone to focus enough to start rolling characters
>Tranny pipes up "Uh, like, what the fuck is this?"
>Look to where she's pointing, it's the gender entry on the character sheet.
>Me: "What? Oh, uh, just put male or female"
>Big mistake, she freaks
>I'm paraphrasing, of course.
>Calmly explain that the game is set in the 20s, and that it wouldn't really fit with the setting and that it really doesn't matter in gameplay terms anyway
>She storms out, taking most of the players with her because they had no other ride home.
>I still pity them.
>Mutually decide game is fucked, hang around with remaining players and shoot the shit
>Later get a call that I've been reported as a sex offender
>I'll give you three guesses who reported it
So, yeah, that was a bitch to sort out. And Tranny got fined out the ass for it too. Good times.

>> No.28471599

My boss at my first job was a Frank. He wasn't fat but he was like 7 feet tall and ripped as hell.

>> No.28471606

We do this for a time until we just say fuck it and the player disappears into purple smoke and reappears in purple smoke when he finally gets back.

One time the DM just had him replaced with a doppleganger for a few game sessions, was fun

>> No.28471610

>"We're trying to play"

Jesus Christ how droll!

>> No.28471620

>"Hey bro, it's your turn."
>"hold up, checking something on facebook."

This is the single most annoying thing I have ever encountered.

I run a Rouge Trader game with my two mates and my little sister. One of my mates is really, really into it to the point of creepy listening. The other is half in, but listens and gives input where required. My sister however, spends every single session tweeting for 90% of the time, even during battles and fucking conversations with npcs. Every time I ask if she would rather be doing something else, and each week she says she wants to play.

Just how hard is it to stop tweeting for an hour or two once a week?

>> No.28471633

I don't think you understand the point of Twitter.

>> No.28471636


Oh how is that? I always wanted a tablet for pdf. Can you bookmark pages on the fly? The iPad can do that but it's lacking in some other departments so I'm not sure...

>> No.28471643

I got labeled a gay basher and harassed by my college LGBT chapter for pointing out that their character is homophobic against transsexuals according to the definition of homophobia in the charter itself.

>> No.28471644

y u so stupid anon :(

>> No.28471649

I do, but you don't need to tweet every fucking move

>Just ganked an ork lol #YOLO

>> No.28471662

He was (he kinda got eaten by a tendriculos) fighter/barbarian who refuses to help the rogue flank when the monster is scary enough and wears plate mail so we can't heft his ass around. He also refuses to carry anything but his primary weapon so he can carry more stuff later if he has to (and thus never has a bow, or a melee weapon when he does have a bow)

>> No.28471669


>Got reported as a sex offender.

What the actual fuck, anon? You're in the clear now, right?

>> No.28471692

>Play combat optimized class in Pathfinder Society
>Purposefully play down certain aspects of him so that everyone can have a good time
>People complain at the start of and during the game
>Deal continually with people outright saying Gunslingers "NEVER HAPPENED IN D&D" and I have to resist the urge to point out they must have never played Mystara or any other setting with Swashbucklers, etc.
>Get to an actual real boss fight where the full force of the party is needed
>Get horribly shitty rolls and actually get dex drained, grappled, and one round away from total con loss and permanent character death via a Vampire Witch because I'm literally the ONLY PERSON CAPABLE OF DEALING DAMAGE TO THE FUCKING THING.
>Even though we all escape and somehow complete the quests objective without killing the BBEG group complains afterwards about "how useless Gunslingers are"

I mean, it's not like I shot a fucking Remorhaz to death in one full round action with a level 6 once or anything...

>> No.28471703

>So, yeah, that was a bitch to sort out. And Tranny got fined out the ass for it too. Good times.

did you not read this?

>> No.28471710

Damn right I am! Cops knew it was bullshit. Apparantly it wasn't the first time it had happened either.

>> No.28471726

I don't know, anon. It's terrible.
>at a table surrounded by friends
>more interested in social networking than the people that you're TableTopping with
Why is this acceptable?

>> No.28471739


Yep, Im sooooo sure this happened.

>> No.28471748

It's acceptable to me when a player takes excess time to make their move instead of planning ahead of time. I started bringing timers for these fuckers.

>> No.28471757


>Apparantly it wasn't the first time it had happened either.

Has (s)he gotten into shit for this or is (s)he still going around being a cunt? Also, tell us about the Weeaboos.


Who gives a fuck? It entertains me on an otherwise droll sunday night.

>> No.28471778

Good on you, anon.

>> No.28471781

Nah, seems pretty logical to me. Impending threat of an unstoppable zombie horde goes unheeded. Because of their inaction, events that would NOT have come to pass actually DID. Seems pretty straightforward.

>> No.28471794

Yeah some people are just slow as fuck, even if they know the rules and such. And telling them to hurry up doesn't work, because you are only slowing the game down by starting a discussion about that.

Nothing much to do about it, but i tend to not invite those people for new games if i have an option.

>> No.28471814

Which is difficult, why? Because the victim is still alive after I steal all their shit? You'd rather I just murder the king in his sleep?

>> No.28471835

this is so beautiful

>> No.28471842

That goes off the idea that there is world with everything that was gonna happen set out already. You HAVE to fight the zombies, any other because the dm said so.
My idea of rpgs is one where players and dm can agree on a story and that will be played out. And if gay rights revolution is what the players enjoy then the world should be bent to that will or the dm should stop dming. This zombie horde attack isn't very different from railroading except it's a punishment for not following the rails.

>> No.28471849

The player who does the numbers first and then invents a bullshit backstory, struggling to justify the optimization.

>> No.28471851

>any other
no idea where that came from

>> No.28471856


Well I can tell one about you then.

So there I was with anon, in his living room.

Now I just wanted to go out, get some pizza, roll some dice with our friends, but anon, once again had gotten his dick stuck inside the cats anus. AGAIN. So rather then playing some DH that night, we had to spend 3 hours slowly pulling Anon's dick out of the cat. AGAIN.

The things I put up with to not have to pay all the rent by myself.

>> No.28471868

>friend is a fucking min-maxer
>wont stop talking about how good his character is
>has 0 backstory or personality, is strictly a combat character
>does 0 role play, only here for battles
>my character is a mix of RP and combat, pretty even
>min-max friend keeps telling me how to make my char
>his char and mine are 2 best at dmg and mine has way more flavor
>game time actually comes
>first battle I roll a 2 and a 3
>he rolls a 20 and 18
>2nd battle
>he rolles high again
>I roll a 1 and a 5
>I have only hit anything once
>he has hit every time
>is glowing over his character, omg he is so good did you see that
>"anon, you should have listened to me, you might have done better"
>jesus christ
>my +hit is +15 and his is +12 anyway
>god damn

>> No.28471902


I laughed. Even at my own expense, I laughed.

>> No.28471903

My pet peeves?
> players who can't sit the fuck still and pay attention during a fight
> players who up and start talking about their weeaboo shitscribbles WHILE I'm doing a story that they specifically asked for
> players who botch one or two rolls early in a session and immediately begin to fucking sulk for the duration of the game
> players who have sex with each other. It never ends well.

>> No.28471912

As far as I know, it's still cunting about. I think she avoided me from then on cuz she was afraid of getting sued/swung at. Anyway, Weeaboos and why they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near D&D
>New town, new FLGS that doesn't smell like piss. Awesome
>Put an ad up on their bulletin board that I'm running a game
>Standard fantasy, save the princess crap.
>Cobble a group together, couple of okay dudes
>The rest really like anime
>They REALLY fucking like it
>I don't really care for it, but whatever, people can like what they like as long as they're not dicks about it
>Roll characters, barbarian, wizard, and 3 ninjas.
>I'm sorry, what?
>Yep, 3 ninjas, all with back story
>Well, 1 page of back story and 2 pages of character description
>Welp, not reading that shit! Anyway, start in the castle, king has requested aid in saving his daughter. You shall be rewar--
>Weeaboo 1 "This guy's a fake! Everyone knows we're ruled by the hokage!"
>I....what? The fuck are you saying?
>Weeaboo 2 "What a baka! Let's kill him"
>Weeaboo 3 "Yeah, and take over this place Desu ne!"
>I would like to make it clear that I cannot make up shit like this. This is how they talked.
>And they talked constantly.
>So, yeah, ninjas gang up on the king, other guys are as confused as I am.
>And I am so fucking confused

>> No.28471966

>once again had gotten his dick stuck inside the cats anus. AGAIN

>> No.28471990


>> No.28471997

>Hey DM, how lenient are you gonna be with spell usage?
>Can I use mage hand to levitate 5 lbs this guys lower jaw up so he can't open it and he smothers to death?

Wish I was joking, the group discussed the physics of it and how many PSI it would take to lower a jaw and whether or not it exceeded "5 lbs" before I just said "you know guys, he can still breathe through his nose..."

>> No.28472012

I hope they got fucked by the guards.

If they try to force shit into a game and ruin the campaign then make them regret their stupidity.

>> No.28472024

Understood, and I agree for the most part. A good DM ought to mold the story to what the players want to do. Still, I like the idea of inevitability because it gives the world a feeling of being more... I dunno, "alive"? That you know that there are events taking place regardless of where the players happen to be, and the outcomes may or may not be different if they choose to interfere -- or not, in this case. Eh, to each their own.

I assume you meant something to the effect of "for any other reason than because..."

>> No.28472042


>> No.28472072

>Roll initiative, guards roll out, engage clusterfuck
>Ninjas bouncing around, tossing throwing stars and not doing much
>W1 "I teleport here and totally kill this guy!"
>Whoa there cowboy, you're not a spellcaster and even if you were you're too low level--
>W3 "I'm going to throw a fireball! PISCHEW!"
>Just scatters fucking tokens off the board while W1 moves his token anyway
>Meanwhile, W2 is fucking drawing out shit in animu shitscribble while I try to keep this clusterfuck under control
>Turn order is fucked, I'm being ignored, and the two other guys still have no fucking clue where they are.
>The weeaboos keep going, we're now in a forest having "super ninja adventures kawaii"
>Okay, no. I'm done. Silently pack up my shit and leave. Other guys follow
>Not sure if Weeaboos even know we left.
Teenagers man. Just...what the fuck?

>> No.28472094

Yeah you could make that work too just not destructive, to give them a new old plot hook after they finished with the gay right (skeleton rights!) but "entire town massacred" and "good end" kind of implied he went "rocks fall" and that was the campaign and characters dead.

>> No.28472125

Horrifying. How common are these moments when you're the GM for the FLGS?

>> No.28472126

I'm gonna be honest, I get really pissed off when a GM picks his 'pet' player. You know the kind.
They don't even need to get the lions share of the XP or loot, but that usually happens.

I mean the kind where the GM just lets them walk over everyone else and do whatever the fuck they want, from pulling stats and skills out of their ass to doing stupid shit that would get anyone else smited in an instant.

>> No.28472131

>Just ganked an ork lol #YOLO
You know, if that's whay yolo was being used for I wouldn't hate it so much.

>> No.28472135

I went to the mall the other day nad I saw this dude (chick?) with long black hair literally covering their entire face, and a beanie to secure the hair tightly in place. I could not see their face at all. The rest of the group (3 others) were all wearing those russian hats with ear muffs but they didn't have coats or jackets or long sleeves on and one was even wearing shorts

Why is this what teens do? I never did any of that shit. The worst I did was have 2 differet Nirvana shirts and a Blink 182 one, and I wore converse

>> No.28472145

>super ninja adventures kawaii
Some men just want to watch the world burn.

>> No.28472150

With how stupid, petty and just plan ass-on-head retarded people can be, I believe it.

>> No.28472173

If that anon was dealing with a kleptomaniac rogues over the years I could understand his annoyance. Who enjoys stopping every few minutes for the Rogue to try and steal everything that isn't bolted down (and likely even that too)?

>> No.28472175

It depends really. Sometimes it's a few weeks between bad incidents, sometimes months. It's been a good year actually, no major things. Just flakes and games collapsing because reasons.

>> No.28472195

I, for one, am a young man of legal age, that has grown up with that particular generation.
I don't know why they do that shit.
That shit is bazonkers.

>> No.28472201

I've never had that.

I am, however, a GM usually.

Am I picking favourites without knowing?

>> No.28472250

Man, I feel really bad for that skinny dude...

I know what thats like, to want to play a really good game with a GM, and just have every other member fucking it up. I always feel so bad.

>> No.28472271

Possibly, though more often than not it's a conscious effort to go easier on one player over others.

But what I've experienced is a hell of a lot worse than just loot distribution and XP allotments. Shit like blatant meta-gaming to sabotage player plans and a GM okay-ed 'Running Gag' where my characters can be shot in the knee and instantly be rendered prone by said player. The rabbit hole goes further but as long as long as you make sure the rules remain solid for everyone I think you shouldn't have any issues.

>> No.28472289

>Players bragging about their characters

Yes, I understand that you're proud of your character, but boasting about how many +'s you get to an attack roll, make me want to fucking murder your character.

Its fucking obnoxious, and rude.

>> No.28472293

> Hey brah, can I borrow your PHB

Sure thing. I'm emailing you the pdf right now.

>> No.28472298

When I GM, I do generally favor the people who play their characters rather than their stats.

If someone has a well established character personality with things they like to do and you really come to know their character as someone separate from themselves, I tend to be more lenient and let them get away with things or do things they might not be able to, or maybe bump their roll a few points (like 3 or so) if it is incredibly in character and would suck to have fail.

Players who are just themselves and only play their stats however -- they get their stats and thats it. You wanna be obsessed with making sure your character is totally optimal, then that is exactly what you will play and nothing more, because that's exactly what you're already doing

>> No.28472314


"I know I turned into a house cat which normally has 3 dice, but I should get more than 14 dice to hit this guy. It's only fair"

"Can I just materialize water in his lungs so he just instantly dies?"

"Ugh, he can't survive that, that's bullshit. Fuck it, I strap myself up with explosives and detonate on that guy, then make a new character and do it again."

>> No.28472394

Yeah, this right here. For the players that really get engaged in the world I've created, I will allow them to get away with a bit more crazier things than others who just, well, are kinda there to beat dudes up.

>> No.28472415

>Players trying to do dumb things, then getting made when I have it backfire on them.

No, its not me being an asshole when you try to charge through a table, and end up winding yourself on the side of it.
No, its not my fault that you don't know a jump requires a running start, or the DC is doubled.
No, its not my fault that you don't know acid has a splash radius, and that your ally is standing in it.

>> No.28472517

>"you know guys, he can still breathe through his nose..."

>> No.28472528

>Turns out that lich is gay
>Summoning undead horde is the only way he knows how to deal with problems
>Lich is overjoyed, calls off horde, rewards players, opens nightclub
Problem solved.

>> No.28472529

Isn't the whole point of being a transexual that you identify as the opposite gender, not some sort of alternate in-between gender?

>> No.28472572 [DELETED] 

There is a wide spectrum. You get people who associate with the opposite gender, both genders, no genders and any other shade of grey in-between you can think og.

>> No.28472587

There is a wide spectrum. You get people who associate with the opposite gender, both genders, no genders and any other shade of grey in-between you can think of.

>> No.28472594

See, that's rewarding them for being in character and staying in the flow of the game.

What I'm talking about is preferential treatment towards the individual, such as... say, letting them entreat an elderly archmage to use the enchantments we were to be granted as a party to give his girlfriends character giant tits and brown skin.
And especially when one the player objects and said person gets shot in the knee and the GM decrees that the character falls prone and backwards down the tower steps.

THAT is what I mean, I can definitely get behind role playing bonuses though.

>> No.28472605 [DELETED] 

They are always adamant about it as well. They expect you to know exactly which black, white, or grey gender they identify as right off the bat, and if you don't you're a fascist pig who discriminates against them

>> No.28472634

I wouldn't lump everyone into that, just a select few massive dickwads who ruin it for everyone else.

>> No.28472681

>"Can I just materialize water in his lungs so he just instantly dies?"
With enough Matter+Life yes, but enjoy rolling at Wisdom 2.

>> No.28472685

"Hi~! Welcome to 'Pole of Vecna!' What can I get you sumptuous looking morsels tonight?"

>> No.28472728

You'd have to get a good reader. I'm using Foxit right now, but I'm looking for better ones.

Hardware wise, it's a sexy beast. Snappy, great screen, perfect size. The first gen had some hardware issues (the battery cable would randomly come loose, requiring you to crack the somebitch open to fix it), but other than that, I love it.

>> No.28472770

>Pole of Vecna
Like the Head of Vecna, but somehow worse.

>> No.28472783

Lesbian stripper ninjas. I used to play with a dude who insisted on playing like that. Every character he played was a lesbian and a stripper.

>> No.28472809

You played with Frank Miller?

>> No.28472827

the person who drops out because they're too shy to involve themselves in the story and blames the GM

>> No.28472832

Nah, he was some obese sexually frustrated man-baby. In this case, he even looked kinda like a baby, since he had a huge head, stumpy arms and legs, and really tiny hands.

>> No.28472847

Yes. In fact, you're picking a favorite RIGHT THIS SECOND.

>> No.28472877

Oddly that's how I imagine Frank Miller anymore too.

>> No.28472901

People who equate spending a ton of money on a deck/team/army you read about somewhere online equals skill.

If you do it that's fine, just don't go around pretending it was your idea or that you're better because of it.

This goes onto builds in PnP games as well, when someone reads about punpun or some other stupid shit online and brings it to the table. In fact just never bring a "build" to a roleplaying game and I think I'll be fine

>> No.28472943

>People who equate spending a ton of money on a deck/team/army you read about somewhere online equals skill.

Oh god yes. If there is one thing I hate about the internet it is this. That and the perpetuation of net lists by trying to force them on others regardless of what that person is actually trying to do with their army/deck/ect.

>> No.28473036

>a loud and irritating guy who always interrupts everyone in rpg session when somebody is already 3-5 words into the sentence
>makes most illogical decisions ever

>we need to find assassin
>spend entire time asking for maps and bluprints of entire place,digging in databases on unrelated things while we solved the fucking problem

>2 pcs are fighting because RAGEDRUG
>throws a frag grenade at them
>while being in space ship
>near outer wall
>with windows
>a grenade at his fellow friends

>> No.28473096

My college is connected to a secondary school, and at lunch there's a YuGiOh/MtG club that goes on.
I know there's this one kid that brings in tournament decks.
To play against thirteen-year-olds.

>> No.28473107

>Not taking snapshot/point bland master.

Suddenly you are now better at melee than actual melee characters.

>> No.28473130

Some people will do anything they can to gain an advantage. I really don't approve of it when you're not playing in a competitive setting.

Besides, what happened to cutting loose and trying some batshit crazy shit to see if it works in a casual setting?

>> No.28473369

Why can't I spell.

point BLANK master

>> No.28473401

Player who think charisma is mind control. Especially against other PCs.

>> No.28473453


Jesus fuck, this. Players who try to bully others into the sidelines so they can keep the spotlight to themselves.

>> No.28473477

Are you using a phone or tablet? If so it might be auto-correct.

>> No.28473499

Best way to fix that is make them roleplay it out instead of dice off. If they can't sell their companions on it for real then it doesn't work.

>> No.28473571

No I just mix up k with d a lot for some reason.

>> No.28473639

At least you're not mixing up /k/ with /d/, eg?

>> No.28473651

There can be ups and downs to playing it that way if someone is being stubborn or has a higher opinion of their character than is present on paper. Eg fighter with 9 int and 0 ranks in sense motive vs smart bard with high ranks in bluff "I see right through his lies"

This actually came up in a star wars game we played where we realized if players are just going to play that way it makes interparty conflicts one sided. The specific example was an argument between a smuggler and a jedi over weather to keep and sell death sticks, no matter how convincing the smuggler was (very) he had no choice but to lose to the jedi because the Jedi's mind tricks DID work as they're will saves. So the smuggler couldnt do a thing even though it was his ship because he was mind controlled by the jedi at every turn, we balanced it by allowing the smuggler to use his powers (words) against the jedi and it evened out

>> No.28473734

I'd argue wisdom might be more important to perceive if something seems off than intelligence as I've seen plenty of smart people fall victim to fast-talking just because they lacked the ability to apply said smarts well.

>> No.28473776

Sorry, I actually meant to say wisdom (as its what adds into sense motive)

>> No.28473835

Eh, it's cool. No harm, no foul.

Also mindcontrolling the smuggler every chance he got? I'd be pushing that Jedi into being a Sith then as that seems very Sith like to me.

>> No.28474146

>I'll just send you the pdfs
Who the fuck still hands out books?

>> No.28474178

I agree. That is very, very unjedi-like.

>> No.28474630

Why won't you allow people to play alien races in your games? What are you, some kind of racist?

>> No.28474988

>Start a PF game with friends, one friend is DM.
>After 2 sessions he falls off the face of the earth and
>Take over the game as DM turn my PC into NPC
>friend comes back sporadically twice to DM then falls of the face of the earth again.
>forget exactly what he wanted to do with the Eberron setting
>make up my own setting/continent, capital city ect ect ect.
>Comes back 7 sessions later, is upset that i've ruined his campaign.

>> No.28475029

> PC is an asshole to other PCs
> PC says it's in character for him to dick over the party, steal from them, and attempt to murder some of them
> PC wonders why did his super special Dhamphir Rogue was captured and hanged by the city guard for stealing shit from the royal family thanks to the help of the rest of the party

>> No.28475100

i typically just say 'you hold your action' then move on like its a perfectly normal thing to do. I only get called out when i have two/more SLOW people. In my experience people that are slow are not paying attention though i play over skype.

>> No.28475179

I used to think that guy stories like this must be absolute bullshit; up until I built a game that had the neat gimmick of time travel and one of the players seriously concocted a story about an elf with a harem of Dwarfs in an Ork trukk somehow getting involved with all the other characters. He fucking refused to change his character. He tried having sex with everything,

>> No.28475301

Let me tell you something

First hear about transpeople: "Huh, weird."
Hear that they want respect: "Just like the gays, I can support that."
Respecting trannies is now shoved down my throat: "Fucking dickless freaks complaining about everything. The only good thing about them is the suicide rate, fucking twats."

>> No.28475435

SO TAKE THE PHONE OFF HER. Christ. This is why I always say 'no phones at the table' and 'no other games at the table'. Attention on the damn game, or I'll stop paying attention and go back to whatever game I'm working on.

>> No.28475476

That sounds less like a horror story and more of 3 teenagers tripping balls

>> No.28475652

I played with a tranny once.

Identified as woman, but looked and sounded like a man with boobs. Most obnoxious fucking person I've ever played with.

The usual annoying fucker bullshit, cutting people off mid-sentence to go on about how fucking awesome it is to have boobs, how fucking awesome being tranny is, hey anyone wanna see a picture of my boobs, hey my character is doing this crazy randumb HIGHLAAAARIOUS antic.

My breaking point was when it took me nearly half an hour to take my turn because everytime I started doing something they'd cut me off to go on a 5 minute long description of their character dropping their sword or saying some oh so clever until the point where I told them to shut the fuck up so I can finish my turn. I finished my turn in under 30 seconds and moved on.

The feelign was apparently mutual because for whatever reason(either they were kicked out or they didn't want to play anymore, possibly on account of me always using "male" pronouns for them because they seriously looked exactly like a man, but with boobs, in a way that if they didn't ever shut the fuck up about being a tranny woman, I would never be convinced they were anything but a man) they stopped showing up, my DM's girlfriend was practically partying that they were gone, and even burned the person's character sheet. Game then resumed as normal.

>> No.28475773

Luckily, I haven't met too many "That Guys" at my lgs, but you find some random customers that make you want to strangle them violently.

>one kid who brings his drinks into the shop, even though there is a definite "no outside drinks allowed" sign, and starts yelling about trades.
>another kid, freshman in high school, always bragging about his "Emrakul turn three" deck.
>The guy who's always rude to the new players
>The guy who doesn't allow nephelim as commanders.

>> No.28475805

>Trades while in the middle of a game

>> No.28475897

My gunslinger refused to use anything but guns, he got swallow whole'd and couldn't cut himself out.

>> No.28475990

>couldn't cut himself out.
You mean he couldn't shoot himself out.

Did he even bayonets?

>> No.28476085

no bayonets, just 2 pistols and a blunderbuss

>> No.28476098

>and a blunderbuss
How did he not escape?

>> No.28476370

This always upsets me, gunslingers have martial weapon proficiency and a full bab and yet every gunslinger I see ever goes "Oh no I can't melee at all someone is close to me this is worst class" (Not saying it's a great class btw)

>> No.28476397

>be at college
>meet people who like vidya, fantasy, etc.
>one of them has Gm'd before
>set up a 3.5e game
>Very fun, new players are new, but alright
> our druid just sits there and only does what the person next to her tells her to do
>her friend starts to show up
>makes ridiculous comments, tries to tell us how to play even though she hasn't before
>one night she shows up drunk
>makes noise all night
>makes everyone else irritable, we start arguing
>almost ruined our entire campaign, but the party reconciled
We still have to get rid of her and get our druid to actually play

>> No.28476420

It's not a slashing weapon.

Also, did he not even have a basic knife for use as a tool? How did he cut food up before eating it? Shoot it? Stuff it in whole and chew it up?

>> No.28476508

I dunno, Point Bland Master would be a cool stealth or disguise feat.
>Point Bland Master
>Become so bland that no one notices you
>+5 to stealth rolls

>> No.28476612

Here's a list of all his gear:
2 +1 pistols
Masterwork blunderbuss
mask of stony demeanor

That's it.

>> No.28476615

Tell us about WoW and CoD players.

>> No.28476647

Where did he sleep? Did he not carry food? Did he have to shoot his food, or just gnaw at it?
No CLOTHES, even?

>> No.28476700

He's a very bad player, I just ignored him outside of combat. He's been my friend since grade school and apparently had fun doing this.
He doesn't play with us anymore

>> No.28476853

A player in my group:
>My character has to be flawless. Characters with any kind of flaws suck, and I don't want to play a character that sucks.
>Fuck! My roll failed! Fuuck! I hate this system!
Then he sulks until it's his turn again, and if he fails again... ? Well. Then he adds new sulking ot the current one.

>> No.28476893

>>Him: well make him the opposite gender of mine so they can be married when the game starts.

He wants the D!


>> No.28476939


Must be difficult to google gay porn then

>> No.28477203

After our 3rd session of a campaign I'm running one of the players in my group told me
>"I'm gonna be Co-DM from now on"

>> No.28477210

Tell him to eat shit.

>> No.28477378

Forgivable if they were out of time for the campaign. The games my buddies and I played in college were a semester long by necessity. If the semester ended on a note like that, there's not much in the way of a new plot hook to give.

>> No.28477468

i still don't allow them. never have and never will. deal with it. i've listened to people argue and argue that the warblade is okay, and know what? they make a pretty convincing argument. but i still tell them no. why? because if you are gonna argue against my house rules in the game i'm running, i really dont want you in my game.

>> No.28477573

She sounds like a really shit player to deal with, but it is pretty insulting to refer to a trans woman as "he/him."

>> No.28477633

>because if you are gonna argue against my house rules in the game i'm running, i really dont want you in my game.
Can't stand scrutiny or being called out for shit rules?

>> No.28477676

Please take my advice in that post. You'd improve the hobby for everyone.

>> No.28477775


Agreed. Has all the standard checkpoints for a social justice bashing story.

I bet the other stories were bullshit too.

>> No.28477777

Also, since it's a one-or-the-other effect, it'd be resisted by stamina+supernatural advantage. And it wouldn't be instant, he'd just start suffocating.
Since he can expel the water, it'd just be a really good stun.

>> No.28477884

>started a new group of Mechwarrior RPG recently
>get escort mission, get documents from a scientist in research station on a toxic planet
>we arrive, everyone is dead or crazy
>a bit of careful exploring, mutant beasts are running around
>alarms start blaring, stations starts falling apart, containment breaches appear
>into it, nice suspense
>say "No time to waste, let's get what we came for and get out of here as quickly as possible" after we spot a horrendously mutated lizard crawling through the vents
>others don't react
>they start discussing the merits and dangers of genetic engineering
>"Guys, we gotta hurry"
>everyone ignores me
>they segue into human brain anatomy and psychology
>whatever, say "I run to the door and open it"
>DM ignores me
>the discussion is now about the importance of clinical studies and control groups
>repeat my actions
>ignored again
>repeat louder
>no reaction
>say ooc "What the fuck guys, stop blathering"
>they get offended
>"We're roleplaying. Play a PC game if you don't like it, duh"

>> No.28478006

>Listened to pretty convincing arguments
>No, fuck you, if you bring a calm and reasonable discussion to my table I'll still tell you to fuck off because I'm the GM and I make the rules.
This right here illustrates why you're a shitty GM.

>> No.28478038

>hey anyone wanna see a picture of my boobs

So what did his boobs look like?

>> No.28478065

Deal with it or run your own campaign.

>> No.28478084

I already did.

And unlike your retarded ass, I appreciated input from my players as opposed to being a power tripping shit.

>> No.28478151

>I already did.

Sure you did, champ.

>> No.28478187


To be fair our gunsliger refuses to use anything but guns. Man, he really wrecked that dragon's shit today. Killed it single-highhandedly while everyone else was busy going invisible and commanding undead to do a (shitty) job of killing giants, or running around not doing shit.
At least the summoner tried to drown the dragon in Devils.

>> No.28478226

I did. Used Mutants & Masterminds 2E. Much better system for enabling fun shenanigans than 3E is.

Also ran a 3.5 campaign in Dark Sun. And a BESM campaign about super robots.

You still haven't addressed why you're not a cunt.

>> No.28478230


Not that guy, but why do people pull out this "Run your OWN game" like it's some kind of trump card?
It's no titanic feat to get three or more people together and start rolling dice while pretending to be in another world. It always irks me.

>> No.28478255

Because they're retards on a power trip. It's as simple as that.

If you don't want to be confronted on shit houserules DON'T MAKE SHIT HOUSERULES. If you're honestly going to get butthurt enough to shit on someone for daring to question you, you shouldn't even be in the DM seat.

>> No.28478288

>Much better system for enabling fun shenanigans than 3E is.

How so?

>> No.28478291

>It's no titanic feat to get three or more people together and start rolling dice while pretending to be in another world.
It can be. If you're a timid dork, or in a place where there's really not a lot of gamers, running your own game can be almost prohibitively difficult, and will probably involve a person with a vested interest in your game going south.

>> No.28478307

cry harder

i might let you use prestige classes next time

i won't

>> No.28478356

It's a wide open pointbuy system where there are effects to mimic almost anything you want.

The only thing it can't do effectively are JoJo Stands, and they aren't impossible to make.

>> No.28478365

>"Run your OWN game"

Well...why don't you?

If you don't like the way a GM does things, do him a favor and take the load. Show him how it's done instead of whining like a babby.

>> No.28478375

Or how about the fragile little bitch grows a pair and learns to take criticism?

>> No.28478383

no, because i dont want people who are gonna argue the rules without even stepping into my game.

no thank you. please feel free to run it in your game.

so, because i dont want people who argue the rules before even playing i'm a shitty GM? got ya. thank you for your opinion.

i should have given better context. i hand my list of house rules to anyone who wants into my game, if they question why its not accepted or argue that i should change my rules, i really dont want them. if they where to even once, ask aside from the game to play the warblade or any other forbidden class i would likely say yes. but its always an immediate cry of: "why isn't x accepted? you should let me play x because its not broken etc..."

i love you

>> No.28478393


No, I meant how is that any different than 3e. The only thing I've heard 2e has that's "better" is Impervious truly making you The Juggernaut, Bitch, and some knockback mechanic which seemed simple enough to incorporate via houserule

>> No.28478397


I posted some flyers around my campus, in a town where there was no D&D being played at all.
Granted, I'm the default and perpetual GM, but still.

Look, I'm sure you're nicer in person, but you really come off as some kind of self absorbed cunt.
You *know* that D&D 3.5 isn't balanced between player abilities. What keeps you from allowing people to play weird or unusual classes?
At the very best you can claim they're thematically inappropriate, but that's easily solved by refluffing it.

I do, I've been the sole GM for about seven years now. I occasionally play, but most of my players aren't into it as much as I am.

>> No.28478407


its also pretty obnoxious having someones mental disorder be a controlling factor in everything you try to do

>> No.28478440

btw i am


>> No.28478441

>no thank you. please feel free to run it in your game.
My advice wasn't "allow the Warblade". It's not even "fuck you if you ban the Warblade".

>> No.28478461

>Or how about the fragile little bitch grows a pair and learns to take criticism?

Hey at least putting down houserules is good for weeding out angry neckbeards.

>> No.28478468

It's exactly the same as M&M 3E in practice. You have a couple of differences, mostly in skills and stats, and a little more to keep track of thanks to it being more d20, but it's basically identical in play.

>> No.28478487


>> No.28478489


So how is it better?

>> No.28478503

It was before M&M 3E even came out.

>> No.28478514

Wow. I'm not even, like, a huge fucking SJ faggot, and I'm outstandingly insulted by this. >>28478397
>I posted some flyers around my campus, in a town where there was no D&D being played at all.
>Granted, I'm the default and perpetual GM, but still.
If you're near a college, you have a massive, incredible advantage in terms of getting players.

>> No.28478536

Chill dude, if the players don't like it, they can either run their own game or leave.

>> No.28478543

This is exactly the same for me.
I don't understand how people can eat pizza and then roll dice without washing their fucking hands.

I once worked at a truck wash for Maple Leaf, and it was awesome because it totally fit in with my fetish for cleanliness (dirty trucks in the back, clean in the front, don't drive your car in the dirty trick area. Leave home shoes in front area, and home clothes in locker room. Etc)

>> No.28478554


I am asking what features, mechanics, or rules leads one to say "2e M&M is better than 3e M&M"

I have no idea what question you are answering, but it is not mine

>> No.28478573

I never said that. M&M 2E > 3.x.

>> No.28478582

this is pretty much why i use house rules. i pretty much will throw them out the window if my players ask politely. like my rules say no "non-core" material without my approval. party currently consists of monk/cleric/sacred fist, favored soul, warmage, psionic warrior, and a paladin. why so many non-core classes with non-core feats? because they asked politely outside of the game, and didnt decide to make a character at the last minute, and didn't immediately start arguing about it.

>> No.28478598


Eh, not quite. This East in Europe nobody has heard about D&D.
The best hope I have of referencing something is that "Monsters&Mazes" Dexter's lab episode and hope they get it.
Right now, with Facebook and the internet I've found there are 11 people interested in the hobby, out of about 150 000.

I'm just pointing out that there's no real justification to keep some classes out other than "I fucking feel like it". As for the insult, it's due to the image/spoiler combo.

>> No.28478631

Oh, wow. Just looked up my town's population.
Turns out it's almost 400 000, not 150 000.
Man, I never knew.

>> No.28478638


>I did. Used Mutants & Masterminds 2E. Much better system for enabling fun shenanigans than 3E (D&D) is.

I see. I thought you meant 3e M&M

How confusing

>> No.28478675

I see it this way, if they can't make an interesting character with the vanilla material, they're not going to be able to do it with the splat material.

The only two people who've ever gone nuts were raging autists, so yeah it is pretty good for weeding out the socially-maladjusted.

Rule Zero, homeboy.

>> No.28478711

That's not what you were implying in >>28477468 at all.

I'd be ECSTATIC if a player went up to me personally and argued against some of my houserules with logical arguments against them. That proves that they care about the game.

>> No.28478762

My DM once misunderstood the rules for critical hits: he thought it was roll critical threat, roll to confirm and, if you miss the confirmation roll, the hit that looked so perfect a second ago misses entirely. We told him he was wrong, even showed him the rules as written but to no avail, I'm pretty sure it was an honest mistake at first but then he entered stubborn GM mode and refused to budge.

This went on for eight years. Even thinking about it still gets my blood up. He's a great DMV most of the time but every now and again he gets something like this in his head and there's no talking him out of it. More recently he decided to outlaw anything with reach (even outdoors or in pitched battles) because "polearms are too unwieldy for use in tunnels". This only applied to PCs though, NPCs could have them and if a PC somehow took it off them it would break.

>> No.28478787

We really need to start shooting people with fedoras.

>> No.28478808

>I see it this way, if they can't make an interesting character with the vanilla material, they're not going to be able to do it with the splat material.
There's more than one side to the game. There are many, many concepts you can't play in core, at least not without being forced to use spellcasting to do it.

Your position is indefensible in the face of classes like the Monk.

>> No.28478830

>Rule Zero, homeboy.
Rule zero doesn't mean what you think it means. It sure as fuck doesn't mean that you're unquestionable as the DM.

>> No.28478842


>oh no i insulted you

if you want me to care then you should list why.
i still dont care

>> No.28478854


These idiots don't deserve the title of "gunslinger" if they don't know their history.

>> No.28478856

actually, its what i implied. arguing before playing or even finishing the house rules list in most cases just makes me not want to include you in my game. but the people who called/emailed and asked nicely to play their chosen splat class, i immediately let them play their chosen class because they showed the ability to be polite.

>> No.28478890

Our former DM was just as bad, maybe worse. Houseruled everything he didn't like about Pathfinder in pursuit of a more simulationist approach or just because he didn't like it.
For example, he decided that flanking is not enough for rogues to sneak attack, because it used to be called "backstab" in AD&D and you'd need to be unseen to stab backs. He further ruled that any "backstab" had to be prepared by aiming for a full round, just for the hell of it.

>> No.28478927

I get that it's like, funny and edgy to be a total douche on 4chan, but still...

>> No.28478940

Why didn't you get everyone at the table to kick him for being a retard?

I've literally gotten multiple groups to kick shit DMs from the DM seat in the past because of stupid things like this or the crit confirmation bullshit. It's REALLY easy to do it if they decide to be an unreasonable cunt about something minor because that all but states that they're going to do it.

>> No.28478962

I'd say only if they are not classy folks in suits.

>> No.28478979

*do it again, probably about something much more important.

>> No.28479007

He also banned the "Withdraw" action. His reasoning? It's mechanically better than executing two move actions to move. That's it.

Any attempts to discuss his changes resulted in endless rants and yelling.
One of our players finally stepped up and took over as DM and everyone lived happily ever after. The old DM moved away and the current campaign is pretty cash.

>> No.28479014

Rule Zero means you're a babby, and I'm the GM.

If you can't deal, hit the bricks son.

>> No.28479033


Damn if he didn't like the rules that much why even run the system?

>> No.28479053


>> No.28479105

I'm also fine with players arguing before they play or going off at one houserule they spot right away, so I don't understand the problem here.

>> No.28479117

He didn't, not really. His compilation of houserules was thicker than the CRB, I shit you not. Had a 300 page word document in which he changed literally every aspect of the game, from races, classes to attribute tables.
Goddamn, just remembering it makes me rage. We tolerated his bullshit far too long.

>> No.28479119

>that sweating
Are they in his magic kingdom?

>> No.28479136

...So he was trying to run homebrew but wouldn't just come out and run homebrew?

That's a lot of work for no reason.

>> No.28479151

then we shall simply have to disagree.

>> No.28479227

Like I said, he's a really good DM most of the time, he puts a lot of work in and it shows. he's been running games for us for more than a decade now and I only have a handful of tales in which he's a dick.

>> No.28479275


>> No.28479280

Part of the reason why his games were so frustrating were the countells modifications, complications and special rules he devised for everything. Worse still, he houseruled every situation that came up. Fighting in a house? Character A takes such and such penalties and bonuses because stairs and can't swing his weapon as well because wall and oh look there's a table gotta give a +1 AC bonus but require a perception check with this and that modifier to not bump into it except you need to roll acrobatics anyway and it goes on and on and on...
Last session we played was a single fight, 4 PCs against 7 enemies, of which not a single one could cast spells, and it took 8 hours before we called it quits. The fight wasn't over, by the way. Near the end, we just accepted every bullshit rule he invented to just hurry it along.

>> No.28479353

Funny thing is, said lizards were mutated to be hyperintelligent and almost gutted one of them shortly afterwards while drenching another in toxic waste that now eats away at his tissues.
They only got out because I covered their retreat.

>> No.28479385

Dear god, he's worse than I imagined. Homebrew is great and all (I'm a fan of homebrew just for the fact that it's someone actually trying to be creative), but he's reaching FATAL levels of nonsense there.

There is a time and place to stop adding crap to a game, and during the game itself (unless a real issue arises) is it.

Not to mention that it should be an abstraction to make it easier.

Just...fuck I've never seen someone that prone to micromanaging everything. Is he trying to make a real life simulator?

>> No.28479412


>> No.28479454

Cheaters. Cheaters grind my gears. I haven't had to deal with it for about 15 years. In all the years I've played games (started in 1978) I've had to deal with 3 cheaters. I've tried to be mature about it. Confronted each person when it happened, let them know I was disappointed, listened to their bullshit excuses, tried to secure promises that nothing like it would ever happen again but, in all three cases, I resented the cheating player to the point where all three were eventually eliminated from my games.

>> No.28479464

No wonder it was a mess. RPGs work best as abstractions. The less you get tied up in the details of every tiny little thing the more fun it is.

At least that's my take.

>> No.28479500

Different group.

>> No.28479542

Do you have little meters telling you when you're hungry, when you have to piss, when you're tired?

>> No.28479578

>Yo, wanna play a game with [system]?
>no, system is bad
>Well, okay then, just aski-
>you should run [other system] instead
>Yeah, but that doesn't look like it would work for the campaign I want to run-
>and run [this campaign] instead so I can be [character from video game]

I wish I was kidding.

>> No.28479579

Do you mean strict meters like "Fatigue: 15 points"? No. Like I said "simulator", the DM sounded like he was trying to simulate every little thing he could.

>> No.28479605

>> try to make different characters

>> unique and individual personalities

>> they all turn into the same guy... me.

I-I have a problem bros.

>> No.28479635

Rule Zero is that fun>everything else.
As GM you are there to make sure people have fun, rules be damned.

>> No.28479683

Fuckers not using the cheep plastic table cloth while we are eating dinner and wiping their fingers on the normal one.

There is a fucking reason we have the shitty plastic one you dolts.

>> No.28479708

>not using napkins
What a bunch of impolite dolts.

>> No.28479844

The GM is included in Rule 0, too. Players tend to want to invoke Rule 0 any time the GM doesn't just bend over and let the players go proctological on them. That's just not how it works.

If the GM is running a standard fantasy game and you want to play a cyborg but the GM says it really won't fit in the campaign, you can not start waving the RULE 0 flag.

>> No.28479921

The people who bitch about me DMing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a bad DM. In fact, I actually hate DMing. I despise it with a passion and yet pour hours and hours into trying to set up a campaign and get better at DMing, because everyone else is too much of a lazy fuck to DM themselves.

But the moment that d20 rolls a 1 that gets you killed, every single little thing I've done badly becomes a massive complaint that you "just wont put up with".
God damn, but seriously, this is why I say "Run your own campaign". Because I don't wanna DM, and I'm not good at it, so if you cant be bothered putting up with my learning then you better put in your own goddamn effort.

>> No.28479943

There's a balance though. You can't just say "I'm GM, what I say goes", but I'll acknowledge the need for houserules.

>> No.28479962

>not a veteran of a war that has his body augmented to be a man/construct hybrid

It's like you don't even want to try to think of ways around this anon.

>> No.28479998

>As GM you are there to make sure people have fun, rules be damned.

That's rule one.

Rule zero is you can either deal with it, run your own campaign or find a new one.

>> No.28480010

I know that feel, bro.

>> No.28480012


>Players complaining about dying

Please make it stop.

>> No.28480028

That's not what rule zero means.

>> No.28480042

It's worse when you know you don't want to DM and they try and enlist you to run their setting.

On a related note I'm never running a campaign with anything that LOOKS like a lycanthrope.

>> No.28480073

Rule Zero - what the GM says goes.

A lot of players have this massive sense of self-entitlement.

>> No.28480107

All depends.

As GM of a Pathfinder game, I've 'outlawed' all of the Ultimate books. We're using an Adventure Path as the backbone of our campaign and it was written before all of those books came out. To keep the playing field level between the PC's and the opposition, I ruled we're not using those books. I said we could use them next time, though...

>> No.28480127

Some DMs too. I really find the best games are when both sides are willing to give a little to make it better instead of fighting every step of the way to get their way.

>> No.28480140

It depends on the campaign. And this was just an example. If the example doesn't work for you, change it until it does.

>> No.28480164

>It's worse when you know you don't want to DM and they try and enlist you to run their setting.

That's why my go-to line is "Whey don't you GM?" Not even in a mean way, but an optimistic way. They always shut up and start sulking because they realize it's a lot of fucking work and they just want their wish fulfillment without doing the legwork.

It's weird being GM. Players have a habit of treating you like a magical genie computer that crunches all numbers and makes all dreams come true with no errors.

>On a related note I'm never running a campaign with anything that LOOKS like a lycanthrope.

I want to know this story behind this.

>> No.28480165

Wow, just looked it up.
Guess you're right.
You're still a shitty GM and your players would be better off leaving you..

>> No.28480170

Just tell her to write down her characters chromosomes.

>> No.28480282

>You're still a shitty GM and your players would be better off leaving you..
Read that as:
>You're still a shitty husband and your wife would be better off leaving you..

I'm not holding them hostage. If they don't like my GMing, they can GM. I've told them as much.

No one ever steps up strangely enough.

>> No.28480312

I play paladins all the time
I hate lawful stupid

>> No.28480335

Friend talked me into running it and it's just a pain in the ass to balance. Also chain lighting + homebrew golem made of silver + tight hallway = the biggest goddamned angry melting monster chasing the party while slagging.

And the person who'd talked me into it turned out to be a furry so now I wonder if it was his magical kindgom.

>> No.28480347

>Just tell her to write down her characters chromosomes.

Gotta try this.

>> No.28480355

That's because they're all beta nerds and haven't had a good GM to show them how it's done.

>> No.28480360

Please, please be remembering a troll

>> No.28480374

Players kicking off whenever things go even slightly not their way.

An example:
>be dwarf fighter
>have wizard in party
>random encounter on road, bandits or dinosaurs or whatever
>ranger deals with them before they're even within range for anyone else
>everyone else congratulates the ranger. Except the wizard. The wizard seethes.

A few minutes later, combat with a mini boss ensues, the wizard rolls poorly for initiative.
>fighter out the gate like a boss, immediately str drained, useless in combat.
>oh well, sucks it up, full defence flanks while rogues deal with the problem.
>encounter over in less than two rounds, during which the wizard fluffs her spell somehow.
>wizard player loses. Her. Shit.

She kicks right the fuck off, screaming about how she never gets to do anything, how this game is broken etc all because in two goddamn speed bump encounters, she doesn't stomp everything. FFS, in that last encounter the fighter got crippled in the surprise round and the sorceress was stunned for the whole thing, they're not complaining.

It takes longer to calm her down than it did to do both encounters. Myself and the DM actually have to leave the room while her boyfriend and the paladin (we had too many players) got her to cool her shit, ruined the session for everyone. It wasn't the only time either.

>> No.28480390

And player who argues that they can/should do things because of their alignment should be slapped. Play the character not the alignment you git.

Also folks like this:
>lol, I back stab the party
>WTF!? Why?
>I'm Chaotic, I can do whatever I want

Need to be beaten and left facedown in a shallow puddle at the bottom of a ditch.

>> No.28480544

The same player once flicked a bunch of trains off the table and stomped off in a huff because I took a route she wanted in ticket to ride.

>> No.28480681


Yeah this is the kind of people that complain to the GM about rules and such.

They can't stand not having the spotlight, not being that magical overpowered superclass.

>> No.28480694

Not worth the time to play with her.

>> No.28480768

It really wasn't. Had to though, she was the host player's girlfriend.

>> No.28480869

Ugh. That's one of the worst combinations ever.

>> No.28480902

GM's girlfriend is worse.

>> No.28481069

If GM is the host and his girlfriend is like that then you have the bottom most level of hell.

>> No.28481103

God, its like we should stop putting labels on sexuality.

>> No.28481131

Labels are bad in general because the unfairly pigeonhole people and try and force stereotypes on them.

Not any of that stops people from doing so.

>> No.28481156

If even the DM is into it at that point, you might as well just kill yourself play along.

>> No.28481676

Wow, how old are you?

>> No.28484064

>You'd have to get a good reader. I'm using Foxit right now, but I'm looking for better ones.
Get sumatraPDF

>> No.28484338

I was expecting SAITF (Sudden Airbag In The Face) Syndrome there.

>> No.28484410

>Later get an apology from skinny dude in the form of beer.
I HOPE YOU KEPT THE CONTACT DETAILS OF SKINNY-GUY. SERIOUSLY. If you didn't, you should be ashamed. He was clearly the only person there who was not shit-tier, and might have actually been bro-tier.

>> No.28484479

>gotten his dick stuck inside the cats anus
What the actual fuck?

>> No.28484567

>The guy who doesn't allow nephelim as commanders.
Not to go "abluhbluhbluhrulesrulesrules", but they aren't. Not legendary. I really wouldn't mind some 4c legends, though. 'twould be interesting to build around.

>> No.28484634

>we spot a horrendously mutated lizard crawling through the vents
>they start discussing the merits and dangers of genetic engineering
>"We're roleplaying. Play a PC game if you don't like it, duh"

What? How does that even begin to compute?

I mean, I've seen a game go into OOC conversation for at least 15 minutes because someone made a comment that got people talking, but passing that off as roleplaying? Their characters are just standing around yacking whilst this one guy does shit? Bullshit.

>> No.28484724

someone i game with regularly has all four of those problems and more.

>she is also a flake of massive proportions.

>> No.28484788

>"I'mma play x race from setting A as though every x in A was exactly the same as x in setting B."
Even worse:
>"I'mma play half-x from setting A as though every half-x in A was exactly the same as x in A and those are exactly the same as x in setting B."

Fuck you. D&D half-orcs are not 40k Orks.

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