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Today's topic: All things dice. Which quests do dice well? Which ones could stand to do them better? How about diceless? Do any of the diceless quests have any sort of system in place, and if you can't think of any, how would you do it?

A selection of guides to get aspirants started:
The Quester's Starting Guide by elusive guidefag

Stuff about writing things :

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>All things dice.
Critfails are annoying as all fuck and shouldn't be used. Opinions, counterpoints?

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I think it really depends. They're a useful tool for QMs to drum up hype and attention.

On the other hand, QMs that don't know how to use them encourage their players to powergame. Poor use of dice makes the players want to have everything be absolutely optimum in order to offset the inevitable string of /tg/dice shitting on them.

So really, it boils down to the same conclusion as every other avenue of discussion here: If the QM is competent, they can make anything work.

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I like them. Something not only failing but backfiring against you makes things a bit more fun. Some of the best memories come from screwing up and trying to make it work.

That said, PPQ makes it extra stressful with Parker Luck. Not entirely sure how I feel about it, but there it is.

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What time does AoPH start tonight?

>> No.28451344

Did that Wargame Simulation Quest go anywhere?

>> No.28451352

20:00 est

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Would anyone be interested in Film Maker Quest?Basically you would be an anon who tries to go from shitty short films to big budget features. I see being a film Director being similar to One Piece; The director is the Captain who needs his crew, all who have their own specialties, to help him achieve his and their dreams.

I've worked on film sets and had to deal with hella frustrating crews in my time. What say you?

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I dont like that AoPH has such high crit rates, but QM makes it work.It all depends on balancing crit rates and what to do with crits, and though i on principle dont like having such high crit chances, QM balances it so its fine so far.

Personally i despise rollfests. i cant follow them, some of the quests i follow sometimes turn into a rollfest and i leave for a couple of hours(this happens every so often in shadow quest for example).
I always enjoy a story ridden quest with a decent storytelling.

>> No.28451548

>They're a useful tool for QMs to drum up hype and attention.
Really? All I ever see them do is make it so whenever somebody rolls a 1, everyone else goes "NEVER ROLL AGAIN, FAGGOT" and posts doompaul. Not exactly the kind of conversation that makes a quest better.

>Something not only failing but backfiring against you makes things a bit more fun.
Critfails are not the best way to accomplish that though.

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Might be interesting. You'd have to create good character and be good at writing character interaction though.

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>Critfails are not the best way to accomplish that though.
I am interested to hear another idea.

>> No.28451580

I guess I am. If I'm not the quest'll die after the first thread anyway.

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Exceptional failures (e.g. average of 5 as opposed to an average of 11 on a d20), some other characteristic of the rolls as a whole that is not reliant on one person's rolls (e.g. all odds, the sum ends in a zero), or QM's discretion regarding how interesting a severe failure/backfire would be at this point.

>> No.28451634

That seems to be adjusting the odds of rolling a critical failure rather than removing critical failures. And isn't the QM's discretion regarding how severe a critical fail is used even in the case of a critical failure anyway?

>> No.28451641

Not that anon, but my biggest issue with crit-fails is less the mechanic itself, and more that I've never seen a quest that reasonably balances crits and regular results with each-other, and with the situation. For example, you'll crit-fail something like trying to make a good impression on a character, and as a result they now hate you, then you crit in combat...and all that happens is that your enemy loses a little more health than usual, but doesn't even die immediately, and in many cases you felt confident in winning the fight anyway. If anything, a critical result in combat should feel MORE important than in polite conversation, not less.

This is not a concrete example taken from a quest I've read, but pretty much all systems with crit-fails feel like this - crit-fails have more impact than criticals, and often feel ludicrous in and of themselves - for example, crit-failing something mundane that it's not reasonably possible to do more than regular failing at, and the QM trying to work out something to make it worse than that.

I will say Sorceress Quest did positive criticals right though, as generally do all Exabyte Quests (well, Sorc/Near-Future Cyborg at least).

>> No.28451691

That makes sense. I think the reason crits/critfails are lessened in combat is to make it less likely to doom yourself through your hits and also to make the more mundane interactions more exciting.

You're absolutely right about fails making more of an impact though. If I get a critical success in convincing someone to help me, they'll just be very helpful (as opposed to regularly helpful), but if I fail they're practically an enemy.

>> No.28451706

>That seems to be adjusting the odds of rolling a critical failure rather than removing critical failures.
Part of why critfails suck is because everybody blames one person for it. I'm reasonably certain /tg/ would be less inclined to freak the fuck out if it was based on more than one roll. But maybe I don't understand dice superstition well enough.

>And isn't the QM's discretion regarding how severe a critical fail is used even in the case of a critical failure anyway?
Yeah, but generally they don't use that discretion that well, because once there's a critfail, everyone goes "oh no now everything is fucked up forever" and if you go "nah, you just kinda fail, nbd," it upsets the rhythm.

>> No.28451727

Alright, I can see your points.

>> No.28451786

Only for those d100 chance encounter rolls. Those are fine critfailing because that just means we have to work harder to extract the loot / xp from the situation. It's not an instant "you lose", it just ramps up the difficulty.

>> No.28451814

New Scorpion Girl thread: >>28451789

>> No.28451842

No one said anything about conversation. Hype is like in Ruby Quest when Weaver would post something and you'd get ten posts of OOOOOH GOD FUCK SHIT WHY NOOOO.

It's about getting readers' blood pumping and making outsiders want to find out what's going on.

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> Hype is like in Ruby Quest when Weaver would post something and you'd get ten posts of OOOOOH GOD FUCK SHIT WHY NOOOO.
But that's annoying and stupid.

>It's about getting readers' blood pumping and making outsiders want to find out what's going on.
>not using the catalog
Wow, did it get pleb in here or is it just you?

>> No.28451876

>says players getting excited is annoying and stupid
>calls someone else pleb

>> No.28451894

They're not excited about anything interesting or worthwhile, though, they're excited because a random number generated generated a number.

>> No.28451915

The number represents something interesting or worthwhile happening.

It's like getting a check for a million bucks. Just because the check itself is just a piece of paper, doesn't mean you shouldn't be excited.

>> No.28451917

>Post schematics for how you try to sleep. You have 5 mats to work with.

Somehow your realm is simultaneously too magical and too boring for me.

>> No.28451920

so, consensus on what authors a QM should read?

All I recall is Old Man and the Sea

>> No.28451923

>random number generated generated a number
random number generator generated a number

I feel bad about every single typo I have ever made.

>> No.28451936

>The number represents something interesting or worthwhile happening.
Except if that were true then the actually interesting or worthwhile thing would be what causes everyone to get excited.

>> No.28451940

Jesus that sounds like BFQ-tier magical realming.

>> No.28451971

But that gets them excited too.

Getting a check for a million dollars will excite you, but you'll also be excited when you cash that check and actually get the million dollars.

>> No.28451981

>so, consensus on what authors a QM should read?
I think KiKu's suggestion was a good one. Have somebody (maybe the guide writer cause he seems rather invested in this) hold an open suggestion and then narrow it down.

>> No.28451991

The randomly generated number indicates the possibility of something exciting happening, with very high or very low numbers meaning something more exciting than middle numbers.

>> No.28451999

>Dice are just just random number generators generating numbers.
>Stories are just your preprogrammed response to social stimuli.
>Love is just a chemical reaction in your brain that has no significance.
>Your entire existence is a dream, and an absurd dream at that. Nothing is real. There has only ever been the void, and you.

I prefer to get excited over dice rolls, thanks.

>> No.28452009

Wow, damn, that slope is slippery as all fuck. Watch out that you don't hurt yourself!

>> No.28452014

>>Your entire existence is a dream, and an absurd dream at that. Nothing is real. There has only ever been the void, and you.
...solipsism quest when?

>> No.28452019

Hexer! Where have you been?

>> No.28452023

Solipsism, please.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifeyKhxgHbA

>> No.28452032

He's always in your heart. Better get that checked.

>> No.28452038

That's the quest where we suggest things for the main character to do, and then he ignores us and sinks deeper into ennui?

>> No.28452046

We already have NEET Quest, though.

>> No.28452056

10/10 deepest quest ever.

>> No.28452057

Sleepless QM is back. I'm continuing my first thread, and looking for any more questfolk that might be about this morning.


>> No.28452070

Murdercube Quest is kinda fun.

>> No.28452091

I only included that part because it was a running joke at the end of the first thread. Fuck, a couple of people really did it.

>> No.28452121

My suggestions include
Old Man and the Sea: Has a simple and powerful tone, and it's short.Teaches you how to write in the way a character thinks and interacts with the world. (Ernest Hemingway)

Screwtape Letters: The guy who wrote Narnia wrote a satirical book about a Demon trying to corrupt a mortal exchanging letters with his Uncle. The way it delves into how to corrupt a man means it writes alot about everything that one man does, and it teaches you how to write a person. How human nature works in a lot of ways. It's free online. (C.S. Lewis)

SnowCrash: It's a funny book, and the progenitor to alot of Cyberpunk. Read it for the metaphors, and pay attention to the syntax when Stephenson is writing to be Tacticool. (Neil Stephenson)

Neuromancer: If you're writing a cyberpunk quest then this and Snowcrash should be on the top of your list. This book is responsible for at least half of everything in Shadowrun. Gibson can write in a way that's visceral. His characters feel like shit, and they make me feel like shit. That's good. (William Gibson.)

Wizard of Earthsea: It's got prose that reads in a sort of pithy and 'mystical' way. The first three Earthsea books are great actually. Also good for worldbuilding inspiration.

Also, whenever you're planning a Quest, make sure you've read stuff that's related so that you can use it for easy inspiration. Hoo/d/ Quest has an Arabian setting, I happened to be reading 1001 Arabian Nights when I started. Hoo/d/ Quest would be a poorer Quest if I didn't have this inspiration to draw from.

I'm sure other QM's have stuff they can recommend. Someone recommended Palahniuk last thread, and that's a pretty good one. His writing style is very strong, so it's very easy to see what techniques he's using and apply some of them to your own writing.

>> No.28452141

I could not finish that book

I'm too god damned anal about accuracy and the descriptions of what he was doing to hack were too fucking silly and meant that I was distracted from the characters and couldn't be arsed to give a shit about them or the plot

>> No.28452157

IRC made me curious. Which Akun quests are fun, interesting or maybe even good? I like anything that's not outright rape, so hit me with anything you've got.
Yuri is fine but there preferably should be some plot to it.

>> No.28452177

I think guidefag is kill, anon.

>> No.28452208

You trusted teeg not to sperg out about inane details, that was a poor choice. Prepare for 20 threads of:


>Getting angry about internet inaccuracies. In a book written ten years before the internet existed.
I wouldn't want to live in your head anon.

>> No.28452242

>I wouldn't want to live in your head anon.

Most days I don't want to be in it either, but it brings me farther than others

Speaking of which, Narcissism Quest : The Curse of Awesomeness.

>> No.28452261

>Speaking of which, Narcissism Quest : The Curse of Awesomeness.
So like >>28452038
>>28452014 only happier?

>> No.28452268

All suggestions by the readers are ignored because the Protagonist 'Knows better then them.;

>> No.28452272

I read that as Narcissu Quest and got excited for a second.


>> No.28452287

I was thinking more like a minor deity quest, a reskinning of the Epic of Gilgamesh perhaps. You are literally fueled by other people's opinions of you

>> No.28452323

>You are literally fueled by other people's opinions of you
Or... belief?

>> No.28452329

Anybody who's bored can drop in here.


>> No.28452343

http://anonkun.com/golden-empire (just read the main story in order, first at least, they're listed out of order since a new post in chat bumps a chapter to the top)
I enjoy Face's writing a lot, and I really like the setting and modified PMMM magic-system. Yuri.
Some of the votes for Chapter 1 and first parts of 2 are terrible, don't let that dissuade you if you like the writing though as it improves afterwards.

Also has some issue with voting, not nearly as bad though. Mostly an interesting setting/concept with appealing and easy to read writing IMO. Kind of yuri I guess?

It's DEAD! And that's terrible. Very nice concept/setting and quite nice writing, one of the few 'evil protagonist' quests I've actually liked, since it doesn't bludgeon you over the head with how eeeevil the characters are.

There are more worth it, but they're either not to my tastes, dead, or has less general appeal. Be warned that looking for new quests on anonkun is a nightmare as Dev-kun clearly didn't expect a lot of stories to appear - there's no way to know if a story's abandoned without looking at the hard-to-find timestamps to see they've not been updated for months, there's no way to search for anything, etc.

>> No.28452356

Gilgamesh's own people hated his guts, though, at least at the beginning.

>> No.28452373

Fate Gilgamesh Quest?

>> No.28452375

Strength through belief is overdone. I for one would welcome a setting where the existence of the demigods is accepted as a fact, but your power comes from peoples opinion of you.

>Zigat is a dick, so he has no good powers
>Deridoo is a chill dude, let's enable him to build sky castles.

And then one day Deridoo is tired of the responsibilities that come with power, so he just drops the sky castle to piss everyone off.

>> No.28452381



point is it would be jaded and edgy because the MC is tired of relying on punk ass mortals for his existence but there's nothing he can do about it and the only friends he can make are other jaded assholes in the same situation and they of course all hate each other because they are reflections of themselves

and maybe throw in a Highlander THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE plot to it

>> No.28452397


Give it a try, at least.

Better do it and know it sucks rather than wondering all the damn time about how it would have done.

>> No.28452406

Then make the group of self loathing misfit gods go on a quest to find alternative sources of power. I'd play it.

Or alternatively: They want to become mortal, so they can have an existence that is purely their own, even for a short time. Reverse quest for the golden peaches.

>> No.28452417

I'm just trying to bait another qm into grabbing this, I don't do quests

>> No.28452426

>It's DEAD! And that's terrible.
I rage every time I'm reminded.

>I don't do quests
That's what they all say at first.

>> No.28452434

>not last

>> No.28452435

>Implying quests require you to be able to write.

>> No.28452444

It's like forcy funtime in ero anime. At first they say no, then they like it, then they go all YOU STUPID DOG I DIDN'T LIKE IT.

>> No.28452450

>Narcissu Quest
Noone could pull off that level of feels.

>> No.28452467

>Zigat is a dick, so he has no good powers
>not making him the Dick Dominus, the Cock King, the Chode Champion, the Phallic Pharaoh, the Prick Prince

>> No.28452474

>>not making him the Dick Dominus, the Cock King, the Chode Champion, the Phallic Pharaoh, the Prick Prince

>> No.28452559

>the Phallic Pharaoh
You are Pharaoh Abonathep of the Cho'ra dynasty, and you really miss your dick. Are you a bad enough necron to take back your junk from the evil star gods?

Roaming throughout the earth, going to and fro on it, Anon.

...pretty much. Your task, should you accept it, would be to convince the MC that the voices in her head are indeed real.

>> No.28452584

>Compiling a quest into ereader formats
>It doesn't want to accept zalgo text


>> No.28452621

CommissarQuest @CommissarQuest 48s

Commissar Quest will be up within 1-2 hours depending on his fast I can run.

Waiting warmly.

>> No.28452660


Saga of Recluce - Modesitt
Wheel of Time - Jordan/Sanderson
The Chronicles of Narnia - Lewis
LOTR and The Hobbit - Tolkien
The Belgariad - Eddings
Lord of the Flies - Golding
The Island of Doctor Moreau - Wells
The Time Machine - Wells
Brave New World - Huxley
1984 - Orwell
Ender's Game - Card
Foundation - Asimov
Dune - Herbert
Starship Troopers - Heinlein
The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin - Twain
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Dahl

should get you started

>> No.28452688

1984 is pretty great. The way it dissects language is important stuff to anyone that's working directly with words.

Dune was too dry for me to enjoy.

Dhal is a wonderful writer. Have you read his adult stories?

>> No.28452701

You should note WHY they want to read them, though. For example, Ender's Game has such garbage writing no-one should actually read it to get better at prose. Seriously, that shit's the most condescending for-kids prose I've ever read, and I read quite a lot of Young Adult stuff. But the ideas and plot/setting have a lot going for them. Similarly, no-one should read Tolkien to learn prose, for the opposite reason - I liked reading it, but it's way too dry and slow for quests.

>> No.28452717

>the most condescending for-kids prose I've ever read
That sounds like exactly the kind of writing that quests need.

>> No.28452728

Wheel of Time is essential for mastering the art of Harem gathering.

>> No.28452745

Even quests are better. Seriously, read one of Pratchett's YA works or some Roald Dahl and then try reading Ender's Game, every page feels like it's actively insulting your intelligence.

>> No.28452754

I suggest Tom Robbins. His writing style would be great for quests. The way he conveys events and characters to reader, things never get boring.

>> No.28452755

*This being in the first two chapters, the only ones I bothered trying to read before giving up. It might improve later.

>> No.28452772

Ender's Game is pretty good, but it doesn't have much to chip in for Quest writing. The characterization tends to be good. Ender Wiggin understands his enemies, and because of that we understand his enemies. The people he fights with may be unsympathetic, but they make sense.

Tolkien's prose is too dry and lengthy for quests, yeah.

>> No.28452787

I'd rather go with Heinlein. Even his young adult stuff like "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel."

>> No.28452801

I never felt like my intelligence was being insulted. Ender is a precocious kid, and constantly mentally disparaging adults. He isn't insulting me though.

Why do you get that feeling from the book?

>> No.28452818

>but pretty much all systems with crit-fails feel like this - crit-fails have more impact than criticals
Funny, Ive seen the opposite. Critfails are relatively easy to recover from whereas crit-successes lead to things like you severing the very concept of enemy when you behead that guy, killing off anyone and everyone who is conspiring against you in a 10 mile radius.

Just look at that Failed Villain Quest or whatever it was called where the MC became god in like a single thread.

>> No.28452852

I only did that picture out of boredom, thank you very much.

Besides, everyone knows intricate pillow and blanket forts are the superior sleeping arrangement.

>> No.28452854

Consensus is hard to achieve when the topic is this vaguely defined but I support the idea.

If that's what you want who am I to say no.

I'd cut it down as follows:
1) Any submission needs to be originally in English. No foreign titles, no matter how good.
2) No book series longer than three books unless they're only loosely connected like Heinlein's Future History stories.
3) No submissions beyond 800 pages in a single volume.
4) Any submission must be at least seven years old. Not because old = good, but in order to narrow the scope a little.


>> No.28452888

>severing the very concept of enemy when you behead that guy, killing off anyone and everyone who is conspiring against you in a 10 mile radius.
So I guess that was part of Youmu's ten desires after all...

>> No.28452898

I'd actually recommend The Alchemist, which was first written in Portugese. It's got a very mythical and dusty feel, which is cool.

>> No.28452912

>SnowCrash: It's a funny book, and the progenitor to alot of Cyberpunk.
Kiku, I appreciate your trying to help and all, but PLEASE don't be so blatantly misinformed as this. Snowcrash is a PASTICHE of common Cyberpunk tropes and cliches, not a progenitor of them. It came out right at the end of the Cyberpunk fad, nearly ten years after Neuromancer kicked the whole thing off.

>> No.28452920

its not consistently one way or another. sometimes you get almost unimportant crits/critfails, sometimes you get game breaking crits/critfails. i am fine with it as long as they are not a common occurance though. Makes thing more fun imo.

>> No.28452927

>1) Any submission needs to be originally in English. No foreign titles, no matter how good.
Agreed, translations a shit.


>> No.28452950

it doesn't change the fact that SnowCrash is a damned good read, especially for something like quests.

>> No.28452963

ridiculous limitations. other than they should at least be a couple of years old, none of them make senseç

>> No.28452983 [DELETED] 


Slav pls go and stay go.

>> No.28452989

It's been a while (I tired reading it at 20, 24 now) but I remember the narration in chapters 1/2 was what gave me the feeling. IIRC it felt like the narrator was assuming the reader to be ignorant of even the most simple concept or word.

>> No.28453000

Absolutely, but you most certainly shouldn't read it thinking it founded the fucking Cyberpunk genre. In fact, you need to read at least the Sprawl Trilogy by Gibson before you read SnowCrash if you want to fully appreciate it.

Kiku basically did the equivalent of claiming Gurren Lagann was the progenitor to the super robot genre.

For shame, Kiku.

>> No.28453026 [DELETED] 

>stay go
Yeah, sure.
Best comeback on the internet against a race comment, become the grammer nazi. That way you can go into an endless and utterly pointless debate and everyone would soon forget what was even the point of it all.

>> No.28453028


>> No.28453035 [DELETED] 

>Best comeback on the internet against a race comment, become the grammer nazi.
Nice comma splice.

>> No.28453061 [DELETED] 

>correcting meme grammar
That just makes you look worse, anon.

>> No.28453075


Running a ... 2-shot? I suppose it would be called

>> No.28453082 [DELETED] 

Newfriends can't into common 4chan vernacular.

>> No.28453103

>What kind of person are you?
May God have mercy on your quest, for anon will not.

>> No.28453112

it's a 2-shot, it can't go THAT wrong

>> No.28453115

>May God have mercy on your quest, for anon will not.
Ah yes, chargen.

>> No.28453120 [DELETED] 

Altough its already written i guess i might aswell explain and shit some more in this thread. The point was never to look good and win an arguement or anything.

>> No.28453160

>it's a 2-shot, it can't go THAT wrong
>it can't go THAT wrong

>> No.28453164

>it can't go THAT wrong
Oh ye of little faith.

>> No.28453469

>can't go that wrong

>They are a mild mannered and professional man in middle age

>> No.28453576

People filtering quests, using the catalog, good timing, and/or divine favor.

"What kind of person are you?" is one of the most potentially disastrous opening questions I've ever read. And I say this as someone who doesn't find chargen inherently toxic.

>> No.28453597

Alright /qtg/. Chargen. How the fuck do you do it right?

>> No.28453607

You fucking don't.

>> No.28453619

>How the fuck do you do it right?
You don't. Or you roll everything.

>> No.28453629

give the man a bit of credit. He clearly baited that response what with the picture of Muscle Wizard and the references to professionalism in the OP.

>> No.28453634

Give them a point-buy.

>> No.28453637

Create a plot-outline and general plan for your quest, then look at your protagonist and refuse to let /tg/ decide anything that's important to said plot, whether intrisically or thematically. Also, decide on what you're gonna allow (or rather, not allow) re:waifuing at the start, and tell them at some point before/after chargen so you don't get disappointed waifufags or yurifags or whatever trolling your quest later down the line.

>> No.28453638

Akun, /tg/ or tgchan?

>> No.28453660

So, you just, can't allow them to have any input on the protagonist? And, I already had a plan for waifu-faggotry.

>> No.28453669

What is the correct way to handle NPCs altering the mental state of the MC?

>> No.28453677

1. Remember that the biggest retards won't read more than three posts in. Use this to your advantage.
2. Don't include "write-in" options, that's just asking for it.
3. Ignore retarded suggestions.

>> No.28453682

start the protagonist with motivations, some vague morals, and an upbringing. Make all these things aware to the players near the outset.

You don't need MUCH of these, just enough to produce the core the players will build on.

>> No.28453695

>2. Don't include "write-in" options, that's just asking for it.
That is a bad suggestion if i ever seen one.

>> No.28453696

I'd say it's fine as long as you only allow characteristics, not background etc, and you have a plan to deal with waifuing. And obviously ignore troll/randumb choices.

>> No.28453697

Rolled 12

Just figure it out. The advice given is usually just preference or common sense. Read some quests you like and see how they did it.

>> No.28453703

Counterpoint: flamberge-panties.

>> No.28453706

4) Once you're in thread or session five the absolute worst will usually be behind you.

>> No.28453714

You take player ideas, then shave and shape them into something decent you can work with.

>> No.28453719

I much prefer fully fleshed, thought-out characters, but chargen is not a death sentence by any means.

It's one of several rules that /qtg/ absolutely swears by, despite any and all evidence to the contrary. Like the 15-minutes-or-less update interval.

>> No.28453723

>Counterpoint: flamberge-panties.
It "sort of "worked out though.

Don't allow your players to re-vote age.

>> No.28453731

To be fair, while you shouldn't accept that kind of stuff, it's not like that ruined the quest forever. And all you have to do is be choosy and not allow any old suggestion to win.

>> No.28453733

That was my kneejerk reaction too, but he's specifically referring to chargen.

>> No.28453743

That was so fucking funny, even as someone who voted for 28. But seriously, in cases like that one or Flamberge Panties, it's all on the QM IMO. It's not like you can't veto. ESPECIALLY on Akun since they don't throw bitchfits about railroading.

>> No.28453771

>ESPECIALLY on Akun since they don't throw bitchfits about railroading.
That I always liked. Some of the harsher QM are sadly not as active anymore, but Akun seems much more tolerant to bullshit being beaten down HARD.

>Don't allow your players to re-vote age.
>That was so fucking funny, even as someone who voted for 28.
What is this about?

>> No.28453803

>even as someone who voted for 28
I kind of wanted to play a hero all tired and jaded too, yea.
Do you like the way the resulting character turned out?

>But seriously, in cases like that one or Flamberge Panties, it's all on the QM IMO.
True that.

>> No.28453827

I didn't end up following it really, though more because of its update-speed than anything else. Didn't mind the character too much, in the first few updates.

>> No.28453842

What the fuck is Flamberge Panties?

>> No.28453859

>Flamberge Panties?
The secret's in the name. They're panties that turn into a Flamberge.

>> No.28453894

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

>> No.28453927

Evil Precure Quest.

>QM: What weapon do you want?
>Players: Flamberge panties.

>> No.28453935

Sworddick girl?

>> No.28453961

Nope. Normal (okay, technically not but whatever) girl who summons her panties into the form of a Flamberge during battle. Interestingly enough it's also one of the least sexual quests with a female MC otherwise.

>> No.28453974

Rolled 18

>Pretty Cure or PreCure (プリキュア Purikyua?) is a Japanese magical girl anime metaseries
Explains why the players are such fucks.

>> No.28453982

So her panties disappear from her body and and a sword appears in her hand? She doesn't have to take them off?

>> No.28453999

The retards show up for the first few posts and see a write-in option, so they shit up the thread before leaving. That's how.

>> No.28454006

I know a few good examples of chargens done well in quests, but this QTG is way too toxic to post them.

>> No.28454026

Post ded quests.

>> No.28454040

>She doesn't have to take them off?
No. And since a staple of the >>28453974 Precure franchise is that all magical girls wear bike shorts/spats underneath their skirts she still stays decently covered even in the midst of battle.

>Explains why the players are such fucks.
They're okay for the most part, it was just like >>28453999 said.

>> No.28454041

I imagine the magical girl transformation sequence involving a point where her panties sprout a massive boner-looking bulge and the moment she grabs that bulge and yanks on it, they complete their transformation into a flamberge.

I don't care if that's not how it happens, I refuse to imagine anything else.

>> No.28454095

>I don't care if that's not how it happens, I refuse to imagine anything else.
you have every right to do so.

>> No.28454125

...now I want to read Evil Precure Quest.

>> No.28454132

Girls und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest is running today.


>> No.28454195

The gods of comfort and relaxation smiled upon me today. BRB hot chocolate.

>> No.28454216

Clade Quest: Part 3 is now running.


>> No.28454224

>I didn't end up following it really, though more because of its update-speed than anything else.
QM's update speed is almost worse than BlackJack's it seems.

>What is this about?
Seraph The Calling.

>> No.28454265

>Competing with GuP and HMQ.


>> No.28454289

>questload heavy
>want to check out evil precure
How much do you like it?

I almost asked how good it was, and then I realized where we were.

>> No.28454395

I miss http://anonkun.com/stories/Maximum-Security/de74ec53-da5b-420e-a58e-90aa437e92d7

Does anyone know if http://anonkun.com/stories/Fate-another-world/690efc6d-0858-46e2-bb6d-b6b02f113469 is still running?

>but Akun seems much more tolerant to bullshit being beaten down HARD.
They still don't enjoy losing as much as /a/

>> No.28454433

>They still don't enjoy losing as much as /a/
/a/ celebrates losing in quests/CYOA, that's really the only proper way of putting it. /v/ too.

>> No.28454448

They enjoy bad ends.

I, too, am quite partial to a bit of suffering.

>> No.28454520

I like sad stories too. Don't think it is good to actually 'try' to lose, unless your character is some sort of depressive. I think players should always try to do the best thing, or at least what the PC considers the best thing.

>> No.28454521

Pretty sure it is 20:00 server time

>> No.28454542

I don't think it's trying to lose so much as seeing that roleplaying a character properly *will* lead to a bad end and just sitting back and enjoying the journey.

I'd rather more quests bad ended, if I'm honest.

>> No.28454552

/tg/ often goes the opposite way and tries to metagame, stat abuse and diplomance against their own character so they can 'win' instead of having something 'bad' but more interesting happen.

>> No.28454562

Yeah, that's been an issue in GE for ages. Pretty much everyone's expecting a bittersweet end at best, I think, but I'm still vehemently opposed to making obviously bad choices just to facilitate a bad end. Gotta try and make things as good as possible.

>> No.28454593

What you're saying is that /tg/ intentionally tries to mary sue characters!

>> No.28454606

Give the character a backstory and a grudge and they'll throw it out the window to be best friends with everybody

>> No.28454609

I don't think you have even an inkling of what that phrase means other than "bad"

>> No.28454627 [DELETED] 

> Other


“Uh… Lisa, you don’t mind helping me with my math homework do you?”

Lisa rolls her eyes, smirking. “Show me.”

You quickly open your backpack and open your math folder to reveal all your backed up math homework. Only a few worksheets, nothing too special, but then again you were never good at math anyway. Math’s as foreign a concept to you like North Korean’s to egalitarianism.

Your staff find a bench in the courtyard to quickly get everything done. Lisa quickly directs you to write things, no time for tutoring, it’s time for DIRECT ACTION.

Soon, you’re almost finished with the last sheet when Pinkerton and O’Bannon approach you.

“Ah, Lisa, we were just-“

Lisa holds up her hand, stopping them. “Don’t tell me, you were just looking for me.”

They hold up their notebooks labeled MATH. O’Bannon says, “Aye.”

Lisa sighs, her eyes for a minute showing a bit of weariness. “Fine, take a seat next to me, I’ll-“

“Lisa!” Octavia comes over, math notebook and textbook in hand. “I had a couple of questions here and I hear you’re good at math.”

“I am- but I’m kinda-“

“Hey, Lisa.” Tara and Ashleigh come over, math notebooks ready. “Would you mind helping us?”

“Well, you see girls-“

You check the time. Is this going to end?

> Finish off the problems yourself
> Fuck it, head to class
> Help Lisa get everything squared away
> Other

>> No.28454639

A VN will kick your fucing teeth in, cripple your waifu and send you on vacation to the bottom of the sea at the drop of a hat and even more so when you try to have your hands in every pot. Due to this, both places have a much weaker concept of "winning" a narrative.

It really all depends on what you're into. Not saying /tg/'s way is (always) bad.

These >>28452343 >>28454395.
http://anonkun.com/stories/Seraph:-The-Calling/-J4UxbTNFGH9j9l0yvrn Seraph: The Calling shows promise but has transcended slowness itself. The QM is also very naive.

Check out http://anonkun.com/yuri/Witch-School-Quest/-J7M6IOly0ViVEmlDbsj but brace for massive pasta being spilt.

>> No.28454642

Wrong thread bro

>> No.28454643

pfft, wrong thread bro

leave qtg

>> No.28454646

How embarrassing.

>> No.28454649

That's what reading other threads while QMing gets you.

>> No.28454654

Yeah this is so true. In some quests, it annoys me to no end.

> Fuck it, head to class
migth as well vote then.

>> No.28454655

you so best

>> No.28454669

This a thousand times. God damned hollow quest

>> No.28454679

They try to make their character perfect in every way, even if it means being a social butterfly or befriending people that they have no right befriending.

They're basically nakamatsu(natsu from fairytail) or some other getall powerful character, when in truth it's more interesting to have the character answer to what flaws they have and deal with them, finding workarounds. And ignoring established traits.

Nah, I think the phrase is fitting.

>> No.28454686

Pft, we're only in it for our own amusement.

That's been made abundantly clear.

>> No.28454720

>"winning" a narrative
Isn't that what the hallmark of a That Guy is?

>> No.28454727

that is not really true for hollow quest though. we become so obsessed about plantbro after we lost it. our only friends who the players wouldnt want to loose are probably jager and sinfin. we wouldnt care much if scrubs died in a way that amuses risa.

>> No.28454735

Well, I think there's something of a balance to be struck. For example, say your character has a predetermined aversion to a certain type of people, reasonably so given their background. Now say they're forced to be around reasonable people of said type for a while. How soon can you justify the protag warming up to them? Instantly is obviously dumb, but never, while sometimes appropriate, generally isn't and can also be an annoyance for moving things along.

>> No.28454743

Eh, one of the exceptions to that was actually the first Harry Potter type quest.

The MC was described as having very antisocial tendencies, and the players stuck with it.

You know what happened? Pretty much nothing at first, because they kept turning their nose up at all the plot hooks because they were playing someone who hates to be around others.

Things only really changed when some convoluted bullshit gave us a plausible excuse to make some friends.

>> No.28454762

Unless they have a reason they have to be friends with them, they shouldn't bother

>> No.28454768

Golden Empire is fantastic, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

If you like science-fiction, and at the risk of tooting my own horn, you could check out Crashed, which I started up last night.


I haven't had the chance to turn that into a hugely overbloated CYOA yet, like my other main story, so the getting is good. It'll probably have some light yuri elements, if that's your game.

>> No.28454775

New thread up:


>> No.28454782

I think that you both don't know what the phrase means and are jumping at exaggerated shadows and ghosts.

>> No.28454785

Part of it comes from paranoia I think.

Like they think that the QM will ruthlessly exploit any vulnerabilities they do have for maximum suffering.

>> No.28454801

this is a big one. Last time I turned the shadowruns down a bit for some fun character, we got murdered and burned to death.

>> No.28454816

/v/ plays them like a game and part of a game is testing your boundaries. Don't tell me you've never climbed up somewhere high in a game just to jump off and see how the game reacts.

>> No.28454832

the thing is /tg/ doesn't believe in reloading.

>> No.28454854

Of course, and the adventure games that were run on /v/ were wildly different than the ones /tg/ prefers. To lump them all in the same basket is just asinine.

>> No.28454918

Shadowruns turned what was supposed to be a conversation into a conflict encounter. RIP Tax Quest.

>> No.28454952

well, every time I turn them down, the MC gets murdered anon.

>> No.28454977

Wait, what?

I'm pretty sure that machinating the end of an organisation that has existed for millenia just because one dude in that organisation killed a friend is not "throwing a grudge out of a window"

It has been made clear that the MC doesn't give a fuck about anybody except a couple people, hence being entirely willing to let everyone else see how fucked up she is if it means saving the two people who actually do matter to her.

Of course, since she currently has crippling soulitis, it's a moot point and everyone is probably going to die anyway.

Go figure.

>> No.28454978

>lets just get some pie, whats the worst that could happen

>> No.28455019

>let's win this combat encounter with the help of our DARK HIDDEN POWER
What could go wrong, right?

>> No.28455027

in short, we'd turn down the shadowruns, but every time we do we get raped.

>> No.28455065

The second thing that /tg/ does is murder everyone that disagrees with them and can't be diplomanced.

That and white knight all the girls and rabidly, passive aggressively hate on any man who doesn't fit the Kamina bro archetype.

>> No.28455087

the only one of those things that I've ever seen is the murder-non-diplomance-success folk.

And I try my hardest to prevent that from happening in threads I'm in.

>> No.28455105

>but every time we do we get raped.
Or somebody else does.
>The QM is also very naive.
Seems that way but there's stuff like this (this is the /tg/ made protagonist):

Type: Magic
Alignment: Presumed Neutral by Sam
> A spell you learned from a Witch you used to work with briefly. Summons black flames that burn away a targets life force as well as most materials its directed at.
Incurs fatigue every time it's used and makes you feel unclean.
I mean
>/tg/ protag
>going for the magic
>going for the edgy spells with tons of DPS
>learning an obviously evil ability because YOLO
It all adds up.

>> No.28455109

/tg/'s idea of diplomance is strange, to say the least.

>> No.28455143

>That and white knight all the girls and rabidly, passive aggressively hate on any man who doesn't fit the Kamina bro archetype.
I hope this doesn't happen to my quest. Several plot points I've planned would be difficult to execute with such an audience.

Oh, and I'm going to be running tomorrow, around 2 PM.

>> No.28455168

the former will happen. the latter might not.

>> No.28455204

The only white-knighting I've seen was actually sourced from being a family member, and not a lady.

>> No.28455231

Well then.

At the least, it should prove interesting.

God, I hope I pull this off correctly.

Also, I'm surprised no one has taken the gaybait since the first half of the first thread.

>> No.28455247

Ghost/Echo quest is now officially starting at [>>28455228]

To put it overly short, it's very vaguely like shadowrun. The base world is cyberpunk, but there's also a "ghost world" that can be channeled into something vaguely resembling magic

>> No.28455251

Is main character a female?

>> No.28455279

Very male.

>> No.28455300

We can fix that

>> No.28455308

/tg/ isn't likely to take the gaybait then

>> No.28455311

No. You can't.

>> No.28455314

It will be fine.

>> No.28455341


>> No.28455626

>straight-laced, lonesome, just-the-facts taxman in early 1900s America
>dragged into a world of magic, monsters, and horror
>has an encounter with a devil of a man who all but mind-controls the taxman into murdering innocents
I love IR's writing. I love a lot of his ideas and ambitions. But Tax Quest's paranoia was both inevitable and perfectly in-character.

If he didn't see it coming, then he needs to get his eyes checked -- not just flipflop between seething, bitter hatred of /tg/ and vapid I'm-the-worst-person-ever-forever pity parties.

>> No.28455979

He's done the former?

>> No.28456018

seemed good until he was mind controled

>> No.28456067

I feel like the first paragraph is taken out of context, since the only times I've seen that happen are in the middle of fights, and "disagree" could be better described as "attempting to murder".

The second paragraph is straight up bullshit.

>> No.28456077



>> No.28456099

One thing I noticed about /tg/ is they always play for the endgame. By thread 3 at the latest they will have some sort of endgame victory condition envisioned and every action taken must be one that they imagine will bring them ever closer to this hypothetical endgame and any plot points the QM throws in that either disrupts or eliminates the possibility of them achieving said endgame is accused of railroading.

>> No.28456121

Don't forget the effect this has on new players coming in.

>Make decent post
>Get shot down because MUH META NARRATIVE

>> No.28456139

There have been enough instances of anonymous/fake-IRs making the same complaints as IR but with much more frustration and spite that I would be very surprised if it wasn't him.

It's also leaked out a tiny bit when he's been in defeatist mode.

>> No.28456160

Bullshit. Can name many quests that do not suffer from this problem.

>> No.28456198

Once again I've never seen anything like that.

Are you sure you're not complaining about people objecting to obviously stupid suggestions?

The only real long-term goal I've seen is "don't die".

>> No.28456218

DnD is one hell of a drug.

>> No.28456219

sometimes the longterm goal is as loft as "retire peacefully"

>> No.28456229

Is Dungeon Quest kill?

>> No.28456245

Even just in Lamia Vagrant Quest, people were making all these plans of becoming Lamia Aladdin and all sorts of other shit right before they got caught. I'm not saying it happens every time without fail, but sometimes it feels like /tg/ doesn't know how to just enjoy a story.

>> No.28456251

I've been in a few quests where people have planned out waifus and 'builds' postthread in one thread, then team up to shoot down any other options in the following threads.

QMs don't railroad players nearly as often as players railroad each other.

>> No.28456269

lamia aladdin was the contingency plan for if we got in trouble with law and didn't die.

>> No.28456288

I don't see anything inherently wrong with that. The problem is when people get angry that other people are mucking with their autism-fantasy like >>28456251 notes.

>> No.28456304

Was he also complaining about Waifu Quest?

Because minor arguments aside, I felt like /tg/ was really shaping up.

>> No.28456321

Which is exactly what I was referring to.

>> No.28456355

I didn't follow Waifu Quest too closely, and I don't want to pretend to be a professor of KQQMology any more than I already am, so I can't really say.

>> No.28456370

>playing quest
>all my inputs get seconded over others

S-should I keep going?

>> No.28456376

That's just the inane chatter people make when waiting for story posts.

You really shouldn't take them into account.

Not sure why that hard to grasp.

>> No.28456401

yeah, for real. I've never seen that inane chatter actually pan out with any degree of frequency.

Like, maybe one of thirty proposed things will stick.

>> No.28456403

No. With you gone, I can grim up the scorploli

>> No.28456423

I'm contemplating starting an Imperial Crusade Quest and I'm gauging interest.

The setting will most likely be WH40k in the 42nd millennium and the principal antagonists will be Necrons. The main character is a newly-made Lord Solar/Warmaster charged with reclaiming a conquered sector of Imperial Space. What would people primarily want to see in a quest like that?

>> No.28456425

Always keep going anon, what-ever happens always keep going and never looks back. One day you will impact what you love. That or spam your own opinions over and over untill they rule the thread

>> No.28456456

Making really powerfull characters from the get-go is generally not encouraged - but if you do make it, I'd want poltical BS, dealing with moral, large scale decitions - local forces not agreeing, space marines being dickweeds and the growning concern everyone is out to get you.Then turn to chaos

>> No.28456473

You know, theres been like three 40k quests that werent animu bullshit in the entire existence of /tg/, and all of them were from an Imperium perspective, the one faction that is possibly the least interesting.

Branch out, people.

>> No.28456496

man every warhammer RPG is from the imperium perspective

>> No.28456507

My point exactly. Shits gettin old, holmes.

>> No.28456558

Which? All I've seen is animu bullshit

>> No.28456616

My bad. I had been given the impression that Stephenson was the father of cyberpunk and Gibson was the grandfather. Thinking back, that's a really stupid thing to think.

Also I say alot a lot. It's a problem.

>> No.28456762

I don't mind a grim scorpiloli, but I dislike the way you go about it

>> No.28456782

I was just joking since the quest hasn't really pulled me in enough to do more than lurk for like the past 5 updates, anyways.

>> No.28456811

Right, so AoPH will be coming back in about 2 hours, finishing up some of the montage now for a chain post at the start followed by some little episodes to shed light on the characters during the skip.

Just saying. I suppose.

>> No.28456853

damn you yggdrasil I was hoping I would be surprised by AoPH to avoid the pained process of getting hype and having no quest available.

Looking forward to montage

>> No.28456952

You got some montage music revved up?

Also seeing as she only died a little bit, will Alexis be retaking the exam?

>> No.28457000

Awesome, totally hype.

>> No.28457024


What about Aqua? i wanna know if he quit or manned up. I hope he manned up through the development of his lightning powers

>> No.28457030

>will Alexis be retaking the exam?

Thanks for reminding me.
Sabrina's advanced training needs to pay off after all.

Aqua, it's unfortunate about him.

>> No.28457039

Pretty sure Alexis passed.

Will we be Leading a team?

>> No.28457058

>Aqua, it's unfortunate about him.
....wha.... I liked Aqua....

>> No.28457066

Having staryu implants must suck.

>> No.28457067

damnit yggdrasil save the FEELINGS for the montage

>> No.28457099

they're actually pretty usefull, just not as a first implant

>> No.28457116

>Ever sucking
He's accident prone. It's literally the best implant he could've gotten.

>> No.28457133

Actually they suck because of the 200% encounter rate and they can be render useless.

>> No.28457148

>200% Encounter rate
What does that have to do with anything?

>> No.28457173

>being mad someone dies when you crit fail the roll to save them

>> No.28457181

Don't take every ability literally.
While some game mechanics are applied where logical, others are takin in a more literal form as it fits the narrative.

>> No.28457185

Staryu glows in the dark.

>> No.28457200

So do you think Prof is going to Allow us to lead a team in the Exams? cause we are certainly qualified

you know we are

>> No.28457202

I'm actually mad that they're not coming back later as a cyborg

>> No.28457216


You're a rocket. Your test as a leader will be far more trying.

>> No.28457225

Hey there qtgers,

Anyone here want another End of Days quest? Or know what it is?

I could do one tonight, but if not, ya know... video games.

>> No.28457228

did we critfail a roll to save Aqua?

are they gonna give us a team of last years failures and tell us to pass them?

or are they gonna have go get a charamander?

>> No.28457229

So is Recovery going to be called Self-Regeneration?

>> No.28457238

no clue what that is

>> No.28457239

These too. I doubt the poor guy actually glowed in the dark.

>> No.28457255

Surgeon Quest

Guy just died on the table after roll 18 18 1, the 1 was taken and he died of a heart attack during the amputation while puking everywhere

>> No.28457257

maybe the gem did

>> No.28457264

It actually says in Staryu entry that it glows at night.

>> No.28457286

Quest about the Rapture. You're living through it. Seemed to start off with a pretty good following, but the players have dwindled the last few chapters. I'm trying to gauge interest in it.

>> No.28457303

well i could see it getting people, but it ain't my thing.

The dice are a bitch

only the gem does, so it makes sense. plus it isn't like he can't cover it.

>> No.28457335

whelp, you seem to have taken over the thread Ygg

Any chance you'll update the pokedex with monster hunter entries? I think putting the original name in parenthesis beside the poke-name should help non monster hunter fans.

One day in the feature, we HAVE to get amatsumagatsuchi hydro pump.

>> No.28457340


QTG isn't an accurate gauge of anything. Run it, see if it gets players.

>> No.28457348

Opening post is typed up and ready to go, thread should begin in 30-40 minutes.

>> No.28457356

*future, not feature, derp

>> No.28457360

I didn't follow it, but I remember it getting positive buzz in the QTG.

Give it a go. If you have a twitter, make sure to make an early announcement.

>> No.28457366

Personally i would prefer to keep a few as possible OC/monsterhunter pokemon.

but i would like for him to add crytten and Bliger to the pastebin since it is practically typed up already.

and h hasn't taken it over, other conversation are still going on

>> No.28457375

Is there a place to gauge such things?

This is my first quest. I'm trying to keep it alive, but don't know where to speak to the people

>> No.28457387

Not that anon, but Twitter, broski.

>> No.28457412

I'm with this guy. I think the OC pokemon should only be there to fill any niches that pokemon doesn't already have filled (ie: forest fires, sabre tooth tigers/arctic tundra, etc. etc.)

>> No.28457415

Normal clothing wouldn't hide that glow.

>> No.28457421


Thanks, dude.

Better to run one without an announcement, or set a date and wait?

>> No.28457429

then they wouldn't give him normal clothing, or they would give him something to cover it.

but any decently thick uniform would cover it.

>> No.28457448

So did any of our other friends get new implants?

>> No.28457451

Set a date and wait. It might be more painful if you still get an empty thread, but that's much less likely to happen.

>> No.28457468


Alright. Thanks guys.

>> No.28457475

I'm curious if Goldie decided to not get any implants like Bruise because of his mom.

>> No.28457484

I will keep an eye out. Hope we get a crowd this time.

>> No.28457496

Staryu is still unreliable though because it's only good for the move Self-Regeneration which could easily be disable by breaking the core.

>> No.28457525

Goldie probably didn't, the whole "psychic purity" schctick. But I could see Marine picking up that totodile. Just because she didn't have them when we saw her during our recovery doesn't mean she didn't get it later. Misa could get it too.

>> No.28457537

yeah, it is useful, just not as a single implant. It has to be coupled with others to really be good.

>> No.28457555

Wonder if we got any new recruits at Cerulean?

>> No.28457568

I feel like the Totodile and Mudkip would be a hot commodity.

>> No.28457571

You do realize that any pokemon that can use Recover can regenerate right?

>> No.28457596

I'm pretty sure Staryu is the only pokemon that can actually regenerate lost limbs.

>> No.28457598

What were the reward tiers anyway? If the Farfetch'd was brought back alive, the team would be able to choose additional grafts for themselves, right?

>> No.28457615

It's not.

>> No.28457619

Leek= barely pass.
Dead Bird= Good, you succeeded.
Live Bird= Wonderful success, you have a future.
Live bird+ leek = elite success, pick a graft.
Time attack= Dinner with rockets.

>> No.28457633

It is

>> No.28457634

No problem, bruv.

I only read a bit of your quest because I'm cripplingly lazy, but your writing was strong and the premise was interesting. Best of luck.

>> No.28457655

I could see them still giving a graft to those who brought back a live bird, especially with how many new water types they have

>> No.28457657

>Alive for possible harvesting, the highest. If done, you will have your choice of additional grafts in the future.
I don't see any mention of the leek being required to get a new graft. Could you find where it was stated?

>> No.28457671


i pulled that chartish thingy off of suptg

>> No.28457687

prof gave that list in that thread.

>> No.28457688


>> No.28457716

>007Squirtle WATER
>054Psyduck WATER
>016Pidgey FLYING
>060Poliwag WATER
>090Shellder WATER Evolves into Water/Ice
>158Totodile(J) WATER
>183Marril(J) WATER/???
>170Chinchou(J) WATER/ELECTRIC
>223Remoraid(J) WATER
>258Mudkip(H) WATER Evolves into Water/ground)
>349Feebas(H) WATER
>Ex008 Crytten ICE Final form is Ice/Dragon

that is A LOT of new water pokemon. looks like Misty is gonna have more on her plate

>> No.28457729

It was a different thread.


>> No.28457730

You probably wouldn't believe that there are a bunch of psychic pokemon regenerating limbs.

>> No.28457738

Some would go to already active rangers as well.

>> No.28457754

true, but htere will still be left overs. no one will want mudkip if they know what it evolves into.

>> No.28457770

Is Staryu/Starmie the only pokemon (kanto) that can regenerate limbs?

>> No.28457774

Not sure why you'd say that.

You're gonna know someone getting it.

>> No.28457778

why wouldn't they? its good enough i think.

>> No.28457784

>No one will want mudkip because it evolves into awesome Ground/water typing.
Don't really follow anon. Weakness to grass is a small price to pay when you can learn icebeam.

>> No.28457791

Any pokemon with recover can do so. However Staryu does this the fastest.

>> No.28457802

Water/Ground doesn't seem like it would be very attractive to a water ranger.

>> No.28457818

You're immune to electricity.
And get to take mud baths all day.

That sounds fun as shit. If not for Remoraid and Crytten and the 'ICE IS BEST" brigade, I wanted to go for it.

>> No.28457823

Is that speaking only from an OOC point of view?

>> No.28457830

May I ask how big of a stamina bonus would Milotic give us?

>> No.28457868

Getting anything that evolves into extra types is risky since we could go into rejection mode.

We need to find ditto's if we plan to be more then two types.

Or a Mew.

>> No.28457879

>>28457716 (You)
>007Squirtle WATER
New Recruit?
>054Psyduck WATER
New Recruit?
>060Poliwag WATER
New Recruit?
>090Shellder WATER Evolves into Water/Ice
Probably gonna get taken by a senior recruit
No clue
>158Totodile(J) WATER
Probably going to either a senior raner or a new recruit
>183Marril(J) WATER/???
No clue
>170Chinchou(J) WATER/ELECTRIC
??? Aqua?
>223Remoraid(J) WATER
taken by us
>258Mudkip(H) WATER Evolves into Water/ground)
Another rocket recruit
>349Feebas(H) WATER
the unluckiest guy there is
>Ex008 Crytten ICE Final form is Ice/Dragon
taken by us

>> No.28457898

We should try going for Cyrogonal so turn into mist.

>> No.28457901

It'd cut all stamina costs in half. Though it's still pretty hard to evolved.

You don't want to mess with mew.
You don't even want a legendary to acknowledge your existence,.

>> No.28457913

I don't think we are getting more than 2

kinda but not really.

i do not see any mudpools in the cerulean gym. I would have argued agianst it all the way.

>> No.28457941

We are getting Articuno wings weather you like it or not.

>> No.28457942

you dont know what a mudbath feels like. stop being a pleb and go have one.

>> No.28457955

>It'd cut all stamina costs in half.
That would give us a lot of potential for beam spam

>> No.28457959

Sounds enjoyable. But still, Ice is best.

>> No.28457970

You, anon.
Anons like you are why I didn't vote for it.
You bunch of lame-Os.

>> No.28457974

We will never have a chance at it again. You really need to let it go. You're like that Clauncher guy.

>> No.28457988

of course it is. to both of those arguements.

>> No.28458015

i just am kinda biased in how my swampert always used to get wrecked by lightning and grass. and it seems like every pokemon knows at least one of those two types of attacks.

And Ground a Shit

>> No.28458037

You do realize we are going to Hoenn.

>> No.28458054

Oh, right. U also wanted to mention that I'll be turning up the shadowruns a bit.

Kanto city is still a pretty big place and Ceru needs to learn that some people aren't quite as good as she'd have them be.

Doing more building on the city, decided that they have electromag trams. These were not down from the power out as they have isolated systems.

Swampert is only weak against grass. Only grass.

Water/ground is a pretty awesome typing, and it gives it access to earthquake which wrecks shop.
Giovanni is technically the residing leader of Veridian as well, the notably ground gym. Got something to say?

>> No.28458060

You do realize we are either not. or it won't be until we are mid twenties.

>> No.28458080

I thought Veridian was the Normal gym?

And my Swampert still got wrecked at every turn

>> No.28458105

You see?
You see?!

Sigh. Oh well. Swarmpert was my favorite typing in 3rd gen, but its me v 25 anons. Too late now...

I want to restart with a Mudkip implant damn it

>> No.28458118

Do you know when the dome is going down?

>with swarmpert
You suck at pokemon.
P.S. Veridian is the ground gym

>> No.28458127

4x weakness to grass. grass is also one of the most common moves ever.

I prefered the second time around with a blaziken who just firestomped the shit outta everybody. Swampert included

>> No.28458146

Swampert's kind of messed up.

Its forte lies in its pure strength, yet it learns mostly special attacks until takedown and earthquake which hinder its overall effectiveness.

>I also
My damn typos.

An earthquake from swampert should be able to shutdown a blaziken so long as it gets the move off.

>> No.28458148

When the dome goes down we go to Jhoto. No questions asked. we have civvies to protect.

>> No.28458152

Do you even Ice Beam?

>> No.28458155

Grass is common, yeah.
But Swampert can learn Ice Beam.

And Earthqake.
99% of grass types in first gen are also half poison.

Guess what's weak to ground?

>> No.28458173

Swampert is 3rd gen.

ice beam doesn't help if you get one shoted by gigga drain.

>> No.28458183

>Swampert's messed up stat v move pool

Yeah, but thankfully, since this is a quest, we could have fixed that.

For example, Water Punch would be a sweet move to make.

>> No.28458198

Yeah, but most of our foes are first/ second gen dude.

Or did you forget?

>> No.28458241

i was talking about how my swampert would always get wrecked but yeah i see your point. Though that would lock us from Cloyster awesomness

>> No.28458264

Are you implying that grass types are actually good at combat?

>> No.28458265

Humanitys Vanguard Quest is up and running.

>> No.28458285

Surprised nobody's looked up exactly how strong mudkip and Swampert are via their description.

Wait till you meet Sanna.

>> No.28458286

Cloyster is pretty grand.
Still, I'll miss only having one weakness.

>> No.28458304

let's see if we get any takers.

>> No.28458305

Is it possible to find pokemon in a region were they don't belong?

>> No.28458308

Wait, are you implying there are monsters in our Dex we have yet to see because we didn't look?

Crap. I thought it was auto updated and we could look at the pastebin anytime to see the Dex info.

>> No.28458329


Well, if they've captured a mudkip, there should be some data. Regardless, if you took a look at their wiki page, you'd see some (un)surprising information regarding mudkip's family.

>> No.28458331

As i stated here>>28457879

i knew there was going to be at least one other water type in the recruits.

I saw that they can lift boulders, but that aint shit compared to some other dex bullshit

>> No.28458333

Just wrapped up the first thread of my Quest! Things didn't go in expected directions, of course, but it ran better than expected.

Also, /tg/ dice confirmed for cursed as hell.

Archived here:
And here's a Twitter, which I should be using:

>> No.28458336

He means

>> No.28458351

Swampert's strong enough to tow a ship, and mudkip's strength is ant-like when you compare it to its size.

Swampert is STRONG.

>> No.28458352

All dex entries are 'true'. Were you not a part of the quest since the beginning?

>> No.28458361

Prof said gen 1 pokemon in Kanto only.

Something keeps them in their proper regions

>> No.28458366 [DELETED] 


I wish I had known that.
Can you tell me what the info is?

>> No.28458375

Mountains mostly.
Migratory pokemon are not as limited.

>> No.28458380

I posted a link >>28458336

>> No.28458381

look here>>28458336

scroll down to the dex entries

>> No.28458391

>Reads Dex entries
....I'm gonna miss Mudkip.

>> No.28458406

that just isn't very fantastic (though it is useful) compared to diamond hard armor, or something that sleeps in lava (that issn't even fire type), or something that can leap the eiffel tower and runs 151mph.

>> No.28458428

We ain't melee. at least not strength based melee.

>> No.28458443

It's pretty strong, since that's it's level of strength when not exerting itself.

>> No.28458494

So we'll be able to find most water pokemon.

>> No.28458498

Not on the ship towing part but still, Strength doesn't really suit our character

>> No.28458519

most water pokemon are not ocean pokemon believe it or not

>> No.28458560

lemme rephrase that.

open ocean pokemon. most fish stick to their areas of the ocean. you ain't gonna see salmon in the carribean

>> No.28458562

I don't really care if it suits our character? I though we were just discussing Swampert, since some anon was dissing it because of its weakness towards grass.

And on the ship towing; remember that, that's while it's swimming. So. Really powerful.

>> No.28458618

Yeah, Sanna is gonna be stronk as fuck.

That is until we freeze the shit outta her, then not so much

>> No.28458657

Who's Sanna anyway? I can't find an entry for her character on Bulbapedia.

>> No.28458672


>> No.28458674


>>"winning" a narrative

How does "Command Crew of the Oncoming Storm/Task Force 38" sound to you?

>> No.28458684

She's an OC character, all of the recruits so far have been OCs.

>> No.28458692

she is the rocket recruit that we haven't met yet that Prof name dropped.

She got the muskip we passed up

>> No.28458703

When is AoPH starting?

>> No.28458706

cept you know Misty and Brock and Sabrina and Giovanni.i kid i kid

>> No.28458711

Ah, I see. I haven't committed their names to memory yet since they still don't have that much of a personality for me.

Can we expect some more Akuma Quest personality cameos among these recruits?

>> No.28458734


>> No.28458744

Working on it.
You seem to have mistaken what I said, Sanna's not getting it.
They're not recruits. No goats here.


>> No.28458764

Cameos already happened.

>> No.28458787

i saw it in the same post whre you mentioned swamperts strength and didn't read the post you quoted. i'm an idiot


>> No.28458797

That was only for some of the Rocket team members, anon.

>> No.28458841

I tried to read it and the first thread killed any desire I had to continue. So many glaring typos and grammar flubs that it made Cosgrove look like some kind of writing god.
Don't get me wrong, I lie Cos, but his writing can get a pretty sloppy and it irks me. Evil Precure QM goes entirely beyond my acceptable limits. Maybe you'll enjoy it, but I could not.

>> No.28458864

Server time is EST.

>> No.28458892

Just read Lamia Vagrant/Humanity's Vanguard Quest opening. Glorious.

>> No.28458899

Aophquest begins

>> No.28458905

pretty sure it isn't, that is why people were getting mad at him for being late last time.

>> No.28459210

but it is.

>> No.28459232

I've said this a million times but I blame QMs being bad at dice for causing this.

The dice WILL eventually give you a massive string of bad rolls, which most QMs WILL use to jam their thumb up their players' collective asshole and twist, hook, and yank.

This causes players to feel that the power/metagaming is required, because without it they will either deal with all the npcs lecturing them for their (dice) failure, getting injured and the plot dragged down slow for a (dice caused) injury, or other shit.

Point is that the players don't want to RP a character with flaws when the dice will dump some failure and badness on them anyway. Especially when that can stack with RPing imperfection and lead to the quest ending early, because as we all know, /tg/ has a boner for being hard on mcs and threatening to kill them off.

>> No.28459305

What do you do when your players act like you're a way eviler QM than you are?

>> No.28459327

You become the mask.

>> No.28459345

Be even eviler.

>> No.28459374

Blink your eyes in disbelief, feel pity, and go on as if you didn't hear their fear.

>> No.28459381

I don't want to be evil. I want to be a fun QM who provides a cool supporting cast that people like, puts interesting challenges in front of the players, and arranges things so that they feel like they've expended effort and earned each victory.

>> No.28459413

It doesn't matter what you want.

Society has made you into this monster. And you have no choice now but to lash out at them.

What quest do you run? It's easier to tell you what to do when we know what you're already doing.

>> No.28459418

Keep on going as you would. If you really were an evil qm, there'd shitstorms about you railroading the quest into doom all over.

>> No.28459422

The only way to do that is to tell them that. But if you tell them that then they'll start acting like idiots.

Just carry on as you would.

>> No.28459453

"Natalia Jean-Louis and the Mask of Decoudreau"


>> No.28459479

I realize that this is awful and petty, but I dropped your quest when the players chose to make the mc black.

I also dropped Overhuman when they made the mc a gypsie.

>> No.28459519


>> No.28459527

If it was because it felt forced/shoe-horned in, I could understand your feelings. But if it was decided from the start during character creation, theeeeen....

>> No.28459565

It's your choice, man.

I think that if you stick/stuck around, you'd find a lot more about the world I've built to like than that. She's definitely not arbitrarily ethnic. There's a point and purpose to each of the choices I gave you on character creation. Each of those 'ethnicities' have vastly different existences in Magic America. It actually greatly affected the character.

That being said, there's a hell of a lot more to Salem/Magical America than ethnicity.

>> No.28459592

>not dropping quests as soon as MC is female

>> No.28459633

>not dropping quests as soon as the MC is sentient

>> No.28459638

I miss bioweapon quest.

>> No.28459695

...This sounds interesting.

>> No.28459739

Kinda reminds me of Deathworld.


Someone should run a quest with Deathworld as a setting.

>> No.28459740

To those of you who petered off my 2-shot Surgeon Quest, anything I should know?

>> No.28459774

It's a Quest based on an expansion of the d100 Harry Potter RPG system that Im compiling/creating.

A spiritual successor/inspired by the first HPQuest here on /tg/.

If you want a quick recap without archive binging, there's a "What you know so far" googledocs I set up for new people. It's linked in my thread.

>> No.28459841

My first guess would be Shadow Master, but he's probably more evil than we could possibly imagine.

>> No.28459845

Nah, I prefer archive binging. I don't feel right unless I read the discussions as well and get a feel for what the quest followers are like.

>> No.28459920 [SPOILER] 


>> No.28459922

No prompts.

>> No.28459943

no prompts as in I didn't prompt? or that I should stop prompting?

>> No.28459976


>> No.28459977


Decided to try my hand at a quest. Thought you all may be interested.

>> No.28460036

>dontur quest
This will end well.

>> No.28460411

You should add prompts. You can tell by the number of rolls compared to the number of suggestions that ther were many lurkers that couldn't think of a command.

>> No.28460561

Every update ended with a question. Did it really need to be listed out?

>> No.28460998

Maybe? Many people clearly didn't know what to suggest.

>> No.28461054

Dear lord that DMC Quest. Holy fuck.

>> No.28461064

What happened?

>> No.28461074


>> No.28461103

Ventriloquist biting stripper fists.

>> No.28461106

Detroit Metal City?

>> No.28461128

Dat Megalithic Cunt

>> No.28461144

Stone age Australia Quest?

>> No.28461147

Devil May Cry

But oh wow. Yes. I'd love a quest like that, even as a one-shot.


>> No.28461159


>> No.28461314

Are you the guy who always used to post dontethequestmaster.jpg?

>> No.28461620

That might actually do better than just a one-shot.

>MC wants to write sweet pop songs and sing for people.
>The universe wants him to be a death metal god.

Everything that /tg/ does to try to fix the situation just makes it more illegal, psychotic, and metal. Be funny as hell.

>> No.28461748

Please quit with the lolsorandumb ideas.

>> No.28461767

Was for >>28461620

>> No.28461793


I'm sorry you haven't seen Detroit Metal City.

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