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/tg/ related humor thread?
I dont have anything to post but I would like a chuckle.

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this will die quickly as I suppose.

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How many cultists does it take to piss of Dranon?

Just hwan.

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I guess I'll contribute some stuff, no real rhyme or reason to any of it since I have the organizational skills of a tornado.

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I love that rant

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I must have got this off tg since I don't know why else it would be in this folder.

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probably not really /tg/ but what the hell

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The only living example of a man with a Intelligence score of... -1.

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>The only living example of a man with a Intelligence score of... -1.
Then he wouldn't even be able to talk

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That is bizarrely kind of heart warming.

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it somehow manages, doesn't it

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sometimes when /v/ has one of its recurring Eternal Crusade threads I post this as "best marines." It's funny to see who gets it and who doesn't.

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in that same vein...

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ya'll know orks humorz it da besart humorz

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The B-ball Lich

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on that note-

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>The Emperors look of disapproval.

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I like this.
We also had this neon skellington disco lich, right?
Some nice dude made classy music for it.

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Nah, this was from a thread where /tg/ faced of against a Lich in a basketball contest.

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I bet he had a damn +25 or so modifier.
And with his paralyzing touch attack...oh boy.
I don't know if that would've been a foul.
If not you could possibly shove his bony ass ever so softly out of the way.
No meat, no weight.

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Look it up on suptg the thread was fantastic. We lost but it was fantastic.

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That's the coolest story ever, but the last post is most likely total bullshit.

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This one always makes me chuckle.

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Yeah, it is wonderfull.
Striking scorpions are really awesome though.

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What am I missing here?

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Steiner Stronk!

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If it can't be done by an Atlas, then it's not worth doing.

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The file name.

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>britons in R:TW

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And then, chariots. Fucktons of chariots. Knock down my wall without yer onagers, tosser!

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>that arrow over the shuriken pistol
>shooty (but stars are choppy???)

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Neon Skull right? What happened to it?

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Just because someone can speak does not make them intelligent, look at modern pop singers/celebrities.

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That took me a moment to figure out.

me gusta

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not really humor but damn good

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one of my all time favorites

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I have that same image 3 times in various colors.

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I loved that show

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>Iron within Iron without
>autocannon on turret
>no front view slot
>searchlight on the back

I smell heresy.

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That's the joke.

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And I just looked up where the gif is from so I can watch the show.

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What is the show?

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Oh my god. My sides. My lungs. Not even Cegorach could think up this shit

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So, what would actually happen if a lil' kid came to a SM just for that? Or if a little girl came crying about not finding her mommy?

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>Just because someone can speak does not make them intelligent



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>/tg/ humor






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If I could draw comics well I would draw the situation from my last game.

>Empire general on griffon next to a large line of seige weapons and a bit of cavalry/crossbows
>Entire line of cannons explodes.
>Seedy shadow wizard steps up beside general and whispers "Don't worry mien fuhrer I hwill handle zem, zee battle is not lost"
>Wizard explodes, crossbows beside wizard pulled into catastrophic warp disruptions
>General now full on poker facing while thinking about having to tell karl franz about all the shit that went down on his command
>"Cavalry advance!"
>Cavalry marches up field.
>A forest moves across the field, eats some of the cavalry at the same time as the rest is blasted into oblivion as two sketchy statues fire lasers at them
>General Now practically shitting his pants at the loss of his entire army except one crossbowman and himself looks out to the enemy.
>Orcs and goblins that have been flinging shit at each other the entire game.
>They have lost many of their number to their own magic and animosity, their generally stands alone critically wounded. with the only remaining large blocks of infantry being hordes of goblins laden with hero goblins
>General bellows out "FOR ZEE EMPORAH" and charges remaining blocks of goblins which then flee in terror.
>Catastrophic chain reaction of large blocks retreating.
>Last enemy on the field is their general which gets picked off by a lone crossbow bolt.
Flawless victory.

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>mein fuhrer

top lel

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There is no BBEG, only Alpharius.

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Yes, I was referencing to that picture.
Still doesn't quite answer.

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The SM ignores the child because it has no place on the battlefield and there are things to kill.
SM are soldiers, and that's it. If they're not fighting they're practicing fighting or thinking about fighting or getting their gear together for fighting or they're dead.

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And what if it's after the battle, having rid the planet of its last xeno and the civilians are crawling out of hiding? Too busy getting to the next battle already? Just calling a guardsman as he runs past?

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There's more xenos to kill elsewhere.
Every moment you spend not killing xenos or preparing to kill xenos is a moment where the xenos win.
Fuck xenos.

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>Fuck xenos.
With pleasure

"forcible Freizze"
No captcha, it's all consensual.

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Crimson Fists would like to talk with you.

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That is so fucking subtle.

That or the guy who did that really fucked up, but seeing helmetless guy I'm guessing subtle.

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Depends on Chapter
>Space Wolves, Salamanders, Crimson Fists, Ultras 4th, other "Bro Tier" Chapters
Probably help the kid out, after kicking the shit out of the foe of course.
>most others
Ignore the kid, or if it's an adolescent boy, scoop him up as a potential recruit.

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an excellent suggestion, sir Bearington

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i got the entire set of these so i shalt dump

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6/6 last one

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A dreadnought and a sentinel are walking along after a battle. The Sentinel turns to the dread and the pilot says, "Dude, open-topped? AV10? 2 hull points? This thing is a walking coffin!"
"FUCK. YOU." says the dreadnought as it stomps off.

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Supreme Grand Master Azrael of the Dark Angels was making a surprise inspection of the Rock when he arrived at the Shower-orium.
There, he found a large splotch of semen on the wall.
"Brothers!" her roared. "Have you been defiling this holy place with the vile act of masturbation?!"
"No, Grand Master!" said Brother Titus, "I farted!"
"Ah, carry on then," said Azrael.

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Something is missing between these two.
We don't know Handelhan's choice or how Cym got the power of fire.
I mean I can guess the latter, but still.

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it seems like there should be one more, there is a gap in the story between 5 and 6.

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ah shit well ill have to find it then.

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found it

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Anyone have the cap where they wake up an old space woofs dread and secretly made him a blood angels dread. I think that's how it goes, need to add it to my folder

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Isn't WHM the guy that posted Old-Man Henderson aswell?

He must know some seriously fucked up people.

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>Rubric Marine

Does that guy even 40k?

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A gift from /vp/

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Weren't all the Thousand Sons psykers? Makes sense

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No, not all of them. And Rubric Marines are dust-filled suits of power armor, little more than automatons.
Only the legion's psykers, now called sorcerers, are still "alive." The 1k Son in that pic is basically a golem.

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Oh, we tend to get creative around erotica on /tg/ alright. You think meteor-seduction is crazy? Bitch, how about something that doesn't even have DAT MASS.

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I can honestly say this is one of the best reads I have found on the Net. Jesus Christ, it's beautiful.

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Last hero standing vs BBEG
Simultaneous attacks
Both critical hit
Double kill

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So you're implying they're Alpha Legion?


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>tfw when some uses your OC
>tfw no face

Here's something that I, contribute though.

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I miss the JokeMarines

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Sauce please ?

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Holy shit someone saved my shit. Here was the thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22464072/

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>dat filename
Every fucking time.

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