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No Rogue Trader thread in catalog.

I'm starting a game soon and need all the inspiration I can get. Pics, storytime, etc.

Also, I don't really have a handle on the rules yet, but here's the thing: I feel like the PCs are super bad at everything. I mean. RT is supposed to be about being a high-powered space badass, right? Buying and selling planets, building trade empires, blowing the shit out of things. But given the regular method of generating stats, they seem... well... pretty incompetent. Like, someone who has one very high characteristic at chargen might have it at 50. Well, my guys went ahead and got a Veteran crew for their starship for 15 SP, so all the NPC crew members have an effective 50 in EVERY characteristic. This leaves me wondering what the incentive is for the PCs to ever do anything themselves when they're the least competent people on the ship.

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I also wonder about the base chances of success, even leaving any comparisons with the crew aside. Like, okay, if you have a characteristic of 30 and you're trained in a relevant skill but have no other modifiers, you have a 90% chance of succeeding at a 'trivial' task. So, a 10% chance of failure. Bearing in mind 30 is the average for a characteristic at chargen. So an average guy - not even an average guy, but an average rogue trader, which is presumably WAY better than an average guy - has a 10% chance of fucking up even the simplest and most basic of activities?

The highest characteristic any of my PCs has is a 51 (the Seneschal's intelligence). So, except in situations where they have some situational bonus, even bearing in mind the +10 they get from the RT's motivational speeches, the absolute best case scenario is that they succeed at an ordinarily 'challenging' task 61% of the time. That seems... low. Very low. Have I just been spoiled by years of D&D? Because to take that as an example, an ordinarily 'challenging' task would be DC 10, and a 1st level guy would easily be rolling +8 or +9 on his best skills (resulting in basically a 100% pass rate if you're trying to do something 'moderately challenging' in an area of expertise that you're fucking amazing at, which always seemed about right to me).

Am I missing something, or looking at this the wrong way? Or are my PCs basically a bunch of inept mooks who happen to be very rich?

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Thing is, 'challenging' is a relative term. Challenging for whom? Not D&D PCs, if it's DC10.

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Our group did away with random characteristics for that very reason. Good ol point buy of 100 points to allocate to individual characteristics, putting no more than 20 in any one stat.

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As >>28431262 implied, there's a slight issue with the FFG RPGs in that most mundane or easy tasks are supposed to receive a bonus to the roll, so when you have a character with an ability score of, say, 35, and they're performing a routine task it's not a 'roll d100 under 35' situation, but rather 'roll d100 with a bonus of 20'.

If most tasks were at a +0 bonus then yes, your crew would be failing all over the place. But +0 rolls aren't actually the baseline.

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It may be bad at start, but raising skills isreally cheap, and each raise is essentially +10 to the stat. That's not even including gear.

My DH character, who start out weaker than RT characters, was rolling Tech Useat 120 about halfway through the game (rank 6 out so, if I recall).

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Ask yourself, are tests of +60 (Trivial) really neccesary to even roll? Trivial would be like, carefully walking across the room with a full cup of recaf, trying not to spill it.

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Have in mind that the crew skill of 50 its not that the cremen have that on the caracteristic but more probably since they are veteran habe char at 30 with a +20 in the refered skill . Also , failing the roll doen't mean absolute failure , it depends on the failure degress . You can land the shuttle even if you fail but if you do it will take longer . It's how i do aniway .
>in b4 stranger fag here .

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I essentially played pic related during our last rogue trader game

The Marais Dynasty was crushed under the hell of an Ork Waaagh! and Janus, the son of the current Warrant Holder, fled. He took one of the last warp capable ships and escaped the destruction. He wound up in Port Wander and became a bitter, solitary man with a ship that would no longer sail anywhere and a mind heavy with his House's destruction

But then Serric Irien, Seneschal and servant of the Marais Dynasty, arrived to inform Janus that his mother had passed on and the warrant had fallen to him.

The first couple of sessions of the campaign was Marais and Irien encoutering/recruiting the other players and then heading off into the stars to seek profit and in Marais' case, some form of redemption for both him and his house.

He was still a grumpy bastard though, was great fun to play.

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Oh shit forgot..it was like close to a decade or so in between Janus arriving at Port Wander and Irien arriving to give him the Warrant

So yeah..that might be some inspiration OP

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Soo... bumping this with the ordinary question: Any scans for Faith and Coin yet?

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My pcs recieved no bonuses in stats,cp or gear. At game 1 they survived dark eldar from only war and absorbed the damage from a plasma grenade. They are up and above everyone else if you use rhem smart. I gave my group a servitor crew and murder servitors just to beat the crew answer. Also, the crew get that 50 in a crew,not individuals

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So, I'm planning on purchasing a Star Galleon and modifying it as a luxury liner/function ship/repository for everything that's shiny. How much do I cripple it by getting the gilded hull component.

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If you are going for a luxury vessel, go with a raider. Fast,light and no where near as much space to deal with.make it specialized in getting to and from quickly, think there is an oddity or componet that reduces warp travel time. Add lux passanger area, ostentatious displays of wealth and a fuck huge guns for its size. Makes a yacht, if it had a mounted .50.

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Anyone got any custom planets, systems or ships they want to share? My groups done quit a bit in the unbeholden reaches and ive had to make a few. Will describe some when i get a lull at work

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But the question wasn't: "what's the most efficient luxury vessel", but is losing 3 armor that much of a drawback.

Depend on what kind of ship you're looking for.

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My group runs with tweaked ship armor houserules, and under those rules, absolutely, yes, 3 armor is a fucking massive swing. Under standard rules? Eeeeh, not really that much, since massed macro fire is going to kick your ass regardless

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From what i have seen, ship damage is either feast or famine. On anything with more than 15 armor, it wont be much of a difference. On anything with 10-12 the odds will be against you due to a standard macro battery doing 8 damage minimum after sheilds and 24 at most with sheilds.

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Any supplements give life to Orn? I chose it at random to set up as my bbeg operating base. Made to natives blue skinned, equine faced creatures with thicker legs and longer arms. Just wondering how far i was off if they came up anywhere else

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>This leaves me wondering what the incentive is for the PCs to ever do anything themselves when they're the least competent people on the ship.

Lead by example to prevent mutiny.

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Well yes page 351 of the core rulebook has an entry and page 26 of the koronus bestiary. Also you're so far out there you likely will just not use it.

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Have not introduced them yet. What fo they look like? Cant bri.g up a pdf on this phone without verison fucking me in the ass with data fees

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They're beastmen, likely ratmen, that came to colonize on the planet long ago. The problem is that the reason the planet is anathema to neurological intelligence and make your brain degenerate until you don't remember who you were.

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Does it say anything about planet ecology in the bestiary? All it says is tangle forests and the ship. Also having the inhabitants there being controlled by an implant a heretek drew up that makes them loyal, while in humans it blows their heads up upon death. Seemed appropriate for the setting and that they are goin.g after a trader dynasty that is suspected of being pirates.

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Do you have to tear off the associated clothing when you get a bionic? Would this guy be wearing short-shorts if he lost the other leg?

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Depends on the leg quaility. Poor and common would rip your clothes from friction and external componets.
>not having your character wear short-shorts in all social situation with an unyielding stare, standing way too close

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Orn cannot support sapient life. Anything that goes there degrades to feral animal. Even Servitors and Techpriests cannot stay there for long. It's space magic, and can't be questioned.

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So how would you guys rate Only War?

I'm currently running a Dark Heresy game. I picked up the Only War book a last week and I'm absolutely digging the changes to the rules.

I tried to explain the changes to two of my players when we were hanging out, and one of them is just completely trashing it. He wont even bother to read a PDF or anything, just says it sounds retarded and he doesn't want to play it.

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>short trip to planet surface
>use local bestial humanoids for implant ai work
>give to pirate rogue trader to get him to send his crew into oblivion for my research
>imperial citizen screams i can't

Cant hear you over the sounds of my heresy. I was just wondering for fluff what the plants and fauna looked like so if my hooligans want to scout the surface,i am not void of discriptions

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It takes only a few days for symptoms to show, and implants are no defense. The plant is literally "No Fun Allowed" after Koronus Bestiary. You might not have the time to perform heresy if your workers keep going feral.


Only War is more refined, and might be useful. It's a little stronger than Dark Hershey, but weaker than Rogue Trader.

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So what's the point of even writing it up beyond being creepypasta showing how the galaxy is freaky and awful and full of SPEES MAGICK? You can't visit, you can't take it over, there's nothing worth the effort of removing from the surface. All you can do with it is maroon hated rivals there and monologue at how they've been BURIED ALIVE. And that one is likely to blow up on you because plot.

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That is why you send the help to see how long the crazy takes. You refine your abductions and science. And by implants, i meant these xenos are wired up to the point they start taking the machine trait. Using the xenos so that they can use them with little in the way of being identified as the rogue traders men and not using humans who can talk and be understood . Also,if we are to take in account everything in the fantasy flight books for 40k, the creature anathema for dark heresy pretty much tells you not to be a dick to players and the whole point is not to kill them, but to challenge them. What better challenge than a seemingly impossible place feeding recruits that you cant leverage to your rival?

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>All you can do with it is maroon hated rivals there and monologue at how they've been BURIED ALIVE.

Honestly that's a great use I didn't think of. But yeah, it's just one of those things where "Hey bad shit happens maybe we shouldn't be here." In that train of thought, perhaps establish an orbital station and just dump prisoners there?


The issue becomes "How do I use this place while keeping a few parsecs between it and myself," rather than simply "How do I use it."

Long Term Surface operations are impossible, unless you don't want the stuff there coming back.

Also, to remind you, machine trait is no protection - servitors that didn't get ganked by Evil Ewoks got fried.

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The rule changes made by Black Crusade and Only War are absolutely better from a mechanics standpoint.
What they do is not make some things so no brainer, like full auto weapons.

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The creatures i am taking from the planet are being upgraded after. I am not opperating on the planet,just in thea system. It is a wtf and a challenge i am throwing around, not a hand wave that going to planet is a good idea. I am just using this idea instead of sending corrupted tech priest at the party because after playing many games against the big scary robots it just seems cheap. I am making a force that cant just be bought off ,which can be done in rogue trader. Also working around chaos forces because my group does not like it very much.

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You could also consider things like Imperial Robots or the Legio Cybernetica - proto-grey matter cannot be bribed.

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They are also really fucking scary, if I remember correctly.

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Having them set up that is just all a stepping stone for the shot from the dark, working men of iron. Doing the old distract you with one hand, murder you with the servo hand when not looking technique. The rogue trader is not the real enemy is what im saying

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Is there any good music to set Rogue Trader by? I'd appreciate anything you could think of, from "Seeing new majestic planet", "Exploring foreboding ruins", to "Fighting Orks" and "Negotiating deal"

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