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Intro pic without the text

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Loli commissar running away with Fuklaw's hat.

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a rogue trader with a thick xenos-pelt cloak, handlebar moustache and muttonchops strolling along merrily while his tall, skinny seneschal broods darkly behind him.

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Oh man, so the autograph one and the SoB mini-series are related? This will be good.

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Orks dressed as every 40k faction except Orks.

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A few requests/ideas:

* A Tech-Priest falling in love with a breadboard
* Lofn (or similar) making a Snow-Marine/Snow-Eldar
* More Lelith doing non-DEldar things

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Oh, could someone post the images?

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doing this one

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Assault Space Marines playing airplane with little kids.

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A ork ballerina trying out for the Grand Ballet de Terra's "Emperor's Ascendancy" production

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A Chaos Marine and an Utramarine thumb battling for great justice!

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The emperor with a derp face saying "I have 99 problems, but fanboys ain't 1".

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Xeno's clone-daughter. Who's a battle sister. With big hips.

We call her Xenorita.

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Fire Dragon Exarch male and Harlequin female walking together and holding hands. Maybe give her a little spring in her step.

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A Rogue trader telling stories of great adventure and victories to a bunch of schola childern. They are all happy and cheerful

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>Accidental SoB groper and Spess Marine fanboy are in the same regiment
I love it. They should be brother and sister, too.

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Yeah, that's what I meant. Its early over here.

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>* More Lelith doing non-DEldar things
Like cooking? Naked apron style.

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Sbeen done.

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We did get that already. I sadly do not have it on this computer though.

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what about aunty Lelilth singing a lullaby to young Lofn?

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I request Cultist-chan playing with a Maulerfiend

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I would love to see more of these two.

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cultist chan

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Can't tell the difference at this time, huh?
Feeling a little gay in the morning, aren't we?

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How about a picture of her showing off the autograph, really proud of herself, and the brother is trying to look happy for her and not horrified about what the Inquisition will do to him?

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>Can't tell the difference at this time, huh?
Nope, just a mistype since fanboy is typed enough to be in my muscle memory but fangirl isn't. I even specified brother and sister later on.

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This would be amazing. Can we get her proudly showing him the autograph?

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> sister
Is what I called you, yes.

Shut it, I just saw a chance to abuse the new Miura manga's cover as a reaction.

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>I just saw a chance to abuse the new Miura manga's cover as a reaction.
So you admit to being a faggot. You should probably go shit up some other thread, then.

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a terminator helping a lady carry her groceries

huge powered suits doing mundane things is cute as shit to me

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An Angry Marine trying to paint miniatures but keeps crushing them in his rage-filled Herculean grip. Preferably sitting at a painting station surrounded by broken minis and paintbrushes.

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A bunch of orks enjoying the maypole swing ride described in this blurb.

With Blue among them for added cute

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I think I just squee'd so hard, I caused the dogs on the street physical pain.

I crave more 40kawaii. I need it crushed into a fine powder, dissolved in glycerol and injected directly into my veins.

C-come on, Luth, buddy! You know I'm good for it! I'll pay you back soon! I-I just need my fix man! Just this once!

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Any of these:
>Space Marines goofing off at an Imperial amusement park. Mouse-eared hats optional.
>Pedro Kantor challenging Sicarius to a flamenco duel.
>All 18 Primarchs, alive, hanging out at a pub in the Eye of Terror
>Boone and Raege sharing a comically large sundae
>Two Dreadnoughts high-fiving
>Ferrus and Fulgrim, pre-Heresy, playing golf. Bonus if Ferrus uses Forgebreaker as a driver or putter.

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>>Pedro Kantor challenging Sicarius to a flamenco duel.
I want to see this so much.

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This one sounds nice.

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Do you believe in magic...

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>two dreadnoughts high-fiving
Bjorn and Tankred, perhaps?

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One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts dwell behind those rebreathers... what dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty...

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The backpack is too small and obviously neither connected to the weapon nor holding ammo tanks

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can somebody draw a bear wearing imperial guard armor fucking shit up

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>Cute 40k drawthread
>Muh realism and consistency

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Thats because its an armor power pack, not a fuel tank.

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i would like more krieg anime babes

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Anything involving Macha would be nice. Bonus points if it manages to be both cute and lewd at the same time.

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A squat loli, leading other kids from tau and their auxiliaries in some kid game.

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I would rather it be one of them blue spess dorfs the tau have.

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Possibly doing a pirouette with a shit-eating grin?

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I found this one from Lewdanon that satisfies the "shit-eating grin" part, but no pirouette.

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A Sikh wasp warrior-woman. Kitbash some Kali esque elements; I am aware of the cultural and theological muddying this involves, just throwing on the distinct Hindu bits, but it makes some aesthetic sense. It is not a monstergirl or a bipedal wasp, but a human-sized wasp with relevant feminine ornamentation. Something like the Alice: Madness Returns wasp samurai in biology, yes? If colored, use the linked species for reference. I would prefer more cloth over mail and plate; one might an invertebrate has less need for armor, and far more for quilting against blunt force. Use your discretion as to what the best ratio is on metal armor, cloth, and ornamentation for aesthetics and practicality for a being to fight effectively in melee and remain appearing somewhat aerodynamic by fantasy standards.


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And that is the problem.
Meltas work with fuel tanks and this one has a fuel line going nowhere.

Stylization is one thing. Blatantly ignoring even the rules of a fantastic reality another.
It's a nice picture with good dynamic. With a relatively small change it could also be consistent with the armor design.

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it's more like a creepy reptilian maw actually.

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You're putting way too much thought into this than you need to be. Let it go and allow the rest of us to have our fun.

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Well, the point is that we need more cute/lewd stuff of Macha- from Lewdanon, Luth, or anyone else.

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Not while I cannot have my fun.

>> No.28399232

Oh, don't be such a baby. If it's that big of a deal for you make some edits in paint and come back with the "fixed" version or something.

>> No.28399327

I want more Love 'n' Krieg shenanigan pictures.
Krieg-chan is my waifu.

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>not your Sturmbannführer

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bumping this

>> No.28399601

An eldar banshee fangirl. The creepy kind of fangirl.
Maybe writing something about Jain Zar x Karandras. Or Karandras x Arhra...

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Is luth or any other drawfag still around or what?

>> No.28400343

>maybe a comic of Macha creepily looking at a wraithbone playground going 'soon' before the next panel we see her picking up Lofn from school cheerily.

>> No.28400370

That sounds dandy to me. Reminds me of the old Chris Orksen stuff right up until the twist.

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You have a great taste in waifus


Love Willis

>> No.28400522

Yup, just as a twist.

>> No.28400581

I think it was in the last thread but I do really want to see it now. A Space Marine Libby with a few children gathered around as he reads from a book.

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>implying he shouldn't be swarmed under hordes of harry potter fangirls while almost getting pulled under the crowd.

>> No.28400717

Maybe a chaplain trying to comfort a Space Marine that is shaken up due to something or other. I dunno just the chaplain's hand on his shoulder as he's sitting down looking kinda like this

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A female rogue trader looking on with this expression as her bishounen seneschal attempts in vain to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on an unconscious tech-priest's grill.

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what miniature war games would they play in 40K?

>> No.28400899

A bearded, smirking, black (as in african-looking) Rogue Trader clad in stereotypical pirate regalia, holding a bottle of booze. The right side of his face is partly covered with scars, and his right arm is mechanical.

>> No.28400982

Could I get the girls from Sora No Woto looking cute and sitting on a Leman Russ?
Thanks drawfags!

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>'Go directly into the Eye of Terror, do not collect 200 Emperor-Marks'

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>> No.28401390


I still want Banshees going christmas carolling. Preferably causing mass destruction while doing so.

>> No.28401394

Sup Lewd?

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>> No.28401451


Hey lewd - slightly off topic question, but whatever happened to those spider/drider gals you did?

OT: DO you have anything more of Tyranid-Chan? You know who I mean.

>> No.28401507 [SPOILER] 

He posted this a while back, but it doesn't seem to be done yet.

>> No.28401541

That orgasm face is superb, by the way. You should make more of them.

>> No.28401542

Can I get a group of my Only War group's regiment?

The 816th Mechanized Observation Expeditionary Force (or MOE Force for short).

The entirety of the regiment (the Player's squad being the only exception) consists of Pompadour-wearing guardsmen hoodlums, cute girls in flak skirts [likely doing cute things], and tech-priests who like to put neon on everything.

Their uniforms would be reminiscent of Japanese school uniforms.

>> No.28401599

Fucking yes. Would play.

>> No.28401602

>Japanese delinquent regiment
Did you get pic related as your techpriest?

>> No.28401720

You mean Lictor-Chan? There was that pic with her, Unyuufex, and Ripper, but I don't have it with me right now.

>> No.28401748


Is that what we're calling her? I have that one too, just was hoping we'd get more of her in general. Like Lelith, normally dangerous things acting cute and/or in ways you wouldn't expect is an instant win in my book.

>> No.28401783

It said that was her name in >>28401507

>> No.28401892


Why would Mechazawa be a shitty techpriest you chucklefuck?

However, as a Noise Marine, he would fuckin rock

>> No.28401980

I see no problem here. That voice could seduce even the most obstreperous of Machine Spirits.

>> No.28402089

Lamenters, perhaps? Seems like it'd make sense.

>> No.28402092

I got you covered.

>> No.28402135

Why did you think Mechazawa would be a techpriest? I mean, he's a great guy, and would probably have no problems whatsoever with such a technical field, but I'm curious about your reasoning for your choice.

>> No.28402186

Thanks. Gotta love the face ripper's making there

>> No.28402193

Mechazawa is free of being whatever he wants.
He has demostrated that he is a valuable soldier of the human race in every aspect.

>> No.28402318

Oh you know, doing the usual neckbeardy stuff and whatnot.

You're right, the lack of monstergirls is pretty unforgivable.

>> No.28402437

Only one way to fix that, right?

>> No.28402468


>Chaos Demon Prince, with white skin
>Wearing a monocle and a dinner jacket
>and a cigarette in an elegant cigarette holder
>see picture for facial expression
>In the background, a Chaos Lord in Power armour, otherwise dressed smartly, carrying two bags.

>> No.28402799

Slaanesh and Ynnead pillowfighting.
Slaanesh is as It usually depicted by /tg/ and Ynnead is a 2spooky girl akin to the Dead Bride but with obvious eldar features.

>> No.28402941

except Ynnead is a boy.

>> No.28402961

Warp gods have no gender in fact.
Therefore they have each.

>> No.28403090

That's just Slaanesh. Warp gods can look like anything they want to look like.
ELH mentioned he needed a guy to do a Ushi-Oni girl. Mind taking a crack at it?

Also, if you can get a hold of JustAnotherWritefag, please do so. Ive been waiting for him o finish Seeding Midnight for nearly a month and he left off on a big cliffhanger.

>> No.28403278

Are they still around I thought they died in that St. Whatshisname's penitent crusade.

>> No.28403303

Warp gods do have a gender in fact. Slaanesh even has two of them.

>> No.28403364

Check your cis-privilege bro

>> No.28403553

lofn making a snow marine

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>> No.28403647

Nice one.

>> No.28403660

There's at least one who's still around (a Dreadnought currently serving in the Deathwatch).

>> No.28403759

Regiment isn't all delinquents, but it's got a lot of them since it's war, son.

And I dunno why you're posting a picture of a perfectly normal dude. You'll know when a techpriest shows up, pic related.

>> No.28403823

That's a lot of being. Is your techpriest a Flash Git by any chance?

>> No.28403844

Stupid phone...

>> No.28403851

They just want the machine spirits to feel appreciated and beautiful.

>> No.28403865

I've compiled them all in a single folder. Future related pics will be dumped there.

>> No.28403891


>> No.28403906

Link to the folder?

>> No.28403924

Many thanks Luth for the deviantart!

I hope you do my request!

>> No.28404585

And then she was like:

But he was all like:

>> No.28405287

Seconded. With lovely reference pictures.

>> No.28405346

Oh my god, both of those original requests are mine. I feel like I won the lottery with all these continuations.

>> No.28405448

There seems to be some pictures missing, do you upload them in batches?

>> No.28405577

I didn't do it because I like you or anything.


Doing this.

>> No.28405691

Dontemarine saying "FUCK YOU" to Chaos

>> No.28405777

Ah, the wonders of having a drunk and bombastic Rogue Trader commanding her crew to do the silliest of things.

>> No.28405890

>I didn't do it because I like you or anything.

I didn't mean it like that, just that it's cool to see these characters that all I ever saw as a one time d'aww continue to evolve into d'awwzilla.

>> No.28405948

Let's hope it continues into a King Titan D'aww! Or gatais into a Tengen Toppa D'awwen Lagann!

>I didn't do it because I like you or anything.
Could it be..?

>> No.28405962

I think he was making a tsundere joke, though I may be wrong.

>> No.28405976

A continuation of what happened to the sister?

>> No.28405996

Not exactly a "cute," request, but a 40k one none the less:

Requesting a Word Bearer Raptor, wielding dual Chain Fists.

Little background on this, I had a dream where I was chosen by the Word Bearers to join their ranks, and that's what I was. Shit was awesome.

>> No.28406002

A Tau Fire Warrior giving a human war orphaned girl a flower to stop her from crying while on patrol, perhaps he takes her back to base with her on his shoulders?

>> No.28406004

Live and let Dawww?

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>> No.28406045

>tfw can't lucid dream.

>> No.28406046

>Hey, hey, drawfag! Please draw my Mary Sue self-insert so I can masturbate to it!

>> No.28406065


It wasn't even a lucid dream. It was just like "Congratulations, you're a Word Bearer!"

My parents were there too. And they were proud.

Yep, making my mama and papa Anon proud slaughtering innocent people.

>> No.28406069

I requested this in the last 40Kute thread,

can we get a drawing of this scene?

>> No.28406074

Train yourself to recognise when you are in a dream.

>> No.28406111


Okay, fuck it. It's not so much cute as awesome, but I want to see 2-to-4 Tau pilots in a new, super-experimental battlesuit fuelled by 100% pure nakama power.

>> No.28406115

The Bloody Heretics are calling to him in his sleep! He must be corrupt, we must welcome our new brother to the forces of Chaos.

>> No.28406162

I am seconding this.

>> No.28406181

A fucking storm of NAKAMA coming your way.

>> No.28406191

I request a cute picture of some eldar children playing dress up with/giving a makeover to a snotling and a grot. The grot is not enjoying it, the snotling is.

>> No.28406263

The girls from Azumanga Daioh as SoBs.

>> No.28406545

oh god, my heart...

>> No.28406627

Here's an old pic I did some time ago. Not sure if I already posted it somewhere. I'll just leave it here anyhow.

>> No.28406655

Is it just me, or does that Firewarrior have the creepiest little paedo smile ever?

>> No.28406800

He doesnt smile once in that whole comic. He is clenching his teeth in a motivated grimace the entire time.

>> No.28407259

Whatever happened to the Guardsman and the Sister? Can you do more those two?

>> No.28407340

Top pannel-Terryfying Hive Tyrant viciously attacking a Space Marine
Bottompannel- CuteNid rolling around playfully with an Astartes plushie

>> No.28407838

>Astartes plushie
Requesting the Guardswoman from >>28395628 tucking in for the night with a Space Marine plush toy, a huge grin on her face, and the autograph framed next to her.

>> No.28408529


A couple of wonderful anons fulfilled my request for a cute astropath in the previous thread. This is the first one, the second will follow.

>> No.28408550


Here's the second.

>> No.28408569

>> No.28408597

>> No.28409122

Ah, the beauty of collaboration.

>> No.28409159


I think it was more friendly competition than collaboration. Muju said hers was going to be cuter.

>> No.28409234


Does it really count as naked apron if she's still wearing her panties?

>> No.28409239

Requesting Sister of Battle crying as she tries to stop an IG from bleeding to death.

>> No.28409278

Still waiting on Commissar Gordon Ramsay.

>> No.28409691

bumping this

>> No.28409924


>beatifully detailed farseer
>Generic animu SOB

Muju was right.

>> No.28410011

Aaaah, now I see it. The lines made it appear as a closed-mouth smile. An evil peado smile at that.

>> No.28410560


Bumping this.

>> No.28410891

Samantha Wright as a Sister of Battle..

>> No.28412768

Bumping with pic of mechano-mom. Anon asked a while ago for a pic of the little eldar girl writing to the Big E to bring back her momma's soul stone, I'm still working on it, life and stuff and what not. I kinda turned it into a short comic strip.

>> No.28412984

I've got the basic body type down but I have to ask you what kind of armor do you want her to have?

>> No.28413568

Classic Battle Sister armor, of course!

Pic related: Xenorita playing with Xeno's puppy

>> No.28413597


I'll second this if she's doing ring dips in power armor.

>> No.28413716

well just a battle suster armor

>> No.28413822


>> No.28413838

Oh yes, this made me smile. We need more things to prove that even in war, there's hope.

>> No.28413905

Those kids better watch out...playing in the DANGER ZONE

>> No.28413927

one would say flying into

>> No.28413934


Thanks for letting me challenge myself like this, hope you enjoy it!

>> No.28413943

This is great!

>> No.28413950


>> No.28413973

Gentlemen, Behold!
My creature!

>> No.28413985

Now, now, Xeno, what have I said about taking all the credit?

>> No.28414009

A bit too thin and the hair is too long, but I approve.

>> No.28414010


In just seven days... you can make me a wo-oh-oh-oh-man!

>> No.28414015

the hair is just the right size

>> No.28414029

...what is this loop im trapped in..

>> No.28414066


>> No.28414131

Mfw I see my drawing in a thread.

>> No.28414209

Who'd have thought Macha could dance?

>> No.28414237


>> No.28414257

No love for this one?

>> No.28414260

Granted their sergeant and commissars have melta bombs, that's a viable tactic.

>> No.28414274

Ha, I wonder where this is going. Panic-stricken sister, impassive marine, overjoyed guardswomen and woeful guardsman!

>> No.28414294

Did anyone ever do that one with the children races?

A Imperial Guardsman and an Eldar Guardian (both with full face masks) sitting on a park bench watching a 5 year old Tau, Kroot and Vespid playing in a sandbox.
The Guardsman should be asking the Eldar whether these kids are the future of the galaxy.

Bonus points if a fully grown Ork is in there playing with them as well.

Or a Necron's legs sticking out from underneath the sandbox.

>> No.28414297


>> No.28414315

Will do it.

>> No.28414383

Thank you, based luth!

>> No.28414519

It'll certainly make some fine greentext fodder, that's for sure.

>> No.28414550



>> No.28414563

Gotta love that deer-in-the-headlights stare from Xeno.

>> No.28414604


>Hey, thanks, I am pretty hu-

>> No.28414628

Please somebody do this

>> No.28414656


>I dunno, with happened las time...
>Well, okay, if you s-

>> No.28414725

My god, that... By the Emperor, that's...

I'm not crying, I just got some holy lasrifle oil in me eye.

>> No.28414907

As per request >>28414707 did in another thread.
A few orks playing with a cardboard box, sitting in it and shouting "Adventure!"

>> No.28414921

Derp, wasn't supposed to link dammit, disregard the first link.

>> No.28414996

S-stupid lu-chan didn't tell me this was happening

>> No.28415002

There is not enough banshees around here...

>> No.28415018

Dakkaface superior

>> No.28415030

Banshee inferior.

>> No.28415048


bumping this request if anyone's down.

>> No.28415139

Scorpion, plz
You didnt even mastered the path of cuteness in same time than the crazy murderer one

>> No.28415169

Here's a challenge. An HHD Neptunia with Space Marine shoulderplates and weapons!

>> No.28415177


Well put.

>> No.28415212

I can't find the general drawthread...
c-can I stay with you guys until they come back? I don't know much lore but I'll earn my keep I swear.
p-praise the e-emprah?

>> No.28415228

Sure, kiddo. Just relax.

>> No.28415250

oh good, well I want to draw something, so as long as you explain things to me in terms a retarded child could understand I'll do my best

>> No.28415278

Some one asks you to draw something.

You draw it and post it here.

People either tell you its shit (which never happens because we have few enough Drawfags as it is, to the point were lewdanon is actually accepted outside the ERP thread) or suck your dick over it.

Bonus hint: If you have no idea what they want you to draw, both Google and 1d4chan are handy places to find out)

>> No.28415294

Well, so long as yer offering, I could go with some more art of ol' shark-toothed Zila here. References is for general facial expressions as well as general clothing/guns.

As for what? Chillin', eating jerky and looking bored.

>> No.28415295

Trazyn the Infinite being chased by Space Wolves as he runs away with a Barrel of Ale for his collection.

>> No.28415307

A gift from another drawnon. Quite accurate, though I did imagine her more buff than lanky. Good ol musclegirls.

>> No.28415314

I'm not the best at figure but that shit's kawaii and I'm literally eating jerky right now and looking bored so it's a match made in heaven, I'll see what I can do.

>> No.28415328

A Adeptus Custode (See pic) and a Sister of Battle being friendly. (Shaking hands, hugging, high-five, etc... you choose)

>> No.28415382

Not the requester, but here's a Sister of Battle for reference.

>> No.28415428

Quick question, do they drink alcohol or is that a divine no-no?

>> No.28415453

They can do anything as long as it isn't openly heretical, if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.28415457

I'd say that, alongside the eternal question of celibacy, would be one of the many issues that falls under "Depends on the Order"

Much like Space Marines have different chapter cultures, so too does the SoBs differ from order to order.

>> No.28415468

I really wish fanart would stop slapping Inquisitorial Rosettes on the Sisters.

>> No.28415496

>Official FFG art

Sure thing, brauh

>> No.28415501

Basically, /tg/ will discuss circles around each other on the topic. So do whatever you think looks good.

>> No.28415510

It's not out of the ordinary for a SoB to serve under an Inquisitor, and seeing that the Psyker she's accompanying has it too they might both be acolytes for the same guy. Since it's FFG art, that's probably the best explanation.

>> No.28415529



Be nice, I haven't drawn in ages, struggle with humie anatomy and have visual snow.

>> No.28415548

>Official FFG art
You lost me.
Which Book?

>> No.28415551


>> No.28415569

Blood of Martyrs, I believe.

That's adorable! That's really, really cute!

For me to poop on

>> No.28415607

>Blood of Martyrs, I believe.
I don't recall that picture in my copy.
I also hunted down the artist on DA and he doesn't say anything about it being FFG work either.

>> No.28415632

I think I speak for all of is when I say we need a sex face chart...

of an angry marine

>> No.28415645

Two imperial pirates (Captain and 1st Mate) gravchuting down from a flaming crashing aquila lander with various cybernetics on them.

A very very bookish adept is clinging to one of their legs for dear life saying, "I. Haaate. You."

Or a very Italian nobility looking Rogue Trader woman patting a small navigator boy on the head for doing a good job.

>> No.28415660 [SPOILER] 

I don't think Angry Marines are even interested in sex, but I do approve of the creation of more sex face charts. We did get this one of Lolicron some time ago...

>> No.28415690

*Looks through BoM*

Well, I'll be damned. Could've sworn I saw that in one of the books. My bad, anon.

>> No.28415695



>> No.28415814

It was under my impression that while the Angry marines have virtually no sex drive, they are nonetheless very, VERY interested in anal insertion of big long objects. Possibly pointy or sharp.

>> No.28415821


>> No.28415846

>with eyes

>> No.28415883

That was still meant as an act of aggression as opposed to genuine sexual desire. And I still don't know how he did that through the dreadnought's sarcophagus.

>> No.28416017

whoops I forgot i have class today, I have to be gone in about 10 minutes ago so I didn't even get a bad sketch done.
I'll work on it on the bus or whenever I can.

>> No.28416033

Humanity 2012
>a game about people enjoying peaceful times and friendship on earth.

>> No.28416086

>brown paint not included

>> No.28416137

All my everything
>hnnnnging this series

>> No.28416167

Thanks for the start.

I await your progress.

>> No.28416175

Bumping in hopes someone can do this

>> No.28416250

not all have their eyes fried out. Just most of them.

>> No.28416266

None of the fluff I have even says they take a vow if chastity. Neither the codex nor the dark heresy supps

>> No.28416297


>> No.28416303

>not all have their eyes fried out. Just most of them.
Give me a single example of one who has eyes and isn't a fucking half eldar.

>> No.28416320

>None of the fluff I have even says they take a vow if chastity.
The fluff literally calls them "chaste".

>> No.28416329

I don't recall seeing that.

Page number?

>> No.28416347

Chastity is not celibacy

>> No.28416352

Read the codices some time.

>> No.28416374

So you don't know, then?

>> No.28416398

>Adepta Sororitas are courageous, pious, self-sacrificing, chaste and faithful.
-Inquisitor's Handbook

>> No.28416426

pretty sure that's an ffg publication

>> No.28416434

deal w/ it nerd

>> No.28416442

"Chaste" only means that they have standards instead of fucking everyone with a dick.

>> No.28416451

No, it doesn't.
The sisters specifically practice "EXTREME SELF-DENIAL".
If you think this means they can totally fuck, you're retarded.

>> No.28416452


>adj. chast·er, chast·est
>1. Morally pure in thought or conduct; decent and modest.
>a. Not having experienced sexual intercourse; virginal.
>b. Abstaining from unlawful sexual intercourse.
>c. Abstaining from all sexual intercourse; celibate.
>3. Pure or simple in design or style; austere.

At least definition 1 and 2b make it possible for Sororitas to remain chaste and still be able to have sex.

>> No.28416456

Not always. The definition ranges from virginal, to celibate, to virtuous of character.

Which is why anyone who actually thinks about things will shrug and suggest that it varies from Order to Order, and within more permissive orders it varies from Sister to Sister.

>> No.28416474

Well at least I can say I tried. Tried to make it look like Gordon but his wrinkles are really his defining feature and I wasn't able to pull it off with the hat, oh well.

>> No.28416475

Denial Anon, plz go...

>> No.28416481

Quickly! I need a deliciously muscular sister of battle in classical-greek inspired power armor.

>> No.28416484

>muh nun fetish
>permissive orders
Don't exist.

>> No.28416485


>> No.28416493

Again: >>28416475

>> No.28416500

>Complains about people not reading codices
>Quotes FFG. Not even the one about the Sisters of Battle.

Good show, anon. Any other ill-informed and badly supported "facts" ?

>> No.28416508

This is specifically a "Cute 40K" thread.

If you want to have the same, stale argument over what or who Sisters can fuck, start a thread about it. Then, stand back and watch as /tg/ argues itself in circles for three or four hours.

>> No.28416516

Not the requester, but still great work, drawnon!

>> No.28416518

>FFG isn't canon despite their inventions showing up in actual codices

>> No.28416548

Aren't you the same douchebag who also argued that Dark Eldar never have sex because THAT wasn't mentioned in the codexes either?

>> No.28416550

They took some stuff from FFG to GW?

>> No.28416567

The Ordo Chronos was mentioned in the Inquisition codex. That's it.

>> No.28416571

Achilus Crusade, Hammers of Dorn, Slaugth.

>> No.28416572

How about an old school Armorcast reaver titan giving its forgeworld younger brother a noogy?

>> No.28416578

I don't remember those 3 being mentioned anywhere. Where were those, exactly?

>> No.28416627

>Achilus Crusade, Hammers of Dorn
In the fucking 6e Space Marine codex.
Badab War. Novamarines fought creatures that "we're not saying they're the Slaugth but they're the Slaugth". Maggot men, necrotic technology and the like were words used.

>> No.28416633

Thanks a bunch!

>> No.28416645

Doh. Can't believe I forgot about it that quickly...

>> No.28416649

You mean the FW books? Damn, I have to read those

>> No.28416658

Guys, stop bitching about canon in the thread about silly, cute nonsense.

Seriously, all of you just look like sperglord faggots.

>> No.28416663

They're worth reading.

>> No.28416670

Players can decide if their convent is chaste or if they are not. End of argument.

>> No.28416676

The one I read until now sure were

I still have to get my hands on IA 12 and the 2 HH ones

>> No.28416693

>scroll back through the thread
>notice this

>> No.28416719

Requesting a female autarch on a jetbike wearing the Mantle of the Laughing God, who teases a Space Marine biker.
If you don't mind, of course.

>> No.28416740

I want to see a picture of a Sisters of Battle boobplate armor having some kind of actual use.
be creative with this one.

>> No.28416742


>> No.28416812

Okay, this I have to see.

How do you know they're NOT Half-Eldar? They could be!

>> No.28416817

I'd like to see a Sister of Battle in non-boobplate armor. Like really ornate ODST armor or something.

>> No.28416832

Right, my bad.

>> No.28416837

Ceremonial. Alternately, storing holy scriptures, similarly to how the Grey Knights keep a book in their own breastplates.

>> No.28416840

>mfw I went full retard

>> No.28416858

Half-Eldar have pointy ears.

>> No.28416873

How do you know they're not Half-Eldar? You can't see the ears.

>> No.28416895

They don't have the features either.

>> No.28416925

Ears are a feature. Show me a female Half-Eldar.

>> No.28416951


>> No.28416963

Those images weren't colored. Color doesn't proved anything in black and white image.

>> No.28416986

She also specifically had the sharp features of an Eldar.

>> No.28417047

You mean something like this?

Can you see any ears? They are either covered by fluffy, fluffy hair, or by a hood.

Seriously? Being a Half-Eldar in 40k gives you anime hair? WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED OF THIS?!

I have to go update my super-speshul snowflake race of Eldar hybrids from another galaxy! (Created especially to give people who take 40k too seriously, an aneurysm).

>> No.28417145

Thank you, based drawfriend

>> No.28417160

Thank you, based drawnon

>> No.28417164

Very much like that, except maybe a little heavier. Combat armor rather than trainee attire.

>> No.28417364

Like this?

>> No.28417404

Look like ass.

>> No.28417510

I never really liked that one for some reason. I think it's something about the proportions.

>> No.28417563

I have to admit something about her posture seems off. Like she's sticking out her chest for some reason.

>> No.28417575

Good thing I'm an ass man.

>> No.28417583

Everything is correct except her shoulders are about a foot behind the rest of her body. it's so that her arms don't cover the rest of the armor

>> No.28417678

For me it's the fact that her legs are so fucking huge compared to her arms, and there's not enough of a difference between the soft torso and hard chest plate in terms of their respective bulk. The helmet seems a little small, and the shoulders are in the wrong place.

In terms of aesthetics, it looks a little half-assed: like it was just a generic suit of armor with some vaguely Imperial iconography and a big fleur slapped on.

>> No.28417750

we should get a new thread set up soon

>> No.28418045

Even worse

>> No.28418618

New thread when?

>> No.28418642


>> No.28419201



>> No.28419265


>Some cultist-chan

Wow, that took way too long to happen. What happened /tg/? Good shit drawfriend.

>> No.28419274

>What happened /tg/?
We all realized she was shit

>> No.28419396


I'm not sure which is more retarded. Thinking the hedonistic race of pirates that created a God of excess don't have sex or thinking the puritanical and highly militant nuns of a fascist dystopia have sex.

>> No.28419436

Dude Nuns fuck all the time. Look at literally any group of people throughout history that had strict rules against doing a thing, usually they do the thing more than any other group.

That's just anthropology baby

>> No.28419442


Agreed. She should be pulling the classic silly faces.

>> No.28419465

>I'm not sure which is more retarded.
I do. Arguing about it in a thread devoted to cutesy drawings.

>> No.28419479

that's awesome, just needs a grama knitting power armor in the back

>> No.28419501

The colored version is up at >>28412768

>> No.28419540


>Not liking the only acceptable SOB design

Fuck your shitty animu sisters. Sci fi Paladin looking nuns are best nuns.

>> No.28419547

Suck my cock.

>> No.28419550


Take. that. back...

>> No.28419558

>Delicious, baroque Blanche
>animu bullshit
Go suck a reasonably armored dick, you fucking idiot. Way to completely miss the point of the sisters, too.

>> No.28419565

She's shit.

>> No.28419573

I stand by my statement. Ellipsesfags are the worst.

>> No.28419597



Wow, now this is autism!

>> No.28419661

Awesome, it can only be better with some color

>> No.28420282

We're about to fall off the catalog. Best make another thread.

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