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Are there really South Americans on /tg/?

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South America is a myth concocted by the freemasons

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You mean Texans and such?

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>South America

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pretty sure those are "Latin American" countries

I am from Chile btw

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or at least spanish speaking countries

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Im also from Chile

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No, son puras mentiras.

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Wait, I'm from Chile as well.

What the fuck is going on?

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"Chile" is word filtered to be Chile.

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É tudo calúnia, OP.

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One of the guys in my online game is from somewhere in South America.

I think it might be Peru. Chile? Argentina?

Hell if I know.

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>South America
>No Brazil


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Brazil speaks Portuguese, doesn't it?

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This is a small board, isn't?waalts vessels

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Not necessarily. "Latin america" is everything south of the United States, including such countries as Mexico and Panama. South American refers specifically to those countries on the continent of South America. Basically, all South American countries are part of Latin America, but not all Latin American countries are part of South America

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I know. but Brazil isnt in the picture, that's why my second comment >>28385919

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>all South American countries are part of Latin America
French Guiana. Surinam. The Falklands.

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The Falklands (Malvinas) are part of Argentina which is a Latin American country

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What about them? They are still in the subcontinent that is South America or the Americas continent

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They're examples of non-Latin American South American countries.

Also, South America is a continent. The Americas are a supercontinent. Subcontinents are things like India.

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Isn't Argentina "fighting" with the UK for that island?

The Falklands are pretty much administred by the Uk

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Do you really want to go there?

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They're just another British isle that Argentina happens to have an irredentist/nationalist pretence to.

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The history of the islands is complex. It was discovered by the French, it was first settled by the Spainish (which is why they claim it) then that settlement was razed to the ground by the US Navy for some bizzare dispute about poaching and the Spainish abandoned it.

Then the Brits came by and settled the abandoned ruins.

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What? It's pretty clear UK pirates came in and stole the Malvinas despite Argentina having geographical rights to them

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The history everywhere is complex. What's your point, that half of Argentina should still be a Spanish colony and the other half should be a native state? That international law somehow doesn't apply when it talks about "self-determination"?

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>geographical rights
Ahh, the argument of dictators and nationalists from Nazi Germany to Communist China.

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¿Qué? A la mierda, exijo una explicación.

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tg was made by Chileans


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Another Chilean here

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>mfw no FRCA
>mfw Brazil immediately became a shithole after Pedro II was ousted
>mfw Argentina isn't white


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Brazil had a referendum on restoring the emperor in the 70s. Maybe it'll get another and make the right choice.

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As a Chilean I blame it on Peru and Bolivia for ganging up on us

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Argentina is full of Europeans wannabes and Chile is slowly becoming USA wannabes

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Let them come again. Chile had to give back half of Peru after the Pacific War

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Chile does seem to be one of the better Latin American countries. Chileans support Falklanders, don't they?

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Negro, por favor.

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I got no idea what the official stance is but if I remember correctly we're kind of neutral but leaning for the brits side

It's a country with a good economy, horrible culture, horribly circlejerking political class and awful wealth distribution, Im so fucking glad Im out

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"New World" includes North America.

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Não andamos não. Para de falar merda, anon~

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IIRC Chile did help the Uk during the Falkland Issue, by having them to station troops and others. Basically because Argentina threatened to start a 2 fronts war with Chile during the Pacific War and Chile gave what we now know as the "Argentinian Patagonia" to stop it

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Argentine reporting in, damn it feels good to be white.

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>we're kind of neutral but leaning for the brits side
I remember reading about pro-Falkland celebrations in Chile after the Falkland sovereignty referendum earlier this year. So culturally as well as politically (if not officially) there's pro-democracy leanings.

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No, you are not white. You are villero.

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Chile is nice, like Uruguay, southern Brazil and Argentina because it's not full of Indios.

Chile has sort of a free-market thing going for it, unlike Argentina. Thanks to the whole CIA-led coup that happened there, which of course, they are still massively butt-hurt about.

It's got such a well and free market the USA actually considered making them part of NAFTA, as much sense as that makes.

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Summery of the causes of the Falklands war:
Argintinian military Junta needed to whip up nationalistic fervor to distract domestic concerns, invaded Falklands.
Thatcher realized that this could serve her domestic needs in a similar fashion, and that she has a much better military.
Junta goes "oops"

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Quite impressive. Have any other South American countries got governments that aren't left-aligned internationally?

Why didn't they get into NAFTA?

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Chileans were antagonistic toward Argentina when the latter invaded the Falklands.

Arguably, the Argies might have won the war, their best troops, like their elite mountain units were stationed on their border with Chile because the Chile at the time was run by a guy who heavily sided with Western interests and made a lot of noise about warring them.

This isn't much of a /tg/ thread, idk why we are talking about this stupid shit.

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>Thatcher realized that this could serve her domestic needs in a similar fashion
I think the right to self-determination and rule of law probably came into it too.

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>mfw Margaret Thatcher actually considered instigating a full-on nuclear war over the Falklands

10/10, bretty good.

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>This isn't much of a /tg/ thread
"My PCs are visiting the Falklands. Know any possible plot hooks?"


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world building bro

world building

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I think Uruguay is more or less free-market, but it's more based on European systems. It's very structured and bureaucratic like a European country. Colombia is actually considerably right-wing.

Other countries there are dominated by corrupt left-wing populist type retards. Uruguay just does it's own thing.

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Uh, I'm planning to do <Insert game of choice> set in the Falklands.

There now it's /tg/ related

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That's pretty ardent support for freedom. No compromise to the unreasonable there.

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I don't think she considered that at all, but she had considered bombing targets on the mainland. Oddly enough, the UK and the Argies were almost allies, the former having considered selling strategic bombers to the argies, just a couple years prior to the conflict, but the deal fell through. The Argies could have done a lot of damage to the UK fleet if they had them. 90% of their problem was that all their aircraft were crappy old 1960's US and French fighters and attackers based on the mainland of Argentina and had little 'dwell time' around the islands, they spent most of their fuel flying to and back from the theater. A long-range bomber coulda/maybe made some kind of difference.

Yeah, I find the conflict on all levels fascinating, personally and I think it could sort of expand one's mind when coming up with fictional narratives.

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>I think it could sort of expand one's mind when coming up with fictional narratives.
What would have been the consequences if Britain had lost, for the purposes of an alternate history? Thatcher would have lost the next election, but then what?

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More miner strikes, more blackouts. Cuts to the navy. Argentina having a war with Chile

>> No.28387757

Plunging Britain into darkness and South America into war? That's big repercussions!

What about later? Obviously it would be more speculative, but alternate histories can be most fun when set in the present day, and while that covers the 80s, there's two decades for more diversion to occur before today.

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Yes, Costa Rica here.

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I dont think nothing much wouldve changed, its not like the US is going to support Chile in this Argentina-Chile war, Pinochet would've stepped down and depending on the result of the war may either be deeper in economic debt or with a more stable economy

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>The Falklands (Malvinas) are part of Argentina which is a Latin American country
But the first nations of the Falklands are ethnic brits. Who democratically choose to be part of Britain.

And Argentina tried to take the island by force and enslave / murder all the Falkland Islanders, but got their shit pushed in by Britain.

Don't see how it's part of Argentina.

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Went it comes to politicians all is second their ambitions and careers.

"War is fought on the desk of politicians. As long as they win in the end, that's all that matters."

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Brazil here.


Everyone in here only wants to play pathfinder, too.

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You're saying Churchill would have happily seen all of Europe German if it had been good for his career?

I beg to differ.

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Hello from Uruguay, we are small and depressive.

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I doubt anything major would happen, Other than Labour probably winning the general election.
So really not much of a change

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Brazillian here
gib loot pls

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I disagree as well. Churchill had always despised German culture for some weird reason. Maybe because he was a fat ugly alcoholic shit who never did an honest day's work in his life, and German work ethic reminded him of his lack of worth as a human being.

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Many British politicians were willing to negotiate a cease fire and possible peace with German. As for Churchill his career has almost done before the war due the screw up in Turkey during WWI, if his faction on the parliament hadn't push for continuation of hostilities and won out I doubt as many people could remember him.

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Britain conquered the Malvinas from Argentina in 1832 in an act of unprovoked aggression. Planting settlers on the stolen land does not cover up that imperialist crime.

>> No.28388271

To think, people might have dismiss him as a bigot had they not know the truth about the Nazis (and in your case apparently do anyway), when he managed to stop them.

Peace with Germany? So if it weren't for him, the Cold War could have had two bad sides.

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I heard that Britains were going to give back the Farklands. probably wrong.

>> No.28388295

Argentina never had a legit claim.

>> No.28388297

>an Argentine using the term imperialist unironically

>> No.28388370

To who, the sea?

It's not like there were even natives, so there can't be any racial claims like countries in the Americas (such as Argentina, fancy that!) get with their aboriginal peoples.

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>So if it weren't for him, the Cold War could have had two bad sides
>had two bad sides
>two bad sides
>bad sides
>mfw americans think theyre the good guys

>> No.28388403

The Argentine story is that because it rebelled against Spain, the abandoned Spanish claim counts for it.

At least that's one version. I think it changes depending on who they're trying to convince.

>> No.28388412

I see, No idea where I heard that, thanks .

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The war just would have escalated.

While the expedition sent to fight in the Falklands might have failed, they'd probably have mustered another and had some allies tag along that would have won the second round. Thatcher would just use the loss as fuel for even more support and would have tried again. She'd never just like, sign over the islands and it's people because the Argies sank an aircraft carrier or killed a bunch of sailors or soldiers.

Chile probably would have incurred in Argentina, just because.

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>americans think theyre the good guys
>implying America was the only country fighting for freedom

>> No.28388483

That's horse shit.

>> No.28388519

We get it, edgelord. Moral gray areas, neither side smelled like roses, whatever.

>> No.28388542

Indeed. I was just letting you know how they deal with the fact France controlled the Falklands longer than they did.

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Mah Chilean niggas
Peru master race here

>> No.28388609

are you eating palomas or cobayas?

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Britain would move in the navy proper down to Argentina and start launching cruise missiles.

As >>28387655 mentions, Chile is basically the Anglosphere's inside man in South America and they'd probably do an invasion plus offer services as a staging ground for anglo troops in exchange for whatever land or treaties they want from Argentina.

Actually, might get more of Argentina's neighbours also attacking by land because nobody likes Argentina. We could give Bolivia an Argentine land corridor to the Atlantic so they could finally have access to sea.

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Why are they so assmangled over the Falklands anyway? The people that live there see themselves as Brits, the islands themselves aren't particularly valuable and on top of all that, they never had a claim to them in the first place.

>> No.28388667

I don't know much about the Chilean military, but those are some damn snappy uniforms.

>> No.28388676

Because they tried to take them to fuel their imperialist desires but got humiliated by Britain. So naturally they are butthurt.

>> No.28388713


It was a political movement that fucked up., the 80's in south america , the age of the dictatorships.

>> No.28388721

I honestly got no idea why but our military have some diamond strong hard on for prussian military, all the ceremonial dresses are inspired by prussian army and most of our armament is bought from Germany

>> No.28388729

Modeled after Prussian/German military.

Speaking of which
>tfw Bismarck will never launch a coup, depose Wilhelm II, set himself up as the new Kaiser, renew alliance with Russia like Russia wanted, and set up glorious German & Russian prosperity for centuries to come

>> No.28388746

It's a classic case of butthurt, seriously

>> No.28388827

It's a matter of telling the people they've been wronged by other nations to rile up nationalism and support for the government, and to distract people from things like corruption and the state falling apart. Exactly the same as the Nazi party used to get support for annexing the continent.

>> No.28388861

Bolivia doesn't deserve access to the sea. The Chileans at one point offered them 10km with their border to Peru and the port town of Arica, but the faggot Bolivians poisoned the deal and killed it entirely, rolled a 1 on their diplomacy check.

>> No.28389041

>wanting to conquer any further than German-inhabited lands
To think that NATIONALISTS of all fucking people would want an INTERNATIONAL nation is absurdly idiotic.

>> No.28389128

gee anon, even hitler was smart enough to figure that you could change who lived somewhere. why arent you?

>> No.28389337

What would be the point of that, for nationalists?

>> No.28389371

ever heard the term "living space"?

>> No.28389433

Not exactly something you can find in Europe, as the place is absolutely packed.

If the nazis really wanted living space they'd have done what China's doing now and just conquered some African land.

>> No.28389515

You don't need to do that when you can just kill everyone already living there.

>> No.28389536

>Not exactly something you can find in Europe, as the place is absolutely packed.
hence the "logical" resort to military invasion and forced population displacement.

>If the nazis really wanted living space they'd have done what China's doing now and just conquered some African land.
they tried that, but it got taken off them as part of their spanking over WW1.

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>> No.28389637

>You don't need to do that when you can just kill everyone already living there.
Yeah, but why would you want to do that when you're basically an organization of socialist hippies?

>> No.28389732

I'm not sure if you're talking about Argentina or Nazi Germany, but either way, I think "murderous imperialist dictatorship" is a better description that "socialist hippies".

>> No.28389758

Well that's just silly, nationalism and imperialism pretty much oppose each other, as imperialism by its very nature implies you're abandoning the concept of a nation (that is, a state bound together by common ethnicity) in favour of getting lots of land and absorbing foreigners into your country.

>> No.28389828

can you read? search the page for "displacement". there is a reason its a war crime, that that reason involves imperialism and nationalism.

>a nation (that is, a state bound together by common ethnicity)
but that isnt what a nation even is. the majority of nations arent nations by your definition.

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>> No.28389899

Mexico no es Sudamerica,
Mexico es aun Norteamerica

>> No.28389938 [DELETED] 

Claro que não.

>> No.28389958

North America = English
South America = Spanish

OP's using the term culturally, not geographically.

>> No.28389976

Claro que não, OP. Você é burro?

>> No.28390008

Creo que quisiste decir Latinoamericanos.
Y sí, habemos bastantes, sólo que preferimos hablar en inglés, no tiene sentido mencionar nuestra nacionalidad.

>> No.28390082

The Brazil isnt south america, what kind of retardation is this?

The cultural term is Latin America, the physical term is South America if youre referring to the countries between Chile and Colombia, Central America for the countries between mexico and Colombia and North America for the countries of Mexico, USA and Canada

>> No.28390112

Did you mean hemos?

>> No.28390127

South America starts where Mexico begins.

>> No.28390140

>North American
No no, stay away from the nice English countries.

>> No.28390421

I heard many nazis fled to the americas after World War II. It makes sense that, with their nazi gold, high education and culture, they manoeuvred themselves into influential governmental positions.

>> No.28390460

Did they also travel back in time to the 19th century? That'd make a lot sense

>> No.28391054

I hope you die in a labor camp in Siberia.

>> No.28391421

Hola, argentino here.
MTG prices are cuhrazy in this place.

>> No.28393058


Me siento como si soy el unico.

>> No.28393087

No need faggot, American sponsored and trained torturers already got my family

>> No.28395786

This. Churchill was a monster. A racist, a hilariously shitty commander (Gallipolli) and politician, a war criminal and a mass murderer (Mass starvations in India). The only thing he was good at was inciting and motivating his populance during a war he declared.
But at least he was a historian and understood that if he won he'd be able to write his own history and forever be rembered fondly by his countrymen and allies.

>> No.28395823

>implying the allies ever fought for "freedom"

>> No.28395889

The Chinese unquestionably fought for their freedom.

>> No.28395957

Phillipines yeah
Oh wait.

>> No.28398040

1. Yes.

>> No.28398124

Chileno here.

Never roleplayed before.any of my fellow sudacas can advice on how to start/where to find a group? I find the whole idea interesting, wanna give it a try.

>> No.28398142

you can call it "a gray area" when it didn't install a fucking dictatorship in your country, speg lord. Fuck the URSS for being totalitarist dickwads, but fuck America too.

>> No.28398149

FGS u online negro.

>> No.28398202

Damn, I thought that this said South Africa. As in Sarf Efrikens.

>> No.28398205

Yeah completely unrelated.

Chilean army was, as many other Latino armies, modelled after the French one (see: pictures of the Pacific War). After the Fanco-Prussian war, Chile realized France was shit and Prussia was becoming the warlord of the world, so they hired Prussian advisors and remade the entire military (about 60 years before Nazis even existed).
Nowadays, in both equipment and actual organization, it's much closer to the US army. It buys shit from Germany because it's cheap, available, and damn good, but it also buys from Brazil, the US, Israel, etc (only shit we still acquire from the germans are vehicles, like the Leopard tanks). The uniforms, marches, etc are still Prussian because the army never again had a complete reboot.

>> No.28398207

Well, there was one answer.
>No one listened.

>> No.28398230

How can a Federal German Ship help him?

>> No.28398245

If you don't know how to speak spanish, sure

>> No.28398252

befriend em fucken krauts.
befriend em like the fist of the motherfucking northern star son.
then play games with them.
usa tu salero latino illo.

>> No.28398271

>I'm 12 and what is lebensraum

>> No.28399156

You're posting on the internet today instead of standing in line for bread because of who won the Cold War. Show a little gratitude.

>> No.28399438


I see what you did there, brother.

>> No.28399687

Coming from the same origin isn't being completely unrelated.

>> No.28399706

Unless you're saying Nazi Germany was a good thing I wouldn't be surprised, you should credit Churchill and the other allies with saving Europe from from the horrors of Hitler's imperialism and genocide.

>> No.28400272

To the United States of America,

The fact you crushed USSR to the ground, however dictatorial their government was and still is, doesn't make you the good guys.

Many nations consider your nation to be a threat to their security, and indeed, your tendency to steamroll over any opposition, and your regular corruption of local authorities, makes your government and your corporations a threat to world peace and economical balance.

Kindly, the rest of the world.

>> No.28400309

Fighting a monster doesnt make you less of a monster. Stalin's USSR was horrible, but contributed the most by far to defeating Germany, but of course you aren't going to call Stalin a friend of freedom
Criticizing a leader doesnt mean you agree with the other side

>> No.28400324

Maybe we could also thank the USA for funding the nazi party in order to fight against communism.

Maybe we could also thanks Ford and Standard Oil for supporting Germany's war effort until 1942...

I applaude your capacity for denial.

>> No.28400369

You do realize there were food shortages in your sponsored dictatorships, right?

>> No.28400386

woah, so there are

hey south americans! finnfag here

is it true that it's never night over there?

>> No.28400397

>show some respect to the people that looted your country, overthrew your leaders, and sent college aid workers 40 years later to smile and laugh about how "spirtual" their experience working there has been for them
Gosh mister I can't imagine why we dont like you

>> No.28400416

y-yes...And if you didnt master llama riding by the time you are 6 then you are to walk around with no shoes until you can afford them by yourself

>> No.28400459


your ways are hard, but fair

>> No.28400477


I realize it's a silly stereotype, but I'd pay good money to see a horde of South American llama riders pillaging their way across the continent like southern hemisphere Mongols.

>> No.28400511


So what's the difference between Hispanic and Latino? I'd ask a local Mexican but I'm afraid he'd just knife me with a taco shell.

>> No.28400579

The hispanics came across the ocean on the Hispaniola. The latinos are from Rome.

>> No.28400617

Hispanics refer to the ethnic background of the Spanish colonizers of the continent

Latino refers to the cultural background, they all speak romance language

>> No.28400620

>not speaking Italian

Full of shit, you are

>> No.28400642


Okay, so it would be functionally correct to differentiate between Portugese and Hispanic, but not Portugese and Latino?

>> No.28400647

pretty much

>> No.28400749

>Alpaca cavalry
>Andean mountain dragoons


>> No.28400767

Brazil wasn't really great with Pedro II

>> No.28400871

It's especially stupid because that person is obviously defending Hitler while knowing nothing about him. Is that what a typical /pol/gger looks like?

>> No.28401126

Wow, this thread is still alive?

>> No.28401215

Fuck you sideways.

No one debates that the US cared about human rights and freedom, but it naturally was about the rights and freedom of US citizens, and you dont give a flying fuck who you rape in the ass to ensure it.
Oh no we didn't have to stand in line. We just had to endure 30 years of dictatorship, exiles, curfew, torture and mass murder all sponsored by Uncle Sam. And hey, let's not forget, also food shortages when the CIA got tired of us and removed support (but reinstating democracy? Nah, let the latinos do that themselves).

I really like the US, and the ideals it represents, but nothing makes my blood boil like when you fucking first world assholes act all high and mighty "oh at least show some gratitude for our intervention" like some evolved version of White Man's Burden. You assholes make documentaries about how horrible Pinochet was when it was YOU that put him in power. You criticize our underdeveloped human-rights system when it was YOU that wiped your ass with it. We have gringos come and complain about "oh no how you treat your poor indians" when you comfortably killed every single fucking one of yours, the few survivors living in glorified human zoos. Don't piss on our faces and tell us it's raining.

Go choke on all the dicks.

>> No.28401717

At least I'm white

>> No.28401771

>mfq sou br

>> No.28401782

I'm from Argentina, OP.

>> No.28402150

I'm also from Chile.

Easy, pal: During the dictatorship, we were violently introduced to neoliberal politics, which allowed us to have an easier time integrating with the anglosphere.

Thank the CIA and El Tata himself.

>> No.28402235

Thank Augusto Pinochet. He loved the prussian aesthetic.

>> No.28402274

Check out Roleros.cl on Facebook and juegosderol.cl.

Are you from Santiago?

>> No.28402275


I'm pretty sure a member of my group is the son or daughter of one of the candidates in Chile's ongoing presidential election.

I keep trying to not bring up Pinochet, but I really want to bring up Pinochet (but there's no casual way to talk about that while rolling initiative).

>> No.28402306

oh lord if its the progeny of Bachelet tell that player to ask her mother if a tsunami is coming

watch the butthurt rise

>> No.28402393

Go for it. Your answer might depend on the political inclination of the guy/gal's family.

We lefties don't have issues talking about the dictatorship. Also, talking about the crimes against humanity done by USA-instigated politicians with actual people from the USA might be therapeutic.

Righties tend to be more shy about those issues, since they understand that, unless you are in for fascism, regular people from foreign countries don't hold Pinochet on high regard.

>> No.28402541

Im notn Argentinian, so I'm white by default

>> No.28402567

(psst, a secret: The russian aesthetic was introduced in the late 19th century. I doubt pin8 was that old)

>> No.28402586

Same anon here.
Yeah, studying in santiago, living in provi right now.

>> No.28402607

>prussian aesthetic

I'm tired and can't type

>> No.28402659

Oh yes.

>captcha: emotiv rubbing
Why yes capatcha, I think I will.

>> No.28402710

>but reinstating democracy? Nah, let the latinos do that themselves
Maybe if you'd been able to manage that but for yourselves you'd have been standing beside the US against communism instead of needing its help.

>> No.28402763

I don't think you understand what democracy means.

>> No.28402829

Good comeback.

>> No.28403019

Fuck, I didn't knew that.

Have your tried checking out Guild Dreams at Paseo Las Palmas? Over the mechanical stairway, among the sexshops, there's a FLGS that sells stuff other than MTG and Wizards'.

>> No.28403043


I think the person is an offspring of Matthei, as they seemed to imply their mother had only had four months to campaign and was just happy to have made it to the second round.

Also, is it just me or is the vibe from Chile pretty laid back for how much the US and the Venezuelan opposition (reading right wing screeds from Caracas based news outlets makes me question the competence and/or the authoritarianism of the Maduro regime, though his laughably stereotypical comments about bourgeois parasites last week aren't helping) media are freaking out about Bachelet turning advanced lovely capitalist Chile into a Bolivarian rogue state?

I suppose it helps that the two candidates are friendly with each other (which must be awkward when both their dads were generals, but one worked for the regime that tortured the other to death) ?

>> No.28403248

Yeah, that would be Matthei. About 15 minutes ago I read that one of Matthei's daughters was a gamer.

>turning Chile to the left
My sides.

Just think about it. She's campaigning for a second term. In the first one, Chile didn't become the Multiethnical People's Federated Republic of Chile. At all. Not one bit.

I don't believe that would be possible in the local economic environment without having a president willing to make the economy implode.

>> No.28403284


>> No.28403366

Chile cant go to the left, at least economically, we're too ingrained in the anglosphere economic model for that to happen without blasting our economy to shit

The only politicians that get to power are those that moderate, Bachelet is center-left and Piñera is center-right, it doesnt get more varied than that but the real problem is that Chile lacks any form of lasting policies, everything is made to appease the masses in the short term, thats why we still have shit healthcare, awful education model and most of our resources are still being stripped by international powers, its a huge circlejerk where nothing of value ever happens

>> No.28403399

That's pretty amazing. I assume this is an online group? Where do you meet the children of potential national leaders?

>> No.28403422

Chilean here....

>> No.28403579


If anything she's center-left. I'd even say center-right.

>Have your tried checking out Guild Dreams at Paseo Las Palmas? Over the mechanical stairway, among the sexshops, there's a FLGS that sells stuff other than MTG and Wizards'.

Man, I live really close by, I walk there basically everyday, no idea we even had roleplaying stores. Though I won't lie, I have no idea how to approach the whole thing. "Hello, I know jack about roleplaying. Please don't try to rape my wallet"?
I'll try to go have a look as soon as I have some free time, though. Nothing to lose.

>> No.28403717



>> No.28404147


It was just weird. Our usual game night online last week and "oh, X is late because its election night in Chile and their mother is a candidate" and I thought it must have been just for like a parliamentary seat. But then they outright said when asked by another member of the group that the seat their relative was running for was prime minister or president or something. I mean maybe they were lying, but fuck. It's a weird thing to just lie about unless they were already thinking about the Chilean election, so maybe the player is just a Chilean trollminer.

>> No.28405130

hueco ql :/

>> No.28405175

well at least Matthei has more balls than Bachelet, even if she's much more hardline right then the current guy

>> No.28405250

/pol/ pls

>> No.28405574

Go there, ask for any open tables and just talk there
The lady at the counter looks like she's going to rip your arm off if you don't buy something, but she's actually nice. It might be a good idea to talk to her to ask about regular groups.

>> No.28405874


/int/ pls

>> No.28406165

Thanks, I'll do

>> No.28406234


Man, we were doing alright with the Radicals back then.

Then the law of permanent defense of democracy happened.

>> No.28406259

You aren't using subjunctive correctly my dear.

>> No.28406369

That's like in the 40s duderino.

>> No.28409464

Of all the things it's occurred to me to lie about online, being the child of a potential national leader is not one of them.

>> No.28409599

>mfw when argie OD&D DM

>> No.28411127

>everyone assumes I'm an american because I don't think the left should have won the cold war

>> No.28411157

what bizarro world you live on bruva

>> No.28411237


Yes, keep pissing on the right of self-determination while pretending to care about freedom.

>> No.28411283

What would you know or care about self-determination?

>> No.28411326


Way more than you have forgotten apparently. What do you think your Founding Fathers idealize while building a nation?

>> No.28411361

Governments that didn't throw themselves at the feet of imperialistic and totalitarian superpowers like the Soviet Union.

>> No.28414296

>The US
>Not imperialistic and totalitarian

>> No.28414351

Does GW even reach that far?

>> No.28415744

chilean here, i would said lets make a group then... but my son born on Monday so I'm on hiatus for a while

but we always can try use rolld20 or hangout

>> No.28415892

yes and no

we had official distributors or buy from eBay.... hell I got my beastmen and orks mostly from ebay

>> No.28415915

any one from Rancagua?

we have a tabletop wargame group we play WHFB and hiatoricals mostly

good to see chileans here

>> No.28415978

Peruvian fa/tg/uy here.
Everyone here plays MTG, D&D (muh 3.5), PF, Vampire and a couple of dudes are into Warhammer Fantasy and 40K:

>> No.28415988

Actually playing D&D with some friends.

>> No.28417972

0/10 try it in a thread that hasn't already seen trolling like yours.

>> No.28420526

I recently found out that Portuguese-language Magic cards are printed for Brazil and use Brazilian Portuguese. Players in Portugal have to import them from Brazil.

I wonder where Spanish cards are printed for. Latin America? Spain?

>> No.28420558

Im sure they use a neutral spanish for all spanish speakers

>> No.28423520

Spanish doesn't have regional distinctions like English or Portuguese?

>> No.28423551

I'm from Argentina though I live in the US.

>Mexico listed with S.A countries


>> No.28423644

Are you guys fucking around or are there legitimately dozens of Chileans posting on /tg/ at this hour?

>> No.28423686

I'm the "I've never roleplayed but sounds fun" anon from Chile. Surprised to see the thread still alive.

>> No.28423731

Spain pronounces z as th.
That's really it.

>> No.28423760


>> No.28423781


I am as surprised as you are.

>> No.28423825

No, the distinctions come from the mannerisms and slang of each country but they are not 'formal', Chilean spoken spanish is really messed up..

Chilean here (live in canada) and and Im surprised this thread hasnt 404'd, it's like saved at the last minute

>> No.28423851

>Mitos y Leyendas is dead, and will never come back.

>> No.28423853

Another Brazilian here.

I'm quite surprised with the amount of my countrymen around here. I've also never met many people interested in tabeltops/rpgs, so there's that.

>> No.28423885

Some Norwegians too.
Don't mind us, though.

>> No.28423912

I have a ton of cards and I can never have the heart to throw them away..... ;__; it was a fun game

>> No.28425318

>Saving your old cards in the hope that someday someone will also have his own and play with you

>> No.28427569

>tfw it turns out I'm the only poster on /tg/ who only speaks English and I'm not even American

>> No.28427585

oh lord

>> No.28427753

>tfw living in a region
>tfw no open table
At least I can play with my friends and online.

Bro fucking fist.

Also why don't you just straight hate the US? They don't really live by the ideals they say they represent.

>> No.28430670

Colombia here, only come for 40k and elf threads.

>> No.28430708

Mexico here. We're in the north man.

>> No.28430715

>Also why don't you just straight hate the US? They don't really live by the ideals they say they represent.

I honestly think it isnt worth it, any country would do the same or similar actions, what do rustles my jimmies is when people defend these actions as if they were the good guys and it was for your own good when it was done in order to protect the status quo/hegemony of your country at the expense of other people

>> No.28431403

Nope. No fucking around here.

Lots of gamers (vidya and tabletop) in Chile, not many local websites to actually talk about gaming, unless you go to larger Spanish or Argentine forums.

And if you need to go to foreign forums to talk about stuff, and English is not an issue, why not just going to the big sites, like SA, RPG.net and 4chan?

>> No.28431475

Yep, i'm from Argen...
> Ctrl+f Argentina
> Falklands
> White
I'm out m8.

>> No.28433009


top kek

>> No.28435886

>at the expense of other people
You think you'd be better off in a Soviet-aligned world?

>> No.28435977

What table-top games and RPGs are popular in Mexico?

In the states its mostly Pathfinder, D&D 4th, Warhammer, with varying degrees of other stuff. Is it the same down south?

>> No.28436018

I'm from Argentina!
>implying you guys won't start talking about the falklands, shitposting the thread to irrelevance
>implying you guys won't tell me I am not white (I am of south slavic roots, I have no clue whether that's white enough to you, probably not)

>> No.28436060


>> No.28436457

I think my country would've been better off if it hadnt been butt fucked into submission

>> No.28436760

>No one even remembers HumanKind.

>> No.28436768

>start talking about the falklands, shitposting the thread to irrelevance
>In thread about South Americans in /tg/

South America is a big fucking place, dude. Lots of countries. Most of them being not-Argentina.

>> No.28438673

Colombian here, the rpg scene is pretty small and consists mostly of isolated groups, dominated by D&D (but other games aren't unheard of, there is some WoD, L5R, and other 2nd-tier game presence), and with shitty edition-warrior attitudes towards any new game and role-playing-not-roll-playing bulshit added to the mix. Overall a pretty shitty scene.
On the other hand, the MtG scene is small but healthy, but growing steadily. Most of my rpg buddies jumped on the MtG bandwagon a few years ago, so I lost my rpg group, and I dont care about MtG, so I'm fucked.

Not him, but most gringos are decent people, there's no point in hating them, the proble is that they're just too fucking stupid and ignorant to understand or know about the foreign policy of the US and all the atrocities it has done.

Btw, is the "I'm white" thing coming from argentinians a joke or are you guys being serious? If it's serious, that's pretty pathetic. White people don't need to say "I'm white".

>> No.28439265


>Btw, is the "I'm white" thing coming from argentinians a joke or are you guys being serious?

What do you think?

>> No.28439303

Sint Maarten.

>> No.28439870


You haven't met most Americans I know. No one really cares about south America other then it's resources. Rather funny that people don't seem to realize this.

>> No.28440151

It's to the south of America, have you ever taken a look at a map?

>> No.28441990

You don't know how interconnected the world is.

>> No.28442067

95% of Americans haven't even heard of the Philippine-American War. Why? You can bet your ass if some history textbook attempted to talk about how the US created concentration camps and caused the deaths of about 1 million people because it wanted a colony, their loonies would be out bitching about how their schools are trying to make their kids "hate America" and "unpatriotic".

Fucking burgerland.

>> No.28442114

A lot of countries would have been better off Soviet-aligned. Cuba's doing pretty alright. Certainly better than almost all the rest of Latin America.

>> No.28442227

Not by any real measure, no.

>> No.28442289

Go ahead, tell the well-fed people of Cuba that actually can see a doctor that they'd be better off living in a Brazilian favela.

Cuba has shit all for resources, if it wasn't for its socialism it would be Haiti-level shit, instead, it's better than almost everything despite the fact that the US has had a hate boner for it for decades.

>> No.28442318

Another Chilean here.

There are more of us around here than I thought.

>> No.28442419

and you dont know shit of the policies my country had before the kingdom of the CIA came and destroyed it

>> No.28442432

christ we even have a tripfag, yeah more than i thought too, kind of surprised

>> No.28442625

que wea esta pasando aca...

>> No.28443862

Peruvian bro representing.

>> No.28444269

Again the same. you people think you defended us from those totalitarian stalin-loving commies. Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. But you still overthrew our government, established a 30 years long dictatorship, and your precious "liberty and democracy" got trampled to death in the name of, you know, "liberty and democracy (but for US citizens)".

You seem to think the battle was between "evil authoritarian commies" and "freedom loving americans". The battle here was between "democratically elected, non totalitarian, non extremist left wing government" and "evil authoritarian CIA mooks".

>> No.28445653

Dominican reporting in. Not exactly South America, but all the white people think South America starts where Texas ends.

>> No.28447636

This isn't so much selfish as just staggeringly ignorant of how the Cold War mattered.

It determined the whole shape of the world, and the world would be a very different place today had the Soviet Union won. Not a better place for people in America, the USSR or anywhere else.

>> No.28447723

>This isn't so much selfish

Really? You sacrificed entire countries worth of human rights to protect American hegemony, you didnt do us a favor by sponsoring mass disappearances, torture and sabotaging our self determination and nation building, Chile would've been better off without you wiping your ass with our rights to protect American interests, it wasnt our interests, it was yours

>> No.28448058

But, but, muh coldwar! America was a hero!

>> No.28448099


God, you can actually SMELL the US grade school education system on this fag.

History books produced for US schools have a monstrous pro-American bias. By design. Remember, Texas picks your school books, and has for decades.

>> No.28448115

>Entire families never to be seen to this day
>Forced an entirely different economic model, blasting it all to shit
>Trained the torturers on their own nation
>mfw the School of the Americas is still open, I have no face I dont even
>Created a terror state
>Drop the backing to the terror state, the economy you destroyed produces food shortages without the artificial backing
>'for your own good, it was fair you guys, we know better, trust me it was good'


>> No.28448158


>> No.28448197

>Cold War mattered

The cold war mattered only to the USSR and the US and their closest allies, the rest were expendable

>> No.28448213


>> No.28448242


Not really. We were the corporatist Brave New World to the USSR's 1984. Slavery in the finest golden chains and bejeweled collars is more appealing, so Brave New World won. Authoritarianism marches on.

>> No.28448296

>possible nuclear war doesn't matter

>> No.28448394

oh wow thank you USSR and US, not only did you interfered and fucked the human rights of half the planet but the threatened us all with total annihilation in a contest of who can push their hegemonies down more throats, jesus thanks you guys, you totally cared for the well being of my nation as you tortured/dissappeared/terrorized my country

really, thank you

>> No.28448508


He's actually calling you a retard over a translation error; the Cold War absolutely 'mattered', in that it was a huge deal that did shape the world as we know it (in largely negative ways). The way YOU intended 'mattered', however, was to say 'only the USSR and the USA cared about it', which isn't really how the word is used in colloquial English, even if that use is technically correct.

>> No.28448708

>in that it was a huge deal that did shape the world as we know it (in largely negative ways)

That was never in dispute

>This isn't so much selfish as just staggeringly ignorant of how the Cold War mattered.
>This isn't so much selfish

This anon is disputing that "The US protecting its interests" is selfish, implying it was generous of the US to force its hegemony on other countries, even democratically ruled countries, I used mattered as 'cared' because that was the context of the conversation, if the US didnt 'cared' then he would have no problem with calling its policies selfish, but it did 'cared' it was 'generous' enough to 'care' for other countries and it was 'unselfish' of the US to do what it did

>> No.28449020

It is tremendously misguided to think that a Soviet-dominated planet would have been good for anyway.

It is tremendously arrogant to think that condemning the planet to that for personal benefit would have been a good thing.

It is tremendously nationalistic to think that condemning the planet to that for national benefit would have been a good thing.

Arrogant nationalistic fools are the most dangerous people.

>> No.28449043

>Arrogant nationalistic fools are the most dangerous people.
So... Americans are the most dangerous people?

I agree.

>> No.28449072

I'd take America over China.

>> No.28449084

I wouldn't.

>> No.28449113

While the arrogant nationalistic fools in this case were Latin Americans, there are people the world over, even in the United States, who would side with a worse planet over a Western one.

I can actually legitimately ask, why do you hate freedom? And why do you like cultural genocide, forced abortions, state-feudalism and actual imperialism?

>> No.28449141

Do you only read the last sentences in posts?

>> No.28449145

not that anon but I can play that game too

>I can actually legitimately ask, why do you hate freedom? And why do you like cultural genocide, puppet terror states, forced economic appropriation of natural resources of other countries and actual imperialism?

>> No.28449158

>implying the U.S. is a free country
5/10 you will probably get someone anyway.
top fucking lel tho m80, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and even fucking Hong Kong are all freer countries than the U.S.
enjoy your NSA you fat fucks

>> No.28449172

Funny that America isn't even the most "free" Nation in the world any more, yet all this "freedum! yer! WE GUTS FREEDOM!" everywhere.

>> No.28449300

Hong Kong isn't even a real democracy, so presumably you're only talking about economic freedom there, which is odd, because the Nordic states are usually championed for their political freedom, not their imagined good tax rates.

I'd also point out that Western Europe was on the same side as America in the Cold War, so it't rather silly to object to the capitalist victory by saying one capitalist country is better than another.

You'll be able to make that point when ex-Soviet republics are freer than the West.

>> No.28449338

>and actual imperialism
You know calling America imperialist is just rhetoric people use when America's involved in a war they don't like, right?

Actual, literal, imperialism is things like annexing Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau, wanting to annex Mongolia and Taiwan, creating puppet states in every communist country you border, and claiming deserts, mountainsides and islands off every other country you have so much as a maritime boundary with.

Claiming modern America is "imperialist" in the context of either historic colonialism or neo-imperialist countries like China is laughable to anyone with any knowledge of current affairs.

It's pretty revolting that you consider the West's current wars to be morally equivalent to a billion people living in indentured servitude and forced abortions on a scale that would amount to literal genocide were it committed against a race.

I hope you have the shame not to promote such a vile sense of morality anywhere less anonymous than 4chan.

>> No.28449476

>White people don't need to say "I'm white".
Yet Argentinians do.

>> No.28451317

> Hong Kong
> A country.

> enjoy your NSA you fat fucks
> Implying all countries don't spy on their citizens/allies.

Okay then.

>> No.28451539

>I can actually legitimately ask, why do you hate freedom? And why do you like cultural genocide, forced abortions, state-feudalism and actual imperialism?

Chaging "forced abortions" to "an absolute prohibition of abortions, including in medical cases, which is discussed as incredibly backwards even today in medical and law schools here", you just described US policy and what you guys did here to us. So that's why we hate you, because we love OUR freedom, not yours.

>> No.28451621

I'm from Colombia.
Really small RPGing communities,
obsessed with D&D and Pathfinder.
No Traveller, no Shadowrun,
being a sci-fi fan is suffering.

>> No.28452761

>implying NSA isn't spying all countries and their citizens

>> No.28453836


No one to play games with.

Too much FUTBOL.

>> No.28454139

Brazilian here.

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