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You are Reinhold, master swordsman and victor of the Royal Swordsmanship Tournament. The King was so impressed with your skill, he personally requested that you be transferred out of the army and into the Royal Guard! Not bad for an orphan who was raised in a brothel in a poor fishing village.

The only issue at this point is your assignment... you've been charged to be the personal guard of the King's only daughter Marianne. While she is the vision of loveliness that you'd expect from a Princess, her personality is... well... she seems to have some issues.

After meeting your famous artist brother-in-law for the first time thanks to Luciana, she then took you and Marianne on a tour of the city. After stopping by the bookstore, you headed outside... where you noticed a distressed girl wandering around.

>Congratuations, you are now a mangy DOG!
>While dogs are loyal, they're not all that smart...
>The Princess now considers you to be her friend!
>But while dogs are man's best friend, they still don't count as people.

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...yeah, you're not exactly the kind of guy who can just ignore someone in distress. Just as you're about to speak up, Marianne glances over to you.

"Is there something wrong?" she asks.
"That girl over there looks like she's in trouble..." you reply.
"You have my permission," she sighs. "Go and ask her what's wrong."

With a nod of thanks, you walk a few yards over to where the girl is pacing around anxiously.

"Um, hey..." you say, waving hello.
"Hm?" she stops pacing. "I appreciate the attention and all, but I don't really have the time to be hit on right now," she says with a sigh.
"That's not what I..." you mumble. "It looked like you were in trouble, so I was wondering if I could help, that's all."

Realizing that you were in fact not looking to ask her out on a date, the girl bows her head in apology.

"Sorry about the attitude, but I'm kind of lost right now. Would you happen to know where this city's Adventurer's Guild office is, by any chance?

>ask your friends if they know
>apologize to the girl for wasting her time

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"Marry me. We will have beautiful adventuring children together."

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>>ask your friends if they know

Takamura should know. Or 'lucy'.

Actually are we suppose to be out incognito?

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>ask your friends if they know

>> No.28369770

>>ask your friends if they know

>> No.28369772

[X] ask your friends if they know
There's a GUILD for that?

Give me 2 seconds, I'm betting I know someone who does.

[X] Ask Luciana

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>ask your friends if they know

Of course they fucking know.

>> No.28369786

>ask your friends if they know

"Not a single clue, I'm visiting from out of town.

But one of my friends ought to know."

>> No.28369787

>ask your friends if they know
Bad anon.

>> No.28369799

Marianne is in "Marie" mode, but Luciana gave no such indication of being incognito.

>> No.28369813

>ask your friends if they know
by friends I mean Luciana because she might know

>> No.28369821

I vote this.

>> No.28369828

>ask your friends if they know
more hijinx ahoy!

>> No.28369833

which means it's probably worth assuming we are until proven otherwise.

>> No.28369860

I like the "There's a GUILD for that?"

>> No.28369885

I like this combo. ascribed utionun.

>> No.28369895

Is the girl obviously armed?

>> No.28369958

"YES I DO, RIGHT THIS WAY.", walk a short distance, and ask a random stranger where it is. Relay this information. Suave as fuck.

>> No.28369960

Be careful, she could be an assassin who's trying to get us to drop our guard bu acting like a lost traveler.

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Another vote for this combo.

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>> No.28370014

Doesn't look like it, no.

>> No.28370021

I don't think she'd pull anything like that in broad daylight on a crowded street, anon.

Now if she tries to lead us somewhere for some reason, then it's time for suspicion.

>> No.28370023

Rolled 25

Yes, I like it.

>> No.28370041

>[X] Put it in.

>> No.28370042

she's looking for the Murderhobo guild, it's pretty much a given.

It seems unlikely that she'd be out to assassinate us specifically though.

>> No.28370047

Damn, didn't mean to use that much luck.

>> No.28370049

Hmm. Three main possibilities I can think of, she's an Adventurer and has concealed weapons like knives and other rogueish stuff, she's an Adventurer and throws magic around, or she's not an Adventurer and is visiting the Guild for other reasons.

>> No.28370064

Or she's trying to be an Adventurer and is ridiculously unprepared.

>> No.28370076

magic, possibly. Nico has that necklace, for example.

>> No.28370077


>> No.28370118

nigga, do you even strike fear into the population. "the princess was killed in broad daylight in her hometown."

>> No.28370146

Dammit Arch, why does Rein always bump into qt girls?

Please be a trap this time, I don't want anymore routes and useless waifu wars.

>> No.28370169

not everyone we meet is a "route". The sooner the thread stops thinking like that the happier we'll all be.

>> No.28370185

Because it's a VN.

Her being in a committed relationship is way more likely than her being a trap.

>> No.28370187

I'm hoping Karel is not a reverse trap for the same reason. Just hope she's already in a relationship or not a route option.

>> No.28370210

You know who probably knows where the adventurer's guild is? Luciana.

>> No.28370218

with the way the /a/ and /v/ spill over and how /tg/ is, adding a trap to the mix of the waifus will be like adding seasoning to a meal.

>> No.28370233

That's kind of what everyone already concluded.

>> No.28370251


Everyone likes a nice /d/ickgirl.

>> No.28370252

Agreed. Sort of like how Nico isn't really a rout by virtue of her carrying a torch someone else.

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>> No.28370319

more like "imagine that Archleon already has a waifu for Reinhold in mind, and just enjoy what happens in the meantime."

>> No.28370427

Stop talking about idolmaster when you should be writing arch.

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>> No.28370463

go home /d/, you're drunk.

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No one ever loved you, .

>> No.28370474

But this is /d/s home

we cohabit or whatever

>> No.28370500

aye aye sir

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"...there's a guild for that?" you say, completely surpised by this revelation.
"Of course there is..." the girl sighs. "It's how both regular folks and royalty are able to hire adventurers for stuff like bodyguard missions, getting an escort through dangerous areas, bandit extermi- dammit, if I needed to explain all of that to you, then you obviously wouldn't know where it is," she says, placing a hand to her forehead.

"Yeah, I'm from out of town so I wouldn't have any idea where it is... sorry," you say.
"Meh, I appreciate the concern at least... but now I'm still lost," the girl grumbles.
"But one of my friends ought to know."
"Oh, seriously!? If you could ask them for me, that'd be a huge help..."
"Yeah, no problem."

You then walk over to where your friends are waiting patiently for you.

"Going over to flirt with a pretty girl when you already have me?" Luciana pouts.
"Cut it out already," Marianne says, rolling her eyes. "He was just-"
"Yes, yes, I know. Reinhold is so gallant that he can't bear to ignore anyone in need... is that correct?"
"Uh, I guess..." you reply nervously. "Anyways, she's looking for the Adventurer's Guild office, and-"
"Oh, that old place?" Luciana giggles. "I know exactly where that is!"

>ask for the directions to give the girl
>ask her to lead the way there

>> No.28370542

yes, and we had a roommate agreement that /d/ wouldn't talk about /d/ickgirls in the common room or our room.

>> No.28370554

>ask for the directions to give the girl
It's nice to help, but we got our own day to spend.

>> No.28370558

[x] ask her to lead the way there
"Can you show us the way? Or is that going to get you in trouble?"

>> No.28370567

>ask for the directions to give the girl

>> No.28370568


>>ask for the directions to give the girl

Ten bucks says shes clueless with directions.

>> No.28370569

>ask for the directions to give the girl

>> No.28370570

/d/ just leaves monster girl figurines for us to oogle as well.

>Ask for directions to give the girl
>though at the same time, I'm curious to see such a place myself.

>> No.28370571

>ask her to lead the way there
If we're done shopping of course

>> No.28370575

>ask for the directions to give the girl
We don't need to go on a detour.

>> No.28370578



>> No.28370579

>ask her to lead the way there

>> No.28370585


>ask for the directions to give the girl

The girl only asked us for directions, not an escort. And I'm more curious about what Luciana has planned for the day anyway.

>> No.28370590

Implying we don't want it

>> No.28370591

>not wanting to see a murderhobo guild

You realise that place is probably how Marconetti balances out the raw badass potential of Granache's royal family, right?

>> No.28370606

>ask for the directions to give the girl
We've got our own stuff to do and we're on the Princesses' time not ours.

>> No.28370614

>ask her to lead the way there

>> No.28370615

>ask her to lead the way there

>> No.28370628

See if we can lead her there. I wanna see this guild for myself.

>> No.28370629

>ask for the directions to give the girl

>> No.28370631

the agreement is very simple, if we want /d/ickgirls, we go to /d/. And/d/ has to TRY and pretend to be normal-ish when not in there.

>> No.28370633

>>ask her to lead the way there

>> No.28370646

>ask her to lead the way there

I'm curious to see what it's like.

>> No.28370649

>ask for the directions to give the girl
We're not here to satisfy our own curiosity. We're here to guard the princesses on their day off.

>> No.28370659

>>ask for the directions to give the girl

We still have to see the surprise

>> No.28370665

>>ask her to lead the way there

>> No.28370672

>>ask for the directions to give the girl

>> No.28370676

>>ask for the directions to give the girl
We're a bodyguard not a tour guide guys

>> No.28370697

which is why we gave Lucianna an easy out.

>> No.28370700

>ask for the directions to give the girl

>nitemsho her

>> No.28370701

>Leave it up to Luciana.

>> No.28370710

>ask for the directions to give the girl
We're still on the job. No unnecessary detours.

>> No.28370730


>> No.28370733

Think of all the people we could challenge to duels in a place like that.

>> No.28370742

>ask for the directions to give the girl

>Making a princess act as tour guide on her day off
>when she may not even be disguised
>and would probably not like to hang out in a place that would just remind her of a life she can't have

>> No.28370761

We ask for directions, we probably don't see Adventurer for awhile but have a short 1 on 1 conversation.

We ask Luciana to lead the way, we get to talk more, she recognizes we're cool people, and something interesting might happen.

If Luciana is game, I say let her lead.

>> No.28370777


>> No.28370781


>> No.28370802

That's the most meta reason I've heard yet.

>> No.28370827

Lucianna might not be game since adventuring is a touchy topic for her. Also, are you forgetting that Marianne is also here and probably wouldn't want to get her day detoured because we felt the need to escort a random chick that just wanted directions anyway?

>> No.28370832

Everything about playing a game like this is meta, get the fuck over it.

>> No.28370913

if its a problem they can demur.

got a feeling marianne would be curious. taka wont care and may even be a member.

>"Oh, that old place?" Luciana giggles. "I know exactly where that is!"
Luciannas the only one I'm not sure about.

>> No.28370923

Stop being a dumbass and think in-character. Reinhold is a modest guy on duty right now who is already feeling a little presumptuous over his actions and this day and he wouldn't want to impose an Lucianna and Marianne more than he has to. Especially when adventuring is kind of a touchy subject for Lucianna.

>> No.28370927


>> No.28371014

You're not telling us to think in-character, you're telling us to think in YOUR character. The only person who actually knows what Reinhold is thinking and feeling is Arch, we're just influencing his actions.

>> No.28371077

This is a conclusion based on evidence. He's always been a humble person, he's already mentioned to Lucianna that she doesn't have to go out of her way for him today, and he spoke up to ask permission before approaching the girl in the first place.

Tell me how that isn't Reinhold's character instead of flinging accusations.

>> No.28371091

We might not know what he's thinking but I can tell you what he's not thinking.
>Shit, if I don't get Luciana to guide this adventurer around I won't open this qt3.14's route!

>> No.28371093

and i for am reinhold's curiosity about an adventurers guild.

We're not trying to override her surprise or anything. If it's a problem, I trust Luciana or Marianne will make their objections plain and we can deliver directions.

But if we'd all like to see it, there's no reason we couldn't take a detour. hell, it might not be that far off the route or even Lucianna's original destination.

>implying the adventurer's guild isn't where Lucianna has been sourcing some of her grimoires

>> No.28371103

I prefer to think that we're like his conscience and us talking back and forth is him arguing an idea in his head and the vote is him deciding.

>> No.28371168

I don't think archelon gives us options that would break his character, or at least he might have an idea for how contrasting actions still compliment his character's decision making or thoughts.

Anyway, we'll find out what "Reinhold" decided to do any second now.

>> No.28371220

"Would you mind giving me the directions so I can pass them on?" you ask.
"That won't be a problem at all," Luciana replies happily.

After Luciana explains to you where the Adventurer's Guild is, you thank her and hurry back to the girl.

"Alright, I got the directions for you," you say to her.
"Seriously!? Thanks a ton, man..." the girl replies, a relieved smile on ver face.
"Okay... you go five blocks north and then turn east, and just keep going until you see a huge building. Apparently, it's hard to miss."
"Five blocks north and..." she repeats, commiting your words to memory. "Alright, thanks! I owe you one!"

Happily waving goodbye, the girl hurries off in the direction you specified. With that out of the way, you return to Marianne and the others.

"Sorry for making you guys wait," you say.
"Whatever, it's what you do," Marianne replies. "And you ended up helping that girl after all, so it's not like our time was wasted."
"So are we ready to head to our next stop?" Luciana asks.
"Yes, there's no sense in standing around here any longer."


>> No.28371246

> and then we go five blocks north and then turn east, and just keep going until you see a huge building.

>> No.28371295

That kind of sounds like something Luci would do as a joke too.

>> No.28371340

inb4 her sense of direction is Zoro levels of bad and she's totally mad at us the next time we meet.

>> No.28371359


Totally expecting this.

Otherwise she wouldn't be lost in the first place.

inb4 we run into her in garanche, still looking for the adventurer's guild.

>> No.28371382

>implying the Adventurer's guild she was looking for just now wasn't the one in Granache.

>> No.28371430

That actually kind of makes sense. Marconetti seems to want women in the kitchen so I'd kind of expect their adventurer guild wouldn't be too big on hiring women, or at leas women would have a tougher time of getting hired if allowed to register.

>> No.28371439


Luciana takes the lead, guiding the three of you further down the street... before long, you can see the familiar sight of the massive fountain from last night. After walking around the large fountain until you reach an area where there are several food carts positioned around, Luciana motions for you and Marianne to take a seat at the edge of the fountain.

"This fountain's become quite the landmark..." Luciana begins. "We've been getting a lot of tourism ever since it was completed."
"Yes, it is quite nice," Marianne says as she looks over at the spouting water.
"You two wait right there, we'll be right back."

She and Takamaru then head off to a food cart in the distance, leaving you and Marianne alone.

>talk about a thing?

>> No.28371463

splash her playfully and make her go "Kyaaaaaah"

>> No.28371473

Ask about the food around here, I guess.

If we got our sketchbook on us maybe bust it out and sketch the scenery or her.

>> No.28371478

oh god this

>> No.28371480

>Have you been enjoying your morning?

>> No.28371488

Ask her about what books she picked up.

>> No.28371489

Also roll for it

>> No.28371490

Well since we are getting food I guess ask about what foods Marconetti is famous for?

>> No.28371492

Directions? How hard can it be!

>> No.28371493

"What do you think of the town itself. Not the people, just the architecture and livelihood. Was wondering about points of interest for sketching."

>> No.28371496

has she ever thought about adventuring like her dad?

>> No.28371499


"soooo, what did you two talk about last night?

>> No.28371503

[X] idly whistle the song from last night

>> No.28371504

>"That Jap has some fine ass, wouldn't you agree?"

>> No.28371508

These work.

>> No.28371519

7/10 I laughed.

>> No.28371528

Don't think Marie in much of the Kyaaaaaahing type. We would probably get a 10 gallon Aqua Suspend dropped on our head.

>> No.28371529

Do this

>> No.28371537

The adventuring guild had just come up

>> No.28371544

She'd definitely kyaaah and then we'd get ice blocked into the next zip code.


>> No.28371545

like a happy puppy

>> No.28371554

Well we won't know that UNTIL we splash her

>> No.28371555

No. Marie isn't the playing around type. That wouldn't be good.

>> No.28371562


>> No.28371577

ur not the playing around type

>> No.28371579

Enjoy scenery, maybe get the sketchbook out.

>> No.28371585

Or she casts it so it forms around our face and holds it until we almost drown.

>> No.28371593

Could we use holy shrine against that?


>> No.28371599

To sketch dat fine Jap ass? /s

>> No.28371603

I just know there's a time and a place for it. Also what are acceptable targets.

>> No.28371604

Nope. Wet clothes + Molested Princess = Painhold.

>> No.28371624


Painhold = Laughs all around and a jolly good time

>> No.28371629

This works.

>> No.28371630

I think we could get away with a flicking a few drops. Probably not a full on spash.

>> No.28371631


I don't remember if we did this, but did we ever ask about her she and Luciana were when they were smaller? I remember Nicolette, Sylvie and Marianne when they were small, but not Luciana and Marianne.

>> No.28371635


>> No.28371648

I'm sure Reinhold would disagree.

>> No.28371658

Yeah, we did. Back during the town trip to pick up the dress.

>> No.28371660

rip reinhold, he died as he lived, making terribly inappropriate jokes.

>> No.28371673

The Voices in Reinhold's head almost never agree

>> No.28371687


or we could actually learn something.

>> No.28371688

I'm counting more nays than yays.

>> No.28371724

Ur not counting the QM fiat, arch knows in his heart that marie is a girl and girls just wanna fun.

Right Arch?

>> No.28371790

>girls just wanna fun
fucking hate that song.

Because girls just wanna have fun, and guys just like to do quadradtic equations, right?

>> No.28371802


>> No.28371810

What do you have against quadratic equations?

>> No.28371834

Least he didn't reference 'I Whip My Hair Back and Forth'.

I will never forgive my sister for introducing me to that thing.

>> No.28371836

When you speak so harshly im inclined to think you might be against the marie route

>> No.28371844

I for one think quadratic equations are radical.

>> No.28371849

arch is more likely to kill Rein for that than let him have fun. Be grateful that option lost. Or don't because I'm sure that's what you wanted.

>> No.28371866

No one is against any route they are only for their preferred girls.
We don't want a repeat of sundays thread.

>> No.28371867

I don't even understand how you came to that conclusion. Are you joking or just ridiculously paranoid?

>> No.28371899 [DELETED] 

Are you implying im trying to instigate a waifu slinging war

>> No.28371908

I'm not anti-Marie, I'm just Pro-Sylvie.

Or Pro-Yet-to-be-Introduced-Dragon-Waifu.

The only way to avenge Volker's death is to bone-zone as many dragons as possible, thus diluting the gene pool and strengthening humanity, until which point all dragons are hunted to extinction, or marginalized to pests.

>> No.28371995

Here I am waiting for Arch to finally reveal the great calamity that forces us to go out into the wilderness with our companions and fight for our lives while our kingdom has been mercilessly subjugated under evil.

We all know it's coming.

>> No.28372009


>> No.28372012

For some reason I think the greatest evil that will affect the Kingdom is Monique's ego.

>> No.28372013

The funny thing is, the truth is nothing major is gonna happen here.it will happen in the most mundane way possible like in all VN.

>> No.28372014 [DELETED] 

A little voice in the back of your mind tells you to reach over the water and splash Marianne with it. But you quickly push it back there, as you know full well that she'd probably end up freezing you again if you were to do something so stupid.

"Hey Marie..." you turn to her. "...what kind of food is Marconetti known for?"
"I suppose that's a fitting question," Luciana says, a faint smile on her face. "They eat a lot of pasta, I suppose. We have it too since our countries were originally one, but they've emphasized it more than we have over the years. Aside from that, the food here is rather similar to that of Granache... but with less sugary foods."
"Like pancakes?"
"Yes, things like that are seen as an occasional treat as opposed to a regular staple."

More pasta, but less sweets... seems like an odd tradeoff there.

"It's completely unrelated to food, but I've been wondering about something for a while now..." you begin.
"Wondering about what?" Marianne asks.
"Your father and Sir Vincent and Arnaud and pretty much all of those guys used to go out adventuring when they were younger... and from what you said, your uncle's still out there doing it?"
"Yes, that's right," she replies. "Once I'm old enough to take the throne, I fully expect Father to dump all of the responsibiliy on to me and run back out there," she sighs.


>> No.28372025

Maybe in thread 300, anon.

>> No.28372027

Except what would be so hardcore that even king's party couldn't solve it and they had to sent a bunch of kids?

>> No.28372034

>Implying the big bad wouldn't be a woman (and by woman I mean vampire who instantly takes a liking to us.

>> No.28372060

I hope it never happens just to piss off power-levelan fags.

>tfw I don't want another Shadow Quest where the goal becomes "Kill literally everything" for no better reason than we can.

>> No.28372061

"Hey Marie..." you turn to her. "...what kind of food is Marconetti known for?"
"I suppose that's a fitting question," Marianne says, a faint smile on her face. "They eat a lot of pasta, I suppose. We have it too since our countries were originally one, but they've emphasized it more than we have over the years. Aside from that, the food here is rather similar to that of Granache... but with less sugary foods."
"Like pancakes?"
"Yes, things like that are seen as an occasional treat as opposed to a regular staple."

More pasta, but less sweets... seems like an odd tradeoff there.

"It's completely unrelated to food, but I've been wondering about something for a while now..." you begin.
"Wondering about what?" Marianne asks.
"Your father and Sir Vincent and Arnaud and pretty much all of those guys used to go out adventuring when they were younger... and from what you said, your uncle's still out there doing it?"
"Yes, that's right," she replies. "Once I'm old enough to take the throne, I fully expect Father to dump all of the responsibiliy on to me and run back out there," she sighs.


>> No.28372064

Ur such a tease arch, why deny yourself this pleasure.

Lets splash Luciana

>> No.28372080

I see what you did there

>> No.28372083


>> No.28372089

Pancakes are a sweet?

>> No.28372106

The only reason they exist is to be covered in sugar, or slathered in syrup.

>> No.28372107


all dat pasta
all dat spaghetti

all these fireballs

>> No.28372125

>"Yes, that's right," she replies. "Once I'm old enough to take the throne, I fully expect Father to dump all of the responsibiliy on to me and run back out there," she sighs.

The truth comes out: The King doesn't care about who Marie marries because of political affairs or politics, it's because he could care less about political affairs as long as he's swinging a sword around.

I think Aquaman isn't fitting for him, I now think of him like Mayor Mike Haggar.

>> No.28372130

Or topped with berry reductions

>> No.28372132

In my country we also tend to wrap them around bacon

>> No.28372139

And here I thought that was crepes.

>> No.28372141

We'll have to check the armory for any pipes when we get back.

>> No.28372155

Apparently he's like a different person when it comes to ruling. Super serious.

>> No.28372159

Yeah, Aquaman remains an adventurer king thanks to his free wheeling monarchy style, and his OUTRAGEOUS skill at ruling. Also his wife runs a tight ship when he is away...wait...who was minding Atlantis when they Curry family took their family vacation?

>> No.28372165

>druggie punks take over his kingdom
>He rips off his shirt, jumps through a window, piledrives every last one of them
>He's back before dinner

I just described his version of a wet dream.

>> No.28372206

Did 4chan die for anyone else just now?

>> No.28372219


>> No.28372221

Yup. Apparently for Archelon too, considering his twitter.

>> No.28372222


>> No.28372234


>> No.28372249

>"Yes, that's right," she replies. "Once I'm old enough to take the throne, I fully expect Father to dump all of the responsibiliy on to me and run back out there," she sighs.
I hope she is over exaggerating about that otherwise that is just plain depressing.

>> No.28372265

Considering his reaction to the giant lindwurm was pressing his face up against the glass like a fat kid at a candy store, I don't think so.

>> No.28372270

Yeah. I'd at least like to convince her to just travel around for a bit while she still can. It doesn't have to be about picking fights or dungeon crawling, she should just see the world while it's still an option.

>> No.28372289

we have the same tradition in my country.

>> No.28372303


"Yeah..." you laugh. "Considering how badly he wanted to go out and fight that Lindwurm yesterday, I can kind of see him doing that."
"I really wish he'd stop being so reckless about things like that..." she sighs.
"What about you, though?"
"I mean, have you ever considered travelling around as an adventurer like they did?"

Unexpectedly, Marianne starts laughing. Hard. In shock at this new discovery, you stare at her for the thirty seconds or so that it takes for her to regain her composure.

"So..." Marianne says, wiping tears out of her eyes, "...what, you wanted to go travelling the world with me?"
"That's not it," you reply. "I was just wondering, is all."
"Yes, well... I can't say that I've never -thought- about going out and having an adventure or two before I'm forced to settle down, but I don't yearn for it the way that Luciana does."

>anything else to ask?

>> No.28372309

It might be the same country.

>> No.28372310

Smuggle Luciana and Takamaru out as well. Fall off the radar and go hunting for adventure.

>> No.28372328


"Why's that?"

>> No.28372333

"You seem to get along with shopkeeps better than almost everyone related to nobility and castle life so I thought you'd be interested in atleast getting out some while you actually can."

>> No.28372334

So what do you yearn for, if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.28372335

>"Hypothetically, If Luciana went out on one without her father dragging her back, would you go with her as well?"

>> No.28372342

Why not?

>> No.28372362

I kinda like this.

>> No.28372363

"I suppose not. She's had so much pressure heaped up on her, she's probably dying to find some way of escaping it all."

>> No.28372365

"Where would you like to go if you did?"

>> No.28372379

"No, that's about what I figured.

What I don't get is how managed to grow up sane."

>> No.28372394

This is a nice question.

>> No.28372395

Considering Marie is the future Queen and Lucianna is far away from any position of political power I think it's more boredom than pressure that's got her wanting to leave. Marie is under a lot more pressure as far as responsibilities go.

>> No.28372417

Was it really that funny?
Or "so that is what makes you laugh?"

>> No.28372422

>She's had so much pressure heaped up on her
Please. She's way down the succession. Within reason she probably more or less gets to do what she pleases.

Marianne's the direct heir, she's almost certainly had it worse in most ways.

>> No.28372434

So where would you go if you did?
More delicious setting information more

>> No.28372449

just a little curious.. how good is Rein at singing?

>> No.28372459

Here is a question arch, did Reinhold ever want to adventure much? Or did he just sword

>> No.28372462

Roll for it

>> No.28372468


>> No.28372474

Disney please go.

>> No.28372476

Rolled 18


do we really want to know

>> No.28372482

I am genuinely curious about this.

I'm just idly wondering about the possibility of gathering up the general circle of friends, giving Celestino the finger and vanishing one day to have adventurers elsewhere.

It's probably not going to happen.

>> No.28372483

>Become elemental spirit of metal
>Make devil children with all the princesses
>Kill all the dragons

>> No.28372485

Pretty good, apparently.

>> No.28372490

Rolled 14


really want to sing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kl4hJ4j48s to whichever princess will win... by definition Rein is a "street rat" right?

>> No.28372493

I'm betting the army was a better match for Rein. Similar job, but the steady pay had a strong appeal.

>> No.28372498

I think he was too concerned with crawling out of the shithole that was his life to ever really consider that kind of stuff. He's a guy with simple dreams. I think he pretty much told Lucianna back when she visited that he'd got enough travelling in the military and just wanted a good place to stay and call home now.

>> No.28372509

so far i think he just want out from the past and make his dead foster father proud or something.

>> No.28372510

Well the porn didn't really have many forms of entertainment and singing was always a cheap form of it. so us knowing a few songs or being able to sing a bit isn't a stretch.

>> No.28372524

do the people of your land also gather round and feast and drrink on the day of "the game."

>> No.28372529

He wanted to get the hell out of the shithole he grew up in. The army was a step up, and he's QUITE happy with his current life.

>> No.28372565

ok now i am imagining citrine singing in some kind Moulin Rouge rip off.

>> No.28372566

I'd be happy with his current life too. Living the dream and shit

>> No.28372567

>Well the porn didn't really have many forms of entertainment and singing was always a cheap form of it.
>singing is porn

>> No.28372589

Are you trying to tell us Reinhold sings porno music?

>> No.28372595

please let this be canon...

>> No.28372597

It is if you're doing it right.

>> No.28372600

I think he meant "poor."

>> No.28372609


>rein is in charge of musical accompaniment to customers ploughing the working women

>> No.28372618

Rein can sing jazz apparently.

>> No.28372633

Funny enough i can imagine her singing to a customer while having sex.
Yeah i don't know why i put porn there instead of poor.

>> No.28372639

Beat-boxing in a man-thong can't be that hard if you can get over the initial embarrassment I'd imagine.

>> No.28372642


>> No.28372654


Nah man, he's into that hardcore gangsta shit.


>> No.28372658

That is a very poor version you have there.

>> No.28372668

Here's a question I am sure you have no intention of answering: If Rein found out who hired the people that killed Volker, would he go on a quest to avenge on of the few good people from his childhood, knowing it would squander what he has right now? Or would he leave the past where it belongs to embrace the happy life Volker would have wished for him?

>> No.28372678

>implying that wouldn't be a player choice
>implying we couldn't request and receive a leave of absence for that purpose

>> No.28372686

He would know that whatever he has planned, Adrien is probably already two steps ahead of him, better equipped than he is, and had more of a reason to turn him into jello than he would.

>> No.28372698

> hire adventurers

>> No.28372707

>in a love shop

>> No.28372708

I dunno getting raped and beaten for an extra what was it 5 years before he ran away to join the army sounds like a pretty damn good reason to be pissed.

>> No.28372716

This, Adrien, from what we saw, could go toe-to-toe with Volkier

Which means that whoever hired the hit now has a version of Volkier who will not stop until his head is on a spike. If I were that guy, I wouldn't be able to sleep soundly in years.

>> No.28372722

Adrien is probably dead or captured, considering we've not heard hide nor hair of him.

>> No.28372733


We got the gold, we can hire the murderhobos. I'm sure whoever it was wouldn't like having a couple of dragons after him as well.

>> No.28372737

You're right, let me post what he'd really drop.


>> No.28372738

>leave of absence
Hell, I bet half the castle would volunteer to come with us.

>> No.28372740


>> No.28372746 [DELETED] 

"So hypothetically..." you begin, "If Princess Luciana was to go out on an adventure without the risk of her father dragging her back by force, would you go along with her?"
"I probably would, if she asked," Marianne replies. "She used to joke about that kind of thing when we were younger, but she'd never even try it nowadays."
"Yeah, she said as much."
"Elena, on the other hand..."

"What's this about my little sister?" Luciana says, returning with a large bag.
"Oh, you're finally back," Marianne replies. "I was saying that Elena would be more likely to run off to live a life of adventure than you, that's all."
"Ah... yes, you probably are right," she sighs as she takes a seat next to you and reaches into the bag she brought with her.

Carefully, Luciana removes a sweet-smelling brown pastry from her bag and hands it to you.

"As much as I'd like to feed it to you, I doubt Luciana would apreciate that..." she giggles as you take the pastry from her.


>> No.28372748

Or he's very, very good at keeping a low-profile.

Which, from what we know, is very probable. I don't think we've seen the last of Adrien yet.

>> No.28372750

You guys have to remember this is a shota singing.

>> No.28372751

What's our current wealth arch?

>> No.28372766

>"As much as I'd like to feed it to you, I doubt Luciana would apreciate that..."
"She knows better than that if she wants to keep her hands."

>> No.28372776

>"As much as I'd like to feed it to you, I doubt Luciana would apreciate that..."

Said Luciana


>> No.28372778

>I doubt Luciana would apreciate that
I'll assume that was supposed to say Marianne

>> No.28372783

>"As much as I'd like to feed it to you, I doubt Luciana would apreciate that..." she giggles as you take the pastry from her.


>> No.28372787

>"As much as I'd like to feed it to you, I doubt I would apreciate that..."

>> No.28372794

"So hypothetically..." you begin, "If Princess Luciana was to go out on an adventure without the risk of her father dragging her back by force, would you go along with her?"
"I probably would, if she asked," Marianne replies. "She used to joke about that kind of thing when we were younger, but she'd never even try it nowadays."
"Yeah, she said as much."
"Elena, on the other hand..."

"What's this about my little sister?" Luciana says, returning with a large bag.
"Oh, you're finally back," Marianne replies. "I was saying that Elena would be more likely to run off to live a life of adventure than you, that's all."
"Ah... yes, you probably are right," she sighs as she takes a seat next to you and reaches into the bag she brought with her.

Carefully, Luciana removes a sweet-smelling brown pastry from her bag and hands it to you.

"As much as I'd like to feed it to you, I doubt Marianne would apreciate that..." she giggles as you take the pastry from her.

>> No.28372795

cut arch a break, guys. it's Late/early.

>> No.28372806


>> No.28372841


>> No.28372853

Just saying, there's no point to hinting at all this ADVENTURE if we never get to have any of it.

>We end up never having any adventure

>> No.28372868 [DELETED] 

>"As much as I'd like to feed it to you, I doubt Luciana would apreciate that..."
Wait, who spoke this line?

>> No.28372869

adventure is where you find it.

>> No.28372875

Guard Princess. Forever.

>> No.28372879

The time is now

Splash Luciana

>> No.28372884

no-one. you're imagining crazy shit.

>> No.28372887

I love you anon.

>> No.28372888

oh god this

>> No.28372894

You need to stop.

>> No.28372904


But just out of curiosity, what color is her shirt?

>> No.28372906

we need to get her wetter

>> No.28372910


"Uh, what's this?" you ask as you examine the oddly-shaped pastry.
"It's a cinnamon bun!" Luciana replies happily. "They're really good, and I didn't think that you've ever had one before so I just HAD to bring you one..."

She then gets up and plops bak down next to Marianne.

"And don't think that I'd forgotten about my best friend's sweet tooth!" Luciana says as she hands one to Marianne as well before producing a third for herself.
"Thank you," Marianne says as she quickly bites into her cinnmon bun.

As you watch the two girls happily eat their sweets while CONSUMING your own, you notice that Takamaru is just kind of standing there.

"You didn't get one too?" you ask.
"Those are far too sweet for me," Takamaru replies. "I'm unable to stand that much sugar."
"Yeah, Takamaru's really weird about things like that," Luciana says teasingly. "But that's his loss, these things are really good!"

>happy snacktime conversation?

>> No.28372914

Somehow I am not sure that this would go over well. At all.

>> No.28372921

its fun to joke around but when a ridiculous joke vote gets this much support i get worried.
arch might not always just ignore it.

>> No.28372922

Im thinking maiden white or predator pink

>> No.28372932

Ask about the food from Takamaru's country.

>> No.28372934

>splash Luciana

The time is now. Nothing can go wrong.

>> No.28372937


>> No.28372940


>> No.28372944

What does Takamaru like to eat?

>> No.28372947



>> No.28372948

Ask about not!Japan's food.

Quit it. It's already old.

>> No.28372952

This. Let the princesses talk amongst themselves if they wish.

>> No.28372953

ask takamaru if and when you could get a sparring session.

>> No.28372957

Sounds good.

>> No.28372961

What could go wrong?

>> No.28372964

I kind of like this

>Later we go to a ramen shop with him
>Drunken antics ensue

>> No.28372970



And discuss food in general.

>> No.28372975

dude, no

its not going to happen until taka ends his princess guarding duties

>> No.28372981


>> No.28372986

if it is so he would tell so and we could arrange our time. does it say there lest spar NAO! ?.. no, it asks if and when.

>> No.28372999

I'll support a noodle shop man date

>> No.28373000

We should at least wait to ask that when we're not on duty and aren't talking to other people. Wait until the end of the day, because it's certainly not happening until then.

>> No.28373022


>> No.28373028

Maybe we could have met Adrian in the adventurer's guild. I'm saying we should check the place out, with princesses or, perhaps more tactfully, because forbidden fruit, with Nico and Sylvie when we're free.

>> No.28373053


>> No.28373055

That's kind of real meta.

>> No.28373059

>"Those are far too sweet for me," Takamaru replies. "I'm unable to stand that much sugar."

Takamaru confirmed for stoic cinnamon addict trying to play it cool.

>> No.28373077

Or just diabetic.

>> No.28373078

have you not been in the past few threads?
people have been getting real meta for some time.

>> No.28373079

what are you high on? we are not talking to anyone right now. there is no harm in asking it, noone is going to mind it, noone is going to get offended by it or anything. if you dont want to ask this just dont vote for it there is absolutely no sense in saying no dont ask that because nothing bad is gonna happen if its asked now or at a later time.

>> No.28373094 [DELETED] 

I guess that leaves us with only one option left

Splash Takamura

>> No.28373096

We're sitting down to eat lunch with two other people, I'm just saying that's more a 1 on 1 thing, not that anything bad is going to happen. Calm down.

>> No.28373099

what? whats meta about that suggestion? reinhol looking for him would be completely in caharcter.

>> No.28373105

>Hey Taka why can't you stand that much sugar
>Sugar is witchcraft, sweet spirits meant to lull your taste buds into oblivion. The only food worth eating is the food that's so spicy that it's like being punched in the mouth

>> No.28373107


No, it's not. Besides we just learned there is an adventurer's guild. That sounds kind of awesome and probably with plenty of people to spar with. Wouldn't you be curious?

>> No.28373112

So much desire for Watersports.

>> No.28373116

Why is asking to spar so intimate? "Hey, Takamaru, wanna spar when we get off work?"

"Sure thing good buddy."

>"Oh, those bodyguards, with their swords, and their sparring."

>> No.28373132

>plenty of people to spar with
That is actually a really good point. If it's as big as Luciana made it sound, they might even have adventurers from all over the world. We could stand to learn a lot from that--even if it's just how warriors from other nations tend to equip themselves.

>> No.28373138

what? you are not taking those jokes too serious and think this spar is a sexual innuendo, do you?

>> No.28373141

he's saying that Rein wouldn't be thinking. Damn if only I had asked the princess to show us the guild I might have seen Adrien.

>> No.28373150

>Imply you wouldn't be self concious sparring in front of people

>> No.28373164

why wouldn't he think that? he might. its completely logical. regardless, its not even remotely close to being meta.

>> No.28373178

"I would totally meet this guy I assume is probably dead if I went to the Adventurer's guild today" is not completely logical.

>> No.28373180

It's not really logical that he would expect to meed Adrien there, but it's certainly logical that he would want to see what was up with it.

All those swords.

>> No.28373189

I reckon the Adventurer's guild would be a good place to check out.

>> No.28373190

Would you think you'd see someone from your childhood if you went to some random location in another country.

>> No.28373197

I really don't see how you reach that conclusion. He's about as likely to be there as he is to be in any random bar in the entire world.

Sure, he COULD be there, but its equally likely that he's in the bar down the street, or the bar across town, or a fucking tea house in Takamura's country for all we know.

>> No.28373207

It's not a big stretch. It could only take form of an idea: What if... the world is small, right?

Like hoping against odds that it could happen.

Didn't you ever have far-fetched expectations?

>> No.28373218

Yeah, this is true. We still have Takamaru and Karel to spar with at the castle though, and they're the best and second best in t he kingdom.

>> No.28373233

Just fucking say Reinhold is just curious and looking to meet some fellow swordsmen and drop this train of thought. It's completely pointless to convincing people to visit the guild when there is a more reasonable argument to use.

>> No.28373239

Generally speaking, experienced adventurers don't have much cause to visit an adventurers guild.

By about mid level they're usually running their own strongholds, and by high level their own countries.

Then they abandon those countries to their children so they can go punch giant worms.

>> No.28373246

You just said it.

They're the best in the kingdom. Not in the world. Not in the next kingdom over. World's a big place.

>> No.28373250

there's hoping against the odds and there's "i'm going to go to this one building in this one town because someone from my childhood who i haven't seen in years might be there"

why would he even be thinking about him?

>> No.28373253

>they're the best and second best in t he kingdom.
i am pretty sure that is not true or this kingdom would be completely fucked.
but they are good sparring partners for reinhold.

>> No.28373260

Emotional argument makes just as much sense, maybe more. Reinhold is not a computer, you know.

>> No.28373263

Well if he really wanted to keep up the whole find Adrien thing it would make more sense not to expect him there but instead find somebody who might know what happened to him. Just to see if he could get some closure or something like that I guess.

>> No.28373272

You seriously think people wouldn't have come from adjacent kingdoms to participate? Especially people whose whole life is traveling around swordfighting? There's not likely to be tougher folks in the adventurer's guild than in that tournament.

>> No.28373282

With all this talk about finding Adrien, why not just go for something easier and find a place that teaches Volker's fighting style?

>> No.28373304

I just don't understand how you are not getting this.

Maybe getting info -about- Adrien, but actually expecting to run into him there? No one has that high amount of blind hope coming from a stray thought.

>> No.28373306


That would be a waste of time. We've been learning from the man himself, and started training under murderbutler Arnaud.

>> No.28373314

We don't have time to do much training anyway, especially outside the castle. But we could definitely ask after rumors at the adventurer's guild, it probably wouldn't take long.

>> No.28373326

No it wouldn't

Volkiers FAMILY will probably be at this very same party we're at if we just be patient.

>> No.28373341

Speaking of Volker's family, are we going to pay our respects?

>> No.28373345

>Volkiers FAMILY will probably be at this very same party
You're assuming he has a family. He has a last name, but I kind of doubt he has any close relatives, or any wealthy and important enough to be in attendance. Mercenary work isn't a job for the rich and powerful.

>> No.28373352

Apparently we don't drink, so...

>> No.28373357

Should probably have Citrine along for that.

>> No.28373362

"So what kind of food do they eat where you come from?" you ask.
"Plenty of fish and rice for the most part," Takamaru replies.
"Yeah, he was telling me before that manly men from where he's from don't eat sweets," Luciana chimes in. "They're really missing out there, if you ask me..."
"I'd have to agree," you say as you finish off your cinnamon bun.

It isn't long before the girls finish theirs, and then it seems like it's time to go...

"So, what's next?" Marianne asks. "I'm pretty sure that this wasn't lunch, after all."
"Ah, yes," Luciana replies. "That was surprise number two..." she sighs.

Luciana then stands up and stretches before walking in front of you and Marianne.

"Umm..." she says, fidgeting. "You sister isn't the only one I looked up information about."
"Hm?" you reply.
"About your mentor, Volker Eschenwald... he was actually a nobleman from this country, and his grave is in our state cemetary."
"Wha-" your eyes grow wide with shock.
"His body isn't buried there," she says guiltily. "...but if you wanted to pay your respects..."

>how do you respond?

>> No.28373364

> but I kind of doubt he has any close relatives,

Based on..?

>Anon lives inside Archelon's head! more at 11!

>> No.28373368

Volker was a noble, a decently high ranking one from how they represented him.

>> No.28373373


But that's wrong. People get unrealistic hopes all the time. Besides, I said at the start it could be a reason to check the guild out later, not running off with reckless abandon, yelling 'Aaaaaadrieeeen' all the way at top of our lungs.

My other point was that people don't do the logical thing, they do what they want.

>> No.28373375

Roll to cry and, if so, how hard.

>> No.28373381

"I think that's something I'd like do together with Citrine."

>> No.28373384

"I'd... love to. Thank you."

>> No.28373392

I... uh

...Thank you.

>> No.28373395


>> No.28373397

This. then thank her for letting us know about it.

>> No.28373399




>> No.28373402



>> No.28373403

A lindwurm isn't an actual worm. You realize this right? It's like a flightless dragon without the magic or intellect.

>> No.28373405

This. Volker was going to adopt her too, she deserves to be there too.

>> No.28373406

You know, if Reinhold is Volker's heir...

>> No.28373407


>> No.28373408


This. Some time later.

Not right now.

>> No.28373409

I suspect that we would feel mildly uncomfortable about doing so without Citrine there with us, seeing as he was pretty much as large a part of her life as he was ours.

No need to be ingracious, though.

>> No.28373413

I agree with this, but thank her for the offer

>> No.28373423


>> No.28373424

thank you ill do that when I have some free time

>> No.28373425

Sounds logical.

>> No.28373429

This but make sure to thank her.

>> No.28373431

[noble status intensifies]

>> No.28373432


>> No.28373438

which is probably why Rein spent plenty of time looking into it already. Either directly before or during his time in the army.

>> No.28373441

>Mercenary work isn't a job for the rich and powerful.
Instead of stopping reading as soon as you hit something you could choose to find issue with, why not read the whole damn post.

>> No.28373443

Hug and thank her.

>> No.28373447

Yes, appreciate the thoughtfulness on her part.

>> No.28373449


He not.

He was never formally adopted.

>> No.28373451


>> No.28373452

Thank you Lucianna, but today's a bit too happy for that. I think Citrine and I might do that before we leave though. Really though you're too kind to go out of your way to look that up for me.

>> No.28373456

Huh, I wonder what the king's brother is doing right now?

>> No.28373463

what it is doesn't really matter, All that notes is it's a thing that Aquarian wails to do more than run his country,

>> No.28373464

>Mercenary work isn't a job for the rich and powerful.

Based on?

>Our entire kingdom is staffed by former murderhobos

>> No.28373467

All of my wtf. Also,
> shed a single manly tear for our dearly departed almost father.

>> No.28373470

He likely would have been, if Volker hadn't died before adopting him.

>> No.28373471


>> No.28373480

Punching giant worms

>> No.28373481

Marconetti is a much more normal kingdom than Granache. And none of our royals or knights were paid to guard someone else.

>> No.28373486

Did we mention that to them?

>> No.28373494

Umm, Celestino pretty much handed out nobility to all his old adventuring buddies.

>> No.28373498

Maybe the family hired that dragon, for that precise reason.

>> No.28373502

..Didn't Luciana herself mention some of his relatives attending?

>> No.28373504


>> No.28373515


No but sister should imply something there. Hopefully we don't need to spell it out.

>> No.28373521


>> No.28373539

I repeat my earlier question to Msrianne.

How in earth did you manage to grow up sane and normal?

Everyone else in the castle is - and I say this with the deepest respect - completely fucking insane?

>> No.28373542

If we do, we should. Citrine said friends don't keep secrets.

>> No.28373562

Completely insane? Or completely awesome?

>> No.28373569

The two conditions aren't exclusive.

>> No.28373591

that doesnt mean you should start from the earliest memory and tell them every thing you ever learned. we are not lying to them.

>> No.28373593

This + thanks for letting us know.

>> No.28373603

There is a thin line.

though Marianne is also awesome, just in a less "in your face" way. Deep respect for her political acumen, though

>> No.28373613

I'm just saying that if we need to offer an explanation, a simple "he was going to adopt us" would be fine.

>> No.28373688

>"They molded me into their straight man. Where's the fun otherwise?"
>*absent grin*

>> No.28373713

we could be more vague

just say something about him being like a father figure to us

>> No.28373771

Its irrelevant. We're not here to loot Volkers stuff, were not here to proclaim ourselves his child.

What we DIDNT get, in the end, is far less important than what we did get.

And it would be right and proper to give our thanks.

Itd be good if Citrene were here too, but mourning is personal. No real harm in letting her know and saying her own goodbyes seperately.

>> No.28373781

Nah brah. It's easier to grieve as a unit rather than solo.

>> No.28373789

Why do we have to be vague though? I can understand not bringing it up ourselves, but when Reinhold has to talk about things, he's completely honest if a bit light on the details. He doesn't tell half-truths like that and I don't see why he would want to actively keep that fact from his friends. He's talked about Volker quite a bit already.

>> No.28373794

"Uh... wow," you say, unsure how to react. "Thanks, I mean it."
"I just thought that you ought to know, that's all..." Luciana replies, blushing slightly.
"But, um..." you say, looking at the ground, "I think that's something I'd like do together with Citrine. It wouldn't feel right not to have her there too."
"Oh. I see."

"Luciana, you actually went and..." Marianne says.
"Well, um..." Luciana replies, fidgeting. "...the name Eschenwald sounded familiar, so I went digging and..."
"I'm surprised that you actually went that far," she sighs. "But I suppose I shouldn't be, all things considered.
"Ehehe..." she laughs nervously. "Umm, we could always go and find Citrine if you wanted, Reinhold?"

>how do you respond?

>> No.28373795

>father figure
>want his stuff

man i'm just saying if they ask what our relationship was, there's no need to say everything, we don't have to ruin everyone's day with our tales of abuse and sadness

>> No.28373815


Shake head.

"Thank you, I appreciate it. But we'll do it on our own time, not today when you two are having fun."

>> No.28373817

"Yeah, if she's free."

>> No.28373825

"We should enjoy the day you planned for us for now. I'd also like to let Citrine settled. If it's not too much trouble, i'll ask you later for directions or a guide." smile to her.

>> No.28373828


"Maybe before we leave."

>> No.28373830

Lets do that.

>> No.28373831

>"I think that's something private for Citrine and I."

>> No.28373833


>> No.28373840

The grieving happened some time ago really. This is just a kind of closure.

"Thank you. That would be nice.

It is no exagerration to say that he saved our lives. More than once."
Pat the sword hilt.

>> No.28373841


This works.

>> No.28373847

>when Reinhold has to talk about things, he's completely honest if a bit light on the details

Haven't you basically answered your own question? "He was going to take me away from the horrific life I led as an abused child in a whorehouse but then died just before he could do so" isn't information that we need to share. People often don't like talking about awful thing that have happened to them, there's no need for all the grizzly details.

She's probably busy. We should go during the night; it'll be quieter and we won't have to guard Marianne because she'll be in her room. I doubt we want to bring her along, after all.

>> No.28373849


>> No.28373857


I get the feeling, that Marianne would want to come along as well.

>> No.28373858

Yeah, no sense being a downer.

It's not like Luciana couldn't be there after having found it for us.

>> No.28373867

>all that unnecessary details

Or you could just say "he was going to adopt us."

There is no need to hide the adopting part. Is what I'm saying. There is no need to go into his childhood.

>> No.28373869


I have a question

If we visit his grave, do you think it's proper to return his sword?

>> No.28373881

Nah. It qualifies under the "final, dying gift," clause, which means it's exempt from situations like these.

>> No.28373882

He wanted us to have it.

>> No.28373883

I don't think so. Didn't he want us to have it?

>> No.28373884

No, a sword deserves to be used.

>> No.28373886

This is probably the best way of doing it.

Saying it should be private isn't TOTALLY unreasonable, but if they feel like they want to pay their respects to the guy we pretty much looked up to most in the whole world, I really don't think we'd turn them down.

>> No.28373887


It can be... but I don't its something reinhold would do.

>> No.28373896


It's a memento, and it's best not to lose it or give it away.

>> No.28373898

No, it's still alive. When/if it breaks, then we should put it in his grave•

>> No.28373900

"Nah, I wouldn't want to be a downer and drag everyone out to a cemetary when we're in the middle of fun stuff, we'll do it on our own time. I appreciate this though."

Niet. Swords are made to be used. The best thing we can do with his sword is allow it to continue doing sword stuff for as long as possible.

>> No.28373901


>> No.28373905

Not to the grave.

Maybe to the family.

>> No.28373913

>not putting it above the fireplace in the house we live in with _________

>> No.28373923


Denied too.

We'll hold onto the sword, even if they demand it back.

>> No.28373928


>> No.28373931

Hm... A random question came to me yesterday.

People on this continent are Fantasy Causasians alright, but how common are animu things like Monique's and Arianne's hair color?

>> No.28373935


animu common.

>> No.28373942


The family probably doesn't even know that it exists: Volker had it for five years (said Adrian) before dying, and he was probably off adventuring. It doesn't look special in any way, I doubt anyone cares about it. It's not like it's a legendary sword of sword-breaking or anything.

>> No.28373957

>It's not like it's a legendary sword of sword-breaking or anything.

Don't say that to the sealedkingsfags.

>> No.28373962

He asked if it was appropriate. Not if it was something that Rein would do.

>> No.28373972


Thing if, running off animu conventions I totally expect to run into representatives of the family either at the grave or at the ball.

They will find out eventually about Rein's sword and may or may not demand his sword returned 'to its rightful place'.

It will also be the chance for Arch to introduce a antagonistic waifu. Perhaps one that challenges us to a duel for the sword. And then demands Rein marry her after she loses.

>> No.28373973

of course, it's one of a pair...

>> No.28373981


Yes. Preferably still in one piece, so that it can be readily accessed when bad guys come for vengeance

>Implying we would leave a bad guy unabsolved
>or, barring that alive

>> No.28373992

Monique wasn't born with that hair, once he reached a certain degree of fabulousness it just happened on its own.

>> No.28374006

it's a threshold thing, like getting sun bleached.

>> No.28374012

>Reinhold having an antagonist

Pick one. The closest we got was Monique and that faggot spy, and they hardly were archnemesis material.

>> No.28374022

Well, since this is kind of a VN, I'm assuming that an antagonist will appear once we're locked onto someone's route.

>> No.28374025

Wait, Matthias has it too. Does he secretly live an cool life, like that frog kid in The Tatami Galaxy?

>> No.28374033

Do you think Marianne/Thierri would take our side if they did try and demand the sword back? Especially if we explained the tragic backstory.

inb4 we refuse, the nobles complain to the king of Marconetti who takes their side, Luciana and the Granachians take our side, Luciana runs away with us and we start a war

>> No.28374035



You know like a snotty, bratty young noble/noblewoman who wants the sword?

>> No.28374042

what colour are Monique's and Arianne's hair?

>> No.28374048

sky blue

>> No.28374050


Would probably work but thats the pussyfooting route.

More likely it'll be better that, if something like this happened, for Reinhold to settle it himself.

Which means it would be time to D-D-DUEL

>> No.28374065

the two kings are tight nigga

>> No.28374071

I have no idea how I missed that, I've been assuming it was like black or something. Guess I should pay more attention to the descriptions.

Speaking of which, >>28373928

What does Rein actually look like/wear? For both headcanon and drawfags, I mean. There's no physical description of him in the pastebin.

>> No.28374077

Look at the dude from Sacred Blacksmith. Something like that.

>> No.28374081

>She wants your sword Reinhold.

>> No.28374085

This is his casual/town outfit. Not sure what his bodyguard uniform looks like.

>> No.28374104

For antagonist.

What if.

Sugar-King finally snaps and goes adventuring.
King brother returns, enchanted to be shota-rapist's bitch.

Pasta kingdom is pretty agnatic in martial traditions etc.
May extend to actual inheritance laws.
King brother uses excuse of ye olde unity of pasta and sugar kingdoms to reintroduce male succession.

And then typical civil war/prevention scenario.

>> No.28374113

The images arch posts alongside introductions of X character to Y scene do it fairly well.
Also it has been said that the mother is where Nico's hair colour comes from; assuming you were at least aware of that.

>> No.28374118

This is barely the beginning of the quest. The big bad will show up eventually.

>> No.28374122

I remember mentioning before that I really think Celistino should be doing something about his country's policies and nobility before trying to merge precisely because of the differences between them leading to something like that.

>> No.28374123


>> No.28374134

Oh god this really is gonna be just like Vinland Saga.

>> No.28374142

What if... Reinhold become the antagonist and we switch in PoV to Monique?

Nicolette has silver hair, right? I'm not sure.

>> No.28374146

That's just usually how VN's work. Common route is mostly fun times and the different routes is where the real conflicts are.

>> No.28374150

Maybe? Is that manga good enough for me to devote a couple of days to reading through it?

>> No.28374156


I think he's suggesting Thierri's brother got seduced by Spinelle and these two will try to instigate a coup in Thierri's absence.

>> No.28374169

I wouldn't know; all I really know about it is that the first 50 chapters were apparently just a prologue, and that a guy punches a horse to death at some point.

>> No.28374171


Really tired and lazy, sorry.

Male succession laws in one of the two kingdoms we've seen, they both used to be joined.
Is the basis of an argument brought forward with the goal to kick Marie out of the succession.
This is pushed forward by the King's long absent brother.
Who is now hostile due to a sinister enchantress.
Enchantress happens to be the person who abused Reinhold as a child.
Up to the PC and companions to stop this going forwards because the King went back to adventuring far away because REASON.

Either political/assassination simulation or full on civil war simulation.

>> No.28374177


Good, that means if we go for sexual abstinence Reinhold, we can keep the world at peace for indefinite amount of time. Especially if we use magic to extend our life. Reinhold shall become the Pillar of Peace.

>> No.28374178


And thats when I bought the horse a prostitute~

>> No.28374182

yes. she has silver hair.
she is in the pastebin actually.

Captain of the Royal Guard and daughter of Sir Gregory, age 16.

Nicolette is tall (for a girl) and athletic, though she's never managed to get beyond her naturally light build. She's inherited her mother's blue eyes and silver hair, which she normally wears as a long ponytail that extends down to her waist.

>> No.28374186

Oh yeah, something like that.

That would be Fabulous

>> No.28374200

it is but once you catch up to date, slow pacing will catch up to you.
though as one who has followed berserk for almost a decade, its like action packed in comparison.

>> No.28374209

"Thanks, I appreciate it," you say. "But I'll do that on my own time, not when you and Marianne are trying to have fun in town."
"Oh, okay..." Luciana replies. "Umm, I guess I'll give you directions after we get back to the castle, then."
"That'd be great, thanks."

Yeah, the mood just went really somber really quickly... time to try and change te subject.

"So where are we headed next?" you ask.
"Eheh, now I have to rearrange the order of things..." Luciana laughs guiltily. "Umm, just follow me, I guess."

As the four of you start towards your next destination, you notice a boy around your age with short black hair approaching.

"H- hey! You over there!" he calls out.
"Uh... me?" you reply.
"Yeah, sorry to bug you like this, but I'm getting kind of desperate here..." he sighs.
"You needed help with something?"
"Reinhold's quite the popular guy today..." Luciana giggles.

"There's a girl... she's pretty with long black hair, and she was wearing shorts even though the season for that stuff is long over... is there any chance that you've run into her?" the boy asks.

>tell him
>ask him why he's asking
>don't tell him
>leave it to someone else

>> No.28374217


>>ask him why he's asking


>>tell him

if its reasonable

>> No.28374221


>> No.28374224


>> No.28374225


>> No.28374228

>>tell him

>> No.28374230

Rolled 9

Arch, am I insane and paranoid, or am I seeing sleeper agents everywhere?

>> No.28374233



>> No.28374235


>Ask him why he's asking

Looks like the girl was on the run. Maybe from this precise gentleman.

>> No.28374236

"I take it you're looking for the adventurers guild as well"

>> No.28374238


>> No.28374241

>>tell him


>> No.28374249

I'm thinking this is just her older brother or boyfriend or something.

>> No.28374251


It's our job to be at least mildly paranoid.

>> No.28374260

We'd be a shitty guard if we weren't at least a bit paranoid.

>> No.28374265

One thing any drawfag NEEDS to get right is the choker.

It's symbolic, you see.

>> No.28374266

"i did but if you didn't already know that you wouldn't come here asking me about her among all these people."

>> No.28374271

Say yes, ask why he needs her. If it sounds legit point him in the right direction, if it's not send him on a wild goose chase.

>> No.28374274

Soon one of them will come up and say the activation phrase and we will awaken from our slumber and kill the royalist swine before us. THE PROLETARIAT WILL RISE

>> No.28374278


We just give off that helpful aura of a good METAL knight.

>> No.28374280

[X] Point him at the guild, and then let the adventurers deal with this, it's kind of what they do.

>> No.28374286


i am surprised more people didnt bring this up. there is no way he just hey you'd a random guy who luckily turned out to be the one to give her directions.

>> No.28374291


What. You are aware that this kingdom is actually more liberal than the antagonistic one and the topic of the day is slavery, which Marconetti's king wants to end.

>> No.28374299

>what is a joke

>> No.28374304

Do you have a sense of humor?

>> No.28374305

Funny. Usually.

>> No.28374312


>> No.28374315

>implying Communism ISN'T slavery

>> No.28374320



this is what will happen

>> No.28374323


Hayek pls.

>> No.28374335

Don't worry, society itself is slavery.

>> No.28374342



Alternatively the other version.

>> No.28374347

not through any inherent fault of system, other than failing to properly utilise human nature.

Capitalism isn't that much better, but it does at least make better use of human asshole instincts by playing them all off against each other so that they're mostly rendered harmless.

>> No.28374366

Oh god, I just had a realization.

Thread 56:
>"So, um..." Karel begins. "My mother was always really into swords and that kind of thing, so she kind of pushed on me for as long as I can remember. She used all the money she earned as a waitress in my great-uncle's cafe to pay for the best tutors she could afford, and I spent most of my time training under them while she worked."

Karel's mother is a resident of Marconetti, is a bit obsessed with swording, and worked as a waitress before eventually taking over the cafe.

Thread 58 Interlude:
>"Yeah," Karel replies, a beaming smile on his face. "His Majesty said that even though he's really happy with my performance so far, a kid like me shouldn't be separated from my only parent... so he's made arrangements for you to stay in the castle too."

Karel's father is either unknown, or deceased.

None of that really strikes a chord, though, right up until you consider...

Thread 59 Flashback:
>"I'm really fucking sorry that things didn't work out the way they should have..." Adrien sighs. "...but I'm not set out for that kind of life."
(RE: Adopting Citrine/Reinhold in Volker's stead)

Thread 39 Flashback:
>"Don't worry," Adrien says, laughing. "Volker only likes maids."
>"Shut the hell up!" Volker shouts, his face turning red. "I don't want to hear that shit from a waitress fetishist!"
>"You're just jealous that my taste in ladies is better than yours."

Not sure how old Adrien was, but this strikes me as seeming awfully plausible.

>> No.28374380

neat, I commend your autism

>> No.28374382

What the-

>> No.28374385

While plausible that's one heckuva lot of pieces put together there.

Adien's fate is unknown so, who knows.

>> No.28374386



>> No.28374387

Oh fuck.
Oh Hell.
We're related to the reverse trap.
Good fucking catch sir.

>> No.28374394


>> No.28374395

Nice find. It could be unrelated, but just maybe...

>> No.28374399


>> No.28374402

Well, technically, if we're using the strange adoptive system, that makes us cousins if Adrien and Volk were like brothers.

>> No.28374409

Well fuck.

>> No.28374411


You're bretty gud.

It's destiny.

>> No.28374413

I know you meant in a inter-personal sense, but you really should consider the word related more thoroughly when using it, because for a moment, I was like, "How the heck did he get that from that?"

>> No.28374426

I think he meant it more in a, we're connected sort of way.

>> No.28374429


Might be cool.

>> No.28374434

So, wait. How would this work out on the timeline?

>> No.28374435

10/10 autism

wonderful stuff

>> No.28374438


>> No.28374439

Also, Adrien was Blond. So is Karel.

>> No.28374447

I really want to bro it up with Karel even more now

I really hope it's not a reverse trap

>> No.28374448

I don't know why you came to me with that question. Why not ask the original theory guy, heck I can't even remember if Karel's younger or older than us.

>> No.28374451

It just means he knocked up a waitress at some point 14-15 years ago and either never figured out or couldn't deal with it.

>> No.28374457

2 years younger I think

>> No.28374466


what about the fire rapier though

>> No.28374472

2 years younger, if my memory serves me.

Seeing as we met the pair when we were a young child, it's entirely possible that Adrien was very recently out of a relationship where he tried settling down to raise a kid and couldn't handle it.

>> No.28374476

Gift from his mom.

No idea if there's a connection or if it's an heirloom or what.

Not enough data to make a judgement there.

>> No.28374479

Pretty sure that's new, it was given to him by the royal family, or bought by his mother or something when he won the tournament. He's still learning how to use it, remember?

>> No.28374481

It's a flamberge.
IRL a large two handed sword.
I think Arch described it as a single handed variant.
Even so, it'd be quite thick and non-rapier like

>> No.28374495

[X] commence bombardment of Luciana with questions about Carol

>> No.28374496

It's a rapier.

>> No.28374509

So "Flamberge" is an in-universe name for a sword that can be set on fire, rather than the traditional wave-edged two-hander?

>> No.28374511

I was thinking that that term was used for any sword with a flame enchantment.

>> No.28374514

Karel's already described his style as speed and technique, not power based.
Where did you get that?

>> No.28374515


>> No.28374516

>The term flamberge, meaning "flame blade", is an undulating blade that is found on both long blades and rapiers. Parrying with such a sword may transmit unpleasant vibrations into the attacker's blade. These vibrations caused the blades to slow contact with each other because each wave provided additional friction. The unusual cross section of the blade would inflict wider wounds with a thrust while still keeping the blade light. The term flamberge was misapplied to refer to two-handed swords and was used later to refer to cup hilt rapiers with a straight blade.[1]

>> No.28374521


Flamberge should be a two handed sword, but since the flamberge name actually refers to the wavy blade of the massive fuck off sword, I figured it was fine

>> No.28374523

Or maybe he just fucked a waitress without knowing he got her pregnant.

>> No.28374525

Flamberge can be used to describe rapier-like swords with the same wave pattern. Fire enchantment is just thematic.

>> No.28374526

Yea, I think Im right!

>> No.28374542

There are flamberge rapiers as well, since the term only refers to swords with wavy blades.

Also this is what Volker looks like in my head, despite not knowing how old he is. Has the sword-breaking off-hand weapon and everything. and I guess the cross motif works fine given that he turned out to be able to cast Sanctuary

>> No.28374543

>So "Flamberge" is an in-universe name for a sword that can be set on fire, rather than the traditional wave-edged two-hander?

>The term flamberge, meaning "flame blade", is an undulating blade that is found on both long blades and rapiers.

But yeah, it's the general term used in this world for any sword with an enchantment that allows it to catch fire. For example, the one that Anrasorana got turned into is also considered to be a flamberge, despite being a katana.

>> No.28374550

Flamberge only refers to the blade.

Go google "flamberge rapier" right now. They're a thing.

>> No.28374551

Reinhold is quick and technical right?
He doesn't use a rapier either.

The name refers to a physical shape of the blade.

>> No.28374560

>the shape of the blade is an essential part of the enchantment that allows it to burst into flames.

>> No.28374571 [DELETED] 

>Climatic battle
>"Before you die there is something you should know about us, Karel."
>"I am your deadbeat dad's almost adopted son."
>"What's that make us?"
>"Dunno, but how does it feel to know Daddy left your Mommy but was ready to adopt two random orphans at the drop of a hat?"
>"T-two? You mean I have a sister? C-can I meet her?"
>"Well, uh..."

>> No.28374589

"Uh, why are you asking?" you say, a bit cautious.
"I told her to wait right here at the fountain while I got us something to eat, but then she went and wandered off..." the boy sighs. "I noticed that you guys were just sitting over there eating, so I was wondering if you'd spotted her at all."

"I've been asking for a while now, but it's like she up and vanished," he mumbles. "And if she flew off, I know that least ONE PERSON would have noticed..."

Well, he at least sounds legit. Might as well tell him.

"I actually spotted her a while ago while we were on the way here," you say.
"Seriously!?" he says excitedly. "Which way!?"
"It was over there," you say, pointing down the road you came from, "but she asked me for directions to the Adventurer's Guild so I assume that's where she is now."
"Aagh, I should have figured..." he says, rustling his hair in an exasperated fashion.

"I guess I better head over there before she wanders to somewhere else," he says under his breath. "Thanks, bro! I really owe you, man!"

As the boy races off in the direction of the Adventurer's Guild (or at least where you think it is), Luciana begins giggling.

"You're just making friends left and right today, Reinhold!" she says.
"I don't know about that, I was just trying to be nice," you reply, shrugging.


>> No.28374590

study your swords
flamberge just means it is wavy bladed and has nothing to do with size, in this case it is a flame-bladed rapier.

>> No.28374593

Umm, Adrien wasn't the one who wanted to adopt us dude. It was Volker.

>> No.28374598

He's described himself as both speed and power, which suggests his rather unorthodox style.

Which would suggest that Carol is probably faster if that's her primary focus. Especially since she uses a lighter blade.

It's also notable that Takamura couldn't beat Carol with pure power, so it should be an interesting battle. I'm curious to see how it plays out.

>> No.28374606

Monique seemed to be a speed guy too and he got Swordbreaked.

>> No.28374611

>>"Don't worry," Adrien says, laughing. "Volker only likes maids."
>>"Shut the hell up!" Volker shouts, his face turning red. "I don't want to hear that shit from a waitress fetishist!"
>>"You're just jealous that my taste in ladies is better than yours."
Adrien is the one with a waitress fetish, not Volker. Please get reading comprehension as a skill next time you level up.

>> No.28374641

Reinhold's a mix of speed, technique and power.
As a result his speed and technique is probably lesser than Karel's, but he's stronger.
Regardless, my point was being that you wouldn't use a huge two handed sword for a quick style unless you've developed a body that's solely devoted to that kind of style using that kind of weapon, something that's pretty rare and isn't suggested by Karel's pretty boy status.

>> No.28374683

>reinhold stronger than karel
>uses a style which breaks swords
>karel's face when we have a friendly spar and utterly destroy his expensive new magical rapier

>> No.28374691

But seriously, using a rapier? When everyone else is using big boy swords? Stupid. At least use a small sword or an estoc.

>> No.28374693

Pretty sure we'd use wooden weapons like we did with Nico.

>> No.28374705

>Sparring with lethal weapons
We're no where near good enough to have a 'friendly' spar with lethal weapons. Doing so is just asking for one of us to get seriously wounded, or killed.

>> No.28374709

Balder Swag Sword is the way to go. Unless you choose to go full Chaos Zweihander.

>> No.28374712

you do know that their are disadvantages to using large weapons, right?

>> No.28374718

man this is fucking anime world

his rapier can probably cut right through the sword of a bandit or something

who's to say it's not magically enhanced?

>> No.28374721

Eh, think about it properly.
If you can enchant your sword so that it'll cut through things just fine and resist breakage, then you'd go for the lightest sword you can use to kill folks quicker.

>> No.28374723

/v/ go away.

>> No.28374724

only if they're not made of katana.

Weapons made of katana can be as big as you want and never suffer any penalties.

>> No.28374729

Remember how those enchantments Niklaus does on our/everyone else's clothes protect from slashing but not stabbing?

You'd think that common protection enchantments being more vulnerable to stabbing would make rapiers the preferred sword.

>> No.28374731

In the dueling circuit, you don't need big hits, you need speed.

>> No.28374732


>> No.28374751


>> No.28374752

I don't think enchanted clothes are exactly common, but I see your point.

>> No.28374759

>Niklaus brand breastplate

>> No.28374760


Disappointed that you're not playing along, Luciana turns around and leads you further down the street, finally stopping at a large clothing store.

"This stop is just for Marianne," Luciana says. "This store's pretty nice, and it has a decent selection of both casual and formal clothes. And to top it off, everything they make is top quality, too!"
"This is that store you wrote to me about before?" Marianne asks.

Luciana then PULLS Marianne inside the clothing store as both you and Takamaru follow behind.

"This right here is a girl's paradise" Luciana says happily.

>talk to them as they shop?

>> No.28374769

Speaking of dueling circuits as opposed to real fights, has Reinhold or Karel or anyone else ever killed before?

I know Reinhold saw some action against bandits and such in the military but did he ever kill there and has anyone else seen real action? Karel was practically raised for the dueling circuits and Nico and Monique are guards during peace time so I'm not sure.

>> No.28374770


Offer opinions if they ask about it.

Takamura probably won't so it's up to Reinhold to play the part.

>> No.28374772

Ask Takamaru if it'd be paradise where he's from.

>> No.28374779

No, this is not a place for men

Make small talk with Takamaru and focus on guarding.

>> No.28374781


>Talk to Takamaru

>> No.28374782


No. Let them drink their fill of the delight and stay alert for assassins.

>> No.28374786

Reinhold's killed people before, as has Monique.
Karel's never been forced to do such a thing, though.

>> No.28374788

Keep to ourselves, but offer an opinion if they ask.

>> No.28374789

Word of god is he's killed a few bandits, iirc.

I asked that same question around thread 3 or 4.

>> No.28374790

For ladies I mean.
We may never get a chance to visit his country, may as well broaden our horizons.

>> No.28374791

"How can this be paradise. Idont see any food anywhere!"

>> No.28374792

>girl's paradise
Time to shut up and let them shop.

Reinhold was shanking people with knives as a kid, and he watched Volker kill a man. Add to that his military service and I'd say it's very likely.

>> No.28374796

Shit yeah we're gonna secure that princess route.

>> No.28374797

Sounds good to me.

>> No.28374800

"I'm looking around for men's paradise"
start looking around for lingerie section.

>> No.28374804

There is not a single traumatic experience Reinhold hasn't gone through before, is there?

>> No.28374805

Except, a decently strong contact with a heavier blade would snap it in half, like a child's toy. I won't comment on enchantments strengthening the blade, though I will admit when I made this comment:
I wasn't thinking about rapiers which have their edges sharpened, since that didn't seem relevant to the overall purpose of the design.

>> No.28374810


>> No.28374817

oh god. This please.

>> No.28374818


I mean, Citrine didn't die. Yet.

>> No.28374820

He had to put his dog down when it got RabAIDs

>> No.28374821

Volker did, though. So death of a loved one is already something he's went through.

>> No.28374823

Umm... He didn't have his loved ones killed in front of him. Instead they abandoned him, which may count as being more traumatic.

Let me think...

>> No.28374827

Well, he never walked on his parents holding hands.

>> No.28374830


>> No.28374832

Yeah I suppose Marie has shown herself to be somewhat comfortable with Rein's opinions about cloths in the past, so this works.

>> No.28374846


>> No.28374851

>implying killing people was traumatic for him
>implying it was not the most exhilirating moments of his life where he forgot about all the shitty moments and felt happy and alive for a change

>> No.28374854

It's Luciana I'm worried about, to be honest.

>> No.28374862

You might want to dull that edge, it's dangerous.

>> No.28374863

Firstly, I don't think a rapier is necessarily the fencing sword thing you're thinking of, they can have actual blades.
Secondly, I'm assuming he wouldn't block attacks with his rapier. Either he'd use a shield (or enchanted gear and take the hit), parry to deflect the attack rather than block it (instead of head-on colliding swords, sort of nudge it in a different direction so the swing misses) , or just dodge and use the fact he has a much lighter blade to his advantage.

>> No.28374871

Reinhold didn't grow up to be a psychopath. Or did he?

>> No.28374878

He does have a point. The adrenaline rush of combat is a hell of a thing. I know some found it quite... Entertaining, for lack of a better word. English is not my first language, forgive me.

>> No.28374884

Why do you think he doesn't want to date any girls?
He wants to kill them and stuff them and put them up in his secret basement.

>> No.28374888

I don't think he really enjoys it but I'd imagine it wouldn't really wouldn't phase him. He's been around violence his whole life and he got over watching people die in front of him as an 8 year old real quickly.

Dude is dead inside.

>> No.28374891

Reinhold can't love until the hair doll and shrine made of their bones is finished.

>> No.28374894


Adrenaline wears off afterwards though.

And killing with melee weapon is more personal than with a firearm. I imagine you can feel as the living tissue gives resistance to your weapon.

And then, what used to live... does not anymore.

>> No.28374895

To be fair in a society with magic, they needn't even be dead for that him to finish that bone shrine.

>> No.28374899

Marianne being killed would be a loss of someone we cared about, but in addition it would also mean having failed in his sworn duty, which would strike me as being a relatively new traumatic experience.

But surely Archelon wouldn't have THAT happen...

Rapiers ARE sharpened, for the most part IIRC. Ignoring the choice of hilt, an edgeless rapier would more or less just be a short estoc.

And I'm pretty sure an average small sword is even shorter and lighter than a rapier, so I dunno what you're up in arms hue about.

>> No.28374900

Every kill he makes, he takes a bone from the corpse. When the entire skeleton is finally assembled, his dark armies will drive forth into the world.

>> No.28374902

>dead inside

So perfect for Marianne, then.

>> No.28374912

>tfw mowing grass

>> No.28374915

>But surely Archelon wouldn't have THAT happen...

>> No.28374916

Well, Marianne has caught on that Reinhold probably needs as much help as she does if not more and is trying to return the favor, so yea I guess.

>> No.28374923

Needs to go farther down the deppressed or yielding.

>> No.28374928


You monster!

>> No.28374931

Patience, Anon.

>> No.28374936


And job or not, I don't see Rein leaving Marianne alone.

>> No.28374937

and you just descried why he loves it so much.

>> No.28374945

As the girls browse though racks of clothing, you turn to Takamaru.

"So would a place like this still be a girl's paradise where you're from?" you ask.
"Heh... women are the same no matter where you go," Takamaru laughs. One of my daughter's favorite things to do was shop for clothing."
"Huh, you have a daughter?"
"Yes..." he says, a wistful smile forming on his face. "...I have a wife and daughter back home. As my living expenses here are taken care of by the kingdom itself, I send all of my pay back to them."

>ask more?

>> No.28374956


>> No.28374959

>dat death flag

"So what are they like?"

>> No.28374964

Yes lets hear more about his family.

>> No.28374966


>ask more!

>> No.28374968

Yes, my suggestion got taken. Take that psychopath discussion.

This and
"Do you miss them?"

>> No.28374981

>wife and kids back home

ok so can we all agree to guard Takamaru from now on? He's clearly far more likely to die than the second main character.

>> No.28374982

I think he misses them anon.

Unless he's bitching about alimony and child support.

>> No.28374994

So I feel like I should point out that the average rapier had a blade about three feet long, with at least the first six to eight inches being razor sharp, and the rest of the sword just being sharp enough to slice to the bone.

I'm thinking maybe there's a bunch of people confusing them with stiletos or something?

>> No.28374995

I hope we get a bitches n' hoes hip hop knight.

>> No.28375006


>> No.28375009

It's always nice to ask though.

>> No.28375020

It seems kinda rude to me.
That you perceive a possibility that his answer will be negative.

I'd ask, you must miss them, what is the first thing you will do upon seeing them again?

>> No.28375022

People are confusing them with modern blunt fencing foils.

>> No.28375032

Usually when you ask a question with such an obvious answer you come off as, well, off. Of course he misses them. Asking him that is of implying there's a scenario where he wouldn't, or that we wouldn't in his situation. Huge lack of empathy and sincerity can be implied from that question.

>> No.28375039

That explains the people who thought they were unsharpened, but what about this guy >>28374691
>At least use a small sword or an estoc.

What's he imagining?

>> No.28375042

"Do you miss them?" sounds off. "Don't you miss them?", on the other hand, sounds fine.

>> No.28375053

But that sounds like it's implying he possibly doesn't even more.

>> No.28375059

I disagree completely.
I read the former as including some allowance for the possibility that they answer negative.

The latter communicates that you have already assumed that they will answer negative.

>> No.28375063

"Isn't it hard being away from them?"
How about this?

>> No.28375067


>> No.28375075

Or, you know, "You must miss them."

>> No.28375077


how about "Do you miss them a lot?"

>> No.28375084

His Dick?

I dunno, something that isn't right at any rate.

>> No.28375093

Good man Taka.
>"Must be nice having something like that waiting for you in a few months..."
Death flag is a go!

>> No.28375096

As the guy who posted:


Have you people never made small talk?
It's not offensive, it's just small talk...
Of course you can add the qualifier, do you miss them much?
Or whatever you like, end results just being polite and asking if he's coping with being away from his family.

>> No.28375103

Damn it, anon, he was two days away from retirement!

>> No.28375112

Really? How many others see it like that? Are you native english speakers? It sounds much more conversational to me, people don't always use "don't you x" in a question to imply the opposite.

"don't you think that sounds alright?", for example

is the same kind of thing. If you swapped out 'miss them' for 'find it hard being away from them' you'd have "don't you find it hard being away from them?", which is effectively the same as the one you think is better.
this is all moot btw, he's started writing already

>> No.28375115

"What're they like, if you don't mind my asking?" you ask.
"They're both very quiet, and enjoy ladylike hobbies like gardening. Much different from King Celestino's younger daughters," Takamaru replies.
"Yeah, Princess Luciana isn't really what you can call quiet..."
"Not at all," he says with a chuckle. "When I was first assigned to her, I thought that the King's daughter had been replaced by a kitsune. Fortunately, I as mistaken."

"Kitsu... wha?" you ask.
"Ah, you've never encountered them before?" Takamaru replies. "They are a rare sight in my homeland, but they do lurk around elsewhere as well... magical foxes who take the form of beautiful women and lead men astray. And they are able to interbreed with humans, thus creating more of their kind."
"That sounds kind of..."
"Yes, it is farfetched," Takamaru sighs. "But I've seen them with my own eyes, the rage-filled eyes of a kitsune whose husband had been slain by an assassin's blade... her rage took the form of flame itself and it was all I could do to avoid being caught in the inferno she created."


>> No.28375126


>[x] "I meant to say AWESOME"

>> No.28375128

>pseudo-east-asia has japanese mythical creatures


there's a typo, "Fortunately, I as mistaken"

>> No.28375131



>> No.28375137

>Loyal kitsune waifus

AAAAAAAAAAAH this world just keeps getting more perfect!

>> No.28375138

Takamaru's from !Japan. !China is to the west of [continent that Granache and Marconetti and the others] occupy.

>> No.28375145

is this confirmed?

do we have a map yet?

>> No.28375149

Too bad Reinhold is likely to have PTSD breakdowns when dealing with the seductive/assertive types. No kitsune waifus for him.

>> No.28375154

Simple, the rapier is a thrusting weapon foremost, that is the only way you will get a killing blow with out snapping the blade in half. The other swords I mentioned rely on the same method to produce that result with out being quite as stupidly fragile.

>> No.28375155

Pretty sure. No idea on the map.

>> No.28375158

My only complaint was that this quest lacked fluffy tail, and now it has it, if only in a background-lore sense. All is right with the world.

>> No.28375163

Kon pisses me off so much.

>> No.28375164

>Volker was assassinated by dragons
I hope some dragon accuses us of having the sword that killed his father

>> No.28375165


Always touch fluffy tail.

>> No.28375173

You know you only need to go about an inch into a person to poke a hole in any organ you care to name. And the blade part opened any opf those pesky viens and arteries human beings happened to have.

I think you have confused dueling and thrusting, and I think you have confused thrusting and stabbing.

>> No.28375174

This is... I don't even...
I love you arch, don't ever change.

>> No.28375176


What if it's a dragoness?

Do we Give her the "sword"?

Archelon, you better have some HAPPENING prepared for the ball!

>> No.28375182


>> No.28375183


"Uh... wow," you reply, unsure of how to take that.
"...but yes, Princess Luciana is similar in temperament to one," Takamaru replies. "The way she toys with men is similar, and also the way she's set her sights on you... but I am glad that my initial suspicion was false, as she is easily the cleverest of her father's children. It is a shame that she won't be the one to succeed him to the throne."

"From what she's said, I doubt she'd enjoy that very much anyways," you reply.
"Yes... I feel sorry for her that she is to be denied the life she desires," Takamaru sighs. "But she is a dutiful daughter, so it can't be helped. The best I can hope for her is that the King ends up choosing a husband for her who is actually worthy of marrying her."

Yeah, that really is something to worry about.


>> No.28375196

Dragons and kitsunes and elementals... oh god the waifu wars so far were only foreshadowing for what is to come.

>> No.28375198


Remark that most of the nobles we've met so far at the castle were all pretty cool guys.

>> No.28375202

>not waifuing the parasitic crystals

>> No.28375206

We done, I guess?

>> No.28375210

What are we supposed to do arch?

>> No.28375211

I feel like waifuing a crystal sword would solve a lot of problems.

>> No.28375214


I know, right?

>> No.28375219

is it over? you are leaving us?

>> No.28375223

No prompt? You still got more or are you done for the night or what?

>> No.28375224

>Kitsune went nuclear when her husbando died

I can respect this level of LOYALTY.


>> No.28375227


Guard the princess(es)

>> No.28375234

we have tina-chan.

>> No.28375238

We really should mess with that bracelet more.

>> No.28375239


"Hey Reinhold, come over here for a minute!" Luciana calls out.
"Uh, okay?" you reply as you and Takamaru head to where the two princesses are checking out dresses.
"I hate to interrupt your manly discussion time, but I was wondering... what do you think of this dress right here?"

Luciana then holds up a tight-looking red dress that has tons of cleavage, as Marianne lets out a long sigh.

"Seriously, this isn't even funny," Marianne mutters under her breath. "You know the white one is better," she says, holding a more proper-looking white dress up so that it doesn't touch the floor.

>yeah, the sexy dress is nice
>no, the white one is better

>> No.28375246

>no, the white one is better
Sex scares Reinhold.

>> No.28375247


Do you have hairy breasts? No? Then the cleavage is too deep.

>> No.28375251

>no, the white one is better

>> No.28375253

>>no, the white one is better

>> No.28375256

>no, the white one is better
Damnit, Lucianna. What did Marie tell you last night?

>> No.28375257

>no, the white one is better
Gotta stay classy.

>> No.28375260

I think you look best with no dress

>> No.28375261

>Hide erection
>Flagellate self in the bathroom while crying

>> No.28375263

>no, the white one is better

>> No.28375264

>no, the white one is better

>> No.28375265

Well, if it's also low-back or backlesHNNNNNNNG

>Would that dress be appropriate for the party?

>> No.28375267

Goddamnit Anon you're going to get our hand held

>> No.28375275

"Depends on the where and in whose company you are wearing it."

>> No.28375277

"The Red Dress suits your personality, though it would probably give the wrong impression. The White dress looks just as nice in a different way, though."

>> No.28375281

>no, the white one is better
I'm really feeling like Lucianna is just a bit too forward for Reinhold to be comfortable with.

>> No.28375283

>>no, the white one is better
Whore clothing reminds Reinhold of Bad Times.

>> No.28375285

Not if we hold hands first

>> No.28375289

"The white one. The Red dress is pretty, but it's a little too forward."

>> No.28375290

Rienhold would rather chop it off than put it out there like that.

>> No.28375293

>the whore dress you picked out just to fuck with me fits your personality

That's not a compliment, anon.

>> No.28375297

It's not funny but I laughed.

>> No.28375298


"Depends on what sort of person you want to attract at the Ball."

>> No.28375299

>yeah, the sexy dress is nice

Cause fuck all you betas.

>> No.28375303

>no, the white one is better

>> No.28375305

>>no, the white one is better
Virginal dress GO!

>> No.28375306

>no, the white one is better

Choose your princess /tg/

>> No.28375309


Shut it mark.

>> No.28375313

This day is disappointment after disappointment for Luciana. Will two weeks be enough to cure her of the disease known as love?

>> No.28375322

You sure showed us, anon.

>> No.28375328

Nah she's just gonna refine her approach.

She also didn't say who the dress was for so she still might turn this one around.

>> No.28375330

Perhaps its for the best then, we will just replace it with a sword hand

>> No.28375331


>Revealing clothing is whore clothing

Check yo'self afore ye wreck yo'self

>> No.28375335

I'm fully expecting a "ha ha I knew it he's got hots for teacher (Marianne)," and then going to jump off a bridge.

Or just it being for Marianne.

>> No.28375349

It's almost 7AM so I think this will be all for now, guys.
Fun thread, and it's amusing to see that some people are trying to read this on the fourth level..

The next thread shall be tomorrow, though I can't run for too late. Might try and start it early, but I can't promise anything.

Thanks for playing!

>> No.28375351

You an cool bro OP

>> No.28375357


Cheers for the fun, OP, it was great.

>> No.28375359

We get ADVENTURE when?

>> No.28375362

You just reminded me of Razorfist, saddest character in Marvel history.

>> No.28375366


Thanks for the thread arch!

>> No.28375367

What's the fourth level?

>> No.28375370

Thanks for the run arch.

>> No.28375396

I was thinking more along the lines of that guy from the animated Camelot movie

>> No.28375403

Anyone archive this one yet?

>> No.28375407

G'night bro, stay classy.

>> No.28375408

That's a lot better.

Poor Razorfist, I always feel so bad for him.

>> No.28375421

though i suppose with reinhold trama he could easily be a jack scissorhands

>> No.28375448 [SPOILER] 

Man I can't wait for the actual party. I wonder what the HAPPENING will be?

Assassination? An all-out attack? Some sort of public spat developing over Reinhold's attention? Spinelle? Suddenly kitsune and/or dragon waifu? A series of hilariously improbable closed-room murders?

>> No.28375464

To a certain extent, I kind of feel like we avoided the big events on this trip. But I also feel like we acted completely in-character.

>> No.28375531

wut? we didnt avoid anything big.

>> No.28375545

I think he means more that we didn't really get involved with the big stuff.

>> No.28375548

Is it just my imagination, or has Reinhold been more dull recently. I think a combination of tragic backstory exposition and people being afraid that if we make jokes with any of the girls then WE ARE LOCKED IN THEIR ROUTE FOREVER NO BACKSIES is making people go for the most bland options.

Could just be my imagination, it just feels that way.

>> No.28375549

Did Luciana hit on us a lot harder than usual this thread?

>> No.28375555

It's not obvious?

>> No.28375567


I'm really not sure what her gameplan is, considering she admitted in her conversation with Marianne that it wouldn't work out as things currently stand.

I feel like she's plotting something.

Or she just wants a fuckbuddy.

>> No.28375592

Going to the grave. We had two opportunities to choose to head there but we turned them both down. Also seeing the Adventurer's guild.

Nothing I don't expect to happen later, so it's not a big deal, but still.

Luciana is a hard character to get a grip on since she often isn't completely serious. I'm honestly not sure how much is teasing Reinhold and Marie and how much is legitimate flirting. She isn't the type to actually pursue Reinhold, after all.

I honestly have this sneaking suspicion that she might be shipping him with Marie. No substantial evidence for this, but a few things just feel like that.

>> No.28375622


It just might be.

All that flirting? Its to just marianne to finally flare up and poke her to covert rein actively.

>> No.28375635

Touching the fluffy tail isn't always the best or wisest course.

>> No.28375638

>I honestly have this sneaking suspicion that she might be shipping him with Marie.

I had also considered that, but what does HER flirting with us accomplish? What's her endgame? If we were thinking with our dick like a typical 18-year-old male she'd run the risk of us becoming infatuated with her. Is it all an elaborate ruse to trick Marie into becoming more aggressive to counter her?

>> No.28375647

Considering she got told last night that being forward and aggressive was something that would make Reinhold uncomfortable, and then starts being a lot more forward and aggressive the next day, she might just be trying to make Marie look better than her.

>> No.28375653

I'm gonna hop on this >>28375622 guy's train of thought. With how blatant and forward she's being now, I think she might just be trying to get Marie worked up into actually saying something. Either an outburst of "that's ENOUGH, Luciana" or privately and firmly chastising her so that Luciana gets more to needle her about ("Oh? Just how much do you care, Marie?")

>> No.28375655

All of us try to read over our levels now thanks to Kubo.

>> No.28375667

That does make sense now that I think about it.

>> No.28375769

Reinhold becomes bland when faced with tragic backstory and romance.


>> No.28375921

Or maybe Luciana has always been an assertive girl and is continuing to be assertive towards the person she likes. We don't need a conspiracy theory to explain this.

>> No.28375943

That would mean she's either stupid or blatantly insensitive, considering she was warned that this isn't something Reinhold would appreciate. She's not stupid, and while her just being a bitch at heart isn't impossible I really don't see that being the case.

>> No.28375972

She was warned that rape jokes would not be appreciated. She wasn't told off hitting on him.

More importantly, refusing to show her true colors is a terrible, terrible foundation for a relationship. If she's seriously considering him, she has to be herself.

>> No.28375984

It was the "push him down" comment and commnets like that Marianne told her to avoid.

>"Jokes about doing things like pushing him down. Don't do that around him."

>> No.28375988

Alright, then I guess she's just stupid, because her current tactics are about as productive as trying to break a brick wall with a baseball.

>> No.28376018

It's not her fault that we've written ourselves into a corner. I wish we could return her feelings.

>> No.28376020


Not just written.

DM fiat already says shes not an option.

>> No.28376026

Bullshit. The only DM fiat is no harem route ever.

>> No.28376056

Stupid or not, she's cuter than Sylvie when she's nervous.

>> No.28376072


Lucianna route is not closed due to Arch's fiat, but due to waifufaggots being faggots and scared of routelocking.

And this will continue until one of the following happens:

1) enough waifufaggots lose interest in the quest due to Reinhold's asexual shenanigans
2) OP quits due to real life pressure being too much or loses interest in the audience
3) OP locks us in a route deliberately, forcing non-chosen waifufaggots to deal with it or leave, probably after causing some grief as tantruming fags do.
4) Everyone gentlemanly agrees not to vote on stupid things just to spite someone else.

I'm guessing 2 or 3.

>> No.28376082

>3) OP locks us in a route deliberately, forcing non-chosen waifufaggots to deal with it or leave, probably after causing some grief as tantruming fags do.

I feel that has happened before in another story.

>> No.28376111

>voters don't want Reinhold to do anything sexual before addressing the Spinelle in the room
>oh they must all be waifufaggots scared of a routelock
Bite me.

>> No.28376300


>I'm just a honest to God roleplayer who is trying to roleplay deeply emotionally scarred young man that has been raped as a child, and I do it by deliberately ignoring female advances and when they get explicit tell them that I've been raped and don't feel like having a girlfriend, or that I'm gay.

That's bullshit but I believe it.

>> No.28376424


Reinhold needs to be able to admit and be capable of talking to others about what happened to him before he can move forward. When Citrine first brought her up, the subject was quickly changed.

Reinhold still has issues. And it's really going to take someone else forcing them to the surface and talking about it in private for him to move forward.

>> No.28376441

Not that guy but I just plain don't see Reinhold warming up to a girl all that quickly. I think it would take him a quite a bit of time to become comfortable enough with a person to be intimate with them, just like Marianne is because of her issues. Yet a portion of the cast fell for him real quickly after meeting him because they don't have those issues to deal with. These girls coming on strongly or explicitly is a lot like if we tried to waifu the princess without hitting Man rank or whatever, it's just not going to work.

>> No.28376465

>Reinhold still has issues. And it's really going to take someone else forcing them to the surface and talking about it in private for him to move forward.
And the best way to achieve that is frustrating every girl around him until they get fed up and drag it out.

>> No.28376608

he is not frustrating anyone. he told sylvie in no uncertain words he doesnt want a relationship right now and luci said herself it is impossible for them anyways without even waiting for a reply from him. and there are no other girls who openly have any feelings for him.
i dont get people trying to force relationships. they act and talk like it is the weirdest thing reinhold is not in a relationship, like one cannot go on more than a few weeks without a girlfriend.

>> No.28376629

also considering in that world Reinold hasn't been a bodyguad for a little more then a month.

Frankly I believe the reason he got to this point in terms of relationships was due to his friendly disposition. Also Sylvie and Luciana has a healthy attraction ten rather then love I belive.

>> No.28376642

The issue is that certain people seem to think that because a route lock is still far off it's okay to treat every girl they encounter like their not-girlfriend and grind flags without consequence until route locking comes up.

Basically, they want a pseudo-harem route until archelon finally forces them to choose.

Which is stupid.

>> No.28376661

>he is not frustrating anyone. he told sylvie in no uncertain words he doesnt want a relationship right now
To which her reply was PLEASE LET ME FIX YOU REINHOLD!

>> No.28376670

She basically friend-zoned herself.

>> No.28376693

I foresee misery for all in this quest's future

>> No.28376725

How was she supposed to respond to that? Without breaking out of her shy comfort zone?

>> No.28376729

Who for? Because I don't think I quite have the bust to pull off the red one."

>> No.28376772


Joke's on you. I have too much faith in OP's prudence.


This is actually pretty good.

>> No.28376800

I like this

>> No.28376811

And it was really dumb. I used to want Sylvie but she really needs to pick a different guy. She's not really equipped to handle Reinhold's issues at all.

On top of that, the major reason she started liking Reinhold is because he asked her to teach him magic. Sylvie is a giant magic nerd and she was happy to have someone to discuss magic with since Nico and Marie both weren't doing it anymore by the time she started. She's mentioned this a lot. However, Reinhold is mostly just learning it for his job. He treats it very practically and his focus is on improving his swording and guarding over magic itself. She clung on to the first nice guy who seemed to share her passion, but Reinhold doesn't really share that passion at all.

Sylvie would be much better off picking a guy with less baggage and actually cares about the things she cares about.

>> No.28376834

"Speaking as a bodyguard, part of my job is to give Princess Marianne the freedom to wear what she likes.

It probably wont come as a surprise to find the bodyguard prefers the one that exposes the least body, though.

For selfish reasons of course. It makes my job easier."

>> No.28376911

>However, Reinhold is mostly just learning it for his job. He treats it very practically and his focus is on improving his swording and guarding over magic itself.
I'm super-interested in getting Reinhold some anime as fuck incantations going as soon as it's feasible. Reinhold should share my passion

>> No.28376930

Actually, since either outfit is near-useless defensively, wouldn't the one that makes his job easier be the one that makes it easiest to assess wounds? That is, the one showing more skin.

>> No.28376950


Nobody is equipped to handle 10+ diverging characters in one body.

And major reason she started liking Reinhold is that he's a good looking male person of her age that also exhibits some character traits she deems attractive. Or used to, anyway.

Your assumption that he treats magic as just a bothersome chore he HAS to master to some degree to keep an edge is probably based of the few votes that wanted to ignore magic completely because "oh noes, we're a swordsman, multiclassing into wizard is extra heretical".

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