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Which kind of Orcs faces do you prefer, /tg/ ?

Modern Warcraft/Warhammer Tusked underbite?
The Green pig people route?
Or The bull dog faced complete with Dog Jowls?

Bonus question: Whats your favorite colour(s) of Orc?

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Yellow pig orcs are best orcs.

Though I'm also partial to bestial tusked purple orcs.

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>Yellow pig orcs are best orcs.

That is the weirdest combination I have heard in a while.

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That looks like SMT artwork. Google didn't give source. Am I correct?

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You would be correct, nice spot.

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I like a sickly yellowy-green mostly, and for style of orcs I prefer monstrous but not pig/dog face, seems too much like animal peoples (like cow people rather than minotaurs) for me and makes them not-orcs.

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I prefer a mix of the Warcraft Underbite orc from growing up playing warcraft 2-3 with a mix of Bull dog thrown in there, like, mostly with the ears and the jowls. Especially when they get older.

I also think the 'best' orc skin colours are: Black, Red, and Brown and any variation of tone or shade bleeding into those colours is fine.

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Elder Scrolls / LotR type. Basically just rough, burly elves.

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Pulp orcs are best orcs.

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I ran a campaign where orcs were orca-people, just for a laugh. I think it worked okay.

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WCIII blood pact orc master race reporting.

I also liked the blademaster spin in particular, casting orcs as more of a noble, samuraiesque warrior-at-all-costs race than a pillaging horde of brutes.

...which they still were, but yknow.

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>WCIII blood pact orc master race reporting.

Mah nigga.

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