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hey /tg/ got my hands on a nerf swarmfire, need some inspiration, leaning towards making it orky looking. The normal paint job lends itself well to the idea. Let's get some ork guns or warhammer 40k weapons in general, also other recomendations.

image related, nerf swarmfire being shot by cool guy

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You could take bits of plastic and some spare nuts and bolts and have "rivets" placed around the large, bare sides.

Top it off with some metallic or colored, rusty paint, and you've got a suitably orky weapon.

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Glue some plastic knives to it.

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You could also wrap the grip with some spare cloth, maybe cut the stock off to give it a proppa shoota look.

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the stock is actually removable, thinking of making the stock black and white checkered so it's still orky when I've got it

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Okay, but the name of the game is few colors. Don't make it too pretty, y'know? Two colors seems about enough. (Checkered counts as one color. Use a main color and one more for accents, like grip or pump action.)

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That's good to know. So an old worn out metal look would probably go best then use either yellow or checkered as accents?

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Metal flaked with rust, yellow strips for edging, and blocks of checkered areas. Maybe one of the bolted-on plates is checkered.

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I would say rusted out metal would be cool, or just tarnished metal in general.

Really, secondary colors are your choice. Checkered is probably the most identifiably orky, though, because it's the Goffs. It stands out really well compared to other colors, however it might look weird if you have to go around something. Most checkered patterns look good on a flat surface, but, if it's rounded too much, it might look wonky.

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There's one or two flat panels on the weapon I was thinking of leaning towards for the checker design, the real trick is painting a design like that to look weathered a scuffed up but not bad.
I also feel the gun's utter lack of rain or iron sight is terribly orky alone.

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I'm not sure how to do that, but I'm sure you can look up tutorials. I would think adding darker shades would help it to look dirtier. Maybe airbrushed, or something.

Well, if you have to aim down sights, you're night fighting like an ork.

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Kinda reminds me of the old Ork plasma guns.

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Nah, Orks use sights.

After all, it helps to know where you should be looking for their head exploding after you've hit 'em.

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