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You're sitting by the bar.
Waitress passes your tab.
Your damage is 58,336 credits.
You have 2050 credits in your account.
The bar is run by a notorious bike gang made up of alpha male bad asses. They can totally kick your ass and rape your girlfriend just because.
What do?

Oh and by the way, you only have a SMG with 25 rounds. Accuracy is absolute shit, reliability is made in china-tier, damage is a joke.

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>and rape your girlfriend
But i have no girlfriend.

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Use your imagination, like you do those times in the shower

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That is a least of your problems, boy.

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dat trips speaking the truth
all of my top kek

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>satanic trips

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They're going to rape your hand, then.

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>Your damage is 58,336 credits.

My SMG deals more damage the more money i have?

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That's not all.
You also have to consider how fucking high that tab is.
Let's face it. If we're drinking that much, we probably don't even have a reason to live. It's either to satisfy our alcoholic tendencies, or an escape from our shitty ghetto ass life.

So come on OP, give us one good reason why we shouldn't just destroy all our credits and dare them to kill us?

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keeping this one forever

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with a tab so high we're probably dead already.

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>Directed by M. Night Shamaylan

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>Waitress brings tab
>Client pays only 2050 credits
>Ruckus starts, he is shot full of bullets
>As smoke clears the gangers see...
he was dead all along!
turns out soul of the earth is sending clients like this to all bars to reduce the number of bullets in the world, bring world peace and lead humans to enlightenment

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I'd see it.

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You forgot the part where he takes a shit on a popular franchise

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This is the official 40k movie

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>alpha male bad asses
You fucking kidding me now?

I'd probably offer to do the dishes.

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It's a Halo movie

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>bad asses
Do they stink or something? Because i'm not raping any stinking ass! Tell them to take a shower and crowl back. Then i might consider using them

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easy but you need to buy couple of things

Somone how buys this stuff for you
50 Credits -- a rope
200 Credits--a couple of Otters
20 Credits-- some pretzels
250 Credits-- 2l Gas
20 Credits-- a lighter
?? Credits-- a empty 2l bottle
200 Credits-- a CD player
40 Credits-- Duct Tape
100 Credits-- Beethoven Symphony 5

880 Credits Total
1.Fill the Gas into the Bottle
2.use the duct tape to attache the lighter onto the Bottle
3. cut the rope in three pieces and tie up a pretzel to evry rope
4.wrap the ropes around the bottle and realese the otters who will try to eat the pretzels
5.put the lighter on and make a hole in the bottle
6. press the start button on your Cd-player while the gas is flowing out
7. climb on a table and start laughing like a mad scientist while the gas and the otters around it start burning
8.the otters are on fire now and run around the bar. The People freak out and will run to the exits.

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9. grab the duct tape, jump out of a window, grab the sweetest loli you can find and use the duct tape.
10. Go home and fap

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Since I have no gf for the burly, alpha men to rape, as Satan here >>28335666 so aptly pointed out, maybe I could be my own girlfriend for the night~

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