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Playing in a one thousand point tourney and had to deal with two motherfucking Wraithknights.

In one game it was his commander. Now how the shit are the Eldar able to circumvent the feudal system and have knights outrank lords?

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His army is painted cooler than yours.
He deserved the win

>not having 2 riptides

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I play Guard and my Eldar opponent brought a Wratihknight and Eldrad on a 1,250 point game. Two on a 1,000 point game is just being a dick.

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So you have to kill 10 wraithguard and stand on an objective to win.

Man up.

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why are wraith knights so hard to deal with? are you not tau? just blast them to death with railguns

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My Tau are old. I painted them the first week of release when I was 16. These are in my new scheme.

I have one Riptide. It didn't do nearly as much damage as my Kroot. I actually think it's great for point denial, but it doesn't do enough damage.

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You make it sound so easy.

I had two Broadsides with railguns and those hit on 4 and wound on 4 with one shot, and then it still gets its invulnerable and has six wounds. Both hitting and wounding every turn would still take tree turns.

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it;s a supplement, also that supplement doesn't actually change the FO of a wraithknight, it just allows it to be your Warlord, while it is still a heavy support. That guy has to still have an HQ choice with them. I am guessing it was a modified FO for that tourney though, cause I don't see an HQ and 2 troop choices in that pic.

Or they just aren't shown.

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I literally couldn't stop laughing for a good minute at the feudal system joke.
Yeah eldar are tricksy

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Why is that battlesuit wearing a loincloth?

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Ive found the best answer for Riptides/Wraithknights are sniper rifles. Granted it usually takes until turn three. I play Imperial Guard if that matters. IG monsterous creatures when.

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Never thought of that. You use SWS or VS to shoot with sniper rifles?

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I dont understand the question, SWS and VS? Generally you use the shooters ballistic skill. All sniper weapons as far as I know are the same and are detailed in the BRB. 36" range. Wounds on a 4+ and on it 6 no armor saves allowed/glances a vehicle. Ive taken out a Riptide and a Wraithknight back to back with 7 BS4 snipers.

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Special Weapon Squads or Veteran Squads. They both can take three special weapons. Since they'e BS4 I take it you used Veterans?

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>complaining about cheese merchants in a tourney

you brought this upon yourself

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Hangs out with Kroot too much

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Ignore them or assault them? Its no different then a Nurgle Dp.

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>Taking Wraithknights with Suncannons
Especially in a 1k tournament, that's stupid.

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>assaulting a Wraithknight as Tau.

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You do realize your snipers were incredibly lucky, right? On average it takes about 80 BS4 sniper shots to take down a Riptide without a shield boost.

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2 36" S10 AP1 Distors shots is better than 3 48" S6 AP2 blasts with a 5++ save and the ability to fire an additional weapon?

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>Tau player complaining

Why should we care?

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Oh hey IG, your armored sentinels are cute, I'd hold hands with one

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Because Eldar get an OP unit that can easily kill Tau's OP unit.

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Wraithknights aren't OP, they're ridiculously expensive and can't even put out much firepower.

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WK gets cover all the time anyways. Eldar don't need more ways to deal with MEQ and Terminators but can use all the extra S10 they can get.

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S10 T8 W6
2 Instant Death 36" Guns
Add a Scatter Laser so you can reroll your missed shots

They are overpowered

Doesn't matter if something is expensive, it's overpowered and very difficult to deal with.

Jetbike Seer Council is overpowered, expensive as all hell, but still overpowered.

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>2 Instant Death 36" Guns
>Add a Scatter Laser so you can reroll your missed shots

Can the WK fire more than 2 guns a turn? Because it's 2 S10 shots or 1 S10 shot and 1 scatter laser.

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Ah, yes. I take they on a squad of veterans and my CCS for a total of 7. I feel like SWS arent great unless you give them flamers.

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Oh my two one shot guns, that tactical squad is utterly terrified of your capacity to kill two of their number.

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You're paying Land Raider money for 2 S10 shots. And where do they need S10, they got plenty of anti-tank shit.

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WK kills Tac squads in assault, not shooting. It's an aggressive piece, not a riptide.

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Oh my mistake, forget the scatter laser, still BS4 though.

WKs aren't used on common soldiers.

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Holy fuck, how do you kill this shit in CC without powerfists or rending?

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You're paying Land Raider money for an S10 Jump MC that can also reach out and pop a tank or ID some battlesuits/cents/paladins from 3'. Serpents are good for killing troops and light transports, but it's hard to crack AV14 as Eldar without sacrificing a unit to do it (Dragons, Wraithguard). Wraithknight lets you do just that.

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The irony is that while Tau, Eldar and crons have all soared to the top xenos players still bitch and whine about 'not enough GW love'

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Nearly every Eldar weapon has rending now

3 Eldar Guardians (27 points) could shoot a WK down in one shooting phase.

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>You're paying Land Raider money for an S10 Jump MC that can also reach out and pop a tank or ID some battlesuits/cents/paladins from 3'.

Battlesuits die to S8 and didn't know Centurions and Paladins were such a troublesome opponents.

>it's hard to crack AV14 as Eldar

Star lance is literally as good against AV14 as a S10 weapon and so far haven't come across an Eldar army that was lacking in them. Then there's also Haywire grenades and shit.

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but what about as a Black Templa, how do you kill it in close combat without powerfistsr? because fuck eldar

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Iridium Commanders are T5 and like to stand in front. Helps to ID that shit.

Single shot Bright Lances aren't reliable for anti-tank unless you're taking a boatload of them, take it from a Ravager user.

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Shurikens get AP2 on sixes, but they don't get true Rending. What are you on about?

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Yes, lets take the S10 guns on the off-chance the opponent is fielding a single T5 battlesuit.

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you're using ratlings aren't you?

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Iridium Commander shows up in every competitive Tau list in tourneys.

Stay casual.

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You shoot at it with anti-tank weaponry from a distance.

S8 AP3 until it's dead

>Bladestorm: When a weapon with this special rule rolls a 6 To Wound, the target is wounded automatically and the Wound is resolved at AP2.

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>tourney lists are the only lists

You's still using a 240pts. model to take on a single dude now worth even close to that and who can be taken out with a whole host of other weapons just fine. Fucking shuriken weapons auto-wound and are AP2 on a to wound roll of 6.

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>Tau support IC
>single dude
Not very good at this, are we?

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Did I count wrong? Is not a single (1) IC with a 1 per army signature system a single (1) dude?

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>what are force multipliers

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Are you unfamiliar with how Tau play at high levels? Tau Commanders take 3-4 sig systems and hide in a twinked-out battlesuit squad to blow up units. Farsight Bombs are especially notorious for this. Wraithknights are efficient removal tools for such lists which inevitably show up in tournament play.

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Since when did 2000+pts. games become the norm?

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with the meta shift. ratilings are a VERY underestimated unit.

100 points for 10 sniper rifles with infiltrate and stealth.

granted they only have LD 6. but there are ways to get around that.

i have been running 20 ratlings in my IG list.

1st time everyone pays no attention to them... then i shoot. suddenly they are priority target because they open up wraithknights like nobody business.

they are not so good vs riptides because i really need a 6 to wound to get the rending because 2+ save.

but yeah. 20 shots = 13 ish hits = 6.5 wounds 2 of which are rending..

so wraithknights take 2 wounds and then 4 saves fail one and are now down to 3 wounds or 1 or 2 if im lucky.

another volly of squat sniper fire and its down.

marine sniper scouts work to. and if you take marines you also get sweet sweet grav guns.

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>playing on tables with this little cover

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MFW I think about plopping my all white scars grav biker army across from this guy, and seeing his boner instantly die.

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I didn't want to start a brand new thread for a rules question, so im gonna ask to offtopic the thread a little bit. but would y'all lovely guys mind answering a rules question for me and my nooby friends? If you charge into someone else who charged in the last round, is it a disorganized charge? does the previous charger still have the +1 initiative and attack?

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Wouldn't having 2 guns of the same type be better than 1 TL one?

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The new eldar codex is really making me want to get into warhammer again. I started when i was like 14 or some shit so i just bought the units I thought were cool, meaning my army as a whole was pretty bad, no overarching strategy.

Right now for vehicles i have a couple wave serpents and a fire prism. Along with those i have about 20 dire avengers, 10 striking scorpions, 5 dark reapers and 5 rangers/pathfinders. for an HQ I have maugan ra.

What do i need to get to make a good army out of this

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Yes. That's why Tau take double plasmas/meltas/missile pods instead of TL'ing these days. What's your point?

Disorganized charge only happens when one unit charges multiple other units. You don't get +1 Init when charging anyway.

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/tg/ needs to learn suck it up and recognize that as long as something doesn't violate the rules or a prearranged agreement it's a completely valid tactic.

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>2 Wraithknights

My heart can't handle that thought.

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wait.... are wraith knights T10 or some shit?

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S8 vs. T8 = 4+ to wound.

>> No.28333006

Railsides got nerfed hard.

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Which is a pity, because I love their new look.

I am baffled at why they didn't get a toughness increase, which would drastically change their viability as it would make them immune to krak ID.

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oh wow, railguns are s8 now... sad. wasnt that the whole damned point of being tau?

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They are immune to krak ID. 2+, remember?

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Well, not immune. Less vulnerable.
Railguns are still glorious, but only hammerheads have them. Broadsides have a "Heavy Rail Rifle". Basically an upgunned version of the pathfinder weapon.

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No, railguns are still S10. Broadsides got slapped with S8 heavy rail rifles.

To whom did this come as a surprise, the weapons are tiny compared to the hammerhead railguns. Though to be fair, they should have been 2 shot. There's way too big of a dip between S7 and S8+ number of shots. You have S7 weapons with 2, 3, even 4 shots. But turn S8 and it's single shot across the board.

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did you check his list

those things with that gear are 300 points each

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He would have probably not had much more than the wraithknights, a farseer and 2 guardian squads.

Why are people incapable of ignoring the fire magnets?

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Guardians' weapons can't hurt a WK

it has T8 vs there S4 shots

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>talking about Eldar
>not know about Bladestorm
srsly dude eldar are quite silly sometimes

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On what reasoning does a Wraithknight outrank a Wraithlord? Because it's bigger and tougher? So an Ogryn is of higher rank than a Guard officer?

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Bladestorm is Rending without the anti vehicle bonuses. Shuriken weapons get Bladestorm.

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It's really not relevant as wraithlords and knights aren't even in the same category.

They're called knights because they're knight class titan level vehicles.

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>What is bladestorm?
>What is auto-wounding at AP2 on to wound roll of 6?
>Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me?

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they are still AP 1 at least right?
was oredika

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You do realize this is why I'm asking why "knight trumps lord" in OP's opinion, right?

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Charge a full crusader squad at it and melta bomb/krak grenade/powerfist it to death.

>> No.28335150

>yfw he rolls out his Wave Serpents and uses them to screen his Wraithknight
>yfw you have no face because you are already dead

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Well, your tank front is good, you got your DAs for the contents of Wave Serpents, Rangers are pretty dope. Scorpions are pretty dope against hordes, something that Serpent spam can't quite handle. Reapers and Maugan Ra aren't the top dogs, but still can be useful. Get a Farseer, put him on a jetbike. Get some jetbikes. Also consider a squad of Warp Spiders, they're crazy.

Honestly, with the stuff you have right now, you're already good for friendly games.

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Get a Xenos inquisitor with grenades and psyker level 1 for Hammerhand, ally with SoBs for some of dem priests, and stick 'em in a blob of 50 guardsmen. You are ready to RIP AND TEAR through an army of Wraithknights.

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Priests are in the guard codex.

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That's because the ones bitching are ork and tyranid players.

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