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Whats the best name a kingdom has ever had and why is it Númenor

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are you prepared to back up your claim that Númenor is numero uno when it comes to the quality of named kingdoms?

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Harad here. Men of the north a shit.

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Angband.(altough not really being a kingdom)

all of them sound better.

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How does it feel to loose a mumakil to 1 elf?

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Why would you need to name your empire?

Why not just


Oh, wait, gotta give it some scale.

How about


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Ângmâr was here, Numenor a shit.

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Needs moar scale.


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The kingdom of Ankh-Morpork laughs at Numenor

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How does it feel to lose an entire civilization to one imprisoned demigod?

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How about we just keep Numenor before we end with a paragragh

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It's too long now. Time to go back to just The Empire.

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The Kingdom of Arda under its rightful lord, Melkor.

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Some years ago when I was doing some world building for fun I named a kingdom "Good land"

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Dukedom of Gran Soren reporting in, fools.

Captcha suggests Laualit 396

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>You will never fight for lord Melkor

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>Gran Soren

sounds like an old woman

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The British Empire

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>You will never fight for lord Melkor
This never stops hurting...

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>you won't get to bring order to chaos for Lord Sauron the Great

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>sounds like an old woman
>Soren means Stern, Thunder and War

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I-it's okay. It's not that bad... right?

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N-no, anon, we'll manage. We've always managed.

At least the elves are gone.

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Do you even Dagor Dagorath? (It wouldn't end well for you, but you could do it.)

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Fuck Humans!
Shire all day, every day.

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All for the Padishah Emperor.

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>imprisoned demigod

I wonder how many mumakil that could kill.
1 Elf certainly can't destroy Numenor

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When are they going to get around to making a decent Dune movie?

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I liked Lynch's movie. It's a beautiful trainwreck of a movie.

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Why is Rule 63 Sauron so damn popular here? Guy was just a stooge who tried and failed to pick up the pieces the Devil dropped when he lost.

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I don't think it's rule 63, either way it's adorable.

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Actually it's just bishi Sauron, as in, it still has a penis.

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The Final Empire

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Well this is a particular level of stupid, though ironically enough bishonen Anatar works. cept not that animu as fuck

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You know, that would be much sexier if I didn't know she was only 3 or 4 feet tall.

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I will say this, it definitely fits more with Sauron's more hands-off approach to things. Probably my favorite part about LOTR is the fact that Sauron's always felt but never seen.

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but she barely even has to kneel down

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No, fuckwit, you're a goldsmith or a jeweler. You're making jewelry, not nails and horseshoes of power.

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Yeah, so can you imagine how well she'll fit in your arms as you snuggle in the after glow?

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He made them in a forge so whatever that means. And he was specifically said to be skilled in smithcraft beyond any since Feanor.

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