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Nevermore need i be sad again! Rejoice!

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They melted. They finally melted.

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>Only just now notices the massive amount of blood leaking from his hand onto his goddamn shoe
Dumb bitch deserves to lose her love.

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This made me laugh more than it should have.

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> implying she lost him

SHE is the one that still has the teleportation pot. She can get to him at any time she wants to.

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Flawless transition from SAD to MAD. Clearly Thunt is the great storyteller of our age.

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Tell me somebody is saving all these. I'd love to go back through the archives and re-read Happy Goblins!

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Why do we keep on posting this shit, again? Isn't there other retarded shit to make fun of?

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No, I only save the sad ones.

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Sometimes you still get tremendous first posts Shas.

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Holy shit, goblins in Goblins? This is unprecedented!

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>Remember me?
Goblins should said that!

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why is the blood important? Does snake-chicks get off by the scent or something?

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I would jump for joy if Minmax took out his rage by killing the goblins party.
>And then Forgath could take the +7 racist axe and go to town on the dwarf pally. Because if that isn't foreshadowing I don't know what is.

Of course, it won't happen, but whatever.

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Why is he fishing that wallgina?

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What are the multicolored sentient butts?

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>heads disappear first
>feet appear first
oh jeez

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that's how he calls his sword

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Man, I really gotta catch up with this.

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It means that he sees her. She just now realized it.

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Clearly their teleportation is last in first out to avoid interruption errors.

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She's got some weird soul link to him now so she feels his pain. He punched a wall a few strips ago and she felt it, she just realized it after she saw his hand.

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No you dont. You really really dont.
There are many other much better written AND drawn comics. You could take a comic thats written better, but with absolute minimal drawing, like OotS, or something that isn't drawn from the chenched asscheeks of a monkey with parkinsons.

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What's it matter if someone likes something you don't.

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But Goblins is that right blend of hilariously bad and just interesting enough to read.

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Stay ever vigilant, you magnificent goblin watcher.

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