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Heavy risk ... but the prize ...

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for some reason i am scared

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The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class
AC 19

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op here
gonna wait 10 minuts then update map and start, the other can still join

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Thanks for the heads up

>AC 19

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may i ask why you post both, name AND alias?

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Name of faction, then name of person doing it, that is if you're doing multi-players?

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i dont realy like the idea of multiple player per nation.
so lotua is your nation and what does warrior class menas?

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Spanish Inquisition
Starting in Spain, of course

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Ok guys lets do this gl hf

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Spanish Inquisition expands in all directions

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Starting in Crete

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Spanish Inquisition expands in all directions again

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sorry gold is to similar to yellow, could offer you orange

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>Two capitals in Iberia
>Not a single one in Eastern Europe

I see this map was balanced by the team behind Lord of the Rings Risk.

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good point i fix it in next update thx man

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Orange is fine. I'll take Iraklion / Knossoss as starting point.

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expanding towards the southern coast
> Hive

>> No.28320020

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>West Russia

>1 capital (+1)

>> No.28320030

Spanish Inquisition expands towards the west.

Oh, and I guess I have to mention the +1 territory for 1 capitol?

>> No.28320106

changes some capitals caus some where way to close

>> No.28320121

keeps going towards the harbors

>> No.28320131

Spanish Inquisition goes Northeast, towards Paris.

Also, curses, I was planning on grabbing that capitol to the west next turn!

Also, just to clarify, is expansion based on just however much you can post, or just once per time you post a map?

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Thank you for the East Europe buff.
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>South Russia

>1 capital (+1)

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> op one move per map update ( infinite interactions with other players like nap or stuff like that)

>> No.28320158

Oh, alright then. Sorry about trying to make three moves last turn then!

>> No.28320215

> com on make your move
> gonna wait 10 minuts then update

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Starting as blue near Aral Sea (rightmost part of the map).

Name of nation is Vanishing Point, and we expand south towards Egypt.

>Vanishing Point +1

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if you all agree i would like to make some extra rules to spice things up; small challanges wich grants if completet, bonus territoris only if all agree

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maybe this time i get a better number
> HM

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Sure, I'd like that.
Spanish Inquisition moves to the Northeast. Also, the Spanish Inquisition would like to point out that >>28320131 ended in a palindrome.

Also, +1 for capitol

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As were these two palindromes I believe

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> what is a palidrom? sry my english is not that good ( will correct it with the next update)

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We go around the south shore of the Caspian Sea, and head west to get the unclaimed capital.

Also, OP, can you change my colour to the one specified in the map? I'd like it to be like that one, more cerulean.

>Vanishing Point +1

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A palindrome is where a word, or series of characters are the same going backwards and forth. So for example:
12321 would be a palindrome, as would words such as civic, kayak, and phrases such as "A man, a plan, a canal: Panama."

Of course, we could just ignore palindrome rules. Up to you.

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ah thanks gonna correct everything in the next update

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The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>South Russia

>1 capital (+1)

>> No.28320434

ok sorry i just checked there are to many of these things to far back would mess to much up i will do it after this update and grat everyone +5 for the next turn as well as a small gift

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do me a favor and post all your movements as an answere to the latest map update; makes it easier to check numbers

>> No.28320475

ok onwards to paris or whatever this new town is
dont forget the +5

>> No.28320476

I'd like to make a new nation here, if possible.
>Kingdom of Leazas
>Scandinavian Capital

>> No.28320494

Sure, can do.
Spanish Inquisition towards Paris again.

>> No.28320498

Replying to the last update to make sure it's noticed.

>> No.28320504

I see, we shall continue advancing towards te unoccupied capital in the west.

>Vanishing Point +1

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> oh forgot the challange lets see umm everyone who is able to roll a 2 for his last digit gains 4 extra zones
you have 2 rounds to complete it

>> No.28320529

I assume only the one roll per round counts for this?

>Vanishing Point +1

>> No.28320546

yes one roll per map update ( means you have this and the next)
>>28320498 yes nitced and already marked you on the map

>> No.28320566

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>South Russia

>1 capital (+1)

>> No.28320587

Thanks. If I get to roll, Leazas expands in Norway. If not, that's fine.

>> No.28320589

russia has to tell me if they want to go left or right on the river ( since i think they cant be crossed)

>> No.28320604

We will take the unoccupied nearby capital and proceed further West to take the Egyptian capital.

>Vanishing Point +1

>> No.28320611

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>South Russia (left)

>1 capital (+1)

>> No.28320619

Oh, and rivers can be crossed, otherwise the map will be barely playable.

>Vanishing Point +2

>> No.28320628

Kingdom of Leazas takes more land in Norway.
>+1 capital

>> No.28320634

Spanish Inquisition is going straight for Paris, and then up the Hivemind. Also, +1 for capitols

>> No.28320643

hmmm ok now thats a problem... im kinda trapped there
spain; i will not attack you and just walk on the north side of the river you go south and we are fine for now
also op: could you make another sea way from england to germany or at least make us able to cross river?

>> No.28320651

Well, I wish you had said that before I had posted....Am I allowed to change direction?

>> No.28320674

I think rivers have to be crossable, because there are regions that can only be accessed by crossing a river, like those in the nile delta

>> No.28320686

ok i allow it to change but still keep your roll
as for rivers... ok river are crossable but take -2 territories you would gain since these are pretty big rivers and it takes time. and no to the extra sea way

also im gonna eat quick brb in roughly 15 minuts

>> No.28320705

Enjoy you meal!

>> No.28320706

I guess the Spanish Inquisition will move south from the middle of its territory to that small island, heading towards the capitol on the north side of Africa

>> No.28320736

The Spanish Inquisition underestimated how long this game will take and unfortunetly has to leave, as they have plans in 20 minutes. However, if someone wants to jump in and take over, they wouldn't really care, if it is alright with the GM.

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Bumping to keept this thread alive.

>> No.28320954

ok thanks for bumps im back just give me a sec to update

>> No.28320982

ok since spain isnt there any longer i move south towards spains capital
> HM

>> No.28320996

ok challange over if im not mistaken and only Hive managed to roll a 2 that meas he gets +4 for his next turn

>> No.28321016

Kingdom of Leazas expands south in Sweden.
>+1 Capital bonus

>> No.28321037

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>South Russia
To the capital!
>1 capital (+1)

>> No.28321076

we keep marching for spain

>> No.28321135

>Caliphate of Allah

>> No.28321183

Bump? Please still be alive, OP.

>> No.28321185

In Northern Scotlamd
>Big brother

>> No.28321198

That's me

Expand south.


>> No.28321204

i am i just wait for blue to post but i gues hes afk

>> No.28321223

are u nuts? i will crush you!
> HM

>> No.28321224

We will advance to the Egyptian capital. Sorry for the delay.

Vanishing Point +2

>> No.28321240

well he has a point
u sure u want to be there? would be much easier somewhere esle

>> No.28321250

It's all good. They posted here:

>> No.28321253

There's a second passage out of England, there can be peace


>> No.28321270

Your probably right, can you put me on that capital in Egypt and expand west in Africa?


>> No.28321300

Not advised. I am expanding in that direction.

There can be... consequences.

>Vanishing Point +2

>> No.28321309

Woo, it's pretty hard to find a good place in a game that's already started, huh?

Sorry you're having a hard time.

>> No.28321313

ok new challange the the one with the lowest territori gain in 3 rounds gains + 10

>> No.28321314

Oh ya, 98 get. (15T!)

Not sure if we have to call these out

>> No.28321332

i took your 1st roll

>> No.28321339

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>The Blakans!

>2 capital (+2)

>> No.28321340

Oceania expands to Greece, going after it's capital.

>> No.28321342

Expand west for allah


>> No.28321346

I suppose that Teal has not listened to my warnings in the end. We shall advance and take the Egyptian capital.

Meanwhile, Leazas, would you care for an alliance?

>Vanishing Point +2

>> No.28321351

keep devouring spain
> HM

>> No.28321357

Always piss somebody off, how about an alliance and ill hep you secure another capital as retribution?

>> No.28321367

Woo, a way to balance things out a bit? Neat idea.

Kingdom of Leazas goes south into Germany and Denmark.
>+1 Capital bonus

>> No.28321397

See >>28321357

>> No.28321415

Both capitals nearby us are contested at this time. My apologies, events already are in motion. I seek alliance with Leazas at this time.

>Vanishing Point +2

>> No.28321432

Hm, animu posters SHOULD stick together. That said, I'm wondering about your actions with Oceania. They don't seem willing to go to war.
Might I suggest Big Brother cedes some Egyptian soil in exchange for room to expand in Greece, perhaps? It's hard to see what capitals can be secured from the East without going to war.

>> No.28321433

Ok I gave you a chance

>> No.28321487

oceanie and teal pls post your alias i get realy confused caus both of you seem to head towards greece

>> No.28321510

Ocienia is teak and I'm allied not allied with anybody.


>> No.28321516

Isn't teal Oceania, though?

>> No.28321554

ah ok my bad mistook Vp for ocie

>> No.28321618

ok now the breakdown...
league: +10
ocie: +11
allah. +16
VP: + 7
HM : + 3
2 rounds left

>> No.28321687

Proceed with advancing towards the Egyptian capital. Don't let up.

>Vanishing Point +2

>> No.28321688

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>Germany!

>2 capital (+2)

Also both blue factions, wanna NAP ? I think an East vs West conflict is in order here.

>> No.28321695

You know where i want to go
> HM

>> No.28321696

Ocienia attacks vanishing point

Peace is always an option

>+2 attack

>> No.28321706

Three digit Palindrome!.

>> No.28321709

Kingdom of Leazas takes more land in Denmark.

Still considering the alliance with Vanishing Point, and whether or not they're justified in attacking a smaller state. War is fun, yeah, but I don't want to be dragged into a pointless conflict that keeps me from taking land up here, or just makes me more enemies.

I can promise an NAP. If you have anything to propose, either nation, say it now.
>+1 Capital

>> No.28321740

I'm up for an NAP with you. I just want to generally make a bubble around me to stop capital invasion. First to take Berlin keeps it, im not going to war over it.

>> No.28321751

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class (the above message)

>> No.28321760

We wont atack you if you dont come into france or italy
> HM

>> No.28321768

This largely depends on whether the smaller nation was justified in impeding my advance, really. Now that both strategic points I've advanced to are held by them, there are few options that I have.

As for war, an alliance would not oblige you to take part in the conflict that I am in. I only would call for war if it is unavoidable.

>Vanishing Point +2

>> No.28321770

...And where, pray tell, would that put our warriors in green? West, or East?

If you want a fight, we can give one. The nation of Leazas is young, but strong. I may end up on either side.

>> No.28321781

Warriors in green are not East or West, you can choose sides.
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class.

>> No.28321838

Well, if you're moving for an NAP, no reason for us to get angry. Sorry! We're just trying to keep capital bonuses low for the OP's +10 Territories bonus now.

Fair enough.
That works.
Very well. The Vanishing Point-Leazas alliance is official! We won't intervene in the southern conflict, though. Lots of free clay up north.

>> No.28321852

I offered BP peace twice so far and he refused both times.

>> No.28321862

still waiting for allah to take a move

>> No.28321907

I'd propose that Vanishing Point expand in the Middle East and around the Black Sea, while Oceania takes African and Greece lands. Failing that, there could be peace in exchange for one of Oceania's capitals being ceded to Vanishing Point, or passage into the west being granted.

Though, peace with BP? British Petroleum aren't the best bunch. *shot*

>> No.28321973

breakdown 2
league 22
ocie 31
allah doesnt took a turn and is disqualified for the challange
vp 17
hm 10

>> No.28321974

I can settle for peace if I gain a full path to the Egyptian capital, as well as a path to the African coast. If Oceania can cede that, I will stop the attacks as they are now. Otherwise, we will take what we need.

>Vanishing Point +2

>> No.28321983

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>ALL ZE VAY TO BERLIN
>2 capital (+2)
?NEP: Green

>> No.28321991

Right, I forgot to roll in my post.
While I am waiting for a reply to this, we shall continue the push to the Egyptian capital on our own.

>Vanishing Point +2

>> No.28321996

and onwards we go
> HM we also watch the conflict in the east with great interest ( like all europeans)

>> No.28322010

And what do you know, 4digit palindrome.

>Vanishing Point +3

>> No.28322032

Ociena to push back. I will cede nothing

>+2 capital bonus

>> No.28322040

Very well then. Don't forget that after my previous roll, this is only a +1 bonus.

>Vanishing Point +3

>> No.28322046

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class would like to join you, I feel the Arabs do not want any diplomacy.

>> No.28322109

Leazas takes the German capital.
>+1 Capital

>> No.28322115

Evidently I have stated since the beginning of my presence here that I am advancing towards the Egyptian capital. Starting a nation there was but a provocation, which I do not tolerate.

If anyone wants to do diplomacy with me, they are free to do so. However, kindly be advised that you should not open negotiations with laying claim to my goals.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28322210

I humbly accept. After this is over you can have his capitals.

>> No.28322220

league 25
ocie 34
vp 39
hm 17
hm wins and gets +10 next turn

>> No.28322240

fuck yes! i use this buff to start a blitzkrieg on allah an wipe him off
> HM

>> No.28322248

Immediately take Teal capital, and apply the new +3 capital bonus thereafter to push into Greece.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28322278

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>Georgia (declare war with the Arabs)

>2 capital (+2)

Suggest alliance with Teal and NAP with green.

>> No.28322284

Well, call me greedy for capitals, or a warmonger, but if you don't respect the territorial integrity of Vanishing Point, the Kingdom of Leazas will declare war on both of you.

We've been resting too long.

>> No.28322298

who are the arabs?

>> No.28322313

Apparently the Vanishing Point faction.

>> No.28322323

I believe he is referring to us.

Thank you for supporting me in this. I assume we both saw this coming from a mile away.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28322341

Kingdom of Leazas expands in Finland.
Stop the war with Vanishing Point, and leave Germany. Then we'll talk.
>+2 Capitals
>Allies: Vanishing Point

>> No.28322346

If possible I would like to change to attack Berlin, I ordered before we declared war.
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class

>> No.28322433

Fair enough. I wouldn't take an attack on my capitals and threats of war well, either.

But don't expect your Under-Appreciated Warriors to survive as anything more than a vassal state by the end of this.

>> No.28322453

>> No.28322468

Take the Greek capital. Finish off Teal. The time for games is over.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28322483

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>The Green capital and all extra onto his surviving settlements.

>3 capital (+3)

Hive-mind, looking for an Alliance?

>> No.28322485

We walk along the african coast and then over to italy
> HM

>> No.28322505

Can people avatarfag less? It leaves less images for OP to use for the game.

>> No.28322513

I assume that if we join forces, Vanishing Poing, Kingdom of Leazas, and The Hivemind can end this game, allied as a trifecta.

Teal should be dead now - there are only us left.

And Purple is next.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28322532

We only are at 1/3 of the limit; there is plenty more space.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28322541

The Kingdom of Leazas retakes Berlin, and marches into the purple land.

Sorry for the wait, Vanishing Point. It's time to unleash the HYPER WEAPON!

Join the Leazas-Vanishing Point Union, and France, Italy, and everything west is yours!
>+1 Capital
>Ally: vanishing Point

>> No.28322560


>> No.28322581

> i give ocie the chance to come back from the dead IF all his allys are willing to loose 10 territorys ( wich i randomly chose) loose to normal teritorrys
ocie will respawn in italy

>> No.28322624

No really OP, way to rob our nation of our first victory.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28322629

I am willing to give moscow to ocie.
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class

If you accept Ocie then I will want you to attack Vanishing point to provide us a barrier so I can take down his ally.

>> No.28322680

>All his allies

So, basically, the Warrior Class. If this is the case, how many territories will he take? He might just die again.

I guess giving a recent joiner a second chance isn't the worst thing ever, especially if it cuts away the purple plague.

On the other hand, the war was started over the occupation of Greece and Africa. Now that that's gone, no matter whether Oceania is alive or not, maybe we'd be ready for peace.

>> No.28322694

well he got kinda crushed without a real chance so i give him this one also it weakens your other foe

>> No.28322712

ocie has the last word ( no reason to give him land if he left. he has 10 minuts to respind)

>> No.28322740

Right now our foe is just one player. If you give Oceania an out-of-jail-free card, we will be up against two players, which is double the strength.

Besides, it was Oceania's own downfall to start their nation in my path. He should take responsibility for his own mistakes, not be handed forgiveness on a silver plate.

If he respawns again? He -will- be terminated, extra prejudice.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28322768

On the other hand, no matter how much territory they have, 2 rollers are more powerful than one.

I'll admit this is unorthodox. But I'll also admit that the war wasn't Oceania's fault; nowhere else on the map was a safe spawn place. Had Vanishing Point not attacked him, Hivemind, the Warrior Class, or I would've. Starting late is tricky. Won't say anything else.
You still neutral over there? If you don't take a position, SOMEONE will probably force you to eventually.

>> No.28322855

do you threath me mate?
my empire is long and i can reach all 3 kingdoms in a few turns maybe you should offer me something instead of threating me since i can tip the balance very easily for any of you

i say i just watch for a bit more and see if you are able to make peace
BUT i will move in position on every one of you either to aid or atack so i actuly do have something to work with

>> No.28322880

Well, that's fair enough. Take more western land while all your enemies are dead.

My previous offer still stands.

>> No.28322947

ocie is out caus no response
and its time for something very interesting:
since you all make war on each other i give you: spies!
if roll a 1 2 or 3 you gain the opposite ammount of spies 3=1 2=2 1=3 with spies you can atack your enemy and they will lose the amount of zones/4 but at least 1 you also post them into a new post without showing who you are ( pls play fair) i will post an example affter this so you better understand (even Hm gets spies)

>> No.28322985

No idea what that means though.

We shall advance north to take the middle capital city in the Purple chain.

>Vanishing Point +4
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28323010

lets assume i rolled a 3 that means i get 1 spy ( 1 post for every spy so its harder to see who send the spy)

A spy has been spottet in germany (now lets assume this post has 8 for the last digit that means that 2 areas in germany will become neutral

i rly hope it shows what i ment caus this could make the game so much more interesting

>> No.28323014

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>Attack Greens capital with full force!
>3 capital (+3)

>> No.28323029

A spy has been spotted in Athens

>> No.28323032

The Kingdom of Leazas advances into Berlin.
>+1 Capital
>Ally: Vanishing Point

Big Brother must've thought Oceania was permanently dead, and left the thread. Too bad. Oh well, we have more enemies to conquer now.


>> No.28323045

intersting idea... as anounced i will march north and towards italy equaly

>> No.28323069

sorry who ever this is but there hasnet been any 1 2 or 3 so far so there cant be any spys BUT i think you understood the concept

>> No.28323074

Too bad there weren't any rolls of 1-3.

>Vanishing Point +4
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28323110

Hope this works, but not sure how.

A... A spy pops up in Russia?

>> No.28323161

I don't think anyone else has noticed this, but this is a 5 character palimdrone.

~Spanish Inquisition, back from being out, but not back in.

>> No.28323192

Thanks for pointing that out.

>> No.28323211

actuly; Leazas has 2 Spys right now

>> No.28323256

And another spy pops up around Russia, then...?

Interesting idea here, OP.

>> No.28323264

welcome back spain should i leave you alive?

>> No.28323299

Naaah. Theres nothing I could do without trying to take on HM, and that probably wouldn't work out great.

>> No.28323317

pay attention to russia even if its not the capital on the long run it can realy hurt someone

>> No.28323351

OP the greens only got an attack totla of 4 against my 3, how did he take 10+ territories ?
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class

>> No.28323354

Vanishing Point will advance to Moscow from the Aral Sea, our starting point. Pincers.

>Vanishing Point +4
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28323380

Woo, SOMETHING came out in the end. Luck? Holy intervention? The grit of warriors?

In any case, with a new capital under their nation, the Kingdom of Leazas takes the Warrior Class' purple lands around Ukraine.
>+2 Capitals
>Ally: Vanishing Point

>> No.28323390

well since you arnt realy dead: if anyone is willing to help you i allow you to spawn in the territory of the person who offerd itt to you ( person will loose terrirotys to your last digit X 1,5 )

read this >>28323161

>> No.28323394

Probably has something to do with a palindrome, sorry.

>> No.28323413

Well fuck, that single handedly lost me the game.
Anyway. Defend comrades the Russian winter will serve us to the end!
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>Berlin!

>2 capital (+2)

>> No.28323435

Could I still join in?
If so Milan/Pink/ Da Orkz

>> No.28323450

well there is still room left but it will be hard for you

>> No.28323458

If the Spanish Inquisition wants to help out against the League of the Under-Appreciated Warrior Class, we could offer some land in Scandinavia.

>> No.28323475

you now have 1 spy

>> No.28323504

Just a bit off topic, but I think a fun variant on this game would be to use the roll function, roll 2d6, and take that many territories. If you get doubles, then you get three times instead of double.

Just a thought

>> No.28323506

Da Orkz live in struggle but always win!

>> No.28323510

we close the gaps

>> No.28323540

Let's try that sometime in a later game.

>> No.28323560

I'll pass, just simply because that would give a pretty strong advantage to you. I like watching you people fight out as you are right now, fairly equal.

>> No.28323704

ok new challange; whoever looses the most territorys in the next round gains +15 in the next one

>> No.28323706

Understood. We don't need any more help to win this.

>> No.28323724

Looks like I win the challenge! lol
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>Defense against the axis of anime

>2 capital (+2)

>> No.28323731

we take that one zone from vanish and then head north
> HM

>> No.28323749

do you atack green right now?

>> No.28323757

Another rule to propose: Instead of capturing capitols like normal areas, you must surround the capitol first, and only then can you capture it.

>> No.28323767

The Kingdom of Leazas takes the purple Warrior capital! (Holy shit, I thought I'd have to just hope to keep the League away from Scandinavia and wait for blue intervention, but this is actually sorta almost working out... Guess it's the pali.)

>+2 Capital bonus
>Ally: Vanishing Point

>> No.28323771

Corsica & Sardinia

>> No.28323787

Move towards Moscow, using neutral territories.

And please, we needn't be hasty with words. If anyone is willing to join us - they are quite welcome to do so.

>Vanishing Point +4
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28323792

No I want to defend my capital as best as possible.

>> No.28323803

Palindrome power it is then.

>Vanishing Point +4
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28323817

Axis of anime- cool name. I was wondering about the Greater Weeaboo Co-Prosperity Sphere, but that works.

Omae wa shinde desu ne shoujo aniki ching chong desu desu and all.

>> No.28323858

acts sneaky o both sides
> HM

>> No.28323897

Okay, then. The death of purple is top priority, no matter who joins on our crusade.

...That said, interesting that this war started over you're actions, and we've been the ones putting all our soldiers into ending the Warrior Class. I understand that you need preparations, and your elimination of Oceania was impressive; but if you don't hurry up, you might not have much left to take by the time you're ready!

>> No.28323908

orks has 3 spies

>> No.28323923

You're acting awfully sneaky, there.

>> No.28323945

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>FULL FRONTAL FLAMING AT GREEN/BERLIN! Use spy on Egypt capital.

>1 capital (+1)

>> No.28323965

Well, that's what we get for asking for intervention and being cocky.

The Kingdom of Leazas charges into Russian lands full-force, watching out for orks painted purple. Nobody ever suspects purple orks, so they make the best spies.
>+2 Capital
>Ally: Vanishing Point

>> No.28323966

Retake Greek capital to regain +4 bonus. Use only 1 territory of my roll to do it.

Then put the rest of the territories and the +4 bonus to take Moscow.

>Vanishing Point +4
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28323973

So I can use these spies to attack people? Duly noted.
Corsica & Sardinia again.

>> No.28323993

yes you make their territory neutral, just point the general direction ( you have 4 spies in total now)

>> No.28324007

I'll just keep em for now.

>> No.28324057

we try to gain berlin and greece back and keep pushing where it hurts!
> HM

>> No.28324122

i think its clear that russia lost most of its territory and gains the + 15 boni

>> No.28324137

Hey, I was wrong before. As an old nation, with a respectable landmass, your people deserve peace. We've kept good relations for years, with no aggression. This isn't your fight. With Oceania dead, this war is useless; you don't want to be dragged into it, gaining the chains that we have by trying to keep honor, protect our allies, and have revenge. Or are you trying to protect the Warrior Class? They brought this upon themselves, the same way you're doing now.

If you stop attacking both of our nations, I'll let you keep Berlin. Of course, this is only in the case that Vanishing Point agrees to peace.

>> No.28324150

I am gaining loads of territory.
Corsica & Sardinia.

>> No.28324152

Take back Moscow, and destroy all all the blues!
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>Moscow

>> No.28324160

Use +2 and half of my roll to retake Greece. Then use +3 and the other half of my roll to push from Moscow.

>Vanishing Point +5
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28324162

Kingdom of Leazas pushes into the Warriors.

If we die, it won't be from them, or our alliances. it'll be fom our own cockiness.

>> No.28324172

leftover takes genoa

>> No.28324183

+1 Capital

>> No.28324219

gnar har har feeeeeeast! all of their territorys
> HM

>> No.28324249


>> No.28324265

Thanks for reminding me. Okay, enough of being a pussy. Enough of politeness. There is no room for ANGST in Leazas. The Hivemind can't be conquered through diplomacy, so a sword should do. When the Warriors have been annihilated, you'd better be ready for a multi-front RAEP, courtesy of the Weeaboo Axis.

>> No.28324285

Thank you Tyranids, much love.
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>The blue area to the east!

>2 capital (+2)

>> No.28324288

Push back into Moscow, of course.

Even though OP is clearly trying to turn the table on us and giving out equivalents of trips for free, we will win this anyway.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28324306

Shouldn't I have all of Sardinia? I rolled a 0.
Go north.

>> No.28324318

The Great Kingdom of Leazas takes back their capital that they took from Purple, and marches forward into their land.

Blood will stain the snow of Russia.
>Ally: Vanishing Point

>> No.28324333

show me where i missed something
one roll per map update 1st movement counts

>> No.28324345

Doublecheck that, his first move was >>28324150
second was

>> No.28324346

which roll did you count then? this one was the one that i'm thinking of

>> No.28324355

You didn't miss anything.

You -did- award free territories to the losing nations and offered to respawn them though.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28324367

thanks i will correct it as much as i can also give you +5 as an excuse

>> No.28324389

there are no trips in this only this ladder thingi

>> No.28324406

it was still in the same map update just becaus he types faster doesnt mean he wins ( unless he wipes out all zones in one blow) thats why spain is still alive same for ork, they dont have capitals to begin with

>> No.28324424

no need i don't care that much

>> No.28324435

still working on the green one
> HM

>> No.28324436

Come on, be a bit nicer with the OP. The bonuses spice things up, and the attacks weren't really incited by him.

If anything, I'm the one to blame for yellow's position now, being too eager to see him in combat. Well, we fight back now. With purple near death, I can see great conquests for our kingdoms in our future!


>> No.28324476


>> No.28324482

Last chance, yellow plague- this is stupid, but I feel I need to. Tell me what quarrel you have with Leazas. You reject my offers, and leap into our lands. If you don't answer, I'll have to consider you either sympathizers with the purple scum, or too little developped for any interaction.

>> No.28324498

The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>BLUE

>2 capital (+2)

>> No.28324511

well shit son, I just got a capital?
Keep expanding north. +1 from capital.

>> No.28324518

i just like the colour green also you dared to threat me
i make short work of the orks for a while

>> No.28324520


>> No.28324522

Push into Moscow, full bonus. We must finish purple.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28324557

Can I still join as red? If yes, name it the Spanish Muslims and Red expands south to orange

>> No.28324567


>> No.28324586

no sorry

>> No.28324605

We'll see purple fall, one way or another!

Leazas>Warrior Class League
>+1 Capital

>> No.28324610

finish off denmark.... just kill everything
> HM

>> No.28324613

shiet OP, it isn't even a full game

>> No.28324626

Continue pushing towards Moscow.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28324658

At some point, it's been going on for so long that you just want it to end somehow.

You'd most likely end up eaten one way or another, anywho. It's a wonder Green has survived so long.

>> No.28324664

its 22:53 at my time, im a motherfucking backer, im awake vor 20 hours by now and this game is drawing to an end! so sit on your motherfucking ass

>> No.28324667

Take back Tunis

>> No.28324668

Defend the Mother-Land at all costs! Crush the Otakus!
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>The animes

>1 capital (+1)

>> No.28324718


>> No.28324734

gain back afrika atack with the rest all most usefull stuffs
> HM

>> No.28324738

If you're so willing to play, I might consider giving you the green lands of Leazas. But I'd have to know what you'd do with them.

>> No.28324767

The brave soldiers of Leazas continue to march into Under-Appreciated Warrior Class land.
>+1 Capital

>> No.28324773

I will rename it to the Glorious Muslim Empire and spread Islam for the name of the one true God of course

>> No.28324785

Take Moscow. Rance, we need to take Purple out to gain a roller advantage, let's do this.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28324790

lol nevermind I just got in a different risk game on /int/
bye fags

>> No.28324792

hold africa if I can.
Anything left over head north

>> No.28324864

Defend the Mother-Land at all costs! Crush the Otakus!
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>The animes

>1 capital (+1)

>> No.28324894


>> No.28324914

onward onwards! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrzW0PFjsjQ
> Hm

>> No.28324931 [DELETED] 

In that case, then if I may be an RPfag:

As the lands of Leazas move into the East, there is a noteable discomfort with the people against their leader, Rance. Some protest his societal changes, and wish for a return to the traditional Under-Appreciated Warrior Class ways. Others, traditionalists, feel he's weak to have let Scandinavia and Germany slip from his control, and to have provoked the Hivemind without the ability to support his threats. he insists that he's going to take the land back soon enough, and simply wanted to warm the yellow lands of the purple threat; not many believe him. Some call for an all-out attack on yellow, or different strategies on purple, or even a complete change of sides and an attack on Vanishing Point. A rebellion starts around the Russian Leazas land, and, though not all rebels support his ways, Ab-Allah Abdullah Allah Mohammed VII quickly becomes a leading figure of this movement.

Any nation who wishes to support this rebellion may do so. If more enough do, the Kingdom of Leazas becomes the Glorious Muslim Empire, and may do as they please with the country. On the other hand, any supporters of the old king can send support to them. The side with the most support controls the nation.

>> No.28324954

Well, in that case...
Leazas takes the purple capital, and heads north.
>+1 Capital

>> No.28324965

we give you the chance to live if you join us and betray your old ally
> HM

>> No.28324973

Take Egyptian capital, then finish off Purple.

>Vanishing Point +2
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28324980

I support this
I'm already ded on the other risk game I joined, everyone was overpowered
please support me

>> No.28324993

Yeah, never mind that. Mohammed decided to move to an alternate dimension and took the rebellion with him or something.

I have to leave soon. If any lurkers want Leazas, now is the time to take it.

>> No.28325003

see >>28324980
I will take it

>> No.28325009

Charge for the glorious Warrior class, break from the capital and charge into Armenian to the Arabs towards Egypt!

Defend the Mother-Land at all costs! Crush the Otakus!
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class>Armenia!

>1 capital (+1)

>> No.28325044

Oh, if you're still here... Nevermind that cancelling then.
Place your votes in now! King Rance of Leazas and the Weeaboo, or King Ab-Allah of Islam? Feel free to start making promises and deals wit him!

>> No.28325047

take yellow capital in tunis

>> No.28325050

Islam will rise

>> No.28325073

where do you want to go? climb in back and we'll be off

>> No.28325097

I, as a glorious Muslim leader, kindly ask dying Purple to convert to my glorious religion. Roll counts for expansion west

>> No.28325138


>> No.28325157

Muslims > Yellow
also since this game is dying force everybody to convert

>> No.28325171

Hey Op, I wanted to take Armenia, not defend my capital :(
Defend the Mother-Land at all costs! Crush the Otakus!
The League of the Under Appreciated Warrior Class

>> No.28325180

atack egypt and orks also green peasants
> HM

>> No.28325190

Finish purple with everything we have.

>Vanishing Point +3
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28325191

Also my attack is my previous, take the middle eastern capital with all strength,

>> No.28325197

Defend the Mother-Land at all costs!

>> No.28325230

North to France.

>> No.28325238

Ah thats just my spam, you see my previous order I said. ' Charge for the glorious Warrior class, break from the capital and charge into Armenian to the Arabs towards Egypt!' The other thing is just a macro.

>> No.28325275

With very little support, the loyalist army's morale drops to the lowest possible levels.

In one final strike against the capital city, the rebels take Leazas. The nation is reformed with King Ab-Allah Abdullah Allah Mohammed VII as king. Their king, Rance, was found dead in the throne room, a scar in his heart. A letter in his hand sends best regards to Vanishing Point, and hopes the new nation can keep good relations with them. There's also some scribbles about the nation rising again, in another world, but it's probably bullshit.

Good game, everyone. Rance is out to be a weeaboo faggot.

>> No.28325320

ok i want to speed this up a bit now so time for new bonis.whoever claims the most neutral land in 2 round gains +30

>> No.28325333

Just multiply each roll by 2 or 3 if you want game to go very fast
Muslims get neutral land to south

>> No.28325335

Grab that French capital.
Any more, head south in Italy.

>> No.28325336

sourround the orcs!
> HM

>> No.28325341

Goodbye. It's sad to see it end this way.

>Vanishing Point

>> No.28325367

Also you need to rename green to glorious Muslim Empire

>> No.28325369

Anyway, we must end Purple.

>Vanishing Point +2
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28325385

Push faster to the middle eastern capital!

Charge for the glorious Warrior class,

>> No.28325390


>Vanishing Point +2
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28325403

make trips count for some shit

>> No.28325429

why do you still have leazas as an ally
I am now the Glorious Muslim Empire
I guess we are still allies
>Allies: Blue faggot

>> No.28325449

Looks like we're playing Risk with a >thatguy.

>> No.28325468

fuck you
Muslims will rape your butthole and fill it with glorious Islamic sperm

>> No.28325479


>> No.28325502

keep sorounding them!
> HM

>> No.28325507

I guess trips don't count
oh well
Muslims continue to rape the yellow faggot and fill his butthole with Islamic sperm
5 digit palis get

>> No.28325516

Charge for the glorious Warrior class! Destroy the middle eastern capital in Arabia!
Warrior class>Blue.

>> No.28325535

OP, kindly explain how purple got land on me despite my 69. I call shenanigans.

>Vanishing Point +1
>Allies: Muslims

>> No.28325545

yes i got it fuck face!
> HM

>> No.28325548

Also +2 capital bonuses

>> No.28325557

This also counts for retaking all that I have lost that turn, and pushing purple back, by the way.

>Vanishing Point +2
>Allies: Kingdom of Leazas

>> No.28325568

5385 quad pali

>> No.28325591

Hey Hivemind, my plans got cancelled for the evening. If you would be alright with it, I would like to take 10 of your areas by egypt and assist you in your war against blue and green.

Of course, only if OP agrees to it.

>> No.28325604

Since when is 5385 a palindrome? Does it look like 53 is 85 in reverse?

>Vanishing Point +2
>Allies: Muslims

>> No.28325607

how is 5385 a quad pali you fuck

>> No.28325621

Take that french capital then take neutral land up to the german capital.

>> No.28325626

no fuck you you cocksucking sperm drinking faggot

>> No.28325627

sorry i correct it, like i said been awake for 22 hours by now

>> No.28325646

Stop being such an asshole to everyone in this thread. This is not /b/.

>> No.28325653

OP why do we have to put up with this King Allah guy, he really is being a massive cunt. Hes the type of guy I would have fought with by now.

>> No.28325661

you know what since that arab guy starts to annoy me as fuck, yes you can

>> No.28325674

fuck you the Muslims will kill all of you

>> No.28325690

also granting my ok you can have that... i dont know the name... the one over greece next to the green border
> HM

>> No.28325698

I am afraid that I've got that one on you, as I have only had 2 hours of half-drowsiness in the latest 42 hours. This is not a pissing contest, but please - if you assume the position of a thread OP, focus somewhat. I know this sounds unappreciative, but seriously now.

>Vanishing Point +2
>Allies: Muslims

>> No.28325713

Well then, if I am being permitted to join, I would like to start by going up blue towards their capitol

>> No.28325725

im sorry ok?

>> No.28325735

Oh, well if I'm getting that one, then I'll swing in towards green.

>> No.28325743

Muslims use self defense as first priority
second priority is to get rid of red south of me
blue halp me

>> No.28325745

btw bonus is granted to HM since the others barly gained land enjoy +30 and fucking finish them

>> No.28325747

Well I am afraid that I must go now, the Warriors are dispanding into neutrals, thank you ever so much OP I loved this game.

>> No.28325770

ok first of; wipe the orcs out 2nd smae to green
> Hm

>> No.28325834

It's all fine. Just be more attentive next time. And let me kill purple. I just want to kill purple.

>Vanishing Point +2
>Allies: Muslims

>> No.28325864

well he killed himself

>> No.28325917

no offense, but OP is taking a long ass time for a small risk map like this one

>> No.28325945

>>28325917caus i wait for vansih to make a move

>> No.28326000

If purple is dead, I will take my leave as well then. Disband my nation, please. Thank you for staying with us.

>Vanished Point

>> No.28326017

gib all blue land to me
I was his ally so I inherit this land

>> No.28326063

Oh, and OP, please use my last roll to attack Muslims and break the alliance before I disappear.


>> No.28326077

fug you mane
fuck this game too
I'm going to bed

>> No.28326091

he said he disband so they become neutral

>> No.28326107

Alright, well then I think that is game then, considering everyone but HM and myself have left.

It was a pretty fun game. Thanks OP.

>> No.28326120

Means i win? wop wop al hail to the mighty hivemind!


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