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How do you get into LARP?


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Omg i have exactly the same pauldrons

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go to larps

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You and every other larper that shops from epic armory. 18 gauge untempered mass produced armor. Still looks good though.

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Look up LARPs in your area online and either turn up next time they're having an event, or email someone first and ask some questions.

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find a larp in your area and show up
most groups will have material available to pass out to newbies and will help you get started

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That's surprisingly much female cosplay that's not just an excuse to get their tits out.

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That looks like a very awkward armour.

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What the fuck are all those rivets for?

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>looks at pic
no they don't look decent you just have low standards

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to attach it to the leather and padding on the inside

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Mine are a little thicker and patterned to match the chest piece. Not the greatest in the world, but it is better than some. The op pic has some very common pauldrons that you see in larps a lot. But 10 years ago no one even made larp armor like that there was no market for it.>>28318606

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it's from the shop mass produced armor. Every one of them has a fuckton of rivets for no reason at all because contrary to what >>28318608
said there is no padding inside

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The knee and elbow pieces in OP's pic really stand out from the rest. It's not polished but probably deliberately dimmed to look older. It would probably look ok if she had worn a full set of it but when it's mixed with polished armor it just looks fake.

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There are a bunch of resellers of those sets. I find it funny when us boffer larps want you to wear 16ga armor or thicker when the majority of them wear nothing but minimal garb. "How darevyou make an effort to look cool" is how it feels.

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St. Andrews fucking shits

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as far as I know she just borrowed the armor for a few photos

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>There are a bunch of resellers of those sets
most of the from-the-shop larp armours are like that. You can recognize them from the shade of the armor and the fuckton rivets everywhere.
Plus they come in the one size that fits none and more ofthen than not they have a really dumb looking gorget that people wear outside of the breastplate. I know that there were a few like that in history but not with breastplates like that and they doesn't looked that idiotic

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How do you folks and your local games deal with consequences of character Crime, Injury and Death?
Permanent, event based or non-existent?

Reason I ask is my game at least has become a swampy shithole of no permanent consequence.

Peasants have no fear because 10 minutes after death/maiming they are back on their feet no worse for wear.
Robbers slit throats and cut out tongues with impunity because threats take too long and don't work on fearless immortals
And there's no lasting punishments, because "it's no fun being criminal/rebel/usurper if you have to spend the game as prisoner/mine-slave/corpse".

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Hello, I am Americunt.

Massachusetts specifically, and the only "LARP" things have been no RP, only college kids in empty spaces hitting one another with foam dicks with "lightest touch" lightsaber rules.

How do I find an actual LARP what isn't complete shite, preferably where I can actually enjoy a fight should I get into one.

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That helmet looks kinda derpy

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Move to Europe.... there is one group in the US that is called last hope or something that uses non sword tag rules. The rest of us larping is pretty lame

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That's putting it politely.

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Looking hardcore.

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perma death existing. and relatively easy to make it happen
punishments exists too but those are on an individual basis most of the time

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Your post made me laugh harder than it should have, I just imagined knights acting like teenage girls about their armor.

>Oh look its Sir Galwin, his armor is sooo last year I can’t believe his Lordship let him leave the manor dressed in those iron scraps
>Sire over there is Sir Canton, he’s still wearing a flat-topped helmet! HA HA does he think we’re still on the Crusades?
>Yes squire I-wait, wait, is he wearing the same pauldrons as me? Omg he is!
>Sire gaze upon his greaves! They are identical to your own my lord
>That honourless pig, wait till I post about this in the village square

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You can always start your own LARP. Find a group that has rules you like and make a new subdivision.

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I just thought it was kind of cool but you made it a lot more funny.

>tfw the blacksmith makes more copies of your custom made armor.

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There are other groups than Last Hope: they're just really consciously trying to bring European standards to the US and avoid the problem of a few other groups in the US doing the same.

The biggest thing with US renditions of Euro-style games is the elitism that comes up - Avegost, for example, makes it so that you can't do shit unless you play politics for several months and get looked down on unless you can provide historical evidence for every bit of clothing you've got.

I've heard mixed shit from folks who've played with the LH folks - an old gaming buddy of mine is apparently in the area and has been to a few games. They're apparently good at running games, enforcing standards without being dicks about it, and allowing for shit like grappling in combat and interesting ideas if you approach the staff about it. On the other hand, I've heard that they're also kinda slow at responding to info requests, they're rolling out new optional mechanics, and they've got a really specific idea of what it is they want to do and can get a bit prickly if you're insisting on something that doesn't fit.

Wasn't there some dude on /tg/ who was trying to start the best game ever? What the fuck happened with that?

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Are you referring to Gropeylarp? I was wondering myself.

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Yeah, that's the one! /tg/ was all abuzz about how it would be amazing and incredible, better than all the US shit, and then I took a break from the internet for a while. When I get back, there's nothing about it.

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there was no larp thread in the past few weeks, but Gropey is currently working on getting an awesome place rented for the game, or something like that. If I remember Correctly the game will be held next year anyway, it was never said it would be sooner

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Are there any good LARPS in Canada? The ones in the GTA area are utter piss from what I've seen of them, not to mention small as shit. Is it best if I just gather a group of bros and likeminded people from my college and start my own?

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Not really "amazing and incredible".
Solid game-play that rewards combat practice, group combat and actual diplomacy
As opposed to having longeat character sheet, their own pocket healer/tank and the most time to stalk GM's for plot hints.

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>and the most time to stalk GM's...
hey what's the problem with stalking the

>...for plot hints.
oh... yeah. that's bad.

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Was a game where 3-5 people absorbed every bit of loot, quest and permanent blessing by following the GM around ready to strike as soon as the quest conditions were met.

D&D style game, from scenario 5 and onwards they were generally twice the level of the average player, mightily powerful, insanely wealthy and largely invulnerable to any player and non "Sunday demon" in the game.

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well, that's not really surprising. After all in the US most games are DnD in real life instead of a larp

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Even down to the "Play Wizard or cleric or lose the moment you begin, unless you really cheese out".

I don't miss it.

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someone should screencap this.

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Sup folks?

Dumping a few pics form the last couple SCA events. Pic is my small shade I usually use for my hookah and hospitality. I skipped the hookah as this was a public educational demo.

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Me fighting daggers with a new guy. As you can see, the chest of my placard failed, and started slidding off me. I have lost weight since I strapped it. (not enough, but its a start!)

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got invited to a larp tried it once never went again though mainly on the basis of no dark colors and you have to dress as flamboyantly possible.

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forgot the pic.

what have ya'll been up to? New projects? Recent games?

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Here ya go friend.

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>no dark colors and you have to dress as flamboyantly possible.

...what? explain.

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thank you sir. have a link to an ass ton of PDF's in return http://www.mediafire.com/?w7e7jj9krfiz8#w7e7jj9krfiz8

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Maybe he went to a place where everyone was dressed as Landsknechts.

Also I really want to get into actual armoursmithing. Making my own gear would be fuckin' rockin'.

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look like a kender basically, and we played in a rocky and forested area so pink and orange dont blend well if it isnt metal it cant be anything but "hot" colors. the brighter prettier colors of the spectrum.

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here you are this tid bit of info should help in smithing

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yes that it it we had guys in leopard pattern tunics for gods sake.

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>purple steel.

That's pretty wild.

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>Dat purple steel.
>Dat blue steel

That is rockin.

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dont let it get scratched too much wear away the color.

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Just waiting for a batch of GEL-10 I ordered from texas so I can have a go at making a mind-flayer mask.

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glad you guys like it.

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If steel has been freshly ground, sanded, or polished, it will form an oxide layer on its surface when heated. As the temperature of the steel is increased, the thickness of the iron oxide will also increase. Although iron oxide is not normally transparent, such thin layers do allow light to pass through, reflecting off both the upper and lower surfaces of the layer. This causes a phenomenon called thin-film interference, which produces colors on the surface. As the thickness of this layer increases with temperature, it causes the colors to change from a very light yellow, to brown, then purple, then blue. These colors appear at very precise temperatures, and provide the blacksmith with a very accurate gauge for measuring the temperature. The various colors, their corresponding temperatures, and some of their uses are:
Faint-yellow – 176 °C (349 °F) – engravers, razors, scrapers
Light-straw – 205 °C (401 °F) – rock drills, reamers, metal-cutting saws
Dark-straw – 226 °C (439 °F) – scribers, planer blades
Brown – 260 °C (500 °F) – taps, dies, drill bits, hammers, cold chisels
Purple – 282 °C (540 °F) – surgical tools, punches, stone carving tools
Dark blue – 310 °C (590 °F) – screwdrivers, wrenches
Light blue – 337 °C (639 °F) – springs, wood-cutting saws
Grey-blue – 371 °C (700 °F) and higher – structural steel
Beyond the grey-blue color, the iron oxide loses its transparency, and the temperature can no longer be judged in this way. The layer will also increase in thickness as time passes, which is another reason overheating and immediate cooling is used. Steel in a tempering oven, held at 205 °C (401 °F) for a long time, will begin to turn brown, purple or blue, even though the temperature did not exceed that needed to produce a light-straw color. Oxidizing or carburizing heat sources may also affect the final result. The iron oxide layer, unlike rust, also protects the steel from corrosion through passivation.

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also there is a red you can get out there

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Busily been selling of unused kit, converting the proceeds into little plastic men.

And I might have taken advantage of the 35% sale on Calimacil.

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welp im off enjoy the info guys

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believe it or not, I'm currently larping at this moment. Also if I would have an SKS I would grab it and go innawoods and be IVAN

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I remember someone posted a picture of a chick from a LARP who was Polish, or something.

That was some fine-ass woman.

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>I remember someone posted a picture of a chick from a LARP who was Polish, or something.
that narrows down the possible candidates two somehow under a hundred

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She was blonde, as I recall.

(That probably doesn't help.)

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so we are now maybe in the 3-4 dozen range, that is if you remember correctly

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That's the one.

My nigga.

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Ok, lets get to the basics. You don't want to smith. Smithing involves a forge. Most armourers never touch one.

90% of armouring is cold fabrication. Cutting, shaping and articulating. We'll go through the basics if you wish.

Pretty, but not always the best temper. If its past a surface layer of oxidization, it can be useless. Some are too brittle, some too soft.

Mah niggah

What kind of kit?


I have lots of fine ass larp and living history women. Praise Slaanesh

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well, she is from a game that takes place in the Czech Republic. It's a middle earth larp or something like that

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>Are there any good LARPS in Canada?
They get 100+ bodies each event which is the biggest in Ontario. Pic is an example of their costuming level.

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I'm at home right now

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Let's do it Gropey.

Hit me wit dem basics.

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I have that same nose.
Though I think it has more to do with my Dad introducing my face to a metal bar at a young age and less to do with genetics...

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Forgot the link to their website.

>> No.28324396

Another pic from UW

>> No.28324400

My much maligned rawhide "brigandine", a few weapons, a gambeson vest with optional sleeves and thigh-skirt.

Oh and my leather wizard hat, thing was totally bithcin' but just 1 size too small, so it'd fall off, or squeeze my scalp like a teenager with a pimple.

I'm about downsized to my woollen priests vestments, some mixed cotton shirts adn trouser, my boots, a discreet dagger and my anachronistic but much loved "elven" cloak.

Still have some oversized gear that doesn't really fit with what I feel like playing.
No longer does adventure call to me, instead intrigue, gambling and rumour peddling in inns has caught my intrest.
Likely because I realized I ain't got the reaction speed to do battle.

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Does anyone know of and good LARPs in Florida near the Tampa-Orlando area?

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That warm feeling when somebody put a pic i poster

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>Are there any good LARPS in Canada?

I guess so...

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I don't even speak Frenadian though...

>> No.28325027

I didn't speak a single sentence in german (except a few fake senteces) and still enjoyed Drachenfest

>> No.28325095

Anyone do the Lorien Trust LARP stuff in england?

Here's a picture from the last event, I'm there at the "Front" in a fur vest thing.

It was very cold, so my costume was augmented with a jumper. (I was monstering, by the way)

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Then how are you larping?

First and formost, you you need to understand the four aspects of basic armouring:
*Cutting: This includes filing and de-buring
*Shaping: Including curves, dishing and flueting
*Joining: welding and riveting.

what kind of weapons?

You know i'd use ze nun in unspeakable Slaaneshi rites.

Many if not most also speak English. I am hoping to go up sometime and disgust Frenadian fag with my Creole.

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There is a difference between Quebec and the other provinces my good sir

We speak the two official languages of Canadialand , hell what am i doing rigth now? Speaking french?

If the language barrier is your only reason not to come you are heavily mistaken, last summer we had a guy from portland who did not speak a single word of french ( even if he really enjoyed learning new words during the week) we spoke to him in english and most of the people switched easily in english for him

Also you can't have a more medieval experience than having a lot of people speak french around you, this way you are sure they are always in character hahah
(we also have a lot of australians, europeans, germans, we always find a way to understand each other and it's mostly by speaking english)

Pic related, it's me and Ulfgar , the guy from portland

>> No.28325123

>Then how are you larping?
very good, thank you for asking.

>> No.28325166


Ze nun pictured here, Not giving a single fuck

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>> No.28325244

Stop me if i'm posting too much pics

>> No.28325251

A... Epic Armory "Ancient Spear", and a Battleaxe, no wait.. the axe didn't sell.

So I'm down to the battleaxe, a greataxe, a ninja-to.

Oh wait... Foam weapons, forgot you also deal with the metal variants.

>> No.28325271

>> No.28325624


Nah. And Ze Nun 2 is also cute a fuck.

Im looking for foam weapons to build up the LS&DT loaner closet.

>> No.28325638

11/10 would not give a damn with

>> No.28325884


There is 2 new nuns who asked to be in the guild

I think i'm gonna only accept the cutes ones from now on

>> No.28325977

Yes, create a harem of cute nuns. And then faun them up for us!

>> No.28326010

Deus Vult!

And bring them to my slaaneshi encampment! I'll bring my wrack! Not joking either!

>> No.28326028


Sounds dangerously debauched.

>> No.28326059

So I recently attended an event but I couldn't quite tell what everyone was trying to do so I took out my sword and went at a few people, however for some reason their weapons were foam, and some of them did not actually have metal armor. Does anyone have any sort of explanation for that? I got kicked out because I destroyed too many of the other attendees' weapons with my rusty sword. Also should I lay low for a while? I may have injured someone and I am already on parole.

>> No.28326085

Praise Slaanesh!

>> No.28326117

hurp durp

>> No.28326123

Answer: It was a court of fae beings, using their glamour to warp your perception. You were doing gods work son. Lay them low, and smite the unnatural.

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>> No.28326160

I'm curious, but i'd rather go with someone, and all my friends rather do their role playing over IRC, than outdoors.

Britfag here incidentally.

>> No.28326169

No I know they weren't larping as faes, their flyers said it was non magic/mystical shit

>> No.28326178

Where abouts are you based?

>> No.28326190

Its all lies. You were not drawn there to play a game. It was your keen human instincts that drew you there, undermining their mind control.

>> No.28326241

So can someone who isn't trying to troll give me some legit answers?

>> No.28326263

Maybe if your question wasn't horribly trollish in itself we would be more helpful.

>> No.28326280

Because you're a fucking retard who join a game without knowing the rules, asking about the system and using improperly cared for equipment.

If YOU are not the troll, which I doubt.

You must be a troll, because there is no way anyone can be that retarded.

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>> No.28326503


>> No.28327240

the fact is you are a failure. I mean "may have injured" someone? when they had just foam weapons and no armor?
The fuck were you doing? taking a nap?

>> No.28327339

G'day from the bottom of the earth.
I've always wanted to get into LARP - not just re-enactment combat, but actually getting into character and telling a story.

The problem is that I live on a tiny isolated island off the coast of another isolated island, and LARP is unheard of here. I lack the funds to move, but I sure as shit have the motivation to try and get something started up in my area.

Any elegan/tg/entleman have any advice on how to stir up a LARP craze in the deep, deep south?

>> No.28327425

>Get sword.
>Don't get arrested for owning sword
>go innaoutback
>fight vicious beasts, loot abandoned houses/out posts/cars, and survive the elements

>Go to NZ
>Get sword.
>Attack LotR tourists in hobbiton etc.
>Make them think its part of the tour
>Loot and pillage.

But seriously, you should be able to look up a list of Oz larps on google.

>> No.28327606

You dont say...

>> No.28327656

Looks like I will need a good cob-out to save my ass here.

>> No.28327884

you need to talk nun2 into doing faun makeup with ze nun

>> No.28327928

In same boat as this chap, except I'm on the mainland.

>> No.28328106

Do what I did. Start your own.

Make or borrow a rule set. Build a basic setting. Post on /tg/'s game finder and here in the larpthread.

You need to take a risk, and set up the first game out of your own pocket. If its good, people will contribute to do it again.

>> No.28328193

They dont really like each other DUN DUN DUUUN

>> No.28328196

How do you get around public liability insurance? I'm having serious trouble finding a location because either something's private property, or the local councils want a shitload of money to cover their own asses.

>> No.28328284

Really? Why?

I know NOTHING of Australian law except that your gun laws suck and trial-by-jellyfish is an option.

Ideally, if no money changes hands and you have private property to play on and call it a costume party, I don't think there is shit for liability.

>> No.28328371

Dem silly Womans!

>> No.28328393

Also, forgot to post with a pic so have a nice pauldron

>> No.28328428

this how we Larp

>> No.28328519

Cool. If everything goes as planned, I hope to be going to Croatia with team USA for the Battle of the nations next year. I'll say hi to the Russians for you.

>> No.28328599

of course. And we believe it. honestly

>> No.28328991

Russians...the worse kind of whites

>> No.28329091

LARP is more than just flailing with weapons and making noise that's the LA part, generally a story scripted or not has to play out, maybe even words beyond battle shouts in order to qualify for the RP part.

Same way CS doesn't qualify for a MMORPG even though they have roles and multiple players.

>> No.28329122

im back!

>> No.28329167

All you white folk are fucked in one way or another. Then again, my own people only come in two flavors: culturally rich and talented nomads or human trash, so I can't say much.

He's a troll. Ignore him.

Welcome back! Have some armour porn: 15thC In modo antiquo, or "heroic" style.

>> No.28329282

oh my that is good. too flashy for me though prefer more practical items as in this picture
some basic 16th century full plate

>> No.28329289

Mybae I'm asking too much, but how much do you guys spend on the LARP hobby?

How much does the basic equipment costs
and how much a complete plate armor with all perkrs end up costing?

>> No.28329365

or if i'm feeling kinky i can go for the "leather" look

>> No.28329432

can you use power tools? and can you paint well and or have you made cosplay clothing before

>> No.28329457

if so cheap thing to do is make some cosplay armor and use that or you can buy professionally made shit here http://www.us.calimacil.com/

>> No.28329480

Different guy, but have you got any resources on hand as far as making gear goes? I haven't looked into this stuff since shade's was still active

>> No.28329509

Except that is obviously 1470's you posted there :P

I prefer lighter kit myself anyways. Pic related. Pardon the confused look, I was just about to light my pipe and didn't expect anyone to come behind a tent to take my photo.

I use the same stuff I use for reenacting, historic martial arts and show props, so I really don't know. My parents also do historic recreation, so I have always had resources.

And how much depends on A LOT of variables. Who's making it. The material. If you're buying overpriced costume shit or fuctional armour. Style. Quality. Custom or off-the-shelf...

Calimacil is NOT worth the money. You can buy better made, historically designed (and thus made with an understanding of practical use) off the shelf armor for less.

Armour Archive has patterns, essays, and how to's.

>> No.28329593

ever heard of pool snakes/floaties/worms or whatever? these long foam tubes used in pools.
Anyways get one of those a couple feet of PVC pipe and a foam saw or a very sharp knife and or razor blade or very fine and thin saw. plus some cloth or spandex to cover with.

>insert pvc into foam
>cut foam into vague sword shape
save excess foam
>cover in spandex
>tape spandex to handle of pvc
cut of and save excess a 1.5 foot sword or half meter sword will leave enough for 1to 2 daggers.
Sled's for shields just buy foam slabs instead and cover then rivet into plastic of sled. handle is easy nylon backpack strap and rivet into shield.

>> No.28329620

thanks for the info on calimicil always thought they were a rip off. and sorry blame my friend for the armor he sent it saying 16th century blah blah blah. last time i take his word.

>> No.28329633

you look familiar. are you the real Gropey the clown?

>> No.28329641

About how much foam would you say is safe to cut off? I've done the whole noodle-pvc boffer before, though not to that level of refinement

>> No.28329652

I hope no one else has posted this


>> No.28329671

Humm.. all in all I've probably had at any one time around 700-1000$ worth of kit, though much of it I've traded away for other LARP/Wargame stuff, or sold when it got a bit tight financially or storage-wise.

Well Calimacil's Armour is overpriced, especially since it's all fake leather, their weapons are good though.
Never seen a Calimacil suffer point-guard failure or broken core yet.

>> No.28329672

also been kinda partial to gothic for some reason.

>> No.28329685

depends on a lot of things.
First of all what kind of costume do you want, the quality of it, etc. But then again it's not like you spend only once and you are good for your life. Everyone who takes it seriously upgrades his gear continuously and probably have more than one costume.

this year I spent way over 600 usd to my equipment although thats because I bought a half plate and a lot of 100% wool (and because I want to do reenactment in the future)
But that's because I have the money for it now. Before I got my job I could spend waaay less than that. Probably 40-50 usd a year for equipment. And of course I had shittier costumes, although I would like to think that they were still above the US average.

So long story short: as in any other hobby you can spand any amount of money on it but it will show. The trick is to do it slowly and build up your stuff, put effort in it and spend time to find the best and cheapest materials, etc.

also complete plate armor: depends on what kind of armor as in what style and if you want something that is good for larp or something that can actually withstand other things. But I don't recommend a full plate for a start

>> No.28329686

depends on the sword. how long of a sword do you want.

>> No.28329700

Just say no to boffers. and be wary of boffer groups. Save up the money and get some latex simulators. medieval collectables has a decent budget range I have been building the loaner kit from.

It takes a practiced eye, don't worry. {ic is 16thC. One of the key notes is the shift from fluted angles for deflection, and a shift to round and bell curves instead. Both work just as well, its just a fashion thing.

The one and only, pic related

Calimacil weapons = good
Calimacil Armour = bad

Thus why I am a 15th C guy.

>> No.28329713

>Calimacil is NOT worth the money. You can buy better made, historically designed (and thus made with an understanding of practical use) off the shelf armor for less.
entirely true for their armor. I would go as far as that most of their armor are just simply shit.
On the other hand the weapons are just awesome

>> No.28329744

well shit man not going to get all gushy here but like the show and never would've taken you to larp.
Anyways now that i know why you look familiar. Whats your usual armor set up i've only LARP'd once before for a local Amtgard game. we had the Landsknechts and buttpirates galore but at that time discovered my joy for big shields and spear or longsword and shield

>> No.28329788

I've a few guides in Danish, the picture's are pretty self explanatory, can post if you want.

>> No.28329818

and yet, most people in the US insist that calimacil weapons are dangerous and there are more than a few person who insist that they completely destroyed calimacil weapons by regular use.
I tend to think that calimacil purposefully trolling the whole US and ships them some kind of fake stuff or something

Same thing with latex weapons, for some reason most US larpers insist that latex weapons are dangerous, like they will rape your ass in the night on their own dangerous.
The best argument I've heard so far was gone somewhere along the line that hokey players didn't used helmets for a hundred years until they realised it is needed for safety and thus latex weapons are dangerous too

>> No.28329843


>> No.28329883

Naw, it's idiots that think they are supposed to swing a weapon that's 3 times heavier than a noodlesword, full force at people.

Like american football and rugby, if everything's all padded/armord, you get used to leaving your brain at check-in.

>> No.28329886

okay, quick lesson: if the weapon is supposed to be a sword or other bladed weapon but doesn't have an "edge" and a "flat" side then it's not a boffer but a dicksword

>> No.28329934

hah true check these then


>> No.28329952

Gotta love the heavily passed blade, but with unprotected wooden crossguard.

>> No.28329986

had a guy using a 7 pound dildo Flail? Sword? thing its on youtube.

>> No.28329990

Where did you seen me perform? And yeah, I was raised in the SCA, study WMA, LARP and am a Team USA hopeful for The Battle of the Nations.

Where are you local to?

Not just Calimacil, but any latex. I have only had one person send me a scathing email about my larp using them, and I replied with the "I use batons and blunt steel regularly. If you don't want to play with something, then don't play with it".

Anti-latex folks literally come off like anti-gay marriage people to me. If you don't like it, dont get gay married. If you don't like it, go play with a boffer group.

>> No.28330027


American rugby is still unpadded. Thank baby jebus.

>> No.28330067

don't headbutt the crossguard and you won't have any problem with it

well, those still look a little brick like but I good enough.

>> No.28330100

i honestly cant remember where it was. i got hammered my friend drove me somewhere and then back i saw a show was kinda grossed out, but it was cool. maybe cali or somewhere coastline area. local to colorado though but it was a trip to vegas where i got smashed and went on a roadtrip.

>> No.28330127

i honestly cant remember where it was. i got hammered my friend drove me somewhere and then back i saw a show was kinda grossed out, but it was cool. maybe cali or somewhere coastline area. local to colorado though but it was a trip to vegas where i got smashed and went on a roadtrip. Too much alcohol led to a trip to the hospital and your show was about all i remember besides being driven

>> No.28330145

goddamn double post. how i dont know but i hate when this happens

>> No.28330167

always giggled at him getting knocked out

>> No.28330186

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXxDfv2NaDY also part 2

>> No.28330190 [DELETED] 

Awesome. Feels good to be recognized.

>> No.28330231

Just to point one thing out, Calimacil is not a latex weapon, it's a mould cast foam rubber weapon, it's the same material all the way through, no layers, just core and foam.

It's rather interesting that the level 3 is the baseline weapon we are taught to make, though without washer counterweights, aand a fair bit more blade shaping involved

It's a standard here though that core tips should always be secured with a epoxy-bonded length of kevlar tube/garden hose.

>> No.28330233

It would have probably been Vegas. I do shows there all the time. I refuse to set foot in Commiefornia.

Its humbling to be recognized.

>> No.28330271

In the US, we use latex as a generic term to differentiate between boffers (foam weapons in the US) and realistic simulators or foam rubber.

>> No.28330292

nice ah well if i ever get the chance to see one of your shows again i might but probably with minimum inebriation.

>> No.28330311

Hey...remember when Larpthread used to be like this?

I love that

Yeah, as someone who used a calimacil for some time, it's not worth the cost , i had mine for 50$ so i was happy with it until it broke

Now i bougth a 10 years old Damocles for 40$
This sword is a tank

Pic related, the sword in question in Mein hands

other thing ...Dont buy leather armor from any site

>> No.28330347

and that's just as stupid as calling amtgard and dragorhir a larp

that looks really great

>> No.28330348

never bought any stuff made a tower shield once but that was about it.
Also getting tired of posting as smithing guy switching to Eirik

>> No.28330364

not mine sadly, but pretty cool stuff.

>> No.28330381

I recently bought my first calimacil weapons with the great discount that they had now. one bootknife, a halbeard head and a brick

>> No.28330387

>Dont buy leather armor from any site
If by that you mean, generally avoid leather armor I will agree. Not to say that there isn't fantastic leather armours around that really fit with the character. But in many cases it's just bad and the simplest of alternatives would have been better...

>> No.28330388

also see his other shit.

>> No.28330389

Ah, yeah, it's a bit more involved here, almost too many grades.

There's the Boffer, called a "Gaffa", made with bamboo/pvc cable tubing core, adhering the foam layer with Carpet-tape inside and covered in gaffer/duct tape outside.

The "Home latex", usually with fiberglass core, bonded with contact adhesive, painted with latex outside, often with a layer or thing cloth to reinforce.

The "Latex", premade store brand.

And Calimacil

>> No.28330401

I am more talented when your drunk, don't worry.

>remember when Larpthread used to be like this?

What do you mean?

You need to understand how much of a baby-seeking atomic bomb boogyman these weapons are to some people. Many have no interest in learning what they really and are content with dickswords and tie-dye tunics.

Thats is why LS&DT exists now.

>> No.28330442

well, it's waaay in the cosplay category to me. And by that I mean that I will never have the skill to make something like that and while stuff like these are absolutely awesome most of the time they made out of materials that doesn't really fit for larping.
But I'm always ready to steal ideas from cosplayers

>> No.28330446

ah well it might be the case but i'd rather remember the experience better.

>> No.28330473

ah true but if you could you would be getting cash if you sold your abilities to someone I.E. make a suit also talk of the town.

>> No.28330537

>You need to understand how much of a baby-seeking atomic bomb boogyman these weapons are to some people
I regulary read US larper FB groups thank you very much. I would say they caused permanent brain damage to me but alas I was trained in the hungarian equivelents of these and of course there are the reenactor groups which are a whole another tier of bullshit

biggest offender I've found so far is battleheat. a few years ago they were selling leather "armors" for more than a hundred euros that were basically just a piece of leather with two straps on it. Also there were a female version which was basically the same but cut out a little from it

>> No.28330546

The 35% off was incredible, just had to get kit myself, even though I'm broke as hell, couldn't afford not to, esp when my old club was ordering bulk, so free delivery.

Wow, now those are great.

We did have a cosplayer make awesome armor and costumes, he doesn't come around more, seems he didn't consider that while wall-filler will work fine on cosplay tier gear, it's not all that impact resistant.

>> No.28330586

yeah, most cosplayers chose the materials based on how it will look when it's finished and how easy it is to craft it, mold it, etc.

Then again there are those who use foam, same as the larpers

>> No.28330592

I know you read them. You invited me to read them. I havn't charged my cell phone since, as I harvested my rage as a power source.

>> No.28330599


That armor was not sized to fit her.

>> No.28330622

Nor is it sized to fit together, nor is it really armour, nor do 90% of the huge ass rivets do anything.

Its costume trash.

>> No.28330629

i wish more cosplayers were larpers but alas the fanciest costumes generally are held within sci-fi larping and all that jazz.

>> No.28330630

>That female warrior not wearing pants.

Christ, is her vagina her secret weapon or something? She's leaving herself open.
No pun intended.

>> No.28330641

I used plural. There are three big groups I've been reading and each has bigger bullshits than the other. Maybe in the future we can use facebook posts as artificial fertilizer or something

>> No.28330654

remember 4th edition d&d says a chainmail bikini can be better than full plate. so why cant a vagina be more defensive than plate armor.

>> No.28330686

I'm currently working on to lure more cosplayers into larping, one of the reasons I started to go to Cons

well, she is a cosplayer, what did you expected?

>> No.28330689

...Worse than larp haven?

Oh god.

>> No.28330690

Well, I'm off, once again a LARPthread has kept me up till 5 AM.

He had brittle Spackle over flexible foam, wasn't pretty after the first impact.

The short-cuts are awful, I've quite a few acquaintances in the Cosplay environment.
The awfully fake wigs, glossy nylon/polyester, synthetic-velour, fake fur, pleather and staples aggravates me, no pride in the end result.

It's like listening to a dicksword justifications "It's good enough" "it only has to represent" "noone else puts in more effort".

>> No.28330709

good on you friend!
is that a zebra hat? what the hell?

>> No.28330736


>> No.28330737

different kind of bad actually. I have to stay in shape in the bullshit business.
example: a guy found some kind of eva foam buttcap and posted in the group how is this buttcap is a "major upgrade" for ultralight boffers because it's 1 or 2 grams lighter

the zebra hat guy is from /cgl/, and I highly suspect he is a retard or something

>> No.28330739

Though to be fair, he makes great stuff now, if you know Roses and Boltshells, that's his work.

>> No.28330759

ah well fuck i'm off to play some cards at my friends store so i'll see you guys at some other date. good day everyone. its been fun

>> No.28330776

Hah fuck my sides.

>> No.28330869

also on the note of calimacil weapons, here is one of those really funny statements I've read

>Our chapter bought and received 4 Calimacil weapons last week. The Brokk hammer, the Novice sword, and 2 of the dragonete short swords (the kids line). The hammer was ok, but the striking surface was too small for the weight. We have some small people, like my niece, and hitting her with that would send her flying. The novice was hard, but I figured it would soften in time. But the pommel was the consistency of a hockey puck. A clear violation in our system. The short swords, I squeezed the top line, and felt pipe on both. Instant fail. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Our chapter has decided to go on a case by case concerning Calimacil weapons.

It's still a mystery to me how did they felt any kind of pipe in a calimacil weapon or how is the fact that he can send his niece flying has anything to do with the weapon

>> No.28331008

>mfw the hobby I've felt most at home in is snubbed by LARPers who are way more hardcore than myself and use steel

>> No.28331011

also I realized it's so late it's actually early so I have to go to get some sleep

>> No.28331025

don't worry, you can be hardcore too, doesn't even need steel for it

>> No.28331040

I'll always be looked down upon no matter how painted up/modded our NERF guns or boffers look- and I accept that. 'cause at the end of the day I have heaps o' fun.

>> No.28331100

while a decent equipment is important you don't need state-of-the-art kind of stuff to be hardcore or awesome.

Not larp but look at this pic. That guy is awesome and I can only hope that one day I will be as awesome as he is.
There is not much higher up. Maybe the Freakazoid high-fiving Jesus on an escalator level

>> No.28331102

If that word crops up you already know you want nothing to do with it. Seriously, something labeling itself with words like 'hardcore', 'mature', and other fancy words will in 90% of cases turn out a group circlejerking about how much more brutal their game is, how many more serious injuries they have at a usual event, and how that somehow makes their game better.

Hint: it does not.

>> No.28331128

i meant, when the Larpthread lasted more than 2 hours before going 404

>> No.28331176

Different games for different reasons. I do both. Do whats fun, and find like minded folks.


Well, I wans't in those threads....

>> No.28331933

Hey, Americunt, fellow Masshole here. You live in a state with a plethora of good LARPs. There are many games out there, depending on what sort of game you're looking for. What's your favorite? Fantasy? Scifi? Steampunk? Postapoc?

A lot of good games are run out of Ye Old Commons in Charlton MA. You could check that place out and see what they have scheduled. What part of the state are you in?

>> No.28335783

Anybody have links or DIY pics
in which is explained how to make an armor to whitstand soft blows out of PVC or Foam?

>> No.28335842


>> No.28335971

Wow that looks much easier then I thought.

So they question is: would using a hairdryer have the same effect as a heat gun?

IS crafting from PVC much harder?

>> No.28336152

LARPs often get advertising at Conventions simply due to the overlap between the two communities. LARPers are usually geeks so its just typical.

Additionally theres medieval fairs where they advertise as well for other obvious reasons and are better suited as they usually show you some fighting and such but its more than fighting.

I found out through a guy who ran a leather store in perth and started the very first proper LARP in this city. Its grown to be about 70-80 strong and has only been around for a year, so i got high hopes for it.

Gonna dump a couple of photos because its the funnest thing ever. Im the red dude.

>> No.28336153

Not really, the heat is much lesser, and is dispersed a lot more.
It CAN work, but it'd take much longer, and if the foam is a resilient one, the heat simply might not be sufficient to make the foam contract.

The reason it looks(is) so easy is the soldering knife attachment.
It guarantees a clean even cut, rather than the tearing and crooked angles nearly all normal knives effect.

PVC is different, it'd take a wire-saw to cut, and DEFINITELY a real heat pistol to re-shape.

>> No.28336166


And this be my adventuring party.

>> No.28336173


>> No.28336214

Looks like a decent level of kit/costuming.
Some easy shortcuts but with a game so young it's only natural.

I take it the barbarian in the last picture is one of the leather-workers?

>> No.28336384

Actually if you're using PVC I stumbled upon an idea that nobody seems to use.
loppers, like what you use for trimming tree branches, gives you a perfect smooth cut, takes half a second and zero exertion, great for cutting lots of pieces quickly.

It seemed like the most obvious thing but when I told people that's how I did it they acted like I had discovered the anti-life equation or something.

>> No.28336416

Well it depends on the thickens of the PVC, My first though was the hard orange 3-6 mm thick variant used for drainage.

>> No.28336488

There's no LARP groups in the U.S. that I can recall that allow full contact; you'd have better luck finding a local SCA chapter or even an ARMA or HEMA chapter if you're really lucky. It's not RP but they will train the living shit out of you for all kinds of medieval sword play and knife fighting, they even hold period gladiatorial matches.

I would stay away from HEMA, the guy who founded it is insane and it's not for the faint of heart.

>> No.28336527

Gropey! Have you had any more fun adventures in your local fetish clubs?

>> No.28336531

loppers work for just about everything I've ever used. to specify I'm talking about these things.
They give you a nice perfect even cut, no ragged edges, no plastic dust, it's super fast and easy, just snip and it's done.

>> No.28336582

There's that "Elitist" game, with standards for costuming, costuming materials, combat skills, GM approved characters ect.

Can't remember the name of it for the life of me.

>> No.28336616


>> No.28336636


>> No.28336640


He's actually a wolfman, but im not sure. Alot of the people who go make their own, others buy. I buy

>> No.28336681

Aah, yeah.
That's the one.
I must say from my cursory glance at them, they aren't terribly elitist, they just have standards for *their* game.

But then again locally we have a "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen" philosophy on LARPing.

Players that spend a lot of time and money on kit, character and combat straining should be allowed to play with like-minded players, creating a high-standards game.

Sadly there's always a shrill wailing of "if you can't ignore neon-coloured pool-noodles and paint-bucket helmets your immersion is shallow and you have no imagination".

>> No.28336693


I run a tiefling captain of the 'crimson crows' mercenary band. Made a ton of money through being hired simply so other people wouldn't hire us. Oh politics

>> No.28336708


This is my thrall/squire, who keeps me up to health and gets me in and out of my armour. Can also do some simply combat spells

>> No.28336720

You're thinking of ARMA with the crazy dude, but I think you're right.

Unless I'm misunderstanding. By "full contact" I'm assuming you mean "full power hits with blunted metal weapons"?

>> No.28336743


And this fellow is called 'renegade', a suitable name for an asshole who runs off and does his own thing in combat and starts off duels of honor by half beating a guy to death while he was still on the ground.

Best guy ever though

>> No.28336821

Yeah, there's a huge gap in Definition missing.
There's no real gradient once you hit the gap between "dildo-tag" and "Blunt steel".

I for one prefer "adequate force" combat, as in "make them feel the hit now, but not tomorrow"

Around here "Full contact" generally means foam combat, but with shield-bashing, disarming, careful knockout blows to the back of the head, occasional light wrestling (between consenting players in bar-brawls).

Tackles and trip-attacks however remain banned even among my blunted steel acquaintances.

>> No.28337686

>Sadly there's always a shrill wailing of "if you can't ignore neon-coloured pool-noodles and paint-bucket helmets your immersion is shallow and you have no imagination".
best kind of people to troll, in my experience. they can be seriously funny drama lamas. The important thing is that you have to obey every rule to the letter and keep a printed out version of the rules at you

>> No.28340360

Gropey's larp has near full contact and grappling from what I read in the rules. He does SCA a nd WMA stuff.

>> No.28341046

I was planning on doing Leather of chain, mainly as it fits the theme of the Nation I will be part of. Was going for this set http://www.lederkraft(.)com/search.asp?keywords=norgir

10/10 would hunt

>> No.28341251

That is a sexy piece of hide.
And it really can look absolutely stunning over mail, layering does a lot, and actually makes it viable armour.
As long as it's not the typical riveted couch-leather worn over clothing.

>> No.28341604

That is indeed a nice piece of armour. Also combination with chain makes it infinitely better looking still. I am not completely against leather armour. But I've just seen so many bad-looking, overpriced pieces, that didn't even really fit the character in question that well, that I have a general aversion against it.

>> No.28342712


This thread will now be about Fetish/Larp crossover

And i'm okay with that

>> No.28342800

any advice for someone in SoCal interested in larp

>> No.28342824

Don't shit into other peoples fire-pit. Ever.

>> No.28342880

Recommended priority of investments, both financial and effort-wise.

>> No.28342892

-Dont shit on a guild chest and spread it all over the locks and the sides
Unless you are doing it to one of our enemies , it's awesome then

- Dont fuck with Larpwiminz , it will always go bad

- Invest, dont look like a tool, some people may even smash you harder on the battlefield if you are wearing a ridiculous riveted fantasy leather armor

>> No.28343058

Also, don't be afraid of taking on a civilian or NPC role, it's a great way to ease into the game, get to learn the world and the people.

>> No.28343379

also, don't shit near to the tents and then leave toilet paper there so in the morning it will happily flap in the wind while stuck in the bushes and the camping equipment.
Seriously, it's a very rude thing for the ambulance guys to call them out into the middle of nowhere

>> No.28343752

Mind my shit, got it

also any advice for finding good groups in the area
Mostly what ive found is the local SCA chapter and the larp page on meetup.com and i was wondering if they were any good

>> No.28344006

erm i found dying kingdoms, Lannerea battle games,belegarth mcs, and an ARMA chapter

>> No.28344020

Dönish LARPfag is right here >>28342880. Don't worry about being fancy, as much as comfortable and practical. If you need help, we can provide patterns or decently priced options.

I argue with Frenadian " Dont fuck with Larpwiminz , it will always go bad ". This is a gross generalization. Just use common fucking sense and wrap before you tap. Dont stick your dick in crazy.

On that note, always have everything you'll possibly need, even if its in your car. Water, food that needs little or no prep. Extra socks/underware, soap, condoms....

On the note of food, aiming for medieval food is not only cool, but helps mitigate the need for coolers. Smoked and salted meats, olives, crusty breads, wax-rind cheeses, dried fruit, honey and much more keep for a long while as long as its dry.

THIS! Don't be afraid to get your bearings. Some people like being noncombatants and will use resources (like food that is not from a can or box) to hire protection so you can be part of the action, without fighting.

Where are you from?

>> No.28344162

Redondo beach, CA

>> No.28344457

Warning im pretty drunk, sorry for rambling and spelling.


Nevermind. Just realized your SoCal. My condolences.

Lets talk about food, now that we are on the subject, shall we?


Now, for this, we assume two things:

1: You are allowed to build a ground fire or have a fire bowl
2: You have no previous experience or camp tools to cook with

This is an easy fix. You need five items. I suggest buying them from a thrift store specifically for camp use.

1: A heavy duty steel pot with lid
2: A big wooden spoon
3: a ladle
4: a cutting board and knife
5: a camp axe

Its fairly self explanatory. Make fire. Let fire burn a while. Take two large, evenly sized cunks of wood, and place in fire. make sure they are sturdy and not wiggly. Place pot on top. Pic related.

Bam! You're ready to rock. build the fire higher or lower as needed, when needed. Lets move on to the cost-effective, immersive menu....

>> No.28344598

Oatmeal porridge with nuts & dried fruits?

Best start to a damp LARP'er morning I know.
Well along with fresh pot-baked bread and hard cheese.

>> No.28344798

i'm never cooking in a Larp again, others should cook for me and i'll happily pay them to do it

It's so godamn complicated when you only have access to a campfire

The best comfort food i had all week was on the last day of Bicolline when the King made me some ramens when i was in his manor because '' I can't let a man of god starve under my roof'' it was followed by '' I cant let a man of god not be drunk under my roof''

Then we all went stealing some logs while me and the king did a diversion by speaking to people around campfires while our complices stoles some logs behind their backs

Ramble all you want Gros pis

>> No.28344820

What the...i never posted this image ...

I guess there is a strange image of larp on a /v/ board now...

Here is another one

>> No.28344877


Oat porridge with honey and fixings

*Clean water
*Real honey. If it comes in a plastic bear, its not real honey.
*dried fruit, fresh berries, fresh apples, walnuts and/or almonds.

Make the oatmeal. Call those hungry bastards. scoop into bowl and let them mix in some honey and fixings while they bow to your glory and promise you blowjobs. Wrangle someone into scrubbing the pot after. Blowjob optional.

If you REALLY want to be the hero of the game, you can use your now clean pot to hard boil some eggs to go with lunch later....

You fucking know it.

>It's so godamn complicated when you only have access to a campfire
Have your cook follow my guide, and it wont be.

>> No.28344878

>It's so godamn complicated when you only have access to a campfire
no it's not, you get a pot, put some water in it, put some other random stuff you find and leav it there for a while then eat it. It's not that complicated

>> No.28344954

All this talk of ye olde food, makes me crave a Savoyard cabbage/bacon/dried tomato stew somethin' fierce

>> No.28344976


I am not a patient man , i hate waiting for a fire to be okay, and Bicolline is my vacation, so i just prefer to eat at the inn , or use my natural charm to recieve a lot of free food

our guild (the Templars )is a special one, we dont have our Own ''meeting spot'' we are low in number but highly influential so we spend a lot of time in reunions with politicals figures who always offer us food or drink , so let's just say that making my own food when i'm there ''break my immurshion''

>> No.28344997

Simple and tasty.

*smoked or salted ham, salami, prosciutto, pepperoni... Whatever is cheap
*Wax rined mild cheese
*crusty bread of some sort.
*brown mustard
*Boiled eggs if you got them.

This should be self explanatory. Eat separately, as a sandwich, whatever. Its lunch. Don't break your back over it. Toss in an apple and a hard boiled egg if you feel generous.

>> No.28345007


Also...i'll take this pig over oatmeal everyday

>> No.28345033

Honestly I found these guys simply through people who are likeminded. I said "Hey I want to join" and they say "ok". I'm the Cadian on the far right

>> No.28345057

would execute to inspire my men/10

>> No.28345090

Would use as a meatshield for my tanks/10

>> No.28345147

what if i get real honey, and THEN put it in a plastic bear?

>> No.28345153

I got much more from a little convention we did in Oberhausen. Honestly the most fun I had in years. These guys are very friendly and just enjoy doing this kinda stuff.

Yes that is a Hydra in the background, and yes it moves

>> No.28345217

Whatever floats your boat dude. If you need to wait on a fire, your camp is doing something wrong.

Im talking cost-effective and quick. Something ANYONE can do. A whole pig is pricey, requires storage, requires special cooking equipment and hours to cook.

Boiled awesome

*A large ham. Smoked, glazed, salted, whatever.
*Salt and pepper

Boil water. Toss in ham. Chop up and add vegetables. Season with salt/pepper to taste. When the onions are translucent and the cabbage is buttery soft, serve. Bread with honey and butter on the side. Collect blowjobs if wanted, have someone scrub the dishes, and enjoy your evening.

Bam. You just turned a fun event into an awesome event. Gather around the fire with full bellies, get drunk and sing songs.

With good shopping, you can pull off breakfast, lunch and dinner as I am posting for $8 a person (Which covers all the courses), and make a profit off of it. Just scale up ingredients as per payed diner. You can encourage people to buy in by using the money to go to the game or to the camp. A free meal plan is also a great way to take care of your volunteers and NPCs if you're running a game.

>> No.28345268

Well, I can't answer that, as it would implode the universe.

>> No.28345317

it was strange, we had to share a campfire with another group who were assholes , there also was a screaming and crying baby near us and one of the other groupe (the one with the baby in it) spend all their week singning campfire songs... i will never sleep or stay anywhere else than the true faith encampment...fuck the low-town with all my hearth

>> No.28345363

Fuuuuuuck those folks.

My particular camp gets wide berth from family and douch camps, but ya'know, Praise Slaanesh.

>> No.28345498

talking about Slsaneesh...

I may...may have corrupted Ze Nun 2 by bringing her into a fetish nigth...

And Zefuturenun3 too...

Dat Harem

>> No.28345527

Pics or it didn't happen.

Email in the field.

>> No.28345625

No m'lord

Also i remember one time there was a fantasy theme and i saw so many godamn people dressed up as elves , not larp people, just regular fetish people. it took all my self control to not scream DEATH TO XENOS atleast one time

>> No.28345773

But while there you could legitimately ask "Elf slave, wat do?"

>> No.28345802

Oh, its just for research!

Funny story: At a kink party I was at, the theme was perverted priests and naughty nuns...

So I brought my reproduction torture tools, my bed of nails and wore my confessor's vestments.

I could go into more detail later if you wish, but aside from my partner, I only had one person brave enough to do a scene.

Fun fact, I play my Medieval Catholic confessor totaly straight-faced. You will tell me your secrets if I am given time.

>> No.28346395

Hamiltonfag here. I saw them do a little battle thing during Bravocon. Found it pretty neat.

>> No.28346782


>> No.28346956

Green suits you.

>> No.28347024

Im not in that pic, or have a orc costume but thanks. Green is my color.

>> No.28347174

Oh, I thought it was you on the left.

>> No.28347249

Does anyone have good schematics for armour, clothing and the like? I'm looking to make some stuff to an actual standard, instead of the cosplay shit that is easy to find diagrams for. Stuff like this, I guess.

Honestly, I'd rather buy stuff, but since I'm in Australia it's either shit so poor I can understand intuitively how to do a better job just by looking at the pictures, or from another country with a delivery charge higher than goods price.

>> No.28347346

I have a few, but most are on my comp.

>> No.28347392

How different from LARP is Dagorhir? I've never tried LARPing, so I'm not sure if the same rules apply or not.

>> No.28347482

Dag is just foam fighting. No story, stats, classes, oversized, foam-paddle weapons etc.

Its a great drinking game in my opinion, but if I want to fight and do mass combat, i'll play SCA, if I want story, i'll larp.

Some groups use similar combat equipment and rules, but that is a group to group thing.

>> No.28347492

>Live in New England.
>No GOOD LARP around me.
>Only boffer shit.
>Want to become a blacksmith and forge a great armor, and storm that shit boffer field, besting everyone I see.

So...I need to learn how to smith. People tell me to go to school for it, but I'd rather not. What do?

>> No.28347591

First off, realize blacksmiths =/= armourers.

Second off, hit up the local SCA and ask if they know any local armorers. Study and do research, and then kiss ass/show what you already can do if you wanna be an apprentice.

You you need to understand the four aspects of basic armouring:
*Cutting: This includes filing and de-buring
*Shaping: Including curves, dishing and flueting
*Joining: welding and riveting.

Go online to the armour archive and read up on essays and look up simple patterns. Practice in cardboard with brass split-tacks. Learn to peen a rivet, and then get a simple dishing form, some cheap tin sheet, and some tin-snips and start trying in metal.

>> No.28347654

Well, I want to be a Blacksmith/armorer.

Making blades wouldn't be half bad either, but I see what you mean.

Thanks for the advice, pal. I'll look into it.

>> No.28347754

Hey gropey, scadianfag here, same one you talked to a few months ago. Did you end up going to war of the wings?

>> No.28347755

Ok, I am not trying to sound like a dick... But you really need to do some reading.

Blacksmithing =/= swordsmithing =/= cutlering =/= armouring

A blacksmith can make knives and such sure, but a cutler has totally different tools and techniques. A Swordsmith would probably have no idea how to forge a set of tong that he uses.

You're biting off a lot more than you can chew son. Do some basic reading on wiki before you go searching for someone to teach you.

>> No.28347851

>A blacksmith is a metalsmith who creates objects from wrought iron or steel by forging the metal by using tools to hammer, bend, and cut (compare to whitesmith). Blacksmiths produce objects such as gates, grilles, railings, light fixtures, furniture, sculpture, tools, agricultural implements, decorative and religious items, cooking utensils, and weapons.

Yeah, thanks pal.

>> No.28347873

Is SCA full contact? Because we beat the shit out of each other when we play Dag.

>> No.28347902

SCA is dag except they beat each other with sticks. Someone dies every year or so.

>> No.28347953


There are specific skill sets in smithing.

>> No.28347959

Jack of all trades, master of none.
A plain blacksmith can make a basic metal bar and flatten it, but he'll never balance it just so and let you move it like water around your enemy's defence.

>> No.28347991

Oh, I'm not arguing that a blacksmith is JUST as good at making swords as a swordsmith, but I think with Blacksmith training I could make an okay sword, not great, no terrible, but okay.

>> No.28348033


Yeah. The issue is that a good smith specialized in a specific high-end craft can make a very, very nice living... Or hammer nails all day.

Also a blacksmith's sword is going to break more easily if they are not aware of the correct mix, balance, heat, etc.

>> No.28348060

Scadianfag here. Noone dies. Lots of injuries (mostly not serious) but no deatys as a direct result of sca. Sca uses armor

>> No.28348096


In the same way as an engineer means like five hundred different things, but each one does only a few because they are all very hard to master.

You are discounting the immense scope of blacksmithing. It was less a trade than a profession. You know, like doctor and lawyers, and other fields that require years of study to grasp the basics and even more years to develop a good knowledge of one field. Not even mastery, good knowledge.

Weapons and armour particularly are actually extremely complex, because you have to have a high-level understanding of physics, metallurgy, and materials science to understand how your things are actually working. Can you explain why a diamond pattern blade cuts differently from a wedge pattern blade, or the difference in force absorption of curved bends versus rigid folds? A good weapon smith or armour smith knew all of these things well, and took decades of hard work to fully grasp them.

>> No.28348107

Really? I heard there were a few deaths over the years. That and an almost autistic elitism

>> No.28348158

Axes. Arrow heads. Spears.

You know what son? Go ahead and go find a smith, and impress him with your knowledge.

Full contact with batons. We use rubber hunting blunts on our arrows. To put it into perspective: Everyone on team USA for the battle of the nations is SCA, and we did remarkably well, to the point where we are now in the top four.

Bruises and muscle injuries (sprains, pulls) are common. Broken bones and concussions are occasional. Death is very rare. Its usually old men who don't know when to quit.

A flattened metal bar is not a sword. You need specific forges, quenching sets, and kilns to make one. If you try to make a Sword-like-object, it will either be too heavy to use, or will snap under its own weight.

I'll see you at the national smithing convention and symposium!

Pic is me in the green.

>> No.28348199

Gropey confirmed for Zone X masterrace.

>> No.28348231

Oh, okay. So armor is a must, huh? When we play Dag, armor is optional.

>> No.28348308

You know, there's two ways of going about telling someone something.

There's this:

That's how an adult would do it.

Then there's this:

This is how a condescending child would do it.

You need to EXPLAIN things to someone, not go on about how complicated something is, and how the listener is probably too dense to understand it. He clearly didn't know much about smithing, but that doesn't give you the right to shit all over him, and discourage him from trying.

Try to be constructive in the future.

>> No.28348317

Some armor is a must. Head, kidneys, knees and a few other areas must be covered. Most people wear far more than what is required.

>> No.28348333

Is it a point system, or just beat the shit out of each other?

>> No.28348418

Atlantia here. Where you from?

Both of those answers are attributed to our scale and scope.

Yes, we have had deaths. 14 combat related, and 1 combat caused. Its usually old men who walk off the field, go to sit down, and never get up. One guy had been fighting for years, and a shot set off a clot in his head (from military service years ago) that gave him a fatal seizure.

But that is in 15 dead in almost 50 years of our existence.

As to the autist douchetards...We have millions of members all over the world. We do not have a higher concentration of grognard aspies than other games, just more people in general. Lets pretend its 1 aspie to 20 people. Larp group has 40 people, and thus two autists. SCA group haas 100,000 in that event alone.... That is a lot of Ass Burgers on the griddle.

What? Explain.

You pad the weapon, we pad the people. I only wear a padded coat, knees, elbows, gauntlets, a placard, a gorget and a helmet.

He blew off my original information. His own issue.

Most people don't like pain.

We fight to what we call a telling blow: A shot suitably hard and/or painful enough to know, that if it was a real weapon, you would be dead. Some people take arms and legs as disabling (loosing a leg means you kneel, loosing an arm stops its use etc), but some of us take them as kills just the same, as we know you would be more likely to be out of the fight than a monty python skit.

>> No.28348467

You don't argue with clownbro. He gave info. Guy was a dick.

>> No.28348477

*losing. Spelling brought to you by alcohol.

>> No.28348553

>Ass Burgers on the griddle.

My sides were not a high enough level to take this joke on.

>> No.28348941

Holy shit this still lives!

>> No.28348999

Wrong trip code pass. So how is everyone.

>> No.28349188

Welcome back

>> No.28349220

What you guys been up to. And that picture reminds me of fro do and lotr

>> No.28349354

Right now, Im browsing tumblr for unholy abominations to traumatize a eurolarping friend of mine with (pic related), and listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTW30Q4B3Go

The call themselves LARPmetal, and sing about wizards and unicorns.... But fuck if it isn't GOOD. The are obviously talented, having fun and not taking themselves seriously.

>> No.28349467

Dear lord that costume. I'll try that song out. Right now chilling with my dog while my bro plays guitar hero.

>> No.28349635

Great song have to check out more and send that to my friends who larp.

>> No.28350007

Those faces have stories to them.

Furthest left is the new kid who just got assigned to the unit, next is the bully that only joined to progress to a more authoritarian perch, then you have the veteran who is a bit quirky from all the shit he has seen and battles survived, has plenty of superstitions. Your party face in the front, the paragon of what all pikemen should be (although he does look shifty. The eyes.) The guy to his left is quirky old veteran's friend who has to keep an eye on him to keep him from dying. Childhood friends, ya know how they are.

I don't know about the last guy. He just looks like vincent price.

>> No.28350686

Im glad to know im not the only one who makes up backstories for people while im people watching...


>> No.28350742

New game. Who can make the best backstory for a LARP pic?

>> No.28350763

>> No.28351642

this...a thousand time this!

Okay i'll try , please pardon my english skills

The Knigth was contemplating the rabble they gave him , Peasants and young mens with the smell of their mothers still attached to them , womans even joined the ranks
The inspection was short.
most of them he would have sent them home in other conditions, but now there was no one to go back to if they failed.

He did not take the time to learn their names, or the name of the villages they came from .

Most of them, if not all of them would be dead by morning.
His orders were clear, they came From the King of the Southern Lands himself, we hold

And so he held, each one of them fougth for Dulgaron against the Sultan forces

Outnumbered three to one they still held

But even the purest of hearth and the strongest of arm could not prevent treachery in our own ranks,

(I'll...continue if its okay...i know my english is not perfect but this is the actual story of the Battle for the Southern Lands at Bicolline 1013 )

>> No.28351761

Tu aurais pu écrit en francais. Je peux traduire!

>> No.28351813

When the time came to figth , they did
those who seemed the strongest were not.
those who had the most to lose fougth like cornered animals

Mothers and fathers figthing alongside their young sons or daugthers

Pagans who converted at the very moment he started reciting the words of God.

They were magnificient
Nothing could have won over them.

The sultan forces who came into battle with confidence were now losing in front of a much smaller army .

Then some mens who shall forever live in infamy became traitor and the line was broken.

To this day i do not hate our ennemies , they are misguided , i do not hate the Sultan, he is a coward and act like one is expected to act

But to this day, i still hate the traitor and the fires of hell themselves were they came from have no fury like mine

>> No.28351923

okay then

This is another ingame story written by a scrib

(I'm Montmagny , and Ze nun is Berangère, my roomate ''the one who have written this'' is Yves-Jaques) it's all historicals names uhhu) and it's in french so...better written

Siège de Montjoie
Sous la grâce de l'unique

Sept figures agenouillées dans la chapelle priaient depuis le lever du soleil. Ils avaient jeûné depuis la veille. Le prêtre s'approcha de chacun d'eux afin de bénir leurs armes, puis il leur donna les derniers sacrements. Raymond de Montmagny monta près de l'autel, et avec l'accord de l'abée, il ouvrit le reliquaire, s’emparant du fer rouillé de l'épée de Saint-Ulrich. À leur sortie, les pauvres Serfs du bon Sire-Yves-Jacques, amaigris par la présence de l'Armée du Saint-Sépulcre sur leurs terres, se massaient devant la chapelle afin de voir le visage de leurs héros. Les femmes donnaient des fleurs de leur jardin au chevalier et à ses six sergents, leur apportant l'espoir de ceux qui n'ont plus rien à perdre. L'injustice avait dans le cœur de ces hommes animé une passion jamais rencontrée auparavant. À cet instant, le chevalier comprit la sérénité dans laquelle le seigneur de ces lieux allait, en guerre comme à la paix.
Alors que le soleil vint poindre à l’horizon, la bannière d’azur du grand prieur se fit voir, le spectre démoniaque à sa tête. Quittant le modeste hameau,

(Part 1 )

>> No.28351954


Le blanc manteau chargeait sur son destrier. Harnaché de pied en cape de mailles, portant sa lance et l'épée du saint, il chargea, ses braves sergents à sa suite. Leurs hauberts se hérissèrent de flèches, leur cœurs s'emplirent de courage. Montmagny chargea, puis fut coupé de court alors que son cheval mourut sous ses pieds. Il fut catapulté dans le sable au pied du démon.

Le Marcheur lui asséna un premier coup alors qu'il tentait de se relever, ce qui lui valut de se faire propulser dix pieds plus loin. Ses hommes descendus de selle et maintenant encerclant leur seigneur, lances à la main, formant un bouclier autour de lui contre les hordes de Milices du sieur de Roiville, l'un d'eux s'écria : « À Vous Messires! ».

Empoignant l'arme du Saint, le chevalier s'élança, accompagné de ses gueux, chacun transperçant le spectre de leurs lances. Alors que l'archange descendit des cieux et qu'au delà les montagnes Sainte-Abelle accompagnait les Reliquaires dans la mort, Le démon rencontra sa fin. L'épée rouillée du Saint se logea dans la masse immatérielle du démon, qui éclata dans une lumière divine, alors qu’assaillis par l'armée, les sergents tombèrent sous les coups tentant de protéger Sire Montmagny dont le flanc avait été transpercé par la lance d'un Sépulcrite.

Le chevalier tomba sous les coups, et de peine et de misère, ses sergent purent l'extirper du combat. De la troupe, deux survécurent. L'un des sergents, rendu borgne, l'autre presque moribond. Et Montmagny, reposant maintenant dans la main de dieu, Soeur Bérangère à Son chevet, priant pour son âme

Part 2

>> No.28352170

(I am going to take some liberties with the grammar and pacing, to anglofy it if you don't mind. Correct me if I get something wrong. You know my dialect is crazy swamp Frank)

Seat Montjoie
Under the grace of the One

Seven figures kneel in the chapel, praying for sunrise. Having fasted since yesterday, the priest approached each of them to bless their weapons, and grant them last rites. Raymond de Montmagny mounted near the altar, and with the agreement of the Abee, he opened the reliquary, seizing the rusty iron sword of St. Ulrich.

Upon leaving , the poor serfs good Sire Yves- Jacques , emaciated by the presence of the Army of the Holy Sepulchre on their land, massed in front of the chapel to see the face of their hero. Women gave flowers from their garden to the knight and his six sergeants, providing them with the hope of those who have nothing to lose. The injustice was in the heart of the busy men passion never met before . At that moment , the knight realized serenity in which the lord of the place was , in war as in peace.

As the sun came on the horizon, the Grand Prior of the Azure Banner showed himself, the evil spirit ahead.*

(not sure how to translate "le spectre démoniaque à sa tête. Quittant le modeste hameau,")

>> No.28352439


Siege de Montjoie is pretty much...the siege of Montjoie

I did not give any context so ..i doesnt make a lot of sense i guess haah

it is about a small group trying to kill a demon in the enemy army , a suicide mission

le spectre demoniaque a ca t[ete , its the demon specter at the head of the enemy army

and <quittand le modeste hameau> is supposed to be at the start of part 2 , it means, leaving the modest town

The thing with french is it translate kinda badly to english most of the time its always better to just take liberties and change some words , thats why i sometimes have a hard time writting here in english, my mind think in french but try to write in english and it sometimes make my phrases strange

>> No.28352536

Eh, worth a shot. I didnt think I did too bad.

>> No.28352655

it was pretty good actually

i<m working on a translation rigth now , without any context you cant do miracles since you cant possibly know all the things i<m talking about inthe text

to give a quick explanation...

There was a schism in the True Faith
each side accused the other of heresy

The saint-Sepulcre used an apparition of saint denis to attack the templars

a war followed and the sultan took this as a go to invade the southern lands, the templars eventually lost the castle to them but it was an elaborate ruse to slow them long enough for the southern land to find allies and get an army

we knew it was a lost battle, we knew it was impossible to win this siege as the defender, but we did not accept any redition because we knew that our defence meant that the southern land had time to rally

>> No.28352856

okay so it look like this pretty much...
your translation helped me a lot for some word actually

Siege of Montjoie
Under the Grace of God


Seven shadows kneeling in the chapel were praying since dawn. Having fasted since yesterday . The priest aproached each one of them to bless their weapons,then he gave them the last rites . Raymond de Montmagny walked to the Shrine and with the permission of the Abbey he opened the reliquary and took the Rusty sword of Saint-Ulrich.

Outside , the poor serf of Lord Yves-Jaques, emaciated by the presence of the army of the Holy-Sepulcre on the lands,massed in front of the chapel to see the face of their hero. Woman gave flowers from their garden to the knigth and his six sergeants, providing them with the hope of those who have nothing else to lose . this injustice that brough a burning passion in the hearth of these mens ,never felt before

At this very moment , The Knigth understood the serenity that the lord of this land knew in time of peace and in war

As the sun came on the horizon, the Grand prior of the Azure Banner showed himself , the Demon spirit leading them

(Part 1)

>> No.28353409

Leaving the Modest Hamlet ,The white cloak charged on his horse , Mail cladded from head to toe , holding lance and the sword of the saint, he charged , his brave Sergeants following him.

Their Armor bristled with arrows ,their hearth grew with courage , Montmagny charged, and his charge stopped as his horse died under is feet, he landed rigth in front of the demon.

The walker hit him with a first hit as he was trying to get back on his feet, he got thrown ten feet away. His men dismounted and joined their lord ,lance in hand , forming a shield aroung him against the soldiers of Sire de Roiville , one of them screamed ''Look out sir!''.

Taking the weapon of the saint, the Knigth threw himself, joined by his gueux , each of them striking the specter with their lance.

As the Archangel descended from the skies, and that past the mountains Saint-Abel joined the Holy-Reliquary in death, the démon met is end , the rusty sword of the saint piercing is immaterial mass , the sergeants falled under the blows , trying to protect Lord Montmagny who had his loin pierced by a sepulcrite's lance.

The knigth falled under the blows, with all their strength, his sergeant dragged him away from the skirmish , from this band, only two survived, one of the sergeant lost an eye and the other was almost dead, Montmagny was sleeping, in the hands of god , Sister Bérangère at his bedside, praying for his soul

(part 2)

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