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Those of you who have played in or run a game of D&D 3.5 with the core classes banded and replaced by Tome of Battle and Psionics classes, how well did it work? What were the main mechanical challenges?

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Well, at the risk of starting another massive flame war, have you thought of trying fourth edition? Your post leaves something to be desired in terms of specifics, but given your parameters it seems like you want more reliable use of flashier mechanics, or at least a deviation from powers/effects tied to daily usage.

So, I say this without making any judgments over which is the superior system, but 4th is built around the encounter paradigm and will allow a wider variety of classes while still allowing everyone to have something to do so you might consider broaching the subject.

In respect to 3.5 specifically, I've never outright had only those classes present, but I've had several players in my runs who were quite fond of warblades in particular, and it worked well. Mechanically you have to be cognizant of the different pacing that groups will have due to how warblades get their moves back, and some people are off-put by psionics' pseudo mp system. Ultimately though, you still really stand the risk of caster supremacy at higher levels, as many of the tome classes simply get different ways of dealing more damage, while psionics will still get save or suck effects. YMMV though, hope this was of some help.

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No, he obviously wants to play GURPS, because he wants more differentiated mechanics and subsystems with subsystems.

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The wizard and druid were still much, much stronger than any ToB based character and this was with all characters somewhat min-maxed.

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I'm pretty sure he wants to play Feng Shui. Or possibly Warriors of Mars.

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Well, in all honesty I hope OP is still around to give some more info, 'cause if it's for a particular setting/theme then that'd be easier to advise on. Right now it seems like he might just be trying to pick the more balanced classes which is pretty much a crap shoot in 3rd.

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I'm not looking for system recommendations, I just saw someone in another thread suggest that this was the best approach to playing 3.X, and I was curious if its actually viable.

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Right, that seems to be why they were replaced with psionics classes.

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Ah, yeah it can totally work. I can't remember off the top of my head if there's a viable skill monkey in either of those books, so you may need to adjust the campaign accordingly, but you could definitely run a campaign like that. 'Best' is certainly a matter of opinion though, 3rd is one of those systems where everyone has their own special recipe.

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>has anybody tried playing with core classes banned
>yeah, wizard and druid were still the most OP

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You lose out on a few things but it's MUCH easier to prepare for a game built around those classes because their capabilities are listed in front of you and difficult to change instead of "Hmm I want to prepare different stuff today!" and then you get CoDzilla or Batman. It plays a lot better than a normal 3.5 game so long as you still keep some non-Crusader way to heal the party in the game.

The Psion has a few dirty tricks, but those are easy to spot ahead of time.

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I think the intent was that ToB wouldn't be a significant threat to game balance more than a lack of reading comprehension, though anything is possible.

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Oh look it's what I do.

When you only allow the ToB/Psionic stuff, it changes the theme and style of the game dramatically. NPC warriors/commoners/nobles/experts are still the majority of the population, but instead of people like the fighter or rogue who are normal dudes with extraordinary talent or training, warriors are a supernatural force, kind of like the difference between normal dudes and main characters in wuxia genre fiction.

The main issue I've found is monsters; to be honest, a lot of the magic-heavy monsters start being less and less thematically appropriate, with the scale coming down to being largely about things with psionic powers, things that are little more than huge beasts, and other people. While this isn't a bad thing (and in the case of other humanoids, this makes combat maneuvers like disarm and sunder and all that all the more fun because they happen more), it does make it a bit more complicated when you want a huge magical monster, but have to avoid using save or die effects or similar things when those are the main strengths of said monster, and using them in a way that lets the game work fluidly. However, this becomes fairly easy to manage as time passes, so once you get used to it this stops being an issue.

I would, however, suggest you homebrew the Improved [Trip/Disarm/etc] feats to allow the user to perform a regular attack as part of the action, so that they deal HP damage on top of getting the thing done, making them more effective as part of a standard attack, instead of having to trade full attacks for them.

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>ToB wouldn't be a significant threat to game balance
only if you take out iron heart surge. the ability to simply get rid of gravity is over powered as fuck. though it did make a fun campaign

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>derp hurf durr

I bet you think Locate City Nuke works RAW.

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>implying any GM actually allows the "I'm a faggot rules lawyer please rape my face" interpretation of iron heart surge
That sort of interpretation leads to your body being torn apart at a subatomic level because you just broke up one of the things keeping it together, good show.

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actually it led to us trying desperately trying to keep the world from dying out as it hurtled away from our sun. we failed but it was still fun fighting in 0 G

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It's far, far easier to snip out one or two powers than it is to try and police the mammoth spell lists the big 3 have access to. I just kinda assume that with 3rd the occasional problem child is inevitable, the goal is to get rid of the classes that are so problematic as to be not worth the time.

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>I found an awesome loophole! On page 242 it says "Add oregano to taste!" It doesn't say how much oregano, or what sort of taste! You can add as much oregano as you want! I'm going to make my friends eat infinite oregano and they'll have to do it because the recipe says so!

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The sun would come apart and destroy the world in a mature of minutes.

>-10/10 player
>0/10 game

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