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Feeling productive today.

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Kroot valentine's day with actual hearts being given as gifts. Maybe one Kroot dragging along a huge, still-beating Carnifex heart, and the other one swooning.

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A space marine librarian reading books to kids.

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>feeling productive today

And /tg/ is the perfect cure for that.

Requesting one catachan loli, being badass and adorable.

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I would like some kind of cute admech, but I can't think of how that would be done without using a little girl.

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Jinx dressed up as a retributor sister with heavy bolter, but decked out with as many guns as she could get her hands on.
Manic expression and glee as possible.

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Try a female space marine? Not a bulky hulk mind, perhaps the armour could be more figure hugging and slinky, similar to the sisters?

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A techpriest giving a robot teddy bear to a girl arbites?

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Well, little girls are cute. Little boys too, I guess.

Kittens, puppies, spiders... all cute.

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Vagina spiders?

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Samus, Aran...

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A Sister Hospitaller with her pet Grynix please.

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That is not an officially recognized species of spider.

An easily recognizable cute spider is a jumping spider. Those fuckers are adorable.

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Orks trying to loot love

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Oh, Grynix are house cat size.

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Ork mek babysitting some little girls?

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Members of an Ork Nunnery.

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Requesting humanoid Pinkie Pie (like this) as a hovering, maniac Sanctioned Psyker outfitted with a full-body straitjacket and throwing pies about with her mind.

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Not original poster, but if those pies were on eveloped in flame, preferably blew as similar flames poured from her mouth and eyes that would be great

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Make her into a demon host going full on mad and plastered with purity seals and scrolls invoking her full name to control her.

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I'd like to request a 4e tiefling girl (pic related, but that's just reference for the race, not the character herself).

We're looking at a full-bodied figure, deep red skin, glasses, auburn hair cut into a bob. Her horns curl like those of a ram. She prefers to wear what are effectively leather dusters, as they're easily enchantable and cover the entire body, without looking bad. Her weapon of choice is a jagged silver pact blade (basically a dagger with runes etched along the side). Finally, she'll have heavy duty boots.

If anybody's willing to pick this one up, you have my gratitude

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>league of legends
shit thread already contaminated.

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Sorry, I know it's not 40k based, but this is the only drawthread I saw.

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>Make post entirely dedicated to pointless whining.

Shitposting detected.

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But she's already perfect hive scum!

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But she can have so many guns!
And they want her to blow up EVERYTHING!

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An eldar banshee fangirl trying to ship Jain Zar and Karandras. Or Karandras and Arhra.

Phoenix reactions would be fun, too...

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you dont need imperial sanction to get loadza dakka, you just need to rob the people who do have it

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Requesting psycho mutie murderhobo with shark teeth, merc-esque loadout and a heavy stubber. Just chilling as she's chewing on a bit of meat. References in picture.

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Female space marine

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I humbly request OP pic without wording.

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That's a Sister of Battle with extra large pauldrons.

Not that I mind, actually.

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Intro pic minus the text. Continuation of the previous IG and SoB thing from previous threads.

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Thanks mate

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Requesting Jonquil Lancaster, AKA Cuddles the psyker, enjoying a nice day off.

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A Scottish spess maroon with woad tattoos playing the bag pipes a midst a battle. Or doing some other Scottish thing.
Please and thank you.

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Primarchs of Alpha and Ultra legions arm-wrestling... with power fists

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Kids playing guardsmen and heretics

>> No.28301846

Or arbites and gangers or whatever combo strikes your fancy

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Nobles and underhivers.

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Will give this a shot.

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That's fantastic! Thank you Luth!

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Little Dorn and Perturabo in pillow forts. That, or the Iron Cage debacle, but with pillows and nerf darts.

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You blew it. You should have added her video


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I assumed it would be well known at this point.

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>her thoughts when
>a draw thread? OP is going to draw me in my underwear again!

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Adorable, confused Navigator staring quizzically at a vellum map.

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Hurray for cute navigators!
Melting from looking into those cute eyes is only positive so long as it's figuratively.

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So kawaii, uguu~

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N-N-Not the Dune Navigator draw-anon, the WH40k one.

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>Dune Navigator

Well played..

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Well played, good sir, well played.

Can I have a 40k Navigator with the same premise as well?

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Pffffhahaha, oh emprah, yes.

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Ok, but I don't actually know what 40k ones look like. Got a reference/description?

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They're kinda lazily envisioned, to be honest.

They look like Humans but with a third eye in the usual "So zen" place.

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I am left speechless.

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Essentially people with a third eye on their forehead.
They are prone to mutations, though.

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Humans with a third pinnacle eye on their forehead

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Question; can I get the full Sister/Guardsman series?

Barring that, how about a bald, terrified psyker sobbing into a Sister of Battle's shoulder after finally confronting his fear of SoBs and being shot in the gut by her to prevent daemons from pouring out of his skull.

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Requesting Illiyan Nastae (canon half-Eldar) showing Lofn a magic trick and Drazhar looking at it from afar from behind with a question mark above his head.

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See >>28302177

>> No.28302423

> Illiyan Nastae
> Drazhar
These two don't get much love...

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Any interest in this, kind drawanon?

>> No.28302444

Farsight and some members of The Eight posing Ginyu Force style.

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That's because GW wants to forget that they ever allowed something as non-grimdark as relationships between to species that share vast physical similarities.

For my part, I'd like to request an embarrassed and/or tsundere, young Eldar woman, presenting a very confused guardsman with a boxed lunch (bonus points for a Warp-awful IG-issue ration pack discarded somewhere in there).

>S-stupid hu- Mon'keigh! I just don't think you're a threat, given you're so under-nourished! Th-there's no honour in fighting an enemy who hasn't even had a good meal for months!

>I'm bad at tsundere...

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Well, at least Lewd did some Drazhar pics...

>> No.28302485

An Astartes shiba inu.

>> No.28302491

And this one...

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>Space Shibes
>So fury
>Such emprah

>> No.28302515

Here's the 40k navigator.

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>> No.28302537

Any interest in this one?

>> No.28302544

I have interest but no talent.

>> No.28302561

Yes, but it's getting really late here and I wouldn't have time to do much more than a very basic sketch. I'll have a go at it tomorrow if the threads still around.

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> By the Emperor, what am I reading here?

>> No.28302596

By the power of understatement and stoic-ness, vested in me, as an Englishman, I dub this to be...

Not bad at all.

Yeah, but the difference between Craftworld and Dark Eldar is philosophical. According to the canon, the Crafties see the Deldar more as those intensely embarrassing cousins who won't grow up and stop partying at the frat, rather than doing like they do and studying, all responsible-like. That occasionally bubbles over into fights, but for the most part, they're closer than the Humans and Eldar ever are.

Of course, that's 40k and I'm only interested in 40kawaii, so Eldar bento box please!

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Yup. All Eldar are jerks, but the differences between the Craftworlders and DEldar are large...yet sometimes they do come to a agreement.

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space doge

>> No.28302805


Draw Xeno trying on some green lipstick.

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such valour
spiritual liege
very space
much marine
tactical genius

>> No.28302814

>So fearless
>Such loyalty
>Much purity

>> No.28302819

such valour
spiritual liege
very space
much marine
tactical genius
and they won't be afraid

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Would be a great Space Wolves successor chapter...that would be interesting if a Space Wolves cruiser crashed on one of the planets of /tg/'s Yamato system (the one where the Rising Sons reside)...

Overall nice.

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Oh lord, thanks Luth. I also love the continuations of my original IG/SoB requests, I almost can't handle the cuteness from them.

>> No.28302834

Which make me think I wish we had more Nicassar pictures ...

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>> No.28302846

it's like a counterpart to lolcats except it allows us to satyrize anything without being mean.

>> No.28302847

I don't know, I don't get it either.

>> No.28302848

Because such funny, many laughs, so sarcasm, wow.

>> No.28302850

Jumping Spiders are the animal kingdom's SWAG guys.

>> No.28302855

Scarab!Xeno looks a bit like those.

>> No.28302867

much confusion
dosnt understand
such anger

>> No.28302868

Requesting an image of Spehss Mahreens goofing off at an Imperial amusement park. Mouse-eared hats optional.

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>> No.28302948

They have a mutation in their brain that damaged the speech center so they can't talk in full sentences much like the meme.
Captain addresses his battle-brothers before charging enemy lines
>Wow brothers
>much glories
>such fureh
>xeno die now

>> No.28302955

Thank you.

>> No.28302956

I also want to see this.

>> No.28302969

>Doge Boreale
Much seconding
So emprah
Battle bruvvas

>> No.28302970

Requesting an Angry Marine librarian in badly damaged power armor going Super Saiyan.

>> No.28302983

Draw the ineffable darkness that is the fate of all who live in the 40k universe.

but make it cute

>> No.28302987

the best i could do

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Why does your request remind me somewhat of pic related?

>> No.28303002

Does somebody have the rest of these saved? I'd appreciate it if they were put up.

For posterity, of course.

>> No.28303017

A techpriest with his cyber mastiff playing fetch with a servo-skull

>> No.28303019


Because the Night Lord reminds the feeble human mind that one day their mortal shell shall be naught but a dessicated husk.

>> No.28303026


Oh my god this is basically my current RT character as a kid.

The timidness gets replaced by devil-may-care ballsyness pretty quickly.

>> No.28303027


also, much to the annoyance of the servoskull as well

>> No.28303068

Requesting an image of Gordon Ramsey as a Commissar.

>> No.28303083

>las to the skull

>> No.28303090


I second this. These threads need more banshee.

>> No.28303099

HERESY. HERESY OF THE HIGHEST ORD--Wait, dammit, I'm starting to sound like those dirty mon'keigh.

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>> No.28303128


10/10, would hire as comissar for my army. At least my guardsmen then NOW what they did to deserve a proper BLAM'ing

>> No.28303130

Oh! I love your work!
Any chance I can implore you to draw some Brides of the Emperor entertaining Vandire with their exotic skills (you know....juggling, puppets, plate-spinning, stuff like that)?

>> No.28303151

>then NOW
your army sounds tense

>> No.28303155


Maybe it was the good ol' days before he went nuts on Zandros?

>Karandras and his Scorpions having a party in the shrine
>Arha is gazing wistfully from outside
>Tfw he misses the good ol' days

>> No.28303156

You would be if you had Commissar Gordon Ramsey on your squad.

>> No.28303244

Will execute cowardly Guardsmen and cook delicious food in order to restore morale. Nice.

>> No.28303260

I am interested in this, too.

>> No.28303290

It's old as balls, dude.

>> No.28303292


>> No.28303305

Thank you, good /tg/er.

>> No.28303309

No problem.

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>> No.28303355

It's a tumblr maymay.

>> No.28303360

No, it's even worse- a /s4s/ meme.

>> No.28303369

moar please!
I must know if the guardsman has any chance with her
and don't kill him as an answer

>> No.28303379


Holy shit and he's good, too! I mean, I knew that, but beyond just cute stuff!

So while I'm stalking that page, can someone tell me why he's giving it out for free in drawthreads, when he's also selling commissions? Loss-leading, maybe?

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>> No.28303399

I'm positive that I've seen it on forums and in vidya sometime last year.

>> No.28303425

Don't question the drawfriends, peasant.

>> No.28303442

Requesting Commissar Raege and Alice Boone sharing a comically large ice cream sundae.

>> No.28303447

can i have a good wallpaper of cultist-chan, p-please

>> No.28303460

Any update on the kid and the commissar?

>> No.28303470

I thank you most kindly, dear drawnon!

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>> No.28303704

Didn't high ranking guardsmen used to marry Sisters of Silence?

>> No.28303811

I dunno, but I would if I were a Guardsman.

Requesting an IG officer in dress blues standing at attention next to a Sister of Silence, who's in a wedding dress with a power sword at her hip. The Colonel appears to be trying to stand up STRAIGHTER than "at attention", and the Sister is making a heart shape with her fingers.

>> No.28303964

Blue, Xeno and cultist chan as kawaii as fuck operators operating operationally

>> No.28304013

For fun, how about a cat with a commissar hat on it's head?

>> No.28304097

Any further luck on this front?

>> No.28304113

Might someone draw a cute female astropath please?

>> No.28304129


>> No.28304136


>> No.28304145


>> No.28304159

>implying Space Wolves aren't cute

>> No.28304160


>> No.28304182


If Sisters of Battle can be cute, so can astropaths.

>> No.28304190

I disagree.

That is like saying baseball players can be cool, so nerds can too.

>> No.28304198

Requesting a child hugging an Arbitrator having saving her.

>> No.28304323

Requesting Krieg-chan feeling embarrassed and exposed because her gas mask is missing.

>> No.28304350


Even if they're not supposed to be cute. I would still very much appreciate a drawfriend drawing a cute version astropath.

>> No.28304414

40K can be cute. And there are some heartwarming moments in canon materials.

>> No.28304447

Like when Grey Knights saved many souls from Malan'tai from daemons and waited untill Eldar arrived and took the spiritstones?

>> No.28304462


This mind that loved the fun
Now thrives on madness
As its wile and stealthiness grows
This mind will watch your white face painted to a smile
Of jam that thickens as it flows
But no one knows what my pies are saying
Though the fed ones grin at the joke I'm playing

You have not seen me
Only felt the mocking smile
I paint in jam across your face
And you are clowns at my bidding
You are clowns at my bidding

These hands that bake by day
Throw pies in moonlight
In a flash a tart destroy
These hands that bake by day
can throw away a dough the way a child discards a toy
But there is no joy, just a friendless sadness
Mine is not a madman's madness

>> No.28304471

That could count.

>> No.28304518

Requesting a "Heroic Last Stand" pic of a Commisar and a Space Marine Captain standing back to back a top a hill/rock/pile of corpses fighting a horde of Tyranids.

>> No.28304542

Requesting a Khornate Berseker staring phylosophicaly into a sunflower.

>> No.28304551


Now I want a picture a heroic last stand of that crab with the knife.

>> No.28304555

Bonus points if MAIM KILL BURN is on the petals.

>> No.28304559

Requestan a DH assassin. A young man with a goatee wearing a photovisor and armed with sword and autogun creeping through an underhive tunnel.

Feel free to bishounen him up.

>> No.28304575

Aww, now I'm thinking about requesting a crying Farseer hugging a Grey Knight, but our drawfriends have lots of requests anyway!

>> No.28304586


Let's make the crab part of the picture and have him stand with with Space Marine and Commisar

>> No.28304621

...Two pictures? Is... Is it Christmas already?

Thank you, most kind drawnon.

>> No.28304635

Requesting a very angry Space Marine Librarian yielding a Guardian Spear and a Chainsword while ridding a top a vampire T-Rex (with the cape and everything) brusting through a wall making a bunch of heretics scatter in fear.

Also make the caption "FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR HAT!"

>> No.28304656

And it seems that they have either a day off, or something keeps them busy...or something happened.

>> No.28304673

Can we get a "The Dude" Space Marine version ?

Like a really buff guy in a robe and sweat pants with a SM helmet holding a coffee mug and saying "The Dude does not abide"

>> No.28304694


>> No.28304713


>> No.28304714

and that three eyed teddy bear is a nice touch

>> No.28304749



>> No.28304772

>not hot as hell

>> No.28304786

>Lukas the Trickster
>not a sexy best

>> No.28304813

Does anyone have the other images in this serious?

>> No.28304873


>> No.28304881

they're on his dA. See >>28303292

>> No.28305124



I'm going to go enjoy the adorableness now.

>> No.28305329

Seconding this, please!

You've clearly not been paying attention to Hollywood for the last 15 years. Nerds are cool now.

Seconding this too! Very, very much!

>> No.28305354

Nerds aren't cool only what they like is cool and that's only if you can retool it for digestion for the masses.

>> No.28305355

Must. Have. MOAR!

>> No.28305429

There was a thread about warhammer toys.
It was perfect.

There were so many heart attaack inducing things on that thread

Some examples;
A cute abaddon plushie which shouts when you push to its belly

A cute Dreadnought plushie which yells occasionally

>> No.28305439

Request for Imperial Navy Officer attempting to fish in the warp.

>> No.28305521

He fishes out a Void Whale...

>> No.28305587

So... 40k version of Moby Dick?

>> No.28305594

He fishes out Leman Russ instead.

>> No.28305614

How about he's having a staring contest with a Nivenverse Sunflower?

>> No.28305616

I wan't this to be a thing.

>> No.28305622

Do you guys ever wonder what Russ is doing in the warp? I think he has an entire new legion in there.

>> No.28305647

Please, make it possible.
A tokusatsu hero with the spirit of a samurai and the passion of flamenco, way cooler than Licenseless Rider.

>> No.28305665

Does OP have a DeviantArt?

>> No.28305710

Hmmmm, that reminds me of something...about two Space Marine Chapters of /tg/ homebrew. The Star Krakens and Black Locks. The first had Commodore Achab who was after the Grendel. The latter has a Chapter Master that is a composite character of both Ahab and Blackbeard who's hunting down a white Tyranid Hive Ship.

>> No.28305728

So Samurai Flamenco?

>> No.28305738

Is that show any good? I'm not sure if I should pick it up.

See >>28304873

>> No.28305744

Drinking with his Loyalist and Traitor brothers in the Pub of Terror, punching daemons, drinking, punching daemons, drinking, and heckling Magnus.

>> No.28305759

Well, most of it, the 13th legion popped out once, not sure if that the wolfmen are still cannon.

>> No.28305771

One more thing on the "I want this to be a thing" list.

>> No.28305782

Not an entire company.

I mean a legion, like in the good old days of the Great Crusade.

>> No.28305803

>All of the Primarchs in a pub
There was a fanfic written on Warseer a long ways back called PRIMARCHS that dealt with this. Quite entertaining to read most of the time.

>> No.28305833

another request.

A bunch of people in a bar having fun... except for the one blank that everyone is shunning in the corner.

>> No.28305926

Can that one person be a Cadian?

>> No.28305938

I haven't seen the past couple episodes, but the first few were interesting. Sugita makes a good straight man, as always.

>> No.28305947

A Cadian Blank? Wouldn't he or she be more likely to be be a Psyker than anything else?

>> No.28305948

possibly, if he does it's probably built from loyalists who escaped the traitor legions + any other marine who get lost to the warp

>> No.28306012

He could be saving loyalists souls from Chaos and resurrecting them all.

He could have even met up with Kaldor Draigo.

>> No.28306125

I don't know any Samunenco

>> No.28306136

Its Samurai Flamenco.

>> No.28306521

>I like this idea
>Cultist-chan version 2.0!
she could be hanging out with one of these 4 in the pic

>> No.28306609

They look quite normal for Chaos worshipers.

>> No.28306653

I figure they haven't been at it too long and/or come from a more civilized world

>> No.28306781


Also, these.

>Baracus (Khorne): Well spoken and technically minded, Baracus serves to remind people that angry doesn't mean incoherent or baseless and unjustified, and that Khorne is also a god of Justice, Strength and Martial Prowess. He is also super pissed most of the time, naturally.

>Woodpusher (Tzeentch): Actually changes its name everyday (or month, or minute) but has been nicknamed 'Woodpusher' for the sake of everyone having a name they can call it reliably. Woodpusher accepts this name because it appreciates the irony. Any time something falls into place Woodpusher steeples its fingers and snickers, but given that Woodpusher never speaks of its supposedly complex and intriguing machinations, it is unknown whether it is a great planner or simply bluffing. By far the most mutated of them, Woodpusher has grown a third arm at the base of its spine, so it may constantly pat itself on the back.

>Epstein (Nurgle) : The world is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people, every one of whom is special and loved. The air is sweet and the food is plentiful. Let's all eat too much and sleep in, because its all good and we're all great. This is how Epstein sees the world, and he invites you to do the same. If you don't, that's still cool. You are loved. In a way that someone with hairy spiders legs instead of fingers can truely express.

>Lars (Slaanesh) : A gluttonous and crass deviant with a love of sweet suffering, wasting food and what he calls the more refined and subtle forms of perversion. Lars once intercepted a cupcake that well meaning baker threw to a starving and sickly orphaned girl. As he ate the cake, he noticed that, in trying to catch it, the girl had lost a grip on her crutch and had now broken both of her ankles due to her brittle bone disease. Lars had to change his pants, he enjoyed the sight so much.

>> No.28306886

OK, Lars a douche.

>> No.28306909

>TF2 pretending to be relevant to 40k
>Hellsing pretending to be relevant to 40k

>> No.28306931

>rule 16
Enjoy your 3 days off.

>> No.28306962

>so tsun
But she has yet to act tsun, just shy.

Anyways, if someone could draw out the scene in pic related, I would be delighted.

>> No.28306979

To be fair, a mutated enough 40K Navi could very well look like a Dune one.

>> No.28307011


That's a Navigator silly. Astropaths have a different eye-staff. It has more rays coming out of it.

>> No.28307018

>>Hellsing pretending to be relevant to 40k
With a bonus A-Team reference.

>> No.28307439

This is from last thread.

>> No.28307530

I request a picture of a group of eldar children playing with a snotling.

Perhaps they're playing dress up with it, or giving it a makeover?

>> No.28307583

I would love to see a picture of a happy go lucky ork or Blue building a pillowfort out of Swab Squigs, which are essentially just fuzzballs with faces and two little legs.

>> No.28307611

The guardsman and SoB are strangely compelling.
Continuation? Guardsman gets shot?

>> No.28307637

And have the sister tend to his wounds. Still blushing.

>> No.28307644

How about an Avatar of Khaine on an awkward, deliciously forbidden date with a Keeper of Secrets?

>> No.28307833

if there are any Drawfriends still about,
may i suggest a drawing of this classic /tg/ scene.

>> No.28307891

I really like that one.

>> No.28307915

That is "dawwwwwww"

>> No.28307960

Why would any eldar ever write to the Emperor at all?

>> No.28307961

Need more DEldar incubi. Can you make them cute?
Are there any female incubi or smth?

I request one, pls.

>> No.28307963


>> No.28307975

I actually drew her mom too. I can post that up if people want.

Also I might give this a shot

>> No.28308001

>I can post that up if people want.
People want.

I should know, I'm a people.

>> No.28308012

I only have rule 63 Drazhar from Lewd.
Of course.

>> No.28308079

>> No.28308149

I see fishing, but I don't see the Warp.

>> No.28308177

i believe part of the joke is that it is a child and doesn't quite grasp who or what the emperor is.

all she knows is that the mon'keigh ask him for all sorts of things so she's going to try to see if it works for her.

>> No.28308207

I support this idea.

>> No.28308215

And assuming she actually gets it the Eldar version of Santa will be born.

>> No.28308222

It was supposed to be much cooler and all, he's supposed to somehow sit on the edge of the cargo/something bay of the ship, but eh, it's been friday and 1.30am here, so I'm too tired to do anything proper /_\

>> No.28308266

I like it dude

>> No.28308272

it's cool. get some rest.

>> No.28308289

> 63 Drazhar
> cute
> taciturn
> never heard any shit about feelings or "that new fashion warsuite"

Best waifu.

>> No.28308359

one could argue that slannesh is their santa

>> No.28308384

Cuteness overload.
but what is a rafelord?

>> No.28308423


>> No.28308570

Thanks, I already suspectd something like this.
Poor xenos...

>> No.28308605


That'd technically make her an orphan, but her father must have been a great hero to be able to animate a wraithbone construct as large as a Wraithlord.

>> No.28308733

Jinx as retributor sister.

>> No.28308820

Is this thing still alive?

>> No.28308850

you better believe it.

>> No.28308855

It certainly is now. Sup?

>> No.28308861

Hell yes!
Happy to see you!

>> No.28308875


>> No.28308891

> 63 Drazhar
Please, more!

>> No.28308924

i have time for a few then

>> No.28308947

May I ask you to make female Dark Eldar Incubus?

>> No.28308951

take your pick. there are a bunch of unfulfilled requests still in this thread.

>> No.28308955


I vote Lelith Hesperax doing cute things that you'd never expect a Dark Eldar to be doing. That or More Lofn.

>> No.28308956

is lu chan still here?

>> No.28308962

Kicking, I might say.
There is no drawthread that would not be a party as soon as you turn up.

My sisters! On this day

>> No.28308983

i'll do this then

>> No.28308987

Just posted >>28308733

Doesn't that make it a succubus?
Also: >>28308012
meets your requirements, no?

>> No.28309002


Pretty please, with sugar on top? >>28304113

>> No.28309060

You mean like crafting elaborate desserts?
Or spoon feeding injured arena fighters?
Or pout over losing a bet (meaning the wrong head got chopped off)?

>> No.28309067


Yes. All of those things.


I love you.

>> No.28309181

No, it does not. There are some females in Incubus Temple. They had some miniatures in old editions.
Oh, it totally meets! Thank you.

>> No.28309220


>Also I might give this a shot

>> No.28309233

>Doesn't that make it a succubus?
Incubi aren't incubuses in a literal way.
It's just a loose human term to describe them.

>> No.28309242


ELH, that's you, right? Remind me to get the smut thread up when he delivers.

And remember what I said at the end of last week's thread about giving you the first shiny I found in exchange for posting up the next parts of Hesperax's Pet? I just so happen to have found a shiny Yanma the other day that I'd be willing to trade, and it may have at least perfect IV if I'm reading the characteristics right.

>> No.28309277

This just came into my mind
Good night/day guys

>> No.28309282


I neither confirm nor deny my identity. I also neither confirm nor deny that I will be releasing 5(!) updates to various things over the course of the evening since I will be out of town for a week.

I apologize for the chaffing in advance

Run it through http://www.metalkid.info/Pokemon/Calculators/IV.aspx

>> No.28309312

This calls for a visit from the Christmas Emperasque!

>> No.28309319


>> No.28309384

WAAAAGH's a good job, ya git. Out o' doors, challengin' work, an' I guaranteez ya won't go 'ungry 'cus long as dere's two grots left in da ooniverse, someone's gonna want someone krumped.

>> No.28309408 [SPOILER] 

Just ran it through. I doubt a 31IV in Defense will be much good on Yanma, but its speed IV is either 30 or 31. If you're interested, I can give you my FC so I can set the trade up.

>> No.28309470


Email me or something so we're not shitting up threads.

OT: >>28309384 needs to be drawn.

>> No.28309712

Sent with all relevant information. Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled drawthread.

How about Emperasque dressed up as Santa Claus, complete with hat and beard?

>> No.28309735


>> No.28309816


...Is that...Did you...

>> No.28309838


I'm gonna learn how to drawfag just so the good ideas or hilarious ones don't have to depend on you motherfuckers to get made.

I dunno why the hell I even bother, all drawfags only give attention to the weabo or chronic masturbator requests

>> No.28309843

It's beautiful...

>> No.28309883

Holy naked aprons, Batman!

>> No.28309918

This is the cute 40k drawthread- that doesn't fit with the theme very well, you know.

And also see pic related.

>> No.28309933

>angry marines
>le crab XD

this is inferior to smut and weeaboo crap

>> No.28309949

Oh god, this.

>> No.28309955

A Enclave Earthcase Tau Female watching over the daughter of a Gue'vesa at the beach, the Tau woman in a plain one-piece swimsuit with her faithful drone holding a shade umbrella over the daughter who is in a cute sailor outfit with a life vest and wide-brim hat on. The tau woman should have a look like she's confused as to just why the little human girl isn't happy at the beach, the little gue-girl looking very displeased at the overprotective Earth Caste.

>> No.28309958

Mai waifu.

>> No.28309963

There was already an Ork Fortress thing, IIRC. Old art. Requesting it if anyone's got it.

>> No.28309993


Can someone please post the Birthday Warp Spider from the last few threads?

>> No.28309999

Take a number and hope she doesn't disembowel you for fun.

>> No.28310042


>> No.28310045

Calas Typhon and a pack of zombies doing the Thriller dance?

>> No.28310109


Thanks a bunch! We need moar festive aspect warriors. How about some carolling Howling Banshees?

>> No.28310200

I would love to see felinid guardswomen bringing murderpresents to the emprah.

>> No.28310349

I'll do this

>> No.28310394

also doing this

except mine will be cuter

>> No.28310403



>> No.28310410

still eagerly awaiting this.

in the meantime how bout some baby mythical creatures getting drawn?

>> No.28310449

Well better come soon because we're in autosage.

>> No.28310453

Any interest on that ? Just some kind of creepy banshee fangirl would be fun

>> No.28310525

Pillow fight!

>> No.28311416


>> No.28311543

>my astropath can't be this cute

>> No.28311606


You did it! It's perfect! Thank you so much!

>> No.28311631

Not even the OR but that's awesome.

>> No.28311663

ELH is planning on making a greentext to go with the SoB-Guardsman pics if anyone wants to see them. They should be up on the smut thread fairly soon.

>> No.28312191


>> No.28312206


>> No.28312292

Is it possible that you can try this?

>> No.28312357


Wow! Two of them! /tg/ truly is the greatest board.

>> No.28312396

Only way could be better is with assault cannon.

Pretty awesome though!

>> No.28312409

that is one cute astropath.

>> No.28314505

Arkio: Chaplain Tarkus,
Tarkus: yeah?
Arkio: what are the chapter's dictions about dating?
Tarkus: The astropath is with Librarian Gabriel you moron. Now go pray.

>> No.28315565

Some new Cultist-chan?

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