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You are Reinhold, master swordsman and victor of the Royal Swordsmanship Tournament. The King was so impressed with your skill, he personally requested that you be transferred out of the army and into the Royal Guard! Not bad for an orphan who was raised in a brothel in a poor fishing village.

The only issue at this point is your assignment... you've been charged to be the personal guard of the King's only daughter Marianne. While she is the vision of loveliness that you'd expect from a Princess, her personality is... well... she seems to have some issues.

After learning a bit about your mentor Volker, wandering around the castle for a while and attempting to console a crying little girl, your and the others headed to your suite to wait for the servants to bring you your dinner.

>Congratuations, you are now a mangy DOG!
>While dogs are loyal, they're not all that smart...
>The Princess now considers you to be her friend!
>But while dogs are man's best friend, they still don't count as people.

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Character list + descriptions (in progress):


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>"I asked for spaghetti, so it shouldn't take them too long..." Luciana says. "So, does anyone have any ideas as to what we should do while we wait?"

Hmm... you would suggest a card game or something similar, but there doesn't seem to be anything of that sort in this room. While trying to think of an activity to suggest, your mind drifts to something that Luciana mentioned earlier.

"So... grimoires?" you say to Luciana.
"Eh!? Wh-" Luciana stammers.
"Oh, so you picked up on that?" Marianne says, a slight smile forming on her face.
"Um, I'm sure that Reinhold was just mistaken..."

"Looks like the cat's out of the bag, Luciana," Nicolette says, clearly enjoying this.
"Whatever, it's not like you're going to tell anyone..." Luciana mumbles, defeated. "...and I hope you'll keep this to yourself too, Karel."
"Er- I wouldn't dream of blabbing about anyone's secrets!" Karel stammers, waving his arms in front of himself for emphasis.
"Just making sure," she sighs. "So yeah, I collect grimoires. Been doing so ever since Aunt Ariane gave me my first one when I was a little girl, and my collection's been growing ever since then."

"Most of them were written by old crazy wizards and the like so most of the spells they hold end up as Mantra that I can't decipher, but even those have a lot of useful information about spell theory and philosophy and the inner workings of the universe..." Luciana explains. "...I know that Father would absolutely lose his mind if he found out about my collection, so PLEASE don't mention it to anyone."


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Pardon me, I've just never been here so quickly before.

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"Hey Sylvie, it looks like that's two things you have in common with Luciana now..." Nicolette says teasingly. "...you'd better step up your game though, you don't want your rival beating you in both of them!"
"Hm?" Karel says, turning to them. "Two things?"
"Yeah," she replies. "They're both total nerds about magic, and they're both TOTALLY into R-"

Nicolette's sentence is cut off by the sheer force of Sylvie punching her in the side, sending her flying off of the couch they were both sitting on, landing face-first onto the floor.

"M- Miss Nicolette, are you alright!?" Karel shouts as he rushes to help her up.
"Y- yeah, don't worry about it..." Nicolette replies with a painful laugh. "Just one of the hazards of having a best friend whose father is the God of Punching..."

After Karel helps her stand back up, Nicolette dusts herself off and sits back down next to her attacker.

"Oh my, Sylvie... I didn't know I had so much in common with you!" Luciana says, grinning slyly. "Feel free to come over to my room later, I'm sure that we'd have a lot to talk about..."

As Sylvie's face turns bright red while she starts to make an embarassed sqeaking sound, Marianne sighs and clears her throat.

"Alright, that's more than enough teasing," Marianne says in an exasperated tone. "Let's talk about something else. Karel, you seem to be about as far as it gets from accidentally stumbling on something embarassing..."
"Eh!? Me?" Karel replies.

>ask him about his home life
>ask him about his swordery training
>ask him about the tournment
>ask him what he thinks about the royal family
>ask him what he thinks about you guys
>ask him about something else (specify what)

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>Not being here seconds after the first post.

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>Make sure Nic isn't internally bleeding or having kidney failure
>ask him about his swordery training

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>>ask him about his swordery training
>ask him what he thinks about you guys

Get a feel for the guy. Subconsciously test him.

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>ask him about the tournament

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>Not having your phone set to shout an alarm the moment Arc tweets something as well as automatically open his twitter

I made an app just to do that.

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>ask him about his swordery training
She'll be fine, happens several times a day.

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[x] Ask him how hes adjusting to his new job and whether its for 6 months as well.

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>>ask him about the tournment
He'll be the center of attention. Great for making him come out of his shell.

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Seems to be getting progressively worse, though.

I am allowed to have my concerns.

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EMILIO I want to know more about who our charge will be spending mandatory time with this visit

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Hey. I'm working on my own fanfic of this using an OC. So far it's a WIP. I'm not sure how much I want to play it Straight or Deconstruct/Subvert the tropes.

>I am Johnathan, canadian otaku/geek. Previously, I was a procrastinating, lazy (my GPA is only 2.8 /but/ I have an IQ of 114!), overweight, nerdy 18yo highschool student. But suddenly something happened and I ended up in another universe! Suddenly I was really athletic too! I was even a skilled sword user despite not having any fighting experience since I was a child, and it was never more lethal than "bloodied nose" anyway. Well, I guess a yellow belt in Karate when I was 7 counts.

>I joined the Royal Swordsmanship Tournament, and surprisingly, I won! The King was so impressed with my skill, he personally (/well/ not in-person) requested that I join the Royal Guard! Not bad for a no-life who was probably going to end up as a kissless NEET posting all day on /r9k/!

>I find myself standing at the entrance of the castle, holding an anachronistic duffel bag filled with the possessions I cared enough to bring with me. This is a new start, sure to be the first step towards my new bright future!

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I'm starting to fall in love with a possible Lucianna route

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This sounds fucking terrible.

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If nothing else I'd like to begin returning the shameless flirting. I have a friend like that. Even though we both think of it as a joke, it's fun as hell to do.

pic related

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Honestly, it sounds forced and mildly cliched with yourself as a blatant self insert.

From just that it doesn't sound like you can pull it off anywhere near as well as Arch.

>> No.28292608

Ask him for tips on dealing with Marconetti's nobles, he's got a different perspective than our royal, female companions.

It may also be funny to watch him try not to say anything too insulting or inappropriate in front of Luciana.

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That sounds awful. No world changing, that shit is overused. Plus, sounds an awful lot like a self insert.

>> No.28292611

+plan a duel

>> No.28292615 [DELETED] 

It's obviously bait, ignore it.

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>With the way she reacts to your teasing, and what someone said about how she usually isn't comfortable around guys, I did think that actually. But she hasn't tried making any moves on me, so I'm pretty sure she just sees me as a friend.
>She only reacts so violently out of embarrassment for you being so wrong.

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You're trolling, right?

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Any tips/ i intend on improving it and it's not a SI.

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I cannot imagine how hard Sylvie would blush if we said that.
Perhaps her face would split open and the blood would just come seeping out.

>> No.28292658


Luciana Best Princess.

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Are you going to share with the class?

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Please never post in these threads again.

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Drop it.

Both in thread and out.

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Please this. Reinhold knows IC and I really want to see the reaction. Re-word it to fit his characterization of course.

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Think Arch's pretty much implied that there's no Luciana route because Marconetti's king.

>> No.28292681

We ask him who of us he likes.

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>> No.28292690

No that just makes it the hardest route.

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you're going all out

in somewhat related news, this part of the quest did give me an idea for a (not fanfic) comic I'd like to do

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The hardest paths must be forged ourselves.

>> No.28292701

>ask him about his swordery training

>> No.28292704


He flat out stated that the Luciana Route originally involved BDSM shit.

Pretty sure there's a Luciana Route.

>> No.28292705

Routes don't necessitate marriage although we'd just have to murder a couple of people

>> No.28292731

>ask him about his home life

>> No.28292732

too bad its never gonna happen..

>> No.28292757

What are the relationship between people we know and royalty, again?
I remember that Celestino is Gregory's brother-in-law. Is Sylie related to anyone in either royal family?

>> No.28292763

She's like third in line for the throne. I'd imagine so.

>> No.28292787

Just vote for the next princess! Marie!

>> No.28292801

Elective succession? I can't remember a case where that has worked out well for everyone involved.

>> No.28292805

Vincent is married to Thierri's first cousin if I remember correctly meaning Sylvie's the second cousin of Marriane

>> No.28292827

Sylvie is the daughter of the king's sister I thought? Because aren't Sylvie and Marianne cousins? And after the King, the line of Succession goes to his Brother(Void), then to Marianne, then to Sylvie, doesn't it?

>> No.28292832

Sylvie's mother is Thierri's first cousin.
Sir Gregory is another generation removed but also Thierri's cousin, and also Celestino's brother-in-law.

>> No.28292845

I'm going to make a family tree in paint because now I'm just confused.

>> No.28292857

Granache's line of succession:

1: Marianne
2: Raoul (absent)
3: Angelique (Sylvie's mother)
4: Sylvie
5-6: Sylvie's sisters
7: Gregory
8: Nicolette
9: Guillaume
10: Bernard

>> No.28292888

It worked fine in the Holy Roman Empire for about half a millennium. It had some problems eventually, but so does everything.

>> No.28292910


You mean Arnaud? He's royalty but he works as a butler? What.

Who is Bernard?

>> No.28292925

Nicolette's brothers.

>> No.28292930

Guillaume and Bernard are Nico's brothers.

>> No.28292932

Is it just me or is the power balance between the kings and the nobility seem heavily slanted in favor of the Kings in the countries we've been in?

>> No.28292934

Nico's brothers.

>> No.28292949

We've only really been around the royalty. And, Arnaud is a commoner.

>> No.28292961

>8: Nicolette
>9: Guillaume
>10: Bernard
So cognatic? Thierri is liberal as fuck.

>> No.28292972

We have yet to meet the majority of the nobility.

>> No.28292983

It seems that way in Granache. In Marconetti, we don't really know.

>> No.28292989

Yeah, I've been getting that feeling too can't quite place a finger on it at the moment though

>> No.28293018

Marconetti seems to have a standing army rather than rely on Feudal Levees, which means that one of the traditional bastions of Noble power doesn't exist here. Also, Nation-States seem to at least kind of be a thing.

>> No.28293031

I hope that some day Reinhold runs into a dude besides Monique that doesn't instantly love him.

>> No.28293043

i can pretty much imagine Luciana singing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" by taylor swift only with altered lyrics.

"we are never ever ever going to be together!"

>> No.28293044 [DELETED] 

Ah, how is Gregory related to the royal family? I thought he was related to Marconetti nobility.

>> No.28293045

Plenty of the guardsmen don't like us. Also, we are probably about to run into prick central.

>> No.28293079

Perhaps the power balance is a result of many of the countries being founded around powerful entities like the sealed kings which would have eliminated the necessity to gain power through borrowing manpower from nobility in order to form and maintain such countries, leading to a tradition of much more centralized states unlike in feudalism in real life.

>> No.28293101


I agree, but it's a mystery to me how they keep the nobles in line. They treat Reinhold like a peer (or we are extremely naive and presumptuous and people are too polite to correct us).

>> No.28293109

>>ask him about his home life
>ask him about the tournment
>ask him what he thinks about the royal family

>> No.28293120

"I don't really think that I'm all that interesting..." Karel says bashfully.
"You mentioned that you've been training in swordsmanship for as long as you can remember, right?" you reply. "Why not talk about that?"
"Yes, that sounds like it would be interesting," Marianne joins in.
"Too bad Elena isn't here to listen on... this sounds like the kind of thing that she'd like," Nicolete sighs.
"Uh, alright," Karel says, sighing. "If you really want to hear about that, I guess..."

"So, um..." Karel begins. "My mother was always really into swords and that kind of thing, so she kind of pushed on me for as long as I can remember. She used all the money she earned as a waitress in my great-uncle's cafe to pay for the best tutors she could afford, and I spent most of my time training under them while she worked."

"So you're a swordsman solely because of your mother's wishes?" Melanie asks.
"Eheh... well, it was her idea at first but it's pretty much the only thing that I've ever wanted to do with my life too so I guess I've kind of internalized it?" Karel laughs.
"She must be proud to have such a dutiful kid," Nicolette remarks.
"He's pretty far from some people I know..." Sylvie says, glaring at her.


>> No.28293122

Wait, then why would knighthood or an equivalent milatiristic gentry rank emerge in this kind of a world (besides the usual RPG/JRPG excuse)?

>> No.28293129

Good analysis. I'd also wager you'd start getting Charles XIV style distracting the nobles with pointless royal positions.

>> No.28293139

In Granache's case they seem to have a line of long-lived very good kings.
In that case it makes sense for power to concentrate towards them over time and for most of their vassals to have great respect for them.

>> No.28293147

That's exactly it.

>> No.28293154


Probably because us humans can gain not-insignificant power. It's not that hard to conceptualise, especially if it's a title gained on merit instead of through blood.

>> No.28293197

In Grananche the vast majority of the truly strong seem to be the kings supporters. Traditional feudal levees of the semi-competent would fair extremely poorly against people that capable, and worse for the nobility their levees would know it.

>> No.28293204

So the title "Knight" is not so much a social-political title as it is just another way to say "Hero" or "Champion"?

Very Arthurian. I dig it.

>> No.28293209

Probably the same reason as the centralization: You get very powerful creatures outside of normal nobility who can be promoted based on merit.

>> No.28293251

Yeah, the impression I'm getting from knighthood and promotion in general in this universe is one based on merit or deeds. Plus its always good to promote valuable service to support the kingdom through ennobling regardless of whether or not they can do without said support.

>> No.28293286

You mean Louis XIV?
Sun King encounter when?

>> No.28293293


Ask about the cafe, is it still open? Do we have time to eat there?

>> No.28293321

Derp. Yeah, I do. Sorry, it's been a long day.

>> No.28293325

This >>28293293
Food (or potential food) is always best option.

>> No.28293333

We're about to be served dinner. NOT NOW

>> No.28293337

>"Let's go gawk at his humble origins!"

This might be part of why I hate talking to people - I'm never sure how/if someone'll twist what I say into something horrible.

>> No.28293340

We've already got food on the way.

>> No.28293378


I should have been more clear, I meant eat there at some point during the trip.


I did not mean to imply that in any way. The girls are likely to be busy most of the time, I thought Reinhold and Karel could bond over food.

>> No.28293417

Didn't we plan a whole day for going out with the girls?

>> No.28293418

Dude, we're waiting on spaghetti.

Though, it seems like Sylvie already has hers.

>> No.28293422


"So my mother paid the for the best tutors she could afford, mostly adventurers and the like," Karel says. "And as time went on and she took over the cafe when my great-uncle retired, we had more and more money to be able to afford to hire better tutors."

"Oh my, it sounds like she's put in almost as much work as you did in order for you to get this far..." Luciana says, genuinely impressed.
"She worked way harder than I did, actually," he laughs. "And even when my tutors weren't around, I trained in my free time... my mother was thinking about putting me into the dueling circuit when I got a little older, but then the King made the announcement for the tournament and that was way too good of a chance to pass up."

"Umm, if I'm not prying too much, was that at all similar to how you got started, Mr. Reinhold?" Karel asks.
"Me? Not really, no," you reply. "I don't have parents or anything like that, so I've been pretty much just working hard to get close to Volker's level of skill. When I was in the army, my CO said that I might as well enter the tournament so that's how I got here," you shrug.
"Oh," he says guiltily. "Sorry, I didn't know..."
"Don't worry about it, I'm not offended or anything. But yeah, my training wasn't to advance socially or anything, it was just something personal. And I still hae a long way to go from here."


>> No.28293423

It's okay anon, I too have an irrational fear that all my friends secretly hate me.

>> No.28293444

I hear ya. Just my chronic Shadowruns being a pain, don't mind me.

There's a reason she keeps it in her pocket.



>> No.28293455

Reinhold, casually making people constantly feel awkward with his upbringing since thread 3

>> No.28293473

I'm still waiting for one of the gals to make an actual move on us so we can PTSD and become an emotional wreck more.

>> No.28293480

>it was just something personal. And I still hae a long way to go from here.
I cant wait till we hit monster-teir like Sir Vincent and Sir Gregory.

>> No.28293488


"...my training wasn't to advance socially or anything..."

I'm a little puzzled by this, although it might be because I'm the cafe guy and the potentially negative implication behind my previous suggestion got me thinking.

>> No.28293505

Word of advice: you are overthinking.

There's a time and place to be paranoid but now is not it.

>> No.28293506

That may be exclusively Marie territory. I just can't imagine the others getting that same reaction, since we treat them more or less as equals. Or rather, they treat US as equals.

I can't imagine that would have gone over too well in alternate Luciana's BDSM route though...

>> No.28293527

It will be like a flood of delicious emotional damage slamming down on us all in all of its glory. Why is trauma in protagonists so goddamn entertaining?

>> No.28293536

Does this look right?

>> No.28293537

>You joined the military hoping to improve your lot in life--an orphan who was brought up as the "cleaning staff" of a brothel in a poor fishing village, you wanted nothing more to leave those whores and drunkards behind and prove yourself as a brave and strong man of virtue and class.

Theres been multiple references where it said he tried to become a swordsman so he could escape the brothel.

>> No.28293540

Not really interested in that route. Though I wonder if he has another one planned where the rolls are reversed.

>> No.28293544


"Chasing after the shadow of your deceased master... training day and night, regardless of any material gains... Mr. Reinhold, I do believe that's what they call 'a man's romance,'" Luciana says, swooning in an exaggerated manner.

Sylvie and Melanie begin blushing upon hearing Luciana's comment, and Nicolette simply rolls her eyes.

"Honestly, Luciana..." Marianne sighs. "Anyways, I'm sure that your mother is quite proud of you, Karel."
"Th- thanks, Princess Marianne!" Karel stammers.

>ask about something else?

>> No.28293554

Gregory's sister is alive. She's Celestino's second wife IIRC.

>> No.28293557

Because it lets the protagonist suffer deliciously without a ton of drawbacks in the short or long term.

>> No.28293562

Not the kind of thing you bring up in polite company.

>> No.28293565

Ask him what he thinks of our group

>> No.28293571

The Dead one is his first wife.
"Dead" is supposed to read as being a separate box (his first wife).
Sorry if that isn't clear.

>> No.28293574

Huh, I was just about to write one up in my terrible handwriting, but I guess you saved me the effort Thanks.
One correction though, Gregory's sister isn't dead.

>> No.28293579

>"It has been a lonely pursuit, Luciana."

>> No.28293582

might want to make it separate boxes and put giancarlo and her other children under it, but nice tree otherwise

>> No.28293589

Oh, I see. That's actually quite elegant.

>> No.28293591

Since two people misconstrued it, I'll alter the tree so that it's clearer. Or just remove her.

Any other names to put in there?

>> No.28293592

Nah, that's about it. What's next on the agenda?

>> No.28293594


What >>28293562 said.

>> No.28293616

Well, Marie did say she liked strong men...

>> No.28293622

"A warrior's romance maybe. Weathering the storm of life for that which he feels is right by honor and virtue is a true man's romance, regardless of calling. A man's justice is his own."

Just as an idle aside, without much thought. Might be worth a giggle.

>> No.28293633

Ask about the tournament

>> No.28293639

Ah, can you clarify who Giancarlo is and who he's related to? It's not ringing any bells for me.

Revised tree at the moment.

>> No.28293649

Giancarlo is Luciana's older brother and the youngest of the children that Celestino had with his first wife.

>> No.28293650


He's the pervert dickwad who likes to grope every woman around him.

>> No.28293653

>"Honestly, Luciana..."
Yeah, really. Bitch needs to chill.

>> No.28293657

you should put in Reinhold somewhere and with "dead whore mom lol" as his parent

>> No.28293664

sparring later with karel is still on right?

please no innuendo

>> No.28293671

let's test him

>> No.28293676


We shall test our honour against each other's

>> No.28293677


>> No.28293678

She already said she was busy.

>> No.28293679

Why the hell is Luciana so randy today? Is she secretly wearing a vibrator under her clothes or something?

>> No.28293683

Ask karel if he has trouble finding sparring partners

>> No.28293685

No. Bad. We're waiting for spaghetti.

>> No.28293688


>> No.28293690

That'd be a good way at testing him.

>> No.28293691

Because we're difficult to fluster, and thus a challenge, and Marianne is hilariously easy to mess with.

>> No.28293696

oh.. well too bad then.

i still want Rein to do something at night other than sleep.. it is his first night out of his kingdom.

>> No.28293698

She's always like this.

She just had to be more restrained in Granache because everywhere we saw her was bit public.

>> No.28293707

Takamaru is still on the list, too.

>> No.28293716

you should have seen the ORIGINAL luciana.

>> No.28293729

Because she's genuinely trying to express her feelings however the role she placed on herself for whatever reason is one of a jokester and its now the only way she knows how to express herself well so now whenever she tries to say something no one takes it seriously.

>> No.28293737

Sorry for asking so many questions, but can I get it listed like so far Celestino:

C+First Wife

C+Second Wife

I apologize, just want to make sure I get that part right. Celestino appears to be quite fruitful.

>> No.28293777

I happen to have made a handy list for myself, so I shall simply copypaste it.
1-6 are with the first wife, 7-10 are with the second.

1 daughter
2 daughter
3 son
4 son
5 daughter
6 giancarlo (third son)
7 luciana (fourth daughter)
8 emilio (fourth son)
9 elena (fifth daughter)
10 baby

>> No.28293801

Because she's Best Girl.
Have you never had a friend that behaves like this constantly? I've had a couple. I admit it gets annoying sometimes (notably when it's a same-sex friend), but I've always enjoyed the sort of shameless flirting that results whenever it's one of my female friends.

>> No.28293819

Wow. Celestino... Damn.

>> No.28293857

That's pretty different to increasing your standing
Reinhold learned the sword to get put of the brothel because it was shit, all he ever wanted to do was join the army and sword things

Now if he had planned to use his sword skills to in the army and then become a knight that would be doing it to increases his social standing

Because really just joining the army doesn't mean shit for your social standing it just puts you one rung above spooge mopper at the whorehouse and probably not much further barring extenuating circumstances

>> No.28293876


>> No.28293883

Welcome to Medieval Nobility.

Spamming progeny is a good way of being able to secure a *lot* of alliances and assure diplomatic dominance.

Also good insurance because medicine was shit and most of them died.

Ref. von Habsburgs, Bourbons, Capets, von Luxembourgs, etc.

>> No.28293896

At this rate he's still going to have way more spawn than diplomatic opportunities.

>> No.28293908


You've been playing Crusader Kings haven't you?

>> No.28293917

Never underestimate the amount of useful people who want to be married to a Prince/Princess, no matter how low in the succession.

>> No.28293927

Marconetti family tree must look like a nightmare.

>> No.28293930

Why *wouldn't* you be playing Crusader Kings?

>> No.28293944

You, I like you.

>> No.28293945

Because I've painted the map the dark red of a restored Roman Empire?

>> No.28293946


When you don't have the game.

>> No.28293949

Speaking of ck2 anyone got the endless tournament picture

>> No.28293955


All the noble lines in Europe are tangled messes.

It happens after a generation or three.

>> No.28293957

I wonder if there is a Byzantine/Roman kingdom in this quest's setting...

>> No.28293959


>> No.28293960

So, if we murder enough people, Nico can unite both countries?

>> No.28293969

It's only murder if we get caught.

>> No.28293970

Because it's a simplistic medieval feudalism simulator that is terrible at simulating anything outside eastern Europe and a poor Grand Strategy game.
Darkest Hour with Kaiserreich is where it's at.

>> No.28293971


>> No.28294007


"Excuse me?" a voice calls from the other side of the door. "Is this the Granache party? We've brought your dinner!"
"Ah, yes... just a minute!" Luciana says as she scurries towards the door and lets the servants in.

Assuming EXTRA FORMAL MODE due to Luciana's presence, the two butlers who've arrived with your food bow deeply before entering the room and then stop at the table.

"The princess specified that there are seven of you eating today, am I correct?" a butler says, rechecking to make sure that the number of plates that were prepared match the number of people in the room.
"Yes, that would be correct. Thank you," Luciana replies.

"Actually..." Karel begins, "...I actually need to get going now. Sorry that I can't have dinner with you, but I have some personal things to attend to," he says, bowing.
"Aww, what a shame..." Luciana pouts. "...well, I guess we'll see you later then?"
"Certainly," he replies, smiling.


>> No.28294018


>> No.28294027


On Karel

>> No.28294046

>On Karel's spaghetti.


>> No.28294051

>bags his food!

>> No.28294055

It is hilarious fun.

And KR for DH is currently broken because the KR devs fucked up the changeover to the 1.03 cimbat system.

KR is awesome, mind, it's just a mechanical mess right now.

>> No.28294065

I doubt we get precedence over Nicolette or Sylvie, we might eat a lot, but they make us look slow.

>> No.28294081

I made a lazy fix for it, but it still isn't enough to bring combat to where I want it to be so I just went back to modding vicky 2 again.

>> No.28294088


After Karel leaves the room, one of the butlers turns to Luciana.

"...so that makes six, then? I'll just take one of the plates back, then..." he says.
"No, that's fine," Nicolette says. "I'll have Karel's share too."
"Eh- Are you sure?" he asks. "There's a lot of food here..."
"Oh, don't worry about Nicolette," Luciana laughs. "Her appetite is legendary."
"Er- if you say so, Princess..."

The butlers quickly set the places at the suite's dinner table as everyone gets up from the couches and move to where the food is. The aroma of the spaghetti is mouthatering, and it's all you can do to keep from simply devouring it before everyone else has theirs.

"Would you happen to need anything else, Princess?" a butler asks.
"No, that would be all," Luciana replies. "Thank you."

Bowing once more, the butlers quickly exit the room with their cart, closing the door behind them.

>pleasant spaghetti conversation (specify about what)

>> No.28294108


>> No.28294115

Definitely this.

>> No.28294118

Is there such a thing as a "pleasant" spaghetti conversation?

>> No.28294120

>>pleasant spaghetti conversation (specify about what)

"Will we be meeting a lot of other folks sooner than later, Luciana?"

>> No.28294126

"I apologize for the scene of utter debauchery you're about to witness..."

>> No.28294129

It's feeding time. CONSUME.

>> No.28294134


>> No.28294136


Ask about the party, what's the order of events (1. Announcement of guests 2. Meal 3. Dancing/entertainment 4. Cake and presents?)

We need to know what to expect, for our job, and otherwise...

>> No.28294151

Last draft.

>> No.28294185


>> No.28294205

So, I'm guessing temporal incest resulted in Celestino?

>> No.28294209

Assassin! Posting that while I'm eating pretzels?! Nearly choked.

>> No.28294221

I suggest this because IIRC Marie hasn't watched us CONSUME our food - without restraint - and Luciana has no idea.

>> No.28294227

Crap, we lost our diversion.

>> No.28294241

>He's his own grandpa!

>> No.28294243


>> No.28294247

Hay arch can we get a roll

I want some spaghetti to!

>> No.28294451

How many are still alive?

>> No.28294459

All of them.

>> No.28294487

I'll bet they have quite eventful family reunions.

>> No.28294547

Smelling this delicious spaghetti that sits before only serves to remind you that you haven't eaten a thing since breakfast this morning.

And it's 7:30 PM now.

Making a concerted effort to keep from eating before some else has already begun to do so, you turn to Marianne and Luciana as you notice then starting to eat.

"I'm sorry for the scene of debauchery that you're about to witness..." you say half-jokingly as you chow down into your food, unable to control yourself any longer.

As you enter DEVOUR mode, both Nicolette and Sylvie do the same as the others look on.

"I see that Reinhold shares the same healthy appetite as Nicolette and Sylvie..." she laughs.
"It does seem that way... unfortunately," Marianne sighs. "I suppose now I know how he hit it off so quickly with those two..."
"Oh, don't be like that," she replies, laughing. "Reinhold needs to eat up so he can grow up to be big and strong like your father!"
"Ugh..." she sighs. "And don't think that I haven't noticed that you dropped the 'mister' when referring to him now."
"Seeing as how he knows by true feelings now, I don't really think there's any reason to remain formal," she shrugs. "Besides, it's kind of weird referring to someone so close in age to me as 'mister.'"


>> No.28294581

"You did tell me to just start calling you 'Marie', yourself."

>> No.28294619

this gts my vote for suggestion.

>> No.28294635



>> No.28294839


Despite having two full plates of food, Nicolette finishes eating first, followed by you and Sylvie. Melanie and the two princesses are the last to clean their plates, what with being actual proper ladies and all.

"That was great," Nicolette exclaims happily. "I hadn't eaten a damned thing since the wee hours of the morning, so that really hit the spot."
"I'm glad to see that you're satisfied with our food," Luciana replies, smiling.

"And I see that you didn't save any for me," a male voice says from the direction of the door.

"Wha!?" you gasp, instantly hitting panic mode and turning to face the sudden intruder... and then you see that it's just Sir Gregory who had snuck in the room.
"Don't mind me, I'm just checking on things..." Sir Gregory says, running a hand through his hair.

"Oh, Uncle Gregory!" Luciana says happily. "If I'd have known that you would be joining us, I'd have saved a plate..."
"Eh, I was just messing with you," he replies. "I just came in here to say that Celestino and Thierri finally let me escape from Argument Hell and that Reinhold's free to do whatever."

"Huh?" you say, unsure what he means.
"These rooms are as safe as Marianne's room in the castle," Sir Gregory explains. "And once you guys tell me what room they stuck me with, I'll be sticking around there for the rest of the night so you can go off and live it up once she decides to call it a night."


>> No.28294875

B-but I'm having fun right here!

>> No.28294891

Yeah, it's actually kind of fun to just hang out with Marie and company.

>> No.28294908


>> No.28294912

Is it time to quietly draw in the corner?
"I will now take my leave! I am sleeping here, so I won't actually be going anywhere, but you don't have to talk to me anymore."

>> No.28294927

Go home and fail to propagate, Marcel.

>> No.28294928

Read the post, he said "once she decides to call it a night." So we're not leaving immediately.

Also, people here don't know us from just our appearance so we can go to the training yard and people will actually spar us if we conveniently forget to mention our name.

>> No.28294937

I advise being grateful for the offer, but explain we're happy having fun here with our friends. Marie, Nico, Sylvie, Melanie, Luciana... ...man we need to drag Karel back here so no one makes any damn jokes about all our friends being girls.

>> No.28294944

>Argument Hell
That's always fun, a different kind of fun but fun nevertheless. Not the fun we want! Sketch in the gardens for a little while.

>> No.28294950

Rolled 20


Go find the battlements.

Sketch from there.

>> No.28294968

The dice gods have spoken.

>> No.28294983

The dice gods are enigmatic in their ways, but wise beyond our grasp.

>> No.28294986

We could see if Citrine is here.

>> No.28294988

S-sure boss...

>Captcha: sideru reasonable

>> No.28295014


ok Dice Gods we will just keep showing us your favor.

>> No.28295027

I could get behind this. Her husband is a famous painter, so surely it would be easy to get directions to where they're staying.

>> No.28295028

She isn't going to be in until tomorrow.

>> No.28295030

We could go play outside instead.
I mean like the childhood we never had...
Nevermind, I can't argue with that.

>> No.28295055


I'm all for drawing since Macronetti is described as pretty beautiful looking.

>> No.28295056

Nico and the lewd mage still owe us a sketch.

>> No.28295066

I like this.

>> No.28295075

I just watched Space Jam this past Sunday...

>> No.28295086

>far right

>> No.28295090


This is a decent notion. I would like to explore the town a bit too, maybe do some sketches there-- isn't this the first time that Reinhold has really left Granache? I can't remember if we did any travelling with the army, but surely this must be the first (or one of the few) times that we've been abroad with the opportunity for leisure/fun. Plus don't we have a fair bit of money that we can spend?

Heading out for the evening will also build romantic/dramatic tension. I'm sure Luciana will delight in telling them that we're out cavorting with the local girls.

>> No.28295092


I am surprised this wasn't dropped yet.

>> No.28295100

Hell yeah.

>> No.28295107

We shall sketch them in their dresses for maximum embarrassment.

>> No.28295113

If only Celestino wasn't afraid of losing one of his many heirs, we could inviteBest Girl to come with us.

>> No.28295124

>conveniently forget to mention our name.
"W-who are you swordsman?"
"I am the man with no name... now let us do battle!"
"Wait that's fucking Reinhold, didn't you see the painting King Celestino commissioned?"
Let's do it.

>> No.28295135

Favorite mash-up.

>> No.28295173

Does it hold up to the nostalgia?

>> No.28295178

If asked we should probably stick with "No one of consequence." if asked.

>> No.28295181


"That's rather considerate of you," Marianne says.
"Meh, I don't believe in spreading the misery," Sir Gregory replies. "Not among people I actually like, anyways. So what room am I in?"
"You're in a suite with me," Nicolette says. "First door to the left."
"Ah, so we get to have some father-daughter time then," he smirks as he heads to the door. "And I'm sure that Reinhold doesn't appreciate my tresspassing on his lovely flower garden here, so I'll make myself scarce now."

Before anyone can muster up a witty comeback, Sir Gregory quickly exits the room.

"Ugh..." Marianne sighs. "Well, we're done eating and there are some things I wanted to talk with Luciana privately about... but I suppose I can wait a bit longer before kicking you all out."
"Your kindness wounds me," Nicolette retorts.

>suggest a thing to talk about or something?
>or shall the band disperse?

>> No.28295186


>> No.28295205

Muse aloud what the hell he meant by flower garden.

>> No.28295207

Ask if the Lanzmann's are in yet.

>> No.28295210

I think we would be more like Gilgamesh.
>>suggest a thing to talk about or something?
Sketch time.

>> No.28295218

>>or shall the band disperse?
and find a spot to draw.

>> No.28295219


>> No.28295227

Are you dense?

>> No.28295236

draw on the battlements after thanking Luciana for the tour.

>> No.28295242

>or shall the band disperse?
Off to draw we go.

>> No.28295244

sketch time

i guess luciana would be pretty happy about us sketching her... but that can wait a more... intimate time

>> No.28295248

Ask Luciana if she knows when Lanzmann is coming in. If she asks why mention that his wife is an old friend of ours.

Other than that I can't think of anything pressing and once that's taken care of we can wander off and either find someone to spar with or get some landscape drawing in if there's still light out.

>> No.28295250

>>or shall the band disperse?

>> No.28295251

This works. I want to see Citrine. Especially since we know where Volker used to live and stuff now.

>> No.28295253



Reinhold is probably too pure for a night on the town with Luciana. But still...

Throw on some peasant clothes, head down to some dockside taverns; drink, dance, gamble, fight, then an awkward hook-up in a filthy alley....

>> No.28295261

Not bad, but this is superior:

>> No.28295276

Reinhold doesn't do like doing any of those things.

>> No.28295278


>> No.28295279

>gamble, fight, then an awkward hook-up in a filthy alley
I hope you're joking.

>> No.28295283

Why are you using octagons with (m) and (f) to denote gender?

In family trees, you're supposed to put squares for males and circles for females.

>> No.28295291

Weird I was just listening to that one. It is pretty good.

>> No.28295293

Yep that totally sounds like what Reinhold would enjoy doing.

>> No.28295298

The joke is that he's too pure for Luciana but not too pure to drink, dance, gamble, fight, and fuck in an alley.

>> No.28295303

It was said that he will be here tomorrow, which mean tomorrow morning.
Sketching time.

>> No.28295322


Yes it was a joke. Hence the "Reinhold is probably too pure for a night on the town with Luciana."


Seconding/thirding/whatevering these.

>> No.28295325

Because I know nothing about family tree construction, and just wanted to throw something together to organize it.
I can redo it with squares and circles if you like, though.


>> No.28295364


TO THE BATTLEMENTS, maybe ask a pretty face or two to be in our sketch.

>> No.28295382

>Not asking Luciana for a sketch

>> No.28295388

Time to draw.

>> No.28295393

I'd rather not go down that path.

>> No.28295405


>> No.28295415

Not really the best time, Luciana will run with it and make sure everyone will take it in the worst way possible. It'll just be awkwardness all around.

>> No.28295419

>I can redo it with squares and circles if you like, though.
It'd certainly cool my autism if you did so.

>> No.28295437

I'm already working on it.
The baby is sexual confused and has no gender, though. Any special shape for that?

>> No.28295462


Trust me, I'm a geneticist.

>> No.28295463

A square inside a circle?

>> No.28295465

Circle with four points?

>> No.28295479

Great, now I'm resisting the STRONG urge to loudly sing that show's ending theme.

>> No.28295483

>Line horizontally connecting Gregory to his sister
Not sure if you realize this, but that line like that doesn't show that they have the same parents, it shows that they fucked.

>> No.28295485

Are you the drunken geneticist?

If not, shut up and go sit in the corner, no one gives a shit.

>> No.28295503

Well, this IS a VN quest. Maybe Gregory went down the imouto route for a little while before meeting Ariane.

>> No.28295505

Please don't be rude, anon, your opinion means too much to me.

>> No.28295506

I don't.

I clearly know nothing about constructing family trees, and would appreciate further instruction if you know more.
I have no class on Fridays because I made my T/W/R SUUUUUCK, so I've got all night.

>> No.28295509

Oh give in and do it you know you want to.

>> No.28295511

This should be Mathias song.
So when are we getting a POV from him?

>> No.28295514

What's the name of the show? I can't read moon-runes.

>> No.28295516

>Any special shape for that?
Someone did

>> No.28295517

No, I'm his Asian third cousin.

But for you, I can be drunk too.

>> No.28295523

The name is written in English, you moron.

>> No.28295537

Welcome to the N.H.K.

>> No.28295541

Welcome to the N.H.K.

>> No.28295568 [DELETED] 

This should be the book.

>> No.28295628

Is there a specific way I should divide Celestino's children from his first/second wife (and how I should indicate that he remarried), is is what I did acceptable?

I'm sorry for this tangent, Arc. I didn't mean for it to get a bunch of discussion.

>> No.28295644

So it is. I thought it said "Welcome to ANIMESHADE.COM" And I figured that wasn't the name.
Then there was NHK and some Moon Runes. So I asked.
>Not having the full version

>> No.28295657

Just look up some family trees on Google or Wikipedia or something, it's easier than explaining it.

>> No.28295660

Welp wrong place pdf.
I think i might have deleted it.

>> No.28295698

she'd be half naked before we even finished the sentence...

>> No.28295699

>suggest a thing to talk about or something?

Ask Lucianna what she thinks you should draw first, or anyone, but Lucianna since she's been around longer.

>> No.28295714

>no let's not go down the best girl route

>> No.28295723

"No suggestions?" Marianne asks. "Alright then... it was nice spending the day with you and everything, but please get out. That also includes you," she points to you. "Consider yourself relieved for the day.
"Uh... thanks?"
"As rude as ever, I see..." Nicolette mumbles.

As the others prepare to leave, you turn to Luciana.

"Before I forget..." you begin, "I heard that the Lanzmanns are going to be in town for your brother's party."
"Oh, you're familiar with Marius Lanzmann's work?" Luciana asks, genuinely surprised. "...that's right, Marianne did say that you were something of an artist..."

"Umm, I believe that they'll be here tomorrow morning?" Luciana replies, slightly unsure.
"Oh, cool," you reply. "Would you happen to know where they're staying?"
"I'm not quite sure, but I could always find out... might I ask why you're so curious?"

>well, his wife happens to be my childhood friend and...
>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...
>make something up

>> No.28295751


Line to each wife, diagonal line through the deceased one's symbol, children from each marriage branching off the respective line.

Kinda like this, except less shitty mspaint.

>> No.28295755

>well, his wife happens to be like a sister to me and...

>> No.28295756

>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...

>> No.28295757

>>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...
>in spirit, anyways

>> No.28295759

>>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...
It's how we see her. Kinda.

>> No.28295767

>>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...

>> No.28295770

>You shrug idly, trying to be as honest as you can without actually saying anything. "His wife wants me to meet him."

>> No.28295775

>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...

>> No.28295776

That's what I like in my scientists. A willingness to get shitfaced at the drop of a hat. Pick your poison and go commit a crime against humanity.

>> No.28295783

>well, his wife happens to be my childhood friend and...

>> No.28295785

>well, his wife happens to be the closest thing to Family I have and...

>> No.28295792

>>well, his wife happens to be my childhood friend and...
She's not technically our sister, and we already said that we had no parents, so let's not get into awkward shit.

>> No.28295794

>well, his wife happens to be my childhood friend and...

>> No.28295799

>>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...
is citrine blonde?

>> No.28295800



>> No.28295805

This probably works best.

>> No.28295809

>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...

>> No.28295816

I'll support these.

>> No.28295822

>>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...
I wonder if our sister would get along with such a lewd princess.

>> No.28295824

This one has my vote.

>> No.28295826


>> No.28295827

Yeah, this is the most accurate way to go about it.

>> No.28295831

>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...

Or this >>28295785

>> No.28295836

>>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...
This is going to be fun!!!

>> No.28295846

"His wife is the closest thing I have to family.

I'd like to see her and she said she wanted me to meet her husband."

She's not our sister, don't complicate the situation by lying, we've been honest to a fault about our past up until this point, don't muddy the waters.

>> No.28295847

What the fuck is that, mate?

>> No.28295856


changed from>>28295759

>> No.28295869

bitches trippin balls at a rave/party of some sort

>> No.28295870

>literally true
>not misleading - what it implies is the truth
Yes, this is the best phrasing•

>> No.28295879

It appears to be a very sober concert/party.

>> No.28295886

>well, his wife happens to be my sister and...

>> No.28295887

This please.

>> No.28295888

>well, his wife happens to be my childhood friend and...


are also acceptable.

>> No.28295904

If we're sketching, try sketching a floormap connecting the various suites. Specifically what is physically adjacent to every room.

While I dont doubt that Gregory is absolutely right about the safety of the wing, I'd feel remiss in our duty to not at least casually investigate the surrounding area.

Good habits are good habits.

>> No.28295926

Do this.

Also a good idea, it's always useful to know where things are in case of an emergency. We won't always have the time to check which suite belongs to which people.

>> No.28295928

Should we get a map of the entire castle as well?

>> No.28295929

I don't think going around making a floor map of a foreign castle is a good habit. I think it's a highly suspicious and rude habit.

>> No.28295933


>> No.28295936

>don't complicate the situation by lying,
>we've been honest to a fault
Honesty is never a fault.

>> No.28295948

I sincerely doubt that the people here are going to give us a map. That's important information you don't just hand out to people from other kingdoms.

>> No.28295951

Our king is busy being mad about Henri, we don't need to give Celestino a reason to go "See! You're just the same!" at him.

>> No.28295952

If it wasn't a fault, then why is "Honest to a fault" a cliche?

>> No.28295958

I doubt we'll get one. We only got one of Granache Castle because the librarian lent us his own personal copy.

>> No.28295964

exploring and trying to familiarize ourselves with the area seems a good compromise

>its rinuedd

Our passion for our work never dwindled in the first place, dear Captcha.

>> No.28295990

Faulty men fear the righteousness of the honest, and in their craven jealousy, they paint it in a poor light.

>> No.28295991

We're not making a full floor plan. Just the specifics of our rooms.

Besides which, our job isnt diplomat. Its keeping the Princess safe.

>> No.28295998

What about sketching the tomboy and lewd mage?
We can sketch the Loli.

>> No.28296010

Our real job is apparently to be her friend.

>> No.28296015

We can attempt that at a later time

>> No.28296016

>Its keeping the Princess safe
Which is also being a diplomat since we can cause her harm in a lot of way.

>> No.28296017

Because the idiomatic expression "to a fault" means "to an excessive degree", rather than meaning the "to a degree at which it becomes a weakness" as you might expect if you were to try and take it literally.

>> No.28296026

It's a dumb idea. Just familiarize ourselves with the area. Even if our job isn't a diplomat we aren't supposed to be doing anything that makes Granache look bad. It's completely unnecessary to draw the place and a highly suspicious action.

>> No.28296028

You do realize that most spies are attached to the staff of a diplomat or VIP? Being caught with a self-made map of the castle would be very bad for international relations, much less personal safety.

>> No.28296035

>mfw that gif

>> No.28296113

Nah. Most spies are the entertainers. Nobody gets into the private areas faster than the chick with the harp.

>> No.28296140

Princes love harps.

>> No.28296145

But princesses? They love swordsmen.

>> No.28296167

You mean bitches love swords.

>> No.28296176


>> No.28296183

Castle life aint nothing but princes and bitches.

>> No.28296193

Mein Neger.

>> No.28296218

"Well," you begin, "his wife happens to be my sister, and she told me that she'd be attending this party when I saw her the other day," you say. "So I thought I'd find out where she'd be staying beforehand so I don't forget."
"Oh my..." Luciana says with a look of surprise. "So that means that Marius Lanzmann is your brother-in-law..."
"I haven't actually met him yet, but Citrine was saying that she wanted to introduce us to each other."

"Aw, that's so sweet..." Luciana giggles. "I'll be sure to find out for you once Marianne's done lecturing me, okay?"
"Sure, thanks," you reply.

With that, you and the non-princess members of your group of friends head our into the hallway.

"So, I was thinking that maybe I could do a quick sketch of Nicolete..." you wonder out loud.
"Right now?" Sylvie replies. "I was thinking that you'd rather get one of her in the dress she'll be wearing for the party...'
"...god damn it Sylvie I am so going to punch you..." Nicolette mumbles. "Sorry, I'm too beat from all that dragon-fighting I did this morning to play artist with you tonight."

Well, now you need to think of something else to do...

>go explore the area of town close to the castle, you've never actually been to a foreign country before.
>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view
>go and see if you can find Emilio
>go and see if you can find Karel
>go hang out with Sir Gregory
>go find Monique
>do something else

>> No.28296233

>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

>> No.28296237

>go explore the area of town close to the castle, you've never actually been to a foreign country before.
>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

>> No.28296245

>>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

>> No.28296247

>>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

>> No.28296250

God damn it, why did we say she was our sister?

>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

>> No.28296251

Go find Monique, see if we can draw him.

>> No.28296254

why did we lie about sister

>> No.28296256

Find Monique
Find the pansy
And be completely polite right in his face

>> No.28296263

Sketch the lewd mage.

>> No.28296265

>go explore the area of town close to the castle, you've never actually been to a foreign country before.

>> No.28296274

>go explore the area of town close to the castle, you've never actually been to a foreign country before.

>> No.28296278

>>go explore the area of town close to the castle, you've never actually been to a foreign country before.

>> No.28296279

Because Reinhold pretty much thinks of her as his sister?

>> No.28296286

>>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

>> No.28296287

So much yes.

If he says no, ask if he wants to hit the town with us.

>> No.28296290

because it's true in a figurative sense. We think of her as a sister, as she thinks of us as a brother. If our teacher hadn't died, we would have been literally brother and sister.

>> No.28296291

>>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view
Followed by
>go hang out with Sir Gregory

>> No.28296306

>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view
Drawing time.

>> No.28296318

If he hadn't died we would of been adoptive brother and sister which is basically what we are now.

Also find Monique, be polite to his faggot face, and draw the fuck out of that beautiful man.

Maybe go sight seeing in town with him after.

Maybe buy him dinner.

Don't give him your room number.

>> No.28296319

>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

>> No.28296322

>go explore the area of town close to the castle, you've never actually been to a foreign country before.

>> No.28296334

>>go explore the area of town close to the castle, you've never actually been to a foreign country before.
With Monique and his brother. Bring Sylvie and Melanie if they're down.

>> No.28296340

>>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

>> No.28296343

>go explore the area of town close to the castle, you've never actually been to a foreign country before.
Time for random encounter table!

>> No.28296348

>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view
Antisocial activity time

>> No.28296360

>all these metagamers wanting to hang out with Monique

"Gee, you know that douchebag I hate? I SHOULD SPEND THE DAY WITH HIM!"

>> No.28296370

It's time to expand our social horizons. Find Monique and/or his brother. We'll win him over just like we did Marianne.
>He'll hate us even more because we're so god damned nice.

>> No.28296373

Make him jealous of our drawing prowess!

>> No.28296374

Wouldn't it be better to wait for day to explore the town? It's late.

>> No.28296380

Note to self: Bring Sketchbook to party so as to catch Nicollete in dress.

>> No.28296383

Rolled 1

>>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

>> No.28296389

You mean the day time we'll be on the clock with Marianne?

>> No.28296391

Maybe we can get that famous artist to sketch her.

She'd be mortified.

>> No.28296396

but Reinhold doesnt hate him, he just thinks he's rude.And maybe kind of a prick

>> No.28296397

>>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

>> No.28296400


>>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

by the dice gods will

>> No.28296403

Not doing that now

>> No.28296407

>>go find Monique
I want to meet his brother.

>> No.28296414

You mean the Marianne who would probably enjoy going out with everyone? God knows she doesn't want to spend time with the nobility in the castle.

>> No.28296418

We kind of all made plans to spend the time and town with everyone already.

>> No.28296419

>go hang out with Sir Gregory

>> No.28296425

Fuck you and fuck your battlements, you just made that a deathtrap for us.

Confirmed for going Monique hunting.

>> No.28296427

>head to the battlements of the castle and sketch the view

>> No.28296430

>>go find Monique
That ass hat is probably doing something douche.

>> No.28296452

And why would Rien want to find Monique?
If you're going to metagame at least have a reason.

>> No.28296463

Yeah, I'd rather not fall off the battlements and die.

>> No.28296477

>>go find Monique

>> No.28296481

He could want to meet the people Elena was talking to and not realize it's them until they turn around.

>> No.28296492

We know how much of a douche he is and don't want him to cause any problems for the princess or we can set him straight using words/duel.

>> No.28296493

When the decision is to clearly look for Monique that explanation doesn't really cut it.

>> No.28296500

>go find Monique

>> No.28296506

Well reinhold would probably give him a warning about trying to bother the girls and not to embarrass the princess or maybe just for a rematch.

>> No.28296509


>> No.28296510

Well... for one, he's probably one of the few people who would actually be willing to spar with Reinhold

>> No.28296511

Because people who aren't anti-social spiteful shits typically don't go out of their way to hold grudges again mild annoyances. We're going to be seeing him whether we like to or not until this event is over so at least get onto lukewarm terms with him.

>> No.28296516

Do you usually actively seek to spend time with people you think are assholes?

>> No.28296519


>> No.28296522

Haha, spar. Monique is going to rip Reinhold the Natural Oneder's ass apart.

>> No.28296530

Mild annoyances? The last time we saw him, he kept challenging us to duels and basically telling us we were going to rue the day we kicked his ass.

Why would we *Ever* want to spend time with him?

>> No.28296538

Evidently everyone wants to go-
>teehee, this will be so funnah, lol1

>> No.28296539

I wonder if Monique will hate Reinhold less if he wins the inevitable duel? I hope he does.

>> No.28296543

Have we heard of his training journey? That alone might make it worth our while. We should try to at least convey that douchebaggery aside, we openly respect his skill. I don't remember how close the final match supposedly was. Do we actually respect his skill? And whatever happened to that one book on dueling etiquette we borrowed?

>> No.28296549

He mentioned it to us. Unconfirmed on respect. We memorized it.

>> No.28296552

Yes, since i know people who are complex and not have their personality revolve around an attitude.
We broke his sword so we couldn't truly judge his skills.

>> No.28296557

Except there's always the other tourney winner, who isn't a dick.
If we were looking for a spar we'd go find him.

>> No.28296564

He said he's busy. Pay attention.

>> No.28296566

She has to deal with personal thins.

>> No.28296570


>"...so the mongrel fancies himself a gentleman now?" Monique says to you, laughing to mask his anger. "You may think highly of yourself now that you've stolen this position as the Princess's bodyguard from me, but I assure you..."

Why would you ever want to hang out with a guy who talks to you like that? He fucking hates us and has made that abundantly clear. Not to mention every time we've seen him with ONE exception, he's been a complete douchenozzle.

>> No.28296583

Carol is taking care of personal things. We could try and find Taki, though.

>> No.28296601

I smile everytime we call her a her.

>> No.28296603

Shes busy giving the prince oral.
Just to see what his problem is, i usually confront stuff instead of letting it fester.

>> No.28296616

That was before dinner, which was some time ago.

>> No.28296621

>No, Karel.
>No, Mister Reinhold, KAREL.
>Sweet merciful - KAREL!

>> No.28296623

I don't think you get it.

Guy is an asshole to you. Regardless of whether he's soft and fuzzy at heart or some shit, the guy is an asshole to you. He has been an asshole to you every single time you've encountered him.

Maybe he's nice to his friends. But why do we want to spend any time with him? Why not find someone who doesn't have a default attitude of "fuck you, peasant"?

>> No.28296627

It could be true, for all we know honestly.
which is better reverse trap or tomboy.

>> No.28296635

We know what his problem is! He's a sore fucking loser! Which is why he kept screaming about how we stole the position from him, and how he could totally kick our ass this time!

Are you literally retarded?

>> No.28296645

Reverse trap.

>> No.28296648

Then lets shut him up and prove him wrong then?

>> No.28296649

>? Why not find someone who doesn't have a default attitude of "fuck you, peasant"?
Hahaha, good luck. We in noble privilege land.

>> No.28296655

I think of Carol like Charlotte from Infinite Stratos.

>> No.28296667

If by Charlote you mean Charles, before they bolted cow tits onto her.

>> No.28296671

I only suggested it so we could antagonise the prick by being overly polite and definitely not flaunting the fact that princess lucienne confessed her adoration of us

Seriously do you not see the fun in that?

>> No.28296678

We have a title of princes guard so they won't say that to our faces.
I just want to get the bad blood over with since he truly thinks we cheated him, plus i want to try seeing how we fare against him.

>> No.28296691

>The name Karel is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Karel is: Strong and masculine.

>> No.28296694

I'd have to go back to the first season to be sure, but don't girls usually just bind 'em, regardless of size? Thought that's what she used to do.

>> No.28296696

I doubt even half the people in the castle currently are nobles even given the ball.
Plus we're the personal guard of the sole heir and a tournament winner, there is prestige to be had in beating us.

>> No.28296701

You're only making it better for us.

>> No.28296704

My only problem with Charles being a reverse trap was how huge her tits turned out to be.

>> No.28296707


You're fucking with us now.

>> No.28296711

Huh did that happen? I only watched a few episodes from season 1.

>> No.28296714

I actually knew that. Yay me!


>> No.28296717

So she picked a masculine name huh.

>> No.28296721


>> No.28296724

Evidently her parents wanted her to be a him.

>> No.28296734

More like the French picked a girly name for it.

>> No.28296741

How soon until we ask Nicolette to wear gentleman's attire and we draw her?

>> No.28296751

>How soon until we ask Nicolette to wear gentleman's attire and we draw her?
She has been wearing that now for some tie, i want to see her in her new dress.

>> No.28296774 [DELETED] 


>> No.28296779

She's been wearing armor and average street clothes, not proper gentleman wear.

>Not sure if myself is serious.

>> No.28296784

No kidding. To bad we can't develop a photo-realistic sketching spell or something. Bet she'd LOVE that!

>> No.28296785

She probably is and even I don't want that. It's been hinted pretty hard.

>> No.28296797

We're talking about reverse traps, not lesbians you dumb faggot. Go shit post somewhere else.

>> No.28296802

A tight butler's uniform with her hair in a rakeish ponytail would be great...

>> No.28296804

But it hasn't. At all.

She did something funny as a child. /tg/ ran with the idea.

>> No.28296807

Only it's not French. It's Dutch, Czech, or Slovene. The French form is Charles. I checked both Wikipedia and Behindthename

>> No.28296813


>> No.28296836

What about the
>Sylvie: "something something tell Reinhold about your pref-"
>Nic: "Stahp blush blush punch"
Or her constantly blushing whenever anything with Luciana is concerned, when she hardly does that?

>> No.28296841

There have been vague hints, but nothing with any substance to it.

>> No.28296844

you mean like this?

>> No.28296859

You have nothing you're embarrassed about and don't like being brought up?

>> No.28296890


god yes please

>> No.28296892

It's called "being embarrassed" and it's what happens when people keep bringing up stupid things you did when you were five.

>> No.28296912

Is this from an anime?

>> No.28296927

Shiki and white/black Len from the game Tsukihime.

>> No.28296929

Plenty, but I actually keep it under the metaphorical rug where it belongs.

I did plenty of stupid shit when I was like eight or nine. Sure, I'd protest loudly, but not blush and swoon. Which is nearly what she does. It's kind of uncharacteristic for the usually foul-mouthed angry/stoic Nic.

I'll admit I might be wrong but keep in mind people refused to believe Gregory was her dad. This is nearly as blatant.

>> No.28296940


Fanart of an old VN that still has no anime adaptation.

Maybe we'll get lucky in a few years. It'll be amazing.

>> No.28296949

I don't, personally. Why succumb to imperfect character?

>> No.28296965

>Maybe we'll get lucky in a few years.
And maybe raisins grow on trees.

>> No.28296971

It is nowhere near as blatant
You are just trying to make it blatant because YOU want it to happen

>> No.28296988

So is it any good?

>> No.28296991

at least they are remaking it
Satski will finally get a route

>> No.28297000

>because YOU want it to happen
Okay, anon, whatever you say.

>> No.28297007


Theres nothing at that link, anon.

>> No.28297023


Tsukihime / Melty Blood. Both are games.

Tsukihime has no anime but we still have Carnival Phantasm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_XA15FnQME

>> No.28297045

its a running joke with fans that the anime doesn't exist
that's how bad it is, the only redeeming quality was the soundtrack
go download the game and play it instead
its by the same guys who did F/SN

>> No.28297053

I meant the games, or should i wait for the remake?

>> No.28297054

"Eh, I guess I'll go head up to the battlements or something and check out the view," you say. "I'll see you three tomorrow."
"Try not to fall off," Nicolette teases. "The wind up there can get pretty bad.
"Ehehe, yes..." Melanie joins in. "Do be careful while you're up there."
"Bye, Reinhold," Sylvie says to you. "I'd ask if I could join you, but I know you're probably tired of dealing with us all day..." she laughs nervously.

"Dammit Sylvie just make your move already and get over with it," Nicolette whispers.
"Sh- shut up, Nicolette!" Sylvie shisper-shouts back.

You clearly didn't hear her say anything.

Nothing at all, nope.

>ask Sylvie to come along?

>> No.28297060


>> No.28297061


[x] Can't deal with it. NOPE

>> No.28297063

Pass on Sylvie.

>> No.28297066



>> No.28297069

Nicolette hasn't been very stoic. In fact, the word I'd use to describe her off-duty self is rambunctious. She likes winding people up but can't take it well.

As for Gregory, people were mostly against that because it was TOO obvious. They refused to accept that everything could resolve that simply, until it did.

>> No.28297071

sure, why not

>> No.28297073

Perhaps next time.

>> No.28297074

Yes. Because best girl.

>> No.28297081


>> No.28297082

Why not

>> No.28297083

why is white Ren so addorably tsun

>> No.28297084

>Can't deal with

>> No.28297085

The only anime that's come out of the Fate series I've not hated is Fate/Zero.

I have no qualms with Sylvie coming, though warn her that we'll be pretty boring company if we're drawing.

>> No.28297086


>> No.28297088

Play the games and then wait for the remake's possibility of glorious Sacchin route and get pissed off about Arc's new miniskirt with the rest of us.

A friend of mine's a total fanboy who plays through Arc's route every Christmas because it's her birthday anf he's THAT much of a fanboy.

>> No.28297091


>> No.28297098

"Yeah. Make a move Sylvie."

>> No.28297100

"It's up to you."

>> No.28297102

Yes, because yes

>> No.28297104

Not right now. With all the teasing today it wouldn't be right. Maybe tomorrow when things hopefully settle down?

>> No.28297105


>> No.28297107

Too much women trouble in one day. No.

>> No.28297109

Lets ask her to be nice, plus this is obviously a flag.

>> No.28297110

True enough.

I forgot the-
>Gregory: "I doubt you're interested, but if you were, you have my support."

>> No.28297111

>Ignore, walk away
Gotta get that Luc route.

>> No.28297113


>> No.28297118

The last quarter of Fate/Zero was pretty bad except for Alexander and his mage. Those two were pure fucking gold whenever they were around.

>> No.28297120


>> No.28297124

No, its time to be alone (for however long it takes until we have a random encounter)

>> No.28297130

No thanks, Sylvie.

>> No.28297132

Sylvie flag get

>> No.28297135

what about Carnival Phantasm

>> No.28297136

Can't deal with this right now. Need alone time.

>> No.28297137


>> No.28297138


>> No.28297139

We must invite Sylvie because we're the nice guy.

>> No.28297147

Will do then.
Any guess on length?
I'm planning on marathoning it since my math class teaches nothing tomorrow.

>> No.28297149

>[x] would you like to come along Sylvie? Inspiration for sketching the landscape and we get to try adding a person into our landscape sketches!

>> No.28297150


>> No.28297152


>I have no qualms with Sylvie coming, though warn her that we'll be pretty boring company if we're drawing.
This seems about right.

>plays through Arc's route every Christmas because it's her birthday
Oh wow.

>> No.28297154


>> No.28297165

No, this is Alone Time. Girls aren't allowed in Alone Time.

>> No.28297169

I want some alone time after all this shit. So nope.

>> No.28297172


nope! gtfo

>> No.28297173


>> No.28297181



>> No.28297182



>> No.28297184

So any reason people are saying no?

>> No.28297186

your friend has good tastes

>> No.28297194


I'd say you should check it out. In my opinion the engine Tsukihime has is pretty slow, since it doesn't have any way to make the text go faster, but the story and the visual novel itself is still good. Afterwards, play Kagetsu Tohya since that has Len in it and it's a sequel.

Melty Blood is good if you like fighting games, and it is personally my favorite one. It's pretty poverty though. I still wait for Melty Blood HD. ;_;

>> No.28297195


>> No.28297196

If I were being objective I'd say it was probably good, but I did not like it personally.

>> No.28297197

>ask Sylvie to come along?

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

>> No.28297202

Because muh Luci route

>> No.28297204


>> No.28297205


>> No.28297208


>> No.28297211


sorry Sylvie, but its to early to trip that kind of flag

>> No.28297218

It is time.

>> No.28297219


Look at Rein's reaction to Lucinana's joke.

>> No.28297221


>> No.28297222

Hahaha... No.

>> No.28297227


>> No.28297230

Although, if you just want to read through it you can always read a let's play (http://lparchive.org/Tsukihime/).
Not quite the same, but it does mean less clicking.

>> No.28297233


>> No.28297236


>> No.28297238


>voting no

You guys are assholes.

>> No.28297241

What reactions he has been cool like an ice cube.

>> No.28297242

Make me sad but yeah, this.
>Sorry Sylvie.

>> No.28297243

Yes. Ask her.

>> No.28297244

Why do you think? It's waifu war time.

>> No.28297246

I think we need that numbers thing again.

>> No.28297247

I'm not tripping that flag. No.

>> No.28297250

What this guy says-

Too early, afraid of intamancy, need alone time, just wanted to sketch, etc. etc. etc.

I find it amusing that this vote suddenly has a bajilion responses. Even moreso than any equipment, spell, or atunement bullshit.

>> No.28297252


>> No.28297253

No. Not interested in her puppy eyed crush.

>> No.28297254

>Yes if you want

>> No.28297256

"Well if you want to join me I don't have any problem with that."

>> No.28297258

That's a lot of replies, Arc. And I can't even tell which way it's going.
Maybe a more formal vote is in order.

>> No.28297259

He has been mostly shocked, not embarrassed.
You bet your fucking man ass.

>> No.28297261


>> No.28297263


"Beautiful night tonight, you could come along"

>> No.28297265

Holy shit where did all these people come from?

>> No.28297267

Nope nope nope

>> No.28297268


>> No.28297273

If you want to come with I'm ok with it

>> No.28297275


>> No.28297276

Part lurkers, part same fags.

>> No.28297277

Sure why would we not

>> No.28297278


It's clearly a lot of samefags

>> No.28297279

Mixture of lurkers and samefags

>> No.28297280

It is safe to assume people cannot handle posting only once. That's easier to believe than all of the twitter followers suddenly jumping in.

>> No.28297281

Samefags, son. "MY WAIFU IS THE BEST" faggots shitting on the thread.

There are maybe eight serious votes and a bunch of samefags

>> No.28297282

Samefagging. Duh.

>> No.28297288

Samefags and lurkers who realize this vote might actually cause some relationship development.

>> No.28297293

[waiting intensifies]

>> No.28297306


It's not like she's going away. We want to do our own stuff.

>> No.28297309

Lord have mercy son. This is probably one of those flag events or whatever your VNs call them nowadays. And I don't want no glasses.

Possible lesbian all the way!

>> No.28297314

>"Who the hell gets tired of their friends? I'm always up for company."
>Give her the chance to decide for herself.

>> No.28297315

Imma climb out of lurkerdom for this and vote yes.

>> No.28297334

Yes, bring Sylvie

>> No.28297339

>Get up to go make microwaved rice
>Come back
>Suddenly 70+ unread replies

We can bring her along. Not like we're locking in the Sylvie route or anything.
I still want gay Reinhold.

>> No.28297344

...yeah, I'm sure there's plenty of samefaggotry afoot so I'm going to do a FINAL DESTINATION NO ITEMS FOX ONLY-style vote.
Reply to THIS POST with nothing other than the number of your vote. All other votes will be ignored like that anime that never happened. Time limit is five minutes after this posts.

>1: invite the sylvie
>2: disregard megane, get artistic

>> No.28297354

does Arch need to make his >writing post super huge? People keep not noticing.

>> No.28297355


>> No.28297356


>> No.28297358


>> No.28297360


>> No.28297361


>> No.28297362

They don't want the best route

>> No.28297365

I count 29 NO vs 40 YES/IF SHE WANTS

>> No.28297366


>> No.28297368

Dammit Arch. I wanna bring Sylvie along, but muh art...

>> No.28297370


>> No.28297371


>> No.28297372


>> No.28297373


>> No.28297374


>> No.28297375


>> No.28297379


>> No.28297381


>> No.28297382


>> No.28297383


>> No.28297384


>> No.28297385


>> No.28297386


>> No.28297387


>> No.28297392


>> No.28297399


>> No.28297405

Numbers, man, numbers

>> No.28297406


>> No.28297408


>> No.28297409


>> No.28297411

Anyone got the irc info? I want to read everyone freaking out in real time.

>> No.28297414


>> No.28297416


>> No.28297417


>> No.28297418


>> No.28297419


>> No.28297421

is this going to lock us out of a route?

>> No.28297422


>> No.28297425

>>1: invite the sylvie
It's not like this locks us in sylvie route

>> No.28297426

The most important debate of our time is upon us, everyone, brace yourselves for the outcome

>> No.28297429


>> No.28297430

This post isn't going to count.

>> No.28297431


>> No.28297432


>> No.28297433


>> No.28297437


>> No.28297442

Shhh.... no words now, only numbers.

>> No.28297446


>> No.28297447


>> No.28297448


>> No.28297449

>Having the love interest confess instead of the MC
I hope this doesn't turn out like VMQ2

>> No.28297450

Got to link.

>> No.28297451


>> No.28297455

This isn't going to count either. Cut that shit out.

>> No.28297458


>> No.28297467

Tch, fine...

>> No.28297469


>> No.28297471


>> No.28297472


>> No.28297473


>> No.28297474


>> No.28297480


>> No.28297481


>> No.28297485


>> No.28297486

please no

>> No.28297494


>> No.28297497

Rolled 16


>> No.28297499

>counting votes now

>> No.28297500


>> No.28297502


1 (Yes)

2 (No)

>> No.28297509


>> No.28297514


>> No.28297522

So much same fagging.

>> No.28297523

>why is white Ren so addorably tsun
Because she has the handsome self that is Nanaya as her master.

>> No.28297525

that is not how you spell marriane.

>> No.28297533


>> No.28297536


Pretty much.

>> No.28297537

nope, unless proxies.

>> No.28297542

Newfag pls.

>> No.28297543

Pretty sure he did it that way to prevent samefagging.

>> No.28297544

The whole point of the linked, single digit response is because you can't make duplicate posts.

>> No.28297545

Except it wasn't, you can post duplicate replies within 5 minutes of each other. Now quit'cha butt hurtin'.

>> No.28297551



>> No.28297552

I don't think you know how the spam filter works, anon.
You cannot make identical posts within a 5 minute period. That's the point of this voting procedure.

>blah blah muh proxies blah blah

>> No.28297563

You don't even need a proxy, all you have to do to get around it is reset your modem.

>> No.28297568


>> No.28297576

>not having quick access to proxies in the year of our lord 2013

>> No.28297579


>> No.28297580

What are dynamic IPs

>> No.28297584

Counting >>28297481

It's 27 vs 20, with YES winning.

>> No.28297586

Christ. 48 votes.
I continue to be shocked at how many people are invested in my magical realm.
Or the depths that someone will go just to samefag, but either one is pretty wut.

>> No.28297587

who's gonna reset their modem for this?

>> No.28297588

Well, this is going to be a trainwreck. The quest was fun while it lasted.

>> No.28297589


>> No.28297595

That mostly only works for the European channlers.

>> No.28297596

There's another easy way to do it, but I'm not saying it.

>> No.28297597


I'm a 2-fag and I think you need to calm the fuck down.

>> No.28297607

>tfw static IP
>tfw cant easily samefag

>> No.28297609

Something like this would happen while my dorm is having a fire drill.

>> No.28297612

I didn't make the post whining about samefags, I was just pointing out how easy it is to get around it.

>> No.28297619

you usually get at least 30 up votes per thread on sup tg so its not that surprising.

>> No.28297620

I'd like to meet the man who puts the effort into evading the spam filter just to get his way in a quest

>> No.28297622

Yeah I can't wait for the shitstorm

>> No.28297626

Quit bitching. Just cause you didn't get your way doesn't mean the quest is ruined.

>> No.28297630

Even if one person was doing it, they would easily add 12 votes to the tally.

>> No.28297631

It'll just add another 300-500 posts of background noise to these otherwise enjoyable threads.

>> No.28297632

Basically? This is the best you can get out of voting, as far as 4chan goes. It relies on a basic spam filter combined with the fact that the vast majority of people will be too lazy to proxy vote or reset their modems.

So, stop bitching.

>> No.28297636

Most times it takes the router being off for some time before the IP reassigns, it takes my router at least 8 hours of being off for a new IP to be given.
Even so this is the best method Arch has available for counting votes, if you've a better one feel free to suggest it man, the fairer the better really.

>> No.28297644

seeing as you have 100 followers on twitters, it's not that weird

>> No.28297647

>too lazy

I think you underestimate the power of the waifufags

>> No.28297662

I think a lot of voters are just terrified of missing a sylvie flag and/or getting route locked.

>> No.28297663

There is no fucking way half of one side is a single person samefagging. There are more people reading this quest than that.

>> No.28297677

In five minutes?

I don't think even the spergiest sperg would sperg that hard.

>> No.28297680

Rin Tohsaka is my one and only waifu, Sylvie isn't worth getting worked up over.

>> No.28297683

there is the survey website, but that can easily be bypassed since most proxies can be used for it.

>> No.28297684

This. I wasn't hoping for this result but it isn't going to be the end of the quest.

Back in the old days of dragon quest the OP would ask for email-based votes and ask for reasoning. This could potentially be more accurate but take more time and effort. Again, no big deal though.

>> No.28297696

>Not waifuing the meidos
Meido is best waifu

>> No.28297703

Yeah, but who would go through all the effort of resetting one's router or proxying just to samefag on this?

No, I'm serious, all "this is 4chan" jokes aside. Who would? Am I right?


>> No.28297707

So far the only waifufags seem to be the ones trying to stop the vote because "on may base my choice is losing!!11"

Deal with it, sometimes we win sometimes we lose this time it seems sylvie has got it and really I don't mind, she has had too little screen time lately even though I am firmly in the Marie camp

>> No.28297712

Why are we not drawing Marconetti maids RIGHT NOW

>> No.28297721

you don't waifu the meidos, you rape them.

or genuflect, either one works.

>> No.28297727

Because we can draw BEST GIRL.

>> No.28297731

>I wasn't hoping for this result but it isn't going to be the end of the quest.
What will be the end of the quest is the endless shitflinging and arguments that this is the impetus for.

>> No.28297732

Because maids are always the WORST choice.

>> No.28297737

From a practical standpoint, having someone able to cast a flying spell might be a good idea on the windy battlement.

>> No.28297739

You'd be surprised how far one man would go for his waifu, but you are most likely right.

>> No.28297751

Good man.

>> No.28297757

I'm of the opinion that all girls are best girls,though i understand that I'm in the minority here. Why can't we all be friends?

>> No.28297766

But why would you do that?

>> No.28297768

because i am cheering for takamaru route.

>> No.28297769


Ayup. Believe it or not, fellas, going out for a walk with a girl doesn't mean you're honor-bound to slap a ring on her finger or anything, alright? Just roll with it; it's neither the end of the world nor the end of the quest.

>> No.28297773

Because arch said no harem route. Sad but true.

>> No.28297776

Because there's no harem end.

>gatchpa: marry miulthy

Dammit, not you too, gatchpa.

>> No.28297780

This, i have been advocating for both lewd mage and tomboy since the start and i don't mind that the tomboy is losing her chances and is going into the same ditch the maid route is.

>> No.28297785

One girl with all the others as friends is close enough to a harem route.

>> No.28297793

Honestly, I think Sylvie needs a break from them as much as we do.

>> No.28297799

Okay? That doesn't really address my point at all.

>> No.28297800


Gonna be odd though.

Rein purposely pushed Luciana's 'joke' confession to the back of his mind.

And then went 'NOPE, NOT HEARING THIS' at the girl's conversation.

The battlements is going to be possibly quite awkward. Like hes forcing himself to invite her.

>> No.28297807

Meido has always been sensible and reliable. She shall always have a special place in our heart for this.

>> No.28297813



>> No.28297822

I didn't mean it by way of harem route, though rereading what i wrote i can see that i was unclear about it. I just meant why can't we be happy with who ever Reinhold ends up with?

>> No.28297825

Man, I haven't heard that joke in so long I'd forgotten about it.

>> No.28297838

I don't what Reinhold to end up with anyone.

>> No.28297866

Jesus christ. I just woke up, figured I'd take a look at PGQ before getting ready for work

What the flying fuck is wrong with you people?

>> No.28297868

no. he said that either the girls or the fathers would kill us and that it would be incredibly hard. Challenge accepted.

>capcha: yacare Wallachia

hm... Capcha is telling me something about Sir Gregory...

>> No.28297874

See I think he pushed her confession to the back because he thinks it is just that a joke

And well he has always sort of gone NOPE CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALA at some of their conversations whether to not join in the teasing or just because he doesn't know how to handle it

>> No.28297878

Because I am unable to see Reinhold as a collaborative character and must self-insert myself into his shoes and fight for my waifu.

>> No.28297880

I'm pretty sure people fighting needlessly over their preferred girl is a universal constant. Take that and put it in quest format and this is what you get.

>> No.28297881

Muh waifu

>> No.28297885


he will be like GUTS.
forever an adventurer!

>> No.28297888


>> No.28297889

I still think we should have spewed our heart out to her after the dance incident.

>> No.28297890


because in this quest we are the mc and we constantly argue with our psyche who we want to hold hands with

we will go insane

>> No.28297899


Too late.

Marianne has claimed Reinhold's virgin hands.

>> No.28297901

The waifu wars have come to /tg/ once more, anon.

It's still not as bad as Psion Quest. You weren't there, man, YOU WEREN'T THERE!

>> No.28297911

Some of us are desperately afraid of being alone with Sylvie.
Some of us really want to be alone with Sylvie.
These two groups are very vocal.

The rest of us think it's normal to hang out with a friend.

>> No.28297917

>implying Rein isn't already insane and we aren't just fractured bits and pieces of his psyche

>> No.28297921

No harem route.

>> No.28297946


>> No.28297948

You should just start putting it in the opening post.

>> No.28297949

>See I think he pushed her confession to the back because he thinks it is just that a joke
I'm pretty sure he DOESN'T see it as a joke, but also recognizes that Luciana understands that her being able to choose her own suitor is a pipe dream, so it's completely irrelevant either way.

>> No.28297950

is it still considered a harem if Reinhold ends up with two girls?

>> No.28297962

what if nothing was real except spinelle what if we were still young and her plaything, just dreaming of this

>> No.28297969

This is something better left to your fanfiction.

>> No.28297979

>make a bunch of great waifus
>get mad about haremfags

>> No.28297981

So Reinhold is this guy now?

>> No.28297990

st. elsewhere pls go

>> No.28298000

It should stop or limit the harem fags a bit if they were given a 2 person limit.

>> No.28298007

Sad as it is, romantically, he appears to be.

>> No.28298008

I know what I'm voting for when one of them gets the guts to confess.

>> No.28298009

Just wait for the VN adaptation and the subsequent hyperlewd doujinshi that will follow soon after.

>> No.28298024

but it could also be misconstrued as compromise.

Choices, choices...

>> No.28298033

well atleast he is not the cliche dense protag.

he mentioned that he know sylvie has some kind of crush on him.

>> No.28298036

I'd voted for that, but SWORD got in the way. Kinda like ART almost did for me.

>> No.28298046


>> No.28298048

>Wonder to myself what Carnival Phantasm is
>Go to watch first episode

Holy shit I love this.

>> No.28298055

You lost me, can anyone explain/

>> No.28298059

Sylvie if you're not in a rush or anything could I sketch you on the battlements some time?

>> No.28298060

some one already did.
flat out.
in front of her rivals faces.

>> No.28298074

it's like COMEDY!Type Moon Wars: The Anime

>> No.28298076

It's like Puchimas for Fate fans.

>> No.28298091

And proceeded to get completely ignored in that regard.

>> No.28298098



>> No.28298100

Luciana doesn't count, she's Not An Option in her own mind or anyone else's.

>> No.28298114

Please, let's not go with whoever confesses first unless Luciana counts, cause let's totally go with her

>> No.28298118

You son of a bitch now I have to go watch it again for the billionth time. Thanks.

>> No.28298142


>> No.28298147

Fuck you, now i have to go listen to the OP again.

>> No.28298184

>Chasing after the shadow of your deceased master... training day and night, regardless of any material gains... Mr. Reinhold, I do believe that's what they call 'a man's romance,
oh god. luciana. i love you.

>> No.28298185

It's just about the only way to avoid /tg/ being indecisive due to everyone waifuing someone different.

>> No.28298188

So how much will be lost on me if i have never played a type moon game?

>> No.28298198



>> No.28298202

Or waifuing nobody/sword, which still feels like the true end to me.

>> No.28298203

Just about every other joke and every single reference.

>> No.28298210


So it's kind of a perfect complement to Monique?

I can ship it.jpg


>> No.28298211


>> No.28298217

"If you want to come along, I honestly wouldn't mind," you say, shrugging. "No pressure or anything if you don't want to, though."
"N- no, that's okay-" Sylvie stammers. "I'm fine with-BWAAH!" she shouts as Nicolette suddenly pushes her forwards.

"She wants to come with you," Nicolette says, sighing. "She REALLY wants to, but she's an idiot and doesn't want to impose even though you clearly don't care.
"N- Nicolette!" Sylvie squeaks. "D- don't presume to-"
"Me and Melanie are going to go wander around now so you two have fun."
"H- hey, wait-" she calls back, but Nicolette's already pulling Melanie along with her down the hall.
"Have fun, you two!" Melanie waves goodbye.

Completely defeated, Sylvie slumps over for a few seconds and mumbles something that you can't make out at all before doing the longest sigh you've ever seen and standing back upright. She then starts to walk back to her room, but then stops and sighs yet again before finally turning around and approaching you.

"I never would have thought that I was actually dumber than Nicolette about this kind of thing..." Sylvie mumbles, "...sorry for wasting your time with my being stupid, let's go."
"Uh, sure," you reply.

As the two of you start down the hallway, it suddenly comes to mind that you don't actually know how to get to the battlements... but it's the roof and that means the stairs that go UP so you decide to just wing it.

>talk to Sylvie about something as you explore?

>> No.28298231

Sword end is more like the bad end that happens when you haven't tripped enough flags for any of the heroines.

>> No.28298242

> Grail-kun, grail-kun!
> What is it, Archelon-kun?
> my players keep trying to go for a harem route! I keep telling them, but they dont listen!
>Gosh, you're hopeless, Archelon-kun!
>A knife stabs into the floor
> If they cant pick just one, they dont get any.

>> No.28298244

Nah man, go watch the Fate/Stay Night anime adaptation. It's the best one.

I'm totally not lying.

>> No.28298248


Keep Quiet

>> No.28298249

Using Earth/Metal magic, can we (eventually) MAKE battlements?

>> No.28298260

No, it's the good end that happens if you trip flags with all the heroines and don't become a doting husband to any of them. Being single isn't inherently bad, you know.

>> No.28298263

It'd still be funny, but more for slapstick and absurdist purposes than parody value.

My recommendation: Watch Fate/Zero, read the Let's Play of Tsukihime, then watch Carnival Phantasm. You'll miss the most obscure references, but so did everyone else.

>> No.28298264

Those aren't always too bad. I actually liked the one in Katawa Shoujo. Y'know. Until the VERY end.

>> No.28298265

Just keep quiet.

>> No.28298267

There is, in fact, nothing I can think of to make this less awkward.

>> No.28298272

talk to her about spells she thinks it would be useful for us to learn

>> No.28298275

At least it isn't MANLY PICNIC, in that it involves us surviving, but yeah I agree.

>> No.28298276

Explore in silence.

>> No.28298279

Talk about magic and any new spells.

>> No.28298281

I got nothing so I guess stew in the awkward silence?

>> No.28298289

>>talk to Sylvie about something as you explore?
>"So how about them battlements. Ahuh, yep. I'm pretty sure we need to find some stairs. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... etc."

>> No.28298291

Sarcasm doesn't translate too well to text anon. You could have just mistakenly steered some poor soul towards that pile of shit.

>> No.28298292

Just keep to ourselves.

>> No.28298294


>> No.28298304

go in silence

>> No.28298306


Ask whether she has enjoyed teaching us magic. Teaching can be painful for some folks, and we basically begged her into doing it.

>> No.28298312

I think an awkward silence would be fitting honestly, I can't see him being able to break the silence.

>> No.28298319

Voting this:
Also, tease Sylvie lightly by asking if there are any love spells she can teach you.

>> No.28298320

Kinda wanna go around making pretty lights. But those stay put right? Might confuse people. But we gotta keep doing those MP exercises. We don't do nothin' half-assed! 'cept romance.

>> No.28298329

might as well dick a little with magic.
we all enjoy some extra light, right?

>> No.28298332


The spoiler'd "totally not lying" is very obviously sarcasm.

>> No.28298334

Play Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime. They're both good, anyway.

>> No.28298337

awkward silence, commence.

>> No.28298344

Stay silent.

>> No.28298362

Talk about visiting foreign countries and adventures and shit. Seriously talking to girls is not that hard.

>> No.28298375

>"So...how about that ride in huh?"

Or some other generic, but effective, icebreaker.

>> No.28298377

Talk about magic, or punching! Or how to cast "_____ Wing" since we're going to a decently high place anyway.

>Captcha: shouted tesla
...whatever you say, Tesla-san.

>> No.28298387


Ask her how she likes it here, if she's been here before.

>> No.28298389 [SPOILER] 

>if you like molluscs

>> No.28298409

Talk about how impressive her Bear-punching was.

>> No.28298428


>> No.28298437

Magic. Or punching. Or magic punching. Or random smalltalk about being in a foreign country.

Really just anything to break the silence.

>> No.28298442

>"So... think I could convince you to let me sketch you for a bit?"

capcha: fifteen typicit

>> No.28298446

Is everyone voting "stay silent" becouse they cant think of anything and don't want to wait for other people to make suggestions?

this would be acceptable

>> No.28298453

Man, I wish we'd get a new Translation, Takajun didn't do a good job at all.

>> No.28298458


Yes it is, unless you have a reliable, state-regulated social security system, and even then it can get rather bothersome.

Unless you plan to commit sudoku. Plenty of sudokus.

>> No.28298468

They're probably mad Sylvie's here and are sabotaging the vote.

>> No.28298472


Seconding this!

>> No.28298477

>Is everyone voting "stay silent" because they cant think of anything and don't want to wait for other people to make suggestions?
Yes. Or because they don't want Sylvie route and want to make it awkward. Or because they don't care about routes but just think it fits the character/scene best. Which, personally, I agree with.

>> No.28298482

It's just about the only way to avoid /tg/ being indecisive due to everyone waifuing someone different.

>> No.28298486

new game new translations
give it a few hundred years if its going to be translated at the same speed as F/HA

>> No.28298490


I think most of the "stay silent" guys are the ones who didn't want to bring Sylvie along in first place.

(probably because they want her to go out with Matthias instead)

>> No.28298492

Come now, it's a perfectly respectable translation. Just because it lacks nuance, subtlety, metaphor and coherence doesn't mean it's bad!

Wait yes it does.

>> No.28298513

I voted to stay silent because I thought it fit the scene, given what had happened immediately prior. Not everyone is just out to spite Sylvie fans, anon.

>> No.28298514

It's just faster to learn moon runes anon. Otherwise you will be waiting forever.

>> No.28298519

Who the buttocks is Matthias?

>> No.28298527

Tsukihime is being remade at F/HA TL speed, so we'll never see a TL for it if it does come out.
And even if it does no doubt the new TL guys will reuse a lot of Taka's script if they can.

>> No.28298540

Monique's NEET brother.

>> No.28298542

Is it hard to learn moon?

>> No.28298544

yup, i agree. ask her how she likes it here and or if she's been here before.

>> No.28298548

The spaghetti has to stop at some time, Anon. Reinhold isn't even that awkward, just new.

Don't wet blanket the 'Hold bro.

>> No.28298567

The Scorpion King.

>> No.28298568

Harder than learning an Indo-European language. Easier than learning the secret of immortality.

>> No.28298576

Man the amount of characters in this is getting difficult for me to keep track of.
So they want her to get together with someone she's never met and likely has absolutely nothing in common with given he has no motivation to do anything and Sylvie's the opposite of that.
That's some solid thinking going on there.

>> No.28298587

depends how much discipline you've got
then again i already know Chinese and that kind of helped

>> No.28298590

If Sylvie replies that she doesn't know any love spells, we could reply with a stinger:

>"Because if you knew any, you'd have used them by now?"

>> No.28298593

Immortality's only hard if you go by the fleshy body route.
Otherwise it's a slice of cake.

>> No.28298609

I'll totally translate the new game when it comes out.
People say that they like my work, after all...
hahahahaha fuck no I don't have the time to translate when I'm writing this during al of my free time

>> No.28298618

Listening to moon is by far easier than reading moon, though.

>> No.28298623

Its one thing for her best friend to tease her. If we tease her it would just be cruel.

>> No.28298628



>> No.28298629

I'd disagree there, I'd say non-tonal Asian languages are easier than Mesopotamian/descendants (ie, Arabic, Swahili, Farsi...)

>> No.28298633

Well I have free time out the wazoo and decent discipline so I guess I'll give it a shot then.

>> No.28298635

talking about magic would be too much like "talking shop"


All reasonable responses. I like waiting to see what other people suggest before throwing in my vote.

>> No.28298641

How are you coming on making this into a VN by the way?

Seems like the easiest way would be to punch this stuff into Ren'Py as you write it.

>> No.28298652

PGQ, natch.

>> No.28298654

PGQ all the way.

>> No.28298660


>So they want her to get together with someone they might identify with, being the socially inept neckbeard on his way to wizardry

I wouldn't mind tbh. But I'd rather allow that develop organically than going out of my way to bring it about

>> No.28298677

>> No.28298678

Japanese isn't so much hard as alien. If you know Chinese you're halfway there. Six months of immersion and you'll be amazed at what you know.

Learn the verb conjugation trick (a i u e o), the difference between type I and type II verbs, and -te form and all you need is vocabulary.

You'll probably be screwed on kanji though. Moonrune is aptly named.

>> No.28298696

go use /a/'s Daily Japanese Threads if you're going to learn it by yourself
but in the end its still best to go to a class and learn
first year is filled with weaboos if you go to a shitty place but if you don't its filled with Asians like me who mostly already know the language or people who hide their power levels

>> No.28298703

Not even thinking about starting on it for a good long while.
But it'll probably happen at some point because I'm an idiot.

I seriously had a fucking dream last night where I did a kickstarter in order to make a full retail version of this thing, what the hell have you all done to me

>> No.28298704

Wait he is turning this into a VN?

>> No.28298718

Sever your relationship with this site before it's too late.

>> No.28298719

That's Afro-asiatic.
That's Bantu.

>> No.28298720

Was the $1 million stretch goal a Takamaru route?

>> No.28298728

so these blood rituals are working

>> No.28298731

Oh right.
This is tg.
How silly of me.

>> No.28298734

>Not even thinking about starting on it for a good long while.
It'll be less work if you do the quest's route as you go along.

>> No.28298735

I'd throw my money at it.

>> No.28298737


>> No.28298739


You brought it upon yourself

>> No.28298743

I have enough disposable income to not miss giving you $5000 if you want to go that way, Arc

>> No.28298744

>I could have sworn you already used one.

>> No.28298750


I'd fun it.

>> No.28298756

Thanks for the advice. I need to schedule my classes for next semester so I guess I'll look into it tomorrow.

>> No.28298757

I'm sorry, your card is expired.

>> No.28298758

My sides are currently currently trapped in the depth of space in a lagrange point. Goddamnit anon, they're never coming back

>> No.28298763

might as well throw you a few bucks.

>> No.28298781


>> No.28298783

Id pay $15 for it.

>> No.28298791

> i might do it eventually, but not for a while ye-
Just start a cult already, damn son.

>> No.28298811

>this amount is still nowhere near enough to be substantial

>> No.28298825

>he isn't already part of the cult to the glorious master archelon

>> No.28298831

You're evil.
All of you.

>back to spaghetti

>> No.28298845

Always make sure to include blackjack and hookers.

>> No.28298856

Damn straight.

>> No.28298862

I know, that's exactly why I'm a prinny dood!

>> No.28298872

I'd pay for it as long as there's an unlockable harem route.

>> No.28298904

I'd pay for it as long as there's an unlockable Takamaru route.

>> No.28298905

10k backer tier only

>> No.28298907

You have to beat the game with every girl first, unlocking the Luciana route. After beating it again on the Luciana route, you unlock the harem route where Luciana helps you get into every girl's pants at once.

>> No.28298922

stretch goal 250k harem route. "Fuck you guys I said this would never happen let's see you manage this >it makes it

Talk about totally awesome bear punching, king wrangling and check on our doom crystal bracelet

>> No.28298923

"So, battlements..." you say as you walk. "Would it be possible to actually make my own using magic?" you ask, trying to break the silence.
"Hm?" Sylvie mumbles as your words pull her back into the real world. "Making... yeah, I guess. You'd probably need to make an entire castle first, though..." she starts laughing nervously. "That'd take more magical evergy than anyone I know has aside from my father, though..."

"His reserves are that large?" you ask. "Then again, you said before that you had like ten times the base of normal people..."
"Ehehe, yeah..." Sylvie smiles. "Daddy's fight with Mr. Niklaus was actually decided when he outlasted him. Daddy was still ready to go, but Nr. Niklaus was completely tapped out..." she laughs. "And Uncle Thierri says that he's never actually seen him anywhere close to his limit."
"...damn," you say, wondering if it's even possible to get to Vincent's seemingly insane level one day.

As the two of you head up a long staircase, you think that you've finally reached the roof but the door is locked. With an annoyed grumble, you head back down and try to find another route.


>> No.28298927

Though if there isn't a route where we take Elena as an adorable shoulder loli whilst teaching her the ways of the sword, I'd be quite sad.

>> No.28298935

That would be magnificent.

>> No.28298958

This includes Ariane, Sylvie's mother, Elena, Carol, Luciana's mother and Monique's mother

>> No.28298960



Let's waylay a servant and ask directions.

>> No.28298964

Sylvie route closed!

due to scary father-in-law.

>> No.28298967

"Magic the lock Sylvie!"
"Kay Boss!"

>> No.28298973

That closes off everyone except Marianne, oddly enough. And possibly Melanie.

>> No.28298974

No stealing other people's waifus. We will have enough ara-ing when the girls become mothers.

>> No.28298981

I think you mean BEST father in law

>> No.28298988

They wanted the harem route, they get the harem route
It involves all females, no brakes final destination

>> No.28298996

Hasn't it been suggested that Arnaud is Melanie's (grand)father?

>> No.28299001

I'm still down.

>> No.28299004

I don't think you understand. Vincent's the only father-in-law that could give us OUR VERY OWN CASTLE like it was nothing.

>> No.28299009

Arnaud would be several generation's removed. He's at least 90, since he was older than Thierri when they were adventuring adventures.

>> No.28299014

>Not fucking terrifying

how do you become king in a kingdom of badasses?

>> No.28299029

We'd need to get the land from Thierri first. And to live somewhere other than the Palace, we'd need to give up our job.

By that point we'll probably be strong enough to make our own castle, it'd just be one piece at a time rather than all at once.

>> No.28299034

Citrine and Michi are tied for my favorite.
>I will never have a chance to steer PGQ toward my waifu of choice, because they're already off the table

It feels bad, Arc.

>> No.28299035

By apparently being the biggest baddasses best friend

Seriously Vincent > Thierri is what everything has implied so far

>> No.28299045

By inheriting it.

>> No.28299065

>Citrine and Michi are tied for my favorite.

>> No.28299085

Vincent is more terrifying on age alone. But what does that mean exactly?

He's still a terrifying giant in the land of titans. Even if one of them could totally beat him

>> No.28299106


>> No.28299111

>try to find another route

>> No.28299122

When are we going to meet Thierri's brother? He must be the biggest badass short of a dragon or elemental spirit by now.

those sweet royal genes + decades of adventuring = ???

>> No.28299147

i could help you with the art.
though i only do scenery/backgrounds.

>> No.28299156

He might have morphed into a water elemental by now.

>> No.28299170


"Sorry for eating up so much of your time..." you sigh as you start down another hallway. "...I know that not everyone actually likes teaching others, and I kind of begged you to tutor me in magic," you say guiltily.
"Eh!?" Sylvie stammers. "D- don't think that, I love being able to sp- I mean, I really like being able to show someone else how great magic is! And since Nicolette and Marianne aren't really interested, it's not like I have anyone else my own age to talk about it with."

"Are you sure? I mean, it clearly takes you a massive amount of effort to..." you begin, but are cut off.
"I mean it, I really enjoy teaching you," Sylvie says, desperately trying to convince you. "Why do you think I put so much effort into it in the first place?"
"Heh, I guess you have a point there..."
"S- so never ever think you're bugging me, okay?" she says, blushing. "I, um- I really like hanging out with you and I actua- never mind," she covers her mouth with her hands mid-sentence as if manually forcing herself not to finish that sentence.

Another staircase, another dud... this one seems to lead to a storage closet. Back down the stairs you go.


>> No.28299210

>and I actua-
Use your words Sylvie, use your words!

>> No.28299212

why not explore what's in the storage closet at the top of the tower together with Sylvie? It sure ain't servant supplies.

>> No.28299214

Christ, she's not hiding her crush very well when she doesn't have Nico around to redirect onto, is she?

>> No.28299215

>this one seems to lead to a storage closet.

>Back down the stairs you go.
I suspect Sylvie is highly disappointed with Reinhold's choice of actions upon stumbling across a storage closet.

>> No.28299227

Just make out with her in the storage closet Rienhold. What's the worst that could come of it?

>> No.28299233

Poor Sylvie. She is crushing so hard, but Princess route is the only true route.

>> No.28299234

It's like we're being hit in the face with her affections.

A full blown confession is coming. Maybe not this thread, maybe not next. But it is coming.

>> No.28299236

Oh hey, my suggestion of asking about teaching made it in, even if it wasn't a popularly voted option.

>> No.28299239

I'll bet. She needs somewhere to hide all the spaghetti she is dropping.

>> No.28299260



>> No.28299277

That's good, I like spending time with you too Sylvie, I never really had any friends growing up and after that in the military it wasnt quite the same since we were soldiers first
Entering that tournament has been the best thing I ever did really

>> No.28299281

As long as Sylvie doesn't cry in front of Reinhold, I'm okay with anything.

Don't disappoint me, Sylvie. Bottle up those tears.

>> No.28299283

Ugh. I really don't want to deal with that. Especially since she started crushing practically the day after we met her. Sylvie route just feels so effortless and shallow.

>> No.28299288

Why was my first thought "look for narnia" in a literal sense. What the hell is wrong with me?

>> No.28299289

Ah, to think. If it weren't for Vincent, we could freely get our dick wet and move on to more satisfying conquests.

>> No.28299296

Ever thought she's crushing specifically because of the choices we've made, even if we haven't intentionally been going for that effect?

Same process as deliberately going for a girl, except without all the "am I doing it right" angst.

>> No.28299303

Tis a sad thing. But we'll let her off easy. Maybe with a small kiss, yes?

>> No.28299312

Fuck that shit.

>> No.28299314

All we really did was ask her to teach us magic and make a few jokes. Then all of a sudden Nico is constantly teasing her about her crush. It came out of nowhere.

>> No.28299323

She has more reason to like him than Luciana. Yet here we are.

>> No.28299325

A Storms A Comin

>> No.28299336

I can't believe you guys are gonna friendzone Sylvie.

I mean, she's a mage who casts FIST! FIST!

>> No.28299337

From our perspective.

We made specific dialogue choices, made specific action choices, and chose to go to *her*, specifically, instead of all the other hilariously powerful and experience magic users in the Castle for lessons.

Every action has a consequence, and most don't have a big neon [Sylvie Points +1] popup every time they have an effect.

>> No.28299348

Get used to it. I like her a lot too, but you'll feel a lot less bad when it happens if you're open to the idea.

>> No.28299357

Shut up. I am so sick of hearing that. That is the stupidest fucking reason to think a girl is some kind of soul mate. This is exactly why I said the Sylvie route feels shallow

>> No.28299358

In character Reinhold probably knows about how she feels but doesn't think some kid from a brothel is good enough for nobility. He probably thinks it's just a phase and she will find someone better, like a knight or a prince to end up with.

>> No.28299376

But the Princess sucks. Still, this is what I get for lurking...

>> No.28299386

/tg/ is pretty good at stringing girls along. It makes the ensuing heartbreak so much sweeter.

>> No.28299393

Having been there I can assure you, going down that route will only make it worse.

>> No.28299394

There is a lot more reasons for Nico or Marie to like him over Sylvie, even if you want to include subtle point gains.

>> No.28299395

Consider that she's probably spent more time with us in the last month than any boy her own age and that we enjoy her company, it's not hard for a girl that age to fall for a guy and it's not like Rein's unattractive.

>> No.28299400


First magical spellcaster in our face.

Also the best suited seeing as shes not a Key Appointment Holder and closer in skill level compared to the others.

>> No.28299416

>the Princess sucks
And you can go right the fuck back to lurking.

>> No.28299418

I'm trying really hard not to picture Sylvie as Stein. Goddammit Niklaus.

The VN needs to have a gag gallery where all our shitposting is on full display. Reinmaru, Karique, Sylthias, Alternate Luciana, Nat 1s that weren't, all that fun shit.

>> No.28299421

Shitstorm sighted on the horizon.
It's approaching fast.

>> No.28299426

bitches and whores man.

>> No.28299430

I like shy girls in general. Especially shy girls that open up like she has to Nicolette. The moments when her true personality shines through the crush are the best.

... Which means I'll probably like her more if she's friendzoned.

>> No.28299442

Fuck, I'm so conflicted right now.
I've been pushing for ignorant / asexual Reinhold for ages, but seeing as Reinhold is now more or less completely aware of her feelings I don't think he would just stay passive and wait for her to make a move.
Either try to let her down gently or try to let her inn. I still don't think Reinhold is ready for any sort of proper relationship.

>> No.28299444


I am not prepared.

>> No.28299452

who the fuck cares!

>> No.28299457

Pls no I like this quest.

>> No.28299459

Yeah. I like Sylvie alright, she's cute, but I honestly don't feel like there's much of a relationship there. Both Nico and Marie have some pretty serious personal goals or issues that relate to or involve Reinhold and they feel like much better choices.

>> No.28299465

You don't have to be so rude about it, there's been whole threads of bashing the shallow little girl who is teaching us magic.

The main reason I've been against the Princess is you don't mix work and play, but OH WAIT Princess is a Tsundere/Ice Queen! At least Arch has made awesome characterisations for all the girls, not just one.

>> No.28299470

FAA pls

>> No.28299475


Yeah, but that's *OUR* perspective.

Sylvie is shy, her best friend teases her and her cousin intentionally distances herself. Her dad is the Ur-magician, everyone else in the castle is powerful as hell magically, and she's only just started learning, even if people say she's gifted.

Then along comes a genuinely friendly, handsome, strong guy who specifically comes and asks *her* to teach him everything she knows about magic as though she's some elemental goddess, and then risks ticking off The Bloody Mist to *Bake her a Fucking Cake* and tries his damnedest to help her reconcile with her best friends.

From your average teenage girl's perspective, this is like a goddamn Edward Cullen-tier wet dream fantasy come to life. For a shy one with possible self-esteem issues like Sylvie, well. You get the picture.

Of course she damn well likes us.

>> No.28299480

I agree. It's pretty goddamn mean to NOT say something at this point.

>> No.28299503

have we even asked Sylvie what her goals are

>> No.28299506

/tg/ is either not good at considering the effects of social interaction, or surprisingly cruel.

>> No.28299508

say we're gay that oughta solve the problem.

>> No.28299510

This was why I was supporting Sylvie, only in less words.

>> No.28299513

>and then risks ticking off The Bloody Mist to *Bake her a Fucking Cake* and tries his damnedest to help her reconcile with her best friends.

I think you're forgetting the part where we gave the cake to Marie and comforted her when she was crying, called Marie by a pet name directly in front of her, and then ditched her magic lessons to read the book we got from Marie all on that same day. Not only that but we played up Guillame's cake over ours instead of offering it to her.

Not only that, but you're overblowing shit in general.

>> No.28299515

Whoa whoa, I didn't say I didn't think there was a relationship there. Not all relationships have to be DEEP and MEANINGFUL.

Also >>28299503

>> No.28299520

Yeah, we should really try to break it to her politely that it's probably not happening.

But since this is a life run by committee, we're instead going to string her along forever being untenably indecisive.

>> No.28299523

>and then risks ticking off The Bloody Mist to *Bake her a Fucking Cake* and tries his damnedest to help her reconcile with her best friends.

This last bit is was not just for slyvie. For whom the cake for is in some doubt. What is SURE is that the cake was for the party and ultimately, the party was for Marianne's benefit. Congratulating Slyvie was really a convenient excuse that came about for MARIANNE to reconcile with HER friends.

>> No.28299526

Yeah. She wants to be a mage like her dad.

>> No.28299535

Mostly the latter. It's why we're here.

>> No.28299540


>Lying to a good friend that has feelings for you
>Specifically telling her that you'd rather do a man than her


>> No.28299543

Why does she want to be a mage like her dad? What does her dad even do for a living?

>> No.28299547

I think you're failing to realize the ability of teenage girls to see things in a rosy light when their heart is involved•

>> No.28299562

He's independently wealthy, as a retired adventurer.
Might also get a stipend from the king.

>> No.28299575

Whoever wins, there's going to be a massive shitstorm.
Be ready for that Arch.

That said, poor Sylvie. Unless the Sylvie fags will move mountains to samefag again like they did in this thread.

>> No.28299576

i know. great plan right? solves the problem completely.

>> No.28299577

>This thread

It hurts being a Nicofag.

>No wufu to have toe-to-toe deathmatches against

>> No.28299579


it's really not far from the truth.

>> No.28299584

Vincent lives for a living.

>> No.28299591

I think the votes were a combo of Sylvie fags and people just being a friend.

>> No.28299594

It's okay, anon. My waifu won't win, either.

>> No.28299596

... Is that Nico herself?

>> No.28299598

i was kinda rooting for her until she was giving off lesbo vibes.

a lesbo bro is quite awesome too you know.

>> No.28299599


"Sorry about the constant dead ends," you apologize.
"That's okay, just walking around like this is fun too," Sylvie says cheerily.

Great, she's not freaking out anymore!

"Since you said that it doesn't bug you if I asked and all," you begin, "what kind of spells do you think I ought to know?"
"Ummm..." Sylvie mumbles as she appears to start counting something on her fingers, "...you started learning kind of weird, so a lot of the basics like Iluminate and Enshroud and Heat Up kind of got left behind... Those may not be directly useful in the short-run, but they're the kind of things that are pretty handy when you need them."

"As far as stuff that'd be specifically useful for your job, um... you have Holy Shine for a defensive spell, maybe something like Shade Guard would be useful too. And I don't think you know any attack spells, right?" Sylvie asks.
"No the only spells I know are the ones you taught me," you reply.
"Ehehe, now I'm starting to feel kind of guilty..." she laughs. "I guess stuff like Arctic Blade and Fireball would be good for you. My father's punching spells don't work with a sword at all though, so those are kind of out of the question."

"But, umm... yeah," Sylvie says as she adjusts her glasses. "if you have anything like that you want to know about, just ask me and I'll look it up for you if you want. And again, it's seriously no problem at all for me to do so don't think you're imposing or anything."
"I'll keep that in mind, you reply."

finding yet another stairwell leading upwards, the two of you take it. turning the knon of the door you find at its top, it opens to reveal...

...the night sky!


>> No.28299600


She has her love.

Love her by supporting her love.

>> No.28299605


Muscle Wizardess?

Given her yandere tendencies, her choice of career path is actually pretty intimidating, but I really think she's pretty good match for Reinhold. She's like polar opposite of Spinelle. She has a strong sense of honor
>I'mma beat that archmage up for talking shit to mr Ninja butler!
and she is a caring soul as well
>Sorry Mr Bear, I'd rather not punch you

>> No.28299609


>> No.28299614

It's Cloud

>> No.28299620

>if it weren't for Vincent
>implying Sylvie, Nicolette, Gregory, Marianne, Thierri, Ariane and half the country would not just wreck us instead

>> No.28299624


I feel for you, bro. However Nico already has another crush anyway.

>> No.28299627

my FRIENDO route with taka is a bleak crusade too anon...

>> No.28299629

Dude's range of emotion breaks down to:

>Righteous Fury
>Passive Indifference/Contentedness

I think that at best, he might approach a relationship as another assignment, if a really laid back one with neat benefits. At worst...

>I have no idea how to deal with being involved in other people's emotions. Why does that even happen?

That said, MCs sometimes get a starter relationship that they eventually grow out of. Might not be a terrible approach to take?

>"I'll be honest with you Syl - I don't know the first thing about relationships that aren't platonic or involve some chain of command. Or fear and hatred, but that's entirely unrelated here."
>"U-uhm... I'm not really an expert either... but I still want to try. I've heard some really sad stories about people who were too scared, and... A-and I don't want that to be me. T-to be... u-u-us..."
>"...I guess that's fair. Then I, Reinhold, formerly of the Granache Military, hereby do humbly ask... Would you like to come watch the stars with me? We finally found the battlements."
>"I'd love to."

[spoilers][Hand-holding intensifies.][/spoilers]

>> No.28299631

"Sweetest Sylvie, would you mind if I imposed my sword on your sheath?"

>> No.28299636

>She has more reason to like him than Luciana.

>be princess from stick-up-the-ass-nobility central
>so far removed from the line of succession so as to be practically irrelevant
>still be stuck probably getting an arranged marriage due to your father's ambitions and stick-in-the-mud attitude over what nobility has to entail
>be more than a little bit of an S
>be a bit of a romantic
>yearn for adventure
>has proven willing to be minorly rebellious against father's wishes

>have best friend whose father allows her all the freedoms yours denies you
>one day, you visit to find that said best friend has a new bodyguard

>he's reasonably handsome
>you find him amusing
>he treats nobles like human beings first and foremost, with minimal fussing around in regard to their station
>he reacts favorably/amusingly to mild teasing, without rolling over entirely
>has an easily romanticized tragic past

>forbidden fruit due to inevitable arranged marriage; but not unattainable due to his station and ability potentially leading to knighthood in a kingdom yours wants to deepen alliances with

Reinhold hits ALL THE BUTTONS. I'm not sure how you're surprised that Luciana has a thing for him.

>> No.28299640

Yes, indeed. Still, it would be quite satisfying to find out that she was crushing on us.

>> No.28299641

I disagree, mainly because those are both qualities all the girls have.

>> No.28299643

Oh boy here we go...

>> No.28299645

I think Reinhold is still too traumatised subconsciously to start a relationship, and to some extent he is aware of this, just consider his responses in this thread to romantic suggestions.
However, we must determine who is he most likely to have fallen for already, from a strictly RP perspective, because the tension is reaching critical levels and we are increasingly likely to end up in a situation where we have to choose.

So I recommend that the shipfags go and masturbate while the RP people discuss the issue.

>> No.28299650

>1000 posts and no sign of stopping

>> No.28299651

time to sketch sylvie.

>> No.28299663

>This .gif
>I'll never be able to not-associate Lightning with Nicolette now

>> No.28299664

Ah geeze... can't into spoilers. I thought I finally stopped messing up too...

>> No.28299667

Archive when?

>> No.28299669

Anon, s-stop. You're making me waaant iiiittt.

>> No.28299670


I'm sure we'll have a chance to catch up with him as well. For now we have Carol for male (>implying) bromance.

Maybe Arch doesn't want us to meet him too soon so that we don't get chance to witness the eastern techniques, allowing Monique to surprise and obliterate us with them?

>> No.28299680

He'll never get past his trauma if he doesn't try. Horribly awkward "relationship" go!

>> No.28299683

I'd say Marianne. He goes way out of his way for her compared to every other girl and has even hugged her and bought presents for her. It's probably partially the similiarities in their issues but he's really just too damn relentlessly nice to her.

>> No.28299689

What summary should I use for the archive?

>> No.28299693

[shipping intensifies]

>> No.28299694


>My father's punching spells don't work with a sword at all though, so those are kind of out of the question."


>> No.28299695


that isnt going to happen and you know it

shit's gonna be like oreimo and sylvie is just gonna be kuroneko

that being said i can't wait to feel bad when she starts bursting in tears

>> No.28299697

well that kills any likeing of nico for me

>> No.28299702

She needs it. Girl was bound to snap if she stayed the way she was. Hell, even if she didn't, I'm not entirely convinced it would be any less sad.

>> No.28299703


Marianne really. Much of his focus and actions have been on the princess and often far beyond the call of his own duties.

>> No.28299705

Minor spaghetti spilling and the voices that determine Reinhold's fate get in a barfight.

>> No.28299706

Reinhold does have an off-hand...

>> No.28299707

>shit's gonna be like oreimo and sylvie is just gonna be kuroneko
I'd be okay with that.

>> No.28299711

>too traumatised subconsciously
Let me say that I do not mean to disparage or dismiss the psychological impact of child molestation.

I do not think it would be fun or enjoyable to properly roleplay "getting over" no-no-bad-touch memories. At the pacing that PGQ goes, it would take more threads than most quests see in their lifetime to treat the issue as it deserves. It's more reasonable and better for the quest if he's basically over it already.

>> No.28299712

The waifu wars have begun.

>> No.28299730

In which [shipping intensifies].

>> No.28299736

>It's more reasonable and better for the quest if he's basically over it already.
Dance lessons disagree. He hasn't talked to -anyone- about that.

>> No.28299737

I'm sorry.

>> No.28299741


The day of the second impact

>> No.28299744

It's reaching critical levels OOC, but in character I don't think it's at a level we're he's developed feelings for one girl any more than another. I think he's just really confused romantically and doesn't know how to properly address his feelings so he just bottles it all up.
Although I can easily see that bottle breaking when someone confesses to him, from there it's all just tumbling down for his psych and I have no idea if he would accept a confession, politely decline for now or just outright say no.

>> No.28299746


Begun, the Waifu Wars have.


>> No.28299755

I knew when I came onto the catalog this morning that things weren't right in PGQ when the post count was about 500 higher than usual by the time I wake up.

Goddamn it /tg/, we just passed 1000 posts due to shipping wars.

>> No.28299756

I'd say Marianne. He goes way too far for her.

>> No.28299759

>first confession
>roll to see if Reinhold breaks down crying
Please Arch. I need this.

>> No.28299764


"Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

>> No.28299767


>> No.28299770

>Roll to see if Rein breaks down crying and if so how hard

>> No.28299772

>Forced into close proximity to a girl
>Trip, end up in dangerously close proximity to a girl
>She then forcibly restrains us

I can't wait for Marianne to realize the extent of that action and how we felt about it.

>> No.28299774

>multiple 1s
>accidental gropings again

>> No.28299777


The stars in the sky combined with the close-to-full moon and the light reflecting off the planet's rings make for quite the lovely sight. You -almost- wish you could go up there and fly around yourself to get a closer view, but that's just silly.

"Oh wow..." Sylvie says. "...it's been a while since I was this high up at night..."
"The closest I've gotten to this is when I had guard duty back in the army, and I didn't really have the opportunity to just appreciate the view lik this," you reply.

As the two of you walk onto the roof proper, you hear footsteps approaching.

"Hey, what are you kids doing up here!?" a guard shouts.
"Er- we were just-" you begin to say, but Sylvie cuts you off.
"I'm Sylvie Roseline Granache and this is Reinhold. We're guests of King Celestino, and personal friends of Princess Luciana... she told us that we were free to roam the castle as we pleased, but were we incorrect in that assumption?" Sylvie says in an extremely formal tone.

"Granache- oh crap, that is right..." the guard says under his breath. "The King's brother-in-law and his group... er, sorry for bothering you, miss," the guard bows. "We just need to be careful seeing as how there's a lot of outsiders here in the castle for the next few days. I'll be over there if you need anything, so don't mind me..."

As the guard heads off to a far-off corner of the castle wall in order to give the two of you some space, Sylvie cracks her knuckles.

"Aah..." Sylvie sighs. "...I hate getting all formal like that, it doesn't agree with me at all."

>what do you say?

>> No.28299780

This seem quite accurate. I will consider your arguments when ever I find my self Luci-fagging.

>> No.28299788


Nah, you need more momentum than you can get from sword stance and with off-hand.

>> No.28299791

"You can be as scary as your father when you want to be you know."

>> No.28299797

"Oh? It seems like it comes to you quite easily."

>> No.28299801

It is weird seeing you be all formal, it is like you flip a lever from Sylvie to Princess Sylvie or something
I am glad I get to avoid it by being a bodyguard and about as common as you can get

>> No.28299812

"Well, either way, I'm glad you were here to handle it. I probably would've ended up babbling and gotten myself detained.

Not sure I would've ever lived that down."

>> No.28299814

"if you dont like, you didn't have to get that agresive and formal that fast really. we could hold onto the use of name and authority."

>> No.28299817


"Sort of."

>> No.28299818

"You're not bad at it though."

"I don't wanna fuck by the way."

>> No.28299822

Going with this.

>> No.28299823

Is there a spell to make our sword stronger/sharper (offensive), or to shackle our enemy to the ground (controller)?

>> No.28299824

why the hell is she so agressive about it?

>> No.28299827

>Nat 1
>You stare directly at Sylvie, not seeing her in the slightest.
>You feel yourself trembling, but it doesn't really phase you - you just note it with the clinical detachment of an observer.
>At some point, your knees give out, and you can vaguely process Sylvie's panic as she tries to ask you what's wrong, the brilliant red now a wan ashen, grey, the blood completely drained from her face.
>What's that wetness on your face?
>She's scared.
>Why's she scared?
>Doesn't she know that if SHE's scared then YOU-

"Reinhold, what's wrong?! Please, say something! SOMEONE HELP!!!"

>> No.28299830

>"Word. Being responsible for something else or someone else is exhausting."

Or something to that effect.

>> No.28299835

I like this.

>> No.28299840

/tg/'s playstyle is so meta that I can't decide whether Reinhold is just a little thick but kindhearted, or a manipulative social climber.

>"So... What does agree with you then?"

>full teenage "real you" cliché
>Anon in charge of dialogue

>> No.28299842

I'm all for telling her we just want to be friends but this is not the right moment.

>> No.28299845

Knowing us, that probably would have happened so I'll go with this one.

>> No.28299846


>> No.28299850

>Finally get to the roof for what you're hoping will be a romantic moment with the guy you have a crush on.
>Cuntblocking guard appears

She handled it pretty calmly for a girl of her age.

>> No.28299857

Listen, I need to sleep. Archelon, if we can do this, please count this as my vote for politely telling Sylvie we're not up for a romantic relationship with her, when and if it comes up. I don't want to lead her on. It's worked out far too poorly every time I've ever seen it happen.

>> No.28299867


Anon, no.

I expect the flood of samefags.

We need every man.

>> No.28299868

I like it.

>> No.28299871


Obviously manipulative social climber if we're VN players

>> No.28299872


The first, I think.
I hope.
I'm pretty sure in fact.

Oh right. Our hobby slots are taken up, right? Because it's a shame to be a METAL knight and not know music.

>> No.28299874

"I like the real Sylvie better."

>> No.28299876

I like these.

>> No.28299883

I think Reinhold is a little thick but kindhearted.

The people in this thread on the other hand...

>> No.28299885

>Sketch, pls? Its what I was planning on doing up here any way...

>> No.28299891

I like this

>> No.28299893

>Our hobby slots are taken up, right? Because it's a shame to be a METAL knight and not know music.
Please stop, we get enough of that crap with the SWORD business.

>> No.28299895

oh shoot i completely forgot. yes please.

>> No.28299896

Oh yeah... kind of forgot with all the waifu warring.

>> No.28299897


>> No.28299898


>Reinhold, I-

>SHH, not a word. I'm sketching your mouth

>> No.28299904

>Implying /tg/ won't lead on every single girl even when they have all confessed that they have feelings for the protagonist

Fate/Stay Again Quest has shown me that /tg/ cannot ever make up their minds.

>> No.28299907

Full Monique

"No, no, Miss Sylvie, it is quite proper and decorous for a young noble lady such as yourself show formality and stiffneck...ousnesity at every opportunity that so... This is hard."

>> No.28299916

Well yeah, each girl will have a vocal minority but the plurality is just undecided people who jump on whatever seems good at the time.

>> No.28299925


FSA was never EVER going to go solo girl.

How did you not know this.

The only question was whether Best Girl would be in it.

She didn't. ;_;

>> No.28299931

I honestly wish the QM would just make up their minds for them sometimes. But it's hard to find a way to do that without forcing something or pissing people off.

>> No.28299932

Reinhold's personality is the result of too much SWORD.

>> No.28299939


I know, I know. I suppose we'll have to just roll with it.

>> No.28299941

Nonsense, we made up our minds perfectly.

First we were leaning towards Rin, but then we wanted to bang/have awesome bro adventures with Rider, but Rider said she'd kill us if we hurt Sakura, and we knew Sakura was crushing on us, so we chose the most Shirou option available: ALL OF THE ABOVE, NO HURT FEELINGS, MAXIMUM HAPPINESS.

>> No.28299951

Well that's very reasonable of you.

>> No.28299953

From the thumbnail I thought that was a pic of VAGINAWINGS.

I'm sad it wasn't.

>> No.28299957 [SPOILER] 

I still want Rin to win, even if it means throwing Sakura to the dick worms.

>> No.28299958

We could sort it out by just going for Sylvie now and ending all further arguments about it

Because until anon goes with one there will always be this shit
And Sylvie does seem to have the threads support based on the last vote

>> No.28299960


People are going to be pissed off anyway. Some of them anyway. And since it's hard to tell samefag from non... Yeah, I guess it'll have to be Arch who will have to do the shipping accorging to his personal tally of f(l)ags

>> No.28299963

Both VMQs did this, the second moreso than the first. It was awful.

>> No.28299967

Don't forget Rin's sub-harem consisting of Saber. That's a very important part of the group dynamic.

>> No.28299969


Rin will be first waifu.

She knows how to manage her own harem after all.

>> No.28299976

>Implying AC-Guy won't kill off most of the harem

>> No.28299984

maybe more like this.

>> No.28299985

She's probably got Best Girl locked in, considering we've got so many fucking Rin Points we can harness them for mechanical benefits.

>> No.28299987

Considering the amount of people saying to turn her down, I doubt that.

I think the first vote went through because it had the support of people trying to be friendly as well as the Sylvie fags.

I'd rather turn her down. She's the one we're stringing along the most and I just don't think it's in-character at all that Reinhold likes her like that.

>> No.28299996


Consider your opinion noted.

>> No.28300012


Yeah, I pretty much agree.

>> No.28300014

AC-Guy scares me pretty bad, sometimes.

My biggest fear is that he'll kill Ilya.
I don't want her to die. I can't watch her die again.

Arc, we're on page 10 and at 1100 posts.

>> No.28300020

Archelon keeps saying it's too early for anything to happen with a particular girl.

Which makes me think he's slowly committing suicide, trying to overwork himself for /tg/'s ungrateful heart. He will die before we're even at handholding stage, trolling us all.

>what a glorious way to die

>> No.28300022

I'm in for Sylvie. I feel like she's the one we've bonded with the most (Not that we haven't bonded with the others) and also I just like her and I want Reinholt to like who I like

>> No.28300035



OP should go to sleep.

>> No.28300039

Sylvie is pretty clearly not true end. I kind of like her as a person and in real life I'd be down (and probably would be even if I wasn't totally starved for human contact) but it doesn't really make sense for Reinhold.

>> No.28300040

What? No. We've bonded with Marianne far more than any other character.

>> No.28300049

I honestly don't see how she's bonded with Reinhold the most. I would say he's much closer to Marianne, especially since he's talked about his past more with her than anyone else and helped her more as well.

>> No.28300052

And I disagree, I think she is in character the type of girl Reinhold would like
She so far is the only one who has yet to get a strike against them like Marie triggering PTSD or Nico invading our privacy and dragging the others into it, she also can take care of herself and complements his knowledge / skills nicely which is something I see reinhold worrying about

>> No.28300062

>Nico invading our privacy and dragging the others into it,
That was Sylvie. She jelly.

>> No.28300064

We've bonded with Marianne by far the most, though that's as friends, and Arnaud as student/teacher. Thing is, most of our binding with Sylvie was student/teacher as well.

>> No.28300070

I kind of want the 4 of them to go out murderhoboing for a few years

>> No.28300074 [SPOILER] 

Rolled 19

>PGQ 56
>too early for anything to happen
Jesus HP LoveChrist Arch, I like where this is going

>> No.28300075

Dancing trauma isn't a strike, it was a requirement to open up the Marianne route.

If you waifu Sylvie, that's your own prerogative, but at least keep your facts straight. Reinhold needed that flashback in order to get anywhere with Marianne.

>> No.28300076

I agree with him, in character it really is too early.
However, 56 threads in the audience has become pretty radicalized, people who think certain girls are best for Rein or like them most personally have pretty much solidified their opinions by this point and now they're becoming more and more vocal about it despite Rein only knowing these girls for a month or even less.
I've no idea how to calm them down though without direct QM intervention.

>> No.28300079

I just want this thread to die so that I can go to sleep and not have to scroll through the archives to find the part I left off at.

>> No.28300081

That's both work and something I can say from personal experience something more likely to keep someone at friend distance

Two crazies helping each other don't particularly lend themselves well too getting together without it ending horribly and in tears.
There is still the fact that Marianne considers us subhuman or not really a person

>> No.28300087


The tricky part is that even though they have much in common, she still doesn't see him as person.

As for him, I imagine the idea of courting her is totally alien to him and would probably make him melt from the self-doubt and feeling of inadequacy.

>> No.28300089


>>28299605 here, and I stand by my opinion. Sylvie ship the best ship.

I also think Rein would appreciate the "lewd", since it contrasts with what he was exposed to in the brothel.

>> No.28300090

It's precisely because she hasn't gotten a strike that I don't think she's a good match. The two know next to nothing about each other and the relationship feels very shallow and simple. There's no tension or sense of something more, it's just Sylvie crushing. It's very hollow in comparison to the other girls.

>> No.28300091


No, we improved our relationship with Marianne a lot, but we're still basically her pet and she's still someone we have to protect. We're friends, but she's still fairly distant. Nico we're GOOD friends with, but in a very Bro's way. Sylvie isn't scared of us, treats us as an equal (Points fo Nico too there), spends a lot of time with use (teaching us magic but still), and has accompanied us on more or less all of our adventures.

My take on it at least.

>> No.28300097

I wonder what the other girls rankings would be if we got updates on them every thread?

>> No.28300103

You're trying so very hard. if this was school or the military you'd get an award for that effort, but on /tg/ you're just a tryhard.

You're in too deep, bro.

>> No.28300108

You didn't say a single substantial thing there at all. All of those traits easily apply to other girls.

>> No.28300109

Her not seeing him as a person is just a case of Top Tsun. She clearly does even if she thinks she doesn't.

>> No.28300111

"Well either way, I'm glad you were here to handle it," you say. "I probably would've ended up saying something stupid and ended up detained."
"Ehehe, I'm always happy to help," she says, glggling. "Just kind of got annoyed th- never mind," she sighs. "It's a pretty nice view out here, huh. You can see the entire city from this high up."
"Yeah, it certainly looks different when you're all the way up here," you reply.
"I might as well take the opportunity while I can..."

Sylvie then stretches a bit before jumping straight onto the battlements and doing a little pose.

"Yup, still got it!" Sylvie says happily.
"Gaah- get down from there, it's all windy and you could fall!" you shout frantically, not having expected Sylvie of all people to do something this reckless.
"Don't worry about me, I'm perfectly safe up here..." she laughs, playfully sticking her tongue out at you.

She then turns her back to you to face the moon... and then begins chanting.

"Shining lights of the night sky, free me of my shackles so that I may soar to your boundless heights," she says as Script spins around her like an unfurling tapestry. "Starlight Wing!"

Sylvie then jumps in the air as a pair of eerily glowing white wings form on her back and lift her further up. You watch on as she shows off for a bit, doing several loops and spins before going up as high as she can and staying up there for a few minutes.

Just as you're starting to worry that she might be stuck or something, she finally descends, dropping the spell as she lands next to you.

"It's always nice to stretch out your wings, you know..." Sylvie jokes. "So, um... you said that you were going to sketch the view?"

>yeah, let's sketching!
>no, I wanted to ask you...

>> No.28300114

It isn't even me waifuing her, I said earlier in this thread I am in the Marie party

But honestly triggering that episode really should have set reinhold waaaaaay back on even considering her because of the mental connection he made between her and Spinelle even of he didn't realise it consciously.
Out of the girls I was just pointing out that the one who has so far been presented most as attainable and possible for Reinhold to manage is Sylvie

>> No.28300116


the only reason why we've started to be interested in sylvie is because she knows magic and we wanted to know magic

for good reasons of course since we want to do our job better so we have to keep going back to her. i don't think the first thing we do whenever we want to talk to sylvie is try to romance her, we're doing it just because we want to learn magic

so really i dont know why we're pulling her heartstrings just let her go

also no we've bonded with marianne much more but she's still in thick ice that is progressively melting the more we talk to her

>> No.28300117

>>yeah, let's sketching!

>> No.28300119



That was Sylvie, Nico just got dragged along.

It also probably boosted our standing with her when we came clean with the girls and forgave them.

>> No.28300120

>yeah, let's sketching

>> No.28300122

I actually think ~1 month is the appropriate time to initiate romance after meeting a girl. It's long enough to know if you've got mutual interests, but not so long that either side has really begun to look at the other as "just a friend" an dismissed the idea altogether.

>> No.28300123

>no, I wanted to ask you...
Time to turn her down.