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It doesn't happen often that we gather up and share our favorite character's backstories but it's usually both enlightening and a shit-storm at the same time.
So I though I'd dedicate an entire thread to it.

Should be self explanatory.

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Male human fighter, young adult.

Wields a sword and a shield.

Did some merc work.

Parents were farmers who got killed by orcs.

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Male human cleric, actually fighter, middle aged.

Wields a blessed steel hammer worked in silver leaf actually an ironwood mallet covered in shiny tinfoil. and fairly plain robes.

Goes around putting on a big show of being holy despite having absolutely no divinely-granted powers whatsoever because his father was a cleric, and his father's father, and his father's father's father, and damned if any son of mine isn't going to follow in those holy footsteps.

Desperately trying to keep up a charade even though he really just doesn't GET the basic tenets of his religion, because he doesn't want to fail his father.

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Human wizard

Degenerate redneck, born in the swamp amongst a very inbred clan.

It was quickly revealed he was a magical and mathematical savant, so he saved up some cash to buy his first spell book, and immediately set his entire forest on fire.

Banished from his clan, and with a perpetual sense of wanderlust, Cletus began his journey to become filthy rich.

Mathias, his adopted brother, accompanied him simply to make sure he didn't get himself killed.

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Start over / 10

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I play as a harpy. She was supposed to be the first enemy the team encountered, but one of the players was charming enough that she immediately fell in love with him. She lacks the ability to communicate with anyone beyond screeching, and also doesn't have hands, and she's mega resentful of everyone else in the group because they killed her sisters, but she still holds on because of love.

Our DM might've fucked up a little but, but it's fun to play.

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Abandoned as a child in a sewer, he was taken in by a tribe of goblins on account of his green skin who generally mistreated him as goblin children are raised. Kept alive mostly by his ability to play music, he was eventually booted out for being too tall. Somehow retaining a handsome, childlike appearance by the age of four despite his upbringing, he managed to beg to stay alive until uncovering a damaged accordion in a dump. After (mostly) fixing it up, he began to play for his coin, showing a remarkable talent for playing the catchy goblin songs he learned amongst his tribe. He slowly learned that being pleasant and skilled in the ways of flattery gets you far further than simply beating down doors and stealing things. Now he wanders from place to place looking for the best stories to tell, hoping to one day become the greatest story himself.

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A paladin who couldn't handle his drink. Got piss drunk and beat the hell out of his wife and kids, fell, wife ran away with the kids, and he was stripped of his rank. Now he's a mercenary, and still can't kick the bottle. Each night, as he vomits up a cask of cheap ale, he promises God that tomorrow will be different, if only He will grant him strength. The faith is strong, but the will is weak.

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>Oswin Thaneblade was raised in an orphanage on the eastern coast of Odenheim. Both his parents contracted disease shortly after his birth and passed away when they were unable to afford medicine, leaving Oswin a ward of the state. He was raised as such until the age of 6 when a blacksmith named Rugen Magneis, in search of another pair of youthful hands to help out around his forge, adopted him. Oswin accompanied Rugen back to his shop in a small fishing village called Iron Dale, where he was put to work earning his keep. He began by just performing simple chores around the shop such as cleaning the forge, stocking the coals, and fetching ores from the storehouse. As Oswin grew, so did his responsibilities. By the time he was 10 he had been tasked with forging small items such as horseshoes and nails. He enjoyed the work, bringing the heavy hammer down on red-hot metal helped him release pent up frustrations and curb the restlessness of a young spirit. When he turned 13 Oswin became solely in charge of forging weapons to be sold in the shop. By now Rugen had grown older and was unable to work the forge like he had used to. Luckily he was able to delegate the work to his apprentices and supervise their efforts to ensure quality. Shortly after Oswin turned 16 Rugen passed away. The blacksmith had been like a father to him, and though Oswin was not one to be sentimental he cried at the funeral. Within a few months of Rugens passing most of the other apprentices set out from Iron Dale to pursue their own interests. By way of elimination Oswin ended up inheriting the forge, which he continued to work with the same fervor that he always had. This continued until his way of life was violently interrupted by one of the worst rainy seasons Iron Dale had ever seen.

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Male human priest, young adult. Third son of a tenuously noble family, pushed into the clergy to advance the interests of his house. His laziness is starting to show through his superficial charm...

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>Oswin was 17, and in all his time of having lived in the village he had never seen storms of this magnitude. The season culminated in a massive hurricane that appeared seemingly from nowhere and slammed into the coastline. Torrential downpours assailed the unprepared townspeople and vicious winds tore homes from the very ground beneath them. The rain caused the ground to loosen, creating a mud slide that swept into Iron Dale, decimating anything that was still left standing. Oswin was sparred most of the carnage, the forge being located atop a small hill that deterred the raging waters. Nothing would protect him from the winds however, and soon wooden roof of the shop collapsed, crushing him. Luckily years of working the anvil had hardened and toned Oswins body, so where a lesser man would have been killed, he was only knocked unconscious. After a few hours he awoke, the storm long since having passed on. With a grunt he pushed the rubble of the forge off of himself and staggered to his feet. He stood in shock as he looked out upon the wreckage that was once Iron Dale. Not one structure still stood. In the streets lay a few dead villagers, though most had been swept away with the flood. He staggered through the streets aimlessly, searching for other survivors.

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After what seemed like ages his ears picked up a soft sobbing from the remnants of a nearby home. He approached slowly, unsure of what to expect. What he found was a young girl, no more than three or four years old, weeping quietly under a wooden bed that strained under the weight of the rubble that lay on top of it. Oswin quickly lifted the splintered wood away and picked up the child, doing his best to console her. In the end only he and the child had survived the storm that destroyed Iron Dale. Seeing as how the girl no longer had any family or home, Oswin decided to raise him as her own. Fitting, seeing as he was lacking in both as well. On their first night together, Oswin set about building a small lean-to from material he salvaged from the wreckage of the town. After that he scavenged what he could in the way of food and supplies from the ruined homes around him. Finally, he returned to the forge to collect coal for a fire and gear in case any unsavory elements decided to pay a visit in the night. Up until this point the girl had been mostly silent, but after getting some food in her belly and a warm blanket to sleep on she opened up a bit. She said her name was Lulu, but not much else besides that. All she could remember was waking up alone, trapped under the bed. It would seem that she was totally unaware of the calamity that had befallen Iron Dale and her family, though that was more a blessing then a curse. The next day Oswin packed their meager supplies, placed Lulu on his shoulders, and set out into the wilderness towards the next town. It was less then a days travel, and on a main trade route they had little trouble in getting their. Though when they arrived they found the same sight that they had thought they left behind. It would seem that the hurricane had wiped out Iron Dale had also done so to many other of the surrounding communities.

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Fuck, forgot the greentext on the last one
>They traveled up and down the cost, though all they ever found was more evidence of its carnage. On more than one occasion the two were beset by downtrodden survivors after their supplies. Though Oswin was no soldier by any means, he had volunteered for the town watch back in Iron Dale on more than one occasion. There he had been taught the basics of how to wield a weapon and survive in combat. What he lacked in skill and refinement now he made up for in the sheer force behind each swing of his hefty greatsword. Prospective attackers were often driven off at the mere sight of the giant Oswin rushing at them with a sword that was a full meter and a half long. Soon Oswin turned inland in search of a settlement that had been untouched by the wrath of the hurricane. He and Lulu arrived in a small village called Veilhime that lay nestled at the base of a large mountain. The settlement had been almost completely sparred the effects of the storm, the peaks of the great mountain having deflected most of it away. As luck would have it, one of Rugens old apprentices had set up shop in the settlement, a man by the name of Olando Prant. Olando had served as the armor smith in Iron Dale and had been close friends with Oswin. Olando quickly agreed to take the two in, housing them in the small forge that he owned and operated. After three months of wandering in the wilderness Oswin and Lulu finally had a warm bed to sleep in. They stayed with Olando, happy to leave the horrors of their travels behind.

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>Soon however, reality began to rear its ugly head. Olandos forge was small, not nearly the size necessary for both he and Oswin to work at the same time. Additionally, the cost of feeding three people was beyond his minor income. Late one night it was decided that Oswin, having now had a few experiences in battle, would head out to try and find work. Lulu, meanwhile, would stay with Olando in Veilhime, the dangers of the road being too much for a young girl. Though it broke his heart to do so, Oswin knew it was what had to be done. Oswin truly thought of Lulu as his daughter, and beside living expense he wanted to be able to pay for her to learn what she wanted. Go to a fancy school in the city, or even learn magic at some academy. But all that required money, and the fastest way to get it was risking his life at the end of a blade. Oswin, now only 18 but having lived more life than most, left Veilhime and headed toward the island of Hannal, he had heard it was a center of trading and commerce and it seemed like a good place to begin. Along the way he was able to get a few odd jobs, enough to pay for his travels but not much more. He made it to Hannal, though it took him a year to do so. He was finally ready to start making some money to send back to Veilhime, though he still needed to catch a train from Cabbot to Coldglass.

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This is far from my favorite character, but he is a very "snowflake" character I currently play.

In 13th Age, "The Elf Queen" is the literal queen of all elves in the world, high elves, wood elves, and dark elves alike. She even has a telepathic link to all of them.

One Unique Thing: CHARNAME was born with fluffy fox ears and a pair of fox tails. His aging stopped during his preteen years. He feels a fae presence dwelling inside himself.

Icon Relationship: Elf Queen, 3 points, maximum positive relationship. She finds CHARNAME's weird features to be fascinating, and wishes to learn more about the fae presence in his soul.

Backstory: The wood elf named CHARNAME was born with the queerest thing: a pair of big, fluffy fox ears and a pair of equally fluffy fox tails. His father, Enna, a high elf scholar and bureaucrat; and his mother, Marsha, a wood elf wizard of nature; did not know whether this was a blessing, a curse, or something stranger still.

Even weirder was the otherworldly, foreign presence the two elven aristocrats sensed dwelling within their son's very soul. It was definitely fae in nature, yet not even the Elf Queen and her finest sages could pinpoint it as anything remotely resembling any faerie creature or nature spirit known across the continent. All attempts at exorcism ended in abject failure. The Elf Queen considered this a fascinating phenomenon (and those fox ears and fox tails were tremendously cute in her eyes), and so began to observe CHARNAME out of curiosity.

CHARNAME's childhood went by awkwardly. His magical aptitude was prodigious even by elven standards, possibly due to the fae entity in his soul, so obviously they sent him off to a magical academy. Unfortunately, his fox ears and fox tails were the catalyst for teasing, bullying, and ostracism severe enough that school was no longer viable.

CHARNAME thus had to be tutored by his father on the observant savvy and scholarly sagacity the high elves are known for, and by his mother...

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... on the breed of nature-attuned magic practiced by the wood elves. This eclectic and perhaps eccentric education distanced him even further from more conventionally schooled members of the Elven Court, but at least it was better than before.

The young elf's parents noted that CHARNAME aged very slowly, again even by elf standards, but they grew deeply concerned when they noted that he looked like a "preteen" boy even by his elven "mid-teens." After checking up with the Elf Queen and her sages once more, they all came to the conclusion that CHARNAME was, in fact, no longer aging.

Fox ears, fox tails, and agelessness, oh my. That fae presence within his soul was truly an oddity worthy of much regard. His parents were even more worried; they were aristocrats, his mother Marsha had entered menopause, and his body was too young to ever hope to continue the noble line.

CHARNAME's parents made it very clear to him that it was in his best interests to figure out what was up with the fae presence dwelling in him. He could not help but agree; the little elf was weary of being bullied just for being different, and sensing another being inside him was the oddest feeling.

On the other hand, The Elf Queen's curiosity towards CHARNAME blossomed into full-blown obsession over decoding his mystery. For the inquisitive sovereign, obsession was followed by endearment; she gave CHARNAME her blessing, and made it known that he would have her guidance so long as he personally set off to gather information and answers on the entity inside him. After all, she said, the person most qualified to learn about someone is that very someone.

To nobody's surprise, once news spread of this, the members of the Elven Court who previously ostracized him instead began to begrudgingly respect and support him.

Little CHARNAME is fully prepared and motivated to set off and crack the enigma of his soul, for the sake of his worried parents, for the venerable Elf Queen, and for himself.

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Aniyaphe / Lehostil
> Neutral Good-Chaotic Neutral Human RageAlchemist/MasterChymist a la Dr.J and Mr.H
> 4'8", 125lb Red-haired 18-year old girl.

Aniyaphe was a little girl growing up on a farm. Nice and happy in a small little peasantry village at the foothold of a mount about three days travel from the trade center of Heldren.

These mountains were renowned be part of a recently-dead dwarven civilization. Occasionally the random entrepreneur, archaeological apprentice, or shady-'adventurer' would seek to plunder it's fabled treasures. None returned. None except for the occasional dwarves seen on the horizon hobbling in and out of the caverns every few months. Earthquakes usually followed.

One day these strange visitors seemed to disappear for nearly a year and a half. The earthquakes seemed to halt, yet the mountain itself began to leak vile black and green ash and smoke outside of the caves. That was the night the Drow struck.

The towns were ravaged, crops burned, ground plauged, any and all who sought out an arm so much as a carving knife was ruthlessly butched. And they, the prisoners, both live and dead were carried off into the mountains without a trace.

Aniyaphe was one of the lucky ones. One of the those amongst many to be an test, a play thing, by grace of her being female just now becoming fertile and mature. Many others were thrown into flesh vats and formed into the numerous fleshy abominations that not even horrifying tales of hags and the Baba Yaga could compare to.

A small grace, her parents were spared with her, meant to keep her company in their cell as they frequently pulled her out to do their expiraments. Awakened vivisection and hostile chemicals pourn upon her kidneys, down her throat, and leaked into her skull. The pain the suffering the torture, she began to black out for long periods at a time, here a day, there a week.

>To be cont 1/2.
>Yes one of THOSE

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>Five pieces of character background:
1) Oswin isn't really religious. It's not that he doesn't think gods exist or are powerful, he just feels no obligation to bow down to them is all. In his opinion, he has struggled his entire life and everything he has, he has earned through hard work not gotten it as a "gift" from some god.
2) There were a total of six apprentices that worked under Rugen including Oswin and Olando. Oswin doesn't know what happened to the rest of them, but he fears they may have fallen to the ravages of the storm as well.
3) Oswin does not resent Sam for having lost, after all he should have never made such a bet in the first place. He figures his luck just ran out at the wrong time. He is worried about working for free, but he does hope the chance to make some money will come along sooner rather than later.
4) Oswin, having been born and raised in a small town on the coast, has only had a little exposure to the more advanced technologies of the cities. On the one hand, the delicate metalwork and complicated inner-workings fascinate him to no end and he wants to know more. On the other, they scare the living hell out of him and he prefers to just stick with what he knows.
5) Oswin sends frequent packages and letters back to Veilhime with money and trinkets he collects along his travels. For now he has told Lulu that their house got washed away and that he is trying to get it back. Though she misses him terribly, she is content to stay with Olando until he comes back.

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An old, former superhero who, after he saw his dream of a better world collapse to corporate-sponsored superheroics, rebelled against them, working with supervillains only to find a final solution to making the world a better place. In his normal identity, he maintains a boring job as a chemist for security, but was entranced by heroism through comic books and pulp fiction. As a result, he's extremely genre savvy, but too blind to realize that his arrogance and pride are what making him come off like the supervillians he struggles to remove, with his strong morals clashing with his obsessive vision and desire to wipe what he sees as corruption from the superheroic community.

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Sorry for the text dump all
>Provide three people that are close to the character:
1) Lulu Thaneblade: Oswins "daughter", an energetic five-year old girl. She fully accepts Oswin as her "papa', although sometimes she wonders where her momma is. Luckily the youths mind appears to have been sparred the full trauma of what happened in Iron Dale, although sometimes she gets scarred when it rains really hard. Lulu is a young human girl with straight brown hair and emerald green eyes.
2) Olando Prant: or "Uncle Olo" as Lulu calls him, Olando is practically a brother to Oswin. The two both grew up under the tutelage of Rugen and bonded during that time. After their master died, Olando left Iron Dale and made his way out into the world. He settled in Veilhime after a mining accident crippled his right leg during a search for rare ores. Olando is a half-elf about five years older than Rugen. He has blonde hair and pale grey eyes. He walks with a heavy limp due to the injury in his right leg and sometimes he has trouble keeping up with Lulu. He is more than happy to look after the youth while Oswin is out, although he is worried about what may happen if they run out of money.
3) Sam Jakobs: Oswins current charge. He doesn't know much about Sam, but that won't stop him from doing his job. He does know that the guy packs a pistol and can play a serious game of cards, but that's about it.

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Female human soldier.

"Quarantine" stats from Apocalypse World. "Specialist" class based around soldiers bred for the apocalypse and sent into stasis. The Specialists were meant to retake the world after ten years, but the project failed. Fifty years later, my character emerges.

She's clinical, naive, and a bred killer. She's morally conflicted because following the Specialist Initiative means joining her higher-ups in the Slaver Network they have created. Her group is now questioning her loyalties.

This is my first character. Been playing her for several months.

Gonna rate some next.

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Fucking terrible. Your One Unique Thing is really Three Retarded Things, and your character has no motivation or interesting avenues for growth.

The problem with these snowflake weeaboo creatures is not so much that they're SUPER SPECIAL, it's that being SUPER SPECIAL is all they have. What is his motivation? What are his goals? Why is he running around with a bunch of other idiots, going into dungeons and killing the things that live there?

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> Grew up with street urchins in dusk elf mushroom city
> Noble rescues her when she's 13
> Lives with noble for 2 years as his "daughter"
> Noble gets eaten by Jabba-the-Hutt-as-an-Undead-Abomination for not paying his gambling debts
> Has to work off debt as an airship pilot
> Crashes the first airship into dragon to save hidden drug shipment
> Cost of airship gets added to debt
> Steals another one to replace it, goes rogue
> Gets a catfolk Paladin copilot who has a life debt to her
> Assembles crew consisting of an asshole wrestler-style Monk, a psychotic Witch moneylender who seems to have a crush on her, and a halfling Sorcerer who thinks that the story revolves around him
> Goes on adventures in jolly co-operation in the skies

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Please never sit at my table. If you can't explain the character in three sentences, you can't roleplay him effectively. More to the point, what kind of aspie thinks that everyone is going to want to read three pages of fan-fiction about a character they've never heard of? Have you ever read a book that started that way?

Give your character a hook, give them a motivation, and give them a reason to be with the other characters.

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Pretty boring. Barebone descriptions aren't very informative.

Is his father still alive, or is he being haunted? Did anyone in his lineage have divine powers? Does he want divine powers?

Sounds fun. I hope he fucks up alot.

Does the player love her back?

How does he fit into his group? Does he use his goblin rearing to his advantage, or is it a disadvantage?

Sad, but played out.

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>She's clinical, naive, and a bred killer.

That's not a character, that's an excuse to pout and grimace and not say anything when it's your turn to speak up at the table. What does your character want? How does she plan to get it?

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Jesus Christ, tl;dr version please.

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>If you can't explain the character in three sentences, you can't roleplay him effectively
Blacksmith turned bodyguard with an adopted daughter. Fights to earn money to give said child a better life. Looses a game of cards to another player and is forced to work for free.

Sorry reading is hard for you.

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I'm Harpy guy, and the player doesn't like me back at all, but I'm blinded enough by love that it doesn't matter, and I'll follow him to the ends of time.

It's a pretty fucked up game.

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>Loken Brand, Human Paladin
>Disciple of Fharlanghn
>Grew up in Imperial capital city next to foreign merchants district
>Grew up wanting to travel the world and see the exotic lands these merchants hailed from
>Travels the world as a tour guide and guard for pilgrims, fellow wanderers, merchants etc
>Attempts to keeps the roads safe as best he can for the innocent

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it's not that reading is hard so much as no one gives enough of a shit about your character to read a novella about everything they've ever done

but with the concise description, your character is ok, if a little boring.

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Admittedly text dumping was a huge mistake. I just copypasta from the other doc it was saved in. Laziness appears to have damned my character more than his actual backstory.

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Jesus christ tl motherfucking dr.

Make him a pimply bastard. Does he have any smarts? Reminds me of the fat guy from the Nights Watch in ASOIAF.



I like it.

That's a terrible history. Seriously? A noble?

How can he be a tour guide? I like the idea of a body guard enjoying his job for once, though.

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Each time she awoken her family feared more and more for her, and looked more and more fragile and beaten from Drow Hosptiality.
The surgeries continued, at this point she began to suppress the memories of them as they were taking place, slowly losing her grip. It all felt surreal, like a dream, like she was no longer actually there. Like nothing mattered. At one period she woke up, in her cell, a strange tingling in her arm. Not the left one, not the right one, but the other one... right below her right one... It didn't matter, it wasn't a big deal. She slowly glanced over to her parents before the dreams took her again.
They were there in the corner, hiding behind the betting, cowering towards her and were brandishing scars across their body. It doesn't matter the dreams were nice. They were better.

Aniyaphe woke up, sleeping in the gored and torn open torso of her mother, covered head to toe in her blood. Her father skull bent back to stare lifelessly at her, laying on his chest from across the room.
Aniyaphe was shocked awake like nails clawing at the inside of her skull.
>You did this.
>We did this.
>This is how you feel.
>This is the real you.

She recoiled in fear, throwing herself against a wall. Dark guttural demonic bellows recoiling in her skull.
>Barely an infant, and born to slay.
>To torture myself, to break her, to make her into me.

Aniyaphe screamed with pain she had not felt since the beggings of her imprisonment. She writhed and wrestled, failing to control her own churning painful roiling thoughs, past memories of violently goring her own parents leaking into her mind, the muscles in her body writing and expanding. As she cupped her hands over her ears, claws began to seep out burying themselves into her skull.

Drow Fleshwarpers, Alchemists, walked by her cage, she could barely hear their mumbles over the sound of mind screaming to itself but she could make out the words.
>Progress. The Human. Growth/Strength without. Melting of many

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I'm doing 2, since I have one picture with both characters.

>The Green Knight in the back
Sir Emmet Emerald, formerly a knight in the service of the crown. Stuck with them for a while until it was evident to his superiors that he didn't fit in and plotted to have him kicked out. Fine with him since he hated them for caring more about their titles as royal knights rather than protecting people. Now embarks on a quest of HIGH ADVENTURE!

>The fat furry
She was chased out of her home as a child, being blamed for an endless winter. No longer trusts people but tolerates them to a point. Secretly plans to amass enough power to return to her former home and destroy it.

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Being concise is a virtue, nimrod. No one needs a two post story of how your character took a shit and the epiphany made him forever regret not stocking up on fiber.

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He works as a guide for areas he's already explored which was my hook to meet the rest of the party.
>Hey uh, you know how to get back to the Imperial Capital from the border regions?
>Sure thing, I've got some coffee on the boil, we'll leave first thing at dawn

>> No.28279613

A sharpshooting loner from a utopian society that resides above the waves of Earth. After an influx of cybernetictly altered monstergirls arrive and begin to seduce their way into positions of power he departs to discover why they originally left the mainland in hopes of revealing their treachery to his fellows. A twist of fate however landed him in the Con where he found himself on the run from various cultists who worship the beasts.

>> No.28279616

Half-elf spellsword. Used to be a part of an order of magic-hunters. Was cursed with blindness during a battle and learned a ritual that he performs daily to give him magic sight. Was discovered and kicked out and almost killed for using magic. Now attempts to redeem himself by being a nice guy.

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Samuel Weissheart-
orphaned at a young age, forced to work in a thieves guild as a sort of street rat thief until the age of 16. Really bitter about the fact that many young kids are forced into this unsavory work simply in order to survive... generally has a shitty outlook of the world. One day he attempts to rob and old man but trips up. Old man realizes he was trying to rob him and rather than turn him in he offers samuel his money telling him he needs it more.

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A Human Druid who seems to be an elderly man in appearance and mind. He is questing with his best buddy, a snake called Jeff Revolver, to earn enough gold to pay a strong wizard to heal his dying tree.

He's actually 24, with a stick headband casting an illusion to hide his appearance. This is because he was kidnapped by another druid when he was young to be raised in the druid way, and the old druid made the headband to make sure nobody noticed who the boy really was, the heir to the Eel Dutchy.

He was kidnapped at six, after running into the great woods and being attacked by the old druids young dimetrodon, Rasmus. He beat the shit out of Rasmus, leading the old druid Moko to apprehend him and teach him the ways of nature. He enjoyed Moko's parenting over his strict parents, and decided to become a druid to protect the grove so it would remain safe even after Moko's death.

>> No.28279644


She wants to make the world a better place; an ideal that has been literally bred into her. However, she doesn't know if she should succeed with her higher-ups, who are slavers, or the group she's traveling with. She stays with them because of the Driver, and a desire to lead. (She really doesn't, though. Her group isn't exactly military.)

I don't feel like reading fanfiction. No one at your table does, either.

: (

Neither of these characters are interesting, but I like that the cat wants to destroy the town.

Guess it depends how large the world is/how much he's explored.

She's not quiet, really. I don't play her as well as I want to, though.

>> No.28279662

>That's a terrible history. Seriously? A noble?

Like a baron or something. Not everyone has to be entirely normal.

>> No.28279663 [SPOILER] 
File: 54 KB, 500x400, 1208840026953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The system was Mutants & Masterminds 3e, and the setting was "weird history" alternate 1930s, in a world where prohibition and WW1 never happened, courtesy of a super-secret organization.

My character was a twelve-year-old street urchin psionicist, getting his powers from a chance enounter with a strange old crone in a curio shop. Armed with a baseball bat, a yo-yo and his elemental psionic powers, he becomes a defender of the weak and destitute children of the streets of his town (some city in Connecticut), who all look up to him and expect his protection, which he's too happy to give. He doesn't know his parents, and the closest thing he has to a mother figure is a prostitue who likely harbors feelings for him.

Once the campaign begins, shenanigans happen, and he's effectively kidnapped and press-ganged, along with a few other superpowered individuals, into working for this super-secret order that maintains the peace of the world.

I just wanted to play Ness.

Black Hole Sun?

>> No.28279667

Half orc barbarian

Managed to make it to head of tribe, then got dethroned and had all his teeth pulled out.

Now he's just looking for one good fight to end it all

Keeps killing the guys trying to kill him, takes a tooth from each defeated foe

>> No.28279672
File: 27 KB, 200x345, dnd_frcc_20070711_ardent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Samuel having never experienced this sort of compassion throws himself at the mercy of the old man begging him to allow him to be his servant to atone for his misdeeds. The old man instead tells him he has more use of a friend than a servant and takes the boy in. The old man turns out to be a cleric of pelor and teaches Samuel about Pelor, and about compassion and benevolence. Eventually Samuel is trained as a cleric of pelor and upon the death of his mentor begins traveling in order to spread this message of compassion, benevolence and defense of the downtrod.

>> No.28279690

A rogue prince, driven out of his kingdom by one too many assassination attempts from scheming councilors.

Questing for the means and support to take his land back by force.

>> No.28279717

I should mention the kid was fearless, loved baseball, and saw the other kids (and the hooker) as his family.

>> No.28279718

Thus far, Samuel has contributed to a number of righteous deeds from curing the ailments of a small village, to aiding in the defense of a city under siege by orcish hordes. Most recently he and his comrades have been dispatched as emissaries to a neighboring province that has been closed off for some time.

>> No.28279729

tiefling alchemist

since he was so good hearted , when he was young his parents and his clan kept beating him up and hating him. One day after a serious beating he went to the lake where he found a rock. deep inside his heart he knew he was right and deep inside the rock he heard the voice of the great god arnak who taught him the truth. death is the only way to achieve true happiness. to finally be free from this hell that life is where you feel emotions and disease all the time. that's where he decided to burn his whole village to show them the light. however many villagers survived and chased him down the forest. he then understood that some living being don't quite see the light and don't want to be saved form the pain of being alive.

because of this he fight for righteous cause. he despise thieves , rapist and assassin above everything else. however every time he actually manages to save someone or help him out he then lectures them about the great truth and gives them some knife so they can finally free themselves from the living pain.He of course always carry his infamous ''pet rock'' with him

I fucking loved to play this guy. fuck the GM hated me. so hard to deal with roleplay wise. was I a hero or not. shit was lulz

>> No.28279735

Sounds interesting. Sharpshooting loners is such a cliche, though.

He's trying to redeem himself with the magic-hunters? Why is he staying with them if he can't see without magic?

"Throws himself to the mercy of the old man"? Really? Well, he seems boring. Seems like every cleric has a tragic backstory.

But he knows he's the heir? He should use that to his advantage. Jeff Revolver is a great name.

I hope he makes awesome dentures.

Kinda vanilla.

>> No.28279750

>Cybernetically altered monster girls
>seduce their way into power

This sounds exactly like hentai plot.

5/10. Would not mind playing with.

That sounds less like a backstory and more like an anecdote.

A druid doing druid things

I think more people should just want to play Ness. Could do without the grimdark.

>> No.28279754

simple yet awesome would play with

>> No.28279755

What reason would a noble/baron/whatever have to adopt this one kid? Also, where did she learn to pilot a ship, and at the age of 15?

>> No.28279763

Clan-King Zeequex
Ratfolk Sorcerer

He's a traveler and an explorer, Zeequex doesn't like being tied down to his obligation. His brother accompanies him and together they make money that is usually sent to the clan back in Sigil.
Runs an alchemy shop in his downtime, where most of his clan is employed in some fashion.
His main source of adventure is being a tout, showing folks around Sigil or the planes in general and helping them talk their differences out when they invariably upset the locals.
Does not wear anyone's colours, because picking a side seems like an easy way to make enemies.
Sympathizes with the athar, sometimes does work for the Sensates and Godsmen.

>> No.28279767

>Last bit, Sorry folks. I felt the need to overdescribe. My muse took me.

>Continue. If arm. Retraction. Delayed. Other plans.

The Dreams and Darkness came no more.
Aniyphe still struggling at the force within her mind. Slowly realizing is was her but it was not. It was like a twin, a butchering mad monster of a twin... but not a sister. Adopted. Forced upon her.
The Voices became the Voice and the Voice became a personality as she began to cycle in and out of control of her own actions. The personality formed a name:
It hungered, for challenge, for battle.
To kill the weak was too easy. It must be stronger, it must gain strength by killing the strong.
There was no strength to be found her, the was naught to kill, there was no point in consciousness.
And so it slept.

Aniyaphe sat there, day by day, consuming gruel and nutrient broths, becoming used to the motor work of her new extraneous limb.
The Earthquakes returned.
Dwarves. Dwarves slipped into the Drow City, screams and battle ruptured out. She could hear the screeching and shattering of the steel and bone bars and civilians pouring out. Screams and chaos, pure chaos broke out as no more then a few aged, weaponless Dwarves were holding off the entire cities forces. A short squat Dwarf strode by, tore the bars from the wall, drug her out of her cage with naught but one word of Common spoken to her ear.
And so she did.
She fled, fled from the mountain and the ruined valley of her homeland, fled for three days to the town of Helgen where she now resides, as the alchemists apprentice, in an attempt to quell the beast inside her rather then sate it.

And yes this was for Reign of Winter.
And Yes the DM was glad and we even went and returned to the Drow city as part of a side adventure.
It was glorious.
Always have an elaborate backstory /tg/
Now rate me you fag/tg/s

>> No.28279769

Samuel embodies the more compassionate and caring side of pelor, and even when faced with bitter enemies is more apt to try to take prisoners or attempt a diplomatic solution to conflict, but is not shy about using violence as a last resort to defend people. Hes also a little more willing to give the benefit of the doubt to those others might deem shady(due to the time he spent as a thief) He believes people are not naturally evil and that usually something has pushed them into a situation where they resort to evil and can thus be brought back. As a result he has a hard time coming to grips with the idea that some beings are just evil and may not be able to be swayed.

>> No.28279774

>I think more people should just want to play Ness. Could do without the grimdark.
I blame the tone and setting for that one. He was meant to be the most upbeat member of the party, the little kid with stones despite his position. He ends up bearing witness to no less than two bloody political assassinations firsthand.

I'll just say that if I knew it was that kind of game, I wouldn't have made Ness.

>> No.28279792

I like the idea of an alchemy shop with hundreds of rat folk working in it.

>> No.28279799

Half-elf here
No, trying to redeem himself with the outside world for being a dick. He was raised to believe that magic was just a tool for destruction, but started swaying in that belief when the kindly old monk taught him that sight ritual.

>> No.28279810

A young man driven in to a misanthropic lifestyle due to a lifetime of possessing psychic abilities he couldn't control. Upon the invasion of a species of imperialistic aliens he finds himself recruited into aiding a group of like minded assholes in stopping them.Although mature enough not to be a complete wanker about the fact he still proves to be something of an asshat vowing early on to light anything he sees with Antennas on fire and to only put them out by pissing on them. So far he's done this to about ten rabbits and one unlucky dog.
He also looks like a ghetto version of Ness.

>> No.28279816
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From Exalted:

Shao-O, the Hundred Gods Heretic.

Abandoned at the foot of a temple as an infant, Shao-O was raised by one of the most hideously corrupt and business-minded temples in the city of Great Forks. He was taught from a very young age to treat religion as a business, and learned the art of brokering deals with spirits.

He struck out on his own after offending a local deity, joining cults minor gods and demons before fleecing them for all they were worth. He joined about a half a dozen different cults, rose to a position of trust, and then embezzled their money and fled to the next town in a different disguise.

Eventually his bad deeds caught up to him, and a thunder god decided to beat him to death. At which point, given that his jaw as not yet broken, Shao-O gave for the first time in his entire life an absolutely sincere prayer, promising whatever god who answered him that he would mend his deceitful ways and offer them his full devotion. Unconquered Sun answered, and Exalted him as one of his priests.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard for Shao-O. He is at best a grudging servant, and tries to hold to the letter of his covenant with Unconquered Sun rather than its spirit. He limits his treachery to those who are sinful in nature, and while he's still a thorough liar and cheat he tries to look out for "the little people," if only because he likes to flaunt his newfound power.

>> No.28279841

might i ask for suggestions to make him less boring? i mean maybe its cliched but its really the first time ive been able to play a character(usually a forever dm) and i didnt want anything fancy, just a traditional do gooder type character. I gave him the back story as a street rat thief type guy because i wanted him to empathize with lower class individuals that are typically looked down on

>> No.28279853


Because of prejudice, we have the highest (and probably only) cleaning code. I'm not saying you should eat off the ground, but only because cleaning agents are bad for digestion.

>> No.28279875

I'm not familiar with Exalted, but I love the idea of a monk going around fleecing other religions out of money. Also the title "Hundred Gods Heretic" is pretty spiffy

>> No.28279883

What else is there to do when you're a loner.

>> No.28279897

Sort of long but here goes:

This was not how Garris’ life was supposed to go.

He’d always had to fight for everything he had. As a child of the streets thievery was his only way of surviving, but he was never unreasonable about it. He only took what was needed from people who could spare it and he never minded sharing with those not yet able to survive on the streets.

From an early age he learned the value of cooperation. Stealing alone was risky. The merchants were bigger, stronger and often faster than the street urchins. On your own being discovered in the act often meant being caught and taking a beating at the least, and if the merchant was particularly vicious you even risked losing a limb. But with other children distracting the merchants and helping the main thief getting away, surviving on the streets turned out to be if not easy then at least manageable.

Garris wasn’t a thief by choice though and as soon as he was able he traded his thieving life out for a tough but legitimate job on the docks. Garris’ experiences from the streets often gave him an edge and insight many of the other workers didn’t have, and while Garris had no wish for command or authority, ordering the workers around managing them and making sure they did what they were supposed to fell natural to him. This resulted in him not always being popular among his coworkers, but his superiors noticed him and started considering if Garris had earned a promotion.

(To be continued)

>> No.28279902 [DELETED] 
File: 341 KB, 826x1169, fox_boy_by_jheaa-d4vny5s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Two of the sample One Unique Things in the book explain how it does not literally mean ONE unique thing. It can be one main effect that has a number of side effects associated with it.

>“I’ve been cut off from the mystic union that other elves feel with the Queen, and now I prefer the company of non-elves. I have developed a sort of reflexive, unconscious sympathy for other sentient beings, except other elves.”

>“I’m human, but I’m a member of a large, greenish-skinned race from a distant continent or world. Our ancestors came to this land ages ago, and we preserve our alien culture in a few isolated enclaves. Each enclave is locked in sworn vendettas against all the others, though these feuds are largely ceremonial. We have lots of odd traditions, but we also have secret wisdom about spirits and curses.”

As I had explained in the second half, this particular character wishes to figure out that bizarre thing in his soul is, to satisfy his own curiosity, to satisfy the even more curious Elf Queen, and to alleviate the woes of his parents who are extremely worried about it.

The presence in his soul might very well act up and cause otherworldly phenomena to occur, for good or for ill, and dealing with those uncontrolled effects is a potential avenue for character growth.

The other two members of the party are also wood elves associated with the Elf Queen. Due to relationship dice results and the GM's own decisions, the game so far really *has* been about the Elf Queen sending the party to this exotic locale to that in order to uncover evidence regarding my character's true nature.

>> No.28279909

lol i always digged this kind of idea man 10/10
always have a reason to keep moving to other towns and as a result get to take in more culture and experiences

>> No.28279914



The Dreams and Darkness came no more.
Aniyphe still struggling at the force within her mind. Slowly realizing is was her but it was not. It was like a twin, a butchering mad monster of a twin... but not a sister. Adopted. Forced upon her.

Awful, just awful prose.

>> No.28279933


Maybe he liked young girls.

She didn't pilot an airship until she was 19. She spent 4 years working for the crime boss. Do you really think a crime boss would just let a 15 year old girl pilot an airship?

The character is 32 now.

>> No.28279934

why is he alchemist? doesnt seem anything related, also kind chaotic stupid

>> No.28279941
File: 102 KB, 600x600, 1383792240541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good enough if you only enjoy combat, and is by no means terrible writing.
4/10 just for functionality.

>Pretending to be another class.
>For the sake of maintaining your family's lineage
>Decent potential for tie ins.

9/10 Would slay Dragons with.

>Born with weird features
>Elven Hivemind overlord likes her birth-gifted features
>Supposed to be an Elf
>Is not.

I'm going to need some brain-bleach
>Picture Related

>> No.28279946
File: 341 KB, 826x1169, fox_boy_by_jheaa-d4vny5s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Two of the sample One Unique Things in the book explain how it does not literally mean ONE unique thing. It can be one main effect that has a number of side effects associated with it.

>“I’ve been cut off from the mystic union that other elves feel with the Queen, and now I prefer the company of non-elves. I have developed a sort of reflexive, unconscious sympathy for other sentient beings, except other elves.”

>“I’m human, but I’m a member of a large, greenish-skinned race from a distant continent or world. Our ancestors came to this land ages ago, and we preserve our alien culture in a few isolated enclaves. Each enclave is locked in sworn vendettas against all the others, though these feuds are largely ceremonial. We have lots of odd traditions, but we also have secret wisdom about spirits and curses.”

As I had explained in the second half, this particular character wishes to figure out that bizarre thing in his soul is, to satisfy his own curiosity, to satisfy the even more curious Elf Queen, and to alleviate the woes of his parents who are extremely worried about it.

The presence in his soul might very well act up and cause otherworldly phenomena to occur, for good or for ill, and dealing with those uncontrolled effects is a potential avenue for character growth.

The other two members of the party are also wood elves associated with the Elf Queen. Due to relationship dice results and the GM's own decisions (apparently, it was an interesting enough plot hook), the game so far really *has* been about the Elf Queen sending the party to various exotic locales, to uncover evidence regarding my character's true nature.

>> No.28279947

btw dude i think your character has the best back story on here even if its a little long winded. its simple in terms of your characters goals which is what i was trying to do with my clerics story, but youve managed to craft a believable interesting backstory for said goals

>> No.28279956

Some might not find Emerald interesting, since he's entirely constructed to be the typical pulp fantasy hero. I like to think he's interesting in that he's all the goodness of a paladin without the righteous fury and grimderpness that always gets tacked on to every character. He's a loveable oaf.

>> No.28279961

Their considerations were cut short however as the other dockworkers had enough of Garris’ commanding nature and decided to give him a lesson he was sure to remember. After working hours they ganged up on Garris on his way home the shabby cabin he had finally been able to afford. Garris put up a fight, but six men against him alone didn’t leave him any odds of coming out on top. They beat him to the brink of his life and left him in the alley. Only the help of some street children, not much different from himself in his youth, saved his life.

The superiors never heard from Garris again, he just stopped showing up for work. They didn’t think much of it save for a brief disappointment over what could have been a great man in their staff. Curiously over the next few weeks other staff members stopped showing up as well, five to be exact, with a sixth announcing his departure from the city shortly thereafter.
And just like it had begun this strange occurrence stopped.

As for Garris he joined the city guard as he figured his commanding nature would be more welcome there. The reactions to him were more mixed however. Some officers liked him for his down to earth relations with the citizens. Garris never forgot his roots and made sure that as long as he had a say the presence of the guards would inspire a feeling of safety in the citizens rather than a feeling of discomfort or fear. However as friendly as he was with the citizens, equally as hard was he on any member of the guard who didn’t live up to his standards. This still earned Garris some enemies but he had learned to be on his guard, and an occurrence like that with the dockworkers never happened.

Garris did well in the guard. He rose quickly in ranks and luckily for him he had a captain who shared his values. Over the next couple of years the captain went from a good superior to a trusted friend, and when Garris met the captains daughter, the captain soon became a father-in-law as well.

>> No.28279985

I haven't played in a few years, but my favorite character I ever played was in a game of D&D.

Bah Bodenkirk, classed as a bard, was a traveling magician and songwriter who would use his magic, charm, and sleight of hand to steal things from his audience (he was just a petty thief; no lolmastercriminal), of course which is why he traveled so often.

>> No.28279988

Polonius Blex was born into the Cult of the Machine on a Sollex Research Station studying a Pulsar designated QX-23. His parents were studying the energy flares of the star in hopes of harnessing their energies to burn the enemies of man. During an intense flare his father became trapped in the observatory but continued to transmit data until he succumbed to the radiation. The data supplied provided greater insight into the nature of the pulsar and as a reward for his devotion his implants were to be installed into his son Polonius.

As a neophyte Tech-Priest Polonius chose to follow in his parent's footsteps and became part of the Divine Light of Sollex, studying the mysteries of the Photon and turning them into lethal weapons. His first assignments were etching and polishing lenses for Imperial Guard Las weapons. His life changed when he noticed a case of lenses missing. Believing it to be a bookkeeping error he searched for the errant lenses, fearing that his shop would fail to meet its quota without the case. The case was in fact stolen by Heretechs and were being smuggled offworld to foment rebellion. Polonius became caught up in the scandal but comported himself well, bringing the attention of the Inquisition to him. Shortly thereafter he was offered a position as an Acolyte in [Insert our Inquistor's Name]'s organization. Seeing it as a chance to fast track his advancement and move on to more interesting work, Polonius jumped at the chance.


>> No.28279989


The most important thing is really how you play him. But there are other ways to emphasize with a group of people than once being a part of them. On the contrary, someone from that group might shun them when he reaches a position of power so he won't be associated with them later.


Then put that shit in your text. How the fuck should I know this?

As I've said, it all depends on how you play him. The details and quirks of personality make even the most "boring" characters a pleasure to play with.

>> No.28279993

really interesting concept, my only question is how does he manage to keep this charade going when clerics have a very tangible power they can display? not saying its stupid i just wanna know how you pull off role playing it haha

>> No.28280003

How in the nine levels of hell do you translate that into something useful?
Arm wrestling? Handjobs?

>> No.28280004

Polonuis stands 5'7" tall, his thin frame exaggerated by the voluminous robes of a Tech-Priest. His respirator is bolted to his face, obscuring his features. He speaks through a vocalizer implanted as part of the respirator, giving his voice a metallic timbre. Due to his previous position polishing lens he is in the habit of wearing safety goggles over his eyes and generally only removes them to clean them or sleep. An unidentified flaw in his Potenia Coil causes it to emit small amounts of ozone which cling to Polonius' robes. He carries a distorted lens from a lascannon, the lens was in Polonius' first batch and was tested for quality control. The lens failed after being subjected to 125% of its rating, the lens was returned to Polonius as a commendation. When idle Polonius often examines light through the lens, looking for a ghost of the power it once contained. Though he no longer can eat conventional food, Polonius does join others at the table for meal times. He partakes in conversation with companions, food for the mind as says, and sees to his sustenance in private.

The Tech-Priest I made for a Dark Heresy Game. Unfortunately due to a work change I had to leave the group after a mere 3 sessions.

>> No.28280006

It seemed perfect. Not long after their small, but cheerful wedding his wife showed the first signs of pregnancy. Garris couldn’t believe it, but soon becoming a father was everything he could think of. Every child he saw on the street made him wonder if his child would be like that. When he was working his every thought was that he would make the city a safer place, a better place, for his child.

But then IT happened. On her way home from the bakery his wife was approached by a beggar. He asked if she could spare some of her bread for a hungry man. She confirmed the request and was about to break off part of the bread when suddenly the beggar grabbed her hand and twisted her ring of her finger. It all happened so fast. He got it off and started running and in a desperate but futile attempt of catching up she stumbled. That was all it took. The fall started her labor cramps and right there on the street she had a miscarriage.

Garris didn’t even know until he came home. He was powerless, there was nothing he could have done and yet he couldn’t help but to blame himself for not being there. His wife couldn’t look at him without being reminded of what she had lost. It was a broken home, and the mere look at each other was like a stab in their hearts.

They tried to make it work. They told each other that it would be okay. But after three weeks of trying Garris wife couldn’t take it anymore. She said she would just go to her father’s place for a little while. That she would come back when she had straightened her thoughts out. But they both knew it was over. In fact it had been over from the moment the wedding ring had left her finger.

Garris was left behind with and empty house, only accompanied by the ghosts of what could have been and the nightmares of what was instead going to happen.

>> No.28280012

Professor Witowski was a promising Mathematics post-grad.
Like many mathematicians, he preferred to work alone and without distractions. So he took a two week vacation to a remote cabin in the woods to finish his work.
While there he was tormented by feverish dreams that followed him into his walking hours. He continued to work, but found that his formuli could not only describe the world but change it.
Eventually the fever passed, and he left, collecting his notes and locking them away. He has told no one what happened on the trip.

Recently his cousin has died under mysterious circumstances after buying a new house. He has been called in as the next of kin.

(start of a Delta Green CoC campaign).

>> No.28280023


Your examples show exactly the opposite of what you're trying to express. The first one is "elf who doesn't get along with other elves". The second is "member of a unique race of humans".

Your character has three shitballs traits: 1) fox ears and a tail, 2) never ages, 3) feels a fae presence.

>As I had explained in the second half, this particular character wishes to figure out that bizarre thing in his soul is, to satisfy his own curiosity, to satisfy the even more curious Elf Queen, and to alleviate the woes of his parents who are extremely worried about it.

Your character's motivation is literally just restating his "unique thing" again, and putting the word "why" in front of it. There's no room for growth there. Your character is SUPER SPECIAL, and is on a quest to continue to be SUPER SPECIAL.

>> No.28280033

He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to get out. The mere air from that empty house was choking him. In a single day it was decided. He wrote the captain a letter informing him of Garris’ resignation, he packed a bag and left the house swearing only to come back once he had something to life for.

The End

>> No.28280048
File: 19 KB, 309x400, 1pcxuf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An artificer/swashbuckler gestalt. Textbook mad scientist specializing in golems and various kinds of artifice; while not creating entirely out there designs, he was a famous trailblazer who exalted in his intellect (his patron god was Ioun, goddess of knowledge). Generally a nice guy, but knew he was smarter than most. Refers to the universe and its workings as the Grand Machine, and he believes it's his job to make sure the machine stays greased and working. Never seen without his goggles or toolkit, he also carries a cane so he can walk with swagger (the cane hides his rapier). When he's not adventuring, he's holed up in his workplace and shop, where he does repair work, enchanting and all kinds of custom orders.

>> No.28280051

His name is Volgarr.

He is a big guy with a big beard and likes his axes.

He communicates largely through grunts, growls, roars, throaty laughs and the occasional word.

His goal in life is to get enough money to hire mercenaries, gather some adventurers and go off to take over his homeland (the king's not evil, Volgarr just wants to have power.)

>> No.28280054


To you and everyone else posting multiple-page backstories: Nobody wants to read that shit. Not us, not your DM, not the other players. An RPG character is supposed to be a part of an ongoing story, not the result of a finished story.

>> No.28280074

Why do you feel that, out of every skill one could conceivably develop without the involvement of another human being, sharpshooting is at all interesting or original? Seriously, learn to take a joke/criticism.

I'm a fan.

I like this guy. Is he of average intelligence?

>> No.28280089

i appreciate that input, and while its possible some may shun me because of that ive tried to make my character... more humble i guess... at least as far as possible without making it harder for our group to face encounters. most of my equipment is "owned" by pelor so when im not adventuring its stored in a church of pelor until its needed again by me or another. in additions most of the income i receive goes to feeding the hungry, or funding projects to aid those in need. and hes not stingy with his spells either. in the session we had tonight we were hold up in an inn in a town that was being overrun with some sort of ghoul plague and i used a hide from undead spell on two individuals so they could run and forage for food supplies to bring back to the inn so they wouldnt starve while we were out trying to figure out how to put an end to the plague

>> No.28280090
File: 13 KB, 251x248, 1312835796990s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Here's a TL;DR for those of you who don't care.

Aniyaphe / Lehostil
> Neutral Good-Chaotic Neutral Human RageAlchemist/MasterChymist a la Dr.J and Mr.H
> 4'8", 125lb Red-haired 18-year old girl.

She grew up on a small peasant farm next to a mountain that was an abandoned dwarven civilization. Earthquakes commonly happened there and the only ones seen entering and leaving alive are the occasion collection of dwarves.

One night Drow pour out of the Mountain, fuck up everything and bring back slaves into the mountain.
Being a female of an age to start experiencing horromones, she was one of few to be picked for alchemical and flesh-warping experiments. Her familiy is kept in her cell as part of the testing procedure.

Long story short, painful torture vivisecion and wakes up months lather with an extra arm, a second personality, and is sitting inside the torso of one of her two dead parents.

The Dwarves finally return some time after the second personality goes to sleep from not having a challenge to kill and frees her.

She flees to Heldren in order to learn under the wing of the alchemist the nature of mutagens and how to get a hold on her Alter Ego.

Basically I wanted a lengthy back-story to explain why she was the way she was rather then slowly going "Oops, I just grew an arm at level 3!"

Is THIS short enough?
Kind of hard to make it shorter.

>> No.28280092

A survivor of the Last War with a serious case of PTSD and burns covering most of his body.

He's deeply religious (Silver Flame Paladin) and often recites church dogma or teachings, but more often he just uses his own personal opinions. It's heavily implied he's so "into" his faith because losing it would cause a total BSOD.

>> No.28280102

Aki, Fighter
Generally walks around shirtless and is a nice enough guy
Always does non lethal damage to humans and the like
Usually uses a bow, but carries a small arsenal of hidden weapons of all kinds.

Once jumped from the top of a tree to add the falling damage into the charge attack. he narrowly survived.

>> No.28280106

Don't take Ragechemist, it's a really, really bad archetype.

>> No.28280130

truthfull mistake

>> No.28280140


Sound great

It just needs a small tweak because it sounds like you were part of a fuck up involving heretics. And were promoted instead of executed.
I get what you were trying to say, but it's written a little off.

>> No.28280142
File: 959 KB, 448x352, joke.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Taking any statement that includes arm wrestling and hand jobs in response to fapping seriously.

>> No.28280146

Silver Smoulder was born to House Chrysantheum in the year of the Dancing Dream. A fourth colt in the family did not have much prospect for the future, except for a potential marriage alliance. Despite this, he was afforded the usual training that most noble foals undergo - classical history, languages, and since he was a unicorn, magic training. He took to the last like a fish to water, and thus, he was transferred to the prestigious Arts Arcane and Applied Academia School of thaumaturgy. Considered a slightly inferior alternative to being a member of the cloth, he became a wielder of staff and horn instead.

He excelled in his studies - his natural intellect made him excel in the more technical aspects of his training; while his uncany personal skills won him friendships with the other students and faculty. Not to mention his noble ties. He chose to amplify his natural talents by focusing on learning how to better bewitch his foes. His offensive and defensive studies suffered to be sure, but the line of thought that Silver assumed was that he could defuse any conflict (or dupe others into fighting for him) before it singed his mane.

Upon graduating however, Silver was at a bit of a loss. He could participate in the day-to-day affairs of his House, until his brother, Crimson Cypher would ascend. He could attempt to do the whole "reclusive mage" bit, but frankly, that did not appeal to him. And of course, he could get married to some ugly mare from another House, but he did not wish to tie himself down so early in the prime of his life. And then opportunity came knocking.

>> No.28280147

My GM (and the rest of the party when they found out) loved it though. It explains how he go the mindset he has, why he became an adventurer and gives some possible tie-ins (some that my GM botched imo, some that went pretty well).

>> No.28280154
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frogot pic my friend drew, inspiration is from the kagemusha yugioh card

He also never seems to miss with the bow, its almost like having magic missile.

>> No.28280156

>I like this guy. Is he of average intelligence?

As average as they come; a cool 10.

He's got 12 Wisdom though.

>> No.28280157

A chaotic neutral Lich tailor (Homebrew all the way), that got bored with the taking-over-the-world scenario after getting killed by the same ragtag bunch of heroes third time in the row. He decided to abandon his plans, and pursue his secret passion, tailoring. He ends up in the party united by a,common cause after his old arch-enemy, a now-corrupted hero torches down his castle, and the nearby town.

>> No.28280167
File: 80 KB, 400x633, 89509 - alternate_outfit blue_eyes genis_sage kneehighs school_uniform shota socks solo tales_of_symphonia white_hair young.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


One Unique Things in 13th Age are supposed to be springboards for plot hooks and character motivations.

I fail to see the issue with having my character's motivation revolve around exploring a strange, unique thing over him.

If it helps any, during the last session of the game, the GM sprung an incredibly the incredible clichéd plot twist on my character. Namely, an ancient artifact describes my character in no uncertain terms, then goes on to explain that my character and the dormant, vulpine presence in his soul is the key to preventing an impending apocalypse.

My character is currently breaking down from the pressure and panicking over it. The GM worked with my character's One Unique Thing as a plot hook for backstory-related adventures, and those adventures eventually led to a pivotal plot point that created much room for character development.

The One Unique Thing seems to be working as intended.

>> No.28280181

Born into a noble house, he dicked around his entire life and disappointed his father by drinking, singing, and consorting with whores. His lands were ravaged by a plague, so he locked himself away with his close family and friends. After the plague made its way in, he discovered it was the result of his father double-crossing a witch. In order to avoid death, he ordered his guards to kill all his guests and then murdered his father on his deathbed to complete an evil ritual of immortality. LICH BARD!

>> No.28280185


Multi-page backstories are only allowed when the PC is level 3+.

2nd level is "experienced" while 1st is straight out of the academy.

>> No.28280187

You really think he's the one who can't take a joke friend?

>> No.28280193


Called in by the Council of Archmagisters, he was told to report to a small, nondescript house in the suburb of Solar City. Upon entering, he was greeted by an older unicorn, who introduced himself as Smiling sunshine, as well as a coterie of other unicorn - as well as a few Earth ponies and Pegasi as well! Perplexed, Silver asked what the hay is going on. He was told that his unique talents would lend a hoof to the more surreptitious aspects of the various mage guilds of Unicornia. The School noticed his preferences, and recommended him. Now, your second training begins.

And so, Silver became an Agent for the Arcane Alliance - a network that was based in Unicornia, but also encompassed some of the Weather Witches of the pegasi, and the alchemists of the Earth ponies. His training consisted of infiltration, negotiation, breaking and entering, and finally, assassination - though he never truly excelled in that last one. Upon the completion of his training, he was told to return to his House and participate in the affairs of the Noble Assembly - and to tease out any secrets that might threaten the rather tenuous peace between the Three Tribes.

Eventually, Silver got the order to report to [whatever our starting town will be]. His orders are to rendezvous with a group of "adventurers" and to monitor the situation.

Sounds bardy, very CN, would probably work in a party once he learned teamwork.

Not a bad concept, because we don't see enough ex-guards. Too long and edgy though.

>> No.28280204

While I agree that nobody wants to read that shit in this thread, my DM certainly loves massive backstories, and as a DM I encourage them as well.

Still, though, don't bring that shit to /tg/, nobody cares.

>> No.28280210
File: 93 KB, 413x523, Free Company A_img_73.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Theodoric. Born to Aurian nobles in the Danian city of Newgate.

The concept isn't that novel, but the exploits!

>Sold counterfeit enchanted swords to illiterate barbarians that attempted to campaign against my city to make a profit AND work in the interests in the sovereignty of Newgate.
>Never learned how to use a sword properly. In fact he only carried a knife on his person, which he never used.
>A gifted polyglot, not only proficient in multiple languages but also literate and owned a printing press.
>Betrayed his own brother by fuelling the distrustful nature of the illiterate ravel and in the court to cement his position as the new exchequer of the Barony.
>Delegated the other PC's to useful tasks decided upon with a majority vote and appeal, also installed them with title and a sizeable manor replete with barbican and alchemy lab.

>> No.28280214

How is this person a PC again?

>> No.28280238

this thread was specifically created for people to talk about their characters...some people may feel the need to describe their character more thoroughly rather then. hes a cleric like jesus, but cooler. or hes a wandering swordsmen like guts but less edgy

>> No.28280239

High-level, low-morals party?

>> No.28280244

>Gay half-fae fox-elf/10

>> No.28280253

Dragonborn battlemind who was captured in a dark elf raid and forced into slavery. Spent a lot ofttimes dear the matron's whip. Got fed up one day and melted his chain with his acidic dragon breath and proceeds to use the chain and psionics to give her a taste of her own medicine. Now he roams the world fighting the slightest form of oppression, quite violently.

>> No.28280256

Did you look at the posts that began this conversation? There are five of them, each about a hundred words long.

>> No.28280258

Bah here. Yes, as I recall, his primary motivation was to just get enough money so he could live a comfortable, not opulent, life, but he fell in with the party and wound up embroiled in a world-saving plot. If I recall correctly, he died nobly in battle against a demon of some sort.

>> No.28280265

Here's a thing I don't get: Backstories.

I mean, I understand some context for your character is necessary, but overall, why have one?
My characters personality is revealed through play, as is their history if it ever becomes relevant. If you actually write stuff down, you risk locking off options. I mean, maybe it's just me, but doesn't everyone sort of start with half-finished characters that you discover as you play?

>> No.28280272


>> No.28280280

>Robert Graves
>Lawyer from Vermont
>Won the 1922 congressional seat for the state
>Getting in deep with the Bureau of Investigation
>Setting up cultist hunters under the guise of prohibition busts

>economical nvsmn

>> No.28280289

Because the DM may want to incorporate the characters into his story, and he needs something to work with. Not having any sort of backstory prepared opens yourself up to him making one for you.

>> No.28280294

point taken, but not everyone is able to articulate how they view their character in as short and concise as others. be thankful for those who can, and be patient with those who cannot

>> No.28280308

That was glorious.
Shows connections, skills, personality.
Down to earth and neither cliche nor boring.

Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe that the fact it's 80% fluff is what makes it interesting?

He's basically a Thief out of necessity and hated it, became a Dock-worker, got beat up by some dudes. He made them leave town, and joined the guard. He found a wife, she got robbed, had a miscarriage, and the marriage failed.
Not that hard to grasp, but you lose the tie in of the character's personality and skill set.

I hope you do realize your average character has about 18-32 years of their life before their adventure starts that can contain vital tie-ins and info for the DM.

If you can't stand to read what would literally be a page and a half in a word document, then you probably won't be a very good DM.
I'm sure you just absolutely loathe looking at books or words of any kind.
I'm beginning to question how you even level up your character, will all of those words and feats to read.

>> No.28280310

I agree that you flesh out a character with play, but I like to start at least knowing my character's basic history. I don't like to ret con on the fly, like "oh, we're fighting gnolls, I want my guy to have been fondled by a gnoll as a child!" I prefer to have the past figured out so I can know how this person might act in the present, rather than going in unprepared.

>> No.28280311

You know what fuck, just in the interest of someone actually judging the story here's a tl;dr:

>Grows up on the streets
>Have to steal, quickly learns the old saying of strength in numbers
>Is a pretty honest guy, only stole to survive, so he tries making it in an honest job
>first job on the docks doesn't go well because the other guys don't appreciate his bossy nature.
>tries the city guard instead
>the captain is like the father he never had
>the captains daughter is cute as hell
>before he knows it he has a wife with a kid on the way, the perfect job and everything seems to go great
>preggers wife goes shopping and gets mugged
>in an attempt to keep her ring she scuffles with the mugger, falls and has a miscarriage in the middle of the street
>wife is devastated, marriage is ruined, she can't even look at him, so she moves out
>one bad day and his life crumbled around him. he's left in a home that sickens him with the thoughts of what could have been
>can't take it anymore. leaves and vow to only return when he has found something to live for

>> No.28280320

It depends. I'm the player of >>28279816 over there, and I thought I'd explain some of my background dots and the different skills that my character has. I spent some points to give my character a reputation in the local region, and I felt that it would be very useful to contextualize it.

>> No.28280327
File: 8 KB, 193x262, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Irix the coward was an incredibly strong psyon even at a young age, but his power came with a downside, crippling agoraphobia. He could never leave his house. All was fine until bandits burned it down. All that was left was left was a large wardrome , which he never leaves. His psychic powers now almost entirely focoused on lifting this new home he finds his ability weakened.

>> No.28280328

>doesn't everyone sort of start with half-finished characters that you discover as you play?

No, not everyone. Some people take the character - the personality, the life experiences, the characterization part - and then layer on the rules portion as-needed to support. Others take a statblock and then flesh out a personality for it.

>> No.28280353

I'm the tarrasque. A wizard sealed me in a human's body because we were both dicks.

>> No.28280355

In your games perhaps. Who's to say it has to be like that in all games.

>> No.28280362

That's not too long at all, and I want to give your character a hug and tell him it's all going to work out. How many sessions did you play?

>> No.28280365

Backstory of a character from a pathfinder game I never got to play.

>Young male Elf, born on a tribe of "white supremacist" forest elves
>Trying to live up to his father's old heroics, get's captured by humans to be sold as a slave
>Rescued by people from small town, medieval equivalent of that town no one visits where everyone knows each other.
>Seriously, not even traders go to town, people barter with each other and use favors as currency.
>Racist elf is racist, even though people are very nice
>Old retired warrior who found the town by mistake one day offers to guide me back home.
>Get back home, get kicked out because "I've been tainted by those filthy, filthy humans"
>Get back to town with retired warrior and make a living there
>Train to protect the town from bandit raids, wild animals, etc.
>Fall in love with daughter of town leader, loves me back, get married.
>Fast forward 15 years, living with wife, have beautiful daughter.
>Town is attacked by bandits when most of the men (including myself) are away hunting.
>back home to dead wife, survivors tell me bandits took daughter, flip the fuck out.
>find bandit stronghold with help from the other men from the town, get just revenge.
>single survivor tells me they sold my daughter to slavers passing by.

And that is the story of my elven Ranger, a man wandering the world who just wants to find his lost daughter.

>> No.28280370

Thank you i appreciate that. And you are right it's exactly 1½ page with spacing.

>> No.28280372

Cael Buradur, Generic Dorf #3642-K

Worked as a sword-for-hire for about 30 years, and was saving up to retire early. Kept all his gold in a chest because muhshekels. Woke up one morning and chest was just fucking gone. Investigation revealed nothing, so he went back to being a sell-sword to build his retirement fund back up. His ultimate goal is to buy a sailing ship and convert it into a floating, traveling bar. Lawful Neutral with a disposition towards good, notably more tolerant with filthy xenos (Elves, Goblins(!), et cetera) because you can't exactly be picky when these people are your paycheck.

>> No.28280386


>> No.28280387

Here's something that I wrote for one of my players' characters, tell me what you think.

Kaemon has lived his life in Northern Brevoy, a land of misty shores, snowy vistas, and violet-hued mountains. You are from a family of educated, inteliigent people, and have always had a quick mind and felt comfortable around people. You are a very ambitious, aspiring person. and grew up worshiping Sarenrae as your family did, even dedicating your life to the worship of the fire goddess. Because of your quick and adaptable mind, Being a (perhaps overly) ambitious person, you happened to focus on the fire-aspects of the religion; you believe that fire can be cleansing and healing, or purging and destructive. But your character finds the flame to be fascinating, and as a cleric you were almost obsessed. One day, you yourself discovered a moderate crime in the church, where a worshiper was found to be stealing a small amount of money to the church to pay for his drug addiction. Much of the church was prepared to jail him. Ready to prove yourself, you took it upon yourself to purge his evil from the church, burning him alive. You thought that burning him would cleanse the sin from him, and he could die a man purged from sin. The church was furious, as you were only a rookie cleric, and did not have the authority to make the decision that you did. They decided to exile you from Brevoy. You decided that the most appealing of your (admittedly very few) options was to heed the call to the south, to the untamed land called the Stolen Lands. You were able to get yourself a charter to explore and chart the Stolen Lands. You took your horse, possessions, and set on the road with a few other adventurers and are on your way to blaze a trail!

>> No.28280397

Male human barbarian, middle aged. Emperor to a new nation who ran away from his land to wrestle giants in a fit of impulsive grief after his wife and son were poisoned

Got his shit wrecked by giants because, giants. Wandering around now, not willing to kill himself because THAT'S NOT WHAT MEN DO but unsure of what to do

>> No.28280410


Thanks man! Been having a lot of fun playing this character, level four with a whole lot more world to explore.

>> No.28280412
File: 75 KB, 983x1013, 420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blaze a trail.

>> No.28280417

>but doesn't everyone sort of start with half-finished characters that you discover as you play?

Yeah, that's why the backstory is generally for the DM's eyes only.

I'm >>28280090
And I can tell you, I intentionally waited for 4 levels to use my primary mechanic until I got enough feats and Discoveries that would cover most of my severely drastic physical abnormalities.(You acquire them naturally as an alchemist) to where I'd be happy with them for the rest of the game.

I wasn't going to grow an arm out of nowhere, Nor was I going to suddenly start growing claws inexplicably for my mutagen mode, and obviously collect body parts bit by bit.

Not to mention waiting those 4 levels, to become the +10 strength Large-size hulking beast and revealing my three clawed arms, definitely gave shock value to the party.

If that's not a Half-discovered character, then I don't know what is.

>> No.28280430


Oh, I get that you need to contextualize your character to a degree, but well, I'm confused as to what constitutes "backstory" and "history".
I posted >>28279763 but that's *after* play. When I began he was a Ratfolk sorcerer with the Leadership feat who was a tout.

How do you incorporate backstories, really? How do they work?
I'm a GM, while I've asked players to tall me their characters origin and histories, it was only ever to check if they've thought it out and are capable of playing people. I generally ask for a few sentences.

I find the whole use of it difficult to grasp, exactly.
Won't their histories be the things that keep them adventuring? Won't those same histories represent how they feel and think?

>> No.28280434

holy shit I didn't even realize I made that pun I am the most clever man alive

>> No.28280439

Still ongoing after 7 months of weekly play. He's been around. Sadly my GM decided to kill off my father in law which begs the question what the hell is going on with my wife. Maybe we will find out at some point.

He has used the connection to the wife pretty well, with an illithid making me think it was my wife, prompting me to attack my team members for attacking it. I've helped girls for the mere fact they had my wife's eyes, and fear effects makes me worry about all the things that could've happened with her.

>> No.28280472

Mary Sue is a useless term.

It's totally relative to the setting.

Half-fae catboy UGUU~ characters aren't very Sue if the setting's full of them.

>> No.28280505

>How do you incorporate backstories, really? How do they work?
Say player A writes that he has some issues with Goblins for whatever reason. You were looking for some minor enemies to start the game with and now you can use the Goblins to do that and also make the game more personal by including a players backstory.

Say player B writes that his village had some bad run-ins with dragons in the past. Now you not only a potential stage boss, but also a village that is already important to one of the characters.

Players C meanwhile is the child of a high ranking official. Now, if you ever need the group to become involved in political affairs it is not too much of a stretch to call in on the characters family to do so.

And so on.

>> No.28280507


I disagree with this point somewhat.
If it makes no sense for them to exist, or rather their existence is forced by unusual circumstances then it's simply Magical Realm. That need not be a sexual term, but c'mon, who are we kidding?

>> No.28280508

I would save the killing of an entire bandit clan for something in game.
You left it open for the DM to let you know where you daughter went, so why skip past the part where you get to kill bandits.
Could be a good solid Intro for a party.

But other then that I'll give you a solid
6/10, slightly above average
I liked the whole Racist Minority part.
And you had NUMEROUS ties that could be useful.
But the standard, dead family kidnaped daughter is over done.
Sadly I'm an offender of the exact same thing.

>> No.28280520


>> No.28280539

I think the issue I and the other guy are having is that your one unique thing leads to a very, very non-/tg/ sounding story. I'm sure it works out fine for your group and the story you are telling but in just about any game I can think of, this shit would get tossed out SO hard. Every time you have described anything about your character, your snowflake level has risen three fold. Your character sounds like a terrible, terrible anime or, even closer, a bad OC in a fanfiction set in an okay-ish anime. Its a really bad character.

I think >>28280244 captures the sentiment best of all.

>> No.28280546

>Alignment: Chaotic Stupid

>> No.28280563

So admittedly, the DM gave us way to many liberties with our stories, so I wrote this just to fuck with him.
>Passe, Mage Not-So-Extraordinaire
>In wizard college, studying studies
>Eventually come across necromancy spells and become enamored with them
>Eventually finish school to be an upstanding mage of the world.
>Begin serious research into becoming lich and raising undead hordes to conquer the world
>Come close until God of the Underworld gets wind of what I'm doing.
>Slaps the shit out of me and strips me of all magical abilities, never to cast spells again
>start looking for any way to possibly get back to being able to cast spells.
>Digging to the deepest darkest parts of every library he can get into, finally discover Wordcasting(yes its pathfinder, I wanted to fuck around with it, tldr; wordcasting is generally terrible)
>at this point be really fucking old but only have the abilities of a novice mage.
>slowly gaining in ability, but I know its going to be a race against dieing of old age before getting enough power to become a lich/find immortality

>> No.28280567
File: 382 KB, 800x878, 1335399500103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>half water elemental shadow dancer
>raised by her adopted father, a Paladin who found her after a group of bandits and slave traders raider her home for supplies and the 'exotic' half elementals.
>Raised as a squire along side of her Father's religious clan mates, a mix of both paladins and spell casters. All teaching her swordplay and magics until they were slaughtered by a hoard of orcs
>skip ahead years later and she had now raised herself on the street of the large city using the magics she learned and the sword play to take on shadow dancing as a thief and infromation gatherer for hire
>selfishly she seeks out a way to revive her father by any means necessary

>> No.28280569

My first character, and I'm still playing him.

Owain, the Half Elf Warlord
>Bastard child of some upper class noble
>Grew up in the Elven slums of some large city (as of yet unnamed) with his mother
>Around age 13, she dies of health reasons, he joins a traveling band of mercenaries
>Dwarf Paladin of Kord (who is another player) is also in the band, teaches Owain how to fight
>Leader of merc company finds Owain to have a mind for strategy, begins teaching him as a successor
>Several years leader, leader dies in a battle, company disbands except for Owain and Dwarfbro
>Cue Tavern intro scene, Owain and Dwarfbro recruiting the rest of the party

I actually made the backstory after I made the character, we were all new and didn't actually know what we were doing. Despite being a tactician, he goes off of gut instinct a lot of the time, and most of the time it ends up working out. I also tend to play him with a little bit of Kirk influence. The other players haven't gotten too into the roleplaying part of the game so the personality is still a little on the shallow side.

>> No.28280573

Grandson of a retired pirate lord who's gone senile. Few years past, the family got wind that new pirates are hunting the old bastard down to make a legend for themselves, so I get the job of taking him to the paladin order and asking them for sanctuary. He's a senile family man now, but was a real killer back in his day, so the order accepts on a condition, he only has sanctuary for as long as I'm a paladin. I wanted to be one anyways, so it all works out.

I lost my three strikes awfully fast because my family of course had rather loose morals leading me to be rather loose with the rules myself and really more of a bard anyways.

When they kicked me out for fucking up, or rather fucking a whore, a royal messenger mission, I couldn't return to my family in shame, so I took my grandfather, a few friends I had made, and stole a ship. And of course a fancy hat

>> No.28280586

Jack Miles was a harrowed gunslinger/desperado. He drank, he killed indyuns (what god-fearing white man doesn't love killing some indyuns), he was stupid as fuck, and he had a high amount of respect for his father and his gun, the Miles Revolver. Often times he would intimidate people by showing them his gun and asking "You know how many men dun got killed with this here revolver? I don't, but it's a damn lot!"

He died when he fucked the sherrif's daughter and was lynched for it. When he came back, the first thing on his mind was plowing the sherrif's daughter again, which he then went on to do (I thought of some stupid way he got it up, I think he like, shoved wire in his urethra or something). Now the sherrif is tracking him down to put him back to sleep.

Oh, Jack was also an expert gunsman, and in his 2-3 hours of playtime he never missed a shot (~16 checks).

>> No.28280589

>Undead Elton John
>Died crushed to death by glasses collection
>Became a lich
>Phylactery is one of thousands of pairs of glasses
>Has conquered Las Vegas and declared himself the King of Songs; the United States has been forced to grant secession to his well entrenched, nigh indestructible army of Skeleton Backup Dancers

>> No.28280601


>> No.28280621

>The Necrodancer

>> No.28280627


Read that as
>raised by dolphin father, a Paladin

Kind of meh, though.
Parents killed by orcs is actually a cliche I hate.
Living on the streets comes a close second.

>> No.28280632

I take RageAlchemist because I honestly felt like I needed to Nerf Myself, Or give a risk of some sort.
I've gone 9 levels with her so far and people love my character.

I'm primarily the healer with a Risky Oh Shit button.

Chances are I'll die before I actually hit 0 Int.
And it's all temporary penalties, not ability damage.
And even then if you're talking about the Will, it's not an issue. My DM personally does not allow Death Effects so the only thing really used on me is mind-control.

At which point my lack of poison resistance comes in handy because the rogue usually knocks me out with his own venomous blood (Vishkanya).

So it's a Win-Win by actually Nerfing myself.
My DM likes to reward those who don't min-max

>> No.28280638

At first I was going to say that was stupid, but then

>> No.28280642

I have yet to work out the exact name of my character and his family but here is the basis of his story.
Small note many magical devices run on a corrupting magical fuel called warp stone.

Our story begins with my great grandparents. They were Mages of some merit who were devoted to the idea of clean near limitless magical energy. In an attempt to create this holy grail of magic they turned their gaze to the stars and the tremendous power they produce. They spent years building a large ring to transport and contain the titan energy of the star. But in their haste a small error was made, just a single decimal off by one. This error resulted in the rings destination changing from the star they wanted to the deep empty blackness of space. Upon activating the ring a great inky blackness spread and destroyed much of the ring and their workshop, tainting it with eldritch. They fled the workshop, taking only a small bit of their notes in a single damaged notebook. But the taint did not end with their workshop, it latched onto our lineage and caused strange and magical effects on their children and their children's children. I am one such child in the prime of my youth who, armed only with his magic and a damaged journal, hopes to find my grandparent's workshop and complete their great work.

>> No.28280664

0/10 would not play with.

>> No.28280667

Prett much what
This: >>28280627
Guy said.

A little Cliche.
Nothing wrong with that, but it does get tiring.
5/10 for Average.

>> No.28280671

I'm the same guy. I call him The Necrodancer when it doesn't make sense for him to actually be Elton John

>> No.28280672

Hadn't thought about the whole bandit killing thing being something he could use as an intro. XP

One thing the GM did let me know is that if for some reason my character died during the campaign and we had that plot thread unresolved he would allow me to play as my character's daughter.
I was honestly kind of excited at the idea.

But it never came to be, we were ready to start playing when real life, people suddenly moving out and a bunch of other shit conspired to never let us play said game.

>> No.28280685
File: 1.09 MB, 1200x1420, 1337621091131.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Grox Ironskull, Orc pirate. Born to a standard run of the mill Orc tribe, he gave up his barbarism due to getting bored with rape and pillaging, and settled down with a human Bard [magic and seduction was probably involved]. She bore him two sons, a Half-Elf and a Half-Orc [the Half-Elf wasn't his]. His son became a Druid, and the Half-Elf was an ELF, so Grox left home to go do something else. Namely, become a pirate. He gathered some friends, bought a boat and began pillaging.

Meanwhile the Bard remarried and gave birth to a Half-Giant son, dying in the process. The Half-Giant was watched by the elf and the druid, as they left home to wander. Eventually the body of the Bard was found by a Necromancer Vampire, who raised it and did the deed [because she was a solid 9/10 even in death], giving birth to a Dhampir, who eventually ran into his racially mixed siblings.

My ship got shipwrecked, and most of my crew died, so I became a mercenary to raise the money to rebuild my ship. It was about this time Captain Grox Ironskull ran into his bastard offspring wandering together, a Half-Orc Druid, Half-Elf Ranger, Half-Giant Fighter, and Half-Vampire Monk. He founded the Orkinsons Adventuring Company, and thats where the game began.

How'd I do?

>> No.28280691

Sorry forgot to mention;
Sorcerer with the Void-Touched Bloodline.

>> No.28280697

I figured as much. I've seen you post before, and you crack me up. You inspired an entire race of gay liches in a game I co-run.

>> No.28280703

>Legitimate Pacifist, Greedy, Conniving Diplomat.
The world needs more of you.
Not many people can into entourage.

>> No.28280719


Here is one for a character I was thinking of using.

Previously he was a hero in a group of adventurers that saved the world in the name of a god. Eventually though the kingdoms decided that people loved the heroes too much and declared them traitors and murdered them. My character noticed his allies dying and was prepared for when the soldiers attacked and he beat them back. At his point his family and friends had been killed and so he decide to forsake his god and conquer those he had saved. He split the kingdom into fiefdoms and generally chose the worst people he could to rule them. If someone of good character came into power, he would eliminate them. After all, it was for revenge.

After hundreds of years he had become a lich and new heroes started appearing. By that point revenge had gotten dull and boredom had set in so he crafted a spell to use after his eventual defeat. He himself had once struck down a tyrant and so he knew that it could just as easily happen to him. As he predicted, he was eventually defeated, phalactery destroyed, etc so his final spell was to reincarnate himself somewhere else in the world where he could start again without anyone knowing who he was. His former god intervened and while he still reincarnated, it wiped his memory and just changed the time he reappeared rather than the place.

So he woke up in an area that hates necromancy and magic due to his tyranny hundreds of years in the past and with no memories but as a necromancy specialized wizard. Since then he had traveled around (after fleeing that country once he discovered how unwanted he was) until he found the rest of the party.

The plan was to give him magical lineage and fluff him learning spells as more of remembering them rather than re-learning them on level-ups. He would technically be a necromancer but his spells would focus on blasting and skills on item creation.

>> No.28280722

>You inspired an entire race of gay liches in a game I co-run.
...storytime, please. I must know what I created.

Please tell me they worship Jamhorn Glittergold as a god?

>> No.28280728
File: 153 KB, 658x743, Lothar-Drathir-Background.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I probably gain a shitload of negative points, just from having him be a Drow, buuut...

>Drow babeh
>Other house wants to put his mothers house in line, so they think "Yeah, lets kill their new born, why the fuck not?"
>Hire a wimpy ass lower ranking guy to do it
>Either the baby dies, or one of their shittier members does, win/win.
>He pussies out, doesn't want to stab a baby
>Enchants a ring instead with a teleport spell
>Puts it on the kid, and zap, he's gone.
>On the surface, at the door of a monastery, the lone occupant finds the child on the doorstep
>Thinks "Oh shit not this cliched shit", but raises him anyway
>Finds that the kid isn't hugely evil or sadistic as the rest of his race
>Still doesn't let him anywhere near other people
>Decides to name him Little Moon because he's got eyes like little moons
>Teaches him the unarmed Swordsagey ways
>Dad falls sick with terminal plot illness
>Little Moon is all sad cause they're poor as shit
>Decides to go out and find some money, which gets him started adventuring
>Doesn't kill people initially, and is freaked out when the party fighter splits a guy in half, right in front of him
>Slowly over time, he gets used to death, even finds himself enjoying it
>Realises that maybe he's not as much of a nice guy as he thought
>Constantly struggles against becoming like his kin, but finds it easier and easier to do evil things

All I got for him so far. He's a really fun character to play, honest guys.

>> No.28280730

>The Womb of many Halves

That was hilarious.

>> No.28280754

That was a solid:
| -6/10 | = 6/10

So bad that it's above average.

>> No.28280770

Well, in a game of Dawn of Worlds we were in the race creation section, and I made a race of undead who called themselves the Lich Kings. When another player decided to create a sub-race of Lich Kings with flamboyant dress and makeup, all I could think of was your post. By the end of the game, we had a world where the "Summer Kings" team up with cotton-candy-colored undead dryad illusionists and flowers with baby faces to spread joy throughout the land. I look forward to playing as one such hero.

>> No.28280778

I don't know whether to smile or cry.

>> No.28280785
File: 1.28 MB, 1345x2302, 1374643489421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I storytimed that game if anyone cares. Not much to it, but still slightly funny.

>> No.28280796

Male fighter, used to be a soldier but did shitty things and is tried to redeem himself with his family. Fucked up again, got his family killed and now he's a bitter old mercenary.

>> No.28280810

It helps to have at least a little backstory, or else your character starts out pretty boring, in my opinion.

Its fine to let the character get more fleshed out as you play, but if you can't even say where they were born, chances are there's something wrong.

>> No.28280824


The reference on the top of that post was an accident.

Also, when he reincarnated his new body was in his late 20s/ early 30s. I was planning to base his personality more on the way he was before his fall (so a bit scholarly and fairly optimistic with a strong love for ray spells such as scorching ray) and not really edgy or anything. In terms of the memory loss thing he mostly figures that if it really mattered then there would probably be people looking for him. Otherwise, there's not much he could do about it so why sweat the small stuff. After all, that energy could be better put towards researching new ways to shoot things with beams of fire. Though the affinity for necromancy is a bit odd...

>> No.28280825
File: 78 KB, 500x663, paladin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really wish some of the newer members of our gaming group would internalize the idea that their characters should start as mundane and ordinary and slowly grow into the wondrous and extraordinary.

I really hate having to be the bad guy and telling players why exactly their background as a world conquering warlord is incompatible with being a level one fighter whiffing all his attacks.

I just wish they'd trust me when I tell them "Hey, start off as a cobbler's son or a new recruit for the army or something. Trust me, by the end of this journey you'll have achieved a level of grandeur equal to or surpassing your proposed background".

>> No.28280831

Oh thank you. To be fair, we had an excellent GM that let us take the reins of the adventure. Unfortunately we stopped playing mid-campaign and my GM told me that if it hadn't been my character preventing the sack of Newgate, the campaign would be dramatically different and ironically we found greater adventure by staying in our beloved city.

>> No.28280844

>Character grew up as a Spider for a Single-A British Corp
>Lost all savings, investments and a couple of family member in crash 2.0
>Turned to drugs for escape
>Got kicked out of Corp because of drug problem
>Turned to minor matrix crime to survive and get drifter brother out of tight spots
>Turned into international drifter himself
>Decided to go backpacking across the world, funding it via lifestyle spoofing (stealing small amounts of credit from other people)
>Ended up in Sydney with a Backpack full of souvenirs (illegal talislegging), and a complete lack of weed
>Then he met 3 other "well adjusted" people in a shootout at a stuffer shack
>Whenever he travels, somehow, he manages to run into his brother who asks him for a couple of Nuyen for a Soydog

>> No.28280879

>expect spelling errors
Well, I guess I'll start off with a few basics about the character. He was a Rogue (Carnivalist/Bandit). Tiefling Race. The GM let me take the Infernal Bastard trait to despite not being in that campaign as he felt voluntary depowering was more than enough justification. I used this to take Prestidigitation as an At Will spell like ability. Perhaps, before I go any further, I should note, the character was not optimized and he was not meant to be. Even at his own profession as a fool, he was lacking. He was all about the character. Yes I could contribute to the party through skill checks, and in combat via feinting, sneak attacks, distraction etc., however my role was ultimately for RP. Now as a character he was rather cruel and insensitive. This was of course, perhaps due to a hard life, but I prefered to liken it more towards his general disposition. He was a worshipper of Groetus, and as our paladin once described him, an "occupational asshole". Early on they met him at a party celebrating the construction of a new chapel. Not to his religious beliefs of course, but he had been curious and decided to drop by. After a brief skirmish from would be goblin party crashers, he was given the chance to introduce himself. Which he did of course by telling his life story:

>> No.28280889

You see, his father and mother before him, both of gypsy lifestyle, desired to settle down for the baby. One could only assume this sedentary lifestyle if they had a job. Being of a nomadic lifestyle and having little skills that would allow them to generate a steady income, they eagerly searched for a job in the entertainment industry. It was there that they found an opening. A fool, for a local lord. A man hard as rock, and about the patience of an angry badger. Nevertheless, her pregnancy neared its late stages, and they decided it was worth the shot. As they entered onto the makeshift stage used for auditions, the noblemen eyed them suspiciously. "Sir," they said, "our lordship, cannot accept family acts. For Iomedae's sake, your wife should be at home resting, she looks as if she could birth a child at any minute.". His father pleaded to continue, eventually leading to one of the nobles caving in, "Very well sir, we shall give you this one chance." And as those words left his lips the spectacle began. His mother begins to sing a hymn well known as of Desna's praise, while his father began to heat up an iron. As her song progressed, she slowly peeled away her outer layers of clothing, and then, much to the nobles surprise, her undergarments. Her pregnant and naked body clearly visible, she began kneel down and assume a position on all fours. It was then that his father removed a brand from the fire he had started off to the side and sat upon her back, treating her as furniture for a few brief seconds before thrusting the white hot piece of iron into her thigh. The reek of burning flesh soon reached the noses of the audience as tears streamed down his mothers eyes. His father kicks her in the hip, knocking her down, and begins to douse her other leg and opposing wrist with alcohol before lighting it and undressing himself as she attempts to put out her now burning appendages. Once naked he starts to slap his wifes pregnant belly yelling,

>> No.28280898

As a player I never really trust GMs, maybe I had bad experiences with a few and that scared me off, but even on my regular gaming group I've known for years I don't trust any of those guys if they're the GM.

>> No.28280911

"Get rid of it, we don't need another mouth to feed." But this, is not quite enough abuse as his wife begins to masturbate, despite the abuse and as an orgasm wracks her body gives birth to a baby boy. One not quite of human nature. Furious his father tosses the baby aside landing on his head and begins to strangle his wife. The nobles stream into action at this savagery calling in the guards as the man begins stabbing his wife with a plank of wood torn from the stage. They stab the man with their spears, and drag the wife off stage in an attempt to get her to medical attention immediately, however they are too late. She dies on the trip. As the man lays bleeding, the nobles sit in silence before one bravely asks, "What kind of hellish act is that?" to which, his dying father looks up, and says proudly with tears running down his eyes, "The Aristocrats".

>> No.28280918

>Exalted, Chosen of Endings Sidereal

Blanche Haywall's most defining moments were aboard The Redwing, a ship crewed by privateers of Coral fame. There, despite prevailing thoughts, she carved out a local legend as one of the Ash Blade Troupe, complementing the captain's bravado. On their home turf, they were unstoppable, stealing victory from the likes of gods and Lintha.

That was a long time ago. On the eve of her husband's death, Heaven came knocking; she was to realize a greater duty, one with much higher stakes and much longer challenges. To do that, she would have to cut lose from her mortal bonds in service of fate.

She chose a third route. The Ash Blade Troupe is now a myth; her children shrouded in obscurity, but housewives across Coral still speak of legends of women donning the iconic navy cape. Perhaps, if there would be another woman who wielded such steel, she could find the confidence to stand up in defiance of the Storm Mothers.

Of course, if such a promising soul would be revealed, it would be the doing of a certain violet-eyed duelist...

>> No.28280924

I've probably missed a couple of details, but you get the point. I introduced him with an aristocrat joke. No one ever quite got his true story of origin. Not that it really mattered. Naturally, the table was horrified and it was only the predecessor to his antics. He was a cynical bastard at his best, and downright unfunny at his worst. Given the chance, there would be jokes or rhymes, often belittling the target. When our bard lost his hand? Puns arrived at his expense. He was a master of the anti-joke, or so he liked to think, bearing wonderful gifts such as "How do you make a tanner cry? You kill his family." or some variation of "What's worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm? Getting raped by a giant scorpion.". There were racist jokes, there were sexist jokes, there was even, on one occasion following the miscarriage of an npc that had endeared itself to the party, a dead baby joke. He criticized nobility, in particular their treatment of the poor. He criticized the poor for their belief in the afterlife. He held no respect for the dead. And no respect for his fellow man or beast. This was best characterized with his familiar, a babboon, which would become irate and throw a shit fit at the end of each terrible joke. He treated this as his own personal laugh track, supposedly reinforcing his ego - however it is apparent that he knew the reality of this fit, despite the fact that the monkey's acting out was indeed it voicing its disapproval. In fact, the jokes quite angered it. A fact that probably delighted him. There were assassination attempts, to rid the world of such an abrasive character. They failed, sometimes due to his perception, sometimes due to party intervention. He caught diseases, but never enough to push him past the threshold of death. He was poisoned, he was injured, and altogether endured a large deal of abuse.

>> No.28280933

>I'm sure it works out fine for your group and the story
>It's a really bad character


>> No.28280937

When he finally kicked the bucket at the hands of a skilled fighter, the party refused to resurrect him. Well, one of them did bury, but there was no attendance at his funeral. No one missed him. No one was endeared to him. He was forever seen as a spiteful little man with a penchant for the discomfort of those around him, no remorse or guilt and a nihilistic view of life and death.

>> No.28280939

>Female Kings Ranger
>While being good, she's not afraid to dirty her hands
>King goes missing, soldiers are incompetent, she goes out searching
>Travels with a group of psychos that she's fairly certain she'll need to arrest at some point

Didn't get to flesh her out that much more though, as we got sent to the past as a joke, and now the whole King plot has been a bit forgotten.

I did once cut a guys finger off though, after forcing him to wear a Ring of Regeneration, as an interrogation tactic. It was pretty funny and sadistic all at once.

>> No.28280944

I REALLY agree with this. I also think this is why people get fed up with Dungeons and Dragons specifically, they invariably want to be the Warlord and end up killing rats in a sewer only after several missed rolls.

>> No.28280961

Poog is a goblin from the as-of-yet barely explored continent to the east of the main Euro-analogue continent. He began his life as a Witchdoctor of the tribe after discovering he had some natural talent for creating illusions and that most of the things he cooked in a pot didn't kill you and sometimes tasted good. One morning while training he discovered a baby snapping turtle on its back next to a pond; feeling a strong compulsion to help it Poog flipped it right side up and fed it some berries he was carrying. A strange voice came to his head, thanking him for the kindness and promising to repay him in due time; and asking him to stay a while and listen to it's story. By the end of the day he realised that the turtle was in fact one of the 6 Loa gods trapped in a mortal form. The turtle, which by Poog decided should be named Luckums, told him that he had great potential more than any other goblin and that together the shall unite the constantly warring tribes of the jungle goblins and mountain goblins to form a an empire the likes of which the continent had never seen. Following on Luckums orders from that day on Poog became adapt at much witchcraft before accidental-on-purpose cooking his mentor into a stew and becoming the chief witchdoctor. Slowly he consolidated his power at home before decided to attempt to strike an alliance with a warlord who was rumoured to be growing a new goblin army to the west of Poogs jungle home to force the outlanders off their land. Poog travelled to the camp of the warlord with Luckums in tow, intent on integrating himself with the warlord before removing him and claiming power for himself. However on meeting the warlord he discovered he wasn't just some dumb muscle but a summoner of some skill; Poog decided to bide his time until the opportunity to overthrow the warlord arose. It just happened to come along a few months later when a pink skin adventuring band arrived in their war camp looking for a bounty on the warlords head...

>> No.28280984

Aasimar Werewolf Cleric of the Demon Lord of Werewolves who-recently-changed-professions

>Raised by a ruthlessly zealous mother, also a Cleric of the Demon Lord of Werewolves (Jezelda)
>Her mother was an unrepentant opportunist, and social ladder climber hopeful.
>First daughter is a Werewolf, but the Aasimar blood skipped her over. Mother turns into the perfect courtier, also CE. Currently hoping to marry to somebody rich and powerful.
>Second daughter is a squib. No Lycanthropy, no Aasimaric blood. She's currently tending the lodge her parents own. Generally ignored by everybody not the first daughter.
>Youngest child (the PC). Aasimar AND a Werewolf. Immediately mother's 'favorite'. She's inducted into the Cult of Jezelda, where over years and years, she's indoctrinated and brainwashed into thinking Mother Knows Best and that Jezelda is the only salvation for Werewolves, and that other Lycanthropes are scum, etc.
>Over the course of all of them being incredibly long lived individuals, they see three Mendevian crusades, a bloody revolution, the threat of a serial killer (Dr. D), the emergence of the "Living God" Razmir, the Prisoner Uprising of Ravengro, the death of Valislav Ordanti the Eunuch Prince of Ustalav, The War Without Rivals, Giant Spiders, and the semi-constant threat of werewolf hunters. She has her own recounting of all of these things.
>Leaves home in 4710AR.

>> No.28280990

Its easy to understand why. You don't play a game about high fantasy exciting adventures to be a two-bit commoner's son. Its why Triple Vampires, Laser Clerics, insane Wizards, and JUSTICE PALADINS are a thing.

Because players don't usually want to be mundane persons. Now while I agree that a backstory should be about the same as your PC's level, I really see no reason you should start as a mundane everyman if you don't want too.

Kinda stupid to play a game for 5-6 sessions before you get to awesome in any real respect.

>> No.28281009

What I'm saying is, you and your group are actually having the bad/wrong fun. For real. I'm saying that, as far as characterization and comparison to legitimately good characters, your character is shit. I'm saying that, although you are having fun and so is everyone else, its still bad. Super bad. Maybe the most bad I have seen in awhile.

I'm not mad. Just surprised you thought anyone on /tg/ was going to be okay with the actual half-fae fox boi. The gay, half-fae cat boi is fucking meme, here.

>> No.28281010


It's a fair reaction I think everyone has dealt with a bad DM at some point or another. I find it confusing though why some DM's seem so intent on being antagonistic to their players.

A good DM should be a storyteller above all else. My inspiration was reading about the skalds and how they'd recite tales of ancient heroes. My goal is to tell an interactive story of heroism and glory, not frustrate and antagonize my players.

>> No.28281019


>Far from my favorite character


>> No.28281023

Sometimes, it's because we've done the climb on at least 10 characters/campaigns. After the better part of a decade, I will get bored.

>> No.28281041

Not saying there is anything wrong with starting at low levels or with mundane dirt farmers. But if the party wants to start out as heroes, I see no reason why thats inherently worse then starting as Sword and Board Dorf Fighter #234234

>> No.28281058
File: 780 KB, 325x203, 1349746119969.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>you and your group are actually having the bad/wrong fun

>> No.28281070

Different anon here. I'm weird in that I'm perfectly okay with catboy fae shenanigans. But that's not the issue.

Your character lacks agency. The entire backstory is described in terms of how people acted upon him, with pretty much nothing about what he did/felt/thought. You can't properly RP such a thing either - it's written to place the burden of roleplay on everyone but yourself. (That is when it's mary sue - when there isn't a person behind the character... just an object.)

>> No.28281086

>Other Lycanthropes are scum
Lycanthropes other than Werewolves, I mean.

I have her whole family tree essentially plotted out back to when it was founded in Varisia.

In the 3-4 months since she's met the current party, she's adopted a son and lost her Lycanthropy in an unfortunate turn of events involving a Fae Lord.

Being subsequently abandoned by the Demon Lord who only grants powers to Werewolves, she peruses her dream of becoming a Bard and works hard to redeem her life of Evil.

She still has a terrible time with expressing emotions properly, or getting close to people, and she's also essentially a psychopath, but her heart's in the right place. Atleast, that's the excuse our CG Wizard makes when then group wants to kill me for doing something terrible.

>> No.28281126


Agreed, if you're playing a campaign with experienced players who want to do something new as opposed to the 1 to 20 grind then by all means, extravagant backstories and powerful characters from the get go, lets do this.

I mean, if you're playing 5-6 sessions and it isn't awesome, then no amount of backstory is going to help anyway. I love triple vampires, laser clerics, and JUSTICE paladins too but in my opinion it's more rewarding to have your players naturally grow into those positions than it is to be handed a four page document explaining how a level 1 fighter earned the title "Destroyer of Worlds".

>> No.28281159
File: 277 KB, 570x1000, 1384222557486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

male Half-Elf Gunslinger

Javier Aliwer, Gunslinger. My dad was a traveling alchemist, died a few years ago. Never met my mother, she ran away before I was even born.

>...But that doesn't seem physically possib-

Anyway, when I say "traveling alchemist" I pretty much mean "snake oil seller". Yeah sure he knew how to make potions and tindertwigs and all that stuff, but he always said there was no money to be made in actually helping people, it was more profitable to sell empty promises and broken dreams.

>But you still haven't explained how your mothe-

Yeah, my dad was an ass. But he did manage to teach me about alchemy before he died. He learned how to make gunpowder from some town alchemist before we were chased out. He thought it was useless but I saw the raw potential for it.

>You're not going to tell us about your mother, are you?

Nope. So eventually I guess my father screwed over the wrong person and got murdered. Poisoned, believe it or not. Dart to the neck, letter tied to it saying "you killed my son, blah blah blah revenge" or some nonsense, signed LPG. After burying my dad and selling his horse, I built myself a gun and set out on a roaring rampage of revenge. No idea who LPG is, but I'm gonna find out.

Boy, wouldn't it be funny if LPG turned out to be my mom.

>(Yes, my entire backstory is used to justify having Craft(Alchemy) as a skill. I gotta have those alchemical cartridges.)

>> No.28281199

8/10, would adventure with.

>> No.28281201
File: 630 KB, 1100x1150, 1356511486886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The game died, but I'll post what I'd planned on so far.

Adam Darske, salvager extraordinaire in a sci-fi setting. One of many people referred to as "Junkers" by society at large, the term is very pointed and mean-spirited, meant as a label for those infamous for profiting off of battlefields before the trashed mech's reactors were even cold.

Adam himself is a nice enough man with a good set of morals, forced into this business by events in his life. Namely, the war between humanity and the space elf empire whose name I don't remember. His parents were killed in an attack on the space station they were visiting, leaving Adam with a hatred for those who would hurt innocents.

This hatred came to a head in the first session, when the space station the group was on came under attack by terrorists who may or may not have actually been the group they claimed to be. Witnessing the champion of the mech-battle arena gunning down innocent civilians, Adam did the only thing he could.

He hopped in his lightly armored salvage mech with no real weapons to attack with save for a plasma cutter, charged at the bastard, and through a series of extremely lucky dice rolls forced him to retreat, single-handedly derailing the plot so hard the GM had to throw out pretty much everything he'd thought up, despite odds that should have had me making a new character sheet.

The game never made it past the second session because I was just too badass for it. That and in GURPS, Daredevil is seriously fucking amazing if you have the most reckless ideas ever.

That'll teach the GM to fuck with innocent civvies on my watch. Good job, plot's over, let's get space burgers.

In the second session, there was a brief thing about the champ setting me up as the one who killed those people. If the game had gone on, I was hoping to take it in a direction of being his hotblooded nemesis throughout the game, adding more armor and weapons onto my salvage mech until it was good for combat.

>> No.28281211

Considering that everyone's opinions are set in stone when it comes to hot button topics like half-fey catboys, let's focus on everyone else's backstories. A lot of stuff got no attention.

>> No.28281233

Armstrong Gutbreaka, the merciless and brutally cunning Orc mercenary (Gun Tank/Two Weapon Fighter/ Heavy Barbarian).

His first memory was crawling out of a smoking crater and beating down the biggest creature he saw with his strong arms. Later he found work as a hit man and later was a pit fighter, earning his last name Gutbreaka due to his love of punching people in the gut.

Later, he killed a gunslinger in a one on one fight, and after looting his dead body and cart, went on to become a infamous merc who lovingly decapitated and wears the skulls of his marks as trophies, occasionally adorning the greatest of his foes with hats that he pilfers or demands as part of his payment.

Armstrong Gutbreaka fights with a pistol and his bloody axe/hammer, often charging his foe while screaming.

Went in close range, he fires his pistol before clubbing his foe down with the pistol and hammering him down with his other weapon, giving no quarter nor respite.

Due to the nature of his work, Armstrong creates crude but effective weapons, such as his tar covered bombs and his hooky chain, used to ensnare flying monsters and to use as a make shift lasso.

Lately, he has stopped as the village of Cassardis to meet his newest client.

Upon hearing word of a giant flying dragon, Armstrong Gutbreaka quickly made way for the village, being heard "bout time I ad a good fight ina while. A dragon's skull ould look great on ma cart."

>> No.28281249


Female human warrior

raised in celtic-ish tribe, sister get cursed by thing and becomes a werebear. So she and sister join up with the party when they come through the area and happen to be looking for the thing that cursed her sister.

Unfortunately the group I played her in is no longer a thing. Sad.

>> No.28281255

11/10. Would play with. Would play with SO hard.

>> No.28281285

This is a fun hook for a GM. It's a simple character that emerges in play. I get the feeling that I've seen this kind of character a bit too much though. Still, I'd GM it, especially with that hook.

I don't have a sense of scale here (time-wise). I also don't have much considering it's a character that's only been acted upon (see the fey-blood catboy backstory in this thread). The only time a backstory should be heavily about how others act upon the character is when social conformity is a key element of the character's identity/struggle. This never came across.

>> No.28281296
File: 231 KB, 566x800, foxboy with food.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As I had explained in my first post, the character was one I was currently playing, and as I said, a very "snowflake" character.

This is probably the most well thought out and substantial criticism against the backstory yet.

My rationale when writing out this background involves the relationship, I suppose. I was investing in a 3-point positive relationship with the Elf Queen, and, due to how relationships in 13th Age work, the Elven Court as a whole. 3 points is what characters start off with, and a 3-point relationship is the highest possible value in the game. Consequently, I was making a tremendous investment in a single relationship.

I thought that it would be a good idea to expound on that relationship as much as possible. That is why I wrote out how the Elf Queen, the Elven Court, and my character's parents all viewed him and his rather eccentric One Unique Thing.

The backstory defines the character by that 3-point relationship and his Unique Thing. I thought that that was sufficient, since I could simply define my character's personality, beliefs, and motivations *during the game itself*. (Preexisting relationships, on the other hand, are much more difficult to define during the game.)

Consequently, in retrospect, it seems that my mistake was focusing on the auxiliary bits associated with the character, rather than the character himself. It would have been better for me to more thoroughly lay out the details about what he thinks, feels, believes, and yearns as part of that backstory. (Of course, now that the game is several sessions in, I know what all of those entail. Perhaps I could update the character's backstory, in that case.)

Thank you for helping me realize this error of mine.

>> No.28281321

About 90 years. I've essentially condensed everything for tl;dr purposes.

She's also acted upon the world, but I suppose that either got condensed, I'm a terrible writer, or I'm just kind of hesitant to really start inserting her into established fluff events for fear of being called Mary-Sue.

I can like, write the WHOLE thing in pastebin if you want to read that.

>> No.28281337

Can I please have the copypasta about ranger Bob with his animal companion Bob the Bobcat? Can't find it in google.

>> No.28281354

I have a sense of the character, but only a superficial one. We have his profession and not really anything else about the actual character. As a GM I wouldn't know where to go with this character (aka where development might go) except for very material, game-related rewards (more toys/loot).

Most people aren't defined by their profession. Rather, they choose their profession or are thrust into it (and don't quite fit the round peg in the square hole, so to say).

Rudimentary Ork. It's like making a Dwarf who drinks ale and takes pride in his beard. There's a reason why we don't give two shits about Mr. Smith who works at a law firm and takes great care that his shirts are properly ironed before work each day.

A character defined strictly by circumstance. Unfortunately I don't know anything about Elain outside of a very vague statement of her childhood environment.

>> No.28281362

My character's a Victorian-esque nobleman whose family got kicked out of their ancestral manor by vampires. He spent most of his young adult life learning to hunt them, then came back and killed them all and took his house back. After that he joined a sort of occult adventurer's guild and hunted monsters and acquired rare and eldritch artifacts. Eventually he started to get old and lost some of his oomph, so he made a deal with the Grim Reaper (who is lawful good in this setting) to become a lich so he can continue his work.

He's a good-hearted guy who basically can't delegate to others so he has to try and do everything himself. Probably doesn't help that he actively enjoys the thrill of fighting monsters and exploring new places. Definitely not a brooding or dark sort of guy; more like a kindly, somewhat goofy grandfather or uncle.

>> No.28281488

>I can like, write the WHOLE thing in pastebin if you want to read that.
Hmm. I find that complexity is both a great asset and a liability. I'm >>28280918 and what I've wrote was basically scratching the surface of 30+ pages of content I've come up with.

I stuck with that post because that's ultimately the "core" of the concept, the part that functions as the hook for people's interest. Everything else is extraneous and optional; if not, I'd have a hard time doing ANY RP in fear that I'd be inconsistent with the background (or whatnot). So while I'm tempted to say "sure, I'd love to read it," I'm also tempted to challenge you to figure out what's the core of the tootsie roll pop, so to say.

No problem. I make it a goal to GM for a wide variety of players so I see pretty much everything.

I prepared a post about how there isn't much to drive the character, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that there is a very notable hook. It does come with the necessity that fox-type fey are a significant force in the setting though, which is why I think some people have reservations.

But seriously, as a GM I would probably introduce the players to a sudden tension between the fey and the elves. Characters like these are all about discovering themselves and their identities from the environment around them - the mystery of the conflict should drive him forward. Perhaps even, fox are commonly associated with messengers; CHARNAME is an attempt for a fey faction to remain in contact with the elves as -something- happens.

Or something.

>> No.28281501
File: 327 KB, 669x948, Poog Goblin Witchdoctor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also have a picture of Poog a drawfriend did for me in a drawfriend thread.

The eyes are Luckums living in Poogs hat.

>> No.28281633

This is a character with interests. Unfortunately, they're extremely generic, so there isn't much to really make him tied to the actual campaign.

I also have a hard time believing such backgrounds. Usually a lifetime will change a person. Maybe it's just the length but I'm not sensing any development over time. I feel like that would do a lot to spice up the character, especially since the elderly do a lot of reflecting.

Okay, I like this character. Its scope allows it to embellish Poog as he is. There's an element of him questioning something he normally assumes, which is great; it gives me as a GM hints as to where to progress with Poog's development. It's also just a fun sounding character.

>> No.28281673
File: 205 KB, 450x600, 76635 - bed book eyes_closed genis_sage pillow_hug shorts shota sleeping solo tales_of_symphonia white_hair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


13th Age alludes to fae creatures as certainly existing, but it leaves them a completely blank slate for the GM and the players to write up the details on. In fact, there are no fae creatures statted out in the core bestiary, or the upcoming expanded bestiary supplement. (On the other hand, 13th Age inexplicably *loves* demons and gives them a considerable amount of lore, setting ties, and statistics blocks.)

The plot hook you propose is interesting, and I would have enjoyed to see it in play. My GM took a different path, namely, that there really are no signs of fox fae anywhere in the world, and that itself is a mystery that looms over the character.

I do not quite see the issue with having my character be associated with fox fae. If my character had, say, a dormant *demon* in his soul instead, would that really have been much more palatable?

My character backstory clocks in at 569 words. How would you have allocated those words and written the character's backstory, while keeping intact the details of his important relationship to his queen, his two parents, his people, and that dormant fae spirit in his soul?

(Amazingly enough, my character's two parents are actual NPCs that he returns to after each expedition. They have yet to be put in danger.)

>> No.28281720

A young human sorcerer. He grew up in a small, isolated fishing village way in the north. When his magic manifested, he was taken in by the only other arcane magic user in the area, a Mr. Miyagi style wise old wizard who tried to teach him magic through long, hard work. Unfortunately, this sorcerer was too impatient to learn though this method and left. He then went to the local church to try and learn magic there, but was too egoistical to fully surrender himself to any god. He then struck out on his own, traveling the land in search of ways to master the arcane blood flowing through his blood that he only barley understands. He was promptly captured by bandits on his third day out and was sold into slavery. That's where our campaign began, the entire level 1 party being sold at a slave gallery.

>> No.28281727

>A silverbrow human (very, very diluted dragon ancestry) bard who was raised by her father in a bard troupe that traveled the planes. When she was fifteen, an enormous ancient hydra rampaged through the plane they happened to be on, and everyone in the troupe died save her. She swore vengeance and set out on a journey - by the time the game started, she was nineteen. She had a thing for philosophy and morality.

>> No.28281770

>How would you have allocated those words and written the character's backstory, while keeping intact the details of his important relationship to his queen, his two parents, his people, and that dormant fae spirit in his soul?
Probably in this order:
From birth he was an enigma. Parents decided to deal with it.
Queen heard about it, decided it was something worth her time to look into.
>Things happen
CHARNAME starts to realize what's going around him and is really goddamn confused as to what to do considering his age.

I would probably make his parents into, well, parents. If a parent's child is being stigmatized, so long as we're talking about normal caring parents, they'd try and comfort the child while removing the bad. Maybe they're more like dragon moms ("steel yourself and remember that if you study hard enough you'll beat them"). Maybe they're really -bad- parents. Either way I would like to see a bit more reaction from them. Perhaps this results in drama between the parents and the Queen, who starts taking measures to get CHARNAME closer to her despite the parents' protests (or maybe one of them - maybe the other doesn't care!).

In the end, the backstory needs to place CHARNAME's response to the situation on its pedestal. He's a kid, he doesn't know what's going on, but he knows he has to act and he's getting confusing vibes from everyone. Set it up for a coming-of-age progression.

>> No.28281807

5/10. The troupe thing is kind of interesting and has a lot of possibility to reunite with previous contacts from other planes (good or ill), but I've got a huge bias against people who kill off their character's family for no reason other than revenge fodder.

>> No.28281875

Human fighter, hammer+shield variety, a few winters shy of 40.

Is kind of a fading town hero to his small community, the resident |old crazy guy lives by himself" deal. Hates elves, because when he was a kid a passerby dashing better-than-you elf noble got his mum knocked up and then left before dad came back from the crusades, and many years later when his little half-elf sister was gonna marry the half-elf boy of her dreams, Aunty Elf came out of nowhere and told them it was all a mistake and she was about to marry her half-brother because her daddy was in his 'sowing wild oats before returning to run the dynasty' phase, which kinda broke her life.

Hunts elf raiders on the border of his hometown with the kind of shit-eating grin rednecks get when they say nigger. Since losing his right hand to a hobgoblin, he got a metal prosthetic gauntlet to lock a warhammer around. The warhammer is an enchanted elven weapon from some prissy faggot elf he killed. Treats his shield like a second weapon and fights like a dual-wielder, occasionally using his spiked shield for dirty tricks, which at this age he is really not above.

Adventures with the party because he was running out of money since being unable to work with one arm, and being the town drunk kinda sucks.

>> No.28281884

My character is the bastard child of a nobleman and a common whore. The whore turned out to have a very diluted amount of dragon's blood in her veins. She lost her head for it, consorting with Dragons is high treason, but SON OF A LORD powers activated and my character got taken in. Even wound up growing up alongside the Lord's children. The Lady didn't like that. So when the Lord fell ill and kicked the bucket, making the Lady regent, she staged an assassination attempt. But some of the Lord's household guard was still loyal to the wishes of their dead master, and they got him out. He spent some years on the road with them, discovering and beginning to hone his innate magical talents (loldragonblood). Short on money and hungry for power, he decided to become an adventurer and make a name for himself.

And the captain of said guard is now the party's fighter and the sole member of Lord(ling) Quincy's Vice Knights. My Coat-of-Arms is an Antlion. Don't ask.

I swear to god this has nothing to do with GoT. Didn't even get the connection explained to me until later.

>> No.28281885

Thanks man Poog appreciates your encouraging words.

He is currently working with the party of adventurers from Old World Euro-analogue after attempting to turn on the Warlord during their invasion of the warcamp. Poog managed to use illusion magic to frighten away most of the goblins in the camp (and cause 3 out of 4 party members to brown them selves) by summoning an imaginary gryphon. Sadly he pushed his luck too far by attempting to make the illusion "ask the pinkskins for shinies please" and attempted to stab one of the warlords eidolons in the back (I forgot they had empathic link so as soon as I attacked them the warlord knew Poog had turned on him). The Warlord escaped and Poog was threatened into helping the party track him down before he could reach the main camp of goblins and reveal Poogs betrayal/to get his head for the bounty the party was on. After defeating the Warlord and the patrol he ran into and leaving no survivors the parties self designated leader recruited Poog to be the local guide and translator in exchange for not breaking his neck and the promise of some loot. Poog discussed this with Luckums who told him to go with the pinksinks, learn about them and work with them so that one day Poog can return to his tribe beyond the mountains with a pile of money and knowledge that he can use to bride other tribal leaders with to lead his campaign of Goblin superiority across the continent. Thus Poog is now in the process of making a verbal and magically sealed contract (because Poog learnt the lesson at an early age that despite goblins hatred of written word deals with powerful beings need to be made with SO MUCH CARE) with the party leader AND the leader of the only major Old World settlement on the continent to secure Poogs services as long as he gets paid.

In Luckums personal storyline he is still stuck being a turtle and is currently trying to convert the party cleric by whispering in her ear while she sleeps.

>> No.28281906
File: 155 KB, 400x372, 114065-132397-illithid[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A mind-flayer paladin that, instead of infesting his host, was born from a human. This is because the initial parasite got stuck in the wrong hole by a flayer with a poor sense of human anatomy. The demon-squid-baby was given to the church out of terror and confusion, and one of the priests decided to raise him so they could use the creature as an influence over any who might want to attack their territory. They did so, intended to be in secrecy until he was capable enough to use as a bargaining chip, but the priest got a little attached and essentially raised him as his own son. Later on, as the flayer was reaching adulthood, an orc horde attacked his church and hometown. He tried to fight (and was knocked out almost immediately), and most of his church was destroyed, while the neighboring town was still stable. His father-priest killed and the church gone, and with no chance of being accepted in town, he set out.

This was a few years ago. I wrote a ten-something page backstory on him, it's probably somewhere on my computer if anyone's interested.

>> No.28281922

I like it, but there's two issues that jump out at me.

>Born from a chance encounter between his mother and an elf
>Has a little sister who's a half-elf
I don't get it.

And stop introducing yourself as your class and race.


>> No.28281930

I'm really shit a writing so I'll just give you the tl;dr version

Half-giant born in half-giant tribe. Pretty huge and strong guy even by their standards. The years go by. Suddenly ORC RAID. Most of the tribe is slain, while some are capured, him included. Forced to fight man and beast in orc arena for years to come. The last of his tribe falls in battle. He completly loses his shit, kills a few orcies and manages to escape. After stumbling around for days, being sad, hungry and all alone, he happens upon a monastery. Being tired of bloodshed and killing, they teach him their way of life. After a while he leaves the monks and sets out into the world to do good, to atone for all the horrible things he had done.

Pretty shitty backstory, but I'm having a blast playing him.

>> No.28281945

I like where this is going. Maybe something to characterize him as an individual... I feel as if there just aren't enough details to get a proper image of the guy. That being said, I can really imagine the conflict going through the guy's head. Impressive starting him out at his moment of crisis.

His "arc" would probably be the first if I were GM.

This reminds me of pretty much every action girl ever in Hollywood. It usually goes like this:

"I'm a happy person" -> Family member dies -> "I want revenge" -> Become kickass and ultimately rely on strong male protagonist to carry the day

There are some minor differences but they're largely superfluous. The last sentence means absolutely nothing (you might as well have said "oh and she plays a mean game of soccer"). Perhaps, she was taught a lot about pacifism and the way of life. Maybe she could have issues over her desire for vengeance and the most important lessons her family passed along to her?

>> No.28281964
File: 1.42 MB, 1701x907, 84588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That is a bit much to fit into 569 words. Can it be done?

Nevertheless, it is good advice. Focus on the character's own thoughts and actions, rather than those of the related NPCs.

What are your thoughts on this?
>I do not quite see the issue with having my character be associated with fox fae. If my character had, say, a dormant *demon* in his soul instead, would that really have been much more palatable?

Also, I might as well post a backstory for a character for a Mage: The Awakening game that begun a few months before that 13th Age campaign.

There were a few stipulations:
- My character had to be an orphan.
- The details of his Awakening would be handled as part of his prologue.
- He would be completely new to mage society.

Is this any better?

CHARNAME has always been a curious little explorer gifted with brainpower much beyond his years.

The young boy's father, Wallace, a highly successful and wealthy doctor, had died in an automobile accident before CHARNAME was even born. His mother, Estelle, a writer for several survival and travel publications, did her best to nurture her child's mind by indulging whatever caught his imagination's fancy. In CHARNAME's case, that was anything to do with the exploration and investigation of interesting new places and things.

CHARNAME spent much of his childhood tagging along with his mother as she visited forests, mountains, distant cities, and foreign shores. The young boy loved sightseeing and taking in all the wonders of the beautiful world. There were so many marvelous places on the planet to bask in the majesty of!

CHARNAME's mother, Estelle, appreciated the self-sufficiency he was learning at an early age. By the time he was eight, he was practically a little boy scout who could live off the land with minimal tools. To pass the time when he was not exploring, CHARNAME honed his mind with solving lots and lots of puzzles, riddles, mysteries, and other logical problems; he just plain found them fun.

>> No.28281975

7.5/10. Don't see half giants too often, and I like gladiator characters. Half-giant tribe sounds really weird though, don't usually see enough half-giants to form one. Maybe like a giant tribe with some half-giants in it, but never a full half-giant tribe.

Character grew up in a fuckhuge metropolis, orphaned for as long as he could remember. Street urchin, living in a decently rough neighborhood with other street urchins. Various guilds occasionally pick up wandering kids in order to get fresh blood, they get a free apprentice and kid gets free food and a home, character gets picked up by Assassin's guild when he was around ten. Rather fond of music, picked up the violin while he grew up. Seems rather charming, but is a serious sociopath because he was born on the streets and raised by fucking assassins-he knows exactly what the worth of human life is, and it's not very high.

General modus operandi is to get contract on fancy noble, find out any fancy parties he's going to, and get in as local musician.

>> No.28281976

Sounds like you started with a build and shoehorned a character into it. Not always a bad thing, but in this case it comes across as a pretty generic story with an "OH WAIT HE'S AN OTHERWORLDLY MONSTER" thrown in. Maybe I'm just biased against Mind Flayers. Maybe I'm having a hard time picturing the kind of priest that would raise one of these things. Pretty sure they're genetically programmed to kill people somehow anyways. Don't know. Seems like a stretch

But I'd be hard-pressed to explain why.

>> No.28281984
File: 485 KB, 594x900, 6902e6401fe788b9b3bb57ad2037ee70-d4w9put.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


CHARNAME was a very bright boy who had skipped three grades at school due to his capacious mind. However, when he just nine years old, his homeroom teacher managed to shake up his worldview. She was in a very irate and grumpy mood, but she had to hold this discussion with the class on what everyone wanted to be when they grew up. CHARNAME said that he wanted to be an explorer who discovered new and hidden places in the world!

That was when his teacher snapped, pulled down a world map, and told him that being an explorer in this day and age was pointless. The whole world has already been charted, she said. CHARNAME could not help but snap back. Every day, he explained, archaeologists discovered new things about ancient civilizations, scientists figured out more about how the world works, and tech people engineered new inventions... so how come explorers could not do something similar? His teacher had none of it.

CHARNAME was very irritated and defiant. Over the next several days, he firmly reasserted to himself that what his teacher said could not possibly be true. The young boy explained to his mother that he wanted to gather proof that there was more to the world than what was already mapped.

Thinking that it might be a decent way to hone his imagination further, CHARNAME's mother indulged his obsession by ordering as many books as she could that were "non-fictional" accounts on hidden places in the world. Little did Estelle know that her son was seriously, seriously into it as he conducted non-stop research on uncharted, completely unheard of regions of the world through both the internet and the books he ordered.

At one point, CHARNAME's mother managed to order a copy of a strange book called "Lark Demonde's Travels." The seller was shady, and Estelle's gut instinct told her that the book was stolen, but it was unlike anything they had seen before. The price was cheap too (relatively, for a family with a gigantic inheritance from a dead parent).

>> No.28282015

I rolled some dice on a bunch of random tables, and BAM! Cleric with dyed hair and skin.

Figured the only logical explanation was growing up to be a cleric and the dyes are a local religious quirk.

That's about it.

>> No.28282017
File: 256 KB, 506x629, 12589 - arms_behind_back mao_(rebirth) one_eye_closed red_eyes red_hair shorts shota tail tales_of_rebirth thighhighs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


She ordered it, and so it fell into CHARNAME's hands.

Over the next several months, CHARNAME pored over the tome obsessively, even as he continued to journey along with his mother during her work. Reading through it was... painful somehow. Even though it was the exact thing he was looking for, a collection of accounts of the hidden, mythical, lost places of the world... each paragraph he read drilled into his mind a sliver of the idea that everything he knew was wrong.

CHARNAME reread each passage of "Lark Demonde's Travels" over and over again, hitting walls in frustration as though trying to puzzle out a mathematical conundrum. Worse, he did not even know why he felt like this, why the book was so maddeningly difficult to comprehend. And yet, it was like a trainwreck he could not avert his eyes from. It was not fun reading the book, and his mother often found it odd that he sort of always had an empty look in his eyes as he traveled the world.

Just a few days before his tenth birthday, CHARNAME was camping with his mother in a forest somewhere in New England. He was close to having finished "Lark Demonde's Travels," and yet he had made only minimal progress in actually comprehending it. He woke up in the middle of the night, took the tome and a pocket light, and strode out to complete the book beneath the moonlight.

To this day, CHARNAME does not know how it happened. By some strange twist of fate, a pair of highly irate bears had stumbled across the tent in which the young boy's mother was sleeping. She awoke and did her best to handle the unusual situation using her survival expertise, but it was not enough. One of them mauled her dead on the spot. By the time CHARNAME came over to investigate, it was too late. All he could think of doing was clutch the tome and start running in shock and panic.

CHARNAME dashed through the trees without direction and without a plan, until his eyes caught sight of a strange colony of rabbits.

>> No.28282024
File: 294 KB, 525x765, 85828 - blue_eyes bomb brown_hair collar hat necktie ponytail shorts solo tantei_opera_milky_holmes trap weapon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


A few were white, some were brown, others still were black. They were dashing and hopping along in the same direction that the young boy was, and so he felt compelled to follow along, in the hopes that they might lead him somewhere safe. All CHARNAME found as he madly sprinted along was a thick tangle of thorns and brambles, which he managed to get himself painfully entangled in. Strange, he thought, still holding the book to his chest; where did this come from?

The colony of rabbits approached the young boy and offered in little, squeaky to help him out. They offered to show CHARNAME the path to improvise together his own safety, the path to make things right for himself, the path to finally understand all he was seeking. And so began young CHARNAME's Mystery Play.


After he had Awoken, CHARNAME was left all alone in the forest at night. His mother dead, his father having died a long time ago, the moonless, starless night giving little guidance. The young boy managed to navigate his way out of the forest through a mix of talent, supernatural luck, and willpower, but then he realized that he was miles away from civilization.

CHARNAME saw little else to do but to sit down and begin hoping. Wishing. Wishing that the universe would give him a chance to ho home, and yet continue his travels. Wishing that he had someone to take care of him. Wishing that he had someone to teach him of this whole new world he had found himself plunged into. And along came a Mystagogue tracking down a stolen copy of "Lark Demonde's Travels."

>> No.28282033

>Half-giant tribe sounds really weird though, don't usually see enough half-giants to form one.

>Half-giants most commonly organize themselves into nomadic and shifting tribes, following charismatic and wise leaders for brief periods. Many half-giants have a tendency to drift into and out of tribes over time, while a portion of a tribe may split out and start a new tribe, which may later merge with a larger tribe

This is what it said in Pathfinder. I don't know much about half-giants, so I just assumed it was half-giant tribes.

>> No.28282036

Up untill the monk part, he was basically Conan.

>> No.28282052

A young boy from an out-of-the-way farming village is too sickly and weak to help in the fields or even his father's apothecary. He's sent to train under a retired collegiate wizard that lives on the edge of town, learning magic to make himself useful.

One day, one of the younger children goes missing from the village, and after a long, harrowing night filled with minotaur cultists, child sacrifice, and an albino illithid prophet of Pelor, our hero finds himself embroiled in a kingdom-spanning plot concerning dark magics and the possible shadow government working to take over the world.

Now, after many adventures, dungeons, and battle scars later, he is the first mage in a thousand years to unravel the mysteries of metamagic and is well on his way to establishing a cult of pyromancy in a faraway land, half-mad and bloodthirsty for the downfall of the villain that destroyed his hometown, killed his parents, and ripped away his right arm and burnt it in front of him as mockery for his faith in Fire.

>> No.28282065

One of the many bastard children of a minor Cormyrian lord, left to be raised by his peasant mother as per protocol. Unsatisfied with a peasant's lot in life and unwilling to spend the rest of his life looking at the same hundred faces while doing the same mind-numbingly boring work day after day, he joins a group of marauders as he sees them pass by, converting to Garagos.

He spends the next few years as a reaver. On one fateful raid, by chance alone, the band raids the demesne belonging to his father while much of the garrison has been called away to serve in the war. The outlying village quickly falls but the bandits have no way to breach the keep's walls so the castle's inhabitants are unscathed. The standard rape and pillage procedure commences.

Among the many victims is the lord's daughter who was visiting a friend for a party. She is taken by force and killed by her unwitting half-brother. A fight breaks out between Charname and one of the fellow raiders over her jewelry. Charname is wounded grievously and left for dead.

Next morning Charname is found by the lord's remaining men. Unsure of who he is, they question one of the surviving villagers who tells them that all he saw was the man fighting one of the bandits. As there are no other witnesses, they conclude that he was trying to stop the bandits. They take him to the lord, who, as a sign of gratitude, takes him in as a man at arms. Thinking of this as a short cut to wealth and station, Charname does not denies the story and quickly accepts.

Instructed by a Helmite priest in the formal arts of combat, Charname's views slowly begin to change over the years as he is influenced by his teacher and having to see, day after day, the impact his actions had on the villagers. The final straw is the dawning realization about just who his half-sister was and his own bloodline thanks to connecting the dots from the Lord's sparse tales. Horrified by his actions and what he has become, Charname converts to Helm.CONT

>> No.28282068

Male Dragonborn Fighter, Young Adult.

Black sheep of a noble family, simply because he's one of the few of the nobility that doesn't have his head up his ass, and actually tried to use his status, wealth, and what have you for the benefit of others. Also has his own idea of what Justice is, and his idea of justice, and his family's idea of justice don't exactly mesh. Of course.

Long story short, he and his family have a falling out, he steals a family heirloom which just so happens to be a Masterwork Greatsword. So now he's on the run from his family's hired goons while he's trying, and failing, not to draw attention to himself. Of course, being a Dragonborn, a (former) Noble of high station, worshipper of Bahamut and JUSTICE, and afflicted with an incurable case of Chronic Hero Syndrome, that's not exactly easy.

>> No.28282072

It's kind of funny how /tg/ always throws a shitstorm about half-fae catboys when backstories like these have ultimately the same function. I'd hate to be the player who brought an elf to the table. Doubly so if the player isn't white.

The way this is written there's nothing that will change this character's mind. He's an elf-hater in the stormfront, neo-nazi sense, and nothing will phase him from that. It would be a lot more interesting if he's got second thoughts about it (especially since he's got his sister), but the prose just deadbolts that door before opportunity can come knocking.

Political family dickery. I don't feel like it was pulled off correctly, largely because having such a child is a massive liability that would get a noble into trouble very quickly. There has to be more to this before I can believe it, and I think that something will cause the character to change drastically.

No problem. The only thing I fear is that he's treading thin ice, with the danger of becoming yet another goblin. I think the dynamic between Poog and his deity is the saving grace to the concept though.

>> No.28282090
File: 992 KB, 992x846, 1337013629911[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Definitely appropriate. They are pretty much the generic ultimate-evil race and it might have been one of the reasons I chose that over any other.

Found the full backstory, if anyone wants to look at it for a bit. http://www.scribd.com/doc/91786927/R-lyeth-Do-Urden-s-Backstory
My writing style was pretty absurd, now that I look back on it. And please, god, forgive me for those horribly uncreative names; I swear I won't do it again!

>> No.28282096

Character is the son of a Rat cCatcher/ Pest Remover that comes from a moderately wealthy family that owned a rather illustrious if not ill-managed tavern along with the actual business building. The family businesses went into default upon the death of the main character's father at the age of 65, caused by an illness he contracted in his line of work. The character is living in harsh poverty, poor housing, no other family to ask for help (he's in his mid-twenties) has to fight on a daily basis to keep the clothes on his back. Until one day he is summoned to the reading of the Will. With him being the sole inheritor of a small, empty apartment and a very interesting piece of possessed equipment.

The piece of equipment is akin to that of a Djinn's lamp except it's basically a series of tubes assembled from a busted organ that has a handle that basically makes a small flip-hatch. It's inhabited by a Steam Elemental and was the secret to his father's success on especially difficult jobs that couldn't just be poisoned or crushed.

So with his skills trained and the signature piece of equipment assigned; he seeks to restore the family name and businesses to former glory through either traditional or nontraditional means.

After the summons from the poor house,

>> No.28282112

>No problem. The only thing I fear is that he's treading thin ice, with the danger of becoming yet another goblin. I think the dynamic between Poog and his deity is the saving grace to the concept though.

The fun part is
I don't know if Luckums is really a god or not. The GM and I discussed the idea and he has yet to tell me if Luckums is really the god or if Poog is just insane. But I play Poog fully believing that Luckums is really my god

>> No.28282117

How is an elf hunter the same thing as a half-fae catboy?

>> No.28282128

Charname converts to Helm and sets out to repay for his sins in any way he can, wandering the lands in search for wrongs to right, innocents to protect, and of course, his old comrades.

Mechanically, he's a plain old Fighter. It is never made clear whether or not Helm actually accepts him or finds his actions irredeemable. I wanted to make this character to explore the idea whether a person should be judged on who he was, whether or not he has changed.

>> No.28282129

>Political family dickery. I don't feel like it was pulled off correctly, largely because having such a child is a massive liability that would get a noble into trouble very quickly. There has to be more to this before I can believe it, and I think that something will cause the character to change drastically.
I would agree with this. It's actually a new character and that story is just something I whipped up at the beginning of our planning session. We've yet to actually play. Is there anything specific you'd suggest? I was having trouble fleshing it out more...

The idea was kind of that his father couldn't bring himself to do anything bad to his own flesh and blood and his wife was VERY aware of how bad an idea this was. At this point he's actually in disguise, because there's people out there who would be more than happy to have his head.

>> No.28282157

Human woman, soldier, lost her husband and family to an invading army. Spent years in alcoholism before coming to grips with her life, her mercenary work brought her in touch with a young man with a knack for the fantastical and she decided he was worth the risk of getting hurt again. Now she adventures to make some money to settle down with him (he travels with her but he's less inclined towards combat, just maps and baking and parties).

>> No.28282159

>Son of a ratcatcher
Stopped reading right there 10/10

>> No.28282175

I actually wanna bring the half fae catboy to the table some day, just to set off everyone's alarm bells, then play him like I play 90% of my characters, 80s macho action heroes.

>> No.28282194

Man, change "giant" to "barbarian" and you've got yourself a classic wuxia hero/anti-hero. The prose doesn't hint at any sort of personal conflict though - he's got everything sorted out in his life and the rest is just "doing it." Frankly these characters are really boring to GM for since they don't have much growth potential.

Well, I'm assuming the backstory has some other stuff. At the moment, he's a character who is defined solely by how the environment acts upon him.

>I do not quite see the issue with having my character be associated with fox fae. If my character had, say, a dormant *demon* in his soul instead, would that really have been much more palatable?
"Darker" doesn't mean much to me, but I'm not your everyday half-fey catboy-hating fa/tg/uy. I ignored the question because I'm the wrong person to ask it to. (For an answer: It doesn't matter.)

As for the Mage-adjusted story... I don't like it. He's got every reason to be very attached to his mother, yet he doesn't show that remorse. He's also 10 when his parents both croak. Sure he's adventurous and bright, but his safety was just shattered. Kids that age tend to grow up very stunted/different under such conditions.

You're missing a huge part of characterization that would make your character more believable and empathizable.

Also I think that it would be interesting if his father disapproved of his mother's rash decisions.

>> No.28282201

Male human, grew up basically alone with his dad in a cabin in the woods. Worked very hard on their small plot of land, did lots of farm-work and hunting, were completely self-sustained. His mother grew ill when he was maybe two, so he doesn't remember her much, and his father always said she was a sweet and hard-working woman.

Of all the things the boy took well to, it was carpentry. He helped to fell many trees and put up many dwellings for any money they needed out on their own lands. He was very good with an axe, just like his father. He grew up well informed of what a fair trade was and how to guarantee one through hard work and not taking shortcuts. Were they phenomenal? Well, the boy always thought so. They never felt the need to make a business out of it, however. They were content to live off the woods.

Around when the boy was fourteen, some Orcs encroached on their land and declared it to be theirs. The boy's father wasn't having any of it and shared several angry discussions with the slowly growing tribe of Orcs. Eventually the Orcs arrived ready for a fight, and his father challenged the leader to single combat. He fought hard and fought well, but was slain all the same.

The leader of the Orcs looked to the boy, who had witnessed the struggle, and declared, "It would be a shame to waste the son of a man with such honor and fire. He was a great and worthy opponent. We shall see that he gets a proper funeral, but you will after have one day to leave. You may take all that you can carry."

The Orcs were true to their word and helped the boy bury his father, then disappeared. Picking up his father's axe and all the tools he could carry, he set off in to town. He worked as another carpenter's apprentice until he was old enough to join an adventurers' guild, having grown weary of the memories. He took quickly to the life of the rangers, and developed a wanderlust that surpassed any desire for gold or fame.

Ranger -> Horizon Walker

>> No.28282205

Oh and another quirk I worked in for Poog is that he is by no means an idiot or typical bumbling goblin. He is educated and eloquent..... at least when it comes to New World Goblin customs and speech. When he talks in Goblin, Strix or Gripli he is a gentleman and a scholar and characters who can understand those languages hear something along the lines of:

"Good morning my fine sir, my name is Poog and I am a professional witchdoctor; purveyor of tricks, potions and insight . For a modest fee I will happily assist you with anything you require."

However his Old World Common leaves a lot to be desired so when he is forced to use that tongue he comes across in a screechy-squeaky voice because he only recently learnt the language through a combination of a human explorer teaching him and reading some ye ole style books he got from the human (before the tribe killed the human; funnily enough also where Poog got his hat and coat) along the lines of:

"Me am Poog powerful witchydoctor. Many magics I can do for you. Pay unto Poog shinies for magics."

My GM and I have decided as Poog becomes more comfortable with Common he will keep his olde' style speech but get closer to his natural eloquence.

>> No.28282213

Oh, Well thank you. But why?

>> No.28282226

Warhammer taught me that anything that has to do with ratcatchers is awesome.

>> No.28282277

At young age she got roped into a demon cult.
The cult proceeded to try and summon a demon. Demon gave no fucks about the cult's wishes and proceeded to eat them.
She managed to pull a bit of a dodge and bury the demon in the case.
And get a Lunar Exaltation for her trouble.
Proceeded to learn how to summon demons properly.

Lionine catfolk, nomadic tribe in the desert.
One night, her tribe got eaten by Dune People - cannibals that hide from the sun that burns their albino skin by digging into the sand for the day.
She managed to run off and hide, during the day tracked them down, killed them off by pouring sand down their breathing tubes (the few that managed to dig themselves out in time were fucked up in the sun and easy prey anyway)
Counting the remaining supplies, she realised that she didn't have nearly enough to get to the nearest oasis.
For a solution, well, there WAS all this warm meat laying right there, bleeding out.
Exalted when she was dragging herself through the desert on the last ounce of strength.

>> No.28282329

Functionally they both force the other players to accept certain conditions when entering the game. The half-fey catboy asserts certain things about the setting (or rather, characters that discover their identity and have a coming-of-age progression do that). The elf-hater makes it impossible for anyone to play an elf character without it getting super-awkward, especially if the elf player is not white. (It has potential not to be, but you didn't write it that way. It reads, "I have an excuse to bash elves like the shitfaces they are," not "He's really internally conflicted here and doesn't handle anger well at all, but here's a hook for other players to use.")

Work it out with your GM. Let it be intentionally vague and up to each player/PC's interpretation. That's how you make this kickass.

You should watch Curse of the Golden Flower. Or read up on historical examples of such dickery. I'm not as well-versed with European history so I can't help you on that front, but if you look in Chinese history it's chock full of people forcing each other's hands due to social expectation and the like.

As for a specific example I can't help you much. Though just to whet your tastes here's a fun little tidbit about Chinese history:

The Song dynasty basically had a main family and a branch family. To resolve the potential issue of bloodshed, they worked out an arrangement where the families would switch off on who was the emperor each generation (this would also theoretically avoid situations where ministers control an emperor who was too young). Unfortunately the main family went back on the deal and stayed on until 8 generations when suddenly all of their heirs died. In a weird twist of fate the branch family ruled for the next 8 generations, whereupon the Song dynasty ended at the hands of the Yuan.

Fate has its mysterious ways...

>> No.28282348

Kitsune samurai, pathfinder.

Grew up in a burrow filled with about a dozen siblings and cousins, with a handful of parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, grand-aunts/uncles, and one great-grandmother. Most of them are bards, artists, rogues, and the like, so it got noisy as all hell in there most of the time, and he couldn't stand it. Instead of being something artistic or the like, he learned swordsmanship, and eventually pledged loyalty to a local lord. Pretty stern guy, growing up with those little shits made him pretty nofunallowed.

>> No.28282351

>Work it out with your GM. Let it be intentionally vague and up to each player/PC's interpretation. That's how you make this kickass.

I will never know my self until he deems it worth me knowing.

Poog knows it's true. But then again Poog could just be totally fucking nuts and high on magic and the various stupid things he cooks up.

Random Mushroom and Rock soup anyone?

>> No.28282393
File: 277 KB, 412x670, 90139 - bag blond_hair blue_eyes braid haiyore!_nyaruko-san hastur hoodie long_hair looking_back sitting solo trap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>As for the Mage-adjusted story... I don't like it. He's got every reason to be very attached to his mother, yet he doesn't show that remorse. He's also 10 when his parents both croak. Sure he's adventurous and bright, but his safety was just shattered. Kids that age tend to grow up very stunted/different under such conditions.

You would rather have the character be more emotionally devastated, then? I suppose that is reasonable.

How would you have handled that with the fact that he discovered the existence of magic immediately afterwards and, like any mage undergoing their Awakening, was instantaneously empowered by it?

>Also I think that it would be interesting if his father disapproved of his mother's rash decisions.

He was dead before anything significant in the backstory, however.

>> No.28282432

"The Mithral Fist"

A quiet and studious Warforged Monk. Because he neither sleeps nor suffers from fatigue, he gets to spend the days doing what he loves: meditating and training. He is wickedly quick and horribly efficient, outfitted with a body of Mithral and powerful fists for battle.

They say he came to be ages ago and served as a silent guardian to some fantastical sorcerer or artificer, but since he speaks very little nobody knows for sure. While many Warforged of his apparent age are horribly scarred from combat, he seems to be pristine. A few monks claim that on his longer stints of solitary meditation, he runs in to town to repair any scrapes he may receive (those monks would be right, but he prefers to maintain the illusion of perfection).

He is personally a very patient and understanding Warforged. He identifies with the male gender and sees life as curious but rather self-defeating. Were he to speak, he would pose many questions that he keeps behind quiet "lips". He finds that law is essential to order and prosperity and will not intentionally break it without great persuasion and provocation, however he does not go out of his way to stop those who do make minor infractions. He sees them as only endangering themselves.

When he does finally break from his monastery and forges his path in to the world, he finds his ideas on life to all be a little skewed by his lack of communication, and things aren't like they were when he was first made. He is very eager to understand why mortal beings act and react the way they do and often thrusts himself in to parties of wandering adventurers, offering his services in return for little more than company.

>> No.28282434

That's a fun quirk. I think the best way to do it is to have him struggle to sound intelligible despite his knowledge. Imagine if he used some proper words, but pronounces them wrong. Or perhaps he uses them incorrectly. If you need an example, find a recent immigrant in the middle of a public speech or something. (I had a lifetime watching my parents figure out English - it was pretty fucking hilarious.)

>5/10 on both
This is probably the biggest pet peeve I have about Exalted characters in general - they tend to be all about their achievements and nothing about who they are. A struggle isn't interesting because of the content of the struggle but rather the character of the people who go through those trying moments. Exalted is -made- for that, but it tends to go the other way...

>> No.28282451

Campaign's long been over, but whatever I'll share.

Game is Pathfinder.

Human Female Alchemist.

At a young age, was left at the doorstep of the city's Wizard Academy, she never really had a knack for wizardry, but one day while trying to make a basic Mage Armor potion, she screwed up the recipe and started a chain reaction that blew up basically the room she was in, she survived, but ran away from the wizards for fear of the reaction (Archmage of the academy knew it was her since the start, but stayed his hand and decided to watch her progress from there).

Started practicing Alchemy after she blew up the room.

Found herself embroiled in the happenings of the just reforming Venture Guild after helping a bunch of strangers (who would be her future Party) chase down a Kobold thief to his tribe and clearing them out.

Never knew much about her family, eventually discovered that her bloodline is tainted with Red Dragon blood and she was left at the academy by her mother in the hopes that she would practice wizardry instead of sorcery so that her latent blood-powers wouldn't become emergent. Was mostly successful in this regard. Still fascinated with fire and prone to violence and greed, but looks nothing like a Red Dragon and doesn't have anywhere near the charisma to be an effective sorcerer anyway.

>> No.28282453

Mary Sue bullshit.

>> No.28282469

>That's a fun quirk. I think the best way to do it is to have him struggle to sound intelligible despite his knowledge. Imagine if he used some proper words, but pronounces them wrong. Or perhaps he uses them incorrectly. If you need an example, find a recent immigrant in the middle of a public speech or something. (I had a lifetime watching my parents figure out English - it was pretty fucking hilarious.)

Good idea thanks bud.

>> No.28282474

How so?

>> No.28282478

>How would you have handled that with the fact that he discovered the existence of magic immediately afterwards and, like any mage undergoing their Awakening, was instantaneously empowered by it?
Be like Edward Elric. Try and revive them... or make things different.

Yeah, try and set up a moment where the other players have to take a leap of faith. That'll be fun. You can always twist it back to comedy if things don't go right.

>> No.28282490

As a Changeling, he goes by more than one moniker. The Mad Hare, the Jackalope King of Spring, "that drunken bastard." Mostly, they call him March, but once he was a man named Jack.

Jack was young and Jack had a wife. He had grown up poor, so was adamant that it wouldn't happen to his family. So he worked long hours in a thankless office job, even if it would drive a wedge between him and his wife. Though his wife didn't get to see him as much as she would have liked, she treasured their hours together and knew he was sacrificing for her and the baby they hoped to have. As Jack grew more and more stressed, she finally convinced him to take a small vacation. She hoped to tell him on that camping trip that she was pregnant with their first child.

Instead, the Huntsman took Jack. This Lord of the Hunt enjoyed coursing. The poor souls he captured became either his dogs or their prey. Jack was turned into a shivering rabbit, let loose only to be ran down and torn to pieces by the dogs. The Huntsman's magic sustained him, never letting him fully die and stitching him back together when necessary. Luckily, on one hunt, Jack was able to get the better of the hounds and sniffed out a passage under the Thorns and back to reality.

He found that more than a year had passed. At home, he discovered that "he" never left. His Fetch was living with his wife and raising his child. Worse, they were happy. All of them. Jack couldn't bear to bring pain to that happy family, to hurt his wife, so he left. He stumbled into the world of the Lost - the motleys, the courts, the Hedge and the Goblins. The Spring Court welcomed him and he found solace in their denial, going so far as to barter away his memories of his wife for baubles in a Goblin market, simply so he wouldn't have to think of her.

>> No.28282512

>Yeah, try and set up a moment where the other players have to take a leap of faith. That'll be fun. You can always twist it back to comedy if things don't go right.

One thing we haven't done yet, and I am avoiding for a while into the campaign, is actually asking "Why is Luckums stuck in a mortal form?"

Right now Poog is just assuming, and has been for some time, it's because he is obviously special and so Luckums came to help him out in his quest to unite the tribes. However the truth, if it is indeed the Turtle Load God, maybe veeeeery interesting85 59498822

>> No.28282515

Hell, to expound on that:

See FMA/NGE for a good example of kids with selfish wishes and infinite power. See Shinsekai Yori for a good example of a civilization that realizes the issues and attempts to curb them.

>> No.28282529

I'm just gonna step here and say:

What's wrong with backstories that are about the environment acting on a character?

Don't you have, I dunno, THE GAME ITSELF to show off your character's personality, beliefs, goals, etc. etc.?

>> No.28282533

>This is probably the biggest pet peeve I have about Exalted characters in general - they tend to be all about their achievements and nothing about who they are. A struggle isn't interesting because of the content of the struggle but rather the character of the people who go through those trying moments. Exalted is -made- for that, but it tends to go the other way...
That's because the "who" I keep variable for the group. For example the second one can be a girl quite traumatised by that and GTFO'd from the native south over to somewhere else.
Or can be grown hateful and planning some genocide.

>> No.28282578
File: 132 KB, 800x728, Siege.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Barbarian that lived in barbarian tribes. Barbarian tribes settled disputes by choosing a champion to duke it out in a 1v1 fight to avoid warring against each other, character was being groomed to be the champion of his tribe. One day, weird person called The Green Lady came, leading an army of the dead, told tribes they could either bow down or die, they refused to bow down. Most of them got wiped out, but Green Lady stopped, and picked a few select barbarians to be sold off into slavery, somehow picked out all of champions of the local tribes. Character was sold to a relatively big-name merchant who used him as a lead prizefighter in the local Colosseum. Thanks to barbarian training and dumb tenacity, he rose up to be a sort of celebrity in the town. Dumb as a brick and twice as ugly, but I've never had so much fun playing a character.

>> No.28282654

>Don't you have, I dunno, THE GAME ITSELF to show off your character's personality, beliefs, goals, etc. etc.?
I don't think you've ever GM'ed before. Mechanics rarely, if ever challenge a character such that his/her personality, beliefs, goals, and whatnot start to express in a dramatic sense. Instead, that's under the purview of the GM, who is responsible for getting agents to act upon the characters such that they must express to progress.

Unfortunately that's a lot of guesswork. Backgrounds help alleviate that, but if they're all "the environment defines this character" then what it amounts to is the GM being forced to do all the legwork in a three-legged race.

I see. Well, I personally would do it the opposite way - create a personality, then create a challenge that embellishes the person and sets up for development.

>> No.28282685

>Mechanics rarely, if ever challenge a character such that his/her personality, beliefs, goals, and whatnot start to express in a dramatic sense. Instead, that's under the purview of the GM, who is responsible for getting agents to act upon the characters such that they must express to progress.

I'm not talking about the rules.

I'm talking about the game. The sessions that you play.

That's when you can show off your character's personality, beliefs, goals, etc. etc.

>> No.28282732

Honestly? That just makes a GM's life harder. The more a GM can foresee the more a GM can set up the game such that the right things get embellished.

>> No.28282773
File: 36 KB, 835x618, sketches.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my first actual D&D character, so the concept might be kinda shitty. be gentle anon-san

Dwarf cleric, female, current age: 163 (older middle age?). Kind of ugly, really low charm, bearded and hefty but still insists she's quite feminine and dainty. Somewhat arrogant and awkward to be around.

>Be young
>Get placed in a convent for your chaotic neutral god
>Learn a decent amount of spells and duties. Become literate and relatively book-smart.
>Leave after becoming disillusioned with convent.
>Wander aimlessly for a few months.
>Meet a couple of dudes that help you fight of Big Bad of the week at some town square.
>They're the only ones that can tolerate your bitch-ass, join them.
>Hit on a couple of barmaids, fail. Tell some sex jokes. Dick around on some basic jobs.
>Jobs get increasingly worse and morally unsound. Lots of murder and generally awful shit abounds.
>Party Face is a fucking dick, argue with him all the time.
>Don't leave because you don't want to be alone again.
>After group murders droves of people (both innocent and otherwise), raids a prison, etc. you loot the jail.
>Whole bunch of bad shit happens to you specifically, Party Face doesn't really care.
>Eventually group murders the barmaid you were crushing on (admittedly this is after discovering she's a fucking demon).
>Meet up with Final Boss. He's an okay dude, actually.
>You suspect Party Face wants to kill him to become next death god
>Fucking snap
>Easily bring him down one attack
>Feel bad, heal him
>He fucking attacks you
>Narrowly escape
>Book it and leave town w/price on your head (long story)
>Feels bad, man
>Spend decades trying to atone for sins. Become Chaotic/Neutral Good depending on setting.
>Chipper old lady
>Heart of a sad autist.

>> No.28282784
File: 191 KB, 647x562, SilverEagle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A Silver Eagle Pilot with Genius level intellect, Hannah was kicked out of private school for flagrant disrespect which included editing power points and lecture notes to rid them of superfluous material. She managed to graduate early from high school and never learned how to drive after running over the dog of one of her father's superior officers. Hannah joined NEMA to continue her family's history of Service and wanted to go back to college so she could earn higher degrees and eventually join a cybernetics company with the long term goal of figuring out how to upload the human mind to a computer (so when she dies she could put her mind into a mainframe), but that of course was before the Rifts opened up

>> No.28282790

Male orc ranger, middle aged.

His tribe was absorbed by an expansionist elven empire shortly after his birth. The adults were all put to the sword/sold into slavery and those too young to identify with the tribe were recruited into the army as expendable orxiliaries. Hue hue hue.

While patrolling the borders of their territory, his squad was ambushed by a group of escaped slaves who asked him to join their fight against the elves. He refused, having known no life apart from the empire and no fellowship outside his unit. He began to make his way back, but realized he would be suspected of betraying his unit, or at the very least of cowardice, and summarily executed, leaving him with no choice but to flee the country and seek work as a mercenary - the only trade he'd ever known.

>> No.28282792

I'm pretty sure most GMs prefer simple, one-paragraph backstories.

>> No.28282828

These tend to result in simple, one paragraph characters.

>> No.28282834
File: 146 KB, 258x643, Pro1_Alex_Mercer_Concept_Art_Scientist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A Doctor indebted to the Australian mafia during the 1950's that's been forced to play the part of the shady street doc. Patching up mobsters and mixing drugs for a mob boss that ended up being a vampire who had taken an interest in his skills.

He was embraced in 1959 and introduced to the Carthian Movement. Spent a majority of his unlife in a downward spiral of more and more experimental procedures, eventually garnering the attention of the Night Doctors.

Recently returned from the Americas dealing with corporate squabbles between an upstart Pharmaceutical faculty trying to play a fast one over the company he now works for, Commonwealth Serum Industries.

>> No.28282849

Not really. Alternately, only if you let it.

>> No.28282852
File: 472 KB, 1000x1300, Because bard-assassins are fun, that's why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also had a picture by some local drawbro a while back, hopefully bump him for some kind of rating.

>> No.28282936

Not my favourite due to very limited amount of characters so far (all of them fairly bland or shortlived), but the character I'm going to play tomorrow in Edge of the empire.

Male Trandoshan Hired Gun Marauder (melee guy) who's not all too worried about the Hunt religion stuff, but is mostly motivated by greed. When he was discovered while looting a temple on the trandoshan homeworld he killed the priest that found him in the struggle and had to flee.
Ends up doing merc work for small time crime lord, works enough to get nice gear and gets to be bodyguard for the crime lord's son. Son gets assassinated on his watch, crime lord is pissed and wants his head, he buys his ticket out of there partly with his gear and info on crime lord's operations to the guys that did the assassination, who can wipe out his previous employer thanks to this.
Continues to do merc work to pay his obligation to them and to get his fancy gear back, and still has a dream of being the biggest, baddest and richest guy around. He's not too intelligent or charismatic.

>> No.28282955

>sardonic, sarcastic hobgoblin fighter
>lives in underground city where slavery is a legitimate form of work to pay off debts
>debts from a previous tendency to gamble too hard so signed up to be a slave
>slavery lead him to try his hand at the arena
>takes to fighting very well, is a very pragmatic fighter who isn't afraid to fight dirty
>excels at gladiator arena, becomes minor celebrity
>every time he goes out drinking people ask for his autograph, all that kinda jazz, gets a lot of attention he is reluctant to accept and is generally uncomfortable with

>> No.28283329

>13th age

A fresh corpse, risen from the dead despite the proper burial rites having been applied. Remarkably sentient in comparison to most undead, having also acquired sorcerous powers by whatever force raised it. Unfortunately it's new life came at a price, as it finds itself supernaturally driven to eliminate other sources of undeath. It was lucky enough to be found by the Golden Order before anyone else. They, being the cool dudes they are, took it in instead of killing it on the spot. It currently quests to find an answer to what strange force drives it. Also to kill zombies.

Warning: The following character trait may take this from a decent/interesting concept to shit territory.

This character is the little girl.

Hello to my group.

>> No.28283349

How does this compare to the 13th Age shota foxboy in this thread?

>> No.28283367

What are half-fae catboys and why are people mentioning them in this thread?

>> No.28283397


Well if nothing else I'd think that I saved this thread and my GM the pain of having to read tl;dr about someone else's special snowflake. Brevity is a virtue, isn't it?

>> No.28283410

All backstories must be read.

>> No.28283457

>be the last of 5 kids (3 boys 2 girls) of a baron in charge of a bridge and bridge town
>dad i want to go on ADVENTURES
>dad like LOL NO you got in charge of the bridge
>brothers go on ADVENTURES
>sisters married to nobles because low fantasy
>suddenly ORC War
>noting happens on the bridge
>One brother killed in some war
>older bro saves some noble in a war and got one of his daughters as wife taking out the shit hole our family name
>little sis die on plague
>become in charge of the bridge police (BP) and collect tax
>we hear about the final battle has ended, big bro take a big part on it, now he is a pimp duke an I am captain of BP
>suddenly fleeing orks on our way
>BP is just 30 soldiers most of them oldman who never being on war because BP
>"heroic" last stand ... orks burn the bridge and kill all the BP, bridge town is burn and towns folk flee
>during the battle fall in the fucking river almost drow
>dad kill, BP kill, ghost Town, go wait for any news of big bro or sis
>month pass no one came
>look like hobbo, eating fish rats and dogs
>take some old rank and file BP uniform, pack some rations, take dad's sword and BP shield
>going in an ADVENTURE finally
>yes the bridge was a shit hole and bridge town was boring as fuck but was MY shit hole bridge and MY boring as fuck town and is my rightfull duty to rebuild them
>change my name because FUCK my brothers
and then the adventures of Jhon Bridgetower began

not quite this is my character for my next game

>> No.28283477

Half-Orc Fighter, raised by a former Amnish soldier in Thay.

Upbringing instilled a sense of honor and a mind for tactics. Worships Tempus.

Trustworthy, but also wants to make a fortune and live better than others of his kind and become the half-orcish drizzt.

Plays chess in his spare time.

Planned to make a name for himself in the arena, when Aku, shapeshifting master of darkness tore open a portal in time, and flung him into the future where his evil is law.

>> No.28283539

Pretty nice, would adventure with.

>> No.28283609

Male Goblin Alchemist for an epic6 PF campaign, Raised in goblin pens scavenging dead goblins to eat, picky eater that spiced his food. After he left the pens got really into gourmet cooking. When he turned twelve an adventuring party killed a sizable portion of his tribe. he didn't see much of the fight before running but he did catch a glimpse of their wizard spell slinging, he since wanted to learn magic. After the fight was over and he was sure the party was gone he went scrounging for interesting things with the other survivers, he found a recipe book for potions in one of the probably dead goblin huts. He taught himself alchemy and left the village realizing his people are really prone to death. He then went on selling his services to anyone that didn't try to kill him on site.

>> No.28283623

>Human fighter
>in his late 50's (aged him as he was apart of previous campaigns that started when he was 20)
>Retired, with his children now out of home and wife owning a small market stall
>drinks with another fighter he used to work with years ago
>both are just scraping by with the money they have
>young inexperienced adventurer comes to him and tells of a huge bounty on a rouge court wizard.
>fighter and friend saddle up for one last job.

>> No.28283627

Retired town guard/ war vet, who bought a tavern as his retirement plan. When the party trashed it, he began to travel with them, partly to ensure they finished paying him back for damages, partly because he would have nothing to do while the tavern is being rebuilt.

Doesn't consider magic to be a manly way of dealing with things, barely tolerates the rogue, and is mildly racist toward halflings. Still uses his halberd from his guard career.

A little generic, but I don't usually play this kind of character, so I've had fun with him.

>> No.28283682

Garresh has had a very hard life. Before he was born his mother left home leaving his sickly father to take care of him. At age six his father died trying to keep him alive durring a snowstorm. He was sent to live with his abusive grandfather on his estate. For the next ten years his grandfather made his life a living hell with severe beatings, unusual chores, and an endless stream of taunts. Then at age 16 his grandfather who was on the brink of death spent his last dying breath to spit in Garresh's face. After his grandfathers death he was made to wander the land looking for a place to live. That was when he found the girl of his dreams. She was beautiful and very intelligent. After months of courting he was finally able to win her hand in marriage. For the next twenty years they lived on a small farm with there three sons and two daughters. But then one day while he was returning from market he saw smoke rising from the distance. As he rushed home he found that his farm has been raided by a band of thieves. He found his sons with swords in there chests and sticks in there hands. The most gruesome thing he saw was what happen to the girls. He found each on raped and killed in the house. Anger and sadness overwhelmed him as he grabbed the sword from one of his sons chest, and made way to find them. To this day you can still find Garresh sitting alone in a tavern, not drinking, lest he forget what happened. He waits for a chance to find his families killers and to help other people.

this is what happens when my dm asks me to make a gritty character

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