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Is there a more kickass melee weapon than the scythe?

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I don't even need to post a picture, you know it is true

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Almost any melee weapon is more kickass than the scythe but especially the macuahuitl.

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Actual combat scythes.

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Behold the Pilebunker, a weapon that lets you punch an enemy with an armor shredding jackhammer spike propelled forward by a barely contained explosion.

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All of them.

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A ranged weapon is a better melee weapon than a scythe.

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>inb4 not a melee weapon
it can be...

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let's try that again.

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Reminder that scythes are farming implements, not weapons.

Functional combat scythes are straightened and are basically spears/bardiches.

Yes, scythes are really fucking cool, but you need some suspension of disbelief to like them.

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Thats pretty brutal.

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If the blade was replaced with a long hefty spike on both sides it might be okay.

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Or, just use a warscythe

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A ship's anchor on a chain.

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Bec de Corbin will always hold my heart.

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A steel hatchet being wielded by anything, more specifically a viking warrior or a barbarian pillager of Rome.

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A rope with a knot in it.

Now that's a weapon I'd overthrow a despot with!

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Why would I bring an agricultural tool into combat?

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Very fair. Thank you.

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An electric pole saw wielded in the manner of a naginata

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A ship on a bigger chain.

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What this guy said.

I'm not the kind of person who demands realism everywhere, but a "typical scythe" is a pretty shitty melee weapon and should really only come into play in settings where the tone is by no means particularly realistic.

Wouldn't mind playing a crazy over the top game where someone used a scythe though.

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Warscythes nigga, but nobody in their right mind should take a regular scythe into battle, that's just not effective.

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>using weapons
>not using your own body parts to defeat your foes
>so weak you have to use metal to fight for you
You are all a bunch of cowards and weaklings

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> come the fuck at me

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Yes, anything that's not a farming tool

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Warhammers were here. Fuck your armor.

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Sometimes you literally need to mow down your enemies.

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Your weapon is used by farmers to cut plants.
My weapon was used by the most fearsome beast of the seas to rend the meat of its prey. There is no contest here.

>farmer rytNot
Even the captcha holds you in contempt.

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In palladium, I'm using what can only be described as a 4 ft iron cat penis on a pole.

I don't even remember the name.

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I'm calling whatever I want a scythe and you can't stop me.

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my nigga

Axes are cool too

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Scythes are badass.

No, I don't care that it's a farming implement.
No, I don't care that other weapons are better.
No, I don't want a war scythe or a spear.

If I can play pretend that magic is real, I can play pretend that scythes are viable

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> useful on all armor types
> looks fucking boss
> execution weapon

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Star Platinum.

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Of course, just look at dem curves

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Nigga you just asking for a spikin.

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>that hilt

Holy fuck id rather use a broom to fight with.

Im not even kidding, a god damn broom.

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He was there in spirit.

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It's like that because it's a railroad spike. Hence the pun.

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Scythes are retarded weapons but I would still rather have a scythe than this

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Good call brother in arms.

morning star is best star,

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Nowhere near enough rule 34 of Maka.

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>dat temper

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It wasn't even a good pun nor a good weapon.

No offense, but the joke was kinda weak buddy

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You have no taste.

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The spikes on that morning star make it retarded

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big ass flail.
Not a spiked one either, just a smooth steel ball. of face smashing.

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I get it you found an obscure family of weapons five years after everyone else but they aren't that cool. A fucking spear with a rock head is better...

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What kind of world would it take to make a farming scythe a viable weapon?

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>not Tsubaki
Get away from me, swinehund.

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Electric Chainsaw Naginata.

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any world where you can enchant stuff...

so every fantasy setting.

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Hivemind, that.

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I would hardly call them "obscure." Pretty much everyone and their mom could come up with "take sharp things and put them on a stick" as an idea for a weapon.
And fuck you, they are cool as shit.

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I use chainsaws all the time at work and can tell you they could never be used as a weapon. If you swing them at stuff they bounce back, RIGHT AT YOU

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its not even that you are just nutting to islander weapons because /tg/ and /k/ are on an islander weapon kick

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But why would you enchant a scythe over something usable? I don't buy it. It's not that I'm trying to discount your fun, I just like the excercise.

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So you can harvest that wheat better.

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One that is CUHRAYZEE.

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I agree with you on that, but what about flesh? I mean its a wierd question, but have you ever just used it like on a roast or a suckling pig of shits and giggles? But i do agree that it'd be a shitty weapon due to how cumbersome they are, but they'd probably be great if somebody could design one from the ground up as a combat weapon

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What, so because it's becoming common means it's shit now? I'm not allowed to enjoy things that other people do at the same time?
Fine, have it your way. Normal swords and knives it is. Woo.

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In many settings, magic is based off of mythology. The more history / belief you can throw behind something, the stronger it is.

The association of death with scythes would make for a more powerful death associated enchantments. Either making the tiniest nicks fatal, draining life away, etc.

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>I agree with you on that, but what about flesh?
They work very, very, VERY poorly. I watched a guy try to cut a pig with one to prove a point; took half an hour and two fresh chains to get though. Fat gums up the teeth, sinew catches and jams them, blood and juices lube everything up and prevent it biting in.

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I want /k/ to go.

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You have a magic sword that cuts anything

You have a magic scythe that cuts anything

The scythe could cut a lot more anything, essentially anything between the blade and the user is dead. and anything that was behind the head of the scythe when it is being swung is permafucked, theres no blocking, theres no dodgeing, you are already fucked.

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I've always found war-scythes to be sexually confused pole axes

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have you even held a scythe?

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It's not super efficient, but I dig it.

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a sword has one angle of attack you have to pay attention to, the scythe has two. You don't only have to worry about the swing but the implied reap. Even if you block the swing the blade is already around your entire back

>> No.28278272

> anything between head and user
> is actually the safe zone

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Am I the only Meteor hammer fan?

sure, the amount of dexterity and training needed is stupidly prohibitive, but it hits like a motherfucker.

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Oh trust me, I love me some good Tsubaki, but there's somethin about Maka that turns my dick to diamonds.

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Unless you, I dunno, just push off the haft. Or duck. Or dodge, because the simple fact is that the shape of a farmer's scythe lends itself to exactly two swings, one of which leaves the head stuck in the dirt, so avoiding it is a cakewalk.
Don't get me wrong here, I think scythes are badass weapons. They're just also stupidass weapons.

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Yours at least is made of plasma so cutting direction doesn't matter, and the emitter can shift to project straight out from the handle.

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confirmed for never holding a scythe.

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...but the handle on a scythe being wood, you don't even have to block the blow, just move forward and chop/break the head off, and then your opponent just has a bent stick.

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Everything involving Maka being high on black blood should be considered rule 34. My dick is quite adamant about this.

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Not Blair.

>> No.28278327

Which would actually improve it as a weapon since it's upgraded to a staff/escrima stick.

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What does she need a scythe for when she has dat fluffy tail?

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>a sword has one angle of attack you have to pay attention to, the scythe has two
Somebody forgot Idaho's lessons. The tip can cut, the blade can stab, the pommel bludgeon. And more to the point(hue), a sword can be swung more than two fucking ways.

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It's not a hivemind half an hour later. That's you not reading the thread.

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>Not loving innocent, inexperienced Maka

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its a glaive with the wrong end sharpened
an actual attempt to make a scythe combat viable would basically be a bec de Corbin with an enlarged point

>> No.28278345

welcome to the bronze age mother fucker!!!

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Im talking about how its a big fucking hook, I cant make it simpler for you

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Okay well, to be fair there isn't nearly enough R34 of any Soul Eater girl.

Expecially Liz, Maka, and the frog girl.

>> No.28278364

I can dig it. You could also go a different route, establishing different mythologies and associations, perhaps going into the agricultural association. Perhaps a rebirth association. The army equips its soldiers with enchanted scythes that make rebuilding a captured territory easier when used in the battle capturing it.

>> No.28278383

Dissuading those who would try and touch it, obviously.
Also what with being the antithesis of life and all that. She's got an image to maintain, even with living in a hellscape of impaled corpses and crow demons.

>> No.28278391

...that is actually really pretty. Where can I get one?

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>frog girl
>not chameleon loli

>> No.28278421

Im talking about an individual swing, sorry I did not simplify

>>28278313 we are talking about magical scythes now not farming tools please read thread

Its a big fucking sharpened hook, the "Two swings hurrdurr" shit as well wouldnt apply, a fantasy scythe does not have a curved pole, it does not have handles for reaping easily, the blade is smaller. Read the thread

Not a single picture of a fucking farming scythe has been posted

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Yeah, and you'll notice how a hook is about the shittist possible shape for hurting somebody with, because that pointy bit you wanna get them with is pointing the wrong way, and you either need to go out then back in to get them with the edge, which KILLS your momentum, or go with a full swing, which is predictable as fuck, leaves you open before and behind your windup, and takes up a lot of space.

>> No.28278436

The Onechanbara movie had a better Meteor Hammer fight.

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Shit I am applying actual logic to this and people are still just


no shit sherlock, we are talking about fucking magical warscythes, the two accepted swings for harvesting crops dont apply

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>Is there a more kickass melee weapon than the scythe?
It's called a Switch Axe, OP

>> No.28278490

> fan boys for inferior weapon because of a mediocre animu
> mad when met with common sense

If anything can be taken from soul eater is the bad ass undead teacher who uses a knife and crossbow.

>> No.28278492

I mean besides fucking HOOKING THINGS

all those things you wanted to hook? legs and arms and weapons and whatnot, are now fucking cut to

And you could impale them with the point via pickaxe

>> No.28278521

again we are talking about magic scythes, I don't watch anime. The common sense was "but it am for farming"

>> No.28278527

>Idaho's lessons

You're a pretty cool guy, but I must embrace outrageous sillines.

>fuck you I'm a beyblade, scythes rule

>> No.28278532

>Not a single picture of a fucking farming scythe has been posted
You're right. In fact a farming scythe, with the handles and less acute curvature, would be far better in a fight than, say, >>28278321 or >>28278301
Go look at >>28277702
You could wing that straight-on at somebody's neck, and it'd act more or less like a warpick. Try that with either of the others and you'd slap them with the flat outer edge. The only way you'd get that thing to cut them is by drawing it all the way around and pulling towards you, which is an awkward, slow, energy-wasting motion that does little more than make you look like an idiot.

The bit you seem to have missed is that hooking things is situational at best, usually a shitty idea. I don't want to hook some fucker, I wanna stab his ass.

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Even better: Earthbender meteor hammer.

>> No.28278549

When I think of a battle scythe I more think of something like this, with a small pointy blade that impales and hooks not so much cuts, and the non cutting end being a blunt weapon for smashing.

>> No.28278584

Classy and bashy

>> No.28278587

Yea. fuck disarming people

>> No.28278596

Ah, the bar mace. All the class of a forged weapon with the simplicity of a baseball bat.

>> No.28278598

unless they break off inside the target, but yeah, not that practical
this is a HUGE maybe, but if you treated the business end like a giant spike, you could use the angular momentum of a swing to get serious penetration on a large animal, certainly better than a spear
tribal weapons are too mainstream,
seeing all those folks walking around like they're hot shit since their parents bought them a macuahuitl
butterfly sword, class

>> No.28278612

>butterfly sword
The name was right there in the filename, plebeian.

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The main issue seems to be that even a magic scythe, shaft and all, the shaft is still a chunk of wood. Be it enchanted or not it'd be pretty strange for it to slice stuff also. Having trouble wrapping my head around it

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Imagine hitting someone with a big stick

Imagine hitting someone with a stick that has a scythe blade on the end, the blades gonna cut them... worse case scenario, they got hit with a heavier stick and now have a sword blade a few inches from them.

>> No.28278635

I don't know man, dat Guillotine dude.

>> No.28278642

These are butterfly swords you dork

>> No.28278680

balisong being the eastern term for a butterfly knife...
and it being a sword-sized butterfly knife/fan knife/balisong...

>> No.28278682

>Im talking about an individual swing
how the fuck is scythe having two angles? You fucking swing the thing in a direction.

But it's horrible for hooking. A good hook should be able to ensnare and hold the target in place. Scythes don't hold anything because their blades don't curve enough and there's nothing protuding at the bottom to allow for pushing either. I can't even lock something with a Scythe because when I twist it, it just spins with no leverage on the target.

Scythes are shit. Everything that you can do to make weapon fantastically OP would apply better to every other weapon except for nunchucks and tonfas probably.

>> No.28278691

What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of my superior celestial military hardware.

>> No.28278695

>Imagine hitting someone with a stick that has a scythe blade on the end, the blades gonna cut them
Except, as you seem to be unable to understand, with most swings the blade WON'T so much as scratch them, and even when the blade proper does connect you've wasted your energy on a shitty swing and it's not going to have anywhere near the cutting power of a more direct method.
"Getting hit by a heavier stick" means jack shit other than that you've tired yourself out more for no more benefit than whacking him with the blunt end of a spear.

>and now have a sword blade a few inches from them
"Close enough" only counts for horseshoes, handgrenades, and nuclear weapons. If it's in a few inches INTO them it ain't shit.

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>> No.28278713

Oh I know. KB's usage was very bad, making wide arcing side swings in an interior space while fighting one on one against someone is just poor usage.

>> No.28278714

Everyone just shut up and use a Bomb lance

>> No.28278722

>Doubles the weight of whatever it hits on each strike, stacks exponentially
>Once enemy is down take their head off executioner style

>> No.28278730

Wait... what the... Huh? How do you.... where do you...


>> No.28278733

Allow me to elucidate you as to modern science's advances in the field of shark-related hand weaponry.

>> No.28278738

>every scythe is designed the same
>in a fantasy world

A scythe would kick ass against a tentacle creature, plant creatures, I could name more.

I get that the moment someone says scythe you lose your butmush but" WAA SCYTHES ARE SHIT" I mean come on

>> No.28278760

Needs shark teeth

>> No.28278762

>A scythe would kick ass against a plant creature
It's almost like that's what they were designed for.

>> No.28278767

You stick it on a ten-foot pole.

Coincidentally, earlier versions during the Warring States Period lacked the spearpoint at the top. The Chinese literally fought with scythes.

>> No.28278769


Looks like the head of a polearm.
I guess you'd hold the pole.

>> No.28278779

Now comes in a convenient, easy to carry package for spearing on the go.

>> No.28278785

see motherfucker

>> No.28278791

I hope you don't mind, but I'm fapping to that

>> No.28278801


>> No.28278805

I like that
the THICKEST gauntlets
that works too
not even once well, once for the novelty

>> No.28278808

Did we just become best friends?

>> No.28278813

>this one weapon from history that sort of resembles my point proves I'm completely right
You do realize that damn near everything has been tried at one point or another, right? Just because it exists doesn't mean it was worth shit.

>> No.28278823

Rope darts pretty cool, albeit completely inefficient.

>> No.28278835

I'm sorry anon, but I am a faithful man, and my heart belongs to guns that shoot big pointy pieces of metal.

>> No.28278838

a fucking hook...

fucking polearms have hooks... I cant even

>> No.28278848

The Chinese Ge or Dagger-axe was used for almost two thousand years.

Millions of them were produced, and they were one of the most widespread military arms in one of the largest and longest conflcits in the ancient world.

>> No.28278851

What's not to love? All the pointyness of a pointy thing with all of the swingyness of a swingy thing.

>> No.28278858

thats fucking awesome fucking swarms of scythe warrior chinamen

>> No.28278859

see also: the back end of a sodding halberd, still not a scythe by any means, but similar to a Ge

>> No.28278860

super magic machete, axe, kukri, etc would be better for both instances.

Scythe would be good only if they were stationary and all of equal height, preferrably shorter than you.

>> No.28278875

Are you attempting to equivocate the small, light, acutely angled hook on the back of some polearms with the long, heavy, obtuse-angle of a scythe? Because they're really not comparable.

>> No.28278882

I'll think of you every time I impale one of my PC's and explode them from the inside, bathing in their falling clumps.

Letting their entrails caress me like your sweet love. I'll never forget you

>> No.28278898

a scythe is longer, why would you get a foot away from the tentacle beast dumbass, you could as well kill 40 more plant monsters a swing with a scythe, the hook keep the excess plant beasts from just being moved aside, they are instead moved towards the blade, you know like fucking wheat.

>> No.28278913

...but it's still a blade on the end of a handle, or shaft if you will - I'm not talking about the nifty little handles for reaping, I'm talking about the part that holds the blade. The effective range is at a specific distance because the blade is set so far out, so all you have to do to avoid getting hit is move in closer to the wielder, where shorter weapons like a sword or mace and tear shit right the fuck up, where the pointy bits of the scythe can't really get at without awkwardly adjusting the grip, at which point you'd already be dead.

That it's magic doesn't mean SHIT if you can't hit someone with it. A scythe carries a lot more inherent disadvantages even compared to other pole-arms, since at least they have specialized uses that are better for more than cutting wheat. And given the existence of magical scythes, there would also be magic swords/axes/maces/ect. they would all be better for the same reasons they'd be better in real life, unless scythes somehow have a shape that enhances enchantments or something.

>> No.28278920

not the farming tool scythe, go to bed

maybe fantasy joe wants a scythe that isnt a farming

>> No.28278923

I'm starting to feel distinctly uncomfortable here.

>> No.28278927

Here's a guy carrying one in the Han dynasty.

>> No.28278957

aw I was hoping for 500 screaming chinamen with scythes

>> No.28278982

>a scythe is longer,
So is a spear.
>why would you get a foot away from the tentacle beast dumbass,
Presumably so it doesn't grab your arms and stop your from swinging. Oh, um, dumbass.
>you could as well kill 40 more plant monsters a swing with a scythe,
As opposed to a sword or something. If we're playing magic "my swing kills shit" why not just get a big, long sword?
>the hook keep the excess plant beasts from just being moved aside, they are instead moved towards the blade, you know like fucking wheat.
...so you can trip over their fallen bodies and die when their friends jump on you.

>> No.28279012

I'll wield a Nambutana instead. Bitches love Nambutana's.

Somehow still a better sidearm than a Nambu.

>> No.28279067

you are just spouting feces...

I can't even work up the fucks to school some random grot online about how an enchanted scythe would be the most effective melee weapon for a tentacle beast or a swarm of plant monsters.

That should be on my grave

>> No.28279088

oh look, a thing related to that thing

>> No.28279125


>guys, get this
>we stab them so they can't dodge
>THEN we shoot them!


>> No.28279145

>I can't actually defend my point so I will pretend I'm smart and just act huffy, booooooo
Cry some moar.

>> No.28279161

You watched this episode last saturday.

>> No.28279165

No, those are actually scythes which have been remounted.

>> No.28279192

I did defend my point you just "lol noped" them all...

>so is a spear


>so you can trip over their fallen bodies and die when their friends jump on you


>As opposed to a sword or something. If we're playing magic "my swing kills shit" why not just get a big, long sword?


Im saying I can't even fucking help you through this.

>> No.28279196

because I wouldn't have a fucking choice? If it's a creature capable of using long limbs, I need weapons that can hack away at the ones that come close to me. Scythe is only marginally useful for playing footsie with something that's equally retarded for not going all in.
If it's a stationary target where I can get all of them in an equidistance narrow arc, why the hell am I not just getting away or going all in so the ones in the back can't reach me?

Stop call it a hook. if it had a hook, it would be a gaff.

>> No.28279203


>> No.28279209

>Im saying I can't even fucking help you through this.
You're saying you can't defend against these points.
>I did defend my point you just "lol noped" them all...
This is literally what you just did. I presented reasons why it's bad, and you're just like "durrr nope lolwat"

>> No.28279233

Pal, that's a maul. A warhammer has one pointy end, to penetrate armor

>> No.28279236

in terms of how they were historically made yes...
but in terms of how they function, its basically a reverse-blade glaive
bringing it up in discussions of weaponized scythes in fiction is missing the point of weaponizing a scythe in fiction

>> No.28279262

No, I watched it like last year or something when it simulcast.

>> No.28279269

how the fuck are you supposed to hold the thing when fully assembled? the blade and the gun go in opposite directions.

>> No.28279296

>soup cup
muh nigga

>> No.28279306

I agree.

>> No.28279324

Scythe users are secretly mages, the scythe is a powerful foci for death magic.

>> No.28279337

that... is an excellent question
though I suppose questioning the logic of a "variant ballistic chain scythe" is possibly redundant

>> No.28279363

Pinfire revolver gunblade. Actually adopted and issued to officers.

All arguments invalidated.

>> No.28279390

is it bad I really want that shield, but without all the useless spikes?

>> No.28279406

at least it has a fucking barrel.

not really. It does look pretty swag

>> No.28279424

What's that weapon with a heavy blade on one side, a sharp spike on top, and a blunt face opposite the blade in case of heavily armored foes and why doesn't every member of a dungeon raid party carry one?

>> No.28279431

so what your saying is that chainswords are fucking retarded?

>> No.28279467

it makes sense in terms of what passes for internal logic in 40k, but yeah, its pretty silly

>> No.28279484


Im saying chainsaws used in combat are retarded

If you actually went out to build a chain based combat weapon you could probably get a pretty decent weapon.

If it wasn't for the fact athat the same technological level can build firearms.

>> No.28279499


>> No.28279518

I don't know whether to love soul eater because of how silly it is, or to hate it after how silly it is.

>> No.28279568

I don't have a problem with it at all. I like the art style and premise, never watched enough of it.

I was just joking about how filthy your minds are thinking about such lewd things.

>> No.28279587

it's definately good, but t's well, silly.

It's the kind of anime japan would make just to appeal to the American notion of OH THOSE SILLY JAPS AND THEIR ANIMU.

>> No.28279665


>> No.28279693

>> No.28279714

dragon dildo?

>> No.28279731

I've seen bits and bobs. It looked nice.

Plenty of doujinshis with Maka in too.

>> No.28279783

it's never dragon dildos

>> No.28279828

Farmer militia

>> No.28279888


but scythe is pretty high up there.

Then there's those sickle swords the not-mongols in Game of Thrones use.

>> No.28279959


>> No.28279971

I don't know why, but I find this unreasonably sexy.

>> No.28280019


>> No.28280034

Hmm, not supposed to be linked. Can't be fucked deleting to fix my mistake though.

>> No.28280038

B-But why, Muscle Wizard?!

>> No.28280078

really, how does this work. it looks like it would just toss it sideways

>> No.28280468

That's a revolver with a built in bayonet. A gunblade doesn't shoot anything, the cartridges just somehow make the sword swings strike harder.

>> No.28280657

it's just a sling. The fins latching onto the rope should propell it forward while the fins stablize.

Why not just go with a rock flinging sling is a valid question though.

>> No.28281608

Testament uses a scyth properly.. He actually plants things

>> No.28282011

Mai waifu

>> No.28282073

>dm tells us were starting a high level campaign in 3.5 dnd
>roomate powergamer rolls up an ogre with an enlargening spell permanencied (sp?) on himself by a wizard long ago
>colossal ogre in the party of otherwise fairly normal looking folks
>we buy a portable hole and put it in his belly to ride around in him since hes much faster than everyone else
>dm roomate stays up all night making a boss fight out of an mindflayer monk, pouring through books
>we rapetrain through everything because "tons of starting cash to buy equipment, whatever" guidelines from dm
>get to the boss he has prepared
>ogre throws his colossal ++ sized scythe (that he has taken feats to use) of throwing, returning, blah blah blah +++
>mindflayer monk explodes from massive damage into a pink mist against the door he just walked through before even speaking
>new dm throws his hands in the air
>thatll teach him to give no restrictions and play high level dnd
>we spend the rest of the session hunting gods and get bored

>> No.28282149

Fuck yes, Switch Axe Gentlemen represent

>> No.28282188

My fellow gentlemen. Favourite hunts?

>> No.28282217

Gardening tools are shit weapons.

>> No.28282265

A sharpened shovel makes a pretty decent polearm. It's less stabby and more slashy than most other polearms, though.

>> No.28282296

How hard is it to make a shitty sword blade from scythe blade?

>> No.28282461

What if you had a really tall dude with a scythe farming people like they were wheat?

>> No.28282485

That's actually a throwing axe.

>> No.28282511


Fairly hard. You'd be looking at melting it down and reshaping it, which is a lot of effort for a very crappy result.

Standard practice would be to remount the blade running along the shaft rather than across it, leaving you with a fairly primitive polearm.

>> No.28282547

I recognize that bulge!

Dervishes were shit.
Fucking Sliver Armor.

>> No.28282549

what's the little hatch for?

peeking at the bad guys? poking them through your shield?

>> No.28282555


>> No.28282560

I meant without melting it down, just, like, hammering it into a sword shape, and having a sharp piece of metal to poke people with, which now just needs a handle.

>> No.28282575

As far as tools you'd have about, I've always been real partial to the wedge or splitting maul as a weapon. Might just be the long hours spent chopping wood with one growing up on a farm but they always seemed like they'd fuck someone up. Big heavy axe on one side and makeshift warhammer on the other.

As a side note, all my characters at least carry a hatchet around because someone's gotta chop wood for the campfires.

>> No.28282704

Jackie Chan.
Dual-wielding Jackie Chans.

>> No.28282730

Yeah, no. Other than being fugly yellow because of the aluminium bronze used, it's a modern badly inspired piece.

>> No.28282734

Are the jackies armed with ladders? Are they equipped with any of the talismans?

>> No.28282761

Ladders, folding chairs, tables, rope, suitcases, whatever his opponent thought he was holding....

>> No.28282762

That's not how forging works. Just hammering a blade makes a dented blade. You have to heat that shit up.

>> No.28282897

>can be improvised from any long object
>excellent both offensively and defensively
>can tie a knife to it to get a spear

Bo staff master race.

>> No.28283140

I love those crazy weapons threads.

>> No.28283151

Here have a proper war scytche

>> No.28283158

maul are sexy

>> No.28283179

Uh, that's a sickle.

>> No.28283187

I see your scythe and raise you a High Velocity Sniper-Scythe

>> No.28283196

Shit, forgot image.

>> No.28283197

its a little scytche

>> No.28283204

She looks pretty bewildered. Like she has no idea what's even going on.

>> No.28283207

once I have seen a Ruby cosplay....

>> No.28283217

Not really. And it's scythe. No 'c'.

>> No.28283221

axe rifle

>> No.28283226

It's early installment weirdness from the first trailer. It was made more of a weapon demonstration than a character introduction. As a result she's fairly emotionally stunted in it.

RWBY really has the best weapons ever made. Sawn-off shotgun nunchucks still being my favourites.

>> No.28283243

True but the fact that they talk is annoying.
If they have made the anime with no one uttering a single fucking sword like first Ruby movie it would be so much better.

>> No.28283250

That setting has a lot of odd hybrid weapons
>High Velocity Sniper-Scythe
>High Impact Shotgun Gauntlets
>Magic Revolver-type Rapier
>Dual-wield Gun Blade Whip
And my personal favorite
>Rocket-powered Grenade Launcher Hammer

>> No.28283271

>That setting has a lot of odd hybrid weapons
And I love it for it. Favourite is still Sawn-off shotgun nunchucks which also function as a bo staff as I said here >>28283226

>> No.28283287

>I have no idea what a sickle is and am incapable of googling that. Also, what is the Soviet Union?

>> No.28283292

>Shotgun Gauntlets
Also, I'm surprised no one has posted the penis-swords yet.

>> No.28283341

>rocket-powered grenade launcher hammer

Jesus dick.

>> No.28283363

Ho ho ho, everyone's opinion is wrong!


>> No.28283378

shotgun fists are something you'll see every now and then

like that two second bit in mnemosyne with the zombies

>> No.28283451

>>Rocket-powered Grenade Launcher Hammer
We need a pic of that.

>> No.28283485

Shit comes in two modes.

>> No.28283523

Do note that in hammer mode it can STILL shoot grenades from its head. It's commonly used to launch herself or deliver an even more poweful punch.

>> No.28283525

That sure is some quality animation there.

Great textures, anatomy and use of colour. 10/10, better than any China cartoons

>> No.28283544

Until it moves.

>> No.28283548

I think he's being sarcastic.

>> No.28283550

What part of low-budget webseries don't you understand?

>> No.28283554

Well that is just ludicrous. I love it.

>> No.28283560

The only appeal of the show I think is the inevitable crazy over-the-top action scenes, since this is Monty Oum pet project. But even that is mainly average or at most semi-competent

One example is the characters eating pancakes like they were snorting cocaine.
>Came for the fights
>Stayed for crazy transforming hybrid weapons

>> No.28283573

Eh, I personally love the show, but to each his own I guess.

>> No.28283637

Actually, rope darts and meteor hammers are excellent weapons to use in a duel. They rock 1v1 with unpredictable, quick, heavy blows.

However, they lack the mobility for group fights. making them terrible for anything not 1v1

>> No.28283696

I'm surprised, this fight is actually well choreographed (for a mainstream animu that is).

>> No.28283810

That's only part of the prettied-up intro with fuckawesome moon music.

They don't all look like that.

>soul eater will never get redone like FMA

>> No.28283820

But OP, knowledge is the ultimate weapon.

>> No.28283832

We're looking for kickass weapons, not boring ultimate weapons.

>> No.28283841

Chainscythe, you argument is irrelevent.

>> No.28283864

Sometimes I want to be an ass, and introduce a machine to my players that is a Chainsomatic 9000. Insert weapon, armor, item, whatthehellever of choice.

It will become chainsaw-ized out the other end before the machine shits itself, or after a few uses.

Then pull the catch 22 when it needs fuel and is still noisy as a fucking SHIT.

>> No.28283873

But that's a chain... glaive? Not a halberd. Definitely not a scythe though. Very much a chainglaive or even chainspear.

>> No.28283875

This is the best weapon.

>> No.28283881

Might be a volgue.

>> No.28283891


>> No.28283911


You say that but I keep resisting the urge to start a troll thread that is simply:

>Could we fix the pathfinder samurai class by replacing the katana with a chainsword?

>> No.28283952

Why it gotta be a chainsword even

Just make it a literal goddamn chainsaw

Samurai lumberjack

See them pull off sword stances with one of those beastly fucks in hand

>> No.28283973


Actually the ANIMATION is ridonkulously good for something running on that fucking innocence porn-engine.

The art is the engine, and the art is mid-90s CGI grade, but animation wise? kinda impressed all things considered, better than a lot of the porn I've seen done with that engine.

back on topic... What is the name for the ridiculous spiky stone club thing that pops up in japanese folklore?

>> No.28283977

a chainsword is just a chainsaw optimized for combat

>> No.28283984


well it'd be better balanced and with a grip designed for slashing and stabbing rather than holding against wood.

>> No.28283985

Based Anarchy Reigns

>> No.28283986

fuck being optimized for combat ain't nobody got time for that

there's a chainsaw, it has fuel, here comes the goblins, GET TO WORK

>> No.28283996

Why is there a wall behind Gwyndolyn ?

>> No.28284003

Now i think it's a woodsmans axe, and they are FAR to heavy to use in combat.

>> No.28284005


>> No.28284017


That's not a punch it's a palm strike.

Now THIS is a jackhammer punch.

>> No.28284019

So he has something to be pressed against when you start giving it to him up his perky fae ASS.

>> No.28284023


That's not a weapon it's armor.

>> No.28284027

The Endless corridor is not actually endless

>> No.28284030



>> No.28284032

Until you get kicked by them.

>> No.28284041

It sort of just makes me imagine you and Gwyndolyn are just running in circles in a tiny dead end hallway making Curly noises as you swing at him and whiff 20 times a second as he flails aimlessly.

>> No.28284042


This is fucking badass.

>> No.28284043


Why call it an endless corridor then? At least make the damn thing circular.

>> No.28284048

needs more depleted uranium hammers

>> No.28284054


Kicks are illegal in warfare.

Like spiked hugs.

>> No.28284059

Gwynny's whole deal was illusions. He was all flash and bang, no real power besides spitting out light farts and making giant titty gods to distract every man and woman who might suspect something is up.

>> No.28284063


>> No.28284080

>implying that isent hugely arousing
these are not weapons of war my dear anon

>> No.28284096

Spear and mace are my favorites, though.

>> No.28284100


>> No.28284103

Why ?

Is it for players that can't catch up ?

>> No.28284125


>> No.28284291

I find executioners swords to be pretty swag.

>> No.28284446

>still better than an actual Nambu
Too true. The Type A was only really let down by the round it chambered, but later variants were utter shit.
You mean when it's sheathed? Because I'm not sure the sheath counts as part of the weapon. I mean, I certainly wouldn't be swinging the sword bit around while it's in the sheath.

>> No.28284464

>all that arguing about the practicality of weapons
>caring about being practical
Niggas please.

>> No.28284520

That's not japanese at all. It's a Flemish weapon used as cub and pike and literally means "good day" in Flemish. It's mostly famous from the battle of the golden spurs where it was used to great effect against the french cavalry.

>> No.28284523

You ma nigga man. screw practicality. Rool of cool bro.

>> No.28284540


I think he means that the sheaf looks like a blade, and the blade looks like a thing you just attach the "blade" (the sheaf) onto the gun with.

Drawing it from that sheaf would still be nonsensical base on the where the belt loop is - the entire thing would hang with the blade pointing forward and you'd have to physically point the handle forward to do a cross draw.

>> No.28284547

>> No.28284556

>> No.28284557

The best

>> No.28284567

I know right?

>> No.28284598

block this

>> No.28284637

Did somebody say rule of cool?

>> No.28284674

>> No.28284682

>> No.28284697

>> No.28284720

>> No.28284731

Someone liked Executioner's swords.

>> No.28284819


>> No.28284832

>> No.28284854

Shit, there are two different pictures of that thing, my bad. I'm not sorry.

>> No.28284917

I'm really not quite sure what would possess a man to think this is a good idea.

>> No.28285291

it's also a lantern!

>> No.28285330


It's a kami-saga - attacking end looks like a sickle so it can be hidden amongst farming tools, chain used for wrapping around the weapon most nobles used for personal defence (i.e. swords) to stop them being used.

It's an assassin's weapon and every bit of it is functional.

...except for the hand guard, fuck that thing.

>> No.28285430

Which have blade length that makes them closer to halberds than actual scythes and are good for cutting at legs and not reaping, like what OP implied.

>> No.28286640

The battlemech is still my favorite silly weapon.

>> No.28286711

I know m8, I was being a cheeky cunt.

Most humans, ever, create very similar weapons (and even fighting styles). I've always found this fascinating. There's a simple reason why we do this. We're all the same platform; two arms, two legs, two eyes, lots of weak points.

>> No.28287631


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