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And so the cycle continues. Three other pages incoming.

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And new context, by request.

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Human with the following skills
C:Preform (fireworks)


Time for some kickass explosive robot wars. Maybe get viktor to hook me up with some bionic arms. Get Draven some cool axes. And waifu crazy jinx using even crazier tactics, demolitions in the shape of hearts, etc.

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Those better be anatomically correct heart explosions, anon.

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You expect something less from a man of SCIENCE! Also probably carving her and mine name on the MOON.

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The explosion cause massive amounts of human hearts to fall from the sky. Using math they land in a pattern that from the hill we sat to watch the explosion they spell out "I love you" on the ground the hill overlooks.

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I like it. I don't like the limited race choice (possibly include voidbear, trolls, construct, etc)

Whatever I like it.
Can I take points in multiple in group?
Human with
B:Sense motive
B:First Aid

Partners: Wukong, Kassadain, Skarner
This would potentially cause problems later but I think this build would give me room to fight better with bullshit gadgets. Plus being a living lie detector is kind of cool. And being a man of logic allows for some battle of wits sort of deal going for it.

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Because this is a new thread I'll just straight up ask.

I am a person who has made several CYOA images, but in my ineptitude I never made a backup. Thankfully I posted these images at least once, and others did as well, but I need them again to save on my computer.

I'll list them here:
-Magic Item CYOA with 8 magic items, taking more items increased the strength and number of bad guys you had to deal with in your life. Items included a Slayer Sword, Energy Ring, Cat Statue, and more. There was also a first version that is less important.
-Both Elemental Wizards CYOA (each element having 4 specializations in the first, 6 in the second. There were also Occult, Slayers, and Betters in the 2nd version.)
-Seven Deadly Rings CYOA, new version preferred.
-Big purple Wizard rolling game (Don't like Rolling games but it's big and took a long time regardless)
-Black background image regarding choosing powers with a "Transcendence" option
-"Highlander" CYOA

Sorry to shit up the thread, but I'll just throw this out there. Thanks.

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Was the elemental wizard one this perchance?

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I believe I remember the highlander one. Was it the one where it gave you a power, and a vanilla folder with someone you have to hunt down. Whenever you kill someone you gain there power

Is that the one your talking about

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Given some characters already made claims of relation to the player, I had to work it in somehow, which limited me to the races that still had (sort of) human appearances.

I WANTED to add those, but I couldn't think of a way to shoehorn it in.

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Yes, Thank you.


Yes. I was also working on a fun expansion for that one but never finished it, so it was lost. Except for maybe a very early prototype.

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I might have it but I won't make any promises

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so im making a new cyoa and SOMEHOW i ended up making a bunch of choices that are the strongest while completely naked

i dont even know how, i didnt plan on it

its just that one type of power gains power from their skin touching celestial light and obviously that is the strongest when theyre naked, and another type of power gains power by setting themselves on fire and obviously that makes all of their clothes burn up...

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Then just point it out and say that as a disadvantage.

It would cause a major issue if one of the summoners suddenly become completely different. It would make things a little more interesting and in many cases way more difficult.

I find this completely hilarious and awesome at the exact same time. But if you really don't want to deal with that I would suggest making it more magical so that the user can control what it burns

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Race: Human

Skills: First Aid B, Crowd Control B, Perform Sexual Technique B

Party: Trundle, Graves, Twisted Fate

Let's get this fourway started.

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Guess I'll roll as a bard type guy playing music and singing to boost the stats of my teammates on battle and work as a charismatic leader off of it

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I suppose it would work. The friends could recognize the name (and proceed to be very confused), and Swain probably knows you're not the Summoner and is just bullshitting regardless.

I'll go ahead and add in a few more, then.

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Human (ret pally)
A: Monstrous strength
A: First aid
D: Diplomacy
Party would be Skarner, Jax & Lux for maximum kick-ass

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Update as requested. Needed a forth to even out the page, chose Brackern.

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"Territory creation" Is very interesting to me. But what does it mean exactly? Do you have more intuition, control, and perhaps strength or power inside your zone? And if you are going on a great quest why would one need a unmoving zone of control or power except for use as a home base? The appeal is certainly there for me- a place to chill with my homies. But for what purpose?

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It represents things like Viktor's gravity field or Trundle's literal Territory Creation, in which you can change the laws of reality to some minor degree. It can also represent things like Heimer's turrets or Zyra's plants.

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Pre curse trundle or post curse trundle?

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Although I want to take construct, I feel that I need my own body. But I could take construct and start waifuing orriana. But I want to stick with jinx

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Post-Freljord update Trundle doesn't have the curse at all. Which is also when he was updated to be a sexy wall of muscle.

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Party:, volibear, vi, gragas.

Constant food and drinks, everyone goes around wrecking shit. No one will ever fuck with you.

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>Xerath will offer to teach you his ways and you can join him in godhood at the end of the quest. The ritual may or may not kill you, 50-50 chance, really.

Jesus christ, who writes this garbage? Sounds like a 17 year old on deviantart shat it out in a stream of consciousness

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B: First Aid
B: Monstrous Strength
B: Techmaturgy
Thresh, Skarner, and Kassadin.

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anyone got the league on with tits/ass/etc meter on it?

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If you think you can do better, go ahead. Each page has had a different author, so it's open source.

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>shyvanna entry
it is a well accepted fact that "Turns into a fucking dragon" is a seriously plus.

bear is also a plus.


Human, First aid B, Crowd Control B, Sense motive B

For combat, decent four man group. Shyvanna gets in and brawls, Ez sneaks around the side and snipes out important badies, Lux provides artillary and extra support (protection and crowd control), and I add in the extra crowd control for the rest to pound down and help heal everyone else up.

Quest wise. Ezreal will get most of the glory, but unlike others with this problem will still acknowledge his teammates (because he's a decent guy), He'll just be seen as the protagonist. This provides me enough of a cover to slip around and listen in to try find out stuff in secret.
Lux and Ez's knowledge and charisma will get a lot of people on his our sides, any who doesn't choose the easy way gets the shit scared out of them by the Dragon Lady.

Browise, all of them are bros.
Romance, either Ez and Lux get together because that's canon, leaving me with sexy dragon lady. Or Shyvanna goes after Ez, and I comfort Lux and make her smile. If you know what I mean.
OR best case, massive foursome with cross dressing Ez, and two highly aggressive ladies.

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New BBEG mode:
Charisma: A rank
Deception: A rank
Diplomacy: D rank


Soon i shall become the new BBEG after going all highlander devouring the souls the enemies greatest wariors, and gaining UNLIMITED POWER from Zerath. Beguiling my way through any obstacle i cant simply crush under heel.

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Is there any sort of visual template for these CYOAs? Someone should make one, for future reference.

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Going to make a Wuxia CYOA

Suggestions welcome

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Add Wing-chu as a style it's one one of my faves!
It's one of the few styles I know by name. Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee have pretty unique styles.

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new cyoa

i didnt take out the >>28255606

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>becoming human and settling down


stopped reading

uninstalled league

played diretide

thanks volvo ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

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The fact that white Ink and red ink have to be naked to be useful is rather bad and puts them at a severe disadvantage compared to black and blue.

To fix this is to make white simply not have to be naked just be in the sun. And extend the red to anything making direct physical contact.

Plus I want green, orange and yellow to be a thing.

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funny, i had an idea for green, but at that point purple was green and orange was red and i didnt want to go all mtg

>> No.28261066

>purple was green
purple was blue i mean

>> No.28261151

Well green is associated with healing and nature. Maybe make it be immune or at least resistant to poisons and acids. And add in some survival skills on top of that. It gains charge by staying with nature.

How about brown giving super-anchoring, or shit dealing with gravity and controlling object weight and whatnot. And grow charge as long as they stay on the ground.

>> No.28261190

also, i added in those things about graceful activity and strenuous activity for white and orange so they dont have to be naked (or in fireproof clothing for orange)

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and i found a mistake, the black had physical listed twice in stead of the latter one being mental

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Choose Black, become Slenderman.

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White, become the angelic hero that humanity deserves.
And start a cult that caters to my every whim.

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So how about yellow?

It could gain a lot of utility out of flying and electric attacks. Able to be immune to electricity and move super fast. Gains charge while under a clear sky.

Brown and green you've already seen>>28261151

And maybe grey to be the counterpart to green. This specializes in technology and industrialization. A scientist who goes with the forces of man than nature.

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>Life Summons
It's like I'm really a druid like my ancestors.
>White Ink

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>dark pruple ink

Spelling error.

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B marksmanship
B territory creation
B sense motive


I suspect this is one of the more boring choices.

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Please can we use .png? Nobody likes pixilated text, and it makes it harder to fix typos and make new versions.

Also, why so much horizontal scrolling? If I can't read the text while zoomed out, I should only need to scroll down when zoomed in.

In fact, the overall size is gigantic: >1.68 MB, 3000x3000 It can be smaller than that and still have legible text and clear images.

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Hey troll anon, I saw your earlier image and wow I like it much more now! Those power sources are quite good.

I think I'd go with:


Use my artifacts and give them to travelers who best my riddles or impress me in some way, always mark those artifacts with my symbols and names, allowing me to spread my name across the world. Doesn't mean I wouldn't be cruel about it! I just quite like the witches, especially the old school style nasty hag monsters that eat people. I love the aesthetic design of them.

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technically i use psd, i just save it as jpg every time i post

even easier to fix errors, but sure, here, have a png

sorry about the size, its not that bad on my screen

im sort of worn out right now


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Take your time. CYOA general is rather slow and shit so it'll be up tomorrow

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Was that dude who mentioned doing a Dota one still doing it?

>> No.28262929

>needs to travel around and read books

>needs to masturbate in a basement

>needs to dance naked under the moonlight

>needs to set self on fire and lift weights

I wonder which of these the people here do the most.

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Well it's either purple or black for me...

I personally match purple more as I read WAY too much for my own good.

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I have a 1 story house, so....

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>White tattoo
>makes you your ideal
>might surprise you
>makes you whiter

its subtle but i like it

>> No.28263161

The surprise is being the little girl.

>> No.28263170

does the black tattoo make you blacker

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STILL looking for the gun version of this.

I have the sword version.

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>majority of people will fear or dislike you
yes it makes you blacker

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so what do the other two do then

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Can laser arrows pierce plate, im guessing not

>> No.28263254


Post the sword version and maybe the gun version will appear.

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>white tattoo

I actually really like how they look.

>> No.28263288

>All of the colors include some way to reverse or stop the aging process,

Man, immortality is enjoying some serious power creep in CYOA images. Either all your options include it, or none of them can.

>> No.28263305

only black is really immortal

the others are just eternally young if they keep using their powers

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More than likely it shoots pure energy arrows. It has to trade off that perk of infinite ammo somehow.

If it uses energy infused arrows then it depends on the kinetic force of the arrows.


>> No.28263312

Looks kind of like the scar from a burn, or maybe a skin disease.

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Not if you actually look close enough.

>> No.28263330


that's not a "post-heal" picture, and something like that costs a couple thousand dollars to get done correctly, not to mention the cost of maintenance over the years.

>> No.28263344

It said pure energy. Since it involves lasers, that means electric potential energy. Enough of that and you can electrocute the guy inside the armor. Maybe even induce enough of a magnetic field to squish the guy.

>> No.28263356

>pure energy

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I like that the best way to use the Superior Blade of a Thousand Folds would be to look away from a victim as you slice them.

You'd be so samurai, you'd shit honor.

>> No.28263406

In that case, the bow makes you into something along the lines of a 2hu.

>> No.28263412


If it's firing actual lasers, it depends on how reflective the armor is, and if it's reflective in the bandwidths where the laser has most of it's energy.

>> No.28263435

i would make a laser gun CYOA if i had more will to do it

one of the options would be
>3.7 megawatt maser
>may be dialed for more penetration or more surface damage

>> No.28263507

>kind of
Learn to reading comprehension faget

>> No.28263513

I pick Gravecaller. I sell it to newbie adventurers and then follow them for a day. Repeat.

>> No.28263574


That's the thing, is that a lot of those swords are clearly terrible.

Like the Maw of the Nameless. Who picks a sword that drives you batshit insane?

>> No.28263609


>> No.28263625

If I could combo this off some other CYOA it would be the spellsword. Anti-mage heaven.

If not blade of the meek. I am a good guy at heart and a sword that can't harm the innocent but fucks over evil is a pretty sweet deal.

>> No.28263644

yeah, see, now you gave me an idea for these random and purposeless lists of items

use them as an addition to another cyoa

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i choose maw of the nameless and do something illegal with it, but nothing that would constitute me wielding it and making it fuse with my arm

the robot overlords confiscate it and the AI overmind goes insane

i win

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I like using this along with the others to empower my weak ass in other CYOA's to make them more interesting. For maximum overkill I spread them out randomly so I know there is going to be some random douche canoe with that broken as shit weapon/item.

Here have some more swords

>still haven't found the gun version of these >>28263311

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I also like to combine this with the general sword/bow/gun for maximum lol.

Basic weapon? Perfect for enchanting!

Speaking of weapons how about another choose a class/race/world choice CYOA accept with no staying human allowed?

I don't see varied beast races with much skill choice in CYOAs.

>> No.28265777

>Fog Form
>Weather Control

>> No.28265875


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File: 16 KB, 300x390, m-night-shyamalan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28265899

>not choosing Cowgirl waifu

>> No.28265949

I masturbate into flaming hot books by moonlight.

>> No.28265974


Inb4 Taking white turns me into a abomination much more terrifying then the largest of night abominations... So taking it.

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>Blessing of Prosperity
>Blessing of the regent
>Blessing of the Wanderer

Basically live my life comfortable as a merchant, maybe get a kingdom/county eventually. In general stay as far away from danger as possible.

>Seaworn Cliffs

You'd think I'd go with the Caravan Camp, but

A) It's dangerous
B) It lacks a center. If I am to surround myself with riches I need a headquarters and the trading posts and docks are a much better position than traveling around. Not to mention that with the caravan's you are limited in how much you can carry.

>The Comrade

If it wasn't for the boons I am to recieve, I'd have gone for The Mentor, but with the three blessings, I can survive by the time of master simply by trying. So I'd go with companionship - longer and long-term more beneficial relationship.

The Servants are nice, but those you can get with money, no need to waste the cosmic forces on them.

>The Nemesis

Simply because I'm beyond fucked if it's anything else. "The Horrors of War" seems like a good scenario for war profiteering, but I'm unwilling to take the risk.

>> No.28266249

Meant for

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Magical Might B, Territory Creation B, Charisma B

Jinx, Vi, Cait.
Irelia, Syndra, Morgana
Leona, Diana, Morgana


>> No.28266413

Jesus Christ, OP!

Okay... Human.
Magical Might A
Territory Creation: B
Charisma: C

Ahri - Obvious cho-
>Becomes human in best end
B-but..! But fluffy tails..!

Fine. Leona, because all the tankitude and she's essentially a Solar Exalt
Lucian, because he's pretty much Samuel L Jackson, crossed with Batman. And that's bad-ass.
Annie because playing the long game with power levels is kind of my thing. Plus, I REALLY don't want her turning evil, with that kind of power.

>> No.28266762

I like it.

purple is going to be impossible to activate for most people.
You need a DEEP revelation that changes your opinion about something SIGNIFICANT to you.
I can't even begin to fathom where I could get something like that.

White, orange, and black tattoos are easy enough to activate.
White grants the ability to destroy night abominations which are your toughest opponents. Red is useful vs steel abominations. Black can detect changelings.
All three can fight comet creatures.

Purple is completely worthless in combat... and its only usefulness is that being smarter you can go work on some magitech research.

Activating can be done in private, then you put on clothes and go around with an activated tatoo. The only thing that deactivates it is overusing your ability. Basically its charging up.

>> No.28266769

agreed, that guy's shoulder looks like it is about to flake off.

>> No.28266814

>I can't even begin to fathom where I could get something like that.

open a philosophy book

go meet and spend time with someone from a completely different background

explore the world

its all in theme for the purple color

>> No.28266868

Calling them worthless is a bit harsh. They might not be superhuman in any physical area like the others all are, but they get the ability to easily get anywhere and create solid light holograms.

Also they are super geniuses. Even if they weren't in a world full of advanced technology and magitech, this would be very strong, albeit in an indirect way.

>> No.28266876
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>No option for Cho'Gath ally

>> No.28267181

I said worthless IN A FIGHT.
None of their abilities are relevant to combat

bullshit to all of those
1. It has to be a DEEP revelation
2. It has to cause you to change
3. It has to be important to you

Meeting someone from a completely different culture and background is only a deep revelation if you lived in a cave your all life, it will only cause a change in your beliefs if you were a racist and suddenly discovered you aren't, and it has to be IMPORTANT to you... which for most racists it wouldn't be.
The philosophy book one is also bullshit for similar reasons.

>> No.28267257

I don't think so, anon. You can always learn more, and if you like learning and exploring you will always be able to find something important.

Even the wisest and most well read person could find it something like that by talking to a child.

If you feel otherwise maybe the purple choice just isn't for you.

>> No.28267268

>I don't think so, anon. You can always learn more
Of course you can always learn more, but it won't be a "deep revelation", it won't be important, and it won't change your view.

>and if you like learning and exploring you will always be able to find something important.
Name one example.

>> No.28267288

If your views never change and you don't find anything important, then you aren't learning. You're memorizing.

>> No.28267305

However the constructs don't seem to have a limitation on how strong they are, how big they can be, level of dexterity, speed of being created, etc. This can be pretty broken for a person with enhanced intellect.

Whatever constitutes a "deep revelation" can vary from person to person. It depends on what they value. Do you value anything? If you don't then tough luck actually using this power without dying.

>> No.28267306

I am still waiting for a concrete example.

>> No.28267343

I remember having an experience years ago. It was about snow and how completely silent the world becomes when the world and the sky is full of it. And when the snowing stopped everything was so bright, even though it was a moonless night. It was like I was in a completely different world. I realized then that many feelings that I like in fantasy can easily be recreated in real life if you know where to look.

It is one of my favorite memories.

I decided I want to see the aurora some day, then.

>> No.28267346

>However the constructs don't seem to have a limitation on how strong they are, how big they can be, level of dexterity, speed of being created, etc
Just because something is unspecified doesn't mean its infinite.
By the same argument the other shapes give you infinite speed or infinite strength.

>Whatever constitutes a "deep revelation" can vary from person to person. It depends on what they value.
You misunderstand, give me an example that can apply to anyone, not to me personally. To you. Or to a hypothetical person.
So far the only examples given are:
1. Meet someone of a different culture. I explained why this will not work.
2. Open a philosophy book. Which pretty much requires that you have never done so before.

The requirement is that you be totally ignorant, and then upon getting the purple tattoo become inquisitive and start discovering things.

>> No.28267377

1. I don't see any change of views here
2. This is it an important subject?
3. Sounds pretty damn shallow to me. Profound, emotional, memorable... but not DEEP.
4. So it was a random occurrence that happened to you years ago, How many years until the next one? What hints does it give you for discovering another such experience?
The other tattoos can induce activation the same day as they are acquired.

>> No.28267404

1. I was pretty depressed then. It helped me out.
2. It was very important to me.
3. Well, that's your opinion. I believe it helped me grow as a person, as silly as it was.
4. It doesn't happen that rarely, really. This one was just the easiest to describe. It happens when I meet someone interesting in a way I've never experienced before or other similar situations. It happens in unexpected places, like just walking home in bad weather.

And yeah, I suppose the other tattoos can be activated sooner. But it's thematically appropriate this way, in my opinion.

>> No.28267448

>1. I was pretty depressed then. It helped me out.
So? how does that change your views? It changed your emotional state.
What was the specific important viewpoint you had which it changed?
>2. It was very important to me.
The CYOA is explicit, it needs to change a VIEWPOINT that is important to you. Not have an important EXPERIENCE
>3. Well, that's your opinion. I believe it helped me grow as a person, as silly as it was.
You can grow as a person from shallow experiences. And I never said it was silly.
what is the "VIEWPOINT that is important to you" which is changed when you meet a such a person?

>> No.28267493

1. I said so, it changed my view on life. It made me see that maybe it wasn't that meaningless. That I could find some of the things I used to only search for in fantasy in real life as well.

2. See 1.

3. Yes you can. I definitely grew from it. It was a stepping stone to me being less pathetic.

4. On what things are important in life. It really makes you think about it when you meet someone who has a completely different lifestyle and goals but is just as happy or even happier than you.

>> No.28267558

>The CYOA is explicit, it needs to change a VIEWPOINT that is important to you. Not have an important EXPERIENCE

how important can the experience be if it doesnt change any of your viewpoints

>> No.28267570

Ah, so here we get to the crux of the matter.
You held a viewpoint of "life is meaningless" which is naturally an important viewpoint to have.
Being that deluded you were susceptible to what would be a shallow experience to sane and intelligent people (its really beutiful when it snows) which changed that viewpoint.

Congrats, this is definitely a purple tattoo activation experience right there... and this also makes my entire point for me about how absurd the requirements are.

>> No.28267589

>The CYOA is explicit, it needs to change a VIEWPOINT that is important to you. Not have an important EXPERIENCE
>how important can the experience be if it doesnt change any of your viewpoints
>Still failing basic reading comprehension
It doesn't matter how important the experience is.
It matters how important the VIEWPOINT is.

Everyone has a fuckton of non important viewpoints.
But how many viewpoints do you have which are important to you?

Important viewpoint =! important experience

>> No.28267592

You are the one calling it shallow, anon. I don't really agree with that.

I really don't get where you're coming from on this whole issue. I feel like I have experience that change me all the time. I am never the same person as I was a year ago.

>> No.28267605

if it was an important experience it had to change an important viewpoint

otherwise it wasnt an important experience

>> No.28267631

>You are the one calling it shallow, anon. I don't really agree with that.
>missing the point
I said it would be shallow to other people but admitted it must have been deep for you. Which aside from requiring a very specific mindset also misses the whole issue of needing to changing an important viewpoint... ex the extremely deluded "life is meaningless" viewpoint.

>I really don't get where you're coming from on this whole issue. I feel like I have experience that change me all the time. I am never the same person as I was a year ago.
you and everyone else. But a series of small changes doesn't activate it.

Getting married
Having a kid
Losing a loved one
Losing your virginity
There are a ton of extremely important experiences which don't change your viewpoints unless you have some really fucked up viewpoints.

>> No.28267650

An important experience can reinforce an existing viewpoint

>> No.28267663
File: 148 KB, 1600x1600, wuxiaCYOA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still a work in progress obviously, but i've got the structure down.

Any suggestions or critics are welcome

>> No.28267673

You are strongly opinionated. You call a mindset which is sadly incredibly common in the world very specific and a viewpoint as extremely deluded with no basis.

In other words, you are right and everyone else is wrong. You cling to your opinions and views and strongly resist changing them.

The purple choice just isn't for you.

>> No.28267679

>open a philosophy book
>go meet and spend time with someone from a completely different background
>explore the world
All this stuff will surely charge purple tattoo, but won't activate it, which was the point. It's really hard to activate purple, where it is quite easy for all others.

>> No.28267689

Wukong, Garen and Tryndamere. Bros on a quest for hoes, and killing Aatrox.

>> No.28267699


but is this necessarily a bad thing? you have decades to do it and there is no race or competition

if you get your tattoo activated right away you would still need to set up an entire new life before you could do anything significant

if you choose purple you can lay down the basis for your future activities while searching for that something that will activate your tattoo

>> No.28267704

1. If you aren't strongly opinionated then the purple choice isn't for you because it will not activate
2. The person in question has himself admitted he was wrong about "life being meaningless"
3. Just because it is a viewpoint held by many people doesn't make it not deluded
4. What the fuck does "strongly opinionated" even fucking mean?
5. You say its "sad" that the mindset of "life is meaningless" is "so common" (citation needed). In other words you agree that this is wrong.
6. I am almost always right BECAUSE I am extremely open minded and BECAUSE I don't hold any special attachment to my viewpoints.
The vast majority of my opinions are not my original ideas but what I have adopted after being proven wrong.
I typically change my view on something several times as new arguments and information is presented to me before settling on a a viewpoints after having heard them all.

>> No.28267709

>but is this necessarily a bad thing? you have decades to do it and there is no race or competition
the world is being destroyed by monsters.

>> No.28267712

> Female characters
> Personnality always include sexual description
Why do CYOA makers always have to push their fetish into what could have been a good start for an adventure?
For fuck's sake, even Lulu gets a sexual description, she's a fucking child.

>> No.28267725

at first i intended for the information on how to activate the tattoos to not be available in any of the cases

but i scrapped that somewhere in the planning stages

if id kept it then purple would have likely been the easiest to activate, with white probably the hardest

i could change it if it really bothers you so much

>> No.28267740

the world took care of itself ever since it existed without you, it would do fine for a few more years

sure, there may be some differences with a head start but even with supernatural powers you would still be human

would you think of yourself as a failure every time you had to take a break from fighting to do things like eat or sleep? what about when you took some time off because doing the same thing all the time would drive you crazy otherwise?

>> No.28267742

>Why do CYOA makers always have to push their fetish into what could have been a good start for an adventure?
Because we're human beings with sexual desire. Realistically speaking i wouldn't want to go on a month/year long journey with a lot of pent up sexual frustration.
>For fuck's sake, even Lulu gets a sexual description, she's a fucking child.
Because haremmind and loli obsession, i think. Unless the author is a pedo...

>> No.28267791

that would be nice, yes.

>> No.28267838
File: 2.86 MB, 3000x3000, a4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here, a different activation condition for purple

also a bunch of typos here and there were fixed

>> No.28267888

>Why do CYOA makers always have to push their fetish into what could have been a good start for an adventure?
It's more of a collective /tg/ neckbeards's fetishes, not just theirs.
>For fuck's sake, even Lulu gets a sexual description, she's a fucking child.
She is a Fae who have a child's mind, you can teach her to be an adult, it's not the same as it would be with a human child. Annie don't have sexual option, because she is a child for real and that would hurt her as much as molesting a child would.

>> No.28267898


Also, in regards to purple's ability to create stuff:
When Compared to the other colors, how durable are the soligrams? how fast can they move? How much force can they apply to something?

>> No.28267950

i figured it would be a bit above the above the solid but mundane physical abilities of the purple user, and improve from there with practice and use just like all of the other powers

it wouldnt ever match something a black tattoo user could do while charged, but it would possibly provide much more utility

>> No.28268008

Thanks for clarifying.

In addition to just thanks I would like to clarify

I really like the new activation method. It requires that you learn something & be open minded enough to admit you were wrong before.
It rewards inquisitiveness and open mindedness.

>> No.28268081

Just passing through here, and I have a question: what is it exactly that happens in these threads?

>> No.28268100

we make pictures with fantasy scenarios, most of which are wish fulfillment of one type or another, then we discuss our choices and the scenarios

sometimes we fall into a debate about the nature of mortality, but never mind that

>> No.28268120
File: 125 KB, 750x600, communication.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Choose Purple.
>Pic related + great mental abilities,

>> No.28268142

Huh, sounds interesting, got any/any posted in this thread that aren't wish fulfillment?

>> No.28268176
File: 1.57 MB, 1662x1794, 1378707039612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this one maybe

or maybe pic related, the first one i distinctly remember from years ago

either could be called wish fulfillment in some ways, but they arent that bad about it and stand on their own merits

>> No.28268286

well, according to >>28267950
it would be a lot weaker than the power ring.

>> No.28268409

I don't really see it as a way to get in their pants, but a way to become friends (although some allude to sex more than others).
Hell even the male characters have the friendship requirements (or whatever you'd call them).
I personally like it, adds a bit more than just X has Y skills you should pick them.

>> No.28268650

Can I put out a request for the CYOA with the "No Soul" class and shadow beasts from another plane? It's pretty new , came out 5 weeks or so ago.

>> No.28268651

pink for fabulous

>> No.28268827

Well, purple makes you glow bright colors and grow feathers like a carneval.

And orange makes you on fire.

>> No.28268902

I second this motion

>> No.28269745
File: 741 KB, 2000x2074, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did the anon who made these ever updated them? With a sheet for enemies and some other additions it would be a functional RPG.

>> No.28269764
File: 915 KB, 1999x2309, 2A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28269795
File: 940 KB, 2000x2267, 2B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28269815
File: 947 KB, 2000x2315, 2C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28269836
File: 975 KB, 2000x2317, 2D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28269878
File: 945 KB, 2000x2303, 2E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28269882

I can't see how this is positive in any way.
Becoming Majokko would just be final destination: the lifestyle.

>> No.28269924

Being Maguka Majokko is suffering.

>> No.28270021

Let's try the mahou shoujo. I hope the author fixes the mana regen thing, it really sucks as it is.

Stat Augment 4
Life Augment 1
>Slowest mana bleed, get more max mana by slaying evils. Time to go glass canon!
Body Augment 3
Style 1
>Levitation fuck yeah! I hope it's affected by AGI though, 6 mph is pretty slow
Ranged Focus
>Weapon of choice: bow and magical arrows.
Element: Ligthning
Signature: Ribbons
>I don't want too much stat drops and the eye's MAG boost is useless since I'm already at 11 fo offense anyways. Silver is a close second, but I wanted some emergency defensive spell in case a foe gets too close.

Final stats:
>My arrows never miss!
>Just try to catch me.
>+3 for offensive spells but capped at 11 (droolz), +1 defensive, +1 mobility, -1 utility, -1 healing
>Mental set to 10, +5 electric
Starting mana pool: 175
>Stat Augment 4 and high MAG cancels each other, I'm fine with average mana since I'll get more later.

>> No.28270023

It has stats, but there's no system for how to use them.

>> No.28270151

true, but it wouldn't be too hard to set a system too it.
Stat=dicepool. some basic hp/wound system.
Problem is it's set up for single pc, which isn't good outside of videogames.

>> No.28270244

Let's do it!


>some basic hp/wound system
Any suggestions?

>it's set up for single pc, which isn't good outside of videogames
It works for quests and there's got to have been one-player RPs that have turned out well.

>> No.28270316

You know, self mutilation would still be something that charges up cruelty
it's causing suffering

>> No.28270720

Sample idea of how the game could work, as a solo piece of writefagging/gaming:

The game stretches over a few sample days, each one represented by two cards, Day and Night, each drawn and placed face-down at the same time. You can skip Night cards before revealing them, which may be desirable. Night events are harder (especially Black suits), but are worth more.

Each suit represents various themes:
Spade: Present Danger, a challenge that threatens your wellbeing, with disastrous results (stat changes or HP loss, usually).
Club: Coming Danger, makes the next Event harder, by providing an additional challenge.
Hearts: Friends. A weak challenge, which focuses more on flavor than any sort of lasting impact. (Useless for Majokko.)
Diamond: A Fortunate Event. A strong challenge, which bring you a benefit if you pass, but nothing if you fail.

Each card co-responds to a set of tables. Each suit has its own page, Day and Night are the columns, and the numbers/faces are the rows. The effects range from stuff like [Night Spade 5: Serial Killer] to [Day Heart 10: Trip to the Park], each having stats, consequences, and rewards.

>> No.28271069

Okay so the joke is that it incorporates the reactions of other people in the same thread.
You have to defeat the other CYOA'ers as your quest.

>> No.28271094
File: 393 KB, 1000x2000, monsterhunter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty sure I did attach the image there.
Now I have to wait a minute before posting

>> No.28271422
File: 313 KB, 1600x3400, wuxiaCYOA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still a WIP but i've got the main body down.

Suggestions and critiques are welcome, anyone?

>> No.28271452

Hmm, this looks neat. I think I'll do one.

>Being unnerving doesn't concern me all that much. Plus, somebody needs to be around to blankly stare at shit.
Stat Augment 2
Life Augment 2
Body Augment 2
>Being short is gonna suck. Still, MORE AGILITY!
Aura 6: Spectral Lotus
>10 Res for mostly free? Yes, please.
Dread Lotus 2
>Walking is for peasants
Lilting Lotus 5
Jade Lotus 4
>With Res 10, is dodging even necessary anymore?
Radiant Lotus 1
Talent 3: Instrument

I think I'll go with 2 Etchings and 3 Aura Techniques for the pink section.

Etching 9
Etching 14

Resilient Aura
Aura Naginata
Aura Form

>All in all, I can fly around, staring blankly while trailing rainbow-colored annihilation and skewering demons with a rainbow-colored naginata. Twice a week, I can do this even harder than normal.
I think that speaks for itself.

RES 10

>> No.28271607

>only agi 9
you klutz

Stat 3, life 1, body 2, Talen 6
Spectral lotus
-res 10; (death lotus) telekensis at 24 ft MAG, (lifting) Regen as CON 11, (Jade) form jade lighting up to 24ft at MAG, (radiant) view city
Etching 6, 9 and 13. Can contort self, Parkour and stick to surfaces, Aura difficult to detect.
Aura Bolts, Aura Naginata.

Str 4, Con 5, Dex 9, Agi 11, Int 5, Cha 4, Mag 8, res 10 Lrn 5

>> No.28271633

>talking superpowered neckbeards into giving up their powers
good luck

>> No.28272114


Looks pretty good! I'm guessing you're going to add in picture later, hence the boxes? I'm not too into martial arts stuff so I'd have to really think about the choices.

>> No.28272758
File: 687 KB, 1275x1134, rings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seven deadly rings! I always did like Envy, Sloth, and Pride.

>> No.28272790


That's not the new version, but thanks.

>> No.28274199

This has the same problem as the time one of the 7 sins CYOA people tried to add a disciple of Virtue to the setting. Firstly, dagger is useless, because you're dead as soon as you run into the wrong 'monster', your previous victories are of no help, and I doubt you could talk them out of it most of the time anyways. CYOAs often have a 'nope the hell out of there' option, the fact that you have a monster before you means they want to be one, more often than not.
The sword needs to come with hammerspace, because stealth kills are probably how most hunters would be getting their first kills, and by extension decent powers/defenses. Obviously a stealth kill is hard to pull off with a sword drawn unless you're in a medieval setting for whatever reason. Even then, you'd need a decent number of kills to take anyone with a combat power out, which means you have to avoid them before then. Odds aren't looking good.
The whip, I'd argue, is best seeing as you have access to all the powers of anyone you beat, which gives you the best shot at 'winning', and if you feel like trying to play diplomancer you could always try to talk people into fighting for you or just not rebelling, rather than giving up their powers altogether, which seems like it might be doable if you promise them some autonomy. Still very vulnerable, but definitely the best option of the three.

>> No.28274344

good analysis; especially about how utterly worthless the dagger is.
but I don't think hammerspace for sword will matter much

I think there is a typo in the dagger.
Did you perhaps mean to say that you cannot be harmed by someone who wishes to harm you?

>> No.28274379

I think it was supposed to protect you from being collateral damage and the like.

>> No.28274459

If crazy monster X blows up a building, he intended to kill everyone inside. Unless he blew up a building by accident, say, while fighting another monster.
It is just too situational a defense. 100% of monsters willingly chose to become monsters, and you can't do anything to them and they can kill you at will, and you must go up to them and convince them to give up the power. Not only that you have to convince them to let you kill them, trusting you about coming back to life later

>> No.28274545

It depends on how you look at it. It could be pretty favorable, even, if you want to. As written, the only scenario is explicitly fails to protect you from is one that entails someone, or something, out to kill you in particular for specifically something related to you. If you consider that there is a monster who needs to eat, a creature who simply wants to kill something, a building destroyed only for pathfinding, then it is possible that, by virtue of holding the dagger, these considerations will be inclined to simply skip over you.

>> No.28274594

way too generous an interpretation.

>> No.28274613

"wish you harm" is kind of vague as well.

>> No.28274636 [DELETED] 

Ok so finally going to reinstall Morrowind and play it, try to get into it again for the lore and stuff.

Trouble is I like to play oddball characters sometimes. Right now I'm feeling like playing a Breton Alteration/Restoration mage that wears just robes and fights with a regular one handed longsword, buffing himself and traveling the land barefoot for enlightenment. He of course has Alchemy and Enchantment as important skills, using those to help him out.

Good idea Y/N?

>> No.28274645

No it isn't. If someone want to kill me so he can eat me or because he thinks its funny then he wishes to do me harm. He doesn't have to know me personally and have a personal grudge against me. If that was the case it would have said so instead of "wishes you harm".

>> No.28274702

Not necessarily. He just wants to kill something because he thinks its funny, and you're the most readily available subject. The monster is hungry, and you're the only food available. It requires no such malicious consideration.

>> No.28274975

>Did the anon who made these ever updated them? With a sheet for enemies and some other additions it would be a functional RPG.
No, but the anon who originally made them has shown up in a few CYOA threads.
Apparently, they are working on a revamp, with some actual mechanics to give more value to the statistics.

>> No.28275398

We have a Meguka and a Kukla, so I'll post a Lilim.

Stat Augment 2
This is a very middle of the road augment.
I intend to make this a magic focused character, so when dealing with non-magical stats I'm mostly trying not to rock the boat.
>-1 STR
>-1 CON
>+2 LRN
Life Augment 3
Personal preference.
>Max visual age between 15 and 18 years old.
Body Augment 1
Getting my magic on.
>+1 MAG
Reputation 4
>+1 MAG
Heritage 1
Again, this is the option with the most magic.
>+1 INT
>+1 MAG
>Umber Demon Transformation
Bodyguard 3
Mostly personal preference, again, but this choice does give some RP benefits.

Focus Augment 2
Astral projection is a significant asset.
>+1 MAG
Summon Augment 1
Not only does this help keep me alive, it can do the same for a number of allies.
>5 Demon Shields, 1 hour/day
Summon Augment 2
This gives me the incredible DEMON SPHERE
>Demon Sphere, 1 hour/day
Summon Augment 3
Both bonuses added to the transformation improve survivability significantly.
>Umbral Demon Transformation Upgrade
>Tower Grimoire - Death
More magic, and more uses for the magic I already have.
>+1 MAG
>Speak to the dead
>Bind a number of spirits equal to half my MAG

Demon Transformations Benefits:
These benefits are provided for only 1 hour/day.
>+2 MAG
>+5 RES
>*2 Regeneration
>+6, 12ft tendrils


MAG 8 (10 when transformed)
RES 0 ( 5 when transformed)

>> No.28277458

Not much, but I was trying to make the smallest modification I could make that would give hunters a shot at not immediately dying. The first thing that came to mind would be some way to be a less obvious killer. e.g. find someone with noncombat powers, wait 'til they're alone, flash in the sword to kill them, flash out the sword and leave. Rinse and repeat until you've absorbed enough power to try some other tactics. I'd still take the whip, but the sword people wouldn't be fucked outright. This is assuming 'Monster' refers to everyone who takes any option from any CYOA (excluding any 'nope! Regular life please, options'), rather than just, say, the dragons and trolls and such that would result from CYOAs (i.e. more traditional monsters), since including all CYOAs would probably result in a reasonable number of people who have powers but can't defend themselves notably better than pre-CYOA.

>> No.28278903

>white and orange couple, staring at the sun on a romantic midday instead of at the full moon like normal people

>black gets a purple girlfriend who is comfortable spending time in the darkness and has the mental fortitude to never worry about the black fear thing

>> No.28280168

>black gets a purple girlfriend who is comfortable spending time in the darkness and has the mental fortitude to never worry about the black fear thing
How is black recharging his power?

>> No.28280404

they are in darkness, that does some recharging, and they dont need to be together all the time

>> No.28280498

>they are in darkness, that does some recharging
Only if completely isolated
>and they dont need to be together all the time
Fair enough, but they do have to spend quite a lot of time apart.

>> No.28280975

i dont know, if there was a very isolated person in the middle of nowhere in real life i would still call them isolated even if they got regular visits from a someone

>> No.28280996

also, black is the one who gets regen and immortality even without being charged

>> No.28281064

>but they do have to spend quite a lot of time apart.

Several hours every time after they have a fight with something.

>> No.28282404
File: 344 KB, 1200x744, 1366131539069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28282487

Simple, generic but gets the point of many wish fulfilment CYOAs across.

Also, i choose the craver.

>> No.28282522

There's quite a lot of genderbending:
>Cambiare switches gender
>Majokko is always female
>Cambiare anomaly 1 is Ranma 1/2 genderbending
>Lilim body augment 1 switches other creatures' genders

>> No.28282672

/tg/ just wants to be the little girl

>> No.28282720

>It works for quests and there's got to have been one-player RPs that have turned out well.
Is it? It sounds like it deals in multiple people but that they wouldn't know about the other people. Other magical girls would exist, for example, but you wouldn't know it until you came across them. You're just wiped of knowledge of the other choices. It seems like lots of people could exist, having taken other choices, and you'd not know that they came about by a choice like you did. You'd think them a natural part of the setting.

>> No.28282888

/tg/ stands for transgender.
although I suspectn its just a vocal (annoying) minority of tg.

>> No.28283094

CYOA = wish fulfilment (to many, it essentially is)
transgenders = fantasizing about being _____

Put two and two together, and it all makes sense.

>> No.28284487
File: 758 KB, 800x2200, 1382307445960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think that /tg/ desire to be a little girl have anything to do with transgender.

>> No.28284504
File: 542 KB, 2000x1350, 1381995039945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28284527
File: 366 KB, 1200x1900, 1379385936481.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28284542

A: Diplomacy
A: Sense Motive
D: Cooking
Ezrael, Lux, Ahri

>> No.28284582

so youre saying /tg/ is composed primarily of middle aged women?

>> No.28284586

>> No.28284599
File: 541 KB, 497x476, 1342981158037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Blessing of Vitality
>Blessing of Mind
>Blessing of the Regent
>Desert Dunes
>The Servile
>The Horrors of War

It's mongol style dynast-king time!

I'll travel the deserts, learning from the various tribes and gathering followers from each. I'll seek wisdom lost in the world and eventually, with their help, I'll convince the tribes to band together once again.

Spurred by tales of old glories I'll lead them across the lands, conquering all that lies before me! The Horrors of War are the horrors that I'll bring! And once it's all said and done, I'll hopefully sit on the throne of a vast empire. My dynasty will outlive the very age this is set in.

>> No.28284623
File: 1.26 MB, 900x1688, 1372019132409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feels good man.

I wonder if this guy>>28271422
is making any progress?

>> No.28284730

Looks excellent so far; I don't see any typos and it's easy to read.

Suggestions... maybe perks, like a choice of a special item or an animal buddy or something?

>> No.28284736
File: 100 KB, 600x588, 1377247603559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have the Kingdom builder CYOA?

>> No.28284830
File: 272 KB, 333x200, KuKuRQW.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A Charisma
>B Group Combat
>C Sense Motive

Soraka heals Kog'maw and I, buffs Annie's magic. Kog'maw handles large armored targets while I handle the fodder. My high charisma [buffed by Kog'maw's adorableness] is to find peaceful solutions to appease Soraka, and to gather supplies from settlements... like finding enough food for Kog'maw. Sense Motive is to resist individuals who would want to take advantage of my group's kindness - Soraka weakens charm and illusion magic, so with high charisma my Sense Motive should be able to resist bullshit from anyone but Swain.

Eventually train Charisma to SS and unite the world under a benevolent government.

>> No.28284857


>> No.28284886

>Sam as pic
>Sense Motive being anything but F--


>> No.28284904
File: 578 KB, 1000x2000, monsterhunter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In this new one I increased/clarified the dagger abilities
You have to be attacked personally by a purposeful killer, a monster that wants to eat you is still an intentional murderer though.
I plan to keep adding sentences from CYOA's to the introduction.

>> No.28285180

>to found out about weaknesses of the monster you first have to defeat it
what a useful book

Seriously, you can't expect us to defeat superpowered people with those items.

>> No.28285217

I can't just hand you the solution
A bit of resourcefulness is expected

>> No.28285263


you have to defeat the monster before you can become resourceful with the help of the book, it says so right there

the book is worthless when you actually need it

>> No.28285282

after you defeat one dragon you know all about dragons
the almanac gives data on an entire type

>> No.28285453
File: 2.35 MB, 3500x1100, 1376870898513.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Requesting relationship CYOAS, preferably not roommate choices and OC.

>> No.28285470

>maybe perks, like a choice of a special item or an animal buddy or something?

Like powerful artefacts and companions?

>> No.28285499

You know, I'm not sure, but I think this might be the first time anybody's actually done a post for an option aside from Majokko

>> No.28285520
File: 329 KB, 1280x960, 23424554234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Choose escape.

I am become Madotsuki. Destroyer of dreams.

>> No.28285522

most people who answered that one when it was new were not majokko though

>> No.28285551

Really? I didn't pay it much attention when it was new, all I remember was people talking about how to get the best mana reserves.

>> No.28285570
File: 135 KB, 1000x804, 1294211490980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I'll be there to drive you back time and time again.

>> No.28285594

Get this /v/ shit out of here.

>> No.28285604

yeah, my impression is that lilim and majokko are sort of tied in popularity, followed by cambiare and then the others, but all of them have gotten answers

>> No.28285670

there was an earlier version where the magical girl option was clearly the best, but that was before the creator split it into six different images

>> No.28285997

There was also an earlier version where all choices were female until /tg/ complained IIRC.

This is my fave CYOA so far. I've got choices for Kukla, Lilim and Majokko. Currently more inclined towards Lilim unless otherwise convinced. Will decide and post choices in a while.

>> No.28286011

Hands down. Though this depends upon my personal belief that after the 13th life we all meet again in whatever comes next.

>> No.28286091

>Thinking the nakama are ensouled beings
They're created for your amusement anon. I don't think they're real people.

>> No.28286118

your friends move on to the afterlife if you believe in one, but you do not

its odd

>> No.28286141

Escape or Dominion...this is actually pretty hard to decide

>> No.28286224

I'd vote escape. You're pretty much free to do anything and everything you please and don't have to worry about some of the suckier aspects of immortality. You actually have an option to self-terminate when you feel the need is great enough to.

>> No.28286251

almost all cyoa immortality has that option

escape sucks to me because its a really strange world that would be like a drug trip all the time, but with bleed over from other people

>> No.28286290

But see the downside is you have no mortal body, you're trapped in a world where the physics and environment is as stable as your mood. Which for many, and especially to me that means a very inconsistent and rapidly changing world.

Nothing is real, defined or stable. Everything can change form and sometimes disappear completely. The best you can make of this situation is probably to explore other people's dreams and/or fuck with them. Other than that, you can't change the world outside of dreams and inside dreams you are more controlled by the dreams themselves than you are in control of it.

>> No.28286349

it states they move on to 'whatever naturally happens after death'. So if souls exists (an reincarnation suggests they do), then yes your friends have souls to move on.

it says you no longer reincarnate, but doesn't actually say what happens to you. So I assume you move on the same as your friends.

This is an assumption, but it doesn't contradict the info provided in the pic.

>> No.28286382

It seems to me more like that's the case until you adapt and start to master your new situation. One thing's for sure. It wouldn't be boring. That and I don't care too much for affecting the real world in such a state. I see no point in it.

>> No.28286566

>Implying Armstrong is not Swain

>> No.28286625


The first one at first sounded amazing. Eternal adventuring, hell yeah, please. But then I remembered that I wouldn't be able to stay in one place with my bros or I'd start to get a sucky health.

Nakama, hands down. The 13th life is going to suck seventy kinds of balls, but until then....

>> No.28286691

But that's what being transgender is...

>> No.28286739

Depends. The Road Eternal - is it a completely new world, perhaps with fantasy elements? Otherwise it could get boring.

>> No.28287500

I've tentatively decided on Lilim.


Stat Augment 1
>+4 LRN, -1 STR, -1 CON, -1 DEX, -1 AGI

Life Augment 3

Body Augment 3
>+1 RES

Family Reputation 3
Honored; 500 credit/week
>+1 LRN

Demonic Heritage 4
Blood Demon: red irises, fangs, live off human blood
>MAG = 0, +3 INT, +1 CHA
Demon form: Intrinsic, 12 ft (3.6576 m) range telekinetic ability
>-3 RES (heat), +8 RES (cold)

Bodyguard 1
Male Grathas demon


Body Augment 2
Enhanced physical elegance/grace/beauty, eyes can manipulate memories 5x/day
>+1 AGI

Creative Augment 1
Makes clothes with telekinetic ability
Telekinesis upgraded to 24 ft (7.3152 m)
>+1 INT

Focus Augment 2
Astral projection without range limits
>+1 LRN, +1 INT

Summoning Augment 1
5 demon shields of protection, 1 hour/day

Tower Grimoire - Life
Visual age set to 12, ability to extract lifespan from evils and minions

Final stats
INT 11
LRN 11
-3 RES (heat), +8 RES (cold)

Max LRN/INT lol.

>> No.28288114


B: Single Combat/Dueling
B: Protection
B: Charisma

Twisted Fate

>> No.28288225


I really like this one. The mind boggles at the possibilites.

My only issue is that The Sword and The Pen seem almost too similar. They aren't exactly the same but pretty close.

With that being said I'd probably take The Knife. I'll have to deal with my first 'Lucifer' generation, but after that I'll see what I can come up with.

>> No.28288244

Where is Singed?

>> No.28288415

Lust by far

>> No.28289336


>> No.28289402

>the book is worthless when you actually need it
Not quite, the sword and whip give you access to a monster's powers.
So knowing exactly how they function helps

Also, it just occured to me that the sword is suicidal because in addition to stacking all the powers you are stacking all the weaknesses. And a lot of the weaknesses involve you going insane.

>> No.28292630

I switched computers since, so I don't have it, but in the first couple releases of that CYOA, all 5 choices had to be female. There was an outcry, and it was revised to its current form.

>> No.28292786

Strengths. The sword only takes part of the monster's strengths.
I like the update... not sure if I'd prefer the whip or the sword at this point.

>> No.28292840

Maokai, Nocturne, and Anti-Mage because fuck magic.
Also good job anon for making Lego Legends have interesting lore. Fuck you for making every female a love interest

>> No.28293064 [DELETED] 

>Compass + Key combo is broken. I'll take 'em.

>> No.28293082

Compass + Key combo is broken. I'll take 'em.

>> No.28293124

Anyone here has the original?

>> No.28294202

>choose compass + key
>become the doctor on roids

You better buff the others and nerf this combo

>> No.28294662


Why does ice increase friction? And what does that even mean?

>> No.28295243


Friend groups are best groups.

Stat Augment Three
Life Augment One
>Who needs intelligence?
Body Augment Three
>Haruhi Suziyuma
>Comedy relief
Anomaly Three
Anomaly Six

Final Stats:

Strength-focused fighter girl, with a varied group of friends to watch my back!

>> No.28295287

things get harder to move

>> No.28296132


Is it bad that I would choose Lilim just because I think that girl looks the cutest. A shame A cup is the maximum for her though, cause I'm not that into DFC.

>> No.28296331

yes, it is a bit silly, but then it seems appropriate to the cyoa somehow

and it doesnt matter what kind of chest youd have, youd get bored of it very fast because it would be a part of you

>> No.28296448

The breasts aren't for you. Imagine if you said to a man with a small dick "it doesn't matter what size dick you have, you'll get bored of it very fast because it's a part of you

>> No.28296464

well the way you put it, "im not into DFC", really made it sound that way

so what if you arent into it, you could find someone that is

>> No.28296467

Forgot a "

>> No.28296486

I should have clarified that I'm a different anon.

>> No.28296513


I'm >>28296132 and it's really for both, for me and other(s).

>> No.28296622

So, I've been working on an SCP CYOA, with you as an SCP. I'm mostly done, but most of the powers I have seem pretty generic. Can anyone give me some good ideas for Safe, Euclid, and Keter level powers?

>> No.28296647

have you looked at the list of SCPs?

>> No.28296720


Heh, that's almost exactly what I chose.

>> No.28296739

>still no Singed
What the fuck/10

>> No.28296801

Yeah, but it seems that every power the bigger ones have is some really weird or unique one. I want to not rip completely off of some already made SCPs, but I also want something not completely generic, like super strength.

>> No.28296805

Rolling as a Lilim
State Aug 1: +4 Learning and -1 to str/con/dex/agi
Life Aug 2: 12 years old
Body Aug 1: +1 Mag
Family Reputation 4: Mysterious Magic Family
Heritage: Umber +1 Int/Mag
Bodyguard 1
Focus Augment 2: +1 LRN +1 MAG
Body Augmentent 2: +1 AGI
Tower Grimoire- Death & Life

Total Stats:
guess i'll spend the first few years of my life learning to fill in the gaps of my shittier stats while bro'ing it up with my werewolf butler

>> No.28296819

thats sort of the point of SCPs, they are unknown and uncategorized

and scary

>> No.28297333


Female Lilim

Stat Augment
>+2 LRN, -1 STR & -1 CON

Life Augment 3
18 years old

Body Augment 3
>+1 RES

Family Reputation
Honoured; 500 credit/week
>+1 LRN

Demonic Heritage 4
Blood Demon
>MAG = 0, +3 INT, +1 CHA
>-3 RES (HEAT), +8 RES (COLD)

Bodyguard 1
Male Grathas Demon

Body Augment 2
>+1 AGI

Creative Augment 1
>+1 INT

Focus Augment
>+1 LRN, + 1 INT

Summoning Augment 1
Demon Shields

Summoning Augment 2
Demon Sphere

Total Stats:
INT 11
RES 1 (-3 Heat and +8 Cold)

Still a little conflicted about whether or not to go full little girl, but I figure there's some non-stat utility in choosing to older especially when dealing with society. Though I do think some of those stat boosts might be worth it, and looking 18 with A cups isn't as appealing as being a loli with A cups, but I digress.

>> No.28297534


So where exactly does the art or the girls come from?

>> No.28298505

depending on interpretation, that's either electricity or lasers

>> No.28298558

spook sword gives you all the cuts

>> No.28298658
File: 62 KB, 625x352, hentai-ouji-to-warawanai-neko-09_08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

first one's Henneko
no idea bout the rest

>> No.28298759

>>Technique of flying axes
>>Wuxia Spooks
>>Tricking and Dicking

>> No.28299666

Option 10
>These are the voyages of the starship Shitstorm

>> No.28300057

>Strengths. The sword only takes part of the monster's strengths.
Who defines what is a strength and what is a weakness?
For example, being the little girl is considered a positive by most of those, but it would really upset me if I started transforming into one

>> No.28300072

>Why does ice increase friction? And what does that even mean?
It means it makes things stop moving and catch on fire.

>> No.28300208


>no option allows you to be big boobed


>> No.28300362

>>>Tricking and Dicking

I don't even have a reaction image for this, and i have a huge reaction image folder.

>> No.28300368


Time for you to get moving and make the big-boobed CYOA of your dreams, 'cause we here at /D/...

Wait, this is /tg/, we don't do stuff. Sorry.

>> No.28300415
File: 3.08 MB, 1920x1415, 1375947524887.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28300418


I am Invincible Masochist Robot Master

5 (6)
5 (8) (11 construct) (mobility/utility 8) (offense/defence/healing 7)
2 (11)

Star augment 4
Life aug 3
Body aug 1
Style 6

Summoner focus

Arcane element

Glowing eyes
(After master slain)
+ Glowing tattoos

>> No.28300447

well duh
its a "be a loli CYOA".
Loli's don't have big boobs, its like you are not even a pedophile.

>> No.28300458
File: 7 KB, 250x232, awesome axolotl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>we don't do that stuff

Half those CYOA's are fetish anyway. It's just a question of which ones they pander to.

>> No.28300471


Well, I...may have made a /d/-style CYOA that gives options like being able to inflict transformations on others, tweak what society considers 'acceptable' behavior, summon phantom lovers...



>> No.28300476


I think that was the point of the joke. /tg/ apparently considers it perfectly legitimate if a CYOA is about "turning into a little girl fantasy", but at the same time mentioning boobs is GO BACK TO /D/ PERV. It's kind of a tradition.

>> No.28300486

Human with Magical Might: B, Crowd Control: B, and Charisma: B.

Darius, Riven, Draven.
Stupid infighting aside, I can't imagine how we could lose.

>> No.28300508
File: 2.27 MB, 2133x1920, 1377574210880.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Due to stupid infighting?

>> No.28300519

I know that feeling. I wanted an all void party...
Fuk you OP

>> No.28300539

Darius and Riven are hyper-goal oriented, and they're both too strong to earn each others' contempt. Draven is a showoff jackass, but his rivalry with Darius will keep him on-mission because everyone around him values success, so in order to show off he has to succeed harder.
The worst case scenario is that those two decide to start competing over the woman, and kill each other, but that's what I'm there to prevent.

>> No.28300545

Hmm. I think i'd assemble a strike team. A team that can plan ahead and execute it accordingly. I'd want The Muscle (tank), The Gun (ad) and the Trickster/Wild Card (ap).

As such i think Volibear, Caitlyn and Twisted fate would be the optimal combo.

>> No.28300557

>Be a loli CYOA
>All but 2 of the options allow you to choose your gender
>Cambiare has easy access to an option that would let them swap back to their actual gender so long as they avoid water above/below a certain temperature

>> No.28300585

Boobs are perverted. Little girls are pure. I thought everybody knew this.

>> No.28300652

Oh I LIKE! Nothing like a bit of Wuxia. I will point out though, that most Wuxia heroes, are wanderers and knights errant, rather than members of larger organisations. The Jinyiwei is especially relevant here, as fighting against government corruption is a common theme in Wuxia stories. On the other hand, there's nothing cooler (citation needed) than the outcast of a once-noble organisation, struggling to redeem it and restore it to the right path, usually by way of kicking some skulls in.

Further, weapon styles are rarely studied independently of another style, in Chinese martial arts. At least when I was learning (or failing to learn), Lau Gar style, all weaponry classes were for advanced students; it wasn't something you started on. I think that's mostly due to the fact that without training your body and mind before picking up the sharp pointies, you're liable to do someone an injury.

Stick with what you know, I think!
Waijia - Lau Gar is a very external style
Independent - Because Wuxia is all about the wandering hero (might want to highlight advantages and disadvantages there, too. It feels out-of-place otherwise)
Naive - Because believing in something better ROCKS.

Later take Neijia, to balance out Waijia weaknesses and take Lustful to balance it because it's funny to combine with Naive and dammit, even a hero has needs!

>> No.28300659

They're breasts. A thing of joy and pleasure. The woman enjoys having them and feeling them. Any partner she might have definitely enjoys them. If she ever has a child the infant is sure to enjoy suckling at them. Nothing but wonderful things come of them.

It's terrible to hear someone say such negative things about them. Please stop.

>> No.28300712

That was changed because people kept bitching about the loli CYOA making you be a loli.

>> No.28300723

>9 and 10 on the same cyo
Fuck you man. Fuck you.

>> No.28300734

>Further, weapon styles are rarely studied independently of another style, in Chinese martial arts. At least when I was learning (or failing to learn), Lau Gar style, all weaponry classes were for advanced students; it wasn't something you started on.

Even though you are correct, the weaponry i'm referring to are martial arts styles specifically centred around using weapons. Many styles incorporate weapons, which is why they are at advanced classes. Because one as you said, discipline and control but also because most of those styles are based on punching and kicking. Or in Neijia styles a lot of counters and locks. They add weapons to the styles to increase lethality. While styles centred around weaponry pretty much have to start with weapons because the style cannot function without them obviously. So it is expected that you learn the basics of controlling your weapon at the start. The progression from then onwards however, is much easier than the other styles due to low levels of body conditioning and internal/body training required as well as less moves and stances you must learn.

>> No.28300779

>not taking either 1 or 5

what are you some kind of fag

>> No.28300782


Could we hypothetically have a look at it?

>> No.28300794
File: 127 KB, 1500x900, 05viking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28300925

huh, I didn't even notice that they changed the "be a loli" part.
And hey, it also removed the ol "you start out as a boy who is transformed into a loli" part

>> No.28300929

preach on brother!

>> No.28300982

Woops. Meant 10 and 5.

>> No.28301033

That makes sense, I guess. You should probably make it clearer that other styles do use weapons eventually though.

Also: How prevalent is magic in Wulin? It varies a lot in different stories. There's no such thing as magic; qi is an internal thing; qi is an internal thing that can be projected and effect the world; magic is a thing; and "There are taslisman-slinging, spirit-summoning, fire-throwing sorcerers around every corner and they also know kung fu!" That last one is by far the coolest, by the way (citation needed).

>> No.28301113

Yeah, i like to fantasize about being little demon/transformed boy /sporty lesbian girl, but then i realize that if given that choice for real i would of chosen to be a boy and that breaks this fantasy, my autism is displeased.

>> No.28301132

you obviously need to fantasize more about it

>> No.28301325

>Just spoiled prince who brags about his wealth.

So, no reference to his badassitude? No reference to him killing dragons left and right? Of destroying Noxus' armies? Of going on a journey for years, returning much stronger, wiser and with dragon-waifu?

Just... spoiled prince who knows how to behave in court?

>> No.28301351

I lol'd

>> No.28301364

any1 have the broquest one?

>> No.28301367
File: 2.13 MB, 4162x3954, 1377656840382.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28301376
File: 1.45 MB, 4864x2984, 1377679362435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28301402

many thanks

>> No.28301459

That's very sexist. Think of the traps.

>> No.28301487

>the word "woman" is sexist to transsexuals

>> No.28301507
File: 1.93 MB, 2448x2044, Choice of Smalltext.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fun Allowed CYOA

>> No.28301742

Vampirism - No thanks.
Watch the World Burn - I'm not a complete psycho.
Perfect Body - Nice, but not really interested...
A Wizard Did It - Too much cost for me...
Harem - Dammit; my school life was odd, so it really couldn't twist that way... Much as I like the sound of the option.
Spaceship - Fuck yeah. Wonder if I could trade down for a slightly less spectacular model. Half the fun of exploring the galaxy is having your ship be like the Millennium Falcon; cool as all hell, but mostly held together with welding, prayers and the gravitational force of how fucking awesome it is.

>> No.28302625


>Half the fun of exploring the galaxy is having your ship be like the Millennium Falcon; cool as all hell, but mostly held together with welding, prayers and the gravitational force of how fucking awesome it is.

See, being in constant danger of dying a horrible death is one of those things that are fun to watch in movies, but aren't actually fun to have to do in real life.

>> No.28303786
File: 6 KB, 225x225, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how about this one?

>> No.28303968
File: 88 KB, 425x693, CYOA-Hunter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy! I love these books!
> it's all random-generator tables.
... oh. sad_trombone.wav

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