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Alright guys.
I've got seven deadly sins and I need different breeds of demons to represent them. Let me get the ball rolling with the obvious,
Succubus is lust.
Still need wrath pride sloth gluttony envy greed.
Annnnd go

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Are you asking for people to invent new kinds of demons to represent each sin, or just copypaste the one from the d&d monster manual that best fits?

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Envy is a loli.

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Nah, everyone always makes succubuses lust.

Make then WRATH, make them fuck crazy jealous and possessive.


(actually, why not just make all deadly sin demons succubuses?)

Then make angry bottles of booze that jump up and throat fuck you with their neck until you drink them all down the demons of lust.

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A succubus could represent each of the seven, really.

Balors could be wrath.

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>I need demons for seven sins
holy shit what a mindblowing concept
I wonder if someone ever wrote a book about something like that

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I'm pretty sure succubus ARE the demons designed to temp mortals to sin.
It's just that ye olde church considered lust to be the worst one, so succubus were flanderized to only be the lust tempting versions.
A succubus is just as likely to try and tempt you to any of the other sins, with "advice" and offerings of power or magic.

Which makes me think of a sloth succubus who just conjures the most comfy pillows imaginable and tries to cuddle all day.

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Demons from the d&d universe to be more precise .

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The most commonly encountered demon of Sloth is the so-called Astral Drifter, also sometimes referred to as a Latcher Demon, or a Burden of Sin.

The Astral Drifter has an appearance halfway between a decrepit emaciated corpse of childlike proportions, combined with a face and hands more akin to those of a Lamprey. The Astral Drifter spends most of its time drifting on the astral winds in a state of hibernation.

Occasionally, it will sense an appealing mortal, although how the creature picks such an individual is unknown, and in the one and only example of activity in the creature's existence, it will planeshift itself to the mortal realm and latch on to the creature's back, releasing soporific toxins into the bloodstream to keep its host docile until it can complete the process.

Once the process is complete, the Astral Drifter will be fully fused to the target's back by its mouth and hands, as well as by way of a permanent mental link. The Astral Drifter will then start to make use of its new host to provide it with all it wants, without the creature having to do more than think them, backed up with some mentally transmitted pain through the link if the host is reluctant.

The creature will then use its target for an extended joyride in the mortal realm, leeching off the host until they are little more than a wretched, shrivelled husk barely held together by the psychic link. When the body can no longer sustain itself from the constant abuse, the Astral Drifter abandons it and returns to its torpid state in the Astral Realm.

While the Astral Drifter itself is not overly dangerous, provided one can avoid its original latching attempt, the main danger is in long term hosts, despite the frail appearance of these unfortunates, they are both bolstered by the Drifter's magics and powers, and have long since had their will crushed by its constant demands and punishments to the extent that they follow its commands without question.

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>tfw nobody does seven virtues

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>I've got seven deadly sins and I need different breeds of demons to represent them.

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Well people don't generally fight embodiments of the seven virtues, unless they're going full edgy.

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>fight embodiments of the seven virtues

Unless those seven virtues are enforcers of an authoritarian theocratic regime ruled by a psychopathic god hell bent on forcing mankind to submit to his will.

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It's a Oni, but you get the idea.

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Like I said, it's entering some pretty euphoric territory.

I have though wondered if it would be entertaining to run a campaign where all the PCs are upper planar beings trying to keep other planar meddling to a minimum in the background so that some prime material adventuring party can complete their quest.

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Bayonetta wasn't full edgy.

And why necessarily fight? They could be helpful NPCs or even just mentioned.

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>Free pillows
Do want.

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Bayonetta was just full JAPAN instead.

Not sure if that's better or worse.

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Demi-fiend, plz go

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>sloth succubus
10/10 would cuddle

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It's JAPAN. It is outside of better or worse because JAPAN.

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>Like I said, it's entering some pretty euphoric territory.

If you can't analyse religion from multiple perspectives, lest you get labelled as 'euphoric fedora neckbeard' then it's not thinking is it?

It's not thinking, outside the box to be specific.

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I can analyze it from multiple perspectives, I just can't remember the last time I saw someone pitch a game idea relating to religion or virtue that wasn't "lol evil nazi god, just like irl amirite guyz!"

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Why don't you just multiply the seven sins by -1?

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It could work in light-hearted campaign.

Although Disgaea's demons are mostly TN-CN.

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The Matrons of depravity

7 of the strongest Succubai to exist in the underverse. This sisterhood was formed when they made a pact to protect and serve one another, a trait not typically seen among demons and has so far proved successful as they have carved out a niche for themselves as a notable power among the planar beings

Pride: The leader of the patrons. Her body is drapped with the finest silks and she is distinguished by the gold chains that criss cross her horns and holds the gilded skull of a holy man

Sloth: Dressed in sensual and luxurious night gowns, to rest your head upon her lap would cause one to loose all aspiration, even the desire to live

Envy: Where her wings would be she possess another set of arms, her two normal arms covered in jewelry of the most difficult souls to corrupt

Wrath: Tallest and boldest of the lot, he silvered hair is parted by an onyx horn constently ablaze

Gluttony: Born aloft by faceless slaves on a gilded couch, she drinks from the everflowing cup of filth

Greed: Her wings replaced by piercing chains that bear golden plates she uses guile, her feminine wiles, and demonic powers to trade away the souls of mortals

Lust: The youngest and strangest of the lot. She has no face except that of the one you desire most and wears a guilded mask always least her formless face would drive even lesser demons to end themselves.

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no, I'm still just getting lust

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*evil communist god, evil mob rule democratic god, evil nepotist god, evil authoritarian inhumane god, etc. etc.

It's not that different actually to the god described in Abrahamic texts.

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No doubt, but I just feel like the whole idea has been massively overplayed by this stage.

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You could have all the freedom you want mortal, what more could one ask for?

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Blatantly overpowered robot girls have no place here

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I know quite a few gals that would fit the role.

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Guys. guys
Gluttony succubus

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That pizza seems like it'll leave some nasty grease stains. Why would you put pizza directly on a bed, with no plate or anything?

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In the first episode she just pulls an entire pizza into a futon she's wrapped herself in.

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Are you implying that I'd take a fat whore over the true incarnation of gluttony, The Ice Cream Man.

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Disgaea angels are not really better than Disgaea demons.
Pic very related.

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Gluttony. It's very hungry.

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Now in Elf Brown edition.

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I'd say move away from Succubi for Lust, since they only really embody sexual Lust as opposed to the various other Lusts that exist. That's just me though, because I'm that guy that likes to point out that Lust isn't just sex.

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New evil seven,
Ice Cream Man is Gluttony
Milk Man is Wrath
Mail Man is Sloth
Fire Man is Lust
Police Man is Envy
Greed and Pride I'm stumped on

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That was actually something I really liked about the series. Granted, it was all supposed to be very tongue in cheek, and satirical at times. But I liked the idea that when you got down to it, 'good' and 'evil' were not inherent to either angels or demons.

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Greed is Banker
Pride is Obama(or just politician, because none ever admit their mistakes)

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Lust isn't just sex,
Greed isn't just money,
Gluttony isn't just food,
Envy isn't just other people,
Sloth isn't just being a fat lazy fuck,
Wrath isn't just being angry,
Pride isn't just being proud,

etc. etc.

But you know the media, the arts and the common perception of things. Stereotyping is an easy way for people to store concepts in the memory so it's ingrained into our basic knowledge.

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You know, all this talk of embodiments of sins and virtues kind of makes me want to run a campaign starring planar beings of some kind, and not half-breeds or aasimar/tieflings or anything halfassed like that, I mean full fledged planar entities.

Don't suppose anyone knows of any quick and dirty rules for converting creatures from the bestiary into class levels or something similar?

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Right I thought of going Congress man and Business Man but I felt that was stepping a bit much away from the other 5

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What ARE the seven virtues, anyway?

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There are nine virtues.


I grew up in a fundie sect

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lust is the monk
>draw me like one of your french girls

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I feel like someone has read a certain comic on the seven sins.

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Chastity, Humility, Kindness, Hardwork
Just take a sin and reverse it, I'm not joking

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>talking about having a place

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I was just about to post that the anon didn't see the horrors of the first episode.
This disregard of basic hygiene made me nope out of the show.
Because fuck women who run around with greasy fingers.

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She's full autistic in all fairness, and the show is actually extremely good at the end, it gets better every episode

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The one thing i disliked about it was "hey sins are all cool but boy being virtue sucks!"

that was not the only one thing, though.

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>We have more virtues than those other guys, that means we win at God, right?

I'm so sorry, anon.

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There are nine divines, faggot. That didn't stop the Thalmor from fucking with them.

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Me too.
Seraph is best antagonist

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It's actually in the Bible, you know, that thing that Catholics never actually read.


I'm an atheist now. God didn't do much for me in my darkest hour. Science did okay, though.

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Sloth: Dretch
Gluttony: Nabasu
Greed: Nalfeshnee
Envy: Shadow Demon
Lust: Succubus
Wrath: Vrock
Pride: Marilith
All Sins: Balor

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Did you, by any chance, play Tremulous?

Too bad that the game seems to have stopped development.

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> Catholics
> Not reading the bible.
We put it together, numbnuts.

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naw a bunch of Jews did that

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Could that be any more vague
"We need to think of a ninth virtue. Man upstairs says it has to be nine."
"Uhhh, okay, what else is good?"
"Good...ness. Good."

After writing this post, good doesnt look like a real word any more.

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>gluttony succubuse

u r doin it rong.


The problem is that there's really only 6 virtues because chastity and temperence are clearly the same fucking thing - it's like that whole fuckup with Newton and his "seven colours" bollocks.

having said that;

>Chastity/Temperance Succubouse
Who is a total cocktease and cockblocker who gains energy from the pent up lust of her victims.

>Diligence Succubus
Who makes a victim work harder than neccesary by messing up their stuff or getting in the way.

>Patience Succubus
Who is REALLY REALLY ANNOYING, but also an ickle adorable loli so no one can get angry at them.

>Charity Succubus
Constantly distracting victims so that they accidentally lose stuff near people who need that stuff more than them.

And to round out the numbers let's seperate Kindness from Charity because I can get two seperate types of Succubuses like so:

>Kindness Succubus
Is really pathetic looking and gets power from victims by being cared for.

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[curiosity intensifies]

wut? How's a feeling of happiness or pleasure a virtue? It's just a emotional response, which can come from almost anything (and not necessarily something positive either).

I'm assuming this means to be gentle or to actively promote peace right?

Another vague one. Wouldn't that fall under kindness anyway, or is it some specific sort of altruism?

Also isn't generosity in there somewhere? Or is that covered by "Goodness"?

Could also probably fold patience under self-control too, honestly.

Church really outta get around to stream lining that whole list. Make it more accessible for the casual audience.

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DERP forgot a virtue:

>Humility Succubus
Takes credit for all the stuff their victims do that's good and undermines their self-esteem.

>> No.28249724

>Who is a total cocktease and cockblocker who gains energy from the pent up lust of her victims.

Some where out there, millions of women are lamenting at the fact that they are not a Chastity Succubus in real life.

>> No.28249736

>streamlining for casuals
God, the new editions of the bible are getting worse and worse. What's a hardcore believer to do when the bible gets some godawful updated every few years that makes it simpler and simpler until it's considered casual?

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>implying not all women are Chastity Succubi

>> No.28249753

They don't get any benefits of teasing.
And they eventually give it up some way or another.

>> No.28249775


Taking in Joy from the world that god gave them I'd assume. Doesn't make a bad virtue honestly.

Peace and Goodness are clearly subsets of Kindness and Patience (or vice versa).

Note that I assume the reason they stuck at 9 is because it's 3 3s, thus you get a sort of trinity squared.

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Succubus in plural is succubi. And just for the record if anyone didn't know a male succubus is an incubus

>> No.28249864


It's only the plural in platin.

And define "male". Strictly speaking iirc a succubus is also an incubus - they'd be a succubus, steal a man's essence (i.e. delicious, delicious cum omnomnomnom), then morph into an incubus and plant that essence in a woman.

Like Apex Azads really.

>> No.28249888

>not becoming futa succubus to put essence in women

>> No.28249963


>implying there's a difference between futas and bishonens

>> No.28249976

Perfect. Everyone may continue talking about their shitty wifus

>> No.28250049

> cuddlebus
All aboard!

>> No.28250178

Of course there is. futas have all the other holes as well

>> No.28250231

> puzzle vagina
Is she a duck?

>> No.28250311

No, she's a man


>> No.28250332

You're one letter off.

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You almost sound right, except you aren't. Those are the 9 attributes, not 9 virtues. AKA, the fruit of the Spirit. Read your own link, or.just carry on in your ignorance. The Seven sins are a concept developed in the early church, not from the Bible. Therefore, the Seven Virtues not being listed in the Bible doesn't stretch the imagination too far. Read up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_virtues

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>> No.28250441


As much as I hate to mock Hawai'i pidgin, there is a bible translation in it that reads kinda hilariously:
From Matthew 1:

>1 Dis book tell bout Jesus an his ancesta guys. He da Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. He from King David ohana, an David, he from Abraham ohana.

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Gluttony: Hungry ghosts (spirits with needle-thin necks and mountain-sized guts with an insatiable hunger, it literally hurts like hell when they try and eat ANYTHING) or ghouls of the flesh-eating variety
Greed: Goblins/imps?
Sloth: honestly cannot say. Ghosts?
Wrath: Vengeful spirits, poltergeists
Envy: Ghosts/poltergeists, perhaps of the kind that use mirrors to fuck with people. Witches if you're the type to bunch them up as non-human.
Pride: Fallen angels, Antichrist-type demons in general

At least use Suika if you're going to post a gluttonous oni. Endless bottle of sake and whatnot.

>> No.28250488

It is now my personal mission to read this book...

>> No.28250496

>not white people

If we're doing the /pol/ olympics here it's

>Wrath: Arabs
>Pride: Crackers
>Sloth: Niggers
>Gluttony: Spicks
>Envy: Chinks
>Greed: Jews

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Watermelons are very gluttonous

>> No.28250511

Pride should be a fallen angel?
Uuuuh gluttony could be any type of undead flesh-eating zombie kinda thing.
When I imagine greed I imagine kind of Obzedat, Ghost Council from MTG, look it up if you don't know it.
I'll think about envy and sloth.

>> No.28250532

>> No.28250541

Honestly Suika's whole method of trying to draw out the other oni in her debut game was 100% gluttony: constant partying, feasting, drinking, for days and days and days on end.

>> No.28250550

but watermelons are love

>> No.28250598

The amount of Virtues seem to vary depending on who you ask. I've seen both the sevn heavenly virtues, which are just reversed version of the seven deadly sins (charity for greed, chasity for lust, temperance for gluttony etc.), and the three cardinal virtues (chasity, prudence and temperance iirc) + seven lesser ones.

>> No.28250614

A bunch of jews AND a Greek.

>> No.28250622


I'd leave hungry ghosts out of it - Pretas and them make a bit more sense in reincarnatory religions than a judeo-christian one, having god make creatures who experience suffering from basic desires and no hope of salvation is a level of dickishness even God rarely stooped to.

If they're jsut reincarnated gluttons, THAT makes bit more sense and it's only gonna be for a single incarnation anyway.


But flat is justice anon.

>> No.28250687

>watermelons are love
>flat is justice
virtues have more varied forms than the sins do don't they

>> No.28250722

Want not just take their actual representations from the Divine Comedy and draw inspiration from there. My idea's:

a wind demon of some kind, succubus form obvious
Cerberus - but rather than a hound, he is an enormous three headed boar, constantly slavering and consuming
ruled over by Pluto, a gaunt and ominous figure. He wields enormous weights which he swings around on golden chains.
Ruled over by the Centaur Chiron, so make this demon a Nightmare/Centaur warrior rape beast
not specifically addressed in Inferno, but variants of it make appearance in Wrath (The sullen who lurk under the bog) and Violence (the suicides) - Sloth being the representation not only of inaction but despair. Therefore make your demon the punishment of the Suicides - they take the form of a thorny bush from which their dismembered limbs and corpses hang from. A gigantic corpse plant filled with the bodies of people who succumbed to despair, impaled on it's thorns and wrapped in it's vines.

>> No.28250744

>those horns
>that hat
Let me guess; magic?

>> No.28250747

Also not addressed directly, but Dante is ushered through the circle of Fraud by Geyron. Dante's Geryon is an image of fraud, having the face of an honest man on the body of a beautifully colored wyvern, with the furry paws of a lion and a poisonous sting in the pointy scorpion-like tail. Make this your envy demon.
A fallen angel, wreathed in armor and chains of ice, is an obvious choice.

>> No.28250765

Love can be flat too.
Actually she is multitasking.

>> No.28250850

>is a level of dickishness even God rarely stooped to.
Depends on which God you're talking about.

Or she cut holes in her hat.

>> No.28250871

or it's a bandana

>Or she cut holes in her hat.
she'd still have to get it over the ends of her horns, which are pretty far apart

>> No.28250877

No hat is THAT stretchy.
And hell, her hands won't even reach the ends of her horns.

>> No.28250894

>not specifically addressed in Inferno
Actually, in a indirect way it is. Remember, the good people who were not baptised would have to hang on the shores around the styx river and would never have the chance to rise to Heaven, although they would not suffer any special punishment.

However, there is also a group of people who were overall apathetic, who didn't do any evil, but neither any goodness; people who just wasted their lives doing nothing special with it. In other words, lazy people. Sloth sin. They do had a punishment at the shores on the other side of the river: being bitten by tiny insects forever.

>> No.28250897

The hat could be the sort of buttoned hat that kind of looks like a diaper if you hold it upside down.

Alternatively: remember that she can shrink and expand in size as she pleases. So... yeah, magic. I guess.

>> No.28250911

How about giant oozes for gluttony? And dragons for greed? Shit, you could just use plain fantasy monsters for this.

>> No.28250917

Ah right, they had to live in Brazil as a punishment. Forgot.

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>> No.28250992

> Succubuses

>> No.28251044

You must have exact change to ride~

>> No.28251057

I'll have to remember to make a note that I should be buried with a mosquito net.

>> No.28251075

What are you, some sort of girl kissing faggot?

>> No.28251115

not trying to argue that love can be flat since i'm a massive familiar of zero fan and tabitha is best girl, but was saya actually flat? i don't recall ever seeing her true form

>> No.28251205

>I'm pretty sure succubus ARE the demons designed to temp mortals to sin.
>It's just that ye olde church considered lust to be the worst one, so succubus were flanderized to only be the lust tempting versions.
>A succubus is just as likely to try and tempt you to any of the other sins, with "advice" and offerings of power or magic.

Yeeeeah, not likely. Succubi in folklore are brutal rapists as often as seductresses, and the word itself comes from a Latin root roughly meaning "lover". The idea of demons tempting people to all kinds of sin is certainly well-ingrained in Christian doctrine and folklore, but there's no evidence whatsoever to suggest that succubi were ever not primarily demons of lust.

However, this certainly doesn't mean that you can't just come up with succubus variants for other sins. Comfy sloth cuddlubus sounds adorable.

>> No.28251230

I imagine she would be lumpy.
But she still can hold you close to her heart. One of her hearts.

>> No.28251270


>> No.28251332

Don't worry, cute ditzy girls that can shoot airships out of the sky with laser beams created with a dozen floating swords are always welcome in my book.

>> No.28251350

Goddamn it, internet.

>> No.28251415

Well, there are actually two sets of seven virtues.

There's the Seven Christian Virtues, which (IIRC) predate the outline of the seven deadly sins, and are in fact a fusion of two distinct sets of virtues: the three Theological Virtues (Faith, Hope, and Love, from the letters of Paul), and the four Cardinal Virtues (Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Courage, from classical Greek philosophy).

Then there's the Seven Heavenly Virtues, which are the opposite counterparts of the Seven Deadly Sins. Humility opposes Pride; Charity opposes Greed; Chastity opposes Lust; Kindness opposes Envy; Temperance opposes Gluttony; Patience opposes Wrath; and Diligence opposes Sloth.

>> No.28251426

I am filled with lust.

>> No.28251586

>enforcers of an authoritarian theocratic regime ruled by a psychopathic god hell bent on forcing mankind to submit to his will.
Luka, please stop posting.

>> No.28251628

Succubus is Lust for obvious reasons
Your typical horn and hoof and bat wing Demons are Wrath
Envy Imps and Greed Imps have been having a blood feud for the past millenia Becasue they keep stealing from eachotehr
Oni's are Gluttons getting drunk and eating people all the time but still being hella strong
Sloth demons are big lazy behemoth motherfuckers no one ever sees cause they be sleeping
Pride can be made up of any number of leader demons from the other 6 who lord their powers over lesser demons

Massive Dragons are the Gods of Hell since they embody all seven deadly sins.

>> No.28251629

I think some of the confusion here may be clarified by noting that the "virtues" in >>28249362 aren't really "virtues" in the sense of "things one should try to practice to live a good life/be a good person", but rather are "virtues" in the more general sense of "good things", if they can be considered "virtues" at all. Really, they are the "fruits of the Spirit", i.e., positive qualities that are cultivated in those who walk close with God.

Some of the confusion also comes from issues with translation and theological jargon. "Joy" in Christian terminology isn't just general happiness or pleasure, but a particular kind of uplifting, supernatural delight that is given by God, and this is the sense evoked by the particular word used in the original Greek text of this list (the word itself being derived from the word for "gift", which is used to refer to God's grace).

Peace in this case actually means a state of tranquil rest for the person who is right with God. As I said, not really "virtues" in the typical sense.

As for "goodness", it's really referring to a sort of fundamental indwelling condition of *being* good -- that the Holy Spirit will make one good on a basic ontological level, suffusing your being.

Generosity actually goes under love (under the Christian understanding of virtuous love), and "patience" is better characterized as "endurance" or "fortitude" with respect to dealing with trying circumstances, making it distinct from self-control.

>> No.28251658

This would be my idea of wrath without getting too over the top. No idea of what kind of demon it would be tho.

>> No.28251676

Those are the fruits of the spirit, you tard.

>> No.28251700 [SPOILER] 


>> No.28251715

>Luka is actually alternate!Hitoshura

>> No.28251716

Paint it red and slap a pair of horns on it and you're golden

>> No.28251764

>what are the seven virtues
did no one watch digimon growing up? courage, friendship, love, sincerity, knowledge, reliability, hope

>> No.28251771

My laughter cannot even begin to cease

>> No.28251921

Am i golden now?

>> No.28251982


>> No.28252014

Why? Why do you have seven deadly sins? Why is it always seven, and why is it always those ones?

Seriously, someone come up with something else. Or at LEAST use a different religion's damn taboos.

>> No.28252030

The Noodoos of Voodoo?

>> No.28252087

>Or at LEAST use a different religion's damn taboos.
most of us are much, much more familiar with christianity than any other religion

>> No.28252117

Aztec: Do not get drunk.

>> No.28252119

So break out of your comfort zone and research other religions. For fucks sake, it's not hard to be little more original.

>> No.28252169

Golden as a shekel.

>> No.28252171

Some concepts stick so hard they blow right through cliche and wrap all the way around to "timeless".

Trying to shake up the seven deadly sins isn't going to get anybody to hail you as a revolutionary original thinker, they're just going to wonder why you're wasting your time doing a hack job of reinventing the wheel.

Same shit with the classical elements. It clearly ain't broke, so why try to fix it?

>> No.28252179

is there another reason to be original, other than for originalities sake, in this case?

>> No.28252193

The novelty of something exotic and unfamiliar.

>> No.28252218


>> No.28252338


>not lust


>> No.28252358

So, in other words, no.

>> No.28252558

How about instead of stereotypical stuff, we make the embodiments of the sins more animalistic- the very base ideas that kind of stirred 'em up in the first place? Rather than human or even humanoid, why not make them silly-ish too, like creatures? Lemme give it a go..

SLOTH: A titanic, slug-like gastropod, covered in dull brown, grey, or extremely dark blue scales that are bony in texture. It is extremely large, with the smallest about twelve feet long and four high from the ground, with larger individuals taking up several times more than that. It is possessed of many small eyes hidden in holes scattered about the front of the body in haphazard, sloppy patterns. The creature is extremely slow and heavy, and tends to travel in large packs which slowly raze buildings and render areas unlivable for the foul smells, noise, and space used up once the demons have reached a spot to sit in. They then occupy this space over the course of several months. Once they'e finished doing whatever they're doing, they begin to move again in a random direction. They pay no heed to organisms unless they try to harm them, but when they're around you can count on them to get in the way. They can be banished by making them move extremely fast, which is kinda hard to do since they're obviously up to several tons in weight and try to stick to the ground when threatened.

ENVY: A great birdlike creature, somwehat like a stork and a vulture with haggard grey feathers and brown streaks on the back. It has sunken, beady eyes and a shrill call many compare to the yells of either extremely young or old people. Its claws are very long but dull, good for gripping living beings or delicate objects without harming them. Its beak is long and blunt. These creatures live on any high surface above settlements, and regularly make visits (any time, doesn't matter) to stalk about and crow at the inhabitants. They will regularly try to steal large or valuable objects.. And now I'm outta space. Thoughts?

>> No.28252641

>giant snail
>not a giant sloth
come on man

>> No.28252667

>Not a giant sloth/iguana with a shell on its back.

>> No.28252698

Let's throw some koala in there as well.

>> No.28252747

I think if you want to get original with a set of sins, the better way would be to delve into some of the lesser-explored areas of the classic seven.

Lust doesn't necessarily have to be about carnal desires. It can include any powerful, consuming desire (or at least any that don't already fall under one of the other six sins). Lust for knowledge, lust for power and influence, lust for fame (related to pride, but distinct, as pride need not entail a burning desire for fame or admiration, and a burning desire for fame need not necessarily stem from an overinflated sense of self-importance) -- all perfectly valid sins of lust.

Similarly, gluttony need not be limited solely to overeating. Gluttony is simply excess with respect to consumption. Excessive enthusiasm in eating, excessive extravagance in dining, and excessively finicky eating habits can all be sins of gluttony even if one still eats in moderation. Excessive love of a particular kind of food to the point of warping one's diet around it would also qualify. And, of course, let's not forget that drink and, arguably, drugs belong here as well (though drugs may belong under lust; being a more modern issue, there's not much tradition to guide this issue).

Greed doesn't necessarily need to be generalized avarice; it can also include hoarding of a particular kind of item. The otaku with shelves upon shelves of anime merchandise could well be guilty of greed, even if he otherwise has no desire for material wealth.

>> No.28252757


I thought of a sloth at first but it was too obvious. A slug is also pretty cliche though. The main thing is that it should embody sloth. So I thought a big critter that was slow as fuck and hard to remove even without violence would be better. I also thought maybe they could eat a lot, like wrapping around trees and crushing them to wood mulch to eat (bastards got tiny mouthes and no teeth) but that's Gluttony's job.

>> No.28252764

Sloth isn't necessarily laziness -- in fact, the focus with that sin was originally more on acedia, a sort of spiritual listlessness or consuming apathy. You can also reach back to Evagrius Ponticus's eight evil thoughts, which were used as a prototype for the seven deadly sins we use today; this list included Tristitia (sorrow/despair/despondency), which was rolled into Acedia in the formulation of the seven deadly sins. Basically, anything that weighs you down and keeps you from reaching your full spiritual potential and/or doing the good you ought to do can be considered a manifestation of sloth.

Wrath is usually associated with violence against others, but it can also include nonviolent manifestations of spite or hatefulness, as well as simple impatience, and even self-hatred or self-harm.

Envy and pride are fairly straightforward, but the other five have a lot more room for variation and nuance than they're typically given credit for.

>> No.28252786


>> No.28252818


>> No.28252852 [SPOILER] 



If all the sins really were people I think Mort'd make a good Pride, Mark a good Evny, and Dave a good wrath. Poor Clyde.

>> No.28252854


>> No.28252876

>Not greed.

>> No.28252879


to be fair, having everybody read the bible instead of just theologicians/priests/pastors/etc. is what has created pretty much every problem with religion for hundreds of years.

Giving people access to the bible was one of the worst things the printing press did.

>> No.28252880

Why not make them all sex demons?

Lust is Ultros. That's it. Really.

Gluttony is a feeder, gaining sexual delight from it. He'll trap the thinnest party member and do everything in his power to make them fat (stat penalties for a time). His jizz is pure lard, how this is revealed is entirely up to you.

Greed is intent on building a giant harem, he already has 113 women and its the groups job to stop him. His magic is about persuasion.

Sloth is the boss of them all, he's really a super bad-ass motherfucker who just doesn't want to do the work in getting laid. The other demons fear him, so they each offer him a woman on a different day of the week. On the seventh day he rests.

Wrath is a guy whose balls are spiked balls on long chains. Constantly screaming, potentially from pain, or just angry.

Envy watches and steals the identity of the one who his target is fond of, then steals their everything. Adding it to his slowly growing horde of other peoples' shit. I'd recommend getting more help here.

Pride is this absolutely perfect thing, outwardly. Presents themselves as an angel, however they are just so unbearable uncharismatic (attractive but so annoying that nobody can stand being around them) and all they want is to get laid. So they get annoying with it, "Come on, you know you want to touch this body. Just a suck of the old pud, come one. What? Seriously, you think you are turning down my big old tallywacker? Well too bad because you're just a common looking whore, no way this giant meatlog of mine would get hard for your donkey face." Bonus points if you make him whip it out like a psycho and it's comically small and he's just delusional.

>> No.28252903

I could have put greed for her, but it would be insulting to those lusty armpits of hers

>> No.28252949

I got your gluttony demon right here

>> No.28252963

7 heavenly bodies.
7 days of the week
7 good qualities
7 bad qualities

All religions are just astronomy with fluff.

>> No.28252972

Giving people access to the Bible isn't a problem.

It was the batfuck idea that any old schmuck can interpret it perfectly and in fact that personal interpretation of the Bible takes precedence over traditions of orthodoxy and expert scholarship that screwed everything up.

>> No.28252989

I recommend second miko for lut

>> No.28252999

Well the problem is she's the obvious choice. I suppose if we used Slut for lust we could put Reimu for Greed.

>> No.28253008


sure except the ones that aren't

>> No.28253035

Guys, astronomy is crunch and religion is fluff. Now that we know this we can metagame real life. I need broken builds for living ASAP.

>> No.28253055

Envy is clearly all about the NTR. He doesn't hoard his conquests; it's the thrill of taking someone else's partner that gets him off, and it's not long after he's broken a conquest of their prior attachments that he loses all interest in them, casting them aside in favor of whatever new (presently spoken-for) individual catches his eye.

And I think it goes without saying that Wrath doesn't do anything other than S&M. However, one may be surprised to know that he enjoys being on either end of the abuse equally.

>> No.28253056

>everflowing cup of filth
Well that doesn't sound tempting at all

Other than that, love the ideas

>> No.28253060


I think it could be argued that goes hand in hand with being able to read it though.

Once they can do that (and they have that, as they believe, closer relationship with the direct word of God as a result) they're gonna have opinions on it.

And that's natural, but there's a fair amount of stubborn "I read it this way and it must be right" selective bullshit that goes on as well.

>> No.28253063

Alright, but you'll have to retire your current character and start over.

>> No.28253107

That works, though I'm still fond of his spiked balls. They're easily incorporated into your suggestion and as such I approve 100%.

>> No.28253115

No exceptions

>> No.28253121

Eh, maybe, but that's pure speculation. Historically, Sola Scriptura started with a schismatic priest, not a zeitgeist movement among the laity brought on by the advent of widespread literacy. If anything, it was Sola Scriptura that drove the spread of literacy, as it encouraged the people to go out and learn to read the Bible on their own.

>> No.28253133

Oh, yes, I fully intended the notes on Wrath to be in addition to what you'd put, not a replacement.

>> No.28253170

goddamnit i laughed so hard i farted

>> No.28253185

What about lust?

>> No.28253269

I'm still attracted to envy after learning she/he is really a man and I don't even like muscly girls, or flatchested women... or men.

I actually like big-titted chunky ones.

Oh god I love envy, I love him so much.

>> No.28253313

You should make the horns be made of gold, too.

>> No.28253351


>all doubtlessly attractive
>totally ignoring what a succubi is

Welcome to /a/ tier characterisation.

>> No.28253357

>envy is really a man
envy is really a little green parasite that probably doesn't even have a gender as humans understand

>> No.28253376

Well, the humanoid manifistation of him/her is represented as a male body, whatever.

I still love that little green thing, and would marry it given the chance.

>> No.28253393


>> No.28253543

I could see it working, if anyone makes a deal with her they have to take a drink from the cup, like signing a contract, could even in a game have it corrupt the person who drinks, making them become another of the slaves that carry her, or mix the both together and that if they don't obey her terms deal they turn into one.

>> No.28253683

>his jizz is pure lard
I think that's going over the line into smut, really. If you want gluttony to be a "feeder" I think it's more than sufficient to make him a creepy, heavyset demon who is obviously aroused by tying people up and force feeding them food until they burst, kind of like in that music video by Rammstein.
I think your sloth and pride are all wrong. Pride should be the closest thing to a leader, not just because Pride would never, ever settle for less than that, but because Pride is actually the root of all other sins in christian theology. What is the act of sin? It is looking at what God tells you to do, and having the pride to say you think you know better, that it's really better for me to cheat on my spouse, that hurting people is better than helping them, that stealing money is okay under these circumstances. Sin is telling a perfect and all-knowing God that you know better than Him.
come ON.

>> No.28253756

This. Embodiments of the virtue are likely going to be angels; maybe spirits if you're going full weaboo (though East Asian stuff is less dichotomous). And no one except edgy/euphoric 15-year-olds want to kill angels.

Which wouldn't be that bad if if they'd just admit they want to play an evil character than try to attach bullshit justifications for killing angels
Case in point.

>> No.28253798

They're massive reptiles who burn stuff for fun, steal the stuff they didn't burn, Make the other villages give them a maiden the either fuck, eat or both, they then boast to other dragons about how many maidens they've fucked/ate and get all huffy when they hear some other dragon has eaten and/or fucked more maidens then they go to bed on a giant pile of gold.

So yeah. Not just lst

>> No.28253813

>come ON.
That was the point of using the word tallywacker.

I'm also sorry to not meet you expectations of which sin should be done in which way, I was trying to be a little on the sillier side of life.

>> No.28253835

>Not having the Seven Virtuous Succubi

>> No.28253865


>> No.28253875

On a tangentially related note, this thread has inspired me to make a game.

>> No.28253896

>sins of 4chan
>the normal sins

At least replace something with autism.

>settlement ndssord

>> No.28253897


Well, if you want to go less edgy you could go with 'Both sides are less than perfect'. Like, neither is evil but both are incomplete as far as humanity is concerned.

So while sloth is lazy and never gets stuff done...they are also relaxation and peace. Labor is hard work...but he's always hard work all the time. Without break or pause.

Still, that's a rather different interpretation to the standard ones and probably not likely to end up 'fighting' either in a war sense so much as 'X is getting uppity and self important, slap them' like it's a touhou game.

>> No.28253936


>> No.28253951


>> No.28254037


>> No.28254123


>> No.28254127

Go with a literal Sloth demon
As in: it's a Sloth, the animal except demonized.

Sounds like lazy writing right?
Exactly my point.

>> No.28254499

>I think that's going over the line into smut, really.

Not if you have the PCs discover him "making candles" after they've been wandering through a mansion lit with ornate dribbly candles that you've been bringing to their attention so often and hard that the party thief has been constantly checking each candle for hidden switches.



welp, wasn't planning on sleeping tonight.

>> No.28254522

No no, see, you're supposed to go into a thread and, whenever you see a post demonstrating a sin, mark off one space with that sin.

>> No.28255162

You don't have to apologise for having a different opinion than me or for taking a lighter approach. I just think that pride works better for the big bad evil guy than sloth does, because a lazy BBEG doesn't get anything done, generally. Still, I think that your pride demon kind of sounds like, well, a failed demon.
Here, have a lucifer wannabe.

>> No.28255177

Well excuuuuuse me, Princess. But I thought this thread was for demons of Seven Deadly Sins, not "Envious" Tsundere Loli Succubi.

>> No.28255192


Why can't it be both?

>> No.28255223

>envy is a Tsundere Loli Succubi.
stealing, stealing right now. succubus that got cursed/demoted and lost its shapechanging ability is going in my next game

>> No.28255230

Try Greeks.

>> No.28255362


What if the sloth succubus isn't just tempting people to lay in bed all day, but generally tempting people to not make use of their full potential? Like, that new television show about those women who use their bodies and sleep with their bosses to get to higher positions in the company than they deserve, and the show portrays it as not a bad thing? Sloth wrote and directed it. The additives in the water main that are tripling the rate of depression in the city? Sloth puts them in. (hypersomnia is a symptom of depression, and it's very hard to motivate yourself to do even things that you enjoy when you're depressed.) That company that produces those VNs with the compelling, heartwarming characters that seem so much more loving, understanding, and not scary than any 3d girl could ever be? Guess who the CEO and lead author is?

Sloth is quite diligent at her job, ironically, and it annoys the more traditionalist members of the infernal council that her industrially and commercially scaled approach works as well as it does.

>> No.28255407

>Sloth is responsible for waifuism
dear sweet god that fits so well

>> No.28255716

Holy shit, Jews are agents of Sloth.

Shut it down!

>> No.28255779

I don't get it. Which "jews did it" conspiracy did I inadvertently touch on?
Hey, thanks!

>> No.28255908

>Implying there are any conspiracies the Jews aren't behind.

I'm not entirely sure how this works. Am I /pol/ yet?

>> No.28256026

Jews seek the degradation of Western civilization by poisoning the culture. That television show of women sleeping around not being portrayed as a bad thing is a part of it. So are additives to the water (order some filters from Alex Jones), and the promoting not marrying and having three white children. Why do the Jews want this? To prevent the second shoah, or get revenge, or because they're born nation wreckers, the answer keeps changing.

So /pol/ says, at least.

He's got the basic idea down. The Jews are behind everything that ever was. When in doubt, blame them.

>> No.28256134

I was thinking of specifically promoting the use of sex to get power, perks, and promotions in the workplace as opposed to earning those things by honest, hard work.

>> No.28256428

...You know, frighteningly enough, I can actually kind of see this begin the "fault" of the Jews, if only in a roundabout way.

It's really just a permutation of the general tomfoolery of workplace politics. "It's not what you know, it's who you know"; the "old boys' club"; "networking". As long as there's been such a thing as a "workplace" in the modern sense, getting ahead in it has had jack all to do with skill or honest hard work, but rather getting in good with those who can pull the right strings. Sex is just one way of doing that.

And how did we get to modern "workplaces"? Industrialization, which requires capitalism, which requires moneylenders to provide capital.

And who made up the vast majority of moneylenders in Europe when capitalism was in its infancy?

>> No.28256450

*"being the fault", rather.

>> No.28256469

Of course, then again, by that logic I suppose there really isn't anything in the modern Western world you can't ultimately blame on the Jews. Because there's hardly anything in modern Western culture that hasn't been heavily influenced by industrialization.

>> No.28256753

Catholics, actually. Capitalism simply didn't get off the ground until Catholics got into the banking business.
Blame the Medicis, not the Jews.

>> No.28256769

But...I thought the Jews were the moneylenders.

Shakespeare wouldn't lie to me, would he?

>> No.28256874

>trusting the playwriting jew

Welcome to /pol/vision, son.

>> No.28256885

Are you ready for me to REALLY blow your mind?
People didn't marry as young as Romeo and Juliet as a general rule. A London clerk commented that a 17 year old and his age 14 new wife were " a worthie Ancient couple of young Fooles." (Laslett, Peter. The World We have lost, chapter 4.)

>> No.28256932

Quit shattering my worldview, man! D&D has taught me that bards are a trustworthy source of all kinds of information, and Shakespeare is The Bard! Definite-article The capital-B Bard!

If I can't trust him, then who can I trust, huh? WHO CAN I TRUST?!

>> No.28256970

No one.

>> No.28257002

Rolled 66

Rolling for SAN loss.

>> No.28257038

Don't they get bluff as a class skill?

>> No.28257067

But they also get all the Knowledge skills, AND Bardic Knowledge! If you want to know something, who better to ask than a bard?

>> No.28257117

Its mainly because it was about order and chaos but even the angels bought into their own PR spin after a while.

>> No.28257571

Public transportation that seduce you into having sex with them. That is some scary shit.

>> No.28257634


>> No.28262058

Why Envy?

>> No.28262531

Presumably because everyone wants to be the little girl.

>> No.28262600

Not that little, though.

I think most of the time /tg/ wants to be going through puberty, not a loli.

>> No.28262712

/co/mrade here,

Still need something for greed/avarice?

>> No.28263269

>/tg/ wants to be going through puberty
You think puberty is bad as a GUY?
I had four sisters growing up, and I'm right in the middle age-wise, so I remember seeing ALL of their puberties. I wouldn't wish woman-puberty on my worst enemy.

>> No.28264048

>Same shit with the classical elements. It clearly ain't broke, so why try to fix it?

Yeah, about that...

>> No.28264237

I always like the idea that the Demons would be almost the exact opposite of their namesake.

Sloth would be someone who makes you want to run and do things ALL the time, prohibiting sleep until you beg for it and finally become a sloth.

Gluttony would be a terrible anorexic who inflicts an inability to eat for days until you can only gorge at the end.

Wrath makes you weak and feeble, with people ignoring you and knocking you over in the street until you have to fight back.

Lust I would imagine as a hyperdominatrix type thing with a standard business suit and matronly feel. Inflicting impotence etc until you concede to lusting after her.

Having trouble with some of the others but that's what I've got in my head for a WoD campaign

>> No.28264378

No, fuck you. I'm a chemist and i get enough of this shit in college.
Give me four classical elements. Preferably with big serving of ether. No, fuck that, aether, and i'm in good enough mood not to demand aethyre.

>> No.28264450

> pride succubus
> not dressed like a G with gold chains and a grill

> Gluttony
> not in a fast food uniform

> wrath
> not a soccer mom

>> No.28264595

Try making a character based on those. "I wield the power of argon, evil-doers!"

Also, if there's one character for each element theme, there are going to be WAY too many characters to keep track of. And a lot are going to have very similar powers.

>> No.28264642

Suburban sins?

>balding, pot-bellied office drone

>poor hygiene neckbeard NEET

>I dunno, Hooters girl?

>real estate agent with colored blazer

>> No.28264774


>> No.28264870

>I'm too hip for vapid mainstream sins. I was committing them before they were cool.

>> No.28265368

you must be new here

>> No.28266731

Mmmh, I'm seeing demons _embodying_ the sins, when they should be _encouraging_ them...

Example : your demon of Wrath shouldn't be a really angry demon, he/she should be an Internet Troll.

>> No.28269312

It's the point where you're highest on both femaleness and little girlness.

>> No.28269317

sorry for knowing interesting things, i'll remember that /tg/ is a no interesting facts zone from now on

>> No.28269319

the average stoner

>> No.28269365

That's what I was going for with Sloth here>>28255362

>> No.28269596

cheat on yo man, ma, that's how you get ahizzead

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