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Why is the 40k Eldar lore so god damned erratic?
At one point they are starting huge wars just to save a few thousand of their own, the next they attack ultra marines without provocation, when they do not have any advantage and gain nothing from it. Aren't they supposed to treasure every precious life?
Wouldn't the smartest and most farsighted beings in existence know that not tackling the Imperium would be slightly beneficial?

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Mostly because they aren't operating in the present, they're operating years in the future, and are manipulating events to occur in their favor, years in the future.

It's even commented, repeatedly, by outside viewpoints how goddamned erratic and nonsensical the Eldar are, but that's because they base their strategies around half seen visions and glimpses of an ever-fluctuating future. It's kept them one step ahead so far but every once in a while they cock up massively

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Plus the fact that it's obviously going to be erratic because they have to be presented as masterful planners in their own codex, enigmatic trolls in the Guard codex, and MORE MEAT FOR THE SLAUGHTER in the Marine codex.

Though it's mostly yours. Or rather, that's the handwavium that explains why they're presented so differently.

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So they're willing to sacrifice the lives of dozens of warriors by sending them on a seemingly pointless suicide mission, if they thought it would set off a series of events that would save a craftworld a couple of centuries from now? That's pretty cool.

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This makes sense, but there are instances where they are put in a position they didn't predict, and still act very stupidly.
I was reading about a skirmish between them and some ultramarines during the 13th black crusade, when the ultramarines are lured into stumbling into a group of eldar by some chaos guy.
"Captain Echion, the leader of the Honour Company, ordered his force to make ready for battle, but not to launch an assault upon the xenos immediately. He had been advised by the Cadian High Command that the Eldar had on occasion aided Imperial forces"
Wouldn't the eldar be smart enough to note that the marines weren't attacking and leave them be, or are eldar that jumpy around their portals?
Sorry if all this sounds very obvious, I'm fairly new to the 40k lore.

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>the smartest and most farsighted beings in existence
The Eldar usually end up dying to those guys.

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Note that their predictions are still warp-related therefore sometimes totally untrue.
Note that writers love to use this trope too often just because.

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>Why is the 40k Eldar lore so god damned erratic?

Shit 40k fiction writers having their antagonists twirling their moustaches in lieu of actually having to bother developing a rational plot line for anything.

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lol, marines listening to anyone but their own commanders and not purging xenos scum


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>Why is the 40k Eldar lore so god damned erratic?

WW1: Driver doesn't take wrong turn, black hand can't assassinate Franz Ferdinand.
60's:Bodyguards sit in the right place No Kenedy assination.

IRAQ: Allow Sadam to occupy Kuwait

If our histrory was different imagine how erratic it would be.for our current lives.

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And who are these guys?

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thats basically their modus, yes. Though they prefer to sacrifice millions of humans to save a dozen warriors

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Original faction do not steal (tm)

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Metallic Tomb Kings covered in bright green neon lights.

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I don't know their new fluff, but in their old fluff, they accidentally sold themselves into eternal slavery to evil gods. That's not really far-sighted. I mean, old-school C'tan, sure. But the Necron themselves? I don't think so.

Sure, the Eldar accidentally created an evil god, but that's not really the Craftworlders.

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Because they're incredibly stupid people acting on premonitions that don't amount to much more than just gut feelings.

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Orikan accurately predicted major events 64 million years in the future.

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And now they are basically everything what eldar are.
Ancient technologically adnvanced race with shattered empire calling everyone primitives, divining events and travelling trough the Webway. The also have became a thing during the War in Haven.
The difference is they are more silly and childish, styled as Tomb Kings in space, having more wank and eldar themselves as jobbers.

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Old ones have crapped out and left, the cron hierarchy are still there if a little creaky. SOLID WIN NECRON

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>silly and childish'

Stay mad Oldcron fag, my british Necron Lord with a mustache glued onto his face plate going on Safari with his bodyguard Sambo cares not for your terminator fluff

It doesn't really count if he time travels to make sure shit happens the way he said it

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Necrons are noble and monolithic, Eldar are decadent and dying.

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I'm not an oldcron fag.
To be honest I don't give a shit about necrons and didn't want to give it about newcrnos until some authors punched them in my face in some eldar novels.

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Did he miss the fact that the C'tan gonna eat the souls of his people and enslave them while he was doing it?

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Even if he woke up to see he was wrong and had to go back in time to fix that, he still comes out ahead. For example: Starbane's predictions were more accurate than Orikan's, but Orikan was still the one to get his predictions right.

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You mean a few Eldar short stories based on an event in the Necron codex that you didn't have to read?

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He said that "The Necrontyr people would lose their soul," or something like that. No idea how literal he was being about that, but it's about as accurate a prediction as any Eldar prophecy.

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Never expect Black Library books to be good, anon. Especially the ones not about humans

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>It doesn't really count if he time travels to make sure shit happens the way he said it

You are basically suggesting that ''Orikan did everything'' from the Fall of the Eldar to the arrival of the Tyranids.

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Or that Orikan had seen all that shit happen and then went back and said how it would all go down.

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Wizards: No sense of right or wrong etc

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I've read a newcron codex and I was okay with these events.
You know I even liked some characters like Trazyn or Zandekh.
But then there was some asshole who wrote something like:
> Look at this newcrons.
> Look at them!
> They are more ancient, more advanced, more farsighted than your faggot spess elves could ever by!
> Suck it!
> Haha!

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Necrons appear in a lot of novels and some time they win.

Damnos and related novels featured Necrons punching out marines. Why should the Eldar be exempt from equal treatment?

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The Eldar and Imperium work together in almost all the major wars, why can't they just make a basic truce?
Eldar divination and webways combined with the sheer power of the imps would dominate?
Saying that the Eldar or the Humans are too up themselves to at least work together is retarded, if they had just listened to each other the Horus Heresy would never have happened, or at least not caught everyone off guard like it did.

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Because necrnos and marines don't share this much traits.

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That doesn't make sense.

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That would be not grimdark.

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Necrons and Eldar and Imperium are all just various life stages of dying galactic empire.

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If he can go back that far why couldn't go back a little further and warn the Necrontyr about the C'tan?

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>why can't they just make a basic truce?
They sort of have. The Imperium has the policy of leaving Craftworlds alone unless forced to take military action. The Eldar are the guys who play pirates and purge Maiden Worlds of human colonists and perform raids to steer of some horrible future that they won't tell anybody else about. Also, some Dark Eldar think it's hilarious to actively sabotage Eldar-Imperium relations, so that doesn't really make things easier.

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Maybe he can't because he lost his original body. Maybe he doesn't want to, because it'll ruin his plan.

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He did warn the Necrontyr even back then. And he might not be keen on the idea of perishing due to paradox or frail flesh.

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The Emperor would not listen to Magnus his own son who said the same. Why should he listen to an alien?

The Eldar and Humanity alike are too traumatized by their own past sins to think of anything but themselves, even in common cause. They see each other only as disposable tools.

Also if you were to, (out of universe) ally any races, let alone these two, it removes the need for separate codexes and fluff. Thus the universe is made cheap and weakened by peace.

It's why the old guard hates the Tau and the words "greater good" bring on fits and frothing at the mouth with rage.

It is the 41st millennium, and there is only war.

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The Iyanden supplement said if Iyaden had met the Imperium sooner in their history they would have embraced each other and strong allies.

Cruel fate denied thia.

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I do remember a lot of Dark Eldar attacking humans during the Gothic war, they're sneaky cunts.
Shame they can't just formally meet and decide something, it seems like it would be such an easy solution to many problems.
Maybe we could get some Grey Knight halflings? Couldn't hurt to make them even more OP.

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But all Necrons want their old bodies back and what plan is nore important than his soul?

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>But all Necrons want their old bodies back

Not true.

>what plan is nore important than his soul?

Dunno, he seems to be able to turn himself into a C'tan shard though, so perhaps he seeks godhood, though through a different path than Szeras.

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Could have been cool

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I suspect "strong allies" means "useful tools".

I may be wrong but I suspect this is OP's point of different writers and time changing the fluff.

From the 3rd edition Eldar Codex

"All races are our enemy in time. Some of you call us your allies. You are not allies, any more than a butcher’s knife is his ally. You are tools, nothing more. To be used and expended to protect our race, that is your fate.

Your kind think you are so magnificent, yet even now, at the nadir of our power, we can manipulate you, turn you to our ends, as easily as you might pull a trigger and fire a gun. Our time will come again, Eldrad has promised us. Once more you upstart Mon-keigh [subject spits] shall kneel before our power! This time we will not be so lenient! We will exterminate you, every world, every vessel, every one of you! Eldrad has seen the stars stained red with your blood, and it pleases him!

You think us weak, but we will be your doom, children of Earth."
-Eldar Codex 3rd Edition

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During the Emperor's reign, wouldn't they have been far more open to working with xenos?
Could the Eldar have also seen how strong of a psyker the emp was, and perhaps respected, if not the race as a whole, at least empy himself and played nice?

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Yeah THAT asshole.
One of rangers who have supported Imperium with information about eldar just because they can't keep their tongues at the bay.

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I wouldn't take the spiteful last words of a tortured Eldar outcast as anything approaching truth.

>> No.28246937

>During the Emperor's reign, wouldn't they have been far more open to working with xenos?

No, Xenos a shit even as far back as the Emperor's time.

>> No.28246971

They sometimes tolerated civilized xenos enough to not just wipe them out on sight. However, all non-humans living in Mankind's lebensraum were exterminated with no remorse; the problem being that more or less everything was considered to be Mankind's lebensraum.

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By the way, what's the official word on whether Eldar and Humans can actually interbreed or not?
I hear in an earlier codex there was a bit of it, but in a later codex they went back on that or something?
Isn't the Ultramarines Chief Librarian part Eldar?

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>By the way, what's the official word on whether Eldar and Humans can actually interbreed or not?

Yes, no, maybe

>> No.28247003

>Isn't the Ultramarines Chief Librarian part Eldar?


>> No.28247004

It's a definitive 'maybe or maybe not'.

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Pretty sure it's been retcon'd out though.

>> No.28247014

What's a lebensraum sorry?
For real? Damn, I thought the Emperor was cool.

>> No.28247027

>For real? Damn, I thought the Emperor was cool.

He was, it's xenos that are uncool.

>> No.28247042

>What's a lebensraum sorry?

>> No.28247043


Unless this is Fantasy, then I suppose Slannifest Destiny would be okay

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Everything is canon, espesicially the contradicting pieces of fluff.

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The thing you have to remember about Eldar is that their name for humans means "those who must be killed". It isn't just a funny slur for monkey.

The Eldar HATE humans, and think they need to kill them all the second their main foes are dead. They fucking loathe humanity, and working with us is similar to working with a slime beast from their perspective.

They don't tell humans anything because why fucking bother? They don't work with humans much because fuck those guys.

Humans are a lot more cooperative than the Eldar, but that's not saying much. The Imperium probably dicks over the eldar about half as often as the Eldar dick over the Imperium - at least from the Eldar perspective.

Humans do like those shiny soulstones, after all. And those Maiden worlds.

>> No.28247099

Well they were probably neighbours with Horriblemaneatingspecies#244 so cant really blame them. Plus if the eldar are so much dicks even though they are a dying race would it mean that they were bigger dicks when they were at their height and probably did xeno cleansing as much as the imperium did. So really they deserve to be genocided just as much the human as.

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The necrons have always been more advanced than the fagdar.

If anything, newcrons are weaker than oldcrons.

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I've read exactly one eldar book and most of their decisions are based on the current emotional condition of their leaders and their local laws which are often limiting their ability to act. They kill each other by the dozens because of old feuds, refuse to give in and avoid bloodshed because of some xeno honor. For the most part they sound like knights from the middle ages with added prophetic abilities they can't understand but always try to.
One thing is for sure. They don't really spare each other's lives even knowing full well how their numbers are rapidly dwindling.

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>They don't tell humans anything because why fucking bother? They don't work with humans much because fuck those guys.

That line of thinking usually ends up with them being maimed or failing in spectacular ways.

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It's not like the Eldar put a sticker with their name on it on every Maiden World

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The Eldar watch the future, as such they don't respect strength and don't rate the Emperor as a psyker.

Strength and ability are human predictors of future events.

The Eldar alone can unwind the tangled skein of fate etc. So no love for Big E. even if the whole 'didn't see the Heresy coming' didn't cinch it in Eldar eyes.

Though it would be interesting if that bit about the emperor being a wimp psyker even pre-heresy wasn't just the arrogance talking.

The Eldar's future vision might as well be the imperial creed for its exclusivity and xenophobic outlook.

So barring submission by warfare, by either party, I don't see peace happening in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium in which there is only war.

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Oldcrons didn't have the fate of the galaxy in their metal fingers.

Nowadays the galaxy exists because of the whims of the Newcrons and it will cease should they desire it (Celestial Orrey).

>inb4 the Court of Thanatos succumbs to the Destroyer Curse

>> No.28247186

That shortens the life span of stars and can only do it with thousands of years of calculations.

>> No.28247226

>because muh universe of war and grim dark betrayal

>> No.28247251

>An act that snuffs out any of these lights leads to its physical counterpart undergoing a supernova long millennia before its time that destroys all the nearby worlds that circle it. Thus, the Celestial Orrery is capable of immense destructive power but the act of destroying a star must be done with careful consideration as it would as it would upset the natural order of the cosmos that could create a critical chain reaction.

Nope, they can explode pretty much all the stars in the galaxy. The act of re-balancing the galaxy after detonating a star that what takes the calculation.

If the Necrons went ''fuck it'' and blew out all the lights in the Celestial Orrey, ........

>> No.28247278

There's no evidence that that would do anything though. You have to reload a gun after shooting it. And it shortens the stars lifespan, it doesn't just make it blow up.

>> No.28247286

They could pretty much do that with their instant teleportation spaceships, anyway.

>> No.28247358

It explodes stars before their appointed time and it doesn't need a reload, as it's said in the text.

It will do something, like obliterating the galaxy!

They got the Webway. The Webway is the absolute best method of space travel.

So it's okay.

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That's a bit of an exaduration. There's plenty of fluff that suggests Eldar have a special affinity for humans, like the affinity you might have for your retarded little brother.

Sure he's retarded and annoying but you wouldn't just kill him and not feel bad about it. He's a person too, almost.

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>> No.28249981

The Emperor was slightly pissed at Magnus for blowing up the safe Webway, killing hundreds of Custodians, Sisters of Silence and gifted tech-priests. Not to mention making the whole giant Daemon portal appear, forcing it to be abandoned forever.

The problem was that Mankind was happy working with aliens, but when the massive Warp storm cut off all warp travel, alien races took it upon themselves to enslave, kill and be dicks. The Emperor said they couldn't be trusted.

Doesn't stop the Ordo Xenos from using Xeno tech.

>> No.28250395


But how else are we supposed to know Ultramarines are the best without having every other faction nonsensically jobbing to them?

>> No.28250411


Most of the grimdark in 40k is ultimately the Eldars' fault. Their decadence caused the birth of Slaanesh. His gestation ended the greatest human empire, the Age of Technology, and brought on the Age of Strife. It also caused a blowout of human psykers who are often daemon-possessed.

Half the remaining eldar are ravenous kidnapping torturing molesting meth-heads. The other half keep insisting that they're racially superior and that saving 1 eldar life is worth sacrificing millions of humans.

Their webway would have saved humanity and let it build a new age of technology. Only they refused to share the secret with the Emperor. They're super-fine and won't let us fuck them.

Also, they call us monkeys.

>> No.28250455


The only way GW could think of to make Eldar better was to make 'Not Eldar' and have Eldar job to them.

>> No.28250462

To be fair, Eldrad did try to warn the Emperor about underestimating Chaos early in the Great Crusade (this was before the incident with Fulgrim), but apparently Emps didn't want to listen to xenos.

>> No.28250527

FFG also hinted that they may have had a hand in uplifting the Tau.

>> No.28250566

Cheer up. You got a kickass character from it.

The ''Phoenix Lord'' of the Outcasts and Rangers. The wanderer destined to save the Eldar race and the galaxy from certain doom. He who shoulders the greatest burden of all for his people.

He is illic Nightspear. Outcast messiah, a mysterious hero who walks in the shadows between worlds, the last hope.

>> No.28250612

Only if you listen to his fanboys. Who are probably wrong given his track record so far.

>> No.28250644

FFG said one of the Old One servants had a hand in the Tau.

It doesn't necessarily mean Eldar. It could be Orks!

>> No.28250692


It's been stated that Eldar do actually care about humans enough. Their attitude is condescending but not outright hateful. They see us the way they we see chimps. Similar enough for killing humans to be traumatic for Eldar.

Even Biel-Tan, the most xenophobic of Eldar, relocate human colonies that have surrendered to habitable worlds.

>> No.28250726


Still not getting old for you eh Carnac anon?

>> No.28250733

>Oh, it's that Eldar thread from earlier. I sure hope the Carnac guy isn't still in it.
>he is

>> No.28250754


>Oh boy an Eldar thread
>It's invariably derailed by newcron faggotry

Every fucking time. Why can't he just make a necron thread?

>> No.28250757

If it was Orks, it would be much more obvious. Maybe it was the Slann, assuming they weren't completely retconned.

>> No.28250763


>> No.28250775

Because Newcrons threads are always attacked by butthurt Elfdar.

>> No.28250785

That's just the way her arm's positioned, I think.

>> No.28250804

There are Newcron threads?

>> No.28250818

> Why is the 40k Eldar lore so god damned erratic?

I defy you to name one faction of 40k fluff that has not been presented erratically with multiple overlapping contradictions and retcons.

>> No.28250824


>> No.28250829


>Newcrons threads

>> No.28250854

It will never get old for me.

You should know that already.

>> No.28250865

Because Necron threads invariably end up with Oldcron fags trolling Newcron fags, and vice versa. Eldar fans also drop by to bitch on a fairly frequent basis, so, you know, that's kinda annoying. It's just not possible to have a decent thread without it devolving into bitching and baiting.

>> No.28250893

No you fucking dickbag, that's mostly a Biel-Tan opinion of anyone or anything that touches anything/anyone that was once in the eldar domain. They'd obliterate a fucking mushroom if it was from another world

>> No.28250915




That guy is from Ulthwe

>> No.28250929

He was also a Ranger, and they aren't the most reliable of individuals.

>> No.28250962


Except this is true: >>28250692

Swifteye, a duke from Biel-Tan, was famously merciful in dealings with monkeigh and relocated human settlers from maiden worlds.

>> No.28250973


I think the Dark Eldar are probably the most consistent faction in 40k, but they also only have a single city and went for 12 years without getting a codex, so they have less material to begin with and got passed over for tender retcon sodomy for a long time.

>> No.28251002


You forgot one thing Anon.

Necrons may be literally made of death metal, but Eldar are Glam Rock.

That is the difference.

>> No.28251027


>David Starbane and the Warp Spiders from Mars.

Wear the eyepatch Yriel, the funky, funky eye patch.

>> No.28251029

Eldar have been known to be fickle and emotionally unstable.

You conveniently forgot to mention that Biel-Tan has turned on their human allies after the main threat is dealt with. Happens so often the Imperials can't find it in themselves to trust any Eldar.

>> No.28251034

And there's also the last few missions of DoW (the first one), where the Eldar were willing to work with the Blood Ravens right until Gabe was about to destroy the Maledictum (which was technically his fault).

>> No.28251076


>You conveniently forgot to mention that Biel-Tan has turned on their human allies after the main threat is dealt with. Happens so often the Imperials can't find it in themselves to trust any Eldar.

Does that retcon the fact they are sometimes merciful? The point was to demonstrate that even the most xenophobic of eldar have it in them to relocate 40,000 colonists. That's nicer than the Imperium have ever been.

>> No.28251100

The Imperium would have done exactly the same thing in those circumstances, though. The Eldar just happen to be faster at backstabbing their "allies".

>> No.28251160


>Mfw the reason Biel-Tan turned on their allies was because they foresaw those same space marines/IG attacking Eldar in the future.

Never go full monkeigh.

>> No.28251186

I assume that's from one of the newer books, and that this Orikan guy went back in time to make his predictions correct, because otherwise what you've said makes no sense. Care to enlighten?

>> No.28251187


Oh No. Don't you dare pin this on Gabe.

Answer me this. Did Macha even try to reason with the humans before she ambushed them multiple times, warred against them, and UNLEASHED A BLOODY AVATAR on the Ravens.

Only after the Blood Ravens have beaten and humbled her warhost, did she approach Gabe and instead of plainly answering his questions SHE THREW RIDDLES AT HIM.

Was it too hard to explain things in plain gothic? Will the Eldar combust into warp flame if they did? Whatever the case, she did nothing to earn the Ravens trust.

She was only forced to ally with the Ravens after she and her brigade of incompetents were in a severely reduced state.

>> No.28251201

Precisely. Their alliances amount to little more than both armies having the same goal- take that away, and nothing is keeping them from turning on each other. And both sides fully expect the other to betray them first.

>> No.28251221

I would think that "if you destroy this you will doom us all" was easy enough to understand.

>> No.28251236


>Gabe don't smash that artifact

He was a full blown retard.

>> No.28251256

Trying to explain yourself to an enemy army who is acting on the assumption that you are here to kill them is an easy way to get yourself killed. Its not like he would have listened anyway.

>> No.28251289

Remember the time a Marine went out of his way and risked his life to save a wounded Eldar? He did not have to do it but he did anyways.

You see, the Imperial have something called honor.

Some Imperials are not big of the Xeno hate. If the Eldar just would humble their wild pride, things would be swell (picture kinda related).

>> No.28251320

Those honorable individuals are very rare, and if the imperium knew about their actions they'd be denounced as xenos sympathizers. Its just the way it is.

>> No.28251329


>Space Wolves

HA HA HA HA, you would use the team killing chapter as your example of honour wouldn't you?

>> No.28251354


Man, the first joint operation between the Imperium and the Tau must have been so confusing.

> Tau and Space Marines team up to take down some chaos warband passing through
> the battle is won
> The Space Marines prepare themselves in the final action of the battle for the inevitable betrayal of these filthy xenos scum, who cannot be-
> Tau: "Thanks for the help guys! This was a blast. We should do this again sometime."
> SM: "...what?"
> Tau: "Our door is always open! Just remember to leave your bolters at home, ha ha! Here is our number, drop us a line if you are ever in the area again."
> SM: "..."
> Tau: "Awesome. Welp, manta is ready for takeoff. Listen, do you need a ride back into orbit? No? Okay, later!"
>Tau fly off, leaving the space marines standing there confused
> SM: "Did that seriously just happen?"

>> No.28251364


>Eldar recover bodies of Space Wolves as a gesture of respect after saving their lives
>Get attacked by Space Wolves

You are not helping your argument there.

>> No.28251381

No idea if he went back in time to alter events to match his predictions. He did, however, make predictions that came true. Starbane also saw the future, and according to Ward Starbane is a better seer than Orikan, but Starbane's predictions did not come true, unlike Orikan's. Starbane was apparently a bit hasty when casting his Runes of Divination, and Orikan could apparently muddle the future to favor the Necrons.

>> No.28251408

Don't have to be a good driver to fuck up the flow of traffic.

>> No.28251428

Like I said, the biggest thing keeping the Imperium and the Eldar from allying is their combined xenophobia and total inability to trust one another.

>> No.28251449

Dirty Xenos lack the honour and humility of the Knights of Titan.

>> No.28251458

>Eldrad Ulthran, Farseer of Ulthwé, felt utterly blind, senses attuned to the whispers of futures not yet born rendered mute by the encroaching darkness. He could sense nothing of the future and his sudden impotence left him feeling cold and alone. Was this how the Mon-Keigh felt all the time? How could they stand to live in such blindness, stumbling towards the future with no possible idea of what awaited them? For a brief second he was moved to pity this sightless, upstart race, before remembering the injustices they had inflicted on his race; the unthinking xenocidal massacres, the theft of Eldar Maiden worlds and the arrogance to believe that the galaxy was theirs to do with as they wished.

(This particular event has been retconned of course, but it's still a notable Eldar character's perspective on humanity)

>> No.28251469


If the knights of Titan had humility, they would not need to remind us of their honour.

>> No.28251480

Orikan vision into the future is not as accurate. He doesn't read the threads of fate like the Eldar do instead he reads the stars.

But what he does it he somehow messes with the threads of fate. In war for Carnac, he nearly shutdown the seer powers of the Starbane and the entire Craftworld.

Orikan makes sure that the other competitor can't even enter the contest and if they did, he will rewrite the outcome of the race afterwards.

It's gonna be a hard task to vanquish Orikan in the art of farseeing.

>> No.28251488

Honour is a standard all things should be held to, not a boast.

>> No.28251496

We don't know whose fault is it.

I am willing to bet it's the Eldar who started the fight.

>> No.28251502

Basically, Starbane's superior powers of divination are useless against Orikan because the latter can just orchestrate events with hindsight instead of foresight. The Carnac novelettes also had Orikan set traps for Starbane to spring in his meditative trance. And Necrons also apparently have the power of blacking out an area of space-time from psychic prescience.

>> No.28251519

>But what he does it he somehow messes with the threads of fate.
Which is a bullshit invented by a shitty BL writer who doesn't get that Skeins of Fate is the warp-related stuff.

>> No.28251520

Yeah, that's what I said.

>> No.28251521

On the other hand, the way he acts and his "empowered" stat line has made a few people suspect that he's a disguised C'tan shard that broke loose, so if that's the case then that debate is irrelevant.

>> No.28251555


>Go to all the trouble to save their lives and bring their dead as a parting gift
>Start a fight

Yeah, naw. This has Space Wolves written all over it. They shank other Space Marines becuase LOL WE'RE LOOSE CANNONS! I can't wait to burn Prospero just because I hate psykers! Time to kill some Sisters and Gray Knights! Inquisition can't touch this!

>> No.28251562


I think the most likely thing that happened is that the Eldar said something flowery that came off as vaguely threatening, but was meant to be a compliment. They tend to dress up their messages alot.

So the Space Wolf rebukes them for the veiled threat, and the Eldar feels like they have been deeply insulted because they were offering a compliment at first. Tensions boil, yadda yadda.

They said it was a translation error. I find it much more likely to believe that the Eldar were speaking gothic than the Space Wolves speaking dirty xenos language.

>> No.28251573

Or perhaps the path to Godhood was revealed to Orikan like it was to Szeras.

Both of these Necrons have a ''I am God'' button, it seems.

>> No.28251574

Also, don't forget, physical death is not the end of an Eldar. Their souls are saved and store. They live on. During the War in Heaven they gladly threw themselves against the Necron hordes only to be reborn again. To the Eldar the souls is everything, the body is just a vessel.

>> No.28251587

> You remind me of mon-keigh.
> What mon-keigh?
> Mon-keigh with the power.
> What power?
> The power of vodoo!
> Who do?
> You do.
> Do what?
> Remind me of mon-keigh!

>> No.28251609


>You talk real faggy
>Are you coming on to me?

>> No.28251617

>They said it was a translation error. I find it much more likely to believe that the Eldar were speaking gothic than the Space Wolves speaking dirty xenos language.

Nah, it wasn't gothic they were speaking.

>> No.28251620

>I think the Dark Eldar are probably the most consistent faction in 40k
That's because DE nowadays are basically written by a single person.

>> No.28251671

Alright, thanks. So Starbane was less accurate than Orikan, but his predictions had a higher probability of coming true. What you said makes way more sense.
that is the grimderpiest thing I've read in a long, long time. Also, it could just as easily have been the Space Wolves being too prideful, they're known for really overvaluing their honor as well.

>> No.28251744

>Speaking about the Dark Eldar

>It is rumoured amongst the acolytes of Bile that the Primogenitor studied the arts of pain under the Haemonculi of Commorragh. These maestros of torture are so skilled in their works that even Bile, with several thousand years of experience in wielding the scalpel, is a mere novice by comparison. Nonetheless, after his eventual capture in a raid on an Emperor’s Children citadel, Bile so impressed the Coven of the Thirteen Scars with his improvisational tortures that he was allowed to visit the inverted spires of their city-dungeons as a guest instead of a victim. There, he aided the Thirteen Scars in the creation of the Tower of Flesh; a living, breathing fortress made from the remains of those that had wronged the Coven in their lives. Without Bile’s elixirs and the runes he carved into the fleshy walls of the mobile fortress, the sentient tower may not have lived more than a few days, but it lives on still, dangling from the underside of Commorragh like a fleshy stalactite. Within its blood-dripping walls, Bile was taught many of the Haemonculi’s lesser secrets. In the dark circles of the truly evil, the magnitude of such a feat is whispered in hushed tones. No greater honour have the Dark Eldar bestowed upon a member of the lesser races in all of human history. Bile realises this fact well, and has put the lessons he learned there to good use ever since.

Even they can befriend humans.

>> No.28251785

Bile is a very special case.

>> No.28251806

Considering that his current goal is to clone the Emperor, that's kind of an understatement.

>> No.28251832

Abaddon has Grey Knight geneseed taken from one of the founding members of the Grey Knights.

So...is that goal close to being a reality?

>> No.28251847

I think he gave that guy away to Fulgrim.

>> No.28251856

I don't remember that. Was this recently?

Last I checked, Bile was using Sanguinius' blood to do it (the BA took it back, but he had already finished analyzing it).

>> No.28251878

He gave that guy to Fulgrim, maybe. If he is truly the Psyker Abaddon needed.

But before he did that he took out his geneseed and left him locked in a horrible condition in the lab of his ship.

>> No.28251880

The thing with Bile - which I see they've FINALLY expanded upon - actually harks back to something mentioned in the original DE codex:

>Others I saw, humans amongst them, who took to this depraved life with natural empathy. They bowed down to the Eldar and treated them as lords, in return for favours. It is claimed that the most promising are taken as apprentices by the Haemonculi. Most end up as twisted creatures in permanent agony, but others survive and learn, to be let free again into the outside world to spread their corrupt ways.

I imagine for the Dark Eldar it's basically like teaching tricks to a particularly clever pet (as opposed to cutting or fucking said pet).

>> No.28251888

It was a thing in Pandorax, a recent BL novel. Azrael and Draigo team up against Abby.

>> No.28251894

It's from Pandorax.

It's a new novel.

>> No.28251916


>The battle of Athelaq Sector
>renowned throughout the galaxy's history as the only battle where both sides ambushed the other.

>> No.28251920

That's the one where Draigo tells Azrael that the GK knew about the Fallen Angels the whole time, right?

>> No.28251935

Is it any good?

>> No.28251936


>> No.28251940

her both arms are perfectly visible. It's her tit all right

>> No.28251941

Of course, one of the founding members was Fallen.

>> No.28251952

It's good.

Draigo and Huron stole the show in that novel.

>> No.28252009

Draigo not sucking? Did they tie up Matt and lock him in a closet to do that?

>> No.28252021

Its the only pic where she looks like that. Must have been a mistake on the artist's part, I dunno.

>> No.28252041

Ofcourse it will not.
As any other necron you're stuck to your trolling protocols.

>> No.28252068


a ways back during a podcast(?) I think it was one of the developers of the dark eldar codex who stated canonically that there were half-breeds living in the dark city.

>> No.28252135


The top part of her breastplate is white so it's hard to make out against the background. Miko later updated it to be more obvious.



Time flies...

>> No.28252160

No he didn't.
I've watched the whole thing.
Either I've missed that part in interview or he saidn't it.

>> No.28252249

What happened to her anyway? If she came back now she'd be hailed as the queen of /tg/ or something like that.

>> No.28252273

Half the people here, nowadays, don't even remember her.

>> No.28252302

No idea what happened. She kinda dropped off the grid shortly after Skyrim was released, IIRC.

>> No.28252333

Any activity from her DA that might give some indication of what happened or is that dead too?

>> No.28252362

She stopped updating her journal back in 2011, I think. Nothing about what she might be doing in the future, or what she's doing right now.

>> No.28252393

It was subtle, less about actual cross-breeding and more that a Haemonculi would be likely to make something like that for the luls sometime, so it could exist. Less "half-breed" and more "Eldar/Human Abomination".

>> No.28252400

Shame. I'd bet she'd be shocked to see how greatly her work (and that of the anonymous LCB writefag) have shaped /tg/ canon.

>> No.28252452

And/or trolled right back out the door.
I imagine some of the notable OC contributors of the past either got tired of the community and jumped to another, or found IRL responsibilities and moved on. Others (like Touhoufag) got driven out by shitposting, thread deletion via reportspam, and other hilulzious tactics of le professional rusemans.

Granted, the infamous loose cannon mod is gone, but /tg/ has grown immensely and isn't nearly as capable of discussing content generation as it used to be.

>> No.28252613

I love 40k as much as every rabid fan here, but the writer's laziness glares through pretty easily.

>> No.28252675

But don't the worst shitposters just troll quest threads now?

>> No.28252715

>Here's a note containing super-important information. It'll make sense in 100 years.

>> No.28252720

No there's at least one right in this thread.

>> No.28252830


The important thing to is to realize that the Eldar would be better off without any precognition at all.

Because that ability fuck them over far more than it helps them.

>> No.28252896

The fact that the most consistent source of OC on /tg/ now is a porn thread of all things says a lot about how far it's fallen since then.

>> No.28252981


>Tfw lewdanon sometimes draws fun stuff
>Wastes most of his time drawing porn

A shame. I liked his Fuegan/Vulkan bro up.

>> No.28253010

Do not question the mysterious ways of Lewdanon.

>> No.28253072


I like him. I just don't find drawn porn sexy, so I wish he'd do more fun stuff. At least those cutehammer threads were productive.

>> No.28253143

Eh, if he didn't do porn we wouldn't be calling him Lewdanon now, would we? But that's not important- the important thing is that these days /tg/ has all but lost the ability to make OC. How do we fix that?
>inb4 ban all quest threads

>> No.28253265


>half human half ork = Ogron
>half eldar half human = Elron
>L. Ron hubbard
>not purging all the elrons on the grounds that they'll inevitably form cults that even the genestealers find creepy and weird

>> No.28253334

Such is the tragedy of the Necrons.

>> No.28253485


That was all but spelled out in Xenology, which I'm pretty sure came before any FFG publication.


I'd say a majority of SM chapters are honorable towards Xenos, likely because a lot of are descended from the Ultramarines.


I wish they would jump off the DoW maymay train.

>> No.28253523


>> No.28253573

Who the fuck do you mean by "they"?

>> No.28253579

I like Eldork myself.

>> No.28253641

Does "honorable" entail killing them on sight? Because that's what most of the Smurf successor chapters do.

>> No.28253677


One must never underestimate just how much swag the Ultramarines have. They are so swag, people are consumed with a baseless hatred for them and seek only to eliminate them so that the universe's overall level of swag will be lowered. Just look how much hate they get for no reason on /tg/ and the Internet.

Ultramarines are like that girl that is so fine that your boner assumes direct control and you break down in spontaneous masturbation right there on the street. Either that or you rape her. Ultramarine hate is verbal masturbation; attacking them is like rape.

>> No.28253708




Perhaps I misspoke, Eldar they probably don't really trust because of a history of each side stabbing the other in the back. However it's said that SM Chapters and the Fire Caste have a mutual respect for each other.

>> No.28253723

...damn, no wonder the shitposting hasn't been so forceful in recent months. I've been ignoring the existence of quest threads for a while, but they do tend to be the easiest target what with trying to be creative as a group.

/tg/ has had a tidal cycle of smuttiness as long as I've been lurking. It's just that those precious intervals where posters seemed proud to set aside eroticism in order to work on something that was just fucking COOL are almost completely dead.
I blame the population spike for speeding things up and making it nigh-impossible for a discussion to stay focused on a single concept for more than a few hours - not to mention those who have apparently taken "/tg/ is /d/-lite" to be a guiding commandment rather than an collective admission of perverted subcurrents.

I don't know if we /can/. Once the magic is lost, it can't be discovered again by force. There's far too many people who think this is the way /tg/ has always been (which is half true) and can't fathom enjoying it any other way.

>> No.28253792

Some of his porn is completly fluffy things.

>> No.28253802

I would love nothing more than to see more OC on /tg/.

I know you can't force these kinds of things but I want to try my best to contribute in whatever way I can, however small it may be.

>> No.28253808

The closest thing we have to those intervals now are the "roll up a Chapter" threads, and those often end in circlejerking. Same goes for any major burst of writefagging- it either dies out through lack of interest, attracts shitposters who just want to get on everyone's nerves, or devolve into more circlejerking (remember Harem Knights?)

If it is true that old /tg/ wasn't always like this, then whatever made it what it used to be is gone, possibly for good. Or maybe it really has always been this way and we're being blinded by nostalgia- I don't even know anymore.

>> No.28253868

And we know that you do a fine job of it, Lewd.

Sadly, you can't just say "hey, let's make OC- it has to evolve naturally. An unusual yet appealing idea, a piece of art that strike's the board's fancy in just the right way- basically anything except trying to simply force it. All that does is summon a chorus of people shouting "why don't you do it yourself?" Face it, it's easier to complain about the absence of OC than it is to make it oneself.

>> No.28253915

Just draw whatever inspires you.
It worked very good this far.

>> No.28254124

>(remember Harem Knights?)
Uggghhh. And to think I enjoyed it so much at the time.

>> No.28254201

And now you see the problem. Same thing happened with the Knights Inductor- at first it looked cool, but over time the faults became increasingly obvious (and the contributors became less willing to listen to criticism about it).

>> No.28254286

Back when I started lurking /tg/ in 2008, posting content felt like it had a bit more substance and time put into it.
There was plenty of shitposting (elf slave wat do, open porn dumps, furshit) which was all the more intrusive because moderation was pretty touch-and-go. But once threads managed to get an idea rolling, discussion and even snippets of actual content could keep appearing for days as long as people stayed interested.

I hate to point the finger at "newfags and /v/", but honestly it's infeasible to sustain a flow of cleverness and productivity when many participants possess little more than a shallow familiarity with any given game or hobby being discussed.
It reaches a point where popping boners, getting replies with epik bait, and triggering dopamine release are the only outcomes common and compelling enough to hold the board's interest.

Anything deeper would require the investment of time and a touch of actual commitment between people spending their time separated by an Internet connection, and the vast majority of people on the internet are using it to waste time rather than put it to actual use.

>> No.28254369

So there's nothing to be done, then? It's not like we can just order people to leave the board and expect them to do so.

>> No.28254427

I take it that Nazimod's obsession with wiping out any kind of creativity didn't help.

>> No.28254719

You can't stop progress...though I don't know how true that it when it's moving backwards.
If you really care about /tg/, find time to make an effort, any effort, and share it. Personally, I need to stop lurking aimlessly when I ought to be studying and start posting some pictures of my 40k armies to see if I still have it in me to sit down and paint them to my own unfair standards.
Apathy is a mind-killer.

>I have received reports that the OP of this massively detailed 4e conceptual CharOp thread uses contextually on-topic Touhou images alongside his posts
>Touhou is /jp/ content, offending thread has been deleted, do not post Touhou
Granted Touhoufag was a grade-A genuine autist and responded by reposting the same thread each time it was deleted in protest, but the same sort of arbitrary intolerance was applied to any thread that broke the mold of "hey here's an elf, you know what we do with Elfs on /tg/ right friends?" and nine pages of recycled 40k discussion.

>> No.28254988

And an idea-killer. Most of the OC that does end up being posted dies because nobody can be bothered to give a shit about it.

>> No.28255024

I believe the words used by Nazimod (as used when a post on /q/ was traced back to him were "Creative people are like Kleenex- you ban one and another pops up in his place". Apparently he was also active in /mlp/ where he would delete half the active threads there for no logical reason and ban everyone who questioned his actions.

>> No.28255068


I thought the old guard hated the Tau because they clashed horribly with the medieval techno-punk aesthetic of I dunno the entire rest of the 40k universe!

That or the Tau are absolutely shameless rip offs of the Trade Union from Phantom menace.

>> No.28255126

>Dead Ultramarines
>Nothing gained


>> No.28255217

I'll give you the use of autonomic weaponry, the tank design, the blatant Asian stereotyping, and the "prease to be making tlade ahgreemint at gunpoint" routine, but the Tau have the Greater Good, caste system, and somehow manage to be more nuanced and developed as a culture despite being from 40k. Though it's not hard to outdo "greedy, prejudiced, and gullible space Jew chinamen".

>> No.28255591

look at the size of those hips
someones been eating too much ice cream

>> No.28255667

>someone's been eating exactly enough ice cream
FTFY, them some child-bearing hips of legend there.

>> No.28255737

But weren't the Eldar supposed to be all slender and graceful? That banshee looks like a landwhale by comparison.

>> No.28255946

Blame the sci-fi/fantasy artists of the late '80s and early '90s.

>> No.28256098

I certainly will.

>> No.28256451


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