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So hey sup fa/tg/uys? I don't know if this is the right place because I know you're more about the RPG's than the boardgames. But are any of you interested in that boardgame that was on kickstarter a while back? Kingdom Death was the name? I only just found out about it but it seems like it'll never be available outside of kickstarter, oh well at least I can still admire the miniatures.

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Not much has been released for it; apart from the details in the kickstarter and some pics it has been pretty light on for fluff and creature details so I dont know what you wish to discuss.

btw many of the expansions and the core game will be released for the general public

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I missed the kickstarter sadly, and everytime I try to grab a mini, they re sold out. Thats disapointing, but means the game got a lot of interest.
As far I know the game will be avaible for anyone after its initial launch, but a slighter higher price.

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>slighter higher price
It's not really "slightly", it's double.
If you're trying to grab the minis, by the way, don't expect any actual game content. Everything currently for sale is JUST miniatures.

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>It's not really "slightly", it's double
Shit, really?
BTW, yes, Im more inclined to grab some random miniatures, I dont even know if the game will be any good yet.

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>I know you're more about the RPG's than the boardgames
You must be new here.

But anyway, this is what we "know" about the game so far. It's compiled from various sources.

The actual box hasn't been shipped yet and I'm not sure when it will ship. It might be in december or it might be shipped early next year. Until then it wont be available for retail as you know... it's still in production.

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It's also lewd.

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Nice compilation, thank you

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We had constant daily threads for in for months on end while the Kickstarter was going and after it ended.

/tg/ approves of Kingdom Death

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>Knows that /tg/ is Ques/tg/eneral

That compilation hasn't been updated in a while, I know Boardgamegeeks has a newer FAQ somewhere.

It still has a very active Kickstarter comments section with the creator posting frequently.

>Bare arms

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Well, for the most part. Aside from the couple of sheltered basement-dwelling jesus freaks who go on about how this game is all scantily clad pinup models for perverts.

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>Bare arms
>Loving eyes
>Holding hands


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>Knows that /tg/ is Ques/tg/eneral
B-but Infinity, 40K and Flames of War generals...

It has nice and wholesome themes!

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I wish I'd kept up with the kickstarter comments, or at least filtered them and read Poots's.

I've been missing such gems as
>On a final revisit to the Phoenix ( which potentially ages you a decade just by selecting you as a target for an attack ) I snuck in a "new game +". If a particular AI card is drawn, and very certain criteria are met, the survivors in the showdown suddenly find themselves back at year 1, dragging a lion corpse towards a bright light. Of course they get to keep al their gear / experience! But everything else is a total restart.

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unofficially known as Kingdom Thunder thighs

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In every thread.

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First time I've heard that name, though I'm not saying it's not right.

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God damn, the more I read about this the more I wish I could have backed it. I really wanted the 4 messenger promos

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This is what I got

tshirt sizel
Allison the Twilight Knight: Plastic1
Flower Knight Expansion1
Dragon King Expansion1
Gorm Major Expansion (includes Regeneration Suit)1
Dung Beetle Knight Expansion1
Spidicules Major Expansion1
Sunstalker Major Expansion1
Lion God Expansion1
The Lantern Festival Major Expansion1
Slender Man Expansion1
The Lonely Tree Expansion1
Promo: Holiday White Speaker Nico1
Promo: Candy and Cola1
Promo: Kara Black1
Messenger of Courage1
Messenger of the Spiral Path1
Messenger of the First Story1
Messenger of Humanity1
Stone Face Base Inserts x501

I just wanted to rub it in someones face
/Dr Cox

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Damn, that's one sweet haul you have there. At least the promos might be available again later

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I sure hope that Poots (heh, that name always cracks me up. *Poots*) manages to find a EU distributor. Otherwise there will be $225 in taxes.

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>Kingdom Lantern

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That's a lot of taxes.

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Hey, someone is using my folder!
Yeah, it's about 33%. I don't really mind paying the taxes, but I wouldn't complain if I didn't have to pay it.

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Backed it up for like 325$ so I got some free shit. Picked up most of the promos and the Dragon and Lantern Festival.
The website had 50 of these guys available a couple weeks ago and I ordered one. No rules, but a bitchin' mini.

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Fuuuck, that's a gorgeous mini. I hope these will be released in the next Kingdom Death or will be part of a future expansion.

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It's a good folder.

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I originally wasn't going to get any, but then one of the Black Friday special deals (last year) came available and I grabbed it. Think it was $75 for base game and expansions.

I had to fork out for shipping though. In the end I resisted buying all the Pin-Ups. The game sounds mega fun, but seeing as I can't even make Warhammer models, I doubt I'll be making Kingdom Death (nor would I want to waste such delicious models with my shit skill) models, let alone playing it.

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You could use tokens or something? It's not that hard to put minis together at the least.

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sell minis, keep game, use custom tokens/bases whatever for models

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I hate you.

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Super excited to play with myself

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Pledge Total 345
Pledge Reward Level Survivor
Herald of Death Gift
KD: Monster Tshirt l
Selected Options:
Twilight Knight Gift
White Speaker Gift
Flower Knight Expansion 1
Dung Beetle Knight Expansion 1
The Lantern Festival Major Expansion 1
Promo: Candy and Cola 1
Messenger of Courage 1
Messenger of the Spiral Path 1
Messenger of the First Story 1
Messenger of Humanity 1
Dragon King Expansion 1

I was tempted to ask them to open my manager to try to get the Grom expac, but eh, I'm good.

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My favorite armor.

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It's breddy gool

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Remember when Poots came to a KD thread and talked to us?
Great times.

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You make it sound he only did it once. He has had several apperances.

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Kingdom Death: Monster looks cool but I heard some rumours about there being another game planned, I'm kinda planning to wait and hear about that one.

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Though Poots has said that he plans to have other games in the series at least originally they would be yeas off, but with KD:Ms runaway success that might change. What i'm saying though is don't hold your breath there probably won't be anything in a while.

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Ah right, I suppose I'll just go with KD:M when it's available then.

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