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40k drawthread.

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That's adorable

Anon you draw adorable shit

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loli space marines do it.

>> No.28227789

I am also here

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An Eldar Seer Council all dressed like magical girls, with an Autarch or Harlequin in a top hat and tails with them.

>> No.28227829

I'd like Jeremy Clarkson as a Rogue Trader, James May as a Navigator and Richard Hammond as a Seneschal.

I would post reference pics, but I'm on my phone.

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I just wanted to thank you again for doing that Lelith yesterday. I honestly didn't expect you to break out the neko, but I'm glad you did!

OT: Here's some more requests for whoever wants them:

* Lelith Hesperax setting up a pillow fort (Or any Female 40k character, really)
* Slaanesh and Tzeentch holding hands
* Khornette in something you'd never expect to see a Khornette in (I will DIE if you neko her too)
* A Tech-Priest trying to make the perfect pie for her commissar
* YOUR favorite character doing adorable things

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Oh wait i just realized its my turn to cook today so i'll have to be right back

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Sister of Battle slumber party please

>> No.28227998

Yay! More 40kawaii!

Arethe previous threads archived at all? I forgot to save anything from them...

I second this motion

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Can I get a group of my Only War group's regiment?

The 816th Mechanized Observation Expeditionary Force (or MOE Force for short).

The entirety of the regiment (the Player's squad being the only exception) consists of Pompadour-wearing guardsmen hoodlums, cute girls in flak skirts [likely doing cute things], and tech-priests who like to put neon on everything.

Their uniforms would be reminiscent of Japanese school uniforms.

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ack, 40k only?
I would really to have a fantasy character visualized

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40k only. Go use the other drawthread for that: >>28206417

>> No.28228033

A Lictor making friends with a little girl (age 5-12 or so)

>> No.28228122

Intro pic without the text

>> No.28228128

loli space marine

>> No.28228196

How about a loli CSM hanging out with her nurgling friend.

That or dreadnoughts, the world could use more dreadnoughts.

>> No.28228238

A little Tau girl (clutching a Fire Warrior doll) being led back to her parents by an Eldar Harlequinn.
Bonus points for a corner panel of Tzeennch shedding manly tears while saying "....Just as Planned."

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God damn it Anon.

these are adorable.

>> No.28228412

doing this

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>> No.28228689

Awh, that's a Predator Moment right there.

"Want some Candy?"

>> No.28228698

>in my 40k

Today was a good day to wake up and check /tg/.

May the Emprah's light forever guide you, drawfag.

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>> No.28228745

I'd like to have a loli dreadnought screaming KYA after she's been hit on the head, Black Templars icons if there is a chance

>> No.28228935

Aww damn, thanks man. Awesome.

>> No.28228977

Did that Guardswoman just get a note from that Space Marine and that's what she's happy about?

r34 of it now

>> No.28228995

she got an autograph

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Requesting a Canoness scratching an embarrassed felinid SoB behind the ears.

>> No.28229007

Heh, that's kinda sweet.

But still r34 of it

>> No.28229025

Requesting a Canoness scratching an embarrassed felinid SoB behind her ears.

>> No.28229038

You know, it's so sad that she's gonna go of to die in the glory of the emperor fighting exenos, who knows what terrors she'll face. Tyranids, dark eldar, orks.

At least she will know that the marine took precious purging time to write some scribbles and a happy face.

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>> No.28229048

Not necessarily, I mean, what actually *is* the average life expectancy of an Imperial Guardsman? You know, realistically, beyond the grimderp or DKOK etc.?

>> No.28229051

Yes, and?

>> No.28229053

A bashful Callidus in the process of morphing herself into some extremely kawaii girl and going "M-maybe I can be your g-girlfriend tonight guardsman?"

>> No.28229077

15 hours

>> No.28229081

For comedic purposes, I'd like to request a naked SoB lying in a bed covering herself with the covers while she looks at a naked space marine and does an ":O" face and thinks "Gene-seed DOES makes everything big!". No need for SM dick, just draw his ass and back so we know he's naked

Just for comedic purposes, /tg/ loves talking about SM's dicks, I figure a pic would go well for a change

>> No.28229094

That was just on that planet

>> No.28229155

I'm still hoping for little Dorn in a pillow fort and little Perturabo with nerf darts.

Or a sororitas pillow fight

>> No.28229289

i'll do the sisters pillow fight

>> No.28229331

and here i was just about to go to bed.

>> No.28229332

>sisters pillow fight

>> No.28229360

Sweet! Thank you :D

>> No.28229381

>you will never be a little girl sleeping Totoro style on top of a lictor

>> No.28229570

Nekobus, but tyranid-style!

>> No.28229583

well, nids are rumored to get some Mostrous Creature Transport in the new book...

>> No.28229721

i'm not really feeling it today

>> No.28229734

Based Myju.

>> No.28229745

God damn it Muju, this is you "not feeling it"?!

>> No.28229790

*head asplode*

Better than I pictured! Thank you

>> No.28229831

where're the armours?
the flamers?
the meltas?
the bolters?
anon I'm disappoint
good work!!

>> No.28229894

>This entire thread.

In the grim darkness of the far, far future, there is only love, cuddles, understanding and peace. The dream behind the bloodshed had finally come true.

>> No.28230009

If this is a cute thread, here's a challenge!

A rare moment of simple joy, shared by a Warboss and some gretchen, snotlings and squigs. They're trying to attack and climb all over him and he's just chortling and plucking them off himself like one would do with children, kittens and puppies.

>> No.28230033

Draw Doonesbury Duke as a Commissar

>> No.28230074

Requesting any of the following:
>Little Dorn and Perturabo facing off in their own Primarch-grade pillow forts
>Imperial Fists with pillows strapped to their armor dying in incredibly exaggerated manners as Iron Warriors pelt them with Nerf darts during the Siege of the Iron Pillow Cage
>Emps and the Primarchs watching Great Crusade: The Musical
>Vect trying to keep Lofn away from his collection of boxed black holes
>Abaddon trying and failing to open a bag of chips without his arms
>Bjorn with a party hat sitting at a table surrounded by hundreds of drunk, jolly Space Wolves. In the center is a hand-shaped cake with over twelve thousand candles

>> No.28230088

Macha giving footsies to a very confused and flustered Gabriel Angelos, anyone?

>> No.28230104

>over twelve thousand
Meant to say "over ten thousand"

>> No.28230185

By Throne, Muju! You're FANTASTIC!

>> No.28230259

A challenge to this challenge!
Instead draw them like a certain famous statue of a man kicking the shit out of four babies.

>> No.28230262

Depends on the regiment.
>Parade regiment: Have fun with your pension plan and retirement benefits.
>Line Infantry: Several hours, maybe a few days or weeks if you're lucky
>Armor: Maybe a few weeks or months?
>Abnett: About three books.

>> No.28230385

Tau race queen. with a drone umbrella

>> No.28230424

>Abnett: The moment the audience starts to like you.
Fixed that for you.

It's so beautiful. Finally there are moments of peace and a hope for an end to the fighting! War once again has a meaning beyond senseless bloodshed and hate. And by the shine of these points of light in the grim darkness, few though they may be, though growing slowly in number, we can see the wonderful beauty of what the universe could be...

Okay, maybe that's a little strong, but I still love this. 40kawaii is best Warhammer.

Also: Muju's damn good, don't get me wrong; but I kind of prefer Luth's art style for additional moe fluffiness.

>> No.28230437

Requesting an image of Pre-Heresy Horus signing autographs at Imperial Disney World.

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>> No.28230565

You're pretty damn good yourself, Lewd.

>> No.28230820

Not sleeping, but I happen to have this.

>> No.28230860

A male techpriest and a female psyker having tea

>> No.28230894

A young child wearing a commissar hat that is way too big. An old, scarred commissar watches with a content smile.

>> No.28230938

Technically this doesn't quite qualify as part of the cute theme going on here, but if Lewdanon's around there's a greentext from the smut threads in need of his attention.


>> No.28231008

Would anyone happen to know the source to this? I tried a google reverse image search.

>> No.28231028


>> No.28231125

Boku no Reaction Image

>> No.28232187

You, draw a Sister of Battle tending to an Imperial Guard's wounds. Let the blushing commence.

>> No.28232413

I second this motion! A continuation of that guardsman trying to shield her!

>> No.28232501

Requesting Torchstar and Shadowtsun locked in an arm-wrestling contest, their battlesuits wrecked in the background and their pilot suits badly scuffed/singed.

>> No.28232691

A Water Caste envoy and a Sister Famulous engage in diplomatic flattery while trying hard not to stare daggers at each other.
Is there a word for this kind of imminent catfight? I'm not a native.

>> No.28232860

Bumping this.

>> No.28232905

>Is there a word for this kind of imminent catfight?

>> No.28233017

Well, what with all the SoB slumber party requests, what about a SoB in Sororitas pajamas with an Emperor dakimakura.

>> No.28233049

Word. Though not quite the term I was looking for, nor the kind of catfight, I envisioned.

>> No.28233153

Yeah, we see it in Britain all the time.

It is called the House of Commons, though I suppose any 'democratic' government would suffice.

>> No.28233484

You. I like you.

>> No.28234202

A Dark Eldar version of this please.With Succubi/wyches of course.

>> No.28234271

>A Dark Eldar version of this please.With The cutest wracks you can draw of course

HA! Whats the lords then?

>> No.28234342

the heads of the political, religious and what the fuck ever organizations wit heir very own agendas.
fapfapfapFor the QueenFapfapfap

>> No.28234417


>> No.28234682

Orks arent too cute unless you dig into their lore a little bit.

On that note, I would love to see a big, mean looking Warboss cuddling an oversized Swab Squig in secret. Or really anything with swab squigs, like orks making a fort out of them next to a Krieger in his pillow fort.

>> No.28234785

Orks are hella adorable.

Look this git in the eye and tell him he's not the cutest motherfucker in the zoggin' Waaagh!

>> No.28234830

If the house of commons is a bunch of children throwing insults, then the house of Lords is the class where the truants, special needs and moronic kids go....but they all have really fucking rich parents who buy them full As anyway

>> No.28234833

Well then, i wish for a fluffy ork. Not just any fluffy ork, THE fluffiest ork.

And to add the adorable meter... oh i don't know, no really what would be more adorable than the fluffiest ork?

>> No.28234941

Now I want to see orks arguing over whose more kawaii
Have another adorable ork I found.

>> No.28235021


>> No.28235029

>your entire post
what the fuck am i reading general

>> No.28235056

Cute orks.

Deal with it son, it needs to happen.

>> No.28235125

C'tan fabulously posing like the Pillar Men.

>> No.28235728

>> No.28235952

I think your picture may very well portrain C'tan already

>> No.28236042


My sizes.

>> No.28236687

Wow Luth, that's two of my requests you did continuations of. I must have an eye for kawaii.

>> No.28237073

>* A Tech-Priest trying to make the perfect pie for her commissar

We all know there is only one true qt3.14 tech-priest who loves food in our hearts. So I second this request and suggest adding Jurgen in. Just hanging out.

>> No.28237126

He'd ruin the pie by sheer proximity.
The danger of contamination aside, he'd make the milk go sour, eggs spoil etc.

>> No.28237128

I dont even know who that bitch is.

>> No.28237211

Felicia Tayber was a young tech-priest that Ciaphas Cain rescued on the first real adventure that got his name out there as HERO OF THE IMPERIUM. She and many residents of her home town had been held by orks for weeks and used as slave labor, so she was half starved when he found her. She spends the rest of the book in every scene eating something. They hook up and are kind of a cute couple. She re-appears as a full magos in Cain's Last Stand and hasn't given up a personal love of munchies. Or Cain, to be honest, you get the vibe she's still hot for him in one or two scenes.

>> No.28237545

And there's always the question of how he's so familiar with where her augmatics are.

I think we all know the answer.

>> No.28237601

Emperor be praised

>captcha is emperor atedamu

truly the god emperor of mankind smiles upon this drawing

>> No.28237625

Yeah, the book never says it outright besides Amberley's footnotes speculating, but if you read them as a casual couple from about the first skip in time onwards it is pretty cute. Cain carries on being himself, and we learn how awkward it would be to be involved with someone from a strange religious order.

I mean, an Amberley is fine too. But more Felicia Tayber would not have been remiss.

>> No.28237778

Dreadnought stuff! More Dreadnoughts, maybe teaching loli's shit, or just talking to other battle brothers, they have the most potential to be cute or sad

>> No.28237863

>You will never have a techpriestess waifu

>> No.28237872

loli dreadnought surrounded by normal Space Marines.

>> No.28237880

The drawfags have left us, havent they?

>> No.28237896

Yes, they are all having tea, and LoliDreddy is leading the way by teaching them manors with her lightning claw. Pinkey up, sipping tea.

>> No.28237902

I request a child techpriestess making a pillow fort. On the ground next to her is a pamphlet with "STC" written on the front (possibly in crayon).

Optionally, her parents are in the background watching. The dad may or may not be a brain in a jar.

>> No.28237928

And she's best friends with a Loli Dread right?

>> No.28237962


Loli Dreadnought needs a Termagaunt plushie.

Maybe we should just call it the "Dearnought"?

>> No.28237967

Hey, guys, can we get a continuation of those Guardsman and Sororitas pics?

>> No.28237984

Um... if any of our fantastic drawfriends are willing to doodle something a bit lewd...
In the smut thread, there was a rather delightful greentext that involved Macha and a squig that has a long tongue and corks on its teeth.

I request a pic of this. For reasons.

>> No.28237998

I could see Dearnought being a boy actually, and having a huge crush on his Techpreistess that always takes care of him. Especially when the mean hellbrutes rough him around on the playground

>> No.28238080

So maybe Dreddy is a good name

>> No.28238099


My god this.

>> No.28238276 [SPOILER] 


>The dad may or may not be a brain in a jar.

>> No.28238334

> The dad may or may not be a brain in a jar

How would the coitus work?

>> No.28238343

Your implying that Mechanicus require coitus.

Praise the Machine God, mother fucker.

>> No.28238381 [DELETED] 

>painting models
>eyes tired
>arms spaghetti
>vomit on my sweater already
>come to this thread

"holy fucking shit this is adorable as all fuck"


>> No.28238394


>> No.28238433 [DELETED] 

>Lurking on /tg/
>Eyes tired
>Fingers cold
>shivering cuz heating broken
>come to this thread
>See Lurker lurking
>Lurk the Lurker as he's Lurking

>> No.28238510 [DELETED] 

>Log onto /tg/
>Eyes tired
>can't be fucked anymore
>See Lurker lurking a Lurker
>Lurks the Lurker lurking the Lurker
> ????
> = Profit

>> No.28238511 [DELETED] 

>lurking /tg/
>anon lurks me lurking
>anon-kun y-you're so close
>i-i can feel y-you breathing on my neck

>> No.28238530 [DELETED] 

Guys, really?
This is /b/-grade shitposting.

>> No.28238552 [DELETED] 

>Lurking on /tg/
>Anon uses words I don't understand to describe my lurking arounf the lurker
>I won't go into detail
>Heads mounted on my wall

>> No.28238555

Those are some bitchin shades that ork's got.

>> No.28238591

And so do I.

>> No.28238612

Science Babies: Not just for lesbians!

>> No.28239238

I did this one before posting the other one. Didn't think it was good enough.

>> No.28239270

I disagree.

>> No.28239298

>die, cursed xeno! pewpewpew!

>> No.28239312


>> No.28239686

>Implying we're all not hot for the HERO OF THE IMPERIUM

>> No.28239740

In fact, more of Macha in general is always welcome.

>> No.28239745

Fire Dragon Exarch male and Harlequin female walking together and holding hands. Maybe give her a little spring in her step.

>> No.28239767

Macha and Angelos.

>> No.28239821


Nonsense, it is indeed good enough.

>> No.28239889

With or without Gabe, I really don't care. Although I do applaud any and all lewdness involving Macha, as any good fa/tg/uy should. How we ever got by before the DoW games were released is a mystery some days.

>> No.28240095

Motherfucker. I have a Marine Invert Exam and you bastards keep throwing out shit I really want to see. I' on it. Though it'll probably be up later tonight.

>> No.28240222


>> No.28240494

Keep the thread alive
Keep the thread alive
All you people, keep the thread alive!

>> No.28240593

Bumping for d'awww

>> No.28240660

I request this, but her dad is a servo skull and trying to get her to eat carrots while she goes 'noooo I have to finish my STC!'

>> No.28240992

I request

a piece about the Schola Progenium. Show me your teenage SoBs and Commissars and Stormtroopers! Scrum Ball matches! Interservice Romance! Adolescent Awkwardness and Live Fire Exercises! Nothing like student hijinks in the 41st Millennium!

>> No.28241073

Request Here.

I have a homebrew regiment Im using in Only War I'd like to see.

The Yamato Shogunate Guard are a regiment that uses the aesthetics and combat doctrine of the Imperial Japanese Army at the time of WWII. Bayonets, charging, and no surrender.

I'd love a mock up of an officer or noncom and some troopers if possible. The helmet should bear some slight resemblance to either Japanese WW2 headwear or Samurai helms. Extra points if its a surly looking female sergeant who is obviously not down with the whole bayonet charge thing.

Reference included.

>> No.28242712


>> No.28242891 [DELETED] 

Is there a version of this pic without the text?

>> No.28243134

I want to do this. But currently swamped with work at the office

>> No.28243161

Hey, I only did a quick sketch. I had a lot of fun but I gotta hit the books again. I wish I had time to do more

>> No.28243185

damn, that little girl is cute

>> No.28243277

It's been a long time since we've seen cata-chan.

>> No.28243309

I would like Descartes emps please.

>> No.28243338

Or any of the -chans save for Cultist, really.

>> No.28243500

Agreed. Cuteness not necessary but smiled upon.

>> No.28244013

Carnifex holding a gaunt that looks like pic related

>> No.28245793

Did anyone ever do that park bench scene from the last thread?

>> No.28245857



>> No.28246136

You know what would be awesome? If somebody made a picture of Vance Stubbs (with all his wargear from Soulstorm) in a badass pose, standing over a dead Possessed Chaos Marine, aiming his Plasmagun and Storm Bolter in his right hand one direction while carrying a infant with his left arm.

>> No.28246440

a continuation

>> No.28246553

If you call him cute, he'll probably krump you.

>> No.28246577

Poor guy looks crushed. Can't be that bad, copped a feel of some blessed tits!

>> No.28246710

Hmmm, that would be nice. Added that he's the only Soulstorm character who is worth making a pic of.

We already have too much Balhdeale and Carron. Stubbs only has one fan art of him. The other one is for ants. Stubbs doesn't get enough love.

>> No.28246755

I don't get it
what is he thinking?

>> No.28246765

He's thinking "NOOOOOO, the Inquisition is going to censor my POOOOOOOOOOOOORN!!!"

>> No.28246786

I think he's worried that the inquisition is going to leave him a charred corpse for daring to lay a hand upon an SoB

>> No.28246815


>> No.28246827

>this entire thread

>> No.28246831

oh now I see it
poor guardsman
any chance of a further continuation?
I like where this could go

>> No.28246903

a cute eldar farseer smoking weed

>> No.28246940

Thank you, based Luth!

This makes my day. I can't help myself! I still want more! I am invested, dammit! I'm invested in a gag comic! I have to know if everything turns out okay!

Validate my new-found faith in the 41st millennium, Luth! Only you can save the galaxy!

>> No.28246943

Boku no Tayu Tayu.

>> No.28247184

I smiled out loud
Here's a quick sketch

>> No.28247324


>> No.28247342

What about their tame racing pilot? Some say his left nipple is shaped exactly like the Nurburgring. Others say that he beat the Comorragh Redline using a beaten up wagon. All we know is that he's called the Khan.

>> No.28247662

A skeleton dressed up like a Inquisitor?

>> No.28247852

Inquisitor Bones?

>> No.28248060



>> No.28248121

>dat "no heretics" sign
>dat purity seal
>dat old timey pipe
All of my dawwww. ALL OF IT.

>> No.28248124

Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished one.

>> No.28248306

That's the most adorable of things.

>> No.28248378

What would he wear? One of the witch-hunter -style overcoats? Because bones don't really show in carapace-artificier armour... e.g. this looks very normal 40k, not a spooky skeleton dood

>> No.28250224

oh i'm loving this thread.
OP, you're pretty fucking talented.

>> No.28250415


I was thinking more of a casual outfit, a British style green great coat, red scarf, dark blue trousers, brown/black boots with a few inquisitor symbolism here and there.

Green glowing eyes too because thats super spooky.

>> No.28250479

Do a pic with Rowboat Girlyman getting penetrated with a Power Fist.

>> No.28250556

Bumping this one.

>> No.28250559


Inquisitor Bones?!

I don't even know her!

>> No.28250604

Who said Inquisitor Bones is a she?

>> No.28250730

I know the thread is fully in DAWWW mode, but if I could make a character request.

A half eldar woman (probably sitting for this shot) dressed in normal civilian garb such as pants/jacket/etc your call on clothing. She should be cradling the sword in reference pic and she should have a necklace with a (used, if want to somehow show it slightly glowy) soulstone and on the chain next to it should be some dog tags. She has either a lasgun or autogun either hanging from a strap, on her back, or maybe next to her if shes sitting or something. It should look like she cares deeply about the sword and necklace. If you could somehow make her look elegent and imperial at the same time, that would be great.

I guess this 'could' be qualified as slightly cute, so maybe? It would be greatly appreciated for my DH game.

>> No.28250902

I thought it was in "where did the drawfags vanish to" mode.

>> No.28250946

That went right over your head, didn't it?

>> No.28250952

Slaneesh reading a copy of "Whore of the Worlds."

>> No.28251375

What woman has Bones as a name?

>> No.28251493

>you will never be the little Imperial girl with an awesome, caring, protective and stealthily murderous Tyranid onii-san

>> No.28251549


>> No.28251570

This show should be banned and all the people who contributed to its existence no matter how remotely should be beaten to death.

>> No.28251579

This is like 1½ years old, but thought I'd share it just for the hell of it in an attempt to keep this dying thread going.

Anybody made a new thread yet?

>> No.28251599

We have achieved consensus on this matter.

>> No.28251633

>still doesn't get it.

>> No.28251657

Very punny

>> No.28251815


>> No.28252175

is that a tyranid fax?

>> No.28252388

Your ability to read filenames is astounding.

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