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Now if we have a new WH40K vidya that isn't an MMO, I'm thinking one were you play as a Rogue Trader. Do what you want, kill Heretics, have diplomacy with Xenos, lead soldiers into battle. That sort of thing. Anyone else?

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Could also be Naval battles as well.

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No other ideas? At all?

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Gonna keep dumping.

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There is a Hex-Based Grand Strategy game coming out called Warhammer 40k: Armageddon. Then there is a card-based RTS called Warhammer 40k: Space Wolves. Plus the possibility of DoW 3.

Then there is Warhammer Fantasy: Total War (yet to be confirmed but it's basically is).

As for Rogue Trader games, they're a bit too niche. Many people won't know about RT existence.

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why the flippity fuck and suck have we not gotten an IG FPS or TPS yet, jesus fucking christ it's so goddamn easy just take gears of war and make everyone less of a roid monkey

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One could heavily advertise the presence of Space Marines. Say you could fight alongside them and forge alliances with them.

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If this was the RT group that the game followed, you'd sell so many fucking copies it'd be OB-FUCKING-SCENE!

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Why does this look.......Heretical?

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Streum On is making a Space Hulk shooter.

They made EYE, so expect fucking incredible gunplay and probably some properly trippy Warp shenanigans if Chaos shows up.

Also fun dialogue. Streum On's astartes may talk less like monks and more like the band of murderhobos that made up the Blades of God.

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Well they did make an FPS about the Tau. Heard it was ok.

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What's so heretical about it?

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I'd like to see something other than constant SPEHSS MEHREENS. Sure they're the poster boys but give other faction a spotlight. Rogue Traders seem like a good game idea.

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I can't place my finger on it.....might have to do with the fact that the guy is red-skinned.....don't recall humans looking like Khorne paid a visit to them.

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Oh? Rashid? He dyed his skin. So did the shortstack. Whatshername.

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Did you make this or something? As that picture is VERY out of context.

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Why is there a Chaos Space Marine Carnifex?

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I think that helps with the Heresy in that picture.

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>part Tyranid Space Marine in the back

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Civilization: Total War. IN SPAAAAAACE!

You are a Rogue Trader given the task to explore, conquest and colonize a section of space. You got your fleet, initial resources and a colony. You move through the sector, revealing systems and planets, discovering aliens and dangers, etc. Colonized worlds produce resources for you and grant you bonuses. You can also discover different things, like technology, lost colonies, relics, etc.

There are different factions that need something for you and different allegiances affect your game. Admech will want tech and control over production, Ecclesiarchy shrine worlds, relics, and faith, Munitorum will demand fighting men from the colonies and weapons, etc. You might discover a Maiden World that you can either colonize and make a mortal enemy out of the Eldar while bagging a fine world, or let them be and get people riding our ass about "Why haven't your purged dem xenos yet?" From time to time a crusade might be launched and your loyalty is measured with the resources you put into it.

If you're really good, the High Lords might put a new Marine chapter within your sector, which means you'll have some good friends on your side, as long as they're cool with everything you do and not some pious assholes or total murder freaks.

You also need to have heirs and shit, or you death from old age or an assassin will end the game. Also not meeting the set requirements of your charter, it can be revoked.

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I'd kill for a Mass Effect-style Inquisitor game.

You choose your Ordo and past, then have a motley lot of Acolytes. Morality is a sliding wcale from Radical to Puritan, with each end having
exclusive party members and abilities.

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>Why don't people want to play as perpetually outgunned mooks?

Gee, I don't know. You'd have the lifespan of the average Call of Duty character, but be fighting things that you couldn't hurt.

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Rogue Trader Mass Effect could also work. This however sounds wonderful. With a Rogue Trader the scale is Militant to Diplomat

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You'd never get a huge, open-ended, subtle and complex game like that as a tie-in to some shitty /tg/ IP.

GW wouldn't go for a game like that either. If it doesn't help shift SPESS boxes off shelves, they don't give a fuck.

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No. It's a picture of an RT crew that I played in a few years ago... that was the players all gathered for a group shot.

That's our Explorator. Magos Biologis... from Gryphonne IV. Figured the best way to fight the Tyranid... was to become the Tyranid.

We... weren't sure if he was a synapse creature, though. We didn't fight much 'nids.

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>not wanting to be one of at least 1000 guardsmen running around a map
>matches are randomized
>could get attacked by any of the factions or all of the above, including space marine chapters (frequently turning on the IG for various reasons)
>less about winning and more about survival
>try to escape without commissar shooting you
>Black Templars wiping our guardsmen with power swords
>be among the last few guardsmen being hunted by Tyranids

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Imagine being an RT and establishing diplomatic relations with the Eldar......one could work in a Heretical romance if playing an ME style game.

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Get out.

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Could also work for Tau. Deldar not so much....

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Imagine being an Inquisitor or Rogue Trader and just calling down Assault Marines to stomp the enemy down while you gun down the Xenos encroaching your position with a bolt pistol.

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Hey, there's a half-eldar ultramarine librarian...

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It was the very pinnacle of mediocre.
However, if you want to experience the joy of flashlights, bolters that actually explode things, and a lone fire warrior killing space marines loyalist and traitor, obliterators, chaos dreadnoughts, and a fucking LORD OF CHANGE singlehandedly, fire warrior is actually still pretty fun.
This would be awesome.

I really want a stealth/sniper game focused on a Vindicare assassin. Sneak around a large area full of xenos and/or heretics, locate your target, make your shot, and get out alive.

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Son....will there be any love blooming?

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I'd love a game focused around the Mechanicus. Playing a Tech Priest and having the noosphere being a big part, along with upgrading your bionics.

It might end up too Dead Space-ish though.

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You mean "horror"?

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I think this on a whole other tier of ridiculously implausible character concept.

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More confronting a dark sci-fi setting with haptic interfaces, augmented reality, telekinesis, and other neat technical tricks. While supposedly being an engineer.

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Actually, the concept is a magos biologis that basically made himself a tyranid to better understand the nid, as I said before.

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I suppose there could be love bloomingbut I don't think anyone wants bioware to get their hands on 40k so probably not.

I never asked the omnissiah for this

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I don't get why everyone suddenly hates BioWare. Did the ending to ME3 suck? Yes. Yes it did. But the majority of that game was excellent.

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Personally I'd want it to be a kind of space hulk exploration thing, going through ruined ships and asteroid parts with skitarii squads and similar.

And then you could find an archeotech vessel and end up fighting SHODAN.

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I want an IG FPS made by Tripwire, basically a less-realistic RO2 where IG squads fight chaos cultists. Basically, IG is armed with lasguns (low RoF, good range, damage and accuracy) and better special weapons (meltas, grenade launchers), while cultists have better melee, armed with stubbers (high RoF, bad accuracy) and various bizzare demonic weapons.

Also a survival mode where team of IG veterans fight waves of nids or orks, Killing Floor-style

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Sounds like a pretty good idea. Could involve a few Chaos SM. Maybe your fighting on a Hive World.

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Guess why you'll never be a game dev

No one is gonna be able to make this

Sure, the idea is fun but making the game isn't gonna happen

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My castle in the air would be a Gorkamorka MMORPG.

Auto Assault was a short-lived MMORPG. It died a death thanks to a horrifically buggy opening, but it was distinguished by focusing on vehicle combat which is of course the bread-and-butter of the Gorkamorka tabletop game. If Auto Assault could be cleaned up, it would be very interesting.

You are a Nob, and you've just got your own Trukk. Kustomise your wagon with all sorts of Bitz, recruit a Krew of NPC Yoofs and Riggerz, form mobs with other players and their own vehicles to challenge others for valuable Skrapheeps to drag to Mektown. Depending on how you fight enemies you move alignment across a Gorka-Morka scale, which affects what quests you get and personal abilities you unlock.

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Battlefront 2 mods aren't complex on the contrary.

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Rogue Trader game in the style of Star Control 2 or a kind of futuristic Mount and Blade: Warband

Get set into the universe with only your starting equipment, a shitty little junker ship, and a singular, overarching, and hopelessly ambiguous goal. Travel to various places (read: just about everywhere), talk to people and build up your crew/personal fleet/army of chaos/.

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Mount and Blade: Rogue Trader sounds like one of the best ideas I've ever heard. Put in a little storyline with that. Example: Heroes being like Companions in Mass Effect and romance and the like and I will buy that!

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Didn't have a problem with the ending.
I think BW would have a problem with 40k's themes, and 40k would have a problem with BW's obsession with gender politics.

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Generally just EA being a douch-y company. Bioware's games have been getting worse for a while, but ME3 was just the capstone that makes everything else worse.

Try playing through ME knowing everything that happens in ME3, and knowing that not only is every action you do suddenly meaningless in the long run but all of those good deeds you're doing actually manage to either backfire or be completely fucking pointless in the long run.

Plus, y'know, it's much more palatable to put up with shit when you don't know that it's going to end with even worse shit eventually. Feels bad, man.

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Imagine strolling onto your ship with this awesome coat. And looking down at all you own. And smiling like the devious Rogue Trader you are.

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Oh boy can't wait to play as a Transgenderfluidqueer Ultrasmurf fighting against transphobic racism in the chapter and respecting heretics' choices of worship.

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>>40k would have a problem with BW's obsession with gender politics.

That'd be my main problem. I would only permit BioWare to touch 40k if they were explicitly forbidden from introducing a romance plot.

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Granted I didn't play through ME, combat was just too bad for me. I found ME2 was the best one in the series. But yeah......that feel. I'm thinking more of the journey but then again it's the destination that justifies the journey.

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But being a devilish Rogue Trader while having a romance just makes it ten times awesome. Granted yeaaaaaah those gender politics...and who says that an RT can't love the Eldar like a Heretic!

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Romance plots or any social justice campaigns about 'psyker rights' or some such shit. Just watch: you'd end up defecting to serve the Greater Good halfway through the game and then get a shipfull of blueberries.

I swear they would try to put a psyker Anders in there.

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Tactical squad-based shooter with RPG elements in which you control a squad of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.


Hell, the game I'm talking about could be one extreme of this if you choose to specialise away from tech and psychic powers.

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Please my son. We do not speak of DA2 Anders. As for Psyker rights...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA well I find that the DA:O team might handle the 40K universe better if it still existed. DA:O was kinda dark. Not very dark but I find it had a pinch of darkness.

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Seriously. I've loved a lot of BW's games, but don't let them near 40k.

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It's hard to think of a dev company that could pull off that kind of 40k game, really.

/tg/ should make it's own vidya, with bolter bitches and regicide.

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Did you just suggest we kill the God Emperor. *Takes off shades* Mother of Heresy....

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Holy shit that game was bad. Now I am not hyped for Space Hulk game at all

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Actually, regicide is the Imperium's version of chess.

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Battlefield with IG.
Simple as that. Sure it wouldn't make any sense to have guardsmen piloting Valkyries, but who gives a shit if the gameplay is tight and exciting?

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It's such a shame that GW has to make spehss merines the focal point of every single video game they put out.

Like I understand they are sort of the poster boy of the brand, but really there is so much rich law in 40K that it seems a fucking waste to put all your eggs in one basket.

If 40K could get something like the marvel/avengers film universe happening (obviously not in film, but hopefully you get what im saying), use spehss merins as a springboard for all the other awesome shit there is to discover in 40K you could cater ot so many different demographics.

>a GOOD space hulk game, somewhat reminiscent of dead space almost, or any horror kind of thing
>a rogue trader total war game
>an inquisitor/rogue trader RPG much like the witcher in space
>a fucking ork fighting game a la god of war or some shit
>ork racing game like mario kart 64 or twisted metal black

Just seems like there is a lot of potential and GW squanders it on their special snowflakes and a lack of foresee for what could be.

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I think he might have been refering to overthrowing a corrupt and evil monarch over a feudal world.

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A first person shooter with call of duty style story progression. Switching between certain imperial forces involved in a conflict. Such as switching between a guardsman, a space wolves scout, a dark angels veteran. One level you play an imperial assassin, one a psyker. Some battles you play a squad commander, some battles you command the whole force. Some battles you are a vehicle crew.

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It seems that there's a point of view being shared amongst the executives of the company - i.e. the people who are least informed about the game itself, and only know about products sold - that Space Marines are the only thing keeping 40k alive. I hear again and again, not only that Marines are their flagship, but rather that Marines are the ENTIRE game.

Which seems amazingly dim and ill-informed, but somehow I can't shake the impression from the information released.

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its because people want to play a game where you can be a person with an objective and ideas. An ork fighting game would be shit, seriously imagine playing that.

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>killing bigot officers who were about to report chaos rituals and genestealer cults
>you somehow manage to fool dumbfucks into believing the shit you spew
>eating face with a male Tau who's there for no reason and also your only romance option
>game ends with turning an orbital bombardment on the planet's own defenses to let in the oppressed heretics
>Inquisition deploys ships to blow the fuck out of this planet you helped ruin
>your transgenderqueer smurf stares at the sunset as he says, "Maybe now we can bury...the hatred."
>berserkers' faces when, as they sweep through the cities raping and killing millions of citizens

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>A first person shooter with call of duty style story progression.


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It could be funny, actually.
The problem is, it's not 60 bucks worth of funny.

Maybe an online release through steam for ten bucks.

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sorry, to clarify, imagine the space marine game but instead of a space marine fighting orks and chaos, you are an ork fighting space marines and chaos.

Even the third person style seems more appropriate for an ork game.

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Bioware isn't full tumblr SJW.

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And a new chaos god, Tumblesh, was born, heralding the downfall of the Imperium from within.

>> No.28222455

a 4X obviously with perhaps some KotP influences. on the scale and style of SotS but with that special RT/40K flair of its lore.

little to no SM presence.

course a Necromunda XCOM or a proper Dark Heresy style RPG where choises and actions actully forms and changes the characters.

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>call of duty
>story progression

Yes, I too look forward to a game in which I am rendered befuddled, slightly bored, and vaguely insulted by the end.

Also when do we get the part where you literally aim your bolter down a hallway while terrorists-I mean heretics repeatedly step in front of you?

OOH! OOH! Do we get our very own tactical guardsmen? With little vests and gun and everything?

>> No.28222501

And get to dual-wield golden Deaglus-pattern laspistols while pretending it's "SO TACTICAL AND REALISTIC GUISE" while a 12-year-old screams racial slurs at us over a shitty microphone?

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Fucking I knew that as soon as I mentioned call of duty someone would be like "CALL OF DUTY BAD GAME OMG CALL OF DUTY"

I dont like call of duty, fuck off, I was using an example for how its fucking story progresses in call of duty two

such as one mission on the east front, one on the west front, one in africa. Not its fucking gameplay you shitbird.

Next time you see some words you don't like stop and fucking re read, you didnt even comment on anything I fucking said you literally were just bitching about call of duty.

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y'all niggas trippin'

He didn't mean 'Call of Duty plotting' or 'Call of Duty level design', I'm pretty sure he just meant the alternating campaigns / the perspective shifts, like moving between the British and the Americans in Modern Whatever 3 and the Muricans and the Soviets in the WW2 titles.

Moving between various arms of the Imperium's forces in a single game would be pretty dope, especially with a top-down kind of perspective on multiple plot threads through a given theatre of war.

>> No.28222549


Did I say gameplay, no. I even gave fucking six examples of what I meant. SIX

what should I have expected from /tg/ you are the new fucking /v/



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hey look this one graduated highschool

>> No.28222569

i-i had your back bro ;_;

>> No.28222615

Oh okay yeah that makes a bit more sense. I thought he was referring to the more modern CoD games where you're just kind of shunted around to similar missions with no context or difference in gameplay.
Fucking hopping around between a beleaguered guardsman, a fearless space marine, and sneaky little inquisitor would be damn entertaining, providing that you actually make each different character play differently.

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I bet you were genuinely excited about getting a tactical dog.

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maybe a bit of GTA style inspired characters witching between different inquisitorial acolyte cells/operatives at a common location, one struggling with corruption and falling, others being radical and puritan, occationaly crossing paths a stheir stories gets told?

>> No.28222670

you could even have the player occasionally play the opposing chaos forces

>> No.28222672

i want this so hard.

>> No.28222717

And running over pedestrians in a Chimera while listening to '80s music?

>> No.28222754

probably not. not a fan of how GTA much of anything else really. the character switching feature has been its sole redeeming element so far, except for the occational character.

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A free roam game set on a feral world that hasn't been re discovered by the imperium after the fall.

Deep in derelict facilities your character could find working tech, such as a gun or chainsword. Necron ruins and feral ork settlements litter the land, as well as chaos creatures.

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For a Rogue Trader game, I always imagine it'd be interesting to have the game sort of be designed like Anno 2070's islands. But instead of having islands, you have a ship or ships in a flotilla flying through space together. Each ship has a limited amount of space, all of which is filled up with excessively low grade or unwanted compartments at first. But as you progress and gain Profit factor you slowly refit your ship from the inside, increasing crew count, improving power ratios to your weapons systems, managing mechanus compartments, etc. etc. Occasionally the flotilla will come under attack and you have to manage your crew and power supplies to keep your ship working while the ship battles generally on it's own, and send troops to deal with boarding parties. Where you choose to go in the universe will determine just what profit there is to be had, perhaps stopping at a military gate will have important navy contacts, or pulling into a xenos system to barter for exotic cargo, or just plunging headfirst into ork territory and seeing how many greenskins you can orbital bombard before they can respond.

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E.Y.E. was bad because it didn't have the budget to do all the things that it wanted to, it at least showed innovation. The question is whether they fixed that somehow. I don't think E.Y.E. was exactly a great commercial success so if the budget issues aren't fixed its gonna be a problem

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Just saying.

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