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Previous thread 404'd

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Can I make a request early on? If the weapon people are still gonna make that many posts, why not make a new thread for it? It was kind of drowning out discussion of other CYOAs at the end there, and there was definitely enough discussion to merit its own thread.

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Yeah. Discussion is good, but try not to spam.

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Go Team Trainwreck: Annie, Lulu, Ezreal.
Sure, the world is almost certainly doomed, but you'll have some laughs along the way.

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Thresh, Viktor, and Nocturne.

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Swain, Annie, Nocturne.
Strategically plan out this adventure, taking out enemies swiftly and silently during the night- and help annie reach her full potential. Playing this with a dismissal of morals- the world needs saving and being finicky about the means to do so is pointless.

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and then Annie becomes a horrifying pragmatist with unnamably great power. Swain is pleased by this.

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I got a couple planned out

Team colatoral damage

Team kickass

Team Right answer

Team waifu harem

Draven is new NRFS

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What does "NRFS" mean?

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Well, here's what I've been working on. Revisions will happen but this is complete for now.

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It's a a character choice from the BROQUEST threads. It stands for Nameless Rank and File Soldier

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Well, here's what I've been working on. Revisions will happen but this is complete for now.

Uploaded the wrong version.

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All too easy, friend.
>Sexual Potency

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And what do you do with it?

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League of Legends is garbage. Sorry to break it too you all. Were you capable of discernment, you'd see it.

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You mean besides contribute to making the second most powerful family the number one family, while banging loads of slavic honeys and murdering / fucking with people with my telekinesis?

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You forgot to mention the great strength and constitution increase from your chosen family, not to mention the synergy between the slavic gifts and your telekinesis.

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Yeah, hate to break it to you, author, but slavlord option is broken, as is telekinesis.

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Okay then. Nerfs ahoy!

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>Not rolling with Gragas, Lulu, and Malphite
Practical and entertaining. Do you guys even know how to have fun?

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some context please?
link to the CYOA you are talking about

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Scroll to the top of the thread lol

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It's true though the Pope would have an aneurysm over latinoamerican catholicism

They have this Saint which is just the apocalyptic rider Death and they make offerings to get prolong their lifespan

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The current Pope is from Latin America.

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Ahri, Vi, and Jarvan.
Half the time will be antics and breaking things. It'll be hilarious.

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I'd probably go with Skarner, Lux & Jax

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Jinx, Vi, and Gangplank
Because I'm not so much "leading this team", as I'm "pointing them in a direction". I don't even know if we'll be saving the world proper... but any seat of authority (good or evil) is fucked.

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I like the idea of playing a friendly neighborhood monster

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Skarner, Kassadin, and Annie.
A bro, a mentor, and a protege. I can ask for no more, and settle for no less.

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Annie, Veigar, and then maybe Xerath, because he can maybe teach me magic. Tresh might be cool too.

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Why is it that whenever i read these, first thing I look to is harem-waifu potential?

I guess I'm just greedy.


Strong willed, powerful ladies? hubbahubba. Also got a good combat base for my usual diplo-warrior/philosopher base.

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Soraka, Annie, Kog'maw
Soraka empowers Annie. Kog'maw deals with the heavy infantry that might overwhelm Soraka and Annie.

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One of my favorites

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Can I put out a request for the Dark tower cyoa?

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I'd personally think a harem building CYOA would be hilarious. I mean, ALL of them pretty much carry a /d/ option in them somewhere, so why not just make a blatant one?

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Fuck, I already have three CYOAs in various planning stages. I'm not picking this one up.

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Want to make a Dota2 CYOA after seeing the LoL ones.

Has it been done yet?

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Don't think so.

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And I want dota1 CYOA

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what about a HoN cyoa

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are we ever going to put in all the characters? we have like 10 characters left out

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How bear level super-strengh is broken in any way? What the fuck?

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That's not even half.

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>descendants of Confucius


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Are you insinuating imbalance?

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Nerf the Slavs!

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What, again?

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I was making a joke about how much the Slavs seem to have been nerfed.

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Sit back and let Swain manipulate Tryndamere's strength and Viktor's technology right to victory. Enjoy discussions about strategy and philosophy between meticulously orchestrated plots and already-decided battles.

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I like it, reminds me of a crappy pink CYOA I made some time ago
It was pretty much the same except your superpowers are recessive and you can't use them
Judea and telekinesis for me

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>it washes his hands of you

its either "it washes its hands of you" or "he washes his hands of you"

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Guile: 5
Dexterity: 4
Stealth, acrobatics, lockpicking, sleight of hand
Charisma: 3
Diplomacy, intimidation, bluff
Warrior synergy
Willpower: 3
Weapon Skill: 2 (rapier, silenced revolver)
Physique: 1

Other attributes
Education: 0
Wits: 2
Insight: 1
Nature lore: 2
Favored terrain - cityscape/urban
Beastmaster: 1
Animal companion - Tibetan Mastiff named Lexington
Nature magic: 0
Arcane knowledge: 1
Spellcraft: 0
Memory: 2
Schools of art: 0
Magnetism: 2
Legend lore: 1

Extra broafter the first -15
Three level one villains +45
One level two villain +40
Love interest -15
Mentor -10
Domain (Underground bunker) with an upgraded kitchen, upgraded living area, three upgraded bedrooms, two extra empty rooms, and upgraded armory -55
One level two nemesis +20
Two bullies +20
Ten friends -70


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here it is
oh fuck that's right, I don't know how I overlooked that

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Take huldra of fire with power source material wealth.

Start my new existence working as a prostitute. A high end companion using my beauty and power to seduce men. Continue my life until one day while in the kingdom of holy men I begin to cry in the street. Wait until some white night comes buy to see why am I so sad. Tell him some son story about be cast away from my town because of my tail because they thought I was evil. Be sad enough that he takes pity on me but still using my charm to have him take me in for that reason. Slowly become a proper lady respect him and grow in friendship. Then as I have finally broken him I kiss him under the moonlight and ascend to my power seat as a god. Maybe take him along if I feel he can be useful

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A few more of these and we can start a monster trainer/hunter CYOA

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What? No I mean this one, I only got the first two pages before the last thread died

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Post second page?

The others should be in the archive if the thread was recent.

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what else?
sounds lame
There probably is one like this somewhere
everybody is a vampire

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there's actually five more pages, one for each option

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File: 4.26 MB, 2000x2315, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 4.39 MB, 2000x2317, 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 4.26 MB, 2000x2303, 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>Choose a loli

Also, working on a 2.0 version of it, should have it posted by tonight. Limited the number of girls to 14 (no pairs of sisters in mine), no girl grants wishes, and I clarified the events around acquiring the girl, introduced 3 "modes" of play, and some other things...

>> No.28232528

That was the inspiration. I made this one because yours was a good concept but poorly implemented. Your trolls are better, as far as actual content, though I'm not totally digging your text formatting choices.

>> No.28232776

I got another comment about the font.
Maybe it's because I'm less visually minded but I don't get the difference between the main standard fonts, is it really such a different reading experience?

>> No.28232879

I've started work on the DotA CYOA, it'll be made in the same shape as the LoL one, with a small intro, two positives, two negatives, one miscellaneous, but I'm adding one more item to all the heroes, what happens if you forge a bond with them.

>> No.28232908

Yes, it's a difference. I actually think papyrus is fine for your body text though. I would definitely use something else for headers. But also, I think your use of highlighting is a poor choice - that's what bold is for - and you use too many formatting effects in the opening blurbs, you should cut it down to just one, ideally.

The little header above the top line getting its own font, and being such a bland one, is pretty shit too. You should pick a slightly more elaborate fantasy-esque font and use that for all headers, that one, and "domain"/"shape"/"power source" and the titles for each option.
You should also make up your mind on capitalization for those and be consistent, I recommend the standard first letter capitalized and the rest lowercase.

>> No.28233008

It does, but its popular since kids cant into Dota because "its too hard"

>> No.28233038


Make light puns as we fight things with awesome music.

>> No.28233091

>Implying DotA is worth playing knowing that even though HoN is better, it's dead.
The only people who play DotA are the ones who haven't played HoN.

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How about this?

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File: 2.13 MB, 3000x3064, demons_of_Solomon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not so much. As far as demons go there's a lot more going on than pitchfork-swinging jackanapes you see prevalently in (often misinterpreted) judeo-christian folklore. Take pic related, for example. Hell, a lot of OT/NT angels could be construed as vaguely demonic... Perhaps a CYOA depicting literaturically-correct angels and demons?

/tg/ has a diamond-hard erection for liches; apart from the V:tM crew we don't much care for Vamps in these here parts.

>> No.28233264

That's overall worse, not better.

>> No.28233328

Judea, sex powers, and latent face changing

>> No.28233358

It's dead for a reason.

>> No.28233363

No Lucian, no buy.

>> No.28233398

Not the creator but I like this formatting better.

I would however not make it so vertical though.
Maybe rearrange it to match the way dragons CYOA did theirs?

>> No.28233524

Fire huldra with indulgence. I'll be the succubus now, tyvm.

>> No.28233778


Man-Eater, Sea+Sky, Wealth.

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TIL finished things are not actually finished
the concept of something being finished is a lie

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Much better! Thanks.

I don't like trolls much (I prefer dragons and demons). But it's always nice to add more options for the masses.

I would love to make a CYOA but my shoop skills aren't very good.

Also requesting the gun version of this. I've seen it before but foolishly forgot to save it.

>> No.28234091

Your headers are still shit though.

>> No.28234149

Kukia Path:
Str 4 – 1 = 3
Con 4 = 4
Dex 8 + 1 = 9
Agi 6 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 9
Int 5 = 5
Cha 4 = 4
Mag 4 = 4
Res 0 + 1 + 3 = 4
Lrn 6 + 1 + 1 = 8

Stat Aug 2
Life Aug 1
Body Aug 3
Aura 3: Jade Lotus
Talent 1: Dance
Etching 2: Teleport
Etching 12: General Resistance
Aura Bolt
Resilient Aura 1: Aura use = x2
Resilient Aura 2: Aura use = x3

I spend my days in class, managing to get B's because I can grasp this shit well enough, regardless of effort. My real life comes at night, though. I fight the bad things of the city, trying to restore the fire behind my actions, seeking to become a little closer to human, even if it weakens me.

IRL, I'm nowhere near graceful, although a little hardy, and I love going fast. Now I'm as fast as I wanted, even capable of teleporting, unearthly graceful, but weak and fragile as hell.

In combat, I typically rely on my inhuman reflexes, teleporting (and shockwaving) behind striking opponents, or barriering their weaker hits. I'll likely crumple like a house of cards after a few strikes, though. With a light electrical aura lash, 15 weak bolts, 15 energy drains, the ability to teleport twice a minute, and a meager barrier, I think I'll be the the girl who finds a big bad, fails to harm him, and gets wrecked. Sadly. It'll still be a fun ride, though!

>> No.28234157

Oh yeah know that you mention it the red on tan background doesn't work to well.

How about using a darker color.

>> No.28234171

No, that's not the primary reason why. That is not the only shit header. All your headers are shit.

>> No.28234209

What would you suggest?

>> No.28234240

Get a better font, a proper header font, and stop making them different just to be different. Higher level headers should be bigger, but that's it. You don't need the option headers in each segment to be different, and in fact they shouldn't be.

>> No.28234652

Another Fire Huldra.
Time to head to Hawaii and convince the locals I am the Volcano.

>> No.28234789

>"do you think that girl is pretty"
>Cross Dressing Ezreal

You're alright anon.

Good Mode:
Shyvanna, Lux, Ezreal.
Allow Lux and Ez to become a couple because, daww. Get sexy dragon lady

Crazy Mode:
Jinx, Draven, Gangplank

>> No.28234821

You are a bit too late for that
Hawaii is modern united states of america not primitive tribals.
I would look into the more isolate areas of asia or africa for those.

>> No.28234880

Stat Augment 2: Agi bonus without loosing lrn
Life Augment 1: minimal unnervingness, Aura ability lets me live more or less forever anyway.
Body Augment 1: Be the little girl, also agi and dex bonuses
Aura 6: This one seems way too good.
Additional abilities: 5-1 for immortality, 4-1 for stealth night vision and grace, 3-3 for teleport, and 2-2 for regen
Talent 4 for dem dex and agi bonuses
Etching 2 for teleport upgrade
Etching 3 for failsafe in case I teleport too high up
Etching 9 for parkour powers
Aura Mask to get into places that little girls might not be allowed into
Aura Naginata for self defense

Str 5
Con 3 (11 for purposes of recovery)
Dex 10
Agi 11
Int 5
Cha 4
Mag 5
Res 10
Lrn 6

More or less immortal super agile little girl. I would run around on the rooftops and explore the city. Using Aura Mask to disguise myself in case people start to wonder why there is a little girl running around the city alone during a school day.

>> No.28234892

To whoever wrote this one.


You fucked that part up.

>> No.28235243

He fucked a lot of things up.

>> No.28236738

>Start my new existence working as a prostitute. A high end companion using my beauty and power to seduce men.
You're not a girl, are you?

>> No.28236835

obvious he isn't
a real girl would never be this honest about it
And most of them realize that prostitution is a dumb (read: far too honest) way to sell their bodies

>> No.28237285

Thresh for my intellectual side to discuss philosophy.

Trynademere for a fellow warrior I may call brother one day.

Jinx for a rocking good time with no strings attached, plus crazy antics.

>> No.28237413

that version doesnt require you be a little girl though
you could just be a boy and with the right age rate selection or the 5-5 aura selection you dont have be little either
you could be 21 forever with 5-5 and age up to 21 at a normal rate that wouldnt raise eyebrows
from there you could use aura mask to gray your hair subtly and add wrinkles over time to subtly fake getting older
a man

>> No.28237655

Anon, you are ruining this for me.

>> No.28238050

I've always rather liked this one.

>Acquire a small fortune
>Bring it to one of the poles
>Live incredibly long life in solitude because no one can reach my fortune at the bottom of the ocean in the Arctic Circle

Alternatively, Hibernation would be a good choice as opposed to wealth as well. Glad there are more options now.

>> No.28238490

>Mechanical Dragonborn
Time to go full Samus and work as a heroic bounty hunter in my free time, donning my draconic power suit to fight crime.

>> No.28238831

Shadow, Elemental, Indulgence

>> No.28239113


I'd make a thread for it, but I don't have the pictures saved. It might be pretty good; it's an interesting thought experiment.

>> No.28239202

So how exactly do skills work? Are they equal with the linked attribute or do you have to buy them? If the latter is the case, buying them with the skilled perk only means you can have two ranks of any given magic school..

>> No.28239214

I think the Blood Demon heritage should be nerfed.
All Blood Demons have at least 9 INT, and from there it's simple to raise it to maximum.

>> No.28239265


jesus christ spellcheck that shit

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Rolled 67

That fucking Teemo.

>> No.28239538

>Time for some epic roleplaying!

>> No.28239725

Demons in general seem wildly better than the other choices.

But you're no longer human, so I guess it's fair - there could be drawbacks for being a demon if anyone ever finds out.

>> No.28239770

Oh yeah, my build for that is Blood Demon with 11 INT & LRN. 10,000 years to make technology - who needs magic when you can make your own?

>> No.28239789

Being a monster is always more fun, atleast in my opinion.

I'd definitely go Sea Monster on my first thought, but the whole 'loss of intelligence and self' is sort of a fear for me, so Giant goes out the window as well.
I'd probably enjoy the shit out of alien though, so that seems the best choice, though I'd probably just go for Dragon Hot Tail for the sheer novelty and fun pervertedness of it all.

>> No.28239819

I don't think any of the choices are technically human.
Also, I think Majokko might be on par with Lilim. They have more and better tricks, just with a very pertinent draw back.

>> No.28239829


Multi Class -50

Arcane Knowledge 5
Spellcraft 4
Memory 4

Education 3
Wits 5
Insight 5

Willpower 2
Physique 1
Guile 2
Charisma 1
Nature Magic 2
Nature Lore 1
Legend Lore 2
Schools of Art 1

One MInor Villain +15
One Major Villain +40
Hero Antagonist +15
Unrequited crush the other way +20
Two Mentors-20

>> No.28239846
File: 2.18 MB, 1332x1530, hot_mordekaiser_on_hecarim_action.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Morde, Thresh, & Hecarim

Because shadow magic is rad and souls are tasty as fuck

>> No.28239907

I hope you took the telekinesis perk.
Telekinesis works like a physical ability, except it uses INT instead of STR.

Also, when you sew telekinetically, there's no risk of poking your finger with a needle.

>> No.28239926

Gnome of Night with Indulgence.

Seems the most versatile, and who doesn't enjoy a good binge now and then? Might not be the stronkest but I'm aiming for longevity here

>> No.28239947

Team Moral Ambiguity
Jinx (I guess. If Syndra was there she'd work better.)

>> No.28239962

Wait. Disregard Jinx, acquire Kassadin.

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File: 2.11 MB, 1600x4600, Robutts1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's one I really enjoyed. Time for Robots!


>> No.28240028
File: 1.67 MB, 1600x3400, Robutts2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28240080

Jinx is less moral ambiguity and more general ambiguity
take Kat, then you have Kat and Swain

>> No.28240083


I wish to be the BBEG

>> No.28240094

I begin my journey with the tools of my trade and a little crow companion. Travelling this vast world, I seek answers. During this time, I practice as a wandering soothsayer. Not all fortunes can be good and in my happy little time as a humble fortune teller, I tell a prince of his uncle's plot to betray him. This wraps me up in a conspiracy which has they righteous captain of the guard tailing me.

While the guard captain is cunning and noble indeed, my wits and divination keep me a step ahead of him, an invisible war where we barely meet face to face. As I continue to run, I stumble into the cave of an old, blind mountain witch. A prophecy tells of a torn soul, that will mend the world as it mends itself. Often staying with the witch and working for her, I begin to delve into the magical arts more.

One day, on an excursion to a nearby city to pick up supplies, I see advertisements for a grand unveiling of a new device. I join the crowd in gathering around the local crackpot savant who demonstrates a teleportation machine. It is disregarded as stage magic by most in the crowd but I would know better and approach the man after the show. (cont.)

>> No.28240109

Haha the telekinesis improving sewing was... strange. But you can combo awesome clothes with awesome public speaking and awesome beauty, I suppose. 11 INT & LRN with 10 CHR for public speaking is hilarious.

>> No.28240126

black behemoths are ten a penny

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File: 227 KB, 142x160, Joy, Pure Joy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pic related

This needs to be redone. Quite a few of these are rather over/under-powered.

I suppose I'd go for the Elven Bow. None of the others stood out for me.

>> No.28240173

I'd go necromonger but the whole 'can't feel pain' is actually a huge fucking detriment to anyone with a brain.

>> No.28240234


After a short conversation, the scientist is impressed by my know how... Well more impressed than he has been with anyone in the town. He offers me an apprenticeship in exchange for a little magical assistance in his projects, to which I agree and begin running errands between the Witch and the Mad Scientist.

The two are polar opposites and at the slightest mention of one to the other, they downplay and dissuade me from opposed guidance. The witch may often note: "The angry little man will show you nothing but ambition without meaning." Whereas the Mad Scientist would say: "That old battleaxe wants you to meditate for how long a day!? Pah! Why sit silently when there's science in need of doing?"

Within the city and forests, just out of the corner of my eye, in brief glimpses in distance, I see a beautiful girl. I begin to wonder if she is even real as impossible obstacles appear just long enough for her to slip away. Dreams and thoughts clouded with her very visage... And lately, a lot of those artifacts I've been hunting are missing before I even get there... Even the last bottle of Elf's tears is bought up by the time I reach the alchemy store.

>> No.28240255
File: 1.02 MB, 2018x2500, 1383510659174.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys seem to like the bows so sword version go!

>> No.28240284

no just stop. They're all terrible

>> No.28240411


After numerous disappointments to my mentors, I gather evidence and draw the conclusion that this girl is always seen right before my failures. By this time, I had practically walked a rut between the city and the mountain, enough sightings and reports of me had gotten to the Guard Captain who finally confronts me with a sizeable force. I had always relied on my ability to stay a step ahead, I am no fighter. Just as it seems that there is no escape from the advancing soldiers, time seems to slow all around me. The girl merely passes through the brush, her eyes are unseen but there is a knowing smile upon her lips. With this opportunity my escape is made, leaving my mind boggled with how this mystery girl is able to achieve spells of that power, leaving me enchanted and vexed all at the same time.

One fine day in the city, the comes a barbarian brute who fancies himself a hero. Forcibly taking rewards for kind deeds, going into homes and smashing pots and rummaging through people's personal belongings for treasure. I am unaware of this new comer until eventually he's demanding a discount on health potions from a shop I frequent. When I ask him to calm down, he unsheathes his sword with a mad look and mutters something about "ecks-pee" before launching at me.

>> No.28240420
File: 57 KB, 500x304, baltimore_dravens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No Brand, Darius or Rammus? You sadden me, OP. Regardless:

>Humor Mode
Caitlyn, Vi, Jinx. Let the shenanigans begin.

Xerath, Thresh, Hecarim


>Bg Damn Heroes Mode
Volibear, Draven, Riven.

>> No.28240539

wyrm black worship majesty

>> No.28240605

is it really weird that when I see these I go less for power and more for "a life I would actually enjoy living" and have no intention of seeking out trouble or the supernatural?

>> No.28240630

no because it's pretty much about becoming a little girl and doing cute things

>> No.28240632

It does seem unusual, but it's pretty rational.

>> No.28240757

no reason why stocking up on power wouldn't make ordinary life better for you (except for the magical girl option which forces you to battle monsters)

in reality I'd probably pick lilim, because being rich, living for 10,000 years and having magical powers is a hard deal to beat. that said, on paper I prefer the idea of a cambiare with a group of close friends investigating and fighting the supernatural together.

>> No.28240793

few people really want to have adventures where they risk their life and see friends die, you know

>> No.28240883

10,000 years stuck as a child watching your friends die would suck. If you pick the too young option you don't even grow old enough to enjoy sex.
heck, having friends as Lilim would be hard.

I seriously looked at each aging option and could not see why I'd pick any option other than 'live a fairly normal lifespan'. Have friend, have family, have job pursuing something that interests me.
For me it's
Cambiare/Flanna (tied)
Reject all

>> No.28240917

>10,000 years stuck as a child watching your friends die would suck.

you know what would suck more?


>> No.28241006


>> No.28241028


Either A.) Only make friends with long lived species B.) Invent magic or technology to keep your short lived friends alive or C.) Get over it

>> No.28241046

You're the one that would choose a boring life over the magical girl scenario, because you're afraid to fight.

>> No.28241060
File: 423 KB, 500x375, face%20it[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Goddamnit, as someone who mains Veigar I want to choose him because his spells are so boss but there's no way I can rationalize it with those kinds of negatives.

>> No.28241139

not that guy, but being unable to accept that you will eventually die isn't rational, it's foolish.

a longer life shouldn't be more time avoiding death. Everyone gets a lifetime, how long isn't as important as what you do with it.

>> No.28241140



Stat Augment 1
Life Augment 2
Body Augment 1
Family Reputation 4
Demonic Heritage 1
Bodyguard 2

Creative Augment 1
Focus Augment 2
Tower Grimoire (Death)
Tower Grimoire (Life)
Body Augment 2

str: 4
con: 4
dex: 3
agi: 5
int: 8
cha: 4
mag: 9 (11)
res: 0 (3)
lrn: 10

I'll team up with the blood demon/s the previous posters picked. With their max LRN/INT and my max MAG we should be able to make some waves without directly competing. My life grimoire gives us the option of extending the lifespans of each other and our friends and the death grimoire gives us the option of maintaining contact with those we lose, so insanity won't be such an issue. Besides, most of our friends will probably be living that long as well! I took the body augment over CHA augment because I assumed the dark family wouldn't be doing much public speaking.... and the ability to erase memories I think will be more important to begin with. Unfortunately there is no explanation for the nature of magic, but I'm going to assume I can at least somewhat compensate for my lower stats (especially CHA, which I do wish was higher) by using magic spells.

It still bugs me there wasn't any way to get my LRN over the hump to 11 though :-(.

>> No.28241173


I'm >>28240605 and >>28240883
and not >>28241006

I'm actually pretty sure I'd choose the protector motivation for Flanna. I'm willing to risk my life to protect people, especially my loved ones, but I'd prefer to be able to spend time with my friends and family and enjoy the simple pleasure over crazy magical girl shit.

>> No.28241185

Taking the shorter lifetime because you're afraid of conflict, pain, or difficulty is essentially the definition of cowardice. It's choosing complacency and death

>> No.28241202

Don't worry MAG bro, my blood demon has fairly high CHA. 10 during public speaking.

Also - make magitech together? Make magitech together.

>> No.28241236

>but being unable to accept that you will eventually die isn't rational, it's foolish

this only makes sense in real life

if the option to actually not die exists, "accepting" death becomes foolish

>> No.28241238


Neither argument is directly transferable to the CYOA world, because the death grimoire makes it very clear that life continues after death.

However, it's difficult to see why having a longer lifespan is a negative. If it becomes tiresome you can simply choose to end your life Regardless, it is likely that the majority of your friends and family will also be demonblooded, meaning they will also live for the 10,000 years and you are extremely unlikely to become isolated.

With a shorter lifespan you risk reaching your end without having accomplished the things you set out to do. Not to say choosing a shorter lifespan is a bad thing: again, life after death makes it somewhat irrelevant.

>> No.28241383


Power, intrigue, magitech AND loli shenanigans! We get everything!

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

>> No.28241472

in this instance you don't actually get that option outside of Majokko, and she has to live in perpetual violence.

more like I think I'd get more enjoyment out of the shorter life. Weird aging scheme and having to live a life of secrets/lies/whatever just doesn't seem as enjoyable as the shorter option.
not so much complacency as contentment.

>without having accomplished the things you set out to do
I don't have a single definable 'thing' that I want to accomplish with my life.
I should add that it's not just the short life. it's the aging.
Starting at 6 and again at half rate means that I die at effective age 57, which I have no problem with, but I still get to spend most of it as an adult.
at 1/6th rate means I don't get to be 16 (physically capable of doing a lot of the things I enjoy) for 60 years.
Add onto that that there are state penalties for the slower aging and those options all seems to stink.

Lilim gets cast out also because demons means dealing with a lot of shit, and all of the family options involve a lot of shit. Fuck that shit. I'm sitting with my chums kicking the shit, playing b-ball and making cookies.

>> No.28241501


//Do not go gentle into that good night.
//Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

>> No.28241559


>I don't have a single definable 'thing' that I want to accomplish with my life.

Then, clearly, a shorter lifespan causes you no grief. Godspeed.

Be careful, though, claiming that a longer lifespan is a curse to others just because it is not something you seek. There are many perspectives on life, none of them more or less healthy than any other.

Personally, I live for the excitement of intrigue and progress. The live you wish for would bore me to tears. Each to his own.

>> No.28241567

Is anyone reading this? Should I continue?

>> No.28241645

I am. I always enjoy it when people expanding on their adventures. Do continue.

>> No.28241659

I'm liking it anon. Keep going.

>> No.28241778


I suppose I should write out your partner.

Blood Demon

Stat Augment 1
Life Augment 3
Body Augment 3
Family Reputation 3
Demonic Heritage 4
Bodyguard 1

Body Augment 2
Social Augment
Creative Augment 1
Focus Augment 2
Summoning Augment 1

str: 4
con: 4
dex: 3
agi: 4
int: 11
cha: 6 (10 in crowds)
mag: 0
res: 1
lrn: 11

Your bodyguard... may not like me.

>> No.28241794

I tried to stay away from that. Just saying it as what I would prefer personally, not as universally better.

Stat 2, con and cha, Life 1, Body 2 str+dex. Interest Protector, motivation Family.
Mutation 1,3, and 7 (1 for emergencies, 3 because healing fast is awesome, and 7 because fuck yeah supper jump), effect 1 and 9 (because that flashes of insight would be super useful).

str 8, con 6, dex 8, agi 5, int 6, cha 7 (5 outside family, 9 within), Lrn 6 (8 for job related).

Be a cop. Be really damn good at my job. Have a group of really close friends and family. Live long happy life.

>> No.28241973

> >chimera's
>sounds lame
B-b-but you could combine bits and pieces from various animals(must fit within your chosen body type to avoid overpowered combinations?) and have your own goal and buy powers from three different skillsets!

>> No.28242331

I've been thinking of doing an Undead CYOA. So far I've got zombie (eat people to rejuvenate), skeleton (take the best bones from your victims to become stronger), bampire (drink blood, pass as human, gain power as your age), wraith (drain souls, become an amalgam of what you take in), and lich (just protect your heart, gain power by learning). Any other good ideas? I'm thinking possibly ghost (feeds off of terror, gets stronger as your legend does), or mummy (bound to guard an area, stronger as it goes undisturbed). Any other types?

>> No.28242444

Possibly a Ghoul.

Eat corpses/undead to become more powerful?

>> No.28242469

There are lots of different names and types for ghosts, though. You've got poltergeists and spirits and all sorts of things too.

>> No.28242553


Well, there has to be some dramatic tension!

>> No.28242585

something Sandman-esque were you infest the dreams of a person and drive them insane?

>> No.28242805

It's easy to claim that accepting death is morally superior when you don't have any choice in the matter.

>> No.28242838

Was gonna say Rengar, Darius, and Trundle for manmode shenanigans then I realized none of those were options.

So instead lady manmode adventures
Shyvana, Riven and Sejuani

>> No.28242861

>No Dr.Mundo option.
you lost me OP

>> No.28242914


I'd become a female witch in the modern world. I'd focus on Abjuration, Divination and Illusion magic with the motivation of being impossible to hunt down, keeping tabs on anyone coming after me and maximum survivability/escape oriented spells.

Cat familiar to start and using the backfire perk as one more tool in my escape arsenal.

>> No.28242974
File: 45 KB, 750x600, 65464563456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No Taric option

This thread is shit
This quest is shit
You are shit


>> No.28243183

>this only makes sense in real life
>if the option to actually not die exists, "accepting" death becomes foolish
People only aren't trying to cure death like any other ailment irl because they've accepted it that way.

>> No.28243293

People are trying to cure death IRL.
The thing is that death is the end result of a billion different conditions. But clinical immortality is certainly possible, in fact a plethora of creatures have it naturally.

There are two kinds of people trying to cure death:
1. The nuts who are looking a philosopher stone, a single magic cure that solves everything
2. Those who realize that death only occurs when something causes you to die, and that "age" in of itself isn't a cause of death ("natural causes" or "age" is just code for a chronic degenerative disease that takes over 60 years to manifest) and are working on solving an individual cause. Like cancer or heart attack.

>> No.28243440

no, people are trying to cure it

people have been trying to cure it ever since we even noticed it exists

all of traditional medicine was about curing death

all of modern medicine is about curing death

maybe some day long in the future they will actually succeed, but if everyone "accepted" death like you say you can bet we wouldn't have any of those things, because we wouldn't need them

>> No.28243450

>People are trying to cure death IRL.
Not like normal ailments that don't have societal acceptance.

>The thing is that death is the end result of a billion different conditions.
But 99% of those are normal ailments that people are trying to cure normally.

>The nuts who are looking a philosopher stone, a single magic cure that solves everything
Who is actually looking for this? It's what people would assume they need to look for before they know what they're talking about, and it's what appears in fiction, but I don't think anyone seriously trying to cure death thinks like that.

>"age" in of itself isn't a cause of death ("natural causes" or "age" is just code for a chronic degenerative disease that takes over 60 years to manifest)
"Age" (senescence) is a few specific things, like buildup of cellular debris and shortening of telomeres. It's not just one disease, but it's a few known and fairly understood things.

>> No.28243495

This post was in reply to >>28243293

No, people are trying to cure many causes of death, but the desire to stop it altogether (specifically to stop senescence, the one ailment that kills everybody so far) is fringe.

It's largely accepted and not seen as something to stop. Instead people try to cure other things so that people only die of it, and try to make dying of it less unpleasant.

>> No.28243516

>but the desire to stop it altogether is fringe

what the fuck man, what the fuck

imagine for a moment if someone actually discovered a way to make people immortal to some extent

what would happen? how would people in general react?

>> No.28243534

>It's largely accepted
Why is it accepted? It's something unpleasant that happens, but that doesn't mean there's a reason to make it not happen if you can.

>> No.28243579

This was the whole point of alchemy, in modern times there are people who think aging comes from a single gene that can be turned off and are searching for it or for natural supplements that (they claim) do that. Such as resveratrol

>> No.28243659

How many people are working on curing senescence compared to any other ailment?

How much money is spent on curing senescence compared to any other ailment?

1%, if that.

Yet age is the biggest killer in the West.

That's acceptance.

People get used to it and build their lives around it being a fact of life, so they react with hostility to a view that challenges that, even when, objectively, that challenge is a good thing that would save people.

We're talking modern times.

>there are people who think aging comes from a single gene that can be turned off and are searching for it
Who and how can they possibly think that and have the labs and money to search for it?

>or for natural supplements that (they claim) do that. Such as resveratrol
Sounds like fake products, not searching for a cure.

>> No.28243660

thats just wishful thinking

nobody serious thinks that would work, even though they might wish it were

>> No.28243669

Do you even Aubrey de Grey

>> No.28243670

>Yet age is the biggest killer in the West.
No it's not. Heart disease is.

>> No.28243683

there is acceptance because there is no cure in sight, not because people wouldnt want there to be a cure

you can be sure that if one turned up it would either be by far the most valuable commodity in the world, or if it werent distributed there would be wars fought over it

>> No.28243718

Age doesn't kill anyone. The associated afflictions do, and those are heavily researched.

Why? Because people don't want to die, and they don't want their loved ones to die. Period.

How you can argue against this is beyond me.

>> No.28243748



Green and Crystal
Masked or Divine

I'll find a nice forest or mountain temple, gather some people to keep it in shape, and raise a following.



I'll just go and eat anyone and anything that gets in my way, using 7 different breath attacks at once.

>> No.28243764

>How many people are working on curing senescence compared to any other ailment?
If you cure senescence you get cancer. Senescence is the bodies most important line of defense against cancer.
When cancer is cured, only then can we safely cure senescence. And actually people already have the cure, its called telomerase.

>> No.28243777

>nobody serious thinks that would work
which is why I called them nuts. And distinguished them from real researchers who are working to cure death one disease at a time.

>> No.28243791

He's the 0.001% of people trying to cure ailments who's trying to cure aging.

>> No.28243884

Heart disease can be a symptom of senescence and normal studies won't show age as a cause of death, so they can't be properly compared.

But heart disease kills about 30% of Westerners and the number of Westerners who die from senescence is probably higher (bearing in mind that there will be a lot of overlap).

No, compare to cancer or any other ailment that cuts lives short: there's much more effort spent trying to cure them than trying to stop lives having an end at all.

If people aren't looking for a cure, that means they've accepted it.

People accept old people dying, so the medical community is focused on curing things that shorten lives, not the fact that lives have a limit in the first place.

No, shortening telomeres specifically (not all senescence) is a defense against cancer.

Obviously, stopping that without creating a cancer vulnerability (which could be by curing cancer or not) is part of curing senescence.

>> No.28243925

>No, compare to cancer or any other ailment that cuts lives short: there's much more effort spent trying to cure them than trying to stop lives having an end at all.

>If people aren't looking for a cure, that means they've accepted it.

those two are the same thing, except one of them can feasibly be prevented right now

people are trying to cure disease, this means they do not accept death

>> No.28243976

>People accept old people dying, so the medical community is focused on curing things that shorten lives, not the fact that lives have a limit in the first place.

"Old" used to mean people in their forties. That was the limit most people could get to. It was accepted, but not liked, just like 80-90 is these days.

You've provided a good argument against your point, which you tried to hide behind the words "preventing things that shorten life" instead of calling it what it is, making life expectancy longer.

>> No.28243996

This is an urban legend.

>> No.28244001

>No, shortening telomeres specifically (not all senescence) is a defense against cancer.
what is another example of senescence?

>> No.28244002

>Sky and Night


>> No.28244014

Sure, fine.

But are you saying that life expectancy ISN'T growing?

>> No.28244068

It developed regions it's falling. Turns out sedentary lives coupled with unhealthy foods and overeating isn't good for you.

It is rising in developing regions though, where they're just now getting wide access to modern medicine. But the vast majority of the change comes from decreasing child mortality, not an increase in life expectancy for adults.

>> No.28244087

So, are you saying that the life expectancy of adults isn't rising?

>> No.28244129
File: 62 KB, 300x300, 1250628189_depression_1004208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


tfw no Leblanc

>> No.28244147

Ridiculously unbalanced, fix please.

Also, is dual wielding allowed?

>> No.28244157

No I assume not.

>> No.28244159

>those two are the same thing, except one of them can feasibly be prevented right now
No, you show me the effort that is being done to cure the deaths of the elderly to senescence that is comparable to the research being done to cure younger people of cancer or anything else enough that they live to become elderly.

It isn't comparable. The deaths of the elderly is accepted.

>which you tried to hide behind the words "preventing things that shorten life" instead of calling it what it is, making life expectancy longer.
But those aren't the same thing, and life expectancy isn't what we're talking about. We're talking about raising the limit on lifespans. Life expectancy is totally different and can go up even if fewer people live to be elderly (by having fewer young deaths, which is where the urban legend you're repeating comes from).

Cellular junk. Google it, there's like seven forms in total.

Life expectancy is nothing to do with what we're talking about. If nobody dies of car crashes, life expectancy will shoot up, but people still won't be living longer than they could have before.

Life expectancy will be up, but aging won't have been cured.

Life expectancy is higher now chiefly because fewer people die young.

>> No.28244220

>Life expectancy is nothing to do with what we're talking about.

Yes it does. Now answer the question.

>> No.28244227

>Cellular junk. Google it, there's like seven forms in total.
I see the problem. I am using the definition of senescence found in biology textbooks.
You are using the definition found in wikipedia.

This is actually a set of various heriditary disorders which NOT everyone has, which result in improper lysosome functionality for some reason or another.

>> No.28244256

No it's not and I'm not the poster you were asking.

Which textbook?

>> No.28244257

>Sure, fine.
why did you just accept his claim?


In shitstain countries life expectancy is 40 even today.
Lowest on record is in 1960s in afghanistan, a mere 31.3 years.

>> No.28244276

Because it didn't directly have to do with the point. It was a lead in to the next question, which he sadly didn't reply to.

>> No.28244278

Because while being, like you, an idiot who thinks average = maximum, he's aware enough of his own ignorance to accept it when his ignorance is corrected.

>> No.28244289

Overall for the total world right now? It is, because rural China and India are getting better access to medical care, and that's a lot of people. So folks who might have died of easily curable diseases or injuries now don't. But there was no point where it was normal for folk to die around 40, and the current overall upward trend for poor areas doesn't mean that human aging is something you can just throw research at and extend lifespans indefinitely. An average includes the low values after all, and as such isn't necessarily representative of the maximum.

>> No.28244298

at least they're not as stupid as the guy who thinks people just lie down and die because they accept death

circular reasoning works because circular reasoning works, right?

>> No.28244303

Learn what life expectancy is, please. It is an average age of death. That means child deaths make the average much lower than what the usual age of death for an adult would be•

>> No.28244307


You're wrong.



It continues to rise in developed nations (search by OECD index). The only first world country that has seen a decline recently is Japan.

Stop talking out of your arse.

>> No.28244316

Leave rural China and India alone.

Tell me about the life expectency about adults in the developed world. Discount the trends of healthy and unhealthy food.

Do you really believe that modern medicine has done NOTHING to prolong the lives of that group of people? That it is a complete nonfactor in the entire equation?

>> No.28244330

Some folks do that though, particularly when their doctors tell them death is inevitable.

>> No.28244342

>which he sadly didn't reply to.

>> No.28244343

You mean the guy whose arguments you're strawmaning and ignoring because you can't address?

Yeah, stupider than that.

>> No.28244351

Some folks kill themselves when their death isn't inevitable or even probable in the near future. It's called mental illness.

>> No.28244372

Ah, must have been communist propaganda again, sorry for my mistake.

>> No.28244384



Someone said they weren't you, so I'm a bit confused at this point, sorry.

>> No.28244386

Volibear, Gangplank, Lulu.
Fuck the main quest, hit every bar in valoran instead.

>> No.28244391

>still no differentiation between adult and child deaths

>> No.28244405

I wasn't talking about suicide, just acceptance. Have you never known someone with fatal cancer?

>> No.28244415

Garen, Wukong, Annie
Two bros and a little sister with demonic abilities. Don't care if I or Garen are the ones written down in the histories, as long as an epic adventure is had.

>> No.28244418

Turns out there's a fair few folks here. Probably better to stop trying to trat people as they had identities, and just respond to anonymous posters according to the points they make, like the site is designed for.

>> No.28244438

I have. They weren't thrilled about it. In fact, I distinctly remember them saying they wished they didn't have to die but what will be will be or something in that vein.

Why are you returning to the word acceptance all the time. Nobody is arguing that people don't accept death - that's pretty obvious that they do. What we are arguing about is whether they would change it if they could. I'm pretty sure 95% of cancer patients or better would in fact choose not to die if given the choice.

>> No.28244447

Draven, Garen, Teemo.
Watch them fight over who gets to be the legendary hero.

>> No.28244459

It's hard when a different anon butts into the conversation without making it in any way obvious that they aren't talking about the same thing. You actually need more than one statement and one response to hold a conversation.

>> No.28244480

I know what life expectancy is.
Preventing child deaths is one of the best examples of medicine extending people's lifespans.

>> No.28244482

>I'm pretty sure 95% of cancer patients or better would in fact choose not to die if given the choice.
Right. They're say they'd rather live to a ripe old age.

What's the implication there?

And then die.

Different anon to the one you were replying to, hereby making it obvious.

>> No.28244503

No, they said they didn't want to die.

>> No.28244504

But preventing child deaths is irrelevant to the actual topic, curing aging.

>> No.28244507

>What's the implication there?
That they do not believe that clinical immortality would be achievable in their lifetime.
NOT that they actually WANT to eventually die

>> No.28244528

She already was at a ripe old age, okay? I was there with her every day in the hospital, and you wouldn't believe how full of life she still was. She didn't want to die, she wanted to see her grandkids be adults.

>> No.28244546

Well, people are different. My grandparents were ready when they went. Hell, even my second cousin, who was nineteen, got his shit in order and went contentedly.

>> No.28244563

It makes you wonder why people even get up in the morning when they could just die contentedly instead, doesn't it.

>> No.28244604

or maybe they all put up brave faces for their family because it was the one last thing they could do for you

>> No.28244615

>But preventing child deaths is irrelevant to the actual topic, curing aging.
What aging? Heart disease isn't aging. Cancer isn't aging. Osteoperosis isn't aging. Alzheimer isn't aging...
Those all are diseases that take decades to manifest, but they are diseases nonetheless.
No different than a 10 year old dying of phenomonia or a 40 year old dying of baubonic plague. Or a 30 year old dying of sepsis due to a parasite.

>> No.28244617

accepting death is not the same thing as not loving life.
If you can't get this you're a fool.

and clinical immortality is a misnomer. Because you will still die.
Cure senesence. You'll still die. Upload into a giant computer, still gonna die.
You can extend your life, but you can't change the fact that you will die.

>> No.28244623

I wonder that every day•

>> No.28244648

>accepting death is not the same thing as not loving life.
>If you can't get this you're a fool.

Accepting death is not the same thing as not wanting to stay alive.
If you can't get this you're a fool.

>> No.28244653 [DELETED] 

My granpa was ready to pass on too... and in the letters he left his loved ones before euthanasing himself he explained that he cannot bear to be useless old cripple and a burden on his loved ones any longer. (and the horrible pain and inability to take any painkillers because they would finish him off didn't help).
I would bet money that if it was possible to bring him back to functional condition instead of merely alive he wouldn't have stuck around.
I would bet money that your grandparents were the same, willing to pass on because their body was broken and continuing to live on while bedridden was pointless.

>> No.28244659


Team waifu diplomancer is a-go. Touch fluffy tail, seduction, able to move her own couch and spying. Pedicure the cloven hooves, because I find it oddly relaxing doing peoples nails, plus bitches love it. Also healbot, boosting and adorable cuddles. Listen to fluffy music. She helps with keeping the morale up and helping along any diplomancing. And it's nice to just -be- with someone now and again. It appeals to my introvert nature.

>> No.28244662

upload into a distributed computer system, distribute it all over the galaxy. then all galaxies.

>> No.28244674

Twisted Fate, Swain, and Zyra. Ultimate sneaky tactics team.

>> No.28244676

Perhaps. I'm not going to give up on living truly forever, though, until I know it's truly and utterly impossible.

>> No.28244677

And I would bet money if it was possible to bring him to a healthy, functional condition he would want to stay around.

This is getting ridiculous. Please tell me your post was ruined by a typo and what you wrote wasn't actually what you meant.

>> No.28244703 [DELETED] 

>And I would bet money if it was possible to bring him to a healthy, functional condition he would want to stay around.
Did you mean to quote me there? because its my exact argument, only paraphrased.

>> No.28244709

Yes it was a typo... correcting now:

My granpa was ready to pass on too... and in the letters he left his loved ones before euthanasing himself he explained that he cannot bear to be useless old cripple and a burden on his loved ones any longer. (and the horrible pain and inability to take any painkillers because they would finish him off didn't help).
I would bet money that if it was possible to bring him back to functional condition instead of merely alive he would have stuck around.
I would bet money that your grandparents were the same, willing to pass on because their body was broken and continuing to live on while bedridden was pointless.

>> No.28244715 [DELETED] 

No, it's the opposite of your post.

>I would bet money that if it was possible to bring him back to functional condition instead of merely alive he wouldn't have stuck around.
>he wouldn't have stuck around.

>> No.28244723

>>28244709 cont.
But why bet about what other people would do...

I personally would have done the same as my grandparents and yours when my body was too broken to use anymore. Bedridden and useless.
But if it was possible to bring me back to healthy? fuck yea I would want to live on.

>> No.28244731 [DELETED] 

yea, I seriously have no idea where that n't came from.
Thank you for catching that error

>> No.28244738

and what are you doing with all that time?
seeking time is worthy. Seeking immortality is blindness.

still die.

yes, because using a double negative is very convincing.

Desires aren't simple and one way. They are often complex and contradictory.
I accept that someday I will die. This knowledge makes it easier for me to enjoy the life I have. It informs my decisions and gives me a sense of peace. I love life, I enjoy the things I do in life and have things I want to do in the future.
And some day, I'm going to be dead, and that doesn't cause me distress.

>> No.28244749

>No Singed

>> No.28244756

For me it would depend on things, really. If I was really that sick I would mostly be a burden on the medical insurance, not on my company. A visit here or there that my family would pay me more for the sake of themselves than me wouldn't be that significant. If I could still read books I would stay around. If I couldn't even do that and my life was only pain without prospect of getting better, I would rather die.

>> No.28244808

>Seeking immortality is blindness.

How do you know? Did you meet any immortals who told you so? Because as far as I can tell we only have speculations and sour grapes to go on here.

>still die.
[citation needed]

>yes, because using a double negative is very convincing.
Thank you for confirming that you actually aren't giving the things that people post in response to you any consideration.

>Desires aren't simple and one way. They are often complex and contradictory.
I accept that someday I will die. This knowledge makes it easier for me to enjoy the life I have. It informs my decisions and gives me a sense of peace. I love life, I enjoy the things I do in life and have things I want to do in the future.
>And some day, I'm going to be dead, and that doesn't cause me distress.

You are really misunderstanding the point here. This isn't about accepting inevitable death in real life. This is about fantasy situations where death is not inevitable.

>> No.28244840

>How do you know? Did you meet any immortals who told you so? Because as far as I can tell we only have speculations and sour grapes to go on here.
This isn't an argument for seeking immortality not being blind. It's an argument for not seeking immortality also being blind.

>> No.28244865

actually, now you're going back to a way way earlier point that was moved passed/long abandoned.
We were talking about clinical immortality, which isn't really immortality, it's a dream of people who can't get it through their heads that yes, eventually you die.
You can take more and more extreme steps to avoid it, but you will die. full stop. No questions, no alternative, you die. That's why seeking true immortality is blindness, because you are wasting time (ie what you try to get more of by extending your life) attempting something that is simply not an option.

>> No.28244867

lol what idiocy. you're blind that way or you're blind that way.

notice how he says "u will die" and "u still die" with no argument or explanation even after you ask for one.

>> No.28244877

>I accept that someday I will die. This knowledge makes it easier for me to enjoy the life I have. It informs my decisions and gives me a sense of peace. I love life, I enjoy the things I do in life and have things I want to do in the future.
I used to accept that, then I learned that it is possible for me to live forever, just extremely difficult and unlikely. My view changed when I realized that.

>> No.28244880

its a coping mechanism, im guessing, that person is probably the most afraid of death among everyone here

>> No.28244906

that was astute... the fact this hasn't occurred to me until you said so proves just how tired I am. I better go to sleep.

>> No.28244907

Or just trying to be edgy. Some people say they accept death, some people they they want to beat it, what's better than something 2edgy for both?

>> No.28244916

But, let's say that such a person has moderate success. They might live for hundreds or even thousands of years until they finally succumb.

Didn't they get much more out of life than someone who lived 70 years? Assuming that neither of them were obsessive about anything, the immortality thing included.

They would have experienced a hundred times more things and done a hundred times more things if they played their cards right. And, since they were successful, they might even have companions who are also as long lived as they are with them.

>but you will die. full stop. No questions, no alternative, you die.

Who died and made you omniscient so that you can definitively say such a thing?

>> No.28244922

and then the sun blow up, and you die.
>oh I'm spread across all the galaxies
heat death of the universe, no longer enough energy to maintain your consciousness.

happy now.
You're biggest most extreme and unlikely idea for living forever, still results in eventual death.

>> No.28244945

>heat death of the universe

Physical laws as we understand them now still allow for the emergence of complex systems, even in such an environment. It might be something utterly alien to us, such as quantum effects on the macro scale, but calling heat death "death" is a misnomer.

And if a person somehow managed to live THAT long they would have plenty of time to figure out how to continue living in the environment to come.

>> No.28244957

The fact that we already have ideas for surviving the end of the solar system is proof of our ingenuity.

We did that in a few thousand years and we have billions to work on the end of the universe.

Say it won't work when you have a complete understanding of physics and you'll look like more than a death-loving pessimist.

>> No.28244970

and maybe magic will exist and you'll discover the philosopher's stone.
Or Jesus will come back and we'll all ascend to heaven.

>> No.28244989

Yes. Exactly.

It's pointless to accept death, anon. Just accept that you will live forever. You will never end up disappointed.

>> No.28244997

Unless you die.

>> No.28244998

>We were talking about clinical immortality, which isn't really immortality, it's a dream of people who can't get it through their heads that yes, eventually you die.
Or people who do get it, but would prefer 10,000 years to 100

>> No.28245005

Don't be stupid. You won't be disappointed if you're dead.

>> No.28245009

Or, accept that you will die. You will never be dissapointed but you may be pleasantly surprised.

>> No.28245020

I would argue that accepting your death has a better chance of disappointing you.

>> No.28245025

jesus and heaven is the biggest form of refusing to accept death there is
"when you die, you turn back into a copy of yourself in perfect health in the prime of your life which goes on to live forever in a place where everything is perfect and you get to spend eternity with all your loved ones".

This is the most blatant example of not accepting death... its also why I asked why anyone religious cries in funerals... when I was 10.

>> No.28245041

Sometimes people cry even when they know they will be reunited.

>> No.28245050

not this kind of crying.

>> No.28245057

the point
your head

>> No.28245064

Oh you, again with the omniscience.

>> No.28245076

>Oh you, again with the omniscience.
Only person accused so far of omniscience is another guy entirely. The one insisting we all die eventually.

>> No.28245087


Oh you other anon. Now you're doing the omniscience thing.


>> No.28245112

Although I am not claiming omniscience here, just the ability to understand people and observe their emotional state.

>> No.28245135

I remember an old woman who was completely religious that really cried at a funeral of one of the members of her family's younger generation. Why? Because they commited suicide and she was certain they were in hell because of it.

>> No.28245285


Please make one, I'd love to see it.

>> No.28245381

+Powerful mage
+skilled at illusion and inflitration
-will totally betray you
?if are smart and funny enough she will warm up to you and become more friendly
-which will only make it worse when she totally betrays you

+Loyal and Supportive
-seriously if he tells another rock pun I'm gonna kill him. Said every other party member ever.

+fearless, will charge at your enemies and lay waste to them
+near unkillable,
-disgusting eating habits
-may attempt to torture or kill you and your teammates when you sleep
?You may discover a way to return Mundo's intelligence. doing so will make him more dangerous both to your enemies and to you.

+Selfless will defend you and your teammates to the death.
-Will attempt to lead your team, declaring himself the king
-his plans are not very good
?will challenge you, if you win will insist he is 'still king of the trolls' and accept you as an ally and friend. If you loose won't give you hard time about it

-if on the same team with Kha'zix they will try to kill each other constantly
+ - ? is basically just a hunter.

+excellent battlefield commander
+if teammates are Noxians will work well with them and bypass the noxian tendency to backstab.
+willing to respect all forms of strength
-will cause serious conflict if working with any Demacians or Ionians
-Uncompromising and Ruthless
? No idea. but there should be something.


does this guy have a backstory?
I mean, wtf, he's an armadillo?

>> No.28248096

Person who made the third page here. I will take seven more requests, which will be completed later today when I'm bored with nothing else to waste time with. Note that I'm more familiar with some characters than others, and some I will need to rely only on their champion page lore bits, resulting in the widely varying quality of writing.

>> No.28248222


I learned from my mistakes. Being unprepared with the Guard Captain nearly led to my downfall and about now was the time for some self defence. A glyph appears within the air as I attempt to warp the hero's blade into sand but sparks merely fly as runes light up around his blade. With an awful pang, the sword is deflected and my glyph breaks. He makes what can only be described as a mighty chortle and points to his sword. "Epic loot scrub! Ain't no magickin' that!"

When he goes for his next charge, I warp the wood beneath his feet to become quick sand leaving him stuck there long enough for me to warp that into stone, leaving him encased waist deep. I pay for my things and escape as quickly as I can while the mad man flails and yells about casters being "opie".

>> No.28248245

Could you do Morg, Lee, J4 and Nid? Or are you doing the champions above you?

>> No.28248294

I'll add Morgana to my list, Jarvan was already done on the first page, and the other two I don't think I could do justice. Maybe Nidalee, we'll see.

So currently my planned list is: Darius, Lucian, Morgana, LeBlanc, Rammus, Taric, and Trundle.

Possible backups if I have no inspiration for one or more of the above: Brand, Lee, Nidalee, Dr. Mundo

>> No.28248427


Between the mystery girl, the new "hero" in town and the guard captain, it's hard to move or succeed at anything without being accosted or out done. After convincing the mad scientist, I set up shop in one of his storage rooms beneath the labs. I enchantments and wards against scrying all over this room, my own personal workshop with absolute privacy. It is there, my work truly begins.

Everyday after running errands, I return to this place and continue to build the devices I need. In this attuned environment, my eyes pierce the veil to see the inner workings of time and space around me. The strings thrumming and twisting, geometric patterns and algorithms that tap into all things. Finally my teachings come together, little by little with each trinket and device built.

>> No.28248610

oh fuck I can't believe I missed that

>> No.28250005
File: 1.05 MB, 2511x3990, LoLcyoaPg3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28250147

Thanks anon, I hope you do more soon. This looks fun.

Keep it up.

captcha: the gardshts

He wut captcha? I'm not getting his armor cleaning bill this time!

>> No.28250211
File: 462 KB, 314x254, thumbs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll probably take more requests sometime when I'm bored. If anyone wants more in the style of the first two pages, you'll have to find their authors though.

>> No.28250238

Can somebody post that joke CYOA with the technicolor knights?

>> No.28250252

Can we have some suggestions for underrated ideas, unexplored potential CYOAs?

I want to make one, but not sure what i should base my CYOA on.

>> No.28250343

After seeing the dragon an troll CYOA I sort of want to make a monster hunter CYOA
However just trolls and dragons is a bit meager, if you make another power trip CYOA wich gives the player power to do great evil I'll combine everything into a single game, requiring you to battle the monsters that are posted in the same thread

>> No.28250387
File: 2.88 MB, 2692x3200, 1380449662040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well umm there aren't a lot of CYOA's on types of guns.

There haven't been many on being a demon.
I haven't seen a good Psychic CYOA at least one on par with the magical ones.

Also no CYOA on being a monster without being an evil bastard. I always liked the idea of a friendly monster/monster hunter recking evils shit.

>> No.28250442
File: 1.93 MB, 2448x2044, Choice of Smalltext.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28250475

The Gambler is way too perfect.

There needs to be some kind of responsibility or burden for The Gambler.

>> No.28250573

I agree the gambler has no downsides other than personal preference.

I mean creating a new world with literally no downsides. And if you don't like gambling all that much? Hah, that's cool you can have all these other perks for free period.

Anything seen remotely as a downside is negated with perks.

>> No.28250631

>being locked down in a two rooms for thousands of years

>> No.28250654

>implying shut-in

The creator never specified the size and scale of either rooms. Which mean they could be the size of planets.

>> No.28250697


He also didn't specify that you will be wrecked by unimaginable agony every single waking moment of your existence, which you seem to assume somehow.

Don't be an asshole. Cheating in a CYOA is really just cheating yourself.

>> No.28250808

Is it really cheating if it doesn't have an outcome?

>> No.28250921

Does anyone have that really REALLY old CYOA image where you pick a companion on a deserted island or something. This thing is like Bro-Quest old.

>> No.28251039

What about a wuxia CYOA? I haven't seen one of those.

>> No.28251062

It is when you make an assumption that some option is broken based on it.

>> No.28251585


Can I impregnate Lux with my babies to make her truly happy?

>> No.28251945

the big question with these is.
Who are you?
I mean, if I'm me as I am now, I have no business being involved in this quest, and will die very fast.
So am I also a champion? do I get to pick my own powers? Or am I just supposed to organize my three companions?

>> No.28252497

That is actually a good question.
What exactly am I in this quest?

>> No.28252855

Nobody really fleshed that out, as far as I know. I can add a scenario/character creation if people want.

>> No.28252962

YES perfect.

Could you allow for healing options? I like playing a battle healer.

>> No.28253173

possibly divide ablities based on the roles.

Support, Marksman, brawler.

Or use the skills that are already given, you get to pick 3 skills from those given, with some range of abilites (A,B,C, or A,A, D, or B,B,B), You get specific spells based on those.
Personality + and - depend on your actual personality.

>> No.28253248

That sounds pretty good.

A good and a bad based on your personality clashing with the abilities you have. I like that.

>> No.28253311

I was thinking something along those lines, yes. The Skills haven't really been consistent and have mostly been for flavor, plus some are the same thing worded differently, but I'll add as much variety as I can.

>> No.28253680

Stat 3, life 1, body 2, Talen 6
Spectral lotus
-res 10; (death lotus) telekensis at 24 ft MAG, (lifting) Regen as CON 11, (Jade) form jade lighting up to 24ft at MAG, (radiant) view city
Etching 6, 9 and 13. Can contort self, Parkour and stick to surfaces, Aura difficult to detect.
Aura Bolts, Aura Sphere.
Str 4, Con 5, Dex 9, Agi 11, Int 5, Cha 4, Mag 8, Res 10, Lrn 5

Increadibly fast and agile, able to spot problems in the city from a distance, plan out approach, and then move through the city and/or escape with ease. Death and jade aura allow for repeatable strength and attacks which Lifting aura allows you to recover fast enough to continue to use. Aura bolts for long range attack.
Res 10 plus fast healing gives pretty decent defense. Aura sphere if facing guns.

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