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hey guys I need your help,
The gaming club I'm part of is currently doing a small 40k league to help the newly joined gamers play as many different opponents as possible, so I took this opportunity to have a few laughs and do make some hilariously fun ork lists as I dont want to win or place high in the league as I want one of the newer players to win. However, there is one person I wish to win against and I'm playing him on Wednesday.
Obviously orks arent anywhere near competitive at the moment, but I atleast need an army list that will give me a fighting chance against Tau. When I'm not messing around, my list for 1500p generally consists of around 30 lootas and 2-3 battlewagons with deff rollaz. Any advice on what I cad add to spice up the game?

Also, anyone got any troll ork pictures or anti Tau propaganda? The person I'm playing against is a good friend and the manager of one branch of our gaming club, so we're throwing anti ork and tau propaganda at each other on the forums for lols.

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2 Big Meks with KFF

Squads of 30 Shootaz with the usual Nob and pole gubbins.

Maxed out Lootaz.

And here is the spice that will help you against Tau: Skyshield Landing Pad, Battlewagons full of Meganobz, and if they only run 1-2 Riptides, Nob Bikers.

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