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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories so they don't get lost in between threads; drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. Enjoy; remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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Master Smut list (contains all stories, pics, etc. produced by the thread so far)

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Everyone know, eldars smut are the best smut.

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Craftworld, DE, Harlequin, or all 3?

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All three. At once.

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I suddenly need this so very badly. But for the moment I'll settle for just one of the three.

Speaking of which, where's ELH? I have something I need to ask him.

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probably sleeping

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Really? I never did learn what time zone he was in. No matter- if he doesn't show up here I'll just wait until next week.

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Honestly, I prefer more generic fantasy elves, since then you have the option of not-totally-arrogant elves. I feel like reluctantly aroused, xenophobic human/arrogant eldar pairings and/or "we're not so different" human/eldar developments have been done to death.

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What about rapey grudge-sex between evil elves and their prissy, arrogant kin?

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I know, but hey- it's not like you can command someone to write something they're not interested in doing.

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Not for free at least.
That's why Lewdanon and other drawfriends can get requests done

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I can't exactly shove money through my computer screen here. (I've tried.)

BTW, Edinbro said earlier that he was working on something with pic related. If he's there, I'd like to know how things are going with it- it sounded like he had some interesting ideas.

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grudge sex.
Don't they already do that?
tfw no Lofn all grown up smut ala Innocence Lost

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ELH said he's going to try and work on that some more. That said, he also says that he's finished Hesperax's Pet up to Chapter 14 (!) and hasn't posted it yet because he enjoys being a cocktease. I must say that it's working.

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Reposting Solaron fanfic.

Sorry but I have nothing new to add.


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It's in the master list already- no need to repost it. That said, you're always free to stick around.

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Ah I see.

The paste is going to delete itself eventually, I wasn't keen on the idea of it being out there forever, but so be it.

I will sit quietly over here and hope a shitstorm doesn't brew. Maybe I'll write some more in this vein when I'm not so busy.

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Don't beat yourself up over it- while I don't care too much about the whole Solaron thing, but smut is smut no matter what it was based off of.

But to be safe, maybe you should try writing about a different subject to be on the safe side.

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Stop reposting the same damn thing every thread. Solaron isn't even that good.

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Someone in the last thread, or maybe it was last week, suggested a scene with a guardsman and a guardswoman havin' sex in a trench. Well, the request was for a handjob, but all we got was a rather funny greentext. It wasn't much but it's just enough to get my interest.
Anyone of our writefriends want to try their hand at dirty trench sex?

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Okay. I'll consider it, but most of these threads are 40k, which I'm not so much a fan of that I would write that, but we'll see what pops up.

Didn't know it had been saved elsewhere, so pardon me. And 'good' for these threads is a matter of taste in any event. I'm not really a fan of the 40k stuff, I don't hate it but it doesn't really interest me. Go figure.

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Hush, now. He got the idea.

Nobody said it HAD to be 40k. Just write what you want to write and take requests if you're inclined to do so.

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Sounds good. I'll see if any requests catch my eye. And if all else fails, do what I like.

These threads are usually some of the most fun on /tg/.

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Yup, that's pretty much how we spend our time.

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I went off to the lab for several hours, but I got through to the part where the foreplay starts. Some of the ways I've had Linvala communicate so far were actually kind of cute.

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Sounds great. Can you give us a quick sneak peek?

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>that pic

I'll be in my bunk

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There's one small section that seems ready to go, so I guess I could share.

The man was suddenly silenced mid-sentence by one slender finger pressed against the corner of his lips, which traced a slow arc across his lower lip to the opposite corner. A warm feeling washed over him as the angel's smile returned. Of course. For an angel to seek out a mortal for the pleasure of his company alone was a rare blessing, so perhaps he had been a fool to wonder about the reasons why. Perhaps he should be content to enjoy the fleeting moments of peace and calm they could share together, before her duty called her away once more.

As Korah continued to muse to himself, Linvala's soft smile widened into an impish grin.

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It's looking great so far- hopefully it should be ready to go by next week or so.

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looks like we could use a bump

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Looks like we could use some content, you mean.

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I can try my hand at greentexting something if you can come up with a decent idea.

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Actually, hold on. I think I have an idea right now.

>So you're saying the mon'keigh that I saw you mounting like a deranged gyrinx back in the most sacred place of our Craftworld is your lover.
>And that not only is he a newly minted Inquisitor, but was also alive since before the Fall.
>Yes, I already told you that.
>I'm not sure what's more difficult for me to believe- that he's supposedly older than the both of us combined or that you actually got laid.
>Look, I already said that I take back everything I ever said about you being a mon'keigh fucker? What more do you want from me- another porno recording of me?
>No, I -wait, WHAT? YOU put that in our room? I was worried sick thinking that you had been slain or worse, and you couldn't even be bothered to tell me where you were?!
>What's wrong? I thought you liked surprises.
>...You do know that I can hear all of this, right?
>Now's not the time, Leon.

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Two callidus. One suddenly found that she loves to watch her sisters wearing tightly shiny synthskin and come to talk about it with her older sis-instructor. She is confused a lot and embarrassed. Instructor is smutty and telling her that it's ok, and she will get used to it soon and now she can touch her boobs for practice.

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I'll give it a shot. Keep in mind that I'm not very good at this, but if it'll get things going I'll do what I can.

>Mistress. can I ask you a question?
>Yes, what is it?
>Is it normal to find yourself attracted to the feel of your synskin?
>...what do you mean by "attracted"?
>I don't quite know how to explain it. Something about all that black, smooth material just makes me want to keep touching it over and over again.
>Of course it is- I've gone through it myself.
>Really? How do you deal with it? I keep thinking that it's going to distract me so badly that I'll mess up an assassination.
>Well, I can either tell you or I can show you how to do it. Which would you like?
>ummm...show me, please.
*Two hours later*
>Whoa, I never knew you could do that with polymorphine before. That was amazing.
>It's something you have to learn on the job- and it makes things a lot more fun, too.

I'll be honest, it's not easy for me to write about a fetish I don't actually have, but the important thing is that I tried. If anyone else wants to give this a shot, go ahead.

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We need gay smut.

>> No.28219175

There has been a surprising lack of lesbians in these threads.

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No, not THAT kind of gay. The good kind. I'm talking about a Catachan powerbottoming for a Kreiger.

>> No.28219213

JAW wrote this, if you're referring to male/male smut.


And there's a veritable shitload of lesbian smutfics in the master list. (I'm assuming you weren't referring to them, though; I can only assume that the days where /tg/ meant /totally gay/ is a thing of the past.

Shall I rattle off all the fics that fit the bill there? Because there's quite a few of them. (Might I suggest Xeno Lover?)

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I know what you meant, I was just being an ass. More to the point, there was some tau flaming caste thing a while back, but that's all I know of. Well, that and SQUAD BROKEN.

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That brings back some horrible, horrible memories. To wipe those out, here's a new drawing by Lewd that I found in the drawthread.

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>Yes Lofn?
>What are we doing out here?
>Well, our family has been in the farseeing business for a long time now and I thought it about time I showed you the ropes.
>Well, that explains why we're at a mon'keigh military base...
>Don't worry, I've already told your mother.
>...but why do you have a box of-
>Well, that's the fun part.
>I don't feel comfortable with this.
>Hmm? Oh, don't be silly, I know what I'm doing.
>But I really, really don't feel-
>I did something similar with your mother, too.
>See, you take one of these little rubbery things...
>And poke a hole in it with a needle.
>Grandad, you're scarin- wait, what?
>Now, see that sleeping guard?
>I don't understand what's going on-
>I want you to take the one in his pocket and replace it with this one.
>Because tomorrow he is going to be -almost- killed tomorrow while fighting those orks we passed on the way in.
>You are so weird.
>Trust me...

Several years later.
>Is your dad really a Vindicare?
>Well, yeah.
>That's so cool! We have so much in common!
>Really? What does your dad do?
>Oh, he was in the guard. But they were both soldiers, right?
>And you said your dad met your mom on a battlefield, right?
>Well mine met my mom in a medicae after he was wounded.
>Really? That's so romantic.
>I bet our dads would have a lot to talk about.
>So, um...
>Can I see you again sometime?
>Great, I'll come back here tomorrow!
>I'll be waiting.
The child runs off.
>What's up?
>Mine name's Lofn, what's yours?
>Everyone just called me Lil' E.
The boy runs off.
>Wait a second... a wounded guardsman?

In the bushes nearby, Eldrad smiles.
>I do so love it when a plan comes together.

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Did you see the one I linked to in the post above yours?

(Incidentally, JAW's been gone for quite a while. Think he's visiting his Canadian girlfriend again?)

>> No.28219344

>Did you see the one I linked to in the post above yours?
I'm not the one looking for gay smut, I was just trying to help the guy who is.

>> No.28219362

Oh, it's cute, I like it.
Thank you, anon!

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>Yes Lofn?
>What are we doing out here?
>Well, our family has been in the farseeing business for a long time now and I thought it about time I showed you the ropes.
>Well, that explains why we're at a mon'keigh military base...
>Don't worry, I've already told your mother.
>...but why do you have a box of-
>Well, that's the fun part.
>I don't feel comfortable with this.
>Hmm? Oh, don't be silly, I know what I'm doing.
>But I really, really don't feel-
>I did something similar with your mother, too.
>See, you take one of these little rubbery things...
>And poke a hole in it with a needle.
>Grandad, you're scarin- wait, what?
>Now, see that sleeping guard?
>I don't understand what's going on-
>I want you to take the one in his pocket and replace it with this one.
>Because tomorrow he is going to be -almost- killed tomorrow while fighting those orks we passed on the way in.
>You are so weird.
>Trust me...

Several years later.
>Is your dad really a Vindicare?
>Well, yeah.
>That's so cool! We have so much in common!
>Really? What does your dad do?
>Oh, he was in the guard. But they were both soldiers, right?
>And you said your dad met your mom on a battlefield, right?
>Well mine met my mom in a medicae after he was wounded.
>Really? That's so romantic.
>I bet our dads would have a lot to talk about.
>So, um...
>Can I see you again sometime?
>Great, I'll come back here tomorrow!
>I'll be waiting.
The child runs off.
>What's up?
>Mine name's Lofn, what's yours?
>Everyone just called me Lil' E.
The boy runs off.
>Wait a second... a wounded guardsman?

In the bushes nearby, Eldrad smiles.
>I do so love it when a plan comes together.

>> No.28219402

Really? Perhaps I'm not entirely terrible at this.

This is going to be important in Innocence Lost, isn't it? Also, good to see Lofn's going to be joining the family business.

>> No.28219420

I would love to see how Taldeer reacts to Macha's apparent catgirl fetish.

>> No.28219498

Well, in that case. I'm going to make these threads gayer than /v/.

>> No.28219614

I'll give that a shot.

>So not only are you still screwing that Inquisitor, now you're also shacking up with his half-cat lieutenant?
>I have a name,-
> Leon, we weren't talking to you. C'mon, sis, she's cute. Just think of that fluffy tail and those adorable ears!
>The only thing I'm thinking about is how you haven't managed to go Dark yet.
>Low blow, Taldeer. I'm a nymphomaniac, not a complete lunatic.
>Well, there was our first-
>Zip it, Leon.
>...why do you even drag me into these conversations if you won't let me say anything?

>> No.28219703

That's a tall order, but I think I can help.

Caution: Do not read if you value your sanity. I lost mine a long time ago, so it's not my problem. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

This is a real book. Someone, somewhere paid real money for this. Think about that for a while.

>> No.28219747

Today I learned you can spoiler PDFs.

>> No.28219806

And I learned that there is actually a market for books like that. Although I shudder to imagine what kind of sick fuck would actually spend money on something like "Ass Goblins of Auschwitz" (yes, that is a real book too).

>> No.28219844

Man, Ass Goblins sound absolutely terrifying.

>> No.28219861


Suddenly, my hopes for publishing a book of my own just went up quite a bit.

>> No.28219934

Here's the intro blurb.

>In a land where black snow falls in the shape of swastikas, there exists a nightmarish prison camp known as Auschwitz. It is run by a fascist, flatulent race of aliens called the Ass Goblins, who travel in apple-shaped spaceships to abduct children from the neighboring world of Kidland. Prisoners 999 and 1001 are conjoined twin brothers forced to endure the sadistic tortures of these ass-shaped monsters. To survive, they must eat kid skin and work all day constructing bicycles and sex dolls out of dead children.

>While the Ass Goblins become drunk on cider made from fermented children, the twins plot their escape. But it won't be easy. They must overcome toilet toads, cockrats, ass dolls, and the surgical experiments that are slowly mutating them into goblin-child hybrids.

>Forget everything you know about Auschwitz...you're about to be Shit Slaughtered.

>> No.28220074

Fears confirmed. Although, I think a bicycle made of children would be a pretty shitty bike.

>> No.28220088

ANYTHING could be better than that. Me bashing my head on the keyboard could qualify as better writing.

But before I derail us too far, I'd like to ask everyone what they'd like to see in next week's thread(s). Personally, I'm looking forward to the full version of what Edinbro posted as well as the next parts of Hesperax's pet. The finale of Seeding Midnight would be nice too- the cliffhanger is killing me.

>> No.28220138


>> No.28220217

You know, you could have just used imgur or something.

That said, the picture's certainly lewd enough to pass.

>> No.28220321

>Chapter 1: Gay Dicks
Man, sounds like my kinda book!

>> No.28220341

That's lewd mister.

>> No.28220368

It's all downhill from there. Way, way, downhill. I think it's supposed to be a parody of the Aeneid, although it's rather hard to tell.

That's a good thing in this thread.

>> No.28220399

This is some sort of hipster shit, right? People writing and reading it ironically. Nobody can draw any genuine enjoyment out of this can they? It reads like something a twelve year old would write for their retarded edgy faggot friends.

>> No.28220415

Is there a physical copy? I need to buy 10, then hide them around my local library.

>> No.28220432

I sincerely hope that's the case, although one can never know for sure.

I think you can get them from Lulu.com. (Figures that they'd be self-published, huh?)

>> No.28220457

You're serious? Well shit, I know what my next evil deed is for tomorrow.

>> No.28220480

Don't forget his other books, like "Robocunt and the Rug Niggers of Afrofaggotstan" and "Fuck Me In the Ass: A Love Story".

>> No.28220512

>Fuck Me In the Ass: A Love Story
Well, we've all been there, right?

>> No.28220550

Most of us, at least. But knowing this guy it's probably another word salad disguised as a book.

>> No.28220695


>> No.28220698

Is anyone still working on something or have they all been scared off?

>> No.28220704

Any news on the inquisitor x howling banshee of some weeks ago ? It's no longuer on pastebin

>> No.28220735

I don't know- I think the author might have vanished. On the bright side, that now means we have a new opening for fics featuring Howling Banshees- there's only one that I know of, and it was never finished.(The Banshee wasn't even given a name.)

>> No.28220770

I am. Currently trying to think up something super gay.

>> No.28220840

Lots of people just flat-out aren't here. And I'm done for the day: it's getting on towards 3am.

>> No.28220848

This guy really loves the word nigger.

>> No.28220914

Oh well. We had a better run than I intitally expected this week, at any rate. Makes all of my earlier doom-and-gloom rambling look dumb, really. I'll stick around here anyway, just in case (and because I have nothing better to do with my life). If anyone else wants to stick around and shoot the shit, be my guest.

>> No.28221022

...Was the inquisitor male?

>> No.28221059

IIRC, yes. It looked like it was going to get rape-y, but since the pastebin expired I couldn't say for sure even if I could find the link.

>> No.28221060

Looking at the fics in the master list, there sure are a lot of really short ones. I don't mean to be ungrateful, but when they just jump into the sex and then end a few paragraphs later... well, it doesn't do much aside from cause blueballs.
It's a shame because the ones I've read aren't badly written otherwise, and many have good ideas.

I'm looking for something that builds up an atmosphere. Any suggestions? Genre/setting doesn't matter.

>> No.28221074

I understand- most of it was made to be a fap-n-go sort of thing. As for stuff to build up an atmosphere, what setting do you know best? It's always a good idea to stick to writing what you know.

>> No.28221118

I think you misunderstood. I'm looking for one to READ that is long enough to build up an atmosphere.
Sorry about being so vague.

>> No.28221186

My mistake. The Seeding Midnight series may be what you're looking for, so give that a shot. A lot of Smutomancer's work is pretty good in that respect too. Give those a try and see if they do it for you.

>> No.28221214

Sure. Modern-ish setting. Beings of belief exist; if there's enough belief created for something, it will form. Two couples each have strong faith and belief in their love, and each couple inadvertently creates one such being (ideally one male and one female, but I'm not picky).

Cue the two faith-beings going on adventures and trying to better the world and stuff, falling in love, and of course having some sexy times. Bonus points for any sort of transformation/body modification to spice up the sex, and super mega bonus points for public sex/exhibitionist stuff. Ideally without humiliation, but hey, I'm just throwing out ideas, I certainly can't demand.

>> No.28221225

Derp, Just saw >>28221118
My bad.

>> No.28221287

The idea you came up with still sounds fun- maybe someone will pick it up eventually. Worst case, you can always submit that request next thread.

>> No.28221440

The bondage with chains one? You're likely speaking of mine. I haven't been incredibly satisfied or motivated to work on it further. There's some other stories that I've been chipping away at instead.

>> No.28221460

Yeah, I think that was it. What sort of stories are on your mind, then?

>> No.28221531

I've got a huge folder of half-finished fics, it's kind of sad. The two I'm warming up to again are a D&D incest one and a warhammer human and vampire kind of /ss/y fic.

>> No.28221546

Hey /tg/, I wrote a fantasy romance/tragedy/tale of industry, and was wondering if any of you would like to see smut with the characters?


The story's relatively long, 11k words (11-13 pages in microsoft word with 12 point font times new roman), so I ask that you lovers of literature bear with me.

Also as a disclaimer, the story itself isn't smut, but I still think the character dynamic is cute and could make for good smut.

>> No.28221693

I couldn't really get into it (tragedy just isn't my thing) , but I say that you should do whatever you want- it's your story after all.

>> No.28221726

I'm not a common artist/author in that I don't really do things for myself, I much prefer to make something for an audience, hence I asked.

>> No.28221742

For what it's worth, as long as the smut itself is good you're certain to find an audience here.

>> No.28221889

He's not kidding. One of the fics in the master list has a cold one (dinosaur thing from whfb) rape an elf to death.
It has over 200 views.

If you write it, they will come.
pun intended

>> No.28221920

Smutomancer said he never was entirely comfortable writing that one. I can understand that...

>> No.28221965

Alright, Gork x Mork it is.

>> No.28221993

It's not gay as long as the spores don't touch.

>> No.28221997

GW beat you to it.

>> No.28222030

Three cheers for unintentional homoeroticism!

>> No.28222153

Wrestling: full of homosexual implications ever since the Greeks made it a sport.

>> No.28222305











>> No.28222399

11/10 would read again.

>> No.28222416

>me gob when

>> No.28222439

°n° well I'm done.

>> No.28222592


>> No.28222772


Saved for future generations.

>> No.28222866

Even in our off-hours we still manage to push out one last bit of content. Beautiful.

>> No.28223024

Hey /lewd/, I moved my junk over to booksie.com, cuz literotica sucks. Whoever's managing the list might want to swap out my literotica account for http://www.booksiesilk.com/mustacheluchador
I have more of my stuff uploaded there

>> No.28223068

I'll update the archives right now. Things have pretty much slowed to a crawl, but I'm still here just like always.

>> No.28223085

>Yes, Secondary Asset?
>What are we doing out here?
>Primary Asset insisted Secondary Asset would benefit from sessions of "father slash daughter bonding."
>I get that, but why are we out HERE?
>After interviewing Secondary Asset's friends and relatives, this operative concluded that Secondary Asset would enjoy a hunting excursion.
>Affirmative. Subject: Macha and Subject: Lelith indicated Secondary Asset enjoyed the hunting trip they took her on.
>Um... I don't think you understood-
>Be advised, target is entering kill zone. Silence is recommended.
>That's a stompa!
>Affirmative. With your level of experience, this operative concluded it would be best to "start small."

Back at the Taldeer residence
>Mom! You'll never guess what I did today!

Sorry it's nothing lewd, but I that cute thread yesterday really got to me.

>> No.28223105

Hunting would be too easy for Lofn, what with her docility effect and all.

>> No.28223139

Must be some kind of psychic field that acts as a tranquilizer.

>> No.28223172

Its some of the oldest stuff about her
>Concerning her /tg/ related lore, she has the terrifying ability to render anything completely docile without giving it a second thought. Some fa/tg/uys claim it to be a synapse aura like that of the Tyranid hivemind, but on a much smaller scale. She tends to travel with a small group of Tyranids or local wildlife as her retinue and travels across planets either via webway or hiding aboard trade ships.

>> No.28223197

On the other hand, that was written before we learned that Ripper was a perverted little bugger.

>> No.28223316

> "LOFN!"
> "Y-Yes Mom?"
> "I don't..."
> "I swear, I don't know how that got there!"
*Ripper cackles somewhere offscreen like Scooby-Doo*

>> No.28223403

I think it's nice.

>> No.28223557

>Wow, Aunty Macha, I can't believe mom actually let you babysit again.
>Everyone else was busy.
>What about-
>EVERYONE. Your mother was very clear on that.
>Um, okay. So... I'm just going to take my frog for a walk, okay?
>Your what?
>My frog.
>You... have a pet frog?
>Yeah, he's really cute. I'll go get him!
>It's Mr. Frog. Why are you sweating?
>That's a squig! Get away form it, girl; that thing will kill you!
>No, Mr. Frog is really nice. Well, when I'm around, at least. He can be pretty spunky when I'm gone, so mom keeps him in a kennel.
>But those things have fangs as long as-
>Mom let me keep him as long as I corked his teeth.
>Look here.
>Oh, wow. Look at that. How many teeth does it have, anyway?
>Indeed. And that tongue. It must be two feet long...
>He drools a bit, but I like him.
>And dripping in saliva...
>He gets along with Ripper really well, too.
>And so thick...
>Well, I'm going to go walk him now.
>WAIT! Um... I don't think he needs to be walked today.
>Really? He looks a bit pent up.
>No, no. He looks fine. Here, take this and go get some ice cream. For both of us.
>Ice cream? Yay! What flavor do you want?
>Um... Baal Berry Blitz
>I- I've never heard of that flavor.
>Oh, it's great, you should try it too. Just keep looking around until you find it.
>Well, okay.
Lofn leaves
>Alright Mr. Frog...
Macha pulls up her skirt
>Corked, rowdy, and... well endowed.
>Let's see how long it takes my niece to figure out "Baal Berry Blitz" isn't a flavor.

To this day, Mr. Frog is still in therapy.

>> No.28223754

Dammit Macha.

>> No.28223792

Lofn actually has a pet frog, too. A Catachan Barking Toad

>> No.28223797

I just love the way Lewd draws bum cheeks.

>> No.28223897

Don't those explode with enough force to take out several acres of jungle?

If we ever stat Lofn, we'll need to use the beast lore from Necromunda for her psychic powers.

>> No.28223926

So do I. And tits. And pussies. And faces. And everything else. Hopefully he'll get more of those Macha sex faces done- I think he's proven himself quite capable at depicting that look of sheer lust that's become synonymous with our favorite Farseer.

It could be the lesser barking toad, which only explodes with enough force to kill everything within a kilometer of it.

>> No.28223939

>Don't those explode with enough force to take out several acres of jungle?
Yes, but only when startled.

>> No.28223993

I really, really hope Lewd doodles this one. I can see it now:
Macha, standing back to us, pulling up her skirt so we can see her sweet ass... the squig looking up with fear in its eyes, tongue dragging against the ground and its teeth all corked.
It is shaking.

>> No.28224022

And Ripper looking from behind a corner, drooling with lust all the while.

>> No.28224244

Sort of like a "you're trying to seduce me..." scene. I like it.

>> No.28224345

Except for the fact that the the squig has no idea what she's doing. It must have been something truly terrifying if it's still in therapy after all this time.

What would be just as good is some more good old fashioned full frontal nudity of her (or better yet, her actually doing it). Miko's old picture from way back in the day (the one on the 1d4chan page) is certainly sexy, but a little variety never hurt anyone.

>> No.28224511


>> No.28224628

Yes. We've got the greentext ready, now we must hope that Lewdanon sees it and is duly inspired. Hopefully he'll grace us with his presence next week- I guess being in the presence of the drawfags he looks up to was more important this time around. Can't say I blame him, considering that Muju did the picture of Lelith dressed up as a cat up there.

>> No.28224752

Wait what? Muju? When where why?
Time to leave this thread.

>> No.28224794

There was a "cute 40k" thread on Saturday. Muju AND luth both showed up. It was awesome.

>> No.28224825

Lewd did a fair amount of stuff too, like this.

>> No.28224844

And this.

>> No.28224857

Muju did this one.

>> No.28224872

dat Macha beastiality
Cue exodite farmer jokes.

>> No.28224882

It's not bestiality if the animal didn't want it.

>> No.28224890

Best part is the cliff.
Muju you so funny.

>> No.28224956

I liked this one, myself.

>> No.28224986


>> No.28225058

Where are you guys getting this stuff by Lewd? Do they have a central dump page on one of the various porno sites? This is the first I've heard of them.

>> No.28225091

No, we just save them if we see something he posts here. Or, in the case of these few images, when he posts in other, non-smut threads.

>> No.28225094

It's painstakingly collected by us, and he tends to post in these threads quite a lot. If you want something...lewder, check the master list for some of his uncensored work- as hot as it is difficult to find.

>> No.28225117

master list?

>> No.28225135

Archive foolz is your friend.

>> No.28225153

Right up here
Contains everything these threads ever made, and then some. The amount of content that's been made is truly staggering, and it grows a little more every week.

>> No.28225168

To paraphrase something anon said in the last thread:
An uncensored Lewdanon pic is as rare as a mint condition black lotus card.
There's about 8 in the whole world.

You know, the whole "trying to track his images down" thing is half the majesty Lewd has. His art is great, but he makes them just difficult enough to get hold of that we're always looking out for his art.
It's quite endearing, actually.

>> No.28225186

What are we at? 60, 70 stories by now?
That includes chapters, of course.

>> No.28225227

I have no idea- I've never bothered to count them all. And that's not even including the greentexts.

I don't know whether to be impressed or vaguely unnerved by the fact that we've produced this much content.

>> No.28225619

And the addition of older works, especially by authors that have written before AND during these threads, makes it incredibly difficult to determine how many fics these threads have actually generated.

Anywhere from 60 to 80 would be my guess. Again, if we count chapters as individual stories (which I do, since many of them are as long, or longer, than many of the one shots).

>> No.28225722

Yup, it's truly amazing how much we've done.

>> No.28225777

"/tg/ gets shit done"

For once this is actually true!

>> No.28225870

Welp, I'm heading to bed. Fingers crossed that Lewd will do that Macha x Mr. Frog thing requested earlier.

>> No.28226228

I'm gonna go to sleep too. We managed to do a good job this week.

>> No.28227539

Don't forget about this one. I may also have a Idea on making a story about Drazhar babysitting Lofn while her parents are off for a couple of days (and other family members being completely busy somewhere on the other side of the galaxy).

Wacky hijinks ensue when Karandras, Striking Scorpions, Mandrakes and some Chaos worshipers would be thrown to the mix.

>> No.28227861

Anyone picked this up or have a screencap of the greentext?

I have..needs

>> No.28229309

Slip 'em the ol' digit.

>> No.28230040

Oh, it was something like:

>Listen, we've been fighting here for a long time and-
>Can I... help you...
>Um... maintain your "rifle?"
>God Emperor, I though you'd never ask!
>Alright, give it here, big boy
>The hell is this?
>My lasrifle. Lucius pattern no. 98. Is something wrong?
>Fuckin' Kriegers.

>> No.28230094

Close, but not quite. Foolz archive:

> "Bloody bugs...keeping us pinned like this..."
> "And to think, reinforcements are days away still..."
> "We're probably going to die here, aren't we?"
> "More than likely."
> "..."
> "..."
> "...Would you mind maintaining my rifle?"
> "I thought you'd never ask."
> "Well then..."
> "Wait...what's this?"
> "It's my las rifle!"
> "...fucking..."

>> No.28230307

It's also in this pastebin with the others.


>> No.28230333

Reminds me of the Sisters of Cleaning thread a while back.

>Guardsman offers to let Sister pet his cock
>Takes her to his barracks
>Shows her his pet chicken, Sergeant Clucky

>> No.28230386

We're still alive? Either these threads are more popular than I thought or I should make them earlier on Friday to keep spillover from happening (again). Normally I would have deleted this by now, but it seems that Mootykins has disabled post deletion on /tg/ recently.

>> No.28230441

....I need this to be a full story. Please. Pleeeeeeease. Not even smut, just some silly humor.

Because really, that is the best name for a pet chicken.

>> No.28230862

Oh hey neat, my Sphinx story is in there.

>> No.28230889

Yup. It was a pretty good one. We're basically closed right now, but feel free to pop in again when the next set of threads goes up.

>> No.28231459

Earlier would be better, don't have much time for lewds during the workweek...

Here's the 1d4chan page Anon:

>> No.28231511

I think they just lasted longer without a certain someone shitting up the threads.

>> No.28231551

Indeed. I'll be sure to add a reminder to filter that certain someone into the OPs from here on out.

>> No.28231580

One of these day's I'll make the instructions into picture form. That may help.

>> No.28231631

I already did, but thanks for the offer.

>> No.28231697 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I'm TOTALLY the one shitting up these threads...

>> No.28231800

Colours seem so bright now
And any slightly lewd threads suddenly seem more peaceful

>> No.28233649

This was a good thread, I'm already looking forward to next week!

>> No.28234181

Yup. Between Edinbro's Linvala fic, the dude working on the DExPsyker story, ELH's stuff for the love of the dark muses, please release what you've written of Hesperax's pet before my testicles explode- in return, I will give you the first shiny I can find, no strings attached, and whatever else ends up being made then, it'll be a good next set.

>> No.28236361

Me too!

>> No.28236439

Was that bump strictly necessary?

>> No.28236476

No more than yours. Or mine.

>> No.28236488

Was yours?

>> No.28236516

you do know sage is invisible now, right?

>> No.28236550

Yeah, but since I'm just lurking on the thread instead of Page 0, didn't noticed it. Ther arguing is bringing bumps tho, so it might be on your interest to cut that.

>> No.28240161

We're on the last line of the catalog now. I'll see you all Friday night.

>> No.28240396 [DELETED] 


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