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I know there's a warhammer 40k one going on right now, but there's no general one so...


I'm sort of awful, but if you don't mind MSPaint scribbles I'd like to take some requests

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some sort of Junk Golum

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Burrito Wizard.

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This character, but wearing a super-frilly and overly feminine country-ball-type dress. Detached sleeves and hair ribbons a plus. Preferably not pleased by this turn of events.

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oh my word is that a Flamboyant Dinoram?

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A princess, dressed in cliche "technicolour" princess garb, low cut dress with puffy shoulders, one of those silly-looking conical hats

She's "well endowed" (big tits) with chestnut hair.

Shes looking rather annoyed and impatient

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A techno-doge bringing back a bone and wagging his mono-wire tail in happiness much to the chagrin of an unsuspecting soldier who is cut in half by it

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possibly offensive to some people

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>Not jalapeno
>...On a stick

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Not what I expected, but still great.
I thank you.

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i am FAR To pleased to see this junkman

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A vampire pruning himself in front of a mirror (without a reflection of course)

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A happy little kobold, sitting atop a rock, dressed in an open chest tunic and short pants.

I need happy little kobolds!

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>[insert spanish word for excitement here]

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>"Si, I is looking for work, yes."

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he's gonna get Jalapeno business

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Posting Character Description, for need of art:
Quite short, with noticeable curves, on the thicker side of healthy. Skin of a brilliant scarlet hue, with salient golden eyes, and brilliant red flame for her hair. When not in armour, Soltrani typically wears a pair of orange trousers and a bright yellow-orange shirt with a yellow-trimmed diamond-shaped hole over her navel to display her dangling turquoise crystal-shaped belly-button piercing, which sways and moves every which way when she performs her dances.

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This is now my new bard

Profession: cooking
Perform: Mariachi

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Not this guy, but have her annoyed and impatient because the knight who was going to rescue her rescued a kobold girl instead.

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Some kind of Dragon/Kitten abomination.

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>And that's how BBEGs are made.

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I didn't draw this, I just googled dragon cat one day and this is what I got.

It was a good day.

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seems like the BEST day to me.

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captcha: but deleij

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Holy shit, this is amazing.

I love you so much! (Puppy kobold is awesome)

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Hey diddle diddle
i strum on my Fiddle
and play a merry tune
so hear while i play
all night and all day
to receive my Koboldy Boon.

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Gnoll wizard casting meat storm.

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now with more appropriately sized arms & matching hat

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He looks so happy

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You have no idea how grateful I am right now.

This works for two characters in two campaigns I'm in. This is so awesome.

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Polish knight, I beg you, the most polish of knights.

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A skeleton dressed like Ian Anderson (the flute player, if you're a savage barbarian who can't Jethro Tull) in this video, complete with fake beard and wig.

It's my Pathfinder character's undead minion.

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Skeleton (or skeletal) battle-vehicle of some sort.

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Ay caramba!

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Orc child soldier

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A dwarf, in a mail shirt and armed with a morning star, skipping over a green meadow with a basket full of mutated heads.

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Conference room similar to pic with a board showing graph of increasing income. In front of the board stands a dragon in a suit with his hands behind his back. He sighs and says that hoarding is not fun anymore.

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Galactic Empire Officer
long black coat over uniform
sith eyes and scars covering his face
has both a lightsaber and a pistol on his belt

He is going to be the BBEG for my game

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The latest and greatest, any critique?

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>"Absolutely heretical!"

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Less of a request for an art, and more of a request for assistance.
Can somebody help me make this into something I can freehand onto a spess maroon pauldron? Would like to use it as my chapter icon. Not the most artistic person though, and I don't exactly know how to make this simpler without taking away too much.

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Hey. /r/-ing a pathfinder female bard and her storybook. Clothing is your choice, but it's mostly blues and whites. Long black hair and blue eyes.

Pose is also completely your choice, but if she's teaching a small fae creature to read bonus points are available.

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needlessly fuzzy
the sketch lines are still visible, the pauldrons are wonky, so are the hands, and the pose makes no sense.
but the general lighting looks okay, it just needs to be clean and properly textured.

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A robot cowboy in a bible black uniform.

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Some good, ol' fashioned, wholesome /tg/-related yuri.

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I can't texture since there are like zero proper tutorials for it in the internet.
If you could point me to one, that would be nice!

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nigga you're on photoshop, you got like a hundred brushes that can do that for you just try them out and use reference pics nigga

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>there are like zero proper tutorials for it in the internet.

I understand if you just disregard this post because I don't have any tuts, but you're completely fucking wrong

there is no way there aren't at least a few good tutorials out there, do you know how big the goddamned internet is

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That I can use that are readily usable.
I have used photoshop for as long as I have been drawing this picture which is something around 3 hours.

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So you've been trying for all of three hours and you figured that gave you the experience to say there are zero proper tutorials in existence

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Whatever, I asked critique for the picture not my persona.

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Well, its already in fairly simple shapes, hard to simplify what's almost a stencil anyway, but give this a go anon.

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Just found a tutorial for transferring an image to a surface that involves a printout, and running a regular pencil/graphite over the back of it, then pressing the actual image to the surface and bearing down with a pen tip to cause the graphite to stay on the surface in the image's likeness.
This helps to get rid of any distracting background noise. Just got to get to the library and get some copies printed now. Thanks a bunch.

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A request from my Fallout game.

Seras "Lightshow" O'Del. Brotherhood of Steel scribe who went AWOL. Wears a reinforced scribe robe, with hints of raver gear underneath it (Fishnet shirt just under the neckline, bead bracelets, several glowsticks in her pockets. Close cut hair, kinda punkish look. Wields a heavily modified recharger pistol.

Has a modified Eyebot with a discoball instead of the normal faceplate. Uses it for sweet parties and to blind enemies in combat.

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Tried texturing, failed pretty terribly.

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A space princess who is a mix of Rapunzel and Leia.

>> No.28209600

A one eyed space marine chewing on a cigar with a thunder hammer.

>> No.28209719

Macho Man in sci-fi combat armor holding a katana and a pistol in his holster.

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I request a Flesh Doge of Khorne

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Would you please illustrate my character for a kung fu/wuxia/martial arts game?

> a young doctor in traditional chinese clothing (such as, but not limited to, the reference picture) with a chi condition that causes him to exhale steam with every breath due to an excess of metal chi in his lungs

It would be greatly appreciated.

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On a bit of a princess kick today.

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>Help me, Maximus, you're my only help.

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That is absolutely beautiful thank you.

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Requesting a scene that happened in my D&D game.

Yuan Ti bard on stage playing an acoustic guitar, with an elf sorcerer using presdidigitation to put on an awesome stage show (fireworks lights ect.)

The stage is actually an execution platform with a halfling druid and a half elf ranger about to be executed before the party saved them, with an insane looking human scientists bashing their bonds open with a brick.

Feel free to draw as much or as little as requested, reference pics for Yuan Ti available of requested, please take a look if you are interested.

Thanks, I really love seeing the art in these threads, fingers crossed!

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Also, crowd of cheering peasants who came to see the execution and possible one law officer staring awestruck at the Yuan Ti, under the effects of charm person.

The bard and the elf both rolled nat 20s on perform, FYI, we kinda rocked the whole town.

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Doge is the only meme I think is still funny.

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I think I'm cursed. Half the time when I comment on a thread it immediately dies.

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Bumping. Wondering where the drawfriends have gone.

>> No.28211712

Could I possibly get... An SoB fistfighting a Horror of Tzeentch?

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This man was banished to an ancient book several thousand years ago. He is one of three Eternals, a being that is not born, and he cannot die.

He is six-feet, though somewhat hunched over rather than standing at full height. Well-built, but not in that bodybuilder fashion, he's more stocky. His skin is a pale blue, and most of his body is covered in seaweed, starfish, coral and anemone. His hair and beard are both very long, silver in color, and soaking wet.

All he wears is a simple royal-blue toga, which is also soaking wet, and also tattered and frayed around the edges. He also wields a golden trident, the two outer prongs forming a moon-like shape, with a round opal embedded in the center of the three prongs.

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Requesting two female knights/warriors in skimpy bikini armor watching voluptuous sorceress walking by. She's angry because her spell backfired and her clothes were ripped making her almost naked. Knights are saying "What a slut." or something.

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cultist chan

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not bad! you just need to work on your gradients a bit more: speshh mereens have metallic, glinty armor, so there's going to be some reflection going on. adding highlights will make your art pop out more.

>> No.28213906

Kind of late on this but for a simple texture find one you like (probably of a rock) and put it over your picture and then set the layer to overlay/ soft light and mess with the opacity until you like it. In order to get a textured brush you need to find a seemless texture (try deviantart) and insert it into the texture section under brushes. I'm not very good at this myself as I don't use it often but there are tutorials on da which is how I learned this.
Also try sizing down your picture when your done (800x1000 should be fine like the current one you posted) >filter > sharpen > smart sharpen. Just learned this and it can help make your brush strokes more visible and your picture less blurry. This is a good time to go back in with any of the nice spongey default ps brushes and create a little more interest by painting over small portions of your picture. That might help you obtain the texture you desire.

>> No.28214120

So another friendly drawanon drew this guy for me, but I neglected to mention that he had hair. I'd appreciate it if someone could draw him with some?
Said hair should be short, black, and vaguely spiky, but not, like, anime-spiky. Other than that, they got him pretty much spot on, other than the fact that he should maybe have a tail. Also specifying that he should be skinny but relatively muscular for that.

>> No.28214343

You have encountered a FLESH HOUNDE.

>> No.28214400

Could I get character art for a female pixie ninja? In the typical (if technically erronous) dark grey ninja pyjama-wear and with a katana and wakizashi. Gossamer wings, sort of like a dragonfly's. The weapons and clothing should look like they were fabricated from scraps.

>> No.28214454

draw an ultimate straight sword of mary sue destiny

>> No.28214493

How do I become a drawfag? Any tips or advice? How do you get started? How do I git gud?

Pic related is not my art, obviously. I just like Matt Dixon. I'm pretty much a beginner. Well, better than your average person who can barely draw anything but not GOOD, if that makes sense?

>> No.28214531

I would very much appreciate a kinda steampunky pirate guy in a greatcoat, wielding a 3 foto wrench in one hand, pistol in the other, (chunky revolver ideally)

>> No.28214569

3 foot* bloody fingers

>> No.28214665

Read the sticky, it's really helpful. Get and practice Vilppu, it's the greatest thing you can do. But remember, practice practice.

>> No.28214764

Thanks! Have some more Dixon.

>> No.28214990

I'd like to say "I tried," but that wouldn't be true.

>> No.28215088

Can somebody draw Angry Marine in Centurion armor?

>> No.28215095

My continuing quest to get these two drawn begins once again.

Two agents, a guy and a gal that resemble pics related. The guy has black hair and the single most smug full of himself haughty shit eating grin on the planet. He is a cunt and enjoys every minute of it. He also has dark red vein looking things, like an infection, creeping up his neck. The girl is disarmingly cute and pretty, very high class looking. She also has an obvious murderous coldness to her, and she can exhale swarms of insects out of her mouth.

Do it up, /tg/. You're my only hope.

>> No.28215100

Requesting a knight in gear roughly looking like this.

>> No.28215200

>no "blood for the blood gode"
>no "such raeg"

>> No.28215352


oh yeah well you try drawfaggin
it ain't easy

>> No.28215375

Requesting a swamp wizard in ragged robes.

>> No.28215561

Bard with a sitar in dark crimson robes with golden trim please (or ignore colors, B&W is fine). Middle-aged, mid-30s, tired, lined face with a thin beard and mustache and long hair.

>> No.28215652


>> No.28215818

Could someone draw me a picture of a Transformer that turns into a piece of furniture like a couch or a recliner instead of a vehicle?

I need it for a game I'm making >>28203727

>> No.28215995

I tried going with boxing but I kept ending up with wrestling. Sorry...

>> No.28216037

Why doesn't she wear pants again?

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>> No.28216320

You're on /tg/.

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>> No.28216876

Sorry it's so terrible and messy, I'm an amateur. Enyoy I guess.

>> No.28216890

Don't be hard on yourself, it's better than anything I could ever do.

>> No.28216951


Posting my last work and my gallery.


If you have any cool requests for landscapes or something tell me and I may do them in the future.

>> No.28216960

Cute, I like the disgruntled look.

>> No.28217742

Bumpin this and the thread.

>> No.28217821

a female werewolf in hybrid form rolling on the floor while asking a male paladin in full plate to rub her belly

amazingly, in game this has not gotten sexual

>> No.28218371

If you can wait until tomorrow, I might have something for you.
Is the paladin happy about this or is he wierded out/insulted?

>> No.28218602

I present you the magical adventures of Mr. Paladin and world girl.
something like this? (not done yet)

>> No.28218790


>> No.28218859

Thanks, anon. Keep up the practice

>> No.28219022

I am looking to get this drawn a scruffy looking dude dark blond hair in the armor in the picture holding a two handed sword

>> No.28219046

Wrong one sorry
draw this

>> No.28219285

Bumping this because I'm a whiny person

>> No.28219292


looks good so far

>> No.28219541

I have NO idea what technicolor means.
And google is wacky, so have this abomination.

>> No.28219547


Almost perfect. Only need bigger fists for pure rage punching.

>> No.28219570

The style of moive coloring from the 1930-70s

>> No.28219583

too bad enjoy your black angry eyecancer princess.

>> No.28219632

You could just find a girl who looks like that and put a sepia filter on it.

>> No.28219811

An Asian man with short black hair and a stubbly beard, shooting a vampire with a flare gun. The vampire has burst into flame and is flailing wildly.

>> No.28220464


Technicolor isn't sepia.

>> No.28220662

not him, and I suck at bigstompy.
That's a power-radial saw-rocket fist.

>> No.28220883

thats cool

>> No.28221682

Looking for an ancient lich riding a trex, and has a pregnant little girl on a leash.

Lich wields panties, trex has a laser rifle.

>> No.28221712

Might be a little late in teh thread, but figure it can't hurt to ask.

Can I get a beefcakey catboy? Tiger ears and tail version, otherwise human. Really big, about six feet tall, broad-shouldered and well muscled and fit, black hair. He's not like, cho aniki-style slab of beef, but fairly beefcakey.

If you want to draw him dressed up, he usually wears a red metal reinforced breastplate, and carries a really big red metal sword and roundshield, lots of tiger and fire themes throughout.

>> No.28221896


>> No.28222011

I tried, but I don't think I understood how the neck thing is supposed to work...

>> No.28222817


>> No.28223401

Please, would a drawfriend draw a cyberpunk stereotypical mexican, complete with armored poncho, a fully cybernetic body, and a sombrero with a chainsaw edge around the brim.

He wears a nose-ring like a 'bull ring.'

He wears a VERY fancy, purple suit in his downtime.

tl;dr Cyberpunk racist mexican like pic related

>> No.28224311

Could I get an Inquisitor of Iomede based off of this mini but in his 30's or so with a scar on his face and a shadowy grinning face floating around him? A pose where he's searching through a crypt or wielding the shovel as a weapon would be suitable. I'd also love to see a little side image where he's sitting at a desk writing away with a feather quill looking like he'd rather die than be there.

For backstory, we're running the Rise of the Runelords and mostly generated our backstories with Ultimate Campaign. He's the son of disfranchised nobles who lost all of their holdings in a great disaster. Amid that great disaster he was possessed by some sort of fiend or demon of which part of it still lingers around. He's Chellish and thanks to all this happening decides that lawful evil Asmodean life is no good and skips nation, eventually being taken in by followers of Iomede. Because of his disdain of bureaucracy he naturally gravitated toward being a lone Inquisitor, and has proven to hate evil as much as the paperwork that evildoers force him to fill out. Aside from the evil spirit occasionally trying to nudge him toward a darker path, he manages to weasel information out of it to help him in his hunt for evil. He treats his ghastly companion more like an unwanted nagging wife than with wasteful angst.

>> No.28226185

bump to avoid thread death while i sleep

>> No.28227372


I used this mostly as an excuse to play with some brushes and to use a bright-ass magenta.

>> No.28227408

Please, someone draw the situation that came out from this thread!


I want to see an horrid aberration slime-creature shyly stalking a beautiful-looking red haired (and with white eyes) Aasimar crusader. Maybe from behind a tree or something, leaving a love letter or some flowers or whatever.

>> No.28227523

Could I get a kobold Bard (arcane duelist) drawn? He's from the desert so his scales probably look like that of a horned lizard. He's smaller than most of his race and wears flashier clothing, has a rapier in his hand and a violin on his back.


>> No.28227601

I need a gun wizard
Something along the lines of a Gandalf old looking motherfucker but this a long ass musket instead of a staff for a walking stick and a few pistols and muskets tucked into his robe in random states of repair.

>> No.28227810

Can I get a picture of a Wookiee with a poncho, bandolier, blaster rifle, and a pair of goggles?

>> No.28227812

can someone draw a young naive farm boy(about 16) shopping in a market for equipment to begin his new life as an adventurer?

>> No.28228898

Hey fellas, got a request. Friend homebrewed a MMBN game and I need a character potrait.

TinyTony.exe looks like a humanoid robot wearing a green camo army uniform, helmet, dogtag and all, and wielding a large bazooka. Also his head is mostly taken up by his optical sensor, which glows red and whose design is up to whichever kind drawfag decides to do my request.

Please and thank you.

>> No.28229232


the stink lines and flies are a nice touch.

>> No.28229363

Bumping this request?

>> No.28229390

People who bump their own requests are the worst.

>> No.28229424

YOU'RE the worst.
...Also, it'd never get done otherwise.

>> No.28229442

Thank you, It's golden

>> No.28229529

Don't worry looks great.

>> No.28229585

If you like bright ass magenta maybe you could do this, but i already got it drawn once so you don't have to.
Please don't gang rape me now because i request something twice, i am sorry.

>> No.28229632


are these draawings in responce to


or are they more examples of dragoncats people found?

>> No.28229644


what makes a knight "polish"?

>> No.28229657


the way his waist connects to his hips feels more like a solid rock then something that can move.

>> No.28229676


I like the way the "eyes" stand out in the helmet but the "pupils" in the middle make them look kind of like white bars of soap with depressions in the middle than eyes or eyelights.

>> No.28231213

Could I get a Warforged wizard surrounded by undead and ice? His eyes glow a bright blue ominously and he has a smaller Halfling sized skeleton sitting on his back. His clothing is that of a lesser noble, with a dark cloak and a red broach holding it all together.

>> No.28231276

Looking for a creature:
>The Kyropt resembles a normal newt or salamander in its appearance with one distinct difference, the little creature can actually breathe flames! Additionally the small creature has tiny wings that allow it to fly lightly about in a sort of clownish way.
>Many that are found in the wild are like cats; lazily wandering about in the search of food or a place to curl up and take a nap.
>6 to 12 inches long, with the longest reaching about 2 ft in length. The tail adds another 3 inches in length.
>Horror Factor: None; couldn’t be scary if it wanted to.

Pic related: the crappy paint edit I tried a while back.

>> No.28231570

I have the image saved to my phone. Should this theead die out while I am at work, I can work on it and post it in a new thread.

>> No.28231739


>> No.28231755

A hooded black-haired elven assassin with a dirk in one hand, a burrito in the other.

>> No.28232073

I need a very feminine, petite elf with shoulder length black hair hair in a suit of mithril chain with a longsword

maybe a tell-tale bulge

>> No.28232162

Didn't mean to reply

>> No.28232184

Sorry, I'm just not good at burritos

>> No.28232201


If I may bump my request, jus tonce.

Also, I forgot to mention that he has an eyepatch over his left his eye, derped there, apologies.

>> No.28232222

Yes! Thank you! :)

>> No.28232263

Take it to >>>/d/

>> No.28232310

could be reverse trap. girl wants to serve in the military but only men are allowed in, so she tapes her breasts down till they aren't noticable and stuffs her crotch.

fuck i kind of want to play this now

>> No.28232313

>not liking huge, protruding vagoos

>> No.28232328


>> No.28232364

>feminine elf
Redundant much?

>> No.28232380

>telltale bulge
I don't think so.

>> No.28232396

Trapfags are a very particular bunch. They have to try to make their attraction to dicks as not-gay as possible

>> No.28232412

Requester here

Not entirely sure if traps are gay but don't really care

>> No.28232422

>Not entirely sure if traps are gay
>Not entirely sure if fapping to dudes is gay
Its a brave new world, man.

>> No.28232424

hence the crotch stuffing. seriously guys stick socks down their pants in high school to make their dicks look bigger, it's the same basic logic.
"yea this guy might look a bit like a chick in the face but there's no way a girl packs around a package like that" then everyone thinks she's a guy and she gets in the military

>> No.28232434

Then he wouldn't have felt the need to put it in spoilers and would've explained the situation.

>> No.28232440

Get informed.

>> No.28232454

who cares if it was in spoilers, i'm talking about making an actual playable character from an anon's post

>> No.28232464

see >>28232412

>> No.28232496

I don't let reason stand in the way of being technically not incorrect.

>> No.28232510

Requesting a "Fedora Lord"
Basicly a redditer as a lord/king with a staff of enlightenment (shaped like a reddit up-vote symbol)

Make sure he is euphoric

>> No.28232540


>> No.28232644

Knights with laser guns fighting robots
Needed for a homebrew I'm writing for my players

>> No.28232702

900000000000000000 hours on MSpaint

>> No.28232762

Going to have to request a warforged barbarian throwing its own head into battle. The head is shouting obscenities and generally raging at the shocked victim.

>> No.28232798


>> No.28232985

Bumping this once more.

>> No.28233193



is this pen or charkhole pencil or caliggraphy pen/brush or something?

>> No.28233211

>not Gundalf

>> No.28233245

>warforged barbarian throwing its own head into battle. The head is shouting obscenities and generally raging at the shocked victim.

I love this idea.

>> No.28233275

It0's still tablet, if my eyes doesn't fail me yet.

>> No.28233401

Fuck, how did I miss that?

It's tablet

>> No.28233922

I've got a request. A tall, well-built Native American man dressed in modern-day adventurer clothes, like something you'd see Nathan Drake/Indiana Jones wearing.

>> No.28234021

bumping since I'm still alive though I think there are still a few people above me waiting on theirs.

>> No.28234034


>> No.28234057

Bumping my old request.

Have I violated some rule of etiquette? Nobody ever responds to my requests, so humbly re-submitting.

>> No.28234131


>> No.28234207

People tend to respond to simpler requests I suppose. At least I do

I'll give this one a go even though I suck at drawing lizard peoplemen

Not OR but nice

>> No.28234255

Requesting a picture of a character for a Avatar game.
He is a Water Bender he has no eyebrows so he wears a beanie trying to cover it.
Aside from that he wears a blue vest with a shirt with a blue and white wave pattern, also a pair of baggy pants.
He has some flasks with water strapped under his vest.
He has a somewhat simple face he is 17 if that is important. Thanks

>> No.28234400

Holy shit, thank you. These are awesome.

>> No.28234536

Cool, feel free to draw as much or as little as you like, the bare minimum being a snakeman rocking out.

Here's a pic some kind soul drew of my character way back when.

>> No.28234753

Christ man, you really gotta stop spamming that dude on /tg/. Nobody cares that you wrote porn for your OC DONUT STEEL

>> No.28234779

A need a picture of Cyberpunk 2020 Dragoon armor wearing a kevlar poncho and a sombrero with a buzz-saw brim.

>> No.28234846

Honestly, I don't even care if it's a lineart edit over the official art.

>> No.28234856

I'm sorry you don't like it, I'm sorry it created a shitstorm, I'm truly sorry that threads caught fire once I post about this character, I really am.

But after having this idea kicking around in my head for years I finally did something with it, and it made people happy. A fair number of people by most accounts, and that's why I did it, day after day, to make people happy.

So this time I am requesting something, as polite and humbly as I can, to maybe get a cool picture of the coolest moment in the campaign where I finally got to play this character, so I can have a nice surprise for my friends who were there with me when it happened, hopefully the pic will include at least my friend's elf character, but I will take what I can get.

So I come to these threads and request every once in a while, hoping that maybe I'll get lucky and nab a piece of art like all the other cool pieces I see. I'm sorry if that upsets you, I really am.

>> No.28234955

It isn't exactly what you wished for but it's something

>> No.28234997

Wow that was fast. Thank you, it's quite nice.

I understand completely about time constraints and all, so thank you for doing this, I really appreciate it.

I'm gonna go show this to my friend now, his character was the elf rocking out next to me, statistically this event only had a 1/400 chance of happening, or so they say.

Thank again.

>> No.28235136

>that's why I did it, day after day, to make people happy.
Sure, thats all fine and good, but by dragging it out like this and spamming your precious little Mary Sue in whatever thread is vaguely relevant you are making people UNhappy, thus destroying the entire point of your posts in the first place.

>> No.28235231

It was a fad, and like any other fad it lived and died- now most people despise him and wish you had never brought him up to begin with. Play him if you will, but keep him to yourself unless explicitly asked to talk about him. (And it was a big mistake to have ever mentioned TVTropes here. It's nothing more than an object of derisive laughter now.)

>> No.28235258

Okay, message received, I understand the sentiment. Maybe I was just trying to remind myself of how good it felt to write that, and I always hoped at least someone would find it interesting or funny, but fine, I'll stop posting unless it seems really relevant. The excitement of finally playing this character who I've wanted to use for a couple years, and all my friends says I needed to play ASAP because it sounded great, must have gone to my head.

But regardless of what we feel can we please stop talking about it? I don't want to attract anyone who might wreck the thread if they see me posting here, and this is all off topic.

>> No.28235266

Don't act so high and fucking mighty over your fucking attention whoring.

>> No.28235322

A much better idea is to pretend he never existed to begin with. You were the one who brought it up in spite of the negative reactions you began receiving here, and now you're going to deal with the consequences.

Just leave /tg/ and never come back. It'll only get worse if you stay.

>> No.28235335

Okay, I never knew about the hatred of TVT or else I wouldn't have mentioned it. I hoped making that page would give my readers something to do because they always seemed so impatient.

>> No.28235420

Too late for that. If you wanted to give your readers something to do, you should have just written more quickly. /tg/ is easily bored, and you just weren't writing quickly enough. Too late now though- those same readers have long since turned on you now. That's just the way things are here.

>> No.28235475

What even happened here. I am curious.

>> No.28235504

Could I request a picture of a small frog, wearing an appropriately sized pork-pie hat?

>> No.28235537

I spent about two months of my summer writing a story about a character named Solaron, a naive friendly Yuan Ti who wanted to be a bard and live a life of adventure.

A lot of people liked my story, and for a long time everything was great, with archived thread scores through the roof, but eventually a lot of really aggressive critics started crashing the threads and repeatedly telling me how I was a terrible human being for shitting up /tg/, while my readers vocally defended me.

Because of reasons I stopped writing and sometimes mention the story or my character on /tg/, but it far too often results in a mini-shitstorm like this.

>> No.28235558

Why does anyone care?

Unless you were being paid to write stories, you have no obligation to keep doing it.

>> No.28235571


Let me give an alternative perspective: when Solaron's writer revealed that he came from TVTropes and mentioned that he was writing to "give something back to them", he made it seem like that he cared more about the attention he received from his work than he did about actually contributing to the board. Combined with the fact that he used some quest-like elements at a time where the backlash against quests was worse than usual, he went from being well-liked to scum.

Why he continues mentioning the story knowing full well that it results in mini-shitstorms is a mystery to me, but it does support the "attention whore" hypothesis.

>> No.28235601

Shit I don't know, is this ok?

>> No.28235602

Because it was mediocre wish-fulfillment story through which sad neckbeards could live vicariously. It just gets tiresome when that one guy keeps bringing it up, like it was the best thing that happened in his life.

>> No.28235610

He was also the guy who ran the Knights Inductor Quest, so once it was outed that not only did he like quests, but he also liked possibly the worst thing to EVER come out of /tg/ AND was an attention whore from TVTropes to boot, he became gigascum, destroyer of quality threads.

>> No.28235623

I have no idea why people hate me so much. They keep telling me my character is a mary sue, but my irl friends, who are quite intelligent levelheaded people at college, say its hogwash as did a lot of readers. I put my character to every mary sue test I could think of or find online to try and ensure this was not the case, and avoid becoming a sue like the plague.

I always try to be polite and understanding when discussing the story with people who dislike it, but that makes me sound like a high and mighty ass.

Okay, I made the article to 'give back' I barely visit TVT anymore and thought I owed it something for accidentaly introducing me to tg, I wrote the story because people thought it was fun and I enjoyed doing it, I did not think of TVT until I had already been writing for a month and a half.

Now can we please stop talking about this? This is a drawthread, not a forum for discussing my old writing. I don't want this to consume the thread.

>> No.28235626

I don't know how to feel about this.

I am ambivalent.

>> No.28235651

YES! Thanks so much man!

>> No.28235673

Okay bad choice of words, I know why you hate me, I just try to reduce-avoid being that guy as much as I can.

The knights quest was not good, I admit that, I had plans for it which I was never able to get right, so I stopped it when I thought I had a better idea.

And for the heavens sake the first time I even saw TVT mentioned on tg was when people told me I was evil for mentioning it. I read a couple dozen archived threads and lurked for a month before posting and never once had any idea of the emnity, sorry I brought it up.

That's it, I am not posting anything more in this thread, I know what it does. Thanks for the picture, I really appreciate it, so does my friend, sorry for the shitstorm, please carry on, you artists are great.

>> No.28235707

You seem like a nice enough guy to me. Sucks that you got on the bad side of /tg/ man.

>> No.28235740


Just shut up and this would be over - but you can't can you? It's only ever about *you*, attention whore.

>> No.28235774

>my irl friends,
>my mom

>> No.28235865

The sad part is that it probably is. Ive written stuff for /tg/ before and I will admit it feels good to be liked, but I know when to move the fuck on. Stories come and go, but faggots seem to be forever if this Solaron guy is any measure.

>> No.28235883

See, that's part of the problem. Your friends are obliged to flatter you and play nice, lest they damage their friendship with you. And your readers were far from unbiased in that respect either. Besides, it's a well-known fact that "Mary Sue" is another way of saying "a character I hate" these days, so all the tests in the world wouldn't have changed their perspective.

At this point, it would be healthiest for you to simply cut all ties with the character and make a clean break. Then you can go back into anonymity and get a second chance by virtue of the fact that nobody will realize who you are unless you're stupid enough to tell them yourself.

>> No.28235891

>my irl friends say its good!
You mean those people who have a social obligation to be nice to you and cheer you up when you're down? You mean the one group of people who is probably the absolute worst to get an honest critique out of next to your own mother?

Holy shit, man, you just became Dobson tier.

>> No.28235997

so did the werewolf bellyrub people ever come back?

>> No.28236080

If anyone is interested, I'd like to see an image of a robotic mule reciting bad poetry.

>> No.28236206

Can I get a drawing of a guy dressed like this holding an M1911 in his right hand, with magic surging through his left?

I'm going to use it as art for a system I'm typing up, so I'll credit you if you want.

>> No.28236316


>> No.28236318


>> No.28236397

Excellent. Thanks a bunch, pal.

>> No.28236408

Also, I just realized the fourth verse would throw a syntaxis error. Just to show you how terrible his poetry is.

>> No.28236428

Where the fuck can I buy that thing?

>> No.28236432

Could I get character art for two players in my Edge of the Empire campaign?

1 - Battle Droid (like from the prequels) Outlaw Tech. Upgraded armor, a blaster pistol, and some sort of droid backpack.

2 - Twi-lek Scoundrel. White skin, red eyes, and skinny, with heavy black clothing, a Twi'lek headdress, and a small holdout blaster on his hip. Possibly fanning out some sabacc cards with one hand.

Either or both would be fine. I'm sure they'll really enjoy them.

>> No.28236464

The foreskin scarf?

>> No.28236509

Alright man.

Looking for a cyber mastiff that looks military grade. It is wearing a 40k commisar's hat, and shooting lasers out of his eyes.

Bonus points if he is vaporizing someone, or if he has the word "Duke" painted on his side.

>> No.28236511

Not the OR, but I love it.

>> No.28236544 [DELETED] 


>> No.28236610


>> No.28236672

Alright, 2 skeletons 1 elven looking, the other is red, wearing a witches hat, jewels all up in its eye sockets, wearing steel toed boots, and smoking a pack of cigarettes. Among the two skeletons a group of 6 rats, normal rats, but one has a knife tied to its back, and another has a book of spells and a wand.

>> No.28237004

Not the OR, but that's really cool.

>> No.28237158

thanks dude i think he looks badass.

>> No.28237527

Sorry for the shitscribble, I'm still warming up.

>> No.28237719

Dude, thank you. Definitely not a shitscriblle.

>> No.28238906

I'd like to request an orc woman ( Preferably with an axe on her back ) asking a guy at her table in a bar for a walnut, but spilling her spaghetti everywhere.

>C-can I have w-walnut plz.
>P-plz w-walnut.

>> No.28238929

If it helps, the droid's player IS a veteran...

>> No.28238980

still there?

>> No.28239012


Could I get a drawing of my dragonborn mercenary knight for D&D?

I did some spritework of him with and without his armor. I'd prefer with the armor and the helmet please.


>> No.28239119

What is this? Reference for ants?

>> No.28240111

Bump of life!

>> No.28240587

not the artist, but I thought we could do with a colored version

>> No.28240693


>> No.28241388

Yes! Sorry. Almost forgot in my veteran's day food coma.

catchpa: sketch elryou

>> No.28241418

thank you

>> No.28241421

Whoops. Resized.

>> No.28241597

> 28240587

Aww! Cutebolds are the best 'bolds. Well done.

>> No.28241624

>> 28241597

And I fail at posting. Go me.

>> No.28241664

no spaces, two arrows. Clicking the post number insta-backlinks

>> No.28241948


>> No.28241954


You are a gentleman and a scholar.

>> No.28242070

Thank you drawfriends who are sticking with this thread.

If possible, I would like a woman looking somewhat sad, probably sitting for this shot, wearing normal civilian clothing (probably like pants, jacket, etc.). As far as armaments should go, she should have either a lasgun or autogun hanging from a strap or around her back while she is cradling a sheathed sword like pic. It should look like the sword, and her necklace are important to her. Around her neck should be a gem on a necklace (soulstone, used if you want to show it slightly glowy) and Imperial dog tags on the chain next to it. She is half eldar (basically space elf if you guys aren't into 40k), half imperial guardswoman, so if you could somehow make her look elegant and imperial at the same time, you would have my many thanks.

I know 40k requests aren't looked kindly on, but it would be nice to have this pick for an upcoming DH game (or my friend's RT game, buuut we'll see on that.... need to talk some things over with him beforehand...). I wanted to create a character the party will hate for being an 'abomination' but yet like because she is relateable (her human half). Part of the theme of the campaign is going to be many situations the acolytes are going to be put in are morally debatable or grey on what course of action to take.

>> No.28242100

Forgot pic.

>> No.28242195

So guys, i usually draw for /co/, but i'd like to expande my stuff to other boards, because sometimes /co/ gets too damn predicatable. There is any rules or other things i should know before getting started?

>> No.28242247


Basically no NSFW stuff unless you censorbar it or post a link to it offsite. Pretty much fair game outside of that.

People will love you if you end up in the smut/lewd threads, but the 40k threads are also a good place to start. Other than that, just keep in mind it's a slower board and you're dealing with neckbeards

>> No.28242306


>keep in mind it's a slower board and you're dealing with neckbeards

So the only difference from /co/ is that the board is slower huh.

>> No.28242323

we're also proud of our beards since they can be very dorfy

>> No.28242340

Just know that the same guy continuously requests robot cowboys. You can take the request if you want, I'm just telling you so you know he already has literally over 30 images of that same request.

>> No.28242347

>when Solaron's writer revealed that he came from TVTropes and mentioned that he was writing to "give something back to them", he made it seem like that he cared more about the attention he received from his work than he did about actually contributing to the board.
To you.

>but it does support the "attention whore" hypothesis.
In your mind.

People fling around the phrase "attention whore" liberally, but in practice all it really means is that something attracted their attention. Leaving aside the question of why the basic human desire for social interaction would be hated, a lot of "attention whoring" is just others overreacting to things that they're oversensitive to. Like the rage against namefags; some people claim that adopting a name is like literally grabbing them and screaming in their face, when it's really just adopting a name.

>> No.28242360

You are going to get a lot of 40k requests, but if you get bored of them, the character concepts are always pretty good and varied. And you bet you are going to make someone really happy.

>> No.28242406


Pretty much. >>28242360 also hit the nail on the head.

OT: We need more of Khornette. Doesn't matter what she's doing, but more art is needed. Personally, I vote something cute but...

>> No.28242482

He said it was well over 40 or so at last count. I'm literally autistic and I still think that is absolutely fucked up. Just pretend that he's not there- ignoring him won't make him go away, but every post enabling him is one that could have been used to make something for someone more grateful than him.

>> No.28242507

People can also sometimes request pretty ridiculously detailed scenes.

>> No.28242511

I'm hoping to get art of two monster hunter style warriors (gear clearly made of carapace and plating and such).

>The first warrior has suffered a serious wound to his arm and is holding his greatsword in his off hand because of it.

>The second warrior is adding one of her hands to the firsts grip while holding a bowgun in her off hand.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to work on this.

>> No.28242546


This looks pretty cool. I'll stick around to get the kind of stuff that goes around here.

Also someone keeps posting some images of a knight rescuing what turns out to be a kobold girl on /co/. Did they came from here, because i rly like that.

>> No.28242571


I know the comic of which you speak, but I'm not 100% positive it came from here. We certainly bring it up where relevant though.

>> No.28242624


>> No.28242643

Yeah, but /tg/ scared the artist away by harassing him to draw kobold porn whenever he would show uo in a drawthread.

>> No.28242644

To be fair, though, I commissioned that one, as opposed to just requesting it in a thread.

Not that people DON'T request things of varying complexity. Just that you picked a bad example.

>> No.28242645


>> No.28242664


>> No.28242675


>> No.28242711

>I'm literally autistic and I still think that is absolutely fucked up.
Being autistic doesn't give you any special authority.

>> No.28242729

SHH! Stop!

You're going to get us in trouble with...them

>> No.28242737

He means that even the most annoying asshats here think that guy is a faggot.

>> No.28242754


>> No.28242760

We still fear the Crazy 8 or whatever they were called?

>> No.28242762

What, the giant ants?

>> No.28242769


>> No.28243199

Being an annoying asshat doesn't give him any special authority either.

Seriously, "even the bad ones think he's a worse one" isn't an exceptionally valid point. "Bad ones" have an off-kilter moral compass by definition; they aren't the most trustworthy authority on what's right and wrong. Otherwise, they wouldn't cause so much trouble calling things "bad" when they aren't actually harmful.

>> No.28243701

Well indiferente to asshatery you guys gave a pretty warm welcome.

Accept this token as sign of good will and the fun we shall have together.

>> No.28243758

Meh, not really a fan of kobold faggotry but I appreciate the sentiment.

>> No.28243769

that's actually really well done. i'm going to be using that

>> No.28243774

Pretty awesome.

>> No.28243875

Bumping my request.

>> No.28243908

That's pretty great.

>> No.28244020

Bump before I go to sleep for my request. I hope the drawfriends didn't get chased off by the off topic arguing. It would be great if someone could draw this up for me. See the post bellow my original post for the reference pic of the sword.

>> No.28244523

Just finished cleaning up the ocean edges a little bit.

I'm working on a jungle island map for my campaign.

>> No.28245995


>> No.28246002

Hope this is what you were looking for

>> No.28246061

Holy shit, thank you! He'll love it, I know.

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