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>old thread >>28192389
1. Make a request
2. Wait for a drawfag to work on your request
3. ???
4. Profit!

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There's a lot more demand for this than I thought there would be.

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I know, it's crazy...

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I'd like to see a pic of a family reunion photo with a Dreadnought as the centerpiece.

I figure, even if Space Marines don't have children, they must have siblings, so a Dreadnought is probably the umpty-great-uncle of a whole planet.

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Requesting this once more: Emps in casual wear and bunny slippers sitting on a couch with tiny Primarchs while they watch movies.

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Outstanding requests from the previous thread include:
>Xeno with a hula hoop
>10% felinid Sister staring at a combat knife in one hand, holding her tail in the other
>A Sister of Battle looking at a mutated Chaos Psyker with an incredibly pissed off expression and caption reading "Hatred (Heretics, Mutants, Psykers)"
>a guardswoman cuddling her lasgun. lipstick/make-up on the lasgun is optional
>a Male or female felinid guardsman with their tongue on their arm/stomach/thigh, clothes half off, as another guardsman is staring like they're absolutely insane for cleaning themselves like that
>the three eldar girls (Triss, Lofn, and this one) playing cards. Maybe Old Maid?
>Something involving pissed off Commissars who may or may not also be felinids, fucked if I know what people wanted from that one

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seconding this

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>10% felinid Sister staring at a combat knife in one hand, holding her tail in the other
Requester here: tail still attached, not severed.

No guro.

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>Bjorn the Fell-Handed in the center with a party hat
>Surrounded on all sides by drunk, jolly Space Wolves
>Hand-shaped cake in the center with over ten thousand candles
Those good feels.

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A Blood Raven peering over a wall with the caption "SOON"

>> No.28201944

Lofn extorting Taldeer for candy by holding a water pistol to her head and quoting The Godfather. In the back, LIIVI whistles innocently while holding a copy of said movie behind his back.

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A little girl sitting on a Space Marine's helmet while pointing at something in the distance and yelling "Purge!"

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From the previous board. SoB blushing while a guardsmen try to shield her from incoming fire

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>>Hand-shaped cake in the center with over ten thousand candles


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Two Wraithlords fighting enemies together and an image of two ghost eldar holding hands and smiling while tears are running down their face . On both the wraithlords and the eldar ghosts are bracelets. The same gold bracelets.

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...That's adorable.

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>sweet Emperor, he's touching me!
>he's actually TOUCHING me!
>a MAN!
>is this what doing sex is like?

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Lelith Hesperex skipping rope using someone's intestines with a happy smile on her face

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You forgot

>Macha cuddling with her Inquisitor (see Extra Large Heresy)

Edinbro, is that you?

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A single Space Marine and a single Guardsmen, both trudging along along a dirt track.

The Space Marine is wounded and missing an arm, the Guardsman is offering the Space Marine his water canteen.

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Two Space Marines having fun at Disney World Imperium.


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May I request space marine riding pic related, fremen style?

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Who am I? Who is but the form following the function of what, and what I am is an anonymous poster on the interweb.

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Is that supposed to be a "no", then? I'm confused

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a female Eldar farseer flirting with a fully helmeted Guardsman at a bar.

Guardsmen is in Cadian pattern uniform.

or a Spacemarine styled like the Dark Angels weilding a Bolter in his left hand and a Chain sword in his right.

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Fuking saved

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I would still like to see a male techpriest and a female psyker having tea together if anyone is up to it.

Its from this story, by the way http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Of_Techpriests_and_Telepaths

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I'm merely remarking on the paradox of asking an anonymous poster if he is a writefag who never posts with his name outside the Smut threads.
>Tower of Terra
I think I'm going to need a park-hopper pass for my sides

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Meanwhile, in the Eye of Terror:

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I was just guessing, given the subject matter of the request. Can you at least tell me if I guessed right?

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Next thing you know, she'll slap him right into oncoming fire.

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Macha giving footsies to a very confused and flustered Gabriel Angelos.

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What do you think of a Sister of Battle and an Eldar, either a Farseer or a Wych, having switched clothing and commenting/pointing them out?

That'd put the SoB in either the big poofy robes or the bikini, and the Eldar in the big boobied power armor. Could be quite adorable.

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>Drawfriend draws my request
T-thank you so much friend, Emperor protects!

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... yes.
And he did a hell of a job at that. I thought originally you were asking for a Guard actually taking bullets for her, but what it ended up being was so much nicer.

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That pic made me laugh as i've had a seminar on dangerous situations psychology today. I don't remember most of it, just that most of us men apparently have a subconscious drive to protect women during dangerous situations, even if the woman in question is far more capable of surviving it than the man is.

Call if whiteknighting or chivalry, it's all really the same psychologically speaking

That pic kinda made me remember that part.

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I knew it!

BRB, going to try to predict winning lottery numbers.

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Emps and the Primarchs watching Great Crusade: The Musical. Reactions vary from stifled giggling to exasperation to boredom to amused smirks to Russ flicking popcorn at the Lion.

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Yeah, this is what I had in mind but after I posted I realized it was poorly communicated. Didn't bother fixing it though because I thought the thread was dead, and in the 5 years I began frequenting /tg/ I have never had my requests selected. Double luck.

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Requesting a continuation,

Sob shielding guardsman from incoming fire.

>> No.28202575

I want to see a continuation of this. I REALLY do.

>> No.28202586

Yes. Do it.

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A female IG nervously approaching a Space Marine trying to get an autograph while her squad watches from a distance.

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there is a reaaaly old pic of a SoB and howling banshee wardrobe swap. But do go ahead and make a new one.

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I got a request:
A picture that shows a guardsman and his friends in some war battered city with words written in a corner, saying
"Be back by Emperor's Day.
Love, name covered in blood"

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Three Firewarriors posing for a picture, best bud style. Arms over each other's shoulders, making hand signs (peace signs or something) in front of a wreaked Rhino.

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Lofn challenges Fulgrim to a children's card game.

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A SoB being very disappointed in the life choices of her penal legionnaire brother.

>Yes I am aware that the SoB are canonically orphans

>> No.28202820


... You can be an orphan and have siblings.

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Oh Edinbro, I almost forgot- that hiatus thing is off for reasons I'd rather not go into right now. I'm sure the people in the smut thread would appreciate it if you just poked your head in and said hi for a little bit.

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A Sister of Battle in Sororitas themed pajamas holding a stuffed Emperor would be nice.

>> No.28202828

I see no conflict with canon. Her brother may very well have been sent to the same Schola as her and committed a transgression that landed him in a penal legion.

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>> No.28202839

Teenage Ferrus and Fulgrim air guitaring on the eve of the most excellent adventure of all.

>> No.28202853

... I stand corrected.

>> No.28202867

I very much like this.

+1 internets to you.

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>this is all I can picture

>> No.28202916

Fire Dragon Exarch male and Harlequin female walking together and holding hands. Maybe give her a little spring in her step.

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Jeez dude, take it to /d/.

>> No.28202960

I love it

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I had to leave for awhile and missed the end of the last thread. Did any of the artists do the eldar girl card game request?
If so, did anyone save it?

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Requester here, thank you!

>> No.28203061

No, nobody did it yet.

>> No.28203079


I will try this out. Sounds neat.

>> No.28203088

Doing this

Considering this

>> No.28203091

I uh, uhm. just. Wondering if.
You don't, happen to have a page or something where you post your artwork?
The soul smiles when looking at these pictures of yours.

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Requesting Callidus Assassin cuddling her new Neural Shredder.

>> No.28203362

The anticipation of waiting for an update is killing me.

>> No.28203382

An update for what?

>> No.28203419

Of the next request the drawfriends post.

>> No.28203448

Chaos Space Marine outside said space marine's armor, cuddling a space cat.

>> No.28203468

Abaddon looking at an old group photo of him, Torgaddon, Aximand, and Loken on the Vengeful Spirit's embarkation deck, all smiles and thumbs up.

>> No.28203482

Harlequins ringing Slaanesh's or Nurgle's doorbell then running away giggling.
Bonus points for flaming paper bags with poo in them

>> No.28203485

I need a trio of space marines sitting in a village square and spinning tall tales to the medieval level locals and the chapter chaplain looking in disapproval. Feel free to get creative with it.

>> No.28203496

A Chaos Space cat?

>> No.28203516

Warhammer 40kat.
>Roboute Guillinyan
>The Bastet Purresy

>> No.28203529


such, why not.

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Abaddon looking for his head and Mami looking for her head

>> No.28203580

Abaddon looking for his arms and Mami looking for her head

>> No.28203583

Inspired from "Love and Krieg"

A man dragging around a Krieg woman by the hand, with law enforcement in pursuit. The Krieger is attempting to shoot back with a laspistol. Speech bubble for the man should read: "Not the Arbites! NOT THE ARBITES!"

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>> No.28203785

A Salamander veteran sergeant playing DDR with a newly-minted Tac marine while extolling the virtues of fast feet on the battlefield.

Alternatively, a Centurian and a Terminator fist-bumping with an explosion in the background while the Emperor looks down from the Heavens and gives them both a thumbs-up. Bonus points if the two SM are from the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves.

>> No.28203836

Okay, I don't know why this crazy idea popped in my head but hear me out.

The TF2 characters, only female guardsmen/admech/assassin/whatever.

...I'll show myself the door

>> No.28203863

Sbeen done before, but its not exactly something I would call cute.

>> No.28203864


>> No.28203885

>Apothecary, are you sure this will work?

>> No.28203896

Hah. Okay not quite so cute, but that's fun too

>> No.28203960

How about some demonettes (of Khorne, Nurgle, and the rest) having a slumber party?

>> No.28204036

How about heraldry for the homebrew chapter from this thread:


Particularly the insignia of their Elite Veteran Close Combat Unit, The Envenomed, needs work. Theoretically it should be a Desert King Snake coiled around a bedouin style dagger or sword.

>> No.28204133

A few requests, do whichever strikes your fancy:

* Lelith Hesperax setting up a pillow fort
* Slaanesh and Tzeentch holding hands
* Khornette in something you'd never expect to see a Khornette in while still being adorable/embarrassed
* A Tech-Priest trying to figure out what the hell a pie is

>> No.28204172

How about bunny pajamas- the kind with the feet.

>> No.28204187

Come on now, not even Slaanesh is that depraved.

>> No.28204198


Hilarious and cute. Print it.

>> No.28204215


I just got an awesome mental image of a cute tech priestess setting up a pillow fort

>> No.28204238

Your post gave me an even more amusing one. Little Dorn and Perturabo set up opposing pillow forts.

>> No.28204342

Does anyone have the neko-Lelith that was drawn last thread?

>> No.28204372

So, basically this?

>> No.28204398


>> No.28204412

by the Emperor.... or what about the forces of chaos attacking a fortress on Cadia.... only to find out its made of pillow's. the Chaos commander raises his hands to the sky and shouts at the top of his lungs...


to which the said general is sitting in an armchair made of pillow's, two Guardsmen standing behind him on each side with pillow armor on.

>> No.28204418

ELH, if you can somehow find a way to work this into Hesperax's Pet I will gladly sell you my soul or the internal organs of your choice. (The spare ones, at least.)

>> No.28204419

Yes! Thank you.

>> No.28204444

what is Hesperax's Pet?

>> No.28204448

>Iron Pillow Cage
>Imperial Fists with pillows strapped to their power armor dying in incredibly exaggerated ways as Iron Warriors pelt them with Nerf darts

>> No.28204459


Chapter 13/14 was written prior to that image being drawn, but the artist could not have done a better job.

>> No.28204480



>> No.28204522

Sororitas pillow fights. With other schola students watching.

>> No.28204579

You've written that much already? Just when I thought the cockteasing couldn't get any worse.
Can we see at least a little bit of it sometime soon?

And speaking of DE stuff, that guy from the DE thread a few days ago's gotten a plan up for that DE/psyker story he was talking about. Seemed pretty solid if you ask me.

>> No.28204599

Awesome! Thanks!

>> No.28204723

Someone please please please please draw any variation of these

>> No.28204794

This fapfic, starring the lesser-known soft side of Lelith Hesperax.

>> No.28204833


I dunno if you are still here. But thanks for waiting. I hope it came out well

>> No.28204987

I want to see a DE wych, in comfortable sleeping clothes. [Spoiler] with a teddy bear[/spoiler]

>> No.28205068

Well, that just delightfully sad.

>> No.28205160

Cute Sad works right?

>> No.28205210

If there is still a drawfriend in here:

A little girl touching a space marine's leg armor all shy like

>> No.28205309

Fuckers in the suicide platoon, you expected sunshine and gumdrops?

>> No.28205320

Poker being played by a Human, an Ork, an Eldar, a Kroot and a Vespid, all sitting around and smoking classy cigars and stuff.

However, all of them are dressed up in really rough armor and gear, while all having their weapons strapped to their limbs, each similar to their respective species, While the bar and table themselves should be in a rusty starship, kind of like a back room game of poker.

So the Eldar has robes filled with lots of weird little multi-species artifacts, like mini-Imperial Eagles and Ork tokens but is wearing the traditional ranger gear underneath them. He has a splinter rifle strapped over his shoulder, and has a long scar across his right cheek.

The Human is wearing armor that looks like the normal Cadian Armour, but with various imperial symbols. Also, has his helmet off, resting on the table next to him.

The Ork is like the usual Ork boy, but with a pirate theme, including an old messed up waistcoat hooked over a metal chest plate. his right arm is normal but his left arm is a massive bionic arm ending in three metallic 'fingers', leading up to a large shoulder plate with a massive Ork symbol on it. He should be laughing and leaning back in his seat.

The Vespid should be in the normal Vespid uniform, but with many small symbols hanging off it, (feel free to improvise and come up with Vespid cultural symbols here) stitched into separate bits of cloak dangling off any gaps in his armpur. He has his helmet on but is still smoking the Cigar through a filter.

The kroot should be leaning forward over the table and waving an arm at the Ork, in the middle of saying something. He has the usual Kroot guns sand many little beads and such hanging from his 'hair'. Some mixed DEldar stuff should be included on his person as well.

pic related.

>> No.28205341

>Implying that penal troopers don't get to have fun, too

>> No.28205364

Yes, it works perfectly. It is exactly as sad as it needs to be, while still being cute. I applaud you.

>> No.28205365

a girl giving a guardsman a flower

>> No.28205402

Like this?
>Already drawn for you

>> No.28205406

a shy Guardsmen giving an Eldar Howling Banshee a box of chocolates and a small bouquet of flowers looking down at his feet while the Eldar girl is looking like she is on the brink of screaming with delight.

>> No.28205460

Chaos space marine giggling and playing a harmless prank on a loyalist.

>> No.28205483

Eldrad and Lofn at a restaurant. Lofn gets her dessert and goes "Just as flanned". Eldrad looks at the viewer with an exasperated expression.

>> No.28205493

Fuck, didn't mean to quote >>28205406

>> No.28205514

lol. well I plan on writing a fanfic about a guardsmen and an Eldar Howling Banshee, was thinking I could get some coverart for when i put it up.

>> No.28205555


>> No.28205574


>> No.28205597


>> No.28205640


>> No.28205654

Thats goddamn adorable

Any chance of you taking a swing at >>28202319?

>> No.28205708

I can hear the "Kyaa~" just by looking at that. Good job.

>> No.28205720

That's so cute it makes me sad to think about how they're all going to die horribly.

>> No.28205732

How would this actually be handled?

Is this some kinda pseudo-heresy? Or is it natural, if not expected to some degree, for women of the Imperium to want to bear children of what amounts to the Emperor's grandsons?

>> No.28205759

Mean to say "to bear THE children of what amounts to the Emperor's grandsons?"

>> No.28205832

Its just an autograph, holmes. And I heard on /tg/ that in some BL book or another, some SMs visit a feudal world and one of the ladies goes fucking batshit at the sight of the so-called angels of the Emperor and strips naked in front of them and begs them to take her right there, out in the open and on the spot. The SMs just ignore her and move on their way.

>> No.28205846

Requesting a eldar wraithknight kicking a ball of space marines

>> No.28205847

GW would never do something that outrageous. At least not unless it got them lots of money.

>> No.28205872


I thought she was reading him a fucking love letter or a poem or something.

>> No.28205894

BattleTech isn't exactly 40k
But I wanna see The pilot of the "Solahma Momma," a Cougar leaning out of the window hitting on a riding Elemental.

>> No.28205903

>GW would never do something that outrageous.
I saw an excerpt from another book where some CSMs transformed their dicks into demon dogs that were attached to their host marine by groin-based umbilical and used them to rape their rapeslaves

>> No.28205914

didn't they make a game for the Xbox?

>> No.28205919

Really? You gotta tell me where I can find those books- it sounds like they hired /d/ to write for them.

>> No.28205923

Citation needed

>> No.28205925

They made 2.

Hardcore Battletech fans don't like to talk about them and will be angered by their mention.

>> No.28205933

You mean MechAssault?
Yeah. It wasn't very good; MechWarrior was much better.
I do remember multiplayer being kinda decent, though.

>> No.28205964

>And I heard on /tg/
I figured that would clue you in to take the information with a few grains of salt.

>> No.28205965

well, I tried.

>> No.28205974

whoops... i only ever played Mech Assault. twas fun for a time but that survival mode was a btch

>> No.28205975

Yes, I know full well he's full of shit. This is just a civil way of showing it

>> No.28206002

Would love to see this.

>> No.28206014


Yes. They are not cherished memories.

They are an example of what happens when a company picks up a license simply to ride it's popularity, rather than build off of it.

Also soundtracks by Korn and Papa Roach.

>MFW this is all I had to look forward to outside of MW4 for upwards of a decade.

>> No.28206017

Holy fucking shit there's no way

>> No.28206022

Requesting Sister of Battle giving an IG a gift.

>> No.28206027

Quit being so confrontational, you big baby. I'm the same guy as the first guy and I know full well the story is probably bullshit, hence why I prefaced it with "I heard on /tg/". Anyone who isn't a drooling retard should realize that such a statement makes the following words dubious at best.

>> No.28206043

You succeeded!

>> No.28206057

I'd recommend looking into the actual universe; It's expansive as fuck and pretty varied.

>> No.28206101

Stop feeding the trolls that are assing up this perfectly good thread. This almost happened in the last thread too

>> No.28206105

shit that sounds pretty awesome. damn any places i can find more

>> No.28206122



>> No.28206140

Wasn't trying to troll, seeing as I was just answering his question. I can delete the offending post if it really makes people that butthurt, though.

>> No.28206144

When it comes to Battletech, yes. You can always find more.
Lots, lots more. Enough to drown you under sourcebooks and TROs and PDFs.
>>28185104 is the general thread.

>> No.28206153

Go ahead, but I've noticed that I can't seem to delete posts in /tg/ recently- anyone else having this problem?

>> No.28206154

That... is kind of heartwarming.


>> No.28206160

well if i love one thing is my lore. will visit general thread sometime.

and yeah so the series is very fleshed out i take it?

>> No.28206165

Does anyone know if this picture was drawn?

>A Little Imperium girl, sitting by herself on her birthday, no friends or family, when a Warp Spider pops in and gives her a present.

If not, re-requesting it.

Also; I'd like a picture of a Krieger drawing up the terrain of a sunset over a field, not thinking about it in an artistic sense, and a woman in a sundress and hat admiring the work.

>> No.28206178

Cute 40k, eh?

I request an Earth Caste mechanic working on a busted battlesuit (or just a piece of it).
His/her toddler daughter is either handing him a wrench/glass of water or trying to help in some way.

A smudge of oil on her cheek is a must. Overalls, with one strap open or otherwise falling to the side, preferred.

Alternately, the same scene, but with techpriests.

>> No.28206183

m-muh feminism!

>> No.28206191

A bit, yes.

>> No.28206194

Ahriman looking at a Blood Raven, with an Oak Leaf pin on his shoulder, and shedding a tear for the Sons that he lost, and those that will never know they're brothers.

>> No.28206197

Yeah, it wont let me. I think its some kind of misguided anti-shitposting measure by moot.

>> No.28206204

Yes. Hilariously so. It's probably the most expansive fictional setting... probably ever.

>> No.28206216

is anyone still taking requests? anyways I would love to see a couple of female IG trying and struggling to hand a space marine his overly sized weapon. if you really think about it they are giganto fuck huge pieces of metal.

>> No.28206233

I'd like to bump this one, if I might.

>> No.28206236

I take it a group of characters?

Cool imagery, would love to see a poker game between different races, but I'd prefer a Tau over a kroot and a necron over a vespid.

>> No.28206238

wow thats nice

>> No.28206254


>> No.28206257

Necron would have the best pokerface

Ork would have the worst

>> No.28206261

I'll second that change.

I'm still hoping for pillows though

>> No.28206267


>> No.28206275

I like

>> No.28206278

>An eldar doing the -_- face while being pulled left and right by howling banshees who seem eager to get his attention.

>> No.28206311


God damn Bad Company 1's story was rad.

>> No.28206322


>> No.28206325

And on that day Tale of the Birthday Warp spider spread quickly through the ranks
Now IG troops everywhere waits in hope for the Birthday Warp spider visits them

>> No.28206331

"are you wasting oxygen producing plant life? and a terran one at that!?"
"mam you need to come with us"

>> No.28206338

Most excellent my good sir.

>> No.28206355

Wait, since when do plants waste oxygen? Or are you referring to the effort she exerted growing it?

>> No.28206356

In old 40k canon, Space Marines and Sisters of Battle sometimes marry.

>> No.28206357

Go for it.

I just want a picture of 40k races playing poker.

>> No.28206385

Plants provide oxygen. Albeit a small amount.

>> No.28206388

Every single 'mech, vee, and aero has fluff like that. There's like 500 'mechs alone.

>> No.28206389

/r/ing a picture of a Human and an Eldar sitting on a park bench, watching a baby Tau, Kroot and Vespid playing in a sandbox.

The Human should be talking to the Eldar, saying "And they're the next galactic power?" with the Eldar looking kinda sad.

Bonus points if a fully grown Ork is playing with the child races in the sandbox or a Necron and a Slaan walking past in the background, laughing at those young upstarts.

>> No.28206391

I request Cultist-chan playing fetch with a Maulerfiend

>> No.28206393

Requester here, this makes me so fucking happy, I can't even iterate how I feel. Simply the best.

>> No.28206394

I kinda hope another 40k game comes out for Steam, so there'll be a chance for someone in Poker Night 3.

>> No.28206409

Seconding this, sounds neat.

>> No.28206414

A couple of tau water caste running a blueberry adoption program, maybe with Xeno or Blue getting handed off to a necron or ork respectively.

>> No.28206453

requesting this, but instead it being a space marine with a heavy bolter shooting into tau with all their other xeno allies.
oh wait this was supposed to be a cute thread right?
i think its kinda cute

>> No.28206492

Space Marine 2: Leandros was Right edition maybe?

>> No.28206502

damn thats alot of lore... i can't wait!

>> No.28206513

Requesting a burning building, with an eldar (Maybe an aspect warrior of some variety) carrying two human children in his/her arms as he/she runs out of the flames.

>> No.28206521

Kaptin Bluddflagg, naturally

Also it would never happen in a million years because of GW being GW. A buddy of mine at Relic mentioned that they wanted to do TF2 hats for preorders of Retribution and that was shot down without a moment's consideration.

>> No.28206526

requesting a female Eldar farseer flirting with an Imperial Guard Colonel with a cybernetic eye on his right side and in full officers coat..

>> No.28206536

I would drop money so fast for a poker night with a ork player

>> No.28206561

I'd like to request a cute dreadnought girl screaming KYA after she's been hit on her head, like Tancred did

>> No.28206566

That is a fucking huge waste of potential.

Not only does TF2 hats guarantee a fair number of sales, but with the advent of the Steam Workshop you don't even have to do it yourself anymore. You can build hype by announcing a contest, winner gets a T-shirt and their hat in the game, and you'll get an explosion of content.

>> No.28206578

Seriously, we need to organize a /tg/ campaign for this.

Shit, you don't even need an accompanying Steam game. Brock, Ash, Sam & Max, Tycho, none of them had tie-in games coming out around that time.

>> No.28206616

Its a fine line you have to walk Anon. Nobody wants to go the way TF2 does.

>> No.28206627


>> No.28206675

Not him but while it's great for the company. It's terrible for the player. The development focus shifts from content to hats, hat contests and more ways to market hats as rare , limited edition , earned by an achievement and so on. Happened in TF2 over many years. Happening in dota 2 right now.
This is a big concern for eternal crusade as well.

>> No.28206676

Oh my lord, that is great.

Now I kind of want a sequel with the two girls in the back freaking out because the other one, who still looks dazed, was given a purity seal too.

>> No.28206700

Previous thread died, is there a way to get at the lost content?

>> No.28206703


>> No.28206705

No, they meant promo hats for TF2 if you preordered the game, not a hat based economy for the game itself.

>> No.28206716

But that is how it starts anon. Innocently. Reasonably. It soon goes out of control.

>> No.28206738


thanks guys, im glad you like it.

>> No.28206744

But I like the hats.

Plus, hats represent an invested interest in the game, thus importance is placed on continuing development. Not to mention, as I said, with the game being popular and the workshop being used developers don't really have to put much work into hat additions. All they need is people interested in getting a few bucks every time someone buys their shit from the Store.

Not to mention I fucking love new weapons.

>> No.28206762

Right, how could I forget

Thanks anon

>> No.28206763

Would it be a Grey Knights helm, complete with Sister of Battle skin draped along the top?

(Heavy would get ork teeth.Engineer gets mechanicus robes, and maybe cosmetic mechandendrites.)

>> No.28206775

He meant using TF2 as an advertising platform.

>> No.28206848

If anyone feels like doing some Chaos feels, I'd like to /r/ a sad-looking Iron Warriors Warpsmith sat on his throne, with the rest of his ship's command bridge utterly deserted.

I need this because of reasons.

>> No.28206873

Sisters of Battle wig for Pyro (paintable of course) and a fleur de lis pauldron.
Heavy gets a Ultramarine pauldrons (yes it clips with every movement, no you cannot complain).
Spy gets an Inquisitor necklace and a Death Cult mask.
Medic gets a Necron face and chestpiece, as well as a new medigun that gives a weak AOE heal to allies and an uber that makes himself almost immune to damage (even when the gun is switched) for a time.
Soldier gets an Imperial Guard hat, shoulderpads, a chest piece, and a second slot weapon that can instantly kill on a headshot but otherwise does literally nothing (because Soldier ALWAYS gets more stuff than anyone else).
Scout gets an Eldar helmet and coat as well as a laser sword.
Sniper gets Tau shoulderpads, a Fire Warrior helmet, and a laser gun.
Demoman gets a Daemon sword, a little chibi Bloodletter that perches on his shoulder, and a torn shirt chestpiece with the Chaos star visible.

>> No.28207003

>tfw Valva will probably just add more birds.

>> No.28207125

>second slot weapon that can instantly kill on a headshot but otherwise does literally nothing (because Soldier ALWAYS gets more stuff than anyone else).
No, you have to shoot someone in the head with another person at exactly the same time as someone else.

>> No.28207170

Short range. Instantly kills enemies below 25% health, does nothing otherwise.

>> No.28207179

>Imperial Guard weapon
>Not a rifle with a bayonet as a melee weapon

>> No.28207238

Make it only work 12.5% of the time but have 300 ammo, and you have yourself a deal.

It only deals 1 damage if they have more than 25% health.

>> No.28207263

When it's equipped, he gets new things to shout just like how the Halloween costumes work.

>> No.28207341

...Actually. I think Soldier would get a commissar hat and a commissar's sword, and a bolt pistol main gun that does a small explosion damage and gives people a speed boost if it explodes near them for like...15% less damage if it hits enemies.

Scout gets a plasma gun with unlimited ammo but a heat gauge that overheats after like 3 consecutive shots, and if it overheats it instantly kills them but does a lot of damage to everyone in the area. Of course, to keep with the shotgun theme, it gets weaker the further the plasma flies. Pair that with a guard helmet and guard armor. Melee weapon is a flag that can be waved to give others a speed boost.

Guard helmet and guard armor can be put on the Scout, the Medic, the Sniper, and the Spy.

Sniper gets a long las.

Spy gets a power sword dagger.

Medic already has the quick fix.

Heavy gets a twinlinked multilaser, because only Goto would market this to Valve.

>> No.28207352


>> No.28207357

Requesting more Drazhar in cute situations like in pic. related.

When I saw that, it was the best thing ever. This pic was posted in the last thread.

Somebody even suggested on the last thread what if Taldeer and LIVII left Lofn for a couple of days because of some adult matters (all other acquaintances and family members would be too busy to take care of her), and the only person that would take care of her would be Drazhar of all people (why? because he'd owe Taldeer a lot for something).

Wondering how would this situation evolve...

>> No.28207362

/tg/ - /teamfortress general/

>> No.28207377


>> No.28207430

Guys? I hope someone is posting these images to 1d4chan on the appropriate pages.

Might I suggest a great image would be Warhammer 40k hockey? Just like how Fantasy has Blood Bowl (American football) 40k had a planned hockey wargame but it was canned.

So how about it? The theoretical box art to Warhammer 40k hockey, complete with whatever you think the name would have been.

>> No.28207461

All of my money if it involves that what is in the pic. + A lot of wacky hijinks involving Ulthwe as a whole, Karandras, Striking Scorpions, Mandrakes and Word Bearers.

I can imagine Drazhar beating/slaughtering everyone in such a way that Lofn would never notice.

>> No.28207470 [SPOILER] 


"It seemed a bit daft me having to guard him when he's a guard."

>> No.28207498

Oh fuck, please someone do a short comic of this scene in 40k.

>> No.28207950


>> No.28208070

Now we need a montage of that flower's journey with the guardsman. Maybe it even changes hands when owners die but they use it as a personal symbol of hope and reminder of who they're fighting for.

When it's not the Emprah.

>> No.28208088


>> No.28208093

A Guardsman finally seeing the end of combat, and being as happy as can be, now that he can go home.

>> No.28208106

Fine. Have them all die at the end with a Tyranid sniffing it and then devouring it. Happy?

>> No.28208145

It's just completely OOC for them, dude, non need to get angry

>> No.28208154

A sister of battle getting all dressed up for a first date.

>> No.28208234

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite opening a portal to the Emperor's throneroom, and Booker having to fight an Adeptus Custodes.

>> No.28208254

How about a new Dark Eldar Wych recruit...

1) Realising just what exactly she has to wear
2) Seeing herself wearing the wychsuit
3) Going out into an arena and being seen by countless hundreds of people.

>> No.28208340

I'll leave the greentexting up to you.

>> No.28208448

A broodlord that finally succeeds to hug someone?

>> No.28208466 [DELETED] 

So Drazhar like children?

>> No.28208496

He is way to cute for Drazhar.
Is that why he isn't talking?

>> No.28208721

>Earth, Fire, Air, Water - Only the Ethereals can lead the castes of Tau and bring the Greater Good to the galaxy!

We need an Ethereal avatar.

>> No.28208979

Thank you drawfriend Luth! I went to bed before you posted.

>> No.28208999

Oh lordy, my d'aww meters are going critical.

>> No.28209307


Now little one, you better be good or you won't be getting a visit from the Birthday Spider.

>> No.28209322

Drazhar never talks. Also, LOL at Ripper giving him a raspberry.

>> No.28209331

Is he like the Eldar version of the birthday skeleton?

>> No.28209500

Rolled 90

Make it a mixture of a harrowing and Abominable intelligence who wants to atone by being a birthday [insert unfathomably, undescribable, mind destroying description here], making people happy and sending them to a plane where everything and everyone lives a good life if they were really good.

>> No.28209621

Dear me. So cute. Never knew that the biggest badass in Commorragh (second to Vect and equal to Lelith) would be this cute.

>> No.28209681

Seems so...How can a murder on legs of a Incubi have a soft spot for kids is something of a mystery.

>> No.28209758

> equal to Lelith
–°an we have something cute with this two?

>> No.28209830

I've heard that /tg/ gave Lelith her own kid. Why not make Drazhar babysit her while Lelith goes on another raid?

>> No.28209864

Drazhar. The Living Blade. Master of Blades. A Incubi that was probably personally trained by Arha. The DEldar equivalent of Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star.

He's slowly turned into a babysitter of mass destruction.

>> No.28209916

Two callidus assassins.First is sad looking and has a tail and cat's ears, (or something else you find funny). The other one brushing her ear and comforting her: "Next time you'll do it well!"

>> No.28210006

Is this bad?

>> No.28210059

Need some like cute gretchens or something

>> No.28210199

You know since Commoragh is a home for guys like Sathonyx and Duke I wouldn't say who is most badass there.

>> No.28210435

Drazhar doesn't need ambition and so on. He needs a good fight. This attitude drives other Incubi Shrine masters nuts.

>> No.28210604

Dunno what should be there...:

>Lofn: Why did mom and dad left me with you? You are one of the Dark Kin. How did the Black Guardians even let you in?

>Drazhar: ...

>Lofn: Ow, whatever. Grandpa Eldrad is busy aiding dad's friends against Chaos, auntie Macha is with that Angelos and his Blood Ravens fighting some thievish Necron and his dynasty, while uncle Rohnan went somewhere into the webway to play Pathfinder with the other Rangers.

>Drazhar: ...

>Lofn: Geez. <inhales deeply> On the other hand, if mom and dad called you to take care of me while they're off, then they must have a good reason to trust the mightiest of Incubi.

>Drazhar: ...

>Lofn: Whatever. It seems you are not the most talkative person.

>Ripper: Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...<shows tongue>

>> No.28210637

Requesting male IG sitting down in a bunker, he seems pretty down. A female IG sees him sad, sits next to him and hugs him. Imperial hug lifts his spirits.

>> No.28210695

I sense something wacky is going to happen, and the reason Taldeer and LIVII called in Drazhar to take care of Lofn was a double Just as Planned on their side.

>> No.28210727

Don't worry, power armoured ally! I shall shield you with my flak armour!

>> No.28210749


>> No.28210786

I bet the Sister gave him a lot of flak for that unfortunate grab.

>> No.28210808

Draw some extreme sadness?

How about a female Guard sergeant cradling one of her dying soldiers in her hands?
Maybe he's been caught in an explosion or something?

I dunno, I feel like something sad...

>> No.28210853

Lofn crying over dropped ice cream?

Abaddon on the verge of tears because he has no arms with which to open a bag of chips?

Bjorn looking fondly at an old photo of him, Russ, and the first generation of Space Wolf captains on the verge of their first combat drop?

>> No.28210865


>> No.28210911

Why is he killing his younger self?

>> No.28210923

Did she broke his hand, or something?

>> No.28210955


>> No.28210992

Guardsman Marbo telling the Emperor to get the fuck out of his seat!

>> No.28211053

I request continuation.
Containing cuddling.

>> No.28211109

But Marbo lives in a Jungle.

>> No.28211125

>Abaddon on the verge of tears because he has no arms with which to open a bag of chips?
Will this work?

>> No.28211150


>> No.28211156

I need a picture of an Iron Hands Iron Father in the Deathwatch supervising a gaggle of Enginseers. Preferably looking on like a proud father as the Enginseers ride around on some sort of horrible killing machine they've constructed out of salvage.

It's relevant to my current Deathwatch campaign.

>> No.28211283

Horus and Sanguinius throwing down in a card game. Sanguinius yells, "MY FATHER'S DECK HAS NO WEAK CARDS, HORUS!"

>> No.28211559

An Imperial guard medic tending to the wounds of an injured Eldar, telling her to stop squirming and ignoring the glare she's giving him. Embarrassed blushing on her part optional, but encouraged.

>> No.28211648

I think, thread is dead.

>> No.28211668

So it would seem. Well, we had a good run.

>> No.28211867

Yep. I'm a big fan of Muju and it was a pleasure to see him making a requests. Luth is an awesome artist as well. And Lewdanon is The Greatest King of Cutiness And Arts for me.
It was great.

>> No.28211878

And lewdness. It's in his name, after all.

>> No.28211892

A guardsman opening an IG weapons crate only to find pic related.

>> No.28211904

Thank you all, guys.

>> No.28212306

Too powerful.

>> No.28212441

Big E handing out torches to the Primarchs and telling them to play nice, cut to 500 years later and you see guardsmen with the exact same torch pinging away at Orks and Xenos

>> No.28212467

Thanks to all the drawfags

>> No.28212625

Yup. It's good to see such a big collaboration spring up on such short notice.

>> No.28212668


>> No.28212895

Continue. CONTINUE!!

>> No.28213270

I have to agree with >>28212895, continue, tis awesome and cute.

>> No.28213469

WE must have a sad moment. Have Imperial Guard bleeding out and SoB is in tears, trying to stop the bleeding

>> No.28213527

/r/ing a long haired stromtrooper without his helmet on, giving out food and free hugs to poor people and heretics in an underhive. While a Sister of Battle is glaring enraged at him in the background.

>> No.28213688

>Cute 40k drawthread
>ending in a bleedout
Get out.

>> No.28213752

Wait, I can save it! The Guardsman lifts his hand to reveal that it's stained with ketchup. His lucky condiment packet was shot by those damn dirty heretics. The Sister doesn't know whether to be relieved or to smack him.

>> No.28213786

May be it's that time bleeding. So it's cute, you know, when your sis helps you.

>> No.28213819

Who said it was going to be the ending?

>> No.28213854

It'd be amusing if the Guardsman got shot nonlethally in the ass.

>> No.28213883

yes this amuses me

>> No.28213892

>See E Company, 506 PIR
It's a beautiful wound, Anon.

>> No.28214502

>Not Tau Captain Planet
You had one job.

>> No.28214548

or, we could actually have him get hurt, and then get the sister to tend to his wounds. Blushes all around.

>> No.28214813

Or they both get hit and double blush at the MILFy Hospitaller who treats their wounds.

>> No.28214935

>Guardsman: Lieutenant Dan, they've got unlimited ice cream!
>Sister: Hey, Canoness, do you know they have ping pong in this hospital?

>> No.28214967


>> No.28215268

>impending commissar intervention

>> No.28215764

Modifying something from earlier:
I request a child techpriest(ess?) making a pillow fort. Lying on the ground is a magazine sized pamphlet that says "STC" on the front.

>> No.28215930

should probably have his/her parents in the background going "D'awwwww"

>> No.28215940

Sudden influx of mysteriously wounded sororitas have a ping pong tournament

>> No.28216019

And one of them is little more than an emaciated skeleton/nervous system in jar. I'm thinking the dad.

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