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Chapters 01-10 (http://pastebin.com/jTWL7yBU)
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Notes on Rolls and Voting:

When I request rolls, each set of three rolls counts for one action. For example, a two-step plan would take the first 6 linked rolls. A particularly bad failure can stop your plans early.

When rolling 1d100, I will consider criticals within the first ten linked rolls. Only criticals that occur in the first three rolls will be counted as "supercrits". This is still the case even if you'd have plan long enough to require more than ten rolls.

When I roll 1d20, the rules are the same, but I only consider criticals for the first five rolls, rather than ten. Criticals in the first three are still "supercrits".

When a plot choice results in extensive debate, I'll try to weed out the most popular trains of thought, and then call a vote on them. When voting, please respond with only a link back to the post and the number corresponding to your opinion. Other votes are discounted.

Finally, note that this is not a democracy; it is a benevolent dictatorship.

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Recent Events Summary:

You have found all of your shards, and, in a lucky turn of events, met with and allied yourself with the Black Lady. She seeks peace and reconciliation with the rest of the world, and, after extensive discussion, you were able to gain Auriel's support on the matter.

It turns out that she is in fact the same Melody that took the Staff of Winds from Xile. Aside from you, only Auriel knows the full truth of her origins and personal history with Yi Fang, leader of Archon.

While mysteries still await you at Erebus's residence out in the Void, you decided that you had to go after Adavan, Obis, and Freja. With the prophecy hanging over Obis's head, you have to stick by him on a mission as risky as a trip to Aurora, the ancient isle of Leviathan and his followers.

You arrived at Aurora, and managed to slip out of the jaws of a trap. You met with Adavan, who told you that despite attaining the key he sought, Obis had gone back into the depths of the island to rescue Freja from the resident demon.

You found Obis and Freja down for the count and about to be eaten. You managed to free them and defeat their captor - but it turned out it wasn't alone...

>> No.28199567

Ability Tree

GREEN abilities have been unlocked and learned.

BLUE abilties are unlocked, but are not yet purchased.

RED abilities are revealed, but locked due to prerequisites.

UNDERLINED abilities are active-use, as opposed to passive. Not all active abilities require mana.

All Revealed Ability Descriptions:


Books the Main Character has read:


Character Sheet including learned abilities and other important information:


>> No.28199570

Rolled 59

Woo! Early again!
But that's only because it's saturday.

Rolling for player competence, let us not suck d, dice!

>> No.28199580

Current Statistics:

HP: 79/81
Mana: 34/58
EXP: 5

Shards of Order and Chaos:

(Retribution) - Strong
(Maker) - Normal
(Silence) - Normal
(Peace) - Empowered
(Breeze) - Strong
(Hammer) - Strong
(Ardor) - Normal
{Resolve} - Strong
{Humanity} - Resonant


Wisp - 1 mana to order


Earthen Construct (currently in Haven)


Utility belt with purse


Sun-Moon Key (pocket)
Lightning Key (pocket)
Fire Key (pocket)

--Teleport Anchor--

Haven - Inner Fortress

--Current Location--



Known Mana Pools:

Jacob's Field - entrance to Hecate's tomb - Spirit
Palthair Mines - Magnock's Lair - Spirit
Archon - Spirit District - Spirit
Archon - Shadow District - Shadow
Archon - Earth District - Earth
Archon - Water Distric - Water
Haven - Shadow
Abbotsford - Shadow

>> No.28199597

Surprised but pleased with your quick defeat of your foe, you rush over to Obis and Freja. It's a simple matter for you to slice them free of their icy cocoons. As soon as they're released from their bonds, the life returns to their eyes. Freja slumps, unconscious, but Obis rolls over, coughing and hacking.

The prince gets to his knees and glances up at you. "...Shadow?"

<The one and only.>

"Well fuck Logi and his mother. I am happy as shit to see you. Did you get all of them?"

<...all of them?>

Obis looks past your shoulder. "...uh oh."

You turn about.


Three more identical ice demons are standing at the other end of the room, blocking the passage out.

You quickly decide that a weakened Obis and an incapacitated Freja need to be moved out of harms way. You quickly throw them into your Pocket.

>mana: (34/58)

Meanwhile, the demons are quick to surround you! Two of them come at you from either side, one forming a sword of ice, the other a spear. The third demon lingers behind them, preparing a magical spell.

What do you do?

>darkness within
>adamantize --> darkness within
>dodge and counter
>blink to another corner and cast magic
>blink past the two attackers and attack the demon casting a spell
>some other strategy

>> No.28199606

Use Terror to stun them all at once, and then our shadow domination abilities to take control of them while they're immobilize, and then consume them.

>> No.28199619


>> No.28199631

Actually I noticed we can only take control of 2 at once, so let's throw a bind at the third before consuming the other two, provided the terror and shadow control abilities work out.

>> No.28199636

Fear + Shadow Dominate + Consume.

Gotta get dem XPs

>> No.28199664

Does Spirit even work on demons?

>> No.28199666

oops yeah. only two so changin from this>>28199619
to >>28199631

>> No.28199683

Yes, it's worked pretty well against them before, at Kelvere, Archon, and other places.

>> No.28199685

yeah. why wouldnt it? they aren't made of Spirit, they are made of Nether/magic. Spirit just happens to work closely with it. plus they are water/ice based anyway

besides we outclass them

>> No.28199699


>> No.28199736


1) Terror

2) Bind on the casting demon

3) Shadow Dominate the two adjacent demons

4) Consume captured foes


Roll 1d100! 12 rolls!

>note that failed actions may interrupt longer plan chains

>> No.28199751

Rolled 72

I hope my yet again another risky plan doesn't kill us almost, again.

>> No.28199755

Rolled 13


>> No.28199764

Rolled 6

>12 rolls
Oh come on!

>> No.28199767

Rolled 46


>> No.28199774

Rolled 58


That's what I was afraid of. Ugh. And I spent all afternoon coming up with something so simple.

>> No.28199779

Rolled 42

maker bonus to all

>> No.28199783

Rolled 50

>natural 1 inbound

We're not very scary

>> No.28199792

Btw, when we get out we should ping both Obis and Freja for parasites. Being hung upon the wall and looking pale screams xenomorphs to me.

>> No.28199793

Rolled 76


>> No.28199801

Rolled 70


>> No.28199808

Rolled 71


>> No.28199809

Rolled 72


...We'll have Addy take a look and Auriel for good measure once we get back to camp.

>> No.28199814

Rolled 58

Yeah lets have maker help all the moves.

>> No.28199828

Rolled 11


We must succeed.

>> No.28199838

It would be different shards for different moves though, maker doesn't cover all those spheres.

>> No.28199846

Use Maker to boost your Terror and Bind spells?

Vote 1:

Vote 2:

>> No.28199858

Rolled 5

terror, bind, shadow dominate are all maker

consume is ardor

>> No.28199859


>> No.28199861


>> No.28199864

Rolled 21


If he's empowered, sure. If he's weakened, no.

>> No.28199875


Do we get a bonus for suggesting shard use on our own or does it have the same potency if you imply it might be a good idea by asking for a vote?

>> No.28199877


>> No.28199882

He's normal

>> No.28199888

(Maker) - Normal

Vote with a link and # only.

>> No.28199909



>> No.28199930


>> No.28199939

>sm writing
>yes, it's happening

Can we try to solve the city 002 situation soon?
We've ignored it for over 50 threads, and they are extremely powerful and purpose driven. We know their positions as enemies with us, and not allies with anyone else we know of, based on their interactions with the excavation and our pre-teleport Haven citizenry.

This puts them in the landmine league up there with what I said before about who does or doesn't know about our plan to free Hectate. We know they are reacting to specific events related to their goals, and that they must have a significant underground network by now, and they're after powerful Dynamos [such like Nyxystix has], and seem to go with a violent course of acquiring them.
From that I think we need to find a solution or vet them very soon, because they're not allies with anyone and AFAWK nobody but us and our companions/Haven know of their existence, and only we can really deal with them and their goals and the countries of the world at large are completely ignorant of them and would be utterly unprepared for being attacked, all of these things make them a very extreme kind of wild card that we need to address in some way.

We do also know from before about a larger goal to remain out of war, but I don't feel that is something reliable enough to base the fates of these nations, Haven, and our companions on, especially because as long as it isn't classified as "war" they're okay with it, like attacking pre-teleport Haven and the excavation and who knows who or what else. This is why I think remaining so ignorant of their movements as a whole seems reminiscent of how we ignored the Kelvere situation, though we had very specific priorities there were consequences for that. Dire consequences for Duke V.

I'm sure we've missed our chance to make an advantage out of them, and their level of technology far exceeds everything everyone else has, and they've been very antagonistic in achieving their objectives,-

>> No.28199947

Jesus fuck no. Put that shit in a pastebin holy shit.

>> No.28199950

-so they'll be openly hostile while we try to do anything with them, overprotective of their resources and location, and are very likely to not even consider letting us leave alive if we find out where their city is hidden.
So I would recommend stealth if we manage to pinpoint their location so we can get as much info as we can from them without fighting openly because given what they've told us we know there is a form of central consensus that they refer to and with how steward and others would "magi beam" for info.
And it would be to our advantage to find that.

I've also been thinking about how we deal with Kan-Abar a bit more. The bold and risky idea that I have been thinking of is... going into Kan-Abar. Alone. But stealthed, and for gauging their situation/palace/defenses. But without interfering in anything, all just to gain information that the Alliance can use, something that can form an accurate attack plan for Auriels small strike force idea so it's not worthless, and info that will allow us to better convince the war council of Obis's rightful kingship and generally anything that would better convince everyone of our competence in this issue.
As right now we have Auriels woefully dangerous distraction & strikeforce plot and very little idea of how it would actually be best to go about it. And no, we don't have to tell our companions that we're going there, because we know how they would react to it, and frankly we can't risk them.
Another sidejective in this vein is touching a mana pool that is within Kan-Abar, or scouting for one that isn't utterly defended 100% of the time. I don't feel the need to extrapolate on what kind of advantage that can give everyone.

I've also been thinking more about my maybe risky suggestion of having the Black Lady & Fang meet before the war council, and I think it would be good if we take Ila to meet her, and maybe another person as well. Having more of our companions actually know her, and her know them.

>> No.28199963



It might be time for a pastebin, my friend.

>> No.28199970

My bad, it was a mistype.

That's all I can think of for now but the city 001/002 situation seemed paramount while the scouting Kan-Abar idea is for an advantage to our alliance allies and friends-meet-melody is for BL-Melody to know what kind of company we keep, and get them to trust her. Though that won't be easy at all.
This time I'm not sorry for sperging because god damn it I suggested to ignore city 002 over trivial things a while ago and I know it can't end well...

>> No.28200037

The spirit-shock of terror explodes out from you, echoing through the room - and the power stops the two demons cold! Their weapons fall from their hands, melting back to slush.

The third demon's spell unravels as it falls backward, stunned. In a moment, your wraps of spirit are upon it, slipping around and binding its arms and legs up tight.

>mana: 10/58
>(Maker) - Broken

With the demon at a distance dealt with, your stretch your shadow. It darts across the ice-covered ground, silent, but sure. In a moment, you make contact with the shadows the demons cast on the ground - and you have them. You can feel their limbs as if they're you're own, move them with just a thought.

You move them toward yourself, and your maw opens up to greet them. You swallow them whole - and with their shadows bound, they can't even struggle as you dissolve them into their component magical parts.

>you gain 14 experience (19 total)
>you gain 5 mana (15/58)

A sliding of ice on ice grabs your attention. The third demon is still bound up, but it has its arms free. It works frantically with its ice, sawing at your binds of spirit.

What do you do?

>physical attack
>some other strategy

>> No.28200050

Though if I ever go above three consecutive post sperges I'll be sure to pastebin it from now on. That does seem best.

>> No.28200057


>> No.28200068


>> No.28200071


>> No.28200087


>> No.28200125


>> No.28200133

We don't have to roll for consuming? Neato.

Commence XP debate.

>> No.28200137

Feels like old times.

Roll 1d100

>> No.28200144

Rolled 25


>> No.28200147

Rolled 76


>> No.28200150

Rolled 94


>> No.28200173

I bet they're minty fresh.

>> No.28200174

In the pastebin description of Ila
>She is capable of limited flight, but this tires her quickly.
Is that really accurate after the servanting giving her wings?

>> No.28200205

All of that pastebin needs updating really.

>> No.28200224

If we ever get Order Immateria, will Vaporal change to do something else? Seems a bit of a waste of a tree completion bonus to have it do something a quarter as well as a different single skill.

>> No.28200248

im voting shadow totem + Machina Loqui

>> No.28200252

I hope these demons aren't just minions.

>> No.28200260


No, it's not accurate. That was pre-servant information. I've made a note to update it.

I'm going to go through and rework the whole thing at some point. Eventually.


Vaporal will simply be rendered irrelevant. Higher-level skills replace lower ones; it's inevitable.

Obviously, the purple tree is suppose to be special and specific skills that aren't subject to that, but some details like that are bound to contradict. I've modified too much since the quest began, it's impossible to remember it all at once if I need to change something.

>> No.28200268

i hope they are.

means more xp. plus we handled these guys no problem, shouldn't be to bad to take whatever is/might be controling them

>> No.28200270

I hope they are. We need the XP, and we've also got a fish to eat.

And because that fish isn't a summon we can just slipstream into its gut and eat it from the inside out.

>> No.28200281

just use compress then let it swallow us.

>> No.28200286

Or that.

>> No.28200289

The big problem is that we've used most of our mana. Yes we've been regaining it thanks to mana regen but we can really only do one more big spell before we are tapped.

>> No.28200297

And then we'll REALLY start reliving our good old days.

>> No.28200306

personally i think things get more interesting when we can't use magic

>> No.28200308

As for XP spending I want shadowrage and dreamwalker.

Dreamwalker will let us talk to our allies when apart as well. No more having to wonder if Abby and Haven is safe.

>> No.28200312


You roil over the helpless demon. It struggles harder. You silence it quickly, and its power is yours.

>you've gained 7 EXP (26)
>you've gained 3 mana (18/58)

And with that, your enemies are swiftly dealt with. Clearly they weren't expecting a foe of your caliber. Or maybe you're just that much stronger...you've struggled for so long, it's a strange thought.

You glance around the room, ensuring the space is safe. All is silent. But a heavy magic still lingers in the air.

You press your senses harder. Something is definitely still there...lurking. The master of the demons and spiders?

For now, it's leaving you alone.

You walk out of the room and down the hall. As you go, the patches of ice shrink and melt away, until you return to the oddly heated courtyard, scarred with the ash of burned city-dwellers. The room is as quiet as a grave. In a way, it is a sort of graveyard.

It reminds you of when you met Abigail, in that graveyard...it feels like a lifetime has passed since then. You wonder how she's doing. Fang wouldn't let anything happen to her, certainly. But...you miss her.

You give yourself a shake. This isn't the time for wandering thoughts.

What do you do?

>explore the ruins
>leave the way you came in
>some other strategy

>> No.28200317

I'd like to get that last level of Earth+Wind resist.

It would be nice for dealing with City 02.
It completes a tree. Look at the skill tree. It's the last thing to buy in the second darkest grey area.

>> No.28200322

>leave the way you came in
We can let Obis and Freyja rest in the safety of the ship if we want to explore.

>> No.28200324

Come back after you check obis and Freja for ice worms.

>> No.28200333

check our pocket, see how our friends are doing. don't really take them out, just give em some air.

then get them the hell out of here

>> No.28200335

>This isn't the time for wandering thoughts.

>> No.28200336

lets go drop off Obis and Freja with addy before consuming the master

>> No.28200339

>some other strategy
Drop off Ferja and Obis with Adavan, then go back in and spam Deep Focus until more XP comes to us.

>> No.28200341

Lets finish up the spirit tree or at least rush grave silence.(and grab summon I so we can summon something better than a wisp.)

>> No.28200356

This. Also supported machina vita and loqui.

>> No.28200359

shadow totem + Machina loqui so we can actually help defend haven. cause you know they are gonna get attacked while we are away one time

>> No.28200360

>It completes a tree. Look at the skill tree. It's the last thing to buy in the second darkest grey area.
Oh snap you're right. HIGH LEVEL BONUSES HERE WE COME!

>> No.28200362

This, but also eat the giant fish.

>> No.28200374

Oh yeah. we should get it. shouldn't be expensive at all. like 2 or 4

>> No.28200376

Well then it's time to buy. I guess. Gets us closer to OI and tree completion bonus.

>> No.28200378

Priories, anon. Save allies first and then consume the island for XP.

>> No.28200391

Let's save EXP discussion until we're out of the dungeon, beyond immediately buying an ability that would help in a battle.

The strategy is to get Obis and Freja to safety, ideally on the Firebird with Adavan?

>> No.28200401

So many times we've had >Do you go left, right, or continue forward? given to us as a thing.

We always send Wisp to go check one way and check another ourself.

How about we buy the Ghost, Summoning I, and then buy up to Grave Silence?

Helps with the branching pathways that SM likes so much and it boosts stealth.

>> No.28200402

Yeah than to go back and hunt.

>> No.28200403

2 or 4? We have 3 resistances in it's vein I think, if the last is 10 XP because of how it scales then it's gonna be a doozy.

>> No.28200411


if we have to pass the fish then lets eat it on the way

>> No.28200412

Works for me.

>> No.28200420

Might as well get summoning level 1(2exp) to calm the players who are paranoid.

>> No.28200422


>> No.28200423

I'd say that we could send them to haven through our portal, but I don't think they want to leave the boat here.

>> No.28200454

So what is our current to do list.
1.Drop our friends with addy.
2.Go back and explore/hunt.
3.Set up meeting with fang.
We can rush the thing, but we still have a good month and a few weeks left.

>> No.28200457

that just depends on weather he is counting (n) as the other Earth+Wind Resistance if there is one. or if it is the Earth Resistances + the Wind Resistances.

so 8 or 2. worth it either way because it completes a tree.

>> No.28200462

This is Leviathan's place. Anybody else find it odd that there was no manapool around?

Find the manapool, find the big bad.

>> No.28200469

does it really complete it is the better question.

>> No.28200470

City 001 and City 002

can't leave that shit unchecked. and we should probably do it before the council cause there may be another allied faction in there.

>> No.28200471

Why don't we ask how expensive it is?

>> No.28200476

It costs 20. It's the tier 3 earth and wind resist bought at the same time. They're 10 each, total cost 20.

>> No.28200483

You continue through the ruins out the way you came, not wanting to take any further risks until your allies are safe.

The presence watches you, but makes no move to stop you.

You reach the underwater gap between the entrance to the ruins and the sunken elevator you used to descend into the ruins - but the elevator is destroyed! Icy stalagmites have pierced and pummeled the stone to rubble. The mechanism that controls it is gone.

The giant fish still swims through the area, but it hasn't noticed you, at the moment.

What do you do?

>make fishfood out of that fish
>get to the surface, secure Obis and Freja on the ship
>some other strategy

>> No.28200485

4.try to deal with city 002
5.maybe scout Kan-Abar solo for info

>> No.28200499

>make fishfood out of that fish
>get to the surface, secure Obis and Freja on the ship

>> No.28200502

>>make fishfood out of that fish
Compress then let it swallow us. then consume from the inside out.

we haven't done that in awhile

>> No.28200505

>get to the surface, secure Obis and Freja on the ship

>> No.28200514

Pretty sure that isn't it.

but lets ask

>> No.28200526

that's a thought

>> No.28200528

SM you're making it more obvious how bad non write-in suggestions are.

>Icy stalagmites have pierced and pummeled the stone to rubble.


>> No.28200529

>>make fishfood out of that fish
>>get to the surface, secure Obis and Freja on the ship
>>some other strategy
Eat the fishy from the inside out.

>> No.28200532

>Elemental Resistance - there are three instances of each resistance upgrade in the ability tree. Each one is better than the last; the first costs 2 EXP, the second 6, the last 10. The order in which they are purchased is irrelevant.

We already have 2 wind resists and 2 earth resists. This is the third level of wind and earth resists. SM already went over this when it was revealed on the tree forever ago.

>> No.28200534

I'd say we should at least let Obis and Freja out for a minute or two, ask them if they're running out of air or anything like that?

>> No.28200539

I can't tell if this is one of those "risky and stupid but awesome" plan moments or not.

...Do we really know that it is NOT a summon?

>> No.28200541

Out of curiosity, does it take an action to cycle the air in our pocket?

>> No.28200550

Good point we should check those guys out, but i feel like we are forgetting something.(not the big bad in the deep we will investigate that at one point)
Weren't we planning on checking out other stuff as well i remember we had a pastebin list of this.

>> No.28200551

Well if he did then fine, but i would like a confirmation.

i'm thinking this is seperate and there are more undiscovered resistances hidden in summoning. but i may be wrong

>> No.28200554

to compound this, i think it used water magic to make itself move faster. i may have simply misinterpreted that post though

>> No.28200564

It is like the bed thing.

stupid awesome but not really beneficial or risky

>> No.28200570

Compressing is a bad idea because it cuts our attack and defense power by a lot.

The fish is big. If we really wanna eat it out, no compress.

>> No.28200576

>hidden in summoning
This is why i will still believe the white magic tree exist until we go through that tree.

>> No.28200579

Can we cycle air into our pocket?

Because running out of air isn't the first problem they would run into; it would be the climbing amounts of poisonous carbon dioxide.

>> No.28200582

we are gonna uncompress after it has swallowed us and eat it from the inside out

>> No.28200585

Yes, it will take an action to cycle your allies in and out of your pocket. And 4 mana.


It costs 20 experience. The other gentleman explained it perfectly.

>> No.28200595

yes but, air, not them

>> No.28200606

I belive we have a decent amount of air inside and only a few mniutes has past.
Will it complete the tree is a better question SM.

>> No.28200609

Yeah this.

Also just in general talk to Obis and Freya more now that we're no longer in imminent danger.

Maybe they have some pertinent information it would be a good idea to hear now.

>> No.28200614

Everyone wanted to take them out of here and then come back. Why is this not happening? Why are we stopping unnecessarily at the big fish again? Why is the big fish consistently an issue / focal point for retardation?

>> No.28200619

can we take our allies out and see how they fare? they were injured and beaten and then thrown into a nether pocket

i think it would be a good idea to at least look at their condition, maybe heal them a bit.

As an aside to that after they're out we can deal with the fish solo anyways, and then bubble them up to the surface inside of us.

>> No.28200620

oh ok

>> No.28200639

we are going to eat it. not dimplomance it like stupid motherfuckers

after the fish

>> No.28200650

Shut up you.

Allies now, fish later.

Maybe they know about the fish.

>> No.28200664

People worried about how much air they have are being ridiculous. That's more than enough for two people to last days on end. It's been five minutes.

If you'd like to talk to them, that's another story.


I've never answered questions about tree completion.


I don't know. Some people were interested in eating the fish for experience; I just made it as an obstacle. We're stopping there because I like to give people choices at most opportunities. This is a quest, not a novel.


Vote 1:
>priority one is getting Obis and Freja on the ship safely and checking them over to ensure they're alright

Vote 2:
>eat the fish first, then do that

>> No.28200676


>> No.28200680


>> No.28200689


>> No.28200692


>> No.28200694


>> No.28200706

>plenty of air
...how big is our pocket anyway?

>> No.28200707


>> No.28200708


>> No.28200713


>> No.28200714


>> No.28200717

64 cubic feet.

>> No.28200725 [DELETED] 


>> No.28200731 [DELETED] 

Roll 1d100 to eat the fish.

Three natural ones.

Your pocket opens and obis spills out all over the inside of the fish.

Fission Mailed: You did not retrieve the king alive.

>> No.28200746


>> No.28200750


>> No.28200759


>> No.28200761


>> No.28200774


It's actually 81 cubic feet.

3^(magic power level)

Magic power = level 4


You decide that Obis and Freja are the priorities here. You're not sure if that magic left any lasting damage, and you don't want to hold them in your Pocket longer than need be.

What do you do?

>stealth swim up to the ship
>move as quickly as possible through the water
>pecific ability or combination of moves
>some other strategy

>> No.28200776


>> No.28200780

>stealth swim up to the ship

>> No.28200781

one of these two is mine and it is supposed to be a 2(on phone).

>> No.28200784

fast blink+blink

>> No.28200796

>(on phone)
So you posted a two votes for two with one on a phone and another on the computer?
I really don't enjoy your kind.

>> No.28200798

>stealth swim up to the ship

>> No.28200805

Extend an inky tendril to the surface as a periscope like we did back on Xile in the lake and then blink to the ship

>> No.28200812

don't worry, we'll get it on the way back

>> No.28200813

>stealth swim up to the ship

>> No.28200828

If we can Blink with people inside, then blink.
If not stealth swim.

>> No.28200837

no had to hand over computer to my niece and I downloaded the app for this it should be using my Wi-Fi unless something else happened.

>> No.28200858

What he, and I as well mean.
Is that you're a dick for voting twice while being only one person.

>> No.28200861


>> No.28200895



>> No.28200901

No, he said that he want to change his vote because he messed up when typing on his phone.

>> No.28200917

You slip into the water, intending to get by the fish without incident. You don't want trouble - at least, not for the moment.

The ruined towers make good cover. You Ink and slither through the coral that has grown up among the stone, and then slide further along the backside of tall pinnacle. The fish now circles the chasm far below, and, confident you're out of sight, you begin to swim toward the surface in earnest.

Aurora's main island creates a huge shadow in the water. You aim for where the walls stretch out in a half-circle, the bay where you left Adavan.

The water is cold - ice cold. Still, that doesn't slow your progress.

But it gets colder still.

Suddenly, ice crystallizes from the water around you! Shards of it swarm in around you, attempting to trap you in an enclosing sphere!

Roll 1d100 to react

>> No.28200918

So you don't like people who change their votes? Makes no sense. I think you're the dude with the phone pretending to be the dude who called you a dick, dick.

>> No.28200925

Which is bullshit because he linked my vote in his post.

>> No.28200933

Rolled 22

les go

>> No.28200938

This is BS. More people voted for blink.

>> No.28200944

I am neither.


He said one of those was his.

>> No.28200946

Rolled 74


>> No.28200958

Rolled 88


>> No.28200962

not cheating just waiting for my niece to be done so that I can get back on, plus I don't know how to delete post using this app. you are free to believe I'm cheating though since you are so set on believing I was.

>> No.28200964

Rolled 99

Can't you guys just Chill Out for once?

>> No.28200978

Rolled 26


>> No.28200984

I see, so you basically joined in on the conversation without understanding any of the parties involved.
Me and one dude called a person out on their doublevoting. That's all there was to it.


>> No.28200987

decent enough

>> No.28200994

Rolled 64

3 people voted on stealth, 2 people on blink, after SM started writing 1 persn voted on blink

>> No.28200999

If that thing has control over the water above the ocean then the Harbor isn't safe at all. What might we do about that?

>> No.28201019


Stealth. Two of them.

Four for Blink.

>> No.28201028


>> No.28201030

No, you see, you though a guy was double voting when in fact he was trying to change his vote. He just didn't know which vote was his.

>> No.28201033

Rolled 58


>> No.28201058


You're totally correct. I wrote that we would be stealthing before my update refreshed the thread.

The argument over absolutely nothing at all that is spiking up between posts is also making it very difficult to keep track.

In any case, you rolled wonderfully, so I'm not going to do anything about it.


>> No.28201090

...Nice SM. I didn't know you were that awesome.
I prefer the more western teams myself.

>> No.28201106

Its all good the argument was settled as far as the guy was concerned, also what do you think of long live the queen?

>> No.28201113

>Playing 5-2-3 Attacking with non-major team

It's like you are some kind of wizard. I alway find that 4-4-2 Balanced Rigid is the only way of stopping retards.

>> No.28201132


It's amazingly fun for about 30 minutes.

>> No.28201208

Great for the first playthrough.

>> No.28201237

Yeah she died already 3 times with me, so any optimal mood or area i'm supposed to focus on?

>> No.28201246

wow spoilers dude

>> No.28201258

So no pastebin link with to do list?

>> No.28201266

i don't think anybody actually made one. there was just talk of making one

>> No.28201270

It's woefully out of date. We kinda need to make a new one.

>> No.28201272

Thats the main theme of the game, which is to get her to survive all 40 weeks(23 is my best).

>> No.28201329

you have a link to the old one?
Since i feel like we are forgetting something and i don't remember the last time i saw it.

>> No.28201347

I don't, I'd have to binge the archives starting from Tarun Gakth for it. Which I'm too sleepy to do.

>> No.28201364

>Tarun Gakth
When is that?
I'll dig through it since i have time.

>> No.28201378

Thread 20 parts 1 & 2, going by suptg.

>> No.28201395

As the daggers of ice close in, you twist your aura into a screw and spin. The quick burst of speed is dizzying, but gives you enough time to get out before the trap closes around you.

But more ice quickly forms, sweeping in from all directions! As long as you're surrounded by water, you're at a huge disadvantage. You swim as fast as you can, barely keeping pace with the crystallizing ice. It comes at you in sheets, spikes, falling from above as stalactites, but you keep one step ahead.

You blast free of the surface in a spray of water. A column of ice follows you up into the air, then recedes as you beat your wings and gain enough speed to leave it behind.

You see the Firebird off at the end of the bay, close to where the snowstorm is held on the outside of the island's natural magic. You make for it as fast as you can, and dump yourself on the deck, drenched and covered in frost.

Adavan scurries down the stairs from the upper deck. "Shadow! Are they alright?"

You retreat your friends from your pocket. Obis and Freja appear next to you. They appear unharmed.

Obis puts a hand on his chest and exhales. "Oh, Logi. Thank you." He actually bends over and kisses the deck of the ship. "I'm sorry I said I'd fuck your mother." His gaze finds you. "Shadow, where the hell were we just now? It was just black, everywhere. Couldn't hear, couldn't see. I couldn't even feel Freja. I thought something had gone wrong. Felt like I spent a day in there."

<Sorry about that. It was just a safe space I can create. Didn't mean to frighten you.>

"Right." He looks to Freja, and his relief turns to concern. He places a light hand on her neck. "...steady pulse." He leans close to her. "I can hear her breathing .I think she'll be alright."


>> No.28201406

Adavan pushes Obis aside. "Let me check her over for anything nasty that might have come along. And you too, afterward. That demon wasn't - "

"Demons, actually," Obis says.

"There was more than one?!" Adavan shakes his head, then looks at you. "Good thing you got here when you did, Shadow."

A cracking sound echoes over the silence of the bay. You all glance back over your shoulders.


Aurora's light pulses - and pulses again, flaring from the top of the ice-palace. And you can seek cracks appearing in the frozen waves of water. And then, the mountain shatters with a sound like the world's largest pane of glass breaking to pieces.

A massive titan of ice steps out of the remains of the mountain. The thud of its footsteps sends a shake through the ocean as it moves forward.

Ice begins to form in a ring around where the ship floats in the bay. The magic that is forming it from the seawater quickly increases in magnitude, stretching under the water and beginning to build a wall up, stopping the ship from moving.

"Holy shit!" Obis shouts. "That thing is huge!"

"We need to get out of here, now!" Adavan says. "I'm going to start the engines!"

What do you do?

>suggest an alternative plan
>start those engines!!

>taking a moment to heat up food, be right back

>> No.28201418

>It was just black, everywhere. Couldn't hear, couldn't see. I couldn't even feel Freja.

...We never considered the psychological implications of our pocket.

We're evil.

>> No.28201424

Start those engines.
They get out,
We get XP.

>> No.28201425

>Make sure Abigail is okay with Yi Fang
>Murder Yi Fang if she isn’t
>Deal with Flint's parasite (Yi Fang promised to)
>Help Yi Fang in finding the Staff of the Winds

>Free Geb, make a new friend (Have a fallback solution - trap again, CONSUME, what?)
>Get all keys, find out what the Spirit thing is

>Find out situation in Kelvere, is the Duke really dead?
>Find out what else the Duke was hiding from us
>Get information on Sandalphon’s movements and the Light empire’s situation
>Get in contact with Steward/City 001
>Find out what's up with the Black Lady. Could she be trusted?
>Get Obis his throne back
>Ask the Elven Queen some very pointed questions about our memories

>Find Joey
>Fortify our current position
>Research how Servant works, make sure it won't cause unrest among people
>Research Dynamos
>Assure peaceful co-existence of differently aligned mages

Potential new tasks:
>End Skysever (we have read that the spell is physically located somewhere and visible, yet hard to access)
>Deal with Legion
>Explore, this world feels small
>Find more fragments of Shadow
>Find the other Elementals
>Convince Flint to become the leader of his people, after the parasite has been dealt with
>Find what happened to the Dwarves
>Find out about the Presence we felt when using Focus in the Shadow temple underneath Tarun Gakt
Is all i could find.

>> No.28201433

Our pocket is fucking huge. Pocket the boat and send our friends back to Haven through our portal.

Then we kill the titan.

>> No.28201437

have them
>>start those engines!!
while we attack that fucker.

find its core

>> No.28201438

Time to go titanic + Darkness Within and slap some bitch!

>> No.28201440

Yo that could work as well.

>> No.28201456

i don't wanna waste the xp.

lets save titanic until we are sure we need it

>> No.28201461

It got updated as threads go on, most of everything there is out of date to our current goals. You'll just have to continue searching in the threads forward if you want what you're looking for, which you don't seem to know what is exactly.

I'd rather not spend the XP needed to activate titanic, I think we could teleport our allies to Haven, and then fight the titan.

>> No.28201462

>wasting exp
No ill go with this though.

>> No.28201467

Quick queries: Is the titan stepping on floes it conjures out of the ocean? Or on the actual bottom of the ocean? Also, how tall is this big bugger? Are we talking a couple dozen stories here? Lastly, can we get an approximate estimate of it's speed? We should be able to estimate it's pace from that foot-step.

>> No.28201472

Send Obis, Freja, and Adavan to Haven with our portal anchor.

We can remove the fire dynamo, since that's the most important part of the boat, and send it with them.

Or try to pocket the whole boat.

>> No.28201473


This sounds good:

Warn them this time, I guess.

>> No.28201484

Also don't forget to check Obis and Freja for tracking spells/ parasites. Being pale and on the wall reminds too much of xenomorphs for my liking.

>> No.28201497

I found it actually.
>Deal with Flint's parasite
>Free Geb, make a new friend
>Get all keys,
>Find out situation in Kelvere, is the Duke really dead?
>Get information on Sandalphon’s movements and the Light empire’s situation
>Get in contact with Steward/City 001
>Get Obis his throne back
>Ask the Elven Queen some very pointed questions about our memories
This is one we forgot while over there fighting wrath.
>Find Joey
>Find out about the Presence we felt when using Focus in the Shadow temple underneath Tarun Gakt
IS what we need to add to our list.

>> No.28201504

after we deal with the immediate threat.

besides even if it did track them it won't help it if we kill it

>> No.28201507

You said this already, addy said he would check them and when they're back in haven we'll have auriel take a look, since she's our healing expert.

>> No.28201516

>Felt like I spent a day in there.
Is this hyperbole or does our pocket have time dilation properties we're not aware of?

>> No.28201528

its psychological, it happens when most of your senses are stripped it could drive people insane.

>> No.28201531

>This is one we forgot while over there fighting wrath.
which, exactly? find joey? he's in arland most likely because he's a squire, and the elf we already asked just a little while before fighting wrath. Though through the proxy of her sister.

>> No.28201537

>Dave spent 700 years of time in the Nether
>He experienced it as several tens of thousands of years.

>> No.28201545

So. Let's not leave anyone in there for a day if less than ten minutes felt like a day.

Or we could trap an enemy in there as a non-lethal method of interrogation!

>> No.28201552

Its probably mental.
Imagine losing all your senses(they are used in telling time).
We agreed to talk to her in person.

>> No.28201553


can we dive under the ship and use supersonic to make it jump over the rising wall?

>> No.28201565

>find joey

>> No.28201567

To elaborate we talked through a proxy, but were planning on talking to her face to face.

>> No.28201575

>We agreed to talk to her in person.
Ask what exactly? Most of the questions about our memories we're answered that thread when talking to her sister.
Though we do need to speak to her in person eventually, we'll need a bigger reason than that with so much else left to do.

>> No.28201603

Really we talked about him last thread.
>we'll need a bigger reason than that with so much else left to do.
Possible alliance of her kingdom with our forces and she also could have some more answers about the past and how she was able to change us.

>> No.28201610

guys could we please go titan?

>> No.28201630

XP jewing taking place.

>> No.28201642

No. It's a waste of XP

>> No.28201650

Missed last thread and read only SM's posts

>> No.28201656

>spending precious EXPs on Titan
>not spending them on Earth powers

>> No.28201661


It is still on the island, which is in fact land.

It's about five stories tall, taller than you when titanic, but not as wide as you could stretch.

It stepped over about a fifth of the island in one stride, heading directly toward you.


You have enough space to pocket the boat.


The distorted sense of time was due to having his senses stripped.


What do you do?

Vote 1:
>let Adavan get the engines running and get the boat out to sea while you confront the enemy

Vote 2:
>pocket everything, confront enemy

>> No.28201666

Well that's good enough for me. Let's add it;

1.Set up meeting with BL & fang
2.try to deal with city 002
3.scout Kan-Abar for info
4.elf lady for alliance

Though the biggest problem with that is actually contacting them.
We were only able to talk to her through a proxy in the first place because of how isolationist they are. And because of how isolationist they are there probably isn't a great need to join our alliance, and we don't have much to offer them for that in any case.

Other than freeing Geb, ho ho ho.

>> No.28201680


>> No.28201683

we might need mana

>> No.28201689


>> No.28201690


>> No.28201700


>> No.28201704


>> No.28201706


>> No.28201707


>> No.28201712

We have 18.

>> No.28201721

and i think there is 1 more magic power upgrade

>> No.28201732


>> No.28201735

and how much'd pocketing them take?
5? 4? 10? 1?

>> No.28201741


>> No.28201746


>> No.28201749

Glad someone remembered. I hadn't updated for a while because I thought the goals were clear.

A list of ongoing tasks of varying importance, sorted to groups by relation, ongoing starred:

>* Deal with Flint's parasite (Yi Fang's on it, wants a favour)
>* Escape the Shrine of Water with your allies
>Find your own Place of Power

>Free Geb, make a new friend (or don't) - Staff of the Winds
>Free Hecate by finding all the four keys - 3/4 (Adavan wants this!)
>Free Leviathan

>* Return Obis to his throne
>* Return Flint to his throne
>* See that the summit of powers in Arland works out favourably
>Find out what's up with the Elf Queen
>Get information on Sandalphon’s movements and the Light empire’s situation
>Get in contact with Steward/City 001

>Repair the Noiralev to full functional capacity

Potential new tasks (Mentioned but not yet agreed upon):
>End Skysever (Core relatively close to Haven)
>Explore the areas described by Blackwater
>Find what happened to the Dwarves
>Find out about the Presence we felt when using Focus in the Shadow temple underneath Tarun Gakt
>Deal with City002
>Deal with Dave "Legion" Jones

List open for discussion, will attempt to update for each new chapter.

>> No.28201756

Good point. We may not have enough mana to take them out of the pocket in a reasonable time frame. Hm. Really don't wanna subject them to that much sensory deprivation.

>> No.28201757


>> No.28201760

At the next level of Magic Power, it will be 243 cubic feet.

Right now it's only 81.


>> No.28201764


>> No.28201765

I doubt Obis will appreciate being tossed into pocket again.

also time seems to be fucked up in our pocket

>> No.28201779

>warning and pocketing

>> No.28201790

SM just said it was because of sensory deprivation, not actual time shenanigans.

Please read the pastebin if you don't know how something works. Pocket costs 1 mana per object, regardless of size, to deposit and withdraw.

>> No.28201791

he literally JUST said that time isn't affected, just perception

>> No.28201793

>also time seems to be fucked up in our pocket
Please don't do that, read SM's post about it being psychological.

>see pic
Thinking what I'm thinking?

There's a lot missing from that.

>> No.28201807

You forgot
>Find out situation in Kelvere, is the Duke really dead?
>Find Joey
>scout Kan-Abar for info
>elf lady for alliance
Probably other stuff as well.

>> No.28201808

Install a fish tank in our pocket?

>> No.28201811

we could carry around 1817.76623 gallons of flammable liquid and then drop it on sandalthong and ignite it

>> No.28201817


fffff forgot about that, Obis said it felt like a day in pocket with the short amount of time he was in there, I worry about how long this fight will take.

>> No.28201818

>Please read the pastebin if you don't know how something works. Pocket costs 1 mana per object, regardless of size, to deposit and withdraw.

I know exactly how it works good sir, I said what I said because we have a tendency to use mana for spells in fights and in emergencies within fights, so we may want to use them in a limited way, decisively, because of our low mana.

>> No.28201820

I bet the last levels of Magic Power are in the Shadow Magic tree (the purple one) branching off of Void Ring or Eclipse.

>> No.28201825


What? Our pocket's size is less than 3 cubic meters, this boat better be the size of a large bathtub!

>> No.28201832

>>Find out situation in Kelvere, is the Duke really dead?
you have got to be kidding me, have you ever participated in this quest?

>> No.28201833

3 mana vs waiting a turn for a portal or hoping to escape on a boat.
Using 3 mana is quicker and safer.

>> No.28201842

Remember all that gold we fit in our Pocket?


>> No.28201843

I very much doubt this fight is going to last the many hours it would take them to burn through their air.. If it's dragging on, we run away, regen mana, dump them in Haven, and come back.

>> No.28201844

>Fly over ring city
>Vomit 1800 gallons of napalm on it
>Drop a match

>> No.28201854

In Personal add
>Find Joey

>> No.28201855

It would make sense.

We can pocket a portion of the ocean, and when our friends ask us where we've been we can vomit it all over them!

Never argued that it wasn't safer, all I said there was we should be careful to ensure we still have at least that much at the end of the fight.

>> No.28201856

Or have a bad memory the last time we spoke to him was the founding of haven as far as i remember.

>> No.28201875

...I said nothing about the air. But yes, that's a good backup plan.

>> No.28201876

All we need is 3 mana to take them out and 4 to put them in.

>> No.28201883

>gently nudge Xile to Ring City
>disable Xile core
>colony drop

>> No.28201894

....musn't...musn't fucking rage......

>pic related

>> No.28201897

Yes, and...?

>> No.28201899

I rather like this idea.

>> No.28201906

Would destroying the core help us or hurt us is the better question since its the main thing slowing the angels down.

>> No.28201909

<I'm going to put you back in that space for safety!>

Adavan pauses before the door to the lower decks, considering your suggestion.

"What?!" Obis shouts. "I really don't want to do that!"

<Well, would you prefer to die?!>

A thundering footstep makes the boat rock. Obis glances up at the ice titan, then back at you. "Alright, but don't let anything happen to this boat! Blackwater would kill me if it takes more than a scra - "

You don't bother letting him finish his sentence before Pocketing him. Adavan nods to you, stiffening a bit as you touch his arm, but vanishing into your Pocket without a peep. You flash away the unconscious Freja, and then you Pocket the ship as well. Wouldn't want it to get a scratch.


You hover in midair above the water, where the deck of the ship used to be. It was a good thing you chose your strategy - the icy arms of the bay are closing, a wall of snow and ice quickly piling up to seal it shut. Even if they escaped the smaller ring of ice still growing around you, they'd be trapped in the shallows with nowhere to sail.

The ice titan approaches while you secure your friends. It takes its first thundering step into the water. But rather than sink, a giant plate of ice forms under it, supporting its weight. It stands atop the water, gleaming purple eyes locked onto you.

What do you do?


>> No.28201925

We can easily make 3 mana by waiting or hunting and that is assuming we get none from consuming.

>> No.28201930

>Skysever gets turned off
>ecological explosion to l=the likes of which we have never seen
>millions getting fucked by the worlds ecosystems in turmoil
>so many birds and bugs

>> No.28201933

>killing innocents out of spite

If you really want to make a new list you should look at the more recent trains of thought in the last threads. The 7-post sperge last thread and the objectives outlined by our allies in previous threads comes to mind.

>> No.28201934

Finding about Joey was removed because it was considered a trivial task at the time. He wasn't a story important character either.
This is to say, I'm not adding him again since one post only holds so many characters. Sorry.

Kelvere situation was removed because we'd just seen him. It may require scouting once again.

"The" elf lady in "our" woods has already been invited, as I understood. The elf Queen is listed as an upcoming task.

If you can suggest any tasks that aren't exactly minor, please point them out.

>> No.28201939

Schattenkrieg its face.

>> No.28201942

Why would you be worried about their time spent in the pocket if not for air?

Consuming magic things gives mana, so when we eat the titan, we'll be able to get them out of the pocket immediately.

Even if we have to retreat and burn all our mana doing so, we will get 4 back by regen before they die.

Mana use is a non issue.

>> No.28201955

>the return of mosquitoes to Venia
What have we done!

>> No.28201960

Deep focus for its core.

>> No.28201969

Spend a turn with analyze and focus to find the gooey center. Then do what everyone does. Chew through to it!

>> No.28201972

SM actually said that he found a way to incorporate Joey into the plot. And that we would be running into him again.

>> No.28201978


deep focus to find its core

>> No.28201984

Find it's core. Deep focus it.

If it swings at us, multishade and run the fuck around.

>> No.28201985

>Why would you be worried about their time spent in the pocket if not for air?
Purely psychological effects, is all. But it's set now so I don't really understand why you're extrapolating so much unnecessarily.

>> No.28201990

Might be some other stuff later on.

>> No.28201991


>> No.28201997

Guys, we don't even know whats it's offensive capabilities is, and if we should be trying to be ranged and aggressive, or wear it down like Wrath. I'd like to propose longer ranged attacks+deep focus for weaknesses before trying anything.

>> No.28202002


deep focus to find whatever is powering it.

>> No.28202004

Deep focus to find the core and then shattenkrieg drill into the fucker

>> No.28202009

This works.

>> No.28202012

SM said that they have enough air for a loooooooong time. and Addy doesn't breathe

>> No.28202032

Can we huck some of that shattered mountain at the Titan? We hit like a truck, right?

>> No.28202036

can't we just like teleport home guys?

>> No.28202038

...At this point I think you're not actually reading the posts you're responding to.

>> No.28202043

i think we are on the opposite side of the bay from the mountain

>> No.28202046

So does this mean our pocket can be used as a weapon/interrogation method/jail cell?

>> No.28202052

Maybe we should cast Erode on it.

Maybe even buy Corrode to cut its defense and smack the shit out of it.

>> No.28202061


but that would be far to easy.

>> No.28202065

Erode after we find the core of its power would be nice.

>> No.28202066

>Not wanting the Xp

i know that that isn't what you were saying, i was reinforceing your arguement

>> No.28202069

Takes a turn to open p a portal and it can get destroyed or leave haven open for attacks.

>> No.28202092

This buy erode, i have been asking for it since we first unlocked it.

>> No.28202104

We already have erode. Perhaps you mean corrode?

>> No.28202111

Thats the one,

>> No.28202130

Vote 1:
>deep focus to search for weak points

Vote 2:
schattenkrieg IN THE FACE

Vote 3:
>go titanic, commence Godzilla battle

>> No.28202133


>> No.28202138


>> No.28202140

I think we should certainly keep it's torture aspect in mind for future needs, especially because it's the best non-lethal method ever.

Just pop someone in for five minutes, take them out and threaten them with ten, then get gradually longer.

They gotta break some time...

>> No.28202147


>> No.28202151


>> No.28202158


>> No.28202163


>> No.28202164

that is a really good idea. just don't do it to a mage, or we may end up with a more hostile version of Dave

>> No.28202173


>> No.28202177

We have Adavan.

>> No.28202180

I wonder if Adavan is going to take the keys inside our pocket while he's in there.

>> No.28202187


>> No.28202199

Oh. Right. He's our mind expert.
Well, we have back up system as least for whenever he isn't available.

>> No.28202206

Titanic Darkness Within.

Let's do this.

>> No.28202218


>> No.28202230

I think each object gets its own space. Makes sense with how each object costs a mana regardless of size. Also makes sense for why Obis couldn't see hear or feel Freja. Also makes sense for how we didn't smack the shit out of our friends by throwing a boat in after them.

>> No.28202242

good idea, we should check to see if they are still there.

>> No.28202256

i wondered if they were going to get a boat dropped on them

that makes a lot of sense

>> No.28202257

Roll 1d100 for deep focus

>> No.28202264

Rolled 14

I've got a good feeling about this roll.

>> No.28202265

Gosh darn it why do you have so many reason for me to not be paranoid, can't you just let me be neurotic once in a while?
Oh, I get it...

The pocket is playing you!

>> No.28202266

Rolled 43


>> No.28202275

Rolled 19


>> No.28202287

Rolled 52


>> No.28202291

Rolled 82

I bet this is a nat 1

>> No.28202293

Rolled 37

why does being tactical have to be so anticlimatic at times?

>> No.28202295

We get smacked in the face.

>> No.28202297

Rolled 77


Captcha: BATTLE aeriser

>> No.28202302

Rolled 96

nat 1 lol

>> No.28202305

Rolled 20

nat 100

>> No.28202308

Rolled 61

we rolled for deep focus, these rolls will probably just give us a vague area

>> No.28202312

Thank god we can assume whatever physical form we want or Shadow'd be one ugly son of a bitch by now.

>> No.28202318

...We also could've used analyze, food for thought.

>> No.28202321

or get us smacked while we're distracted.

>> No.28202337

Rolled 91


>> No.28202376

Rolled 95

that isn't how rolling works. maybe if we critfailed.

the worst that could happen is we cant focus on things for awhile.

Rolls should stay confined to the thing they were rolled for

>> No.28202384

You use Deep Focus.

This isn't a normal creature. It's the keeper of the magic of this place. That explains why it can change the island itself. It feels similar to the demons - likely its controller.

Is it a thinking being? It strikes you that this might be a water elemental - a wild one. Chaotic.

With its element in place all around you, doing significant permanent damage will be difficult. You don't sense anything that might be a weak point...

It's only a stride away, now. You've either got to take your distance or take action.

What do you do?


>> No.28202392

Well I guess you know better than anyone what'll happen when we fail focus rolls.

>> No.28202395

we have been getting shit focus rolls lately

>> No.28202415

Physical damage hard? Fine.
>Mind Crush.

>> No.28202421



>> No.28202428

back up and deep focus and analyze

>> No.28202431

Physical it can repair? What about a mind it cannot?
>cRuSh thir mYnDs m8!

>> No.28202442

I'm all for running away and coming back another time to diplomance the thing. Find out where big ol' blue went.
That, or this:

>> No.28202443

Let's beat the fuck out of it until we find something resembling a core or shard and then let Humanity burn the crap out of it.

>> No.28202450

>With its element in place all around you, doing significant permanent damage will be difficult
>lets just hit it harder

>> No.28202451

what is it with you and burning xp on one time abilities.

we are only here to gain exp. so there is no point in burning it

>> No.28202459


>> No.28202470

...I don't suppose we could try negotiating with? Leviathan was our ally after all.

>> No.28202474

>We are become omnielemental now

>> No.28202492

this thing is a natural chaotic elemental

natural elementals don't have minds. everyone has agreed on that.

im saying more deep focus and analyze

>> No.28202493


RETREAT!!! bonus points if we head in the direction of Kan Abar (that is the place where the Demon Lords were summoned, right?)

>> No.28202495


>> No.28202498


>waiting for some sort of consensus

>> No.28202499

Rolled 36

Blink and then Supersonic, get the fuck out.

>> No.28202502

Kaiju battle time.

>> No.28202516

Let's just run away. We can dump our friends in Haven, grab a mana refill, and come back.

I think buying the suicide bomber shadow clones that Silence used would be amazing for this, but we probably don't have enough XP.

>> No.28202524

Rolled 44

This is too risky and we have our allies to take care of. Just retreat and supersonic away. Also, destroying everything here could get us on bad terms with Leviathan later, if we decide to unseal him.

>> No.28202529

mind crush.

>> No.28202530

How about we do the opposite and use Ardor to infuse the elemental with order.

>> No.28202534


Go away, we already got what we wanted from this place.

>> No.28202544

You mean Resolve? He's the new Temerity, not Ardor.

>> No.28202551

Mind Crush and then retreat.

>> No.28202558

we aren't going to be killed

and we can teleport away at any time anyway. quit being such pussys and fight it

>> No.28202565

Vote 1:
>Godzilla-style titan battle

Vote 2:
>retreat to Haven

Vote 3:
>schattenkrieg it head-on

>> No.28202567

we are here for the xp. we do need xp right now and this is just a giant hunk of it sitting right infront of us

>> No.28202574


>> No.28202578


>> No.28202579

There's no vote for mind crush.

>> No.28202582


>> No.28202583

those are all shitty.

why isn't deep focus on there?

>> No.28202585


>> No.28202595


>blink to the top of its head
>Cone of Destruction + Resolve

>> No.28202597


>> No.28202604


>> No.28202605

Mind crush.

>> No.28202607

Uhh, why would we rely on what physically damages us if we can damage it without physically harming ourselves when it's the thing that it will regen most easily? Mind crush, terror, then deep focus while it's stunned, seriously.

>> No.28202608


>> No.28202610


>> No.28202614



>> No.28202622


>> No.28202624


>> No.28202626

This is also reasonable.

>> No.28202629


>> No.28202632


>> No.28202633

im not sure it has much of a mind to begin with

mind crush would result in it going crazy, which doesn't help us at all

>> No.28202651

this works

>> No.28202652

...Mind crush stuns the target dead, and it has enough intelligence to utilize summons and magic and form up a huge body, which is what MC would stymie.

>> No.28202654

Rolled 2


>> No.28202658

I seem to have overlooked a large thread of thought hoping for a more subtle battle approach, so let's vote on that.

Vote 1:
>retreat to Haven

Vote 2:
>mind crush. Follow-up to be decided afterward

>> No.28202666


>> No.28202668


Mind crush is just direct spirit damage guys, might as well get up-close and CoD it

>> No.28202671


>> No.28202674


>> No.28202685


>> No.28202687


>> No.28202693

Now now, being sarcastic on the internet doesn't actually help us be better battle strategists.

All is forgiven SM. We'll talk about your workload in meta later.

>> No.28202698


>> No.28202705


>> No.28202718


>> No.28202733

Rolled 96


>> No.28202736


Just run, you dipshits. We have no need to fight this thing.

>> No.28202740

Alright, roll 1d100 for MIND CRUSH

>> No.28202752

Rolled 52


>> No.28202757

Rolled 28

These dice will spell our doom

>> No.28202758

Rolled 63


>> No.28202761

Rolled 74

Take the power of sperge, DICE

>> No.28202766

Rolled 49


EXP, we need it. we haven't had it in like 10 threads

>> No.28202769

Rolled 41

pls o pls

>> No.28202775

Rolled 6


>> No.28202778


Pretty good.

>> No.28202792

Rolled 23


>> No.28202800

><Hey Leviathan, you know that island of yours?>
><I visited. It was a nice place.>
><...I consumed it for power.>
>canned wild elemental laughter

>> No.28202823

In our defense we also sort of consumed our own palace and would probably do the same to Xile if it didn't end the sky sever. We're an equal opportunity CONSUMER.

>> No.28202827

What if we do this to Elemental Lords in order to Calm them.

>> No.28202831

Rolled 65

technically we didn't destroy it.

we put down a rampant wild elemental that has been hoboing it up at his place.

fucking squatters

>> No.28202837

You unleash a Mind Crush at the ice titan.

Spirit power explodes within its core. A long groan shudders out from it. After its next step, it pauses, hesitating. You're not sure how much damage you did, but you've got it off-balance.

>mana: 4/58
>mana: 6/58 (regen)

What do you do?

>retreat while you have the opportunity
>use deep focus again, try to pinpoint a weakness
>some other strategy

>> No.28202854

deep focus

>> No.28202859

>use deep focus again, try to pinpoint a weakness
We've stunned him, now let's try to find a weakness.

Although; >Spirit power explodes within its core.
does already seem to indicate where we need to go for the consume.

>> No.28202861

Rolled 6

>>use deep focus again, try to pinpoint a weakness

>> No.28202907

Roll 1d100 for deep focus

>> No.28202913

Rolled 82

Sperge isn't a power that can help focus though.

>> No.28202915

Rolled 7


>> No.28202921

Rolled 63

les go again

>> No.28202938

Well I'm wrong. And this should get us something.

>> No.28202951

>>use deep focus again, try to pinpoint a weakness

>> No.28202953

Rolled 51


>> No.28202977

Rolled 99

Maximum savant

>> No.28202990

Rolled 93


Urrrgh. Why are we fighting this thing again? I mean, we -could- go drop the good buds off, come BACK after fully charging and wipe it out?
Impatient anon. Your hubris will be your death.

>> No.28202991

Rolled 68


>> No.28202992

So close yet again and still so far.

>> No.28203000


>> No.28203008

You again focus all your senses, trying to discern more while your enemy is disoriented.

And you find what you've been looking for - weak points! The titan's power is centered upon five individual cores positioned inside its massive form. One at either shoulder, two more where its legs meet its hips, and another in its head.

But...there's something else.

A line of misty-fine Water trails away from the magic titan and back into the shattered remains of the 'palace'...

What do you do?

>concentrate on the titan for now. Attack the power centers
>follow the trail back to the ruined crystal palace
>some other strategy

>> No.28203013

Rolled 42

no time, need to be fast

>> No.28203020

>>>follow the trail back to the ruined crystal palace
>>>follow the trail back to the ruined crystal palace

THAT'S what we were looking for.

>> No.28203024

fallow dat line

>> No.28203027


>> No.28203033

follow the trail back.
We'll pull the plug on this mother.

>> No.28203049

Follow that trail

>> No.28203058

Schattenkrieg into the head and eat the core.

if we kill whatever the cause is before extractinf exp from this, it goes to waste.

>> No.28203085

>>concentrate on the titan for now. Attack the power centers
need dat xp

>> No.28203099

we are looking to get xp

bypassing it won't give us xp

>> No.28203100

>concentrate on the titan for now. Attack the power centers

>> No.28203115

what if the titan is actually powering something, instead of being powered?
Sort of like us and seal?

>> No.28203116

attack the weak points.

need the xp

>> No.28203118

I'd rather not fight the distraction. Really. If we can go for the controller, we should.

And the controller is much more likely to give us that XP, as it happened before with the previous ice formations; the power just dissipated into the ice after they got crushed enough.

Quit dillying.

>> No.28203130

that isn't happening and you know it. Shadowrunner

>> No.28203145

he already said there were power cores. eating those power cores will give us xp

>> No.28203148

It couldn't be more obvious - why fight the puppet when you can go after the puppet master directly?

The titan begins to recover as you soar above its head, flapping to make for the ruins of the palace. It wheels about to follow, but you're quick, and it has a lot of mass to move.

It begins to snow. At first, you're surprised - you'd thought the weather was being held at bay - but then you feel the magic. It knows you're coming - whatever it is.

You dive for the palace as the blizzard increases in intensity. You keep your senses firmly locked on the trail leading from the titan, leaving it several strides behind. You recognize a few of the ruined hallways and -

- there.

Suddenly, the barren simplicity of the palace, and the ruins, is explained. An inner chamber with walls thicker than the outer ring of the island sits to the side, deep within the palace - revealed only because of the titan emerging. Inside is a glittering treasure - gems, golden-leafed chests, even paintings. In the middle of it all is the unmistakable swell of a Water mana pool.

Standing in the middle of the pool is a pedestal, and atop the pedestal is a crystal - half a crystal. Even broken as it is, the smooth half-piece of what must be a mighty gemstone is the largest of its kind you've ever seen.

But you can hardly appreciate it, because the swirl of snow has thickened to a near white-out. The snow beats at you, weighing you down as it accumulates unnaturally quickly. Every beat of your wings is harder than the last.

What do you do?


>> No.28203154

Lets go for leg points first, then work our way up.

>> No.28203163

Seriously SM?

you didn't put it to a vote? that was some serious EXP on the line

>> No.28203164


>> No.28203165

Oh holy shit. okay, no quick decisions here, let's think about this.

So many implications, I think I might sperge.

>> No.28203172

alternatively blink+pocket it

>> No.28203181

This crystal must be a fragment of the other water related crystal we know of. Grab it and toss it into the pocket, it might be useful yet.

>> No.28203187

Agreed, i'm kinda pissed to. why even be here if we are gonna ignore the exp?

>> No.28203189

I would suggest a spell to clear the snow, and then blink to the location of that crystal on the pedestal.

>> No.28203197

Have you seriously not gathered the fact that what has the most XP here is sitting right in front of you? Well, past the white-out blizzard, but still in front.

>> No.28203202

If it has power cores then it can survive on its own after being severed from the gem (and get eaten_, otherwise consuming the gem'd give us all the exp that consuming it would give and more.

>> No.28203207

peace to clear the snow

>> No.28203221

Calling it now. This is a shard of Leviathan. The Keystone of Atlantis Keyword: STONE is the other half.


>> No.28203223

why not have both? but do you really think consuming that thing (which may be part of leviiathan) is the best option?

>> No.28203232

Follow this thread of the idea, maybe we should pocket the gem to cut off its endless water mana supply. If the titan is hanging around after that, we can deal with it;

Without being stupid about fighting something that has a telemana source for expansive regen.

>> No.28203240

We have no use for leviathan.

>> No.28203262

He has no factions or elemental lord friends?

>> No.28203263

Yes, these are my thoughts exactly.
Let's be reasonable for a change.

>> No.28203277

I didn't suggest consuming actually, but they were suggesting we fight something that's being supported by a mana pools worth of waterpower, with the idea that we'll get XP from a regening titan.

I think this >>28203232 would be better to try first. If it's isolated in our pocket we can deal with it later.

>> No.28203284

Nobody'll know.
Also, actually, if it really is a shard as some think, wouldn't it sort of integrate with us like shards of erebus did? Sho is wild speculation on my part, but

>> No.28203288

if it has power cores/points then we will get xp from eating those points.

>> No.28203294

but nothin!

>> No.28203303

Which we can get AFTER we pocket the gem.
Entirely reasonable, see.

>> No.28203307

i think there is just 2 halves of the stone

>> No.28203319

lets just not leave like some of the retards here seem to want to do

>> No.28203323

We already found 1 half?

>> No.28203328


>> No.28203332

keystone of atlantis

>> No.28203333

I've been wanting to do that.

All the elements.

>> No.28203336

yeah plus its not like SM will use his nat 1 to kill us, he already implied that a long time ago.

>> No.28203341

Ok, so the general strategy I'm picking up is, first, clear the snow, and then blink to and pocket the gemstone.

What do you do to clear the snow?

>use Peace
>Nightblaze (4 mana)
>some other strategy

>> No.28203344

So we're obviously going after the gem, what spell should we use to kill the blizzard? Nightblaze and then blink/fast blink to the gem or what? Some AoE power would be good.

Nobody in the posts since SM's last post have suggested such a thing.

>> No.28203348


>> No.28203353

Peace niggaz

>> No.28203358

I'm good with that.

>> No.28203372


>> No.28203376


>> No.28203377


We've been using too many shards/

>> No.28203383



>> No.28203384


>> No.28203388

this guy>>28202499
and this one>>28202493
and this one>>28202036
and this one>>28202524
and this one>>28202534
and this one>>28202551
and this one>>28202736

>> No.28203392


>> No.28203399

Well I'm thinking that 4mana nightblaze might not do much against manapool using sentient artifact
(it sensed our approach, must be sentient)

>> No.28203403

Guys we can use as much of a nightblaze as we can support with our mana, we don't need to use a shard because WE'RE BLINKING TO A MANA POOL!

>> No.28203408


>> No.28203411

he said specifically that he won't use it to ruin the story, just to induce feels

>> No.28203418

Any of those post-penultimate SM post?

Also, nightblaze.

>> No.28203420

6 mana, but your point does remain.

>> No.28203429

Rolled 92

Tada, the answer.

>> No.28203430

>>Nightblaze (4 mana)

>> No.28203447

No, but with the way they were acting it wouldn't suprise me if they suggested we grab the stone and teleport home

>> No.28203459

peace and nightblaze.

>> No.28203462

But nobody did. Heh.

Didn't we get 2 mana from regen back in >>28202837?
So don't we have six?

>> No.28203464

Nightblaze wins out by a small margin.

Roll 1d100

>> No.28203471

Rolled 94


>> No.28203472

Rolled 26

doesn't mean they won't


>> No.28203476

Rolled 10


>> No.28203477

Rolled 6


>> No.28203480

Rolled 10


>> No.28203487

Rolled 63

well shit

>> No.28203498

We can strengthen the magic with resolve!
As far as I know, at least so far, boosting magic rolls with shards is cheaper than outright affecting the world with them, like we were about to do with Peace.

>> No.28203500

Rolled 35

nat 100
Since we used low amount of mana.

>> No.28203514

Rolled 56

nah, it aint that important anyway

>> No.28203520

Rolled 38


>> No.28203524

Rolled 49


>> No.28203537

Rolled 65


>> No.28203538

...It's the roll that will let us see the gem clearly enough to blink to and pocket it.
I think that's fairly important.

>> No.28203541

Rolled 49


>> No.28203546

Rolled 89


>> No.28203548


That is correct and I hereby edit that to a 6 mana nightblaze.

Do you use Resolve to strengthen your spell?

Vote 1:

Vote 2:

>> No.28203553


>> No.28203554


>> No.28203562


>> No.28203564


>> No.28203568

Rolled 59

we have already seen it, and we have a general idea of where it is and we know there are no wall in the way. we can blink down out of it then move towards the crystal

im sure shadow has a pretty good spatial memory with all he blinking and telepathy he does.

>> No.28203579

What are our shards at?

>> No.28203582

Guys, we already have 1 broken shard. We literally cannot afford too many of these remember?

>> No.28203586


>> No.28203588


>> No.28203589

It doesn't matter if we remember where it is; the blink power works on line of sight. We're in a white out blizzard. The purpose of the nightblaze roll is to clear it so we can blink to the gem, if we don't clear it we don't get to blink to the gem.

Can your diluted apathy.

>> No.28203595

Rolled 76


>> No.28203597


(Retribution) - Strong
(Maker) - Broken
(Silence) - Normal
(Peace) - Empowered
(Breeze) - Strong
(Hammer) - Strong
(Ardor) - Normal
{Resolve} - Strong
{Humanity} - Resonant

>> No.28203604

Well damn yeah, that's fine.

>> No.28203606

inside us.

jesus people are being stupid this thread. unless you meant how they are doing, in which case check the top of the thread or whereever we used it last

>> No.28203617

>Doesn't understand the difference between 'where' and 'what'
>Calls someone stupid

>> No.28203618


>> No.28203623

It's resolve enhancing a magic roll, it's done that in the past without having a problem. Using shards for their intended purpose to slightly heighten a roll doesn't hurt them unless it's against extreme forces.
This is enhancing a nightblaze against a blizzard, with the hope of pushing that 26 higher.

>> No.28203627

i remember him saying you can blink in you line of sight. but when questioned on why he said because you may end up inside of walls or some shit like that. which means we should be able to blink on memory. i may be wrong though

>> No.28203628


>> No.28203630


>> No.28203640

i read that like three times and every time i read it as "Where"


>> No.28203641

Time to tip the scales!

>using resolve

>> No.28203650

No you're right, he did say that. But having the blizzard cleared for when we blink to the target is much better than a maybe.

>> No.28203654

pictures make it invald, you voted against the pic implies anyway

>> No.28203657

no rolls?

>> No.28203667

We already rolled.

>> No.28203672

we already rolled

i just don't see it as that big off a deal

>> No.28203676


Sometimes calling upon a shard requires a roll, sometimes not.

This time did not.

>> No.28203684

i thought it still counts as a duplicate even if you post a picture.(used the wrong sloth picture.) will test
I know i just figured we might roll for shard effectiveness or durability loss.
Good to know.

>> No.28203686

i imagine becasue it was a very low dc.

what if we passed the DC anyway?

>> No.28203695

Good for you, you have different priorities and hopefully you know them well.
But generally speaking if you don't care then why bother at all?

>> No.28203698


>> No.28203708

Your nightblaze shocks through the air, turning the snow into flakes of black oil and clear patches of air opaque. For an instant, the world sits like that, resting in negative of itself - and you feel the magic of the blizzard battling back, resisting the imposition of your will.

<Resolve! I need your aid!>

With a roaring press of Shadow, your nightblaze shoves through the blizzard. A gust of wind follows the explosion of power, and the blizzard is pushed back and away.

Silence falls. You Blink to the Water mana pool in an instant.

>mana: 58/58

For a moment, its quiet. Sitting before the gemstone, taking in the surroundings...this is a peaceful place. You remember the burned chamber. Did they hurry to seal away their hopes in this room? A sort of time capsule, frozen still until someone found it?

The titan's footsteps thunder behind you. What do you do?

>Pocket the half-gemstone
>some other strategy

>> No.28203710

cause i saw it as weakening a shard unnecessarily

>> No.28203720

>Pocket the half-gemstone

That was the plan after all. Then see to that titan afterwards.

>> No.28203721

pocket it, then fight titan and consume it

>> No.28203722


>Resolve - Normal

>> No.28203725

>>Pocket the half-gemstone
then confront titan

>> No.28203730

>Pocket the half-gemstone

We touched the mana pool. Port to Haven, Dump friends out, Adamantize, Port back and smack the shit out of the Titan and eat the cores.

>> No.28203734

Just tested it, it doesn't invalidate the roll.
>you. What do you do?
>>Pocket the half-gemstone
>>some other strategy
Analyze it and deep focus first.

>> No.28203738

>Pocket the half-gemstone

>> No.28203743


>> No.28203750

And I saw it differently. Glad to see we got past the blizzard!

Pocket & then face Titan.

>> No.28203751

What's our HP btw? Considering dumping a Great Heal while we are sitting on mana replenishment.

>> No.28203761


>> No.28203762

mmk, i had to check for myself but it doesn't.

>> No.28203764

We have hydra, we should have full health by now.
I suggest we stay in the mana pool and prepare our strongest spells after we pocket the gem.

>> No.28203767

Nevermind then, thanks anon.

>> No.28203769

Analyze and Deep Focus to make sure there aren't any traps or failsafes that we'll trigger first.

>> No.28203791

>Silence falls.

>> No.28203792

These get my votes.

>> No.28203803

I just fucking remembered, the Keystone of Atlantis is only a fraction of the gem.

>> No.28203804

I'll second that. But only because learning is good.

>> No.28203809

You pocket the gemstone.

The connection you sensed vanishes.

You glance up - and in an instant, the storm you'd put off for a moment engulfs you. You can't see a thing. You don't hear the titan, either...

What do you do?

>wait quietly
>take to the air again
>manaport™ (my new, catchy term for pool<-->pool teleporation) to Haven
>some other strategy

>> No.28203813

we don't really have any good long range spells.

besides mind crush

>> No.28203814

Time to go to Atlantis and steal their water purification system, I guess.

>> No.28203817

HOLY SHIT you're right anon! Gold fucking star!

>> No.28203818

>manaport™ (my new, catchy term for pool<-->pool teleporation) to Haven

>> No.28203824

>manaport™ (my new, catchy term for pool<-->pool teleporation) to Haven
Dump friends, Adamantize, come back and DW on the titan.

>> No.28203828

>Turn on Adamantize and sit in the mana pool. Wait for any sign of titan.

>> No.28203831


>> No.28203833

this has been said like 5 times already

>>take to the air again

>> No.28203835

Hey there's also more gold here that we can get.
After we come back...

>manaport™ (my new, catchy term for pool<-->pool teleporation) to Haven

>> No.28203848

The treasurecube hungers for more.

>> No.28203849

Deep focus and analyze first before deciding anything we don't want to open the portal with the titan right behind us.

>> No.28203856

we can get it all through teleporting and making trips.

but i don't see why dropping off our friends would hurt

>> No.28203861


This room is filled with various treasures.... open a large portal and scoop up all the valuables to bring back as further capital for Haven...

>> No.28203862

These two work and it hasn't been that long and our friends are 100% safe.

>> No.28203873

don't need to. teleporting and opening a portal are different.

>> No.28203877

it could lead him to haven and the place could vanish into the ocean soon.

>> No.28203901

ok i'll agree to using the mana pool, but we have to dump them out quickly and then rush back so no talking.

>> No.28203910

lead who to haven?

but that second one is a possibility. better to do everything NOW.

cause with its power source gone this thing may start to crumble.

then agian there may also be a natural water elemental here

>> No.28203912

I just imagined us dropping EVERYTHING out of the pocket, even the ship. "sorry, it go scratched because someone tossed it in the middle of the great forest"

>> No.28203925

I honestly can't tell if people are being this simple on purpose or not.

None of you guys are rusers, right?

>> No.28203930

just the people, though that would be funny

>> No.28203931

Vote 1:
>rush into Haven, dump the load, rush back

Vote 2:
>adamantize and sit tight

>> No.28203937


>> No.28203940


>> No.28203941


>> No.28203942


>> No.28203946

you should probably quote direct instances

>> No.28203951


>> No.28203953


>> No.28203956

Once again, SM has caught you between the health of your allies... and your desire for XP and loot.

>> No.28203961


>> No.28203962


>> No.28203972


>> No.28203973

I'd hit the character limit.

>> No.28203978

our allies are fine. it has literally been like 1 minute since they got put in there

>> No.28203979


>> No.28203980

>you between the health of your allies.
They are perfectly safe.
So why don't we do what this anon suggested while we wait, i don't want to wait to find out the titan is powered down and the place is falling on us.

>> No.28203985

I'll second the cautionary step of deep focusing while we wait.

>> No.28203999


>> No.28204003

You adamantize yourself. Sitting in the pool as you are, it's easy to draw upon as much power as you need to get the job done in one easy motion.

The whiteout storms around you, but nothing happens.

What do you do?

>deep focus
>retreat to Haven
>some other strategy

>> No.28204006


>> No.28204011

>deep focus

>> No.28204014

>retreat to Haven

>> No.28204015

>deep focus

>> No.28204016

go deeper

>> No.28204018

Pocket all the loot we can find and then retreat to Haven

>> No.28204019


>deep focus

>> No.28204024

>>deep focus
>>some other strategy
Deep focus
And send our wisp to scout for us.

>> No.28204029

Maybe this thing is programmed to not be able to attack the area surrounding its power source. That makes sense doesn't it?

>> No.28204041

>>deep focus

>> No.28204042

Now, maybe y'all gonna be mad, but Fae uses FIRE.

FIRE strong against water. Fae is only 3 xp

>> No.28204054

That... that could be a possibility.

>> No.28204056

still don't know why we don't get summoning level 1 with this to be used as a cheap precaution.

>> No.28204057

Fuuuuck youuuuuuuuu

>> No.28204060

lvl 1 fae is crowbro.

i seriously doubt a few crows will take down this titan.

but we should get a round of summoning upgrades after this whole thing is over. fae + ghoul + ghost + summoning lvl 1

>> No.28204062

Maybe ANON should DIE.

>> No.28204071

Whatever comes after Fae is probably stronger Fire.
I'd support it

>> No.28204081

summoning lvl 1 help with controling our summons, not with how powerful they are.

it would only be helpfull if wispbro tried to break control every now and then. or if we summoned stronger things

>> No.28204083

sounds good.
But we have both the spirit tree and earth tree parties and the guys who want to get the max resistance.

>> No.28204085

or we could continue trying to get OI
I'll stick with OI

>> No.28204086

Btw someone said we don't have any good ranged abilities, what about our stupidly accurate Shadow Beam?

I think we could fire that at the ice golem once we've pinged it!

>> No.28204087

Roll 1d100 to deep focus

>> No.28204090

No. Fuck you man, we've already got like 3 different camps vying for their choices. We are seriously not adding another.

Sorry for the language, but this shit needs to be toned down.

>> No.28204092

Rolled 90


Buy Fae, Summoning I, and if it's a Fire user that comes after Fae, buy that too.

>> No.28204095

Rolled 32

Uh oh.

>> No.28204098

Rolled 33

I'll bet 5 internets right now there is nothing there.

>> No.28204101

Rolled 6


>> No.28204103

Rolled 67

dont have it yet

that pic, leled

>> No.28204106

Rolled 60

Wisp bro is pretty useless outside of scouting we need sacrificial lambs

>> No.28204114

Rolled 37

tsiote small

>> No.28204121

> Shadow Beam
> don't have it yet

Look at the ability tree please. Right after shadow assault, right before ray of darkness. You silly.

>> No.28204123

Rolled 62


>> No.28204126

Rolled 95


>> No.28204154

We... do have Shadow Beam. You must be thinking of Ray of Darkness.

>> No.28204167

No, I was pointing out to him how we DO in fact have shadow beam, and telling him exactly where it is located in the tree. Don't get so confused.

>> No.28204168

Rolled 7

i was thinking ray of darkness, my bad

>> No.28204175

You use deep focus.

Almost immediately, you sense the five points of power resting within the ice titan positioned almost perfectly above you. You flinch backward into the mana pool, bracing yourself for the worst, getting ready to cast any spell to deflect it -

But nothing happens.

The snow starts to clear. Steadily, gradually, the magic holding it in place fades. And then you see the ice titan sitting above you, frozen mid-motion. A giant fist is cocked back, ready to attack - and it's just caught there. A puppet with the strings cut.

What do you do?


>some other inferior plan

>> No.28204197


>> No.28204199

I think we should use diplomacy

>> No.28204201

Ima go wit consume

>> No.28204204


>> No.28204205

Rolled 48

All of the above?

>> No.28204208


>> No.28204214


>> No.28204217

Rolled 49


>> No.28204219

Rolled 44



>> No.28204222

Rolled 42

consume while Consuming while CONSUMING

>captcha: pledob actually

>> No.28204224

shut the fuck up

>> No.28204227


>> No.28204228


Politely nibble

>> No.28204230



>> No.28204235

So I'm guessing we dun gud, right SM?

>> No.28204236

Time for mr.fishy?

>> No.28204241

it was a joke
it went above your head
anyone can see it

>> No.28204247

This is the best consume we've had in a long time.
And remember people; it was because of critical thinking and an inability to withstand silly plans.

>> No.28204249

Rolled 40

honestly. lets go back down there4 and eat him after this. just cause he is a dick

>> No.28204263

no, lets Manaport home after the CONSUME

>> No.28204269

So after consuming the golem and the fish we take our friends out of the pocket and fill it up with gold and anything of use we find agreed?

>> No.28204275

Aye aye cap'n.

>> No.28204281









Now, I've got important things to write, so if you'll excuse me.

>> No.28204283

Well I mean it's not like people are slowly going insane in our pocket

>> No.28204289

yup and then we port our friends home and head straight to melody about fang.

>> No.28204295


agreed, time to loot

>> No.28204305


unless we go there to drop them off and then come back for loot and to finish exploring the rest of this place and maybe find the natural elemental and eat Mr. Fishy

>> No.28204312

But I just wanted to console the fish on its loss of purpose!

>> No.28204315

eat the cooked up fish.

>> No.28204319


>> No.28204320


>> No.28204325

I am literally laughing so hard my sides hurt. and he was responding to me.

he is just so mad that his minor obstacle c=has been fussed over for this long

>> No.28204334



>> No.28204336


>not putting the fish in pocket and having the biggest Fish fry in history when we return the Haven

>> No.28204338

You're the fish.

>> No.28204346

Rolled 72


>> No.28204347

We can still eat it right?

>> No.28204408

Normally you just wrap things over with your body and absorb them...but this will take a bit of chewing.

You climb your way up to the titan's midsection, using spears of shadow to leverage yourself upward. Eventually, you reach its torso.

It's like cracking open a nut. Only you're drilling and chipping for a few minutes rather than cracking. You consume the cores one by one. They aren't like the stable power cores you remember from the robots - these begin to dissolve and dissipate as soon as you free them from their icy chamber. You're sure to immediately eat them so as to acquire as much energy as possible.

>you've gained 20 exp (46 total)
>HP: 81/81

And now that you're finished eating, you turn back toward the mana pool, ready to return home with another load of the treasure they all seem to like so much. The sooner you get your friends out of your pocket, the better.


Aren't you forgetting something?

It's a smell. That smelly smell that smells...


>continued shortly...

>> No.28204430

So who is ready for some power buying while SM is busy.

>> No.28204436


>> No.28204461

is it a

FISHY smelly mayhapadoodle?

>> No.28204472

earth+wind resist, void walker, shadowrage, kindle, shadefang poison, disguise, army of darkness, grave silence and lightning resistance is what we need for pure darkness and OI

Better get to buyin'.

>> No.28204477

My vote still stand for either Shadow Totem or Machina Vita, and Machina Loqui.

Serious guys, throw the Dynamo institute this ONE bone. Spend the rest on whatever.

>> No.28204486

machina loqui and shadow totem first. then that

>> No.28204491

Smells like fish

>> No.28204495

Nah, spirit tree first.

>> No.28204498

Void Walker fo sho

>> No.28204500

Works for me.

>> No.28204502

Aren't a few of those locked behind other trees?

>> No.28204518

yep, specifically summoning and spirit

>> No.28204519

Why not both.i really want to go down the summon tree

>> No.28204521


>> No.28204539

Why don't we just straight up finish the spirit tree and get the tree bonus.
And use what evers left over for MV or ML.

>> No.28204540

Alright my vote is Dream Walk, Void Walker and Shadowrage

>> No.28204541

Mostly because I have no idea how expensive it will really be to buy those two abilities after confuse, or the one or two after spirit lash. Dats all.

>> No.28204542

We don't need the earth+wind resist for Pure Darkness. We don't know if we need it for OI.

>> No.28204547

No, fuck off.

>> No.28204550

Rolled 44

We probably need to complete the dark grey tree to unlock OI. Don't be dense.

>> No.28204560

Lets try to finish up that tree at least since we will still have 17 exp left.

>> No.28204567

Rolled 26

>Nobody wants to open the summoning tree up
>When we literally use our only summon all the fucking time, every day.
Speaking of, can we use Artifact on our Wisp?

>> No.28204578


we have 37 xp. the shown abilites cost 38 and there are atleast 3 more that re hidden

>> No.28204582

With suggestions like that combined it's almost like you're actively making the people who want summoning sound really damn silly.

>> No.28204586

>you've gained 20 exp (46 total)

>> No.28204588

maybe if we summon a dragon like do'vak or something. but on Wisp? no, that is just stupid

>> No.28204590

you don't know that, hell we unlocked the other powers because of completing trees.
I was with you until you talked about artifacting.
46 exp anon.
DW 8
C 6
SL 2
SS 12
Thats 28 exp.

>> No.28204598

machina loqui and shadow totem after that I don't really care what else we spend the EXPs on

>> No.28204607

oh my bad, i was adding the them on memory.

and mis typed on the 38

>> No.28204608

We need expendable mooks and having summons fills that hole up.
Agreed the tree is great if we ever get around to it.

>> No.28204632

No machina Vita?
Since getting it and totem unlock something.A battle suit.
So can we put totems on our construct?

>> No.28204638

Bwahahaahaha yeah if you wanna be cheeky like that, no summoning. At all. Ever.

>> No.28204644

guys I thought of a name for our airship

"The Eclipse"

because its so large it blots out the sun

>> No.28204654

We always use our wisp which is a summon.
So you will be voting against using him then.

>> No.28204663

We aren't going to be able to wind support for all of MV/Totem/ML, so we're going to have to sacrifice one of the former.

>> No.28204664


<Yes, Auriel?>

Auriel jabs her finger at the Firebird, which is not propped up against the side of Haven's inner fortress. "Why is there a SHIP in the middle of my fortress?!"

<Well, I had to put it somewhere.>

"You couldn't have just, I don't know, held on to it for a little while longer?!"

<No,> you say smugly.

"Fine," she snaps. "Now what the fuck is with the fish?!"

The gargantuan fish in question, at least as long as ten men, is now flopping and squirming for breath on the grass in the middle of Haven. <I think it's having trouble breathing,> you say flatly. <Maybe it needs water.>


<It needed to be done. Don't worry about it.>

"What the hell are you talking about?"

You proffer a painting up to her. It's a beautiful piece, depicting a long shoreline cast in gold and black by the setting sun. A lone woman stands in the sand, barefoot, watching a ship sail away. <I brought you some more treasure. Now we have something to decorate to fort with.>

"FUCK!" Auriel storms off, spluttering wildly about the Shadow element, paranoid liches, vampires, all interspersed with curse words.

"You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?" Tyrael asks.

<I admit nothing.>

Tyrael chuckles. "You know,I think she needed that after you sprung the Black Lady on her."

<...are you saying this is a good mood?>

"You should know by now, Shadow. She enjoys her anger."

"I don't," Flint mutters.


>> No.28204665

Yeah, like I said before, I knew a lot of you were just pretending to be simple.

I'm on to you.
You know who you are.

>> No.28204668

People could care less for a ship name change especially when it was stated to be in character to name things badly.

>> No.28204669

I've wanted to name it that since we got it. But I think the NyxStyx is here to stay.

>> No.28204671

that has been suggested. im still supporting "The Gavel"

Totems need to be connected to a mana pool to last indefinatly

>> No.28204676

<Here.> You produce for Flint the giant half-gemstone. Even in the half-light of the early morning, it gleams like blue fire. <Give her this as a wedding present.>

Flint has to use both hands to catch the stone as you chuck it at him. "For elements sake, shadow, what's gotten into you?" He eyes the gemstone. "This must be worth half of Arland! ...but, no." He shakes himself. "Seriously. What's with the fish?"

You grin and shrug. <I thought everyone might be hungry.> And then you turn your gaze on your hated foe, watching as its twitching and flopping grows weaker and weaker. You narrow your eyes. <It deserved worse.>

"...uh...ok then," Flint says.

"Actually, I love fish," Tyrael says. He rubs his hands together. "You know, us angels have a lot of time on our hands. I came up with a way of using magic to dry fish meat - I can't be out fishing all the time, you know. Mind if I get my hands dirty?"

<Please do so.>

"Great!" Tyrael, with an odd spring in his step, marches off toward the giant fish. Flint just rubs his forehead and walks off to drop the stone down with the rest of the treasure.

It isn't long before the scent of cooked fish is drifting through the camp. Tyrael gains a huge crowd as he works his magic - quite literally. Short beams of light flash up and down the fish's carcass as he de-bones it. You observe the proceedings with relish. Once they here of this, no fish will ever challenge you again. Never again...



Let's get some purchasing done. Or maybe you'd like to save for upgrading Abigail to Chosen? Who knows?

Be sure to compile goals and tasks for next time...

...which will be tomorrow night!

>> No.28204679

><It needed to be done. Don't worry about it.>

oh my fuck my siiiiides

>> No.28204681

Well i can't stop laughing.

>> No.28204692

true, but having one around is bad ass, plus i thought they run on mana so as long as it isn't being used they can stay for ever.

>> No.28204695

Shadow Totem, Machina Vita, and Machina Loqui are my choices.

>> No.28204696

>And then you turn your gaze on your hated foe, watching as its twitching and flopping grows weaker and weaker. You narrow your eyes. <It deserved worse.>
Oh my sides

>> No.28204700

>You grin and shrug. <I thought everyone might be hungry.> And then you turn your gaze on your hated foe, watching as its twitching and flopping grows weaker and weaker. You narrow your eyes. <It deserved worse.>


>> No.28204714

i'm glad you got pissed about the fish, i don't even care about the exp loss anymore.

>> No.28204726

forgot to add i'm laughing with tears in my eyes.
Finish the spirit tree up

>> No.28204727


>> No.28204736

finish the spirit tree.

>> No.28204739

Finish the Spirit Tree

>> No.28204743

Wait are you leaving now are staying behind for power purchase?

>> No.28204752



make it snappy people, I need sleep

>> No.28204753

Finish the spirit tree.

>> No.28204754


>> No.28204760

Also in support of the Dynamo Institute.

>> No.28204761

Why did we just huck the magic power gem thing with the rest of the treasure?

>> No.28204762

You guys will get your way after the spirit tree since your only real enemies are the summon tree and maybe the center tree.your screwed if Order imateria unlocks

>> No.28204769

Finish the spirit tree

>> No.28204778

Please weigh how long the Dynamo Institute has been a thing vs. team spirit.

>> No.28204779

He got mad at us.
Spirit tree,

>> No.28204780

Finish the Spirit Tree.

>> No.28204782

fine, but we shall need the spirit tree aid after its completion

>> No.28204785

Well, now with Shadow's newfound fish-nemeses, 'Halcyon' is probably on the list of potential ship names.

>1. Calm and peaceful; tranquil.
>2. Prosperous; golden

>1. A kingfisher, especially one of the genus Halcyon.

>etymologically from Alcyone, a mythological child of the greek Aeolus (where our ship was created out of one of Venia's Aeolus's great carriers)

>> No.28204786



it's pocketed and we'll call it a day

inventory: Aurora Water Gem

>> No.28204790

Yes, but we gained huge momentum after the hydra party dissolved.

>> No.28204795

or just KingFisher

>> No.28204799

We had access to the spirit tree first before we knew of dynamos you numbcob knob gobbler.

>> No.28204807

Sure, i have been advocating MV and corrode for a while now.
Halcyon is a name i can get behind

>> No.28204817

>The only name other than "Eclipse" I haven't hated on sight.

>> No.28204818

Hey, everyone:

You don't have enough experience to finish the Spirit Tree...so I can't do that.

What's option B?

>> No.28204827

Dream Walk and Void Walk.

>> No.28204828

all the shown ones in spirit tree.

Would we have had enough if we had eaten the Fish?

>> No.28204831

I vote Halcyon, sure.

>> No.28204832

i still find it strange we never got terror or spirit siphon.(i understand spirit siphon since we didn't have much mana, but terror is a great skill to have.)
Trying to finish up the spirit tree and see what we unlocked since that is 28 exp.

>> No.28204839

They're still going to rail about snatching up whatever spirit abilities we can buy regardless.

Just wanted to compromise with these people and buy like 17 exp worth of earth abilities but noooooo.

>> No.28204849

Get every visible spirit tree power and see what we unlock then.

>> No.28204855

Dreamwalk, confuse, spiritlash, and then see what those reveals. That's what I think.

>> No.28204859

Get what we can from spirit

>> No.28204862

ML and shadow totem is still possible if the unlocks cost too much are not as important.

>> No.28204867



Vote 1:
>buy all unlocked items from the Spirit Tree

Vote 2:
>shadow totem and machina loqui


>> No.28204872


>> No.28204873


>> No.28204878

Sm, I haven't had to say this for a while...


Confuse isn't underlined. It should be underlined.


>> No.28204879


>> No.28204888


>> No.28204889

Shadow Totem, Machina Loqui, Machina Vita

>> No.28204894


>> No.28204895


>> No.28204899


>> No.28204900


>> No.28204903


>> No.28204904


>> No.28204908

Rolled 96


>> No.28204909

so should dream walk

>> No.28204910


>> No.28204914


>> No.28204915


>> No.28204916


>> No.28204919

Rolling invalidates votes. Please vote without rolling to have your vote be counted.

>> No.28204920


I underlined it. And I underlined Dream Walk, too, before you even noticed anything was wrong.

>> No.28204921


>> No.28204927


>> No.28204929



>> No.28204930

>Let's get some purchasing done. Or maybe you'd like to save for upgrading Abigail to Chosen? Who knows?


We have so much xp it can afford some love

Project abigail's skywalker hand is -cheap- at the cost of learning Programming Language - get Machina Loqui for 5, and then machina vitae for 12 since it may unlock DYNAMOS

or at least two really big things

Also Corrode, because its amazing and cheap

>> No.28204939



Machina loqui, corrode, see what that unlocks for us.
earth's gift, because we can use it BEFORE darkness within-ing.

Summoning 2, because its about damn time.

>> No.28204943

then vote already1!!!!

>> No.28204945


>> No.28204952


>> No.28204954


cutting off votes

>> No.28204955



Can I request this very important vote happen on Surveymonkey like some other quests?

Fucking proxyvotes

>> No.28204959


>> No.28204969

it ain't THAT important. besides the spirit party should support earth tree after its completion

>> No.28204974

Spirit wins.


>> No.28204976

>tries to call out proxy voters
>votes improperly

1: 10 or 11.
2: 7

>> No.28204979


augh thread moving so fast, why are times between posts so long now

>> No.28204990

Sigh. Here's hoping people give us ML/ST or ML/MV after we reveal shit.

>> No.28205005

Unless what we reveal is super awesome superb cool bitch hell yeah.

>> No.28205015

I will vote for MV and ML.(if the stuff unlocked isn't that great.)

>> No.28205019



We've been wanting to make abigail a robot hand for threads upon threads now, and we get blockvoted away from it every time it comes up

fuck team hydra, they got what they want, help other people with the things they want

>> No.28205025

Im personally against getting the earth tree while so much of the center tree needs to be bought.

>> No.28205035

>Implying the people who voted for spirit aren't people who want something

>> No.28205043

I agree with you very much red.

>> No.28205055

Don't worry I'll support earth next. Sweet sweet spirit just be obtained

>> No.28205057

>It costs ~90 to fill out the middle tree and get Pure Darkness.

>People instead decide to spend on the spirit or earth trees

>> No.28205064

you guys are on the verge to be the majority with your only competition being summon:_:, and center/shadow tree.
With the huge cock block of OI hanging above to be unlocked.

>> No.28205084

People want OI and to finish up the center tree we need to go through the other trees.(the summon players have been using this excuse for a while now.)

>> No.28205087

pure darkness is a long ways off and we have priorities

>> No.28205092


>Spirit Lash
>Dream Walk


>Mind Read - Read a target's mind. Carries a risk of detection, depending on the target. Some targets may have passive mental defenses; backfires can be harmful. Best used on incapacitated targets.

>Enslave - Target comes under your direct control, but with the loss of all initiative; you direct them like a summon. While controlling an enslaved target, you can use no other magic (any ability which requires mana). Only 1 target can be controlled in this manner at a time. People released from your control will remember what they have done while enslaved. (5 to 20 mana)

>> No.28205097

Everything is always along ways off if you never walk towards them.

>> No.28205102

I feel like this is an Election

>> No.28205108


But the earth tree is full of awesome things that we use regularly, and doesn't take much investment at the moment, AND industrial things are better bought EARLY.

I don't think we should buy any of the center tree things, because its all battle abilities.
If we're in battle, we're consuming things, and gaining xp.

If we buy golemtech now, we can build golemtech out of combat and build up haven's defenses WHILE we go out and fight things for your center tree abilities.

It just doesn't make sense to buy shadow rage, army of darkness, resists etc until we need them.

The earth tree is special because it lets us *make* permanent things, and its *doubly* special because we are literally the only one of the planet who knows how to make power cores and dynamos.

That's a gamechanger.

Its basically the equivalent of giving haven a death star.

Why aren't we getting it already, again?

>> No.28205111

Can we get Machina Vita and Loqui now? The new shit doesn't look very attractive IMO.

>> No.28205112

Buy Enslave

>> No.28205114

Get MV and ML.

>> No.28205123

but like i said, priorities. like defending haven. and we have to get some summoning anyway.

>> No.28205127


Machina Vitae + machina Loqui now!

>> No.28205137

so when are we going to enter the Nether and eat Dave?

>> No.28205142

Mind read and enslave sound nice, but knowing how paranoid some of the players are lets get MV and ML.

>> No.28205144

>purchasing MV and ML

>> No.28205145

Machina Louqi and Shadow toem

>> No.28205159

MV+ML and summoning 1 since its so cheap.

>> No.28205162


>> No.28205167


>> No.28205178

how much xp do we have now?

>> No.28205180

Guys we have 4 exp left do you guys want to get corrode or work towards grave silence?

>> No.28205189



>> No.28205200


>> No.28205203

You mean 12.

I say buy Summoning I and Ghost

>> No.28205204

I'll throw the summon party a bone and suggest ghost or whatever for the last bit. Grave silence wont take much EXP so we can afford to dump bits and pieces here and there.

>> No.28205212

Shadow totem

>> No.28205214

Lets go towards Grave Silence.

>> No.28205216

My bad i miss counted this anon is right.
So now we can get Shadow totems or go towards grave silence.

>> No.28205228

seriously why have we dediced to get this yet? it allows us to aid in the defense of haven and was can drop them anywhere at any time to aid us.

that shit is usefull

>> No.28205236

Next is going for Grave Silence.

>> No.28205252

Oh hey shouldn't Void Walker be blue now?

>> No.28205257

People don't see that many uses out side of that and we usually curb stomp some one.
The only real reason for getting it is what MV unlocks.(that can be your saving grace)

>> No.28205259

>Lasts until destroyed, or ten minutes pass.
A temporary defense, and then only if we're there at the time.

>> No.28205270

EXP Remaining: 12


>Machina Loqui
>Machina Vita


>Gravity Sphere:
>(Alt 1) Create a powerful force that draws targets toward you from up to 100 yards away (5 mana)
>(Alt 2) Manipulate the direction of gravity within a 10 yard radius (10 mana)
>(Alt 3) Project a 20-yard sphere of force centered on your person that crushes and slows foes (15 mana)

>Hearstone Titan - Using a shadow or earth mana pool, 10 experience, and one half-ton raw adamantium ore, you can create a Heartstone Titan. These giant constructs are extremely powerful, and can be directed to follow simple orders and be piloted/ridden by allies. With Machina Loqui, you can program them to take more complex instructions and act autonomously. If they fall, they will begin to repair themselves, and unleash 10 repair golems to guard them while they do so. (10 exp, one-half ton adamantium, requires earth or shadow mana pool)

>> No.28205271

They are talking about this:

>Totems hardwired to mana pools can last indefinitely. Old totems can be 'recharged' before they die for 4 mana.

>> No.28205273

SM said we can hook them up to the mana pool in Haven so they can last indefinatly

>> No.28205298

Alright lets buy whatever it takes for Grave Silence. Or at least leads up to it.

>> No.28205300






>> No.28205305

We can build gundams?

>> No.28205306

Holy mother of fuck. While that's amazing its WAYYYY too expensive right now. Let's just go for Grave Silence and call it a day.

>> No.28205307

>>Hearstone Titan - Using a shadow or earth mana pool, 10 experience, and one half-ton raw adamantium ore, you can create a Heartstone Titan. These giant constructs are extremely powerful, and can be directed to follow simple orders and be piloted/ridden by allies. With Machina Loqui, you can program them to take more complex instructions and act autonomously. If they fall, they will begin to repair themselves, and unleash 10 repair golems to guard them while they do so. (10 exp, one-half ton adamantium, requires earth or shadow mana pool)
OH MY GOD GUYS. we need to make one and artifact it. Right. Fucking. Now.

>> No.28205308

>>Gravity Sphere:
>>(Alt 1) Create a powerful force that draws targets toward you from up to 100 yards away (5 mana)
>>(Alt 2) Manipulate the direction of gravity within a 10 yard radius (10 mana)
>>(Alt 3) Project a 20-yard sphere of force centered on your person that crushes and slows foes (15 mana)
>>Hearstone Titan - Using a shadow or earth mana pool, 10 experience, and one half-ton raw adamantium ore, you can create a Heartstone Titan. These giant constructs are extremely powerful, and can be directed to follow simple orders and be piloted/ridden by allies. With Machina Loqui, you can program them to take more complex instructions and act autonomously. If they fall, they will begin to repair themselves, and unleash 10 repair golems to guard them while they do so. (10 exp, one-half ton adamantium, requires earth or shadow mana pool)

Y'know what? Fuck every other tree. Earth fo lyfe. Switching from OI to TEAM GRAVITY

>> No.28205311

>>Gravity Sphere:
>>(Alt 1) Create a powerful force that draws targets toward you from up to 100 yards away (5 mana)
>>(Alt 2) Manipulate the direction of gravity within a 10 yard radius (10 mana)
>>(Alt 3) Project a 20-yard sphere of force centered on your person that crushes and slows foes (15 mana)
IS that all its uses or version we can get?

>> No.28205314




>A temporary defense, and then only if we're there at the time.
You're a dumbass who can't read.

>Totems hardwired to mana pools can last indefinitely. Old totems can be 'recharged' before they die for 4 mana.

So yeah, shadow totem = a shadow laser defense network around haven all for a day's work spitting them out, hardwiring them around, and letting our mana recharge.

>> No.28205319


>> No.28205322


You aren't going to want more versions of Gravity Sphere when you see what comes after it.

>> No.28205329

Where the fuck are we going to get literal tons of adamantium?

>> No.28205330

around and on top of uilding to, since they will/may be fighting angels

>> No.28205338



Voting against grave silence

>EXP Remaining: 12

WE TOLD YOU EARTH TREE = ROBOTS BUT NOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you faggots could have had it this entire time

>> No.28205339

Yeah I didn't read that part, but whatever really, you're going to get what you want because it's now something I want too.

>> No.28205340


>> No.28205343

Get Shadow Totem right fucking now.

>> No.28205346

RIP in peace team spirit

>> No.28205348



>> No.28205349


>> No.28205352

Why is gravity even an Earth tree skill? It's manipulating the fabric of the void. It should be Shadow Magic.

>> No.28205355

from that town.

buy ST

>> No.28205362

Shadow totem and summoning 2.

>> No.28205363

I had no other way to react SM, I could only use what you'd given me.

>> No.28205366

Voting for Ghost so we can get grave silence. People are just getting distracted by the shiny things we will never use.

>> No.28205370

Raw adamantium

maybe earth mages cant

>> No.28205376

My bad i meant to ask if those ALT meant that we can pick one of those or it can do all that.

>> No.28205378


>> No.28205384

Raw adamantium

maybe earth mages cant and it is purely shadow + earth

>Never use
not if i have anything to say about it.
we are making a mech. and we are artifacting it.

>> No.28205390

Oh than the mining town, though do you guys really want to spend 10xp for this?

>> No.28205391


Fuck you!

Shadow totem first!

Buy earth's gift next time we eat something

>> No.28205393


What if there's an upgraded version behind it? I agree we should definitely save an artifact for a giant robot though. We can give it to Flint.

>> No.28205401

buy ST to work towards MECH and set up a defense in and around haven

>> No.28205407

>the chance to make a titan and ARTIFACT it.

We can just sit back behind it and watch as it slays gods, and consume what remains fall from the sky like a Roomba.

>> No.28205409


>> No.28205411

When we make the giant fightan robot, we name it.


>> No.28205417


>> No.28205419

Lets not artifact it yet there might be something better after it, so is it now agreed that we visit city 01 and also upgrade our construct.

>> No.28205422

No, we name it.

Big. Robot.

>> No.28205427

>Oh than the mining town, though do you guys really want to spend 10xp for this?

Actually, what I'd really like to do is.....

well, we're going to Chosen Abigail already
So we should Tree Gift Earth Tree to her.

So.... the archon councilor in charge of the Air Defense Fleet gains something ~unique~ which is robot tech. This makes her indespensable to the entire city, and lets her surpass yi fang entirely.

So if we make a golem..... we let abigail steal the credit for it for political clout.

>I agree we should definitely save an artifact for a giant robot though. We can give it to Flint.
I don't think we should artifact it, though. As cool as a robot is, we need to save our TWO PERMANENT FOREVER uses for actually important shit.

>> No.28205432

I want to wait and see what it unlocks if it is so amazing first since artifacting it might be a waste.

>> No.28205437

Vote 1:
>Shadow Totem

Vote 2:
>don't buy Shadow Totem


>meanwhile, those comments in the quest thread general

If anyone is defending me in the QTG, while I appreciate your concern, you shouldn't waste your time. You're arguing with either a troll, an autist, or an ignorant person who's heard everything out of context. In any of these three cases, you're wasting your time.

If I have anything to say in the QTG, I'll say it myself.

>> No.28205441

Nah, give her the earth tree gift but lets keep our artifacted golem for us. she can create her own, she has the resources

>> No.28205443


>> No.28205444


>> No.28205448


>> No.28205450


>> No.28205451


>> No.28205453


>> No.28205456


>> No.28205458


>> No.28205461


>> No.28205463

>Nah, give her the earth tree gift but lets keep our artifacted golem for us. she can create her own, she has the resources

Yeah that's what I mean.

We make a regular golem, and let her steal the credit.

we can Artifact after the fact, and we want to artifact whatever's behind it anyway.

>> No.28205464


>> No.28205470

but she will be able to create her won golems

>> No.28205473


>> No.28205475


>> No.28205477


>> No.28205491 [DELETED] 


>> No.28205495

Though I do not support further Earth purchases I do support filling out the Chosen Tree.

>> No.28205500



>> No.28205501


cutting off votes

>> No.28205502


>> No.28205504

i like you, you tipped it for us

>> No.28205506

Artifact robot is plenty important. It would be powerful as fuck.

>> No.28205517


7 to 6, but shadow totem won out


>> No.28205518

that paticular vote does not count. Notice the space between the link and the 1

>> No.28205520

>Most of all other teams are dead anyway after this thread

>> No.28205526

yes, we shall artifact it if there is nothing artifactable after it

>> No.28205530

Nobody cares, you gigantic faggot.


>> No.28205537

>Hecate's and Geb's face when meeting the new eccentric Shadow Lord

>> No.28205539

How fast they forget how just plain op OI is:
>Order Immateria: Physical attacks cannot harm you. Physical attacks with a magical component do only their magical damage. Significant bonuses to Shadow Attack, Light Magic Resistance, Stealth, and Magical Stealth.

>> No.28205541

all these plebs not wanting a shadow defense network

>> No.28205549

almost all attacks of any sort of power are going to be magic based

>> No.28205552

So are we upgrading our construct?

>> No.28205556

I see your argument and raise you a giant robot, shadow turrets and gravity manipulation.

>> No.28205557

Shadow Defense Network can tongue my asshole.

Gravity a best.

>> No.28205559


There's no reason to jump the gun and artifact the robot when we don't know if there's a bigger robot behind us

and if you want an artifact robot, we should suborn/hack/jack and artifact the ancient dwarfish robot command-lord in city 001
They're the masters of robo-tech. Why make a robot when we can steal theirs?


But we're going to make a golem at some point. Its just guaranteed. There's no way we're NOT going to. Its just that simple. We ARE going to make a robot at some point.

And since that's pretty much 100% set in stone due to people clamoring for ARTIFACT GUNDAM, well.....

there is literally no downside to letting Abigail claim credit for being the Last Surviving Robosmith in Archon for something we're already doing.

Also, we're gonna need someone to help build us with it, because hahaha fuck shadowlogic in charge of design decisions
>roll 1, forget to put air in the cockpit.

>> No.28205566

yes. we upgrade it whenever we have bought a new upgrade and go back to haven. it is kind of a mini steward right now

>> No.28205567

how about stupid big monsters, plus our strongest and most love move DW isn't magic based.

>> No.28205578

We are in haven and we have MV now.

>> No.28205582

but it is kinda moot, because when we buy it, we will see what is behind it. then we will know if it is worth artifacting

>> No.28205587

1) With OI we never have to worry about Golems again. Or basic robots. Normal armies will be at our mercy as well as Demons who rely on physical power.
2) If we are relying on static defences Ala Golems and Turrets it means Haven is under attack. We don't want Haven to be under attack.

>> No.28205595


Consider this:

We're heading to war, forming giant political alliances, and at some point gonna stomp on demon lords in khan-abar.

Which power helps our allies the most, and makes our side win?

Order immateria or six hearthstone titans?
We can only be in one place at a time.

Our allies cover multiple bases.

We can carry golems in our Pocket

Why would we NOT want to be Shadow APC?

>> No.28205596

>plus our strongest and most love move DW
i personally hate DW. it is literally a move to take the players out of a fight. it does nothing more besides keep us from making decisions

>> No.28205607

We take the battle to the enemy instead of waiting for the enemy to attack us. Like we always have.

>> No.28205614

We aren't the only one in our army

>> No.28205617

>six hearthstone titans

It had not even occured to me that we could build more than one of them.


>> No.28205621


>Shadow Totem


Wisp - A shadowy wisp from the Nether. (2 base shadow attack). Costs 1 mana to summon, 1 mana per action. Never breaks your control; if you run out of mana, it will merely vanish. [Level 0, Shadow]

Flesh Golem - Summons a powerful flesh golem to the field, given ten corpses to work with. Highly regenerative. If defeated, splits into 10 ghouls that have no mana upkeep, but cannot regenerate. (10 physical attack, 4 shadow attack). Costs 20 mana to summon, 5 mana per action. [Level 5, Shadow]

EXP Remaining: 2


And with that, I'm done. Think about what you want to do.

I may not run tomorrow night, but I'll post on the twitter with an update when I get out of work. Depends on energy level.

Guess we revealed some more awesome stuff today.

Later peeps.

>> No.28205625

>six hearthstone titans
Wasting 60xp and most of havens money is not a great plan anon, plus there is the wait for transporting the material to haven if we want those golems in a timely matter we would have to order them now and save up 85 xp.

>> No.28205631

>Flesh Golem
We're NEVER purchasing that.


>> No.28205634

Get summoning.

>> No.28205644


ah, wisp got thrown in there because I couldn't remember how I'd typed the summon abilities and was using it as a template. obviously you've had it all along just as it is


>> No.28205646

or we could go steal from the ringed city with our pocket

>> No.28205650

Don't be tempted away from the correct path, true believers. Flesh Golem is a trap, designed by the hated followers of the summoning tree to lure you in, when Heartstone Titan is so close.

>> No.28205657

>plus there is the wait for transporting the material to haven if we want those golems in a timely matter

You're talking about LOGISTICS to SHADOW, the lord of teleportals and pockets of holding?

We're the one in the biggest position to go 'fuck logistics' on the entire planet!


>> No.28205662

We might if we've bought nearly everything else and we need it to complete the shadow magic tree for its bonus.

>> No.28205666

I doubt they have that much Metal and that is asking for trouble and ending the reason you want the golems in the first place.

>> No.28205670

We shall just ambush caravans running between that adamantium mine and the light place. since they have to transport it by ground now

>> No.28205679

If you guys seriously want to get the Earth Tree in its entirity we should go down into Terun Gakth or up to Xile and eat EVERYTHING!

>> No.28205680

There's a decent chance we can unlock some sort of "generate or transmute metals" in the Earth tree somewhere guys.

>> No.28205685

stealing =/= defeating

>mad dash to the shipment
>touch it
>pocket it
>teleport out

>> No.28205688

>When we make the giant fightan robot, we name it.
>No, we name it.
>Big. Robot.

There are only two names possible for this thing

Mister Robot.

>> No.28205697

That doesn't solve problem there since the amount needed to make six is ridiculous and that doesn't factor in the cost, plus we need it for the gravity party.

>> No.28205704

we need to visit Citty 002 anyway. lets go there and eat everything in our way

>> No.28205706

So we're going to city 001/002 now?
Or are we setting up the meeting with Fang and BL-Melody first?

>> No.28205707


>> No.28205715

>>pocket it
Do we have enough room and time to do that?

>> No.28205724

what cost? we are going to steal it.

pocket is intstant. 1000lbs of metal isn't that big

>> No.28205727

Set up meeting with melody and while they plan go after city 001 and after that try to get elves as allies as well.
So how many demon lord are out right now?

>> No.28205728

I thought we were going to deal with the BL/Melody thing and assassinate one of the Demon Lords for EXP and preventing the Pentarch progress?

>> No.28205730

81 cubic feet. Do da math!

>> No.28205733

Night SM, just wanna say, awesome thread tonight. Thanks as always. Seems like thread quality is rapidly improving. Not a lot of arguing/trolling, good rolls, good decisions, fun to be had for everyone.

>> No.28205743

i cannot tell if that is approving or not

>> No.28205746

>That doesn't solve problem there since the amount needed to make six is ridiculous and that doesn't factor in the cost, plus we need it for the gravity party.

I was using the Six Gundams as an example of Opportunity Cost of OI, anon.

Opportunity cost is a thing


We could/should try asking first.

That adamantium mine town is owned by a trio of people who know its too important to risk losing.

But if our Alliance pays off, we may just be able to take ownership of it.

>> No.28205751

Hmm, speaking of City 002 we've actually faced a Titan in combat. Remember that? We gave its core to Steward.

>> No.28205762


whose going to stop us caravan guards?


>> No.28205769

Was that actually a Titan? I didnt think so.

>> No.28205771

We don't steal it from the town. we ambush the shipment on the way to the ringed city

>> No.28205781


Thats why i'm saying we shouldn't servant ours immediately

Titans are powerful but not infalliable.

Its not worth it to artifact one when a) there's a bigger golem behind it and b) when we can make another one instead of one powerful artifact

>> No.28205792

It was it even had the golems.

>> No.28205805

>we ambush the shipment on the way to the ringed city

Its more likely that they use their Teleporting Airships to transport such a valuable high-risk shipment instantly.

Though given the loss of the noiralev, they may have toned it down some

>> No.28205813

we actually ate the core after Steward noped the fuck outta there.

we will find out if there is a bigger golem behind it after we buy it. and artifacting makes shit immensely better.

>> No.28205815

matches the description, Large, with repair bots.

>> No.28205837

you means the ones we destroyed and stole?

they only had 2

>> No.28205839

Hm. Probably a power behind it to make bots like the Dynamo Ninja we fought before Xile then.

>> No.28205850

>artifacting makes shit immensely better.
Nope on artifacting i'm already letting you guys trying to make one, but making 6 or even artifacting is plain stupid.

>> No.28205853

maybe, or just dynamo making

>> No.28205871

obviously not 6

but do you have a better idea for the next artifact?

i say we artifact haven after we do some serious fortressy upgrades. that along with MECH and SHIP would make 3

>> No.28205879

Gotta save it for our teams weaponry.

>> No.28205881


I still don't think we should waste artifacting.

We're gonna need to save at least ONE instance of artifact to fix the power seal breach and enact Plan Balance Venia's Mana Flows though.

There's no *reason* to waste our two-of-a-kind ability like that, especially since we haven't even USED our artifact airship for anything yet.
There's just no need to rush in and waste it.

If we make an Artifact, we want to to fulfill a Function, and do something so profound it leaves our legacy to stand through the ages.
Not just being cool.

Anyway, artifacting DOES let us make extra special cool stuff.

So if we're going to reluctantly be forced to artifact a robot by team gundam, then.....
..... we want to get one blown up first in the demon lord war.

That way we can use our artifacting to make Mark Two and cover better in specific ways to shore up weaknesses

>> No.28205882

save what?

>> No.28205884

Now your just trolling.

>> No.28205896

>Artifact Haven
>Someone touches the control panel
>They type in "password"

>> No.28205899

>i say we artifact haven after we do some serious fortressy upgrades. that along with MECH and SHIP would make 3


Sm was ~explicitly warning us~ we only ~get three uses FOREVER, no matter what.

If its not an artifact with world-shattering implications - like, oh, Fixing The Seal Breach for GOOD - then we don't use it. Period.

Rule of Cooling the airship is what got us that warning - and its nearly a direct quote - in the first place

>> No.28205902

So are you the robot party or the gravity well party?

>> No.28205921

>Fixing The Seal Breach
you know to actually achieve Balance we are going to have to set them free and convince them to stop being dickasses. or kill them and allow new ones to from and teach them to not be dickasses

>> No.28205931

As well as visit our home in the void to see what's up there.

>> No.28205932

we didn't "rule of cool" the airship. we did it because it was about to be ripped apart

>> No.28205936


>> No.28205937


I'm the original Earth Tree party.

I don't see why we can't do both.

The best thing we can do is enlist help building our golems, because we can teach others and there is a way to substitute XP with hard work.

After all, the mortal mages who don't cast magic like we do made an entire civilization of machines. That's not an undertaking you can... just afford to pay xp for.

So finding a way to subsidize and reduce golem construction costs now that we know how is a good thing.

Actually, i was thinking if we're ever in a position to conduct/direct/change the course of venia's manaflow (like erebus once was), a mixture of Earth, Shadow, and Artifact to.... set up an entire regulation system for the place might be a way to actually accomplish our goal.

Essentially, a system to monitor and nullify chaos and order energies to prevent chaos spiral.

>> No.28205954


Exactly. There was a NEED for it.

There isn't for this robot.

People demanding to artifact it are just doing so because its a crutch for creativity. Instead, they should be coming up with ways to make the golem new and innovative since we have control over its looks and aesthetics.

>> No.28205961

because Gravity well has an amazing power after it and it self is a great power.

>> No.28205963

so maybe we should save an artifact for late game stuff.

i say we head to city 001/002 now and leave auriel to deal with shit here

>> No.28205967

Let's give each robot JEW hats!

>> No.28205981

That is the plan is to go melody first and then go to city 001.
Though looks like some people might want to go exp grinding by killing a demon lord or going to exile.

>> No.28205988

i suggest artifact so that we don't GET INTO THOSE SITUATIONS IN THE FIRST PLACE. you don't wait until you are about to die before defending your self

>> No.28205994

>so maybe we should save an artifact for late game stuff.


SM told us that the New Plotberg and The Deal are coming up soon.

Keep that in mind.

>> No.28206003

The EXP grind of killing a demon is less about that in of itself and more killing two birds with one stone. Slowing down the Pentarch is important, and SM will punish us if we shirk our responsibilities to run off and grind a dungeon for EXP heedlessly.

>> No.28206006

why go to melody? the most we coudl do is set up a meeting between fang/her but that could get out of hand.

we can go xp grinding in city 001/002 and be doing PLOT at the same time.

>> No.28206025

City 001 and City 002 are not pointless. That problem has waited long enough and we are asking for a surprise attack

>> No.28206045

I didn't say anywhere in there that the cities were pointless. But people were implying that running off to exp grind a dungeon was more important that reigning in the encroaching plot consequences.

>> No.28206047


Artifacting a robot is so unoriginal tho.

its just... bland.
There's no reason to make an artifact robot when we can make two robots.
"its like a robot but better!" is also solved by just.... making better robots and improving designs.

Artifacting a new shard is possible
Mana Control System is potentially possible
Fixing seal system is possible (but may not require an Artifact as has been hinted)

Plus..... this
>so maybe we should save an artifact for late game stuff.

We've been letting that go for FAR too long.
I pointed this out threads ago, but there's already 5+ demons in the world since they are summoning them as fast as possible and we keep on not doing anything about it.

We need to spend a session teleporting over there and wrecking shit with erasure, eating armies to fuel titan, and just generally upshowing the angels who are supposed to be dealing with Evil Threats so a pentarch doens't happen.

>> No.28206064

>if a meeting between fang/her but that could get out of hand.

If a meeting between her and fang can get out of hand, it's best it gets out of hand while we can resolve it easily; not during the war council. There's also tons of other reasons, most were covered at the start of the previous thread.

>> No.28206068

i don't think that they have that many. a few days ago they only had 2. i has been like a week since we saved Veliks ass.

>> No.28206069

Updated the Earth Propaganda

>> No.28206078

>i don't think that they have that many. a few days ago they only had 2. i has been like a week since we saved Veliks ass.

Oh my god please stop posting and reread the threads.

>> No.28206079

but at the war council they will put their personal shit aside and care about their countries. and abby will be there to remind Fang that he isn't the same anymore

>> No.28206089

Those are insufficient excuses for the risks and benefits that having them meet provides.

Start here;
and go from there.

>> No.28206097

not him but they should have 4 right.(or used and now have 3).

>> No.28206121

please point out to me where s signifacant amount of time has passed.

settling our shard shit took a few hours
meditating took a day
visiting wrath + BL took a few hours
this has taken a few hours

was us saving him before or after xile?

>> No.28206131

Definitely before dude.

>> No.28206133

Could we use
>(Alt 3) Project a 20-yard sphere of force centered on your person that crushes and slows foes (15 mana)

in reverse so I lifts people up into the air for SkySever to fuck up?

>> No.28206135

when did it say that?

before we said that they had summoned a total of three and we killed one. and that they were working on the third

what thread.

Xile took us like a week max

>> No.28206142

It's more an issue of assumption, of thinking that we rescued Vellik only a week ago.

It was much longer, it was right before the archonium and xile followed shortly afterwards.

>> No.28206149


That would really only work on Xile where SkySever fucks shit up almost immediately but I don't see why not.

>> No.28206150

Shadow Quest 46, The shadow returns to Evinbrook.

>> No.28206152

A month has passed and it was confirmed a 3rd was made, but we don't know if a 4th was made yet.

>> No.28206164

getting obis took less than a day
how long were we in the archonium?

>> No.28206171

>i don't think that they have that many. a few days ago they only had 2. i has been like a week since we saved Veliks ass.

We attacked 1 in the incident that auriel lost her wings at
weeeks pass
we finally check in on khan-abar afer months of putting it off
two demon lords and giant armies have walked across the continent cutting a bloody swath on an offensive campaign this entire time and we show up just at the END of it.
Its heavily implied that they just keep summoning them when we're warned about the pentarch in the first place (we were also told to target their summoners, which were probably safe in... some other place i think. )
They didn't stop summoning lords forth while the original two were walking their armies around
they can summon two at a time
it takes a few weeks
we've been putting off attacking the demon lords for arc upon arc upon arc upon arc. from before THE ARCHONIUM even.
realizing we only killed ONE lord when auriel lost her powers - leaving one unaccounted for if they can, indeed, summon two at once.

2-1(auriel)+2(fucking up khan abar) +2(that were summoned while we're dicking about ignoring the problem) = 5 demon lords in the world at once. All they have to do is meet up and shit begins.
(the other possibility is that they finished summoning the last two, send them off to reinforce their armies on the way to crush their next target, and started summoning two MORE - leaving 4-7 in the world depending on how many there were to start.)

You know what would fucking suck?

If we stomp out two demon lords and they've summoned enough that there's still 5 anyway.

We need to stop this BEFORE we waste a bunch of time with political talks of alliances.
You know what they're gonna be doing while we're consolidating power?
Forming a pentarch.

>> No.28206176

when was that confirmed?

>> No.28206190

it was implied by SM that they already had a total of 3 before attacking Evinbrook and the 1 was just a vanguard

>> No.28206201

>please point out to me where s signifacant amount of time has passed.

>we've been putting off attacking the demon lords for arc upon arc upon arc upon arc. from before THE ARCHONIUM even.

Several days adding up and up and up and sleeping in with abby, and boat trips where we met that water captain mcdickface and xile and mediating in haven.

Every time we meditate a day passes at least.

I'd give even money that.... About Three Weeks have passed since we got OMG PENTARCH WARNING.

We've been putting it of a long time. a long long long time.

>> No.28206210

the time was confirmed last thread,and the one we killed was just the van guard so they have enough time to make at least 1 more demon lord and could be working on a 4th.(5 being too much for a elemental lord to handle.)

>> No.28206211

dont know where you think they had 2 in that battle. but there was 1 and we killed it.
2(fucking up khan abar)
they were already summoned but yeah they are there.
2(that were summoned while we're dicking about ignoring the problem)
i have no idea how you are coming up with this. no proof has been stated for that

>> No.28206218

2 or 3 weeks since Xile.

Months since we rescued the Duke.
Haven't you noticed it became winter from autumn? This is all very clearly outlined if you read all of SM's posts.

>> No.28206219


does anyone here think we could Gank a demon lord or two while no one is looking to buy ourselves some more time?

>> No.28206253

>Gank a demon lord or two
1 was more than enough to almost kill the 5th strongest angel and we had a hard time with an almost dead angel that was second in command.

>> No.28206270

Sorry some text was lost.
1 was more than enough to almost kill the 5th strongest angel which means that they are at least at the level of 4 or 3 and we can't forget we had a hard time with an almost dead angel that was the 2nd strongest.

>> No.28206274

yeah we could.

you can't just casaually summone domon lords. and you have no idea how long it took them to summon those first three, it could have been years, since obis was hiding out for 2 years. it takes A LOT OF TIME, MAGIC, AND ENERGY to summon a demon lord. things they can't really spare right now. though it won't suprise me if they summon 1 more by the end of winter making it 3 or 4.

there is a reason why Fang and Auriel and Sandalthong and Arland haven't attacked them already. if they thought it was that urgent then they would all have mobilized troops

>> No.28206281

>dont know where you think they had 2 in that battle. but there was 1 and we killed it.
>2(fucking up khan abar)
>they were already summoned but yeah they are there.
>2(that were summoned while we're dicking about ignoring the problem)
>i have no idea how you are coming up with this. no proof has been stated for that

I'm assuming that they summoned up the Two Demon Lords CURRENTLY rampaging khan-abar at the same time, right?
You dig that?

So if they can summon two at a time
and we only killed one
that means they only sent one
and there's one unaccounted for (likely protecting its summoner)

and the two demon lords in khan abar?
They weren't just in it.
They were at the castle, the final bastion of defense
They spent all this time getting to the castle
the summoner wasn't idle after sending his pets to attack
that same time was spent doing more summoning

Its not too hard to follow.

That uncertainty is why the guess is 4-7.

Given the timeframe, I think its 5 currently with the two more about to be finished soon.

Which means we need to take THREE down.

>> No.28206284

We could almost 1v1 it before and we have advance immesurably since then.

>> No.28206290

this is literally the dumbest person i have ever seen on /tg/

>> No.28206292

>We could almost 1v1 it before

Uhh... don't know if you read the same battle I did. We ended up getting saved by Flint. But yeah, we are a lot more powerful than we once were before.

>> No.28206299

>you have no idea how long it took
It was confirmed that summoning demon lords become faster the more there are out there, so if 1 takes a 1 year then the next would take less time so in 2 years they made 3 demon lords.
So it is reasonable to believe they are working on a 4TH DEMON LORD RIGHT NOW.

>> No.28206308

>you can't just casaually summon domon lords.

I KNOW, anon! I KNOW.

I'm not generalizing here.

ready for me to blow your mind?
The time between Auriel Losing Her Magic and the Trip To Khan-Abar is the timeframe it takes to summon an uncertain amount of demon lords.(at least one, MAYBE two)

Its not casual
It takes weeks/months of preperation and execution
But it doesn't take years.

But we do know nulis is shitting them out as fast as possible

And since we have a timeframe, we can do math.

>> No.28206315

We can take 1 on now and it could be a tough battle but taking 2 at the same time is asking for trouble.

>> No.28206319

can you not understand the concept of summoning things 1 at at time and having them work together? or consolidating your forces before attacking?

SM implied that they spent the 2 years since obis got kicked out strengthening their forces and summoning demons. so it took them 1.5-2 years to summon 3. we killed 1. they may have summoned another since then leaving them at 3 max. with a 4 far down the line.

>> No.28206329

we could 1v1 one. and take out his minions. but not 2

>> No.28206334

>4 far down the line
Not that far since it was also confirmed that the more demon lords you summon the faster you can pop them out.
so i say the 4th isn't as far away as you think.

>> No.28206335

...So where exactly did we learn that Kan-Abar definitive goal was summoning five demon lords?

>> No.28206343

it was kinda hard to judge strength in that battle with all the enemies/allies flying around and us being so incredibly weak compared to now. honestly we only had speed and we bought Shiva halfway through the battle

>> No.28206348

what do you think our power ranking is any way?
Aurial was the 5 strongest angel and got her ass whooped by 1 demon lord.

>> No.28206353

so 4th in the spring seems reasonable

>> No.28206358

i would say we recently hit God-tier. but the weakest of the god-tier.

>> No.28206360

We got lucky and we are using Aurial as a scale and she got beaten pretty bad.
And one more soon after if all 4 of them work together on it.

>> No.28206368

I was thinking maybe 3 rd on the angel power ranking scale definitely 4th.

>> No.28206376

She was tieing it for a looong time. so i would say 4th ranked would beat it and Lucy, Meta, and Sandals would have a win.

i would say summoning No. 5 would take no less than a month

>> No.28206377

It was confirmed a long time ago.

>> No.28206378

>It was confirmed that summoning demon lords become faster the more there are out there

Ah, hell, really?
Fuck. Where was this?

It make sense, tho. A pentarch is a bunch of demon lords sogging their collective reality-breaking weight on the fabric of reality until they become self-sufficient and unhinged from their creators, entirely selfwilled and self directed.
All it takes is Sufficient Mass.
So it makes sense the more there are, the weaker the walls get.

>We can take 1 on now and it could be a tough battle but taking 2 at the same time is asking for trouble.
> fight demon lord made of pure imagination magic
>not using erasure after eating their armies for fuel

>can you not understand the concept of summoning things 1 at at time and having them work together? or consolidating your forces before attacking?
Why are you assuming that nulis is the only one that can summon demons?
Where there is a master, there is an apprentice.....

>can you not understand the concept of summoning things 1 at at time and having them work together

That's a good point.
If they can summon two at once, then the unaccounted for one is probably helping nulis summon MORE.
The one urging him into inadvertently creating a pentarch

We didn't. Our allies who were alive during the elemtarchy went OH SHIT.
What we DO know is that the people summoning the demons are summoning them as fast as possible, as recklessly as possible as a military force - and probably don't even know a pentarch is a possibility since its 700 years after the last one was even attempted.

Your timeframe is wrong. First Demon Lord incident to Second Demon Lord = time for 2 more lords.
Plus the acceleration from having multiple lords.

So i'd say 5.5 in the spring is a better estimate

>> No.28206384

nah, we could have taken Lucy 1v1 back then. and we're stronger now. there was a reason he didn't fight or ambush us.

>> No.28206397

>i would say summoning No. 5 would take no less than a month

My guess was that a demon lord summoning takes about.... 3-4 weeks, once nulis figured his shit out summoning lesser demons, help/funding/influence/support once his nation realized how powerful it was and threw resources at a demon summoning ritual facility/sacrifices/material components and getting people/another lord to help him with the mystical ordeal.....
Plus Multiple Lord Acceleration factor?

I'd say three weeks for a demon lord is right.

Its a good fucking thing we got teleportation when we need.

>> No.28206406

All of you are talking about Nulis... even though we already know it's Kullia who is in charge.

>> No.28206412

>Your timeframe is wrong. First Demon Lord incident to Second Demon Lord = time for 2 more lords.
SM implied that they already had 3 before attacking at all. there is no way that they could summon 2 Demon lords in less than a month.

i seriously doubt he has a demon lord and doesn't have it supporting his forces.

>> No.28206413

>nah, we could have taken Lucy 1v1
you really believe this?
Go back and read those threads again the reason he didn't kill us was because he needed a way off the island.

>> No.28206423

no implied confirmed, he said that demon lord was the vanguard and that they already had two in their main force.

>> No.28206438

no. he wasn't doing so great against that shitty golembot.

there is just no way that 1 strong mage can go and create a being that rivals an elemental lord in less than 6 months. or some wacko would have done it already in has basemnet and kept them in all down with him helping him.

thank you, i was just hesisitant because i was unsure where he confirmed it. i just know it was in some meta

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