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How do you visualize the game?
During what games do you have differant "styles"?
It's doesn't matter what style you do but please share

Modern Anime?
Gritty Greywashed?
1990's Disney?

First Person or Third?

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When I played Rouge Trader I see as the same style as Return of the Jedi

I loved that game

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CGI, mostly. Like a cutscene from Devil May Cry 4.

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Is there any better way to imagine AD&D and retroclones?

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>like a cutscene from DMC4

Urgh. Your tastes, man. Your tastes.

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Don't judge man, he can image as he pleases

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Comic book style, fitting for 3.5

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Like a cutscene or a movie scene as far as camera goes, but pretty "realistic" appearance, even if somewhat blurry like a dream

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Current weird urban fantasy campaign - like this. The good thing - PCs fit perfectly in this style.

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Like that old animated Hobbit movie, with bits of LoZ Wind Waker thrown in. Very polarized lighting. At least for my current campaign.
In the past it's ranged from live action to comic book to my first game which I just imagined looking like the pictures in the rule book.

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You. I like you.

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I dunno, kind of a stylized animated sort of thing. Not like way out there, but kind of heroic scale shit.

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My imagination runs on 100% Frank Frazetta.

Well, okay. 99% Frank Frazetta, 1% Erol Otus.

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File related
>tfw no game

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A weird mix of CGI and live action
Space Jam style

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1990's American "serious" cartoons. (So, not things like the Animaniacs or Looney.)
Also the same for books.

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The Last Unicorn mixed with the D&D animated show. Soundtrack is usually pipes and acoustic guitar, with inserts from Blind Guardian and King Crimson.

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Serious cartoons in the 1900s?
The only thing I can think of in that Era is Bonkers, Darkwing Duck, The Tick and Freakazoid

Do you mean like Gargoyles?

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I meant the drawing style, something where characters were well proportioned (or close to) and actually looked humans, not the wonky shit. Like MIB or Batman.

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I visualize everything in pretty much exclusively 80s style anime, it's hard not to when it's been my most watched media since I was a kid.

Pic related.

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Usually I imagine things in the same style as that Disney version of Robin Hood. I don't imagine the people as animals, I just imagine everything in that animation style. The variety of color in between bright and faded as well as that special look old animation had, I love it.

Coincidentally when I read books I often imagine things like this or in boring real life colors, but I have like a cast of imaginary 'actors' portraying characters. It makes new characters seem a little more familiar, because that same appearance and voice gets recycled but for a new character.
I don't know, it's weird but I love it

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>dat era
What games do you play

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For my character and major NPCs I like to use actors

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kind like this
first person

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good man
capcha: cannot erdest

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3 was a better game, but 4 had better graphics. We're talking about imagery, here.

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I visualize it the correct way.

Others visualize it the incorrect way.

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This is a subject incredibly close to my heart. A few years ago me and a friend started discussing the different ways we visualize things and it was the first time I realized how utterly differently peoples' inner-eye (And ear, for that matter) can be. So I began asking lots of people how their imagination works and I've always gotten such interesting answers. So this thread is right up my alley.

For me, everything is powerfully visual. Photorealistic to the point where if I have to imagine really fantastical stuff like dragons and magic, it's like I have a multimillion dollar Hollywood CGI studio in my head. Incredible architecture and biological forms and costumes all spun up on the fly.

However, the thing I never realized until I started trading mental noted with my friend is my imagination is by and large silent. It's like the audio portion of my brain is broken. I can't remember songs, peoples' voices or really any sound when I try to conjure them up. If I do imagine noises, it's more of an awareness that I know what those sounds are than actually internally hearing them (Like my subconscious narrates "Dragon's roar" or "Swords clashing" and my brain is like "Yeah, good enough"). This is actually true for all senses when I'm imagining them, save for visual. My imagination is a lot like "watching" a movie, with no sound, smells or feelings.

My friend I initially compared minds to has a much more balanced system, which he describes as using all the senses about equally, which is very foreign to me. To the point where he empathetically "feels" things in the narrative. If you describe an environment or taking a blow well enough, he'll mentally have a sense of hot or cold, wet or dry, pain or pleasure. Compared to my "movie screen" style.

Since I obviously love differing mentalities discussions, if anyone hasn't watched Richard Feynman's "Fun to Imagine" series, it's a very fascinating look into this kind of subject https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj4y0EUlU-Y

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All kinds. D&D, Gurps, thinking about doing WoD.
We do traditional fanatasy, sword and sorcery, Dark Heresy, etc

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Is the Bruce Campbell?

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Brief scenes that are generally a visual of the location with vague visual impressions of what is happening, sometimes incredibly detailed still shots. I've got a great visual imagination, but my attention span is too small for me to get a clear image for longer than a split second.
My auditory imagination is much stronger and can hold for much longer.
Honestly, this lines up pretty well with how much I use my senses normally. I've got a better memory for sounds than I do with visuals, in that I don't tend to look at people and have a hard time with faces, but can identify people by voice alone.

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I watched that film recently.

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I spend a lot of time writing, so whilst I mostly 'see' in photo realistic visuals, I usually tend to involve other aspects, like the sounds and the sensations, hot and cold, joy and sorrow, pain and shock. Likely because I have been consciously trying to include more than just visual information in my writing for years.

Oddly, smell comes into it a lot for me, which might be because I've got an awful sense of smell myself, I literally cannot smell anything, but when my character walks into a feasting hall, I can smell the sucking pig roasting on the spit, taste the bitter ales and rich wines, the smoke from the chagga pipes, the air rich and heavy from it all.

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Rogue Trader games similar to Matrix/Dredd with added bullet time/360-degree freezeframe shots for when awesome stuff happens and a bit of battlestar galactica/star wars style close-ups of ship-to-ship battles

Dark Heresy i visualize as Sin City cranked up to 11, grey/dark-color scale with a few blotches of bright color.

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That's funny. My mind works very much like yours. my visual imagination is top notch but comes up short when it comes to sounds and the like.

Smells i can somewhat imagine if i can associate it to something i have smelled before. Like a Otygh's sewer-like stench i associate to the smell of an old privy and compost left in the hot sun.

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I don't really visualise the games I play.

Am I- am I autistic, /tg/?

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Same here. It's just thoughts for me without any sort of senses, whether that be visual or auditory or whatever.

I think our imaginations are broken anon.

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>goats get -1 on climbing checks
but they live on mountains

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That's a subtraction from the necessary success roll. So a usual climbing roll would need six, and with a goat, you'd only need five.

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oh, my bad

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Better that you ask instead of just keeping it to yourself and thinking that certain people can't make a proper game system.

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Probably the exact opposite, actually

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no it's not, in the game a roll OVER five is a success, so a -1 is in fact a penalty, and the passive explicitly states that it's applied to a roll

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You're right that a roll over 5 is a success. But what 'Min -1' means is that the minimal roll for a successful climbing or agility roll goes down one.
So if you need to dodge, which is considered an agility roll, where the regular minimum would be a 6, would be a 5 for a goat because of the racial skill. Does that help?

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Fucking awesome movie, OP. I actually think of a lot of medieval games as Adventures of Robin Hood because I watched it over and over again as a child.

>dat entrance with the deer carcass

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but the entry for crystal ponies describes describes +1 as a bonus, and -1 as a penalty. So either it's a penalty, or they changed how bonuses and penalties are described for that one race.

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It inspired my bard
He's more or less Errol Flynn but more Hispanic and sweaty

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Kinda the style of anime from the game "Kathrine"

also that movie kicks ass

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Yes, the -1 in that case is a penalty, but that's not prefaced with 'Min.' So what is affected is the actual roll, while the goat's racial ability affects the minimal success roll. Does that help?
I recently watched The Mark of Zorro, it was great. Have you seen it?

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Okay I guess you're right, but why not give it +1 bonus for those skills? It accomplishes the same thing statistically, and it's wording is consistent with everything else. Also I'm not trying to shit on the game, that was just honestly confusing.

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Unfortunately no, but I'll defiantly check it out

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I suppose in the case of a -1 modifier as a result of a status, it helps, and the range of failure is still lowered. I know one of the developers, I can ask. Like I said earlier, it's best to ask instead of just keeping it in.
It's great, like I said, I'd love to run a game similar to it.
You mean definitely, right? I don't want to force you to watch it.

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i'm currently playing Paranoia; I visualize the world as postmodern 80s-Tech, with enormous buildings all throughout, hallways-a-plenty & many secret passages inbetween. When I watched Akira I realized that Neo-Tokyo was exactly how I had envisioned Alpha Complex.

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>barbarian strikes a pose while watching his friend get stabbed in the back
>unarmed bitch in the corner

0/10 would not be a member of that party

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Kathrine > Cathrine

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Western Cartoon really

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