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>this is how I Amazon Princess

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This is how I rogue

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This is how I familiar

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This is how I cleric

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This is how I magic item

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This is how I rogue

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This is how I sorcerer

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So, generically without character or personality to speak of?

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This is how I BBEG in disguise of helpful NPC.

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This is how I fighter.

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This is how I BBEG

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This is how I Paladin

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This is how I mysterious and slightly dangerous Barbarian Prince with a dark past.

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this is how i wizard

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And a dick bong.

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You can clearly see he's struggling not to giggle.

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This is how I heresy

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This is how we 4chan

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Someone call a medic, I cut myself on all those edges

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The patient has received severe burns from >>28136178
I recommend wrapping the wound in a sterile bandage.

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This is how I Amazon Princess.

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This is how I wizard.

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This is how I mad scientist.

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This is how I secret police.

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This is how I monk

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This is how I CoC investigator.

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>That image
I know where it is from.
If anybody asks, I'll link it.

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Please, it's old as balls. Everyome and their mother has played it by now.

This is how I familiar.

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Do it

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I could watch this gif forever.

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I quite enjoy this part. Absolutely no idea what is going on, though.

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This is how I Halfling.

Infact basig a character off him in Dark Sun, he's part of an urban tribe of Halflings banished from Forest Ridge long ago. He's found a home in Raam where he acts as "rat catcher" but really uses the rats to spy. He's taken to liking nice things but the effect wears off and he sells the stuff for rare meats. Especially the covetted long meat, which is often sold when someone dies in the city and no family to claim the body. He doesn't hunt for this meat himself for it would be too much trouble. Despite being "Unclean" he has one the nicest apartments.

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Crazy exposition that everybody keeps failing their will save on to not be fascinated/paralyzed/stunned/etc.

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What is the AC on that thing?

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It's Hammertime, of course.

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This is how I psyker

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This is how I Giant

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Honestly, she's explaining that the chick in the black has better tits than the chick in the white and everyone in her family saw it and agree. Atleast I think its that one. Mako has a bunch of scenes like that. She's pretty awesome.

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If the cleric were Lawful Evil.

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I was just about to give myself to Slannesh. Thank you based Inquisition for saving me.

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This is how I magic Missile.

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this is how i special mount
yes it's a tank, it's supposed to be a tiger ii
also, tabitha is best girl

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I dunno bro. Does she even lift?

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Fuck you Imperium of Man

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I lift her.

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Zero No Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero)

It drags on pretty hard after the second season but it starts off kinda okay.

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familiar of zero/zero no tsukaima

read the light novel instead of watching the anime. the anime adaption was butchered, and i'm not just saying that as some sort of "anime is always worse" guy. the anime is out of order, many touching/character developing moments are cut to add more explosions and girl parts, and lots of material (including all of novel 8 except for a small fight scene) is outright cut. only problem is that since the author died the last 2 novels will probably never be released


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This is how I magic missile.

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This is how I slide from Chaotic Good to Neutral Evil

at least I hope that's what happens

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I don't get it.

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Korra is a poorly written series. Nice music and setting though

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>The author died

How? Please tell me it wasn't an insane fan.

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I think it was cancer.

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cancer. he started getting better for a while but ended up dieing anyways. i'm told (since i can't read moon) that his twitter had him apologizing to his fans that he couldn't get the last two books out.
i still hold out hope that whatever notes he had end up getting released, since he was supposed to have them planned out already

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That's so cute...

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thats how I Diplomacy

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This is how I spend my life.

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It looks like she's holding the item in her vagina.

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*terror intensifies*

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The outfit is super-skimpy on purpose.
Also sentient.

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Welp I'm rewatching 1 and 2 now.

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This is how I escape.

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Funny, thats how I veteran ranger.

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>this chick ten minutes later

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>>this chick ten minutes later
more like...

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This is how I Slaaneshi Chaos Lord.

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That's really weird considering that's how I barbarian.

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still better than being a nigga wi $17

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This is how I Doppleganger.

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