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so tg why do you love/hate the tau?

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they just make sense to me.

why melee when you have guns?

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I'm okay with them, because they're less nice and more developed than in the previous codices.

But I don't love them.

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Because they are the only genuine force of good left in the galaxy. This galaxy's last hope.

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Because it's badass and why cling to life if not to keep being badass?

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Because your melee weapon is much stronger than your gun and tears through your enemy's armor, and is more likely to hit.

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I love/hate Tau because they are/aren't OP.

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>genuine force of good
they aren't
not by a long stretch.
They're neither genuine nor good.

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Not getting killed is pretty badass too

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They are only good if you agree with the Greater Good, otherwise they can be downright evil.

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Very funny, traitor scum.

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Because I once read a Kroot rapefic and it got me so hot.

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I beg to differ.

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Only in melee.

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Even if you agree with the Greater Good, they're doing it wrong.

Ask Farsight.

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>Defends Tau
>Posts Farsight, who rejects the Greater Good

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By that logic, the Imperium is one of the most peaceful and idyllic places to live anywhere because the ultrasmurfs exist.

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Read the fucking supplement, it's precisely because he believes in the Greater Good that he rejected the Empire's rule.

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>Unwilling back massage

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Farsight is TAU and he fights for his version of the Greater Good.

He and warriors are good guys without a single doubt.

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He isn't part of the Empire, bro.

Worse, it'd be because radical inquisitors exist.

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>He isn't part of the Empire, bro.

The thread didn't say only the Tau Empire. It said just Tau.

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If self-sacrifice for your people can be considered good.
By which standard the Imperium is the best, since millions of Imperial citizens sacrifice themselves for it every day.

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Though naive, they are the last hope in a galaxy of the dead and dying.
As the Tyranids consume, the Chaos Lords destroy, Orks swarm, and the Corpse King decays, they stand a rising force willing to fight with and for the galaxy.
For the greater good

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with a picture of a guy from the Empire, meaning that it meant "the tau empire codex". Ask OP.

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i like how the tau use modern military tactics, better weapons and diplomacy in a universe where everyone else is still hitting each others with pointy sticks

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I don't love the Tau because of the Tau Empire.

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>oppression and tyranny on a galactic scale

The Imperium crushes the hope of its people and tortures and sacrifices them for endless war. It's not a force of good.

It does serve the people, it serves itself.

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Utterly wrong, they decided to stop tampering with the Warp, meaning that if they managed to rule over the galaxy, they would either have to kill everybody that isn't a tau or face chaos insurrections from everywhere as humanity unleashes its psychic potential.
And they wouldn't be able to do shit, because they're too euphoric.
Farsight is a better hope. Too bad he will be kill.

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i love them because they have badass mechsuits
and 90 pounds of dakka per unit

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Tau don't use modern military tactics, Elysian Drop Troopers do. The Emperor tried diplomacy. Xenos kept backstabbing him so he said fuck it. The Tau Empire is tiny and can only be diplomatic because humans tamed the galaxy.

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Farsight is part of that codex!


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and itself is the people of humanity.

Humanity has proved many times over in 40k that it can't rule itself without fucking up. Meaning all the stuff you listed is for its own good.

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There may be technology not yet known my friend, the warp may not be the only way.
With the stagnation of the Empire and the lack of advancement of anyone else, we have but one race to look upon to see.

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>Humanity has proved many times over in 40k that it can't rule itself without fucking up.

That's why humanity needs the Greater Good. The old order is over and it's time for Tau led by Farsight to teach the galaxy that there is another way.

A better way!

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I love playing Tau because their game mechanics are so niche that a few changes to the BRB and they jump/fall 2 tiers in competitiveness.
- I enjoy the aesthetic of advanced robotics, mercenaries, and hover tanks
- because most people that don't play Tau, hate them (even in 5th edition)
- Because using World War 1 tactics belongs in the 1900s not the 41st millenium

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The Necrons.
The only ones who have a military power even remotely likely to win against the tyranids and chaos, and who have a viable alternative to the Imperium's way of dealing with chaos, null matrices.

It took the necrontyrs millions of years to reach their current tech level and it's not perfect yet. The tau don't have that stretch of time, not with the Rhana Dandra closing in, as well as the nids and the necrons.

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The Tau of Farsight are nothing, and Farsight is likely to commit sudoku once he learns why he's lived so long.

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I hate you so much.

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No, that's why it needs the Emperor and the Adeptus Terra.

or the necrons

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P.S. Fuck Farsight and the rest of his traitors

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>Rhana Dandra
>believing in eldar ghost stories

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>commit sudoku with his sword
>infinite loop

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The Farsight rebellion is soon, fellow bond brothers.

The Tau Empire will become the force of good it was meant to be!

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Or whatever you choose to call the inevitable and very close moment when humanity becomes an entirely psychic race and turns to Chaos because the Imperium was too busy dealing with idiots thinking they can do a better job at handling Chaos than them, to do just that.

The Rhana Dandra will happen and it will be the tau's fault.

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The Farsight rebellion is a perfect comparison to Lenin's. A rebellion only successful because of it's leader. Once Farsight is dead, the ideals will be corrupted more than the current empires.

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The Tau are a small race on the edge of the galaxy who will try to endure through the shitstorm that's coming and then inherit the galaxy.

The Rhana Dandra is not their fault. The Eldar, humans, and Necrons are the one to blame for it. The Tau are innocent.

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cant wait to see the stalin tau that will come next

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just because they share the responsibility doesn't mean they won't have to answer for it.

And if they "endure through it", will they have saved the galaxy?
No, they will have let it kill itself.

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>Rhana Dandra
>Eldar's fault

Dark Eldar, Exodites, Harlequins, and the rest of the 80+ percent of the race who isn't a craftworld faggot disagree.

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TIDF please go

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Uh, Farsight was officially dead for two hundred years and when he came back stuff was pretty much as he would have liked it.

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>Once Farsight is dead, the ideals will be corrupted more than the current empires.

Farsight disappeared into legend for a time. Becoming a hermit and left his people to rule themselves.

Did the Enclave collapse? Nope. They became a multi-racial democracy of freedom and equality.

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''the galaxy'' will still be there and ready to be conquered for the greater good. the only ones that killed themselves would be the other races

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They created Slaanesh and the hole that's gonna devour the galaxy.

Yes, It's their fault.

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more like FIDF
nigger, the craftworlders are actively trying to prevent it.
The Dark Eldar, on the other hand, are fueling Slaanesh with their shit.

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>tau allie with tyranids

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Tau ally with anything with legs and the ability to make a noise

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do we know that?
Seems more like it contains only taus, and that it had to let them create an even more extreme form of segregation between each caste.
Also it's under martial law.

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>creating Slaanesh

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well, they tried to ally themselves with the necrons with hilarious results

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Inaction is a sin, anon!

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But inaction does not feed Slaanesh. If anything, it feeds Nurgle.

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Actually, depending on the Necron Lord, it would have worked.

Necrons are allying with everyone these days even Eldar.

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It contains Gue'vesa, the majority caste planets are no different than the Sept worlds, and where did you get the marital law from?

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>East and West coasts break out into crazy neverending orgy-rave-party
>You and your family/friends move to Iowa and farm to feed yourselves
>Twenty years later, a talking monkey who has mastered basic technology but cannot even comprehend your more advanced thought comes over to your little subsistence farm
>"lel why dint u do anything? Inaction make da rave-party worse!"

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i know, but they tried to ally with the necrons when they still were murder-robots that killed anything that could breath. not the matt ward necrons

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>marital law
All gue'vesa must marry a blueberry.

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Nope, they expanded on it.

The dude who killed the Tau on Ka'mais was the Anrakyr the Traveler.

He talked to the Ethereal and told him that he isn't cruel but he is just doing his job.

Here is Newcrons allying with Eldar


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Yes or no?

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>And then everybody gets eaten by bugs, regardless of whether they partied or not!

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TRQ belongs to the tau empire!

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I love the Tau because they add a nice flavour to the 40k universe that couldn't come from anywhere else. I love the Tau because of the Farsight/Ethereal struggle lore. I love the Tau because they're so pretty.

I hate the Tau because their lore limits them in regards to being a snowflake. I also hate the Tau because they can never interact with the universe properly because they're still not given faster-than-light travel. Like, come on, make it happen, GW. Make them a little bit more grimdark by making an open Farsight/Ethereal civil war and giving them some way to expand farther so they can have an effect outside of the eastern fringes.

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>Ghazghkull loots the Dawn Blade
>kills thousands
>lifespan breaks infinity
>universe collapses
>big bang with Ghazghkull as God

>> No.28133826

well, thats pretty fucked up necrons and eldar working together

>> No.28133832

>GW's in-house game

>> No.28133834

>open civil war
shit no, it's more grimdark that way.

>> No.28133836

>that sideboob detail

>> No.28133851

>I also hate the Tau because they can never interact with the universe properly because they're still not given faster-than-light travel

A reminder that the Necrons created a galactic empire and waged two galactic wars with no FTL.

FTL is overrated.

> Make them a little bit more grimdark by making an open Farsight/Ethereal civil war

It's gonna happen but the plot is frozen. It's up to the players to imagine what will happen.

>> No.28133853

They've got the young underdog theme going and I just really enjoy their tech/aesthetics. And yes, the noblebrightness aspect is a welcome change of pace in a setting that is otherwise grimdark to the point of being grating.

I was into them long before their upgrade, so I consider the fact that my army is now actually fieldable and flexible a happy bonus.

>> No.28133868

>And yes, the noblebrightness aspect is a welcome change of pace in a setting that is otherwise grimdark to the point of being grating.


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No, Necrons have FTL, they just use weird inertia drive thingy to fold material space.

>> No.28133878

It is.

It had stories and characters in it, sector maps, and lore.

And if you don't like it, then there another example of a Necron lord allying with a Chaos sorcerer in the Black Crusade RPG book.

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They use the webway now.

>> No.28133894

Nope, they don't.

Or they have slow stasis ships.

>> No.28133962

>Living Stone

Is there a picture of these gates?

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>It's gonna happen but the plot is frozen. It's up to the players to imagine what will happen.
I know that's what they do, but I think it's silly. They could keep the game fresher is they just got on with it.

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>FTL is overrated.

Is this nigger serious? Do you know how big the galaxy is?

>> No.28134012

Not big enough to make FTL a must have.

>> No.28134063

Gotta reload sometime.

>> No.28134079

I'd like to see Farsight team up with that Necron who thinks everyone is a Necrontyr, and him actually remember Farsight after the battle. As his grandson.

>> No.28134091

>Dat mustache

>> No.28134098

The galaxy is over 100,000 light-years across. Without FTL your enemy gets to pick you apart wherever he chooses and you have no hope of reinforcement or answering at all. And if you are fighting an enemy that actually can into advancement, then their techlevel will have risen by order of magnitude by the time any ship you set out arrives at its destination.

>> No.28134107

There are these units of measurement called light-years. They measure how far light can travel in a year. Star systems are often several light-years apart. Meaning that FTL is absolutely essential for maintaining a galactic empire.

>> No.28134133


Meet the Necrontyr/Necrons.

They managed to forge a galactic empire and wage multiple wars with slow stasis ships.

It doesn't make sense? That's 40K for ya.

>> No.28134146

>why melee when you have guns?

>> No.28134199


Didn't they use the webway.

>> No.28134235

In some period n the second War in Heaven they did but for the majority of their history they didn't.

>> No.28134284

Thats not an empire, its a civilization. There is NO cohesion for a civ that big. Even going at light-speed, an "Empire" 10 light-years wide would take 10 years to travel end to end. Now imagine the galaxy, which is over 100,000.

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Blue space babes with enormous hips, why else? I'd commit the fuck out of some heresy for a qt earth caste bitch.

>> No.28134358

They had a central ultimate authority that ruled them. They were an empire.

And for the millionth time stop trying to make sense of 40K.

>> No.28134367


Because they didn't encounter any opposition on a real scale.

Old ones kicked their asses. And they would have remained nothing but a nuisance if they didn't sell their souls.

>> No.28134405

>Because they didn't encounter any opposition on a real scale.

It's unknown if they faced opposition or not during that period, but they still forged an empire with just slow stasis ships. Proving that FTL is overrated when it comes to making space empires.

>Old ones kicked their asses

Webway and Warp Gods are OP but they managed to fight that war for centuries.

>> No.28134426


That just shows how good Necrontyr are at fucking.

>> No.28134452

>Necrontyr were SPESS skaven


>> No.28134556


Due to ridiculous arbitrary game rules.

Melee makes no sense in the face of, say, Necron gauss rifles.

>> No.28134560


Use Tesla Carbines instead.

>> No.28134576

The Necrontyr were on the verge of defeat when they sold off their souls though.

>> No.28134587

But Skaven don't have females so much as they have giant maggots covered entirely in boobs, except one end which is a giant osprey style mouth (and a few whiskers too) and the other end which is a vagina that literally drops Skaven babies like a facet with a steady stream. Which is somehow also small enough that a 4 foot tall humanoid can derive pleasure from fucking (that's some hella kegals Skaven babes do I guess).

You know, aside from the few that escape such a fate. They either become pirates, fancy Skaven who cook for the Bretonnians, or cheerleaders for Blood Bowl.

>> No.28134607

The Old Ones pushed them back to isolated systems and domains after centuries of warfare.

Did you know what the Necrontyr did? They started to war with themselves and the Old Ones could have wiped them out but, for reasons unknown, decided to leave the Necrontyr be ending the first War in Heaven.

>> No.28134628

Which is my point exactly, even if The Old Ones failed to destroy them the only reasons they survived is because The Old Ones let them and the discovery of the C'Tan.

Which makes you wonder if a lot of trouble could have been avoided if The Old Ones had just exterminated the Necrontyr.

>> No.28134633

Exodites and Enclave really are the "gettin' too logical for this shit" minifactions, aren't they?

>> No.28134649

That's how I imagine Necron females would be.

Tleilaxu flesh vats-like technology would explain how the Necrontyr managed to outnumber the Old Ones and their many creations and manage to recover their losses from their wars at a rapid pace.

>> No.28134653


To be frank, WWI tactics really belonged in the 1800s

>> No.28134654

Harlequins are logical.
Exodites just want to be left alone.
That's not the same thing.

>> No.28134657


Wait, elaborate on the Bretonnian thing.

>> No.28134670

>Which makes you wonder if a lot of trouble could have been avoided if The Old Ones had just exterminated the Necrontyr.

A lot of trouble would have been avoided if the Old Ones just gave the Necrontyr what they desperately needed and wanted.

>> No.28134675

Doesn't mean they weren't still fun.

>> No.28134682


What's that, these days?

>> No.28134683


I love how they managed to make faceless robotic suits look scared.

>> No.28134686

We wouldn't have the dark millenium then.

>> No.28134690

A cure for their cancer and the secrets of eternal life.

>> No.28134723

Harlequins are Wood Elves.
Exodites are Lizardmen who think they're elves.
Eldar are Dark Eldar.
Dark Eldar are Vampire Elves.

High Eldar created their own dimension, which Eldar raid from time to time due to jealousy. High Eldar are literally the only force (other than Exodite Eldar, but nobody knows that but them) keeping the Warp from overtaking reality in a matter of hours. They're the only truly altruistic faction of 40k. They're also the single most fucked, even if their queen really is the God Empress of Elfkind capable of taking on a Chaos god 1 on 1 were she not expending her power healing the Emprah. .

>> No.28134726

>repository of secrets on what is arguably the greatest threat in the galaxy
>hide it from everybody who can possibly help
>(almost) fail to hide it from some faggot who turned all his friends into golems

>> No.28134749

>>(almost) fail to hide it from some faggot who turned all his friends into golems
Ahriman pls go. It's never going to happen.

>> No.28134762

>Eldar are Dark Elves

Probably ftfy. But still, my mind is full of "why?"

>> No.28134764

It's implied in recent fluff (Tome of Fate) that Ahriman will seek out the Necrons to acquire one of their Dolmen Gates.

>> No.28134773

The problem with Tau is that compared to every other faction there's just no stakes.

Other factions are looking to wipe other factions out... Tau are going to... expand their empire by a system or two.

Their teeny tiny size also means that any action involving them is confined to an insignificant portion of the galaxy.

>> No.28134783

> Tome of Fate

>> No.28134784

Fancy Skaven, akin to fancy rats being a popular pet of nobility while their feral brethren were running amok destroying precious food and spreading all manners of diseases even after the ravages of the plague subsided, were mentioned once as fighting for the Empire. Only once, never again.

/tg/ combined that with the fact Bretonnians used to be about to conquer the Empire any day now being retconned to "sometimes they fight, moving on now" and the movie Ratatouille to say that Fancy Skaven created peace between the Empire and France and now serve the Bretonnians as cooks the same way the Halflings (Hobbitogres actually) serve the Empire.

To this day, Fancy Skaven armies are a fondness of players similar to Squats and Sons of Malice.

>> No.28134796

>Gets Dolmen gate
>Transported into Trazyn's collection room

>> No.28134819


I was looking at the Fantasy models last night (while searching for potential proxy models for an Inquisitorial Henchman Warband) and noticed something; those models look really, really good - like, better than 40k.

I think they also cost more, too.

Is that the case?

>> No.28134825

It's said that the Tau Empire along with Ultramar and Iyanden might play a role in Imotekh downfall, If the Phaeron finds himself in a war with two or all of these factions.

>> No.28134854


Isn't Imotekh mostly operational along the galaxies north eastern rim?

What are the Tau gonna do? Bombard his hyperspace inbox with pamphlets about the greater good?

>> No.28134863

Harlequins follow intricate rules for their complex alternative lifestyle. To the outside observer, it looks like absolute chaotic neutral where they're as likely to help as to hurt you. Still, they kinda benefit the humans a lot.

Exodites follow their own way, live very ascetic lifestyles devoid of pleasure, and ride dinosaurs. God help you if you try to invade them.
Eldar are extremely warlike separatists who worship the god of murder and war, bringing statues of him to battle. The single focus of their warriors is in the kill.
Dark Eldar feed off the living to prolong their lives, hide away from the world and let the greater conflicts like "beating Chaos" lie in the hands of lesser beings for they are too busy with blood orgies and death games to care.

High Elves, by definition set by the Warhammer Fantasy universe, have to be entirely superior and readily on the offensive against all "evil" threats. Still assholes, but against everyone. They would not have participated in the excesses of the Eldar that lead to Slaanesh being born, since the elves who did that in Fantasy were the Cult of Pleasure who were 100% Dark Elf only (as in no Pleasure Cultists ever rejoined the High Elves, and no High Elves were in that cult). Oh, and their queen is literally the god emperor of Fantasy. She's a composite being made up of all the souls of the "shamans" or in this case elves who's souls were tied to nature itself. Unlike the God Emprah who was made up of a certain number of souls, the Everqueen becomes more powerful as more daughters of the original Everqueen are born, live, love, cast a fuckton of nature magic, and die with their souls becoming part of the whole God Empress entity.

Sine no such faction exists...there are no High Elf equivalents in 40k.

>> No.28134869

I want to make a Necron Lord modeled after this guy.

With an army of one eyed deathmarks.

>> No.28134870

> Iyanden might play a role in Imotekh downfall, If the Phaeron finds himself in a war with two or all of these factions.
I STRONGLY request that screenshot about how Yriel has dealt with the Sautekh threat.

>> No.28134876

Imotekh Dynasty is in the same area as the Tau Empire.

They are already clashing with each other with Imotekh's Nemsor Zahndrekh launching an invasion on a Tau world.

>> No.28134879

I don't know what model is the base for those, but you can get 20 Stormvermin(armored rat men with Halberds) for the same price as a box of Tactical Marines if I remember correctly.

>> No.28134880

They are alredy one-eyed

>> No.28134882


High Eldar worship Khaine too.

>> No.28134884

They don't cost more (depending on your army), but you have to buy more.
That being said, unit fillers are acceptable in Fantasy. Pic related, those pieces of scenery represent multiple models. Not to mention there's no rules for "must measure from the gun" so if you've got a base, you can play. If you don't play at a GW store, you can just buy a huge pack of bases and stick whatever the fuck you want on them.

Depending on your army, your strategy, army size, and how good you are at molding, it can cost less than 40k.

>> No.28134892

And poor poor M'kar as well.

>> No.28134901

He gets his name in the list of gods, and he gets a statue in the temple to all the gods, but anyone who prays at that alter gets FWIPPED before they leave.

Literally, no High Elf prays to Khaine unless it's a set up for a traitor story. Not to mention he'll work with Chaos to corrupt someone if it means there's more bloodshed. Fantasy Khaine probably chills out with Khorne, brings Bludweisers and they watch highlights of their favorite battles on the couch.

>> No.28134908


>> No.28134912

Considering that all gods in fantasy are aspects of the Chaos Gods, he is probably the ''son'' of Khorne and Slaanesh

>> No.28134920

>tfw Khorne brings Khaine back to his place only to find he's been locked out again

>> No.28134929

But until the 5th ed book Necrons had the fastest FTL in the galaxy,

>> No.28134930

>all gods in fantasy are aspects of the Chaos Gods
That's absolutely untrue. They actually exist in a third realm separate from either the Warp OR the material plane. Also gods are stronger than Chaos gods on their own turf, it took a Greater Daemon to be present for a Daemon army to tread in Asuryan's temple grounds. But it was so weakened two teenage heroes were able to kill it, and the rest burned to ash when it died.

>> No.28134931

But the Necrontyr declared war on The Old Ones just to give them a common enemy so they would stop falling in on themselves.

>> No.28134933

> another necron insertion in the long established fluff
Original faction do not steal.

>> No.28134942

>They have to get a spare from Morai-heg.
>Forty thousand years later, she calls in the favor so Khorne and Khaine's shattered pieces have to help clear Orks out of her kitchen.

>> No.28134943

>somebody actually getting this

Thank you anon, you just made my night a little more happy.

>> No.28134947

They used the ''Immortality denied'' to unite the Necrontyr for that war.

If the Old Ones showed the Necrontyr mercy, then the war would have been considerably harder to justify.

>> No.28134964

>That's absolutely untrue

Don't lie to yourself, anon.

>> No.28134966

Because your avarage fat IG is a hulking brute if you compare them to the tau.

Seriously, the pussies are weak as fuck.

>> No.28134977

Come to my sept and say it to my face not at your imperial world.

>> No.28134984

Fantasy4Lore of Life
That's 40k fluff. Fantasy fluff doesn't work with belief, magic is a literal component of reality and belief doesn't mean shit unless you're an Orc. Even then, it won't make an engine work, just allow you to shout like the Dragonborn and blow stuff up.

Also, Chaos is totally independent in Fantasy. It existed BEFORE the world did with all 4 gods simply being and having no beginning or end, and (here's the big thing 40k fans never remember) it only entered the world because the Old Ones, who were benevolent beings trying to prevent the Chaos Gods from being able to send minions into the world, failed Emprah style and their warp gates they use to travel around reality became portals into the Warp.
Elves had NOTHING to do with it. In fact, along with Lizardmen they're the only two races that have ever beaten Chaos. Literally beaten Chaos too, not a Black Crusade.

>> No.28134998


Do warhammer elves use the term 'mon'keigh'?

>> No.28135009

>That's 40k fluff. Fantasy fluff doesn't work with belief, magic is a literal component of reality and belief doesn't mean shit unless you're an Orc. Even then, it won't make an engine work, just allow you to shout like the Dragonborn and blow stuff up.


Seriously, It's been confirmed that the gods come from Chaos Gods. Deal with it.

>> No.28135012

Then they would have just had a highly imperialistic and advanced enemy who is now immortal.

>> No.28135016

I love them because they were my first army and the clean aesthetic is incredibly appealing to me.

>> No.28135039

Not really. They don't have a consistent word, douchebag High Elves call them mortals despite they themselves being a mortal race too. Non-douchebag elves (so Teclis, every Chracian, ever Cothiquean, the Everqueen, Finubar, and Korhil) just call them humans.

Dark Elves are mentioned somewhere as having a lot of names for them, but none are given.
There's very little fluff from a Wood Elf perspective, although what there is indicates they think of humans in the same group as Dwarfs and Orcs/Goblins or as animals.

Unlike 40k, Fantasy changes fluff a fair amount between editions. That old fluff is up there with Karl Franz being an idiot non-combatant, elves being one single group, and Chaos triumphing and Archaon destroying the world in the past-tense.

Newer fluff outright states that Chaos is the antithesis of nature, and the divine is seperate from both.
Now if we were talking about the Chaos Gods of Order that would be different, but we aren't.

>> No.28135053


Aun'Shi's morning routine is to go to the nearest Ork settlement, spear a Nob onto either end of his stick and then bench them

>> No.28135061

Anyone got scans of the FW books dealing with Tau?

>> No.28135069


>Do you want the 'real' answer, on the answer as perceived by an educated inhabitant of the Warhammer world.

>In real terms, as described in Hordes of Chaos, all gods are but aspects of the four Great Powers. Think of four overlapping circles within a larger circle. The large circle is Chaos, or what we refer to in the rules as Chaos Undivided. Within that are the four Great Powers. Where they overlap, there are concurrent and conflicting entities which bear portions of the vague consciousness of the Great Powers. Any lesser god will be a dot or smaller circle overlapping the diagram across the relevant Greater Powers. The example of the Horned Rat is a good one, as it is obviously dominated by Nurgle, but does have elements of Tzeentch in there as well.

>If you are talking about perceptions of the inhabitants, then they are unaware of the above (or driven mad by it if they find out!). They are aware that there is a large pantheon of gods, includig the four Great Powers. To them, each is distinct, although some may have different names for the same gods, for example, the marauder peoples have many different names for the Great Powers, and some may even have several names for the same Great Power.

-Gav Thrope

>> No.28135085

Gav Thorpe has his super special opinion on everything.

>> No.28135104

New fluff contradicts old.
Hell the newer Daemons books describe the conflict between mortals and Daemons as being pawns played between the Chaos Gods and the divine gods. As in two separate groups.

Horned Rat is the only one actually described as Daemonic, but in all likelyhood he too is a god that's taken to being a cultist.

>> No.28135109

>>To imagine that those very deities were but shards of the infinitely more mighty thing that is Chaos would be too terrifying for any priest of Sigmar, Ulric,or priestess of Shallya to even contemplate. As the wiser and less sanctimonious Elves might councel,it is best to put such thoughts aside and let such doubts remain unvoiced, for the alternative is to turn to darkness.

-Hordes of Chaos

Dude writes/wrote the fluff. He is entitled to his opinion.

>> No.28135112

> Play 40k of all things
> Be apologist for the scruffy underdog tacticool good guys

Why not just go back to every other IP ever?

That's a rhetorical question. I understand that taufags are the pretentious teenagers who fantizise about single-handedly turning the Imperium around with their euphoric rationality.

>> No.28135113

It sure is Carnac in here.

>> No.28135115

As an Ork/god, Ghazghkull would create a war filled universe...oh wait.

>> No.28135131

I think humans models for WHFB cost less. Empire state troops, handgunners, militia and flagellants are all boxed by 20 with a shitload of bitz.

Skaven base and boatloads of bitz from the empire. Swords are from the militia, there is also 6ed regular state troop bitz and 7ed state troop bitz

>> No.28135132


Tau aren't tacticool; that's more the domain of the Karsakin/Imperial Storm Troopers/Marbo.

Tau are weeabo.

>> No.28135133

Yeah. Gazzy is probably happy with a state of the Universe nowadays.

>> No.28135141

He also doesn't write it the whole setting. Since then, they went back to the old rules of gods being totally separate from Chaos and fighting it.

>> No.28135149

> pretentious teenagers who fantizise about X
Every single 40k fan could be described like this.

>> No.28135169

If the tau is strong enough to do that then the imperium isn't a technological backwater as we think it i-

ooooh nooo.

>> No.28135211

>He don't dig giant robots.

>> No.28135225

At least they are far from the worst thing in 40k.

>> No.28135241 [SPOILER] 

Because I like how they look.

>> No.28135319


ah yes, the classic duel of the dicks. Champions of cheese

>> No.28135332

I hate them because that's what they're there for.

If there has ever been a misunderstanding more serious than this in gaming history, I haven't seen it. You're supposed to hate the Tau.

The Tau are that little faggot in the corner of your group, speaking up and saying "Why don't your guys just use guns?" as you're charging Tyranids with your Eviscerator-armed priest leading a ton of Catachans with sword-sized knives.

The Tau are that little cocksucker who tries to institute a modern progressive democracy with full sexual equality and gay marriage in WFRP, while the rest of you are trying to fight the Skaven.

The Tau are that insipid Swede who can't stop tipping his fedora at the Jedi when you're playing a Star Wars campaign. They're the fucking faggot who thinks Devlin Stone was a good character in Battletech.

They're everything that a neckbeard, an honest Godfearing Grognard is SUPPOSED to hate. Stupid tone-breaking anachronistic faggots, who're trying to be modern Norway while everyone else is fighting the 30 Years War. They're there for you to hate, EVERYTHING about them exists to irritate and annoy older 40k players, who remember the Heavy Metal roots of the hobby, and that's the genius of them.

Without the Tau, there would be nothing to hate anymore. There's nothing despicable in the 40k universe that can drag itself out of the moral grey that has dominated the setting for years. The Tau distinguish themselves, they're the tryhard tools who want to change the system from the inside. They're not demons, we've been killing demons for 20 years, no, they're worse than demons could ever be, they're hypocritical liberal college kids.

If you hate them, GOOD. You're supposed to hate them, it's their function. If you like them, it should be because you like the aesthetics, and are in on the joke. They exist to enrage other 40k players, it's a sado-masochistic relationship, you feed off of that hatred, they get to feel hatred again. Everyone gets what they want.

>> No.28135360

You sounds like an awful /pol/esucker bitter neckbeard. And that's coming from a BT player.

>> No.28135364


What is the worst thing then?


>> No.28135396

I am detected? But how? Must employ evasive actions in the future

>> No.28135419

I'm all of those things. But, I've come to terms with what I am. I know a good addition to a setting when I see one. I know I've been on the wrong side of that argument before.

>> No.28135439

>The entities that shifted part of their consciousness into the world were of many kinds and dispositions. Some were benign, others less so, and most were insane or mindless. But all were creatures of the void; all had their roots in the Chaos stuff that composed their own realms. As only part of their being could enter into the world, some manifested themselves as true Chaotics, creatures of whim and change, whilst others entered as single-minded personalities encapsulating harmony and stasis - Lawful entities (Law being but one possibility amongst the multiudinous possibilities of Chaos).

-Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition

It was never the case from where I am standing. If you have anything that goes against what I just posted please direct me to it.

>> No.28135442

>Filthy clanner
Yeah, THAT figures.

>> No.28135446


You're not a very happy person, are you.

Also, I was going to say that Space Marines are still as hateable as ever, but I couldn't must the energy to care about them enough to call it 'hate'.

>> No.28135457

Exclamation marks.

>> No.28135476

Where you are actually wrong is that the Tau aren't fedora tipping naive fuckwith but backstabbing brainwashers and propaganda extraordinaire. They are a bunch of fuckers who sit in the backlines far from danger while their various slaves-allies die on the frontline.

Of course if you can think on think on black or white only you'll hate them, because they aren't as straightforward as the big I, chaos or orks.

>> No.28135490

>They are a bunch of fuckers who sit in the backlines far from danger while their various slaves-allies die on the frontline.

But that's wrong....

>> No.28135499

> they aren't as straightforward as the big I, chaos or orks
Eldar aren't too. They recieve a lot of hate but no one claims they do not belong to the setting.

>> No.28135510

Eldars are quite straightforward. They are schemers with dreams or restoring the old days while being a dying race, everybody knows it and overplays it.

But that's because they have been in the setting for much longer.

>> No.28135512

However, the Eldarfags have a hateboner for the Necrons and want them out of the setting.

Eldar hate comes from the fact they are Elves and that their fans are whiny to the extreme.

>> No.28135524

Is it wrong that I want necron fluff to be in other way than raping mine?

>> No.28135527

I love tau because I love really, really, really big guns.

I'm not sure why though, in most video games I generally prefer characters or armies who specialise in high-strength, high-defence close-quarters combat. But in 40K it's always been imps and tau for me.

>> No.28135534

That's the fluff. Fire caste tau aren't fucking charging with bayonets they stay in the trench and send kroots or humans do the human wave.

>> No.28135541


>> No.28135554

The fluff says the Tau do not use Kroot and humans as cannon fodder.

The Kroot charge in melee because they want to do it not because the Tau forced them. It's their fighting style.

>> No.28135589

S-sory Carnac-kun.

>> No.28135629


But obviously the Tau know exactly what will happen and deploy the Kroot in such a way as to keep enemies away from themselves.

Don't try to church it up, son; the Tau use them as expendable shock troops in the same way the Imperium uses Arco-Flagellants.

>> No.28135633

Don't be.

It's not your fault that you are an inferior creature from a lowly pitiful race. You are what you are, accept it and move on.

>> No.28135665

>Don't try to church it up, son; the Tau use them as expendable shock troops in the same way the Imperium uses Arco-Flagellants.

Not according to the fluff, they don't.

The Tau do NOT accept the concept of expendable troops and in the 4th Tau dex it explains how Tau tactica adapted to go along with Kroot warfare. Screening the Kroot advance and offering them cover to lower their causalities as much as possible.

>> No.28135666


>> No.28135690

So Tau take good care of their slave livestock ? Admirable, but still far from noblebright.

>> No.28135711


I thought it was more along the lines of the Tau only counting Tau casualties as unacceptable?

Who's to say the Tau battle strategy doesn't count on having a wall of Kroot slam themselves into an enemy to buy the Tau time to wreck them from range?

Combine that with the evil/manipulative nonsense of the Ethereal Caste and you've got a malevolent force that puts on a nice, happy exterior but will run over you if you don't bend a knee.

>> No.28135732

They aren't slaves. They are glorified mercs more than anything. They are honored and rewarded equally to their Tau battle comrades.

If you want to have at the Tau and prove they are not noblebright you could have mentioned the ''join or die'' policy or the extremely strict social control, but of course you had to bring up something they don't do.

>> No.28135758

>The Tau are that insipid Swede who can't stop tipping his fedora at the Jedi when you're playing a Star Wars campaign
I know the type. I was playing in this one game where one of the players wanted to be a smuggler, when the other three were a jedi master, his apprentice, and a force-sensitive diplomat. He was a dick the whole time, kept on calling their powers "tricks" and insisting his blaster was more useful than their "hokey religion". He keeps going on about how he's never seen evidence that a power's controlling his life, but then he goes and uses parsec as a unit of time. Fucking edgy atheist neckbeards. I think he was a furry too, he wanted to have as a cohort this big sasquatch looking guy

>> No.28135771

The etherals consider everyone, fire caste included, as totally expandable if it suits their needs.

>> No.28135797

Nope, they don't even consider drones expendable.

>> No.28135799

>I thought it was more along the lines of the Tau only counting Tau casualties as unacceptable?

They detest needless causalities in general. Using cannon fodder tactics ans suffering avoidable causalities to your Tau and non-Tau forces is looked down upon.

>Who's to say the Tau battle strategy doesn't count on having a wall of Kroot slam themselves into an enemy to buy the Tau time to wreck them from range?

Usually, the Tau commander would order the Kroot to flank, ambush, and bait the opposition. Combining Tau Silent Hunter tactics with the Kroot expertise.

Sending Kroot into a charge against the enemy (unsupported) would not be something any a Tau commander would easily consider.


Even the supreme puppet masters know that their resources are limited and they need to keep them if they would hope to prevail against the endless hordes of the Imperium and Orks currently coming at them.

>> No.28135872


Thanks for clarifying. I've actually got the most-recent Tau Codex back in my apartment, but I've not read it in a few months.

>> No.28139121

So... if you were in command and your empire faced limitless numbers of enemies on all sides and traitors from within, and the consequences of defeat would means being eaten by monsters and daemons... you would not enforce strict rationing and martial law? You would not conscript every able bodied citizen and then some? You would not keep your populace committed to the fight using any and all propaganda and psychological means at your disposal? You would not suspend liberties that would potentially weaken the resolve to fight? You would not sacrifice as many citizens as it needed to maintain your ability to steer your ships? You would not severely punish those who hinder the flow of men and arms to your overstretched fighting forces when every shortfall of supplies means the defeat of entire campaigns?

Would you surrender to the enemy? Would you try to negotiate with elemental evil? Would you seek to tame the infinite barbaric hordes with the power of your glorious civilization? Would you condemn your commanders for being blundering incompetents who you arrogantly assume are oblivious to the most basic tactical principles? Would you order your armies to abandon their hard fought positions when faced with the prospect of heavy losses? Would you require your soldiers to halt their attacks when victory requires sacrifice? Would you lull your people into believing that the natural order ensures that virtue and benevolence are enough to overthrow evil in the place of grit, valor, and resolve?

>> No.28139143

Tau propaganda

>> No.28139172

That seems nice, but, why not push the nuke button with the other hand?

>> No.28139661

You missed one.

>> No.28139911

I'll be honest, if I weren't such a hardcore guardfag I'd be playing Tau. The neat suits, the mechas, the long range focus, the surface brightness of their flavor...
Alas, they don't have commissars, meatgrinder and desperation and I don't understand the Greater Good and it's brainwashing cult undertones, so I'm stuck getting more men and tanks as my wallet gently weeps.

>> No.28140093

I'm imagining Emprah talking to another race of xenos and then suddenly noticing another dagger sticking out of his back armor, among many, with a member of the xenos race holding on to it.
And he's not mad, just tired and disappointed.

>> No.28140201

This one is taken from an in-verse propaganda piece so I didn't add it. Because If I did, then these kind of people will pop up (>>28139143).

Better rely on the omniscient narrator pieces and save myself the headache.

>> No.28140676

I want to bear your children

>> No.28141365

Wouldn't that basically be like Assholetep?

>> No.28141482


I like em because they actually add something unique to the setting. A naive optimism in face of endless grimdark. You gotta have shades of light to make the dark meaningful.

They also make great fodder for the really vile shit in the galaxy and great pawns for the questionably good factions.

>> No.28141524

Rolled 38

what if the xeno would prevent the other xeno's assault and tell him to fuck off for trying to be edgy, but then he was buttraped by zealous dickbodicus rapenor the emperor's finest?

>> No.28141548



Yeah fuck off. Rhana Dandra is Chaos vs Eldar.

>> No.28141578


You realize craftworlders aren't relishing the prospect? Their collective buts clench every time more than 2 Phoenix Lords show up to a battle.

>Oh God Fuegan, not today. I just made plans this weekend.

>> No.28142364

Farsight and his crew are not the heroes the Tau Empire needs...they are the heroes the Tau Empire deserves.

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