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Hey /tg/ What are the 40k equivalents of the following weapons from Battletech.

>Small Laser
>Heavy Machine Gun
>SRM 2
>LRM 5

Keep in mind these are all mech scale weapons.

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If you're wondering, OP, we've already determined that Elementals beat Space Marines in their suits, because an Elemental is basically a better Terminator.
Outside of the suits, the marine wins due to more impressive augmentation.

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>Heavy Stubber
>What is this

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I'm aware that's already been determined. I was just wondering what the weapons payload was equal to. I imagine that got brought up in the discussions at some point, I just can't remember.

Also, I just saw that you can buy 28mm Elemental and Hauberk models, I sort of want to stat them up for 40k

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For some reason I thought that looks like he was sucking on a giant prolapsed rectum.

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Vehicle scale.
A "Small laser" is something you mount on tanks.

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The fuck man?

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Small lasers and HMG's are vehicle weapons. SRM is short-range missile and LRM is long-range missile.

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A lasgun is something that any guardsman from Space Ethiopia could carry and not be weighed down by. It can sort of illuminate the dark

A "Small Laser" is a weapon you mount on many meter high mechs specifically to melt other many meter high mechs

The tiny dudes in this picture are equipped with small lasers and told to annihilate those mechs. They have a reasonable chance to do so.

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40k fluff isn't consistent with itself or the rules regarding weapon capability. And something tells me Batttletech isn't exactly up to hard SciFi standards for internal consistency here either. No meaningful comparison is possible.

Welcome to BTech.

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>Assault Cannon
>Cyclone Missile Launcher
>High-Yield Missile Pod

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Can't unsee that shit. Thanks mate

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>Small Laser

multilaser or lascannon. 40k doesn't really have much difference in scale for weapons, so a small/medium/heavy laser would all have the same stats in 40k. if you were homebrewing, I suppose you could just increase the number of shots.

>Heavy Machine Gun

assault cannon, maybe.

>SRM 2
>LRM 5

assorted missile launchers like the Whirlwind tank has, a Land Speeder can take or the Cyclone missile launchers Terminators can take.

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No, BT is pretty good about internal consistency.
If a weapon is mentioned, you can reasonably assume what it can do without having to worry about one writer deciding that it's a directed nuke while another writes it like an underhanded softball.
All of those weapons leave a smear when they hit a human.

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It's worse if you imagine some loud slurping noises and shit.

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>mech with 3 legs


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Jesus, is this really what passes for a standard power armour weapon in Battletech?

This shit more ridiculous than Grey Knights. How many of these guys would you say is equal to a 2k point list?

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Tripods are a thing now, a really new thing which not many people use at all, but a thing.

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I'm not very familiar with 40k's crunch.
Make a 2k IG troop blob list. That should be roughly reproducible with non-power armored infantry in Battletech.
Then I can compare that list to one made of Elementals.

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Let's be real, here; a Small Laser is what you put on a 'mech when you have no idea what to do with that extra half-ton of space and empty critical slot, and don't want to spend another hour tweaking armor locations so you can squeeze in more ammo. Unless mounted in banks, it is at best an anti-Battle Armor weapon. That poor sod down front has almost zero chance of downing even a light 'mech with his.

That said, almost no chance of downing a 'mech is a pretty good shot and downing almost anything else. A half-ton laser is still a half-ton laser, even if the big stuff only dies to its bigger brothers.

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>Heavy Stubber
>Multiple Rocket Pod (Imperial Armour) without Blast?
>...Skystrike Missile (Imperial Armour)?

WH40K doesn't really do the lots of small rockets that BT does. If you count an LRM5 as a Storm Eagle barrage, for example, what the hell do you count a LRM20 as?

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>More ridiculous then Grey Knights.
..Except they're not magical space wizards armed with glowing future halberds and and shielded in derp?

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Apart from some minor exceptions (stackpole), BT is really good about internal consistency. That's sort of the appeal, it's a real nice in-depth sci-fi universe

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a quad linked Storm Eagle bank

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>standard power armour weapon

see OP

>Keep in mind these are all mech scale weapons.

so, shit that goes on vehicles at least, for Protomechs and Small/Medium mechs.

weapons that only show up in Apocalypse and maybe some ridiculous Forge World stuff for larger mechs. apparently 300 ton mechs are a thing now, too, so... I guess that would be in the realm of "shit that goes on a titan"

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Five Clan Elementals are roughly equal to 10 platoons of Inner Sphere infantry with laser rifles. The Elementals are worth 617 points, while the infantry are worth 621 combined, using the BV2 point system.
IS infantry with laser rifles are basically the same thing as IG. One platoon is (I believe) 28 men.
So 280 generic IG troopers are worth as many points as 5 Clan Elementals.

Note that the BV2 system is designed for combat with a small number of vehicle scale units, so it might get a little wonky when dealing with large numbers of non-vehicle scale units.

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Bear in mind that, as stated above, medium-weight battle armor (like the Elemental suit in the OP) is basically up-gunned Terminator armor. Then you've got heavy, which I guess would roughly equate to Centurions; and assault, which is basically squads of Dreadnoughts. They can carry ludicrously heavy weapons because they are themselves ludicrously heavy things, designed to take on battlemechs or rip apart heavy defenses.

Regular infantry in BTech still wear fatigues and ballistic vests, and fight with assault and laser rifles. For them, a Small Laser or a 'mech-scale Machine Gun is a crew-served squad support weapon.

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I don't have an imperial guard book, but some googling revealed that it looks like 160-odd infantry with 11 of those being specialist snipers/elite and there are 16 heavy weapons throughout the entire force


A bit more googling reveals that you can jam about 197 infantry in there.

Then again, this is all second hand. Someone with a guard book could help you out better

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So yeah, one squad of elementals can easily be about 2000 40k points by itself, if you replace some of those generic IG platoons with specialists.

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> IS infantry with laser rifles are basically the same thing as IG.

HA. No. IG would stomp them flat.

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Not really. They're about the same in terms of equipment and training.

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I don't want to start this sort of bullshit because it's always awful.

But can an IG company with lasrifles take down a Knight Titan?

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To be fair, if infantry takes down a mech, it's with swarming attacks that greatly utilize satchel charges and target the joints, usually at extreme cost to the squad that performed the attack, and rarely successful.

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Is that a Xv-8 suit getting knocked over?

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In the past I've succeeded in taking down a wasp and a stinger in a city using only a company of rifle infantry and a single primitive SRM carrier.

But you are dead right about great cost to the PBI

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This. Your average Imperial Guardsman is a trained professional soldier, armed with a handheld laser rifle and armored with ballistic cloth, a helmet, and maybe a few rigid armor plates here and there. He operates within a command structure based off of semi-modern Western military protocol, and has the life expectancy of a gnat when the real heavy-hitters take the field. Your average Inner Sphere infantryman is much the same (though some regiments do prefer ballistic weapons to lasers).

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That little guy shooting at the back of the mech's knee is probably about 3/5ths the size of an Xv-8

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I'm talking about the suit being punched.

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Yeah, that's the one that has a little guy shooting at the back of its knee.
It could punt an Xv-8. Hell, it could step on one.

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I think he knows. So he pointed out the scale of the little guy as a way to say, "no."

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Sorry I'm an idiot.

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I still can't get past the fishnets

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but fishnets are sexy

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An elemental is a terminator with an assault cannon, multi-laser, or heavy flamer, and a cyclone missile launcher as well as one of those power fists with the built in bolters. It's got a jump pack too.

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Small laser is probably like multi laser but lower rof. General consensus in these sort of threads is that lascannon = large laser.

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Its probably better to think of them as tau crisis suits.

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