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Cultist is worse than Xeno
Culexus makes the shittiest waifus
Jay Leno Chins

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I like Ragathol but this picture is kind of shit

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I'm horny now

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I agree
But I still rather like her depending on the depictions.

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Xeno thread then?

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I approve of this heresy.

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Silly, Xeno is bug-themed, not cat-themed.

This needs a Cultist edit and a Xeno edit.

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>Ryuko in a bathing suit

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Haven't you been on /a/ in the last few days?

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>going on /a/
I just saw it on /v/, though

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Please explain why SoB bitch has chaos tatoos?
And generally what the crap is meant to be going on there

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lurk more

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It's cultist-chan becoming a SoB
also >>28095201
This. Seriously.

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Culexus makes the best waifus, but hell if I know how. His drawings are, like, mathematically shit, but still I HNNNG every time.

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that is cultist chan, not a SoB - the SoB is in the background

Cultist Chan is a memetically distributed character born from a basic premise - what if you took the cultists from Dawn of War, with their nasally voice and fanatical incompetence, and made them a grill.

The result is cultist-chan, an endearingly stupid scantily clad chaos worshiper with sharp fuck teeth. General theme's are about how she's basically cheerful, plucky, happy, and incompitant - and how she repeatedly survives situations (or ressurects) owing to the manipulation of the chaos gods, who regard her as one huge joke on their more effective followers.

SoB-Chan is a character she is sometimes paired with, a shrinking violet SoB that has a crush on her.

In this artwork Cultist Chan is wearing an outfit that attempts to mimic the SoB's own habit, but is hilariously mangled and uncovered, to the point it's lingerie. SoB-chan has a nosebleed because she finds it arousing.

This is a bad peice of artwork for her, the faces are bad and the body details are disgusting.

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Because /tg/ hates SoBs and faps to the idea of them becoming Chaos whores.

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>Culexus makes the best waifus
Not really. He just rips off pop culture and gives them Jay Leno chins.

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Dont bring cohesive thoughts to threads like this anon. Its a waste of time.

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Damn son this has been going on for like three days now and my balls are blue.

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>rips off pop culture
That's part of the non-euclidean sexiness, anon.

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Thanks for that

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Cuddles was just pre-infestation Kerrigan with sharp teeth.

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and in closing some rule 34

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>looks completely different
>acts completely different
Shit anon what are you doing

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Oh It's a nosebleed?
I always thought she was vomiting blood out of disgust

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Is that-
>by Redlife
Delicious Ribbonfaggotry.

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>see pic

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