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You are a Magical Girl, and the insane, pink-haired horror of a goddess is trying to catch your attention. And she's doing this by making your Shield - the strange metal disc clamped permanently onto your right arm - start ticking like bomb, one just moments away from exploding.

No, the irony's not lost on you. Or...no, probably not. Whatever. You're not too sure how irony works.

But what you're sure about is that she always does it at the worst possible times - and right now is no exception, with you standing inside a Silent Room, about to talk to one of her victims. A victim who's currently screaming her head off in horror at the sight of you.

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yay! best thread!

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>Joker Quest episode just ended

I'm keeping the feels for a while longer

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It's here!

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Hey Hat, did you fix Wendy's eyes on the height chart? They're too far apart.

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...Well, you're not too sure about that, either. Yuma, the Culexus helping you with this little interrogation, was so sure that it was your fault that she punched you out over it. You got back at her for that, but...well. Looking at Amane Haruka now, the girl sobbing uncontrollably in Yuma's arms, all while trying to claw herself free from the Culexus' grasp in an attempt to get as far away from you as possible - you can't help but feel guilty, too.

In the middle of all the screaming, your gaze falls down on the bits of shattered ceramic that used to be teacups speckling the floor in front of you. Three teacups. Yeah, she was expecting you, alright.

"Haruka, please, it's not Murderface, she's not Murderface any more, she--" Yuma tries again, only for her vox speaker to crackle into silence as Haruka's panicked flailing cracks against the face of her helmet. It's here that she turns towards you. "Warmaster! Warmaster Matsuda, get out of here for a moment! I'm going to try something!"

Huh? Oh...oh, yeah. Sure. You step out immediately, the Shield on your arm still clicking - and the moment you're clear from the Silent Room is when you feel a sudden snap of tension in the air, followed by the screams being cut off. No muffling, no tapering into whimpers or anything like that - it's as if Haruka had been switched off, somehow.

There's nothing but dead silence for a moment or so. Then--

"It's okay, Warmaster. You can come back in, now." Yuma calls from inside, sounding strained but otherwise alright. You blink at this, before making for the Silent Room once more. You're just about to step over the threshold when you stop, and glance down at your still-clicking Shield.

Haruka started screaming just a bit after your Shield started clicking, and...well, the latter's still clicking now. There's a chance they might not be related at all, but if they are...


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I saw the comment and I agree, but haven't gotten around to it yet! I do have it on my to-do list though!

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Dude, I don't think you understand just how awesome the mere idea of this quest is! Once again, you are a gem!

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Ha ha! Time for Best Girl!

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You close your eyes and concentrate briefly. Another snap of tension, and the once-comforting weight of the Shield on your arm vanishes - along with the rest of your costume. Leaving you in your underwear - a simple white sports bra and plain white panties. The golden bracelets still clasped around your wrists, and the Desert Eagle now snug against your frame in a convenient shoulder holster.

No, you're not taking any chances. Not with Pinky.

You don't need to drive this Amane Haruka any more crazy than you need to. You just need to find out who this fucking Prophet is, so you can kill her and prevent Tomoe Mami from being mixed up in any bullshit you did in the past.

"Warmaster?" You hear Yuma call again, and you step into the Silent Room once more, arms crossed over your pitifully-flat chest. "I said you could come in...oh." The Culexus looks up from where she was crouching in front of the mess Haruka made on the floor. Haruka herself is laid out on the bed, peacefully unconscious, her face completely devoid of the frenzied fear contorting it earlier.

"Um. Why are you, uh..." Yuma gestures towards you with a gloved hand, clearly flustered despite the fact that she'd been trying to break your jaw in the elevator earlier. With her fists.

How do you respond?

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[x] "Because Pinky. Any spare linen in here? I could go for a bedsheet toga right about now."

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[X] Don't ask. Just get me a spare blanket or something.

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[x] "I thought I should try to look as not-Murderface as possible."

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Long story. I'll share it later if I get a chance.

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"A precautionary measure. Can you spare some clothes."

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PLEASE tell me we didn't leave the Warmaster cap in our inventory.

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We wear underwear? Huh.

[x] "Shield started ticking right about when she started screaming. Needed to get rid of it."

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We did.

Seconding >>28082543

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Honestly, I thought we still had the idols Jimjams on...

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We did. Why is this a problem? Worst I mean best case scenario, we make out with Pinky later.

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Shield storage and Inventory are two different things.

Anyhow, I was kinda hoping we'd go into the Mitakhira school uniform... Oh well, unto the list it goes anyway.

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Yeah, shame about that. Those were maximum classiness.

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[x]Hey, you wanted me to keep her safe. Get me a blanket to wear. And make some more tea, would you?

I just realised that the sniper girl we saved from pinky? Might actually have wanted to be eaten by pinky.

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Seriously? You're telling me you cant see the comedy potential in pulling on the cap and deadpanning something right now?

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And what evidence do you have of this?

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Blessed Lady cultists.

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[X] "Clothes."
[X] "How's she doing."

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It's definitely a possibility, but there's absolutely no evidence of it.

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>completely ignoring the fact that Yuma specifically said it will remind Amane of Kharn and terrify her
>for comedy

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They were going on about how the Blessed Lady protects.

We should assume that anyone who mentions the Blessed Lady is a cultist until proven otherwise, especially since the stadium was apparantly filled with them.

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Would have waiting until Midori got back for a Midori-Make-Overâ„¢ been too metagamey considering Chiaki wasn't present for her to do her magic?

Just some food for thought because I missed the last thread.

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Might, not definitely. But considering how Enshi was all "OH THANK THE BLESSED LADIES" it's not farfetched.

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I must have missed that...

Still, I have a feeling that this isn't quite the mental image Yuma had in mind when she said that.

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Well really, there's a big difference in how naked Chiaki and naked Kharn hold themselves.

Kharn would be all "Oooh, I'm nekkid~ Wanna do it?"

But Chiaki would be all "Yeah, I'm naked. So what? Deal with it."

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Pretty much everyone dove on this plot hook as soon as prognostication was mentioned. There's no way you could have convinced them to wait.

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Why did you do the soulgem so different from the rest of it?

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You really don't seem to get how symbolic association works.

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[X] "Lets just say the Shieldmaiden thing has some basis in fact and I'm taking no chances."

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And here we go

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I figured that it was something about the purity of ayumu's spirit Pinky seems to go in heavy for corruption and all. Its possible that its unrelated to whether or not a mg has accepted pinky as their personal messiah.

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If we had a "pure hearted MG" in our sniper squads that'd have been a miracle in itself.

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And y'know, she kinda picked Wendy. And Murderface for that matter.

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The Cap itself is what Yuma was referring to.
Being naked has nothing to do with it.

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Whatever. We're so putting that thing back on when we leave and strolling out like this.

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>eyes aren't black
You fucked up.

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[x]"Long story short: My Shield has been compromised by the Pink Crazy One. Disengaging it seemed safest for now."

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Too much info.

If we were going to share that much we should have done it before now.

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The thing is that Yuma seems to be the only so far from Coobie that knows about Pinky as Pinky and not the Blessed Lady. She even mentioned this to us in the last thread yet for some reason no one caught up on that.

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also we should talk about how we are actually protecting her specifically for that very reason.

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she picked them as vassals, not as food. Hazuki seems be in danger of falling into the later category

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shit, haruka i mean

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She doesn't know Pinky is in our shield. Only that Pinky is the reason our comatose friend here just pissed herself at the sight of us.

It remains to be seen how much she knows and its worth remembering weve been playing Pinky down to QB..

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Don't worry, I fixed it.

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Looking a little crosseyed there, Pinky.

How come that only makes her creepier?

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Hey man it's really hard to get those tiny red dots in the right spot if you're using a mouse and a small-ish screen.

She's looking at the demon spiders behind you.

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Thing is, she was an apprentisce to Malal. The gift Malal left us we have to her to investigate.

There is a decent chance that she may know stuff about Pinky or Malal`s Research that might help us in figuring out what to do with Pinky. And yes, we only fed so-so to Coobie, but now we are in Silent Room, so no Coobie around, no Cams around, since it was mentioned when the Silent Rooms showed up that there are no cams in the Silent Room, thus no one give that to Coobie but Yuma and Yuma will probably keep this to herself it we tell her that we are looking to stop Pinky from whatever she plans on pulling with the Golden Weapons.

tl;dr Yuma is one of our best clues when it comes to MAD LOVECRAFTIAN ELDRITCH MEGUCA WAT DO

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we should probably get along with her because pinky is an asshole and we need all the help we can get.
also we should probably emphasize that we understand we were a complete and utter unrelenting dildo and that we are trying to learn to do better.

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Yep, but we're already down 50 Yuma points and telling her that we didnt bother to mention that the demon who threatened to devour her friends soul lives in our shield and we just brought it in here without telling her is unlikely to net us any.

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>> No.28083064

But she doesnt live in our Shield, she just appears when use our Timestop, just like she apparently appears in Dreams and/or visions.

So far there isn`t even one instance of Pinky actually interacting with the real world. Even the thing with Midori was her showing up in Midorin`s Ilusion and scaring the shit out of her.

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>Others involve you standing in the middle of a ring of twenty golden swords, and you laughing as the world ends around you."

How many People know about this! Does QB know about how the person that does the prognostication's is receiving visions of one of his girls ending the world!

Why hasn't he brought it up?

>> No.28083086

>implying he doesn't expect anything less
>implying this hasn't nearly happened already and is using the ENTIRE officio specifically for the task of making chiaki change morality to the point of being able to control herself and not be a complete and utter dickbag that accidently's the world.

>> No.28083104

Im guessing its a calculated risk.

Theres a chance we may end the world.

Theres a certainty Faust will.

So QB is keeping his cards close to his chest incase someone decides to "retire" us.

>> No.28083127


Why can't there be any visions of us saving the world for a change?

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>Mumi and Malal didnt know about this and were trying to achieve the same thing wheil being unaware of each other and of Coob`s Keikaku, Mumi through being Mother Theresa and Malal through being a secretive cunt.

>> No.28083146


> implying us destroying the world isnt interpreted as us saving it by the Blessed Lady cult

>> No.28083148

because we are an asshole who ruins everything for everyone everywhere
and we probably almost accidently'd the world a couple times already:
first as normal homura post PPMM, then when we first regained our memories and then lost them again.

finally there is a reason why we are often called murderface and the name tends to stick with literally everyone.

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Because reasons.

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To be fair I'm still not convinced that we're Homura.

I mean, we're probably Homura-enough for most peoples purposes. But I'm not sure we started out that way.

>> No.28083192

>finally there is a reason why we are often called murderface and the name tends to stick with literally everyone

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I just hope that there thestarchild isn't in the visions somewhere.

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>our faces when this worlds Homura is the Warhamster of the First

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>> No.28083254

i think we are, and i'm also still convinced deculture is actually urobuchi because of certain things that have happened in this quest.
part of the reason i do think we actually are homura, is the entire witches barrier part actually, that practically confirmed we were homura at least at one point.
also the fact of our favorite weapons and stuff.
also the scratched shield and whatnot is actually reminiscent of the third movie and all kinds of things.

>> No.28083268

Well, she's related to Haruka, right? And Haruka doesn't look even remotely like Homu. So I dunno...

>> No.28083290

if shes related, she might be a blond too. lets ask Kharn.

>> No.28083305

>>Implying the First Warmaster even knows who Kharn is


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Except for the fact we're inverted.

Granted, witch barrier can do weird shit to people.

But Malal nags at me. Why redact so much info if thats all it is? How did they know where we'd be?

[/spoiler] I wonder what would happen if you gave original Homuras Soul Gem to the one from this universe? Would it recognise her? [/spoiler]

>> No.28083345

Except for the fact we're inverted.

Granted, witch barrier can do weird shit to people.

But Malal nags at me. Why redact so much info if thats all it is? How did they know where we'd be?

I wonder what would happen if you gave original Homuras Soul Gem to the one from this universe? Would it recognise her?

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>>28082543 >>28082545 >>28082560 >>28082644

You shake your head at the Culexus. It's not something you want to talk about, not right now. Maybe some other day, when you're a bit less underdressed in somebody else's room. ...Speaking of which, can Yuma get you something to wear? A towel, maybe a blanket?

The Culexus nods here, standing up and making for the small wooden closet near Haruka's bed. She opens it with a creak of its rusty hinges, and tosses you what looks like the same simple white gown that Haruka's using. It's here that you also remember Midori wearing the same thing, way back then.

You slip it on quickly while thanking Yuma, who simply nods and goes back to the mess of broken crockery on the floor. The gown fits alright, just a bit loose on the chest side. It does the job you want to in any case, as well as remind you how uncomfortable you are in a dress. It feels too...airy, too free. You miss your costume already, even the way the pantyhose sometimes hikes up way too high, especially when you're running--

"I put her to sleep," The Culexus suddenly says from the floor. Sounding more like a confession than anything else.

You blink at her, but say nothing.

"Erased the past few minutes from her short-term memory, too. She won't remember that we came in - she'll think that she just took a brief nap right before we arrived." A series of soft clinking sounds makes you look down - and you see bits and fragments of ceramic slowly hover up into the air and float towards Yuma's gloved hand. Attaching themselves to the teacup handle held out between the Culexus' thumb and forefinger. Beside her, the two other teacups are already repaired, looking as if they were never broken in the first place. "I can wake her up whenever you're ready, Warmaster."

Huh. That's convenient. ...Really convenient.

How do you respond?

[]Wake her up. Let's get started.
[]Wait. Culexus can make people forget?
[]...So, do you like Haruka or what?
[]Other. (Write-in)

>> No.28083372


[x]Wait. Culexus can make people forget?

>> No.28083373

>[X]Wake her up. Let's get started.

Business time

>> No.28083377

>I wonder what would happen if you gave original Homuras Soul Gem to the one from this universe? Would it recognise her?
... what exactly do you think Soul Gems are, that this question even makes sense to you?

[x] Wait. Culexus can make people forget? Can you do that in reverse?

>> No.28083381

[x]Wake her up. Let's get started.
We'll talk about memory bullshit later.

>> No.28083382

[x] Wake her up. Let's get started.
Let's not pry, and we already got confirmation that they can sleep people so not sure what asking about it would do. Definitely useful knowledge though.

>> No.28083383

"Let's get a pot of tea going first. Help her calm her nerves."

>> No.28083385

[x]"Huh. I had no idea that Culexus' had a whole magic swiss army knife thing going on."
[x]Wake her up. Let's get started.

>> No.28083391

[X]Wait. Culexus can make people forget?


>> No.28083393


[X]Wait. Culexus can make people forget?

also that is a pretty neat ability right there.

>> No.28083401

Fuckin' Malal...

>> No.28083407

But we already knew about Culexus making people forget. It's been brought up before.

>> No.28083415

>[X]Wait. Culexus can make people forget?
i have a theory malal helped with why chiaki has such a shitty memory.
also this helps this theory a bit: >>28083086
i blame koobie and pinky for everything, as usual.

>> No.28083419

[x]Wait. Culexus can make people forget?


>> No.28083423

>[X]Wake her up. Let's get started
Culexus based amnesia is interesting fact, but lets not get into it now.

Similarly, we're dense but not that dense. Yuma obviously has some level of attachment, but its neither our direct business nor are we in any way fit to judge considering the Midori situation.

I just hope Pinky hasnt been snacking on her Soul Gem all this time.

>> No.28083427

We appear to have forgotten that.


>> No.28083428

I wonder why people are always so shocked that we don't remember things with that knowledge publicly available.

>> No.28083459 [SPOILER] 
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Because this Quest is going on for over a year now and and people forget details that were mentioned offhandedly over such a long amount of time.

>> No.28083460

...There is.


>> No.28083467

No, I meant the people in the quest, not the voters.

>> No.28083468

Probably because its a coincidence. Or has at least been satisfactorily disguised as one.

Mind you, Malal did some mind surgery putting Haruka back together.

Presumably we were in a similar state when we were pulled out of Charlotte, so who knows?

>> No.28083478

I assume he's just wondering if the soul gels are interchangible, and thus if they swapped them they'd have effectively swapped bodies.

>> No.28083487

>"Let's get a pot of tea going first. Help her calm her nerves."

>> No.28083505

Actually, no, thats not what I was thinking. Your mind is physical. Its part of your body.

Your soul is spiritual. So, would a soul gem recognise "you" even if you're not the same "you".

>> No.28083510

[X] Let's wake her up. Gently. ... W-wait, Culexus can make people forget stuff?

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I barely escaped with my delicate maiden heart in one piece!

>> No.28083543


>> No.28083546

>Sempai please notice me!

>> No.28083549

I guess I mean, is the same soul shared between alternate versions of a person?

Or do we all rather arbitrarily get seperate souls?

>> No.28083550

.....stalkercat, plz.

>> No.28083553

Except that the Soul Gem also is where the mind has been transferred. Otherwise a Magical Girl would survive having their brains splattered, which they can.

>> No.28083560

Good job, Midori.

>> No.28083564

Midori is best secretary/girlfriend

>> No.28083568


it might have been Miracle Cosplay Wendy.

>> No.28083570

>Midori is best sexcretary

>> No.28083573

You can survive a frontal lobotomy, and you dont even need a soul gem for that.

>> No.28083574

Wait, Yuma's a Culexus? When was that mentioned?

I mean "amongst the posters" but that's not going to stop me from running this one into the ground.


You are _completely wrong_; and not only does Kyuubey go to some length to explain this in the anime, but it also contradicts observed facts in this quest.

>> No.28083580

I dunno. Madokas seemed to be pretty tight.

>> No.28083585

>When was that mentioned?
The Helmet? the Biker suit? The fact that she's repeatedly been referred to as "The Last Culexus"?

>> No.28083591

>Wait, Yuma's a Culexus?
You need to pay more attention to stuff.

>> No.28083592

the joke

your head

>> No.28083598
File: 66 KB, 500x335, bueno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is mah fetish

>> No.28083604

>You are _completely wrong
You'll have to forgive me if I don't take the word of the person who failed to notice Omegon is a Culexus.

>> No.28083617

Clearly it's not a very good joke if no-one catches it.

>> No.28083627

well so far its 3/4 failures, not a total wash

I ain't the guy who wrote it btw

>> No.28083630


I'm sorry, anon, but jokes of this sort aren't very good to make in a quest thread, because everyone assumes everyone else is at least mildly retarded

>> No.28083631

Okay let's say you've got two versions of a person running around. One has a soul gem, one doesn't. They're further apart than the maximum range a soul gem can be from the body.
How is the non-soul-gem person able to move? They have their own soul.

>> No.28083635

Clearly you are the only one not catching it

>> No.28083642



>> No.28083645

I think you mean IS, NHG

>> No.28083646
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>> No.28083647

Catching what?

>> No.28083654


I was trying to be polite about it!

>> No.28083658

I miss short hair Chiaki.

>> No.28083660


because you are nice.

>> No.28083663

>They have their own soul.
True enough.

But... is it the same soul? Or are they both different pieces of some greater soul of the same person?

Or is there no more greater connection between alternate versions of the same person than any other two people walking around?

Souls are weird, man.

>> No.28083670

You should probably just stop thinking for a bit.

>> No.28083671

Based Midori. Someone's owed some headpats and hugs.

>> No.28083676

No. You are. Stop. Just stop.

>> No.28083685

Midori's earned herself all the waifu specials.

>> No.28083692
File: 236 KB, 900x750, I read too much shoujo manga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I miss her too, anon. I miss her too.

>> No.28083696

You people are apparently ignoring the fact that NECO apparently got away.

We may need the punishment tools instead.

>> No.28083699
File: 206 KB, 960x1073, 1373141211580.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Someone makes stupid joke
>People call him out on the fact that the joke is stupid

Seriously, man? LOLITROLLYOU shit on /tg/?

>> No.28083700

>implying souls in different versions of the same person isn't all just smaller parts of one "oversoul" as it were, and many entrances to one thing essentially.

>> No.28083705

Yeah, that's ... that's what the spoilered text was supposed to be for. Rebuke accepted, and I am so very sorry for the resultant flood of nonsense.

Well, some of the nonsense. This, this I bear no responsibility for.

>> No.28083710

all a part of our sexcretary's plan, she is a callidus remember?

>> No.28083717

as someone outside of that little discussion I can tell you you've completely misunderstood the discussion, as much as they did the joke...

>> No.28083725

>Well, some of the nonsense. This, this I bear no responsibility for.
>The nature of souls
>Not entirely relevant and on topic considering we're wearing ours on our fucking hand

>> No.28083730

oh, actually wait. No we're not. It's part of the costume which is in limbo.

>> No.28083739

Did you even watch the series? Soul gem has three forums: big glowy bauble thing, costume element, and itty bitty ring.
Guess which form ours is in right now.

>> No.28083742

i... what?
i feel like a troll successfully distracted a pack of silly folk.

>> No.28083777

I just remembered that Yuma is supposedly the hugest MMxMM nerd and she hasn't yelled at us for butchering the character yet.

Eagerly waiting for that shoe to drop.

>> No.28083792

She knows as well as we do that Chiaki owned that role, as if she was born for it.

>> No.28083918 [DELETED] 


>> No.28083949

>implying its not common knowledge in the 9th that chiaki is murder mayumi,

>> No.28083968

Yay, made it in time to participate!

>> No.28084092

did deculture die?

>> No.28084101


Nyan Nyan

>> No.28084109

Are you still going to include Kyubey on his cat tower in the height chart?

>> No.28084121



>> No.28084209
File: 390 KB, 442x553, 1350211026910.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty quiet tonight huh.

>> No.28084230


Nyan Nyan

>> No.28084250


Ni hao Nyan

>> No.28084256


>> No.28084260

Nihao Nyan

>> No.28084269

Several jobs, all of em fucked.

>> No.28084270



>> No.28084272


Sunday morning for a lot of us. This is how but usually goes for at least another hour or two.

>> No.28084274



>> No.28084279


>> No.28084280

Everyone knows the way to summon more Chiaki is with meaty butts.

>> No.28084285


I waited two whole minutes for you chucklefucks to catch up and the SECOND THE FUCKING SECOND I "gorgeous" thats when you fuckers come out the woodworks

>> No.28084287

Ha ha. Hah. I wish.

>> No.28084291

Wheres Dan Kim when we need him?

>> No.28084296


>> No.28084299
File: 60 KB, 333x477, le shitpost derpina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28084311



>> No.28084377

>deculture literally hasn't posted in over 2 hours
well holy crap.
i think hes getting raided by moon bunnies again

>> No.28084385


>> No.28084391


>> No.28084393

I love you Decupyon!

Please stop trying to force this.

>> No.28084396


>> No.28084404

>>28083372 >>28083373

...Wait, Culexus can do that?

"What, this?" Yuma looks up at you, her visor reflecting your own confused face, just as she gestures with the now fully-repaired teacup. "Oh, this is pretty easy, actually. See, the suit--"

No, no, not that. The thing about making people forget. Culexus can do that at will? ...And can it be done in reverse, make people remember stuff they've forgotten somehow?

The Culexus is silent for a few moments, before shaking her head. "...No, Warmaster. We can only erase memories, and only the ones that qualify as short-term memory. Nothing beyond two, maybe three minutes. Anything more than that, you're risking damaging the person's ability to retain memories, not to mention irrepairable brain damage. Memory restoration..." Another moment of silence, telegraphed by the subtle click of Yuma's speaker switching off due to inactivity. "...well, Miss Malal probably would've been able to do something like that. She was the best of us, after all."

Hnh. Well. That's something to know, you guess. You thank her for the information.

"...Miss Malal didn't make you forget, you know." Once again, Yuma seems to read your mind, here, the vox-corruption in her voice not quite robbing the defensive tone in her words. "She HATED wiping someone's memories, even if it was just to make someone forget something traumatic, like seeing their best friend turn into a Witch right in front of them. She always said memories, good or bad, helped make someone become the person they were meant to be - and just removing them for convenience's sake is disrespecting not only the memory, but the person the memory belongs to."

You frown, here. You didn't even say anything! You're just trying to figure out what's been fucking with your memory, that's all. You're not accusing anyone here, just trying to find out what could've happened--

"And I'm saying you're wrong. Miss Malal couldn't have made you forget. It's just not like her."


>> No.28084412

Its hard to complain. He may have have issues with consistent delivery, but when he finally does it's always worth the wait.

>> No.28084414


Look at this non-believer and laugh.

>> No.28084422

Omegon is growing on me.

>> No.28084424


...Fine, fine. You're not in the mood to argue right now, anyway. Can she go ahead and wake Sleeping Beauty already, before you freeze? Transformed, the Silent Room was already a bit nippy, but untransformed, it feels like you're standing in a fucking freezer.

Yuma shakes her head again, grumbling something underneath her breath. Placing the teacups back on the sink in the room's mini-kitchen, the Culexus moves back to the bed - and she wakes Haruka by shaking her shoulder gently. "Haruka-chan? Haruka-chan, we're here. Wake up."

"Nnh...Yuma-san...?" The blonde girl murmurs, her words slurring slightly, as if waking from a very deep sleep, instead of a Culexus-induced five minute nap. "I...I was making tea and cupcakes for us, and..." It's here that she suddenly sits up, panicked. "T-the tea! The tea, I was boiling it, and--"

"No, no, it's fine, it's fine," Yuma says soothingly - or as soothingly as she could be, with her voice digitized and corrupted by her vox's helm speakers. "I took care of it. It's fine." She cocks her helmet toward you. "The...um...the person you wanted to talk to is here."

"The person I wanted...?" Haruka turns to look at you - and the bewildered look she had is suddenly replaced with a cool, emotionless mask. "...Ah. I...I see." The smallest frown curling her lips, she turns back towards Yuma. "Is...is it alright if you wait outside for a few minutes, Yuma-san? I just need to talk to her in private for now." It's here that she places a hand on the Culexus' gloved own. "Just like we talked about, remember?"

"Yes, but..." Yuma starts to protest. "I'm supposed to be here, and--"

"I'll be fine. I promise." Haruka smiles, thinly. "I'll call you if I need you. We talked about that too, right?"


>> No.28084430

Fuck you. Youn retards are just spamming it at every opportunity, of course it's gonna fucking coincide with Decu posting. I wish I could hate all summoners to death, and HASTUR posters ten times as much.

>> No.28084450

guys this is gonna be bad.

>> No.28084454
File: 71 KB, 554x436, 112563642472.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I wish you could contain your autism.

>> No.28084455
File: 407 KB, 900x1200, HASTUR x3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the matter? Don't like the king in yellow?

>> No.28084457


>> No.28084458


I don't like the spamming at all either, but that's a bit too much...

>> No.28084460


summoning has always been a thing, it's just part of the quest. they waited two fucking hours before attempting the first summoning how is that spamming exactly?

>of course it's gonna fucking coincide with Decu posting.

that's what makes it funny

this HASTUR bullshit needs to stop though, it's just... irrelevant... to anything.

>> No.28084476

I still don't know who the fuck hastur is.

>> No.28084479

I think that's always been a given.

This whole thing has been an exercise in red flags.

>> No.28084480

What, if you wait X minutes then spam suddenly isn't spam?

Hastur is just even worse because it's simultaneously completely unrelated to the quest, and doesn't even pretend to be part of some stupid ritual, it just gets posted at any random time. Shittiest trap in anime history too.

>> No.28084483

Google it, and be enlightened.

>> No.28084484

You need to get some Lovecraft in you, son.

>> No.28084486

Be glad it is not Horti-culture.

>> No.28084496

When decys average time between posts is an hour, sure.

>> No.28084498
File: 506 KB, 1239x2946, OMH1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's dangerously heretical

>> No.28084504
File: 482 KB, 1882x492, 1373040262790.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It would be nice if we could go back to the normal summon. I remember we pulled it off perfectly in one thread, with a decu post right after.

I will agree it has gone a bit out of hand, it's just a mess. The HASTUR thing is just 3 posts though, so at least doable on some level.

>> No.28084506


The Culexus turns to look at you for a brief moment, before turning back to Haruka and nodding, a sigh escaping her speakers. She briskly steps past you, grumbling all the while, and it's here that you hear the thick, steel door give a dull, gong-like sound - as if someone from outside had suddenly just punched it with a gloved, studded fist.

...Angry kid. Almost like a certain blue-haired Eversor, but not as bad.

"She's kinder than you think." Haruka says softly, her bright blue eyes trained at the door where Yuma had just slipped through. "She's been through a lot as a child, but she's never let it affect how she deals with people. Except in this kind of way, I suppose." She turns towards you, and nods. "Chiaki Matsuda, I presume? Warmaster of the Eighth? Formerly known as Murderface?"

You nod, here. Pretty much that, yes.

"I see." She looks down at her hands - and you manage to see them shivering, just before she clasps them together. "...Please give me some time. I need to prepare myself." The blonde swallows audibly, before carefully getting up off of the bed. "It's not every day you get visited by your preordained murderer, much less play host to the one who will end the world."

You frown at this, but nod anyway. Haruka murmurs her thanks, and bustles about her kitchen with the air of a professional housewife pressed to entertain unexpected guests. And she only does take a few moments, after which she's already set the small dining table with fresh tea and cupcakes. She gestures for you to sit, and you do so after a moment's hesitation.

"It's blueberry, if you're curious." Haruka nods towards the cupcake on your plate. "It's not poisoned, don't worry. Neither is the tea, it's Earl Grey."

How do you respond?

>> No.28084510

It's on my to do list

>> No.28084511

Well, it's not like we haven't been flashed visions of us/others killing us/others before. I mostly assume it's visions of various timelines in which we fucked everything up.
This whole quest reminds me of Mirai Nikki/Steins;Gate

>> No.28084523

i think if we are gonna talk frankly about this, we should talk to this chick about the problems we have to deal with involving pinky.
also talk about how we are essentially trying to stop her shit when possible.

>> No.28084526


Thank her for it and take the tea.

Could do with some warming up for now. Hold the blueberry cupcake for now.

>> No.28084527

Enjoy tea. Good enough for Captain Picard, good enough for us.

>> No.28084529


>> No.28084533

We should say that. If only to see if she reacts.

>> No.28084534

"Of course it isn't."

>> No.28084535


Decu kept callling her Hazuki a whole bunch of times in the last thread. Mistakes happen.

>> No.28084539


>What, if you wait X minutes then spam suddenly isn't spam?

you keep using that word, I do not think it means what you seem to think it means

>> No.28084543

[x] Thank her for her hospitality. Sample cupcake, sip tea. Then ask her if she knows WHY you're going to kill her.

>> No.28084544

[X] funny you should mention that.

I'm looking for the Prophet.

>> No.28084549

[x] Not poisoned? You're not getting the authentic blueberry experience then. Jokes aside, worrying about poison here would be insulting towards the security routines of your own Officio.

>> No.28084553

Eat muffin, make small talk, drink tea, pinky out.
...Wow, that's an odd coincidence.

Then get down to business.

>> No.28084554
File: 45 KB, 444x400, 1347401886802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[x]"Mind being a little less cryptic? This whole Blessed Lady This and Blessed Lady That-Business is getting on my nerves..."

>> No.28084555

maybe she knows something we don't, what with that whole future-sight thingy
or it might just be a simple error
giving it about a 50/50 chance

>> No.28084559



I prefer watermelon but thanks

>> No.28084567


>> No.28084573

[X] "So uh, why does everyone keep saying I'm going to end the world? I mean, all up I'm rather fond of the world. I don't really want it to go away. There's some good people in it. And some bad ones too, which is fine because I can shoot their kneecaps off without any moral issues. Not to mention I kind of live here. Why would I give all that up? And if you say the Blessed Lady I will make the prediction that I will murder you come true right here, right now."

>> No.28084577

I am liking this girl already.

>> No.28084587

Not to mention poison is usually worthless on Megucas.


But it sure would be hilarious if Murderface, the Blessed Ladys Shieldmaiden died choking on a cupcake.

Fuck yeah, we'll risk a cake for that mental image.

>> No.28084593


>> No.28084594


[X] Sorry, but I'm not here for a tea party. Did Yuma tell you what I came here for?

Business! Work! Professionalism!

>> No.28084595


[x]"What prompted you try to see what happens the end of the world anyway?"

>> No.28084597


[X]Accept hospitality, "Please tell me about what you've seen."

her visions of the future and maybe the pink horror trying to eat her.

>for future plans, getting pinky off her back isn't a bad idea at this time.

>> No.28084599



>> No.28084603

Wow what a surprise, a word describing a phenomenon common since the start of the internet gets expanded to include other phenomena with similar characteristics, truly language is miraculous.
It's just like spam in that only a few people want to read that tedious in-joke equivalent of posting 'I bet Decu will post...NOW!' 'No, he'll do it NOW!' but it still bumps the thread and you have to silt through it to find on-topic posts.

>> No.28084608


I would start with a little comforting. Let her know that we don't deny her ability to see the future, but we'll at least do our level best to make sure the prediction doesn't come true today. No physical contact through, let's just stay seated.

Beyond that, just ask what she knows about Pinky, the prophet, us killing her and anything else related. Just asking, not demanding her for answers.

>> No.28084610

Changing my vote to this then.

>> No.28084612


This, without the threat.

"Will things really go to shit if I get all the Gold Weapons? Will it be worse if someone else does?"

>> No.28084624

completely and utterly this.

>> No.28084634

[x] Preordained--does this exchange end in your death? Because I don't want to kill you and I don't want to make this any worse for you, Yuma, or myself than it has to be.

>> No.28084638


>> No.28084656

At least be nice to the lady who is trying to suppress her crippling fear to interact with us!

>> No.28084672

There's no point in asking.

Either its out of our hands or it isn't.

Predestination is a pain in the ass.

>> No.28084674

My only worry is that we need to kill her in the future, and it is completely necessary. Then we made a false promise.

>> No.28084687

[x] "Well, I hope we can still make this a pleasant conversation."

>> No.28084690

This. Be polite, be professional, don't bother with a plan for that last bit because you've never needed one.

>> No.28084691

Exactly. You get it.

>> No.28084703

>implying that we have to kill her TODAY
>implying we wouldn't be keeping the promise and still do our duties if need be.

>> No.28084706

Ah, but consider this: if she believes it to be unavoidable, then her own well-being is not a consideration for her when she makes decisions, which makes it more likely for her to do things that Chiaki will want/have to kill her for. As such, discussing it and trying to convince her she's wrong does in fact have a purpose even though it won't change Chiaki's behavior.

>> No.28084707

> implying that Murderface doesnt have a plan to kill everyone she meets.

EVERYBODY. No exceptions.
No, not even her. Or her.

>> No.28084718


No she doesn't.

She comes up with them on the spot.

>> No.28084724

But what about her? Surely we wouldn't kill her?

>> No.28084726

That's why I'm saying we'll try and make sure it doesn't happen today, not just that we'll make sure it doesn't happen full stop. We're not saying she's making wrong predictions or that we're making promises to never hurt her, but we just want to put her at ease by letting her know we haven't come to her right now to blow her kneecaps off.

>> No.28084727

If we wanted her dead, shed be dead already.

And if she has faith in her own abilitied, then nothing we can say is likely to change her mind. Or her actions.

>> No.28084733

>implying we won't kneecap pinky if we have to get either of them
>implying it wouldn't be entirely justified.
>implying even pinky could fight against our wrath if we got that pissed off.

>> No.28084734
File: 285 KB, 800x800, voting over - wendy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haruka Lector is very polite, isn't she?

>> No.28084738

She knows that much from the fact she still has kneecaps.

>> No.28084741

She knows it will not be today.

She is resigned it will happen.

>> No.28084745
File: 233 KB, 500x366, frankdrebin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We might.

And don't call me Shirley.

>> No.28084749

>dat mask
guys why is she a hollow?
is hollow quest bleeding into here now?

>> No.28084752


>> No.28084755


>> No.28084759

It's something to do with the writeups.

I haven't read any of them. I am disgraceful.

>> No.28084764


Wendy's costume has always had a mask since Decu's first draft of her costume, before I finalized it.

>> No.28084769


please tell me you don't honestly believe that

>> No.28084770

Wendy arguing with her own narrative? ...Yeah.

I could see it.

>> No.28084779

I mean, she might do something in the future that might make us want, or even necessitate, Chiaki killing her. Something she does because she believes it's her 'destiny' or some crap, and she can't escape it, rather than because she wants to.

>> No.28084780

>implying this quest isn't essentially metaquest 2 electric boogaloo, this time with magical girls

>> No.28084786

...hang on.

What if no-one can see the future? What if they only think they can?

The big thing they use it for is Witches. And a certain pink haired goddess would be able to hand out that info...

>> No.28084787

Is there a .rar or something where I can get all of the drawfaggotry?

>> No.28084791

Deculture is destiny. Anons may be able to beat it, but it will be very difficult.

Are you feeling up to the task anon?

>> No.28084800

So you're saying that everyone thinks we're gonna end the world because Pinkys telling them so?

>> No.28084805



All of it.

I still need to upload this banner though.

>> No.28084807

The phrase you're looking for is "self-fulfilling prophecy".

>> No.28084808
File: 1.31 MB, 1500x2063, 1373255066075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found some remixes of various Madoka BGMs that would work well for this quest. Especially for scenes like the concert battles.


Well, this is Madokami's theme remixed, so it might not work too well for PInky.

>> No.28084812

Thank you, anon. You have made me happy this day.

>> No.28084823

That image is glorious

>> No.28084829

Wouldn't put it past her.

>> No.28084830

Rolled 58

>not the sweet bomber-jacket

>> No.28084831

Does her narrative have an out of control libido, too?

>> No.28084836
File: 1.56 MB, 1200x1152, sayakopter.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bad future
>mfw people still believe this

>> No.28084849
File: 733 KB, 1000x1451, MGNQ_GoodEnding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ehh, I still like this one the most.


>> No.28084857

Tell Sayaka its not a thing, motherfucker, I dare you.

>> No.28084859

Y'know what? Lets avoid killing this chick no matter what happens.

If we don't kill her, it PROVES that she's fallible. And that we don't have to end the world.

>> No.28084865

Will there be an Iori and a Ruri "voting period is over!" images? Even though people hate them as they do?

>> No.28084876

> and then its her or the Culexus
Lets not do that

>> No.28084882

>that image
>no hits found
I humbly ask for sauce.

>> No.28084884


Well, Wendy completes the original set I had planned, but now I kind of want to do one for Yuma/Malal/Culexus and maybe one for Haruka as well.

>> No.28084890


And Little Pete!

>> No.28084894
File: 250 KB, 960x540, 6c3129bdc8dca0f6ce0bb1ec5a692fa927144319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, that's really a damn good remix.

>> No.28084914

But how would we distinguish them? All Culexus look the same!


>> No.28084915


I want one of Kharn, with some High Gothic font.

>> No.28084917
File: 510 KB, 1125x1850, Gaiden_-_Haruka_sketch_resize.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Holy hell, she's pretty

>> No.28084930

She's soon to be dead

>> No.28084938


I love the remixes, but nothing beats the original soundtrack for me.


>> No.28084943
File: 378 KB, 987x1400, made_pregnant.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.28084946

Yuma has good taste.

>> No.28084948

But the NTR stuff isn't there, is it?

>> No.28084954


Ah, those were done by Decu. I don't have a gallery for Decu stuff yet, but I'm putting it together!

>> No.28084961

Wait..that was Decu?

Guys, it's fucking canon now.

>> No.28084962

Label it as "canon art"
Just so I can point at the NTR pictures and say "IT'S CANON!"

>> No.28084968

Gotta love futa Madoka.

>> No.28084970

Would follow and fight for.

Perhaps we can ask her about her ultimate aim, and even ally ourselves with her?

>> No.28084984


Hahaha, that definitely isn't happening! It will be properly labeled as Thread Art and Non-Thread Art!

>> No.28084986

I think she just wants to live peacefully.

>> No.28084991
File: 327 KB, 742x1150, Guys!WeTotallyNeedToUSeThisTacticInTheBattleAgainstPinky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Use Google Image Search
>Its the first fucking entry


>> No.28084996

Well, we can use the prophet's wishes to calm her band of warriors.

>> No.28084998

What NTR stuff, the Midori/Wendy stuff?

>> No.28085000

What about Shitty Edits?

>> No.28085008

Isn't she a blonde Chiaki?

>> No.28085009
File: 322 KB, 745x1150, YepThisIsTheBestPlanEver.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28085011

>>What about Shitty Edits?

Those are already up by the name of "Art by Nicehatguy"!

>> No.28085019
File: 221 KB, 600x600, ntamber.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this.

>> No.28085028

Yeah, I don't see how that's NTR, clearly it was just a post-watermelon image of the two enjoying themselves while waiting for Chiaki to be done at work. Perfectly fine for their relationship.

>> No.28085030

I'm not sure how she looks like Chiaki at all.

>> No.28085035

Change her hair color to black and her robe to black.

>> No.28085036

Wish that wasn't such a horrible mistranslation though

Should actually be "The nude Akemi Homura got completely thrashed by Walpurgis Night" or something along those lines.

>> No.28085050

I still don't see it at all, unless this is some kind of jab againt anime sameface syndrome.
Unless you mean a Chiaki that is from something else and not Murderface?

>> No.28085055

Hair's different, hairclip, different eyes and eye-color, outfit, pretty sure she's of a different height, more well-endowed.

>> No.28085066

You must have one hell of an imagination, because I don't see it.

>> No.28085070

>Haruka looks like Chiaki
She's the Homura Akemi of this universe.

>> No.28085080

Is she OC?

>> No.28085083


Alright, fair enough. On close examination, the superficial similarities does not hold up.

>> No.28085087
File: 944 KB, 849x1183, The THing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28085093

Can we add white to the watermelon shipping?

>> No.28085096
File: 2.14 MB, 4000x1333, Height_chart_resize.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


She's the same height as Malal, so about 4 centimeters shorter than Chiaki? Just about?

(I haven't forgotten, I'll fix Wendy's face next time I work on this)

>> No.28085111

She's taken.

>> No.28085123

Damn it Omegon.

>> No.28085124

Please anon, let's not overestimate our reach. Even 3 is unlikely (discount the likelihood that at least one, probably 2 or 3, of them will die).

>> No.28085133



>> No.28085142

Seeing Wendy as tall will never get not-weird.

>> No.28085143

Rolled 87

with the number of shoutouts and expies in this quest, it's hard to say for sure

>> No.28085145


Lets not.

We're not kharn.

>> No.28085147



>> No.28085151

It means Chiaki can rest her face on Wendy's boobs.

>> No.28085153

Everybody seems so short.

>> No.28085166

Murderface is all about the butt-love though.

>> No.28085172

But her butt is superior.
Clearly Midori and Wnedy need to lie next to each other in such a way that Chiaki can rest between the former's boobs and latter's butt.
Truly the real meaning of meguca heaven.

>> No.28085173
File: 74 KB, 224x400, Omega_Zero_(ZX).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmm...all this world ending stuff sounds dubious, but they keep insisting its US...

But what if its not us?

>> No.28085181


But she wants the Butt.

>> No.28085182

I keep picturing Wendy as Zeppeli with her checkerboard theme. I wonder if she could rock the top hat.

>> No.28085190

Given most of them are young asian women, this is probably a forgone conclusion.

>> No.28085191


I am doing this and nothing Wendy can say can stop me.

>> No.28085193

A memetic meguca sentience lying dormant waiting to infect us or assume control if already here?

>> No.28085201

...the final fragment.


>> No.28085202

What if the Homu of this world is the one causing all the world destruction?

What if Pinky is working with her?

>> No.28085207
File: 105 KB, 320x262, justasuryuu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just as planned.

>> No.28085208

Watch as the Ribbon Homura fragment becomes our dominant personality the minute we collect every Golden Weapon.

>> No.28085209
File: 737 KB, 2208x492, Dance upgrade.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think he means stuff like this.

>> No.28085222
File: 37 KB, 231x246, 1383319570404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, I need that laugh.

>> No.28085224

You are now realizing that there was a fragment for every phase of our lives in the Barrier...but none for Murderface.

...Unless the evil fragment was her.

>> No.28085225

Well, its not the worst thing that could happen if we need to fight Faust.

>> No.28085241

The Murderface fragment killed Ribbonhomu, yo.

>> No.28085242

I'm glad that my paint copy-paste skills are amusing you.

>> No.28085256

But is Wendybutt better than Ramenbutt?

>> No.28085273

It's not only that. I can just hear how it would go down and that makes it all the funnier.

>> No.28085280
File: 260 KB, 900x1544, Dan Kim - Magical Girl Noir Quest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Chiakibutt is superior to both anyway.

>> No.28085281

Hmmm, clearly this demands investigation. We need to get them together so we can test thoroughly at some point.

>> No.28085292


Wendybutt butt-superior.

Ramenboob boob-superior.

>> No.28085312

Dan Kim is perhaps the only butt enthusiast with a greater enthusiasm for butts than Chikai.

>> No.28085330


>> No.28085338

Nyan Nyan

>> No.28085343

Rolled 5

it already has
that sentience is called ANON
if homu regains control the world ends

>> No.28085358

Nihao Nyan

>> No.28085360

Was that Murderface, or Chiaki?

By all accounts we're a very different person to how we were back then...

>> No.28085371

Chiaki. Murderface never had a ponytail.

>> No.28085382

Rolled 62


>> No.28085396

Rolled 53


>> No.28085398


>> No.28085399


>> No.28085402

So she should be squeezing her own button for fun?

>> No.28085412

Rolled 5


>> No.28085414

Are you ever going to finish Kharn?

>> No.28085415

Of course not. That'd be weird and not as fun.

>> No.28085416

Did we actually do it?

Anons, is this a miracle? We actually summoned once without a mistake, except a certain tree anon?

>> No.28085424


If she clones herself, yes.

>> No.28085433

But if Homura returned as a separate entity, we would squeeze her ass post haste?

>> No.28085435

Well, spoke too soon.

>> No.28085439

Guess we know why we're searching for this world's Homura then!

>"Hey...can I squeeze your butt?"

>> No.28085441
File: 2.34 MB, 726x844, horticulture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's a given that we can't do the summons right anymore. Failure is unavoidable.

>> No.28085442


Yeah, she just needs to be colored. I actually wanted to finish Sayaka first before going back to color Souji and Kharn, but Sayaka has proven to be difficult to draw.

>> No.28085453
File: 23 KB, 640x360, 20hrokg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 51

I think it was done successfully once or twice before, but yea

>> No.28085460

Sure, why not? We Kharn the Buttrayer when it comes to asses.

>> No.28085478

Deciduous is not the same as delicious.

>> No.28085485

Yes, but the question is which of the two of them will ask first.

>> No.28085512

Actually, didn't we previously just change the summoning to include any mistakes.

It only went to hell after someone codified it.

>> No.28085513

Homura is not an assman.

>> No.28085516


They don't ask, they just go for it. Then they pull out a gun.

"What are you doing?

"What are YOU doing?"

And they keep fondling.

>> No.28085518


>> No.28085556

Let us try another summoning.

How do we incorporate lyrics of Do You Remember Love into a summon?

>> No.28085558


Naw. Just wait.

>> No.28085565



>> No.28085568

What is love?

>> No.28085576

Baby don't hurt me,

>> No.28085579

Because Kyoko.

>> No.28085596



>> No.28085608

>>28084573 >>28084543 >>28084553

You let out a frustrated hiss between your teeth. What the FUCK is up with everyone saying that you'll end the fucking world, anyway? You don't want to destroy it, it's where you fucking live! All your friends are here - at least, the ones you haven't either accidentally killed or made your enemies! You LIKE this world. The last thing you want to do is blow it up!

"Now there speaks someone who thinks she has a choice in the matter." Haruka gestures to the tea. "We'll get to that later. Please, enjoy the tea while it's still hot. It won't taste as good if I re-heat it a second time."

A second time? Wait, does she remember what Yuma did?

"I don't. But one can easily infer." She gestures towards the tea kettle. "For example, how I remember boiling enough tea for three people, but find that not only is my tea kettle nearly empty, but it's also gone cold - despite my having no memory of pouring any tea for anyone in the first place. And I'm sure neither you or Yuma are into tea." Haruka offers you a small smile. "Please, don't tell her. She has suffered enough, and I don't want to add to her misery."

...Yeah, alright. Fine. Not like you're interested in making people around you more miserable than you.

"Thank you." Haruka replies, sipping her own tea with deliberate care, her eyes closed while doing so. You try to do the same, but decide that the risk of having boiled tea accidentally being poured down your front isn't worth it, so you drink like a normal person instead.

...Huh. You're not much of a tea drinker, and the only cake you're in the habit of shoveling into your face is of the pan-fried variety. From what you could tell after a few sips and a bite, however, they're actually pretty good. Did she make them herself, or...?


>> No.28085609

Rolled 91

no more...

>> No.28085610
File: 359 KB, 900x900, Valentines[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28085625

But who is she giving it to?

>> No.28085635



>> No.28085638

She's stating an answer, not handing out chocolates.

>> No.28085640


"Yuma's kind enough to buy the leaves for me from time to time. The cupcakes, well..." Another smile from Haruka, this one a bit more sincere than simply a polite curling of her lips. "It's surprising how much you can do with just a rice cooker, the right ingredients and enough time for trial and error."

Well, that's a thing. You thought rice cookers were just for rice, period.

"That was what I thought, too." Haruka nods. "Did you know you can even make pudding with a rice cooker? I haven't tried it, but apparently you can."

Yeah. That's...that's neat. You probably should get one for your apartment, or something.

"I would certainly recommend it if you don't have one already."

Right. Well. You're happy this is starting out civil, at least. After the incident earlier, you'd have thought it'd be hard to talk to her.

"Ah." Haruka places her teacup down on its feather-thin saucer. "Was I screaming about something in particular? I saw myself screaming when we met, and going possibly mad." It's here that she clears her throat, wincing slightly. "If so, that would explain my sore throat, all of a sudden."

...Yeah. Yeah, she was screaming. Nothing about in particular, just at you. A general kind of screaming.

"I see." The blonde-haired girl seems to giggle slightly, here. "Well, you're here, Miss Murderface. Please, ask me what you want. You're visibly displeased about things being vague, I'll explain things as clearly as I can, as how I saw them. Let me be your prognosticator now, as I've been for the Ninth since my capture.

Right. Okay.

What do you ask about first?

>> No.28085641
File: 1.24 MB, 600x417, 1374202850400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28085645

You, anon.

>> No.28085659

[x] I want to find a particular Prophet who has decided to mess with me.

>> No.28085665

The prophet.

>> No.28085666

But I don't want them. She should give them to someone she likes. Besides, this is obligation chocolate, and I sure as shit didn't give her any earlier.

>> No.28085670

[x]So if you can see the future, can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

>> No.28085678

[x]how do i keep from accidentally the world

>> No.28085685


About your predictions. Are they the most likely things that will come to pass, or are they 100% sure things?

Like is it even possible for someone else to collect all the golden weapons, or is that something we will accomplish no matter what?

And if we are going to kill you and eat your heart, sorry in advance, I guess.

>> No.28085688


[X] "Chiaki Matsuda. Can you tell me anything about the one called the Prophet and the girls who are willing to shed blood in her name?"

>> No.28085695


[X] This.

>> No.28085699

[x] Tell me how I will cause the end.

How I will kill you.

Also, do you know about the cult you have out there? You are pretty enough for many girls to love you.

>> No.28085700

[x] what can she tell us about the prophet?

>> No.28085709
File: 22 KB, 417x464, you are already bread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can also make bread with a rice cooker, apparently.

>> No.28085717

[X] This, yeah.

>> No.28085718

[x] "Who is the Prophet?"

>> No.28085724

Why do we want to ask about the prophet? She is in front of us at this moment.

>> No.28085729

[X] Tell me of the Prophet.
[X] Tell me of Wendy
[X] What's up with Misaka?
[X] Who is Akemi Homura?
[X] What do you mean by me not having a choice?
[X] How will I kill you? Be specific here.
[X] What if I refuse to kill you, regardless of the circumstances?
[X] What are the remaining passwords for my diary?
[X] Lottery numbers.

>> No.28085747


>> No.28085752

>[X] Lottery numbers.

Fuck yes.

>> No.28085758

[x] There's a good one >>28085688

>> No.28085759

Let's just ask all the questions and get them out of the way

>> No.28085760

We already know there are multiple magical girls capable of predicting the future, there's a chance Haruki isn't the one we're after.

>> No.28085764

[X] "How about you tell me?"

>> No.28085766
File: 789 KB, 724x1023, 3rdImpact.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


[x]How does it all end?

>> No.28085775

plus shes been in the silent room for ages at this point. Its unlikely shes been involved in the recent shennagins.

>> No.28085779

Voting for this.

>> No.28085781

Now we just need a version with Pinky offering a still beating heart.

>> No.28085786


[X]This but ask her some more stuff if we can.

"What do you know about all the Blessed Lady crap? If I was told correctly your former Warmaster was also deep into that stuff? And why am I supposedly her Chosen? You and both know that the Pink One is full of crap..."

>> No.28085790

It is not her. It has always been her supporters who are doing this without her knowledge.

>> No.28085804
File: 107 KB, 599x654, 1292574766205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Lets go with all those! Questions for the Questiongod!

>> No.28085815

These two.

>> No.28085826

>Lets go with all those! Questions for the Questiongod!

Or more elegantly:

She's foretold this meeting. She knows what we want, right?

So, let her show us what her future seeing powers are worth.

>> No.28085847

start off with asking what color underwear shes wearing to throw her off

>> No.28085856


Anybody else really liking this girl?

>> No.28085858

No, let's ask what color we're wearing.

Unless the robes don't cover them up.

>> No.28085872
File: 295 KB, 800x800, voting over - mami.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meanwhile, in the other room, lackeys getting TIRO FINALE

>> No.28085874

>[X] Lottery Numbers
Ask her for a specific, smalltime lottery.

If she gives us an answer, we...ensure that the lottery is cancelled.

If she refuses, we call bullshit.

Schroedingers Lottery.

>> No.28085890

Hahaha. I love anons.

>> No.28085896

But what if she forsees that the lottery is cancelled?

We will have no plan for the lottery. We will suddenly change our mind later. Let us see if the future changes.

>> No.28085930

There's nothing to be gained from challenging her world view.

I mean, you seriously don't think the people who see visions of the future haven't tested ths shit themselves?

We don't need to "disprove" her future seeing ability. At least, not until it actually counts for somethng.

>> No.28085936

decu noster, qui es in luna:
sanctificetur nomen tuum;
adveniat regnum tuum;
fiat voluntas Tua,
sicut in lunae, et in terra.
thread nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie;
et dimitte nobis debita nostra,
sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris;
et ne nos inducas in tentationem;
sed libera nos a malo.

>> No.28085947

If Malal COULDN'T see the future, it's absolutely fucking terrifying that she's as far ahead of the game as she is/was.

>> No.28085956

>But how would we distinguish them? All Culexus look the same!
anon pls (cue bust size chart)

>> No.28085957


okay, I will admit that I laughed.

>> No.28085967

Imagine a Malal WITH precognition. Imagine the shit-geting-done.

>> No.28085975

>At least, not until it actually counts for somethng
I don't know if you've noticed but she's currently predicting we will end the world and kill her, and we won't have a choice in the matter.

>> No.28085987

clamabo amicis latini

>> No.28085992

And the point at which that matters is the point at which we choose to pull the trigger.

>> No.28086001

"fibram nostram cotidianam", maybe?

>> No.28086002


>> No.28086017

Honestly, we're not going to be able to ask all these questions. We should focus on the important ones:

[x]Tell me if you know of the prophet
[x]Tell me how I'm supposed to end the world
[x]Tell me why I'm going to kill you
[x]Tell me how I should deal with Pinky, if you have any clue
should be plenty to cover what we've got.

>> No.28086029

It's not quite the correct meaning though... not sure what could replace 'thread' in english.

>> No.28086053
File: 82 KB, 800x450, Scary_Godoka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pinky has shown that she can compel us to do things. Obviously killing her is one of those times.

>> No.28086068

Uh, excuse me, these are the most important:
* How do we get watermelon end?
* Can you give me some tips on how to handle tonight's date?
* Those mammies...they're real, right?
* If I were to, say, try some kinky stuff in my office over the next few weeks with a certain assistant, would we be seen or interrupted before the fact?

>> No.28086072

>No best Magical girl

>> No.28086075

"You'll be seen, but not by who you think. It won't stop you."

>> No.28086081

That's not a compelling argument.

>> No.28086094


We completely dropped the ball guys. Quest over, everyone get out.

>> No.28086096

>It won't stop you.
"Hell, you don't need foresight to tell that."

>> No.28086098


Aw shit.

>> No.28086111

I'm imagining traumatized Kumatora now. Horny works too, I guess.

>> No.28086121

decu save us please pater noster

>> No.28086136

Was there already a Valentine episode ?

>> No.28086138

Does that mean Mami walks in and asks if she can join in too? Or does it mean Wendy is invisibly trying to hate Midori to death for mackin' on her special amnesiac lady?

>> No.28086139

Is that the name of Mami's strapon?

>> No.28086144

It's QB.

>> No.28086145

Speaking of, we're getting assigned to the Midori squad.

Anyone who can catalogue Kharn's collection of underwear quickly and efficiently is someone we need sorting our paperwork

>> No.28086149

No. Coins.

>> No.28086153

But that's exactly who we'd think...

>> No.28086157

Probably "latine" (adverb).

Me neither, but it's better than an unconjugable artifact.


Yandere gonna yan.

>> No.28086160

Option two can only lead to KNIFE FIGHT/SEX


>> No.28086162

...that was meant to be COOBS fucking autocorrect

>> No.28086178

Security guy watching CCTV footage

>> No.28086181

Rolled 20


>> No.28086182

Option 2 is probably the best then.

>> No.28086190

eh, I was trying to say "[I was] shouting to my latin friends." I think latinos is correct, since it would be a dative second declension neuter ending

>> No.28086197

>knife fight/sex
I'm intrigued and wish to subscribe to your newsletter

>> No.28086202

>>28085659 >>28085665 >>28085688

Haruka smiles, tilting her head slightly to the side, her bright blue eyes staring into yours. "Very well, then, Miss Matsuda. That's...certainly a prettier name than Murderface." She nods, here. "And yes, the identity Prophet. I saw you asking me this question, with your golden gun pointed at my forehead. I also saw myself giving you the wrong answer - or rather, the answer you didn't want, and you killed me in a rage." She closes her eyes. "You asked Yuma to burn my corpse where it lay."

Haruka opens her eyes again. "Evidently, that hasn't happened yet. Or maybe it wasn't fated to happen at all. I just see things, Miss Matsuda. I can't say if they're predictions or not, so I take them all with a grain of salt. Some more than others."

She takes another sip of her tea, and as she places her cup down on its saucer once more, you spot her hands shivering again. This time, she sees you noticing, and Haruka smiles once more, this time a brittle, shaky one.

"I...I apologize. You must understand, I...I've had nightmares about this. The visions I see aren't the most pleasant, especially those that involve you." She giggles here, nervously. "I...sometimes I find myself wishing that you would simply go ahead and do it, you know? To relieve me of the misery of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or for your hand to pull the trigger, to put it in a more direct way."

...You're not going to kill her, you say, slowly and deliberately, looking her straight in the eyes as you do so. Whatever she saw or keep seeing, it's not going to happen.

"Nothing I would like more than to believe you, Miss Matsuda," Haruka averts her eyes, down at her hands clasped tightly on her lap. "But it will happen. It's with all certainty that it will." Here, she looks up at you. "And I want you to know that I forgive you. You've taken everything from me, and you will take what little I have left. But I will forgive you."


>> No.28086224

decu don't do this to me pls I got enough feels today

>> No.28086225


You blink at this, stunned.

"The Prophet is Mikuni Oriko," Haruka says firmly, before you can even frame a reply. "She has Ahriman's golden hequin staff with her. She is the one responsible for these attacks, the decoy corpse, the threats made on Tomoe Mami's life. She seeks redress for Kure Kirika's death, and she wants you to suffer like she has." She ends her words with another shaky sip of tea. "...The second time I've betrayed my Warmaster. It makes even the most delicious tea turn bitter and rancid in your mouth."

How do you react?

>> No.28086239
File: 623 KB, 350x396, stahp.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You've taken everything from me, and you will take what little I have left. But I will forgive you.

>> No.28086247

[shadowruns engage]

>> No.28086250

[X] How the hell did she get the staff?

>> No.28086252

>[x] Why would I not like the answer? I don't even know her.


>> No.28086263

You would not have liked the first answer because the real answer is that she is the prophet.

However, that will lead to her death so she told you a convenient lie.

>> No.28086269


She said she gave the wrong answer in another vision. She probably said "Misaka" and that drove Chiaki into a rage.

>> No.28086271

"Hmm. Now Lucius' shit makes sense. How'd she get the staff and where is she now?"

>> No.28086275


We have no proof.

>> No.28086276

"Oh wow I didn't see that coming at all!"

Said absolutely nobody

>> No.28086278

[x] "Is there anything I can do for you before your appointed time?"

>> No.28086279


"Oriko's not smart or stable enough for all this, ether that staff is something truly special or you and I will be having a much less friendly chat later."

>> No.28086280

>. It won't stop you
She seems legit

>> No.28086282


>> No.28086283

[x] For what little it's worth, I'll try not to let it be for nothing.
[x] What was the answer that that crazier me was looking for, do you know?

Read that line again.

>> No.28086284

It's probably an instance in which we didn't kill Kirika? Or at least made different decisions.

>> No.28086291

[x] Oriko? Surprising, in a way...how would she get such power in the relatively short time since Kirika's death? Nevertheless, she certainly fits the profile in every other way, depending on her power. Let's move on then. First off, how is ratting her out against her Warmaster's wishes? The third is gone, and even if it weren't, you're not seeing the connection. Also, with which incubator did Oriko contract?

>> No.28086294

So NECO is the Prophet?

>> No.28086298

[x] Ask how she got that staff, how long this has been going on, and - most importantly - where Oriko is and how to stop her, in the increasingly-likely event that indiscriminate violence is not the best solution.

>> No.28086299

Also this.

>Oriko's not smart or stable enough for all this
There are those who would have said that about Murderface. Most of them are dead now.

>> No.28086302

I am with this anon.

>> No.28086304

"I've had multiple suspects, to be honest, and she was one of them. I guess not the most likely one, I must admit, but I'm hardly surprised.

Aside from this whole Prophet business, I never had anything against her either. It's a shame she forces my hand like this, but... well, this has to stop.

I want to thank you for your answers and patience so far, but if I may ask, could you tell me what you know about this whole end of the world thing? I have a few pieces of a terrible puzzle, too few to say anything meaningful about it, but I'd like to know if yours fit in as well, somehow."

>> No.28086313

"If I ever have to kill you, I'll make sure to let you know when it's going to happen."

>> No.28086317

"Dammit, Oriko."

>> No.28086318


[X] Oriko was a normal the last time Chiaki saw her. Ask who contracted her and how she got the staff.

>> No.28086319

Never underestimate how much a drive for revenge can change a man.

>> No.28086329

>The second time I've betrayed my warmaster

>My warmaster
>Oriko is not tied to the third
She meant she betrayed you.

She lied.

>> No.28086333
File: 103 KB, 810x500, kyubey_contract_by_crystal088-d50e267[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how would she get such power
seriously? You're asking how a Magical Girl suddenly got a lot of power in a hurry?

>> No.28086339

Shadowrunning hard.

>> No.28086355

To be fair, we have no idea what Oriko may have tied herself to between Kirika's demise and the present.

>> No.28086361

[x]"Alright. So the visions you are not fate and are not set in stone, yet you are sure that I am going to kill you. This begs the question, what did you do / what are you going to do in the future to give me a reason to kill you?

I can speak for my past selves, but the me right now, tries not to kill random people if I dont have a reason to kill them."

>> No.28086372


You don't need to be a MG to use Golden Weapons.

And capable or not, that staff is Haunted by Ahriman. A very capable MG, charismatic, a Warmaster, a really high magic rating, and someone who probably hates us more than anyone else besides Pinky.

>> No.28086378


Unless she's contracted with him.

>> No.28086379

Is being bisexual/homosexual part of the magical girl contract, or is it just some kind of weird side-effect?

>> No.28086384

Time to send Oriko to meed Kirika again.

>> No.28086386

Burn her corpse where it lays?

She did something to be worthy of that.
The only thing that can provoke us like that is threatening Mami.

>> No.28086389

[X] This, along with "what do you mean, the second time you've betrayed your Warmaster"

>> No.28086395


>"If I ever have to kill you, I'll make sure to let you know when it's going to happen, and I'll make it quick, if I can. I think that's the least I can promise you. I hope you're wrong, though, that I won't have a reason to do it. This is all assuming what you're telling me is the truth."
She can be the Prophet for all I care, as long as she tells the truth we'll go easy on her.

See the above. Until contradicting evidence is presented, we shall act as if her words are true.

>> No.28086396

Time to check Gorefather out of the vault, I'm thinking?

>> No.28086398

It's situation based do to the fact that you're a lich who will likely die relatively shortly all things considered and the only ones who can sympathize are also liches.

And girls.

>> No.28086401


She probably had that vision when we were still just Murderface, not Matsuda Chiaki.

>> No.28086402

I'm not sure Chiaki even knows who Oriko is, or at least remembers her. And we didn't see much of her other than Maximum Christmas where she just seemed a little shy but refined, and flirted with Kyouko.

>> No.28086404

Weird side-effect, kind of like joining an acting troupe or working in a sauna.

>> No.28086405

[x]Well, for an unreliable answer, it's a start. What do you know about the pink haired monster? Anyone else who's after Mami?

Just because Oriko's the prophet doesn't mean she's the only prophet.

>> No.28086416

I, personally, appreciate the idea of using Muramasa for this.

Might throw her off quite a bit.

>> No.28086417

I was about to write the same thing. Get out of my head, charles.

(vote +1)

>> No.28086418


[X]Might as well bring this up.

>> No.28086438

We still can't control Muramasa worth a shit.

>> No.28086439


Fair enough. We will give her the benefit of the doubt now, but keep a close eye on her.

Also start asking QB if the 3rd is contracting again.

>> No.28086451


No, we already met Oriko. When we were getting debriefed from the Kirika mission, she was with Mami, who was consoling her. When she saw us, she broke off and slapped Chiaki before Mami took her away

>> No.28086454

Even Murderface would not do that.

Something provoked Murderface.

>> No.28086460

Send Kyoko to seduce her, she seemed like she wanted some spaghetti spear lovin' during maximum christmas.

>> No.28086462

No. Not this. For fucks sake, Ig we gave her such a shit treatment as Muderfeac she probably did something to deserve it.

I dont think we would have unleashed Pinky on her for shits and giggles, so before you do some asskissing at least CONSIDER that there might be a good reason for us treating her like shit and for us killing her in the future.

>> No.28086465

Kirika has proven rather resistant to the idea of us using her. At All. I can't see her being entirely pleased with the idea of being used to end Oriko.

Whereas Gorefather has tasted Ahriman's blood before. And made rather short work of her, as I recall.

>> No.28086467

She does not count outing the hidden agents of the third as betraying her warmaster.

>> No.28086470


Didn't we encounter her in/outside kyubeys office at some point. I think it was near Kure Kirika death..

>> No.28086473

Not magical power, political power. How does she have scores of girls doing her bidding? Even given they're not officio-girls, I doubt they'd jump at the chance to follow some random new girl.

>> No.28086481

Yup, this

>> No.28086491

Why did she ask Omegon to be out of the room?

What could Omegon react about Oriko that would make it a bad idea for her to stay?

No. Omegon knows her. She knows when she is lying.

>> No.28086493


Seconding. Using the Muramasa would probably backfire, hard.

Gorefather would probably jump at the chance to tie up this loose end.

Time to pay the Vault a visit.

>> No.28086494

The contradicting evidence is that she saw herself getting brutally killed answering before, yet we would never brutally kill her for this. Which means she lied one of those times, and well, let's just say context makes this one more likely even without the seemingly out of nowhere warmaster comment.

>> No.28086507

I am for this.

>> No.28086526

Yeah, this. The circumstantial evidence for this being a lie is piling up. I'm not calling for killing her or torturing her or whatever, but at least get as much out of her as we can about Oriko, then treating it with extreme suspicion as we investigate her ourselves, would be smart.

>> No.28086527
File: 250 KB, 800x800, voting over - the prophet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28086530

I am puzzled why she would tell us though.

It would be much more convenient to hide that fact. We would suspect her much less.

Unless she expects us to think that way.

>> No.28086535

>Which means she lied one of those times
>implying she didn't tell the truth the other times, and this time she lied.

>> No.28086539


Whats with the rampant Whiteknighting?
Coobie told us that there probably is a leak in our Officio.
This bitch can as well be the mastermind and is sending us on witchhunt for Oriko while she does whatever.

>> No.28086545

That's going to go horribly.

As in 'Everyone in the ninth gets beheaded' horribly

>> No.28086549

Kyouko is Prophet? We are fucked.

>> No.28086552

I am with all these anons.

>> No.28086562

The thing is, truth or lie is rather irrelevant. There's still no benefit in killng her out of hand.

And if Oriko really does have the staff, this is something we're still going to have to deal with.

>> No.28086564

She's in a damn silent room most of the time. The rest she is with Omegon with her powers activated.

How is she doing that?

And before "Omegon might not do her job" That's a different issue and nothing we can do about it.

>> No.28086569
File: 7 KB, 229x239, 1378960890517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if they've all been saying "profit", not "prophet".

>> No.28086574

I'm with this guy.

>> No.28086581

This is way suspicious, so I favor doing this: 'believe' her, milk her for info on Oriko/the prophet. Leave, ask Yuma if she thinks she could knows Karuka well enough to tell if she's lying or not. Then, set a team to research the information she's given us, and Oriko herself, to see what matches.

Personally I doubt she told the truth, but there's no reason we can't check this out, and return if we find holes in her explanation.

>> No.28086582
File: 95 KB, 738x600, #winning.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Put that sign down and get to work on seducing Oriko, red. If anyone can do it you can.

>> No.28086586

>She can be the Prophet for all I care, as long as she tells the truth we'll go easy on her.
>as long as she tells the truth we'll go easy on her.
>as long as she tells the truth

Its called Chivalry, you fuck.

>> No.28086589

The lottery numbers! That was what we should have asked the whole time!

>> No.28086604

>while she does whatever.
We can place her under surveillance if that is suspected. Or confront her with Mami/QB. Those two are reasonably good at reading people

>> No.28086609


However, do remember that she forsees all the different futures. So she had many chances to play this scenario over, try out which detail will trigger our suspicion.

No, she knows we will be suspicious.

I wonder what she intends to do.

>> No.28086620

>milk her

>> No.28086622

Shadowruns are at never-deal-with-a-dragon level

>> No.28086623

The thing is, it is not the prophet.

The people fighting for the prophet are doing so independently.

Watching the prophet yields nothing.

No, we bring the prisoner to the prophet. Then make out with the prophet. See Lucille's reaction.

>> No.28086639

/tg/ strategy.

Need to know if someone cares about someone else?

Sex them up in front of the other person and watch the reaction.

>> No.28086649

>Killed by profit
It was QB all along.

>> No.28086654

>I wonder what she intends to do.
You know what, we should ask her what she actually wants.

>> No.28086660

anon, please.

>> No.28086673
File: 16 KB, 300x390, m-night-shyamalan[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It was QB all along.

>> No.28086679

Milk her in front of the stadium bombers.

>> No.28086680

I find it suspicious that it links back to the Third, Lord of Profit, through Ahriman's staff.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

>> No.28086687

It's a good idea man, who knows what sort of properties such a fluid could have. It's worth investigating.

>> No.28086693


And we're in the room with the bitch who makes our stock investments...


>> No.28086696

I seriously hope Decu isn't going to pull any Shyamalan on us

>> No.28086707

"It's all cooby" isnt' exactly shyamalan level mindfuckery.

>> No.28086718

Yes, lets be chivalrous to someone who probably deserves what we did to her. You are a fucking idiot.

>> No.28086719

No, it will have to be "all the magical girls are really cuubies. This is humanity's revenge."

>> No.28086722

We should walk into the room with the bombers, stare them all down, and just say "Oriko" and see how they react.

>> No.28086725

What about "It was all Chiaki"

>> No.28086734

Bring a piece of Haruka's hair.

Toy with it.

>> No.28086737

Faust pretty much confirmed that for us already.

>> No.28086738

>punish behavior that helps us
>nobody ever helps us again

>> No.28086743

Lucius all but admitted it was Oriko, I think.

>> No.28086753

Smell it a little

>> No.28086762

How so?

>> No.28086763

She does if she lies


Goddamn, learn to read.

>troops preperin
Yes captcha, our troops will be preperin for war

>> No.28086768

We should do that while it's still attached to her, too.

>> No.28086770

She said it was Homura.

We're not Homura, at least not now/at the moment.

What if it was Chiaki?

>> No.28086774

Perverted cats.

>> No.28086785

>get someone to spatter us in fake blood
>fire off a pistol somewhere that lucius and co can hear
>walk in, "so haruka was telling me about someone by the name of oriko? anyone wanna embellish?"
>just generally fuck with them until we get a candid camera moment

>> No.28086790

I don't think you understand chivalry, anon.

Whether they deserve it or not doesn't matter.

>> No.28086796

that... actually makes too much goddamn sense.

>> No.28086800

No enough rape to be middle age Chivalry you fuck.

Actually what the hell are you guys arguing over? Right now all we need to do is verify true or false. Weather she is lying or not as no bearing until we are sure either way.

>> No.28086811

I like this anon. I am for this.

>> No.28086817



>punish behavior that helps us

Where is Not-Acting-Buddy-Buddy with her punishing her behavoir, fuckface? There were more than enough hints dropped that she is in this room because she fucking deserves it and there is the thing with her clearly not identifying herself with our Officio. More than enouch reasons to be suspicious.

So fuck off, fucking Waifufags, one can smell the "HURR SHES BLOND AND GOODLOOKING LETS WAIFU HER!"-Shit you are trying to pull even here.

>> No.28086828

On reflection we shouldn't have been fancy about this we should have just said


And stayed right where we were.

>> No.28086833

And I think you are a Waifufag trying to obtain a new Waifu by whiteknighting.

>> No.28086835

We're not murderface you fucking retard. We're Chiaki. We dont remember much else. Now fuck off with your shitposting.

>> No.28086838

And one can smell the Shadowruns and "MURDER EVERYONE WHOM LOOKS AT US FUNNY" coming from you.

>> No.28086852

I have a question.

what was her fucking wish?

>> No.28086857


>> No.28086859

To know what the lottery numbers would be.

>> No.28086867

That might not actually be such a bad idea. Don't even bother with the gunshot, just walk in covered in fake blood, sit down calmly, lean on the desk, look her right in the eyes, and then say "I know who the prophet is."

>> No.28086868

Well, we didn't really get an agreement on how suspicious she was being until it was too late to win the vote, anon. And to be honest, I still think there's a good chance it's Oriko even though I also think there was some bullshit in that explanation.

>> No.28086869

No, I'm actually rather bothered that we live in a world made of nothing but lesbians. I just, you know, think it's nice to be nice.
And my comment has nothing to do with the quest, the MC is a bitch - chivalry shouldn't even come up. I just think you're bad at chivalry and was point it out.
Have a nice day, anon.

>> No.28086879

You sure suck at reading if "Not-Acting-Buddy-Buddy" is KILLING SOMEONE for you. Either that or you are a complete retard.

Except that I dodnt say ACT LIKE MURDERFACE, I said, do not trust her. It sure must be hard to live without any reading comprehension whatsoever.

>> No.28086880

be fair, Sayaka is at least bi

>> No.28086882

>make a wish yo, and find out!
The wish happened and BAM, girl has wish related powers.

>> No.28086900

>bothered that we live in a world made of nothing but lesbians.
Are you straight, son?
It doesn't bother me any more than the existence of regular harem and pseudo-harem (everyone wants the MC dick but anons go monogamous) quests.

>> No.28086901

Or just say that Your Prophet just died.

>> No.28086902

>And my comment has nothing to do with the quest, the MC is a bitch - chivalry shouldn't even come up.

Except that this is exactly my point, so why would you point that out. Do you suffer from some sort of autism?

>> No.28086906

She already knew.

>> No.28086913

There's a difference between "Buddy Buddy" and a decent human being. Which is what we've been striving for.

And we have little to no reason to mistrust her IN CHARACTER.

>> No.28086917

We are Murderface. We're also Homura.
Amenisa doesn't change that. It certainly changes whether or not we should be held accountable for our past actions.

Getting into this is more a philosophical debate on the concept of identity.

>> No.28086923


might b cool

>> No.28086930

Except it does bevause we're trying to stop bieng a bitch to not make mami disappoint again.

Do you fuckers have something against Mami now too or what?

>> No.28086931

Oh, I like this.

>> No.28086933

>We're also Homura.
There's a fair chance that we're actually not

>> No.28086955


My first comment in whatever dialogue you were maintaining was >>28086790 in response to the sarcasm I read in >>28086718 regarding how someone who deserves to be treated badly is exempt from being treated well under the concept of chivalry.

>> No.28086992

Harem and pseudo-harems also bother me, yeah.
MGNQ just has such good quality that I overlook it.
Though, I wish that the posts weren't slow as molasses.
Molasses used for delicious pancakes.
Mmmm. Pancakes.

>> No.28087010

Well, I'm not a fan of harems myself. But it's not like every chick wants the Chiaki here, even if it's still harem. Kharn is even provably bi!.

>> No.28087025

>We are Murderface. We're also Homura.
We were Murderface. We are now Chiaki Matsuda. And we have the 4 shards of our self that were superglued back together to prove it.

>> No.28087116

I think its less that everyone's lesbian, and more that these magical girls are brought together by horrible situations where they make a faustian deal, and then work in tightly-knit groups to fight off impossible horrors.

That sort of shit breeds camaraderie, and more likely than not affection, platonic and otherwise.

They're not lesbians, they're bros. They're the bro-est of bros to each other because their lives depend on it.

>> No.28087142


and they just happen to fall into each other naked from time to time

>> No.28087158

Yesss. And bros sometimes become more than that.

>> No.28087165

There's nothing gay about that anon, I do it with my friends all the time.

>> No.28087169

Sayaka and Kyouko are a couple. Midori lusts after Murderface. Kharn regularly had sexual relations with other magical girls. Even Murderface has some pretty lesbian tendencies towards Midori and Mami.

Mami's just about the only completely heterosexual Magical Girl in the quest.

>> No.28087171

There are some things you can only do with true bros anon.

>> No.28087192

There are tons of potential explanations, 'lesbains become MGs', 'MGs turn lesbian because magic', MGs turn lesbian because lifestyle', and many others.

Personally I prefer not thinking about it and just being thankful it's the case.

>> No.28087196

kharn currently has boyfriend does she not? clearly not lesbo

>> No.28087205

How much homosexuality do you hear about in the armed forces? Lots, that's how much.

The point it, humans are sexual creatures, and if you isolate a gender, you're going to get homosexual behavior. The girls are lesbians because the only available partners are girls. If you had magical boys as well, then I'm sure we'd see more heterosexuality.

>> No.28087221

I think he didn't mean they weren't lesbians, so much as he meant "there are specific reasons why tend to be lesbians as opposed to "just because"

>> No.28087228

Have a cookie.
At least someone understands basic human nature.

>> No.28087307

>>28086278 >>28086250 >>28086395

Haruka shakes her head, managing to work up a smile even if her face has gone completely pale, all color drained from it. "It's...I know you mean it, Miss Matsuda, and truly, I appreciate it. Maybe...maybe I'll think about it. A last request certainly wouldn't be remiss, in this situation." She giggles again, a bitter, brittle thing, one she tries to drown with another sip of tea.

"The golden staff is sentient." She gestures towards your bracelets. "Those...those things. You've used them, Miss Matsuda, and you know that the souls of their previous users reside in them. Ahriman, even before she turned, even before she had the golden hequin staff - she was already powerful. The staff itself merely focused her abilities, and then amplified it."

A shuddering breath, drawn from pale lips. "It would have been easy for her, once she had transferred her soul into the staff upon her demise, to manipulate events from within. Visions sent to those loyal to her, instructions, commands. Scheming, planning, watching." Haruka looks at you. "Finding someone with enough hatred in her heart for one certain Murderface that she would be open to instruction. To corruption. And as I know you're aware, Miss Matsuda, a Magical Girl contract doesn't even need to come into play, here."

...No. No, it doesn't.

Fuck. Not Mikuni Oriko. You had your suspicions, but...

"She will kill Tomoe Mami if you do not kill her first. Ahriman believes that it's only then that she will have vengeance. As for Mikuni Oriko..." Haruka lifts her shoulders in a helpless shrug. "Whether she is coerced into this or doing this in her will, I cannot say. She is shielded from my sight by the Golden Weapon."

What question do you ask next?

>> No.28087313
File: 371 KB, 840x796, 1380382589226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just a depraved bisexual who calmed down a little in the end.

>> No.28087325

...You know that homosexuality in the military is a minority, right?

Why are we still discussing the bisexual/homosexual thing oh god

>> No.28087332

[x] Where are they?

>> No.28087337

>She will kill Tomoe Mami if you do not kill her first
well this is an easy decision

>> No.28087344

>"I have a few pieces of a terrible puzzle, too few to say anything meaningful about it, but I'd like to know if yours fit in as well, somehow."

>> No.28087350

How can I prove all that.

How do I target someone who sees the goddamned future?

>> No.28087352


[X]"What about the pink horror from your dreams?"

>> No.28087354

Can you tell me where they are so I can stop them?

Or at least give me a good place to start the Officio looking?

>> No.28087357


[X] This

>> No.28087373

This might actually be a good way to reign in Kirikamasa. Be all "I'd prefer to not kill your girlfriend. If you stop being a dickass, it'd help her chances."

>> No.28087376

DO remember anon, the stadium bomber told us that THE PROPHET DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT THE PLOT.

So it is unlikely Ahriman.

No. It is another of the 3rd.

Back to shadowrunning.

>> No.28087384

>How do I target someone who sees the goddamned future?
Pretty good question I think.

>> No.28087389

The modern military is also pretty well represented by both sexes. Also it has a problem with sexual assaults. So he's not really wrong.

>> No.28087391


that's a pretty good idea, the only problem is getting past her stubbornness.

>> No.28087399

I like it.

>> No.28087402
File: 253 KB, 650x575, 1373250476857.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's not ask about that, she'll just start screaming again and I'm pretty sure Chiaki can't handle that right now.

>> No.28087405

Well, we certainly need to visit her.

>> No.28087467

[X] Where are they and when will they strike next?

>> No.28087473


Welp, time for Mami to be disappointed in us again, even if it is to save her. Cuz she is going down.

>> No.28087474


Or maybe, "Where will I find them would be better."

>> No.28087486

Ask Pinky/QB, or seek out Magucas with divination powers in your Officio

>> No.28087518

We're at page 10, might want to call it.

Oh, and threadly reminder that the updated Ebook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb
Ebook will be updated in an hour or two after the thread ends.

>> No.28087528

Anything that you can tell me now that may seem useful?

>> No.28087588
File: 255 KB, 800x800, absolute truth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Voting obaa and Chikuwa incoming. Thanks for joining us, suckers!

>> No.28087600

shadowruns etc

>> No.28087622
File: 283 KB, 850x600, chiakuwa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, I have to call it now before we fall off the 10th page! Thread continues tomorrow (or later, since it's already 3 AM here). Sorry for the horribly long delays, trying to get used to the new laptop, hahaha! Thanks for everyone's participation, feedback is great as always!

In any case, I do believe we have some writeups coming up! Questions answered after them!

>> No.28087624


Someone has archived the thread.



get back in the trunk.

>> No.28087631

That was me! I was about to post this as soon as chikuwa went up, so thank you!

>> No.28087641
File: 162 KB, 482x484, 138240892776112.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thank you for the most wonderful time of the day, Decu!

>> No.28087645

W-will you be able to sleep enough tonight Decu?
Thanks for running!

>> No.28087646


Oh, wait, I guess there aren't any writeups today. Well, anyway, questions before I go to bed!

>> No.28087656
File: 161 KB, 239x289, one arm for each girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a tree, right?

>> No.28087672


Time of the day this WAS my day. It started in the morning and now it's 19:41.

>> No.28087676


NECO gave it away with that last banner and archive tag right? She's the Prophet and we all got suckered

>> No.28087695

How many girls are in the 9th? Just so we have a head count.

>> No.28087698


I have reached the point where I feel sort of responsible for archiving and announcing that it has been done.


Is Mami a ruthless interrogator?

>> No.28087708

You really do live on the moon. It is almost 3 PM where I am...

>> No.28087714

Do you ever draw something and not realize that you've put the hands on backwards / upsiddown until it's too late?

I do that a lot.

>> No.28087716

I'm usually happy to leave it to you, but I get nervous, nyahaha. I thought Decu might push for another post so I didn't want any bad surprises.

>> No.28087718

How old are the characters? I remember it being mentioned that they all were contracted later in life than the show.

>> No.28087734

What with the golden weps getting their owner's souls or whatever, how much lewd would result from putting the hat on the Gorefamily?

>> No.28087743


it helps that you can contact him in some way. (I think?)

also, I noticed page10 far to late.

>> No.28087752

I figured it only works if the owner is dead. The deagle is empty after all.

>> No.28087760


I'll be okay!


No comment!


Hahaha, no! NECO is crazy.


She's the good cop to Murderface's worst cop!




They're mostly in the 17-19 range!

>> No.28087783

How good a girl is Yuma?
How good a girl is Kumatora?
if 0 is Pinky and 10 is Misaka.

>> No.28087787

That's exactly what a tree would say!

>> No.28087811

...I can't help but wonder if the staff found two people that fit the bill. Haruka looks like really good sleeper agent material, and to me it kind of reads like she's aware she's a manchurian candidate of sorts...

>> No.28087840


Nothing! It's a chainaxe, it's pretty focused on collecting skulls.


Wow, this is a tough one. I would say...Yuma is a 4, while Kumatora is an 8.

Yuu is 11.

>> No.28087850


... Yeah NECO gave it away. gg waifufags

>> No.28087863
File: 154 KB, 446x551, 1332086911126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yuu better than Misaka

>> No.28087867

>Yuu is 11.

Of course she is.

>> No.28087871

being a boy is +1 to good girl

>> No.28087889

>Yuma 4
That's a bit less good girl than I expected. Still, Yuu certainly is adorable so she deserves the 11.

>> No.28087893

So Yuu is goodest girl?

>> No.28087894

>look at this nigga thinks Decu tells anyone anything

But I do have an opinion on the matter. And I think you suckahs

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