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hello /tg/
today i wish to ask a question.
does anyone still sell the old (2002) slaaneshi daemonetes?
if not does anyone make repros of them, they just look much better than the current model and i personally think they suit the slaanesh image more.

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If you just admitted that you like their tits then we'd be more likely to help you.

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that should go without saying
unfortunately i am a terrible painter and my local store runs as a "child friendly store" so im not sure if it would let me use models that have tits painted on, so i probably would intentionally paint the tits

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mmmmhhh delicious bait!

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how is this bait, i just wanted to know where i could find something that i personally like the design, even if it is a repro.
dont suppose the chinaman does them?

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Mmmmh such clumsy denial of the blatant polemic purpose of previous statements!

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If it's a GW, they can't do shit since it's official GW models.

Local store, not so much.

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Chinaman does the mounted deamonettes. He hasn't gotten his hand on a unit of the regular ones to recast yet.

I was actually thinking of straight up ebaying a unit of them to donate to Chinaman so he could cast them, but the bids keep escalating past the $100 line.

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Hi guys, what's going on ?

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Like the originals better. Better posing and love the face hair and horn design more than the new ones. Also stays consistent with the slaanesh head from the CSM commander sprues.

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that's because that sprue is pretty old

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found some really old ones, like the first kind
holy shit you werent kidding

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>Hear they're recasting the daemonettes
>Buy the last box at a store
>Toss em away in storage years ago

Oh man, my mint in box daemonettes are sure to go up in value at this rate.

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do wha t>>28071661
said, help everyone.

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I spend about three months looking for a dozend of diaz-daemonettes, but the prices are just too high for my taste. Anyway, i finally bought some of raging heroes preying mantis girls.


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I'm too po' to be givin' things away dawg

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I recommend a french company called Raging Heroes. They do some stunning daemonette equivalents called Mantis warriors. Really close to the original.

Excuse my paint job

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As an alternative, Raging Heroes makes nice smexy not-daemonettes

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Great minds think alike

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Daemonettes look too feminine. They're supposed to be androgynous/have one breast.

The fact that people always want feminine daemonettes shows how much they misunderstand the physical nature of Slaanesh.

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That or they just like feminine things so they'd rather look at that.

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well if you subscribe to the daemonetes are futures theory....
essentially this

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I disagree. I hate the fact the GW daemonettes are so similar. Had some one breast, some two breasts, some six breasts, and some none, I would have been cool. The fact they're all uniform with one breast strikes me as unchaos. At least female looking, I can convince myself this is their glamor and trickery I'm seeing, and not GW too scared to offend kids.

Ugh, now Slaanesh is just like WWE - stuck in some crappy PG era

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Stop responding to yourself in hopes other people will imitate you, OP.

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They literally can't sell the old daemonettes. My brother used to work for GW back then and they basically either had to remove the sexy models or stop letting younger kids enter their store. No big suprise that GW went with the latter option.

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True, but that's mere nipples on display. You can have sex appeal without guns on parade. If anything, leaving a little to the imagination only intensifies the allure. My waifu for example

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Eh, Naga is meh, though that does beg the question of why they can't just put clothes on the Daemonettes...

...Then I remember that these are the same people having trouble with Robe sleeves...

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To each their own dude. I just don't want my slaanesh to be pg-ish. Picture quite related. And still on sale, for some reason.

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that must have been a some mother who went into a store her son was in, and saw some prick doing really precise nipple details.
this is why we cant have nice things.
yes i know there is laws meant to protect the chillens against sexual perversion but that is so laxly enforced it is only incured when someone makes a fuss about it.

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Oh I do agree with you. I just am stating I hate the uniform nature of the current Daemonettes.

One of the reasons I got into my Daemons was the anime Blood C (it's dire). Very gory, and a truthful representation of daemons getting into a civilian population... or Nids or Orks or Dark Eldar or whatever getting into a civilian population. It's where the 4chan banner of the white rabbits chasing the townsfolk comes from.

The GW double standards of "no tits" combined with lore which tells of Exterminatus, or a Hive Fleet consuming a world just baffles me. So all in all, down with PG, but I also get why GW plays safe.

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Oh, the uncensored version is finally out?

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yep, this youtube link started me 4k and growing daemon army

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wow, that is legit dark.
this pleases khorne.

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I actually felt a bit sick watching that, especially everything after tearing the girl apart by her legs. Fuck you and fuck my curious mind!

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I'm glad GW redesigned the Daemonoettes if only because it pisses off all morons who latched on to Slaanesh because of their in all likelihood boring and generic sexual fantasies. Slaanesh is about taking anything to the absolute extreme, the craving of the next great thrill, not just boobies and 420 blaze it XD. They're not succubi from your poorly drawn or animated Chinese cartoons.

Daemonettes only have one breast because they like other Daemons are supposed to have aspects of their patron god, who surprise surprise only has one breast.

And for anyone thinking GW changed the models because they were too "sexual" I give you picture related. GW isn't afraid to use sex, they just know to use it when appropriate.

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if it's any consolation, I hate the anime too. Way too graphic for my liking, but I also appreciate how it doesn't sugar coat. Oh and that little girl, and her twin are villainous.

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I don't know which girl you are talking about, and I don't care to watch the video again to find out. I saved it to one of my playlists for some reason though...

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I like these ones.

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Never watched Blood-C but it will never be as good as Blood+ and my waifus Saya and her twin shota-raping sister.

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that one that got ripped in 2 pieces and her twin that got her body slammed multiple times against the ground.

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I did the exact same thing. I hate that anime, but it has a spell on me.


Fair enough

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Oh. Yeah, those two were particurarly gruesome for me. I don't understand people who likes snuff and/or browse gore gallery and the like.
I'm watching this to get my mind off of it

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this thread has sort of derailed.
before i go to sleep for the morning, ill re ask the question. does anyone sell or make repros of the old fashioned (2002 style) daemonetes?

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Not that I know of. Sorry J.C

I own a few though, and I'll say though the style is nice, their poses sure are lackluster.

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Nothing of value lost. If you want LOL SHOCKING GORE XDDDD then sure, Blood-C is great, but otherwise it's simply awful.

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>Blood C

So that's it's origin! thanks anon, have been searching for that for a while.

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The only thing that made me feel sick was the part where the schoolgirl got torn in half. Well timed FG ostrich, by the way.

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Why does she just stand there, watching that thing kill her friends?

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Because it's a terrible anime and they needed people to die so they could have lots of gore iguess.

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>Get strips of plasticard
>Glue them to the tits
>Paint them black
Bam censor bars

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>magnetized censor bars. PG and X rated loadouts.

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Nah, just paint pixels on them.

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>PG loadout: bar on boobs
>X loadout: bar is a penis

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X version daemon prince: Dragon Dildo.

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>One set of models is obviously better sculpted than the other.
>Hurrr it must be the tits guyz

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Sounds like you hate people having fun.

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Old daemonetes were superb minis, well sculpted and looked sexy and dangerous. They were some of the few GW minis that actually looked feminine and now like dudes with tits.

Trouble was GW makes games for 12 year old little Timmy and little Tommy as the primary demographic with little Timmy and little Tommy's mu the one who buys them minis.

The old daemonetes were not child friendly so they had to go. They were replaced by more "men with tits" minis that wouldn't upset little Timmy's mum if she saw them on the shelves.

More proof if ever it were needed that GW games are for children.

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Where do you think we are?

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They sure don't look better sculpted and it's a pretty safe assumption since 99% of the time the reason people prefer the older Daemonettes is because they're sexier.


I do, I hate how any discussion about Slaanesh boils down in to generic porn, I hate how Eldar can't be discussed without someone feeling the need half of the time to bring up a one dimensional character (If that) from a vidya game nearly a decade old because of le epic teegee maymays.


So are you going to ignore this picture and the pictures of other new Dark Elf models? Did it ever occur to you that Daemonettes are not supposed to be physically attractive?

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Last quote was meant for >>28075377

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Slaanesh appears as fully female or fully male whenever he/she/it feels like doing so. The old daemonettes are a work of art just like almost everything else diaz created, why did he have to go.

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>While Khorne is a frightful and terrible warrior, Tzeentch's sorcery forces his form to defy mortal logic, and Nurgle is the ultimate embodiment of his own decaying creations, Slaanesh alone is divinely beautiful. In physical form, Slaanesh is perfection. A long-limbed, elegant, androgynous figure with a haunting, almost frightening beauty, Slaanesh's appearance depends more on the observer than the observed, changing eagerly to please and seduce the eye of the beholder. Depictions of Slaanesh show it as an androgynous or hermaphroditic being of unearthly, unnatural and disturbing beauty. Two pairs of slender horns rise from the god's flowing golden hair. Slaanesh is often depicted wearing luxuriantly lined, form-fitting armour and bearing a jade sceptre that is said to be his greatest treasure. Rumor amongst his cultists says that to look upon Slaanesh is to forfeit your very soul to his every whim.

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For me when making an army the hobby comes first and lore second.

Simply do what you want to do and don't let the fluff stop you.

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Yeah thats from the notoriously unreliable wiki, however even then it confirms what i'm saying. Slaanesh appears as the viewer wants to see it, depictions being androgynous simply means the followers draw slaanesh that way because of it's lack of fixed form or gender.

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