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Come drop a script, or wow us with the drone of your centralized air conditioning systems.

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I'd appreciate if someone could read this for my spy-game:

"I've been compromised. The item is not secure. I'll try to get to alpha-charlie as soon as I can but I don't think... oh, shit."

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I put my hands over my mic to create the static effect, I can try it again without if thats not what you are looking for.

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Ha, cool man. As a side note, your voice reminds me of the guy from Bro Team.


That's awesome dude, thanks for the sound effects!

Ha, cool man. I may have need of Sean Connory before long.

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Phone went off entirely by coincidence.

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Your voice is like honey. Music to my ears.

Unfortunately, I have nothing interesting for you to say.

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hey no prob the second two were me

got any more scripts an shit?

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Awesome, thanks guys

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alright guys, here is a challenge, and not an easy one: can you do this better?

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not who you asked but fuck it, why not?

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When I read this, all I hear is the voice of El Fuerte from Street Fighter 4

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I tried with a bit of an accent.

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Took me a few tries but I think I got what you're looking for

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Not gonna lie, that's pretty good.

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It's super quiet compared to everyone else.

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Look in to my eyes. Can you see them? Can you see them looking out at you? Can you see the darkness in me? I want them out of me. I want to rip them out of my soul. But they cling to me. Holding on so tight... so tight that I can't breathe.

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My take on it.

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Nailed it


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high quality stuff there.

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What sort of tone do you actually want out of this

because all I can think of was edgemaster supreme

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alright you amateurs. this is how you deliver a line


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How did I do?

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Louder you fucking noobs. Someone who's having an internal mental breakdown supplemented with an external soliloquy wouldn't be afraid to wake up their parents in the next room.

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"This dick. This dick right here. This fucking DICK. Holy shit. Your penis- it's a work of art. Fucking art, literally. This is proof that there is a loving God, and he cares for us. The curve. The vein. That, that whimsical winking foreskin- Jesus Christ himself would come down off of the cross to suck this dick. Helen of Troy has nothing on your penis, if Agamemnon knew about it, he would roust every man, woman, and child to claim your perfect, delightful, wonderful dick."

"Can I take it home with me?"

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i'm running it through audacity to take out the drone of the aforementioned AC units with noise reduction

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Hope you enjoy it.

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Anyone else ever had a problem with getting unintentional noise?
I have this high whine (no, not my voice, smartass) over the entire recording.
Any ideas for troubleshooting?
I'd really like to participate.

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Give us an example of your audio and then maybe we can help.

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I don't know if I quite captured the feeling that the quote is supposed to envoke

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download audacity, record through it, highlight a small segment of "silence" and go to effects to noise reduction, and hit the get sound profile button.

after that, highlight the whole thing then do the actual noise reduction bit under the same tab (noise reduction)

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"Mr. Coldburn? I'm sorry, the results just came in. Your kidneys were replaced with blenders."

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I regret everything


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I will try that.
See if Audacity has the same problem or maybe it's the site somehow...
I mean, nobody ever complains about my microphone on Skype.

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love the dick

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You're welcome

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I regret nothing.

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I guess this came out okay.



Here ya' go.

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I used to make a lot of music and post it on 4chan, but since I got my new SUPER RIG I've got this skip that happens when I record on Vocaroo. Not audacity, just vocaroo.

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you're terrible please don't do it anymore

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Y'know, at first I was worried I would get caught for embezzling from the "Fund for the Sake of Sad War Orphans With Crippled Puppies."

And then I realized, who the fuck can catch you when you have a HELICOPTER? Home, Chet!

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"Dear Hero.

Ever since our eyes met on the day of your village's destruction, I knew you were The One. We are destined for each other, you and I, our fates intertwined. Even though it was only an instant, I cannot stop thinking about you. I believe we were always destined to be nemeses.

Meet me at the cave nearby, and we shall swear a blood-oath to destroy one another, together. I shall be waiting. My minions march only for you.

XOXO, Your Nemesis.

PS: Bring a party."

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oh hey it's you! love your stuff, dude

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I've always dreamed of being a hero. I've tried everything to become super. I let a spider bite me... no spider powers; just lots of itching. I tried standing too close to the microwave oven hoping the radiation would change me. Nothing. And I got in trouble for making so many bags of popcorn. But I took it all to school and had a popcorn party. I was a hero that day. So I guess it kinda worked.

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This tutorial actually demonstrates how to do the Noise Removal thing (as well as shows how to do a robot voice as well).

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"You ever want to taste raccoon?"

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"Dayum, girl! I've never met a paladin with so much junk in the trunk, youknowwhatI'msayin'? Why don't we head out back and charge up the Rod of Wonder?"

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Goddamn my mic is shit

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Did it twice for shits and giggles



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Voice has been acting up lately, so it wasn't That good. Also had a weird twang at the start; dunno what that was about. I'm Canadian.

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I could use somebody to record a line for me. Running the RotRL spoooooky mansion next session and I'd like to make the boss fight more memorable, so could somebody say:

"You live! Well and good... Now I shall have the pleasure of devouring your heart while it's still warm!"

In a happy, aristocratic accent that slowly slips into a more monstrous and angry tone?

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I...is that good? I haven't seen that movie, so i'm going to assume shit-tier voice acting on my part.

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" 'Oh hey, what do YOUUUU want to do!' Fuck you I asked first. You want to know what I want to do? I want to take this car, and drive north as far and as fast as we can. When it sputters out of gas, I want to get out and walk until I see someone. When I see that someone, I want to fight them. I want to throw my entire heart and soul at them in the spirit of destroying them. I want to scream the last of my frustrations in to his face with a devastating combination of right hooks and upper cuts. I want to leave them curled up on the ground, sobbing, wretched, and shaken at meeting the human incarnation of force and hate. Or maybe I'll end up the one on the ground, picking a fight with the son of Mike Tyson and a god damn royal canadian mountie, who knows. But after that, win or lose, I want to buy him or her a beer. I want to let them in on a secret. I want to form a conspiracy with this combatant. I want to become the fastest of friends with them, breaking this parody of civilization we both pretend to live with violence, and tearing out, raw and beating, the bloody heart of kinship that's there at the foundation. Then, we devote ourselves to destroying the system. We head East, to the lands of rolexes, fake smiles, and scraped skies, and we work to destroy the metropolis, raze it all to the ground with bombs, bullets, and screamed epithets. We destroy that city, and stand in the wreckage, looking at a jagged and untamed land, and there and then I feel a heart full of regret as I realize the hypocrisy of my deeds. I have touched bottom in the great pool of life, and risen up for air in clarity and see that truth was not worth the cost. I leave my comrade in arms teary eyed and seek redemption, crossing oceans and deserts in search of some truth to redeem me, a wanted madman and warrior remembered in song and whispers, eternally haunted by the misdeeds I performed."

"That's what I 'want' to do. But in this context? Taco Bell you limp wristed asshole."

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depends on who you ask. i personally enjoyed it, but here on the chons, everyone hates it for being lolsoquirkycomingofage story.

but then again, i just enjoy indie flavored cinema. so take it as you will

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Sorry for the background static; I was just trying this out.

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Alright. First try. Noise reduction worked fine. Hope my accent isn't too terrible.

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"Who are you? Who is she? What is that? Why am I here? What's that noise? What's that smell? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?"

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Whoo. Couple of stutters but I think they work. Did it on the second try. Little sweaty.

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noise reduction worked a charm. audacity is a wonderful resource for people with no money.

your delivery made me laugh. it's like that creappy possibly pedophilic middle school janitor telling young children a story while they sucked on his roofie laced lollipops

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So I sound like a pedophile rapist loser?
At least you didn't say Nazi.

I think the effect doesn't come out right here. The questions demand a lot of flipping around in inflection. Would work far better as a three - four step climax.
Also I fear my neighbors may become cross with me if I keep yelling like this.

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"If anybody can hear this, you need to stop, and listen to me. You have been deceived. I've met the maker, and the man's a liar. So I am leaving this message as a warning: Don't take another step forwards, don't remain here for another second. Turn around, and go home. Put this place out of your mind, and never return. Do not think about touching the artifact. Do not try to open the gate. Do not read the inscription.

You must not proceed."

Supposed to be from an otherwise confident middle-aged archaeologist/wizard who has just been shaken to his core by some sort of revelation, and sounds like he's basically resigned himself to his fate.

I would really appreciate it.

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I'd like to see someone attempt my BBEG's final villainous monologue. If there's any ca/tg/irls here, even better, because she's a lady.

1/2 because it's a long one:

I can still remember it, you know. I can still see that despicable maggot’s face. Not much left of it now, but it’s burned into my brain. I could see the abject terror in his eyes as my hammer came down. His head filled with such ambition, such power, and I shattered it all with a single blow. 20 years later and it’s still just as vivid as the day I killed that loathsome dog.

20 years…has it really been that long? It’s so hard to keep track. Time gets funny between planes. Do you know what it’s like, to be lost in the infinite maze of the cosmos? It was anguish, I’ll tell you that much. Struggling every day to survive, constantly shifting through inconsistent and surreal realities, uncertain if I’d ever see Renacho again. I thought if I could just make it back home…if I could see my friends again, it would all be worth it.

In retrospect, after seeing the ungrateful world that forgot me, reuniting with the alleged friends who abandoned me, I’m contemplating why I ever liked this place. At least out between the planes my strength and determination earned me some actual prestige. The Hollows don’t understand much, but they answer to those with power and the resolve to use it. You have to command respect through sheer force of will, not senseless martyrdom. I learned that lesson the hard way when I witnessed how Renacho repaid its selfless saviors.

And now I’m the only one left. I thought coming back here, where it all started, it would give me closure, some kind of resolution or justification for the endless torment I suffered. Instead I find myself standing here, still unfulfilled…and all I can think of is how empty and meaningless it all seems. There’s nothing left for me here.

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"Art thou and elf, or art thou naturally a pansy?"

>> No.28055640


Maybe I should have just stayed lost. Look around you, at the countless worlds you see out there. I spent 2 decades wandering the planes, and I could continue for centuries more, and still I doubt I’d see more than a fraction of them. What makes Renacho so special? What makes this wretched world deserving of salvation? Would this infinite abyss even notice the absence of one feeble light? Maybe I should just finish what I started 20 years ago and smash this plane to rubble, simply to be done with it.

Would you stop me? Will you make the same mistake I did, throwing away your lives in a futile effort to protect people who will not remember you? This world is cold and uncaring; your pointless sacrifices will not be mourned. You will die here, nameless and forgotten. Your rotting carcasses will float through The Void for eternity, surrounded by the shattered remains of Renacho and one headless bastard. I’ll kill you just as easily as I killed him, as I killed Alden and the rest of those traitorous wretches. You want to play hero? Come and try; reap your hollow reward, you damned delusional fools!

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How's that?

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Dr. Claw mocks your pussy elf.

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This one is really awesome.

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Is rushed and inept okay?

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Fantastic, thank you very much

I really like the pacing in the second one. You absolutely nailed the feeling I was going for.

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I love you Tina. I'm not a toilet, I'm a...boy

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Bit of instructions on the speaker would be nice, friend.

>> No.28055839

i know it's a really bad accent, but it's killing me trying to figure out what it is

like, a little bit of davy jones pops up in the end, but i really don't know


>> No.28055842

Have to leave for a while, but I loved participating in this. If it's still around, or there's a second one, i'd also love to Continue. Acting's always been a passion of mine.

>> No.28055863


Scottish, with a touch 'a Irish. Regardless, bloody attractive, like.

>> No.28055868

I'll try my hand at this. I tried for a more subdued approach, especially for the last line; a statement of fact rather than an order.


>> No.28055904

I guess some notes if you want them. I deliberately avoided providing them because I wanted to see how an actor would read it without director input, but it looks like some people here prefer having them anyway.

Introspective, unsatisfied, nihilistic, becoming increasingly venomous and aggressive as the monologue progresses. Trying to teach the PCs a lesson, and they're not listening.

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Actually, what I'd love is how to pronounce 'Renacho'.

>> No.28055927


If only my damn voice reached those octaves, i'd play along.

>> No.28055945

And thank you for your interpretations as well. Rushed and inept isn't quite what I need, but it sounds really good nonetheless.

You should read some of Davy Jones' quotes from the movie, while actively trying to use that accent. I'd love to hear it.

>> No.28055972

You could do it in a manvoice, I'm not picky. Ladyvoice would just be a bonus. I just want to see how other people read the monologue, the inflections and tone they use. Taking notes for when I drop this one on my players.

Like "nacho" with the "RE" from "RED" or "REST" in front of it.

>> No.28055987

will definitely do some davey jones, but i need to pop off for a couple minutes. be back in a few

>> No.28055988

Also excellent. I'm gonna have a bit of trouble deciding between that one and >>28055679

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File: 320 KB, 576x432, vutang.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have done it with a bit of rasping, derived from a revenant like figure I saw the wizard as, he has become a warning echo that sounds across the temple or cavern or whatever, a ominous soul-warning of a long dead archeologist.


>> No.28056016


Well, like I said, i'll be off for a while, but i'll try it when I return!

>> No.28056122

"Is it on? is... Ah! Hello! If you're listening to this then I, Gorganoth Grimzagull the fourth, scourge of dragon pass and slayer of men, have at last been felled. You have no doubt vandalized my home, plundered my hoard and mutilated my corpse for magical reagents. I can understand that. No, really! In fact, if I were an adventurer, I would probably have done the same! Now, a slight like this cannot go unpunished however. An adventurer should know that as well as anyone else. I hope that where ever I end up, I get to see the look on your face when the trigger is spoken and all the cursed items awaken.

Speaking of which, [Insert magic mumbo jumbo of choice here]. Enjoy, jackass."

Excerpt from writefaggotry of old buddy, want to surprize him with voice acting from /teej/. Cheers in advance, fellas.

>> No.28056168

I'd love to try this, but my voice is far too high pitched to portray a dragon properly

>> No.28056176



Rushed, but with a funny voice.

>> No.28056213


Sorry, my throat is dead so I can't do my awesome growly voice. Hopefully this works.

>> No.28056252

Not the asker, but this is great. Although you should've just omitted jackass, it doesn't seem quite right with that voice.

>> No.28056281


Yeah, felt like that last bit didn't fit with the voice, but thank you!

>> No.28056295

I burst out laughing after I realised how dumb that incantation sounded, it can almost be heard in that last line.

>> No.28056328

Here's a bunch

>> No.28056367

we need to go creepier.

>> No.28056401

well, turns out i'm really really shit at the accent, wanna keep working on it, though, so give me new lines people! also, because i' was working off of davy jones performance, it colors my interpretation a bit, brings my pitch down. but here's on anyways


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I go to the bathroom and come back expecting one reply at most. I love you, anons. Never change.

>> No.28056429

Your voice felt kind've Atlas-y (BioShock), so you could do some of those lines.

>> No.28056517

Can someone say "That's the second biggest monkey head I've ever seen!"

>> No.28056681


I got to the incantation and realized I hadn't thought of one yet.

>> No.28056785

There is only one way to do this right.
Japanese with subtitles.Never mind the gaijin.


>> No.28056795

I tried

>> No.28056814


How is that?

>> No.28056867


Two are me attempting to be 2deep4u funneh with elder scrolls lore and the last is spouting off an old old angry man we all know.

>> No.28056890

Two attempts from me.

>> No.28056927

You might want to evacuate your microphone from your throat.

>> No.28057014

This place is a message... and part of a system of messages... pay attention to it! Sending this message was important to us. We considered ourselves to be a powerful culture.

This place is not a place of honor...no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here... nothing valued is here.

What is here is dangerous and repulsive to us. This message is a warning about danger.

The danger is in a particular location... it increases toward a center... the center of danger is here, below us.

The danger is still present, in your time, as it was in ours.

The danger is to the body, and it can kill.

The form of the danger is an emanation of energy.

The danger is unleashed only if you substantially disturb this place physically. This place is best shunned and left uninhabited.

[It's a warning, left by an ancient civilization, to dissuade people from opening their Sealed Evil in a Can]

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time for some /lit/ interjection here.

"This is the nature of war, whose stake is at once the game and the authority and the justification. Seen so, war is the truest form of divination. It is the testing of one’s will and the will of another within that larger will which because it binds them is therefore forced to select. War is the ultimate game because war is at last a forcing of the unity of existence. War is god."


"You're crazy, Holden. Crazy at last."

>> No.28057235

Throwing my voice into the ring. (I need a better microphone. Also, sorry about that annoying hisss on the sibilants. I don't know how to stop that. Seriously, how do I stop that?)


>> No.28057279




I tried this casually in my normal voice.


Never thought about what that would taste like, actually.


A line like this can't possibly fail.


Here ya' go.

>> No.28057353

I don't really have the voice for this, or any real voice acting experience, but all well

>> No.28057354

You need a diffuser. Put some cotton balls around your mic.

>> No.28057377


I did my best.

>> No.28057446

A Blood Meridian fan! I don't think anyone can capture the voice of The Judge but I gave it the old college try to how I picture it in my head.


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Not pic, but related. Any requests?

>> No.28057502

"INDEED, Gabriel might have suspected the treachery of Kyras, were it not for the fact that it was corn on the cob night in the Cafetorium of Despair."

>> No.28057515


>> No.28057518
File: 887 KB, 600x901, da hole fink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recorded this one as a sound file awhile back and have it on there if you want someone else's attempt.

This is open to anyone by the way, I'm trying to find a good one for sound threads.

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File: 273 KB, 1024x768, GLaDOS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And for shits and giggles, because I'm bored and have a copy of Melodyne, here's the same file with some filters on it.


>> No.28057842

I liked your interpretation of it. But>>28057446 this anon kinda captured the cadence and tone I imagine better.

Yours is perfect for a more deranged person.

>> No.28058435

"There is no surviving this..Long live the Empire!"-Tie Interceptor pilot Indigo 7 just prior to being shot down.

>> No.28058880


Took me a couple tries, but I think this came out pretty good.

>> No.28059031

...This is scarily good.

>> No.28059136

Enh Thought I'd give it a go

>> No.28059288

>dat last line

Perfect, just perfect. If only you played a sitcom riff to play after it.

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"Yes, I know, how cliche they sent the bard in to negotiate with you, the evil overlord. And though all our trials and tribulations we have endured. We have endured your hell, your demons, your monsters. The pits of despair, the hundred tortures we have overcome. So, before you finish casting that spell let me remind you, oh evil overlord, that we have defeated every task you set against us. Do you really have the balls to take us on head to head? Because I know, and you know that right now your minions are wondering which side they will be bowing to at the end of the day and who will be sitting upon that throne. They will not help you. So, shall we start this little duel, or will you surrender?"

>> No.28059485
File: 108 KB, 800x479, bridge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know what? I fucking quit. Why should I go further than this spot? When that old guy said I was a hero, some sort of chosen child of the stars, why did I believe him? Because he used some fancy words to sway me? Sure, I've met some new friends along the way...gotten to see some new places but was it worth leaving the comfort of my home? To fucking lose everything I've known before?

Fuck it. I'm going fishing. You can finish this godforsaken quest without me. Evil might not need some single chosen person to conquer it...find out for yourselves..you might be surprised.

pic unrelated but whatever.

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File: 538 KB, 600x800, My little sister can't be a witch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have two, if that's okay. One of them is comedic and the other one is serious.
Comedic: "Aoi, hold off the monster all by yourself. Aoi, indulge my messiah complex. Aoi, fechez la vache."
Serious:"Okay. I'll tell you. Imagine for a moment that you're not cool or pretty. You can barely jog a lap around the track, and your dad left when you were a baby. Imagine that everybody hated you since you were eight. So you compensated with hobbies and obsessions and porn and the more you tried to make up for the fact that everybody hated you and you weren't good at anything anyone cared about, the more they hated you for being weird, until by the time you were in highschool you had no friends, no good qualities, and no hope of ever getting better. With me so far? Good. Now imagine that one day, out of the blue, someone tells you it could be different. You wouldn't have to be alone. You could have everything. All the friends you could want. Literally everything you ever hated about your life could change, and all you had to to make it happen was do something that, hey, it turns out you're pretty good at it, and it makes you feel stronger, better, more alive than you've ever felt in your entire life! How far would you go, Janice? How far would you go to finally be happy?"

>> No.28059685


>> No.28059698

Their was a vocaroo thread on /int/ yesterday, so I'l just drop a bunch of the stuff I did then.
/int/ sort of stuff, see if you can pronounce this/show us your accent games. The stuff towards the end is largerly resquests.

>> No.28059722

Are you able to do Deckard Cain?

>> No.28059847


>> No.28059852

Here's my try. Was trying to make it sound like a recording.

>> No.28059874

>A calm voice surprisingly young for his tone and story.
He went down in history as the greatest hero who ever lived because girls would glance at him twice and wish he would look their way.
I'm a footnote in history because daddy decided to give me some scars and I never watched my weight.
You understand why I do do what I do child? Get yourself killed saving the world and watch as everyone damns you as a coward and a fake because they couldn't believe someone that ugly could be a hero. Watch as some fake, some coward claims your lifes work and does his best to make sure you only exist in curses and jokes. Get buried in an unmarked grave, your weapons scattered to the winds as crows pick at your skin.
Do all that and then we start talking about how you emphasize with me.

>> No.28059884


>> No.28059921

Oh goddamn it autocorrect

>> No.28059951

You voice is very pleasant, but the audio quality and your tendancy to mutter make it very hard to understand you. You should look into getting a new mic. You can get a pretty good quality mic by going to a video game store and getting a used Rock Band mic for real cheap.

>> No.28059955

Bretty Gud. the way you did the serious one actually gives me a bit to think about.

>> No.28059977

If anyone would like me to stop...please say so.

>> No.28060001

I'm using a laptop mic, and I was talking under my breath so as not to wake anyone. Good advice on the Rock Band mic however. Got any lines you'd like reading?

>> No.28060009

Wow thank you. I'm pretty please with that take too. Was that a villain's line by the way?

>> No.28060166
File: 555 KB, 1024x600, Tomoko would be so hard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, no. It's from a game of magical burst. The speaker is a lonely, homely girl laying out why she's so fixated on getting a wish. She's bitter, cynical, and selfish, but she's no villain. Really, she's a bit like Tomoko if Tomoko was less spiteful and more just awkward to talk to, the autismal moron who won't shut up about the anime they're watching and smells funny. Maybe she'll develop into a villain as the campaign progresses.
So, yeah, it was interesting that when you saw that out of context you thought it was a villain.

>> No.28060294

Here be one for a, hopefully, Metro 2033 campaign.

>> No.28060313


I messed up in the beginning, sorry.

>> No.28060334

My attempt. A bit hammy.

>> No.28060373

Wow, I had no idea. Well I guess that makes sense as a feminine line over a masculine now that I read over it again.

I was honestly picturing someone standing over a corpse looking over at the girl they had a secret crush on and explaining to them why they just witnessed something that is going to send them to therapy for the foreseeable future. Or the heroic figure character who can't beleive the one person in the school that no one notices, or cared about is actually the one who has been killing off the class one by one.

>> No.28060408

I think I like this take better than my bad Ruskie accent take.

>> No.28060427

No more hammy than mine.>>28060408
I think that set of lines was made for Ham.

>> No.28060440
File: 145 KB, 480x640, madotsukidrippingknifesmile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, you got the audience more or less right in the second one. Janice is very much a cape.

>> No.28060451

A bit... sedated. Like a commissar who had some ludes before charging

>> No.28060490

Well that was easy to guess with the imagine you're not perfect you part. Imagine your flawed me, and suddenly you have the ability to make things go your way.
I kinda think I'd like a look at the source material.

>> No.28060494
File: 113 KB, 1872x592, paladin of asmodeus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hit me with your best feels, /tg/.

>> No.28060518

if anyone needs any northern european accents done, they're my specialty.

>> No.28060529

Didn't listen to it myself because I am not proud of what I just did.

>> No.28060542
File: 1.03 MB, 649x883, 1367156457874.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't want this. My SAD folder was around three Gs last time I checked it.

>> No.28060564

I have a script for you.
The character is a Space Norwegien Sniper on a RT vessel

"Calling targets. Five. Tau Scouts. Heavy armaments. I also.... Captain, I see an Ethereal. Moving to better position. Will attempt to acquire target. If I don't report back in 10 minutes, bombard my position. May the God-Emperor accept me.

>> No.28060587

A bit from an incharacter conversation that took place earlier today.
I need some practice.

>> No.28060638

damn, you picked literally the hardest one. Give me a minute to listen to Norwegians talk. Also, about how large are his testicles?

>> No.28060660


>> No.28060666

On the off chance that there are any ca/tg/irls hanging around, or reasonably femininely-sounding guys, or just guys with no shame whatsoever, there's this.

>> No.28060669

Hmm. I don't think I'd be comfortable releasing the logs while the game is still going. You can ask me questions via steam if you want, my ID's PaleBlueDot.

>> No.28060670

Like this?

>> No.28060764

Took my a while to channel the swedish chef.

>> No.28060774

>The kid stood there as the world burned around him so that machine wouldn't die alone. He stayed there until all life left it's eyes and its body collapsed into scrap metal holding it every second of the way.
>You can call that thing many names. But after that I don't think simply a machine is one of them.
Anyone want to try?

>> No.28060783

Oh god, my sides....
Might have weel just added in a midwestern "Dontchya know." there.

>> No.28060795

sorry anon, i just can't do norwegian well at all. I sound like a drunken irishman. not too far off lol.

>> No.28060821

shit, my crappy accent is better than that racial slur of an attempt

>> No.28060832

God fucking damn it my sides

>> No.28060840

There are about 20 PaleBlueDot 's so I'm taking a S.W.A.G. here.

>> No.28060888
File: 488 KB, 500x240, finger_roll_dr_horrible.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I get a few lines for my BBEG? He's essentially Doctor Horrible in D&D form.
"Any dolt with half a brain can see that humankind has gone insane, to the point where I don't know if I'll upset the status quo if I throw poison in the water main."

>different song, but pic related.

>> No.28060914


Pfffft, elves amirite?


Here ya' go.

>> No.28060986

Like I said...I channeled the swedish chef.
But as long as people can laugh at it I succeeded. Besides it wouldn't be 40k if it wasn't serious and slapstick at the same time.

>> No.28060987


I really do not have the voice for most of these

>> No.28060994


>> No.28061005

This is from a crit fail persuade attempt to recruit a veteran swordsman. No real suggestions or tips, just wondering what it would sound like out loud.

Okay, kid, I'll tell you. I used to be like you, full of piss and vinegar, looking for a way to show I was a hero. I fought beside King Reginald during the Battle of Butcher Hill, and stood in the mud and rain as I buried my only friend there. I fought the hordes of Warlord Teefsmasha and saw them driven from the isles, at the cost of 7,000 good men. I became a hero in the eyes of the people. Parades and feasts in my honor were commonplace, as were the demands placed upon me. I was veritable royalty. Even then I still believed as you do now, that good men prevail and evil is vanquished. It was when my beloved was taken that I began to see how naive I was. She was taken from our home of 12 years in broad daylight.

>> No.28061021

because talent

>> No.28061026


Taken into the woods and subjected to the most evil and brutal of tortures. Left dead on the side of the road with nary a piece of clothing left. I hunted those responsible for three weeks. Found them a days ride from the capital, and you know what I saw? Men. It wasn't the orcs, trolls, or any of the other vile creatures that stalk this land. It was men. I caught them sleeping, and subjected them to things I will not speak of. Do you want to know who they were? Soldiers, and not just soldiers. They bore the honor scarves of the few who survived the battle against Teefsmasha, they were men I had once fought alongside and called brother. That is when my delusion was shattered. We are no better than the monsters we fight, and to think otherwise is naivete of the highest order. I have stood against evil with evil, and I let myself be blinded to the reality. So no, I will not help you. I have paid my dues, so leave me be. May God protect you, boy.

>> No.28061082

Bumping this.

>> No.28061084

Many thanks, good sir.

>> No.28061198
File: 111 KB, 795x1005, ThatGuyFromPrometheus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yet another dialogue exchange that I enjoy from a work I love that many people on here probably haven't read.

>"I tell you this. As war becomes dishonored and it's nobility called into question those honorable men who recognize the sanctity of blood will become excluded from the dance, which is the warrior's right, and thereby will the dance become a false dance and the dancers false dancers. And yet there will be one there always who is a true dancer and can you guess who that might be?"

>"You ain't nothin'."

>"You speak truer than you know. But I will tell you. Only that man who has offered up himself entire to the blood of war, who has been to the floor of the pit and seen horror in the round and learned at last that it speaks to his inmost heart, only that man can dance."

>"Even a dumb animal can dance."

The first speaker is something of an enigma, he is a something of a physical personification of violence and destruction. But he is calm, collected and quietly intimidating as he is explaining himself.

The other is a southern man who isn't as dumb as he sounds despite his near monosyllablic responses.

This will be the last one I write that'll be stolen from another source.

>> No.28061222

That was beautiful. I saved this because I need to preserve it for future generations.

>> No.28061258

Thank you.

>> No.28061266 [DELETED] 
File: 16 KB, 245x245, doushio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stop, I'm blushing.
I used my hand to make the slobbering noises.

>> No.28061273

Well I enjoyed it.

>> No.28061380


>> No.28061390

I want to have sex with your deep rich voice.

>> No.28061398


I think that was a pretty good take (sorry for swallowing noises here and there, but I have a sore throat). Took a bunch of takes to get it right.

>> No.28061413

So dumb, so good.

>> No.28061536

Holy crap, this went far. I was away a while, granted.

>> No.28061559
File: 176 KB, 386x468, max lich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fantastic. More jovial and playful than I was thinking, but I like it. This is why I did this. I wanted to see how other people would read the character. You're giving me great material to play around with.

Also saved just to listen to once in a while. It's really fun to listen to. Reminds me of Bryan Cranston.

>> No.28061582


>> No.28061603

Requesting the naration at the beggining


>> No.28061717

Thanks, everyone. These threads are always fun. I'm going to be now, though.

>> No.28062091

Anyone have anything else they want done? A buddy and I are fucking around with random quotes and was wondering if anyone had anything else they wanted done?

>> No.28062117
File: 11 KB, 72x72, 2coshp2.jpg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for what it sounds like

Due to your position as regional commander of the southern defense forces, Lord Terenas commands that you raise an outpost in the Hillsbrad foothills.
It is rumored that Orcish marauders have been raiding coastal towns in the area, but whether these attacks are part of a greater Horde offensive is, as yet, unknown.

Your outpost is to provide food and information for Alliance troops, and as such, should be a community consisting of at least four Farms. You must also construct a Barracks in order to safeguard the Hillsbrad operation.

>> No.28062127

Freely and boldly I declare that I have never heard a single donkey-fart doctor of theology, in the smallest of his divisions and points, even whisper, to say nothing of speaking loudly, about the order established in God and all his creatures.
If you could do an accent like a german who's a bit drunk, that would be perfect.

>> No.28062174 [DELETED] 

>This particular character is on the verge of dying, from a dagger to the chest. His/her final moments are to his/her granddaughter and granddaughter's magical tutor.

Listen, my sweet, my dear Callissa... good God, you're the best thing my son created!
*A fit of violent wheezing*
One day, you'll be the greatest Magus Arcanum has every harboured, I just know it.

... Tengu. Excuse me- 'Mr. High-roust'. I should address you well for this.. occasion.
I want you to take care of my granddaughter. My castle, my library, it's all at your disposal. I know you're... hardly a magician yourself, but with what little you know, you can carry her the rest of the way-
*A groan of pain, rapid wheezing and coughing*
Leave... leave me to the snows... you need not carry me home, not now. Once spring has lifted this blighted cold, send legates for my corpse.

Callissa, tell your father and mother that I love them, and that I... am so sorry what I've put them through. And I love you...
Mr. High-Roust.... good luck. And thank you.

>> No.28062240


>> No.28062256


It's really fucking quiet, but that's because I had no clue it'd be so quiet.

>> No.28062368


We can't do German, but one of us shall attempt and English accent of that is ok.

>> No.28062375


I'm an American, from the South, doing a Scottish accent. The picture just begged for it. Tell me how I did, please.


>> No.28062388


>> No.28062501

Thank you.

>> No.28062829
File: 131 KB, 850x782, sample-5e60107b86bc4df503742600ae285ffc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"A large fleet based in Comberth Harbor that was to be reassigned to North Point after the resurfacing of the terrorist organization, a World With No Boundaries, went silent at 0600 this morning. As a result, ISAF special forces have been sent to investigate and the task of defending North Point for the present time has been assigned to your Squadron and the mercenary ace that flew alongside you during the Belkan War. 118th Tactical Fighter wing, dismissed."
If anyone could do this while capturing the feel of the briefings in Ace Combat 04, I would be very thankful.

>> No.28062895


my shitty attempt

>> No.28063022


>> No.28063089

I would like to hear a sad robot say "Another day of thankless indentured servitude."

>> No.28063139

That was pretty good,Thanks.

>> No.28063193


Thanks, didn't think it would come out well. Been told I have a pretty monotonous voice.

>> No.28063291

You bastard. I like you.

Yeah I'm quite bored.

>> No.28063307


>> No.28063372

Here's another for ya. I keep slipping out of accent I keep trying to sound like Eric Idle and I always keep sounding like an Aussie version of him instead.

>> No.28063421

I wish I could voice act

>> No.28063440


>> No.28063442

tried to add a bit of static and tried to go for someone who has lost their shit

>> No.28063459

>forgot link

>> No.28063470
File: 18 KB, 678x472, 1381993201428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I get a reading of this?

>> No.28063475


>> No.28063911



>> No.28065176

Bumping this thread. Can't let something so glorious 404 before I save every file.

>> No.28065245
File: 45 KB, 750x600, 65464563456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28065316
File: 16 KB, 400x403, 7476574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28065369

>Not pronouncing "simultaneous" with a soft "i".
Ruined it.

>> No.28065425
File: 87 KB, 541x960, 971869_585790064789160_1929420214_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Even now, in the darkest reaches of space, Slash Gordon and the Adeptus Estates fight against the brunt of the ever costly Hererical Housing Market, armed with little more than a smile on their faces and a legion of rapidly assembling Imperial Housing units. Emperor bless you and your men, Slash Gordon."

>> No.28065428
File: 127 KB, 1615x306, Ded Killy 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

C'mon youz gitz, lets 'ear ya!


>> No.28065461

Sounds like the intro to a campaign mission of AoE.

>> No.28065472


>> No.28065577

Oh ye gods, thank you, based fa/tg/uy.

>> No.28065623
File: 398 KB, 825x667, 532452345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


this was for a buddy of mine. lazy fuck never did finish it

>> No.28065743

Okay, since I could really use a pick-me-up after a truly horrendous morning, I'm going to throw a request up. It wound up kind of long, so if people pass it by, I understand completely.

In an official-sounding tone, an intel officer giving some sort of debrief:

"We call her the Wren.

Not her real name, though, we obliterated those records years ago. For her own protection--she's too valuable. Donalt picked her out of the scouts--sharp eye, that one--flagged her for training. Said he saw potential. Oh, did he ever. As you might recall, the war had gone badly for us--worse than it is now, anyway. After she finished training, we sent her off to take out a target of opportunity, a colonel who we placed out in the field, supervising maneuvers.

She came back with three. Caught him, his adjutant, and a real bastard of a tactician who had been giving us grief in the western theatre for months. And the rest, as they say, is history. Over the last three years, she chewed her way through their officer corps. I'm not sure we'd still be fighting today without having the Wren to set on 'em.

We really should have seen it coming. She kept putting in for leave, we kept turning her down. Just one more mission, we said, just one more mission, every time. Hell, I turned her down on the last one personally. She seemed to take it well enough. That'd be the night she killed half of the men who used to lean over this war table, yes. Thought she was assassinating the council of bloody cardinals. I still remember that big 'mission accomplished' grin on her face in the interrogation chamber.

Well, we rehabilitated her, and it seemed to take. Seemed to. Yes, I think you realize where I'm going with this. The Wren is our greatest success, and our greatest failing. And since you did so well punching her out the first time, I'm sending you to go get her back.

Are you listening to me, Lucas?"

>> No.28065838


>> No.28065845



I tried.



One pick-me-up, as requested.

>> No.28065861


Holy shit, Godspell

>> No.28065906
File: 17 KB, 194x287, style.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, both of you guys are awesome. First one nailed the mental voice I had for it perfectly, and the second had this great '50s America espionage kind of feel to it.

Thanks a ton, both of you. Really brightened my day.

>> No.28067141


Also, pastebin the lyrics, you fucking nignog. Or get in contact with me and I will gladly help you finish this damn thing. /tg/ needs it.

>> No.28067439


I tried some effects in Audacity.

>> No.28067519


Any good? I'm better at villain lines; something about an English accent just lends itself to being superior and condescending.

>> No.28067558

I gave it a wing: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1vZMeG2IH4D

>> No.28067575

For some reason, I did this in a more-aggressive version of my robot voice here >>28067558

>> No.28067602

A very quick do http://vocaroo.com/i/s0XhnIr3ri9S

>> No.28067636

Two takes in one here. I realised the first accent was more australian than mockney. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1SxqiJAWVOt

ps you really are going to have to take out "deficiency", orks don't talk that way

>> No.28067727

I slipped up on one bit on the you and I part. Barrel on fun. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1FepGUBr9wi

>> No.28067737



Hope that's what you were looking for

>> No.28067782



>> No.28068005

Bump for interest

>> No.28068784

When your squad breaks
Or climbing some stairs
You're just for dosh
Matt ward made sure yet

Your primarch frozen, dozing
Chapter master hands are broken
Deamons are preying, Fleets are delaying
And heresy lurks in your ranks!

Your mood and your hue
Are both a smurf blue
Black legion's rule
Not much you can do

Don't forget that we must preserve \ terra from this mess
Just follow the codex

Blood ravens born astarte theives
looting what we see
Richer then that creed is in genius

Minds sharp as tacks
Thule rocking back
Droppods landing in pairs

The best in every game
titus what a shame
Best at finding mountains of wargear
We can't take it with us but still we won't share

We got plot armor nice and thick
flying by the stick
Thats a nice relic you got there

Kyrus is legit, worried not a bit
all of this and you pay the check

But heresy's out there, we all must do our share
Just follow the codex

I had a much better version with a cleaner instrumental track. I just slapped that together because the original is lost. A bit too fast to get everything out properly. There also was a segment where Peter and Jesus are talking about how to remove the taint of heresy from ones own Chapter all the while your Chapter Master is a deamon prince of his own.

>> No.28068852
File: 56 KB, 1315x199, Capture d’écran 2012-10-28 à 20.19.54.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

C-can a grill with a sweet voice do a Xeno VA? maybe based on her Twitter?

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