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this is how I final boss

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final boss for ants?
the fug is he doing?

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this is how I plot.

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this is also how I apparently post a JPG and not a GIF

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This is how I Ifrit/fire elemental.

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Let me show you the TRUTH of this world...

THIS is how I soulknife!

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This is how I flavor text.

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This is how I treat the rules lawyer

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This is how I adventuring party.

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This is how I damsel in distress NPC.

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This is how I endgame dungeon

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You let him subtly corrupt you through heavily implied homosexual relations?


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This is how I paladin

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This is how I NPC

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This is how I true final boss in the campaign's sequel.

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This is how I diplomancer.

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>Raised by Kobolds
I find that both cute and sexy at the same time

This is how I dungeon puzzle

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This is how I bard.

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This is how I single class fighter.

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This is how I CE Lich.

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Hah! This is how -I- bard.

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This is how I Arch-Militant

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x-x = 26

And I'm stuck.

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This is how I semi-important NPC.

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but he's enchanted and wielding an intelligent weapon

or was the joke that you can't do anything without magic?

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This is how I Dungeon Crawl.

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This is how I fuck with the player's minds.

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In 3.5, it's expected that the fighter gets a magic, possibly intelligent sword. In Pathfinder, he can make it, and his magic items, himself.

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This is how I mahou shoujo.

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It's no solution. x=x+26 is obviously nonsense.

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This is how I gear up.

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I figured.

It'd be 0=26 then.

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This is how I introduce the BBEG.

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This is how I BBEG

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This is how I Monk. Or Unarmed Swordsage.

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This is how all my commoners respond to threats

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This is how I leave clues

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This is how I critical fumble.

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This is how I Druid.

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This is how I Barbarian. Or Brujah, based on the filename

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Nothing wrong with that.

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This is how I character relationships.

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This is how I BBEG conspiracy.

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This is how I handle ageing penalties.

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This is how I setting.

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This is how I roll Random Encounter Table: Swarm

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This is how my NPC's react to PC's that don't fulfill their end of the bargain.

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you can what?

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>This is how I character relationships.

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THIS is how I BBEG.

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This is how I warforged Bard


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This is how I random encounter.

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I forgot an e at the end.

But the Roose, he be loose.

>This is how I vindictive NPC.

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This is how i be a wrathful DM

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complete with him going full evil cloun the moment he reveals his true intentions?
cause that kind of completely ruined it for me

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This is how I Temple.

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>This is how I every important NPC

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And this is how I suck.

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More like as the guy who lets one plane invade another.

Related, this is how I NPCs that get orders from PCs.

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This is how I sexy NPC

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This is how you all meet in a tavern.

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What is this from?

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This is how I monk with decisive strike(3.5).

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This is how I grizzled war veteran

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This is how I commoner

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"Welcome to the Clustered Feck, cheapest ale in EberrAAAAAAUUGH!!!"

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Leonard Nimoy based the vulcan hand signals off of kabbalah gestures. So basically this is space jew magic.
This is how I failed knowledge check.

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This is how I powerful child PC

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This is how I barbarian

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This is how I rocks fall

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This is how I Dark Sun literature.

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This is how I Fighter

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This is how all the monsters behave until the PCs ruin everything.

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This is how I epic level Artificer.

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This is how I animal handle.

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This is how I lvl 1 dungeon

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>Shotgun BBEG
>Calmly reload until it is apparent second shot won't happen
>Provide flanking to second commoner
Yes, this pleases me.

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This is how I assassin.

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I am frequently told not every commoner owns a shotgun or its settings equivalent. I smile and tell them more armed commoners have arrived to investigate.

Pic related

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This is how I final boss.
In a medieval setting.

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This is how I party and DM.
I wish this was how I party and DM ;__;

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The twins cheat. They already know what all the rolls are.

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Infinite was terrible and you're terrible. Cancer pls go.

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Shoo, back to /v/.

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>People saying that people wouldn't have a rudimentary knowledge of how to kick teeth in as well as some means to do so

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/v/ pls go

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>Not every commoner owns a shotgun
Do your players even 'Murrica? Shit dude pretty much everyone has a gun.

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Or Switzerland. Where everyone has a gun. By law they must.

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This is how I Monk

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This is how I PC death.

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God, I hope that movie gets made. I fucking love Jack. I once showed the haunted house episode to an anime club and they all agreed it was the creepiest one of the night.

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This is how I CoC investigator.

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Neravarine is Dunmer for "Jump Good"

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This is how I LG.

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This is how I monk with decisive strike.
...and a dip in psychic warrior before going into electricity-variant pyrokineticist with Tashalatora...and then master thrower...

...it's a complicated build, but it works, dammit!

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we actually have an elf raised by dwarves

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This bint, right?

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This is how I unarmed fighter.

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This is how I unarmed fighter.

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Actually having every shop owner have a shotgun and 2 armed guards at the entry is the only way I prevent my party to steal and pillage everything (they are currently murderhoboing through the wastes of not-medieval Russia)
The people of Katryinsk, Yanushk and Svetlogozd will forever remember those faces

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heh, how did you knew it was female?

anyway, she isnt like your pic, she is just
stubborn, her stepfather was a paladin of moradin so she is also honorable, and loyal to the party, oh and loves ale though she cant handle as much as the dwarf cleric

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this is how I fail my BS roll

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you're a dick

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>by law, they must
No. That's a myth. While every person in the army has the OPTION of keeping their service weapon, it's not mandatory. Also, and don't quote me on this, but I do believe that they have to buy it for a modest fee. Switzerland is the 4th most armed per capita, though, behind USA, Yemen, and Serbia

This is how I inspirational speech.

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>Switzerland is the 4th most armed per capita, though, behind USA, Yemen, and Serbia

It's also the nation with the highest rate of homicide and suicide involving firearms in Europe so make of that what you will.

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Rolled 46

hresvelgr, right?

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Rolled 91

what game is this?

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One of the lowest violent crime rates though.

>> No.28054530

But nowhere near the highest in intentional homicide. Is homicide by gun worse than 5 by knife?

>> No.28054600

Rolled 80

one, at sufficient velocity
hot damn

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This is how I evil overlord.

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>Highest rates in Europe
>At 0.52 per 100,000 gun related deaths.
>0.7 per 100,000 for homicide by any means
>mfw, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and Spain have homicide rates of: 1.2, 1.1, 0.8, 10.2, and 0.8 respectively.

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This is how I paladin

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oh wow, that's pretty neato

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This is how I druid/bard.

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This is how i BBEG's lieutenant in my Star Wars game

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Is that Tony Hawk now?

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This is how I questgiver

>> No.28054904


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Funny, that's how I bard.

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Did you steal the DM's notes to make a fire elemental bard?

This is how I DMPC

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This is how I BBEG.

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>Dancing lights
>Illusion spells in general
>Shadow evocation

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actually this is is how=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dyO9SWiY7k

Cuban Pete is the god of random dance breaks that get you out of trouble.

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Source? I dig apathetic muscle girls.

>> No.28055763


It's a pretty amusing MMA manga.

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best character

>> No.28056722


Agreed, I'm glad that it was recently taken off hiatus. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

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This is how I that one guard that somehow solo the entire party.

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Forgot the pic. Youtube link is for audio.

>> No.28056822

I fucking love Bollywood.

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This is how I dungeon design.

It's a hypertesseract based on that famous /tg/ screencap. 8 tesseracts, 72 rooms, 192 doors.

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Now we are all sons-of-bitches.

>> No.28057005

Do you have a larger version of this? I can barely read it.

>> No.28057012

Oh my fucking god you're a god damn genius

>> No.28057197

I zoomed out to screencap it. Here's a full-size.

Guide to reading this mess:
>Each of the 8 tesseracts is color-coded
>Each has a center room, north/south/east/west rooms (which are those directions from the center room), a top/bottom room (above/below the center room), and a "double" room, which is reached by going in the same direction twice from the center room
>The little grey squares surrounding each room are its doors
>North/South/East/West doors are along the edges
>The doors leading to the rooms above/below each room are in the upper-right/lower-right corners, respectively
>Each door is labeled C, N, S, E, W, T, B, or D (center, north, south, east, west, top, bottom, or double), indicating which room in that tesseract it leads to
>Each room has a switch in it that leads to another room in another tesseract
>This is indicated by the lower-left corner box, which shows the color tesseract it goes to, and the specific room in that tesseract

If I'm not mistaken, my math and spatial relationships should all be correct. Where each door leads is logically consistent with the rules of four-dimensional mathematics trying to fold cubes up on themselves, and then folding those folded tesseract messes on each other.

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Fuck. Yes. Now to inflict this on some players...

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I'm saving it for a later game. I have a simpler hypercube version I'm going to hit them with in an upcoming game. I'll probably use this for a megadungeon one-shot.

I'm thinking:
>Lich creates elaborate hypertesseract dungeon
>Hides his phylactery in it
>Regenerates, but something goes wrong, he's now completely bonkers
>Trapped and lost inside his own creation

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I'm leaning towards "group of strangers with strange backgrounds abducted by aliens, must navigate the layout of the aliens' ship while trying to figure out what the aliens want and how to get home".

>> No.28057469

Addendum, I forgot to mention: the most fuckery thing in this is the switch in the double rooms of each tesseract. You are not misreading them, they take you back to the center room of the same tesseract they were already in.

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I think I recognize that map. Did you make it in inform or something?

>> No.28057488

I made it in Excel. I get really bored at my job.

>> No.28057508

Holy mother of all that is, well, holy.

>> No.28057509

I'll only ever be able to use this when I get the mathematicians and physics majors interested, but if my group ever complains about my dungeons being too simple, they'll learn...

>> No.28057796

Capped with instructions.

>> No.28058230

I feel a little proud. Honestly I only did this because I was insanely bored at work. I'm not even 100% positive I did it completely correct. It's consistent at the very least, so if I did something wrong, at least I did it consistently wrong, so the logic and rules of the maze should still be able to be deduced.

>> No.28058252

You mind if I simulate it in a basic game thing and see how it maps out there?

>> No.28058303

I'm 100% positive I mapped out the individual tesseracts correctly. The part I'm uncertain of is where the switches lead, especially those in the center and double rooms. I have no idea how you would intend to simulate or test that, but knock yourself out.

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lol that reload

>> No.28058676

Hmm, double rooms are going to be a little confusing, but I should definitely be able to map out each tesserect and then stitch them together.

The diagnonal directions are up and down, right? What's the southeast one?

>> No.28058727

It's not the best way to test it, but it handles confusing directions pretty well.

>> No.28058774

Each room has a switch in it. Pulling the switch instantly teleports you to another room in another tesseract. The southeast box indicates which tesseract it teleports you to (color), and which room in that tesseract (letter).

In theory, these teleportations should line up as a larger scale version of the doors in the individual tesseracts. (Purple tesseract is center room, dark blue is north, red is top, etc.)

>> No.28058797

Oh, I can work with that then. It's gonna have a hell of a time automapping though

>> No.28058865

What's thsi from?

>> No.28058905

Zero No Tsukaima

>> No.28058972

Lemme know if you make any corrections. I'd love to have that kind of certainty or closure.

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So am I picturing this right?

We have the center room, and then on all sides of it there is a N/S/E/W/T/B room. Moving through these leads you to the room that you're moving in the direction of, unless you are in the opposite room, in which case it moves to the center (if in South, moving T/B/W/E will move you to that room, moving North will move you to center). Now here's where it gets a bit weird. If from N/S/E/W/T/B you go N/S/E/W/T/B (respectively) again then you go to Double. In this strange room, any where I go ends up with me going to the opposite room. (I am in North, and I go North. From there I go to Double. I go north once again, and end up in South.) This lets one walk in circles infinitely, which is always fun. It also shows us that all the rooms have an opposite, with Double and Center being opposites.

Now, the meta-movement (movement from one tesseract to another) is where I start to get confused. From now on i will refer pulling the switch as moving in the meta direction or moving meta, because I'm lazy.

From your picture we can see that all of the colors correspond to a room a hypercube, I'm just going to list them to help myself:
Dark Blue = North Red = Top
Green = West Purple = Center Orange = East
Light Blue=Double Pink = South Yellow = Bottom

If you are in a North room and you move meta, then the Color you will end up in would be the same as if you moved north from your color, and the same for all N/S/E/W/T/B. ( Pink north meta -> Purple, Purple north meta -> Dark Blue, Dark Blue north meta -> Light Blue, Light Blue north meta -> Pink) Double movement sends you to the center of your respective hypercube, and center sends you to your opposite hypercube. (which would otherwise be impossible to reach in one move, just like how you cant get to South from move with out two moves in the rules we made up above)

>> No.28062225


The room that you land in is a bit harder to calculate, so the easiest way to do it is to just look at the sheet, but its based off of what room they would have to leave from to reach you. For starters in the N/S/E/W/T/B cube, all directions except for the same direction that you're already in, (going north in the north or Dark Blue hypercube) and of course center and double, you will go to the room from the direction you came from. (if you go meta south, meta east, meta west, meta top, or meta bottom from Dark Blue, you will end up in the northern room) If you go the same direction as you are already in (north from Dark Blue) you will end up in the opposite room (south). From the center room, you will always land in the center room of your opposite.

If you are in the Purple (Center) cube, then what ever direction you meta in, you will end up in the same room, (Purple South meta -> South room, Purple Top meta -> Top room) and the opposite for Light Blue. (Double) (Light blue south meta -> North room, Light Blue top meta -> Bottom room)

This leaves me with 2 comments:

1: Why does Double go to itself and Center go to its opposite in meta movement? Surely the opposite would make more sense, as center seems to be the "regular" room and double is the "opposite" room. I guess it makes sense in that it makes the double room harder to find, and so mysterious, which is good for game play, that its switch does the opposite of what you would expect, and that it makes it so center's switch still does something, but it just feels wrong to me
2: More logical colors:
Blue = North Red = Top
Yellow = West White = Center Purple = East
Black = Double Orange = South Green = Bottom

The opposites are now opposites, (by the color wheel and White/Black) and my neroticism is appeased.

But seriously dude, this is fucking awesome, thank you so much, this is so totally stolen.

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