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New Tyranids are overpowered against the Tau. This is unacceptable..

I mean why bother having long range if the bug armies can just burrow next to you.

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Stupid Tau, you need to learn to shoot the earth.

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Where are your riptides now

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Inside that big monster's stomach.

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Overpriced paper weights...

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>OPs face when the Tyranids eat the Tau
To be fair, if that happens, they'll have enough biomass to steamroll through the entire damocles gulf. Then it' take a shit-ton of marines just to stop them again. Enough marines to make the rest of Ultima Segmentum collapse without their support that is, allowing xenos and heretics to advance unchecked.

But still, dead xenos and heretical waifus. Good deal

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ITT The end of the "TAU MASTER RACE BEST FACTION" defenders as they join the flavor of the month

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Why even make the Tau if they are going to update races they distinctly countered.

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So everyother race?
Riptides bro, it serves you and your shitty waifus right

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>getting mad about Torchberry
Way to have shit taste.

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>Why even make the Tau

I've been asking myself that ever since they were released.

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I'm not that guy but i'm a huge tau fan/collecter and the blueberry/waifu/xeno shit is pretty lame. They're not little faggot anime characters.

stop liking shit I don't like

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I like both the blueberry bullshit and legit tau.

Cry more, bitch nigga, Sept Id'Ort don't care.

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I did like /tg/s unrealistic lewdberrys

Also he heard my wish

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I always hated the "Most moral best faction to join" despite ignoring any kind of cannon that said otherwise

The Tau menace has been stopped

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>I did like /tg/s unrealistic lewdberrys

People actually don't like lewdberries?

Enjoy your "cold beauty", faggots. I'll be here fucking sexy blue bitches with huge hips thighs tits and ass.

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Commissar Cain approves of your methods to infiltrate the enemy and discover their weak points. Good work, Guardsmen

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Fine as long as you admit the real Shadowsun looks like a gorrilla

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Cain didn't bang xenos
as a matter of fact he killed a LOT of them

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>I'll be here fucking sexy blue bitches with huge hips thighs tits and ass.
I highly doubt that because they are fictional characters that some of you neckbeards are getting too attached to.

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Bitch, you are ruining this for me

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Harvested an entire sept world for shits and giggles while blueberries are getting pissed we practiced a little "creative body modifications on their sexy exchange students."

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Wait, tyranids got updated? When was this?

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When the glorious Ward heard our prayers to stop the Blue Menace

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> sexy blue bitches with huge hips thighs tits and ass.


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Waaait wait wait.

Regular femtau look like pic related.

/tg/ femtau look like delicious sluts drawn by horny perverts

DEldar kidnapped and modified a bunch of tau

DEldar are horny perverts who love delicious sluts.

I think something is afoot here.

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Vect is a fa/tg/uy, didn't you know that?

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>and the blueberry/waifu/xeno shit is pretty lame. They're not little faggot anime characters.
>being in this much denial
You need help

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Indeed. How can a race with females as hideous as the Tau even be worth doing unspeakable things to? Making the difficulty of making a Talos is nothing next to making a Tau look passable.

>> No.28045725

Obviously a lot of making was involved....

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>They're not little faggot anime characters.

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>that commissar face

Every time

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I would like to point out that Imperials defected to the Tau Empire for some hugs from the Tau.

The Tau must give the best hugs in the galaxy.

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Just because homosexual artists like to draw Tau as shitty little anime characters doesn't make it canon.

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Learn to take a joke, nigga.

>> No.28045843

That's baseless propaganda.

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Don't you wanna a hug too, Gue'la?

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What a lot of people may not pick up on is the sinister undertones of this passage. Being garbed in cult-like robes, the near instantaneous defacing of the Aquila and replacing with Tau symbols.

It's all very Scientology/Tom Cruise-esque.


>lol Imperial Guard

The Imperial Fists handled this shit way better than Admiral Snorty McGee.

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EVERYONE picks up on the sinister undertones of the tau, nigga, and even if we didnt people like you remind us all fucking 24 hours a day, eight days a week. I mean fuck, this dude is talking about goddamn blueberry hugs, if you honestly think he is serious, then you have some kinda brain damage.

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I wouldn't stick my dick in a gorilla.
But I would indeed pursue a relationship with a Tau.

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That's what Fire Caste femtau look like.
Fire Caste are considered fairly plain and ugly by the other castes.

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Necron Ladies are better (and canon).

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I mean, we like to joke about Space Marines being bros and having beers while talking shit about each other's chapters. We also like to joke about Eldar craftworlds made up entirely of half-Eldars within the Eldar version of a year after an Imperium diplomat who can play guitar comes aboard.
But nobody believes it would happen. Not anymore at least.

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And if you think there are people who wouldn't fuck a 2D blueberry given the chance... Can i come live in your world? Please?

>> No.28048305

Yes, this one will do.
Dress her in servants robes, make her take the "I hate vampires forever" oath, and she shall make a fine servant.

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I would let her fuck the shit out of me.

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Yep, It's stated that the Fire Caste are not very expressive and don't have time or interest for aesthetics.

The Water Caste are the most expressive and the caste whose job is to look attractive and presentable to the target audience

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>And if you think there are people who wouldn't fuck a 2D blueberry given the chance...
Of course they would you fucking donut, just like they would fuck an eldar, a Sister of Battle, a tig bittied tyranid Hive Milf, Kroot-chan, etc.

Something being sexy doesn't invalidate the fact that its meant as a joke one single fucking iota you imbecilic baboon.

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So, one bug race is killing another "evolved" from bug race.

What's the problem?

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Pic related?
Tau are lizardfolk actually.

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>Tau are lizardfolk actually

Not according to their DNA.

>> No.28048450

Too human. Im talking the ones that are just kroot with tits. Or Kroot-tan here.

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>What the fuck did you put on my sammich?

>> No.28048496

What the hell are you talking about?

>> No.28048500

Nurgle pus, in another comic she thinks it's ordinary rations.

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Fuck that, Lizardmen in space. With sexual reproduction.

I refuse to accept any less. Also the Imperial Guard is actually Skaven.

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I sort of doubt the homosexuality of blueberrufags. I mean they'd probably be drawing bluebeefs instead.

>> No.28048571

I wish they did.

>> No.28048584

Really, I do.

>> No.28048587

Last I heard they were bovine or some shit. But that was just second-hand info from /tg/, so its probably wrong.

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There already were Lizardmen in space called the Slaani, and I assure you, the Tau race are not descendants of them.

Tau have only really been around about 5000 years (You know, after the Eldar genetically engineered them)

>> No.28048614

The Eldar are hinted to have engineered the Ethereals and not the whole race.

The Tau's orgin is still a mystery.

>> No.28048679

Tau are clearly Beastmen purged of Chaos by the Wood Eldar. Because space Bretonnians are the Ultramarines, and nobody wants to be associated with them.

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>Implying the Inquisition wouldn't pull out archaeotech and fuck them up.

>> No.28048884

Go read Xenology.

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Too bad they look like tall lanky long faced old asian men then huh blueberryfag?

>> No.28049287

idk maybe you could like... insta kill them all from 12 inches with your massively under price weapons and faggotry?

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The Xenology hints the Tau Ethereals have an insect phermone gland inside their heads, not that the Tau evolved from bugs.

I mean really.

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We have seen the males. We haven't seen the female yet.

So wait before you can judge.

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Allow me to quote every tau player ever when confronted with the fact that they have an OP Codex "Tau deserve to be OP hurr durr they sucked for so long they need their time in the sun!" So, Tyranids deserve to be OP, they've sucked for so long they're just having their time in the sun, Having a shitty codex entitles you to forgo a balanced codex next edition to just make a retarded OP one to make up for it. Welcome to 40k commie bastard.

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You're forgetting, anon, that in 40k everything is canon. So yes, it is 100% true within the 40k setting that sexy blueberry Tau exist.

>> No.28049615 [DELETED] 

And they also have udders and wear diapers and are all quadruple-amputees.

>> No.28049625 [DELETED] 

how fearsome! No wonder they need battlesuits.

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>I mean why bother having long range if the bug armies can just burrow next to you.

Out of curiosity -since I haven't been keeping up to date with the rumors- but does this new burrowing ability allow 'nids to avoid interceptor fire and charge on the turn they deep strike?

Because if not, I fail to see the problem and welcome the tyranid players to come visit my missileside/riptide protected firing line. With a bit of rapid pulse fire in my shooting face and supporting fire overwatch as desert.

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>> No.28049932

Welcome to Hell.
You can have the bunk next to the Protoss.

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So when do Space Marines get to be overpowered because they've sucked for pretty much forever?

>> No.28050610

It also shows ethereals with feet.

>> No.28050638

>Tau deserve to be OP hurr durr they sucked for so long
Which is made funnier by the fact that Tau are in the top 3 of the armies that sucked for the shortest time over the lifespan of Warhammer 40K. Probably #1 even.

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Their codex is very good, if you run bikes just not broken or OP.

Also, they've been mid-tier for ever because they are the Mario army.

>> No.28050670

They never sucked. In 5th edition they could rival the guard in a shooting match. They just required finesse.

>> No.28050684

when they stop selling
so never

>> No.28050701

Protoss are actually the best race right now, despite their free units (zealots) being utterly worthless unlike terran (marine, hellion, autoturret, point-defense drone, seeker missile) and zerg (broodling, locust, infested terran -- zerglings cost larvae).

>> No.28050711

Yeah, that's my point. When a dude can go at the ETC with an army, every single year, and hand out at least one tablewipe, every single year, that army is subpar at worst.

Compare to Necrons, the other army that only really suffered in 5th but was actually terrible during that time, instead of just not awesome.

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I wish that drawfag would come back.

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>> No.28050756


Tau have English accents?

>> No.28050759

Still waiting for Dark Angels to get an OP codex...

>> No.28050767

A question about Tau while I am here.

Does the Riptide have Hit and Run?

Can it disengage from combat or can I tarpit it?

>> No.28050769

Its even funnier if you imagine her saying it with the psuedo-Chinese accent of DoW.

>> No.28050778

so, did the new nid dex come out and I missed it or something?

>> No.28050796

I don't believe so. It can buy a single Support System, so can be upgraded to have it, though.

Remember that Hit and Run isn't automatic now. It still has to beat you in a D6+Initiative roll-off, or you keep it locked in combat. And with its miserable Initiative, you've got good odds of stopping it getting away. A bigger problem is it Nova-charging its Jet Pack to escape when an assault unit starts closing in.

>> No.28050817

I run Khorne Marines and Daemons and the local Tau player usually gets a Khorne Daemon prince rammed up it's butthole fairly fast or it gets swarmed by Khorne Bikers, so I am pretty good at dealing with the Nova jump pack.


>> No.28050818

You can tarpit it and that's actually a pretty good idea. Now, you just need to be aware of both Supporting Fire and the Ripdtide's speed.

>> No.28050821

Tau are cows.

>> No.28050844

The OP is making a joke and taking the piss out Tau players attitude to their alleged ''OP'' army.

To answer you question. No.

>> No.28050861

No, he's trying to imply riptides with markerlight support are not Anus destroyers

>> No.28051561

Whoever thinks the Tau is overpowered just isn't running assault marines.

>> No.28051811

Of course not. 6th edition has gotten everyone in a paranoid funk about assault armies.

>> No.28052012

Who ever running assault marines are not even trying to win.

>> No.28052385

Honestly, the whole "assault armies are useless!" is getting about as ridiculous as the old "tau are useless" back before their latest codex.

>> No.28052538

Tau was just FOTM anyway.

>> No.28052678

>The Tau's orgin is still a mystery.
not really, they're just another of the countless species in the 40k galaxy that evolved on their own.

When Imperials first came across them they where basically at stone age levels of advancement (but then their homeworld was cut off from the rest of the galaxy by a warpstorm for like 6000 years.)

>> No.28052766

Yet Nobody comes up with competitive assault army builds, that actually wins in tournaments.

Well except for Chaos Daemons, but MEQs aren't MCs, are they?

>> No.28052775

I think tyranid is fine too, but again, MC.

>> No.28052853

Nobody came up with competitive Tau builds that actually won in tournaments pre-6th either. 'It's not done in tournaments, therefore it sucks' has always been flawed logic.

>> No.28052911

So i'm assuming new tyranid rumours surfaced? I read the entire thread and didn't see shit but speculation

>> No.28053131

Which is why people says that 5th edition Tau is not good to start with?

"I say it works so it works' is even more ridiculous in every sense, especially considering how ASM combine both assault and MEQ.

And the logic is always "if it can't win in tournaments, it sucks."
You can't even get the line straight, shows how much you know.

>> No.28053785

Yeah, but he was talking about assault MARINES. Who indeed suck colossal amounts of dicks.

>> No.28054265

GW can't into balancing meta.

>> No.28054642

>It's-a me, Marine-o!

>> No.28054739

.... Is... That...
Someone get Shas'O here.

>> No.28054996

It's Dark Eldar diplomacy at its finest.

>> No.28055023

Shouldn't the Tau be immune to most melee units since they're mostly made up of units which can float or fly?

>> No.28055167

What? No.

>> No.28055228

Wait, are you asking for 40K to make sense?
Besides, most good melee unit float or fly faster.

>> No.28055236

In fact, he violently HATED them with all the extremity a xenophobe SHOULD have. He only felt the TINIEST amount of uncertainty upon noticing the Tau were about to spread Genestealers to their own worlds, and that's just because he's pants-shittingly terrified of Genestealers and hates them even more than he hates other aliens.

>> No.28055247


Space Marines have about 5 codexes.

>> No.28055267

>Someone mentioned lewd blueberries
>None got posted

The fuck man.

>> No.28055273

What? you mean to tell me the mighty Tau Empire with it's Ethereal masters couldn't stomp a few bugs? Farsight was right.

>> No.28055298

Farsight got buttfucked by an army of mushrooms

>> No.28055369

Oh yes, the day when Farsight got pissed and saw the empire was crap... that and he got a sudden craving for killing every greenskin he saw.

Yes, it's the War of Dakka that gave any Farsight Army "Favored Opponent: Ork".

>> No.28055374

>Farsight was right.
The Mirrorcodex doesn't support this action.

>> No.28055403

Its also doomed him
Now he's got bugs

Suck a dick Blueskin #rtk

>> No.28055414

Too bad he was outsmarted by fungi

>> No.28055650

Not the first to be, and not the last.

>> No.28055786

Shit, you're right!

>> No.28055854

actually how high can space marines jump? Spacemarines are huge and creatures jump proportionally smaller amount larger their mass becomes. They can run, so I assume they can jump unlike elephants, but can they jump only far as a normal human?

>> No.28055914

I would say, not very high. They are depicted as having fairly standard mobility but their weight on that of the armour would probably stop them from going Parkour.

They have jump packs for a reason.

>> No.28056127

>Out of Cigars

I admit it, I laughed a bit

>> No.28059771

Of course I am. The Greater Good is always right.

>> No.28059878

Except I can't imagine the manly DoW voices as female.


>> No.28060883

So did the Nid codex get leaked.

>> No.28060995

source of new tyranid shit?

>> No.28064883

the space marine movie isn't much to go off, but they're limber enough to scale 20ft gaps
i question a mate about it and he said in the fluff their armour makes them really limber on top off their super human genetics

>> No.28064937

FYI, Farsight killed that Sonvabitch and wiped out his Waaaagh!

>> No.28067012

blueberry contest:

>> No.28067215

But >>28059771 isn't on it.

Why do you keep spamming that thing anyways?

>> No.28067225

cause it doesn't have enough votes to be representative
also that chick is a shadowsun recolor with no personality and no name, she doesn't count

>> No.28067328

And Sara Kergab is a xeno rehash with no personality.

And AC-Chan is literally one picture some guy drew since someone said there arent enough air caste pictures. Your distinctions are as arbitrary as they are retarded.

>> No.28067392

your face is retarded.
Why would you even vote for her?

>> No.28067422

At least they're distinct characters. As opposed to, you know, pictures of Shadowsun with white hair. Scratch that, pictures of a ministerpreted Shadowsun, since they were based on pics in which she had white hair.

Sar'A has a whole quest's worth of material, and AC-chan has the merit of being distinct from already-existing characters.

The point is that if you vote for not-shadowsun, you're effectively voting for shadowsun, whereas if you're voting for Sar'A you aren't voting for Xeno.

>> No.28067512

>At least they're distinct characters.
But they arent. AC-Chan is literally one picture. Hell, the bitch I posted previously has a whole goddamn comic about her, but apparently that's not enough either. If you're gonna run an impartial survey, its either all or nothing, you cant dismiss something just because you don't like it.

>> No.28067860

As I said, I'm not dismissing her because I don't like her. I'm dismissing her because, for all intents and purposes, she's Shadowsun.

>> No.28068354

Pathetic neckbeards arguing over blueberries is an all new low.

>> No.28070599

>The point is that if you vote for not-shadowsun, you're effectively voting for shadowsun
>shes Shadowsun
This is the most retarded thing Ive ever heard. She acts nothing like Shadowsun. When was the last time you heard Shadowsun say 'bum'?

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