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>Be a Skeleton in an all flesh neighborhood
>people go out of their way to avoid me
>suddenly once year I'm accepted and loved
>and yet I can't even eat the candy

Such is life as a SkeletonBro.

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You should go to Mexico, you can be loved and accepted for THREE days each year!

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Don't mind them, you know that humans are just skeleton eggs that haven't hatched yet. Give it some time, they'll come around.

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Dude, just hook aquarium tubing up to a baloon and run it down. Instant stomach, enjoy all the candy.

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But not the taste...

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I'm sick and tired of you skeleton fuckers coming into our neighbourhoods and taking our bodies.

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I feel for you skelebro.

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Use a sponge for a tongue. Wire it magically to whatever consciousness

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>be me making campaign for halloween
>put in 2spooky AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT spawns in
>players are not even going to try and talk with skeletonbros, they are just gonna cleave them down I bet. Poor skeletons

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Rumors of skeletons possessing fleshie bodies are greatly exaggerated anti-skellie propaganda.

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I have a skeleton too! We have much in common!

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Jesus fucking christ. Those fucking necromancers don't have any sense of right and wrong.
Fucking skelletons all up in my neighborhood!
This is it. I'm gonna have to move to Bel Air now.
God damn it.

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/xpol/ pls

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At least you can make a fortune in the rollercoaster business....

or the bad pun industry. I know a real bone-shaker!

Why didnt the skeleton go to the ball?
because he was too busy hiding under your bed

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Motherfucker, everything tastes like soap and shit. I don't even have salivary glands, this crap doesn't dissolve for me to taste it just rolls around like pebbles.

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I love the skeletons in Dragon Commander.

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I liked the "heavily religious" take on the undead considering how in nearly every other setting then tend to be the result of unnatural/unholy magic. The undead bargirl got a laugh out of me too.

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>Be sentient mass of bees
>people always run away from me
>not even haloween makes me feel better

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So...are you a hivemind or just happened to be some sort of spirit holding these bees together by your life force or...

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Maybe it's because you have enough bees to match the Hulk's weight. Spread that shit out.

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"You think you have it bad? I can't even leave my house, any time of the year, without being called a pervert or disgusting."

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I've got a friend in japan who'd love for someone like you to star in some videos he's making, tell me are you a people person?

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Move to Japan, they're way more accepting of tentacles there

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I've heard of a certain doctor...the contents of his briefcase may be able to help.

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"People are okay, I guess, they only talk about getting bad dreams most of the time when I come into town. That shouldn't be a problem, right?"

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All you need to do is remove their flesh, you see, they're all skeletons on the inside! I'm serious, I don't know why, but all fleshies actually has a skeleton inside of them.

I removed the flesh from every single fleshie in my entire neighbourhood, and made them just like me! They've been silent and still ever since, but I think they're just surprised. They'll start moving again soon.

And if they don't, I'll just have to move, and do it all over again.

And again.

And again.

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Hmm. You've told me about some of your strengths, Mr. Gorath. What about your weaknesses?

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Now I want to weaponize bees.

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>I'm not 100% sure that you imagined just how many bees we're talking about here.

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Who's to say you can't. Who's to say someone hasn't done it already?

What if some invasive species aren't an accident like they say, but a deliberate attempt to cause disruption of infrastructure, demoralize a population, or otherwise fight in ways impossible to counter with traditional weapons technology?

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best waifu

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sorry larger pic

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But why, sure what she says is poetic and you get so many options with her appearance, but her entire arc is just so centered on death and her appearance.

I don't feel as if there's much character development beyond that

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I haven't gone through ever girls arc, but they all seem kind of bland. The only good character development in that game are between your generals, who sound like a boss ass group of adventurers.

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>tl;dr British offensive in Africa during WWI is thwarted by bees

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Get out of here SIDF

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This reminds of a writethread that produced BLUE MOON CHASER, the Skeleton sentai who protected the good citizens (inanimate skeletons and corpses) of the city (abandoned graveyard) from evildoers (innocent people who happened to wander across his turf).

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Oh god
That fight
was the silliest thing ever
He had a fucking tommy gun made of bees

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It's alright skelebro we all go through this. Just don't let it get under your skin and people will come to respect you in time.

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Wait, what!... i only know of two, Dia de los muertos and Posada's birthday, what am i missing?

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Does anyone have that screencap about skeletons and being helicopters or pin-wheels or something?

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This one?

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Most people dislike the lizard woman, but picking the paragon choices makes her pretty likeable. Damn shame so much of her development was cut.

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I actually stopped playing and took a walk picturing the lives of skeleton lesbians.

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How did I take that entire fight in stride?
I just now realized he shot me with bees from a gun made out of bees.

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