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>‘This is no mere weapon. It is an expression of my right to rule, and the deliverer of my royal wrath. Together, we have scoured gods from heaven and shattered the power of the perfidious C’tan. Now it has come to accept your fealty, or grant your death. Which do you choose?’

-Overlord Akanabeth to Iron Captain Grolvoch

Would a Space Marine swear fealty to a mighty Necron Overlord?

Plenty of Necrons have adopted the ''join or die'' policy. Any thoughts on what living under a Necron dynastic rule would be like?

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>This is no mere weapon. It is an expression of my right to rule, and the deliverer of my royal wrath. Together, we have scoured gods from heaven and shattered the power of the perfidious C’tan

I hope he's not talking about that ridiculous glowy WoW-esque thing in that image. That shit looks like a He-man toy.

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I now want to see a space marine scout hold aloft a power sword, shout I HAVE THE POWER, be truck by lightning and turned into a terminator.

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Stop mistaking wardshit for canon.

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Not a fan of Warscythes

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Not a fan of Warscythes?

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Don't they usually just purge people's souls to make more fodder Necrons? If not that, I imagine that it'd be a hard life of absolute subservience and back-breaking labor. Not that they need slave labor, but that they enjoy workers who suffer for them instead of silently and competently perform the task exactly as instructed. Also making aliens serve you is a little better than having your soulless countrymen serve you.

I guess that deep down, every Necron Lord just wants someone to talk to, someone more intelligent than an empty robot skeleton, and to have them suffer for their egotistical and sociopathic needs. Really, they're just lonely. Lonely and incredibly, narcissistically damaged.

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Can't hear you over all this awesome fluff!

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You brought this upon yourself.


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Daily reminder that the glorious "perfect strike style" of necrnos consist only of catching blows with your massive body and waiting until enemy get tired.
Such a martial prowess.

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Im unfamiliar with the new necron fluff of the last few years, this seems pretty damn different.
Anyone care to sum it up?
Whats with the free will?

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And then delivering precise and lethal blows at the enemy with impossible speed.

A Necron Overlord caught way through a squad of terminators and a bloody Dreadnaught this way, hacking them apart as he advanced. Knowing the the prowess of oneself and the limitation of your enemies is a cornerstone of martial art. I am sure the autrarchs Obyron caught down would agree.

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You know how some of the oldest Necron stuff had them looking more egyptian style?

They brought that back, with personalities to suit it.

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To sum it up.

It's pretty much the same except the Necrons are broken up into many factions and that they turned on the C'tan and shattered them.

>Whats with the free will?

Necron have no threads of fate and this means they have no written fate. They are free to make their own destiny.

Sadly, only a few Necrons have ability to make use of their Freewill.

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So what? Carnifex could hack trough a squad of termies and dread too.
But no one say carnifex is a skilled fighter.
Pushing enemy with your superior cheat special ability has nothing to do with martial prowess.

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Well, everything's got free will, even with the threads of fate.

The point is, with not being reflected into the warp, they don't show, except by their non-presence. This makes it hard for warp based divination to figure them out, except by the shadow they cast in the grandest gestures.

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But why does anyone use such things in the FUTURE of SPAAACE?

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Huh, cool.
Makes them sound like much less of a threat to the galaxy though?

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Are Pariahs (human ones) free of fate as well?

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>your superior cheat special

Excuses of the weak and unskilled. Next you gonna say Orikan isn't the best seer in the galaxy?

Necrons don't fight like beasts, they fight like honorable combatants. They don't need to dodge or duck because they are assured of the might of their metal forms.

Might as well call the Eldar cheats because they use the speed of their slender bodies.

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>martial prowess

you dont need martial prowess when you can rip apart your enemy atom by atom

but then, you still got them Dlords which were specifically built to kill all life, and then kill each other when nothings left.

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pariahs are no more

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Same thing applies to them.

It blinds them to the Great Conspirator's influence. He can't easily influence their destiny or alter their chosen path. Same goes to the Eldar.

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Because they used them in the ancient depths of SPAAAACE, and arn't going to stop just because they're no longer fighting people with psychic weaponry (except for the Eldar).

Well, now they have even more ridiculous technology. They're also no longer united by purpose, but still damn unstoppable. Just now they're not wiping you out because they want to wipe out all life in the galaxy.

Now they want to wipe you out because your world was once one of the many thousands in their domain. Or because they want to study your genetics to make new bodies for themselves. Or because they want to wear your skin. Or because they want to wipe out all life in the galaxy. Or for other reasons.

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He means the blanks and pariah assassins the Imperium use.

Those guys exist.

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It makes them a terrible and dangerous threat but that can still be fought, because If they were united they would curbstomp everything else in the galaxy in a matter of day.

A tomb world alone devastated the second company of the ultramarines, and required the entire chapter to be defeated. And there are millions of tomb worlds in the galaxy. The odds are not goods when they outnumber Space Marine chapters thousands to one.

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I mean people with the pariah gene. The ones that are made into Culexus assassins.

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>Overlord Akanabeth

Any relation to Overlord Akanabekh?

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>They're also no longer united by purpose

They are kinda united by the last order of the Silent King.

''Restore the Necron Empire''

But it's up to the Necron Lord/overlord/Phaeron to interpret what that order means.

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>and required the entire chapter to be defeated

Pretty sure it was half the chapter.

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Ah yes, they're free of warp based manipulation. But that's not what the web of fate does.

The Eldar don't manipulate people by directly manipulating fate. They do it by gazing into the web of fate and seeing what will happen, and then going out to make it so.

There's a necron who does much the same thing, but with time travel rather than the warp.

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True, sorry I forgot about that.

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theres also that one world that said "fuck everyone"

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>every Necron Lord just wants someone to talk to
that's qt

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>He remembered the words of Eldorath Starbane when he had sent Nightspear on his mission: Cut off the head and the body will die. A rudimentary tactic, but an effective one. Casting his gaze around, he saw his quarry – a leader of the souldark, its golden frame twice the size of even its heavily-armoured guards. It carried a great staff that crackled with eldritch energy, and the green balefire of its eyes was deeper and more disturbing than looking into the void at the heart of the galaxy.

>It saw him, and pointed its weapon in challenge. Elarique returned the gesture and inclined his head. One of the enemy commander’s bodyguards stepped forward, a huge shield clutched in one hand and a great crackling axe in the other. The overlord held out a hand and shook its head, cackling something in their ancient tongue. The praetorian took a step back and lowered its weapon, though its infernal gaze remained fixed upon the autarch.

>Elarique gestured for his remaining Dire Avengers to remain where they were, and leapt at his foe. His hissing blade was met by the enemy’s staff and, for a moment, the two weapons crackled together, energy fields clashing, before the necron pulled away and readdressed, swinging his weapon round in a blindingly fast arc and smashing the autarch’s flight pack. The sundered wings dropped to the ground and the necron barked what Elarique supposed to be laughter.

>‘You like playing, do you?’ asked the autarch through gritted teeth, pain coursing down his spine. ‘I shall remember that when I carve you into a hundred pieces.’ He lunged low and his blade struck an armoured leg, carving a deep gash into the golden plate. Almost instantly, it closed and repaired, and in moments there was no sign that the necron had ever been struck.

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>‘Foolish mortal,’ grated his opponent in an approximation of the ancient eldar language, his clumsy mispronunciations stoking Elarique’s fury. ‘I am eternal. I cannot tire. I cannot slow. I cannot fail. You will do all of these, and you will die.’ It swung the staff in an overhead blow. Elarique threw himself to the side and barely avoided being gutted by the backswing. He rolled to his feet, under the necron’s guard, and battered its chest and shoulder with a flurry of blows. One of its arms fell limp, useless until it repaired. The autarch did not intend to give it the chance.

>Suddenly, the waystone on his chest flared with heat and he felt a presence, the warmth of another eldar soul sharing his form. He smiled as this interloper’s thoughts mingled with his and he understood what – who – she was. Then he returned his full focus to the battle before him.

>He swung his blade high, aiming directly for the grinning metal skull. The overlord moved faster than seemed possible for its bulky metal frame, and then Elarique was sprawled on his belly. He rolled and was up, shuriken pistol pulled from its holster and firing shots into the necron at the speed of thought. It staggered, projectiles jutting from its chest, vital systems sparking, and it slowed. Elarique pressed the attack, blade flashing as he forced it back step by step, its staff a blur as it parried every strike.

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>Then Elarique dropped and drove his sword through the souldark’s leg, severing it. As it fell, as if in slow motion, he spun around and removed its head, which hit the hard earth and bounced, landing at the feet of its one remaining praetorian, the rest laid low by the Dire Avengers, who now cheered Elarique’s name.

>He paused, allowing himself a moment to collect his thoughts. He made to commune with the spirit that had entered his waystone, but she was gone. He wondered… But there was no time for that. The necron commander may have been defeated, but the battle was still in the balance.

>And then it no longer was.

>A crescent-shaped aircraft swooped down and opened fire, and Elarique Swiftblade rolled to avoid the deadly blasts from its weapons. He watched in horror as his remaining Dire Avengers were consumed by fire, and he screamed, a sound of rage and fury. So busy was he mourning that he never saw the necron overlord rise from where it had fallen, still headless, staff clutched in skeletal hands, raised to strike. So busy was Elarique Swiftblade screaming his grief to the heavens that he never felt the blow that killed him.

Since martial skill was being debated, I thought I should post this. A minor Lord vs an Autarch.

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Yes, but they were the ultramarines. Everybody knows that Ultramarines are worth the duoble of normal marines.

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That's actually sorta mentioned in the codex. Many Overlords will give grand speeches before they go to battle, extolling their own might and speaking of their strength and the feebleness of their enemies. The Overlord spends the entire speech watching his troops and hoping for any sign of understanding or pride. The warriors stand uncomprehending awaiting their marching orders.

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I remember reading that part.

Poor Overlords..having no one to talk to

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See, that's why I don't understand about people hating the new fluff. You can still play them as mindless killbots, but you can also give their leaders feelings, personality, objectives and shit. That's the best of both worlds.

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If you notice what's up, you will see that the people who speak out against the Newcrons are either C'tanfags or Eldarfags.

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Yeah the C'Tans get a rough deal, but seriously summoning a god on the battlefield in a 2k point battle? Please.

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Hey, I'm an Eldarfag, and I like newcrons better.

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>By contrast, the regal warscythes wielded by the nobility – the lords, nemesors, thantars and phaerons – are as much sceptres of rule as they are implements of battle. Seldom are any two warscythes from this second category exactly alike. Pride is a powerful emotion in those Necrons still capable of feeling it, and to possess weaponry identical to that of a rival would be interpreted as weakness, or possibly as an insult. If two regal warscythes are identical, it is always through deliberate choice. It might mark an alliance of brothers, or of dynastic houses, declaring plainly the common cause between the wielders.

>Regal warscythes are masterpieces of workmanship, loving recreations of weapons long-lost to the entropic forces of the universe. Should such a weapon be forsaken upon the field of battle – or worse, stolen – then its owner will often go to great and violent lengths to recover it. Worlds have been laid waste and planetary systems brought under siege in this cause. Some Ordo Xenos Inquisitors point to this behaviour as an element of commonality between Mankind and Necron, for the Imperium’s forces often enter battle in order to recover an important relic. Alas, they misunderstand, as they so often do when it comes to the workings of the Necron mind. A Necron Lord’s warscythe is a tangible connection to the life he once knew; for those who desire to some day return to the flesh, it is a symbol of hope that such can be achieved. It is not a relic whose theft provokes cultural outrage, but a personal possession whose thievery provokes a very personal ire.

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Then my apologizes. I shouldn't generalize.

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>hilt for unworthy opponent

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That's cool. I was more wanting to point out that even we can be sensible sometimes.

Also a C'tanfag. Man, I guess I may just be a general fag sometimes.

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>Regardless of the wielder’s rank, a warscythe’s blade and power core always blazes with the heraldic colour of his dynasty. Power signature colours are often shared by different dynasties. This is a throwback to the days before biotransference, and shows the state of alliance between the various dynasties of that time. Inevitably, the War in Heaven and the tumultuous aeons that followed have done much to shatter the alliances of old. The power signatures are now, therefore, more misleading than useful. A phaeron could, of course, order the power signature of his forces changed at any time. However, the present configurations have been established for so long that, for most nobles, the notion of altering them is just as unthinkable as ordering that the dynastic glyphs be defaced. To Necrons, tradition is everything. Indeed, it can be argued that tradition is all that is left to them.

They just made Warscythes more cool. Kudos!

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I'd say I'm a C'tanfag as I don't like what happened to them, I'm cool with everything else, although the Orrey is rather bullshit.
Anrakyr is best lord.

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With ALAITOCII autarch.
I wonder if there's someone who coudn't beat him.

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>Orikan isn't the best seer in the galaxy
But he isn't.
It's stated right in the newcron codex.
He just goes back in time and changes future from there.

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>Trayzn is best lord.


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He was better when he was a girl.

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I don't believe you did, in fact, I think you broke it.
>Anrakyr is best lord.

There, I fixed it. Don't go breaking it again, will you?

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I personally hated the c'tan and just wanted them to be cold emotionless space terminators set on destroying all life.

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I'm eldarfag and I like newcrons in general.
I don't like some of newcrons fans though.

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>The forces of the Craftworlds were successful in closing the Webway portals, but their losses were heavy, including the loss of Autarch Elarique Swiftblade of Craftworld Alaitoc; however, Swiftblade's death was not in vain, as she was able to earn her revenge and personally behead the Sorcerer Ygethmor before being slain herself by his bodyguard of Black Legion Chaos Space Marine Veterans.

He did way better after the sex change

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Get over it, it happened and it will happen again, easier to embrace it and laugh with your friends.

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Newcrons are closer to human. To our ways of thinking. And I don't think we need more humans in 40k.

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My argument as well.

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So if the C'tan were broken into shards. What did Uriel Ventris Face in that mine?

>> No.28034062

is it sad that I like this better than "what does the fox say?"

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Do you think the outsider gets lonely?

>> No.28034077

A shard.
And Emprah too.
And Ferrus too.

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No. I don't even know what this fox bullshit is. But since you mentioned I gather it's supposed to popular. Like beiber, or anal ravaging yourself with silicon.

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Not all of them were shattered. The new Codex doesn't say how many survived, but hints something like: "maybe 4, maybe 400, maybe 4000".
Can somebody confirm? I dont have the Codex on me.

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listen to literally anything else they've done (i recommend stonehenge) it is SO much better than the fox.

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No, the codex confirm that every C'tan was sharded. The unconfirmed number is of the free Shards.

>> No.28034108

Major ones are confirmed to be shattered.

>> No.28034126

Possibly one of those apocalyptic Transcendant Shards. If you want to avoid giving the Ultramarines a knock to the ego.

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Wardshit aside, space marines have massive, massive indoctrination embedded into them. Layers upon layers upon layers of hypnotism, drug regimens and their implants.

They don't even actually 'gay it up' like we like to joke about - their whole brotherly love thing is entirely a matter of wanting those to be the guys standing next to him when he's firing his bolter and waving his sword around so they can all die gloriously in each-other's arms against overwhelming odds, for The Emperor of mankind.

Even turning to chaos isn't easy and basically takes a long careful 'retuning' by external forces, or basically the marine-brain equivalent of a 'lemon' model coming off the assembly line. It happens often enough thanks to production methods being kludgy as all fuck, though.

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Am I really the only one who prefer the newcron fluff? I feel it makes more sense and allows for more creative fun while painting and making your army. You can play oldcron style crons if you want to, or something else if you want to do that.

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I'd give it to them, considering how everything in the last 5 years has shat on the ultramarines whenever it could.

>> No.28034515

Nope. You aren't alone.

Those who like the oldcrons are just noisy as fuck.

>> No.28034518

>Am I really the only one who prefer the newcron fluff?

No, I'd say it mostly was preferred because no one but C'tanfags liked the old fluff.

>> No.28034732

The fluff is alright but the new aesthetic is fucking horrid

If only we could have one without the other, yeah?

>> No.28034759

Agreed. The fluff is okay, not great but okay, but "EGYPTIAN EVERYTHING" really grates...

>> No.28034781

He foresaw the fall of the Eldar race, the rise of humanity, the Horus Hersey, the coming of the Tyranids millions of years ago. The Emperor and Eldar themselves could not foresee these events.

Unless you gonna claim he went back in time to make sure these events happened, this makes him the best

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that could use some work, but I really doubt GW would actually bother to make models supporting that so you're gonna have to greenstuff it.

>> No.28034898

I recall a story about Space Wolf marines surrendering and pledging themselves to Huron in order to save their lives. Yes, the fall of the Wold of Fenris. It was in the older CSM codex.

Space Marines aren't so tough after all.

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Space Wolves are heretics already though.

>> No.28035467

They are among the best of the marines. If their fluff is believed.

If they fear death, then they would bow down to image of death itself, the Necrons!

>> No.28035573

Space Wolves were always heretics.
The Emperor, when he was alive, was a heretic.
Everyone is a heretic in the 40th Millenium

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It varies a bit by chapter.

The Minotaurs are apparently hip deep in indoctrination. Other chapters is a bit up and down on the scale.

Space Wolves apparently have very little of it and the little bit they do have is no so much for loyalty as to teach the new Space Wolves "Point the end of the bolter that goes bang towards the enemy."

>> No.28035756


The Newcron have by far the better fluff.

The original codex would have been far more correctly named Codex: C`tan.

Basically the Necrons were nothing but decoration in their own codex.

>> No.28035875

Found it!

Space Marines surrendering themselves to the enemy and pledging themselves to his service.

>> No.28035964

Give people EVERYTHING they want, and you give them nothing but arguments about whose fluff interpretation is better. You fragment the fanbase, just as we see here on /tg/, and nothing can ever be agreed upon.

All you get is individual neckbeards with their retinue of like-minded sycophants or players bullied into accepting the neckbeard's way of thinking, isolated in their little enclave of circlejerking.

This recent fad of "a coherent storyline is too hard and people get butthurt that their thing isn't allowed, so let's just open the floodgates and say that everything is true", is just goddamned lazy.

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It's funny, because it's stated that his power of prescience is less accurate than even that of Starbane, However, Orikan is the one who's predictions always come true, so that doesn't really matter much.

>> No.28036536

>Turning space wolves traitor
GEE, that must've been hard.

>> No.28036540

>Orikan is the one who's predictions always come true

You know full well what's up with Orikan's ''accuracy''.

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The poor things were probably just confused.

"So you kill Imperial too? Huh, well....It have been a slow week, want some help with that?"

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