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Got a fetish for old timey guns. Post your ranger or gunslinger's favored armaments. Sci fi guns are allowed, but I'd prefer that they'd be more old fashioned, maybe 50's pulp rayguns or steampunky.

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Only some scifi guns I really like.

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I'd rather see sci-fi weapons styled after ancient/primitive weapons.

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That's nice

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>you will never be a time-travelling gunman using a cartridge firing pistol in 16th century germany

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Word of the day: Gaffle.
(n) - A collapsible lever for spanning a Crossbow quickly and accurately. See pic

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>cartridges were invented in the 1400s for handgonnes.

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>This gun is loud
>I'm in the battle line with Katsuhiro
>Katsuhiro is a baka yarou
>I don't want to be here
>I wish I were back home testing my sword on peasants

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I will have ALL OF THE SHOTS. There is no possible way this could go badly.

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That's not just a cannon, that's a mortar.

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yeah. And the "handgonne" would more properly be called a haukenbuche, but who's counting?

Also, the Power of Christ (and his Blessed Lead) COMPELS YOU.

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post thou not thumbnails, lest thy balls wither and become as tiny as the image.

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Moar flintlocks / muskets. Gonna use them as weird and wonderful (but often horrendously backfiring) weapons in a 7th Sea game

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I swear that wasn't a thumbnail when I downloaded it.

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Here is what I use

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Always post this. Love it so much. Wonder if you could make a modern firearm this long....

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You could, but there's no damned reason to. With modern powders you just don't need that much barrel.

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How did people aim that thing? Did they use a stand or something?

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It's a wall gun. It would be fired from the walls of a fortification.

That particular gun fires a .60 caliber black powder cartridge, but the original wall guns were muzzle-loading muskets that might have been even longer and have had a caliber of 1" or more.

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a boat actually

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>trigger on the top and bottom
I can't even begin to figure out how you're supposed to use this gun.

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I'm not great with gun stuff, but wouldn't the barrel allow for slightly better accuracy?

It was a wallgun. Used to snipe shit. Making horses explode from 1km away. They were, however, as the anon said, turned into water bird hunting guns.

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Ah, I thought it was a punt gun

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From the contours of the various grips on this one, I can only assume it was commissioned by a tentacle monster.

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For when she wont allow itself to be raped the first time

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Easy enough really, you set the dogs to the wheels, fire one barrel, the flip 'er over and fire the other.

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You only need enough barrel to get your powder burned all the way up. Your rifling has your bullet stabilized within the first few inches. Extra length can make you more accurate with iron sights, though. A longer sight radius = easier to shoot precisely.

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I always strive to include early firearms in my typical fantasy settings. Everybody uses them where they can, too.

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Whoever drew that has no idea whatsoever how a flintlock works.

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To back this up, look at this:

The Brits use this rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, which is a round built for extreme range shooting. A Brit sniper who was using this gun holds the current world record for longest shot ever, killing two Taliban machine gunners with two consecutive shots at a distance of 2,475m. Damn near 2.5km, or over 1.5 miles. This rifle has a barrel length of only 27 inches.

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This is most definitely NOT the thread for that argument, skippy

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Just liked the idea of a massive, stupidly proportioned sniper rifle.

Pepperbox gun, I believe.

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So I'm interested in using these sorts of weird and wonderful variations on old weaponry in a game. Anyone want to help me out with some ideas for a feasible story behind them? Thread's here >>28031510

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Yup. I know about that guy. However, his record was beaten!

Three Australian Snipers simultaneously shot a Taliban Commander, but since nobody knew which bullet killed him, no name was given to the record. However, before the British man shot, the record was held by a Canadian. Goes to show how good the Anglo-Spheres are at long range shots!

Finnish dude still best sniper ever.

Behold, the cane, which has both a sword and a gun in it!

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I can dig it. I want to play a gunsmith / gunslinger someday who has one of those wall guns as a sniper weapon, along with an arsenal of other assorted guns.

According to this page, George Washington observed that a wall gun of the late 1700's could fire quite accurately at 600 yards.

Aye, that fellow is the shit.

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The length of the barrel actually makes it easier to aim; the added mass gives it a lot more inertia, reducing wobble, and the long sight radius makes it very very easy to hit small targets.

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Sounds awesome.

You might like one of these!

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>late 1700's could fire quite accurately at 600 yards.

That's pretty nasty considering its both a smoothbore and rattling a ball down that big tube. The few times I got to shoot off some blackpowder guns, its entertaining for all the smoke, fuckhuge recoil and explosions, but realistically even for a 'decent-ish' shot (with conventional modern guns) it was fairly hard for me to hit much beyond 50-60m with them. Lot of practice I guess

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It's probably a combination of the great bloody long barrel and a tight-fitting ball. I'd like to see such a shot for myself.

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Wait, you're making it sound like wallguns were a pre-cartridge weapon. That gun is a bolt-action, meaning roughly late 19th-WW1 era at the latest. Why would anyone make a wallgun after trenches became the dominant type of fortification?

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Wait, you're making it sound like long guns are a pre-rifle invention

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going by the sea thing, the danger wouldn't be backfiring as much as the gunpowder getting wet, which lead to no fire at all

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Fortresses were still considered to have strategic importance up until the outbreak of WW1.

Here's the source on the image if you want some more info:

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Wall guns were a pre-cartridge weapon. That one is just a later model. 1880s or early 1890s, probably.

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1896, actually.

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A 27 inch barrel is actually pretty long.
This has to be fake.

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Somebody posted a few pics of a jingal gun from the late Ming/early Qing in another thread like this one. Those were flat out matchlocks.

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>Here's the source on the image if you want some more info:

Holy shit that's a big bullet, must be close to 700-800grains.

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Straght stocks were relatively common on period wheellocks.

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Rather reminds me of the Type II phaser props from post-TNG Star Trek, honestly.

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>This has to be fake.
Very real, it's from the early 18th century in Germany. The first revolving guns were Snaphaunce, and the cylinder was invented long before Sam Colt; his big innovation was designing a way to rotate the cylinder, cock the hammer, and keep the primer seated on the other chambers without a 30# trigger pull. Cylinder revolvers were pretty impractical up to that point, leading to the inline guns (like the pistol I posted earlier), Pepperboxes, and these "Dockfoot" guns.

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An inline matchlock that >isn't< in pieces.

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This one is quite fake, but mechanically sound.

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Dragoon pistols make me peepee hard.

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Just 'cause I'm nice, some retro shit for OP

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I love how early firearms from the Middle East down through the Subcontinent are so fucking blinged out compared to Western ones. It's because most of the fighters from around there used weapons they personally owned rather than being issued guns, IIRC.

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Fortresses were still animportant part of WW2 planning.

See the Germans building forts towards both the French and the Russians.

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The un-blinged weapons hardly ever enter into collections.... because they are too plain for their corrupt tastes.

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>Tiger striped musket

Call of Duty, Turkish Warfare

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They make their guns all pretty and shit, but they can't be arsed to put an actual useable trigger on the things.

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Your cluelessness is kind of cute. 7/10 I'd pat you on the head and show you where the trigger is on those guns.

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When I was DMing a game set in a weird semi-futuristic 1870s one of the players had a revolver with a single cylinder.

The irony was lost on most.

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I see the bloody trigger.
It looks barely useable.
I like my triggers long, with a nice curve to them to put my finger on.

>> No.28033954

... so it just... made a little spinny loop and had to be put manually back in place?

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I run wizards with some chemistry skills, too. Buffing your fighter doesn't take just spells, just get the perfect gunpowder formula.

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Only really need a little button like that to release the catch. They work just fine.

>> No.28034037

But... What's the point?

>> No.28035574

I'll forgive that anon for calling the bore a cylinder, but I presume he means that the bore was the cylinder and just rotated for shits and giggles

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>you will never have a gun that is also a machete that also has a calendar etched into the blade for quick reference

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>implying that isn't a list of the names of all the men the weapon has killed

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>This has to be fake.
>Very real, it's from the early 18th century in Germany.

Actually, you're about 200 years out.
No, not that its a 20th C fake, but that its actually from the 16th century.

there's also this one, dated to the 1520's.

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It's amazing how many of these technologies were ignored for so long.

Imagine how different the world would have turned out if some German prince had outfitted his troops with 8-shot revolver rifles back when everyone else was still using shitty single shot muzzle-loaders.

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Not this piece of junk again

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Absolutely nothing would have happened.

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They're pre-napoleonic era weapons, during the napoleonic wars they were often cut up into blunderbusses.


I just came.

Let me introduce you fags to the Kalthoff repeater - 17th century rapid fire wheelflintlock:

>The Kalthoff had two magazines, one for powder and one for balls (some had a third for priming powder).
>A single forward-and-back motion on the trigger guard powered a mechanism that deposited a ball and load of powder in the breech and cocked the gun.
>Within one or two seconds, it was ready to fire again.
>A small carrier took the powder from the magazine to the breech, so there was no risk of an accidental ignition in the reserve.
>Early Kalthoff guns were wheellocks, later they became flintlocks.
>Some carried six shots, one claims in an inscription on its barrel to have thirty.

Obviously, it was a complicated mess to make in pre-mass production days and had a lot of moving parts that could fuck up and if ANY of them did the entire gun became useless.

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>The bajōzutsu (馬上筒) was a tanegashima (Japanese matchlock) in the form of a pistol.
>Bajōzutsu were used by mounted samurai in feudal Japan.

Apparently japanese weaponsmiths would fold eat bullet over a thousand times to make the bullet so powerful it could peirce through any form of metal plate armor, and that's why the japanese never developed good armor.

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>I love how early firearms from the Middle East down through the Subcontinent are so fucking blinged out compared to Western ones
Most of the survivors are from palace armories. Look at Indian rifles from the American West, or German hunting pieces like this one.

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Or, of course, Scots pistols.

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Anyone got more images of alternative flintlocks / muskets? Building up a repertoire of weird and wonderful weapons and adding various special effects to them for players to use.

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I love me some old fassioned muzzle loaders, i don't know why I just have such a hard on for them.

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For when you're not sure if you need a pistol or a rifle.

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Bloody beautiful.

These are good looking, too.

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