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Can we get a THAT guy thread going?

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Yes, but OP you have to start.

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What in the name of fuck is that thing?

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Alright. I don't really have much, and what I do have is fairly typical.

>3.5 campaign
>obese neckbeard DM makes a succubus major NPC
>describes in great detail how sexy she is including things like cup measurements
>table 100% dudes
>constantly does a girly voice to flirt with the PCs
>super blunt sexual innuendos
>one PC flirts back
>three other guys forced to sit and listen to what is essentially soft core porn as described by two men
>mfw the DM is now my brother-in-law

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>brother in law

How.. did that happen?...

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He married my sister. Duh.

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But... how... why.

Was he a wizard?

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Thanks OP, now I'll go.

>zombie/survival horror FATE game
>have had some PVP but it is usually interesting, leads us in new direction
>I was compelled to be very caring about a specific cat
>other player decides randomly that "CONFLICT = INTERESTING" and says they his character really doesnt trust and wants to kill that cat, despite the cat being with us for a long time and no reason
>spends all of his effort and fate points into killing the cat
>I feel obligated to do my best to protect it, as per compel rules
>I'm not having fun as the campaign is hard as it is, and I'm wasting all my fate points on this asshole
>"hurrhurr look at all this interconflict, isnt this fun"

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that's just a regular human, don't be racist

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>play female Inquisitor in Pathfinder, describe her as "decently attractive" but dont specify anything else
>roleplay her as a chaotic good adventuring time, on the path to usurp the evil throne of the area for Milani
>GM tries to roleplay every enemy character hitting on her.
>every character is a sleazeball making sexual jokes, I dont respond to any of them
>wont. fucking. stop.
>everyone chuckles but at the same time all of us are sick of it.

The problem is that it doesnt happen that often so it doesnt really feel like something worth bringing up. If the GM wants to roleplay his characters as sleazy assholes, that IS his choice after all.

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I had a player like that. All he played were Tieflings. I got so fucking tired of him trying to seduce everything. I'm pretty sure he was a closet homosex.

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Nope. He's actually a pretty cool guy aside from being a "brony" and a /r/edditor.. Also, I love my sister, but she is a dork.

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>join a game on roll20
>first session is fine
>dm keeps skyping me, day after day
>ask a question about the campaign
>all he wants to do is tell me what my next character should be
>my character has not even come close to dying
>all his suggestions are munckin rule exploitations
>too pussy to tell him to stop bossing me around
>never log on again

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would you recommend someone to try out roll20?

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He has nipples on his arm.. thing?

Also he appears to be wearing his eyes, heart and kidneys as a necklace.
I don't know about you, but wher I come from, we tend to keep those soft, vulnerable, tasty organs inside our bodies.

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Yes, actually. It's a great site, easy to use. I just got a shit DM.

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See I would love to use roll d20 if I could just pop on and grab a session like out of nowhere, I'm so busy after getting a job I cant make commitments to schedules like I used to. I just want to be able to be like "oh shit I have the day off, lets play a game".

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>>pretty cool guy

One of these things does not belong...

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Multiple THAT GUYs in my group over the years:

>Navy faggot, pedantic as shit about boats, e.g. "at that size it's not a boat, it's a ship"
>pedantic as shit about everything else too for that matter
>GM caught him making out with his wife in the guest bathroom, faked dissolving the group to get rid of him

>irritating in general
>had IBS or some shit; horrible, horrible noises would come out of the bathroom while he was in there
>complete lack of self-awareness

latest THAT GUY
>makes disruptive characters, e.g. the serial murderer who steals teeth, the "superhero" in a Weird West game who's lol ecks dee so random
>boggles my mind by being intelligent enough to have a PhD with zero common sense or social awareness

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If you'll notice the ear, on the left side, under the hat?
He wears people.

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>GM caught him making out with his wife in the guest bathroom, faked dissolving the group to get rid of him

I hope this means he was making out with his own wife and not someone else, otherwise I'd hope people got more than just a little upset. That's not just a THAT GUY in gaming, that's a THAT GUY irl

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Man, you don't even know
>Playing 3.5
>We fight in a ship-to-ship fight with a pirate crew and win just barely
>The climax of the battle is me fighting the pirate captain in glorious single combat on his ship while it's burning
>After defeating him (barely) I decide to make my victory unarguably complete and make his parrot my own
>The Parrot knew every language and was named Paulie
>Paulie used a small parrot-sized cutlass and was badass
>fellow player immediately hates him because I'm not allowed to have anything nice unless he gets something nice too
>Fucking give him the pirate captain's fire enchanted cutlass to satisfy him
>Works briefly
>The following night at our camp I hear some weird sounds
>See asshole about to sneak attack my parrot
>Yell loudly to startle him
>He is briefly stunned, but my parrot is quite used to yelling thanks to his time on the pirate ship and doesn't move
>Asshole goes to stomp on my bird
>I'm too far away to stop him
>I then hear our Sorcerer friend cast light
>On his fucking eyeballs
>Asshole falls backwards screaming about the blinding lights
>Beat the living shit out of him in-game and kept Paulie close to me wherever I went
>Paulie went on to murder a pirate monkey in glorious single combat and get all the way to our end-game and sacrificed himself to save our Ranger
>RIP Paulie the Parrot, you were the best friend an old dwarf could wish for.

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kill a bunch of them. but talk about it witht he players/

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both of those things dont nessesarily make someone not a pretty cool guy. they certainly dont help

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I want to kill them but they are usually re-occuring characters that the GM gives immunity to whenever we talk to them (they only show up when we're bound, they do their best to run away, are actually high powered characters who will be bosses later) etc.

The game is on hiatus, but if he starts it again and keeps it up I might bring it up next time. Just makes it hard to play a female character without feeling like a fag.

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Making out with his own wife, yes

Still not an appropriate use of the guest bathroom

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Yes, still another reason the guy is a prick of course.

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...... really my guy? Those two things doesn't set off some alarms?

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Well he knows the guy personally, so I mean, what are you trying to imply? He can still be an alright person despite being a redditor and brony...right?

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But how well does he know the DM?

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In nWoD:

>Guy, typically friendly, like to GM sometimes
>get him to play one of my games
>he always picks a combat oriented character
>ignores all side stuff for MOAH DAKKA
>makes up a simple character background
>e.g. Character who lost all of her family in an accident and vows revenge against <insert probable group of enemies that the story is about>
>no points in anything social or mental
>every character has a 5 in resources if he can do it
>tell him its a mystery/diplomacy/action game
>all combat all the time, tries to cut through everything

The worst example:

>Murder mystery hunter game
>makes a guy who wears full combat gear and a flamethrower everywhere he goes
>other players are a cop and scientist
>cop tells him to put his weapons away all the time
>he never complies and tries to sneak them everywhere
>causes panics in NYC, has to fight the same cops who were supposed to help him because he wont stop trying to keep his OP equipment

This is how he enjoys the game, but it really sucks that it has to take away from everyone else's fun. Was it my fault for playing the police as people who wont let a guy walk around with a military-grade flamethrower in Central Park?

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That only answers so much. Does he know some deep secrets? I mean really.

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Just for a chance, freeform. This is from a Star Trek pbem RPG maybe a decade ago.

>Romulan Warbird setting, all Romulan characters
>reading some of the archives
>looks cool, interesting stories of intrigue and Federation bashing
>join up, get paired up with another new guy for the enlistment RP
>I'm a male security guy
>Other guy's a female medical assistant
>Other guy decides on his own that the scene will be a medical examination
>Get an e-mail from the other guy a day later
>Even at first glace I can see it's a virtually finished piece with [insert your reaction] or [insert your dialogue] tags in a few places for me to fill in.
>read the meat of what he wrote
>it's a highly suggestive 'examination' full of blushes, heavy breathing, semi-nudity and medical probes, etc
>The other guy has commented OOC at the bottom about how writing this is like a dance, with him leading and me being swept along with him
>paste "V'shor stares ahead emotionlessly, not reacting in the slightest" into every [insert] space.
>quit the RPG group

Looking back , it might have been me who was That Guy

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Laughed heartily and then felt them feels.
I always love animal companions and righteous ass kickings, especially in the same story.

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You've lost me.

You need to set ground rules for people like this.

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If he's hurting everyone else's fun, you gotta put the clamp on it. If he has to die in a bloody shootout with the cops, so be it. But if someone's self-centeredness is affecting the group as a whole, it's not good to indulge them.

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>The other guy has commented OOC at the bottom about how writing this is like a dance, with him leading and me being swept along with him
What does this even mean?

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The guy is so enamored with his own fetish writing that he thinks it's artistic enough that the guy has no choice but to play along with it.

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I suppose I had trouble with it because all the ones I GM'd were one shots.

I guess I learned my lesson now and will have to set ground rules from the get-go, or even just talk to him up front. One of the two, but understanding is obviously the better option.

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Yeah, I think my GM thought I was literally heart-broken without Paulie so he let him come back to life as a ghost. I tried in vain to find another bird to become a suitable host for my glorious companion, but none shone quite as bright as he had.

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>be gm
>couple of the players are at a bar on new years
>one player is trying to hit on his bosses wife
>she denies his advances
>he slaps her ass
>she spills her drink in his face
>he slaps her
>a bunch of dudes including her husband saw it happen
>husband gets the 1st swing
>BAM crits hard
>busts the PCs nose open on the spot
>2 other dudes rush in and start helping stomp the fuck out of him

he tried to tell me that was unfair. then i asked him what do you think would happen if you hit a girl at a bar.

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Isn't it weird that the players generally understand who well the world works in fantasy settings like DnD but then completely misread anything else?

I swear to god any player will take the time to learn how the world works in a new game, but can't be expected to know basic shit about a modern day setting.

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THAT GUY tends to make THAT GUY threads

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Oh shit you got us.

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> Regular shouting stunning people
> Cantrip blinding people
Shit game detected.

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>Work at /tg/ store, usually watch the regular Pathfinder group play during my shift
>This week a new guy shows up an hour late
>Bro DM fits him in even though they're playing a prewritten module.
>Starts his character introduction by giving trigger warnings about his character to the group
>Trigger warnings
>To a group of 30-yo men
>The TW was because his character is a huge homophobe
>Half the party has character personalities based on their damage output anyways, so actual RPing could happen
>Every chance he gets, his character brings up his hatred of gays
>Asks every NPC their sexual orientation before getting their name
>Refuses to use cure wand charges on another man because 'it might be gay'
>When the DM described a character slashing a monster's buttocks off, he gets offended because it's a gay way to hurt a monster
>Started texting, and when a player asked if he was texting his girlfriend in a mocking tone, he started yelling about kissing girls all the time and that he was very much straight

Nigga gay

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How terrible, do you run into those kinds of people a lot when you work in stores like that?

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>>boggles my mind by being intelligent enough to have a PhD with zero common sense or social awareness
You've clearly never been in academia. That shit's practically a requirement.

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>Be me, 15 years old, first D&D game
>Make a human fighter
>Neckbeard DM introduces me into a wizard
>Wizard casts spell on me and turns me into a green haired elf female
>Has a bunch of NPCs hit on me and shit
>Get raped by an Orc after taking too much subdual damage


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Did your game move into FATAL or something?

The fuck?

>> No.28018200

no it was a 3.5 D&D campaign

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That is just never ever going to happen, unless you want to be an absolute dick and never turn up to a game after one session.

I advise you find a new hobby or a new job.

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>Shit game detected.
It actually sounds like a good game where the rules are bent slightly so the game doesn't devolve into senseless shit.

For example, if you're in the pitch black and someone shines a light in your eyes, it fucking hurts.
And shouting when you're not expecting it usually makes you jump.

Stop being such a tit.

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Here's somewhat of a THAT guy story.
>Newest guy in a long time group
>Makes average characters and decent roleplayer
>Old DM shows him how to make overpowered Barbarian in Pathfinder which he loves.
>In every Pathfinder game since then he's the same Barbarian with the same rage powers.
>Roleplaying always the same dude, basically errant knight who thinks he's the biggest baddest motherfucker out there.
>He convences entire party to play either barbarians or fighters in my game.
>Slightly annoyed since its a magical/mystery campaign.
>No ones smart enough to solve anything.
>Start to move the story more towards combat 24/7 to make party happy.
>Eventually have to put in a high level NPC to advance story.
>THAt guy walks up to the NPC whos minding his own business and calls him a pussy.
>NPC is level 20 Honor-Bound fighter with Vorpol swords. THAT guy is level 5.
>NPC's first roll, Nat20.
>THAT guys head's gone.
>Says how its unfair how I put a high level NPC in the game that would pick a fight with him.
>In response to this his new character is a sultry Female Bard with gloves of speed.

Should I be worried?

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Only if you're afraid of friction burns.

>> No.28018306

Why didn't you completely change the course of the story if they all brought fighters?

>> No.28018310

I'm honestly only slightly worried he;ll try to derail the story. Ever sicne the party told me they wanted stronger opponents I haven't been pulling punches, but it never feels right just flat out killing someone because they're being a douche.

>> No.28018320

Because I told them of the premise of it before hand and they all loved the idea of it, they didn't want me to change the story, they just wanted a lot more combat. Its almost gotten to the point where I have to have the next story advancement sitting on a shelf in the room.

>> No.28018340

>Not readjusting campaign to fit the players

>forcing the story

>Having a lvl 20 DMPC with vorpal swords who is toocoolforschool

No, you are that DM

>> No.28018371

>Spelljammer-like fantasy IN SPESS campaign
>but elves cannot have revolvers, they only used bows in tolkien!
>but elves and dwarves hate each other in tolkien!
>but that race wasn't in tolkien!
>but magic doesn't work like that in tolkien!
>anon, why is your setting not like tolkien?

>> No.28018373

>1.) read >>28018320
One player literally told me if I changed anything he'd quit.
>2.) I Haven't forced anything, in all my games the players do things at their own pace, I'm just their to fill in the blanks.
>3.) The NPC was an ally of theirs, or was supposed to be, the Vorpal swords were going to be a gift to hunt a Jabberwock. The reason the fight started was because he wanted to beat the sstrongest person in the room.

So I'm going to guess from your wrong assumptions, you are your groups THAT guy?

>> No.28018376

>what's a one-shot

>> No.28018402

In addition, I told him out of the game it was a bad idea as did the other players. I'm not going to just tell a player no he can't do that, the NPC would have done non lethal but you have to go with the dice rolls, tis fate.

>> No.28018424

I agree with you m8, you made a normal call.
The other guy was obviously asking for it, and you can't control the dice.

>> No.28018438


>NPC was an ally

That's pretty much the definition of DMPC mate.

Your player was still a That Guy though.

>> No.28018480

I thought at DMPC is a player member that is controlled by the DM. I mean, I'm pretty sure ally is a broad term. A DMPC is obviously an ally, but an ally isn't necessarily a DMPC. Squares and rectangles and all that.

>> No.28018482

Don't know if this is a THAT guy/DM story I just like sharing it.
>Playing a Female Gnome Druid with the Draconic Bloodline feat
>Really like shiny things
>Running down gold hallway with gem encrusted walls, outrunning a boulder trap Indiana Jones style, have to roll a will save every combat turn to avoid stopping.
>GM says I see a diamond the size of an SUV tire, tells me to make a Will save, mentions the DC is really high.
>Say fuck that and stop to take it out, I roll a Nat-20 to remove it.
>GM says its free but boulder is really close, use all my magic for the day to avoide dying.
>Somehow(possibly GM not wanting to kill me) surivive with GM.
>Sometime later GM realizes letting me have Gem that big was a bad idea, says basically a town of rogues sees the Gem and wants it or they will kill party.
>Party tells me to hand over the Gem and the GM says I need to make a Will save to do so.
>Say fuck that and smack the lead Rogue with the diamond and start hammering his face to mush with the Gem.
>Have no spells, no weapons, but I refuse to give up Gem.

We had to call it there because it was 4am, but we are playing again in two weeks, can't wait to see how it ends.

>> No.28018498

I don't like these will saves for just things that require simple willpower. Was the gem controlling you somehow, in the story? If not, seems odd.

The fact that you WANTED to roleplay never giving up the gem makes it even odder, whats the point of those will saves?

>> No.28018523

Our group weren't made up of rule nazis who had to check their every action against the rulebook. If someone wasn't expecting anyone and then there was a sudden shout, wouldn't you jump? Our game had sensibility AND rules.

>> No.28018528

This GM is really found of saving throws, he uses them for everything. His reasoning behind it was that my Druidic nature was fighting my Draconic nature. Its been a recurring theme in our sessions that the Druid side just wants to be free while the Dragon just wants money, it seems kinda silly writing it out but its all been his idea. I just wanted to have dragon claws and wings.
The reason I stopped to take the gem was because when he says high DC that usually means its a 25 - 35 range, which is near impossible (once he even said I needed a Nat-20 for one, which I got luckily or it would have killed me), so instead of just dealing with him trying to force me to stop I just did. As for not giving up the Gem how often do you get the chance to kill somone with a giant diamond?

>> No.28018550

Well as long as you were enjoying yourself, seems fine.

>> No.28018567

This is what liberals actually think conservatives act like. It would be hilarious if it weren't so cringe-worthy.

>> No.28018577

Well the impossible saving throws and the instant death if you fail them is kinda lame, but its caused us all to do some crazy stuff to survive and spawned some funny stories as a result so it ain't all bad.

>> No.28020237

Yeah, this guy is stupid.

DMPCs are somebody who is part of the party, following them around and fighting with them. If every NPC who had any involvement with the party was considered a DMPC, A) DMPCs wouldnt be a bad thing, because they are so neccesary, and B) Thats stupid. It is called DM Player Character for a reason.

>> No.28020353

> casted light
> on his fucking eyes
I lol'd

>> No.28020387

>fuckhead that can't ever do anything normal
>every turn of combat he tries to do something stupid that involves everyone scouring the rulebooks for 10 minutes
>Uses shit out of random books nobody has ever heard of, which causes more time to be wasted
>gets in the way of EVERYTHING

>> No.28020521

Godammit Tyler there is nothing wrong with gripplis

>> No.28020541

>Running an online PF game on maptools
>New guy pops up and wants to play
>Makes a half orc old man on the verge of death
>Rolls up with the party, they catch wind some gang is shaking down local businesses
>They decide as a group they're gonna stakeout a store and wait for this to happen
>They wanna be crime fighters apparently
>I roll with it, and send a named npc into the store
>Before I can even describe the scene old man orc rolls to attack and tries to kill said npc
>I ask why
>"He had a name so I thought he was a bad guy."
>Later sets fire to the establishment during the fight with the actual gang
>Cause fire seems smart
>Meanwhile a paladin and inquisitor in the party begin to have a heated debate about ethics as the building burns around them
>A nearby woman shouts to them hoping to bring it to their attention that the building is on fire and they will soon burn
>Paladin announces "Don't worry ma'am, we're trained for this!"
>Continues to argue...
>Oh god that campaign died so far...

>> No.28020771

Speaking from /mlp/, if he's into pones, and you know about it, there's a huge problem

>> No.28020801

> it's bad to make out in bathrooms
I need to inform some previous grindr hookups
sorry society

>> No.28020867

>using grindr
>not growlr

>> No.28020886

It seems you had Hilarious Guys not That Guys. Seriously Paladin and Inquisitor debate in the burning city is damn near 10/10.

>> No.28020893

But I don't know any amphibian men

>> No.28020951

I got growlr. It's fat guys. Grindr has more actual bears.

>> No.28020959

Your group is amazing

>> No.28020988

I think he means the half-orc that randomly kills a guy

>> No.28021038

I don't have a smartphone, so I wouldn't know.

>> No.28021061

>Plays min-maxed Thri-Kreen Monk with Vow of Poverty and Vow of Silence
>Fails at making him interesting
>Plays him for one session and gets bored
>Asks the DM to kill off the character
>Now going to play a min-maxed Farspawn Warlock who is "crazy"

I like the guy well enough, he's a nice dude, but damn is he a hardcore munchkin.

>> No.28021094

It's the same way a lot of fat girls call themselves curvy. There are some good looking ones though.

I'd honestly stick to craigslist anyhow; you can show lewds and say what you're looking for up front and not have to worry about a lot of crap.

>> No.28021111

Creative use of magic does not make a game shit. I once annihilated an encounter against mythril animated armors by using Open/Close on their latches and buckles because they were 25lbs each, well under the weight limit for the spell. None of them made their saving throws.

>> No.28021138


Does that mean you're a huge problem too?

>> No.28021158


Gripplis are awesome

>> No.28021184

Your current THAT GUY is probably autistic in some manner. (As an autist, I can attest that common sense and intelegence are two very different things)

>> No.28021197

I mean outside of anonymous imageboards

>> No.28021213

You can say whatever you want on an anonymous image board. No one knows who you are and it doesn't impact your actual image. If you go around telling everyone you meet that you're into furry porn or My Little Pony, that's when it becomes a problem.

>> No.28021275

>tfw i have IBS
>can't use the bathroom in public gatherings unless i want everything to smell like rot and death

>> No.28021276

This is why INT and WIS are two different stats.

>> No.28021303

Fred Felps acts like that.
I also met a few during my year in alabama, back when I was in middle school. I pity my biology teacher. Several kids kept on reciting bible verses or screming about how evolution was a liberal plot while she was trying to speak.

>> No.28021426


This just in, Anon explains Autism in very simple, D&D based terminology, more at 11!

>> No.28021443

>Gnome rogue with absurdly high charisma hitting on everything with tits
>Elven druid with Polar Bear familiar named Barry White playing his wingman
>Human bard with a brass instrument going along with these shenanigans

They never really did anything apart from that. It's hard to be mad at them with the number of bad puns they made, though.

>> No.28021472

Did the human bard have a name in anyway similar to Barry Manilow?

>> No.28021507

No, it was some parody of the name "Jake Steel," I forget what it was, exactly.

>> No.28021563

That's a Kuo-Toa though.

>> No.28021598

Now you know what it's like to be a woman. That DM is crushing the patriarchy one oppressor at a time. Jolly good show I say.

>> No.28021648

Well damn.
Consider my privileges checked.
I will now make a trans genderqueer gnome to fight against the misconceptions of my NPC oppressors.

>> No.28021696

>>Trigger warnings
>>To a group of 30-yo men
>>The TW was because his character is a huge homophobe
He thinks you're all massive faggots and his character might offend you.

>> No.28021715

I joined up a game on Roll20, and things are looking pretty solid, but one of the players is playing a Lawful Stupid Monk in Pathfinder. And I don't throw that term around a lot, either. The player is constantly going against reason in order to force everything to be his version of lawful, which seems to be as follows-

-No one is allowed to lie, ever.
-If a strategy to overcome a situation doesn't work, you are obliged to stick to that strategy.
-Improvisation is a bad thing.
-Punishment may only be dealt by any shmuck with a badge who looks sort of like a cop.
-Sneaking is not lawful.
-Only lawful people are allowed to intimidate. Otherwise, it's not right.

It has only been the first session but he's caused problems- It seems like he is trying to make decisions for the entire party, which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't contradict the party's own goals and motivations. Let me be clear here, the rest of the party aren't insane bastards either- we've got a NG Druid, my PC is a NG Rogue/Oracle, a LN Ranger, a TN Bard, and a CN Alchemist, who oddly enough. There was even a point at which the Ranger and the Druid were telling him to loosen up a touch. I don't have a problem with characters being strictly bound to a moral code, but he's playing in a way that directly impedes not only the story but everyone else's fun.

"Yes, I agree that this man should be brought to justice, but bringing a spell caster before the inquisition, (who burn non-sanctioned magic users as witches,) for stealing a crate of mining tools is too extreme. You must understand that the currently established Law is not always in favor of the people it governs. Wasn't your vow to help people in the first place?"

Moral of the story, make sure your PC has reason if they are lawful.

>> No.28021731

>Now you know what it's like to be a woman.
Having life handed over to you on a silver platter if you decide you don't want to work for it? Nope, no idea what that's like.

>> No.28021746


Stop that.

>> No.28021824

No. Go back to your cave.

>> No.28021982

I'm so sorry.

>> No.28022005

>I'm into nature lol!
>I'm part dragon lol!
>I'm a gnome lol!
>I'll chase down shiny things lol so random
Goddamn your character makes me want to rage. Were you dressed in rainbows and wield keyblades too?

>> No.28022030

Are you that one guy who posted a thread asking how to get his player to stop asking "Quick question, WHY ELVES NOT LIKE TOLKIEN?!?!?!"?

>> No.28022044

pretty much

anyways enough of /pol/

>> No.28022064

>Wah, being a white knite with the hopes of one day getting internet laid leaves me with few comebacks

>> No.28022084

>Wah, I can't get laid so I'll be justify it with misogyny.

>> No.28022087

Probably not. I'm not him and nor am I the person that started the thread that you speak of and my group has a guy who is always asking a similar question when the DM dares to stray from the familiar Tolkien formula.

>> No.28022119

Have you tried playing games without traditional fantasy races? How does he react then?

>> No.28022150

Oddly enough, he doesn't mind it. He just doesn't like it when the Tolkien races stray from the norm.

>> No.28022214

>heated debate

>> No.28022329

D&D 4e rules faggot detected.

>> No.28022359

My beliefs (at least most of them) never transfer in game. It's horrid and totally kills the setting. As a DM, my only rule was that I wasn't going to allow same-sex couple because of 1. my belief and 2. in a dark age fantasy setting, homosexuality is not accepted. duh. other than that, leave all opinions at the door and play your character, not yourself.

>> No.28022410

>My beliefs never transfer into my games

>rule #1: my beliefs


>> No.28022441

>I never do this, except when I always do this.


>> No.28022455


>that thing you said
>that next thing you said

I'm too lazy to find a more creative way to agree with these two >>28022410 >>28022441

>> No.28022457


>> No.28022485

>what is maling rules on the fly
>what is DM fiat

>> No.28022488

>be in high school
>first D&D 3.5 campaign that wasn't a one-nighter
>That Guy buys some book that has rules for anthropomorphic characters
>makes a neutral anthro elephant druid
>DM is all over this player's cock like he's 3cool5u
>find the same book used in a thrift shop for $5, buy it
>DM says I can't have an anthro character, too, since they're "too powerful"
>ask why he's letting That Guy do it
>"because he's played this game before and won't abuse the power"
>entire campaign is a railroad conducted by That Guy and DM
>constantly have ultimatums of, "If you don't do this, I'm going to kill you"
>finally get fed up with his bullshit, the rest of us turn on That Guy
>we kill him
>DM and That Guy visibly buttmad
>"A bunch of guards come running after hearing the ruckus"
>"how many?"
>get slaughtered because DM is butthurt
>DM says a mysterious elf woman comes up to the "noble beast's corpse" and resurrects him because she respects his courage blah blah
>rest of us get up, leave, and go play MTG
And that is why I don't allow anthro characters in my campaigns

>> No.28022517

>"He had a name so I thought he was a bad guy."
Sweet Jesus, that sums up my old group in a nutshell.

>> No.28022565

>totally not furry gay couple

>> No.28022591

Okay I got one.

>running a game with the pitch as "Catholic time cops running off a bastardized Dark Heresy ruleset."
>new guy joins party for the first time
>two players are orphans raised in by the church
>one player is a priest
>one is a Vatican Guard
>one nun
>he joins as orphan
>before their mission the priest gathers everyone and says "I start a prayer asking for God to protect us."
>his PC rolls his eyes and walks off stating "pray to your false God."

>> No.28022603

>A nearby woman shouts to them hoping to bring it to their attention that the building is on fire and they will soon burn
>Paladin announces "Don't worry ma'am, we're trained for this!"

>> No.28022612


Is that guy the orphan, or a nun-as-orphan?

Because that shit makes even less sense.

>> No.28022628

>in a dark age fantasy setting, homosexuality is not accepted
Can you even history

>> No.28022643

So you are a magic realm type dm, eh?

>> No.28022670

This one time, a guy did a thing I didn't like. He was distasteful.

>> No.28022681

I've got a player who is PLAYING a that guy. It's really irritating, but I honestly can't berate him because it's only his character holding up mine.

>> No.28022682

the DM eventually turned into the type you'd expect to have a neck beard and fedora, and carry around a katana in public. He doesn't do any of that, but he has that type of personality. He literally starts conversations with people about controversial subjects, just so he can try to turn it into an argument and "prove them wrong."

>> No.28022720

Like I said, bastardized Dark Heresy so he was technically a Scum I think (one of the orphans was an Adept).

But seriously. My only rule at character creation was they needed to be tied to the Catholic Church and be Catholic, he seemed to think that the Church enslaves Orphan children to work as time cops...don't ask me why.

>> No.28022735

Here in Shitfuck, Nowhere, we are group of That Guys trying desperately to undermine That DM because clearly we are That Group and we not even like tabletop much, but we found out to be the most passive-agressive way we found to blatant argue and kill each others without relying on real life violence, because we do not like each others very much.
And that's the best way to play RPG.

>> No.28022782

Why didn't you just say "The team is confused by your presence and drops you off back at your orphanage?"

>> No.28022852

>Party meets up with BBEG. He dies in about three rounds.
>Party is confused minus the Rogue (the guy who killed him).
>The Rogue loots the body to find some dark and powerful artifact. He immediately uses it to become the Shadow Boss.
>Party now fighting the Rogue and his minion clones.
>The Rogue kept telling me he wanted a chance to kill off party members so he was super excited to be a boss. He had all of these ideas for killing off players while he was a player himself (setting up traps, shapeshifting into other allies, etc), but he never had an opportune moment to kill off anyone.
>Something to note: this player was absolutely terrible at combat. He was a rogue, but did not understand sneak attacks. Or just about anything despite multiple explanations by the party.
>One of his minion clones kills off the warlock's pet companion.
>The Rogue/Shadow Boss sees the look of sadness over the warlock's face and has a sudden change of heart.
>Six months worth of anticipation for the player immediately gone with the death of a giant centipede.
>He doesn't outright stop fighting, but he does stop trying to kill people.
>The Rogue/Shadow Boss ended up getting crushed by a small planet thrown by the warlock.

Eh, not really a THAT guy story. Kind of on the other end of the spectrum.

>> No.28022864

Once I explained the whole "Catholic" rule he left.

He even left saying "I expected better of you." I can only assume that was because he had been in a game where I was a player before. I don't know if he was referring to the rule that to be a member of a religious organization you had to hold that religious belief.

>> No.28022880

He sounds like a dick.

>> No.28022952

he sounds terrible.

>> No.28022961

>New player
>Everything is fine for five minutes
>Describes his character as a cis-male
>GM immediately rips up his sheet and says "People like you are why people like me can't be transgender in peace. Live up to the stereotype and kill yourself."
Glad that was nipped in the bud right away.

>> No.28022993

That Gm is a hero. good on him

>> No.28023000

Why are you inserting your religion into dark heresy? Kinda kills a setting that is already actively parodying the silliness of catholics.
Not sure why he couldnt handle that though, no need to let irl freaks ruin the fun of playing as them ingame

>> No.28023004

He shouldn't complain,If he publicly states things like that then he will attract the worst possible sorts.

>> No.28023008

Somebody really needs to post the all barbarian party story in response to this. Anyone got it?

>> No.28023018

Then he krilled himslef and Lenin tore down the patriarchy wall so the visigoths could enter China

>> No.28023019

>the entire group is catholic
>all of us except for that guy
>we thought it would be fun

>> No.28023023

Fuck your wound up tight anon, you need your happy pills or are you gonna be able to play with the other kids now?

>> No.28023029

Tell your GM that he has my applause.

>> No.28023033

there you go anon

>> No.28023037

He was using the ruleset.

>> No.28023042

Also we just used the rules you dumb twat.

>> No.28023050

>entire group is catholic
oh sorry, I didnt realize I was talking to one of the freaks.
Again not sure why he couldnt handle it but you are not able to play a setting while expecting him to? Kinda sounds like you are playing one of those fetish games

>> No.28023053

Mine was more of a THOSE girls. This was back in highschool.
>Be me 17
>DM the game
>D&D Basic, because party new to RPGs
>Grim world with barely any light magic
>Wanting to make it serious
>The only one who knows the fuckin rules
>team of school friends
>2 kawaii desu weaboo girls choose elf rouges
>Pink hair, sexy clothing
>Final Fantasy kind of shit
>always trying to seduce everyone
>eventually come across a band of orcs
>they get really lucky with their rolls
>practically above 15's on all to-hits
>They now think they're invincible
>constantly reminding them they're not
>They disable all traps and open all chests with nat 20's
>mini BBEG to progress my mastermind plot
>young white dragon with ice breath
>they think they can take him on
>They decide to talk to the aggro'd dragon
>roll badly
>wasn't gonna let them even if they rolled 18's
>try to seduce dragon
>roll kinda good
>try to have sex with dragon
>roll alright... but not good enough
>dragon roll to hit
>roll damage in front of everyone, no more sneaky tricks
>15 points of damage to each
>fall over and shatter

>> No.28023057

It would be My privilege.

>> No.28023065

>Can we all agree to play as Catholics for the purpose of this storlyine?

Stay classy

>> No.28023076

>one of the freaks.
As much as I hate it when people say this I feel that this is one of the rare times it can be used properly.

Calm. Your. Fedora. You're just attacking him for being Catholic, and for no other reason.

>> No.28023096

Are you him?

>tfw went to a seminary school for 6 years with the intent to become a preist before I fell in love and got married

I didn't think it was a big issue, I even told him we wouldn't bring up religion IRL or anything but for the purpose of the setting his character would have to be Catholic.

>> No.28023097

I don't understand.

>> No.28023121

There is: you'll never actually be one.

>> No.28023146

It's a tumblr thing, the dick-hating attention whore (as opposed to normal transgender people) think that calling someone cis-male is acceptable. cis-male meaning "A man who isn't transgender". The only time someone would use it is to try and push their agenda and/or attention whore and in the process set a bad stereotype for transgenders.

My DM is transgender, and he looks down on such people the same way a black man in a respectable job looks down on ghetto crackheads.

>> No.28023150

So...what did they do wrong, besides make characters that didn't mesh with your game?

I'm not being sarcastic, from your story it seems like they didn't do much beyond not treat it as seriously as you wanted, and to be fair you can't really expect an epic story with D&D, especially an older one. It's basically "Make fun characters and raid dungeons."

>> No.28023168

I thought CIS meant Comfortable In Skin.
But practically it's the same I guess.

>> No.28023187

The vikings were okay with the gays.
Unless you were on the bottom. The guy on the bottom could end up in legal trouble for not being manly enough.

>> No.28023194

Okay. I can't really relate to the story though. It seems like he's overreacting to me, but I'm not in his shoes so I can't really say.

>> No.28023202

Basically, it was meant to clear up ambiguities in mixed company but because of the freaks it quickly gained negative connotations.

>> No.28023221

what happened next!?

>> No.28023232

I'll explain it this way then.

You're a gamer, you enjoy games. The others are not gamers, the new guy is a gamer, but he's one of the gamers who think that he's hot shit. During the game, he starts going "Fucking noob casual console gamers s M I RITE? LE INDIE GAEMING! They need to play REAL games and not babby mode shit. They're the cancer killing the industry, fucking casualization has ruined games forever. I have 2200 ELO on League and a 44/1 KD ratio on five different FPS games, and they keep trying to pander to the fucking noobs by changing shit to suit THEM and make shit harder for ME!"

"This is why I can't enjoy games. Leave."

Bit of an extreme take but do you get the analogy at least?

>> No.28023236

They did enslave Irish rape victims and forced them to work in laundries.

>> No.28023303

I have never understood the problem with the word "cis", though. What's the problem with an opposite of "trans" that isn't "normal", which (leaving aside the whole "hurrdurr offensive" thing) kind of ambiguous?
If it's the "cis scum" thing, wasn't that basically one asshole whose stupid comments were blown out of proportion by pretty much everyone?

>> No.28023307

I didn't intend for the picture to be indicative of "that guy" syndrome, but fuck Gripplis. That's a Kuo Toa, man. Far superior.

>> No.28023339

If you want to be inclusive dont use ANY of the terminology. Your either a man or not, if you were a born as a man or not but identify as a male, then fine your a man end of story and thats how I'll classify you. But using terminology like cis or trans is done to draw attention to the fact that they are special somehow.
Tumblr has just made this big shitstorm that makes it worse.

>> No.28023353

Okay, fair enough. That... isn't exactly a reason to blow up at somebody who does use the terminology, though.

>> No.28023400

Because you're using it in an uncalled-for fashion. Same way you'll rub people the wrong way if you start referring to people as "black male", "white female", "asian hermaphrodite" when there's no need to. You're bringing attention to something that's irrelevant and labeling people.

It's just extremely rude and it's said purely to start fights and attention whore.

>> No.28023404

Srry, didnt mean to come across that way, probablly should of left out the capitalized letters(bad habit).

>> No.28023448


Allright enough, lets stop derrailing huh? I wanna here about more social retards pissing off other social retards

>> No.28023456

They save him, DUH

>> No.28023466

Oh my God. Would you tumblr faggots quit talking about sexual orientation? KEEP IT /TG/

>> No.28023470

I don't think it adds up as a good analogy here. It's more like. From my perspective, it's more like:

>You're a gamer.
>This other guy is a gamer.
>You chat for 5 minutes and everything is cool.
>Other gamer says he's really big into Call of Duty.
>You take his game and break it because of your own past experiences with the game and saying you're sick of Call of Duty fans ruining it for the rest of gamers.

I mean, from the way the guy told the story he could have honestly just being trying to be thoughtful but the GM's past bad experiences and the bad connotations that are mixed in with the word could have caused him to rage.

Again, maybe I'm not checking privilege or something but as a white straight guy who believes in equal rights it's just getting so hard to know what the hell I'm allowed to do without offending people any more. I've seen people gay people get pissed off that straight people are coming out as "Allies" and I've been lectured on checking my privilege when commenting on a serial killing, so I'm really wary now when it comes to this kind of shit.

>> No.28023509

This makes more sense on explaining why the GM was angry.

>> No.28023531

Or then again maybe it doesn't. I don't know what to think anymore.

I wish I didn't care so much.

>> No.28023537

shut the fuck up

>> No.28023538

No its a legitimate comment. People get offended by different shit and you shouldnt be blamed for doing it by accident just because you didnt know.

These guys are right though, this really has little to do with the thread now, if someone wants to continue this it would probablly be best to start a threat(warning though, the Trolls will be all over that shit)
The fact some people treat all 'offenders' on the same level frankly pisses me offf.

>> No.28023551

Not helping anon, tell him why he's wrong or he's just gonna continue, conversly shut up yourself if you cant give a reasonable argument

>> No.28023569

You know, when you said, makea a THAT GUY thread, I didn think it would actually gather a bunch of THOSE GUYS instead

>> No.28023580

No it's the fact he's shoving his opinions about without being asked for them and being a bad stereotype. People who ask you to check your privilege are SJWs. Ignore them. They are universally hated.


Okay here's one.

>I make it clear that I have quality control, meaning that emo brooding orphans are not accepted
>I have my setting written out with significant detail, local cultures, religions, and buried secrets people no longer bring up.
>One guy's character was an elf who was kept as an experiment a few centuries back by a wizard obsessed with vivisection
>Nevermind that you can count the number of elves on the continent on one hand
>Nevermind that they didn't even set foot on the continent until a century and a half ago
>Nevermind that there was one crazy wizard who was explicitly noted as being the only one cruel enough to experiment on living things
>Nevermind that he was killed a century before he was born
>Instead of retooling his character to fit established lore, he demands I rewrite history itself to suit him.
I didn't invite him back

>> No.28023589

You want a reasonable argument? You're whining post after post about hurt feelings in a thread that's supposed to be dedicated to something else. You're legitimately autistic if you can't move past the guy's initial post and just focus on the topic at hand.

>> No.28023596

This was me

> Be 11
> Playing Star Wars
> Be Tip-Top the "Magical Ewok"
> Just joined the party, who is investigating a spice smuggler.
> Half the party stays at the ship, the others go to the Smuggler's base.
> Speeder arrives and party knocks on the door. Smuggler kindly asks party to enter.
> Oh Shit! I sense a trap!
> Tip-top steals the speeder, drives it through the desert and crashes into a boulder.
> Jedi party member shows up, beats Tip-Top then throws him in the ship's brig.
> I was told to "Calm Down" after that.

>> No.28023617

Firstly > only one guy 'evil' enough to do anything
people are capable of some sick shit, throw magic in and you'll get worse

Secondly >only a handfull of elves on the continent
did you give an explained reason why he couldnt be one?

Thirdly > written out setting and detail
were they available to the players beforehand?

>> No.28023624

Third anon here. I see no butthurt on his part, and plenty on yours. I suggest you shut until you come up with a real argument.

>> No.28023641

I lol'd pretty hard. I'd do that too, but only with certain NPCs.

Your story sort of conflicts though. If it doesn't happen too often, how come every NPC apparently sleazily hits on your character?

>> No.28023666

The wizards were very close-knit people who arrived on the continent and jealously guarded their secrets, and wound up starting to murder one-another to get a hold of their secrets. A single missing book would be enough to have everyone nailed to a wall until it turned up.

As for the elves, the continent was utterly deserted and the original landers were entirely human, and reaching the continent is near-impossible and it's a miracle in itself the first people made it there. I had no issue with him being an elf but the fact was that even if he was one of the original elves it wouldn't be possible.

And yes, and was willing to give summaries if they wanted them.

>> No.28023667

>mfw that only works if you're pretty and willing to use your body
>mfw that only works if you're also really good at manipulating people
>yfw it actually takes a lot of hard work, conniving, and luck in order to "make it" that way

>> No.28023676

Alright, maybe "whining" was not the correct word. Perhaps "fixating" would be more appropriate. And you're right, I don't have an argument in regards to your debate. You know why? Because I don't give a shit about it. You know why I don't? Because it has become insanely off topic and irrelevant to THAT guy. Just please... focus. Take your gender discussions to tumblr.

>> No.28023684

I never whined and I never mentioned anything about feelings.
Im being objective, if you just shout at him to shut up then he will never change his opinion(which I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with since I think the whole argument is poop).
If you cant make a decent argument, even an emotional or irrational one, then you add nothing to a discussion, even if its tangental to the main topic of the board.

tl;dr get the fuck over yourself

>> No.28023689

Mate, someone wanted clarification and he was given it. It's not my fault 4chan doesn't have threaded comments so such things can be easily hidden.

>> No.28023697

You sound like That Guy, but I think it's only because of the whole kleptomania and loving shiny things part.

In fact, what you have just described to me sounds like a non-innocent version of a Kender, which more often than not is 100% composed of That Guy

>> No.28023702

But that's what ewoks do in the movie, steal speeders.

>> No.28023714

>As for not giving up the Gem how often do you get the chance to kill someone with a giant diamond?

Why... why does this make so much sense to me?

>> No.28023732


Fair point, your righ.

Lets get back on topic

>> No.28023740

I'm not your mate, cis scum.

>> No.28023762

I'm not your cis scum, mistress.

>> No.28023788

First response:
That just makes me think that there would be ruthless people willing to discover magic at any cost, including taking apart a living being to discover the source or what makes something magic.
There, you have your elf players character background without infringing on your setting.

Second and Third Response: fair enough he was pushing for something you explained as being off limits ahead of time.

But did you try and rework for ANYTHING in their background? Like the evil would-be wizard? Or was it just 'no' make a new character?
You dont sound quite THAT GUY level but you are edging the intolerant DM line pretty hard

>> No.28023790


I'm not your mistress, republic slime.

>> No.28023795


>Want to play female character in Pathfinder. I actually am a gamer girl just in case that changes your opinion of the incident.

>GM wants to give her -2 strength. Says he'll buff another stat to make up for it.

>Backs off after I protest.

>My character is always exposed to incapacitating spells and actions that have such high DCs that I must roll a 19-20 to avoid.

>My character always ends up tied up or in somewhat BDSM situations, but not directly sexual and has to be saved.

Should I even stay in the group?

>> No.28023797

I'll take my chances with that picture...

>> No.28023807

I'm not your republic slime, you fascist weasel!

>> No.28023812

Jedi just beats up a cuddly Ewok for running away from danger?
Does he know what being a Jedi is supposed to entail or was he playing a Sith in reality?
Unles you were all 11 then that makes perfect sense

>> No.28023829

Call him out on it next game day

>> No.28023844

I'm gonna say no, just because that DM sounds like an asshole who's trying to not-so-subtly insert his fetish into the game

>> No.28023870

For sexual harassment, and don't let up.

>> No.28023871

Fucking lost it.

>> No.28023872

Not immediately, start playing your character along the lines of 'never be taken alive', like plan ways to die gloriusly rather than be captured. Either suicide charges (alchemist fire and thunderstones are rpetty cheap) or straight up knife in the heart.
See how far DM is willing to push just to make a damsel out of you. Call him out on it.
If your character is dead by this point, roll uo next character, female, as whatever you want, roleplay however you want. If he still doesnt cut it out then quit.

Sometimes us guys are just thick and need a smack to get them to act like people.

>> No.28023873

Alright, here's one. The setting is on an anarchistic prison exile planet in the far future, there are towns but due to the nature of their exile no government can be established on the planet, so towns are governed by gangs and militias.

>That Guy plays a White Knight all the time while never actually being a white knight, expects the same treatment
>goes to a crowded asian-esque bazaar alleyway, looking to buy a sniper rifle
>finds a gun stand called "Guns & Mods"
>doesn't have enough money for sniper rifle
>"Can I trade in this old rifle of mine for a discount?"
>still cant' afford it with the discount
>"Can I do you a favor?"
>Shopkeep gets sly grin
>points across the alleyway (like, no more than 10 feet) to a shop called "Mods & Guns"
>kill det guy he steelin' bzns
>"lol, k"
>mfw wait you're a white knight
>White Knight gets in 2nd story window of shopkeep's store, tries to snipe shopkeep from Mods & Guns
>shopkeep is mutated and tough as hell, a common thing on this planet.
>White Knight also employs the use of two of his friends, Krokur and Rango. Krokur is a four-armed burly salamander humanoid, Rango is a giant were-cougar robot.
>shopkeep gets decimated after ~3 rounds of combat, so 2-5 minutes
>cops show up, tons of gang members and regulators
>Krokur and Rango instantly in deep shit
>White Knight trying to rationalize that he couldn't be tracked because he was in a 2nd story window
>busy crowded bazaar streets
>didn't even attempt to make a stealth check before shooting, so he was sort of just standing in the window not trying to hide himself
>tons of bullet holes and witnesses (krokur and rango are both melee characters)
>let it slide with minimal repercussions and continue with story because I'm a lax GM
>White Knight thinks he did nothing wrong

They all recently embarked on a mission for the town's gang they just slandered. By the time they get back the detectives and regulators would have figured out what happened. How do punish?

>> No.28023877


Is the group good? Is the GM good apart from being THAT GUY? If so, just make a male character.

>> No.28023915

No, thats just caving and allowing bad behaviour
if youve got a THAT GUY, its best to call him out on behaviour thats affecting the game

>> No.28023929

Sarcastically and meta make fun of the GM for it in-character.

>gets tied up again
>"God damn, torturer you know this happens to me so often that it's like I'm in a world governed by a fat, horny neckbeard?"

If he is still a horrible DM even without the retarded "hey bb want sum fuk" he's not even trying to hide, just leave and tell them exactly why.

>> No.28023966

>in a dark age fantasy setting, homosexuality is not accepted
Dukes and Lords would often have entire harems of both young boys and girls

>> No.28023985

>citation needed

There is no arguing that after the Romans fell homosexuality was frowned upon for many centuries. Otherwise we'd all be cool with it today.

>> No.28023994

Aaah, the good old days.

>> No.28024139


>roll with a HERO system group because we're all math nurds
>high-fantasy good-doing deal, super level
>my char is a power-based fire flinger, so decent skills but pretty normal stats
>he has a psychotic hatred of demons stemming from an incident with one that cost him his wife and left testicle
>this drives him to the road seeking to prevent that happening to anyone else
>rest of party is fighter/rogue/cleric mix
>jolly good times
>new guy
>not physically THAT GUY (I'm full NEET, so I can't talk much shit anyway)
>his char is female, "intensely seductive", and just every god damn other thing wrong with playing outside your groin expertise
>describes most of his actions as boobily as possible
>hits on every other party member, including the (IC and OOC) female cleric
>fighter and rogue don't mix business and pleasure, cleric is sworn to chastity as an oath to her god
>I ignore most of his shit
>the worst of it elicits a response of, "I'm sorry, madam, but I find your sexual advances uncomfortable," through gritted teeth
>finally, it comes to a head one night
>his character "sexily" slips into my room while I'm sleeping
>I wake up with him topless on top of me
>he starts murmuring sweet nothings to me
>actually OOC trying to be sexy and horrifying everyone else
>he rolls a seduction power that I have no real hope of resisting

>> No.28024164


>> No.28024177


I rather like that idea. I might give it a try.


The rest of the group is fine, but I don't want to play a male character. I don't think I should be bullied into playing a different type of character by bad behavior.


That made me laugh, but Idk if I can pull that off well.

>> No.28024228

Drop it like a baby who smells funny, Anon. I would have done the same the moment he insisted on trying to "-x strength" a character for any reason.

That, or try to get someone else in the group to DM since he can't keep it in his pants.

>> No.28024296

>he completely totals my attempts to not get rused
>oh god, this is actually happening
>no-one can muster the will to intervene
>he makes one horrible mistake by mentioning how "she erotically brushes her hair over one of her horns"
>GM latches onto that line like a goddamn rescue line
>demands I make a roll versus my 8- Rage Disadvantage about hating demons and demonic entities
>this is especially appropriate as it's very similar to the incident that set me on the path
>I catastrophically lose my shit
>GM tells me I have to bring my A-game in terms of killing power
>I loose the beast, and the whole room is aflame in short order
>THAT GUY is pissed as hell that I'm attacking him, that I broke his spell, and most critically that I'm totally stomping his shit, since he's char-oped for seduction and trickery
>I'm hurling so much damage I'm beating my own fire resist when I use area powers
>he dies and starts raging about it
>I'm still yelling about burning the taint from "her" soul and cleansing the land of unholy impurity
>finally end it by hurling his blackened corpse out the window, screaming about righteous purgation, and jumping after
>land on the body and continue pounding on it until I knock myself out due to splash damage
>THAT GUY is about to have kittens
>wind up arrested for property damage to the inn, have to pay a fine and serve 30 days in jail
>Everyone but THAT GUY celebrates with drinks
>he instead stomps out angrily

That was a good campaign. My interim character during the month was fun, too.

>> No.28024314

>GM caught him making out with his wife in the guest bathroom, faked dissolving the group to get rid of him
That's pretty beta. I want to hear more.

>> No.28024362

Proper response to Succubae right there. That shit has no place outside ERP
Special thanks to my spellchecker for telling me the proper plural of "Succubus".

>> No.28024439

>Mutants & Masterminds campaign
>Heroes have to rescue a group of bussinessmen from some radical hippy technofobic evlutionists
>In the last moment a girl who was a newbie in the group decides that actually the bussinessmen are the bad guys for unknown reasons
>Kidnaps two of them, brings them to the heroes base and starts psycologically and physically torturing them in some of the most creative ways I've ever seen, even when all the other players were against it.
>After a while she gets bored of getting nothing useful and simply sets them free
>The group gets declared a public danger

>> No.28024451

let the detectives call him out on his phony white knighting and slam him in jail. telling if you're really as good you will serve your punishment. and See how much he kills and destroy's to get out of there and call him out again.

>> No.28024454

It was the one time I wanted to botch the hell out of that roll. I popped the biggest boner when those three dice came up sixes. It was a glorious counterboner to fend off the many creepy advances past and present.

I think the thing that unsettles me the most, thinking back on that game, was that he seemed to "get a rise" every time he got a rise out of toying with a party member. Also that I was his favorite target, but that was probably because my IC and OOC responses were quite emphatic.

I miss that group. I delivered two of the best lines of my /tg/ career in one of the other campaigns.

Oh, and
>mfw I botched the roll to contain my awesome fury

>> No.28024489

Why not just kill the businessmen? That at least counts as community service

>> No.28024619

I don't even believe in god and I've seriously been considering becoming a priest.

>> No.28024671

This makes you sound worse than the player. You sound like a very restrictive and not particularly fun guy to play with. I mean if his concept was horrible and wouldn't work out in game, that's one thing. But otherwise the player and the GM are supposed to work together on this kind of thing.

>> No.28024682

Why do people feel the need to make D&D (or what have you) their personal soapbox to rant about inane shit nobody cares about?

>> No.28024698

Anon, I have some bad news
You ARE That Guy.

>> No.28024839

Fucking Metal.

>> No.28024853


I think if anyone ever tried to tell me to "check my privilege" in real life, I would probably punch them in the throat or laugh in their face, depending on how aggressive they were about it.

>> No.28024871


>> No.28024993

Careful not to cut yourself.

>> No.28025132

That sucks man. Still, you shouldn't let a bad first impression rule what you will and will not allow. What if an actually mature and socially sound individual wanted to play an anthro character?
Granted, if you told him you didn't want him to play one, he wouldn't argue with you and he'd just make a different character.
Still, it wouldn't be completely fair to him.

>> No.28025213

It is overreacting.

I don't want to seem like I'm insulting actual transgendered folk or whatever, but the fucker was probably running on HRT. Shit makes you loco.

>> No.28025324 [SPOILER] 

While I haven't confirmed how "That Guy" the player is yet, as they haven't joined, they've already done something that worries me.

>Be in a homebrewed Fallout campaign
>Get informed of two new players, ask about their characters
>"Yea we have a melee focused character, and a dickgirl scientist."
>No other information
>Warning signs all over, but I'm going to stick around just to see if I get a good story out of it
>I don't have that [Nervous Laughter] Heavy image so have this instead.

>> No.28025378

Eh, the last THAT GUY I ran into doesn't really provide an interesting story. He just kicked up a drama storm over nothing and then quit the game days later without even telling the GM. Which put the GM and game in an even worse position (it'd been having some problems lately). I feel pretty bad for the GM, but that's about it.

>> No.28025521

See if you can find an IRC channel and get a rock-em-sock-em robots thing going, where a randomly appointed GM runs a combat between either players in custom bots, or players and NPCs, or players and monsters.
Actually, I think there is a tabletop about playing godzilla knockoffs. I forget what it was called, but it was rules-lite and ran in quest format here for a bit.

>> No.28025626

>new guy comes to the group
>new campaign, so no biggie
>only house rules is 3.5 core + complete, because I'm not buying every book
The spell compendium just came out, either all the broken spells for Druids (like the 2nd level 1d4 con and cha damage)
>new guy throws a fit I won't let him use it
>bitches about wanting to run a "good" game for three sessions
Fine go for it
>standard character creation, EXCEPT for me
>core only, elite array
make a cleric/rogue, my whole shtick is I fake blindness and got picked up as a priest for the thieves guild. Couple of hooks given (used to beg/nasty mafia people)
>okay you guys work for this DMPC
>he's crazy but you have to do what he says
Party goes along
Oh yeah his wife starts playing
>I'm a juvenile dragon with kleptomania
>I steal/destroy any party loot
Fuck it, I'm going to be positive about this shit and be the better man
>three months of every roll I make fails regardless as to results, everyone it's random
>his wife has all of the loot
>literally forced to sell an artifact to his god-DMPC for 300gp
He also said he didn't like players tracking XP or making most rolls
>okay this adventure is over, you are now halfway to the next level
Different player:
>we put up with your bullshit for this long and we don't even have a pay off? I'm done.

>> No.28025696

Proof that it's not the story, but how you write it that counts.

>> No.28025776

Shouldn't of tried on my tablet with little time sorry

>> No.28025871

It's ok. You've learned your lesson.
Shouldn't have*

>> No.28026162

This is a long one, but I am bored in class so here is the story of my first and last attempt at DMing.

>Me and 2 other guys grew up in /tg/ households
>Eventually decide to make our own group with people we know instead of relatives
>Our party ends up being about 6 people regurlarly
>One Friend is our go to DM other is back up DM
>Those two neerly single handedly keep the story moving at all and play round up the idiots

We originally played 3.5 but had to give it up after the new people refused to learn the rules and would get basic things wrong.
>Can't tell the difference between spell level and character level despite telling them several times
>Can't correctly figure out how attack rolls work despite repeated attempt to teach them
>Either blatantly cheat or are idiots

We eventually switched to 4Ed because it was so simple for them.
>Online character creator tool so you can't fuck up making a character
>Give them cards showing what actions they can take and how often
>Card has all relevant information to use written on them
>Make a grid and use models for clear character location
Didn't stop all the problems but it helped a lot

The main DM and off DM getting burnt out and ask if I could make a quick one shot.
>Agree to do so
>Knowing the problem characters I decide a a couple quick guidelines to make the one shot
>Make combat easy
>make clear distinctions between good guys and bad guys
>Make combat be able to happen as often as they want
>Allow room for RP for DM / off DM
>Make the issues easy to understand

>> No.28026176


One Shot Concept:
>Zombie apocalypse
>Players in a major city
>City begins to rapidly break out in zombie shenangians
>Players trapped and must band together
>There are other non-infected
>They can loot / earn / help / hinder anyone they want
>Major city if you want something it exists somewhere in the city
>Enemies are re-flavored entries from the MM to fit with the zombie theme
>Hordes of weak minions
>Giant strong ones
>Fast pack ones
>Sneaky ones
>Some that use biological / chemical attacks
>Many that will attempt to CC and break the party apart
>Being distinct arche-types for quick identification of their tactics
>Essentially Racoon city + L4D two games pretty much everyone there loved

>Tell players one shot will be taking place in / around a major city
>Make what ever you want just have a reason to be at the city
>willing to work with you to come up with a reason
>Don't need to make anything to in depth

>Main DM makes a Dragonborn Warlord who is part of the city guard
>short list of people who he is related to, works with, and his friends
>Worked with me to place him in the city
>Decide where he usually patrols
>Decide where everyone he knows would be located

>Back up DM makes Wizard who owns a small magic shop in town
>Place him the section of the city Warlord works in
>Knows the Warlord who is the local law enforcement

>> No.28026188


>Player 1 makes Warlock Tiefling
>never asked for help with why he should be in town before game
>Doesn't come up with any motivations of character just a character sheet
>try to help give reasons
>After far too long the guy gets pissy
>Finally agree he is just visiting for the day
>Wants to know what he is doing all day
>Say that is up to him
>Gets pissy again
>Gets drunks at the tavern
>Starts a fight
>Ends up passed out in his room
>Tavern is luckily neer the other players

>PLayer 2 Makes a Cleric with some frog race
>He found it on the online character creator
>Took it because he thought it would be sooo funy
>Que constant frog jokes/puns
>Name when asked was "Pantera Dew"
I would like to note the person across from him was wearing a Pantera shirt and drinking Mountain Dew.
>Also didn't think of reason to be in town
>Agrees to be a member of a local church
>Local church is part of the holy district
>Fairly close to the other players

>Player 3 makes a "stone" gnome
>Covered in giant stone spikes
>Stone is black like obsidian
>Also didn't have a reason to be in town
>Adamantly refuses to have any reason to be in the nature-less city
>Try to explain the concept of a one shot
>Eventually agrees to be in the city
>He is preaching about the evul of the city dwellers
>Ends up camping in a back alley neer the merchant district
>Make it a point he knows where the law enforcement is and that they aren't evul

>> No.28026211


Getting just that set up took the large majority of our play time.
>Finally start having wierd things go down
>Some weak zombie hordes show up
>Wizard and Warlord begin trying to defend innocents
>Get them to the "safety" of the Constabulary

>Cleric works with other clerics of the temple district
>Due to the area being a major threat it is hit hard
>Most high level/ranking officials killed off early
>Manage to hold out

>Warlock decides to burn down the tavern
>Starts some uncontrollable fires
>Distric begins burning
>As he flees his fires starts more
>Between him and zombies no one can stop the fires

>Druid leaves game after some excuse

>Constabulary is made of flammable materials
>they can see the spreading fire
>Grab what they can and leave
>head for what seems like the safest place
>That place is the tem[;e district
>Temples made of stone
>Lots of open space
>Lots of fountains
>Lots of people who can fight undead and heal the unjured
>Warlock also ends up running there to avoid his fires

>Party meets up
>Warlord / Wizard begin putting survivors to work
>create barricades / preventing and fighting fires / burning undead corpses
>Warlock dicks around
>Gets mad that he isn't the center of attention
>Cleric just argues against every plan and course of action
>Has no ideas of his own
>Increasingly large hordes show up
>Mostly due to the fact they are avoiding fires
>More intelligent zombies also begin to appear
>Wider variety of enemies begin to show up the longer they stay
>Begin to hatch a plan to escape
>Deice sewers to avoid where people might be
>Also less likely to be on fire

>OOC bickering eventually makes Warlock / cleric extremley bored and mad
>Game session ends
>Did not have any fun trying to get the 3 people to do anything
>Never DM again
>Eventually drop the 3 players
>Start a new campaign using PF
>brought in 2 new people
>new players are wall flowers
>However they do manage to postivley contribute

>> No.28026221

I thought it was Confederacy of Independent Systems, until I learned otherwise.
Those were fun times, with lots of goddamn battle droids.

>> No.28026228

Love these threads.

>Playing "Rejoice for you are true" in DH
>pursuing a bounty hunter for a nice bounty because our female guardsman got a licence with my help
>guy gets killed
>we pursue guy, open fire, I use spectral hands and knock a case out of his hands to slow him down
>male guardsman bitches at GM for not letting him run, switch weapons, pull out a grenade, aim, and throw all in one turn
>Ragequits, logs off roll 20
>whatever, we keep going, corner this guy with some clever maneuvering and running
>douchebag male guardsman comes back, GM gives him 2 turns of actions to make up for us going on without him
>he uses first turn to move toward me and shoots at me
>misses barely due to running boost
>in a fit of rage, tosses a grenade at the guy we're chasing
>nat 1, nice damage, guy goes down
>he runs over and deems himself the most worthy of carrying the case
>I claim the nice gun from the body, use spectral hands to attempt to knock the case out of his hands cause i don't trust him
>guy shoots at me again, misses
>aim at his face
>lethal damage
>guy ragequits
>new tech priest ragequits
>guy's friend ragequits

Well fuck

>> No.28026344

>Was it my fault for playing the police as people who wont let a guy walk around with a military-grade flamethrower in Central Park?
Do you live in NYC? You could probably get away with that and have everyone assume it's a prop.

>> No.28026393


>Wah, I hate being proven wrong so I'm going to assassinate his character

>> No.28026424

Bait/10, but got me to reply.

>> No.28026523

>People like you are why people like me can't be transgender in peace. Live up to the stereotype and kill yourself

Weird, because if I remember correctly, it's trans people that have a nearly 50% suicide rate.

Oh well, that's what happens when you flood yourself with hormones in an effort to pretend to be someone you're not

>> No.28026646

For some reason I read this as a real life incident, then got disappointed when I realized you were talking about a game.

>> No.28026661

>Was it my fault for playing the police as people who wont let a guy walk around with a military-grade flamethrower in Central Park?
No. At least, not if you told him that people aren't generally allowed... Oh, who am I kidding. No, full stop.

The worst ones are the folks who are explicitly told "you (meaning them in particular OR the whole group) are not allowed to do X in character gen" then do it anyway. My dad got one of those once.

Yes, my dad has GM'd games.

>> No.28026810

>Parrots can use weapons
>Loud yelling stuns people
>Casting light on eyes


>> No.28026833

I agree. But this is /tg/ where faggots just want to make eks dee randumb characters in rule of cool campaigns lightly based on whatever system they say they're playing.

They just don't care.

>> No.28026837

>You've clearly never been in academia. That shit's practically a requirement.
Try Chemistry. If you drop something in the lab, you get your feet out from underneath it. That's common sense. If you spill something, you get it cleaned up ASAP. That's common sense.

The social awareness thing I'm not going to dispute.

>> No.28026945

Funny thing's happening in the Black Crusade game I'm part of, actually. We've got two mutes, one of whom has a magic mask that gets his meaning across. The other... doesn't. Which means he uses sign language. Yes, he's actually Khornate as fuck and did 52 points of damage with a single swing in the first combat of the game, but I don't think he min-maxed. It was difficult to anyway, given most of us know very little about the 40k lore and the game system. Also, it's rapidly leading to hilarity, so we're all having fun.

>> No.28026975

>who oddly enough.
Who oddly enough what?

>> No.28027008

>He just doesn't like it when the Tolkien races stray from the norm.
Okay. REALLY throw him then. Use traditional English elves and fairies, and use Norse trolls and dwarves. Don't forget that Norse trolls come in ALL SORTS of shapes and sizes, so that thing with a tail trying to seduce your character? Yeah, that's not a succubus, that's a hulder. It's also a troll.

>> No.28027030

I know that deal, yo.

>> No.28027033

Eh heheh. I think the next campaign I run would be exceptionally fun. Tomorrow, I go to the library to research old Nordic and English mythology.

>> No.28027092

>I'm going to stick around just to see if I get a good story out of it

Yes Anon, wait until the moment is right, and reap the harvest of That Guy stories.

>> No.28027132

>First session with "that" player happening right now
>So far nothing awful has happened

Aside from the character having the same name as a character the player played before. Which was also a dickgirl. The player has apparantly played NOTHING but dickgirls.

>> No.28027157

Sorry dude, you were kinda that DM at the time.

>> No.28027203

Maybe you'll be lucky? The Game might run just as they mentioned, nothing sexual or weird.

>Implying they'd need to say that if something wasn't going on.
>Implying I'm not expecting this to come to a glorious and horrifying conclusion.

>> No.28027238

>Get invited to SR 4e game
>Annoying that guy friend begs me to let him join (Let's call him Vulnus)
>Ask GM
>He okays it
>Vulnus and I create a buddy cop character duo
>Ace Renegade (Me) and Kayde Denton (Vulnus)
>Game starts with us in our Police car, cruising about the mean streets of Sacramento
>Robbery in progress, we head there, pick up one of the other PCs on the way
>Decide to head to Burger King for shits and giggles afterwords, buying the guy who joined us a burger
>Head in, there's a fireman helping a fat ork kid get out of the playplace he got stuck in. The fireman was a named NPC and everything, one of my contacts I believe
>Order Burgers and shit, Vulnus sneaks back to the car
>Pick up another PC in the BK and get our food
>When about to leave, Vulnus heads in with an AT4 anti tank rocket
>GM:"What the hell are you gonna do with that thing..?"
>He rolls perfect
>We all survive, except for the fireman and the kid of course
>We all huddle up in the car and haul ass outta there
>Go to the police station and attempt to hack into the security archives
>Decker forgot to buy OS for cyberdeck
>Kayde hops out of the car
>Vulnus:"I shoot webs from my hand and swing to my safehouse"
>He bought web shooters for his hands
>He swings alongside us for a bit before a police heli shows up, chasing us
>Vulnus shoots the car, causing us to crash as he gets away safe

And then Vulnus started laughing and talking about random shit. RIP in peas that game ;_;7

Also, more stories of Vulnus to come, heh

>> No.28027245

Maybe they are an actual transgender person who hasn't been able to afford the surgery and instead uses roleplaying games to act out how they actually feel?

>> No.28027284

Playing a dickgril makes you that guy (or girl) regardless.

>> No.28027297

I remember playing something like that setting. Was it in italian[/s]?

>> No.28027335

Dumb question: What is SR?

>> No.28027343


>> No.28027350


>> No.28027352


A that guy story updated in real time.
Let us know what happens, anon. Aside from recording it for posterity's sake, we can advise you.

>> No.28027372

Glad to make a suggestion that someone likes.

>> No.28027383

>Same GM wants to run Stars Without Number
>Vulnus is the only other guy we can get to join to complete our group of 4
>He continuously asks if he can be a "Space Marine"
>As in the ones from 40k
>GM gets pretty annoyed at this but keeps him in
>We roll up a mechanic (Let's call him/her Shal) a spess pirate (Let's call him Eckart) a psyker security guard (Me) and a military "spess marheen" (Vulnus)
>We are all in a bar except for Vulnus
>'Avin giggles and drinking
>Some big space biker starts a fight
>"Well shit, I'm a security officer so I better do something..."
>I attempt to break up the fight
>And then Vulnus comes in
>Perfect roll
>I attempt to use psi shit on him, causing slight injury
>Vulnus:"I RUN 40 METERS"
>GM:"Wait... What?"
>Vulnus:"Check the rulebook, it says you can"
>GM:"Oh damn... It does.."
>It begins a game of chasing him around the ship
>I finally pop off a killing shot on him
>"Oh, right guys, I forgot to mention that I am the Emperor"
>Skype call ends

And yes, I still have more

>> No.28027453

why on earth are you even hanging out with this turd, dude?
I'm hoping these all happened a long time ago, otherwise I'll be forced to get angry at you for tolerating it still.

>> No.28027454

In that situation, why wouldn't they either:

A: Mention it, and explain why they made that choice. The group seems accommodating enough.
B: Not mention it, because it's not going to come up unless the game takes a stop in their personal magical realm.

The whole "mentioning it but not providing a simple explanation for it" just reeks of That Guy.

>> No.28027470


We don't.

>> No.28027537

When the Officiate asked if anyone had any reason they should not be together, OP decided not to speak up

>> No.28027545

inb4 it turns into a erp. If the person feels that way though. They should just play a female.

>> No.28027557

>same GM again, wants to run an SCP game using the Delta Green ruleset
>Guess who's joining in
>He is "randomly selected" to be a D-Class
>I roll up a KGB agent who doesn't start in the party
>The rest of the guys got some pretty Neat-o characters
>I don't enter the skype call until the GM tells me to, keeping all outside knowledge away from me
>As soon as I enter the call, I hear vulnus say "I SPRAY THE ROOM WITH MY FLAMETHROWER"
>Me PM to the GM "Who gave the tard a flamethrower?"
>I manage to not get hit and escape the room, only to come face to face with the barrel of an M16
>I talk my way into them letting me find my dead squaddies
>As soon as that RP is done, Vulnus says "I hide in a closet!"
>And so he does
>They all go looking, find an SCP which I can only describe as a mini-star
>Vulnus still in closet as they and I are laying bullets into this thing
>He suddenly gets out of the closet and sprays it with the flamethrower
>Spraying a superheated being
>With a flamer
>As soon as he notices that it does nothing, he hides in the shitter, and exits the skype call

Not the best one, but there is still more to come, heh

>> No.28027575

>Wah, what are we gonna' do on the bed?

>> No.28027636

>mfw almost a whole session in and it hasn't been brought up once IC or OOC

Looks like I'm in this for the long haul, anons. This story can only come to a satisfying and horrible end if I tough it out and survive multiple sessions.

Who knows, maybe in 2014 I'll come back with a horrifying tale of the "girl" who was obsessed with dickgirls and wound up shitting up a campaign with "her" fetish.

>> No.28027648

Don't worry, I have long since blocked him, as did everyone else

>This is an earlier time with a different group
>Playing D&D 3e
>Party consists of bro-tier cleric (Anthony) Breeki AF rogue (Me) Barbarian (I think it might have been a guy named Kyle) and another Barbarian (Vulnus)
>First session is just party intros and stuff, not too much
>Second session we get hired to go to a temple and smash 'n grab that mother up
>Get captured by a Halfling(?) when we are lootin
>We are all tied up, and my diplomacy ain't workin
>Halfling(?) says he needs one of us to grab a relic for him, but they must wear a special pair of gloves to pick it up
>Vulnus:"I bravely volunteer"
>He takes the gloves, then rolls a nat20 in wrecking the halfling, and escaping his doppleganger bodyguards, grabbing everyone else's loot on the way out
>We're still in here
>GM goes to private chat with him while we argue amount eachother ICly
>Vulnus comes back into the room
>Sneaks past the dopplegangers and unties us
>When we leave the room, I ask "Great, now, where's my shit?"
>"Oh, I threw it into the river, it was too heavy"
>RIP in peas my magical items
>We all escape and head to the town...

Gonna put this into two parts here. Hope you all are enjoyin the wonderful tales of Vulnus, hah

>> No.28027673

>Dark Heresy
>Scummer often has to be prodded to interact past "I shoot the nearest guy."
>Has been trying to chokeslam everybody in the game
>"Like wolverine in that one trailer"
>Guy who sold us a speeder bike?
>Dude who gave us a tip on where to follow a lead?
>En route to BBEG, Inquisitor gives psyker a secret message and a book
>Meet BBEG
>Psyker busts out book, reads some passages
>Scummer's body explodes
>Was a mind-wiped daemonhost all along
>Spends the entire fight with BBEG trying to chokeslam a Chaos Terminator
>Successful chokeslams: zero

He was actually pretty great when he was "all there", he once rammed two fistfuls of grenades into a daemon's gaping melta-wound, then slowly backed up while chugging rotgut.

>> No.28027703

Good luck Anon, perhaps this story will have a twist ending, and what seemed to surely be that guy material develops into an interesting game tale. There's only one way to find out.

>> No.28027747


>scummer trying to chokeslam a chaos terminator

>> No.28027815

>In the town, we hear rumours of "AN ANCIENT EVIL HAS AWOKEN"
>Now would be a good time to mention this GM isn't very good
>We all decide to hit the pub
>Anthony and I being brotier, Kyle has dropped the game, and Vulnus' character is off doing who the hell knows what
>A few ingame hours later, Anthony's and my characters are WASTED
>Vulnus' character comes in wearing NOTHING except for a paper bag mask
>I mean absolutely NOTHING
>He rolls something akin to a seduction check
>People toss coins at his naked body
>He then run away from the bar after doing something lewd to a barmaid
>We follow his stupid ass out and beat him
>He says that he knew what he was doing, and should totally head to the sewers
>We decide to go down there for shit's 'n giggles anyway
>We have to swim through some "stuff" to enter the open area
>Everyone drowns except for Vulnus, who continues to solo the game from there on out

Aaaaand, cue end campaign.

NEXT UP: The Call of Cthulhu campaign with a That Guy AND a That GM

>> No.28027829


>> No.28027834

You keep putting girl and her in quotations. Is this a girl or a mtf trans?

>> No.28027851

>Our entire group randomly meets at a party
>decide to ditch the party and have a oneshot
>scenario is that we need to rescue this one town from a goblin army
>we all make characters, except one guy uses an online dice roller and refuses to use normal dice
>We ignore him and move on to then fight our way into town
>during a breather period the Dice App Guy decides to have ohis PC cast a pit spell under the other PCs
>He says "lol chaotic evul!", then runs down one of the alleys
The GM was pissed, so he put a group of ten hobgoblins right around the corner. The player runs back towards us. We had all prepared attacks via note to GM, but he pulled some bullshit excuse to drink a potion of gaseous form, then runs down another alley.
The GM is so fed up at this point the guy gets instagibbed by the BBEG, and we all call it quits.

>> No.28027856

>"Oh, I threw it into the river, it was too heavy"
>RIP in peas my magical items
See, this is where you have a great reason IC to smack him one. WHY DIDN'T YOU?!

>> No.28027904

>33Replies: >>28023221 >>28024839
>File: 1383160374187.png-(634 KB, 1584x3736, barbarians.png)
>there you go anon
Is there more?

>> No.28027993

There is more to the story, I think two more parts but I couldn't find them. if someone has the screencap about the barbarian saving his dorf friend could they post it?

>> No.28028028

I really should have, but the GM was sort of a ponce

>CoC time with Vulnus, wooo...
>The GM is Bud, who we all know to be a... Err... Strange fellow. He also ran the previous D&D game
>We roll: A musician in debt to the mob (Me) A generic soldier armed to the teeth (Vulnus) and a Private Eye (Anthony)
>I start out in the middle of a forest, digging my own grave
>Mafia guys behind me talking about mafia stuff
>They suddenly run away like pansies
>I looks around, there's nothing
>Shrug and decide to head innawoods, because railroad
>Find a military platoon, slaughtered outside an asylum, Anthony and Vulnus' characters standing next to the bodies bickering
>We all bicker for a moment and decide the best course of action is the hole up in the asylum for a night, until we can either get help or light rises
>We all head in, I decide to camp it out near the entrance (The GM didn't like this) while the others wanted to scout ahead
>I sit in a corner, lighter on and swinging my decoration revolver in hand
>Bud:"You suddenly feels something moist on your head, and a long black goo reaches forth and grabs your lighter"
>The others PCs come back at the most convenient time
>They cap the thing, and it retreats back into the wall
>I say fuck it and figure the GM wants me to head on
>I head further in, finding a broom closet with a strange insignia on the wall
>I enter and place my hand on it to wipe away some dust
>The door closes behind me and I pass out
>Vulnus then yells "I KILL HIM AS SOON AS HE GETS OUT" and goes on a metarant against me saying I'm possessed by hastur or someshit
>I wake up and casually walk through the closed door
>Bud PMs me "You can now walk through matter for one magic point"
>As soon as I do this, vulnus is pretty much jamming his BAR down my throat

Continuing in next post

>> No.28028103

At this point I'm more upset with you for continuing to play with this feeb.

Do you just not have anything better to do? Because I would think almost anything would be more fun than that.

>> No.28028130


The stories are told out of order.

>> No.28028173

Indeed they are, the chronological order so far is:

>Commence HALF HOUR long metarant on why he should kill me
>It takes us the entire time of both IC and OOC

End session, it takes a month or so to get the next session in motion

>We end up sleeping on the floor after Vulnus is done being meta
>The next day we hop in a random car that for some reason is in the woods and head to town
>"Alright, you guys go to the library"
>No one ever said where we were going, the GM just said that
>Whatever, library it is.
>We arrive there and are greeted by typical librarian chica and start doing research
>Vulnus reads ONE book, and Bud instantly says "You now know how to use telekenisis"
>That is not how books work
>Suddenly, zombies bust through the library door and eat the librarian
>"Wha-... Whatever, I shoot the zombies..."
>They somehow rush me faster than I can shoot, and knock my ass down
>Anthony, being a bro, drags my ass out of there, while Vulnus is yelling to "Leave his worthless ass behind"

Session was then cut short, ahue

>> No.28028246

The player claims to be a girl, and several other people also say it is.

She's just obsessed with dickgirls for some reason, and ALWAYS PLAYS THEM.

>> No.28028269

Yeah, after anything more than any two of those stories, you are just as bad as he is for continuing to play in games with him.

Worse actually. He has an excuse, he's insane.

>> No.28028339

I do admit I was hurtin' for some RPGs at the time, and couldn't find a group. Anthony was bro-tier and so was Kyle, so I decided to stay in that group because of them. The other group I am still with and they just kicked Vulnus, not sure why they didn't earlier...

Next session a-go
>We all pile into a car behind the library
>I wake up
>Bud:"Alright, you guys all head to the nearest military base"
>"WHAT"s all around, but we still head there because fuck it, this ain't getting any better
>We get there and are ordered by armed soldiers to exit the car
>Anthony and I have other plans
>Vulnus gets out first, and as soon as he shuts the door, Anthony and I duck down in the car and gun it backwords
>Military guys all roll shit and we make it out of there
>Decide to grab some grub at a local bar before attempting to find out what the hell is going on in this town
>Enter the bar and the bartender is balling his eyes out
>Figure out the librarian was his wife and he leaves the bar with us alone in it
>Time for shenanigans
>We get SLAMMED on whiskey and hear the cops outside. With Vulnus screaming for us to come out
>And by god, did we make molotovs
>Burned down half the police force, and ran out the back and stole the bartenders car, hauling ass out of there, leaving Vulnus in the dust

And, cut session there

>> No.28028340


The GM (aside from DnD/CoC guy) is a really good guy though. It's a real shame to miss out on anything he runs by personal choice.

Vulnus just has a habit of inviting himself.

>> No.28028346

Wait, so are you playing online and thus have not seen the player?

>> No.28028361


Text based RP?

>> No.28028373

Yes, it's an IRC game. It may or may not have ponyfags in it as well.

>> No.28028385

This explains so much. I'm sorry, anon. I hope things won't get too awful.

>> No.28028446

>Driving highspeeds in the car, just trying to get out of dodge
>Finally stop at a random street corner
>We hear rustling in the back of the car
>Open the trunk and SURPRISE, it's fucking Vulnus with a tommy gun
>He tells us to take him to the military base right away and that he has a strange device on his arm
>Whatever, we head there
>Find the place deserted, and drive in to where the command tower is
>The two head in while I wait in the car
>Shit goes tits up and they run out with Vulnus missing a hand and batshit insane, and Anthony severely wounded
>I turn around and look at whats going on
>Bud says, and I quote "You turn around and see Cyaegha"
>Ok, that's a thing
>Drive to the hospital, unphased by the eldritch sky Vagina

Another session ended early

>> No.28028515

Honestly, most of the ponyfags I've encountered have been pretty well behaved, and I'm even found myself enjoying a homebrew campaign one of them invited me to a while back. There being a shapeshifter race kind of swayed me though.

That's at least most of the time. At least 1/4 of the ponyfags are really fucked up, be it emotionally, mentally, physically, or all of the above. I swear the amount of autism I wind up witnessing makes me cringe.

I... I admit I'm too far down the rabbit hole with this, though.

>> No.28028538

Look dude, you had IRC, that means there are TONS of other rooms you and yer buddy could have retreated. You stuck with these guys for sheer loyalty?
> C'mon, "More fish in the sea."

>> No.28028703

Kyle decided to join the game at this point, rolled up a psychologist
>Get to hospital
>2 week timeskip. Whatever
Now is a good time to mention Bud was a pedophile. No joking here, he has even shown me his ehhhh folder before
>In the 2 week time, he added in a little girl NPC who has a female boner for my character
>Why me
>She constantly refers to me as "Music man" in the strangest ways
>Anyways, I meet up with Kyle in the cafeteria, we have some neat philosophy talk IC while Anthony is too busy keeping Vulnus from killing anyone
>Timeskip to night. Whatever...
>All sleeping, except for Vulnus who managed to somehow commandeer a gun and go innavents
>I get woken up by him, chase his ass down in the vents and beat him with a fire extinguisher
>Take the gun, head out to see Kyle shooting some furry-zombie creatures
>The girl comes up to my character and does some "Oh am 2 spooked halp me" shit and grabs my leg
>I kick her off and start popping shots off at the zombies
>Kyle and I fend them off while Anthony failed his SAN roll, and Vulnus of course is being Vulnus
>Look outside the room door, there are roughly thousands more out
>welp, looks like we're taking the window
>I toss the girl out the window first, as a test to see if we could make it
>Of course she lands safely
>Then goes Vulnus
>He's fine
>Then Anthony and Kyle
>Anthony breaks a leg, but Kyle is fine
>I stay in the room for a minute more, prepping a molotov out of all the chemicals I can find in there, and tossing it, lighting the hospital on fire as I jump out the window and haul ass to the car

End of session, and game. Bud unadded me short after for laughing at his ehh, "strange" fetish

And again guys, my excuse is that I was hurtin for some RPGs ;_;

>> No.28028939

He showed you pedo porn and you laughed? I would think the normal reaction would be anger and maybe a little bit of shock. Who the fuck shows off their fetish like that especially when it's so controversial?

>> No.28028981


My best guess is that it was one of those really nervous, "Oh god get me out of here" laughs.

>> No.28029015

I had a pedo friend in college. He never showed me his porn, but if he did, I would be very careful about how I responded. He was also 6'2" and 200 something pounds, and liked to show off his collection of large knives.
Otherwise, a swell guy.

>> No.28029022

It was more along the lines of a "This guy is fucking crazy whatdo" laugh

>> No.28029916

>Your group was the campaign
>That Guy was the BBEG

>> No.28030679

What do yo expect? Their game was shit, because they still had a manchild playing with them.

>> No.28030728

No, they just ganged up on the shit player, and pretended it was fun roleplaying.

>> No.28030934

You mean making the best of an otherwise terrible situation?
And as for ganging up, he was trying to kill a party member, albeit an avian one.

>> No.28031101

It's their very own fault for allowing a problem player at their table in the first place. Also, you can easily read how >>28016933 is a self-entitled problem player himself.

He is part of a shitty group playing a shit game. Which is why he brags about it here on /tg/

>> No.28031427

I got a story similar to this.

>semi-original scifi military setting
>allied warship warps in and requests fuel from the players
>they panic
>the players run multiple background checks and check multiple databases and deployment schedules to confirm the ship's identity
>after several minutes of arguing they power down their weapons and allow the NPC captain to board their ship
>NPC explains situation in detail and asks for fuel again
>the players finally agree and begin transferring fuel to his ship
>NPC captain is a friendly guy and offers to give the players a tour of his ship since it's a new model they've never seen
>the players panic
>acting captain takes everyone into another room and leaves the NPC at the airlock (with an MP guarding him) while they begin to plan
>acting captain decides to go onto the allied ship alone, orders the other crew to disregard his life and destroy the ship at the first sign of hostilities
>he boards and gets a tour from the NPC captain
>during this time, I'm informed by the players that they are attempting to hack into the ship's systems and monitor everything happening
>we go through the process of getting that done, they are now in the allied ship's servers and literally monitoring everything that is happening
>they stealthily engage their weapon systems again and target the ship, then keep a hand hovered over the FIRE button just waiting for their allies to do something suspicious
>nothing suspicious happens
>tour ends, the acting captain returns to the players ship and the NPCs leave with their fuel
>the players then take the effort to send a transmission to fleet command warning them of the ALLIED SHIP and giving them its warp destination
>mfw all this is happening

>> No.28031439

You seem unnecessarily irate about this.
You wouldn't happen to be involved, would you?

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