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I don't have time to explain /tg/

I just need pictures of cute dwarf girls

I'll dump some misc. /tg/ images in return

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Orcs are better.

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Yeah, but we have "sexy orc musclegirl" threads all the time.

We can have a thread about curvy dorf women.

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>Yeah, but we have "sexy orc musclegirl" threads all the time.
Not really. Its usually just dumping elves while /tg/ explains how they would rape them, dwarf chicks, or dragoncocks. Greenskins get no love.

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captcha pls quit fucking me over

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So, where did she hide her beard?

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OP here. I also very much like orc ladies.

I'm not playing an orc lady in my next pathfinder game though.

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...What /tg/ have you been visiting?

Orc chicks are a flimsy excuse for a musclegirl thread, and /tg/ loves those. They happen at least once every few days.

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That wolf looks like sergal. Is it one?

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Dem calfs.

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I think 4e had really good dwarf concept design?

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Youre fucking blind. >>28003626 looks more like a scaly sergal than that wolf.

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Its kind of ironic how the only good dwarf is an elf.

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Do you ascribe to the bearded dwarven woman?

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>not liking dwemer

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I think it is a sergal, still. 'cause that would be kinda cool.

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>thinking sergals are cool
Holy shit, this thread is shitty.

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The dwemer fucked up so enormously that their whole race was obliterated by a superproject. It was like the logical extreme of Dwarf Fortress.

...Come to think of it, you might be right.

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>not fucking their entire race over by digging too deep or bothering with shit best left alone
Like I said, dwemer best dwarf. Besides, the dwemer might have actually done it on purpose since they got bored with reality.

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I just wanted cute dwarf girls ;_;

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Not sergals alone, but a hot orc chick having a sergal pet/slave is.

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>No spikes on breastplate
>No spikes on crossbow

Not Dorfy enough.

Also bearded dwarf women are best dwarf women.

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You brought this on yourself.

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I'll probably get called a huge faggot for it, but I liked the Dragon Age dwarves.

I also like the Discworld dwarves.

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You huge faggot.

Dragon Age dwarfs were okay, but dicworld dwarfs suck.

Also, Dwarfs, or Dwarves?

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Make way for cutest dorf.

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Dragon Age dorfs were pretty great?

"What's that? A Blight? Oh, you mean that thing we deal with constantly? You poor, poor surfacedwellers."

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Greenskins get plenty of love, though.

Exoskeletons, on the other hand, are effectively banned since people sperg out over them in an instant

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GOLD gold GOLD gold GOLD

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It's right there under her mouth. The other 'mouth'

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Like how Dvergar and Svartalfar are the same beings?

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I like the dwarves in Dragon Age as well, dude. I kind of hated the idea that they couldn't use magic, but overall, the lore around them was interesting and their design was cool. Females were visually appealing without looking like fat little girls and Males had glorious beards.

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Good old heavy armourin', face smashin' dwarf noble, and his loyal dog Beardfist.
And the other guys I guess.

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I don't know why... but something about orc girls turns my crank.

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>>short stocky women with thick legs
All of my hnnnng.

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What kind of wee elf is that? It can't be a dwarven woman, she can hardly hold up her weapon she's all skin and bones. And she's practically naked without a bit of armor on her.

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please stop

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Most likely because some faggotron spammed them ad nauseum until the mere mention of them pissed people off and then did the same thing over on /v/

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Theres nothing better than a little zug-zug flavored snu-snu.

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>that pic
Oh muh dick
I don't have many dorfs, but I have a few volups and chubbies. Does that work? Just imagine they're shot or some shit.

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Fucking this

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>Wide hips
>Shiny leggings


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No. Don't do that.
I mean short, of course.

There's more where that came from, anon!

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This could be a dwarf or very big wolves.
I don't know.

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>Dat dorf.
Why do you do this to me /tg/ I just finished an hour ago

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Curvy shorties!
Curvy shorties for everybody!

Finished what?

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>Implying no calling at work

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Sorry if I'm a bit dense, English isn't my native language and I haven't slept properly in a week.

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ummmm K

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Fuck, didn't see there was a nipple.
Hope the mods don't have a christian spergfit.
Hey, it's an artistic nude.

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Wait, there's a dorf waifu in Dragon Commander?

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Call call call call call

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Hm, she's a bit taller than she looked in the thumbnail. Oh well. It's hard, like I said I don't have that many dwarves. Especially not qt3.14 dorfgurls.

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Uh, no, they fucked up RIGHT and flung their entire race to a higher plane of existence, there to become as gods.

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One of the calls of nature

(aka having a wank at work)

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Are you even still here, OP?

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Shut up and have another
You know you're going to

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>they went on to create the world DF takes place in

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Reminds me of the female Dwarfs in Forsaken World. Male Dwarves are stoic, fat and bearded, yet their women are cute lolitas. Forsaken world Dwarves don't have it any better. Fucking weeaboos and their obsession with cute.

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We all know what REAL dwarven women look like.

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>Implying robustness and feminine curves aren't cuter than muh pedo fantasies

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That face certainly isn't.

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not fun anymore

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that's why you use a shopping bag.
on everyone

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Don't be racist.
...But yeah, you're right.

nigga did u just insult muh waifus
tel that to my fac not online c wat happns
imma rek u 1v1 bring it bruv

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They got great thighs. They are okay in my book.

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This nigga knows what's up

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Modern dorfs?

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"Staff chick"? Lame.

From now on she is Hips the Bard.

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Augh my elbows

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Oh god why is all my art in one big messy folder
>Because you never got around to sort it, you lazy bastard
Shut your whore mouth, subconscious

I'm down with that.


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make your own dorf/hobbit/elf waifu

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I'm running out of dorfgurls

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thats a halfling

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I got you OP. These are the sexxiest dwarf ladies I got.

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Quiet Brand, your place is cleaning poop off my boot and you're not even good for that.

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No wonder Dwarf population never is in great numbers. All their womenfolk are ugly.

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man this toes-turned-in moeshit pose really bugs me sometimes. It's like attempting to take a shortcut to cuteness but instead half the time it just makes characters look like they never learned to walk.

>> No.28007648

According to a friend of mine, the reason why this shows up so much in anime is because it is more or less a common occurrence in Japan, in that the feet point inward because of bone deformation brought on by a lack of nutrition.

Mind you, this information comes from a guy who lived on an American base in Japan, so information is probably dubious at best.

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So malnutrition is sexy?

>> No.28007713

Pidgin toe, I think it's more a pose. Suppose to be lookin' moe by appearing cute, and I guess by looking like you're a toddler that can't walk properly is cute. Japan weird shit.

>> No.28007715

Perhaps to your unrefined human tastes. Those are among the most beautiful ladies in this whole land. It's alright though. They wouldn't be interested in you anyway.

>> No.28007751

tiny feet used to be a sign of beauty and refinement among the Japanese Social elite in ye aulden days. Feet would be found up and hidden away, and became a fetish.

>> No.28007765

Speak for yourself.
The hot one at bottom left is clearly looking at me.

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I thought that was China.

>> No.28008339

That was China, mostly. Look up Chinese Footbindings on google if you're lacking in nightmare fuel.

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