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D'aaawk Eldar thread?

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Do Deldar kids even exist?

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I would guess trueborn kids would be the highest form of luxury for a dark eldar. Think of the cost in both time and money it takes to raise a kid. Being able to do that translates into a display of immense power for a dark eldar.

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This, trueborn even have their own rules in the codex. They're super speshul because they were raised normally and eldar kids don't grow up fast but they learn faster than vat-grown ones.

Vect is trueborn btw.

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Similar to tender true love and pregnancy being symbols of power in dark eldar society?

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I can just envision a gathering of ultrahigh society dark eldar dames surreptitiously glancing at each others pregbellies to see who was near birth and who got knocked up only a few months ago, all while listening to a thousand slaves screaming out the first stanza of the Commoragh Sonata.

Yes i know this is pic related territory but it kinda makes sense if you think about it from a dark eldar point of view

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How many years does it take for Eldar to reach mental and physical maturity?
Do eldar reach mental maturity slower than humans or just as fast if not faster? Like eldar with the body of a 5 year old and the intellect (and possibly age) of 40 years?

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I guess if your count of seniority goes by the thousands of years, eldar mature slowly

HOWEVER, brief human existences means that we're all immature to the eldar.

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Well yes, but what I wanted to know is do eldar really look and act like children for decades or something?
Needless to say, Tau mature pretty damn fast (though, I'd think the Eldar think of them as the most childish race of all)

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Xth for Lelith

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>do eldar really look and act like children for decades or something?
No. That's beaten out of them by the Dark City pretty rapidly.

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So there are Edlar (dark or otherwise) that look 8 or 9, but are like decades old would converse with your or me as an older, "mature" person and above our intellect.

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You assume that they would converse with you at all. That doesn't normally happen.

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Good point.

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Everything about the DE is in magical realm territory. It's all part of their charm.

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*stares at mon-kei trying to converse with her*


No loli DE for you

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dont forgett that 3 centruies of puberty

my money is on that beeing the actual reason there are so few Trueborn and normal Eldar Teens

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>yfw the loli is actually older than you by centuries
>yfw if she were to do it with an oldass Tau ethereal it'd actually be /ss/

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/tg/ made a DEldar equivalent to Lofn once. That was kinda fun.

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According to ELH, you might have actually seen her before as an adult but may not have realized it. Here's a hint to her identity: Varia wrote her for a while before he had his accident.

Pic related is actually Yriel's kid, by the way.

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>Pic related is actually Yriel's kid, by the way.
Oh. Well that's fine too.

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Quality acting here, huh?

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I've also thought that based on how having trueborn children is supposed to be a sign of wealth and power, pregnancy fetish would be very common among DE (people always tend to find things that signify wealth and power to be attractive, and I don't think it would be different with Eldar).
Actual pregnancy would obviously be very rare (the whole reason why trueborn children are valued is that being pregnant and raising a child is extremely risky in a place like Commorragh), but I can imagine fashionable DE ladies would stuff pillows under their dresses to emulate the look (or rather, since we are talking about Dark Eldar, they'd probably get a Haemonclus to fleshcraft a fake belly, or at the very least hide a plasma grenade inside the pillow).

All things considered, there is a suprising lack of art of preganant DE. You'd think atleast one person who both has a pregnancy fetish and plays 40k would have noticed this.

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> Vect is trueborn btw.
But it's not clear, is it?

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> dat pic
> dat filename
I miss for a good DE smut...

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I'd guess that most trueborn kids don't live with there real parents. Those that are born to low income families are either adopted by a higher up dark eldar or taken from the family as a tax or trophy.

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There 're rumours in Yanden, that Yriel's father was a DE. Is this kid btw what is his name? a DE in such case?

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Could be more of it, but it's there.


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You don't understand. Remember that Shadowseer he met up with in the Iyanden Supplement? One thing led to another, and she got a taste of his "Spear of Twilight". This is their kid.

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Oh Isha, it's awesome.

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It's not, no. Given that he began life as a slave, I'd say it's more likely that he isn't. It's more appropriate for him to have been halfborn to begin with, given that he changed Commoragh from a society where power and privilege meant you were all but unassailable, to one where - in theory - any Commorite, no matter how lowly their birth, can claw their way up the ladder if they're clever and ruthless enough.

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Thank you, anon.

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What is /ss/?

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Straight Shota. Underaged boys with older women.

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Straight Shota, I guess. Young boy and women/MILF.

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> Namefag
> Tpipfag
> ridiculously pretending to "girl"
oh, it could be worse

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It's shotas with females in general, including lolis.

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They take requests, by the way. Look on the weekends- you'll know when you've found the right thread.

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At least DL occasionally does something useful. NiceDaemonette, on the other hand...well, I never knew you could make that many misspellings in one paragraph.

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I fucking hate pipfags. Running around, spouting "Pip, pip! Cheerio!" wherever they go. Fucking obnoxious is what it is.

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Found that pic with Lofn and her DE counterpart.

And have the complementary greentext.

>"One time, I snuck into mom's bedroom and saw her just sitting there with dad...HOLDING HANDS!"
>"That's nothing. One time I walked in on my dad sodomizing my mom while biting her ears and calling her a 'xenos slut' as he slapped her ass."
>"We call those 'Wednesdays'."
>"Oh yeah, and Aunty Macha was spying on the whole thing."
> "You too?! Where does she even get the time..."

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How bout some Eldaaawww?

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Or both at once.

Interesting note: according to recent /tg/ canon, Lelith is a distant relative of the Ulthran family, which means technically she and Lofn are in fact related (barely).

Needless to say, the "competitions" she can get into with Macha during family unions are a constant source of irritation for Taldeer.

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I'd pay actual money for a holiday/family reunion type fic about that.

Macha and Lelith doing the competitive sibling act, Lofn going full teenage rebel and taking lifestyle advice from "cool Aunty Lelith", all-round culture shock, and off course Eldrad Ulthran trying to keep a straight face through it all (the gods-damned dick probably planned it all from the beginning).

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Daily reminder that Sylandry has saved Iyanden twice.

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Does greentext count? I've got a couple of samples.

>Mom, Dad! I'm back from the mall!
>Did you have a fun time, Lofn?
>Yeah, it was great!
>Anything interesting happen?
>Yep, I ran into aunty Macha and Lelith at the video store!
>Dear gods, no!
>Oh, don't worry mom. They didn't show me anything weird.
>We went to the food court, and the arcade, and the tattoo parlor!
>You got a tattoo?!
>No, mom. I'm not stupid. Aunty Macha got one.
>What's a "tramp stamp?"
>None of your damn business.
>Anyway, she got a tattoo, but -I- got a piercing.
*Taldeer snatches her daughter by the ears and scans them closely*
>Lofn, dear, don't scare me like that.
>Come on, mom. Why would I get my ears pierced.
>Yes, you're far to young for that.
>Aunty Lelith said lower is better, anyway.

>Secondary Asset, have you seen my rifle?
>Yeah, mom said she needed to borrow it to go slay a couple of daemons.
>That is nice.
>Hey dad, wanna see my new piercing?

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>Always has doom

Wow Sylandri kicks ass.

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>Macha, we both knew this day would come.
>Indeed, Lelith. Lofn isn't big enough for the both of us.
>Let this be our final battle.
>And our greatest. Now, choose your weapon, wych.
>Then I will take these two, of the throwing variety.
>Clever, their angular sides will give you plenty of control.
>And the rough surface will let you know, without a doubt, when I have hit you, Farseer.
>Then I choose the mighty dakimakura. It is large enough to to absorb the impacts of your weapons and still allow me to batter you into submission.
>I should have expected something like this from you, but...
>But what, FIEND?
>...is that the mon'keigh Emperor on the front?
>Err... yes, well. Um. It wouldn't be a dakimakura without a noble image applied to it.
>You sleep with it, don't you.
>Don't you?
>...yes. But it is still a mighty weapon!
>Can you even swing that hard enough to hit me?
>The silk will lend me speed!
>My velvet will cripple you!
>For Isha's sake, you two! If you're going to pillow fight, at least put some undies on!
>Lofn, your aunt Lelith and I have our ways.
>Yes, don't interfere, young one. Just watch, and learn.

*Down the hall, in Taldeer's apartment*
>Yes, Primary Asset?
>Have you seen my good throw pillows?
>Affirmative. The whore wych claimed she needed them to slay a daemon.
>Where the hell is Lofn?

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Still his name is a little hint.
Asdruba-el is more akin to a classical eldar name than DE dialect.

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And he has claimed that he was alive during the fall (supposedly he was going to be a sacrifice for one of the pleasure cults right when Slaanesh was born).

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>Aunty Lelith said lower is better, anyway.
Oh Lelith you so funny

>Secondary Asset, have you seen my rifle?
>Yeah, mom said she needed to borrow it to go slay a couple of daemons.
>That is nice.
>Hey dad, wanna see my new piercing?
Pic very much related. That actually made me laugh out loud and got me a strange look from my wife.

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I'll post just one more. The rest are in here.

>LIIVI, I think we need to go on a vacation.
>Why do you say that, Primary Asset?
>Lofn has been getting more and more erratic these days, and I think it would do her some good to get away from my family for a while.
>That seems reasonable. I would not want for Secondary Asset to become psychologically damaged.
>I just don't know where we could go...
>I have some family on Terra we could visit.
>Terra? Really?
>Affirmative. My cousin's apartment has a very nice view of the Palace, according to her briefings.
>That sounds perfect! I'll go tell Lofn to pack and you call this cousin of yours.
*Some time later, on Terra*
>Yes, yes, yes! Ream my ass with your dick!
>As you command, Primary Personnel.
>Fuck, no. You did it wrong. He always says "Primary ASSET."
>Big words coming from someone with a polymorphine dick in their primary ASSet.
>Just keep going.
*Phone rings*
>Yeah? Oh, hi LIIVI. You're coming to stay for a few days? Excellent, I'll get the spare room ready.
>Who was that?
>My cousin and your sister.
>Oh, this will be awkward.
>Macha! Callidus! Either of you want a vodka?
>Those are my beers, Lelith. And stop calling me Callidus, I have a name.
>I don't care. Now turn back into the Emperor. I've got a new strapon I want to try and double teaming Macha is just what the doctor ordered.
>Oh, that sounds lovely.
>I swear, if you two weren't helping me to pay rent, I'd kick you our right now
>Whatever, you know you love it. Now hold her down.

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> stop calling me Callidus, I have a name
I wonder if it's "M'[something]".

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At the rate they're going at, the Ulthran family would be almost perfect for a reality TV show or something.

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I am Asdrubael Vect, and I'm here to ask you a question. Is an eldar not entitled to the sweat of his brow? 'No!' says the eldar in the Exodite Worlds, 'it belongs to the land.' 'No!' says the Harlequin, 'it belongs to Cegorach.' 'No!' says the eldar in the craftworld, 'it belongs to everyone.' I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Commorragh. A city where the artist would not fear the censor; where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality; where the great would not be constrained by the small! And with the sweat of your brow, Commorragh can become your city as well.

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Do you rape the vending machines in order to pay them or something over there?

>> No.28012117

Well that made far more sense that it had any right to make.
Is "Andrew Ryan" some sort of Dark Eldar wordplay on Asdrubael Vect in their ancient tongue?

>> No.28012179


That reminds me of Bad Grandpa.

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In a torturer's tale he talks about a pleasure cult trying to sacrifice him as a boy. While the knife is on his throat, Slaanesh is born, leaving him with a large scar on his neck and his soul partially devoured. He and others flee into the webway where he unites groups of strays and confused people to start his Kabal.

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OK, I can't resist showing off just a little more.

(see >>28003153 for context)
>Who are you and how did you get in here?!
>Relax kid, just doin' some explorin'.
>My Path takes me where my Path takes me, kid.
>You're the same age as me! Stop calling me kid!
>Sure kid, whatever.
>Hey, who's this guy?
>Put that down! It's a picture of dad!
>You're half mon'keigh? That explains a lot.
>Uh, yeah? So?!
>He's sure got a big gun.
>Your dad. His rifle is huge. He's really packing heat.
>Uh... yes. Yes he is.
>You should see MY dad's Spear of Twilight.
>Oh, is he some kind of-
>It's almost as long as his dick.

>Alright you two, watch closely. It helps to start by leaning forward and holding on to the back of your partner's head.
>Just watch the hair, flatseer.
>Go to hell, wych; and open your mouth.
>Aunties, I don't really feel comfortable with-
>Shut it kid, this is quality entertai- I mean "quality education".
>She's right, Lofn. You need to learn this sooner or later.
>Shouldn't you have your tongue down someone's throat, flatseer?
>That's it, you're going down!
>Save that for Lesson 2, craftworlder.
>(whispering) I thought she said to put your hand behind their head, not between-
>She was earlier, now shush. I'm tryin' to watch.
>Where did you get that popcorn?
>I'm not sharin'.
>And that's what we call "Exodite Style".
>Yeah, if you call that style.
>Lelith, I swear to Khaine...
>Anyway, it's time for you two to give it a try.
>Do we have to?
>Might as well, kid. Now open wide.
>No tongue, okay?
>I make no promises.

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Of course, he's probably lying there.

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What an adorable son.

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