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>hear traditional games are full of freaky satanic sex
>browse craigslist to find a D&D group
>go to three different games and visit two stores
>nothing but neckbeards and fujioshis
>no reprehensible sex anywhere

What a scam.

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I know that feel, OP.

You can't imagine how mad I was after I read that Jack Chick comic, and learned that once your character reaches a certain level, you learn real magic.

My GM ripped me off.

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>not using the Mind Bondage spell on your father
Darkstar plz go

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Fuck you Blackleaf, you're dead, you don't exist any more.

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>neckbeards and fujioshis
>no reprehensible sex anywhere

Should've looked harder, neckbeards and fujioshis are into some sick shit.

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Haha puny mortals will never know you must reach the fourth layer of hell and play with satan, hitler and a man with a scat fetish before you reach true wizardry

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They look like shit, too.

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You should watch this documentary, "Mazes and Monsters". It really opened my eyes.


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>a man with a scat fetish
I dunno, that sounds like some scary shit right there

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Is this still a thing that people believe?
I thought that shit died off in the eighties.

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I think with a quick shave and some duct tape, you could make a fujioshi into something fuckable.

Maybe dim the lights.

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Pat Robertson stills likes to bang on about it


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I have no fedora but I must tip.
Must... resist... mocking... fundies.

Yes, people believe all kinds of stupid shit. Surely you and I keep a couple of moronic misconceptions we aren't aware of.

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I guess, I don't see anything about it ever, so who knows.

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>Surely you and I keep a couple of moronic misconceptions we aren't aware of.

Like the myth of the sane, attractive, down-to-earth girl who's into PnP games?

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Hitler most likely would have gone to heaven

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But I've been dating a smart, assertive and caring girl for some years now and we're going to live together now. I find her cute as hell and more solid in her stability than I am.

Now, I'm sure that half of you wouldn't be interested in her, but I like chicks that look their age and that don't break with a little handling.

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Needs more holohoax macros.

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Only thing edgy around here is my sword.

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She's a goat isn't she?

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The satanism panic has mostly died off, but its mostly just the focus shifting from RPGs to more popular media. If WoTC somehow started a mainstream D&D craze you can bet your ass people would be screaming about how evil it is, though probably for perceived racism/sexism/homophobia more than the occult aspects.

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Well consider the actions of the Christian churches between the end of the Roman period and modern day, if the heads of those churches are the ultimate moral authorities next to God himself then surely what Hitler did was not at all evil and malevolent at all, from the perspective of the Christian faith

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My sides.
Naw, man. A 3DPD chick.

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Alas, I must take the bait.

Christian authorities being inconsistent with basic humane behavior doesn't justify Hitler.

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Don't judge him. They have their own misunderstood beauty

The ones that don't are into the weirdest shit. Those guys who look like they just accidentally wandered into the store, look like they lift a bit, clean shaven? They have the motivation and drive for self improvement that takes their fetishes do undiscovered territory. These are the guys who write gay porn on /mlp/. Spergs mostly just consume, and what they produce is of low quality. Neckbros are wild cards.

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No, and no one saying it does however as far as the Christian faith is concerned, his actions would be pious. For how long, at that point, were the Jews oppressed by the Christian faith?

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>Not imbibing hallucinagenic drugs with your players
>Not leading an coven in mindlinked unison to create genesis in the astral and adventure in a realm all our own
>Not sacrificing a goat and having a blood orgy to commemorate the occasion afterwards

Filthy casuals.

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Pat Robertson also has slave labor in a diamond mine in Africa, you can pretty safely disregard anything he says.

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I want /pol/ to leave

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Don't really understand what's being said do you,

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Harpooning land whales.

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You can only have two out of those three.

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>but I like chicks that look their age and that don't break with a little handling.

The last time I was introduced to a friend's girlfriend after she was described like that it turned out she was a 24 year old morbidly obese woman who looked like she was in her late 30s.

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You know, I've always wondered why computer RPGs (like Diablo) and MMORPGs (like World of Warcraft) caught as much flak as D&D did. Now granted they did get SOME flak, but nowhere near as much .

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I would post that obligatory picture of the satanic gaming group, but I've been searching my hard drive and the internet for nearly half an hour now with no success. I swear I was looking at it last week.


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Sorry that should have read DIDNT catch as much flak as D&D did

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But it does mean he'd go to heaven by Christian rules.

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Fundamentalist trust machines more that rituals. It's a fatal mistake. One day the robodogs and mini waffle sized swarm drones will rise up.

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My girlfriend is a sexy, sassy half-black woman with glorious tits. She's also a Yuan-Ti rogue plotting the downfall of my players' party and, eventually, my entire world.

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Karl Marx, the jewish inventor of "communism" as a cover for jews, wrote an article, "On the Jewish Question".

He proposed that jews would never be afforded equal rights with Christians in Christian nations so long as they remained Christian nations. His proposed solution? Convert them into athiest nations. Remember, one of the maxims of communism is an establishment of christianity, just like the anti-christian message constantly preached in schools and by the media.

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Because those preversions you keep to yourself. D&D is like herpes. It's a preversion you share.

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I think its the mental image. They think about someone playing computer games and all they see is one fat guy pressing buttons.

But when they think about D&D they see a gathering of outcasts in a dark room, studying books about magic and demons and talking about using them. Its much easier to spin it as a cult activity.

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muhc more people played video games, even adults, my dad played Castlevania in the NES before i was born, so diablo didn't seem so weird to him(he played more than i did)

But roleplaying games are weird because you can't see anything, the board is not "intuitive" like in other board games if there even is one, the rulebooks are gigant and it often takes up to 6 hours to play, besides the fact that there are no winers which is just mind blowing to people (after 10+ years my mother still asks me if i win... wich is do cause im awesome)

try walking into a room where someone is playing an RPG you dont know and understanding what the blueberryfuck is happening without asking

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Well duh, that's basic divide-and-conquer strategy right there. Dissolve the ties that bind, and you can atomize the native population, allowing an out-group easy access to the nation's resources.

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Video games get plenty of negative attention, but the fantasy ones get largely ignored because the Call of Duty style shooters are much more popular / realistic in their depiction of murdering people. Bills aimed at video game censorship have been introduced in the US congress, and IIRC Britain and/or Australia have banned some games (not from there, so perhaps a Brit or Ausfriend can tell more.

There's some craziness about traditional games too, though. Magic stopped using Demons as a creature type for several years (resumed a few years ago) because of objections by Christians.

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i guess the depiction of violence is an important part, how many parents have walked into a room to hear their kids DM describe grafic dismemberment during a game? but when they walk on you playing ice wind dale they just see some guys moving and gruntign sounds

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You will never attend so hardcore a group as this

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You know, aside from Mr-Way-Too-Into-Wolves and Fatty-Mc-Mid-Suicide, they look like a bunch of cool dudes plus dudette.

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/v/ gets its own flavour of hate. Anyone for a school shootout? DOOM taught me its ok! etc.

It's just your usual group of knee jerkers who assume anything new will rot the very foundations of society. They were the same way about movies, TV, recordable cassette tapes, the internet and everything else that was new and unknown.

The thing to really worry about is keeping some semblance of an open mind about criticisms of your hobby and not just defending it by default without ever actually considering that it might actually have some downsides.

Take WoW for example. I don't want to see videogames censored or controlled but I do think that people spending 14 hours a day on WoW while being NEET and having no real friends is a bad thing. Same for Kids spending thousands of thier parents money on farmville or whatever facebook/ipad game kids play these days. The rub is how can we prevent or at least reduce those kind of destructive elements without resorting to legislation that limits the potential of the medium in the long run.

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>You will never play Lycanthrope: The Rapping

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Rolled 20 + 1

What roll in D&D calls for 1d20+1d8+1d6+Small Bone+Finger?

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That wolf kid reminds me of that time I wore a bear fur to play my Barbarian.

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Does it help if I killed the bear?

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Actually the one girl I know who does a vampire LARP is pretty fit. Her biggest negative on an attractiveness level is how she's one of those WoD fans who are a bit too hardcore into it. I've dated both more and less attractive women than her, so being surprisingly pretty doesn't make up for the fact it's kind of offputting anymore.

But seriously, has anyone met a big WoD fan who isn't a bit too into it? I know a couple of the people who write for the fucking company and they aren't as deep into things as your average fan you meet. What mystical power does the World of Darkness hold over man?

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goth autism

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>thai cuisine
my sides are gone now!

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> he doesn't know about the nightman
> he isn't trapped in a world of darkness
> without his sexy hands

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Hey, quit your bitching. You said you wanted reprehensible sex, and there is absolutely nothing more reprehensible (and shameful) than geek sex.

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No dice, he was a jew

And if we learn't anything from /pol/ jews don't have souls

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>not wearing a living bear

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>they look like a bunch of cool dudes plus dudette.
>dudes plus dudette.

I've got some news for you, anon

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You mean the one in the bottom-left with the knife isn't female?
God dammit.

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try setting up a group to play make-believe game at traditional catholic boarding school and see for yourself

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I think he meant the DMs GF currently in bondage

>> No.28004107

Goth kids like to self-delude themselves into believing they have special powers. Deep down, they all consciously know it isn't real but they prefer the fantasy to the reality, as opposed to getting the two mixed up. Sometimes the mentally unstable ones cross that line, but most of them are just... I guess you could say "LARPing 24/7 out of a crippling fear of their own mediocrity".

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The fuck did I just watch.

>> No.28004126

To be fair, geeks at large do this too. They just tend to go for the mundane realm of supposed intellectual superiority.

>> No.28004145

I think the issue is less that people do that, and more that tabletop RPGs and videogames have been around for what, over 30 years?

When does the stick get unlodged from the ass?

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That's the Thai Cuisine.

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This is true. I used to be a lot like that as a teenager, as many people seem to be. I've calmed down, realized there's nothing inherently bad about being a geek or whatever people want to call it, realized there are far worse fates than being average and that a fedora-tipping know it all who pretends to be above other people is worse than the idiots he internally strawmans them to be like.

While I'm pretty sure most of us do that at some point, we can't ignore the fact that not all of us do.

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>tfw no one to RPG with.
>tfw no driver's license to drive into the city

>> No.28004203

I like these warnings. We should use them more often.

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But the other guy shot himself before seeing the result, the bone is still mid air and it looks like its going to land on the side that would have ment that he had to shoot himself in the foot not the mouth, see this is just lazy on acount of the artist, also if they are playing thai cuisine (that woudl explain the d8) why is the other guy wearing a lycanthrope shirt? whant would your reaction be if a guy at your WoD game came with a D&D shirt? i personaly woudl rape him/her for the glory of satan

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>tfw you can always do an online game
>tfw sup/tg/ and gamefinder threads and entire forums dedicated to it on the net

>> No.28004231

don't tfw, you still have internet and can rp online

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>diagnosed schizophrenic and have a girlfriend.
>she asks if I'd like to RP in the bedroom.
>Tell her that I'm not comfortable doing that because blurring the line between RP and reality might cause issues.
>Still paddle her ass with a crop though, because goddamn that shit is satisfying.

Not all people who are mentally unstable lead poor lives.

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I suppose. I just want to have the organic experience of the face to face action with rolling dice and everything you know? Most online GM's don't trust players and make them use online rollers. Bleh.

>> No.28004270

>wearing a bear whilst playing a barbarian
Then I guess the Grey Knights were playing Sisters of Battle.

>> No.28004284

That is like letting a player roll behind his own private screen, there is no reason to allow it.

>> No.28004285

Maybe he wants to be raped for the glory of Satan.

>> No.28004290

I know, it just like rolling dice. You can't really do that online since even if the GM did trust his players than the desire to fudge rolls will overpower some and they'll exploit his trust.

>> No.28004302

I understand, but look at it this way: You learn to play through experience, you learn to GM, host a few games, and then with this knowledge in hand teach some friends you make in person how to play.


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I suppose.

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They suggest props would help me get into character.

>tfw bear

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You're right, but you know which ones I'm talking about. Less genuine psychosis than an overwhelming level of neurotic behavior patterns, no meds or therapy, depression combined with escapist trends that outweight the larger percentage of the gaming populus, et cetera.

>> No.28004341

The alternative is not playing. Think about it like sex with a condom.

>> No.28004346

post a classifieds on craigslist and host the game

>> No.28004373

>not comfortable with RP
why do you people do this? do you know how much trust it takes to confess what turns you on? still good to hear you gave her some

>> No.28004382

Yeah, I get you. I do weekly therapy sessions and take my meds most days, and neurotic people are always...off.

Most people are more broken than they expect, which is why socializing is a good thing. Otherwise you just spiral into being more broken.

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Bull fucking shit. I went to a Catholic High School and we had a Games Club. Originally it was founded for family style board games, but my friends and I turned it into a more geek games club. When we started playing DnD there our faculty sponsor, a nun, wanted to know what was up with it and asked to play. She played an awesome paladin and even more awesome rogue, though I think the later gets points from hearing a little old nun say stuff like "While Ragnar distracts the orc chief I sneak around behind him and shank in his filthy green kidneys."

Catholics are generally way more chill things than many Protestant sects.

>> No.28004401

you mean I wont became a druid and have and have sex with my whole party :(

>> No.28004410

>"While Ragnar distracts the orc chief I sneak around behind him and shank in his filthy green kidneys."
That just cured my fear of nuns.

>> No.28004415

We never said that.

>> No.28004433

Playing Cyberpunk 2020 changed my life. First came the drugs, the hentai, the kinky sex, the guns and the crime. Some managed to come down, others joined the FFL or died of OD.

>> No.28004449

>Catholics are generally way more chill things than many Protestant sects.

Shots fired.

>> No.28004479

I never said I wasn't comfortable telling her about my fetishes. She knows what I'm into, I know she likes me to grab her while she's doing things, pull her pants down, and slap her ass until she's a weak, moaning mess and then fuck her hard. I'm just not comfortable blurring the lines of reality, because things can go very wrong. I almost killed myself with a belt a few months back because things went wrong in the bedroom.

>> No.28004548


>hear Heavy Metal concerts are full of freaky satanic sex
>browse ticketmaster to find some
>go to three different concerts and visit dives
>nothing but fat, sweaty neckbeards in black t-shirts and landwhales in leather and makeup
>only moderately attractive women are booth babes there to sell shit
>no reprehensible sex anywhere

This shit's largely true across the board. OP this is what happens when real life conflicts with your preconceived expectations. The world is full of ugly people and you never get as much sex as you think you deserve. Welcome to reality.

>> No.28004555


Think about the last party you were in, and ask yourself...

is that REALLY what you want?

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>> No.28004584

wat da fuc

>> No.28004590


The Grey Knights were playing Adventures in Matt Wardia: The Self-Glorifying Masturbation

>> No.28004600


your sword could use a new edge brah

>> No.28004607

Finally, a chance to use this.

>> No.28004620


I wish I understood the lamps he's holding

>> No.28004625

your nuns were cool
>tfw you will never play Dark Heresy with nuns that like to hunt witches

>> No.28004638


would settle for catholic college girls

>> No.28004661

You mean sluts? Me too.

>> No.28004669



>> No.28004671

This guy speaks the raw truth.
I mean, I haven't written coltcuddlin' porn on /mlp/ yet,, buuut...

>> No.28004688

I...I'm ashamed to recognize everything that he's got.

It's a +3 firebrand that has bonus piercing damage and a 1/encounter ranged attack.

>> No.28004713

Is it me or does that sword look like a large piece of shit with some corn in it.

>> No.28004714

Schizoanon here. I'm pretty attractive and have a voice that gets ladies hot. I've talked a few women INTO orgasm, as prideful as that makes me.

My girlfriend stabbed me with a fork once because I was in the throes of a delusion and she needed to get me back into reality. She understands my affinity for pain and the fact that I have scars on my arm not because I'm depressed, but because pain brings me back into reality as my brain realizes 'Hey, you're getting hurt, get to somewhere safe'. She did not expect me to have a tent in my pants when we realized how deep it was in my arm.

>> No.28004746

>not wanting to RP in the bedroom
This is by far my favorite part about dating ca/tg/irls.

>> No.28004752

Given that his shirt says
>Lycanthrope: The Raping
I'm pretty sure they're playing WoD

>> No.28004760

I live on the edge of the Bible Belt and who is it that is always causing shitstorms over trivial shit? It is not the Catholics, it is always one protestant sect or another, most of the time some flavor of Baptist.

One of the local Baptist Church's had someone going door to door last weekend urging people not to celebrate Halloween. When they got to my house I asked them if they were going to do the same thing around Christmas due to its timing being related to Saturnalia. I could almost taste the rage at that suggestion.

What groups sponsor shit like young earth theology/pseudo-science? Not the Catholics, they learned from their previous bouts with Science and they "let Caesar have what is Caesar's."

When Harry Potter got super popular one local church made the news by having a Harry Potter Book Burning. It was pretty disturbing, I went and handed out about 50 copies of Fahrenheit 451. I am sure a good number of them ended up in the fire with poor Harry, but if even one of them got read and made someone re-think the idea of book burning I did good.

>> No.28004794

This is always the thing that bothered me about Protestants. It's like, because their churches lack a central authority, a few of the unhinged ones get it in their heads to crusade against the silliest things.

And it's not even the cool Crusading involving pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. It's hand-outs and pamphlets.

>> No.28004809

Don't worry.

They will be placed among the other heretics when the time comes. The prophecy is on the way of being fulfilled.

>> No.28004873

I've tried it, but the problem is that she never has anything to contribute. I always end up essentially as the DM, and I do too much of that outside of the bedroom for it to be sexually thrilling.

>> No.28004884

Man, I just want to say that you're a goddamn soldier for maintaining a good life while being schizophrenic.

I can't imagine having schizophrenia without going- well, you know.

>> No.28004945

>and you never get as much sex as you think you deserve.

An untruth!
I think I deserve zero sex.
Therefore, I am getting exactly as much sex as I think I deserve.

Unless -- Is it possible to get a negative amount of sex?

>> No.28004962

>Unless -- Is it possible to get a negative amount of sex?
I thought that was the exact point of 4chan.

>> No.28004968

>I've talked a few women INTO orgasm, as prideful as that makes me.

>> No.28004988

Are you kidding? I'm even more scared now.

>> No.28005003

I remember reading in Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns something the likes of word/situation-induced orgasms. Whole lot of techniques too, IIRC. Pity never finished reading, had it on my HD, and it fried.

>> No.28005082

Dude's an orgomancer, can call down orgasms to smite whomever he so chooses.

>> No.28005113

Yeah, I'm an attractive man with a grade A singing voice, and I wrote Xenomorph fapfic.

>> No.28005150 [DELETED] 

you should be anon, you can never know what they had done before they found Christ

>> No.28005260

Racism/sexism is the new satanism.

>> No.28005287

>grade A singing voice
Vocaroo the Star-Spangled Banner, please. I'm always up for good singing.

>> No.28005332


>nothing but neckbeards and fujioshis


This is apparently a term for women who are into Yaoi.

Is that the definition you are using or is it something more/different?

>> No.28005358

>people believe all kinds of stupid shit. Surely you and I keep a couple of moronic misconceptions we aren't aware of.


>> No.28005378


That is not a myth. It's just not common.

>> No.28005404

No, it's definitely intentional. Most fujoshis are female neckbeards.

>> No.28005415


what does that mean?

>> No.28005430



>> No.28005467

>female neckbeards
/cgl/ screencaps pls

>> No.28005468



My beard is on my face and neck and is attached to a mustache. I groom it.

What does them make me?

>> No.28005479

Three Dimensional Pig Disgusting, aka the Battlecry of the Waifufag.

>> No.28005483

a fag lel

>> No.28005485

>blood orgy

That sounds messy, smelly, and sticky but not in a fun way.

>> No.28005506

Oh, anon...
Meet you at the gay bathouse?

>> No.28005535


Where/how did you two meet?

>> No.28005540

Guys whats the best way to deliver projectile orgasms in dnd?

>> No.28005578

Throw Anything feat.

>> No.28005583

A well-kept individual. A neckbeard exactly what it sounds like - hair on the neck and nowhere else.

>> No.28005606


I honestly don't know.

Nice gif animation by the way.

>> No.28005631

You should know that I hate you. what I wouldn't do for a delicious brown girl

>> No.28005633

She's a droid.

>> No.28005714


I was under the impression a full beard kept short is also a neckbeard if you don't keep the neck clean. As a rule: No one should be able to see the hair on your neck. It can be there, sure, if your beard is long enough to cover it, but otherwise it shouldn't be sen, because it looks gross

>> No.28005734



>> No.28005735


Except leave the house, get a job, or learn social skills, mirite?

>> No.28005752

I do
I did
Working on that third one

>> No.28005790

Here, I wasn't prepared to sing today so my voice is kind of crap right now, I've been drinking soda all day.

>> No.28005804


The characters or the PLAYERS?


Did things go wrong because of a technical error or because you got a little too into a fantasy or something else?

>> No.28005830

it's night, not fight
Cut back on the vibrato a bit. 8/10

>> No.28005839


Glad you have a way to be brought back to reality.

>> No.28005928

>it's night, not fight
I have never heard or read it that way once ever in my life and I live in Texas, and yeah I have a shit mic that equalizes too much, I would have to sing it straight to make it not sound like that.

>> No.28005929


I've run into the same problem trying to ERP online. Some people want someone to do everything while they sit there.

>> No.28005996

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

>> No.28006008


>> No.28006022

This is a copy of The Star-Spangled Banner's sheet music, published in 1814. End of the last line on the first page: "gave proof through the night".
"Fight" does make sense in the context of the song, though.

>> No.28006040



>> No.28006075

>This is a copy of The Star-Spangled Banner's sheet music, published in 1814.


>> No.28006138

Yes. Yes it is. We have an "attractive people only" gaming club. There is only one woman.

>> No.28006161

Oh that, yeah I didn't even notice I made that mistake.

>> No.28006198


Pat Robertson is a world class shitbag and believes the world is full of demons, and claims to have prayed away "deafness demons"

>> No.28006208

To be fair, I was vaguely panicking that it really was "fight" and I've been singing it wrong for years and nobody's said anything

>> No.28006280

First verse a shit, second verse is goat
>On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep
>Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes
>What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep,
>As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
>Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam,
>In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
>'Tis the star-spangled banner, O! long may it wave
>O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

>> No.28006373

You have a very deep and manly voice, Elmo.

>> No.28006604


>> No.28006688

And here I thought the Star Spangled Banner was about a Mexican Immigrant "Jose can you see..."

>> No.28006692


>> No.28006748

Also Wayne Messmer.

>> No.28006751

What? Explain.

>> No.28006780

Someone PLEASE screencap this, WIndows 8 in it's infinite faggotry is stopping me.

>> No.28006809

I don't see how I could possibly repost that in a way that would get somebody assblasted.

>> No.28006980

That's why the pope rules. Because he actually fucking rules and underling catholic churches can't go apeshit without loosing their resources and "salvation".

>> No.28007028

And here I thought the Pope was awesome because of his bitchin Pope Hat, Pope Stick, and Pope-mobile.

>> No.28007071

Wow, did a Sunday School class in Argentina make that cross for him? that would be really adorable if they did, and kind of heartwarming

>> No.28007231

It certainly looks handmade. I hope your idea is true. I certainly like Pope Francis a lot more than his predicessor Pope Emeritus Benedict because he seems more of a man of the people. I will miss the funny out of context pictures of Pope Benedict looking like Emperor Palpantine or my favorite the Quebeley from Zeta Gundam.

>> No.28007302

Wouldn't be surprised if it was handmade on shoestring. Pope Francis is a proponent of a poor church and a bishop who spent more than what several people combined would spend in a lifetime is currently on his shitlist.

>> No.28007370

What was that huge statue behind him that was supposed to represent the book of revelations? I've been looking for a picture of it, its mad awesome

>> No.28007377

Look for a game of FATAL.

Be prepared to demonstrate your anal circumference.

>> No.28007478

not him but
everyone's gay for who?

>> No.28007489


>> No.28007565

That's bretty cool. Google says it's supposed to be the resurrection of everyone ever right before The Final Judgment.

>> No.28007714


I definitely heard worse.

>> No.28007769

I now understand why Dungeons and Dragons is satanic. It is such a far out game. Sword, poisons, spell, battles, maiming, killing!

>> No.28007794

goddammit he was such good BBEG material, the new guy is just far too nice in comparison

>> No.28007812

Does the US have an unofficial anthem, that if you ever stopped singing the Star Spangled Banner you'd know you'd switch to?

In England for example, Jerusalem is seen as our unofficial anthem.

>> No.28007847

I'm Lovin' It

>> No.28007849

Likely God Bless America

>> No.28007859

>The rub is how can we prevent or at least reduce those kind of destructive elements without resorting to legislation that limits the potential of the medium in the long run.

I'm sorry to have to tell you that's impossible.

>> No.28007872


>> No.28007878

>You will never play Lycanthrope: The Rapping
There's this DM that asks 7 dollars an hour. You could ask him

>> No.28007902


>> No.28007927


4 solid minutes of clapping interspersed with yeehaws and heart attacks

>> No.28007935

>paying a GM
You might as well hire a couple of cheap hookers to play the rest of the party while you're at it.

>> No.28008043

I'd hire a bunch of cheap hookers just to DM a game for them
that actually sounds kinda fun

>> No.28008080

They would have to be pretty cheap, or you would have to pretty rich to afford that many hours with them.

>> No.28008099


>> No.28008111

just offer them food as well, and it's not like you're going to screw them

>> No.28008154

But the time they are spending playing is time they could be spending on the street getting more clients, you would have to find a way to work around their hours. Though providing food does help the situation.

>> No.28008657


I'm probably gonna sound like a tool for asking, but what's that from? I've been aching for a tactical strategy game for a bit now, and it looks like there's one hiding behind the gloriously sexy brown girl in the foreground.

And, to stay on topic: my girlfriend is more of a vidya nerd than a PnP nerd, but she and I have been wanting to start up a Pokemon Tabletop Adventures game for a while now. I've been writing a few up, one for WWII and another for Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors style.

>> No.28008826

>Pokemon Tabletop Adventures game
Maybe it's just me and my group but that seems like the game to end friendships.

>> No.28008864

I'm convinced the new guy is just biding his time and will soon reveal himself to be the antichrist.

According to the Prophecy of the Popes, he's the last Pope there will ever be, so some crazy shit is bound to go down during his papacy.

>> No.28008913


I suppose we'll be finding that out when we start it up! Out of sheer curiosity, though: why's that?

>> No.28008914

I felt the same way as a Kid.

I always wanted to be a Knight in search for adventure! When the Star Wars films were the rage, I wanted to be a Space Knight. It was so much more fun traveling over the Glens and woods near my house, always hoping there was a troll or Giant hidden among the crags. It's probaly why I LARP now, and why I am so /fit/.

I just wanted to be an Adventurer.

>> No.28009005

Around here we call it a Fecaltta

>> No.28009016


I take it you've never read "The Legend of Koizumi", then, have you?

It'd already been mapped out for us.

>> No.28009078

>and why I am so /fit/.
Good on you mate.

You see people remember pokemon differently, and for most people of my generation regardless of how they remember it, they have VERY strong emotional ties to it. So when one guy decides to take it from a different angle, say using rope to catch pokemon instead of a pokeball, and the GM decides to play up the violence angel because he remembers pokemon as having lots of dark undertones, and another guys favorite pokemon gets hurt in a graphic fashion, tensions are going to rise pretty quickly.

Thankfully I play with a very tight-knit group of friends so we were able to move on... he still didn't talk to me for 2 weeks.

>> No.28009146

You went X and Y on them didn't you? You heartless bastard.


>> No.28009177


Bro, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is practically a D&D adventure in it's own right. I've read the book but it was abridged so I don't know how this happens in the original text, but it goes just about like this:

>couple strong warriors see ad in a bar
>meet up, form the Companions of the Peach Tree or something
>one of them is a descendant of the true Han Emperor, but the evil Prime Minister is really in charge
>run around beating the shit out of people

I'm sure I've run that game before.

>> No.28009230

No I was just trying to be a feral beast master type kid. I wasn't trying to hurt anyone... of course what you have to understand is I never played Pokemon, and I was the only one who hadn't, so from the second hand knowledge I had, violent treatment of pokemon was just a thing, I didn't know you could catch them by feeding them. I really wasn't trying to be dark or eadgy, honest.

>> No.28009378

That is hilarious considering Pokemon is all about capturing wild critters for high stakes cockfighting.

>> No.28009440

it's also about friendship and growing as a person, so I dunno

>> No.28009498

So you went into a rather specialised area of a setting pretty damn abstract.... and you went in full retard.

You do know these monsters are as hot as the fucking sun and shit right?

You can never be a "Feral beast master" in Pokemon, the best you can be is an abusive Boyfriend step before the fuckers decide to snap you in half like a twig.

As soon as I would have heard rope.. I would have had Pokemon slap your shit so fucking hard for being retarded

>> No.28009515

The cockfighting is actually untrue.

Pokemon fight all the time.

Think of it more like DBZ, but humans are used like a combination of Roshi, Sensu beans and Krillan dying.

>> No.28009544


True enough, but I'm running it off of the basic historical framework that they've already got, if only out of sheer curiosity for how things will turn out when the main characters are not only badasses in and of themselves, but are equipped with living weaponry that are usually pretty loyal to them.


It's an entirely viable way of catching Pokemon, and I see nothing wrong with it. Some Pokemon can be caught with food, some can be caught with a rope, others you have to beat the crap out of first. Those are all viable ways of getting different 'Mons, and if people don't agree with it, I'll simply point out what goes on in real life. Hell, did he bitch about the fact that there's rules for death in PTA as well, or the fact that Ghost-types are all fucking horrifying because half of them kill humans or were once human, or the fact that there's a class in the game that kills Pokemon and makes weapons and armor out of them Monster Hunter style? Bitch needs to sack up and get realistic.

>> No.28009601

I once played as a guy who didn't know anything about Pokemon, and he was introduced to the League.

It was the most terrifying thing he'd ever seen in his opinion.

>> No.28009603

So it is perfectly ok to get some lions and some hyenas then throw them in an arena for our entertainment?

>> No.28009605

>You can use rope to capture pokemon.

No, you can't.

It's heavily implied Pokemon capture is supposed to be consensual. And considering 90% of pokemon can flatten buildings, a little bit of rope with some retard on the end is not going to stop them.

But go ahead. Tell me how he'd catch a pokemon with rope

>> No.28009619


But Pokemon are not Lions or Hyenas. They are roughly Human level intelligent weapons of mass destruction that enjoy fighting or Human contact

>> No.28009630

Fat kid is confirmed to be that guy
killing himself just for attention

>> No.28009632


>> No.28009675

Your argument was that it is not cockfighting because pokemon fight all the time. Lions and Hyenas fight all the time so by that standard it should be ok.

If anything their level of intelligence makes it even worse. It is enslaving thinking beings to fight for our pleasure. There is a reason we consider gladiatorial games to be barbaric.

>> No.28009684

It's from Endless Frontier. The second, untranslated game, to be precise. It's not really a SRPG though, it's just a JRPG with some action elements.

>> No.28009726


It's more akin to the pokemon being boxers and their trainers being, well, trainers.
As he also pointed out, if the pokemon don't want to fight, they could just fuck their trainer up and go on doing whatever they want to do, because they're fucking powerful like that.

>> No.28009739

But they ENJOY fighting eachother and fighting for masters, they're completely okay and I think Black/White was all about how they get sick/depressed if they're NOT so...

>> No.28009753


I never said he could capture a powerful Pokemon with a rope.

But, in that same vein, one can break a horse with rope, or train an elephant that it can't break thin chains or rope by chaining it down from birth.

Also, I'm pretty sure that beating a Pokemon half to death and then trapping it in a small capsule is not consensual. This is also why Loyalty levels are in the game.

>> No.28009755

>If anything their level of intelligence makes it even worse. It is enslaving thinking beings to fight for our pleasure.


You seem to have it in your head that Pokeballs or Pokemon trainers brainwash the Pokemon.

This is wrong, Pokemon are competitive creatures by nature and they crave human interaction.

Hell, why do you think they Jump out of a bush at the chance of a trainer?

You've never fucking PLAYED Pokemon have you?

>> No.28009756

>high stakes
Sure, if you call taking a kid's lunch money "high stakes". I can barely buy a soda with my winnings.

>> No.28009781

There seems to be a massive crossover between the local BDSM community and the local RPG/LARP community.

I don't like that.

>> No.28009788

>beating a pokemon half to death and then trapping it in a small capsule is not consensual.

And here is the reason why you needed to do some fucking research into your design.

Loyalty levels are how much they trust you as a trainer.

And no. a Human couldn't hope to brow beat any pokemon save a Magikarp.

You need to stop seeing them as animals and more akin to Vicious Elemental energy beings with vaugely animal forms.

They don't even breed like we think they do, Eggs are not real eggs.

>> No.28009795


In PTA, most Pokemon actually have the intelligence of about a dog, give or take. Only small number actually have human intelligence, although there are a select few (like Slowking) that have the intelligence of a super computer.

>> No.28009841

So it sounds like PTA is very far apart from the Source material.

All Pokemon are fairly intelligent. They're not animals at all

>> No.28009862

>Never played D&D didn't know much about it except that that it involved real magic/invoking the devil, made people commit murder/suicide, etc.
>at some point when I was about 15 or 16 read some anti-D&D pamphlet distributed by church written by a former player.
>Pamphlet goes over every aspect of the game in great detail and explaining why it is wrong, actually a very accurate description of the game, actually sounds pretty interesting
>Find a group at school, starting playing, have tons of fun
>Probably would of never gotten interested enough to look into the game if not for church-produced anti-d&d propoganda

>> No.28009908


Oh, look at that, a Bidoof. Very vicious. Very terrifying. Especially when I just shoot the fucker and make a steak out of it.

You seem to give a lot of Pokemon undue credit. Yes, many of them are terrifying. Not all of them are, and many of them can be trained just like any animal here in this world. Caught young, they aren't all that amazing.

>> No.28009950


Far from the source material? Perhaps some details, yes. Does that necessarily improve the setting? Depends on your outlook on things. Personally, I see it as slightly more realistic, and so therefore I prefer it. To each their own, of course.

>> No.28009972

>With nerves of steel, nothing can perturb it. It is more agile and active than it appears.

>It lives in groups by the water. It chews up boulders and trees around its nest with its incisors.

>It constantly gnaws on logs and rocks to whittle down its front teeth. It nests alongside water.

A bidoof fucking gnaws trees and BOULDERS down with it's teeth, has nerves of steel and is more agile than it looks.

Sure a gun will probably kill it, maybe, but a fucking rope? You're gonna get your ass handed to it.

>> No.28010005

>I just see it as slightly more realistic

>In a setting where there are living weapons of mass destruction, animals that control and police space and time and An alternate dimension that can be caught in little tiny capsules.

So by your own logic, it would be realistic to NEVER catch a pokemon, because even fucking Rattata will fuck a human over sideways.

If you're going to play a setting, at least research and try to fit into the setting and then don't act suprised when your special snowflake shit backfires due to your inept attitude.

>> No.28010012

Some dogs are fairly intelligent. The comparison is closer than you might think.

Of course, that comparison also only really applies to the mook-level mons you'd find in the first hour of the game, right outside town. The ones that are directly comparable to real-world animals. Pidgy, ratta, all the other early-on "this is pretty much just an animal" tier stuff.

Once you move on past those sorts, yeah, the IRL animal mindset is none too accurate. I mean, on one hand you have a bird. It fights by doing bird things, like flying and pecking. It follows that it would have roughly bird-like levels of intelligence (at least before evolving). On the other hand, you have a flying cloud of gas shaped like a face and hands, that fights by gliding though walls and infecting you with a horrible, convulsive disease by licking you. What the fuck is THAT comparable to?

>> No.28010025

>What the fuck is THAT comparable to?
My ex wife

>> No.28010045

Do they even have guns in the pokemon world? Don't think I've ever seen one in game.

>> No.28010060

Fuck you, now I need to get soda out of my keyboard.

>> No.28010061

Considering a gun would probably run out of effective use when pokemon such as Geodude and shit show up, I guess they'd be fairly pointless.

Wars were always sort of fought with Pokemon in the world anyway

>> No.28010085


I've done my research, and you would do well to take a look at the rules that I'm using before you decide what is and isn't proper about what I'm doing. PTA is not the manga or the game, it's an entity all to its own.

Once again, to each their own. I'm gonna go make dinner now and stop defending how I've decided to run my game with some internet cool guy. Have a nice night.

>> No.28010090

Yep. It's just that when one starts using lethal force against animals that can cut a car in half with their fucking teeth, they tend to respond in kind.
Apologies for the shit image, google was being uncooperative

>> No.28010102


A mix of these two. I've evidently got a voice for radio.

>> No.28010123

And they get really nervous when clients don't fuck them.

>> No.28010126

>I did my research for the game
>Pokemon are basically animals, I can totally wrangle them with a rope.

So.. you did no research at all, and you're entire argument is "Well it's my outlook."

Good luck with that, if you were in my group, you'd be missing a hand in no time

>> No.28010147

Lamps = Shed light, thus casting fire.
Bonus piercing damage = the first bayonet, the one that's more curved.
1/encounter ranged attack = He swings that sword hard enough, that second bayonet is gonna go flying.
+3 = Come on, you saw something that stupid and thought it wasn't magic?

>> No.28010179

Wars are apparently fought with and BY Pokemon. In X/Y, there are "famous Bisharp generals" and one of the characters' pokemon went off to war... WITHOUT him... seemingly DRAFTED.
And it's mentioned many times "thousands of Pokemon died" but they never seem to say any humans die.

Some of it could be "it's okay for Pokemon to die but not people in a kids game", some of it could be "People don't actually get involved in wars"
Although, Lt. Surge did fight in Vietnam alongside his Pikachu, so maybe modern wars are fought by trainers?
Alternatively: The French are the only people who send Pokemon and Pokemon alone to war

>> No.28010185

why? it's fun when you meet somebody you play with, and more similar interests can bring you closer

>> No.28010195

The thing about Pokemon is that Japan doesn't see it as dogfighting because that's not where the idea came from.
Satoshi Taijiri collected bugs, which is a very Japanese hobby. A lot of people who collect bugs have them fight each other - another very Japanese hobby.
So he made a game all about collecting animals and staging fights between them.
Westerners see it as bad because we don't use bugs, we use dogs and roosters.

>> No.28010231

It sounds more like Pokemon do the fighting, People do the sort of backward support stuff.

Actually hell, it's like women in war now.

Would you want a Human on the front lines in a Pokemon War? Pokemon don't like killing humans so it would cause stress and distract the Soldier pokemon if they see one dead.

>> No.28010232

>Alternatively: The French are the only people who send Pokemon and Pokemon alone to war
Classic France.

>> No.28010242

>westerners use dogs and roosters
in what western country do you live?

>> No.28010256

Bug fighting is also ten times more tame than Cockfight and dockfighter.

Japan has cockfighting also.

Bug fighting is usually more like "Bug Sumo wrestling"

>> No.28010266

This is actually the canon first pokemon trainer, by the way.

>> No.28010267

Just because it isn't condoned doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Ever heard of Michael Vick?

>> No.28010282

So it was considered weird to be around Pokemon casually outside of military operations? I'd buy that.

>> No.28010289

Shit, Brock just doesn't care
Ash held up at gunpoint?
Zero fucks given

>> No.28010293

>This is the canon first pokemon trainer.

>Story here is over 3000 years ago

Go back to tumblr with your "irradiated earth" bullshit.

>> No.28010314

He has an Onix.

Thats like owning a fucking Howitzer.

>> No.28010329

I got some feels.

>> No.28010332

>Dracaufeu, tout incinérer avec une impulsion.

>> No.28010368

>Pokemon are asking for it.

What sluts

>> No.28010393

The Pokemon world timeline is fucking weird.
Also, they've come up with more that one canon "first trainer." It was a soldier with a growlith at one point, before that one episode with the giant tatooed jigglipuff in that weird-ass spoon-operated capsule claimed that pokeballs had been around forever.

>> No.28010439

>Anime speak.

Fucking please.

HG SS says pokemon have hung around with people before Pokeballs were even made. And Pokeballs were made like... 200 years ago.

>> No.28010489

Shit nigga, I dunno. Last time I watch the show was years ago. Only reason I even remember that episode was because it was the first time my young mind was introduced to the concept of giant monster battles.

>> No.28010506


Everyone is stupid in the Anime.


>> No.28010507

> Not reaching for his pokeball as guy is pointing a gun at Ash
> Just standing there, not giving a single fuck

>> No.28010536

Well, yeah, HE'S not the one with a gun in his face.
Plus if Ash bites it, he gets to be emotionally-vulnerable Misty's shoulder to cry on.
Nigga knows how to get the bitches, one way or another.

>> No.28010563

Would you fire on a kid whos best friend can sick an Onix on you?

You brought a gun to a Pokemon fight, you're fucked son.

>> No.28010582

Do you even Gary Oak?

>> No.28010678

>Pokemon don't like killing humans
With the notable exception of basically every Ghost type.
I'm imagining an all-Ghost military now. Nuclear war seems like it might be the safer option.

>> No.28010715

imagine a psychic army
people's heads just explode, black holes, tanks being thrown around like so much wadded up balls of paper

>> No.28010719

>politicians speak on the dangers of Spiritomb proliferation

>> No.28010767

Considering Spiritomb is explicitly made of 108 evil HUMAN souls, that is a perfectly legitimate concern.
Also, you know, absolutely no weaknesses and immunity to fighting, normal, and psychic, i.e. the most readily available and directly effective types one would use for generalized combat.

>> No.28010822

That's not nearly so bad, really. They just kill you. Ghost types go for the soul as often as anything else.

>> No.28010839

Dark type is vulnerable to fairies, nowadays, so spiritomb is somewhat less invulnerable.

>> No.28010860

What's it's interaction with ghost? It still might cancel out into normal damage.

>> No.28010861

Fuck you Satoshi

>> No.28010887

Is that some Weekly World News? Goddamn, haven't seen one of those in forever.

Always wanted to run a nHunter game where a rag like the Weekly World News was actually a Compact and everything they printed was basically true.

Thus, one of the first slashers the PCs had to fight is Batboy.

>> No.28010903

Fairy pokemon are basically Magic pokemon

>> No.28010919


Daily reminder that the pokemon world is a horror setting with child-friendly sprinkles on top

>> No.28010936

There's still hope, anon. Word is that they're mixing in a decent bit of fae-style fairy in along with the cutesy shit.

That's not what I asked. Is Ghost-type resistant or immune against Fairy-type?

>> No.28010983

That's exactly how I parsed that description.

>> No.28011005

It must be said that Revenant was a thing. Rein*Hagen made a hyperbolically dark game that was the antecedent to Wraith, intended to depict people who had their souls doomed to Satan. Stupidly grim and horrible. He admitted that he invested a lot of effort to archive a feeling of hopelessness and despair.

The thing is that on the playtests, the office faced some electric issues, so lights would go out from time to time and they felt very freaky stuff, crowned by a car crashing directly in the house where they were playing. Rein*Hagen was so freaked out by all of this that he killed Revenant. Its no wonder that they put it as a fictional Black Dog game.

>> No.28011020

they can enslave your mind, or burn your IQ down to single digits

true dat

>> No.28011032

Neither, unaffected.

>> No.28011035

Does this picture creep anyone else out?

I want to laugh at the absurdity, but it's so unsettling.

>> No.28011051

I was hoping for super effective, so that the "perfect no weaknesses" shit would just get #REKT but it was not to be

>> No.28011063

>you can bet your ass people would be screaming about how evil it is, though probably for perceived racism/sexism/homophobia more than the occult aspects.
tbqh i would feel a lot more comfortable if they renamed 'race' to species, or creature type or something.
Even putting aside any cultural or political issues, there's still the fact that that isn't what race is. That's not what the word means.

>> No.28011066

Well it still has A weakness now. Just not a double.

>> No.28011098

>>tfw no driver's license to drive into the city
Get off your fucking ass you lazy piece of shit.

>> No.28011112

>The ones that don't are into the weirdest shit. Those guys who look like they just accidentally wandered into the store, look like they lift a bit, clean shaven? They have the motivation and drive for self improvement that takes their fetishes do undiscovered territory. These are the guys who write gay porn on /mlp/. Spergs mostly just consume, and what they produce is of low quality. Neckbros are wild cards.
Spoken like a neckbeard who thinks they look attractive and who writes gay mlp porn.

>> No.28011141

yeah man, I'm pretty normal, look normal, act normal, play dnd

>> No.28011175

>ignoring the part where he's a diagnosed schizophrenic and is exhibiting tremendous self-control for safety and sanity's sake
Stay classy, /tg/.

>> No.28011215


We had a kid who really wanted to play D&D with us once.

His mother legitimately (I really, REALLY wish this was hyperbole) believed that playing D&D would cause the ground to open up underneath of him and that Satan would swallow him up.

She was fine with Warhammer, though.

I don't even know what her problem was with roleplaying games.
I think she had some retardedly vague logic about gambling or something.

>> No.28011288

>my sides are gone now!
not satan

>> No.28011500

This is a thing, even in the USA.

>> No.28011740

Probably, America the Beautiful. It's probably got more play than SSB, actually.

>> No.28011944

My girlfriend is a delicious dark chocolate social butterfly who loves LARPing as much as she does classic Disney movies.

Still don't know how I got so lucky.

>> No.28012053

You do realise Ireland calls putting your socks on the wrong way satanic and that blasphemy is illegal here?

>> No.28012291


>> No.28016326

Remember friends, women are vile bags of bodily fluids as well. We're all the same.

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